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War In Spring Gardens
by Roy Gonzales (rgonz26@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***1/2
Terrorist attack a major shopping center days before Christmas. Five Security Guards are the only ones inside that can stop them. I am looking for any feedback, good or bad, since I know this first draft needs a great deal of work.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A run down house in the middle of a clearing. Surrounding
the house are a few trees and three broken down cars. The
house is so run down, it looks like something you would find
in poorest parts of the south.
Five young men are hiding behind a near by trees. A red
paint ball is shot from the house and hits the tree next to
JAKE WATERS, 23 years old, very handsome and well built.
JAKE is the leader of the group. He adjust the hands free
radio strapped to his head.
That was close.
CHRIS PAGE, 23 years old, he turns from the tree next to
Jake. CHRIS PAGE could almost be JAKE'S brother. They look
very much alike, except for one difference. CHRIS wears
Do you have a plan? Tell me you
have a plan?
Jake peeks from around the tree but he is turned back by
three paint balls that almost hit his face. Chris pulls out
a mirror attached to a small pole. He uses it to peek
around the tree.
The image in the mirror is another young man with a paint
ball rifle.
I see a rifle.
Do you see anything else?
The mirror is shot out of his hand.
ALEX KITNER, 22 years old, Eastern European, very handsome,
looks like he stepped off the pages of GQ magazine. However,


when he speaks English, he sounds like Drago from Rocky IV.
He pulls out a monster sized paint ball machine gun. Alex
comes out from behind the tree he is hiding behind and fires
at the house.
The front of the house is splattered with twenty paint
balls. Some of the paint balls fly into the house though
the open windows.
Someone come up with idea.
Cover me with that beast of yours
Alex comes out from behind the tree again, however, before
Chris can move. Jake runs towards the house.
What is he doing?
Jake runs up towards the side of the house and ducks down
low so, no one inside the house can see him.
DAVID HOOPER, 21 years old, handsome,thin, and cunning, he
stands near the window holding his paint ball rifle. Three
young men are stationed next to the other windows in the
house. Each one of them is holding a paint ball gun.
Down the hallway in a back room a woman is tied to a chair.
She looks scared.
Here he comes.
Everyone gets their guns ready.
Keep your eyes open. He's next to
the house. Come on!! Somebody
find him!!
The three young men look out the windows, searching for
Jake. A paint balls strikes on of the windows edges and
almost his one of the young men.

Chris is hiding behind is hit with a hail of paint balls.
HECTOR GOMEZ runs towards the house and dives behind one of
the broken down cars facing the house.


HECTOR GOMEZ,22 years old, MEXICAN/AMERICAN. He is a dark
and handsome young man. He turns and waves for the others
to follow him. ERIC SIMON, 21 years old, almost looks like
he's fifteen with his boyish good looks.
I'm going.
Eric comes out from behind the tree firing his guns as he
runs to the car that Hector is hiding behind. The front
door to the house opens and David fires at Eric.
Chris fires at David who dives back inside the house.
Jake quickly makes his way across the roof looking for a way
inside the house. He comes to a vent and opens the hatch.
Hector runs passed the others and heads towards one of the
broken down cars.
opens and David and fires at Hector.
Jake drops down in the hallway of the house. He shoots at
one of the men.
                       SPOTTER (O.S.)
Your out!
Another young man appears at the end of the hallway. He
fires at Jake and misses. Jake fires back and hit him
square in the chest.
                       SPOTTER (O.S.)
Your out!
The door at the end of the hallway slams shut.
is hit with paint balls as Chris and Alex run up towards it
and through the front door.
Jake moves down the hallway to the door that slammed shut.


of the house is filled with flying paint balls that splatter
all over the walls.
                       SPOTTER (O.S.)
Everyone in the living room must
All the men stop shooting and put their guns to there sides.
Jake kicks the door open. We find David holding THE HOSTAGE
18 years old, thin, blond girl, with his gun to her head.
We are going to walks out of here
and I am going to win the game.
Jake still has his gun pointing at David.
I still have the hostage. This
means I won the game.
The SPOTTER, 18 years old, heavy, a face covered in pimples,
he is watching the action from a wall filled with video
monitors. The Spotter wears a headset with a mic attached
to it.
If he makes it out of the house,
he wins the game.
Jake stands with his gun pointing at David's head.
You heard the man.
The Hostage hits David with her elbow in his side. David
lets go of her and Jake shoots him twice.
Your out! Game is over!


David looks at Jake and the Hostage in shock.
That is not fair. You're not
supposed to do that.
You're an ass-hole!
Jake walks out of the house and onto the porch. David runs
out and hit Jake square in the face. Jake falls on his side
off the porch.
      (Rubbing his jaw)
It's going to be like that huh.
Jake stands up and regroups for a second. He gets into a
fighting stance.
                       SPOTTER (O.S.)
      (Over loud speaker)
Stop!! Both of you!!
I'm getting security.
Jake punches David in the face and hits him in the side of
the stomach. David falls to the ground in pain.
Chris, Alex, Hector, and Eric begin to clap.
approaches the scene. There are four SECURITY GUARDS
standing with clubs ready to strike.
We're leaving. We're leaving.
Just take it easy.
SPRING GARDENS is a shopping center with four major
department stores. The four department stores branch out
with there own wings of stores. Built around the department
stores are two story parking structures.


The trees and the stores are decorated for Christmas. The
parking lots are filled with cars.
The inside of the mall is filled with Shoppers. Through the
front entrance of the mall, waves of Shoppers walk inside
the mall. Jake and Chris stand to the side and watch all
the activity.
Another Christmas at the Gardens.
I used to really like Christmas
till I started working at the
mall. Now I can't stand it.
Come on, Grinch, we're going to be
The five security guards sit in the front of a white board.
Written on the white board is FUCK CHRISTMAS. JAMES TODD
walks into the room, 40 years old, short sandy blond hair,
thin built but is muscular. JAMES looks much older then he
really is.
Who the fuck wrote this?!!!
James rubs it off with a near by rag.
Jake and Chris rush into the room.
Now that we're all here, maybe we
can get fucking started.
I'm sorry sir.
Sorry sir.
James opens up a folder that is on the table in front of


Okay, with two week till
Christmas, we are in the middle of
what the retailers like to call
the Christmas rush.
JAMES flips through a couple of pages in the folder.
Two new stores have opened this
month and are getting a lot of
T.V. time. The War Zone and the
JAMES puts the folder down.
You will come across everything in
the next two weeks. If they let
cars in here we would probably
have drive by shootings in this
All the guards start to laugh.
I've told you before. Make sure
all your equipment is working.
Make sure your radios are fully
JAMES keeps reading from the folder.
There was another sighting of
He leaves for a year, and now he's
One of the woman that work here,
said that a car was following her
and when the car pulled up next to
her the guy was jacking off
That sounds like Chester to me.
--well keep your eyes open.


The food court is a beehive of activity. The area is filled
with rolls and rolls of tables and chairs. Build around the
tables are fast food restaurants. Most of the major
restaurants are here.
At one of the tables near the fast food restaurant CHINA
PANDA is Jake, Chris, Alex, and Eric.
Okay...are you going to tell your
girlfriend what we want for lunch?
Why China food? Why not
Did you hear him, he called it
China food.
Shut the fuck up.
Both of you, shut the fuck up.
Jake has his attention focused on BRENDA MORRIS 23, a
young, very pretty, blond woman working at the China Panda.
She is out of place working at a fast food restaurant.
Well what?!
Go get us our food!
Brenda looks up at the sound of the four friends talking.
Brenda grabs four plates. She talks to an Asian man who is
standing at the register. She points to the four security
guards, he nods his head.
Brenda she puts the food on a tray and walks it over towards
the four guards.
Dude...she wants to jump up and
down on you. What the hell is
wrong with you?
I wish she was my girlfriend.


Me to.
BRENDA puts the tray down in front of the security guards.
Hi guys. Hungry?
Yes we are, thank you.
The three guards attack the food like a pack of wild dogs.
Thank you for the food. Just keep
your hands and feet away from
there mouths
Don't thank me, Thank Mr. Lee.
Alex, Chris, and Eric at the same time yell and wave Thanks
Mr. Lee!!!' Mr Lee waves back.
You won't get into any trouble
being over here, will you?
No...I'm on my break.
Chris gets up and pulls a chair from a near by table and
puts it with their table.
Good, why don't you have lunch
with us.
Brenda sits down next to Jake.
No soy sauce. No..I can't eat,
without soy sauce.
Oh, am sorry, I'll get you some.
His food is fine.
Jake, how is your food?


Brenda starts to play with her hair. She moves a little
closer to Jake.
Oh man.
Alex and Eric start to laugh.
Oh man, I forgot to feed my dog.
Oh...poor thing.
He'll be okay. He was getting
Chris leans back in his chair so Brenda can't see him. He
gives Jake a look like, he's telling him to go for it.
Brenda, do you have a boyfriend?
You know I don't. Why?
He wants to ask you out, but he's
to chicken shit to ask you. Now
can I have the soy sauce?
Chris puts his hands over his face.
Is this true? Because, I'll go
out with you.
Would you like to have dinner or
Eric puts his head down.


Damn your lucky.
Thank you.
                       MR. LEE (O.S.)
Brenda!! Breaks over!!
Okay!! I'll be right there!!
Before she stands up and walks back to work she kisses Jake
on the lips. She walks back to the side door of the
restaurant and seems to have a little more wiggle to her
walk. The guards watch her walk back and go crazy.
POLICE CAPTAIN JASON FOX stands in front of six POLICE
OFFICERS. He is also having a ready meeting with his men.
Each one of the POLICE OFFICERS is sitting straight up with
neatly pressed uniforms.
JASON FOX, 35 years old, already has gray hair, looks older
then his age. JASON adjust the badge on his already
perfectly pressed uniform. JASON looks at the clock on the
wall. It reads '12:04pm'
Good afternoon Gentlemen, I have
Intel that street gangs are the
ones that are breaking into the
cars in the north end of the
parking lot.
He keeps reading from his folder.
I have also been hearing reports
of your guys being rude to
shoppers. If they ask you a dumb
question, just suck it up, I don't
want anymore crap from base
Flips though more of his folder. He stops on a page that is
yellow in color.
Speaking of crap. I don't want
reports of officers fighting with
the mall guards. However, I don't


                       JASON (cont'd)
want you to take crap from them
either. If it was up to me, there
wouldn't be any security guards.
But it's not.
Jason checks a piece of paper in front of him. He closes
the folder.
Two weeks before Christmas, I
don't want any problems. Get out
there and keep this place safe.
Each one of the Police Officers stands up, robot like and
leave the room.
AL-RUBAIE, 22 years old, handsome, well built, he walks off
a jumbo jet and onto the tarmac of the airport. He is
followed by four other young men. All of them are dressed
the same, black pants and brown button shirts.
The five men walk through a security check point. The
AIRPORT GUARD looks at their passports and stamps them, he
lets all five of them enter the country.

AL-RUBAIE looks at his watch. AL-GHAZI, 21 years old,
stearn, handsome, he walks up alone side.
We have five days
Everything is in place. We are
just waiting for the equipment.
Don't worry my friend, we have
friends in high places.
The group of men walk into the airport terminal, followed by
other passages.
Jake and Chris stand on the second level watching the people
below them. The SHOPPERS are coming in waves. All of them
holding five to six bags between them.


What is it with you and Brenda?
Why don't you just go for it?
Why do you even care? I don't
want to have a girlfriend. I
don't want to get involved with
anyone right now.
It's because you're gay.
No..it's because you're Mom's gay.
James sits watching the rows and rows of television monitors
that are inside the dark room. There seems to be a monitor
on every part of the shopping center. James is watching
Jake and Chris.
They get paid to stand around.
James puts on the radio headset.
Jake...Chris...you too don't get
paid to stand around and look
pretty. Get to work.
                       CHRIS (O.S.)
Sir, we are watching a suspect on
the first floor, We think he
might have stolen something from
the game stop.
James checks the monitors and sees a young man dressed like
a gang member walking around.
I see him. Stay with him.
                       CHRIS (O.S.)
Yes sir.
Jake and Chris stand near the glass rail talking.


One day you're going to get us
He doesn't know what the fuck we
are doing. All he knows is what
he sees on the monitors. Right
now, I see a guy that looks like a
gang member, that makes him a
Jake and Chris watch the young man dressed like a gang
member looking around at the different shops.
No...that makes you think that
everyone that dresses like a gang
memmber is a gang member.
If it looks like a duck, and walks
like a duck, and fucking cracks
like a duck. It's a fucking duck.
Are you going to tell what happen
to you? Who in the hell made you
Fuck. I don't fucking believe
Jake leans over the glass rail as if he is going to jump
Why is this such a big deal to
I'm just trying to understand why
you don't date. You don't even
look twice at a piece of ass like
Brenda. There has to be something
wrong with you. Oh wait, I
remember, your fucking gay.
Have you ever been in love? I
mean really in love?


Jake looks down and spots a couple walking and holding
Yeah, sure...I guess.
I'm talking about where all you
think of is this person, all the
time. When you wake up and when
you go to bed. You just think of
No... not really.
A house party is in full swing. The music is loud and
everyone is having a good time. Jake walks through the
crowd of people.
                       JAKE (V.O.)
I was invited to this house party
that one of the department stores
was having. I've been working
here for a month already.
Jake walks passed a very beautiful blond woman. She is not
supermodel beautiful, however, their is something about how
she moves and how she carries herself. Her body has just
the right curves.
                       JAKE (V.O.)
I didn't know this party would
change my life.
The blond follows Jake thought the crowd. She watches as he
grabs a beer from the refrigerator and sits down.
Jake looks up from where he is sitting. To see ALITA SMITH
walking towards him.
                       JAKE (V.O.)
It is when I first met Alita
Smith. She had just turned


Alita grabs Jake by the hand and leads him to the living
room where everyone is dancing. She dances with him. She
reaches down and takes off her shoes and tosses them towards
a near by wall.
What is your name?
That's a sexy name.
Alita puts her arms around Jake and kisses him on the lips.
You have soft lips. You don't
mind that I kissed you do you?
No...that was great. You can do
it again if you want.
Jake and Alita are sitting in the back yard by the lighted
                       JAKE (V.O.)
I had never been with anyone like
her before. That summer we were
together all the time.
                       CHRIS (V.O.)
Wow..she sounds horrible. I don't
get it.
                       JAKE (V.O.)
I'm not finished.
The backyard is empty except for Jake and Alita. They
make-out hot and heavy.
      (Pulling away)
Are you sure I'm not going to
Alita takes Jake's hand and puts it into her blouse so he
can touch her breast.


Just checking.
Alita looks around the empty back yard. She then unbuttons
her top to expose her breast.
Someone's gonna see us.
So what if they do.
Alita and Jake keep make out. Alita now takes off her top
and tries to take Jake's pants off.
Not here. Let's go. My car is
down the street.
Jake and Alita are eating inside a nice restaurant. She
gets up and is wearing a very sexy outfit. She passes a
group of men sitting at a table and they almost fall off
there chairs trying to get a better look at her.

Jake and Alita are at the beach. He is busy putting sun tan
lotion on her back. Jake is rubbing her back and biting his
lip. She turns around and kisses Jake long and hard.

Jake is holding a picnic basket and sets it up in the break
room of the department store Alita works at. He puts down
the blanket on the floor and sets up all the food for her.

Inside a darken movie theater, Jake and Alita are the only
one's inside the large theater. Alita turns and climbs up
onto Jake's lap. She kisses him and begins to unbutton his
pants. He keeps kissing her and looks around.

There is no one around. Alita lifts up her mini skirt and
has sex with Jake inside the theater. Alita screams and
Jake has to put his hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.

Jake and Alita are just talking at one of the tables in the
food court. He is holding her hand across the table.
                       JAKE (V.O.)
Everything was going great. How
ever I did notice one thing. She
liked to drink. And when she
drank she would loose herself.


Alita is doing shots of tequila one after another. SHAWN
DONNELLY, 21 years old, he pours her another shot.
I'm glad you guys came.
We wouldn't miss your birthday.
The party is going full blast. Most of the people are
drunk. Jake walks out of the restroom and looks for Alita.
He walks through young men and woman standing around

Jake walks to the backyard of the house where more people
are talking and drinking. He keeps looking around for
                       JAKE (V.O.)
I was afraid to keep looking
because of stories I have heard
about Alita.
                       CHRIS (V.O.)
What kind of stories?
Jake talks to one of the girls at the party. She shakes her
head, Jake walks away from her and her friend and they start
to laugh.
                       JAKE (V.O.)
Everyone knew what was going on
but me. It was like a big joke. I
was beginning to think the stories
about Alita were true.
Jake walks up the stairs towards the bedrooms. He stops at
one of the door and puts his ear to it.
                       JAKE (V.O.)
That she is the biggest whore at
Spring Gardens.
Jake opens the door to the bedroom and finds Alita having
sex with Shawn in a very major way on his bed. Alita turns
and spots Jake at the doorway and jumps off Shawn.

Jake walks away.


Jake climbs into his black pick up truck. Alita runs down in
front of his truck. She is still trying to put her clothes
on. She walks up to the drives side window.
Please don't leave. I'm sorry!!
I'm sorry!!! Please!! I don't
know what came over me!!
There's something wrong with me! I
can't control it. I'm sorry!
I fell in love with you!! And you
do this in front of me!! Why?!!
I don't know what's wrong with me!
Jake climbs back into his truck and slams the door.
What makes me sick is that
everyone was right about you.
Everyone tried to warn me about
you and I didn't listen. I didn't
fucking listen to them.
Jake drives away and leaves Alita standing in the middle of
the street.
Jake is still leaving over the glass rail. Chris is
standing shaking his head.
That's all you did? You didn't
beat the fuck out of that Shawn


Well, you know me better than
Shawn is watching the last car leave his house. Jake pulls
up in his truck and gets out. Shawn is drunk and acts
What do you want. Hey, she came
onto me. Get the fuck out of
A long metal rod slide down from Jake's sleeve. Jake shakes
the rod and it grows three more feet.
You want some of me!!
Jake strikes Shawn hard across the face with his metal club.
It looks like Shawn's head cracked like an egg. Jake then
strikes him across the knee caps and they make a loud snap
Shawn goes down to the ground screaming in pain. Jake hits
Shawn hard three times across the chest and ribs, breaking
his ribs and shoulder.
Happy Birthday.
Jake slips the metal rod from his sleeve like a magic trick.
I almost killed him. But he never
filed charges against me. He said
he was jumped by gang members who
were driving by.
You were lucky. He could have put
you away for a long time.


The parking lot is filled with rolls and rolls of cars. From
across the street we can see a tall muscular black man
making his way towards the parking lot. He appears to be
very angry.

He walks passed a car and punches the driver side window
shattering it. He passes another car and punches the driver
side window on that one. He goes down the line and keeps
punching the windows of the cars.
Alex sits in front of the twenty television monitors. He
spots a large black man punching out the windows of the
What the hell.
Alex uses the camera to zoom in on the black man who is
walking towards the shopping center.
Someone needs to get to the south
wing entrance!! We have big
Alex uses the camera to follow the black man towards the
entrance of the mall.
                       HECTOR (O.S.)
Why? What's going on?
There's some black guy knocking
out the windows on all the cars.
                       JAKE (O.S.)
With a baseball bat?
He's punching them with his fist.
He looks like guy from the movie
green mile.
                       JAKE (O.S.)
What are you talking about?


A giant black man is punching out
windows and is heading towards the
south enterance.
Alex zooms in on the black man with another camera.
He looks like the Green Mile.
Over the radios, laugher can be heard from the other
security guards.
The black man is now going to go by the name The Green Mile
The Green Mile kicks the glass door open to the mall and it
swings open so hard that it shatters as it bangs on the
other glass doors.
Eric runs from about the corner and up towards the Green
Mile. Eric pulls out his club and swings it at him. The
Green Mile grabs the club and throws Eric hard into the

The Shoppers inside the mall scream with fear as they see
Eric knocked out on the floor.
The monitor shows Eric laying on the floor.
Where are you guys?!!!
Alex adjust his radio head set.
Eric...are you alive?
                       ERIC (O.S.)
I'm okay.
Jake and Chris run through the Shoppers and come up towards
the Green Mile. They look like small children in front of


                       GREEN MILE
Leave me alone!!!
The Green Mile picks up a kiosk and throws it like it is
made out of cardboard. The kiosk crashes in front of the
Jake and Chris throwing wood chunks and stuffed toys fly
                       GREEN MILE
I'm gonna fuck you up!!!
Chris rushes up towards the Green Mile and throws his club.
The Green Mile catches the club as if it was tossed to him.
He throws it at Chris hitting him in the legs.
Chris flies through the air and lands on tables and chairs
in the food court area.
Jake runs as fast as he can towards the Green Mile and
jumps in the air and hits him in the shoulder with his right
shoulder. This just knocks the Green Mile back a few feet.
Jake is thrown through the air as if he was punched by a
brick wall. He falls hard to the ground and appears to be
knocked out.
Chris leaps into the air, he lands on the Green Mile's back
and puts him into a head lock. The Green Mile tries to
reach around and grab Chris.
Eric clubs the Green Mile in the stomach. Chris is still
holding onto his neck. The hits with the club don't effect
him at all. He reaches over and grabs Chris and throws
through the window of one of the near by stores.
Twenty POLICE OFFICERS rush inside the mall and heads
towards the food court. The Green Mile turns and runs
towards the mall entrance of the MACY'S department store.
                       POLICE OFICER 1.
He's heading for Macys!
Chris gets up and pulls himself together. He sees The Green
Mile throwing Police Officers around as if they were toys.
The Green Mile enters MACY'S to the sound of Shoppers
Alex, what is going on?
                       ALEX (O.S.)
He went into the Macy's. He's
fucking everything up.


Chris grabs his club and runs as fast as he can towards the
department store. Jake follows close behind.
The Green Mile is picking up display racks of clothes and
throws them at the on coming Police Officers. He picks up
one rack after another and uses them as weapons, throwing
them at the Police Officers.

The racks fly through the air as the Police Officers dive
out of the way.
One Police Officer runs towards him ready to tackle him;
but, The Green Mile holds his ground and the Police Officer
bounces off him.
He picks up the Police Officer and throws him at the on
coming Police Officer. He knocks them down like bowling
Jake and Chris runs inside to see the place destroyed.
Police Officers, broken racks of clothes, and Shoppers, lay
on the floor of the department store.
Alex the police are going to need
back up!
He's kicking there ass.
The Green Mile makes his way up the escalator towards the
second floor. He shoves Shoppers that are trying to run
away from him off the escalator and sends them crashing to
the floor below.

One of the Police Officers pulls out his gun and gets ready
to fire.
                       POLICE OFICER 1.
Don't shoot!!! There are to many
people!!! Use your pepper spray!!
The other Police Officers pulls their pepper spray from
their belts and follow the Green Mile up the elector to the
second floor.


The second floor of MACY'S holds all the housewares and
kitchen items. The Police Officers come up the escalator
and are quickly greeted by pots and pans being thrown at
them. A pans strikes an Officer knocking him to the ground.
The other Officers split up and try and surround the Green
Mile. They almost have him in a curricle so he can't
The Green Mile looks around at the Police Officers
surrounding him. He lets out a yell and rips off his shirt
exposing his upper body which is all solid muscle.
Jake and Chris make it up the escalator just in time to see
the Green Mile acting like the HULK.
Oh my God!
We're gonna need more Policemen.
The Police Officers are all pointing there pepper spray
ready to fire.
No!!! Wait!!!!
                       POLICE OFICER 1.
The Police Officers fire their pepper spray. Streams of
pepper spray fly from there cans and hit the Green Mile.
Some of the spray hits him in the face. Some of the spray
hit him in the chest.
The Green Mile yell and screams and keeps acting like the
HULK. The streams of pepper spray begins to miss him now
and stray towards the Police Officers standing behind him.
The smell of the pepper spray hit Jake and Chris.
Holly shit!!
We need to get out of here!
The Police Officers are now covering there faces and
couching from the effects of the pepper spray.


                       POLICE OFICER 1.
Stop!! Stop!!! Stop spraying!!
The Green Mile is on the floor couching and screaming in
pain. Some of the Police Officers are doing the same.
Jake and Chris keep backing up away from the escalator. All
the Shoppers running for help are stopped in there tracks by
the smell of the pepper spray.
The police fucked this shit up.
The entrance to the MACY'S is taped off with POLICE tape.
Jake and Chris sit taking oxygen from a FIREMAN. James
walks out from the entrance of the MACY'S. James is wearing
a has-mat jumpsuit. He pulls off his helmet in front of
Jake and Chris
What the hell did the police do!?
Jason walks out of the department store wearing the same
has-mat suit.
--what the hell did you and your
men do?!!
Did you see that guy? Ask your
men, they know, they got a taste
of how powerful he was.
He was on PCP. That's why he was
acting like the Hulk.
FIREMAN continue to help Shoppers. Some of the Shoppers are
being wheeled out on stretchers.
Your men couldn't stop him.
Jake and Chris are still getting help breathing from the
oxygen mask. They look up at Jason and shake there heads.


Why didn't you just blow up the
building. I mean look at this
fucking place.
You will read about it in my
Who cares about your damn report.
Jason walks up to James as if they are going to square off.
Jason thinks about it for a moment, turns and walks away.
What the fuck where you guys
thinking? You guys fucked up big
How did we do that? How should we
have handled it?
You guys cut him off....get him
out of the building.
He was like Godzilla. We hit him
with everything.
And why was Alex running the
cameras at the time? Marcus you
should have switched places with
Jake stands up.
You weren't here. The fucking
police couldn't even handle him.
Jake starts to walk away.
I'm not done with you.
Jake stops and turns around.
Sounds like your done to me.


James.....I'm sure they would be
interested in our side of the
Jake sees all the REPORTERS that are covering what happen.
You think they would like to hear
my side of the story?
I think so.
James thinks for a moment.
Go ahead. It still won't change
the fact that you guys fucked up..
Telling them won't change that in
my eyes. And I'm the only one
that counts around here.
Jake and Chris walk away, they don't head for the news
Al-Rubaie stands inside the plush living room. The house
could be a home in Beverly Hills or in the riches parts of
Al-Rubaie picks up a handful of large envelopes, he hands
them out. He hands them to his three boyhood friends first,
he then hands them to the three young women sitting across
them in the living room.
Open your envelopes. Our plan is
going forward. You are just a
small part of the attack on the
Al-Rubaie opens his envelope which has in red bold letters.
RED FACTOR. It is also written in Russian on the same page.
They supplied the bomb making
equipment, they are also supplying
the weapons. The bomb making gear


                       AL-RUBAIE (cont'd)
came yesterday.
There are ten metal boxes behind him near the wall.
Al-Rubaie picks up one of the metal boxes, which is the size
of a carton of milk.
Now...I was told that I must ask
you all this before you leave here
One of the young women stands up. Her two friends try to
sit her back down.
                       SHIFA AL-QUDIS
I don't think this is right.
What do you mean? We have been
over this, you are not here to
think, you are here to carry
                       SHIFA AL-QUDIS
I have a brain, and I do think.
How else are the Americans going
to understand what we are going
through. The same Americans that
killed your family in Iraq.
What about all of your training?
Everything you went through?
                       SHIFA AL-QUDIS
So many people are going to die.
So many Americans.
Al-Rubaie walks over to the mantel of the fireplace. There
are countless photos of men and woman of middle eastern
decent there.
What about our people dying in
Pakistan? Do they care about
them? The Americans don't care
about anything but themselfs.


                       SHIFA AL-QUDIS
I don't think I can go though with
Al-Ghazi stands up and walks away from her. He stands by
the side of AL RUBAIE.
You will need to be able to press
the trigger when the time comes.
Do you not care about our people?
                       SHIFA AL-QUDIS
Our people will forgive me in
Al-Ghazi tries one more time to change her mind.
What about your family? What do
you think they will do?
                       SHIFA AL-QUDIS
I hope they will forgive me.
Al-Rubaie pulls out a gun from a holster in the middle of
his back. He points it at her forehead.
They might forgive you, but I
Shifa Al-Qudis stands still and shuts her eyes. Al-Rubaie
shoots her in the head. Blood sprays on the women sitting
behind her.
Two shots are fired at Al-Rubaie from someone in the house.
The bullets miss and hit the wall behind him. Al-Rubaie
looks at one of the young men who is sitting across from

The young man who fired the shots is about to pull the
trigger again.
Al-Ghazi shoots the young man before he can get another shot
off. Al-Rubain puts his handgun away. Al-Ghazi fires again
at the young man, hitting him in the chest.
I think he's dead.


I want to be sure. Did he get
Al-Rubain looks at the bullets holes behind him.
I'm okay.
The women are crying and the men look on in horror at there
dead friends.
Does anyone else want to change
there minds about what we are
about to do?!
The sits back in there chairs. Not saying a word but still
looking very frighten.
The parking lot is filled with cars, traffic is slowly
building. The entrance to the parking structure is starting
to back up. A car will pull out of a parking space to be
taken just as quickly by another one.
A late 1980's Cadillac El Laredo darts in and out of the
cars searching for parking. The Cadillac is a faded sliver
color, almost gray. It looks like a shark searching for
it's next victim.
The Cadillac turns again through the lower level of the
parking lot, it slowly creeps up to a young woman carrying
two large shopping bags. The young woman quickly cuts
though two parked cars and disappears from the Cadillac's
sight. The Cadillac turns out the exit of the parking lot
and leaves the shopping center.
The front of the box style movie theater from the parking
lot crowds can be seen inside. A Plymouth Barracuda passes
by, brakes hard, reverses and parks.
Several seconds pass. Then the car door opens and the
BISHOP BROTHERS like circus clowns, clamber out in a cloud
of reefer smoke. LESTER BISHOP, the dandruff-caked
pockmarked middle brother is the first out. He shakes off
the cold, stretching, revealing all manner of tattoo.


The BISHOP'S youngest brother, the Baby-Huey sized JEEVES
BISHOP brambles out, pulling at his crotch. DARWIN BISHOP
climbs from the car, the eldest brother, skinny boss, brains
of the outfit. DARWIN throws a sawed off shotgun at LESTER
and one to JEEVES. DARWIN takes out his own shotgun and the
three brother's pump them at the same time.
The three brothers enter the lobby of the theater blasting
there shotguns into the air. All the MOVIEGOERS scream in
The CONCESSION STAND ASSOCIATES stand still in fear as
Jeeves fires his shotgun into the ceiling.
On the ground! And empty your
pockets next to you.
One of the Concession Associates presses a button under the
cash register. Jeeves runs and jumps over the glass
displays of candy as he jumps he hits the Concession
Associate square in the face. The Concession Associate falls
knocked out cold.
Get the money!!
The other Concession Associates back away from the large
Jeeves. Jeeves spots the blinking light next to the
Lester is on the floor picking up wallets and loose cash
next to everyone one who is laying down. He is putting
everything into an old pillow case.
What's wrong?!
Jeeves turns and shoots at another Concession Associate, a
eighteen year old boy, who is blown in half by the blast.
Everyone in the lobby is crying and screaming.


Jake and Chris stand watching the traffic moving out of one
of the exits and onto the street. A cell phone starts to
ring. Jake looks at Chris.
Is that you?
It's not me.
My cell phone is in my locker.
Jake reaches into his pocket and takes out his cell phone.
Hello...yeah, what are you talking
about? Our radios died about an
hour ago. We've been out here all
damn day.
What's wrong?
Call the police. Well what about
the mall police?
What's going on?
Jake turns towards the direction of the Spring Garden Movie
Theater. The movie theater is a stand alone building at the
end of the parking lot.
Someone set off the silent alarm.
Jake takes the phone away from Chris.
What the hell is going on?
                       HECTOR (O.S.)
      (Over the phone)
Someone is robbing the theater.


Who cares.
Chris pulls the phone back.
Tell Alex to meet us at the south
end of the parking lot. Tell him
to hurry! And bring the keys,
make sure the fucking police hurry
Your kidding right. Why don't we
just wait for the police?
The police are tied up. And we're
here right now. We need to see
what we can do.
Alex hands Jake a key ring. Jake unlocks a back door to the
theater. The three guards quietly slip inside through the
Jake leads the way followed closely by Jake and Alex. The
three stop when they hear the sound of a shotgun blast.
Maybe this wasn't such a good
Jake turns and gives him a stern look. Jake kneels down and
slowly opens the door to a small crack, the door leads to
the lobby. Jake struggles to scan the situation. Lester
comes into view, he fires his shotgun into the air again.
                       LESTER (O.S.)
Come on!
Lester moves out of Jake's sight. Jake reaches onto his
belt buckle and holds his large MAG-LIGHT. It looks like a
black club. Chris and Alex are doing the same.


Let's wait for the police.
is of another shotgun blast.
The door opens, Jake quickly craws out staying low to the
wall so he won't be seen. Jake now notices he is by
Lester walks back towards Jake. Lester looks down at Jake
and points his shotgun down at him. A MAG-LIGHT flies
through the air and hits Lester in the head.
The shotgun Lester was holding flies up into the air. Darwin
and Jeeves witness Lester fall back from the hit in the
catches the shotgun in mid air. Chris and Alex are now
standing behind Jake. Darwin fires at them from across the
lobby. The three guards dive for cover. Lester runs over
towards the guards, leaping over the Moviegoers.
Darwin fires again at Jake. Jake shoots Darwin, blowing him
back ten feet into the air. Police sirens are heard in the
Jeeves grabs one of the woman from off the floor. He points
his shotgun at her head. The woman is screaming and crying.
Me and her are leaving!! Don't
try and stop me!!
Jake is still pointing the shotgun at Jeeves.
Put the gun down!!!
The woman starts to scream louder.
Shut up bitch!!!
Jake puts the shotgun down on the floor.
Okay...okay...look, I'm putting it


Alex throws his own MAG-LIGHT at Jeeves. Jeeves catches the
MAG-LIGHT before it cracks him in the forehead. Jeeves let
go of his hostage. Chris runs up and does a strong karate
front kick to the middle of Jeeves's chest.
Jeeves is caught by surprise and flies back through the
entrance window onto the sidewalk in front of the theater.
Police Cars skid to a halt in front of Jeeves. Police
Officers draw their weapons on Jeeves who is knocked cold.
The three Guards can be seen inside the lobby with there
hands up.
Jake relaxes on one of the small sofa seats in the lobby of
the sub station. A group of Police Officers walk passed
him, Jason Fox is the last one into the sub station
Your friends already went home.
Can I leave now?
Jason sits down on the other small sofa across from Jake.
The police have been after those
guys for along time.
Are you sure you don't need a
No, just want to go home.
Jason sits back.
I know you want to be come a
police officer one day.
How do you know that?
One of the police officers over
heard you or one of your friends.
I can make it happen. I can put
you on the fast track for that.
All I need to do is write a letter


                       JASON (cont'd)
for you.
I'll think about it.
You tell me, when your ready to
go. I will make it happen.
Jake gets up and leaves.
The studio is a common lay out for a karate studio. Except
for this studio has a raised boxing ring. Different types of
karate weapons line one of the walls. Towards the front of
the studio are trophies from the many championships his
students have won.
Jake, Chris, Eric, Alex, and Hector stand on the mat in
MEXICAN/AMERICAN, a sixth degree black belt.
The five young men are dressed in there black Gi and are
tied with green belts.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
Gentelmen! Are you ready?!
The four men stand ready to do there Kata's.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
Mr Waters are you ready?!!
Jake does a Kata called Iron Palm Jake does this Kata with
the skill of a green belt in Kempo Karate.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
Jake...your moves need to be
tighter. Your arms are moving
around to much.
Master Velazquez does two quick moves like the sixth degree
black belt he is.
Chris stands in the ring with his sparing gear on. He has
head gear, gloves for his hands, and protection for his


Okay guys...who is my next victim?
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
Careful...or I'll be your next
Chris watches as Eric walks up and climbs into the ring.
Eric also has on his sparing gear.
Eric are you sure you want to go
through with this? Shouldn't
train for another ten years.
Master Velazquez stands in the middle of the two men to be
the referee for there sparing match.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
Now remember, we are all friends
and all part of the same team. We
will stay friends when we are done
here. Remember sparing is not
Only if I win.
I guess we're not gonna be friends
Just put in your mouth piece and
lets do this.
Now the rest of the STUDENTS surround the ring. Jake stands
with Alex and Hector.
Come on Eric...show him your boss.
Shut up!
Chris puts in his mouth piece. Master Velazquez stands in
the middle of the two young men, Eric and Chris square off
ready to fight.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ


Chris backs up as Eric comes straight at him. Chris quickly
moves to the side and kicks Eric on his side. Master
Velazquez points to Chris.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
Eric shakes his head. Chris faces him with a wide smile on
his face.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
Eric waits for Chris to come to him. Chris jumps up in the
air and lands a kick right on Eric's chest.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
      (Pointing to Chris)
Chris throws two quick punches and then does a spin kick.
Eric is able to duck and avoid the two punches; but, he is
hit hard on the side with the kick. Eric is hit so hard, he
falls back onto the mat.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
      (Pointing to Chris)
Come on Eric, Chris needs just one
more point.
Eric gets back into a fighting stance. Chris starts to jump
up and down ready to end the fight and get his last point.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
Eric rushes at Chris and does a spin kick of his own. Chris
ducks out of the way of the kick, which comes within inches
of the side of his head.
throws a straight punch that hits Eric on his chest.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
      (Pointing to Chris)
Are you okay.
Eric rips off his head gear and throws it out of the ring.


Yeah...I'm fine.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
Gentlemen...gentlemen...that's not
how we do things here. We are all
part of the same team, we are all
Come on...don't get mad. This is
how you learn. You need more to
learn but you gave it your best
Eric, do you want me to get in
there and beat his ass for you?
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
Stop it!! Chris you will match
Everyone in the studio is surprised by what is going to
happened. Master Velazquez jumps out of the ring and over
to the area in the studio where his gear is. The STUDENTS
watch as Master Velazquez puts on his sparing gear.
Your in trouble.
Master Velazquez climbs back into the ring.
                       MASTER VELAZQUEZ
Jake...get in here to keep score.
What did I do?
Jake climbs into the ring to referee the match.
Chris, don't hold back alright.
Master Velazquez kicks Chris in the middle of his chest,
knocking him down to the ground. Jake looks down at Chris
who has the wind knocked out of him.
That looks like it hurt.


Chris rolls around on the mat in pain. Master Velazquez
jumps out of the ring to put his gear back in his bag. Jake
stands over Chris.
You really know how to piss people
Chris holds up his middle finger at Jake.
See...that's what's I'm talking
The field is filled with teams from all over the country.
There are tents put up selling t-shirts, paint ball guns,
and hot dogs, At the entrance to the tournament hangs a
large banner that reads 'NPPL COMMANDER'S CUP' Most of the
teams are all dressed in the paint ball war gear.
Jake, Chris, Eric, Hector, and Alex walk through all the
different teams. Some of the guys as they walked passed
push Jake. Jake turns to look at the person who pushed him.
Hey! What the fuck!!
What's wrong?!
I feel like Wyatt Earp and we're
walking into the O.K. coral. Do
you remember any of these teams?
Chris and the others begins to look around at everyone.
I've seen most of these guys
We're beat most of these guys.
More then once.
Everyone here hates us.
David Hooper walks out of the crowd and approaches an older
heavy set man with a NPPL logo on his shirt. He is a NPPL


OFFICIAL. David hands him an envelope that looks like it is
filled with money.
Jake is watching every more David is making. He watches the
NPPL OFFICIAL shake his hand.
What do you think that is about.
What do you think he told him?
It can't be good, what ever it is.
But, I'm gonna find out.
Jake walks towards David and the OFFICIAL. David spots Jake
and cuts him off.
Hey...no hard feelings from the
other day, right. Tell me, when
was the last time you guys ever
lost a match?
I don't know why? We just play
for the money.
Don't we all.
David now finds himself surrounded by Alex, Hector, Chris,
and Eric.
Do you guys think you'll keep your
win streak alive?
Why do you care? What is it to
David walks away from the group.
      (As he walks away)
You never know when your luck is
gonna change.
David disappears into the crowd.


He's a creepy little guy?
Chris, Alex, Jake, Eric, and Hector stand facing a wooden
fort. The fort looks like a two story tree house. It has a
door, two windows, there are wooden creates in front to hide
behind, there is a stairway leading up to the second floor
of the fort.
Why are we all here? What are we
Don't know.
The NPPL OFFICIAL that David was talking to walks to the
front to address the group. He takes out a microphone and
turns it on.
                       NPPL OFFICIAL
I want to thank everyone for being
here at our 2008 tournament. I
can see that we have a good turn
out this year.
The NPPL OFFICIAL turns and looks at DAVID.
                       NPPL OFFICIAL
We are proud to have the
undefeated team of the Security
Guardians here with us. Marcus
Watson and your team are going to
compete in what we call single
strong hold. But this year will
be a little different.
Jake turns and looks at David, who smiles.
                       NPPL OFFICIAL
Jake, you and your team will
defend the fort against four
What?!! Why are we defending
against twenty?


                       NPPL OFFICIAL
Jake, if you don't feel your team
is good enough to defend against
twenty top paint ballers, maybe
being undefeted is a fluk.
I don't think it's a fair fight.
We don't get anything out of it.
Why would we do this?
                       NPPL OFFICIAL
If your team doesn't go through
with this, you will have to
forefit your undeffeted status.
Are you kidding me?!!
We can do it!
Shut up Alex.
We can do this. We've beat just
about everyone here. We can go a
whole year without a loss.
      (To the Official)
Can you give us a minute?
Jake leads his group to the side, out of the way from anyone
hearing them.
We're better then everyone here.
What is the problem?
You really want us to take our
changes with twenty guys trying to
kill us?
We would make history if we won.


It's a no win for us. Hooper made
some kind of deal with the
official for us kicking his ass
the other day.
If we loose, we loose kicking a
little ass.
Okay...its up to you. We do this
or we walk away. What is it?
The NPPL OFFICIAL starts to walk towards them.
                       NPPL OFFICIAL
Okay Gentlemen...what is your
Jake nods his head, Chris nods his head, Hector nods his
head, Alex nods his head, Eric nods his head.
Looks like we're in.
                       NPPL OFFICIAL
We will give you and your team
five minutes to get ready. After
that, the game will begin.
Chris and Hector check the back window. They look down to
see a chain link fence is behind them.
No one's coming from back here.
Alex starts pulling up the floor boards with his bear hands,
he makes an opening big enough for them to fit inside.
What do you see?
Nothing, it's another level.
I have an idea, get all the guns
out of the bags. Give me all the
wood he pulled up. And all the
nails, I need all your shoe


                       JAKE (cont'd)
laceses too.
The twenty men are ready to attack the fort. Some are
behind the hay bails and the wooden barrels.
                       NPPL OFFICIAL
The game starts now!!
The four teams open fire on the fort. Paint balls whiz
though the air and hit the walls of the fort. Jake moves up
to the window and starts shooting.
Paint balls speed down from the windows of the fort. Jake
stands up and quickly darts back inside. Paint balls
splatter within inches of hitting him.
Jake picks up a piece of wood that looks like a handle, it
is attached to shoe laces, he rushes by and picks up another
wooden handle, the handles are made from the floor boards.
The wooden handles are tied to paint guns that are mounted
along the windows with other pieces of wood. The guns are
pointing down onto the playing field.
Jake hands one of the wooden handles to Chris who is sitting
on the floor in the back of the fort. We can see he is also
missing his shoe laces. Jake turns and looks out one of the
Six paint ballers are rushing towards the fort.
Chris pulls the handle, pulling the triggers on the four
paint guns.
strike four of the six that were advancing on the fort. The
other two dive for cover.
Jake shoots down at three more paint ballers rushing towards
the fort. Jake is on target and hits two in the chest.
                       HECTOR (O.S.)
How's it going?!!
Hector is inside the hole.


It's not looking good.
Five paint balls explode above Chris's head.
Damn it!
Chris yanks on both the handles.
PAINT BALLS fly like angry bees straight at two on coming
paint ballers. Three are hit across the chest.
David is hiding behind a near by hay bail. He watches as
paint balls keep raining down from the fort.
Son of a bitch!!
hits above David's head.
David peeks around the hay bail at the rest of the men that
are waiting to advance.
      (To the men next
       to him)
We're gonna take him! On three!!
David checks his paint gun.
Out from behind every hiding place around. The last eleven
young men rush towards the fort. David lets the eleven go
first and he runs behind them.
The inside of the fort is splatted with paint balls. Jake
and Chris both pull the handles firing all the paint ball
guns. Five more men are shot with paint balls. The other
six make it to the stairs leading to the second level of the


Chris jumps down into the hole followed close behind by
Jake. Two of the paint ballers rush inside and spot the
hole in the ground. Chris suddenly springs up and shoots
the two men. David and the others back up.
Alex, Eric, and Hector are standing at the bottom of the
fort. Jake and Chris now emerge from another hole that was
made in the wall of the lower level of the fort.
      (Pointing his gun
       at David)
Put your guns down!!
                       NPPL OFFICIAL
Fuck!! You can't do that. You
can't rip apart the fort.
Jake gets in David's face.
Why not...this whole game was
fucked up from the start. But we
got through your fucked up game.
We weren't supposed to get through
any of this, right David?
The NPPL OFFICIAL steps in between David and Chris
                       NPPL OFFICIAL
Gentlemen...gentlemen..Jake and
his team won fair and square.
You can't declare them the winner,
we had a deal.
                       NPPL OFFICIAL
I don't know what your talking
about young fella.
Fuck you!!! Fuck all of you!!!
David turns and walks away pushing people out of the way as
he goes.


The same faded sliver color, late 80's Cadillac El Laredo
makes another appearance in the parking lot. It is cruising
the area searching for another young woman.
CHESTER, 45 years old, skinny, greasy black hair, thick
glasses, is behind the wheel. He is frantically looking
around the parking lot. Chester wipes the sweat from his
A SALESGIRL walks across the street from the shopping center
to the parking structure. The Salesgirl is dressed in an
extremely short skirt and very low cut top.
She is dressed more like a person going to a nightclub, then
a salesgirl working in a shopping center.
Chester spots her.
Oh my...
Chester turns the steering wheel.
Oh my...oh my...
turns around and heads back towards the SALESGIRL.
The Salesgirl stops suddenly as a car speeds by her, causing
a gust of wind making her skirt fly up exposing her black
underwear. She quickly puts her skirt down and cuts across
the parking lot.
The Cadillac pulls up slowly along the side of her. The
Salesgirl turns and looks into the car. A loud moan comes
from inside the car, the Salesgirl screams at what she has
just seen. Shocked she runs away from the car.
Hector is giving a parking ticket close by when he hears the
screaming. He runs towards the sounds of the girl screaming
her head off. He spots her running towards him.
The Salesgirl stops and vomits. Hector approaches her
slowly as she finishes.
What happend!? Are you okay?


Sick! Disgusting! The man in the
Hector turns to see the Cadillac trying to escape the
parking structure. The Cadillac is only fifty yards away
from him. Hector gives chase on foot. He reaches on his
side and puts the hands free radio on his head.
      (Into radio)
I have Chester on the east side of
the lower level parking lot. I am
giving chase on foot. I need
someone to cut him off.
The Cadillac turns and heads for one of the exits out of the
parking structure. Hector runs up behind the is twenty
yards away from the car.
Chester can see Hector running up behind him.
In a panic Chester hits the gas and speeds into a wall.
Chester gets out of the car and runs back into the shopping
He's on foot, he going back into
the mall. Northside enterance!
Chester runs into the shopping center, he is trying to pull
up his pants and zip the zipper. Hector is right behind
him. Chester is running hard through the mall, he spots
Eric running up towards him.
Eric get him!!!
Chester makes a sharp left almost like a football player,
making Eric fly passed him. Hector continues the chase.


He's heading for the food court.
                       ALEX (O.S.)
      (Through Hector's
I'm on him. He's heading my way.
Chester cuts though the crowd of shoppers. Alex steps out
and hits him square on the face, knocking him down to the
I got him.
Hector runs and grabs Chester lifting him back up off the
ground and punches him again. Chester falls to the ground
with a splat. Hector lifts him back up again and punches
him even harder this time.
      (Grabbing Hector)
Hey!! What's wrong with you?!!
Let me go!! I'm gonna kill him!!
Chester lays on the ground bleeding from his mouth.
It's over...it's done!
The inside of the gym is empty. We pass the clock on the
wall which reads 12:45 am, Jake and Chris are jogging on
the treadmill.
So...what happend with Hector?
Todd put him on graveyard. Till
he calms down.
What kind of thanks is that?
Well, when you almost kill the
guy, it doesn't look good in his


I would have done the same thing
if it was me.
You would have beat the crap out
of Chester?
I saw that girl. I would have
been jacking off too.
Jake starts to hit buttons on the treadmill. The treadmill
begins to make loud beeps as it slows down.
You and your hobbys.
What else is there?
The treadmill comes to a stop and Jake steps off and walks
Jake heads for the exercise machines and sits down at the
shoulder press. Chris stops the treadmill and walks over
towards him.
I was thinking of joining the army
and getting training in the
Military police.
You have gone crazy, haven't you?
Jake works out on the machine. He sets the weight for 160
pounds. He then knocks out ten reps and stops with a loud
clank of the stack of weight hitting the machine.
I want to fight for my country.
Damn you do need a woman.
Jake knocks out another set on the shoulder press machine.
Can you go five minutes without
thinking about women?


No...I can go five minutes. Sure.
A young woman walks passed them in a tight shirt and skin
tight shorts.
Okay...maybe I can't go five
The young woman turns to Chris and smiles at him.
No...I take it back. I can't go a
minute without thinking of woman.
Jake does two more sets on the chest press machine.
You need help. You really do.
I don't need help being a guy.
Maybe you need help not being gay.
How can you not look at that
girl. Oh yeah...I forgot, your
Chris and Jake turn and watch the woman working out on the
chest press machine. The woman working out on the machine
doesn't notice them at first. She then looks at them.
      (Acting shocked)
Dude what are you doing. I'm
sorry about my friend. Jake, what
is with you?
The woman gets up from her machine and walks away.
I know you think your funny. But
your an ass.
Jake stands up and heads for the locker room.
Al-Rubaie and Al-Ghazi walk though the busy mall, the crowd
of Shoppers is so thick that the two men seem to disappear
and reappear from within the crowds. The two men stop,
Al-Rubaie quickly takes a picture from a digital camera.


The two men keep walking till they come to the main exit and
entrance at the North end of the shopping center. Al-Ghazi
snaps two quick pictures with his own digital camera.
Al-Rubaie turns and looks back from where they had walked
from and it is a vast sea of Shoppers walking from shop to
shop carrying there large bags and pushing strollers.
I think we have enough.
I think so too.
The two men turn and walk back though the crowd and
disappear into the crowd.
The warehouse blends in with other local buildings in the
warehouse district of the city. The sign on the wall of the
building reads Import Export exchange service. Two new
BMW'S are parked in front.
Al-Rubaie sits in the middle of the warehouse at a long
metal table. He is surrounded by bomb making equipment.
Al-Rubaie is putting the finishing touches on a bomb that is
shaped like a football.

He puts it to the side on the table next to him, with ten
others like it. He now begins to build another bomb with
the endless pieces of equipment he has. The ringing of a
cell phone breaks the silence.
He keeps working on the bomb as he talks on the phone.
I have the trucks right here.
towards the back of the warehouse where we see four white
vans that have logo's for the local telephone company on
them. We can also see what looks like a make shift shooting
range set up. There is also a large desk and table set up
with a computer.


I'm just waiting on you. We all
have to be in agreement before I
make the tape.
Al-Rubaie connects a wire to the small battery on the bomb
and puts it down next to the others.
I just have to make about twenty
more of these and then put them in
the vans. I also have the
shipment of automatics coming in
from Mexico tonight. I am still
waiting for the money to transfer
into my account from your uncle in
Al-Rubaie gets up from the table and heads for the computer.
Slowly he punches in a few numbers and letters and the
statement for an account clicks on the screen.
The money is not there. I don't
care if he said he sent it, it is
not there.
Al-Rubaie in anger kicks the near by metal trash can across
the warehouse.
      (Yells into the
Al-Rubaie throws the cell phone hard across the warehouse.
He walks over to the shooting range he has set up. He picks
up a small machine gun that is on the table next to it. He
fires the machine gun at paper targets which are blown to
pieces by the hail of bullets coming from the small weapon
The side door to the warehouse opens and Al-Ghazi walks
inside. Al-Rubaie turns and comes within inches of shooting
Hey it's me. Watch it.
What do you want?
Al-Ghazi sits down in a near by chair.


Have you thought about what we are
about to do? I mean really
thought about it?
Didn't our trip open you eyes to
anything? Didn't you see what was
going on over there? Didn't the
training teach you anything?
Not all America is bad? We should
strike at what is wrong with this
We are...
The inside of a nice crowed restaurant, it looks like it is
part Asian and part ultra modern. Towards the center of the
restaurant sitting at a table is Jake and Brenda. They are
on a dinner date.
I didn't think you would ever ask
me out.
I'm sorry if I was making you
wait. I am not used to asking
woman out on dates. It's been
along time.
Well I'm honored.
Brenda takes a sip from her drink.
I did everything but throw myself
at you. No, wait...I did throw
myself at you.
Jake talks a long drink from his glass. He appears to be
getting nervous with what she is telling him.


I thought, that someone so
beautiful would already have a
I did have a boyfriend. I had one
for two years. He went to Iraq
and was killed in action.
I'm sorry.
It's been rough...I wanted to wait
a while before thinking about
going out again.
Well...now I'm honored.
A WAITER, 20 years old, handsome, comes and hands them
their menus.
The specials today are the trout
and the prime rib. I'll give you
guys more time.
Thank you.
The Waiter turns but he keeps looking at Brenda. Jake
notices the Waiter looking at Brenda right away. Jake
stands up.
                       JAKE (Cont)
Is there a problem?
No..no...there's no problem.
What's wrong with you? What's
going on?
Jake sits back down.
      (Watching the
You didn't see him checking you


                       JAKE (cont'd)
out. I was waiting for him to sit
down with us.
Really he was checking me out. He
was kind of cute.
Brenda takes a long slow sip from her drink.
I'm just kidding. I'm here with
you and no one else.
I'm sorry, like I said, it has
been a long time since I've been
on a date. I'm still trying to
remember how to be charming.
Your doing just fine. You just
need to be more of yourself.
Jake and Brenda stand in front of her door. Brenda moves
closer to Jake. She grabs the back of his head and bring
him towards her. They kiss for the first time.
Do you want to come inside and see
my 55 inch flat screen
      (A moment)
The inside of Brenda's apartment is very clean. She has a
couch in the small living room. A table with two chairs
next to the tiny kitchen. Jake looks around and doesn't see


a flat screen television anywhere in the apartment.

Brenda notices him looking around the apartment.
The T.V.s in the bedroom. Unless
you don't want to see it.
Oh no...I want to see it.
Brenda takes Jake by the hand and leads him towards her
A telephone company van is parked on the street in front of
the shopping center. Yellow cones are placed around a
telephone pole near the sidewalk. Al-Rubaie is wearing a
telephone company uniform. He is busy burying the bombs
that he made.
Al-Rubaie goes back to the van and takes out another
backpack. He walks across the street and puts one of the
bombs under the storm drain hidden from view.
There is another telephone company van parked. Al-Ghazi
puts down two yellow cones around the back of the van. He
opens the cover on the light pole and puts one of the bombs
inside of it. He walks to one of the trash cans that is on
the other side of the parking lot. He sticks it to the
inside of the can so if it is emptied it won't be seen
Al-Rubaie opens a man-hole and climbs inside of it. He has
a full back pack with him. Yellow cones surround the area
he is working at. It looks like the telephone company is
fixing the phone lines.
pulls out from around the corner and heads towards the van.
Hector is behind the wheel of the truck. He spots the van
and pulls up next to it. Al-Rubaie is still inside the man


hole. Hector writes down the time the van is parked in the
area and begins to write down the drivers licence.
The other vans pulls up right next to Hector who is still
writing his information down. Al-Ghazi rolls his window
down to speak to Hector.
      (Perfect English)
Is there a problem? We are
updating the phone lines in this
area. My co-worker is doing work
down in the hole.
I just don't have anything about
you guys being here.
Al-Ghazi looks over Hector's shoulder and towards the back
of the truck. Hector doesn't notice that Al-Rubaie has come
up from the man-hole is is approaching.
      (Reaching into his
I have the work order right here.
Al-Ghazi pulls out a 45. automatic pistol and shoots Hector
in the head. Blood and brain tissue spray onto the windows
inside the cab. Hector still is able to reach for his
radio, as blood sprays from the hole in the side of his
Al-Rubaie throws a bomb in the back of the truck. Hector
his the gas as he dies. The truck jumps forward with a
sudden burst of speed and crashes into the enclosed bus
bench. The truck explodes shaking the entire area.
speed away from the scene.
The police from the shopping center also with the security
guards surround the burnt wreckage of the truck. Two men
from the Coroners office put a stretcher which is completely
covered into the Coroners truck.


James walks away from one of the lead DETECTIVES handling
the investigation. James heads for Jake and the rest of the
Right now they think that it may
be a drive by.
A drive by. And the crash made
the truck blow up?
It looks like he didn't hit it
that hard. I don't want to drive
one of those trucks. There bombs
with wheels.
Did anyone contact his family?
I think HR is taking care of that
right now.
Could someone go and find out.
They might be wondering why he
didn't come home last night.
Jake sits at the large bank of televisions. He is rewinding
and playing back the video taken from the camera closes to
the scene of Hector's death. The image on the television is
just of the truck coming into view hitting the bus bench and
we move in closer to see Jake slow down the images frame by
frame. The truck explodes a split second before it hits the
bus bench in closer.
      (Out loud)
What the hell...
Jake slowing rewinds the tape again and watches it slowly
once more. He sees the truck explode before hitting the bus
bench. He tries to zoom the camera in as tight as he can


get it; however, he can not see the van speeding away from
the scene.
The image on the screen is very blurry making it difficult
to see anything else.
Chris walks into the room and stands behind Jake. Chris
watches as the video plays out again on one of the monitors.
What have you got?
Watch this. You tell me,
Jake plays the video once again. Chris looks at the monitor
closely, suddenly his eyes open wide.
No fucking way. It exploded
before it hit the bus bench. But,
how did it do that.
Did they find a bullet hole in the
gas tank?
No, the report just said that the
truck exploded on impacting the
bus stop. Something about the
fuel tank being full and when it
hit, that's what caused the
Jake takes the tape out of the machine. He puts it into his
gym bag.
We need to show James this tape.
James sits behind a metal desk with a Formica top that looks
like wood. James desk is clean except for a large calender,
the ones that you can write on.
Jake and Chris stand in front of the desk. Jake looks at
the walls, which are covered with awards and medals from his
time in the military.
James sits with a file open in front of him.


I've seen the video. I've seen
the same thing you've seen. I
can't get Fox to reopen the
Did you show him the tape?
He didn't care. He's going by
what the Spring Gardens police
department is telling him. I'm
trying to get the chef of Police
to look at it.
What do you think it was?
I don't know. But it wasn't a
defect in the truck, I'll tell you
Will you let us know what they are
gonna do?
I will...that is if they do
Family and friends watch as the casket is slowly lowered
into the grave. Everyone is quiet. Jake looks around at
everyone who is there. He spots Brenda across from him.
looks across at Jake standing with Chris, Eric and Alex.
Each one of the young men are dressed in black suits looking
sad for their fallen friend.
JAMES TODD stands near by. He is also dressed in black with
dark sunglasses.
James shakes his head at Jake.


Jake and Chris are watching the traffic below them. Jake is
looking down at the street that Hector was killed on.
I just want to know what was going
on down there. What the hell got
Hector killed?
We may never find out what happen.
Or it's going to be something
that the police over looked.
I'm not gonna give up. I just
hate the fact that this happen so
close to Christmas.
Hey, how are you and Brenda doing?
How was your date?
It was amazing. I invited her to
the Christmas party. Now, I don't
know if there should be a
Christmas party.
Yeah...that might be kind of
Disrespectful or not. My Mom is
still gonna have the party. It's
tradition. I just feel funny
about it. I just hope she doesn't
try and fix me up again.
She keeps trying to fix you up.
Why? She knows you have a
girlfriend, right?
No, I haven't told her yet. I
know if we do have the party,
she'll invite Christie Young. Her
Mom is my Mom's best friend.


She's the one your Mom is trying
to fix you up with? What does she
look like. You can introduce me.
Now that you have a girlfriend.
Yeah, well...if you still feel
that it's disrespectful to have a
party after a death, you don't
have to come. I don't have a
Jake and Chris are changing there clothes. The room is empty
and quiet.
So what do you want to eat?
The girl that works at the
Yeah well...
of a door closing.
What the hell was that?
Go look...
Jake slowly opens the door to the office. James sits behind
his desk with a bottle of whiskey and a small glass in front
of him.
What do you two want?
James pours another glass full of whiskey.
Get out of here!


We were just leaving.
Just do you know...they are
letting me go. I have till the
end of Christmas.
What? Why?
James drinks the whiskey till the glass is drained.
The company doesn't like it when
one of the guards died on duty.
James reaches into his desk and puts two more small glasses
on the desk.
Sit down!! Have a drink.
Chris quickly sits down.
Thank you...sir.
Do you want to talk about this? Do
you need me to take you home.
No...I want to get drunk. If you
want to get drunk with me..sit
James hands Jake his drink.
I put you Marcus, as my
replacement. I gave the company
your name.
What? Are you kidding? Why me?
Your a born fucking leader. Your
fellow guards or friends or what
ever the fuck they are to you,
they listen for some reason.


      (Finishes his
What about me?
What about you? They wanted a
leader...not a dumb shit.
James fills Chris's glass.
Don't worry. I'll show you what
you need to know.
And what if I say no?
James sits back in his chair.
Then your the dumb shit?
      (Shakes his head)
If you still want to be a police
officer, the company will let you.
It's all up to you.
Jake takes a long sip from his glass.
Now get the hell out of my
A two story home. Looks like a house you would find on the
same street as Leave it Beaver. Very nice with a well
groomed yard and decorated with Christmas lights, the scene
is very Norman Rockwell.


The house is filled with people. An eight foot Christmas
tree reaches almost towards the second floor. A fire is
going in the large fireplace and a few guess are standing
around it.
Jack stands talking to a very pretty blond. She is dressed
in a short black dress. Jake just nods his head as she does
all the talking.
I'm so glad your Mom invited me
tonight. I haven't seen you in so
Jake keeps nodding his head at her.
What did you ask Santa for this
Chris walks up behind Jake.
Chris Page, this is Christie
Young, Christie Young, Chris Page.
Christie barely shakes his hand, before she turns her
attention back to Jake.
Is the mall really busy? I
haven't been down there yet?
Chris spots Brenda walk into the room. She just arrived
since she is still wearing her coat.
Hey Jake isn't that your
Jake and Christie both turn around. Christie sees Brenda
and frowns.
Jake walks away, leaving Chris and Christie standing
together, Christie looks for a way out.
She's very pretty. Jake's


How serious are they?
Very serious. So...are you having
a good time?
What about your friend, Eric?
      (A breath)
He's married.
Christie turns and walks away.
Jake walks up to Brenda who kisses him on the lips. She
takes off her coat and is wearing a skin tight red dress.
Wow...that's a nice dress. Sorry
for my eyes poping out of my head.
That's alright. That's the affect
I was looking for.
Jake's mother walks up to the couple. She kisses Jake on
the cheek. Betty turns and looks at Brenda from head to
Hey honey. Are you going to
introduce me to your very
beautiful friend?
Brenda looks very embarrassed by what Betty is saying about
Mom...this is my friend. Brenda
Morris. She works at the mall
with me.
I'm so glad you could come to our
party. We do this every year.
I love your home.


Thank you. I love that dress.
Mom...why don't you introduce
Christie to Chris?
Chris and Christie still stand in the same place Jake and
Brenda left them. Christie looks at the fire in the
fireplace as Chris keeps talking to her.
I don't like your friend all that
much. He strikes me as being very
Mom...where is your Christmas
sprit? Come on.
Okay. I'll see you guys later.
It was nice meeting you.
Jake and Brenda watch as Betty stops Chris from talking. She
appears to be smoothing the situation out for Chris to get
to know Christie.
Why would you do that to that poor
What? He's a nice guy. When he
wants to be. You just have to get
to know him.
Brenda keeps watching as Betty tries to sell Chris to
Christie. Christie stands there with her arms crossed
listening to Betty.
Do you want to see the room I grew
up in?
The party is going full speed ahead. No one would even
notice if they left.
Your room?


The room looks like a high school senior lives in it. It
has posters of sports stars, and a woman in her underwear
laying across a red sports car. The bed is near a large
window overlooking the street.
burst open and Jake and Brenda stumble inside kissing each
other. Jake moves Brenda towards the wall near his bed.
Brenda is now up against the wall. Jake moves his hand down
and pulls up her dress. She pulls down her black panties
and throws them across the room.
Brenda quickly starts to unbuckle the belt on his pants. She
pulls his pants down all the way to the floor. Jake picks
Brenda up off the ground and presses her up against the

She wraps her legs tight around Jake as he lifts up and
slowly enters her. Jake slowly lifts her again to get a
better grip and she lets out a loud moan. Jake now lifts
her up and down against the wall. Brenda starts to moan
with each lift.
Alex and Eric are filling their plates with food. The table
in front of them looks like the buffet you would find at a
hotel restaurant in Las Vegas. Turkey, ham, roast beef,
potatoes, the food seems to go on and on.
Have you ever seen so much food.
It is very nice. It is very nice
every year. In my country we would
have something like this on
Christmas Eve.
Do you miss it? Around this time.
      (A moment)
Yeah...I do miss it. But, being
here with friends helps.


Jake, Brenda, and Chris stand in the driveway talking. Most
of the cars are gone and the party is over.
Brenda...do you have any friends
you can fix me up with?
What happened with Christie? I saw
you guys talking.
Yeah, well...she likes you more.
She kept asking how serious you
guys are.
Brenda holds Jake tight in her arms.
Tell her to bad. She can find her
own man.
You don't have any friends you can
fix me up with...do you?
That depends on what kind of girl
your looking for? Do you want a
nice girl? Do you want a bad
girl? A sexy girl? A straight
Why can't she be a combination of
all of them.
She can be a combination of all of
them. But that's up to you. A
woman knows if she is going to
sleep with you the moment she
meets you. Even if she's a
straight whore, it doesn't mean
your getting fucked on the first


I guess that's good to know.
I know someone...we can double
date. She's perfect for you.
Trust me.
Why is it when someone tell me
that, it always makes me nervous?
In the middle of the warehouse is Al-Rubaie sitting in a
chair in front of a video camera. The video camera is set
up on a tri-pod. He press a button on a small remote,
turning the camera on to record.
      (Into camera)
By the time you see this video, it
will be to late. I would have
destroyed on of your major
shopping centers. During a
holiday that is all about money.
Al-Rubaie picks up a machine gun that was on the floor next
to the chair.
You America's only understand
violence, so that is what you will
get. You will after this, no one
will be the same.
The door bell in the apartment rings. Jake opens the door.
Chris stands in the doorway, he is dressed in a black top
coat, white shirt, black tie and black dress pants.
Jake is also dressed up in a light blue designer long sleeve
dress shirt and navy blue tie. He is also wearing navy blue
dress pants.
We are just going to dinner and a
movie right?


What about you. Why are you all
dressed up?
All my other clothes are dirty.
Where are the girls?
From the bathroom we can hear talking and laughing.
There still gettting ready.
What does my date look like?
Wow...she is nice looking.
I'm not kidding. She's hot.
Chris begins to adjust his tie.
What the hell's wrong with you?
The door to the bathroom opens and Brenda walks out first.
She is followed close behind by VERONICA HARRIS, 22 years
old, stunning, with long black hair, and big brown eyes.
What stands out about her is her large breast, but not to
make her look freakiest, more like Jessica Rabbit.
Brenda and Veronica stand next to each other for a moment.
They both look like cocktail waitresses in there low cut and
short dresses.
Chris...I want you to meet my
friend Veronica Harris.


Veronica slowly walks up to Chris and kisses him on the
cheek. She leans into William to make sure he gets a good
look at her breast. Which look like they are going to pop
out of her dress.
Take it easy Veronica, Jake looks
nervous enough.
It's nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you to.
Brenda kisses Jake on the lips.
You look amazining.
Brenda tries to adjust the tight short dress. She tugs on
the front exposing more of her breast.
I think I gained weight since I
bought this last week.
Now you look unbelivable.
I look unbelivable or my tits do?
What movie are we gonna see?
I don't know...what's playing
that's good?
Hey, I have an idea.
What kind of idea?
Chris walks over to Jake and they both start talking low so
Brenda and Veronica can't hear them.


What are you doing?
Jake and Chris nod to each other in agreement.
Since you girls are all dressed
up. Looking to good to just go
see a movie. What about going to
If we leave now. We could be
there by midnight.
I've never been to Las Vegas,
sounds fun.
Jake checks his watch.
Yeah, we would need to leave now.
Viva Las Vegas.
Jake's truck speeds down the freeway heading towards the
city of Las Vegas. The truck goes over a hill and now we
can see the lights of Las Vegas.
                       JAKE (O.S.)
There's Vegas.
The famous Las Vegas strip. All the bright lights, all the
hotels, and all the traffic. In the middle of all the
traffic is Jake's truck.
                       CHRIS (O.S.)
What's with the traffic?
                       JAKE (O.S.)
I have no idea. The last time I
was here it wasn't like this.


                       CHRIS (O.S.)
When was that? Back in the
fifties? Find a place to park.
The two couples walk down the famous downtown area of Las
Vegas. They pass the Golden Nugget, Chris takes out his
camera phone. He puts Veronica in front of the Golden
Nugget sign and takes picture of her.
Do you guys feel like eating right
now? Or do you want to gamble?
There's a restaurant at the end of
the street that's really good. Its
across the street from the Plaza.
Veronica takes Chris by the hand as they walk.
You don't mind if I hold your hand
do you?
No. Go right ahead.
You have a strong grip. I like
that in a man.
I work out a little.


Chris and Veronica sitting across from Jake and Brenda
inside a restaurant eating and laughing.

Jake hits the jackpot on a slot machine in one of the
casinos. Brenda walks by and takes a handful of quarters
from his tray. Jake just watches her and shakes his head.

Inside Coyote Ugly, Brenda and Veronica are on top of the
bar dancing with other woman. The crowd goes crazy because
Brenda and Veronica dresses are so short that everyone can
see there asses and the black thongs they are wearing.

Brenda and Jake making out in front of the water show at the
Bellagio Hotel.

Veroncia and Chris are making out in front of the volcano in
front of the Mirage Hotel. As they make out, the volcano
keeps shooting fire into the air.
The truck pulls up and parks in the front of the store.
Everyone gets out, they are still dressed up from the Vegas
trip. They walk inside.
Point me towards the coffee...or
the monster...or the red bull.
Or coffee made with red bull.
I just need to use the little
girl's room.
Me too.
The AM/PM is gigantic, it looks like a supermarket then a
mini mart. It has everything you need for the trip or the
return trip to Las Vegas.
We'll find it.


Jake is looking at all the choices he has for coffee. He
grabs a large cup and keeps looking at all the favors. Four
Motorcycle gang Bikers walk inside the store. The Bikers
look around.
What do you think?
The four Bikers now split up into pairs.
Get the girls and wait by the
truck. I'll pay for the stuff.
Brenda and Veronica are going through the cookies and
cupcakes. Veronica bends over slightly to reach for a bag
of cookie. She doesn't notice BIKER 1 walking behind her.
Veronica doesn't realise she is bending over and flashing
him. The BIKER can't resists and grabs her ass. She jumps
up and screams.
                       BIKER 1
Hey honey...it was right there
calling me.
screams again, this time louder.
Chris rushes around the aisle and is pushed hard by another
BIKER. Chris goes flying into a display of potato chips.
Brenda leads a shaken up Veronica out of the store.
                       BIKER 1
Where are you going...you look
sweeter then a cupcake.
Biker 1 turns and Jake hits him on the side of the head with
a coffee pot. Biker 1 crashes to the ground. Jake helps
Chris up from the ground.
                       BIKER 2
What the fuck?!! You guys are
dead men!!


Jake unlocks the truck with his remote, Brenda and Veronica
quickly get inside. Jake hands Brenda the keys.
Lock the doors!
The four Bikers run out of the AM/PM ready to kill Jake and
Chris. Biker 1 is bleeding from the side of this head and
has a burn on his face.
                       BIKER 1
Hey fucks!! Where are you
                       BIKER 2
You don't fuck with Satan's
Children. Now your gonna pay.
Jake and Chris step away from the truck. The Biker Gang
surround them.
      (To William)
Are you ready for this?
                       BIKER 1
Don't worry...we'll take care of
your women.
Chris turns towards the truck. Veronica starts to scream
The four Bikers pull giant hunting knifes from different
areas of their bodies. Each one has a different hiding
place for his knife.
                       BIKER 2
I'm gonna cut out your heart.
Jake's metal rod weapon slips down into his hand. Jake
shakes the rod and it extends another three feet. He does
this so fast, no one notices it.
Chris gets into a fighting stance.


runs at Chris. Chris jumps into the air and does a front
kick to Biker 2's face.
reaches for his ankle and pulls out three throwing knifes.
strikes Biker 1 across the face as he runs towards him.
There is the loud sound of metal hitting bone. Biker 1
turns in pain and is hit three more times across the head.
Biker 3 pulls out a small handgun and points it at the truck
aiming at Veronica and Brenda.
flies and hits Biker 3 in the hand that is holding the gun.
The gun drops. He looks at his hand and the knife sticking
out of it. Jake runs up and hits Biker 3 hard across the
top of this head.
starts up his motorcycle and speeds away from the scene.
Jake and Chris look at the bodies of the Bikers around them.
Chris bends down and takes his knife out of Biker 3 hand.
He gives Biker 3 a hard kick to the side of the head.
Come on...lets go!!
The trucks speeds out of the parking lot of the AM/PM and
into the darkness.
The inside of the warehouse is filled with men and women.
Ten young men and ten young woman. Each one of them wearing
a black polo shirt and black pants.
All the men and woman stand in a line waiting for Al-Ghazi
to hand them there red back pack. He walks down the line
checking each one of them, he then hands them a back pack.
He stops in front of a young woman.
Let me check your gear?


The young woman opens her jacket and shows him that she is
wearing ten sticks of dynamite along with two plastic tubes
filled with steel balls.
Good...that's good.
Al-Ghazi hands the young woman a back pack.
What about you.
The other young woman opens her jacket and she also has the
same gear strapped to her.
He hands her a back pack. Al-Rubaie walks up to Al-Ghazi.
We're ready. There's nothing more
to check. It is time.
      (to the group)
Everyone into the vans!!
The men and women climb into the vans almost like robots.
Al-Rubaie climbs into the lead van.
The roll up doors to the warehouse open and the vans drive
out onto the empty street.
The mall is busy with just days till Christmas. Shoppers
keeps pouring into the mall through the entrance like a
human flood. From the glass doors, the parking lot is
filled with cars and traffic lines the streets.
two black vans pull up in front of the entrance. Al-Rubaie
gets out of the first van. He is wearing a black back pack
he looks like a college student.
The side door to the other black van opens and Al-Ghazi
steps out and he is also followed close behind by five men
and two women.


speed away as soon as they are emptied.
the group enters through the glass doors and they go there
separate ways into the shopping center. They seem to blend
in with the rest of the shoppers.
Eric stands watching the shoppers below him. He spots Alex
across the mall and gives him the finger.
                       JAMES (O.S.)
      (Over radio)
You better hope no one saw you do
Eric adjusts the hands free radio strapped to his head. He
touches it as if he forgot he was wearing it.
I'm just telling him that he is
number one.
Eat shit.
James sits in front of the televisions manning the controls
and watching Eric on one of the monitors.
It's time for your guys to change
shifts any ways.
James looks at the all the monitors searching for something.
                       JAMES (Cont'd)
Where is Jake?! All of you need
to switch. I shouldn't even have
to tell you guys this. You should
already know.


                       JAKE (O.S.)
      (Through radio)
I'm patrolling the parking lot
with Chris. We are heading back
inside the mall. Relax.
James throws the clipboard across the room.
Don't tell me to fucking relax!!
Just get you ass back in here.
                       JAKE (O.S.)
Sir...remember we are on an open
radio line. You need to watch
your languange.
James takes a breath.
Don't push your luck.
Police Officers come and go though the station. One of the
Officers walks to the back of the station and towards Jason
Fox's desk. He has St. Louis Ram items decorating the walls
of his office.
                       POLICE OFFICER 2
Sir, it's getting extremely busy
out there. Do you think we should
call in the guys that are off
What about mall security? Where
are they? Get there head of
security on the phone. I'll find
out where there people are.
The phone in front of James rings. He looks at it for a
moment before he answers it.


                       JASON (O.S.)
My people are tell me that it's
getting crazy out there. Where
are your people?
My people are out there working.
Maybe if your people did there job
they wouldn't be worried about
needing help.
                       JASON (O.S.)
What? If your guards would do
more then just hang around the
mall, I wouldn't need to question
there work habits.
Are you kidding me. Where were
your guys, when one of my men was
killed. At the damn donut shop.
You better just shut the fuck up.
Jason is standing up behind his desk.
Fuck you!!!
                       JAMES (O.S.)
Don't move. I'm on my way to beat
you fucken ass!
Jason pulls the phone away from his ear, just as he hears a
loud click on the other end.
      (Out loud)
Yeah right. Coming to down here.
Jason grabs his jacket and heads for the door to the lobby
of the sub station.
One of the Police Offices is working the front desk. Jason
starts looking outside the glass door into the mall area. He
grabs his keys from behind the front desk next to the Police


I'm going home. Anyone comes
looking for me, tell them I will
be in tomarrow.
One of AL-RUBAIE TERRORISTS walks into the sub station.
How may I help you?
The TERRORISTS pulls out a handgun with a silencer attached
to it and shoots Jason in the middle of the forehead. The
Police Officer who is sitting at the desk, doesn't have time
to react before he is shot in the chest twice.
places one of the bombs on the front counter of the sub
station. He sets it for three minutes. The Terrorists
shoots the radio that is set up behind the front desk.
The TERRORISTS walks out of the sub station and is passed by
two Police Officers. The Police Officers walk inside and
the sub station explodes.
and parts of the stores on the right and the left side of it
are destroyed in a loud and fiery blast. The blast creates
a wave that takes out twenty Shoppers, with fire, glass, and
pieces of concrete.
The office is rocked by the explosion. James is almost
knocked off his feet.
James rushes into the room and grabs a radio. He
frantically searches the monitors.
What the hell was that?!
                       ERIC (O.S.)
Something blew up!!


On one of the monitors James sees SHOPPERS running for the
nearest exit.
Jake and Brenda are sitting talking to each other when they
both hear the explosion and stand up.
What was that?
The Shoppers in the food court are now looking standing up
and looking very nervous.
are now heard coming from the direction of the explosion.
Oh my God. What is happening?
I need to go and check. I'll let
you know when I find out.
The Shoppers are scared and start to head for the nearest
exits. When the screaming gets louder, they run faster.
Somethings not right. I'm getting
my stuff and leaving.
Okay...I'll call you later when I
find out what happen.
Brenda begins to walk back. She turns and looks back at
It will be okay... I'll call you
One of the TERRORIST WOMEN is standing five feet away from
Brenda. Jake sees the woman, but it is to late.
The TERRORIST explodes. Jake is thrown back to the ground
by the force of the blast. Body parts fly everywhere. The
upper torso of a woman slides towards Jake. The body is of


Jake grabs Brenda and holds her.
NO!! NO!!! NO!!!
The Shoppers stand stunned at the sound of the explosion and
the shock wave. One of the women from AL-RUBAIE ARMY walks
through the stunned group of Shoppers. The woman terrorist
opens her coat and lets it fall to the floor.
has strapped to her the sticks of dynamite and two large
plastic jars of filled with steel balls.
One of the Shoppers now see the woman terrorist and the bomb
she is wearing. Before the crowd can escape her, she

The explosion and the steel balls rip through the Shoppers
and tear though the stores. All that is left after the
explosion are body parts, glass, and blood dripping
James picks up the phone on his desk. He slams it back
down. He pulls out his cell phone.
My name is James Todd. I am head
of Security at The Spring Gardens
shopping center. My code is 7803.
Eric burst into the office.
      (A moment)
Yeah...we could be under some kind
of attack. You need to send
everyone you have down here. Send
them now!!
That might not be enough.


No!! I am not going to hold
tight. I am going to help the
people in my shopping center.
James closes the phone hanging it up. He walks over and
unlocks a large metal locker. The inside of the locker is
filled with semi-automatic weapons, rifles, and handguns
hang or are neatly standing next to each other. Fifty to
sixty boxes of ammo are stacked next to the weapons.
What are we going to do?
James hands Eric a handgun and a box of ammo.
We are going to put a stop to all
this. What ever it is. This is
the real thing.
James clicks on his radio.
Everyone listen up!! I need you
to get back here!!
One of AL-RUBAIE'S MEN walks through the panicked Shoppers.
His army is now easy to spot. Jake is running down the

He doesn't think twice and jumps off half way down. The
Terrorist is knocked down hard. Jake punches him across the
Jake reaches into the Terrorist coat and yanks out his
machine gun. The Terrorist rolls on the ground and reaches
for a gun he has strapped to his ankle.
The Terrorist turns and points his gun at Jake.
Shit!! You mother fucker!!!
Jake fires the machine gun and cuts the Terrorist in half.
FIRES down at Jake from the second level of the parking lot.


The Terrorist keeps shooting at Jake. The Terrorist sees
Chris running behind him, before he can react. Chris pushes
him off and over the glass rail. The Terrorist falls to his
      (Into radio)
Todd wants us to get to the
office. I will meet you there..
The parking lot is in chaos, Shoppers are running in fear,
cars are crashing into each other as they try to escape the
shopping center.
Inside the camera room James spots two of AL-RUBAIE'S MEN in
the hallway, leading to the security office. The two men
look up at the camera and shoot it. The monitor goes to
white noise.
What the fuck!
The two Terrorist stand in the hallway facing the door to
the security office. From their coats, they pull out
machine guns. Before they can get a shot off, the door to
the office opens.
The two Terrorist are hit with a hail of gunfire from James
and Eric.
                       JAKE (O.S.)
What is going on in there? I can
hear the shooting from here.
      (Into radio)
Yeah...that was us. Watch your
back coming this way.


Al-Rubaie and four of this men follow him to the wall at the
end of the parking lot. They have to avoid cars that are
racing out of the lot. One car comes very close to
Al-Rubaie almost hitting him.
shoots the car. He hits the young woman driving killing her
and causing her to crash into another car trying to turn
down the drive way to the next level of the parking
Fucking bitch!!
The five of them make it to the wall. The wall is chest
level and makes it easy to look over into the streets below
and the parking lot beneath them.
Al-Rubaie quickly takes off his backpack and begins to piece
together a high powered rifle. The rifle looks like
something from a science fiction movie
Make sure no one gets up here.
The rifle is finished and Al-Rubaie rest it on the wall.
Now it's my turn.
Al-Rubaie looks through the scope on the rifle.
fall on the lead POLICE CAR. Two clicks on the scope and
now the cross hairs are on the Police Officer driving the
car. The Police Officer is shot through the windshield
through the head.
Al-Rubaie looks from behind the rifle to see the POLICE CAR
turns and crash. Al-Rubaie fires another shot at the second
Al-Rubaie runs towards the other side of the wall's parking
lot. He looks down at the street where he planted the
bombs. POLICE CARS begin to line the street.


Al-Rubaie takes out an I-phone and punches in a code on the
panel. Suddenly the street below explodes, all the POLICE
CARS and the OFFICERS inside them killed as the cars
The Shoppers that were trying to escape the shopping center
through one of the exits, they are thrown back inside by the
bomb blast and some are ripped to pieces by the chain
reaction explosions.
the front entrance explodes as the street and two POLICE
CARS fly into the shopping center. The POLICE CARS crash
into SHOPPERS trying to escape.
looks down onto the street and then jumps back and ducks
down. A twenty foot high wall of fire shoots up as if the
entire street below is a title wave of fire and debris.
A POLICE CAR land on the parking lot a hundred yards away
from them. AL-RUBAIE and the four GUARDS look up to see if
anything else is going to fall down on them.
still on fire begin to land with hard thuds on the abandoned
cars and on the concrete of the parking lot.
AL-RUBAIE can see POLICE CARS now stopping, not wanting to
met the same fate of the ones that went in before them.
Alex is taking a large bag out of the truck of his car.
Shoppers and cars race passed him. He unzips the bag and
takes out his own machine gun.
The bag is loaded with weapons and bullets. Alex grabs the
bag and runs back inside the shopping center.
James is handing out weapons to Jake, Chris, and Eric. James
cell phone suddenly rings.
It's about time. We were almost
killed. Where are you people?
What do you mean the T.V.? What


                       JAMES (cont'd)
we are dealing with?
James turns around and switches the television on. One the
television screen is Al-Rubaie. It is the video he made in
the warehouse.
What does it mean? Why are we
under attack? Who is this guy?
Well, you guys need to hurry up
and do something!
James looks at his cell phone.
They told me to hold tight. And
hung up on me.
The GUARDS watch the television as Al-Rubaie tells everyone
who is watching his plan. The video is the one that
Al-Rubaie made in the warehouse.
                       AL-RUBAIE (O.S.)
Everyone will be taught a lesson
tonight. My men and myself will
go down in history tonight. We
will be heros in the Islam world.
Are you fucking kidding me?
                       AL-RUBAIE (O.S.)
America will learn to live in fear
again. You will all live in fear
for now on.
The television screen now shows Al-Rubaie from a live feed
being shot from a helicopter camera.
                       AL-RUBAIE (O.S)
My people are being killed inside
their own homes, farmers are
unable to work on there own lands,
innocent children are being
That looks like the North side of
the parking lot. The one facing
all the major streets.


That's a perfect place to hit who
ever is trying to get in here.
now shows Al-Rubaie firing at the POLICE CARS.
We need to stop him. We need to
stop him now!
He's not shooting paint balls out
of that gun of his. Those are
real bullets.
Jake checks the bullets in his gun.
So are mine.
Jake looks at Chris. Chris slaps a magazine into his
machine gun.
The devil hates couards.
This is for Hector.
For Hector..
                       NEWSCASTER (O.S.)
We are getting reports that the
Terrorist have already taken out
the S.W.A.T. team that was sent in
to stop them.
On the screen is a S.W.A.T. being hit with bullets from
Al-Rubaie high powered rifle. The S.W.A.T. flips over onto
the side of the road.
All that shit is going on right
now as we speak.
Alex takes out an German special forces machine gun from his
bag. He takes out another one and puts it on the table. He
then pulls out two more hand guns. One a Desert Eagle, the
other a 357. Magnum.


I wanted to know what was in the
bag. But now It just bring up
more questions.
James puts his small handgun down on the table.
I'll take this one instead, if
you don't mine.
James holds a small German made sub machine gun. He takes
three magazines that Alex hands him. He puts his handgun
back into its holster inside his jacket.
It's all yours boss..
Eric, checks the cameras and check
what there doing.
on every monitor there is one of AL-RUBAIE'S MEN. They are
at every exit and at every escalator.
There all over the place. But
there not doing anything. There
just waiting.
The rest of the Guards are now looking at the monitors.
There waiting for the army.
No..there waiting for the news and
there cameras.
There waiting for us to come and
kill them.
James leads the five Guards out of the hallway. Before they
make it out into the mall area, Al-Ghazi starts shooting at
them from inside a Bed, Bath and Beyond. The Guards come
out of the hallway one by one.


James fires two short burst from his machine gun at
Al-Ghazi. Al-Ghazi ducks back inside the store. He looks
back and FIRES at the other Guards who dive behind trash
cans, benches, and information signs.
Al-Ghazi spots Eric who is the last one out of the hallway.
He turns and starts shooting at Eric. Eric runs and slides
behind a marble planter that is near the center walkway.
Chucks of the planter are blown off by the bullets
Al-Ghazi's machine gun. Eric crouches down as low as he
can, without being shot.
carefully takes aim with his handgun. Al-Ghazi takes his
focus off of Eric and turns to the other Guards. James
fires a single shot that hits Al-Ghazi in the head.
Lets go!!
The area of the shopping center is where the four main
department stores branch off. Two Terrorist are in the
middle of a shootout with three of the SPRING GARDEN'S
James is leading the group. He hears the gunfire. James
holds up his right arm and makes a fist. The three Guards
stop in there tracks.
      (Moves up to James)
Who is that? Who are they
shooting at?
James peeks around the wall which is at the corner of the
main lobby.
The Police...
How'd they get in here?
The mall Police.
James looks again and can see that the two Terrorist are
moving in on the three Police Officers.


They need our help.
James runs out from around the wall and starts spraying
bullets from his machine gun at the two Terrorist.
fly everywhere. One of the Terrorist is hit in the center of
the chest and falls backward. The other Terrorist takes off
his coat.
Jake realizes what it means when the coat comes off.
Everybody down!!!!
James is ten feet ahead of the Guards and when the Terrorist
explodes. James is ripped to pieces by the steel ball
Chris slowing gets up and lets out a loud scream of pain.
There is steel ball ripped though his middle finger. Blood
is pouring from the wound.
Shut the fuck up...it's just a
Chris rips off the bottom of his shirt into a long strip. He
ties his finger off with it.