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The Missing Book Mystery
by Sunny D.

Rated: G   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review:

A mystery happens at school. Will Sammy and Sally ever find the hidden book?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


I can't believe we forgot our
books again.
If only my sister hadn't taken it
and hidden it.
Blaming it all on the sibling huh?
No! I'm just saying I've never
forgotten my books. Thanks to her
it'll probably go on my permanent
How did you forget your books?
My mom took it away from me last
night because I was reading in bed
when I was supposed to be asleep.
I forgot to ask for it back this
Check out this really cool book.
It looks really old. I wonder if
this is one of the books Ms.
Booker got at that old mansion.
Let me see that for a second. That
title reminds me of something that
I saw when I was searching for
News Quiz notes.


I remember that too. It had a
really cool code in it that I
tried to crack but I couldn't
because my mom kicked me off the
internet. Sally, can I please see
the book again. (gets book from
Sally) .......This is the book!
This the one! I think I might know
how to crack this code.
      (walks up to table
       after standing by
       them while they
       were talking)
Hi (in shy voice, looking down)
Hey Mitchell.
                       MS. BOOKER
Everyone it's time to go. If you
need to check out books please
come to the counter right now.
I can't believe it. I was going to
check out this book but I can't
because I forgot my books.
Maybe Ms. Booker will let you
check it out anyway. Go ask her.
Ms. Booker may I please check out
this book?
                       MS. BOOKER
No, this is the fifth time you
have forgotten your books. You
should suffer the consequences
because you did not return your
books. You cannot check out books
if you don't return them. That's
rule #3 on the library rule


                       MS. BOOKER (cont'd)
chart.Maybe next time you'll
remember to get your books.
Man oh man, Ms. Booker is not lax.
I bet Mrs. Kernen would really be
happy with you since you just used
a WordMaster word.
                       MS. BOOKER
Alright, it's time to go (she says
Oh well. We can bring them in
tomorrow at the end of the day.
Yeah! I just can't wait to get my
hands on that treasure!!
      (sarcastic after
       the word that)
What treasure??? Oh yeah now I
remember the book has a secret
code that apparently leads to
The End of the Next Day
As Sammy walks into library Sally waits by the door.
Hey Ms.Booker I have my books. Can
I check out that book now?
                       MS. BOOKER
Oh, Im so proud of you.


Sammy goes to shelf to get the book.
Hey its gone!
Walks to Ms.Booker
Ms Booker the book is gone!! Who
checked it out??
                       MS. BOOKER
      (turns to computer
       after let me
Let me check.(pauses) No one did.
But it's not on the shelf!
                       MS. BOOKER
Don't worry so much. It was
probably just misplaced.
      (excitedly she
Maybe someone took it.
      (thinking out loud)
Maybe someone did take the book.
You want to be a detective?
Yeah, detectives need to think
about who might have done it and
why. Here's what I
think....Lily.... because she's
not rich. So if this book does
have a treasure, she would want it


                       SAMMY (cont'd)
to help her family.
It could be Jack because he's just
plain greedy.
It could be Jim, because he was
listening to us talking about the
Yeah, but it could also be the
janitor Joe.
Why Joe?
He's the lowest paid person at
school and he cleans the library
after school every day so he could
have taken the book without anyone
What about Mitchell?
What about Mitchell?
He has after school programs
everyday in the library. So he
could steal it right before the
janitor cleans.
I think that's about it because
everyone else has an alibi.
      (tells Sally)
Yes. Sally, come on let's check
the shelf for clues.


Walks back to shelf
      (says to Sally)
Hey look there's a footprint down
here on the bottom shelf!!
      (says to Sammy)
Hey you know that suspect list we
      (to sally)
Yeah. So.
      (to sammy)
This footprint is too small to be
Jacks! We have 4 suspects now!
      (to sally)
Hey now let's ask Ms.Booker if we
can see the surveillance tape for
the library..
She won't let us see it. We need
an excuse.
We could tell her the principal
wants it. She is her boss.
Walk to Ms.Booker
      (to Ms.Booker)
Hey Ms.Booker can Mrs. Appleseed..
MAY Mrs. Appleseed see the library
surveillance tape please? She
asked us to get it for her.


                       MS. BOOKER
Okay. Allow me to proceed to the
storage room and gather the tape
for you children.
Ms.Booker walks away.
Do you think we'll find a clue on
the tape?
Of course. The book is stolen, we
know that. The tape will show us
who stole it.
If....it was stolen you mean. I'm
not sure if it was stolen.
Of course it was stolen. You sound
like Ms. Booker now.
                       MS. BOOKER
Who sounds like me?
      (along with Sammy)
                       MS. BOOKER
Well here's the tape for Mrs.
Appleseed. Tell her she can watch
it here because I'm going on my
lunch break and I won't be back
for half an hour.
Hands them a tape and leaves the library. Sally and Sammy
meet eyes and walk silently into the viewing room.
Hurry up before she comes back.


I am, I am. I'm hurrying as fast
as I can. Okay, it's in.
camera zooms in on the TV screen
Okay, it's starting. Shush
      (draws breath)
Do you see that person in a hooded
sweatshirt and dark sunglasses
taking the book and leaving?
Yeah. But who is it? We can't tell
who it is. But, it eliminates Lily
becuase she's much too short to be
the person in the sweatshirt!
Let's head back to the shelf and
see if there's anything that we
      (picks up a hair
       on the floor)
Hey Sally, LOOK! Here's a brown
If that's a brown hair it couldn't
be Joe because he has blonde hair.
It can only be Jim or Mitchell
There has to be more clues!
Let's look again except more
carefully this time. Okay?


Look carefully over shelf.
Hey look! There's a handprint over
You're kidding right?
No I'm not. Look!
Sally walks over to where Sammy is standing and looks at the
small handprint.
You know what else this tells us?
This print is too small to be
Jim's!! Mitchell stole the book!!
Hey Mitchell come over here. (she
leads Mitchell over to where she
and Sammy are standing)
What is it??
      (Draws breath)
Mitchell, we uhh... well we know
that you stole the book.


      (looks confused
       and surprised)
You do?? How do you know it was
Because we found a handprint,
footprint, a brown hair and
watched the surveillance camera
and the clues all lead up to you.
Why did you do it?
Because I never get any attention
around here. I wanted to find the
treasure because then I would be
popular. I'm really good at
figuring out clues.
We won't tell if you return the
book. So will you return it??
      (In a small voice)
Since you're good at solving clues
you could probably really help us.
So, do you want to help us find
the treasure?
      (happier voice)
Really??! Can I???!! I'd love
Well come on, hand over the book
so we can decipher it.


      (gets book out and
       gives it to sally)
Here it is.
      (looks inside book)
Hey it's in a foreign language.
How are we going to figure it out?
Let me see it. I know some
languages. (Takes book and studies
it) Hey, this is pig latin. It
starts "onkeysmay rentaay
mimalsaay" The beginning letter
goes to the end and you add AY. So
it means "monkeys aren't animals
tuna aren't fish, count my bars,
that is my wish."
Now I know pig latin.
monkeys.....bars.....What's that
Monkeys....bars....MONKEY BARS!
I guess we go to the monkey bars
to count up the bars.
Now we just count the
bars.(Students point and count
under their breath)


How do we figure out what to do
Let's check in the book again.
Nope, nothin'.
I guess we just give up.
No, never, let's keep going.
Wait, why did they want us to
count the bars? I think we have to
get to the next clue so, maybe we
need to walk eighteen paces.
Good idea! But which way?
Let's each try going different
I will go toward the slide.
I'll go toward the swings.
I'll go toward the building.
      (along with Sammy)
There's nothing here.
I found something guys. Come here.
(Mitchell and Sammy join her)


What do we do now? There's nothing
Stop being a quitter. Look around.
The only thing different is
there's a mark here and the others
don't have one.
Wait there's a marker near the
tree in the front of the building.
Come on, I'll show that there's
nothing there.
Look there's nothing here. I want
to go back to class. We'll get in
trouble if we stay out here much
Maybe if we slam all the letters
together it will make some other
Alright, That's the biggest word
in the universe, but it doesn't
spell anything. Can we go back
Maybe if we scratch off every
other letter, maybe it will form
another word.


It says, Go to the back lot, Don't
ask me where it is, because I
Let's go to the back lot then.
Now we're back here. What are we
going to do now?
Be persistent, look at that arrow
it's pointing to that weird tree.
Ok, let's check it out.
      (shivering/ scared
That's freaky. Is that tree
looking at me?
No, it's looking at my house.
Well everything else has been a
riddle. maybe...What the eyes can
see, that's where you should be,
that's the end of the mystery.
Good job Sally.
Ok we can go to my house after
school, but I've been in every
nook and cranny of my house
playing hide and seek, but there
is no treasure.


I think we should check anyway.
Students together head into Sammy's house.
I hope we find a million bucks.
Oh no, it'll be a real treasure,
diamonds and jewels.
I already told you, there is no
But the eyes see where we should
be and the eyes are pointing to
your house so we have to look in
your house.
Walk into the house.
Whoa! How did these clues lead to
We did it.
We know that you love mysteries.
So we made your birthday party a
mystery. We just knew you'd figure
it out.
Thank you everyone.


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