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Hate Ashbury
by Jessica Willey (876jlwilley15@students.olatheschools.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A story of a young girl, unsatisfied with her wealthy East Coast life, runs away to San Francisco in 1967. She moves to Haight-Ashbury during "The Summer of Love" and learns what being satisfied with life truly means.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The song "The Times They Are A-Changing" by Bob Dylan
begains to play. The camera fades in on a picture of the
street sign of Haight-Asbury, which actually reads
Hate-Ashbury. The camera then begins to zoom out from the
streets and you can see people walking along the sidewalks
and crossing the roads.The camera then zooms to above San
Francisco, to reveal a whole view of the city. The camera
begins to move away from the city, slowly at first then more
rapidly. the camera moves across the united states to
Hartford, Connecticut, going slowly at first then more
rapidly through the rockies, the fields of the midwest, then
the hills of the north east till it stops on a view of the
city of Hartford, Connecticut. The camera begins to slowly
zoom in to show a birds eye view of the street and a mother
pushing her daughter through the door of bridal boutique.
The camera stops on the door as it swings shut. The song
ends, and the camera is stuck on a picture of the Bridal
Boutique sign.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
A bell rings as the door to the bridal boutique swings open
with Mrs. Johnston, an obviously wealthy woman in her
mid-forties, pushing Marina, Mrs. Johnston's pretty,
brunette twenty year old daughter, through the door. They
both look a little put out, but muster up smiles as they are
approached by a snobby looking sales woman in her
Can I help you, ladies?
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Yes, we are looking for a wedding
dress for my daughter. She's
getting married in two weeks. I
know it's last minute, and I've
been pressuring my daughter for
weeks about the dress, but she
didn't give in till now. I had to
drag her here, really.


Marina rolls her eyes as Mrs. Johnston gives her an annoyed
side glance. The saleswoman immediately perks up at the
prospect of a sale.
Well, I'm sure we can dig
something up that will make even
the most reluctant bride unable to
wait for her wedding day. What
size is she?
I'm a four.
The saleswoman sizes Marina up, and decides that there is no
way that Marina is a four.
I think we'll try a six, instead.
Follow me.
Marina turns to her mother with a mixture of indignation and
exasperation. The saleswoman motions for the two women to
follow. Mrs. Johnston stands behind the reluctant Marina,
pushing her forward towards where the saleswoman is leading.
They come out into a giant room full of racks of wedding
dresses. The saleswoman begins pulling dresses from the
racks, muttering to herself about different dress cuts.
Mom, I already told you, I'm not
marrying Jacob. I'm not. I can't.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Then why would you say yes, dear?
If you didn't want to marry him
you wouldn't have said yes.
I only said yes, because he asked
me in front of all you guys. I
couldn't say no. You all would
have thrown a fit.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
We would not have. I don't
understand you, Marina. Jacob is a


                       MRS. JOHNSTON (cont'd)
nice, handsome young man. Not to
mention he's wealthy. He's a great
catch, Marina. Dozens of girls
would die for a guy like him. I
don't understand why you can't see
that. Why are you so opposed to
Because I don't love him, Mom.
He's dull, and boring. I've known
a million guys like him. I can't
see what you think is so special
about him.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
      (changing tactics)
Marina, you've grown up in a
wealthy family. You've always
recieved everything you've asked
for. Marrying Jacob will ensure
that you will always have the life
you have now.
So you want me to marry for money,
Mom, is that it? Well, maybe
that's not what I want. Maybe, I
want to marry someone I love.
Maybe, I don't want to be like
you, living in a loveless
marriage, leading a sad existence
just for the money it brings. I
don't want a life like yours. Did
you ever think about that?
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Marina, I will be honest. In the
beginning I didn't love your
father, but I could live with that
because I needed the money. After
a few years, though, I couldn't
imagine life without him. I love
your father.
That's not love, Mom. If it
weren't for Dad's money you
wouldn't love him. You wouldn't
have even married him. You love


                       MARINA (cont'd)
money, Mom. And that's not love.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Then tell me, Marina. What do you
think love is? What is love?
Love is when you care about
someone so much it hurts. When
your soul is so connected to one
person that to live without them
would be death. (Pause) When you
actually want to marry someone.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Love is not a feeling, dear. It is
an action. Something you do, and
something you can learn to do. You
can learn to love Jacob. (pause) I
just want you to have the life you
deserve. Jacob can give you that,
honey. He's a wonderful young man.
Then why don't you marry him?
The saleswoman finishes pulling her last dress, and walks up
to Marina and Mrs. Johnston with a large pile with many
different dresses.
I've picked quite a few I think
you'd like. If you'd follow me, we
can start trying them on.
The saleswoman begins walking towards the dressing rooms.
Marina turns to her mother angrily.
You can make me try on these
dresses, but I am not marrying
Jacob. I won't.
Marina storms off after the saleswoman. Mrs. Johnston stands
for a minute looking weary, but then begins to slowly follow
after Marina and the saleswoman.
                                         FADE OUT


                                         FADE IN
Marina and Mrs. Johnson, are in the back of their drivers
car, driving to the rehearsal dinner. Marina is sitting with
her arms crossed staring angrily out the window. The car
stops, and Mrs. Johnson unbuckles her seatbelt and puts her
hand on the door handle, then turns to Marina.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Just try to pretend you're happy,
Mrs. Johnson exits the vehicle, and closes the door. Marina
uncrosses her arms, and dishearteningly sighs. She takes a
moment then exits the vehicle as well. The camera follows
Marina as the walks up the steps to the building where the
rehearsal dinner is taking place. She walks in the door
where she meets Jacob, young, handsome, muscular, yet at the
same time sheepish. His good looks are lost in his
Wow, Marina. You look beautiful.
Are you ready?
      (rolls her eyes)
As ready as I'll ever be, I
Jacob reaches for Marina's hand but she pulls away. He sighs
and they enter the banquet hall and take their seats next to
each other.
      (still nervous)
You know, If you're not ready for
this we can postpone it. I know it
seems like a lot of trouble, but
it's not.
I'm fine, let's just get this
thing over with.
Look, Marina. I know you don't
love me, the way I love you, but


                       JACOB (cont'd)
we can have a good life together.
We are a perfect match. We both
come from wealthy families. It's
almost to be expected.
Look, Jacob. Not to be mean, but
I'd rather not even talk right
now. It's taking all of my
willpower not to run away
screaming, so I'd rather save
discussing the future for a later
There is a long awkward pause between the two of them, as
the rest of the banquet hall is loud.
      (changing the
The weather's been nice this week
hasn't it. . .
The song "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" by Led Zeppelin begins
to play. The camera pulls back from Jacob and Marina and all
the color in the the room begins to fade except for Marina.
The camera shows views of the rehearsal and almost robotic
conversation between Jacob and Marina. The camera zooms in
on a sad almost empty looking Marina.Everyone gets up to
leave, and the camera follows Marina out to the car. The
camera blacks out then comes back up on Marina staring out
her window. Mrs. Johnston comes in and kisses her on the
forehead then leaves the room shutting the door behind her.
Marina quickly grabs a suitcase out from under her bed, and
carefully climbs out of her window, and begins walking along
the road towards the highway. The camera zooms in close on a
picture of Marina sticking her thumb out to hitch a ride.
The song ends.
Marina is hitch hiking on the side of a mainly deserted
highway. A few cars pass her by, but a blue beatup Chevy
3100 pickup truck stops to pick Marina up. Inside the car is
a young pretty twenty-one year old woman with black hair.
Her name is Linda Cook, but she goes by Sonny. She beams at
Marina as she enters the vehicle.


Well, hi-ya there. What can I do
for ya?
I just need a ride. Thanks for
picking me up.
Sure thing where ya headed?
To be honest, I'm not really sure
where I'm going.
Well, that's no good. If you
don't know where you're going,
you're probably headed on a road
to no where, but life is life, and
kind is kind. What's your name?
I'm Marina. Marina Johnston. And
My real name is Linda. Linda Cook.
But that's my slave name. I prefer
Sonny if you don't mind.
Sure thing. So where are you
headed then, Sonny?
"Whither goest thou, America, in
thy shiny car in the
night?"(pause)I'm headed for
Austin, Texas.
Cool. What is that from, what you
just said?
"On the Road."Jack Kerouac. You
should read it. It's life
altering. So what is a high class
girl like you doing hitch hiking


                       SONNY (cont'd)
at night? Ya running away?
You could say that.
What happened. Family fight? Bad
I just needed to get away, really.
What about you? Where are you
coming from?
Providence. Rhode Island. Man that
town's a drag. I would have died
of boredom if I hadn't got out of
So what are you headed to Austin
One of my friends left for Austin
a few months ago, looking for
what's left of the Beat scene, ya
know? I didn't have the guts to
leave with him then, so I was
stuck by myself till you came
Feel free to ride with me all the
way there if you'd like. I ain't
got no one but me, so any
company's much appreciated.
Texas it is then.
Sonny returns Marina's smile, then turns up the radio. The
song "Subterranean Homesick Blues" by Bob Dylan, comes on.
The camera zooms out the window still looking at Sonny and
Marina who are now laughing. The camera captures Sonny and
Marina talking, laughing, and sleeping in the car as they
travel across the U.S. towards Austin, Texas. The camera


zooms to the dashboard looking out the windshield, to show a
sign reading "Welcome to Texas". Sonny turns off the radio
and the song ends.
The camera has turned from the "Welcome to Texas" sign to
show Sonny and Marina.
Finally, I thought we'd never make
it to Texas.
      (acting silly)
I wouldn't celebrate yet, the map
says we still have a few inches
before we get to Austin.
A few inches? We'll never get
there, man.
Patience is a virtue, Sonny.
Ah, patience is a drag, man. Who
needs patience?
Sonny and Marina laugh for a moment, then there is silence.
Marina looks out the window, and Sonny keeps driving.
So what's the real reason ya left
Hartford, man? I know you said you
just had to get out of there, but
I can't see anyone coming from as
loaded a family as your's just
picking up and leaving.
Marina continues looking out the window, and takes a moment
to think of the right words.
      (turning to Sonny)
Well, it's a little complicated.
As you pointed out before, Marina.
We still have a few inches before
we reach Austin. I think you've


                       SONNY (cont'd)
got time.
Alright. Well. It's a little hard
to explain.(pause) When you come
from a family like mine, society
expects certain things from you.
One of those things is to marry
someone from another wealthy
Ahh. So you're a runaway bride.
Yes, actually. I tried to go
through with it, but I couldn't.
After the rehearsal dinner, I
couldn't take it anymore. I had to
get out of there. I couldn't marry
someone I didn't love. I just
It's understandable, man.
I don't know. I just felt like by
marrying someone I didn't love, I
would have been throwing my love
Love is a sacred thing, man. You
can't waste it.
Sonny gives Marina a reassuring smile, and turns back to
driving. Day turns into night and the lights of Austin,
begin to show. The girls look at each other and smile.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
The girls are waiting on a street corner for Sonny's friend
to come meet them. Instead of Sonny's friend, though,
Thomas, A young, handsome, and hippie-looking guy, is sent
to meet them.


Hi. You must be Richard's friend,
right? He wanted me to come meet
you, he won't be off work until
later, and he didn't want to leave
you stood up, so he sent me. The
name's Thomas.
I'm Sonny, and this is Marina.
Nice to meet you boss little
Thomas winks at Marina and she blushes deeply.
Richard wanted you to wait for him
at his pad. I'll take you there.
Right on, man.
They walk down the streets of Austin to an older apartment
building. They walk up to the top floor, and enter an old
studio that has obviously been transformed into a bachelor
pad. The apartment's walls are filled will paintings and
murals. Sonny plops down on the couch, while Marina looks at
the paintings amazedly. Thomas walks up behind Marina.
You like my work?
Marina jumps, turns around to look at Thomas and blushes
It's wonderful. You painted all of
these yourself?
Yeah, man. Every damn one, and I
haven't got a penny for one.
That's a shame, they're beautiful.
Thank you.


Thomas and Marina lock eyes for a moment, until she
blushingly breaks the eye contact.
You're more than welcome. I really
love them.
I'm hoping they'll make me some
money in San Francisco. God, knows
they did nothing for me here.
San Francisco?
Yeah. I'm heading out tomorrow
morning. I hear San Fran is
supposed to be the new world
center for our generation, and
there is no way I'm going to miss
Marina and Thomas lock eyes once more, and Marina turns away
a bit disheartened.
Sonny says you hitch hiked here
with her. Where are you from?
Hartford, Connecticut. A lousy
place to live. I don't recommend
Typical North East town?
So you left for a real life?
Yeah. I couldn't take one more day
in that bummer of a town. How
about you? Where are you from?
Around. I've lived near Austin
most of my life, so San Francisco
will be a big change for me.


You know, if you want to you're
free to come with me to San
Francisco. It wouldn't be a
problem at all. It might actually
make it easier to have a cool girl
like you along for the ride.
Of course.
Yeah. I'd like that. I just want
to get as far from Connecticut as
I possibly can.
They both start laughing and the chemistry between them is
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
It is the next morning and Marina and Sonny are hugging good
by while Thomas is leaning against the passenger side of a
VW bus. The song "Magic Bus" by the Who begins to play, and
Thomas opens the car door for Marina, she is about to get in
but turns around and waves one last good bye to Sonny, who
is obviously saddened. Marina gets in the car and Thomas
shuts the door. He walks around to the drivers side and
their road trip begins. The chemistry between them is
obvious and the camera captures them laughing, talking and
flirting on the ride to San Francisco. The song ends as they
drive into the city and the camera focuses in on Thomas and
So what is plan? What are you
going to do now that were here?
Well, first we've got check out
the apartment we're going to be
living in, then I've got to get a


                       THOMAS (cont'd)
job. I'm not really sure after
that. I'm going to keep painting
and hopefully sell some of them,
but I'm not really sure what to
Yeah. I know. I guess I'm going to
have to find a job.
I've never had a job in my life.
Well, there's no time like the
present.(Pause) So what are you
looking for outside of Hartford?
Why did you have to leave?
I'm not really sure what I'm
looking for. Freedom, maybe. I've
lived my life as a prisoner to my
family. I just want to live free
of their expectations, and leaving
was my only option.
Sometimes that's the only thing
that can be done.
Thomas parks the car in front of a run down apartment
complex, and he turns to Marina.
I'm glad you left. If you hadn't I
never would have met you.
He smiles at Marina, and she blushes. They exit the car and
the camera follows them as they walk into the complex, and
Thomas begins talking to the owner, he hands them a key and
they walk up to the third floor and enter a large, but old
apartment. Both look unsure at first, then they look at each
other and smile.


                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina is walking down the street, exploring the city when
she discovers a help wanted sign in the window of a quaint
little bookshop. She stops for a moment then opens the door,
and walks in. She walks towards the counter, where a man in
his mid-fourties is sorting through new arrivals, but
chickens out and pretends she's looking at books. She keeps
picking up books, and looking from the covers to the
counter. She finally musters up some courage and walks up to
the counter, and the man looks up distractedly
                       MR. HUDSON
      (a bit annoyed)
Hello, can I help you?
Yes, sir. I was wondering whether
you were still looking for help in
running the bookshop.
                       MR. HUDSON
      (perking up)
Oh, yes, of course.
I'm Marina Johnston.
                       MR. HUDSON
      (shaking her hand
Nice to meet ya. I'm Mr. Hudson. I
own the shop.
      (beaming at him)
It's a pleasure to meet you Mr.
                       MR. HUDSON
Well, aren't you the little
charmer, How old are you, dear?
I'm twenty.


                       MR. HUDSON
Perfect. When can you start?
Wait. No interview or anything?
                       MR. HUDSON
No. You seem like a nice, clean
cut young lady, and those are
difficult to come across these
days. I could use the help and
you'd be perfect. So, when can you
Oh, anytime. Whenever you need me.
                       MR. HUDSON
How's tomorrow, eight till four?
Think you can handle that?
Oh, yes sir. I will be here. Thank
you so much.
Marina exits the shop, and takes a minute to breathe. She
looks at the help wanted sign in the window, and tears it
down. She walks off excitedly to continue exploring the
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina opens the door to the apartment to find a small party
going on and "People are Strange" by the Doors is playing
loudly. Thomas rushes up to her.
Marina! Guess what? I got a job!
Me too!


So who are all these people?
They're some guys I met today. I
invited them over, I thought since
we didn't know anyone here, we
should try to make friends.
That's great.
Marina joins the party-goers. Thomas and a few others are
passing around a joint. A young man little older than
eighteen offers Marina a Coca Cola, and she gladly accepts
it. The Coke can has had LSD placed on the opening of the
drink, and after a few seconds, the room and everyone in it
begins to change the colors become very vibrant and the
people become almost grotesque. Everything becomes a blur
and as the song ends Marina collapses in her bed. She blacks
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina wakes up in a sweat. She's wearing her clothes from
the night before and the sheets are all tangled around her.
Marina walks out into the kitchen to see Thomas smoking and
reading a newspaper. He looks up as Marina enters.
      (grining at Marina)
Well, good morning. Have a good
night's sleep?
Marina sits down in the chair opposite Thomas. She seems a
bit dazed.
No, actually. Not at all. What
happened last night?
      (stifling a grin)
Let's just say you took a little
trip last night.


What do you mean? Did we go
You could say that.
Thomas. What happened last night?
You mean you really don't know?
No, But I sure as hell would like
      (trying to calm
Relax. You took some acid. I would
have been your ground control, but
I had some of Stanley's Stuff
But I didn't take anything last
night. All I had was a coke!
Marina. We put it on the openings
of all the coke cans. I thought
you would've known that.
      (freaking out)
How was I supposed to know that,
Thomas?!? I've never even known
anyone who's done acid!
Whoa, man. Don't freak out.
      (quieting a bit)
Sorry. I just. I was just scared.
I've never experienced anything


                       MARINA (cont'd)
like that. I just didn't know what
to do.
Thomas gets up and puts his arms around Marina from behind.
It's alright.
There is a long pause as Thomas returns to his seat. Marina
is staring at him the whole time.
Are you on drugs, Thomas?
Another pause.
Yeah. Who isn't?
Why? What do you mean why?
They make you free, man. They free
your mind, and your body. They
expand your vision. With them, you
transcend. It's the only way to
be, man.
They don't free your mind, Thomas,
they alter your mind.
      (rolling his eyes)
Typical establishment propaganda.
How can you say that. Drugs are
wrong, bad, immoral.
God, you sound like my mother,
Marina.It's just a part of the way
this world is changing. A part of
the movement that will save this


                       THOMAS (cont'd)
world. Why don't you try some
before you judge if they're good
or bad?
I tried some last night, and
that's enough for me.
But you didn't realize what was
going on last night, Marina. You
didn't even know you were on a
Well, honestly, last night was
enough for me. (pause) I have to
go to work.
Marina grabs her things and storms from the apartment.
Thomas sighs annoyedly and returns to his newspaper.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina is rushing down the sidewalk, she is obviously late.
She gets to the bookshop and stands outside for a second
before she enters. Mr Hudson is placing books on shelves,
and he smiles as Marina enters.
Good Morning, Mr. Hudson. I'm so,
so sorry I'm late.
                       MR. HUDSON
Ahhh. Morning Marina. So glad you
could make it. I was beginning to
think you weren't going to come.
I really am sorry, Mr Hudson. I
don't know what happened. I guess
I just lost track of time.


Mr. Hudson puts the books in his arms down, and walks behind
the counter. He keeps talking as he looks for something
behind the counter.
                       MR. HUDSON
      (laughing jokingly)
Long night?
      (nervously joking)
Not exactly. Just a long morning.
                       MR. HUDSON
Well, things happen. Here you'll
need this.
He comes up from behind the counter with the bookstores work
apron uniform. He tosses the to Marina who catches it, then
wrings it nervously.
Really, though, Mr. Hudson. It
won't happen again.
                       MR. HUDSON
Don't worry. No harm done. Now you
can start by sorting those books
by subject and author.
I'll get right to it.
Marina puts her apron on, and gets right to work. The song
"Paperback Writer" by the Beatles begins. Marina works
diligently, and quickly. Many different types of customers
come in and ask her questions and she helps them to the best
of her ability. A hippie looking couple are talking about a
book near the back of the store. We hear a few of the words
they are saying. We hear "Cultural
Movement""Love""Peace""Transcendentalism". The couple finish
their conversation, put the book down and leave hand and
hand looking utterly blissful. Marina goes to put the book
back on the shelf and looks at the title. It is "On The
Road" by Jack Keraouc. Marina reads the back of the book,
looks up at the clock which reads four o clock then pockets
the book. The song ends. Mr. Hudson enters.
                       MR. HUDSON
Well, Marina. Four o Clock. Time
to close up. How'd you like your
first day?


It was wonderful. I love all the
different people that come in
here. I've never seen such a
variety of people.
                       MR. HUDSON
I thought you might like that
about this job. That's always been
my favorite thing. So many
different people, united under one
common interest.
And what would that be?
                       MR. HUDSON
The pursuit of knowledge, my dear.
No matter who you are, or where
you come from. Everyone,
everywhere on one level or another
pursues knowledge.
That's such a beautiful way to
look at things.
                       MR. HUDSON
And we, Marina. We offer people
the tools to find the knowledge
the seek.
If only my generation was seeking
knowledge instead of a high.
                       MR. HUDSON
Well, Marina. In a way, your
generation is seeking knowledge.
I'm not supporting how your peers
go about searching for it, but
they are seeking knowledge through
experiencing what the mind
produces in it's purest,
subconcious state.
But I thought drugs altered your
mind, not cleared it.


                       MR. HUDSON
They do Marina, but many people
think that in the process of mind
altercation, that all the layers
of unneccesary thought and
knowledge are stripped away, to
reveal your true mind and thought.
They believe that drugs help you
transcend establishment forced
Wow. I never really thought about
it that way before. I guess, I
just always looked down on them,
because I was taught to.
                       MR. HUDSON
And that's exactly one of the
reasons it's so big, is because
you are taught not to do it.
Their conversation is interrupted by a young woman entering
the bookshop.
                       MR. HUDSON
I'm sorry, ma'am. We're closed.
You'll have to come back tomorrow.
Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I was just
looking for. . .
Marina! I've been looking for you!
The two girls hug.
                       MR. HUDSON
You two girls know each other?
Oh, yes. Mr. Hudson. This is my
friend Sonny. Sonny this is my
boss, Mr. Hudson.
The two shake hands.


                       MR. HUDSON
Nice to meet you.
Right back at ya.
                       MR. HUDSON
      (turning to Marina)
I'm going to go ahead and head
out, just lock up the shop when
you leave.
Of course, sir.
Mr. Hudson leave, and Marina and Sonny begin talking.
So what are you doing here Sonny?
      (rolling her eyes)
Austin was dead man. I had to get
out of there, so I took a ride out
here to San Fran, and I've gotta
say, I like what I see.
Wow. So when did you get here?
This morning. I asked around and
some people knew Thomas, and
Thomas told me you were here, so I
came to find you. I'm your new
room mate. Thomas is going to rent
the extra room out to me.
Boss! Well, let's head for home.
I'm starving.
Let's do it.
The camera follows Marina and Sonny as they leave and Marina
locks up. The girls are talking excitedly and animatedly.
                                         FADE OUT


                                         FADE IN
Sonny is sitting in an old, oversized chair, playing songs
on her old, battered acoustic guitar while Marina is lying
on an old couch reading "On The Road." She is already almost
finished with the book. Thomas enters, Mainra close her book
and sits up. Thomas plops down on the couch next to her.
Well, welcome home Thomas. Did you
have a good day?
Not really, but I'll be alright.
How was your first day of work?
Wonderful, Mr. Hudson is great.
Thomas takes of his jacket, and begins to roll a joint.
Oh man, Thomas. I know you're
going to give me some of that,
Sure, Sonny.
Me, too, right?
What? You, Marina?
I though you were above that kind
of thing. Why the sudden change?


I just. I just want to open my
mind, I guess.
Well, in that case.
Thomas lights up the joint, and takes a hit. He passes
around and the all get high. The song "My Generation" by the
Who begins. The camera begins to follow Marina's life over
the next two months. Marina begins to party. Her drug use
starts with Marijuana then she begins mushrooms. She begins
to progressively be more unpunctual when it comes to work,
and her drug use progresses to heroin, cocaine, and acid.
Thomas and Marina's relationship progresses through this as
well. Marina's appearence also changes. She came to San
Francisco clean cut, but she becomes progressively more and
more unkepmt. Things begin to move faster and faster and on
a day by day wall calender days fall faster and faster until
it is two months later. The song ends. The goes out, and
comes back in quickly. There is a party going on in Marina's
apartment. There are people everywhere doing all types of
different drugs. Marina, Thomas, and Sonny are sitting in a
circle with some other hippie types. Sonny is strumming her
guitar and singing while everyone else in the circle are
counting down to lick stamps at the same time.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
Everyone licks their stamps, and after licking their stamps
Marina and Thomas kiss. They all begin to sing along with
Sonny, and one by one you can see the acid taking effect.
With Marina, when the acid starts to take effect, the room
seems to lose color and get darker, Marina begins to freak
out, she thrashes about screaming and scratching at her
Sonny sees Marina, and tries to subdue her, but Marina is
too strong for Sonny, and Sonny gets hit. Marina continues
to scream. Sonny begins to panic.
Thomas! Thomas! Help! Marina is
hurting herself! HELP!


Thomas is dazed and doesn't even comprehend what Sonny is
saying, but he hugs Sonny, and begins to try to kiss her.
Sonny pushes him off, and he walks away. Sonny watches
Marina mutilating herself, and continuously tries to calm
her, but only gets hurt herself. She manages to drag Marina
into her room. Finally, Marina calms down. She falls asleep
in Sonny's arms, as Sonny sobs.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina is asleep in Sonny's bed. Sonny is on the floor next
to the bed asleep. Marina has stratch marks all over from
herself. She is confused as to why she is in Sonny's room.
She gets up and walks to the restroom. She looks in the
mirror and screams. Sonny comes running in.
What's wrong? Are you alright?
Marina falls to a crouch against the wall and begins to sob.
What happened to me?
Sonny crouches next to her and holds her.
You had a really bad trip last
night. You thought you were being
attacked, and in the process, you
attacked yourself. I did all I
could, I tried to calm you, but
you wouldn't, couldn't, hear me.
Where was Thomas? Why didn't he
help me?
      (avoiding the
He wasn't here.


What do you mean he wasn't here?
Where the hell was he?
No, Marina. He was here. He just
wasn't ALL here.
Marina slumps to the floor, defeatedly.
What are we doing, Sonny? What am
I doing? Look at what I've done to
Marina, bad trips happen. It's how
you deal with the aftermath of
them that matters. I'm surprised
your even coherent this morning,
after last night. You just need to
rest today, and I think you'll be
just fine. I'll tell Mr. Hudson
your sick, and you can take the
day off of work.
Thanks, Sonny. I think I'll be
alright, though.
Are you sure? It shouldn't be a
problem for you to miss a day of
I'm sure.
Alright, Marina. Suit yourself.
Sonny kisses her forehead, then gets up to leave.
Sonny stops just as she reaches the door, and turns around
to face Marina.


Sonny smiles and Marina gives her a thankful look.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina is walking down the street. The song "Summertime" by
Janis Joplin begins to play. Marina stops at the
intersection of Haight-Ashbury and waits for cars to pass
before she can cross the street. She gets to work and Mr.
Hudson gives her a strange look, she get's to work and the
whole day goes by. She get's home and Sonny is playing the
guitar, but Thomas is nowhere to be seen. Marina is in bed
trying to sleep, and turns to the clock, which reads 2:39.
It is obvious she is concerned that Thomas is not home. The
next morning she goes to work again, and comes home. She
enters hopeful, but one look from Sonny leaves her
crestfallen. A few days pass, in the same routine, and
Marina's scars are beginning to fade. After four days,
Marina comes home, only to be let down again by Thomas'
absence. She plops down on the couch, poutingly. The song
Where on earth is he?
I don't know, Marina. I'm sorry. I
really am.
It's okay, Sonny. It's just
upsetting. He didn't even leave a
note or anything.
He'll be back, Marina. Imean, he
left all of his things. I'm sure
he'll be needing them.


Are you sure you'll be okay by
yourself tonight?
      (trying to sound
       perked up)
Of course. You go out, Sonny. I
know how important this gig is to
you. You need to go, and play your
heart out. Go.
Okay. I'll come straight home
afterwords. I'll only be a few
hours. Goodnight.
Sonny slings her guitar across her back and walks out the
door worriedly. Marina picks up "On The Road". The bookmark
is in the same place it was a few months ago. She begins to
read, but only finishes a page or two before she loses
interest. She puts the book down, rolls herself a joint and
begins to smoke. She is almost finished with it when Thomas
walks in the door.
      (standing up)
Yeah, it's me.
Marina puts the end of her joint out in the ashtray on the
coffee table, then sits down.
      (attempting to be
Where've you been?
      (pretending to be
Really? That's nice.


Look. Marina. I'm sorry.
Marina stands up and just let's all of her anger explode out
at once.
      (Exploding with
Really? What exactly are you sorry
for, Thomas? Are you sorry that
you disappeared for half a week
without even a goodbye? Or are you
sorry that you got me hooked into
a system that fucked up my mind
and now my body? I can't sleep
anymore because I'm too damn
afraid that spiders are going to
crawl out of the walls and kill
me. These drugs are killing me,
and now my own thoughts are
killing me. God, Thomas. How did I
ever let you get me to this point?
After she finishes her rant its as if all the life flows out
of her, and she just falls onto the couch with a distant
gaze on her face.
I'm sorry for everything.(pause) I
never thought things would turn
out to be like this. I'm so sorry.
Why did you leave, Thomas?
There is a long pause, and Thomas goes to the couch and sits
down next to Marina. He seems to be unable to look at her as
he is speaking.
The morning after the party, I
woke up and you weren't next to
me. I went to Sonny's room. I saw
what had happened to you, what you
had done to yourself, and I wanted
to die. I knew it was my fault
that it had happened, and I
couldn't look at you. I felt so
guilty. I thought when you woke
up, and saw what had happened you
would hate me. I couldn't bear the


                       THOMAS (cont'd)
thought of you hating me. I just
couldn't. I went to work, and I
couldn't come back. I just
couldn't. I'm so sorry.
Thomas puts his head in his hands. Marina stares at him for
a moment before she speaks.
Why did you come back, Thomas?
Thomas looks up at her, and they look into each others eyes
for a moment before Thomas breaks the gaze.
I couldn't stand the thought of
something happening to you again,
and me not being here. I want to
protect you. I want to keep you
Thomas takes her face in his hands.
I couldn't stay away from you. I
need you with me. I love you,
Marina. I love you.
They stare into each others eyes, then he kisses her. Marina
pulls back and looks at him for a moment, and then they
begin to kiss again.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
The morning light is shining through the closed blinds of
Thomas and Marina's window. Marina wakes up face to face
with Thomas. She turns to look at the clock. It is 6:45. She
takes the comforter and wraps it around her unclothed body,
leaving Thomas tangled in the sheets. She walks into the
bathroom to get ready for work. She is dressed and running a
brush through her hair. Her facial expression changes and
she runs to the toilet where she throws up. She gets up to
leave the room, only to have to throw up again. Sonny knocks
then comes in.
Are you alright, Marina?


I'm sick.
Thomas appears in the doorway.
What's going on?
Marina's sick.
Bummer, man. You gonna be okay,
Come on let's get you back into
She helps Marina up, but Marina gets right back down and
throws up again.
Maybe I should take her to the
Good idea. I'll tell Mr. Hudson
she's sick.
Thank you, guys.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Sonny is in a typical doctor's office waiting room, reading
and old magazine. Marina comes out from the door that leads
to the doctors office. She seems completely dazed. Sonny
tosses her magazine aside and stands up to greet Marina.
So what's the diagnosis?


Marina just keeps walking towards the door, and Sonny runs
up behind her worriedly.
Marina, what's going on?
Marina walks right out the door, and tries to walk out into
the heavy traffic of the street in front of the doctors
office. Sonny grabs her arm to stop her then turns Marina
around to face her.
Marina. What did the doctor say?
I'm pregnant.
Sonny drops her hand from Marina's arm.
Oh my God.
How do I tell, Thomas?
You just have to tell him flat
out. I'll help you, Marina. It
won't be so bad. In fact, it'll be
fun. We can all raise this kid
Good plan, Sonny. Three drug
addict hippies are going to raise
a kid.
Sonny put's her arm around Marina's shoulder as they walk
It'll be alright, Marina. You'll
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina and Sonny enter the apartment to find Thomas smoking
a joint and painting.


Feeling any better, baby?
Marina ignores Thomas. She walks straight to her room and
shuts the doors. Sonny gives a dumfounded Thomas a pitiful
What's wrong?
You're gonna have to ask her
yourself man.
Marina is in bed pretending to be asleep. Thomas enters and
lies next to her. He puts his arm around her and she shrugs
it off.
Marina, what's wrong? What aren't
you telling me?
She ignores him. He grabs her and flips her around to face
What's wrong?
Marina just looks away.
Marina, please. Please talk to me.
Marina turns away from Thomas.
I'm pregnant.
She turns to face him.
I'm pregnant.
Thomas grabs her face, lovingly.


Is that all? I thought something
horrible had happened to you!
I'm pregnant! You don't think that
is horrible, Thomas?
Of course not. I think that's
wonderful. I love you, why
wouldn't I want us to have a kid?
Thomas, we're unmarried, hippie,
drug users. How are we suited to
raise a kid?
Well, Marina. The unmarried part
can be easily remedied.
She smiles at him hopefully and they kiss. He holds her and
they fall asleep in each others arms.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Thomas and Marina are at the alter of a small wedding
chapel. The only guest present is Sonny, who is just
beaming. Thomas and Marina look absolutely blissful, they
say their vows and kiss. The song "Love Me Do" by the
Beatles begins to play. The scene follow Marina up until her
due date. Marina keeps working at the bookstore until she is
about six months pregnant. Sonny plays guitar and sings to
Marina's stomach. Thomas listens and feels for kicks. The
last three months, though, Thomas becomes distant comes home
later and later and sometimes doesn't come home at all.
Marina becomes less and less happy. The day by day calender
goes from September 25, 1967 to May 23, 1968. All the
holidays between these dates are celebrated by Sonny,
Marina, and Thomas, and all major events in the news between
these dates are shown. The song ends.
                                         FADE OUT


Marina is in the kitchen washing dishes. Her water breaks,
and she freaks out. Thomas is noticably absent. Marina uses
the phone to call Thomas' work.
Yeah. Hello? Is Thomas Ashbury
What do you mean he's not there?
Are you sure? Can you check?
Are you positive?
Okay, Thank you.
Marina hangs up the phone and starts to freak out, luckily
Sonny walks in the door.
Whoa, what's going on, man?
Sonny? Thank God! My water broke.
I need you to take me to the
Of course. Come on.
Sonny helps Marina out, down the stairs, and into her truck.
They drive off for the hospital, and Marina begins to do
lamaze breathing.
Where's Thomas?
I don't know. He told me he needed
to go into work, but when I called
he wasn't there.
The rest of the ride to the hospital is silent except for
Marina's breathing. When they get there, Marina is wheeled
into a room. Sonny helps the doctor birth the baby. Marina


is having difficulty with the birth, and she is in labour
for a long time. The baby is born, but Marina passes out.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
It is morning and Marina wakes up to a typical sterile white
hospital room. Sonny is in the corner with her head in her
Sonny looks up slowly, relieved.
Oh, Marina. Thank God, you're
okay. The doctor didn't think you
were going to make it. You lost a
lot of blood.
Sonny drags her chair over to the side of the bed and grabs
Marinas hand.
What do you mean?
You almost died, Marina. I'm so
glad you're alright though. I've
been here all night.
Where's Thomas?
I'm not sure. I haven't been able
to get a hold of him.
Marina is silent for a moment then remembers the baby.


What about the baby? Is it a boy
or a girl. Where's my baby?
Sonny looks down to avoid Marina's gaze.
      (growing worried)
Sonny? Where's the baby?
Sonny tries to find the right words but comes up short.
Marina. I don't really know how to
tell you this, but the baby is
dead. She was dead when you gave
birth to her.
I'm so sorry, Marina.
Marina's face goes slack. She turns away as to not face
Sonny. The doctor enters.
Hello, Mrs. Ashbury. I'm relieved
to see you are better. We'd like
to keep you here for another hour
or so, just to make sure you are
going to be fine. After that you
will be free to leave.
Marina seems unable to speak so Sonny answers for her.
Thank you, doctor.
The doctor leaves. Sonny puts her hand on the top of
Marina's head, and puts her face into the pillow next to
Marina. Sonny begins to cry.
                                         FADE OUT


                                         FADE IN
Sonny supports Marina as they walk up the stairs to the
apartment. They open the door to find Thomas smoking a joint
and painting. He looks terrible, like he hasn't slept for
days. When Marina sees Thomas, she overflows with anger. She
grabs the canvas he is painting on and smashes it in half on
the table. She then shoves all of his painting supplies off
of the table onto the floor. She grabs the joint from his
mouth, and snuffs it out angrily into the ashtray on the
table, and slaps him.
Jesus, Marina. What was that for?
Where the hell have you been,
I've been really busy with work.
Too busy to come with your wife to
the hospital when she's in labour?
What is wrong with you, Thomas?
My boss called me in for an
emergency. He would've fired me if
I hadn't gone.
Really, Thomas?
Well, I called your boss, and he
said you weren't even at work.
Sonny and I tried to get a hold of
you. Here I was having YOUR baby
and you're nowhere to be found.
Thomas struggles for an excuse, then realizes that the baby
is missing.


Wait, where's the baby?
Marina looks angrily at Thomas for a moment, then walks to
her room and slams the door.
The baby was dead at birth, man,
and she almost took Marina along
with her.
Thomas' face goes blank. He looks from Sonny, to the door of
Marina's room. He leaves the apartment. Sonny falls into a
chair and puts her head into her hands.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina is asleep in bed, and Thomas enters the room with a
tray of breakfast, and beautiful flowers. He opens the
blinds and sets the tray on the bed. Marina wakes up to
Thomas. She is obviously still angry.
Marina. I know there is nothing I
can do or say, that will fully
make up for what I did, but I
can't say I'm sorry enough. I'm so
Sorry? Sorry doesn't change
anything, Thomas. You can't just
say sorry and expect me to forgive
you for lying to me, or not being
there for me.
I know, Marina. I know sorry means
nothing, but it's all I have. What
else can I do?


Tell me where you were instead of
trying to smooth things over with
a few sorrys and breakfast in bed.
Thomas pauses, trying to think of what to say.
Well? Where were you?
I was. . .
I was selling heroin.
One of my friends has made a lot
of money selling heroin, and I
thought I would get in on it. I
was making a big deal yesterday.
You told me you were going to
work, so you could go sell heroin?
      (trying to justify
       his actions)
Well, technically I was working.
Technically, you were working? My
God, Thomas.
It sounds a lot worse than it is,
Oh, it sounds worse than it is,
does it?
I hate you Thomas Ashbury.


Marina, please don't say that. I
don't know what else I can do. I'm
Get out, Thomas.
Marina, please.
Marina throws the breakfast tray at Thomas, and gets up from
bed quickly. She goes to the dresser, pulls his things out,
and begins to throw them at him angrily.
Marina, you can't kick me out of
my own apartment. I was the one
who brought you to San Francisco.
      (throwing clothes
       at him)
I can do whatever the hell I want.
Now get out and don't come back.
Sonny comes in.
What the hell is going on?
Marina's trying to kick me out.
I'm not trying, baby, I AM kicking
you out. LEAVE!
Sonny. Come on. Make her see some
Maybe it's best if you just leave,


      (getting mad)
What? You too? Jesus Christ! I
don't need this! I'm not going to
take this.
Please, Thomas. Please just go.
Thomas snatches up his things, and storms from the
apartment. After he leaves marina goes from being angry to
completely numb. She sinks onto the bed, and cries silently.
Sonny sits next to her, and puts her arms around her.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina is lying on the couch listening to Sonny playing Bob
Dylan songs.
I'm glad he's gone, Sonny.
You deserve much better than him,
I just wish things hadn't ended so
Don't feel bad at all, man. It's
his own fault. He had the greatest
girl in the world, and he didn't
even notice. I'm glad he's gone
Thanks, Sonny.
Of course, man.


No, Thank you for everything.
You've always been there for me.
You've never left me.
Who could leave you, Marina?
You're so damn helpless.
I know. Thank you all the same,
They smile at each other for a moment then Sonny begins to
play again. She starts to play a slow, sad version of Bob
Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue." Marina begins to
sing along in a beautiful voice, and Sonny is awestruck by
Marina's voice.
My God, Marina. You have a
beautiful voice.
Do you really think so?
Its unbelievable.
Well, thanks, I guess.
We should perform together!
No way! You're the performer,
Sonny, not me. There is no way. I
Come on, Marina. Sure I can play
guitar, but I don't have a very
good voice. With a voice like
yours, we can make a lot of money.
I don't know, Sonny. I've never
really sang in front of anyone


It's not hard. Come on, Marina.
It'll be fun.
Sonny. . .
I guess I could go to one audition
with you.
YES! You won't regret it, Marina.
Marina and Sonny laugh and they begin to practice their
version of "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue."
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Sonny and Marina are walking quickly down the street. Sonny
has her guitar slung over her back, and Marina looks really
nervous. The two enter an old theatre. Inside they meet with
the manager of the theatre.
So you're the girls, huh?
Yessir, I'm Sonny and this is
Nice to meet you girls, now hurry
up and play, I ain't got all day.
alright, alright.
Sonny situates herself and starts to play their version of
"It's All Over Now Baby Blue." The manager loves them.


I'll book ya. You girls are great.
How much ya want?
The girls look at each other, and smile. Bob Dylan's version
of "Like a Rolling Stone" starts to play. The two girls
begin to play shows all over San Francisco. More and more
people come to their shows, and it gets to the point where
people recognize them on the street. Marina and Linda start
drinking heavily and before nearly every show they shoot up
heroin or do lines of cocaine. Nearly a year passes and all
the major events from May 1968 to August 1969 are shown. The
two girls are backstage after a show and the song ends.
Marina is fixing her hair in the mirror. A calender on the
wall shows it's August 1969. Both girls are obviously
wealthier. Sonny is pouring herself a tumbler full of
whiskey from a half filled bottle of Jack Daniels. She is
obviously a tiny bit tipsy.
Yeah, Sonny?
Do you ever get sick of it?
San Francisco?
No. Why would I be sick of San
Francisco? It's our home.
Do you ever miss Hartford? I mean,
don't you get sick of all the shit
that goes on in San Francisco?
Marina walks over to Sonny, who is getting ready to pour
herself another tumbler full of whiskey, and takes the
bottle from her hand.
I think you've had enough, Sonny.


Why do you say that? I'm fine.
Anyone who asks if I miss
Hartford, has obviously had too
much to drink.
Seriously, though, Marina. Do you?
Marina takes a moment to think about it.
Sometimes I feel like I miss
Hartford, but when I think about
it, I have no reason to. There is
nothing left there for me. I mean,
I haven't spoken to my mother or
father in two years. If I were to
visit them, they probably wouldn't
even recognize me.
Yeah. Sometimes I miss Providence.
Actually, I miss it a lot.
Sometimes I feel like we came west
looking for something that never
existed. I left home looking for a
new movement, a new culture, a new
world. None of that exists,
though, does it. I found none of
it. It's all just the same old
Isn't there anything that makes
you glad you left Providence?
Honestly, Marina, you're the only
reason I haven't packed up and
gone home. You're my family now.
I'm glad I found you, too. Thank
you, Sonny. Thank you for never
leaving me.


I never will.
The two girls hug. They get up, collect their things and
head out the door.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
A young girl is nervously sorting books, under the
supervision of Mr. Hudson. Marina walks over, and stands
next to him, as though she as well is supervising the girl.
      (to the girl)
Don't forget you have to sort
those books by subject and author.
Mr. Hudson turns to Marina incredulously as the girl looks
at Marina nervously.
                       MR. HUDSON
Marina? Is that you?
Yes, sir, Mr. Hudson.
The two hug.
                       MR. HUDSON
How are you, Marina, girl? Last
time I saw you you we're out to
here with a baby. How is the
little tyke?
She died. Stillborn.
                       MR. HUDSON
I'm so sorry.
It's alright. That was more than a
year ago. How've you been, how's
the shop?
                       MR. HUDSON
I've been healthy as a horse,
business has been slowing down,
though, and it's all I can do to


                       MR. HUDSON (cont'd)
just stay afloat.
Well, how would you like some
business? Have any good books you
could recommend?
                       MR. HUDSON
Sure. We just got a new one,
haven't read it, but it's about
art and philsophy. I think you
might like it. It's called "The
Romantic Manifesto".
I'll take it.
They walk to the counter. and Mr. Hudson rings up the book.
                       MR. HUDSON
That will be one dollar fifty
Marina puts a ten down on the counter.
That should cover it.
                       MR. HUDSON
Let's see, change for a ten.
No, Mr. Hudson, keep the change.
                       MR. HUDSON
I can't take your money, dear.
Think of it as payment, for
putting up with me for so long.
Besides I took "On The Road" from
the shop and never paid for it.
Consider this payment.
                       MR. HUDSON
Marina, I can't.
Please, Mr. Hudson, I insist.
                       MR. HUDSON
Well, thank you much, dear.


Anytime. It was great seeing you.
                       MR. HUDSON
You, too. Feel free to visit
anytime you want.
I will. Bye.
                       MR. HUDSON
Marina exits the store and heads for home. She smiles to
herself as she passes the corner of Haight-Ashbury.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina enters the apartment. All the lights are on, but no
one seems to be home. She puts her stuff down and sorts
through the mail. She walks towards her door to go to bed,
but notices the door to Sonny's room is crack open and the
light is on. She enters Sonny's room to find Sonny on the
bed slumped over her guitar. Marina puts her hand on the
dresser to steady herself but is poked. She looks to see
what poked her. On the dresser are two empty syringes, that
have obviously been filled with a mixture of heroin and
cocaine. Marina begins to panic. She rushes to Sonny's side.
Sonny! Sonny!
She begins to shake Sonny, but Sonny does not respond.
SONNY! Oh, God, please, no.
Marina rushes to the kitchen, and picks up the phone. She
calls 911. The operator answers.
Hello? Can you please send an
ambulance? I'm in the apartments
on Ashbury. Third Floor. Apartment
205. Please, hurry.


Marina doesn't even bother to hang up the phone. She runs
back into Sonny's room and continues to try to wake her. The
paramedics knock at the door, and Marina lets them in. She
leads them dazedly to Sonny's room. They put her on a
stretcher, take her vitals, and pronounce her DOA. They take
Sonny out to the ambulence and drive away. Marina is in a
daze. "The End" by The Doors starts to play. Marina walks in
a daze to the bank and withdraws all her money, she then
makes her way to the bus station. She buys a ticket to
Hartford, Connecticut, and takes a bus all the way across
the country. She gets off the bus in Connecticut and finds
her way to her parents house. It is evening and her parents
aren't home. She stands on the doorstep, dazed, just staring
at the door. Her parents arrive home, and they are
completely surprised to see her. Mrs. Johnston hugs onto
Marina and doesn't let go, while Mr. Johnston helps them
inside. The sit Marina down on the couch. Mrs. Johnston is
crying, Marina is dazed, and Mr. Johnston is worried. The
song ends.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina is on the couch reading "The Romantic Manifesto" and
her mother is doing a needlepoint. Marina sets down the book
and begins to speak.
Mom. Do you hate me?
Mrs. Johnston looks up from her needlepoint, then sets it
down. she leans forward to be closer to Marina as she
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Of course not, honey. How could I
hate you? You're my daughter, and
I love you. I'm too glad you're
home to have any room in my heart
to hate.
Even after the horrible things I
said to you, and the pain I
must've put you and Dad through,
you still love me?
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
I will always love you.


Marina begins to cry, and Mrs. Johnston holds her.
      (through sobs)
I am so sorry, Mom. I'm so sorry.
I never should've left.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Its alright, honey. I've already
forgiven you.
I never should've left. I spent so
much time looking for more, when
everything I needed was right in
front of me.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
That's how life always is. It's
human nature to be unsatisfied. We
just have to realize that perhaps
what is most fulfilling and
satisfying is what we already
I wish I could have realized that
a lot sooner. It would have saved
me a lot of pain, and mistakes.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Mistakes are important. How you
deal with and learn from your
mistakes shapes who you are.
Making mistakes helps you not make
them again. I love you, Marina.
Mistakes and all.
Thanks. I love you too, Mom.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Of course, dear.
The two women embrace. Mr. Johnston enters the room.
                       MR. JOHNSTON
Marina? Are you feeling better?
Yes. Thank you guys, for taking me


                       MR. JOHNSTON
You will have to work Marina. We
can't just let you live here.
Of course. I'll start looking for
a job as soon as I can.
                       MR. JOHNSTON
Well, it just so happens that
there is a secretarial position
open in my office, how would you
like to work for me?
That would be perfect, Dad.
The maid enters.
Dinner is ready, sir.
                       MR. JOHNSTON
Thank you. Shall we eat?
They all exit to the dining room.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina and her father are driving to work and he teaches her
what to do at her job. Marina works diligently and quickly.
The song "Let's Live for Today" by the Grass Roots begins to
play. The scene follow Marina over the next few weeks as she
settles into her job. She becomes more and more clean cut
and seems to get happier and happier at night though She has
terrible nightmares that seem to get worse and worse. Marina
wakes up screaming. The song ends.
Mrs. Johnston bursts into Marina's room. Marina is still
screaming and crying hysterically. Mrs. Johnston tries to
calm her.


                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Marina! Marina! Wake up!
Marina begins to scream.
Mrs. Johnston begins to shake Marina.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Wake Up, Marina!
Marina thrashes about, then shoots straight up. She is still
crying, but relaxes when she sees her mother.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
It's alright, Marina. You were
only dreaming.
I know. The problem is, I can't
stop having this dream. It's like
an acid trip that repeats itself
every night.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Marina, I think you should see a
A psychologist? I'm not going to a
shrink, Mom.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Please, Marina. I think it would
help you. Not just because of your
dreams. I think it might help you
get back to your old self.
Marina thinks about it for a while.
Maybe your right. I'll give it a
try I guess.


                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Wonderful. I think this will help
you a lot, sweetie.
I hope so.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina is laying on a therapists couch in an immaculate
office. The nameplate on the handsome wood desk reads "Dr.
James M. Welch". Dr. Welch, a handsome thirty year old
psychologist, is asking Marina questions, and she answers
them nervously.
When was the last time you
ingested lysergic acid
Pardon me?
When was the last time you took
Oh, probably around mid july.
That's not to long ago. And your
dreams, are they much like a
typical reaction for you to LSD?
No. They are like a very, very bad
trip. It's like its a trip I can't
come down from and I have it every
Did you usually enjoy your acid


Then why did you do it?
I guess because I felt like I had
Sorry, that sounded condescending,
didn't it? I didn't mean for it
to. I just get frusterated with
how lightly everyone takes the use
of drugs. Drugs are incredibly
powerful substances, and the use
of them can cause permanent mental
repercussions. You, I'm sure, are
well aware.
Yeah. My first trip was an
accident, but nonetheless, I
haven't been the same since.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
It just kills me, though, to see a
young, beautiful, intelligent girl
like you having permanent damage
just because someone slipped acid
onto the rim of your cup.
Actually, it was my coke can.
Of course, forgive me, coke can.
They both laugh and he accidently grazes her hand. She
smiles, and he blushes. He begins to write on his clipboard
and clears his throat.
Well, Marina. We're done for
today. I think you will benefit
greatly from our sessions, and I'm


                       JAMES (cont'd)
looking forward to seeing you
three times a week.
He sees her to the door.
Thank you, Dr. Welch.
Please, call me James.
Thank you, James.
Marina exits James' office. He stares after her.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
The maid wakes up Marina, and she gets out of bed to get
ready. "Stone Free" by Jimi Hendrix begins to play. This
scene is a montage of Marina working and going to therapy.
Marina becomes happier and happier. It becomes obvious that
the relationship between them is becoming less professional
and more romantic. Marina and her family are sitting down to
dinner. The song ends.
There is a knock at the door. It is assumed the maid will
get the door, and the maid brings James into the dining
room. Marina is shocked but her father is stifling a grin.
                       MR. JOHNSTON
Hello, Doctor Welch. So glad you
could make it.
Thank you, sir, for inviting me.
Marina, good evening to you.
Good evening, James.
                       MR. JOHNSTON
Please sit.


Thank you.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
So tell us Dr. Welch. How is work
Please, call me James.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
James. How is work coming along?
Wonderfully. Many of my patients
are making excellent progress.
                       MR. JOHNSTON
That's always excellent. How is
our own daughter coming along?
      (through her teeth)
Marina is doing wonderful. She is
making excellent progress. I don't
believe I've ever met such a
beautiful, intelligent, and
openminded young woman. She's a
joy to work with.
You flatter me too much, James.
I only speak the truth.
The dinner course is served and it is silent for a while.
Then Mr. Johnston begins to speak.
                       MR. JOHNSTON
So, James, what do you think it is
that is the biggest downfall of
our youth today. I've from Marina
that you believe today's youth is
a far cry from what it could be.
She told you that, did she? I
suppose its true, I do believe
that. I think the young generation
is leading by example. Marina and


                       JAMES (cont'd)
My generation have opened up our
society to so many pitfalls with
their unbridled substance
experimentation. I believe that
the young generation sell
themselves short of what they
could be by replacing knowledge
and talent with drugs and hippie
                       MR. JOHNSTON
I agree with you whole-heartedly.
What a brilliant observation.
Thank you, sir.
What is wrong with hippie
idealism, though? What is wrong
with hoping for love and human
There is nothing wrong with hippie
ideals, dear Marina, but the way
the means by which they seek to
achieve these ideals. It's
unmoral, but more importantly
Unmoral? Or do you mean that
hippie ideals are not along the
same lines as what you live by?
Saying it's unmoral is not based
on personal opinion but on
societal opinion as a whole. I
couldn't care less how some one
else chooses to live, as long as
it doesn't effect me.
On that, I agree. People should be
allowed the liberty to chose their
own life style.
Very true.
      (Standing up)
My, my. Look at the time. I really


                       JAMES (cont'd)
must get going. Thank you Mr. and
Mrs. Johnston. Dinner was
I'll show you to the door.
Thank you.
Marina walks James to the door. James turns to her.
You know, I meant what I said,
And what would that be?
That you are one of the most
beautiful and intelligent women
I've ever met.
I wouldn't go so far as to say
This is coming from someone who
studies peoples minds all day
Marina. Trust me, you are very
intelligent, more so than you
Thank you, James.
I really admire you, Marina. After
all you've been through, after all
you've lost, you still have a
strong, beautiful spirit. I really
respect that.
It wasn't easy. I almost gave up
so many times. I just always held
on the the thought that things
would eventually be better.
There is a pause. James looks at Marina admiringly.


Would you think me too forward if
I were to ask you for a kiss?
Not at all.
James pulls Marina to him and kisses her. After a moment he
pulls away.
I really must go now. I'll see you
for tomorrow's session, alright?
Of course.
Until tomorrow.
He kisses her one more time, and then he leaves. Marina
watches as he gets into his car and drives away. She is
smiling to herself.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Marina's alarm clock goes off, and she eagerly jumps up,
turns it off, and gets out of bed. The song "Eight Days a
Week" by the Beatles begins to play. Marina goes to many
different therapy sessions which begin as talking but as
time progresses become more and more like make out sessions.
At the same time, Marina and James date outside sessions,
and we see James and Marina dating, and going to many
different places together. James and Marina are in a fancy
restaurant. They are both dressed nicely. The song ends.
James pours Marina a glass of wine and then toasts.


To us. And six beautiful months of
To us.
Marina, there's something I've
been meaning to ask you for a
while now, and now I think would
be the perfect time.
Yes, James?
James gets down on his knee before Marina and pulls out a
small black ring box, he opens it to reaveal a large
beautiful white gold and diamond engagement ring.
Marina Elaine Johnston. Will you
marry me?
Marina is dumbstruck.
Uh. I. Yes, of course.
They kiss.
One question, though.
How did you learn my middle name?
I have my ways.
Marina gives him a skeptical look.
Okay. Okay. It was on your patient
They both laugh, and they kiss again.
                                         FADE OUT


                                         FACE IN
Mrs. Johnston looks irritated as she walks into the kitchen
where Marina and James are trying different cakes from a
chef that brought over some samples. She has some sample
wedding invitations in her hands.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Marina, why did you put your name
as Marina Ashbury on these sample
Oh, did I? Just habit I suppose.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
What do you mean habit?
Well, when you spend two years
writing your name as Marina
Ashbury, you have a hard time
switching back.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Marina Ashbury? Why would that be.
. .? Oh my God. You were married
Oh, yeah. I guess I forgot to
mention that.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Forgot to mention it? Forgot to
mention it? Well, did you forget
to mention it to James as well?
No, I knew.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
And you're okay with that?
Why not? As long as she's no
longer married to him.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
You are no longer married to him,


Oh. Um. Do you mean a divorce?
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Yes, Marina. What else would I
Well, we never officially got a
divorce, we just seperated.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
MARINA! That means you're still
Marina, you're still married?
Not emotionally, but I suppose
legally, yes.
Look. I'll go to San Francisco and
have him sign divorce papers and
this whole fiasco will be solved
in less than 36 hours.
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
Go back to San Francisco? No way!
No way!
I'm not too keen on the idea
either, Mrs. Johnston, but I don't
see what else can be done.
So it's settled?
                       MRS. JOHNSTON
I suppose. I'm not happy about
this at all, though.
Well then, San Francisco, here I
                                         FADE OUT


                                         FADE IN
Marina and James are hugging goodbye at Marina's gate. James
seems very unhappy.
I can still come with you, Marina.
It won't be a problem.
I know, James. This is just
something I have to do myself,
though. Don't worry. Everything
will work out.
I know. I trust you. I just. . .
I know.
I love you, James. I should be
back within a few days.
I love you, Marina.
They kiss.
Marina heads off to her gate. James calls out after her.
Call me when you get there.
Bye, James.
Marina smiles to herself as she walks through the gate and
boards the airplane.
The plane is about to take of and the song "Blowing in the
Wind" by Bob Dylan starts to play. Marina looks remniscently
out the window at the landscape changing beneath her. The
plane lands and Marina catches a cab into Haight-Ashbury.
It's almost like a dream as she sees these places that were


once a huge part of her life, but are now nothing. She looks
at an address on a sheet of paper. She crosses the
intersection of Haight-Ashbury. She looks up at her old
apartment building on Ashbury. The same building that Thomas
Ashbury now lives in. She knocks on the door to apartment
129, an emaciated and grungy Thomas Ashbury opens the door.
Thomas? Thomas Ashbury?
Do I know you?
It's Marina. Marina Johnston.
Marina? You're even more beautiful
than I remember.
Thank you.
Come on in.
Marina follows Thomas into a messy, dirty apartment.
Can I get you something to eat or
I'm fine.
Marina sits cautiously on one of the chairs, while Thomas
takes a seat on the tattered sofa.
What can I do for you?
I have divorce papers that I need
you to sign.
And I thought you just stopped by
to say hi.


I know it's strange. Its been so
long. But I need these signed for
legal reasons.
So who's the lucky guy?
Your future husband?
How do you know I'm getting
This may come as a surprise to
you, Marina, but I wasn't born
yesterday. Why else whould you
need me to sign divorce papers.
Not to mention you have a diamond
the size of Sacremento on your
ring finger. (pause) So what's his
James. James Welch.
Well, I suppose congratulations
are in order.
Thank you.
Of course. Let me see those papers
Marina hands Thomas the papers.
So what have you been doing these
past few years, Thomas?
I haven't been doing much lately.
I had a pretty lucrative business
going buying and selling heroin
and cocaine, but eventually the
fuzz got smart to our operation.


                       THOMAS (cont'd)
We got closed and I got a year in
the slammer. And you, Marina? What
has your life been like? What
happened to the famous Marina
after she left San Francisco?
I cleaned up. I work for my
father, and know I'm getting
married. That's it for the most
Sounds like a fantasy.
Not really. It's just life.
Thomas finishes signing the papers and hands them to Marina.
You know, Marina. I never really
got to let you know how sorry I
was about what happened between
us. Living with what I did to you
has been a killer, maybe even more
so than the drugs. I just want you
to know, you were one of the best
things that ever happened to me,
and no matter what I will always
love you.
It's all forgiven, Thomas. None of
that matters anymore. I suppose I
should thank you, though. You
taught me the difference between
what I want and what I need. Thank
Of course.
I suppose I should get going. It
was great to see you, Thomas. If
you ever need me you can give me a
call. I'll be there.
Marina writes down her number for Thomas, and hugs him


Bye, Thomas.
Goodbye, Marina.
Marina walks out the door and Thomas closes the door a
relieved look on his face.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
A large crowd is sitting in church pews. James is at the
alter with the minister looking very nervous. Everything is
bright and the picture is a bit fuzzy. The whole thing seems
very much like a fairy tale. The bridal march begins and
Marina walks down the aisle arm in arm with her father who
is trying not to cry. Marina is beaming and James smiles
back at her. She reaches the alter and the ceremony begins.
The saw their I dos and their vows, and they kiss, The song
"'Till the World Ends" by Three Dog Night begins to
play.then the camera seems to fast forward and Marina and
James are driving away in their "just married" car to the
airport, the plane takes them to florida, where they are
staying on a hotel on the beach. The two of them are just
relaxing on the balcony staring out at the ocean when the
hotel phone rings and the song ends. James goes and answers
it. He comes back out.
Marina, the phone is for you.
For me? Who on earth is it?
I'm not sure.
Marina goes and answers the phone. James sits on a chair on
the deck. We can hear a bit of Marina's conversation from
the deck.
Hello? Yes? What? No. No. Thanks.
Marina reenters and she is visibly upset. A single tear
rolls down her face. James puts his arms around her.


What's wrong, honey?
What happened?
He's dead.
Oh, Marina. I'm sorry.
Marina steps over to the railing and holds onto it as the
looks out to the ocean. She seems to be deep in thought for
a moment then she turns to James.
I hate to ask you this but. . .
You want to go to San Francisco?
Yes. I know, I know. We're on our
honeymoon, but Thomas meant a lot
to me, and I really would like to
pay him my final respects.
James stops and thinks for a moment. Marina looks at him
almost pleadingly.
Let's get ready to leave.
Marina throws her arms around James.
Oh, thank you, James. Thank you so
                                         FADE OUT


                                         FADE IN
James and Marina are in a cemetery, they, along with a few
other people watch as Thomas' casket is lowered into the
ground and covered with dirt. "The Long and Winding Road" by
the Beatles begins to play. Marina has tears streaming down
her face but is not crying. James has one arm around her.
After the dirt is laid, Marina puts three roses on Thomas'
grave. One for Thomas, one for Sonny, and one for her baby.
Marina kneels at the grave for a moment thinking. Her
thoughts are heard in a voice over.
                       MARINA (V.O.)
Thomas Ashbury. I had loved him at
one time, and I still loved him
deep down. I have every reason to
be resentful, and angry, but after
all is said and done. I can't hate
Thomas Ashbury. By no means was he
a great husband, or even a good
friend, but Thomas was an
indispensable piece of my life. He
took me, a timid Connecticut girl,
and made me bold. He taught me
about life, love, and the
difference between what we want
and what we truly need. Most of
all he taught me not to regret.
Every experience we take, every
mistake we make, plays a crucial
role in shaping who we are. Who we
are is defined by how we handle
the hardships life throws us.
Thomas taught me to accept all
things gracefully, and to not take
what I'm blesses with for granted.
And for that, I owe him
Marina rises and crosses to James. James puts his arm around
her and they walk off into the sunset. The song ends.


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