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Only One
by saron (boyfresh32@aol.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ****
Zack, a 16 years old martial artist, lives in Fung Shui,China.One day he goes to his martial arts school and finds out that his master was murdered and his parents are dead when he gets back home.He goes on an amazing adventure with his companions, Tony and Dan. After a strange occurence of events, he finds himself going up against the newly formed gang called the "Traids" to restore peace to the land.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


                       SMOKE (OS)
      (Slowly and calmly)
We the people of China have had
this leader,this treacherous
leader,for so long. It is time we
show him how we people are equal
not filthy peasants. We are all
human beings not no rats in a
cave. His rule is far too
absurd.We should show him that his
rule, his domain, his country will
cease to exist. We should head out
at dawn. We will take the south
gate to Fung Shui and we should be
known as the Triads.
Smoke is walking slowly back and forth on an old
platform.Hands behind his back as if he was handcuffed.
Crowd cheered loudly as if a monster had appeared in
town.Smoke turned around grinning as this devious plot.
                       KING'S SERVANT
      (very appreciative)
Good afternoon my lord. How might
I ask my lord that the waterdam
will hold against war of anykind?
      (smiling faintly)
How? How? Then we must construct a
wall with great grounding. We
shall call it "The Great Wall of
                       KING'S SERVANT
      (extremely scared)
Y-y-yes my lord. Right away.
Looks around and saw red carpeting on the floor. He looks at
the faintly gray stone that hang above the knight that stood
near the king.Then turned to his majesty like he was a
brother but only bowing to him. As the king finishes
talking, he begins moving very fast like his life depended
on it. The King looks straight then as the servant took his
leave, he looks to his right to talk to his reporter.


                       KING (VO)
      (extremely joyful)
What news you bring reporter?
                       KING'S REPORTER
Your majesty,we bring news of the
people in Hong Kong. They are
forming a gang of their own,my
lord. They have taken Hong kong
and now at dawn they are heading
to Fung Shui where your majesty's
daughter is at.
                       KING (OS)
      (turnng very angry)
What? Get the martial artist in a
near by town right this instant.
Can't believe that these people do
this to us. After all my rule
isn't that horrible at all.
      (in a hurry)
Come on Zack. You need to go.
Here's some money. It's not a lot
but you need to go to your school.
Take your belongings and go.
You're almost late. By the time
you get over there you will be
late. Here take this blue book and
don't forget your training
                       ZACK SHU
      (Not in the mood
       of going anywhere)
Okay. okay mom. I got everything.
I'm leaving now okay. Take care.
Bye mom.
Mary is hastingly gets everything ready for her youngest
child. She goes over to the kitchen and got out the secret
stash. Took out about five dollars and gives to Zack. She
then goes to the living room to help Zack grab his thing to
go to the martial artist school. Everything was made of
wood. Zack goes to get all of his stuff and organized his
blue book about martial arts technique and his training
equipment. As he walks out the door, he saw something moving
about. He ignores it and moves on tiringly. As he walks, he


sees a really huge waterdam that looks like it can touch the
sky. Then Zack turns right and see a beautiful water
fountain that look like two birds. It is white as pearl
gleaming very brightly even in the depths of the dark night.
Zack notice the fountain but moves on before class starts.
Zack walks as quickly as he could as if someone follows him.
He sees groups of people riding horses passes by going to
his hometown.
As soon as Zack got there, he go and changes. He notices an
errie presence in school. The school is very barren and
doesn't have floors its just plain ground. The interior of
the school is very big. There are barrels to the right of
the entrance corner. The barrels are covered in a net as if
they are capturing fishes. The locker room is not like our
locker room in the real world. It is a room wear you only
change. It does not have any bathroom in the locker room.
The locker room is always empty nothing there and also like
the school only ground as floor. The bathroom is near the
locker room. It is to the right of the locker room. It looks
old and the door is made out of bamboo tree.
                       ZACK SHU
Where is everyone? Am I late? Well
let me go change and then head to
the training room
                       ZACK SHU
I guess that everyone is
meditating. Let me sneak in
quietly as a mouse so I won't get
in trouble by our master.
Zack heads out the door of the locker room. He is quiet as a
mouse. Knowing that one sound can get him to trouble for
being late, he enters quietly. Then with a gasp he sees
things he can't beleive.
                       ZACK SHU
      (In a suprising
       tone of voice)
(Gasping) What has happened?
Master! Master! Please Master,
tell me what has happened.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Master!!!!!!!!!


                       ZACK SHU (cont'd)
Walks in the room and sees blood shed.Blood covering the
ground like it just rained. His master is lying on the blood
covered floor and run to him. Master, in his last breath,
just swiftly sleeps like nothing happened.Zack crying and
shouting, hears footsteps and swiftly move toward the
direction he hears it.
                       ZACK SHU (OS)
      (Uprising tone of
It was you. You killed them.
Zack swings his left arm then his right and readies his
                       KING'S REPORTER
Boy! Boy I only came here as the
king's request. I only just got
here. If we did any thing, we
would have blood on our hands.
Look boy look at the gaurds, they
are clean as clear water.
                       ZACK SHU
      (Calming down)
Sorry for my misinterpritation. I
lost my master and it is hard. You
would have done the same thing
                       KING'S REPORTER
      (In Relief)
Boy your words are just. We would
have done the same thing.
                       ZACK SHU
Why are you guys here anyway?
                       KING'S REPORTER
The King wants all of the martial
artist to keep him in saftey.
                       ZACK SHU
                       KING'S REPORTER
Well there is this gang and they
are going to bring the king down.
Well the land is in peace and now
the gang is ruining it


                       ZACK SHU
Well there gone now. They were one
step ahead of the king
above- THEY'RE
                       KING'S REPORTER
Why might I ask that you are here?
                       ZACK SHU
This is my school. This is where I
train as a martial artist.
                       KING'S REPORTER
How good are you?
                       ZACK SHU
I don't know myself. You wanna
                       KING'S REPORTER
Sure why not.
They are at it with each other. Swinging arms is every
where. The soldiers didn't see who hit who. As the fight
goes on, The king's reporter thinks to himself.
                       KING'S REPORTER
Man this boy is good. The king's
order is perfect. Maybe he might
be on an adventurous quest?
The fight goes on. Swinging their arms as fast as lightning,
they fought to a match. The king's reporter was actually
impressed by the boy's talent.
                       KING'S REPORTER
      (Happy mood)
Boy you got mighty fine skills
right there. I hope you come with
me to the king?
                       ZACK SHU
Sure, let me talk to my mother.
Meet you here in early dawn
tomrrow, kay?
                       KING'S REPORTER
Yes we will report here in early
dawn tomorrow.


They departed as they say good-bye. Soon walking to the path
where he walk from,he notice the sky getting dark.
Forgetting his master death, he opened the door and sees
what shouldn't been seen.
Zack opens door and see that the people he lived with all
his life are dead. His brother and sister are no where to be
found. Just after the death of his master, his parents now
died. His friends come over after a mission they got from
their lifeless master and enters Zacks house.
                       ZACK SHU
Ma.Pa. What has happened to you?
      (Says faintly)
The newly formed gang came here
and slaughtered every one in town.
Son you must find your brothers
and sister. I know I don't have
time left.
                       ZACK SHU
Pa, you are going to make it. I
will find them and bring them to
      (Says in a very
       faint sound)
Be very careful, ah.... I....
While saying his last words,he departed from this world on
the bloody wooden soaked floor. Sobing like a mother duck
lost her duckling in the vast ocean, Zack notice his
mother's death.
Zack heeds his fathers words. He goes and pack his things to
go find his brothers and sister.
He walk to the gate to meet with the King's reporter.The
place is full with people walking aimlessly. There were fire
crackers when new shops open. People sell things on the
street like a lemonade stand. There were big houses tyhat
are made out of wood and nothing out of the ordinary in the
midevil day China. People wear long clothes like a robe. The
place has trees at every block. Clean air drifts through the
sky. The house color is redish brown and if not that color,
it is brown.


                       ZACK SHU
Sorry to make you wait.
The gate is very huge. It is aboout 10"4 and it is golden
red. Zack wals forward to the lonesome reporter heading to
the castle. The castle is at Shu Shong, China. The castle is
like the Middle Ages day type castle.The castle is at Shi
Shong, China.
                       KING'S REPORTER
That's alright. Let's head out to
the King in Shi Shong.
They're arriving in Shi Shong, China. The day is very
bright, no clouds at all. Zack is amazed by the structure of
the castle. The castle is like it is on a pile of rocks. As
he goes on in, he sees a red carpeting on the floor. Guards
standing to the entrance of the king's throne room. There
are stairs on both direction, one on the left and one at the
right. Each of the stairs leads you to two dining room. One
on the left leads you to the king's dining room. The one on
the right leads you to the visitor's dining room. On the
left of the visitor's dining room is another stair. It leads
you to the king's chambers where the king's sleeps.
                       KING'S REPORTER
      (exciting tone)
My lord, I have found one of the
surviving martial artist. He is
very indeed strong.
Hmph. He's just a little kid.
                       KING'S REPORTER
We have fought once before my
lord.He is stonger than he looks.
Really? Then fight you shall with
                       KING'S REPORTER
Yes my lord. You ready?
                       ZACK SHU
Any time, any day.
They then made their fighting stance. Zack moves first and
swing his right arm to the reporter's face. The reporter is


highlt trained before. The reporter then dodge the attack
and punch Zack in his stomach. Zack grabs his hand and kicks
the reporter.The reporter uses his left hand to block. As he
uses his left hand to block, Zack turns and uses his other
feet to kick the reporter. The reporter flies to the king.
Incredible. He actually hit you
first. Well he can't protect me so
here is your mission from me. I
want you to end this quick as
possible. I will let you receive
the finest horse in the kingdom
and one more thing, Find my
daughter. Her name is Marie.
Please find her, I will reward you
as soon as you find her and when
you put down that gang.
                       ZACK SHU
Yes my lord. I will head out
tomrrow as soon I have breakfast.
After the long talk, Zack took his leave with his new
friend, the reporter. Over the night, Zack thought to have
company along the long quest he have to do. His goal is to
find his only blood line left in this world, his brothers
and sister. The next morning he immediatly eats breakfast
then take a shower. After his shower, Zack reports to the
Ahhhh! Martial artist. Welcome. I
have a very fine and helpful
companion. Well make it
companions. There names are Tony
and Dan.
We're both at your service young
                       ZACK SHU
Wait a minute? They sound like a
professional already. They are
like about my age and what you
mean young warrior? Well,
whatever. Let's head out. We got
to go on this quest.
They left the castle. The got on to the horse and goes on to
the road ahead.They recieve the map of the place where they
held the princess hostage. That place is called "Beijing".


We need to negotiate with Japan in
order for the plan to work.
                       GANG MEMBER
Yes right away.
Smoke laid out his gang and made Japan his headquaters.He
tells one of his trustworthy companions to help him to
negoitiate with the people in Japan.
                       GANG MEMBER
My lord, we have finished
negotiating. They will help us as
long as we help them.
Excellent. My plan is carrying out
perfectly. We have the King's
daughter and lots of prisoners.
                       ZACK SHU
I'm tired. Let's rest for a
Sure why not?
As they rest, Dan hears the galloping of a horse
Tony,did you hear that?
      (Suprisng look)
Hear what?
                       ZACK SHU
What are you guys talking about?
Nothing, just heard something.
                       ZACK SHU
Okay let's head on out.


Zack and his companion get on to their horses and rides
toward the desert. They then see a group of people have
prisoners and off they go to save them.
                       ZACK SHU
AYE! Let those people go.
                       GANG MEMBER
Never! It is for my lord, the
leader of the Traids.
                       ZACK SHU
Oh so your the people who kiiled
my master and parents.
abv. you're( 3 times)
                       GANG MEMBER
Your the last of the martial
artist? Hah! A pip squeak like you
can never win. Get them! I will
take the prisoner to the lord.
Nice meeting you child.
                       ZACK SHU
Your not getting away.
Zack,Dan and Tony got surrounded by the Traids. Zack signals
Tony and Tony nodded.Zack runs toward Tony and jumps with
his hands out. The Traids comes toward them
relentlessly.Tony grabs on to Zacks hand and swings in all
direction.Zack kicks them while Dan ducks. The Triads fell
to the ground before giving their first puch.
                       ZACK SHU
UGHH.This is nothing
though.Alright let's go and find
the guy with the prisoners.
They get back on the road. Suddenly find themslves on the on
the streets of destruction.
What happened to this place? Did
it got burned down or something?
God,this place is black.


                       ZACK SHU
I know. Be careful and look around
this place. Proceed with caution.
They split up and go to different direction. Zack goes
stright ahead hoping to find at least one person to talk
to.Dan goes on to the left also hoping to find someone to
talk to.Tony going opposite direction of Dan also hoping to
find someone to talk to.
                       ZACK SHU
What happenned to this place.
Looks like a fierce battle going
on here.
H-E-L-P M-E.
                       ZACK SHU
Who's there? Where are you?
I'm over here, under this buiding
to your right.(cough) I'm in a
secret door in a cage.
                       ZACK SHU
I'll be right there. Just hold on.
Zack got off his horse and head towards the house to his
right.Zack looks on the darkened floor form by the ashes of
the building. He could'nt find anything. He jumps on the
floor angrily and is drops to the secret room.He finds a
seemingly lifeless girl about his age in a cage.
                       ZACK SHU
Here let me get you out.
                       ZACK SHU
Stand back and watch yourself.


Zack moves back and kicks open Marie's cage. He gives Marie
his water.
                       ZACK SHU
Are you from around here?
No I'm not here. I was visiting
this place.
                       ZACK SHU
Then where are you from?
Where I'm from? Well,I'm from Shi
Shong.My dad is the king there.
                       ZACK SHU
So your Marie? Great. I was
ordered to rescue you from your
father.My name is Zack.
Can you take me with you,Zack? I
don't want to go to my father
yet.I want to explore the country.
I'll take the risk.
                       ZACK SHU
Well,I don't know.
Please? Well then I won't tell you
where their place is at then.Are
you one of the martial artist?
                       ZACK SHU
Well they say they have prisoners
from a town nearby the martial
artist school.
                       ZACK SHU
What!!? Really?! Where?
I'm not telling you unless you
bring me with you.


                       ZACK SHU
Well I can't. Maybe I uh no. Ughh
fine you can come.
Yay!!! Alright, there is a castle
in the desert which you came from.
It is extrmely hard to find.
People say that this castle can
grant wishes,but this is not
true.They hide prisoner back then
when King Xingma took the throne.
                       ZACK SHU
Alright lets head out after we
call Dan and Tony.
                       ZACK SHU
Dan and Tony. Don't you know them?
I think I do. Probably its because
I stay in here to long.
                       ZACK SHU
Alright follow me and let's call
Zack and Marie heads out by foot to call Dan and Tony.Zack
go to the direction from which he comes from. Marie follows
                       ZACK SHU
DAN!!!! Tony!!!!! I found her.
Zack yells and no one answers. An errie feeling creeps up
Zack. He feels some one is watching him.
                       ZACK SHU
Who there? I know that you're
there. Come on out. Don't hide
like a coward. Be a man that you
                       GANG MEMBER
Well well well. There is more to
you than we thought. Get him!!!!


Not on my watch.Hya!!!!
Not on my life!!!!!! Hya!!!
                       ZACK SHU
Thanks you guys. I knew you guys
wouldn't let me down. your
highness please stand back.
I can fight. Let me fight.
                       ZACK SHU
Do as you wish your highness.But
please be careful.
Hordes of triads member comes to fight. The plan is set
perfectly by the member of the Traids. Surround by the
Traids, Zack and the others prepares to fight.From Zacks
left, the Traids begins their move. Zack got hit and fell to
the floor. Zack quickly recover and swings his left fist
then follow it up by a kick. Zack then heads toward to
Marie. He kicks them out of her way. Back to back,their
enemies fell to the ground quicker than lightning.
                       GANG MEMBER
Ugh!! I'll let you off agian this
                       ZACK SHU
(Sighing) Get over here. Damn he
vanished. Let us rest and then
head back to the desert to find my
brother and sister.
never told
Your brothers and sister got
captured? You never tell us that.
Where are they being held at?
                       ZACK SHU
Marie told me that they are being
held at the castle in the desert.
You mean the legendary castle that
can grant wishes?


                       ZACK SHU
Yes but the part you said that it
can grant wishes is a
Oh man. I thought that it can
really grant wishes. I would wish
that lots of good looking girls at
my side feeding me and more.
Yeah right. Even with that wish
granted, no girls will be at your
Well what ever. After this mission
girls will be on like milk with
subjects other than
They all laugh. Dan and Tony becomes more humorous than ever
now.For once they have thoughts on different subjects than
works and missions. They head out from the entrance of
As they approach the desert, the princess,Marie,gets hungry.
Guys I'm getting hungry. What's
there to eat?
                       ZACK SHU
We got rice with chicken. Will
that do?
Yeah that'll do.
They all stop and starts to eat. Marie wants to eat with
Zack alone.
Zack can you eat with me?
                       ZACK SHU


Zack uh I uh never mind. Hey look.
What's over there?
                       ZACK SHU
Where? Oh I see it. It's the
castle finally we did it. Ugh lets
get there.
Zack your in no condition to go
over there yet. Let's rest here
tonight then head out to the
castle. Make sure you don't sleep
in a place where you can get
                       ZACK SHU
Alright let's stay here tonight.
They prepare to sleep for the night. Zack can't sleep and
ventures off alone.
                       ZACK SHU
I need to get into the castle as
quickly as possible before they
notice me. I'm sorry guys I need
to do this alone.
Zack heads towards the castle.
Zack passes the guards that guards the front door. He then
follows the guards hoping to find the prisoner. The castle
looks old and like it is the house of pain. This castle is
at the middle of the desert. The castle is as tall as the
empire state building. It has over 100 rooms and has lots of
hall way. You can be easily lost without any guidance.Zack
walks with the Traids and acts as if he is the leader of the
                       ZACK SHU
Where are the prisoners? The lord
ordered me to check up on them.
Quickly before the lord gets


                       GANG MEMBER
Yes right away.
Zack follows the guard and ends up at a room.
                       ZACK SHU
Begone I need to investigate
something private. Let no one
enter this room.
                       GANG MEMBER
Ohh alright.
As the gang member took his leave, Zack quickly turns to see
the prisoners.
                       ZACK SHU
Brother, sister where are you?
Ugh were over here. Zack please
help us and the prisoners.
                       ZACK SHU
Alright you guys will be in chains
and I will pretend that the leader
of this gang send me to bring you
to a new place.
That's brilliant.
Zack calls the guards to bring the prisoners out to the new
                       ZACK SHU
GUARDS!!! bring the prisoners out.
                       GANG MEMBER
                       ZACK SHU
I will escort them myself.
Zack tells the guard to escort him and the prisoner. Zack
and the prisoners follows the guards. As the guards opens
the main door, the real guy steps up and says that Zack is
the imposter and the guards pulls out their weapon.


                       GANG MEMBER
This guy is the imposter. Get him.
He doesn't have the sign on him.
The guards on the first floor go to that scene. The guards
draw out their weapons.Then suddenly Dan, Tony and Marie
arrives.They jumps to where Zack is and is ready to fight by
his side.The soldiers moves to the direction of the
prisoners and Zack fights them off. Zack tell one of the
prisoners to hold on to him and swing him around like he did
in the desert.The prisoner does what Zack tells him and
swings Zack. Zack kicks all the soldiers in the direction of
the prisoners.Dan and Tony fight side by side and knocks
every soldier to the ground. Marie clears a way to ecape
from the scene. Then they soon run to the exit point made by
Marie. They run as if they being chased by a tiger. Soon in
the desert they found themselves lost.
Zack and the others got away from the guards.They seems lost
in the vast land.
                       ZACK SHU
Where are we?
I don't know. I think we're lost.
No doubt about that genius. Any
one can figure that out. It
doesn't take a genuis.
                       ZACK SHU
Guys, knock it off.
Alright fine.
                       ZACK SHU
Lets sleep here for now and then
talk to my brother and sister in
the morning.
Zack wakes up from the heat enimating from the sun. Soon
everyone wakes up and starts talking to Zack brothers and


Do you know where the Traids
headquarter is at?
Yes we do. We over heard some
guards saying that they want to
work in Japan rather than being a
guard. I guess that the
headquarter must be at Japan. They
say go to the left of the castle
and you woul end up at Japan. To
the right of the castle is the
city called Shi Shong.
                       ZACK SHU
Alright from this information lets
head back and then go to Shi
They go back from which they run from.Weary and tiresome as
they are they starts to take a rest.
I need a rest.I'm sitting down.
                       ZACK SHU
Then we all should rest. There is
no need to force people to go.
Zack I need to talk to you.
                       ZACK SHU
Sure what is it?
This is private matter.
                       ZACK SHU
They walk away from the group of tiresome people.
                       ZACK SHU
So whats up?
Zack, the firsttime I saw you I
have this feeling.
                       ZACK SHU
What feeling is this?


Well I can't put it into words.
                       ZACK SHU
      (Very confused)
Umm okay?
Zack I...uh..I..uh.I l-o-v
is calling
Zack your brother calling you.
                       ZACK SHU
Which one?
Henry is calling you. He says that
we should go on.
Zack gets up and starts to walk toward his brother.
                       ZACK SHU
Alright let's head on out.
Everyone gets up and follows Zack.They finally reach a place
to see the front of the gate to the castle.Then thay starts
to head to the right of the castle.They keep on moving
straight.During the night it isn't that bad as they thought
it is going to be.It is warm and nice.They see the lovely
night sky and sees the brightly star bliking before
them.They rest and as the sun rise up,they wake up and goes
on to the endless journey.They finally reach their
destination. The gate to Shi Shong.
                       ZACK SHU
We did it. Now let us rest so we
can have the strength to go on
Everyone sits down on the gate to the city. Then an ambush
got them and then they all got captured.They got sent to
The place is dark and silent. The forest surrounds the
headquarter. The headquarter is like an old,worthless
castle.There is no roads at all and you can be easily lost.


The trees are bamboo trees.Wild animals plague the area.The
guards are inside of the castle making the castle look like
an abandoned fortress.The headquarter is at the middle of
the forest in Japan. The people in Japan wears straw hats
and they wear kimonos. Kimono is robe like clothing.First
you have to wear the white,the white is like underwears,then
they wear the actual kimono.They have many different colors.
Ahh! I see you have brought some
                       GANG MEMBER
Yes my lord. These people is a big
threat to our plans. If we let
them live then we might have a
Let me deal with them. Bring them
to me.
                       GANG MEMBER
Yes my lord.Bring the prisoners!
The guards do as he is told by the trustworthy companion of
Smoke.The guards move slowly to bring the prisoners.Zack
wiggles his hand while on chains to get free.He learns this
trick from his fallen master.He put his hand like a snake
like figure also with his thumb under the bottom of his four
fingers.He then moves his hand to wriggle out free.He got
out of the chains and hit the the guards then set the others
free.He head to the chambers of the leader of the
Traids,Smoke.Zack opens the door.The door has a dragon like
The door opens and the dragon symbol split into two. The
guards surround the four of them. His brothers and sister
leads the prisoners to a safe area.The chambers are big.When
you open the door,you can see that the floor is made out of
stones.Look straight after the door opens,you will see a
long stair way to the throne.There are two servants on each
direction one at the left and one at the right.Smoke sits on
the throne.He wears black clothing and wears a robotic like
mask.He has his own weapon.The weapon he has is a sword.The
sword handle is a dragon like feature to it.The dragon rises
up to the blade of the sword.Smoke is a tall man.He is very
muscular from the training to he does.He is skilled in both
martial arts and swordsman craft.All of a sudden,the guards
surrounds Zack,Marie,Tony and Dan.Zack is back to back with


Marie as Tony is back to back with Dan.Each of them is
fending off guards that come to their way. Zack starts to
use his technique.His technique is called Tai chi.It insists
the motion of water and calmness.Zack hits one of the guard
and that guard got pushed back to the other group of
guards.The move is very fast and the guards starts to feel
terrified.They then draw out their swords. Zack picks up one
of swords on the floor.He then uses the sword type technique
of tai chi. The guards comes all in at once towards
Zack.Tony and the others helped the prisoners to escape.Zack
pushes the sword up then to his left. The guards follow like
they got trap into something.Then Zack then pushes his sword
up then slash all the guards in his way.All the guards fell
to the ground.Zack turns around then face Smoke.
                       ZACK SHU
I will avenge my fallen parents
and master.You will pay for what
you have done.TAKE THIS HYYAA!!!!
Zack then runs up towards Smoke to fight Smoke. Zack slashes
but Smoke dodges the attack by moving to his right.Zack then
try to stab Smoke then Smoke grabs the sword and broke it
into two.Zack starts to kick with his left leg but Smoke
dodges with both hands pushing down.Then Zack uses his tai
chi move.Both hands moves to the left then to the right
bringing Smoke's hands with him. Then he hits Smoke. Smoke
got hurt then got back to normal and start moving fast.Then
Zack try to counter hit with tai ci then Zack got hit on the
chest.Zack moves back then got back to normal then starts to
use the five fist of dragon secret technique. His hands look
like claws.He moves forward and then attacks very fast.Smoke
uses his snake formation.His hands looks like a snake.Zack
hits Smoke.Smoke fell and got back up and Zack hit Smoke
with his feet.Smoke got angry and starts to rip out his
You got me angry now I'm through
warming up.DIE!!!!!!!!!
Zack runs up to Smoke.He grabs Zack by the throat and picks
him up.They face the throne.Marie got up behind Smoke and
picks up a sword.She runs and stabs Smoke.Smoke lets go of
Zack and falls to the ground with Zack.Marie runs toward
Zack and hugs him.
Zack I thought you were going
to... (cries)


                       ZACK SHU
It's okay Marie lets go back to
your father.
Zack met with everyone and goes to the castle in Shi Shong.
                       KING'S SERVANT
Your majesty,the warriors have
Great. Bring them in.
Is that you sweetie pie? Oh dear I
was worried about you.
Zack helped me and...
That's enough sweetie you should
get some rest.Ah Zack.Here's your
                       ZACK SHU
I don't want any.
What? You deserve something for
your effort.
                       ZACK SHU
All I want is to be with my
Then you shall have that request
but I want you to be in the
                       ZACK SHU
Sure why not.


Uhhmmm uh Zack, I want to talk to
you personally outside at the
                       ZACK SHU
Sure your highness.
Don't call me your highness
anymore.Just call me Marie.
                       ZACK SHU
As you wish.
They then walk to the garden.
They walk toward the flowers in the garden.The wooden door
open and the smell of the freshly earth hits them.The flower
blooms brightly and the sun just hits perfectly down the
shade covering the flower. They walk slowly towards the
Zack I have something to say.
                       ZACK SHU
Okay you can tell me.
Everytime I'm with you I feel this
thing inside. I can't explain but
I have it.
                       ZACK SHU
What do you feel?
      (Very nervous)
Well I...uh...I l-o-v-e you Zack.
                       ZACK SHU
You what?
I love you!


                       ZACK SHU
Marie I uh..... I feel the same
way.It doesn't look like it but I
do.My heart pounded like crazy
when ever I'm with you. I look
into your eyes and I dazed out.I
know that I'm not your rich or
anything but I love you.
We should tell father and see what
he thinks.Let's go.
Zack holds Marie's hand and runs to the throne room.
As they open the door,they quickly runs up to the king.
Father,Zack and Ilove each other.
What? That's marvelous. I was
hoping you would say that.Now I
know that someone is able to take
care of my little girl. I'm so
                       ZACK SHU
What? You're not fustrated?
What? You're not fustrated?
Certainly not. Every parent's
dream is to know that their child
or children is safe.You will be
engaged and the when your both old
enough you will be married.
Oh father, thank you.
Take care of my daughter.
                       ZACK SHU
Understood your majesty.


Marie hugs Zack.Zack hugs back with a kiss.
My name is Saron.I'm a funny peron who likes to play
around.My goal is to pass high school and go on to college.I
like to play around (obviously) and play video games that
help me expand my thinking process.I like every subject in
school.My teachers is the coolest.I live only with my
mother.I have one brother and three sisters,one sister is
older than me by a few years and the rest are younger than
I think that the most successful part in the screen play is
the romantic scene.I think this because it different than
the other scenes.I think that the reader wouldn't expect
that to happen and that would help change the story a
little.The greatest challenge is the part fighting with the
boss of the Traids in the sreenplay.It invovles in movement
and fighting moves.There are lots of action scenes but this
one is the longest and most challenging.I would add more
people to the play if I could start it all over again.
As a student I learned a lot from scriptbuddy.I learned the
process of writing a script. I realized that writing a story
is hard.I realized that I am not the best speller in the


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From Alexsas Date 4/17/2008 ****
It was very interesting and very cool. I like this script writer.

From Gardenia Chavez Date 4/9/2008 ****
Yay I'm the first one to comment your story.....Great story love the romantic part and Tommy says your story is tooo long and boring....And I think that Tommy is just jelous you finished and he didn't.

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