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by Pam

Rated: G   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Heyla and Georgia are starting college and will have to move to Ironictopia to attend Grace University. While there they will meet new people and encounter a problem.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


It's September 1,2008. Heyla and Georgia are in the dark red
Honda along with their parents on their way to Ironictopia
because school will start the following day and they have to
get ready and bring their stuff over to Grace University to
get settled into their dorm room.
Heyla and Georgia are both 18 and have been going to school
together since they were 5 so they were both very happy they
have both gotten accepted to the same University.
Heyla and Georgia have always gotten along well. They
actually have the same taste in a lot of things, thankfully
not in guys.
Although they think alike their both very different in
Heyla is 5'5, naturally tan skin, green eyes and she has
straight dark brown hair. Georgia is 5'10, has blue eyes,
light skin and wavy brown hair.
Things the girls do have in common are their both smart,
hard working, nice, confident, funny and helpful.
                       MRS.DAWSON (VO)
So, how are you girls feel about
going to this new place and
starting college, are you girls
Heyla stops looking out the window and turns her attention
to her mother.
Not nervous mom, more like,
exited. What about you Georgia?
Nervous or exited?
A little bit of both I guess and
happy that we're finally starting
college, and on top of that we're
gonna get to explore this whole
new place.
I'm glad you girls are taking
leaving us so well.


Everyone smiles.
oh mom, you know we'll be missing
you just as much as you'll be
missing us.
Well girls it looks like we're
At the entrance of Ironictopia there are two guys guarding
the gate, they don't seem to have any weapons, which makes
sense considering the fact that they don't allow weapons in
the utopia, people in Ironictopia are clearly lovers, not
fighters and in the few years that they have been around
they have not started a war or any other kind of problem
with neighboring states. The guards are both dressed in
black suits with square and black sun glasses. They have the
Men in Black look going on.
                       GUY ONE
Good morning sir. What's your
business here?
We're here to take Heyla Dawson
and Georgia Kwinsy over to Grace
                       GUY ONE
Very well sir, I'll be needing
some proof of that before I let
you in.
Heyla and Georgia both dig through their purses looking for
the acceptance letter and their ID. Once they have it in
their hands they hand it to the guard. The guard takes a
look at the papers and opens up the gate.
When inside Mr. Dawson has to park the van in the parking
of a big brown building made out of bricks, which seemed to
pretty old. They go inside the building following the
man in black they heard phones ringing and everyone seemed


to be pretty busy. They were checked for weapons and such,
when the guards were sure they had nothing to hide they
checked the computers to confirm the girls were accepted to
Grace University and after the check up they were sent on
their way.
They all finally got to Grace University, it was a short
drive there from the building and if Heyla and Georgia were
exited before they were even more exited now that they were
actually looking at it.
Wow, this place is amazing it's
everything I thought it would be.
I completely agree.
Ironictopia is beautiful and the weather is great. The sky
is a perfect shade of light blue and there aren't that many
clouds in the sky. The sun is shining and it made the ocean
sparkle, Heyla is glad that they are so closed to the ocean
because she loves to swim. The birds are flying around and
chirping, there is a light breeze and the air is fresh.
Heyla thought the weather is perfect for swimming. There are
beautiful trees such as cherry blossom trees planted
everywhere decorating the utopia. Since they take such great
care of the environment here, they had beautiful looking
plants everywhere and the grass is as green as can be. In
fact, they take such great care of the environment that
people here can only drive Hybrids.
Grace University is equally as beautiful as the environment,
it is a white, modern styled building with big windows and
it is so clean that it looks like it sparkles. When Heyla,
Georgia and their parents walked in they could see their
reflections on almost anything. When they all get to the
girls' dorm room, they are amazed at how big and spacious it
was and this was a very good thing considering that Heyla
and Georgia had another room mate.
They got everything out of the van and brought it up to the
girls' dorm room and once they are settled in it is time to
say their goodbyes.
Well, I'm guessing you girls can
handle things from here.


Yeah, dad we'll be fine thanks for
Heyla and Georgia both hug their parents, then they hug each
others parents as they say goodbye.
You girls remember to behave
yourselves and always put your
studies before anything else.
And remember to call us as well.
We love you girls.
We love you too.
We'll call you girls when we get
They all walk from the third floor down to the parking lot.
The girls' parents get back in the van.
Bye girls.
Goodbye everyone.
They drive away and the girls stand in the parking lot
waving goodbye until the van is too far away for them to
see. Then Heyla and Georgia walk back to their dorm room.
Heyla and Georgia were both glad they had just ended up in
the third floor because the university had so many floors,
they definitely did not want to end up on the last floor.
When the girls got to 301, they went in the room and on the
third bed in the dorm room they sow an average height girl
with blond hair. They were guessing this was Kristy the
third room mate they had heard about and they were right.
Kristy hears the door close turns around and walks over to
the Heyla and Georgia and introduces herself.
Hey girls, I'm Kristy Sullivan
your room mate.
Kristy reaches her hand over to Heyla on her left.


Hey, I'm Heyla Dawson.
Now Kristy reaches her hand over to Georgia on her right.
Hey, I'm Georgia Kwinsy.
Hey, since we're all settled in
here, how 'bout we go take a look
around campus. Are you guys'
freshmen here too?
Yeah we are, we just got here from
Providence where we use to live.
Wow, so it's not only your first
year here in college, it's your
first year in Ironictopia.
Yeap, so you live here?
Yeah, I've lived here with my dad
ever since I was five.
It must be great living here.
Yeah, it is.
What about your mom?
She pasted away around the time I
turned five. I guess that's why my
dad wanted to move here, to start
over and it's a great place to
grow up in.


Heyla and Georgia both look at Kristy sympathetically.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Yeah, me too.
Its ok you guys didn't know. So do
you guys wanna take a look around
campus or what?
Heyla and Georgia look at each other.
I'm up for it.
Ok, lets go.
The girls walk out the door and it was still very sunny just
like when Heyla and Georgia had gotten there earlier. The
girls were all wearing their sun glasses. Heyla had on white
framed sun glasses with gray lenses, Georgia had on her
entirely black sun glasses and Kristy had on red framed sun
glasses with black lenses.
The girls all walked toward a part of the campus where most
of the people were standing. The girls noticed that most
people were breaking up into groups because they were giving
tours of the campus. They all decided to join this group
that was being led by a guy who had a name tag that said
Dean on it, apparently the people giving tours all had name
Kristy and Heyla both looked at Dean more then Georgia they
seemed to like him. Dean was a handsome guy. He was tall,
light skinned, straight black hair and he had a nice smile.
Dean led the small group around campus pretty well, showing
them cool looking buildings where they would take classes
and the library that had a great collection of books.
One thing I wont miss about
Providence is the weather.
Ditto, I love this warm weather.


Yeap, the weather is definitely
one of the best things about this
place. Oh and have I mentioned
this place has a force field over
it that way if there's a really
bad storm, they just shield the
utopia from it. It also protects
us from bombs and stuff.
Wow, this place sounds really
Yeah, it is and peaceful too.
It is now morning and the girls' alarm clocks rang. The
girls get up and ready. Then they go to the cafeteria for
breakfast and they all decide to get coffee. After they have
their coffee they head to their first class of the day,
social studies.
They go in the class room and there aren't that many people
there. They take their seats together and wait, like
everyone else, for the professor.
After two minutes the professor enters the class room and
everyone quiets down. The professor is wearing old styled
glasses, a gray suit and his brown hair back. The professor
walks over to his desk and sets his brief case on it. Then
he looks at he students and smiles.
Good morning class, as many as you
may now I'm Mr. Von. I can tell
that a lot of you are new around
here, so for today I though it
would be a good idea if we discuss
the utopia. This way you'll know
more about it.
If those of you that aren't new
would like to add to what I'm
going to say just raise your hand
and I will give you a chance to
say what you have to say.
Mr.Von is obviously a morning person.
Mr.Von talkes about Ironictopia and of course he discussed
the force field. He talked about how it protects Ironictopia
from bad weather, even booms, etc.


Well enough about the force field
I'm sure many of you have already
heard about it.
Now here something some of you
probably don't know, Ironictopia
is powered by water. We probably
have the largest water damn in the
U.S powering the utopia.
Although the Ironictopia is ran
differently than where you guys
come from, not everything here is
different. For example the
government here is also a
The bell rings.
Well that's all for today see you
next time.
The students walk out of the class.
That's how the rest of the day went for the girls they went
from class meeting professors and students. The girls
noticed that the tour guy Dean was in some of their classes.
Now the girls go to the cafeteria for lunch.
The girls get their lunch and go sit in a table in the
Then Dean sees them and walks over to their table.
Hey girls.
The girls all say hi to Dean.
So how are you guys getting
Pretty well.
Yeah that was a pretty good tour
you gave us the other day.


So is there any advice you can
give us? I mean is there something
we should know about certain
Well, definitely speak up in Mr.
Von's class and give your opinion
on things, he seems to like that.
Yeah, we've noticed.
They smile.
Anything else?
Remember to always have something
to take notes with when you're in
Mr. Dane's class. He may say
things that don't seem that
important, but most of the time
they are.
The girls go back to classes.
Time passed by and before they knew it, it was late and the
girls went back to their dorm room to get some rest.
The days have passed and it is now the weekend and Heyla has
told Kristy how she loves to swim. So Kristy decides to take
the girls to Dreams Beach. Kristy drives the girls to the
beach in her white Saab 9-X hybrid and when they get to the
beach their not surprised to see that like everything in
Ironictopia it is beautiful. There are palm trees, white
sand, hammocks and it all makes the girls feel like they're
in Hawaii.
I'm gonna go take a swim, you guys


Nope, I'm just gonna lie on this
hammock, tan and drink out of this
glass with an umbrella on it.
Me too.
Heyla smiles.
Ok then.
The girls see Dean and look up.
Dean walks tours them and smiles.
Kristy and Georgia wave at Dean from where they lay on the
Hey, so are you a swimmer or a
Dean smiles.
A swimmer.
I can tell.
I'm going for a swim, wanna join
Kristy looks kind of jealous when she sees Heyla and Dean
having so much fun together swimming.
So she gets off the hammock and goes over to where they are
swimming, but Dean doesn't seem to pay as much attention to
her as he does to Heyla.
After a while Georgia decides to join the group and starts
swimming too. They all swim for a while then they get out of
the water lay on the hammock and watch the sunset.
After the sunset they head back to Grace University.


It is now Tuesday and Kristy is going over to visit her dad
Dr. Sullivan at the house.
Hey hon, how are you?
I'm fine dad, how 'bout you?
I'm doing well. How's Grace
University going for you?
It's going great so far. I like
the professors, my room mates and
most of the people I've met.
I still don't get why you didn't
want to stay at home instead of
living on campus.
Dad it's just more convenient.
If you say so. How are your room
Their names are Georgia and Heyla.
They're nice and they're both new
around here. They use to live in
Providence. They like it here they
think everything is so great.
Well it is, they don't call it a
utopia for nothing.
They both smile.
I have an idea how 'bout you bring
your friends for diner here
tonight. I'm sure whatever the
chef can come up with is way
better that whatever junk food you
can get in the cafeteria.


Kristy laughs.
Ok dad, I'll go tell them and see
if they want to come to diner
tonight. Well I'm gonna go. See
you later dad.
Bye hon, see you at diner.
Kristy walks out of the house, gets in her car and drives
back to Grace University.
At Grace University Kristy walks to room 301 and finds Heyla
and Georgia studying. Heyla on her side of the room and
Georgia on hers.
Hey guys.
Hey Kristy.
So do you guys have anything
planned for tonight?
Kristy walks from where she is standing next to the door and
goes sit on her bed.
Doesn't look like it.
We're almost done studying. Why?
Is there anything going on
Well, not really. Do you guys
wanna come over to my house for
dinner? You can meet my dad, he's
a scientist around here, maybe
you've hear of him, Dr. Sullivan.


I'm up for.
Yeah, ok, it's not like we have
anything else to do.
Ok, great. Can you guys be ready
around 7?
It is now 7 and the girls are on their way to Kristy's
house. Heyla and Georgia notice that like everything else in
Ironictopia, the house had a modern style to it. It was
white with big windows and a matching garage. In the inside
the house was very nice, clean and spacious.
Dad! We're here.
Dr. Sullivan walks over to where the girls are standing and
greets them.
Hey, girls
Dad this is Heyla.
Heyla shakes Dr. Sullivan's hand.
And this is Georgia.
Georgia smiles and shakes Dr. Sullivan's hand.
Dr. Sullivan was a tall, strong man with short black hair
that he wore back like Mr. Von.


Well how 'bout we go sit in the
dinning room.
Dr. Sullivan starts walking tours the dinning room and the
girls fallow.
They all take their seats on a big, nice, dark wooden table.
Dr. Sullivan and Kristy sit across from each other, Heyla
sat to Kristy's right and Georgia sits to Kristy's left.
Dr. Sullivan had white wine, while the girls had coke along
with salad. They all sat around the table talking and
So, what do you girls like to do?
Well, I like to swim.
Really, where do you usually go
I like to go swimming in Dream
That's a very nice beach and what
about you Georgia?
I like to run. I usually just go
running around campus.
Time passed, it was now 9 and Kristy thought they should be
heading back.
Well its late dad we better head
Oh, your right. Time really does
fly when you're having fun.
The girls smile and say their goodbyes.
They walk to Kristy's car and head back to the university.
Even dough Dr. Sullivan was being nice there was something
about him Heyla didn't like.


After that day at the beach things started to seem as if
Kristy was competing with Heyla over Dean's attention.
It was now Friday and the girls and Dean were having lunch
So how's my advice working for
Heyla smiles.
It's working pretty well.
Yeah, Mr.Von does like when you
give your opinion on the topics
he's talking about.
I knew he would.
So have you guys heard about the
party they're having tonight?
No, who is?
Yeah, I've heard of it some guys
are having it; it's their last
year here or something. It's in
the lounge right?
Yeah, so are you guys coming?
I don't see why not, I mean it's
not like we have anything better
to do tonight anyway.
Do you guys wanna check it out?
I guess so. What about you Heyla?
Sure, why not?


So it's settled we'll all meet
each other there.
It was now 8 and the girls are getting ready for the party.
Heyla decided to go with a dark red top, black pants and
heels that matched her top. Kristy is wearing a knee length
black dress that showed of her figure with heels of course.
Georgia had on a white top with dark blue jeans and white
The girls get to the lounge and as soon as they do Matt, a
guy in the girls' English class, asks Georgia to dance by
now it is so obvious that he likes her.
A while after that Dean spotted the girls, he looks great
and the Dark blue shirt he had on really brought out his
Hey girls. Where Georgia?
Hey, oh Georgia's out on the dance
floor dancing with Matt, you know
the guy from English class.
Dean looks out into the dance floor.
Oh, now I see her. Looks like
she's having fun.
Dean waves Georgia's way and she and Matt wave back.
Yeah, how 'bout we head out to the
dance floor.
The three of them all head out to the dance floor and start
They dance and have fun talking.
Both Heyla and Kristy seem to like Dean a lot.
Kristy decides to walk away to talk to Angela a good friend
of hers.
As Kristy is walking back to the dance floor where she last
left Dean and Heyla, she decides that maybe she should say
something to make Dean see how she feels about him, but as
she's walking back she sees Dean kissing Heyla.
This upsets Kristy and she ends up leaving the party.


After Kristy left the party, she stars to drive around. She
doesn't know where to go, so she decides to just go to her
She goes in the house, walks tours the living room and her
dad is in there reading a book. Dr. Sullivan looks up from
the book his reading and sees Kristy.
Hey dad.
Hey hon, What's wrong?
I know there's something wrong.
Come on, out with it.
It's just that, remember at
dinner, I told you that the girls
and I had met that nice guy Dean.
Yeah, the guy who gave you girls a
tour of the university.
Right, well I like him, but
apparently he doesn't like me, he
likes Heyla. Tonight we were all
at a party and I sow Dean kiss
Oh and it upset you, didn't it?
Well don't worry hon, I'll take
care of everything.
What do you mean you'll take care
of everything?


Nothing, don't worry about it. Its
late, are you staying here or are
you heading back to Grace
I'll just stay here, good night
Good night hon.
Kristy walks upstairs and goes into a room to sleep.
As Kristy sleeps Dr. Sullivan is busy making calls to N.W.A,
Nuclear Waste Association. A secretary picks up the phone
and Dr. Sullivan asks to be connected with Mr. Durham the
owner of this company.
What can I do for you Bob.
I accept that proposal you made me
the other day.
Good, that's what I wanted to
So when can we get this over with?
Tonight I'll send some of my guys
over in a truck with the nuclear
I'm glad you've accepted to dump
the nuclear waste in the ocean
over at the utopia I really had no
idea how else I was supposed to
get rid of it, if you wouldn't
have accepted it.
Yeah, I know, but I'm putting
people here in the utopia in
danger by doing this. You do


                       DR.SULLIVAN (cont'd)
realize that we use the water from
the ocean to power this utopia.
Yes, I do, but its worth it, trust
me. I'll be happy and you'll get a
million dollars it's a win, win.
Alright send your men over with
the waste, I'll be waiting.
Dr. Sullivan hangs up the phone, walks out of the house and
drives over to the gate where the truck will be entering the
When Dr. Sullivan gets to the gate he sees a man in black
guarding the gate. Dr. Sullivan tells the man in black that
he can leave because he is taking over his shift.
The man in black fallows his orders and leaves.
Dr. Sullivan waits for the N.W.A truck to arrive.
The N.W.A truck arrives and it's a plain white truck, inside
there are four guys and there are five nuclear waste tanks
in the back.
Dr. Sullivan opens the gate to the utopia. The truck drives
in. Dr. Sullivan walks up to the truck.
                       GUY ONE
Are you Dr. Sullivan?
Yes, you guys follow me, I'll take
you to dump the waste in the ocean
in my boat.
                       GUY ONE
Yes sir.
Dr. Sullivan gets in his car and drives and the truck from
N.W.A fallows.
Dr. Sullivan took a short cut to Dream Beach because he was
sure that no one would see them if he went that way.
Dr. Sullivan gets out of his car and the guys get out of the
truck. The guys take out the nuclear waste tanks from the
truck and Dr. Sullivan leads them over to where his boat is


and they load the tanks on to the boat.
The first guy takes a look around the beach.
                       GUY ONE
This sure is a nice beach, why
would you want to dump the nuclear
waste here?
I have my reasons and your job
isn't to ask questions.
The guy takes a mean look at Dr. Sullivan and gets into the
boat along with the other guys.
Dr. Sullivan drives the boat in to the middle of the beach.
It was a dark foggy night and there were almost no stars in
the sky.
Go ahead and dump the waste.
At hearing this, the four guys get to work opening the tanks
and dumping them out into the water.
Once they were done Dr. Sullivan drives the boat back and
shore. The guys get out and head to the truck and Dr.
Sullivan heads to his car.
You drive out of the utopia taking
the same short cut I showed you
and you better make sure no one
sees you.
                       GUY ONE
Yes sir.
Dr. Sullivan gets in his car and the four guys get in the
truck. They head out of the utopia and Dr. Sullivan drives
back home.
Dr. Sullivan enters the house as Kristy is heading
Dad did you just get here where
were you this late?


Nowhere hon I stayed up late
finishing that book I was reading.
Then I heard something outside and
I went to see what it was. I'm
still not sure what it was, but I
think it was probably a raccoon.
What are you doing down here?
Nothing, I'm just gonna get a
glass of water.
Kristy walks tours the kitchen and Dr. Sullivan heads
It is now a new day and Heyla is down at Dreams Beach
because she's going to take a swim.
Heyla is wondering what made Kristy leave the party so soon
last night, but whatever it was she seemed to have gotten
over because she passed her in the halls today and she
seemed fine.
Now Heyla gets in the water and starts to swim.
As Heyla does there's a man at the other side of the beach
where the water dam is located and he notices some of the
fish are dead and their not even close to the water dam. The
guy starts to think there is something wrong with the water.
He goes to tell his boss and he orders them all to start
getting people out of the water.
Heyla starts to faint and as she does a boat comes by and
helps her out of the water. The people in the boat are from
the Water Dam Association and they help everyone else out of
the water too. Luckily there aren't that many people in the
They take everyone to the hospital that way there they can
check if there is anything wrong with them.
Well, we ran the test and your
I feel ok now too. I guess
whatever happened to me was
because there was something in
that water.


Yeah, luckily someone noticed it
before it affected anyone.
Georgia walks in and faces the nurse.
Is she ok?
Yeah, she'll be just fine.
The nurse smiles at them and walks out of the room looking
at her clipboard.
Georgia takes a seat next to Heyla's hospital bed.
Hey, how do you feel?
I'm fine.
It was now a day after the incident and Heyla still felt
fine and was studying again. She told her parents and she
told them not to make a big deal out of it because she was
just fine...
Two months have passed and the girls have been investigating
what it was that had infected the water. They had figured
out that the water had been polluted by nuclear waste, but
they were still trying to figure out how it happened.
Today the girls are spending the day at Dr. Sullivan's home
and their house-sitting for him because he had to leave the
utopia to run some errands.
The girls decided to take their science work over to study
while they're at the house and since Dr. Sullivan has tons
of science books they decided to go into his office and see
what they could find that would help them study.
They came across some interesting books, but the most
interesting thing they found was a business card to connect
Dr. Sullivan with Mr. Durham, who just happens to be the
owner of The Nuclear Waste Association.
The girls were all wondering why Dr. Sullivan had this card
and why it said that Dr. Sullivan and Mr. Durham will be
meeting that day so Kristy decided to call the number
pretending to be Dr. Sullivan's secretary.
She dials the number and the phone rings, Mr. Durham's
secretary picks up.


Yes, hi I'm Dr. Sullivan's
secretary and I'm just calling to
confirm his appointment with Mr.
Durham today.
Oh, well you didn't have to do
that Dr. Sullivan has already
called here himself.
Oh, that's right, it must have
slipped my mind.
Well thank you for calling any
way, we're very glad Dr. Sullivan
was able to help us get rid of the
waste. Bye.
Kristy hangs up the phone. After all the time they spent
investigating and all along it was Dr. Sullivan who was
responsible for all of this. It had to be him now that she
had this last piece to the puzzle it all pointed towards him
and it made since too.
This explains why he didn't want Kristy to take part in this
investigation and everything. Kristy doesn't know what to
What did the secretary say?
Um, nothing.
Are you ok?


For weeks what the secretary said was all Kristy could think
about and for a while she did not know what to do, but in
the end after thinking about it she decided to tell Heyla
and Georgia. They had put so much work into trying to find
out who was behind all this and they deserved to know.
After she had told them Heyla and Georgia convinced Kristy
to go to the police station and turn Dr. Sullivan in because
who knew how many people she was putting in danger by
keeping this a secret. It was hard, but knowing that she was
doing the right thing made her feel better.
Hey Kristy.
Hey Heyla.
Where you going?
I'm gonna go visit my dad.
Alright, I'll see you later.
After the case was settled, the judge decided to put Dr.
Sullivan in jail for 5 years. Kristy felt bad because in a
way all Dr. Sullivan wanted to do was make her happy, but
that was not the way.
Kristy was visiting her dad all the time now and talking to
him about what happened, she was starting to forgive him
As for Heyla and Dean, that in a way kind of started all of
this, were dating now and they were happy together just like
Georgia and Matt.
I guess you can say the girls got their happy endings, well


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