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High Technology
by Evelyn

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Nancy is a young doctor married to a micosoft engeneer named Chris, they are very much in love and ready to take their relationship to the next level, but Nancy's brain tumor gets in the way. To take care of this problem they take on an adventure in search of the cure for Nancy's brain tumor.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Another day in the hot Miami city. A late afternoon where a
couple is celebrating their anniversary. Nancy is
celebrating another anniversary with her lovely husband. Her
husband that she loves very much and is happy with. Thinking
and talking about the first time they saw each other and
fell in love and remembering their passion of why they love
each other more and more each day. Just 5 years ago she
graduated as a doctor in High Standard University. Her
husband who works in Microsoft as a network engineer. Every
moment that passes she loves him even more than the first
time she saw him. She thinks every day about the goals they
accomplish together as a happy married couple. They have
everything they dream of a mansion, good cars, good careers.
She has everything she dreamed about since she was a little
The beach has a fresh air smell and with a romantic sight.
It is a perfect place for an anniversary dinner. Chris has a
table set up with a red bouquet of roses. He made dinner for
Nancy. With a table set up with a red tablecloth and with a
special bottle of champagne and with a lady playing the
harp. Nancy has a black srapless dress. With a red lip stick
that she wore the first time that Chris took her to dinner.
The dress took Chris breath away and brought Nancy's
beautiful curves out.
                       NANCY SMITH
      (with a smile on
       her face.)
Honey, I am so happy that me and
you are together and I remember
why I fell in love with those
dreaming eyes of yours that you
gave me the first time you looked
at me. I love you so much.
When I first saw you, you blew my
mind away, you are so gorgeous
when I saw you I couldn't breathe
because of all the gorgeouseness
in you. Your eyes showed me
pureness and I saw an angel that
now I am married to and happy


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
with. You are everything to me.
                       NANCY SMITH
      (kisses him)
I love you
      (After the kiss)
I love you too. With all my heart.
Nancy is blushing.
Baby you're my queen, my
everything. I love you so much
that I am willing to sacrifice
anything for you.
                       NANCY SMITH
      (kisses him)
Awwww, baby you're so romantic.
This is one of many reasons I love
you're personality.
                       NANCY SMITH
      (Looking at him)
Baby this dinner is delicious,
like you're lips.
      (kisses her)
I know, but you're more delicious.
                       NANCY SMITH
      (Looking at him
Hun I was thinking about a baby.
      (Looking at her
A baby?
                       NANCY SMITH
Well do you like babys? You know
for us having a baby.
Ok, let's have a baby!!


                       NANCY SMITH
      (Surprised and
       with a sad face)
Ok, but not know let's wait until
my results of the head exam. Baby
I am really scare that the results
are going to be bad and we won't
be able to have the baby. I mean
the doctor said that we could have
a baby, but it will be risky
because of the head tumor I may
have. I would rather be healthy
first and than have our baby.
Yeah, I know you want everything
to go perfect, but I don't know
what would happen if the results
come negative and there is no cure
for the head tumor you may have.
                       NANCY SMITH
I've been having this headaches
that almost kill me and what about
if their is no cure what are we
going to do?
      (With adoring
       puppy dog eyes
       and a cute putty
I will go any where to find a
cure. I will die if I lose you.
                       NANCY SMITH
      (With adoring
       puppy dog eyes
       and a cute putty
That is why I love you and got
marry with you. I would do
anything for you too.
They went back home and reunited the flame from the first
time they meet their bodies in a night. Then Nancy stays up
all night thinking what could this headaches mean. Why is
she having this killing pain that at times she feels like
she is going to die. At times she thinks that if she has a
baby that would be a danger for her and her baby that is why
she did the test with her doctor.


Nancy was sitting at her office. She called her husband.
                       NANCY SMITH
      (The other line
       picks up)
Hey, baby what are you doing?
Not much, just at work finishing a
software. Where are you, in your
                       NANCY SMITH
Yes honey, I am at my office I
would get my results at 4 in the
Honey you want me to go with you?
                       NANCY SMITH
Yeah, I am nervous and I would
like having you there with me in
those moments.
Ok baby, I will pick you up in
your office at 3:30.
Nancy smith, the doctor is waiting
for you, the door is to your left.
      (kisses her)
Baby, I am praying for everything
to go fine.
                       NANCY SMITH
Everything will be fine.
Hi, Nancy how have you been?


                       NANCY SMITH
      (with worried face)
Good, thank you a little nervous,
but hoping everything is all
                       NANCY SMITH
So what are the results?
You have a tumor that is going to
be a cancer tumor soon. And we
don't have a cure for it. We might
not be able to help you. It's a
tumor that we have never had the
chance to study and see if there
could be a cure for it, but right
now we are going to work for a
cure and we are going to see if we
could save you from this tumor.
Dead silence.
                       NANCY SMITH
Ummm, are you sure there is no
Yes, we are sure there is no cure.
This tumor we have never seen and
we have never study or found a
cure for it's the only thing that
we could do is study and try to
find a cure.
                       NANCY SMITH
But cant you ...just please do
something for me, I want to have
kids, i want to live.
Nancy you can have kids, but I
suggest you choose not too.
Chris knockes the door.The doctor lets him in. Nancy is
      (With a worry face)
Nancy what's wrong? What were the


Nancy stood up ran to Chris' arms.
Doctor, what were the results?
What happened that got my wife
like this?
Nancy has a tumor. There is no
cure for her, but I told her she
could have kids, but I suggest she
chooses not to.
The doctor left them in the office and Chris sat Nancy down
in the chair.
      (Holding her hands)
Honey, look at me.
                       NANCY SMITH
      (Looking at Chris)
Nooo, I can't, don't you
understand I am going to di......
      (About to cry)
Baby, you're not going to die, I
told you that I will do anything
for you, and I will go anywhere if
I have to find a cure for you're
tumor, I love you.
Nancy hugs Chris and kisses him and hugged him she was
crying and Chris wiped her tears off.
                       NANCY SMITH
      (Wiping her tears)
Baby, let's get out of here and
let's go home, there is nothing
here for us here.
All right let's go home, you need
to rest and forget this moment I
promise you there is a cure.
Have a nice day.
      (Smiling and
       holding hands
       with Nancy)


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
Thanks you, you too.
They went home and Nancy went to sleep. Nancy workes up.
Nancy told Chris she was going to call a friend she has that
is a scientist to find a cure. She calls her friend the
Nancy calls her friend Andrea, the scientist. The phone
                       NANCY SMITH
Hi, is Andrea there?
      (Answers Nancy)
Hi, this is she, can I help you?
                       NANCY SMITH
      (With a happy
Hey Andera, what's going on
remember me from college?
      (Wondering voice)
Sorry, I don't remember, can you
tell me you're name maybe I will
remember you, if you tell me your
                       NANCY SMITH
Oh Andrea, this is me Nancy
remember me, and the good times we
Oh my god, how are you?
                       NANCY SMITH
Good, thank you. Now you remember
                       NANCY SMITH
      (With a sad voice)
Well I got married, with a
wonderful man who loves me and he
is supporting me in everything I'm
going through right now something
I'm really worried about right


                       NANCY SMITH (cont'd)
      (With a wondering
I am glad you got married and
you're so happy with your husband,
but what is that you're going
through that worries you so much?
                       NANCY SMITH
      (Sad voice)
Well it's that I am having these
bad headaches and I had a test
done with my doctor and the
results were not good.
Oh my god, what happened?
                       NANCY SMITH
      (Almost crying)
This is also one of the reasons I
am calling you beside seeing how
are you, I wanted to ask you for
help because they found that I
have a tumor in my brain that they
haven't found a cure for and this
tumor is not common. They say that
in time I might stay paralyzed can
you imagine that. I'm dying.
                       NANCY SMITH
I don't want to leave my husband
alone and my parents. I don't want
to leave the people who really
love me. I had the illusion of
having a baby with my husband know
that we have everything we dreamed
of, but know all of that is gone.
I can't have a baby like this,
there has to be a cure I have
faith and maybe you can help me.
Of course, I will try to help you,
I am a scientist you just have to
ask the doctor for the results and
send them to me. I have good
scientist friends that can help me
find a cure for you're tumor I


                       ANDREA (cont'd)
promise I will try the best to
help you. Have faith and
everything is going to be alright.
                       NANCY SMITH
Thank you, I will be so thankful
with you for the rest of my life.
I know I can count on you I am
going to see if I can do some labs
in my office. I am a doctor, but
doctors don't always have the cure
for the problems.
Yes, I will try my best to help
you in everything I can just send
me those results. Ok?
                       NANCY SMITH
Ok, thank you again I will tell
Chris to go get the results and
send them to you I will send them
to the address you're mom gave me
because she gave me you're number
and your address.
Ok, have a nice day. Give me your
number so I can call you when I
get the results.
                       NANCY SMITH
Yeah sure, my number is
458-659-6855 you can call me any
time. I always answer unless am
doing a surgery.
Ok, perfect I will call you there
once the results are here.
Have a nice day take care and
don't worried because everything
is going to be alright have a lot
of faith and say hi to Chris.
                       NANCY SMITH
Ok, thank you, take care and have
a wonderful day. Now I feel much
better thank you.


Your welcome, bye.
Nancy calls Chris and tells him everything she has talked
with Andrea, she was really happy and had the faith that her
friend Andera was going to find a cure for her tumor. Chris
is happy too and had the same faith. Nancy tells Chris to go
to the doctor's office and get the results for her brain
tumor. Nancy gave Chris Andera's address to send the
results to Andrea in California, so she can get started on
Nancy and Chris are at dinner. While they are eating Nancy
receives a call from Andrea and she tells Nancy that she
found someone who can help, but it was millions of miles
away. And she tells her that it's in the moon that the
scientist can help her in her case.
                       NANCY SMITH
Guess who that was honey.
Who baby?
                       NANCY SMITH
It was Andrea and she told me that
there is a cure, but I would need
to go to the moon. They are going
to do an expiermetn with people
like me that have tumer that don't
have a cure. You can come too.
                       NANCY SMITH
I hope this is going to help me
find my cure.
I'm sure this will be you're cure,
have faith in god everything is
going to be ok, I promiss.


During the last few days Nancy and Chris are getting ready
for their trip to the moon to find the cure for Nancy's
                       NANCY SMITH
Hey Andera, how are you doing? We
are on time and ready to go to
find our cure.It is really
important for me because I have
faith in this trip that I am going
to get the cure I've been waiting
Ready to go?
Yes, we're ready, lets go .
During the trip half way through the trip they stared having
some difficulties and the attendents tell them to put their
seat belts on.
                       NANCY SMITH
What's going on? I'm scared.
Everything is going to be ok.
Please put you're seat belts on we
are experiencing a problem with
the rocketship there can be
serious problems, something is
pulling us back.
Hold on to your seats.
                       NANCY SMITH
Oh god, please help us and protect
us from everything bad that can
After 30 minutes passed that everything was shaking the
rocket suddently stoped.


                       NANCY SMITH
What happened? Why did everything
Every body please stay still. I
think we landed in another planet.
I will go check it out everyone
stay in here for your own safety.
After a few minutes the piolet came back and told everyone
it was ok to go out. He was really surprised and happy when
he came back. Everyone asked why he was like that and he
told them to go see for themselves. Nancy and Chris were the
first ones who came out of the rocket to see what had
surprised the piolet so much.
                       NANCY SMITH
Oh my god, what is this?
Wow, this is incredible.
Nancy, Chis, Andrea and the other doctors look around and
saw this planet full of high technology it was full of
colors. It has everything that our planet doesn't, even
imagine having. They saw flying cars and also buildings that
were like mirrors that you can see yourselves in. They meet
the president Salamanco. The president of the planet
welcomes them to the High Technology planet.
                       PRESIDENT SALAMANCO
Welcome to this High Technology
planet. You are very welcome by
our people here it's not very
common for us to bring new
visitors to our planet.
Why are you saying that you wanted
us to visit you?
                       PRESIDENT SALAMANCO
If you haven't noticed we have the
highest technology in the whole


                       PRESIDENT SALAMANCO (cont'd)
universe and we have the power to
track your rocket here and I
wanted to have a visitor from
you're planet.
                       NANCY SMITH
                       PRESIDENT SALAMANCO
You were on the way to the moon is
that right?
                       DOCTOR TOY
Yes, Mr.Slamanco we were on our
way to the moon to do an
experiment for some of these
people in here that have a tumor
that don't have a cure.
                       PRESIDENT SALAMANCO
Oh, wow, you had to do this trip
only to get a cure for a tumor.
Well, I think you came to the
right place because in this planet
you can get the cure for anything
you want. This is the perfect
                       NANCY SMITH
      (Smiling and
       really happy)
Oh my god, for real?
                       PRESIDENT SALAMANCO
Yeah, for real, follow me and I
will take you where you can get
you're cure.
Nancy, Chris and Andrea get in the limousine of president
Salamanco. It is a flying limousine. All the cars are flying
cars. It is a beautiful city. They are on the way to the big
pharmacy to get the cure Nancy and the others needed.
                       NANCY SMITH
Wow, everything is so pretty.
Everything is high technology and
so advanced compare to our planet.


                       PRESIDENT SALAMANCO
Yes, everything is high techology.
How does everything run in this
                       PRESIDENT SALAMANCO
Well our power of energy is wind
power made with the turbines. This
power is to keep clean our
environment so it won't get
                       NANCY SMITH
Oh, that's good to keep pollution
away from the environment.
What kind of government do you
have in this place.
                       PRESIDENT SALAMANCO
Well we have Democracy in this
planet everything is run by what
the majority of what the people
want. We all help each other.
Everyone gets along with each
Oh, wow, that's really good that
the community gets alone with
everyone else.
They get to the pharmacy they looked around and got
surprised by how big the pharmacy is. The president of
Salamanco show's Chris and Nancy were the section they had
the especial pill for the cure of her tumor.
                       PRESIDENT SALAMANCO
Ok, here we are. This is the
biggest pharmacy in our planet and
the only one we have.
                       NANCY SMITH
Wow, this is a big Pharmacy.


Nancy went to the section were Mr.Slamanco took them, for
the pill with the cure for Nancy's tumor. Nancy took the
pill with the cure.
                       NANCY SMITH
Wow, thank you very much
Mr.Salamanco. I can't believe I am
cured already.
                       PRESIDENT SALAMANCO
It was a pleasure for me to help
Yeah, thank you so much.
                       NANCY SMITH
Mr. Salamanco I wish to stay in
your plant if you would let us. I
love this plant and I would love
to live here and have my kids now
that I am cured.
                       PRESIDENT SALAMANCO
Sure, you are very welcome here
and you may stay. I will find you
two jobs here, as what you are
used to in your planet, but with
more advance technology.
Nancy and Chris stay to live on the High Technology Utopia
were they found the cure they were looking for. Nancy and
Chris decided to stay and have their kids there. Nancy got a
job in the big Pharmacy as a medical president and Chris got
a job as the president of all the Microsoft engineering of
the high technology planet.
I am Evelyn Villagran. I am a student at Feinstein high
school. I am in the 9th grade in yellow team. My goals are
to finish high school, go to college and get a carreer in
nursing. I want to be someone in the future, have a nice
family and have everything I want. My hobbies are to go
shopping every weekend at the mall. My family are my
parents, my brother and my sister. I live with my mom and my
dad. I am the only child left living with my parents from
the 3 children my mother had.

My greatest challenge was to learn how to use the script
buddy is wasn't easy to learn. My greatest success was that


I finished my screen play on time and I hope my teacher
likes it. What I would change if I had to do it again is
make it shorter because I made it too long. What I would
keep is the way the story went in each scene.

The growth I had as a student in this assignment is that I
learned something new and know I can do any story I want in
a screenplay. I realized that when you want to finish
something and you want to learn you can do it.


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