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by M. A. Hughes (msaad523@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

CARRY THE BANNER is an organized crime/drama about the struggle three brothers endure to make good of the mess their unknown father has left behind. Along the way they learn the true meaning of family and what it takes to protect it.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


ADAM JESSE-JAMES MCCAFFERY, 22, exits The Galway Pub.
Dressed in dirty grey machanic uniform, botton-down wrapped
around his waist, a silver celtic-cross chain rests on a
plain white tee. He grabs a smoke that rests behind his left
ear and walks down W. Broadway, talking on cell. Adam
crosses the street, does not look up to see a car speeding
toward him. The car stops one inch from his leg. Adam stands
still, drags his smoke, stares at the driver. Driver dangles
arm out the window, a gold clover-leafed diamond and emerald
encrusted ring adorns his middle finger.
      (into cell)
I'll call yeh back.
Hey you little shit! Get the fuck
outta the way 'fore I make you
Adam remains in the street. Driver and Adam stare eachother
down. Adam knows the driver, South Boston's notorious crime
leaders son, BOBBY "THE HAM" KENZIE, 48.
Nice way to speak to someone who's
doin' you a favor.
Favor, huh? Fuckin' smartie.
C'mere. Come over here.
Adam leans down in the car window. Bobby rev's the engine a
few times.
You hear that?
I don't hear it!
Bobby rev's it again.
That! Right there!


I aint catchin' on, Bobby. All I
hear is perfection!
Cocky son of a bitch. You know I'm
gonna be by in the morning, and
I'm gonna stand right over you and
watch you finish the job right.
You're lucky I don't have my
father out here cuttin' your
fuckin' fingers off right now!
Your father, huh? That's funny
'cause, I was just talkin' to your
You were talkin' to my father.
Yeah, just now. Nice guy. Sorry I
can't say the same about his son.
Bobby leans out the window, yanking Adam down by his shirt.
I see you in my pub again...
This was business, Bobby.
Bobby lets go of Adam. Adam stands upright, crosses the
street. Bobby creeps along, follows Adam another block, then
speeds away three buildings up, stops in front of The
Galway. Adam stands in a building doorway.
JOHN-BOY, 36, The Ham's cousin, younger brother of LOUIE
MALONE, 41, opens car door, exchanges a handshake with him,
a few bills between palms.
Doorman, FRANCIS "BIG FRANKIE" DWYER, 38, hired by Bobby's
father, Kenzie, as a hitman, steps forward, greets Bobby.
They shake hands, Bobby smooth-talks him, again exchanges a
few bills. They laugh and hollar, Bobby enters the pub.

Adam watches tentively, paces the curb, lights another
smoke, keeps eyes on John-Boy. John-Boy steps into the car,
revs the engine and drives around side of the pub to park.


A bum hobbles upon Adam, sporting a Detroit Tigers hat,
mumbles for some change, a smoke. Adam reaches into back
pocket, throws cnange to the ground, then chucks his smoke
hard. It flies down the sidewalk. Bum fumbles after the
smoke and the change that rolls down the sidewalk.

Frankie stands firm in front of the pub, picks up cell,
turns his head. Adam books down the three buildings to the
side parking lot. He rushes John-Boy as he steps out of the
Mercedes, decks him square in the jaw, instantly drops him
to the ground. Adam snags the keys from his grip and gives
him a swift kick in the ribs, pick-pockets the money Bobby
gave him, and jumps in the car.
Frankie hollers into the pub for Bobby. Adam peels out of
the parking lot. Bobby bursts out of the pub, gun drawn.
Hey! Hey, kid! Stop the fuckin'
Bobby runs up on his car, pistol in hand. He clutches to the
open window, shoves the pistol in Adam's cheek.
       heavily, shocked)
What are you thinkin', McCaffery?!
You work for me!
It would be a good idea to get
the fuck outta my car.
I'll never work for you.
Adam guns it. Bobby's wrist catches the edge of the window
and the gun drops in Adams lap. He speeds away.
A few blocks away, Adam checks the rearview, fumbles for his
cell in his pants pocket. He dials his best friend, SAM
MACCORMACK, 22. It rings five times. Adam gets impatient,
bangs his fist on the steering wheel.
Come on, Sam.
Sam! Hey, Sammy, where are you?


                       SAM (V.O.)
Sittin' with Jax. Why?
Be on the porch, I'm pickin' you
                       SAM (V.O.)
In what car?
Adam hangs up, tosses the cell on the passenger seat. Adam
feels the weight of Bobby's gun in his lap. He picks it up,
peers into the rearview again, eyes fall down upon a small
St. Christopher attatched to the dash. Adam whips the pistol
at the figure, knocks it off the dash and tosses the gun
onto the passenger seat. He takes his celtic cross necklace
from around his neck and slings it around the rearview, and
speeds off.
Adam drives a few blocks to K Street and pulls up to the
residence of friend, JACKSON FLAHERTY, 30, where Sam and Jax
are waiting on the porch. He stuffs the Berretta down in the
waist of his pants, sticks his arm out of the window and
waves impatiently at Sam.
Holy shit, Adam! What are you
doin' with..
Just get in Sam!
Nice ride, Jr.!
Hey, Jax, do me a favor an' keep
this to yourself, huh?
No problem, kid. Hey, tell Keeley
I'll be down the pub tonight!
Sam, carrying a skateboard, pulls the hood down from his
head. He hops down the steps, climbs in the car. Adam turns
around, heads back toward W. Broadway. Sam sits back against
the passenger door, faces Adam. He rests his right arm up on
the closed window.


Why are you pickin' me up in Bobby
Kenzie's car?
Adam ignores Sams question.
Light me a smoke, Sam.
Sam stares in awe. Adam turns to see what the delay is.
Sam. I was bein' serious. C'mon!
Jesus, I- I gotta drive! Get me a
fuckin' smoke!
Sam pulls a soft pack from his hoodie pocket, skakes out two
cigarettes and puts them both to his lips and pulls them
from the pack. He fishes his jeans pockets for a light,
finds a box of Kentuckey Blue Tips, shakes one out and
flicks his thumb to the tip. The match ignites, he lights
both smokes and hands one off to Adam.
You done working on the car?
Adam sucks down half of his smoke in one drag.
For now.
Adam exhales a storm cloud of smoke.
Does Bobby know you're out
joy-riding it around Southie right
You could say that.
Sam drags on his smoke and looks out at the road in front of
What's goin' on, Adam?
Sam sits back, settles in, stokes his smoke and waits for
the story from Adam.


I stole the car.
You stole the car?
I stole the car.
You work for him, Adam. How could
you steal his car?
I don't work for Bobby. His father
asked a favor of me. That favor is
the work I'm doin' on this car.
For him, not his knuckle-headed
Well what the fuck, Adam!
I mean, are we in some shit here
or what?
Me? For sure. You? Don't sweat it.
Sam drags hard on his smoke.
Wha'd you drag me inta this fah?
What are we doin' here? Where you
Sam gets nervous, shifts in his seat.
Calm the fuck down. I'm goin' to
the pub.
And what's this shit about dragin'
you inta this? I thought you were
my friend, Sammy.
Ok, ok. You're right. Let's go to
the pub.


Adam comes up on a traffic light. He slows to a smooth stop.
A vacant cab pulls up along side of the car. Adam glances
over, notices the driver has locked eyes on him. Adam stares
back. He recognizes this man with a Detroit Tigers hat on.
Sam watches with curiosity
You know this man?
No Sam.
The cab peels out, speeds down the street.
Well then you might want to step
on it. Fuckin' light's green, bro.
A car behind Adam honks obnoxiously. Adam peels out,
immediately regrets his sudden move, he slows it down,
careful not to attract attention.
Bobby sits at the end of a table in the back of The Galway,
he fumes. A couple of his associats are there, along with
Frankie, cousins Louie, and John-Boy, cleaned up and
Unbelievable. Fuckin' kid.
You had a job to do, Frankie.
I'll take care of him. Just say
the word.
No, let me take care of it, Ham.
I'll go over there right now and
beat the ever-loving life outta
that little shit!
Bobby stands and walks toward Louie, one hand is on his hip,
the other up near his mouth. He's ponders on a thought.
No. No, these fuckin' boys. You
have no idea who they are. Those


                       BOBBY (cont'd)
been nothing but trouble since the
day they were born.
Louie moves around Ham, he turns along with him as he paces
Hammy, he fucked with my baby
brother! I'll take him out! Right
now! What makes them so fuckin'
significant, anyway?
Bobby sighs heavily, both hands rest on his hips. He looks
up at Louie.
Ewen McCaffery
Louie blinks in realization to the name.
Their father? What does he have to
with anything anymore?
Word has it, he's back in town.
Been spotted around the
neighborhood, dressed in different
get-up, even drivin' a friggin'
cab. Hit's still pending. The soul
purpose for our little Black
Beauty, that's so very
irrisponsibly in the grubby grip
of young Adam McCaffery.
He rushed me, Bobby!
We won't go into it, John-Boy.
Right now, we need to focus on
Adam, and especially that older
brother of his.
Shit, which one? Aint there like
ten o' them pricks?
Nine, to be exact. But one of 'em
died when he was a kid, back in
'93. That leaves eight.


That leaves one. Our little
jail-bird flew the coup two weeks
ago. I'm sure he's none too happy
to find his younger brother hard
at work on the very machine
planned to take out their own
Slowly, each of the boys begin to chuckle at the fact.
What are you thinkin'? What's the
Bobby motions for Louie to sit at the table.
Adam drives around the building into the parking lot. The
back of the pub is inverted between the line of buildings.
Adam backs the Mercedes in and parks it near the back door
to the pub.
Adam, your brother finds out this
car is here, you're as good as
dead, you know that, right?
Adam ignores Sam's comment. He turns off the engine, stares
Sammy, go 'round front and go
indide. Don't say nothin'.
Adam opens his door, steps out and paces around the car. Sam
remains in the Mercedes. Adam's cell phone rings underneath
Sam's bottom. He sits forward and picks it up, answers it.
                       MATTIE (V.O.)
Oh hey, Mattie. It's Sam.
                       MATTIE (V.O.)
Where's my brother? He was
supposed to be home an hour ago.


What, he got some sorta cerfew?
                       MATTIE (V.O.)
Just give 'im the phone, Sam!
Yeah, you got it, Mattie.
Sam opens his door and steps out, holds the phone out to
It's your brother.
Adam grabs the phone from Sam and hangs up. He points his
arm toward Silver Street.
Go inside, Sammy.
Sam complies, rides away on his skateboard. Owner of the
pub, CHARLIE MCCORMACK, 56, walks out the back door, wiping
out a beer glass.
Adam! Get that fuckin' thing outta
Adam throws his arms up.
Awe, c'mon, Charlie! Just hold on
a second!
Fuck you! You aint parkin' that
piece of shit here!
Four floors up, Mattie, climbs out on the fire escape and
peers down at the two in the alley, clad, in a pair of dark
blue jeans. He keeps quiet and observes the scene.
Adam, you get the fuck outta here
with that thing! Bring that
bullshit here!


Mattie runs down the stairs, hops on one leg at a time,
pulls on one boot at a time, a plain white tee slung over
his shoulder.
Mattie walks through the back door, passes Charlie. He
throws his tee-shirt over his head, pulls it down and looks
up at his brother. He reaches a hand up, runs fingers
through his jet black hair.
Adam! Get your ass inside!
Alright, Mattie!
Shit. Keep ya pants on.
Mattie walks back into the pub. Adam walks toward the pub.
He hesitates as he nears the back door.
Why don't you go inside. I'm sure
your brother's got some choice
words for yeh.
Charlie smacks Adam on the shoulder, hard. They both enter
the pub, Charlie behind Adam.
The bar counter, located to the right of the back door,
crawls with PATRONS desperatley awaiting their next drink.
Charlie makes it back behind his bar, picks up where he was
interrupted, fills his drink orders, exact and in record

Adam pushes his way through the drunk mob, up to the end of
the bar. Mattie is behind the bar counter. Two shot glasses
are placed on the bar in front of him, whiskey spills all
around the glasses as he fills them for a second time,
knocks them back, slams both glasses on the bar and walks
back upstairs.


Adam watches his brother, shakes his head with worry. His
hands tremble, he wipes the advancing sweat from his face.
Charlie walks over to him and gives him a good shove toward
the stairs.
Adam climbs the four flights on the tail of his brother. He
gets more nervous each minute. He stops momentarily to catch
his breath, then enters the apartment.
Hey, Mattie? Where are yeh?
Adam finds his brother in the kitchen, leaned against the
sink, his head down, with his back turned. Adam leans
against the wall. He fidgets with the molding on the
Ya don't understand, Mattie..
Mattie turns around, glares at his brother.
I look like a fuckin' retahd?
He tried runnin' me down!
And Bobby Kenzie's gonna take you
out in broad daylight, in front of
hundreds of people, too.
I was mindin' my own business,
crossin' the street and the car
comes plowin' toward me. Almost
took out my leg!
Mattie folds his arms over his chest.
You do somethin' ta piss him off?


What street were you on? Where
were you goin' after work?
West Broadway and Dot Ave.
Listen, I just had to go and take
care of something for Reece. No
big deal. And what difference does
it make where I am? You told me
you weren't gonna babysit...
Mattie steps forward and, out of desperation from hearing
another word, swings and decks his baby brother square in
the the side of his face. Adam drops to the floor, half
curled up in a ball, he cups his face, he nods in and out of
conciousness. Mattie turns around, he pulls at his hair. He
stands, with back turned, against the sink. Adam writhes in
pain on the floor. Mattie does not help him.
What are you fuckin' thinking?
Huh? You went to The Galway?
You know how hard I worked, tryin'
to keep you away from those
Adam struggles to get up. He grabs the edge of a chair to
help himself. Mattie opens the freezer. He pulls out an ice
tray, slams closed the freezer door.
Get up! What's wrong with you?
Aint take a punch before? You're a
car thief now?
You should be able to take a puch!
One of the numerous McCaffery brother's walks into the scene
in the kitchen.
What the fuck's goin' on in here?
KEELEY MORGAN MCCAFFERY, 28, another resident of the loft,
stands in the doorway, black Red Sox baseball hat covers his
strawberry-blonde hair, dressed in black tee, khaki cargo


shorts, skate shoes, backpack over shoulder, skateboard in
Mind ya' business, Keeley, huh? Go
downstairs or somethin'.
I live here.
Then help me with the kid.
Adam struggles to stand. Mattie and Keeley grab him under
the arms, haul their brother to his feet.
Open yeh mouth.
Mattie tosses two ice cubes into Adams wide open mouth.
                       MATTIE (continued)
Go on in the bathroom, I can clean
you up.
Mattie gives his brother a light shove out of the kitchen.
Adam fumbles down the hall into the bathroom.
God Damnit!
Mattie takes a swing at the refridgerator door.
Somethin' goin' on here, Mattie?
You aware our kid brother's
hangin' around The Galway?
Mattie grabs more ice for his hand.
                       MATTIE (continued)
You guys were sp'osed ta be
watchin' him. All o' yous, Seamus,
Jesse, Jackson, Keegan, Jimmie,
Mikey, Sam, all o' yous! Makin'
sure he wouldn't go near that
place! Kid fucked up real good.
Mattie walks to the window, motions for Keeley to follow him
out onto the fire escape. They peer down.


You see that? That's Bobby
Kenzie's car. Kid just boosted the
fuckin' thing.
How'd he pull that job off?
Let's go find out.
The boys climb back in the window. Mattie turns and points
at Keeley.
And keep that Irish whisper o'
yours down a few hundred decibels,
huh? Don't go snitchin' ta Seamus,
just yet, either.
Can't anyway. He's gone.
Yeah. Took off this morning on his
bike with a couple a' buddies.
Said he'd be back in a couple
days. His old lady's been by about
a hundred times cryin' about it.
Ma know?
You kiddin'?
Mattie grabs a bottle of whiskey. The two boys meet Adam in
the bathroom.
Adam squats on the closed toilet seat. He holds his mouth, a
dribble of blood smeared down his lip. The left side of his
face swells black and blue.
Go behind our backs, J.J.? You
should apologize to yeh brother,
here. And to the rest of your


                       MATTIE (cont'd)
siblings. Especially little Kevin.
Kid looks up to you, watches your
every move. Settin' a great
Yeah, and you really should march
downsatirs and tell Charlie to his
face. Just tell 'im, 'Hey Charlie,
Fuck you!'. He took care of us,
J.J., and this is how you repay
Fuck both of you! Do you hear
yourselves right now? Mattie, you
just got outta fuckin' prison! You
think you have the right to tell
me what the fuck is up? Workin'
your way up with Kenzie and Co.,
rubbin' Bobby's cock all the
while! And you turned Jesse inta a
fuckin' thug wanna-be. You know
Kenzie thinks he's an idiot, and
treats him accordingly. Jesse aint
no thug! And you, Keeley! Don't
even get me started on your
clepto-mania! Stealin from the day
you learned how to use your
opposable thumb!
Adam's lip gushes blood from yelling. He has worked himself
up to tears. Mattie sets the whiskey down on the counter and
grabs a cloth from the cabinet under the sink. He wraps the
ice in the cloth and presses it against Adams cheek.
Alright, cool it. Hold that there.
Keep the swelling down. An' keep
that ice in yeh mouth, stop the
Mattie grabs another cloth, wets it, wipes the blood from
Adams mouth. He rests back on the sink across from the
toilet. He runs fingers through his hair, folds his arms
across his chest, looks to Keeley.
What're you soupin' up Kenzie's
car for, J.J.?


I don't know.
What the fuck are you sayin'? Spit
that shit outta ya mouth.
Adam spits out the ice cubes into his palm along with a pool
of blood.
I don't know what for! It's just a
A favor. Right. There's no favors
in this business, Adam. There's
jobs. You're doin' a job for him.
And it's not all he's gonna need
from you, either.
Look, he said he chose me to do it
because he knew how good Dad was.
I swear, it's just a favor,
Mattie is furious. He starts pacing.
He chose you?
Put that shit back in ya mouth!
Are ya fuckin' stupid? You think
this was coincidental? He chose
you. That's a good one, Adam. He's
workin' you up. Ta see what you're
made of. But now, you fucked it
all up.
Adam shoves the melting bloody ice back in his mouth. He
lowers his head, then lifts his shirt and pulls the 9MM
Berretta from the waist of his pants. He sets it up on the
counter, next to his brother. Mattie watches this in awe.
What the fuck is that?! Is that
Keeley jumps back.


Jesus Christ, J.J.!
Adam shakes his head. He does not look up. His cheek swells.
His eye turns black and blue. He is unable to talk from the
Shit just gets better an' better!
I thought you just stole the car!
Mattie turns to grab the bottle of whiskey. He unscrews the
cap, extends his arm.
Take a swig of this.
Adam grips the bottle. He spits out the ice cubes into the
trash can next to the toilet and knocks back a good gulp. He
waits a minute for the pain to subside. The bleeding has
He ran out.
He chased me down. Straight out of
Galway, right after me, gun drawn.
I drove right off.
How did you get the gun?
He dropped it. In the window.
I thought you said you drove right
Look, it's complicated, alright?
Yeah? I can make this a helluva
lot more complicated if you want!
Adam takes a deep breath.
Alright, alright. If you need to
know the whole damn story.
Adam takes another swig from the bottle.


Bobby is on the phone with REECE KELLY, 36, manager of
EWEN'S AUTO. A garage formerly owned by EWEN MCCAFFERY, 56,
specifically used for customizing Kenzie's cars for numerous
purposes, as well as service for the general public.
                       REECE (V.O.)
So what's the deal?
Deal is, and I know this kid, he's
gonna go straight to his brother
and his brother's gonna come to
you. He trusts you. When this
happens, you have them take the
car to your house, stash it. We'll
be by much later to snag it.
                       REECE (V.O.)
And the kid?
Don't worry about him. I've got my
own plans for young McCaffery.
                       REECE (V.O.)
You got it.
Bobby hangs up. He rounds up Louie, Frankie, and John-Boy.
He saw you.
Yeah, he saw me.
That's great. That's good work,
Adam. Real slick.
Mattie picks up the 9MM from the counter, cocks back the
barrel, notices it is fully loaded. He points it at the
Adam, do you even know how to
shoot a gun?
Adam hangs his head. His face turns red.


Well I, I never have before.
Call me crazy, but, somehow I
don't believe you.
Mattie reaches his left arm out, open palmed, and biffs his
brother in the side of his head.
Stop lyin'!
Jesus! What the fucks a' matter
with you? Stop hittin' me!
Hey, c'mon, Mattie! Take it easy!
Mattie shoves the pistol in the front of his jeans, pulls
his tee shirt over it. He stands up quickly.
Get up. We're goin' to the shop.
Mattie, you can't just drive
around the streets in that thing!
Someone's gonna see us!
Yeah, Mattie. I don't know if
that's such a good idea.
Mattie shuffles passed Adam and Keeley out of the bathroom
and into the hall.
A good idea? What the fuck do you
call liftin' that high-
performance murder-wagon from
Kenzie and Co.? I'm takin' it
back, and makin' damn sure not a
one of 'em comes near you again,
Adam jumps up after his brother. Mattie marches down the
hall. He grabs his wallet from the counter in the kitchen.
Adam runs down the hall, passes his brother.


Adam! Get back here!
Adam makes it to the staircase that leads down into the pub.
Mattie runs down them after his brother.
Muffled cheers and music can be heard from the stairs. Adam
bursts through the door, the Juke blares The Pogues - Dirty
Old Town. Charlie whips around, shocked. Adam speeds passed
him, brushes against his shoulder.
Fuckin' kid.
Charlie tends to the raging crowd. He is interrupted once
again, as Mattie and Keeley charge from the door.
Adam shoves his way through the drunken mob,
tunnel-visioned. The regulars, including SHEA FLAHERTY, 29,
her older brother, Jax, and Charlie's nefwew's and niece,
PIPER and DICEY RIELLY, 24, youngest brother, Sam, along
with Mattie's twin sister, MARGARET MARY, 26, all sit deep
in the back nearest the bar. They pay him no attention, keep
to their converations and drinks.
Charlie! Why didn't ya' stop 'im?
Mattie slams a palm on the bar counter. He and Keeley skip
out the back door.
Adam makes a run for the back lot where the Mercedes is
parked. He nears the lot and spots Mattie leaning on the
drivers side of the car, his arms folded over his chest,
Keeley not far away, ready for whatever action. Adam stops
in his tracks, a hundred feet from Mattie, like a western
duel, they stare each other down.
Gimme the keys, Adam!


Adam walks quickly toward his brother. As he nears Mattie,
he pulls back his arm and rushes his last few steps, lunges
at his brother, but misses and hits the Mercedes door.
Ah! Fuck!
Adam drops the keys, flaps his hand around, then cups it in
his other, holds it close to him.
Why'd you fuckin' move?
Mattie grabs the keys from the pavement. He turns to go back
inside the pub, but Adam catches the collar of Mattie's
shirt. Mattie swings around, knocks Adam to the ground. He
pounces his baby brother, pins him down. Adam writhes to no
What are ya', gonna hit me again?
Keeley walks over quickly.
Mattie! C'mon, get off the kid! He
had enough already!
I wantchu ta stay right here.
Don't move.
Mattie prods a stiff finger into Adam's chest. Keeley lifts
Mattie off of Adam. Mattie shuffles back into the pub, slams
the door behind him.
Adam rolls over on his side, slams his palm to the concrete.
Keeley attempts to help him up, Adam brushes him off, sighs
heavily. He stands on his own, drags himself over to the
hood of the Mercedes, takes a seat, lights a smoke.
Mattie walks passed Charlie, points to the back door. He
skips up the staircase, two steps at a time.
Keep an eye on them, Charlie!


Charlie peers around for his nefew, Jimmie, hangin' around
the Juke near the bar, which is blaring 'Get A Job' by the
Silhoettes. A thumb and pinky to his lips, Charlie whistles
loud for him. Jimmie makes his way to the bar counter.
What's the problem, Uncle Charlie?
He rests his elbows up on the counter and throws up a couple
of fingers.
Watch the bar. I got business.
Charlie taps the bar counter with his finger tips. He
unravels his apron, tosses it to Jimmie, and walks out the
back door.
Charlie walks toward Adam, on the hood of the Mercedes. An
arm stuffed in one pocket, the other dangles at his side
with a smoke squeezed between fingers, Adam shifts his eyes
up at him.
Come out here ta gimme grief,
You need to learn ta shut ya'
mouth sometimes, kid.
Adam drags his smoke.
Yeah, so I hear.
Th' fuck's goin' on here, Keeley?
Why you boy's on J.J.'s ass all of
a sudden?
It's this car, Charlie. Got bad
JuJu or somethin'. The kid's been
workin' on it at the shop, like
non-stop for weeks.


      (to Adam)
For Kenzie?
Yeah for Kenzie, that fat fahkin'
bastard. It's like some
high-powered James Bond shit.
Right, J.J.?
Adam hops off the hood, steps passed his brother to snuff
out his smoke against the brick of the building.
You know much about cars, Keeley?
      (shrugs shoulders)
Not that much.
How d'you know what this car is
capable of, then?
I-I don't know..
'Cause of what Mattie says?
Keeley shrugs his shoulders, folds arms over chest.
                       ADAM (continued)
Right. Ever since he came home,
he's been nothin' but on my ass
about every damn thing under the
God given sun. Locked up for six
and a half friggin' years, out for
two weeks and the guy thinks he
can come back and run my life.
He made me help him, Keeley! I'm
an acomplice! Bobby finds that
out, he'll cut my dick off an'
feed it to me!
I was just a kid. He was
everything ta me, Keeley. Now he's
just the same as them. Just a
fuckin' lier.


That's not true. Mattie cares..
Don't spit that bullshit at me,
Keeley. You're no better.
You act like we're the enemy,
Adam. We're here for you, not
tryin' ta fight you.
Cute, Keeley. You can cut the
hippy shit.
Mattie bursts out of the back door of the pub. Both Charlie
and Adam look up. He walks toward the two of them.
Git in the car, Adam.
Adam unlocks the car, glances at Charlie in question, or
approval. Charlie stares back, blankly. Mattie throws his
arms up, slams them back down on the hood.
Adam! You're the speed racer!
Get in!
You want me ta ride with yous?
Nah. Stay here. Keep the place in
line fah Charlie.
Adam reaches for the door handle, opens it and climbs in,
eyes on his brother. He lowers into the seat. Mattie nods
Charlie over. They have a quick chat outside the car, then
Mattie climbs in.
Keeley, tell Shea I'll be back
Adam revs the engine, backs up out of the alley and peels
out down the road. Charlie watches, shakes his head. He and
Keeley walk back into the pub.


As Adam speeds down the road, he plays around with the knobs
on the radio, flips stations, curses at it. Mattie leans up
against the passenger door, his arm rested on the open
window, hand over his mouth. Finally he is fed up and
reaches out and smacks Adams hand away from the radio,
leaving the station on some 50's swingin' tune.
Why don't you pay attention and
      (clearing his
So what did ol' Charlie have to
say back there?
Mattie omits his brothers question.
Hook a left here.
Adam drives on down Old Colony. The car ride is silent the
rest of the time, tension stews, except for Matties
directions, which leads them back to Ewens Auto, their place
of employment.
Pull in the driveway 'round back.
I always love hangin' around work
when I'm not on the clock.
Well now that's shocking. Being
that you're here after hours
And gettin' paid.
Stop. I don't wanna know.
Adam complies with his brother's direction. He pulls up at
the back garage door. Mattie gets out of the car and walks
up to the door, unlocking it and shoves the heavy metal
upward. He turns around, waves Adam inside. He takes a look
around the street and drops the door down.


It's dark and dusty, the shop smells of engine fluids and
burnt rubber. Adam parks the Mercedes, turns off the engine.
Mattie closes the garage door. He walks to the drivers side
      (snapping fingers,
       jerking thumb)
Get outta the car.
Adam steps out slowly. He pockets the keys.
You got Bobby's number?
Do me a favor. Give 'im a call.
What am I gonna say to 'im? Tell
him where we are? Fuck, he's
probably on his way right now.
Yeah, I doubt that.
Mattie makes his way through the darkened garage toward the
front counter to scope it out. Adam remains in the
shadows,plagued. Mattie returns, rustles through some boxes
of old car parts.
He on the line yet?
You were serious?
Dial the number. Gimme the phone.
He knows my voice, Mattie. He's
gonna know it's you.


You seem to know what you're doing
then. Call him up, figure this
thing out on your own.
Mattie walks away back toward the front of the shop.
Wait! Mattie, I'll call him.
Adam pulls his cell from his pocket and dials Ham's number.
Mattie observes.
Speed dial an' everything.
Adam hands the phone over to Mattie.
Bobby, I got your car. Meet me at
Reece's place, thirty minutes.
Mattie hangs up and dials Reece, hands the phone to Adam.
                       ADAM (V.O.)
Reece, I need you to come down
here to the shop.
      (acting startled)
Why, we get robbed or somethin'?
                       ADAM (V.O.)
No, no, it's ah, everything's
fine. I got somethin' ta ask you.
You wanna get here?
Yeah, yeah, alright. Be there in
Adam hangs up, puzzled, a bit paranoid.
What are you workin' out here,


Why? You worried about somethin'?
Bobby, Louie, John-Boy, and Frankie sit at a booth in the
back of the pub.
      (into cell)
Kid's brother called, said he'd
have the car over at your place.
Somethin's up.
                       REECE (V.O.)
Shit, the kid just called, told me
ta meet him over at the shop. I'm
headin' over there right now.
The boys and I'll roll by your
place. Keep me posted.
Adam stares hard at Mattie sifting through boxes of auto
What are you doing?
Mattie looks up as if he's been terribly interrupted from a
serious train of thought and concentration.
Tryin' ta keep myself busy. Why
don't you go clean yourself up or
somethin'? You look like shit.
No thanks to you.
The boys hear a door open in the front of the shop. Mattie
points a finger at his brother.
It's gotta be Reece. You stay
Hey Reece!


                       REECE (O.S.)
Mattie fills Reece in on the story. Adam walks toward the
door Mattie had entered, but decides to stand against the
wall beside the door to listen.
                                         FRONT COUNTER -
Mattie leans forward against the front counter of the auto
shop, elbows propped up. Reece stands on the oppisite side
of the counter. Outside the door, Adam's cell vibrates in
his pocket.
      (into cell)
Just give me a half hour, then
make your move. Be at E. 8th and L
                       REECE (O.S.)
Adam, come in here.
A swollen, blackend eye, Adam stands back against the
counter, looks up at Reece and his brother.
      (to Mattie)
Jesus, you did that to him?
He had it comin'.
Adam rolls his eyes, looks away.
Look, stash the car at my place.
They don't know where I live. When
it's clear, I'll roll it on over
to Joey's. They'll have the thing
in a million peices and get rid of
it so fast, no one'll ever know it
even existed.
Mattie taps the counter.


Let's get this show on the road.
We don't have much time. I already
called Bobby. He's on his way, and
he aint showin' up alone.
Mattie reaches an arm out, palm wide open.
Keys, Adam.
Adam stuffs his hand in his jeans pocket to fish out the
keys and reluctantly hands them over to his brother.
What exactly do you have planned
when they show up?
Don't worry about it, J.J. This is
no longer in your hands.
Mattie moves quickly, gets down to business. He walks over
to Reece, speaks close range.
Reece, take Adam back home.
Charlie knows everything, don't
worry about it. I'll be there soon
as I can. Don't let him leave the
Mattie opens the door to the Mercedes, looking to his
Adam, get the door.
Mattie climbs in the car and starts the engine, revs it
hard, spewing exhaust through the garage. Adam has the
garage door open, stands in the doorway. Mattie reverses out
into the driveway. He leans out the window.
Be careful?
I'll see yeh when I see yeh.
Adam waits at the door, watches Reece's bomb of a '68 Galaxy
backing out. It backfires a few dozen times as he backs out
of the garage. Adam closes the heavy door, locks up. Reece
drives toward the Shoe Shine Pub. Adam peers down the street


through the sideview mirror, the Mercedes shrinks in the
distance, and he rubs his eye.
Mattie comes to a stop at a red light and peers into the
rearview, notices Adam's necklace that dangles from it.
Confused, he reaches for it, but a cab screeches to a hault
next to him on the left. He turns his head, observes the
driver, who stares back at him, a Detroit Tigers hat adorns
his head.

Mattie stares back. He cocks his head to one side, lets his
arm fall out the window, it rests against the warm metal of
the door. He raises his hand up to gesture a sign of
question, but the light changes and the cab peels forward.

He takes off after the cab. He trails far enough behind,
sure to blend as regular traffic. Driver of the cab leads
Mattie zig zagging up and down G, H, and I Streets, until
the cab finally loses him off of Summer Street.
After parking the Galaxie, Reece and Adam enter the Shoe
Shine Pub. Adam enters first, immediatly assaulted by the
swirls of smoke and laughter, clinking glasses and the Juke
blaring a Motown tune.
The two of them shove through the packed pub. Reece lifts an
arm up to get Charlie's attention, to let him know they made
it back. Charlie nods, sliding a tall glass, full of the
popular Guinness, down the bar, a bit of the dark cream
splashing over the side. Reece retreats up the stairs to
Charlie's loft.
Jesus, Charlie! Why didn't you say
you needed help? Chirst! When'd it
get so busy?
Adam runs behind the counter and grabs the glass from
Charlie's grip and fills it with the Guinness on tap,
sliding it over to its rightful owner. Charlie pulls Adam
close to him by the shirt collar. He hollars in his ear.


When you was out fuckin' off
stealin' gangsters cars! Grab that
guy hangin' all over the bar down
there! Get the fuck rid of 'im!
Adam moves down the bar to a customer hanging over the
counter, trying to reach over it to the taps, holding his
glass out.
Hey! Friend! You wanna move it
back a little?
Friend? I aint your friend! I been
waitin' five fuckin' hours for a
refill! Get that fat fuck to gimme
another drink!
      (shooing with
Alright, alright, lets move it
along, guy! Hit the fuckin' road!
Fuck you, I ain't leavin' til I
get my drink!
Adam quickly makes a decision, and splashes a full beer in
his face.
There's your friggin' drink!
Adam quickly spots Jimmie hanggin' around the Juke, now
rockin' a Zeppelin number.
      (pinky and thumb
       pressed on lips,
       whistling LOUD)
Hey, Jimmie!
Jimmie looks up, notices Adam waving him over and makes his
way to the bar counter. Adam jerks a thumb at the guy, who
is now climbing over the bar. Jimmie grabs the guy by his
belt, drags him off the bar.
We got a problem here?


Ah, what the fuck is this?
Adam raises his eyebrows to Jimmie. Jimmie grabs the guy
from behind, wraps his arms underneath his, and begins
dragging him away. The guy gets pissed, trys to get out of
Jimmie's grip.
Let's go for a walk, pal.
Jimmie drags him out the front door, kicking and hollering.
Adam continues to tending the respectful customers at the
bar, running back and forth, hollering drink combinations to
Charlie, taking money and tips, engaging in numerous
conversations and stories, laughing, having a good time,
losing himself in the moment.
Mattie pulls up to Reece's house. He parks the car in front
and and gets out. He quickly unscrews the plate from the
back, replacing it with another from the shop. He is
startled by a figure walking down the block. He reaches for
the 9MM tucked behind his back in the waist of his pants.
A figure emerges in the back-lit window of the house, and
remains there, watching the ordeal unfold.
Mattie holds the gun out to his side, a firm grip around the
handle. He takes a few short steps back, rubs his face. He
backs away from the house, bumps into something. A set of
hands grab hold of Mattie's shirt and he is jerked forward,
dropping his pistol, and lead toward the drivers side of the
Mercedes. Feeling the cool metal of the barrel of a gun to
his temple, he complies.
Get in.
Mattie climbs in the car, pulling the keys from his jeans
pocket and starts it up, both hands high up on the wheel,
nervous. The man gets in the passenger seat and closes the
door. Extending his left arm, he points his pistol back
against the side of Mattie's head. The man gets in the
passenger seat and closes the door. Extending his left arm,
he points his pistol back against the side of Mattie's head.
Drive. And keep your eyes forward.


Where the Hell are we going,
No questions. I give you
directions, you drive.
Mercedes pulls away, cruising along the row of streetlamps
down the block. It turns a corner and the figure emerges
from the back door of the house.
SHERRI LOUISE KELLY, 25, Reece's youngest sister, walks down
the driveway, stands at the curb, peers down the road.
Sherri takes a few steps back and trips on an object lying
beneath her feet, Bobby's silver Beretta Mattie had dropped.
She picks it up, inspects it, runs back in the house.
Hey Charlie! Whiskey Sour! Tall
red-head, down the end o' the bar!
Adam is running back and forth, shouting drink orders at
Charlie, serving one after another, sneeking sips from them
all. Jimmie is at the very end, perched up on a wooden stool
cupping a beer glass, leaned forward chatting close range
with Shea, sitting to his left. Jax and Keeley play pool.

The Shoe Shine is in full swing, crowded, hot, smokey
and noisy. The Juke spewing the good ol' tunes from times
passed. Gals n' guys chasing eachother for companionship,
even if just for this night. Glasses clink as old mates
catch up or new friends get to know one another.
Mattie is lead a round-about way back to the Shoe Shine Pub,
the man in the passenger seat careful of them not to be
seen. They are parked out in front of the Pub, the car still
Get out.
Mattie attepmts to turn toward this man, the pistol shoves
harder into the side of his head. He jerks away, closing his


      (softly, voice
Look, who the hell are you anyway?
I said get out.
Mattie makes no argument. He opens his door and steps out
quickly. The man does not come out to walk around to the
drivers side. He climbs over into the drivers seat and
speeds off, kicking up dirt onto Mattie. Mattie waves his
hands against the dust getting in his eyes, coughing. He
steps out into the street to watch the car zoom away until
he can no longer see it.
Mattie whips open the door to the Pub and makes his way
quickly to the bar, his eyes determined forward. He spots
Charlie at the oppisite end, catering to a roudy customer,
catches Adam a few feet away, dealing with a similar
Hey, Mattie! How'd it go?
Mattie disregardes his brother, moves down toward Charlie,
whom is still taking on one discontented character. Mattie
pushes his way through demanding customers and steps up on
the bar foot rest to rise above the crowd.
The squally crowd around him drowning out his words, Mattie
hollers louder.
                       MATTIE (continued)
Charlie, I gotta talk to ya'!
Mattie jerks a thumb toward the back door to the pub.
Charlie follows.
What? What couldn't wait five
seconds, I coulda gotten rid o'
that fat fuck at the bar, huh? Now
he's gonna go fuck with your


Mattie leans on the doorway. He sighs long and looks around
the pub over Charlie's head.
Where's Reece?
Reece? He went upstairs.
Charlie looks at his wrist for a watch that is not there.
Geez, 'bout ten minutes ago.
Keeley heads over to them, pool stick in hand.
What's up? Everything go ok?
Fuckin' perfect.
That sounds convincing.
Car's gone.
Wasn't that the plan?
It was. 'Cept it's gone inta the
wrong hands.
      (Irish whisper)
J.J. didn't fuck shit up, did he?
Adam glances over, hearing his name.
Keep it down, Keeley! Christ!
Look, I was car-jacked, ok? While
takin' care of the plates, some
guy comes outta nowhere, shoves a
piece against my head and makes me
drive all the way back here. Kicks


                       MATTIE (cont'd)
me outta the car, and then he's
gone, along with the Mercedes.
      (thinking out loud)
High-powered murder-wagon.
One o' Kenzie's guys?
How'd he know to drop you here?
Th' fuck knows? I'ma go upstairs,
see about Reece. Keeley, you
Mattie opens the door to Charlie's apartment. He and Keeley
walk into the front room and spot Reece on the couch,
talking on the phone. Keeley stands in front of him, grins.
Hey, Reece.
      (to Reece)
What're you doin'?
Reece looks up, startled. He hangs up immedietly.
Mattie, Keeley. What the hell are
you kids doin' up here?
Just about ta ask you the same
question. We live here. What's
your excuse?
Just needed the phone. Cell died.
Who you talkin' to?
Keeley moves in closer. Reece shifts in his seat.


Everything, ah, go alright with
the car?
It's taken care of.
Reece suddenly stands, pats his pockets, looks at Mattie.
Well, sounds good. I gotta take
off. Duty calls. The old lady's
bitchin' my head off.
Reece passes Mattie, gives him a light smack on the shoulder
and heads down the stairs. Mattie and Keeley remain standing
in Charlie's front room, puzzled. Mattie walks over to the
phone, tempted to pick it up and redial. Keeley picks up,
You know, Mattie, this right here
is gonna answer all our questions.
Or throw 'em all in the shitter.
                       LOUIE (V.O.)
Yeah. Reece, what is it now?
Keeley hangs up immedietly.
Who th' fuck was it?
John-Boy pulls up in front of the house in a silver sedan,
lights out, the passenger door opens. Louie steps out to
take a look around the premises. He throws his hands up to
Bobby in the car. Bobby leans out the car window and points
to the back of the place.
Check it out, I'll go in the


Louie nods, opens a gate leading to the backyard, gun drawn.
Bobby steps out from the car. He walks up to the back door
of the house, pulls his gun and bangs open the door.
Bobby creeps around in the darkened house, through the
kitchen, the living room, then down a long hallway leading
to the stairs. He starts up them. Louie catches up.

Bobby motions for him to check one room, while he gets
another. Bobby notices a light coming from a room at the end
of the hall. He walks toward it, another living area. Bobby
walks around the room to find Sherri sitting on the edge of
a chair, clutching the Beretta.
That's a nice piece you got there,
sweetheart. Where'd you get a
weapon like that?
Sherri remains silent. Louie enters the room. He recognises
Reece's baby sister. Well well
well. It's always a pleasure to
see you.
Louie reaches a hand down to caress her cheek. Sherri smacks
it away.
Do me a favor an' keep your grubby
paws off me, Louie.
I don't suppose you're gonna let
us in on where your brother
stashed the car?
Bobby smiles, reaches out and snags his gun.
Thanks. I was looking for that!
You're car's gone. And my brother
has nothing to do with it.
Bobby and Louie share a glance of confusion.


Come again?
Your car was stolen!
Yeah, that's apparent.
Louie. Let me do the talking? Huh?
How did you come upon this bit of
information, cupcake.
      (rolling eyes)
A man drove away. In your car.
A man drove away in my car.
Did you get a look at this 'man'?
It's dark out.
Bobby gets impatient.
Mmm hmm.
Louie. We're done here. Thanks for
the pistol back, sweets.
Bobby steps out of the room, Louie in tow. They continue out
of the house.
That fuck has some explaining to
do. He said it'd be here.
You want me to pay 'im a visit in
the morning?
No, we're gonna see about Adam
instead. I'm not playin' with the
kid no more.


Bobby gets in back, where it's more private, dials Reece's
cell. Louie hops up front. John-Boy peels away.
What's up? No car?
No car. Just a big fuckin' problem
now. Kenzie's gonna shit.
What's he need a car hooked up
like fuckin' Double-O Seven
anyway? This Ewen guy dangerous or
Dangerous aint the word.
I wanna know where that kid got a
knack for that kind of work.
Louie peers out the window.
Genetics. Picked it up from his
old man. Best mechanic in all of
Adams serves his drinks, alongside Charlie, and Jimmie, who
jumped in for more help as the bar swells with drunk
patrons. Adam's cell vibrates in his pocket. He checks it.
Shit, Charlie! I gotta take this!
Adam raises his phone up to Charlie, jerks a thumb,
indicating he's walking away momentarily. He taps Jimmie on
the back.
Be back in a sec. Take my
Adam walks out the back door, holds it open with a foot,
picks up the call.


Reece, what the fuck. I thought
you were here at the pub.
                       REECE (V.O.)
Where's the car, Adam?
What're you talkin' about? It's at
your house. You had Mattie drive
it over there.
                       REECE (V.O.)
It's not here. Where's your
Adam hangs up, marches back in the pub and straight up the
stairs to find his brother.
Adam finds Mattie sitting in the dark at the kitchen table,
smoking a cigarette, staring out the window. He stops in the
doorway, light from the T.V. flickers against the wall.
Keeley chuckles at some show.
What're you smokin'?
Adam slowly makes his way to the table, takes a seat.
Marlboro Red. It's fuckin' harsh.
Adam pulls his smokes from his shirt pocket, lights one,
hands it off to his brother.
Try that one. It's not as bad.
Mattie trades his, takes the one Adam offers, nods in
You're right, that is smoother.
Can't believe you took up smoking.
You were a good fighter, J.J..
Fast, too, 'till you started
smoking. It's a bad habit.


Ah, c'mon. I wasn't any good at
boxing. You were the champ, you
know that. Ma was proud of you,
not me. I couldn't make sense of
boxing. Anyway, my specialty is
Yeah. Just like Pops.
Talk about him like you just seen
I wish, J.J. I really do.
Mattie leans back in his chair, rubs his face.
Where's the car, Mattie?
Mattie sits forward, looks at his brother. He hesitates.
It's taken care of, Adam.
Reece just called me. Car's not at
the house. Bobby already talked to
him. It's our ass's now, Mattie.
No. It was your ass, the second
you walked into The Galway six
years ago. You made the decision.
You had fare warning.
Shea walks into the kitchen in only a white tee and her
panties. She leans on the molding in the doorway.
Things ok, babe?
Yeah, sweetheart. Just a minute,
Yeah, sure.
Shea reaches a hand out and rubs Adams back.


Hey, kiddo, go easy on yeh
brother. He loves you.
Mattie drags on his smoke, nods at his brother. Shea heads
back into Mattie's room. Mattie gets up from the table,
snuffs out cig.
Where you goin'?
Mattie makes his way passed Keeley, down the hall.
                       MATTIE (O.S.)
Ta bed!
The crowd has thined out, a few passed out drunks are
hunched over the bar. Charlie shoves them off, shoos them
out the door. Adam sits atop a stool at the end of the bar
near the Juke, along with Jimmie, Mikey, Dicey, Sam, and
Margaret Mary. They're laughing, sharing drinks. Charlie
locks up for the night. A few minutes later, there's a knock
on the glass window. Sherri waves at Adam to let her in.
      (out of breath)
Hey, Adam.
Where's your brother?
He's upstairs. In bed. What's
wrong? You run all the way here or
                       MARGARET MARY (O.S.)
Hey, Sher!
Sherri waves at Margaret.
      (very concerned)
Can I talk to him?
Uh, yeah. I mean, I can go get 'im
if you want.


Yeah. Ok.
Hey what happened to your face?
      (looking down at
It's nothin'.
Adam nods, turns to walk back to the stairs behind the bar.
He taps the counter.
Be back in a sec, fellas!
                       MARGARET MARY
                       ADAM (O.S.)
And Margaret and Dice!
Moments later, Adam skips back down, goes back to the bar,
Mattie right behind. He's pulling on a white tee, still in
his jeans, bare foot. He walks up to Sherri.
Hey, Sher. What're you doing here
this late?
What's going on, Mattie?
Why is Louie Malone coming to my
house looking for my brother?
Mattie lightly grabs Sherri's arms, guiding her to a table
to sit. He grabs a seat.
Louie was at your house?
He was looking for some car. Him
and Bobby Kenzie?
I saw you, Mattie. Changing plates
on the car.
Mattie looks away. He cleanches his jaw.


You dropped his gun.
What're you doing with Bobby's
You have to understand something.
What? What's there to understand,
Mattie cups Sherri's hand in his. Looks her straight in the
You just can't ask so many
Ok? Just trust me?
Cheers burst out from the bar behind Mattie and Sherri. They
both look up, then back at eachother.
I swear, Sherri. It'll all work
I don't want anything to happen to
my brother.
It's not gonna happen. Ok?
Nothing's gonna happen.
Sherri nods. The two make their way to the bar. Mattie taps
on the counter, takes a seat.
Adam, pour me a shot.


Adam scoffs. He reaches behind him, grabs the bottle of
Makers, slams it on the counter. He turns back to Jimmie,
Mikey, Dicey, Margaret Mary, and Sam. They continue with
laughing conversation and more drinks. Mattie stares at Adam
as he pours a bit of liquor in a shot glass. Charlie
finishes wiping up the counter, tosses his apron and towel
at Adam.
Here ya' go, kid. She's all yours.
Charlie salutes and starts up the stairs. He points at the
McCaffery boys.
You two behave now.
JESSE MICHAEL MCCAFFERY, 38, pays his younger brothers a
visit. He climbs up the fire escape that leads to the
kitchen, slips in the open window, heads for Adam's room.
Adam is spralled out on top of his blanket, face down, fully
clothed, boots on, unlaced, hung over the bottom of the bed.
Jesse stands over the bed, dressed in black Converse,
dark-blue jeans, cuff rolled up, Dark green track Adidas
jacket zipped up. Thick black-rimmed glasses adorn rest on
his small nose, jet-black hair kept short. He stares at his
baby brother, shakes his head. He kicks the bed.
Adam. Get up.
Adam remains still. Jesse kicks at his boot.
J.J., rise an' shine!
Adam stirs awake.
      (muffled in pillow)
Mattie, go fuck off!
It's me ya' numbnuts. Now get
outta bed. I gotta talk to you's.
Where's your brothers?
Asleep. Along with the rest of the


Adam rolls over on his side, his left eye swollen shut. He
sits up, blinks his good eye at his brother. Jesse is
fumbling with a picture frame from Adam's dresser. He leans
back against the dresser.
What the fuck brings you here at
this unGodly hour?
Ma's complainin'. Callin' me up
fifty times a day, bitchin' about
you kids. Hasn't seen yous in
Adam rubs at his swollen eye.
She kicked us out.
      (looking up)
Don't get smart. She didn't kick
yous out.
Th' fuck happened to you?
Adam stands, brushes by Jesse. Grabs a pair of boxers and
fresh white tee from dresser.
      (under breath)
Don't worry 'bout it.
Adam moves toward his bedroom door.
What. I don't see ya's in a week?
Act like I aint your brother?
Act like you care, Jess.
'Scuse me?
Look, why don't you save your
phoney brotherly sympathy act and
go back to that cutsie little home
o' yours over there in Dorchester.


Boy, aint you cranky this morning.
What's wrong, J.J.? No girls
puttin' out fah you?
Adam eye's his brother up and down. Notices a gold
clover-leafed diamond and emerald encrusted ring on his
middle finger. Similar to Bobby Kenzie's.
Nice ring. Who's dick you have ta
suck fah that prize?
Jesse lunges at Adam. Mattie appears in the doorway, steps
between them, open palm on both the boys' chests.
      (pointing at Adam)
You don't know what you're talking
That's enough.
Punk fuckin' kid! You're lucky I
don't kick your ass!
Alright! Cool it!
Jesse grabs Mattie's hand off of him. He notices the swollen
Did you do that to your brother?
What the fuck did you come here
Adam slips away, heads down the hall to the bathroom.
                       JESSE (O.S.)
What did I come here for? Jesus,
you, too? Make me feel unwelcome?
In this dump?
                       MATTIE (O.S.)
D'you come here to judge my
lifestyle, or did you actually
have something important ta say?


Adam closes the door behind him, sets his clothes down on
the counter. He catches sight of the whiskey bottle and
immedietly throws up. He remains croutched over the bowl a
few moments. Tears build up. He wipes the cold sweat from
his face, pushes himself up to the sink. He fills his palms
with ice cold water, slpashes his face. He raises his
dripping face to the mirror, stares at his battred
complexion. He raises a hand up, touches the swollen bruises
and winces. He crushes his eyes tight, hunched over the
                                         FLASHBACK TO
A nine year old Adam is shoved, hard, to the gravel by
thirteen year old Mattie. They're fighting over a bicycle.
I said I was taking the bike over
to Jimmie's! You can have it when
I get back!
Adam gets up and runs at his brother. He shoves him back,
knocking Mattie to the ground. Adam pounces on him, gets a
few punches in. Twenty-five year old Jesse comes running out
of the house. He pulls the two apart, holding them both by
their shirt collars.
What the hell's goin' on here, you
He stole my bike!
It's not your bike, it was mine
before you were even alive!
Alright you two! Just cool it!
Mattie, let him use the bike! It's
too small for you anyway.
Mattie shrugs Jesse off of him.
You always side with that little


A group of four rival neighborhood boys walk by across the
street. They're watching the McCaffery brother's argue. They
start laughing, hollering and pointing.
                       YOUNG NEIGHBORHOOD BOY
Look at the crybabies!
                       OLDER NEIGHBORHOOD BOY
Run home and tell Mommy, you
Hey! Come over here and say that!
Mattie starts to cross the street. Jesse holds him back.
Wait. Wait a sec.
The boys cross the street over to the McCaffery boys.
                       OLDER NEIGHBORHOOD BOY
      (in Mattie's face)
I said, why don't you run home and
tell your mommy, FAIRY!
Jesse lets go of Mattie. The two younger brothers pounce two
of the four boys, while Jesse holds the others by their
shirts. Mattie and Adam knock them around until they give
up. The boys lay on the gravel, rolling around in pain. The
McCaffery boys get up together.
Think again before you disrespect
my brother! FAIRY!
Adam spits at the older boy. Mattie picks up the bike and
the three brothers walk back home together. They all sit
next to eachother on the porch stoop.
You can take the bike, Mattie. I
got another one anyway.
Nah. It's ok.
I'd rather stay here right now.
The three sit in silence and watch the neighborhood.


Jesse and Mattie sit at the kitchen table. Just out of bed,
clad in his boxers, Mattie straddles a chair backward,
rubbing his eyes. Jesse is across the table, hunched forward
over a mug of coffee, fingering the boomerang designs on the
I heard through the grapevine
Adam's been working on some car
for Bobby, in private after you
and Reece close up.
No kiddin'.
Yeah. I guess he's soupin' it up,
the whole engine, car, head to
toe, like fuckin' 007 n' shit. You
gotta wonder exactly what for,
Turns out, this particular car's
missin'. Since last night, oh, I
dunno, nine, ten P.M.
Is that so?
Mattie waits to see if Jesse can put the peices of the
puzzle together. Jesse examines Mattie's reaction.
Where were you two last night?
This an interrogation?
Just a question. Of, ah,
Mattie eyes his brother. He remains silent a few minutes.
This grapevine, it happen to run
through Ewen's auto?
What is that supposed to mean?


      (standing up)
Mattie leaves the kitchen, walks back down the hall to his
room where Shea is still asleep. Keeley shuffles into the
kitchen, in only his boxers, hair toussled. He rubs his
face, scratches at his balls.
What's up, Jess.
Mornin', Keeley. You look like
What the shit, you made coffee an'
everything? You should come visit
more often, Jess.
Like it's so much work just to put
on a pot...forget it. What's up,
where's Seamus?
Keeley pours a cup of joe.
Ah, th' kid's gone. Took off with
the BMC yesterday morning. Road
trip, I guess. Don't know where
to, though. He'll be back, couple
Ma know?
Keeley takes Mattie's seat, straddles the chair, sips at his
coffee. Adam enters directly after. He's dressed in clean
white tee, grey Dickie's for work. He's brushing out his wet
hair with his fingers.
      (sitting at table)
Hey. Where's Mattie?


Keeley jerks a thumb down the hall. Adam lights a smoke. He
drags the ash tray from across the table in front of him.
The boys are silent a few minutes. Jesse stares at Adam.
Everything alright around here?
      (slightly appalled)
Yeah. Why?
No reason, really.
Well everythings fine, so, don't
worry about it.
Jesse grabs a smoke from Adams pack.
You don't smoke.
      (lighting smoke)
You're right, I don't.
So what're you wasting my smokes
      (leaning back)
You eatin' enough?
I'm taken care of.
You sleepin' ok?
You want a synopsis of my day to
day activities, too?
Boy, you really got a mouth on
you. It's no wonder your face
looks like that.
You come here ta give me shit,
Jesse? 'Cause if you did, you can
fuck right off and get the hell


                       ADAM (cont'd)
Alright, just cool it, will ya? I
came here to tell you three that
Ma's havin' a big dinner tonight.
She want's you all there.
She won't be too happy about
Seamus missin' out.
You know, Keeley, Ma don't have ta
know about everything. Last time I
checked, Seamus just had his
thirty-third birthday. He's a big
Yeah, you know age has nothin' on
Ma. We're her kids, J.J. Seamus
might as well still be eight years
old ta her.
And no matter that the
six-foot-two, two-hundred and
fifty pound kid grew a beard,
looks like a pirate and rides a
motorcycle, either.
He's still her little boy. Just
like Tommy, Jess, Ewen, me, you,
Mattie enters the kitchen.
                       KEELEY (continued)
And Mattie here, too.
Mattie's dripping from a shower, a towel loosely wrapped
around his waist. He goes for the 'fridge, grabs a half
empty fourty-ounce, takes a gulp. Towel slips off, he pays
no attention, stands naked, finishes off fourty-ounce. Adam
laughs, shakes his head.


You wear clothes these days,
No. I decided. Since starving n'
all the working out in prison, I'm
startin' a nude colony, right here
at the Shoe Shine!
Adam chuckles.
      (holding back
You might want ta work out another
particular part a little more,
Shea enters the kitchen, fresh out of bed, still in her tee
and panties. The boys stop their conversation to watch her.
She pours a cup of coffee, surveys the kitchen.
      (sipping at mug)
You boys measuring eachother ah'
somthin'? Comparing?
Your man here's losing, big time!
Shea peers over the table at Keeley's package.
Huh. Don't see much hangin' out
down there. What's wrong, Keeley?
Little turtle get scared?
Adam loses it, slams a fist on the table. The boys share a
laughing moment together. Adam's cell phone rings, he picks
it up. His glowing grin turns grim quickly. The other boys
quiet down.
      (hangs up cell,
       hangs head)
Reece wants me there early.
I gotta go.
Keeley and Mattie share an understanding glance. It's quiet
a minute, tension gets serious.


I'm gonna go get dressed.
      (attempting humor)
'Bout time, streaker!
No one laughs. Adam gets up, grabs his work shirt, heads for
the door.
Wait! Adam!
I'll give ya' a ride!
Jesse jumps up, gets to the door, but Adam is already gone
down the stairs. Mattie enters the kitchen, finally clothed
in dark blue Dickie's, white tee, and dark blue Ewen's Auto
work shirt, black engineer boots.
J.J. take off?
Jesse stands in kitchen doorway.
Yeah. In a pretty fuckin' hurry,
      (peering in
You guys wanna go downstairs, get
a drink?
Now that sounds like a plan!
Keeley hops up, stands in the doorway, waiting.
Akgh! Put some clothes on first,
      (to Mattie,
It's seven in the morning.


      (to Shea)
I thought the Shoe Shine was now a
nude colony!
Shea rolls her eyes. Keeley leaves kitchen to dress.
      (to Jesse)
Yeah? So. I got a splitting
So take a Tylenol.
Nah. I don't take pills.
Mattie brushes by Jesse, grabbing his keys. He passes Shea,
kisses her good-bye. Keeley meets them at the door.
You comin'?
      (shaking head)
I suppose.
Adam pulls up to the back garage door of the shop. He parks
Jesse's Bronco, turns off the engine and sits. He eventually
gains enough nerve and gets out of the car and goes inside.
He enters the back door, peers around.
Reece? You around?
Adam walks through the darkness of the garage, passed
unfinished shells of hard American steel and assorted car
parts, tools, and tires. He nears the door to the front of
the shop, stops, reaches hand out to the knob and enters,
aprehensive. He is hauled through the doorway by his shirt
collar and thrown to the ground. Adam now looks up at Bobby,
Louie, John-Boy, Frankie, and Reece.
What the fuck!
Reece? What are you doing?


Bobby and the boys lay into him, kicking and beating with
objects found in the shop until Adam is unconcious. They
stop, stare at Adam's motionless body.
      (breathing heavily)
Why don't I feel good about this?
      (breathing heavily)
Don't talk, Louie.
      (breathing heavily)
Let's go. We're done here.
Bobby and the boys exit the shop. They speed away in Bobby's
black Cadilac.
Jesse, Keeley, and Mattie walk out of the Shoe Shine Pub,
buzzed, after a few beers and conversation. Mattie locks the
door behind them. The boys walk a building up to where
Jesse's Bronco is parked. They stop and stare at the empty
      (calmly, puzzled)
Where's your car, Jess?
That little shit.
John-Boy drives down W. Broadway.
Swing by the Shoe Shine. I wanna
pay Charlie a little visit.
Mattie, Keeley, and Jesse climb up the fire escape to the
third floor, the loft occupied by the McCormack siblings.


You know, I could be wrong but, it
is only nine in the morning. I
doubt a one of 'em will be awake.
Yeah? You're probably right.
Mattie skips up the last few steps. It's getting hot
already, the boys are sweating. Jesse catches up. He leans
forward, steadies himself with hands on his knees, huffing.
That was much easier an hour and a
half ago.
Mattie checks the window. It's unlocked. He prys it upward.
You also didn't have four beers in
you an hour and a half ago.
Mattie gets the window open enough for them to fit through.
Damn these ancient windows!
Can yous fit?
Mattie turns to his brothers.
      (still breathing
What, like I'm four-hundred
Course I can fit. Worry about
Keeley, there.
I'm skinnier than you, Jess,
fuckin' spoiled gangster
The boys climb through the window. They're now inside the
kitchen. They enter the living room. Jimmie is sprawled out,
clad in just his white boxers. Sherri Kelly snuggled
underneath his arm, in just her own panties, no shirt or
bra, Jimmie's arm smoothly covering her. The McCaffery boys
stand back and observe.


Huh. That's ah, that's
interesting. I ah, I don't quite
remember that happening last
Mattie folds his arms over his chest. Jesse copies his
brother. The boys observe a bit more.
Yeah, I never woulda figured
Jimmie with..with Sherri Kelly.
Come to think of it, I don't quite
remember getting up to the loft
last night. Or getting into bed.
Need ta cool it on the booze,
       hands up)
      (rolling eyes)
Mattie moves toward the edge of the couch, pokes Jimmie in
the side.
      (loud whisper)
Hey. Hey Jimmie. Get up.
Jimmie stirs, waking Sherri momentarily. Jimmie shifts his
position a little. His arm coming away from Sherri's chest,
revealing a bit more. Keeley puts a palm to his mouth,
covering bursting laughter. He turns to his brothers.
      (breathy laugh)
You fuckin' see that?
Mattie pokes Jimmie again. He lifts his arm up to his face,
rolling over a bit, revealing Sherri's womanly figure. The
boys stare, motionless. Jimmie rubs at his eyes.


What the fuck's goin' on?
Keeley laughs. Jimmie rolls over on his back, opens his
What in the fuck? Get the fuck
outta here.
Jimmie opens his eyes more to see the three brothers
hovering over the couch.
Keeley? I thought that was you
Jesse? You too? Shit, I aint seen
you in a skip an' a jump! How are
Jimmie reaches out his arm to grasp Jesse's hand. The boys
have a shake.
Good, good. I can see that you're
doin' just fine yourself!
Jesse points toward Sherri's sleeping naked body. Jimmie
sits himself up, pulling up a sheet over her.
Yeah, well, me an' her, we kinda
gotta thing started.
Mattie finally gets serious.
Hey, Jimmie, I need a favor. Got
What kinda business?
Mattie holds his eyes on Jimmie. No response.
Ah, shit. What'd the kid do?


'Member that slick Mercedes J.J.
was sportin' last night?
Jesus, Keeley. You can't keep one
Goddamn thing ta yahself, can you?
Good thing you don't work fah
Bobby. He'd have your hands and
teeth in a sandwich bag.
What about J.J. and the car? What,
Bobby actually let the kid borrow
his ride?
It's silent for a few seconds. Jimmie looks to the McCaffery
Go on, Keeley. Might as well
Keeley flashes his brother a dirty look.
Kid lifted the car.
      (laughing in shock)
You're shittin' me!
      (off guard)
Nice mentioning that bit of
Mattie ignores Jesse's comment.
Look, Jimmie. I need ta borrow the
Can't resist the old lady, can
And I'm gonna need some cash, too.


What the hell are you workin' out
here, Mattie?
Jimmie hops up, grabs wallet. He hands over a wad of bills
and keys to Mattie, no questions. Mattie heads for the door.
Hey! Mattie, get back here!
Mattie speeds on to Atlantic Avenue. Adam is passed out in
the passenger seat, battered and bloodied. Mattie glances at
his brother, wind whips through the car.
Pub has filled a bit more, lunch time rush. Jimmie and
Keeley are chatting at the bar. Charlie stands at opposite
end, leaned forward over bar top watching a boxing match on
a screen mounted above the bar. Other patrons hide in their
corners. Jax shows up, joins Jimmie and Keeley.
How are ya', fella's? Jimmie? You,
without your other half? What's
Mattie up to, work?
Jimmie flashes Keeley a cold glare.
Yeah, he's at work.
So. What'll it be, then, Jackson?
Jimmie hops off his stool, heads behind the bar. Charlie
pays no attention.
Surprise me.
The three boys engage in laughing conversation. Bobby and
his crew quietly slip through the front door. The boys are
laughing, Keeley looks up, right into Bobby's eyes. He
chokes on his beer.
Afternoon, boys.
Charlie races down the bar.


Help you fella's with something?
Charlie steps out from behind the bar, stands between the
three boys and Bobby and his crew, arms crossed over his
barrel chest. A couple patrons flee out the back door.
Others keep their heads lowered over their drinks.
Mind if we hang around a bit?
What, your place aint good enough?
Jimmie, get these men some drinks.
On the house.
Bobby nods to Charlie. They take a booth directly across
from the bar. Charlie turns to Keeley.
Ever do that again, I'll cut your
tiny prick off an' feed it to yeh.
Keeley nods, face turns red. Jimmie walks over to the booth
with a fifth of Makers and four shot glasses. He pours the
boys a round.
Thanks, Jimmie. Have a seat.
Didn't bring yourself a glass,
Ah, well, I didn't think you'd
need me botherin' yous.
Who says you're bothering us? I
don't have a problem with you,
Bobby grins, snaps his fingers.
Keeley! You mind bringing over
another glass?
Keeley hurries over with a glass.


Sit down, Keeley.
Keeley squeezes next to Jimmie. Bobby pours a round.
Drink up, Jimmie.
Everyone downs their shots except Jimmie, who remains sober.
Bobby takes note, relaxes, leans back and stares at Jimmie
and Keeley. No one speaks. Bobby pulls out a knife from his
jacket pocket, a small fillet, picks at his fingernails.
Keeley eyeballs the knife.
You're interested in my knife,
Keeley clears his throat, leans forward.
I collect 'em.
Oh yeah? You know a lot about
Some. Yeah.
Bobby hands over the knife to Keeley. Keeley observes it.
Do you know what this particular
knife is for?
Slices the skin nice an' thin.
Layer by layer, glides right
through, like butter.
Keeley sets the knife down gently in the middle of the
table. Bobby picks it up.
My personal favorite.
Bobby eyes his knife, then swiftly jams it down through the
back of Keeley's hand, stabbing right through to the wood
table top. Keeley hollers. Jax jumps up, starts over to the


Stay outta this, Jackson!
Charlie looks over, a bit worried but keeps his cool. Keeley
is shaking, sweating, in tears.
What the fuck, Bobby.
      (to Keeley)
That's gonna stay there until your
punk brother shows up. We're gonna
babysit you kids today. Make sure
none of yous pulls another stunt
like the kid fucked up last night.
Bobby, it could be hours 'fore he
comes back.
Well that's unfortunate for his
brother here, then, isn't it?
He'll bleed out!
      (through cleanched
Shut-the-fuck-up, Jimmie.
Keeley grabs the fifth, sucks down a good amount. Bobby sits
back and observes Keeley's agony, thinking.
Mattie lifts Adam up the steps of the bus, Adam's arm slung
over Mattie's shoulder. Mattie leads him to the very back
row, drops him down in the window seat, steadies him against
      (out of breath)
Mattie takes a breather, sits down next to his brother,
stares forward. Bus begins to fill.


Listen, when the bus pulls in,
Casey and Morgan will come get
you. You just stay put. Make sure
I get the call. Are you hearing
Adam nods, eyes tightly shut.
I'll send you clothes n' whatever
else you need or want. Send it
tonight. It'll be at a P.O. Box at
Penn. Remember that.
Mattie turns to see his brother.
Can you remember that?
Adam winces at the pain as he shifts in the seat.
A voice is heard over the loud speaker. The bus is about to
Guess that's my cue. Remember what
I said.
Mattie stands, rubs Adam's shoulder, heads down the aisle.
Don't forget the call!
Mattie takes off. Adam closes his eyes. The bus shutters as
the driver pulls away. Adam painfully pulls his cell phone
from his pocket, dials. It picks up on the other end
You got the Mercedes?
                       VOICE (V.O.)
Safe and sound, here in one
piece, waitin'. Whenever you're
ready, make the call.


Change of plans. I'm gonna be
outta town for a while. I'll
keep you posted.
                       VOICE (V.O.)
What about your brother?
Do me a favor, keep a close
eye on him. He does anything
stupid, take care of him.
Adam hangs up the cell, passes out the whole way to NYC.
Bobby and his crew are at the booth with Jimmie and Keeley.
Charlie and Jax keep their distance at the bar.
      (to Keeley)
You and your brothers, you boys
are real close. Something happens
ta one of ya's the others catch
wind of it real quick, right?
Bobby slams an open hand down on the table, sending painful
vibrations through Keeley's hand.
Aint that right, Keeley?
Keeley lurches forward in pain, grabs at his hand,
That's right, that's right.
So your sudden dismemberment would
spark an interest in your
brother's cooperation?
Keeley can't speak from the pain and fear. Bobby grabs the
handle of the knife, gives it a slight twist. Keeley cries
out, leans forward over the table.


      (heaving, out of
Stop...stop, no more! I'm gonna
fuckin' puke!
C'mon, Bobby. That's enough.
Keeley lays his head down on the table. Mattie enters the
pub. He immedietly spots the crew at the booth, pans over to
Charlie and Jax at the bar. Jax shrugs his shoulders,
Charlie points to the booth. Mattie walks over.
Bobby raises his eyes to see Mattie.
You're late.
Late fah what?
Keeley, sit up now. Your brother's
here. C'mon now.
Bobby nudges Keeley's arm. He moans in pain, sits up,
revealing the knife stuck through his hand.
Th' fuck, Bobby?
Like I said, You're late. Kid's
been sittin' like this for quite a
while. He was counting on you.
Mattie reaches for the knife.
Ah-ah! You pull it out we got
blood spill. Long as it stays put,
he'll be fine.
Though I'm sure it can't feel so


Bobby cracks an evil grin.
What'd you want, Bobby?
Speak at the bar. Less
Bobby stands. Pats Keeley on the back.
You stay put, Keeley. Enjoy your
drinks, boys. Don't over do it.
Mattie and Bobby head for the bar.
Keeley ok over there?
Beat it, Jackson.
Mattie and Bobby take a seat. Charlie sets a mug of Guinness
in front of Mattie, walks away to opposite end of the bar.
Stays alert. Mattie faces forward, sips his beer. Bobby
studies him.
Still can't understand it.
Understand what?
You McCaffery boys seem ta think
you can do whatever you want.
Get away with murder.
You think so? You agree with that?
A lota people get away with a lota
shit, Bobby. There's things goin'
on out there not even you could


Mattie sips his beer. Glances up at screen above bar, same
boxing match Charlie is viewing.
Like your brother, Adam?
Did he get away?
What was it you wanted, Bobby?
That's what I'm talkin' about.
Bobby gets up from his stool, scoots it real close to
Mattie's, sits back down. He pulls Mattie close by his shirt
collar, shoving a .38 hard under his rib cage.
      (calm, quiet)
That pain in your side is called
motivation. You say there's peices
of shit out there gettin' over on
me, then we need ta take some
action, don't you think? And how
lucky you are to be the only one
present on recruitment day.
      (grunting in pain)
On one condition. Jimmie's along
fah the ride. Cuz I sure as hell
aint partnerin' up with one of
your boneheads you got sittin'
back there.
Some bargain.
Bobby glances behind him at the crew in the booth. His own
guys yakin' it up, getting loud. Jimmie sits quiet, an eye
on him and Mattie.
I have no problem with that.
But if he fucks up one Goddamn
thing, even breathes wrong...
He won't. That's my word, Bobby.


Jimmie! Come over here, please!
Jimmie tapes Keeley's shoulder.
Hey. Hey, Keeley. You gotta let me
out. Scoot forward.
Keeley painfully squeezes forward, chest against the table.
Jimmie hops out from the booth.
Wait. Where you goin'? Jimmie. Get
this fuckin' thing outta me.
Hang in there, man.
Yeah, Keeley. Hang in there. This
don't even come close ta what your
little brother suffered.
Yeah? How's it feel ta get rocked
by a kid, John-Boy? Nice face.
Hope it's permanent.
Just watch ya mouth, McCaffery.
John-Boy shoves the fifth of Makers at Keeley. Keeley takes
another swig. Jimmie takes the stool next to Mattie, placing
Mattie in the middle.
Sean McGarrity. You grew up in the
same triple-decker, Jimmie? Your
families were close?
Can't say we were friends, Bobby.
His pops was a hard-core drinker,
first-class womanizer, child
abuser extrodinare. My folks were
pretty straight. They had pride,
real grit, didn't associate with
people like the McGarrity's.
Taught us kids ta stay away from
them, much as we could. 'Sides,


                       JIMMIE (cont'd)
kid got turned on ta some bad
shit. Got hooked on dope. Ran off
with the wrong crowd. Ha! Though I
can't say there's a right crowd in
Southie! 'Less you keep ta
yahself, an' that's nearly
Bobby studies Jimmie.
That's good advice, your parents
gave you. Shame they're gone. N'
the way they went.
A real shame.
Coincidence is a more appropriate
word for what happened.
What's up with Sean?
Brody missed the meeting this
morning for rounds, an' Weller
missed payment this week. Haven't
seen or heard from either since
Where does Sean fit in?
Kid's junkie habit's gettin'
worse. I know Weller's been
skimin' off the top for 'im. And
that comes with a price. His kid
brother, Cormack's got a sick
gamblin' problem. Has the worst
debt throughout New England. Brody
had a problem with him a few weeks
back. Put the kid in the hospital.
You think Sean took care of Brody?
Kid couldn't pull that off. No
way. Not on his own.


You catch on quick, Jimbo.
Jimmie ponders. Mattie gulps his beer.
You two are going to bring me
Weller and the McGarrity brothers.
I don't care how you go about it.
You have the OK to take whatever
matters necissary.
Making sure they're still
breathing, of course.
Bobby heads over to the booth. Mattie finishes off his beer,
follows Bobby.
Where you goin'?
Take Keeley ta the hospital.
A quick flash of Bobby removing the knife. Keeley hollers,
horrified in pain, blood spills. Bobby and his crew take
Adam remains on the bus, passed out. All other passengers
have gotten off. Bus driver heads toward Adam in the back.
                       BUS DRIVER
Hey! Hey kid! This aint no bed n'
breakfast! Get the hell off my
McCaffery family cousins, CASEY QUINN, 32, and MORGAN ADIE,
28, stand at the door of the bus, observing. They creep up
on the driver. Morgan taps him on the shoulder.
Hey, friend. You got a problem
with the kid?
                       BUS DRIVER
Yeah. Get 'im the hell outta here.
He's bleedin' all over the place.


Why don't you give us a hand? Kid
aint wakin' up.
Casey and Morgan attempt to lift Adam's dead weight.
                       BUS DRIVER
He on drugs or somethin'?
Grab a leg.
Morgan, Casey, and the driver lift Adam out of the seat.
      (out of breath)
Ok, man, grab his arms. Case, go
hail a cab.
Morgan and driver drag Adam off the Greyhound.
                       BUS DRIVER
What happened ta the kid, anyway?
Wrong place, wrong time.
Cab pulls up, Morgan and driver shove Adam inside. Casey
hops in. Morgan slips bus driver a hundred dollar bill.
For your trouble. Sorry about the
Morgan hops in the cab.
                       BUS DRIVER
Who are you kids?
The Patricks.
Cab peels away.
Mattie and Keeley walk in the door, Keeley's hand wrapped in
bandages, a couple bones broke, couple dozen stitches.
Family chaos surrounds them. Youngest McCaffery brother,


KEVIN MICHAEL, 14, chases after niece, MARY O'TOOLE, 2,
daughter of oldest McCaffery sister, SHAWN KELLY O'TOOLE,
37. Shawn walks up to Mattie and Keeley, nine month old
daughter, ROSE in her arms.
      (calm, worn out)
Hey, boys.
Shawn hugs Mattie. Mattie kisses his sisters cheek, takes
Rose from her arms.
      (to Mattie)
You should go see little Michael.
He really missed you.
Mattie nods. Shawn sighs, takes a breather from her kids.
I really am so happy you're home,
Shawn runs her fingers through Mattie's hair, combing it up
off his face. She studies him, as he makes faces at Rose.
Shawn finally notices Keeley.
Keeley, what happened to your
Ah, skateboard accident. Jax got
me goin' over a twenty foot rail.
Fell ten feet from the bottom.
Fucked my shit up.
Keeley, watch your mouth around
Rose, huh?
She's nine months old. She doesn't
even know what I'm sayin'.
Pan to Rose staring right at Keeley's face.
She's looking right at your lips.
That's how babies learn ta speak.


Didn't seem ta phase any of us.
Ha! Listen to ya' self! And
anyway, that was up ta Ma. These
are my kids.
Mattie walks away into the kitchen. Keeley and Shawn
continue to argue. MA MCCAFFERY, 57, stands at the sink,
peeling potatoes, her back is turned. MICHAEL PATRICK
O'TOOLE, 14, oldest child of Shawn, sits at the small table,
listening to headphones, unaware of his uncle. Ma cuts her
finger, drops potato and peeler in sink.
Ah, fuck!
Ma turns faucet on, runs finger under cold water. Mattie
walks over to assist.
Ma? You ok?
Ma turns around, startled.
My baby?
Ma stares at her son, the first time she's layed eyes on him
in six years. She suddenly stiffens up.
Nice of ya ta show up.
Ma turns around, sticks finger under the water. Mattie turns
to Michael.
Hey Mikey!
Michael looks up, takes off his headphones.
                       LITTLE MICHAEL
Hey, Uncle Mattie. When'd you get


Take your sister a second? Nan cut
her finger. Could you go get the
Michael grabs little Rose, heads for the bathroom. Mattie
grabs paper towel, wraps Ma's finger. Ma watches her son's
actions, slightly amused.
Hold pressure on it, Ma. Stop the
Michael returns to the kitchen with a box of bandaides and a
tube of bacetracin.
Thanks, my man.
Mattie pats Little Michael on the back. He prepares Ma's
finger with the bacetracin and bandaid.
      (joking, smiling)
Boy aint you somethin'?
Ma studies her son, runs fingers through his hair.
When did you grow up, baby?
Huh? Where'd my baby boy go?
I'm not a boy any more, Ma.
None of those niggers hurtcha, did
they? If they put a hand on my
Ma, really. C'mon. Little Mikey's
right there. Language? Teach 'im
and baby Rose bad habits.
I'm fine, Ma. That's all over now.
Ma turns her back to Mattie, back to peeling potatoes


It'll never be over, Mattie.
Not so long as our name stands
strong here in Southie. Your
father's staunch intrigue in
former Mayor James Curley holds
hearty in this family. And the
Kenzie's will be after each of my
boys until there's none left.
It'll never be over.


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