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World (Short Film)
by Shara M (gambit924@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: **1/2
A day in the life of a woman in the Post Apocolypse.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


It started as a normal day in the world, and then the world
blew up in a fire like none other.
                       WOMAN (VO)
The World blew up in a mass of
fire. Every major city from Los
Angeles to Tokyo suffered from
nuclear evil. The group that
caused this was never able to come
forward, but their message was
clear. The World needed nto be
cleansed of human life, and this
was almost acheived, yet we still
live in this World.
A young WOMAN comes out of the little ratty house and is
immediatly surrounded by clucking chickens. The WOMAN
throws some dry to the chickens. The chickens eat it
To the left side of the house is a garden with a variety of
vegetables and herbs. Standing over the garden is a massive
apple tree.
The WOMAN goes and pulls weeds in the garden. She hums a
nervous song as she works.
The WOMAN hears a twig snapping behind her and spins around
only to see a man approaching. The WOMAN smiles at him.
Now you wasn't thinking of
thieving my apples without
permission, were you?
The Man (1) is angry at having been caught. He glares at
the WOMAN.
I'd be glad to share if you asked
The MAN continues to glare, and then charges. The WOMAN
pulls a gun out of her jacket and shoots the MAN squarely in
the chest. The MAN falls to the ground, dead.


Shoulda asked politly.
She finishes pulling weeds and then goes to the body of the
MAN and drags him away.
The WOMAN drags the body of the MAN to a masive predug hole
a mile or so from the house and just drops him in. Judging
by the other corpses in the hole this is not the first time
she has done this. She walks away...
The WOMAN picks up a semi-fat chicken and takes him into the
The WOMAN sets the chicken on the table which is in the
middle of the room. To the right is the Fireplace, at the
back is the bed, and next to the bed is a partial wall with
a sheet covering the front portion. For this is the Bathroom
area. There is also a large metal trash can that has seemed
to survive the years, and the lid to go with it. Also there
is a dresser with kitchen utencils in the top drawer.
The WOMAN pulls out a large meat cleaver and goes over to
the chicken...
The chicken is ready for cooking. The WOMAN is just putting
the last of the feathers into the inside of a cusion she
will finish making later. She puts aside the cusion and
goes back to the table where some of the insides of the
chicken still are. She throws then into the trash. She
walks to the door and out to the yard.
Around at the back of the house is the water pump and an
outhouse. The WOMAN goes to the pump and pumps her some
water into a bucket. She walks back to the front of the
house and sets the bucket by the door.
Over in the garden, the WOMAN picke a nice potato, and then
she takes the water and the potato into the house.


The WOMAN puts the water over the fire to boil, and then
sets the potato on a slat of metal and then places it over
the fire as well. Then she waits and starts to sew the open
end of her cusion.
The WOMAN eats the Potato she has fixed for herself and
waits then for the chicken to be done cooking. As she
waits, she hears a knock on the door. She walks carefully
to the door with her gun in hand and opens it to reveal a
little girl standing behind it.The GIRL is about seven years
old and wears a tatered pink dress. They stare aeach other
for a moment, and thenm the WOMAN realizes the GIRL must be
You hungry kid?
The girl nods.
Come on in then. There's plenty
The GIRL goes and sits at the table as the WOMAN puts the
chicken onto a plate and sets it on the table. The WOMAN
puts some chicken on a plate for the GIRL and hands it to
her. The GIRL eats like she has never eaten before.
Careful there shorty! You're
gonna choke on that.
The GIRL slows her eating slightly. When she is done, she
burps happily and crawls down onto the floor under the
table, curls up, and is asleep in moments.
The WOMAN pulls a large piece of cloth out of the bottom
drawer of the dresser and starts to sew it.
Two hours later, The WOMAN has made a simple dress for the
GIRL. She wakes the GIRL up and gives her the dress.
Go behind the curtain there and
try that on. I'll give you a bath
tomorrow, but until then you can
wear that.


The GIRL goes into the bathroom area and put on the dress.
It fits well and the WOMAN is pleased.
Well, that seems to work. Time
for bed now, kid. I hope you
don't mind, but there's only one
The GIRL looks worried.
I promise I won't hurt you,
shorty. I promise.
The WOMAN picks up the GIRL and puts her on the bed. The
GIRL is asleep in moments. The WOMAN then goes to the door
and locks it as well as she can with a turn lock.
The WOMAN goes to the dresser and pulls an old nightgown out
of the bottom drawer.. She disappears into the Bathroom
area and when she reappears she is wearing the nightgown.
She then lies down on the bed next to the GIRL and is asleep
in moments.
The WOMAN awakens to a pounding on the door. She wakes up
the GIRL as the pounding continues.
I am gonna go see who that is. I
want you to hide under the bed,
and don't come out unless I tell
you to. Okay?!
The GIRL nods.
The WOMAN goes and puts on her jacket and takes the gun out
of her pocket. She goes to the door and carefully opens it.
She is confronted by two MEN (2-3) with Shot guns. She
tries to fire her gun, but it malfunctions. The MEN both
shoot the WOMAN at once. She falls to the ground,
immediatly dead.
                       MAN 2
Stupid bitch.
                       MAN 3
Did we really have to kill her?


                       MAN 2
What? Like she wouldn't have
killed us?
                       MAN 3
We were breaking into her damn
                       MAN 2
You're an idiot. Go on and grab
all the stuff.
The two MEN start to gather up everything in the house. They
clean out the dresser, and take the covers off the bed, but
the GIRL remains safe underneath. When the MEN can not get
anything more inside, they start to dig up everything in the
garden as well. The last thing the GIRL hears is a
squalking chicken, and then, nothing....
She remains under the bed.
The GIRL awakens. She crawls from under the bed and
examines the damage. Everything is gone. She gathers up
everything she can clothing, food, etc. eveything that was
left behind.
As she prepares to leave, she walks to the WOMAN who stares
up with dead eyes. The GIRL lrans over and takes her hand.
Thank you. I am sorry you had to
die. I never even knew your name,
but then again, it doesn't really
matter, does it? Farewell,
The GIRL walks from the house...
The GIRL walks out and gathers some leftover garden
vegetables and then walks off over the horizen.
                       GIRL (VO)
And so we continue to live in this


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From mike kobzeff Date 5/22/2008 **
I think to make this work you need to layer in another concept other than "people kill each other and the fight to survive goes on another day." The glaring annoyance in this script is the fact that every other sentence starts with THE or SHE. Frankly, it made me not want to read it further. Keep trying!

From Josh Echevarria Date 5/1/2008 ***
I liked it. It was well-written. I definately feel that you could expand on this and make it feature length. I finished kind of wondering what the purpose was for it. Was it to show how demented everyone had become in which killing was an everyday thing and people struggled to survive in a lawless world?

From Josh Brooks Date 5/1/2008 **
it is ok but need a lot of work the concept is frankly quite weake but with time and some re writing it could become a great story. the women should not automatically welcome the girl to stay and the girl should talk more.

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