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by David Chase (davidchase@rogers.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***1/2
An FBI agent tracking a killer cross country. A troubled young man hitches the wrong ride. A self-proclaimed man of God receives unwanted visitors. They are all on a Pilgrimage, but no one will be the same when it is over. This has been revised from 156 pages to 123 pages. Any feedback is appreciated.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


An eerie silence is broken by HEAVY BREATHING, then an
JOSEPH, an early 20's white male, crouches behind a display
by the front counter. He cautiously pokes his head out for a
better look.
Bloodsoaked bodies lie around the store, some dead, others
dying. Some CRY OUT for help. Something bad has gone down.
A sudden YELL echoes through the store. It is a man's voice,
loud and commanding.
C'mon out! You can't win this! Put
down your gun! It's your only
chance of walking out of here!
The man is crouching, moving toward the far end of the front
of the store, gun drawn, face unseen.
There is a turned over display, and a barely discernible
figure huddling behind it. The man calls out again as he
approaches the figure.
Last chance! There's nowhere else
to go!
Joseph hesitates, uncertainty on his face, which turns to
determination. He steadies himself for action.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
Joseph, alone, walks along the edge of a highway, somewhere
in the mid-west. The summer sun has just risen. He is
dressed in jeans and a faded brown leather jacket, and
carries a backpack. His baby face would allow him to pass
for a teenager.


Reaching into his bag, he takes out a bottle of water and
drinks. A car approaches. Joseph takes a sign out of his
bag. It says "MISSOURI".
The car passes without slowing, leaving Joseph relegated to
more walking.
The car comes to a 4-way intersection, where it takes a
right turn.
Straight through the intersection, a short distance ahead,
is a roadside diner/convenience store. The sign outside says
Inside the store is pretty much what you would expect to
find in any rural convenience store. There is also a lunch
counter against one wall, with a swinging door leading to
the kitchen.
Seated on a stool at the counter is SEAN COLEMAN, white
male, somewhere around 35 years old. He is clean cut,
casually dressed, and a little over average height. He
absently stirs a cup of coffee.
A young girl of maybe 17 stands behind the register,
watching him. There is mascara running from her eyes, and
she trembles slightly.
Sean absently takes a sip from his cup before turning his
attention to her.
So, where was I?
He thinks for a second.
Oh, I remember.
Sean walks to the front counter, and paces back and forth in
front of it a couple of times.
What's your name?
She doesn't answer, a look of fear in her eyes. Sean takes
her hand, and softens his tone.


I know you're scared, but I
promise, I won't hurt you.
The girl hesitates before whispering a reply.
It's Angela.
Sean lets go of her hand and smiles
There, that wasn't so hard, was
it? That's a pretty name, Angela.
So, Angela, what do you think just
happened here?
I don't know.
Well, let me tell you. This is a
lesson, and it's going to help you
keep the one thing that is most
important to you in the whole
world. Do you know what that thing
Angela shakes her head "no".
It's your soul! Of course that's
the most important thing. Where
would you be without your soul?
Bingo! That's right, you might as
well be dead. Dead like our friend
Earl over there.
Sean looks in the direction of the coffee counter, where a
stocky man, dressed in trucker attire, is slumped on the
floor. A plate of food still sits on the counter above him.
Isn't that right Earl? That is his
name, isn't it? I thought that's
what you called him.


Angela nods.
It's a shame, you know. He seemed
like a nice guy.
He is.
Sure. And I could tell he liked
you. Really liked you, if you know
what I mean.
Angela looks at him, confused.
Come on. Even a fool could see
the way he looked at you. Lusting
after a girl your age. Disgusting.
Sean bends down and lifts up Earl's left hand.
And if that weren't bad enough,
he's married. You think Mrs. Earl
would have married him if she knew
he liked chasing after little
It's Mrs. Morrison.
His wife. Her name is Mrs.
Morrison, not Mrs. Earl.
Sean acknowledges her sentiment with a smirk.
Of course. And the fact remains,
here he is, a loyal and loving
husband, lusting after a girl
of…what are you, all of sixteen?
She looks away immediately, ashamed of answering.


Seventeen. Why, you're almost a
woman now. I guess you're old
enough to understand why this had
to be done. I'm going to share
some words I read, not too awful
long ago.
Sean clears his throat before continuing.
"For if you live after the flesh,
you shall die, but if you through
the spirit do mortify the deeds of
the body, you shall live."
Angela looks at him, confused.
That's from Romans 8:13. But I
suspect that you knew that
Sean walks to her, and as he puts his hand out, she
flinches. He stops short, then carefully pulls out the cross
she wears around her neck.
I could tell once I spotted you.
It's sort of a gift I have. I knew
you were a believer. Just like me.
And being a believer, you can
appreciate how fitting those words
are. Take Earl. He's the one who
was lusting, after the flesh.
Namely yours. But there's more to
it, and that's where you come in.
Angela watches him cautiously.
"If you through the spirit do
mortify the deeds of the body, you
shall live". That's you all right.


Angela's expression changes to puzzled.
You rejected his advances, and
made him ashamed while doing it. I
watched it. You put him in his
place very nicely. I thought to
myself, that one's a firecracker
We were playing. He's been
coming here for years. We always
carry on like that.
Oh, come on girl! I know you're
not that naive. I've seen men like
him, and they're all the same.
Goddamn sinners.
Sean goes back to stand by Earl's body.
Lucky for him, I happened along
just in time to save him.
Sean waits for a rebuttal, but none comes.
So that pretty much sums up Earl.
But there's still your friend in
the kitchen. I didn't quite catch
his name?
Angela doesn't say anything.
Uh, darlin', that's your cue to
tell me his name.
It's Rene.
Rene. Perfect. Real man's name.
Which makes the word pretty ironic
in this case. Ready? "If a man
also lie with
mankind, as he lie with a woman,
both of them have committed an
abomination: they shall surely be
put to death."


Again, she looks at him with a puzzled expression.
Leviticus 20:13. You think your
friend Rene in there ever read
that passage?
What are you getting at?
Don't pretend you didn't know your
friend Rene is as queer as a three
dollar bill.
From O/S comes a loud CRASH. Sean looks toward the kitchen.
Well, well.
Sean goes to where he was sitting, moves his coat from the
stool, and picks up a handgun that was placed underneath it.
As he begins walking toward the entrance to the kitchen,
Angela, sensing what is going to happen, rushes to block his
way. She manages to get between him and the kitchen door.
What are you doing?
You don't need to go in there.
Get out of the way.
She doesn't move.
You know I'm gonna get in there.
Come on, you made your point.
Sean, suddenly enraged, pushes her down to the floor.
You think I came here to make a
point! Haven't you listened to a
word I said!


Angela can only huddle on the floor, sobbing violently. Sean
enters the kitchen.
A moment goes by, followed by two loud GUNSHOTS, O/S. Angela
begins crying uncontrollably.
Sean returns from the kitchen, carrying his gun at his side.
He hunches down beside Angela.
Okay, that's enough now. You don't
have to cry anymore. You want to
know why?
She doesn't answer, but her crying subsides slightly.
That's better. The reason you
don't have to cry can be found in
the Book of Job: "How many are
mine iniquities and sins? Make me
to know my transgressions and
Sean looks around.
I've done my part to make those
two sinners aware. But here is the
best part, I think you might like
it: "If thou return to the
Almighty, thou shall be built up,
thou shall put away iniquity."
A smile comes across Sean's face, and he leans in toward
You see? I've given them another
chance. Now that they know how
they've sinned they can face our
maker with a clear conscience. And
that, dear girl, is a wonderful
Sean pauses for a moment, allowing his words to sink in.
Satisfied, he picks up his coat and walks to the door,
turning back for just a moment.


I want you to remember what I've
told you here today. The rest is
up to you. Stay on the right path.
He turns to go, then stops short once more.
Because I'd hate to have to come
back and continue this lesson.
His point made, he turns once and for all and leaves the
store. Angela stays huddled on the floor, trembling
Sean, whistling a gospel tune, opens the trunk of his car,
tosses his gun in, and closes it.
Sean, driving down the highway, listens to gospel on the
radio and absently hums along.
After driving for a few minutes, he sees a hitchhiker
holding a sign that says "MISSOURI". It is Joseph.
He pulls over to the side of the road, grinning as he speaks
out loud to himself.
More sheep for the flock.
Sean, still humming, looks over at Joseph seated beside him,
holding his pack in his lap.
Joseph, right? You don't mind, do
you, Joseph?
Joseph reacts as if he has just been awakened from sleep.
No, not at all.
Sean hums along for a few moments more.


Some people don't care for gospel.
Joseph looks out the side window, then back at Sean.
No, it's cool. I kind of like it.
He looks out the side window again. Sean allows a small
smile when he isn't looking.
I wouldn't be offended. Your
friends probably
wouldn't think it's cool.
I wouldn't care what they think.
That's good. Don't let anyone tell
you what to think.
I don't have very many friends, so
it's not really a problem anyway.
"I Saw The Light" comes on the radio. Sean quietly sings
along with it for a few bars.
So, where you headed in Missouri?
Branson. I'm going to see my
Oh? Long distance relationship?
Sort of. We had a fight, and…
Joseph hesitates for a moment, not sure if he should share
too much.
Go on. You can tell me about your
girl, or you can listen to me
sing. Your choice.


Her name's Julie. She's singing
backup in a gospel show in
No kidding. Which show?
Brother Caine's revival. You might
have seen him on TV.
That's great. We're going to the
same place. I'm going to see
Brother Caine.
Okay. All right.
And here I thought I was gonna
have to talk to myself for the
whole trip.
Joseph watches the scenery out the window for a moment.
So, what was the fight about?
      (caught off guard)
You said you had a fight with your
girlfriend. What was it about?
Joseph considers it a moment before answering.
She wanted to go away and be in
the show. I didn't think it was a
good idea. She went anyway.
Can't tell a woman what to do.
You're young, though, we can
forgive it.


Don't get me wrong, it's not that
I don't want her singing in the
show. It's just that Julie is
still young, and…
He hesitates.
And what?
She's naive. She doesn't know what
kind of people are out there, just
waiting to take advantage of her.
And you do?
I...know what people are capable
of. People you trust.
Joseph turns away, looking back out the window again.
Well, at any rate, I think it's
noble what you're doing.
Sure. I can tell you care about
her. Most girls would be flattered
to know that their guy would do
this for them. Don't ever let
anyone tell you different.
Joseph considers it.
You're right, they would be. Hell,
Hell, yeah. Alleluia!
Sean goes back to singing along with the gospel song playing
on the radio.


The stage is in semi-darkness, but it is clear that a show
is preparing to start. There is a buzz of anticipation
coming from the audience. Houselights are on low,
illuminating those in attendance to the bare minimum.
Two female singers, one black, one white, hum in tune to the
music. Both are attractive and no more than 20.
A voice comes over the public address, speaking to those
                       ANNOUNCER (o/s)
For from within, out of the heart
of men, proceed evil thoughts,
adulteries, fornications, murders,
thefts… all these evil things come
from within, and defile the
There is a pause, and the buzz in the crowd intensifies as
the assembled consider the words.
                       ANNOUNCER (o/s)
And brothers and sisters, who
among us has not committed
these sins, either in our actions,
or in our hearts?
The murmurs in the crowd become a bit more audible, some in
agreement with the word.
                       ANNOUNCER (o/s)
Amen, brothers and sisters. None
of us, that's who. And who on this
earth can claim to understand,
without himself having
walked on the wrong side of the
More murmurs from the crowd.
                       ANNOUNCER (o/s)
No one among us, that's who.
Brothers and sisters, the Lord
knows we're all sinners.


Who better to spread his word than
someone who's walked the walk.
The girls continue to him along with the gospel music.
                       ANNOUNCER (o/s)
Did the Lord Jesus shun the
The audience replies in unison.
                       ANNOUNCER (o/s)
And did Jesus shun the thieves and
the tax collectors?
Another light slowly begins to illuminate a silhouette on
the stage, standing behind the curtain.
                       ANNOUNCER (o/s)
And will he ever shun any of us?
The responses grow louder each time, and the music's tempo
gradually increases.
                       ANNOUNCER (o/s)
Brothers and sisters, put your
hands together…for Brother Caine!
Can I have a hallelujah!
Caine looks every bit the part of the commercial
televangelist: white suit, jet black hair, a tan that would
make George Hamilton jealous, and a "trust me" smile.
Caine struts his stuff to the front of the stage, getting
close enough to shake hands with those who have left their
seats to crowd up front. He is a man of his people.


As the crowd cheers him on, Caine half walks, half dances
his way back to the middle of the stage. The volume of the
music drops slightly.
My God, this is one terrific
The roar of the crowd drowns out the music.
I mean it. I can feel it. Do you
know what it is?
The crowd has quieted some.
It's the love you're sending me.
The audience cheers, and cries of "we love you, Caine", can
be heard.
Yeah, you know what I mean. I can
feel so much love right now. I
mean, it's not fair. One person
feeling so much love. But don't
worry, I'm sending it right back
to you.
The crowd roars again in approval. Caine passes JULIE, the
young white singer, and smiles at her. She smiles back.
And yet, brothers and sisters,
somethin's troubling me. All of
this love, love sent by the Lord,
and still, there's someone here
who's not worthy.
The audience, falling further and further under his spell,
calms somewhat. Cries of "no" and "who is it" ring out.
I know what you're thinking, the
Lord's love knows no bounds. But I
can't help it. There's someone
here, someone so wicked, I can't
believe the Lord would still love
The audience is eating out of his hands now. "Tell us who"
and "God will love him" are the order of the day.


      (raising his hands)
You really want to help this
The audience roars in a resounding "yes".
Then let the sinner be shown for
who he truly is!
As he bows his head in shame, the spotlight shines directly
on Caine himself. The audience goes ballistic, eating up the
The store is now a crime scene, complete with yellow tape,
forensics, and crime scene photographers.
Two officers are discussing what's gone down.
                       OFFICER 1
…from New York, I think. They say
he's part of a special task force.
                       OFFICER 2
I heard he knows the guy, that
they've been going
back and forth for a while now.
                       OFFICER 1
You really think so?
                       OFFICER 2
Fucked if I know. He can have
whatever piece
he wants of this clusterfuck.
                       OFFICER 1
Amen to that. I'd take a piece of
that, though.
The officer makes a slight motion toward ALISON HANLEY,
early-30's, attractive with a body to match.
Alison catches the slight gesture the officer has made,and
starts in his direction.


                       OFFICER 1
      (looking away)
Oh shit, here she comes.
If you two have a moment, there's
a crowd starting to form outside.
I don't want anyone getting
                       OFFICER 2
No problem, m'am. We're on it.
Alison watches as the officers depart, discreetly making
gestures between them. She shakes her head and turns away.
Her attention turns to a table near the wall.
MICHAEL WESTPHAL, black, early 30's, sits at the table
talking to Angela. He is well dressed, sporting a shaved
head and has innocent good looks.
I know this is hard for you, but
if there's anything else you can
tell me, anything at all.
No, I'm sorry. It...it all
happened so fast. Like I said, I
was talking to Earl, and the next
thing I knew someone started
Michael is standing in a convenience store. A shot rings
out, followed by a scream. Everything moves in slow motion.
He begins to move as another scream echoes.
Michael, still seated across from Angela, flinches as the
sound of a gunshot rings out in his memory.
It's okay. You're a brave girl,
you know.
Michael looks up and sees Alison watching. He turns his
attention back to Angela.


Anyway, if you think of anything
else, feel free to call me, day or
night. My cell number's on there.
He hands her his card.
I've gotta get going. I'll send
one of the officers in to see you.
He can arrange for you to speak to
someone. You know, if you need to
Michael starts to get up
Agent Westphal?
Do you think he'll come back?
There is just the slightest hesitation before Michael
No, you don't have to worry about
that. We'll get him.
Michael drives while Alison sits in the passenger seat,
looking out the window. A few moments of silence passes
between them.
You get anything new out of that
No, same as the rest. General
description, similar MO. Not much
Alison looks at him sharply.
So, we're still doing this, huh?


Doing what?
Don't be stupid, Michael. You know
exactly what I'm talking about.
This is about me questioning that
girl back there.
It's about you questioning every
witness since this thing started.
In case you've forgotten, we're
still partners.
Come on, Alison...
Last time I checked, I have
exactly as many years experience
as you, which means I've
questioned exactly as many
witnesses as you.
Fair enough.
Just don't treat me like a rookie,
Michael nods in acceptance. Alison, satisfied, goes back to
looking out the window. After a few moments, she speaks,
still looking out the window.
When's the last time you spoke to
Dr. Wexler?
Michael flinches again, just like before, as a gunshot rings
out in his memory.
I don't know. A while.
It might help if you give him a


Don't worry about it. I'm fine.
Because there's nothing to be
ashamed with in talking...
      (cutting her off)
Can we please drop it about Dr.
Wexler. Please.
Okay, okay.
Alison hesitates for a moment.
It's just that you helped me
whenever I've needed it. I'd like
to be able to do the same for you.
I know. Sorry.
Don't worry about it. Just do me a
favor, okay?
Don't shut me out. We've been
friends too long.
An ornately decorated home office. The BOSS sits behind a
large oak desk, talking quietly into the phone, face unseen.
Two well dressed men, WILLIAM (white) and LEE (chinese),
late 20's, stand facing the desk, talking quietly.
No way, Lee. I don't care what
type of fictitious situation you
try conjure up, it wouldn't go
down that way.


And I say it would. Look, you get
them out of a ring and into the
real world, and it's lights out
for Ali.
You're out of your fuckin' mind.
Ali has taken shots from Foreman,
Frazier, guys who pack a wallop.
With their fists.
I don't care if Norris comes at
him with a fuckin' crowbar, Ali
floats like a butterfly and stings
like a bee. Norris'd never hit
How can you say that if you've
never seen Ali dodge hands and
feet? You ever see how fast Norris
is? This one time on Walker, Texas
The Boss cups his hand over the receiver and barks at them
in annoyance.
Will you two shut the fuck up for
five seconds!
They stop talking, waiting for the Boss to continue his
conversation. After a few moments, they start again.
What about Ali vs. Bruce Lee?
Okay, that one would be a tough
The Boss hangs up the phone. He shuffles through some papers
on his desk. William and Lee stand in patient silence,
waiting for further instruction.
I have a good one for you boys.
Looks like it's road trip time.


Cool. Where to?
You're gonna love this. Branson.
Branson? Wheres that, like,
Missouri or something?
Well done, Rain Man. Do you also
know your multiplication tables?
Fuck you, combo number five. I'll
drag your ass out of here so fast…
Lee begins barking at William in Chinese. William argues
back, also in Chinese. The Boss slams his hand down on the
desk, breaking up the argument immediately.
I swear to Christ, it's like I'm
running a Goddamn daycare around
Sorry, Boss.
Now listen up. This guy owes us a
lot of money, and I'm starting to
think he isn't going to pay. We
need him to realize the
seriousness of his debt.
The Boss hands them each a Manila envelope. William opens
his and removes a photograph.
Hey, I recognize this guy.
He snaps his fingers a couple of times, looking for the


Yeah, that's him. Televangelist.
This is the guy who owes you
Not just me. He's in hock with
other big players. Takes a lot of
money to put on his kind of show.
Frankly, he'll be lucky if we get
to him first.
Lee studies the photo for a moment, then looks up at the
How do you want it handled?
Bring him back here, if he'll
And if he doesn't want to?
There is silence as they wait for an answer. None comes.
Satisfied that they have all the answer they need, William
and Lee turn and walk toward the door.
Okay, what about Jackie Chan?
Nah, he's a glorified stuntman.
      (calling out)
You knuckleheads have work to do!
As they disappear from site, he calls out once more.
And Rocky Marciano would'a thumped
all them bums!
Julie makes her way through the backstage area of the
concert hall. She passes various performers and workers,
nodding and smiling at people she knows.


As she turns a corner, she is almost run over by another
girl. The girl is about the same age as her, and is also
very pretty. It is clear that she has been crying.
Julie, I…I'm sorry…
She has to stop herself, as the tears are starting to come
What is it? Did something happen?
Trudy looks for a moment as though she may open up, and then
just as quickly she breaks down again.
I'm sorry, I can't…I'm so sorry…
Trudy rushes off before Julie can stop her.
Brother Caine sits in a chair in his dressing room, facing a
large vanity with an equally large mirror. He wears a white
smock covering him and most of the chair.
A female HAIR STYLIST is putting finishing touches on his
do. She looks up as there is a KNOCK on the door. Caine
motions for her to answer it.
In the mirror, Caine sees Julie being let into the room. She
      (to stylist)
Could you excuse us, please?
The woman nods and shows herself out, closing the door
behind her.
Caine removes the smock and gets up. He takes a moment to
fuss with his hair in the mirror. Julie watches silently as
he does so. Finally, he turns his attention to her.


Julie, dear. Thanks for coming. I
hope I didn't interrupt anything?
No, it's fine. Just rehearsing a
Good, good. Practice makes
I just ran into Trudy in the hall.
Yes. About that. She's the reason
I called you in here. Trudy will
be leaving us, effective
Is everything okay?
Oh, she's fine. Just homesick, I'm
afraid. Poor girl misses her
She's going back home?
Yes, today as a matter of fact.
Caine begins looking through some suits hanging on a rack.
Which brings us to you. Trudy's
departure leaves an opening for a
lead singer. Most of these girls
are young, and they need guidance.
Wouldn't you agree?
Julie nods.
Anyway, you've been impressing me
since day one. I sense something
special in you. Something we can
build on.


Caine smiles at Julie. She manages an uncomfortable
half-smile in return.
So if you're interested, the job
is yours.
Julie's demeanor suddenly brightens, as if the realization
has just hit her.
Of course. Absolutely.
Well, then, it's settled. You've
made me very happy. Spreading the
message, it's a difficult job.
Even I need a little help
Don't worry, you can count on me.
As they speak, Caine gradually gets closer and closer to
Good. Trudy was a big help, too.
We were like a little team of our
own, really.
Caine is uncomfortably close now, and Julie's demeanor
changes again to reflect it, but she remains in place.
And now it's you and me. We're the
team now. And I can't wait to
start working even closer with
Caine grins while Julie squirms uncomfortably. She manages a
bit of a smile.
Caine's grin disappears suddenly, and he abruptly turns
away, the moment gone. He returns to his rack of clothes.
All right, then. Back to work.
Lots of people counting on us.


Julie waits a moment, unsure if she should say anything.
Finally, she leaves.
Michael and Alison sit at a table in the hotel lounge, notes
and case files laid out in front of them.
Michael takes a long drink from his beer and then sets it
down on the table.
I really hate the whack jobs.
Really? You think this guy fits
the category?
Don't you? He seems pretty out
there to me. What is it with these
crazy religious types, anyway?
I don't know. I'm not convinced
he's as crazy as you think. It's
strange, the way he's been
operating, the route he's taken.
It's almost...regimented. I can't
put my finger on it.
You think there's method to his
Here, look.
Alison pulls a map in front of her and begins making marks
on it.
I don't think his route is random
at all. I think he's headed
somewhere specific.
Yeah, but where?


As Alison considers it, the waitress arrives. Michael lifts
his bottle and motions at Alison's glass. The waitress takes
the cue and leaves to get refills.
So how are your parents?
They're fine.
Have you seen them lately?
It's been a while. Why?
Oh, no reason. I was just thinking
about your mom the other day. I've
been meaning to give her a call,
that's all.
Yeah, right.
What? I like your mom.
That's not what you're getting at.
Really? So what am I getting at?
You're trying to handle me. What,
did Travers ask you to keep an eye
on me? Are you going to be telling
me to call Dr. Wexler again?
No, it's not that at all.
Michael eyes her suspiciously. She looks away.
I knew it. You don't trust me at
Of course I trust you. But you
have to see where Travers is
coming from. You haven't spoken
about what happened, not to


                       ALISON (cont'd)
Wexler, not Travers. Not even to
I've spoken about it. I've given
statements, depositions...
But you haven't really talked
about it. God, Michael, you went
through something most people
could never imagine, and I have no
idea how you feel.
You don't want to know how I'm
feeling. Trust me on that.
Look, I'm not trying to
psychoanalyze you or anything like
that. I care about you. Why won't
you let me help you?
You want to help me? Help me catch
this guy. That's all I care about
right now.
I know, and that scares me a
Then how about you change the
subject, huh?
Because I want to help. God, you
won't even talk to me anymore.
You wanna talk? Then why haven't
you told me about you and Brett?


Bullshit. Nothing's personal
anymore. Everything's on the
I just don't want to talk about
it. It's got nothing to do with
us, or this case.
So you got dumped. Big deal. You
can't even talk about that?
Do you have to put it that way?
Is there a better way to put it?
How about kicked to the curb?
As soon as he says it, it's clear Michael regrets it.
Alison's eyes well up for a moment, before she regains
Alison gets up abruptly and storms out. Michael stands up in
an attempt to stop her.
Before he can pursue, the waitress returns with drinks.
Michael can only stand there, embarrassed.
Michael slowly walks down the hall toward his hotel room. He
stops in front of the door, and pauses for a moment. He
looks at the door across the hall, before finally going into
his room.
Alison sits on the edge of her bed holding a cell phone. She
looks at it for a few moments, as if deciding whether to
dial or not. A tear runs down her face. After a moment, she
drops the phone on the bed beside her.


She wipes her face with her sleeve, then gets up and walks
to the bathroom, closing the door behind her.
Michael sits on the edge of his bed. The only light is from
the TV, but he is not watching it. He holds a glass in his
hand, staring blankly ahead. In his other hand is a very
small pair of children's sneakers.
The program on TV depicts a crime in progress. There is a
gunshot, and a woman screams.
Michael flinches at the sound, then suddenly gets up and
goes to the minibar. He opens it and roots through the small
bottles of alcohol inside.
Michael is in a corner store, looking for something down one
of the aisles. He glances toward an attractive woman and
smiles. She smiles back at him. A young boy runs up to him.
Michael pulls out a handful of bottles from the bar. He
unscrews the cap on one and holds it over his glass.
A gunshot rings through his head, and he lurches forward,
spilling the alcohol on the table. He grabs the edge of the
table to steady himself.
Michael runs to the front of the store in time to see the
woman lying on the floor. A man, face unseen, stands over
her holding a gun. The man turns and aims at Michael,
squeezing off a SHOT. Michael goes down.
Michael manages to get another bottle open. He doesn't
bother with a glass, opting instead to drink it straight
from the bottle. He winces as the liquor goes down.


Michael, lying on the floor, is unable to move. The man
stands over him, face still unseen. Michael looks, and sees
the feet of second, smaller body lying on the floor. He
can't see the rest of the body, but he sees enough.
Michael stumbles to his suitcase on the floor. He withdraws
a bottle of pills and leans back against the bed.
Popping the cap off, Michael downs some pills with another
drink, wincing as it goes down. He glances at the TV.
A man on the TV flashes a badge.
                       TV FED
FBI! Freeze!
Michael's head slumps to the side, and his hand drops to the
floor, spilling pills onto the carpet.
Michael exits his room, barefoot and carrying an ice bucket.
His eyes are glazed over, and he staggers slightly.
He passes a young couple. They glance at him and then
quickly look away.
That guy looks totally baked.
Michael, oblivious to the comment, continues walking.
Sean and Joseph are sitting in a roadside bar, having a
drink, while a various assortment of patrons listens to the
band play cover tunes.
Look around you. What do you see?
Joseph looks around as the band finishes their rendition of
"Jumpin' Jack Flash" and switches to "Hotel California".


I don't know. A bunch of people in
a bar?
Okay, but look closer.
As he follows him around the bar, Joseph begins to see what
Sean sees.
What do you see there?
A group of young guys, probably around the same age as
Joseph, are carrying on at a table across the room.
Looks like some college guys
blowing off steam.
Sean points toward a pair of truckers, having a close
conversation with a suggestively dressed woman.
And what do you see there?
I don't like to judge.
You're right, "Judge not, lest ye
be judged". Still, you know what I
Joseph shrugs his shoulders.
I see opportunity. Opportunity to
save people who don't even know
they need saving.
Sean takes a drink, as Joseph looks around.
I see what you mean. When you know
what to look for, it's not that


Of course not. Finding people who
need saved is the easy part.
Actually saving them, well...
Sean looks toward the bouncers.
What do you think would happen if
I just up and started trying to
spread the word right here and
People wouldn't listen.
That's right. Actually, they'd
listen for the ten seconds or so
that it would take to throw us out
of here, and then they wouldn't
hear anything after slamming the
door behind us.
So, why come here at all?
For two reasons. Jesus didn't walk
with the so-called good people. He
walked with the prostitutes and
criminals. How can you help people
if you don't even know who you're
helping, or what you're helping
them from?
As Sean speaks, he watches the truck driver and the woman
get up and start toward the door.
And what's the second reason?
Even Jesus drank the wine once in
a while. Nothing wrong with
tipping a glass.
Joseph nods in agreement, and takes another drink.
On that note, I've gotta go to the
little boy's room.


As Joseph gets up and walks away from the table, Sean's eyes
are on the trucker and the woman, going in the opposite
direction, out the door.
Joseph is finishing up doing his business at the urinal in
the men's room. He zips up and goes to the sink.
Sean leaves the bar and walks into the parking lot. He sees
the trucker and the woman walking toward where the big rigs
are parked. He slowly follows.
Joseph arrives back at the table, only to find Sean already
gone. He looks around curiously, then heads toward the door.
Sean watches as the trucker and the woman disappear between
two big rigs. As he approaches, he draws his gun from inside
his coat.
Sean passes a rig, and fails to notice another trucker up on
the running boards of his truck, inspecting his rig. This
one catches a glance of Sean passing by with gun in hand.
The trucker climbs down off of the rig, careful not to let
Sean see him.
Joseph stands in the parking lot just outside the exit to
the bar. He looks around, trying to locate Sean.
Sean finds the trucker and the woman in the confined space
between the two rigs. The trucker is standing with his pants
down and his eyes closed, as the woman, crouched down,
performs oral sex on him. They aren't aware of Sean closing
in, gun in hand.


Meanwhile, Trucker #2, having eluded Sean, sneaks up from
behind carrying a crowbar.
Sean raises his gun to fire, but before he can pull the
trigger, Trucker #2 slams the crowbar down across his back.
Sean stumbles forward from the impact, and his gun goes
sliding across the ground under the truck.
Trucker #1 and the woman look up, startled. Trucker #2 puts
his arms up to let them know he is on their side.
                       TRUCKER #2
I caught this son of a bitch
sneaking up.
I think he was gonna rob you.
Trucker #1, after pulling his pants up, walks over to Sean,
who is down on all fours.
                       TRUCKER #1
Is that true, boy? You were gonna
rob us?
He kicks Sean hard in the stomach. Sean rolls over on his
back, groaning.
The woman comes over to join the fray.
                       ROADHOUSE WOMAN
Hit the bastard again!
Sean is trying to get back up when Trucker #1 punches him
across the face. He falls back down on the ground.
                       TRUCKER #1
Mind if I borrow that?
Trucker #2 looks down at the crowbar in his hand, and then
hands it over to Trucker #1.
                       TRUCKER #2
Be my guest.
Trucker #1 positions himself over Sean, who is once again
attempting to get back up.
                       TRUCKER #1
Sweet dreams, fucker.
He raises the crowbar over his head, preparing to strike.
Before he can follow through, a SHOT rings out, stopping


Joseph, looking confused and nervous, is pointing Sean's gun
at them.
The truckers and the woman slowly back up. Sean, down on
bended knee, wipes blood from his lip. He smiles at Joseph,
before standing up.
What's going on, Sean?
Joseph, holding the gun out in front of him, is visibly
shaking. Sean walks to him.
Nothing. Just a little
Sean slowly reaches out and takes the gun from him.
                       TRUCKER #1
Don't listen to him, kid. He's
trying to…
Sean turns quickly and points the gun in his direction,
silencing him.
      (to Joseph)
I told you, there were people who
wouldn't want to accept the Word.
No one said it would be easy.
Joseph watches the group huddled in front of him.
Here, why don't you go start the
car. I'm gonna straighten things
out with these nice people, make
sure they know it was just a
He hands Joseph his keys.
Okay. Sure.
Sean watches as Joseph walks into the distance, back toward
the bar. Satisfied, he turns his attention back to the
As I said, this was just a little


He raises his gun toward them.
Thing is, it's not between you and
me, it's between you and God. But
I'll tell you what, how about you
clear it up with him yourselves.
Sean steps in between the trucks, out of view. Bright
FLASHES accompany three GUNSHOTS.
Sean approaches the already running car and gets in.
Sean places the car in drive and slowly pulls out of the
parking lot. Joseph sits silently beside him, looking down
at the floor.
Hey, you okay over there?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Sean nods, keeping his eyes on the road.
You sure you're okay?
I don't like violence. I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it. No one...
When they were beating on you back
there...All I could think about
was my father.
Sean waits for him to continue, but he stays silent a moment
Feel like talking about it?


He drank a lot. And he used to hit
us. Mostly my mom.
Joseph's eyes get wide.
Can you pull over, please?
Sean doesn't even question it. He pulls over, and Joseph is
out of the car before it even comes to a complete stop.
Joseph leans over by the back of the car and vomits.
Sean immediately gets out and goes to stand by him. He
places a hand on Joseph's back for support. Joseph stays
bent over, coughing.
That's it, let it out. It's okay.
A single overhead light illuminates the examining table, but
little else, leaving the room in murky shadows. There is a
cold, antiseptic feel to the room.
A woman, probably in her late forties, stands behind the
table, dressed in a medical smock typical of a forensics
examiner. A body lies on the table, covered in a sheet.
Two DETECTIVES enter the room, a male and a female, both
dressed in low key business suits. They approach the table.
                       GUY DETECTIVE
Okay, Alice, what do you have for
ALICE, the examiner, waits until they are close enough to
follow her narrative.
Jane Doe, found out in the river.
                       GIRL DETECTIVE
How long was she in the water?
From the condition of the body,
the amount of
water intake, about three days.


                       GUY DETECTIVE
Any idea why she didn't wash up on
Yeah, look here.
She pulls the sheet up, revealing puffy ankles and feet.
There are signs of bruising around the ankles.
                       GUY DETECTIVE
She was weighted down.
Yeah, and it was a fluke that she
was found at all. A diver doing
work on an underwater line spotted
                       GIRL DETECTIVE
Can we get an ID on her?
I'll run fingerprints, dental.
                       GUY DETECTIVE
Let's have a look.
Alice pulls the sheet down, exposing the face. The girl
lying on the table is Trudy.
                       GUY DETECTIVE
Pretty girl.
                       GIRL DETECTIVE
What's the cause of death?
Blunt trauma to the back of the
skull. She was
dead before she hit the water.
                       GUY DETECTIVE
Probably didn't feel much.
There is a moment of silence, perhaps in respect for the
                       GIRL DETECTIVE
Okay, we'll get started as soon as
we get your report.
Alice stops them as they prepare to leave.


There's one more thing you should
They pause for a moment in expectation.
She was pregnant.
The two detectives look at one another with mild surprise.
                       GIRL DETECTIVE
Looks like we may have motive.
                       GUY DETECTIVE
Yep. Thanks, Alice.
They turn and head out the door. Alice nods, then goes back
to work.
Julie stands backstage, taking a break from rehearsal. She
looks and sees Caine standing, away from everyone, talking
closely with one of the other singers.
Caine says something, making the girl laugh. They are
inappropriately close, and Caine playfully strokes her hair.
A stage hand approaches and whispers something in Caine's
ear. Caine is obviously annoyed by the intrusion, lashing
out angrily at the man. The man retreats, and Caine turns
back to the girl as if nothing happened.
Julie watches in disbelief for another moment, and Caine
catches her watching. She turns away immediately.
Michael, still in the same hotel room, is getting dressed.
He has his pants on, but is shirtless, revealing an
athlete's muscular build. He hears a KNOCK at the door.
Michael opens the door a crack, and is surprised to see
Alison. He opens the door all the way and motions her in.
Hey, come on in.
Alison enters the room. Michael walks toward the bathroom,
while Alison walks toward the bed.


I'll just be a minute or two.
Michael enters the bathroom, leaving the door open a crack.
Alison sits at the edge of the bed.
Don't worry, take your time.
      (calling out)
Hey, I'm sorry I was so hard on
you last night.
It's okay. I guess it's just this
case, it's taking a toll.
Yeah, it's pretty rough.
Alison moves her foot slightly, and the look on her face
indicates that she feels something. Reaching down, she
discreetly pulls out the pill bottle dropped by Michael.
I was thinking about getting some
breakfast. What do you think?
Alison studies the bottle for a moment. She doesn't look up
as she replies.
Yeah, sounds good.
Alison puts the bottle in her pocket and gets up.
I'll meet you down there, I've
gotta make a call.
Alison sits at a table facing the door, giving her a view of
everyone coming and going. She talks on her cell phone.


      (into phone)
...he just won't open up. And it's
not just me, he won't talk to
DR. WEXLER's disembodied voice speaks over the phone.
      (on phone)
We pretty much expected that.
You're just gonna have to give it
time, and whatever you do, don't
try to force it. He'll only close
up more.
Yeah, he's pretty stubborn.
Alison hesitates.
Can I ask you something else, Dr.
Of course.
What if he's not...taking care of
Well, his health is of utmost
importance. What makes you think
he's ignoring it?
Alison pauses as she looks at the pill bottle once more,
before placing it back in her pocket.
No reason. Forget it. I'm just
worried about him, that's all.
We all are, but frankly, I'm just
as worried about you.
You don't have to worry about me,
I'm fine.


I know you're strong, but I have
to admit I was initially opposed
to you going along with him on
this one, considering your history
and all.
Alison stands in a semi-dark room, her back turned and eyes
A hand slowly makes it's way to her shoulders, caressing
them. Alison appears to be enjoying it.
A figure comes into view behind her. The figure leans in,
kissing her on the neck, revealing himself as Michael.
Well, that's more like ancient
history now. I just want to make
sure he doesn't hurt himself, or
anyone else.
I know, and that's why I gave in.
Regardless of whatever else I can
say, you two have been close for a
long time, so maybe you're the one
he'll eventually open up to.
Alison notices Michael walking into the restaurant.
I hope you're right. Thanks, Doc.
Take care.
Michael pulls up a chair just as Alison hangs up and puts
the phone back in her pocket.
Sorry to keep you waiting. I'm
Alison simply smiles in response.


C/U on the face of Trucker #1 from earlier, his face pale
and his eyes closed, followed by the snap of a camera shot.
Michael and Alison are investigating the crime scene as a
photographer gets pictures.
What are the odds?
What, that our guy strikes again,
and we're staying in a hotel
fifteen minutes away?
So you think it's our guy again?
Probably, except...
Except what?
He's been leaving a witness in
most cases. Someone to relay what
he's had to say. I don't know,
like he needs...
An audience?
It's possible.
Michael stands.
So we're this close when it goes
down. Where's he heading?
And who's his audience now?
Michael raises his eyebrows, considering the point.
Joseph looks out the window as he and Sean drive along the
highway. Gospel music plays on the radio.


How much longer do you think?
Oh, probably a day or so. I'm
taking the scenic route. No hurry.
That's cool.
A few moments of silence pass.
So, you married or something?
No. I did, but...not anymore. She
was taken from me.
Joseph watches him closely for a moment, waiting for more.
Sorry, I didn't mean to pry.
Don't worry about it.
As quickly as it darkened, Sean's mood brightens again.
How about we turn the radio up and
enjoy this ride?
Sounds good to me.
A series of intercuts between Joseph entering the hall and
Julie's dressing room.
Joseph enters a back hallway, light from outside streaming
through the closing door.
Julie stands in her dressing room. A pair of hands reaches
up from behind, slowly removing her robe.


Joseph continues walking down the hallway.
Julie stand in place while the man behind her runs his hands
over her and kisses her on the neck and shoulders.
Joseph arrives at a door. He reaches out cautiously,
preparing to enter.
Julie continues to enjoy the attention she is receiving. The
door slowly opens, revealing Joseph standing just outside
the doorway.
Joseph stares, dumbfounded, at the scene he has walked in
on. Frozen in place, he can only look on in disbelief.
Julie looks up casually to see Joseph watching her. She
makes no effort to stop or to cover up. Slowly, the figure
behind her emerges. It is Brother Caine. Caine locks eyes
with Joseph, slowly allowing a smile to form on his face.
Joseph, suddenly able to react, reaches out, as if in an
attempt to pull Julie away. Before he can do it, the door
loudly SLAMS in his face.
Joseph awakes with a start from the dream, breathing heavy.
It is dark out, and Sean is nowhere to be seen.
He leans his head back, closes his eyes, and exhales deeply.
Suddenly, there is another loud BANG, this one for real. He
sits up quickly.
Cautiously, Joseph gets out of the car. They are parked on a
nearly deserted side street. A small tributary from the
river flows close by.
Looking up, Joseph sees a sign that says "North Street
Foods". Below it is the qualifier "Specializing in Middle
East Recipes".
He strains, listening for some clue as to what is going on.
Gradually, he hears a murmur of voices.
Receiving no reply, Joseph slowly enters a door at the rear
of the building that is unlocked.


Joseph enters the house carefully, following the dark
hallway to the living room. He can still hear the faint
A faint light in the living room allows him to see Sean, gun
in hand, holding a family at bay.
The family members are all of Arab descent. The father
stands protectively in front of his wife and young daughter.
His mother and brother also huddle close.
Sean senses Joseph's approach, but keeps his attention on
the family.
I'm glad you're here to see this.
As Joseph comes closer, the family head looks toward him
with an expression of pleading on his face.
Sean, what's going on here?
Sean doesn't turn his attention from the family.
Take a seat, and I'll tell you.
Joseph slowly moves to a sofa almost directly behind Sean,
but he doesn't sit.
The lessons never end, you know.
One minute, you're driving along,
minding your own business, and
then, next thing you know, BAM!
Everyone in the room jumps as Sean puts extra emphasis into
It's right there in front of you,
like a sign. You know
what the sign said this time?
No one answers.
I'll tell you what it said. It
said, "Eastern Specialty Foods".


Sean begins to laugh, and for a moment, it appears as though
he is expecting everyone to join him in his laughter. It
quickly fades.
Eastern specialty foods. Don't
that beat all. I have a better
sign than that. How about, "Den of
Sin". You think that's a better
He turns his attention to Joseph.
Whadda ya think? Would that make a
good marquee?
Joseph eyes him closely, but can find no reply.
Well, I'll tell you why it would.
Anyone here familiar with the ten
commandments? Anyone?
Again, no reply.
Commandment number one, "Thou
shalt have no God before me". No
God before me. Pretty clear, don't
you think. And what do you think I
find when I walk in here?
Sean reaches over to a side table close to him, and picks up
a book lying there. It is a copy of the Qur'an.
This. A book of lies. Everything
that goes against everything the
commandments state as law. Tell
me something, Joseph, what happens
to people who break the law in
this country?
He turns his attention, and his gun, in Joseph's direction.
As soon as he says it, he realizes it is the wrong thing to


Yeah, that's right. They're
punished. So tell me, why
should violating God's law be any
The father of the family can restrain himself no longer.
No! Please! We are not violating
God's law!
Sean immediately redirects his gun in the man's direction.
Not violating God's law? Are you
saying I'm stupid? Are you?
The man takes a more defensive posture in front of his
family, but does not answer.
Because last time I checked, I
could count. And since the first
commandment is the first one I
come to, I should be able to
figure out if you're violating
that one at least. Let's see.
"Thou shalt have no other Gods
before me". Should we have a look
in this book?
Sean holds up the copy of the Qur'an.
How about it? Last time I checked,
my God and savior Jesus Christ.
Funny, I don't see him anywhere in
Sean throws the book in Joseph's direction. Joseph catches
it, then looks at Sean with a confused expression on his
Go ahead, take a look. Find the
passage where it says Jesus
Christ is our Lord and Savior.
Joseph eyes him curiously, but does not open the book. Sean
barely gives it a moment.


Yeah, just as I thought. It's
empty. Completely empty.
Sean cocks the hammer on the gun he is holding. The father
of the family cringes, then looks in Joseph's direction,
pleading with him.
Please, you have to reason with
Sean appears to take exception to this.
Reason? Are you kidding me? Where
is the reason in flying a plane
full of innocent people into a
Sean, come on…
Sean turns quickly and points the gun at Joseph.
What? Are you saying I'm wrong?
I'd hate to think that I've been
wasting my time with you.
Will you stop pointing that gun at
me. I know what you're saying, but
these people are not killers, look
at them.
Yes! Yes! Listen to him. Please!
We are not evil people. We love
all people, just like you. Our God
says so, just like yours.
Just like me. That's really funny.
Sean suddenly explodes in a fury. He grabs the man by the
hair and pulls him close, pressing his gun against the back
of the man's head.
Get down on your knees!


The man's wife screams, and the brother makes a move to try
to help. Sean swings his gun in their direction.
Don't move! Don't even think about
Joseph steps in, attempting to defuse the situation.
Sean, you've gotta stop…
Sean reacts by shoving him back. Joseph stumbles and lands
on the couch. Sean turns in his direction.
I'm not even close to kidding
here. You stay out of
my way on this, or so help me…
Joseph appears to consider his next move, but then sits
back, reluctantly allowing Sean to continue.
Sean turns his attention back to the father, who is now
kneeling before him.
I'm going to show you something,
and I want
you to pay close attention.
Sean unbuttons his shirt and lifts his undershirt, exposing
his midsection.
There is a collective gasp in the room.
A series of scars runs vertically along Sean's chest and
stomach. He slowly turns so that everyone in the room can
see them.
Joseph appears frozen as he looks, unable to take his eyes
off of Sean. Sean holds his position in front of Joseph for
an extra moment, allowing him to take it all in.
As Sean puts on his display, he is oblivious to the extra
set of eyes watching him. A young boy of no more than 7 or 8
sits huddled in a closet, peeking through the barely open


Sean covers himself back up. He holds his gun at the back of
the father's head.
So tell me now, is this the love
that you've been talking about?
The love that your "God" claims to
Sean waits a moment, giving the man a moment to think about
Because when I was strapped down
to that chair, and they cut me
with a razor, I wasn't feeling a
lot of love. We went there to free
them from a dictator, to free
people we didn't even know, and
how did they repay us?
Sean looks in Joseph's direction.
I watched a young kid, no older
than you, take a bullet in the
back of his head while he knelt on
the floor, pleading for his life.
Does that sound like a fitting
death for a soldier?
Sean turns his attention once more to the father.
What do you think? How does dying
on your knees sound?
Please, I beg you…
No, that doesn't work anymore. The
second you waged war on us, you
gave up that right. Only God can
show you mercy now.


Sean, this is going too far, man.
You have to let…
Because that's what it is, now.
It's war. And you've gotta chose
which side you're on.
Sean pushed the gun harder against the back of the man's
head, but keeps his eyes trained on Joseph.
So which is it?
Don't do this.
Time to take a stand.
I'm not going to help you kill
these people! This is insane!
Chose your side!
Joseph hesitates, wanting to do something but not sure what.
Having given him a moment to act, Sean turns his attention
away from Joseph and back to the father kneeling in front of
him. He closes his eyes and begins to speak.
"And yea, though I walk through
the valley of the shadow of death,
no evil shall I fear."
Realization of what is about to happen dawns on Joseph, but
it is too late.
Outside, the street is still silent. The silence is
shattered by a GUNSHOT, followed by several more.
Sean, whistling quietly as he walks, approaches the car.
Things are still quiet on the outside.
Joseph, hands on the hood, leans over the front of the car,
breathing heavily and muttering to himself.


Oh man...oh Jesus...this isn't
happening...it's a dream, I just
have to wake up...
Sean approaches, putting his hand out to comfort Joseph.
Take it easy, partner, it's...
Joseph pulls away suddenly.
Don't touch me!
Sean backs down.
What the fuck happened in there?
What do you want me to say?
Tell me I didn't just watch you
kill an entire family! I imagined
the whole thing, right?
Joseph paces for a moment, seemingly confused and mumbling
to himself.
No, you saw what you saw. Is that
what you want to hear?
It can't be this way! Please! Tell
me this isn't what we do!
Just relax. First of all, you
didn't do anything...
Joseph doesn't wait for him to finish, opting instead to
open the car door and retrieve his backpack.
What are you doing?


I'm getting away from you, that's
what I'm doing.
Fair enough. But let me finish
what I was saying. You didn't do
So, why not? That's what I wanna
know. You didn't even try to stop
me. How come?
Joseph has no answer.
Yeah, just what I thought. It's
easy to criticize, but given the
chance to actually do something,
and you're just like everyone
You had a gun!
Oh, yeah, I forgot about that.
He approaches Joseph, holding his gun out in front of him.
Here, take it.
Joseph looks at him in confusion.
Take it!
Joseph reluctantly takes the gun.
Now you've got no excuses. What
are you gonna do?
Joseph looks down at the gun in his hand.


Here, I'll make it easy.
Sean kneels down in front of him.
It's up to you now. I'm on my
knees, just like that man in
there. You hold all the cards. Do
what you think's right.
Joseph hesitates for a moment, before putting the gun up to
Sean's forehead. A moment passes. Sean, sensing the
hesitation, closes his eyes. Joseph agonizes, squeezing the
gun in his hand. He trembles slightly, and a tear runs down
his cheek. Another moment passes, and the gun drops to
Joseph's side. Sean opens his eyes.
Atta boy.
Sean stands, taking the gun from him.
Joseph relinquishes the gun. They lock eyes for a moment,
but the moment passes. Joseph immediately starts to walk
Joe, where are you going?
Away from you.
Get back in the car.
Why? So I can watch you shoot more
innocent people?
They're not innocent, and we both
know it. Now get in the car!
No! I don't know if you noticed,
but you can't tell me what to do.
You're not my father.


You're goddamn right. Because if I
was you're father, you'd know
which side you're on.
Excuse me?
You heard me. I know you can chose
between right and wrong, so why
can't you pick a side?
I know right from wrong...
And you just stood there and let
me kill them. So you're either a
coward, or you think I'm right.
I'm not a coward.
I didn't think so.
I just don't think your father
finished what he started.
Joseph's eyes widen, and he looks ready to respond, but
nothing comes out.
I mean, what's the point of
beating you like that, if it
doesn't make you fight back?
Joseph suddenly lunges, but Sean moves out of the way,
grabbing him in a hold.
That's what I wanted to see!
Sean drags him to the side of the road, where the bank leads
to the water. Sean throws him down to the water.


Joseph immediately tries to get up after hitting the water,
but Sean is upon him, grabbing him in the hold again.
Your father's only part of the
problem. You haven't given
yourself up completely yet, have
What are you talking about?
You've gotta give it all up. Your
past, your father, all of it. Give
yourself up to the light.
Before he can finish, Sean shoves him down under the water,
holding him there.
The water will wash it all away.
Water washes everything clean.
From underwater, all sound from above is muffled. All Joseph
can see is a hazy figure standing above him.
Sean suddenly pulls Joseph out of the water. Joseph coughs
and spits water water.
Do you reject Satan, and all his
empty promises?
Joseph, still reeling from being submerged, is unable to
reply. Sean plunges him beneath the water again.
Joseph hears the same muffled sound and sees the outline of
Sean standing over him. Then, over top of the noise, a voice
from Joseph's memory rings out in his head.
                       JOE'S FATHER (o/s)
You're nothing but a goddamn
Sean lifts him out of the water again.
Do you reject Satan, and all his
empty promises?


Again, Joseph hesitates, and again Sean plunges him under
the water.
Joseph looks up from under the water. Time seems to slow
down, and everything becomes almost dreamy.
Joseph, as a young child, stands silently trembling. His
father seems to tower over him. The man has a mean look, and
when he speaks, there is a slight slur in his voice. He is
unshaven, and wears a white wife-beater undershirt. On the
table beside him is an almost empty bottle of whisky.
                       JOE'S FATHER
Did you hear me? I said you're a
disappointment. A failure!
Joseph flinches at the sound of his father's voice. The man
comes closer, removing his belt.
                       JOE'S FATHER
You're no better than a bad dog.
Well, I'll show you how to take
care of a dog.
Joseph winces as the man raises his hand, brandishing his
belt. There is a loud THWACK sound as it makes contact.
Joseph comes violently out of the water, coinciding with the
sound of the belt. Sean is still there, holding him upright.
Do you reject Satan...
Sean is startled by the sudden response. They fall silent
and look at one another for a moment. Joseph, trembling in
the cold, has tears running down his face. Slowly, he drops
to his knees, looking up at Sean. Water covers him almost to
his neck.
Sean reaches out and places his hand on top of Joseph's
Are you with me?


Good. Then let's get started.
The living room is now a crime scene, as police, Forensics,
photographers, and emergency workers go about their
business. The bodies are being loaded onto gurneys.
Michael stands in the hallway that leads to the living room,
speaking to a FEMALE FIELD AGENT.
                       FEMALE AGENT
...hid in the closet during the
whole thing. Poor kid.
She glances over her shoulder. The young boy who had been
hiding in the closet is sitting in another room, being
consoled by a compassionate looking woman.
                       FEMALE AGENT
Social Services are with him now.
They'll try to find out if there
are any living relatives here.
Were you able to get much from
                       FEMALE AGENT
Quite a bit, yeah. His English is
perfect, I'd say he was born here.
He didn't get a good look at the
shooter, but he heard pretty much
                       FEMALE AGENT
I think it was your guy. I read
the files, and it matches. Lots of
preaching, says he's doing God's
work. God, I hate these cases. I
can just see it now. "The Angel of
Death". The press is probably
having a field day by now.


I hear you. Can you get me a full
                       FEMALE AGENT
Sure. Oh, something else you'll
want to know.
What's that?
                       FEMALE AGENT
Kid thinks the shooter wasn't
Excuse me?
                       FEMALE AGENT
Yeah, I thought you'd say that. He
couldn't see anyone, but he says
there was definitely a different
voice he didn't recognize. He
thinks the other person left
before the shooting started.
Okay, thanks. Get me that report?
                       FEMALE AGENT
You got it.
They part company. Michael approaches Alison, who is
kneeling beside a body still lying on the floor.
The kid's with Social Services.
He's told us pretty
much everything he can right now.
How is he?
He seems okay. Maybe he'll be able
to tell us more once he's had some
time with the counselor.


I mean, how's he doing
Sorry, I thought you meant...
Well, don't just think.
She storms out.
Alison, fuming, walks down the hall and enters the
storefront area where a few people are congregated. She
passes a couple of MALE AGENTS as she heads out the door.
                       MALE AGENT 1
What's up her ass?
                       MALE AGENT 2
I'm guessing it's not Westphal. At
least, not anymore. Maybe that's
why she's so pissed.
They both start to chuckle at the joke. It is cut short when
they notice Michael making a bee line toward them.
                       MALE AGENT 2
Oh, sh...
Michael tackles the man, and they fall to the ground. Chaos
ensues, with everyone assembled moving to separate them.
Agent 1 holds Agent 2 back, while Michael is restrained by
two other men.
You don't talk about her like
that! You hear me! You do not
disrespect her...
Alison rushes back inside.
Michael! Michael, look at me!
Michael struggles for a second before focusing on Alison.
They lock eyes, and he immediately begins to relent.


Go outside and calm yourself down.
Michael nods, and is released by the men holding him. He
walks to the door without looking at anyone and exits.
Alison watches him go before heading out herself. As she
passes the offending agent, she gives him a look, causing
the embarrassed man to look away.
Alison walks to the car, where Michael is standing waiting
for her.
Get in the car.
Where are we going?
Alison is already opening the driver's door and getting in.
Just get in.
Michael hesitates, before getting in.
The car rolls to a stop beside a local park. No one is
around as it is still early.
Alison gets out and starts walking across the grass. She
seems to be almost muttering to herself.
Michael slowly gets out, watching Alison as she moves
further away from him. He decides to pursue after a moment.
Hey, wait up.
Alison stops as Michael approaches, but she keeps her back
to him.
What's gotten into you?
What's gotten into me?


She turns to face him.
I should be asking you that. What
was that all about back there?
Are you kidding me? Did you hear
what that asshole said about you?
Of course I heard it. And it
pissed me off, too, but I wasn't
going to tear someone's head off
for it.
Hey, I was just trying to help.
Well, I don't need your help,
thank you very much. I need you to
talk to me.
I've already told you, it's not
open for discussion.
Well, you better open it. After
everything we've been through, I
can't believe you won't let me in.
I am the one person you should
trust above anyone else.
I never said I needed help.
Is that so?
Alison reaches into her pocket and pulls out the pill bottle
from Michael's room. She tosses it to him.
Can you explain this?
Michael looks at the bottle, but has nothing to say.
You've got two choices. You start
being straight with me, or I
report this, and you're done with
this case. And I don't care if you


                       ALISON (cont'd)
are the only one who can ID this
A moment passes between them. Then, out of nowhere, Michael
starts to laugh. Alison begins to look annoyed.
What the hell's so funny?
What you just said, about me
ID'ing the guy. It's too funny.
What is?
I don't know what he looks like.
Alison is speechless. Michael continues to laugh.
I can't remember a fuckin' thing
about him. It's hilarious. Don't
you get it?
Alison watches him laughing for another moment before
finally speaking.
We're finished.
Michael abruptly stops laughing as he watches her walk away.
Alison stands by the car, smoking a cigarette, as Michael
I thought you quit.
Alison takes one more drag before throwing the butt on the
ground and stamping it out.
I did.
Michael reaches out and hands her something. She takes it in
her hand. It is a pill bottle. She looks at it, then at him.


Michael leans against the car.
It was movie night. That's why I
was at the store that night.
What? You wanna talk now?
That's what I'm doing, so shut up
and listen.
Alison nods.
It was movie night, and we all
went together to pick the movie.
Michael looks at the movie selection in the store, as a
young boy, JORDAN, runs around. The boy runs by the front
counter where an attractive African American woman, KEISHA,
talks to the clerk in a friendly manner.
                       MICHAEL (V/O)
I was looking at the movies, and
Keisha was showing the ring to the
clerk. She was so happy that I
finally popped the question.
Jordan runs back toward Michael. He passes a man who has his
back to him.
Keisha shows the clerk the ring, and the woman laughs and
takes her hand to get a better look.
The man cocks his head in the direction of the front
counter, listening to the conversation.
                       MICHAEL (V/O)
I guess the guy put two and two
together, figured we weren't
married yet, and that
Jordan...Jordan was our son. And
he didn't like that.
Michael picks up a movie and looks it over. Suddenly, a SHOT
rings out.


                       MICHAEL (V/O)
I heard the first shot, and I
thought I imagined it. Until I
heard the clerk screaming.
Michael looks down, realizing his son is no longer beside
him. Everything seems to move in slow motion now. He mouths
the word "Jordan", then begins running toward the front of
the store. More shots ring out.
Michael's view of the front of the store is blocked by the
store shelves. As he rounds the corner, he sees Keisha lying
on the floor, not moving. He also sees a pair of feet,
sticking out from just behind a store display, attached to a
body lying just out of sight. The feet are small.
Michael still stands leaning against the car, head bowed. He
doesn't speak for a moment.
I never thought about how small
Jordan's feet were. They just
seemed so tiny, sticking out like
Michael stops talking for a moment. Alison has tears running
down her face.
Anyway, there I was, caught
completely off guard...
An anguished look comes over Michael's face as he sees his
son and fiancee lying on the floor.
A figure moves just out of his field of vision. As he turns
his head, all he sees is a gun being raised in his
                       MICHAEL (V/O)
I always thought I was fast. But
that night, I swear my feet were
nailed to the floor. I heard the
shot, and I just stood there.


Michael takes the shot in the chest. It propels him
backward, into a store display. He crashes to the floor,
goods spraying out in all directions.
                       MICHAEL (V/O)
We've all done the drills with the
flack vests. Multiply that by
about a thousand, and that's what
it feels like to get hit with a
live round. There's a pain...it's
unimaginable. And then everything
goes numb.
Michael, lying on the floor, makes a wheezing sound. He
coughs, spitting up blood. Unable to raise his head, all he
can see is a pair of legs walking toward him.
The figure comes to a stop, standing over him. Michael tries
to look up, but all he sees is a gun directed at him.
Another shot rings out, and everything goes black.
Next thing I knew, I woke up in
the hospital, and saw you sitting
Michael looks at Alison, who is wiping tears from her cheek.
You were out for three days
following your surgery.
Michael reflects on it for a moment.
Anyway, I needed the pills at
first for the pain. But after it
went away...
Some pain doesn't go away.
Yeah. Look, I can't tell you what
to do. If you want to turn me in,
it's your call.


Alison eyes him closely for a moment.
Can I trust you that there'll be
no more pills? No drugs of any
Scout's honor.
Okay. Now what are we gonna do
about ID'ing this guy?
I'll know him when I see him, I'm
sure of it. I just have to get
I hope you're right.
And don't worry, I won't do
anything reckless.
That's all I ask.
Michael hesitates a moment before continuing.
And I'm sorry about what I said
about you and Brett. It was out of
Alison becomes quiet for a moment. Michael watches her
closely. She turns to face him.
Did you freak out at that guy back
there because of what he said? Or
was it because he knows about us?
I'm pretty sure what happened
between us is one of the worst
kept secrets in Bureau history.


Yeah, you're probably right.
Alison stands beside him again.
But there's something I need to
ask, and I know we said we'd never
talk about it again.
She takes a breath before continuing.
Why did you sleep with me that
You were right, you don't want
to be bringing this up again.
No, Michael, I do want to bring it
up. Do you have any idea how I
felt when you left that morning?
I really don't want to get into
I was hurt, and it was because of
you. I know you always thought of
me as one of the guys, but I never
thought you'd hurt me the way you
That was six years ago. Can we
please move on?
No. You owe me an explanation.
I owe you?
Yes, you do. I've stayed quiet all
this time, listening to people
whisper behind our backs, and I've
never said a word. Do you know
why? I respected your wishes, and
now I want you to respect mine.


That's what you want, huh?
Yes, it is.
He eyes her closely for a moment.
All right. Two things happened
right around that time. You
remember John Abner?
Yeah, the letter bomb guy. I was
there when they took him in.
And you got shot in the process.
Grazed. It was barely a flesh
Do you have any idea how much that
scared me?
What did you expect? You're the
closest person in the world to
me. Of course I was scared. All I
could think about was how my life
would look without you in it.
And how did it look?
It looked empty. I realized that…I
don't know, you and I…
Michael stops, looking away for a moment.
What? What did you realize?
Michael sighs heavily, still hesitating.


Michael, please tell me...
He turns around abruptly to face her, cutting her off.
I realized just how much I was
in love with you.
Caught completely off guard, she has no response.
Is that what you wanted to hear?
I…I don't know what to say.
You don't have to say anything. I
had my chance, and I missed it.
That's the way it happens
But you could have…
She stops herself before saying anything else. They stand,
silently, looking away from each other. After a moment,
Alison looks at him, as if something has occurred to her.
What was the other thing?
You said two things happened. What
was the other thing?
Keisha found out she was pregnant.
Alison starts to speak, but Michael cuts her off.
And no, we weren't together at
that point. We hadn't spoken in a
while, and I don't think we
would've gotten back together


Did you love her?
I grew to love her, just as I'm
sure she had to do the same with
me. But were we in love at that
point? Honestly, no.
So why go back to her? You
could've been involved with your
son without being involved with
My dad bailed on me. I swore I
wouldn't do that to my son.
I guess I can't fault you for
I tried to do the right thing, I
really did. And it still didn't
Of course it mattered. The only
thing you can do is what you think
is right. You can't blame yourself
for what happened.
You think I blame myself?
I don't know. Do you?
You wanna know who I really blame?
I blame God.
Yeah, that's right. I went to
Keisha with only half a heart,
because I was still in love with
someone else, and God has been
punishing me for it ever since.


Michael, you know that's not…
Michael cuts her off, becoming visibly angry.
God took my son, because of
something I did. How is that fair?
I laid in that hospital bed for
weeks, cursing him with everything
I had. I don't just blame God, I
hate him.
Think about what you're saying.
I've been thinking, Goddammit!
I've been thinking for six months.
I kept telling myself it would get
better, but you know what? It
hasn't. God turned his back on me,
and there's not a damn thing I can
do about it now.
Michael is so angry he is shaking. Alison watches him, not
sure if she should say something. He turns away from her.
After a few moments, Alison walks up behind him and puts her
arms around him. He continues staring straight ahead, but
now appears on the verge of tears.
I just wanted to be a good father.
Alison continues to hold him, as they stand quietly in the
morning sun.
William and Lee are in their van, driving the strip in
Branson, Missouri. They look around at the various marquees
and billboards.
So what's with this Branson place,
My dad says it's like Las Vegas,
if it were run by Ned Flanders.


The van slows, turning into a parking lot.
Brother Caine, alone in his dressing room, sits reading a
book. He is suddenly disturbed by a loud COMMOTION coming
from outside.
What in blue blazes...
The door swings open with a loud CRASH, and a large man
comes spilling into the room. The man crashes into some
boxes piled against the wall, before falling backward onto
the floor.
Caine gets up from his chair, but before he can make a move,
Lee and William enter the room.
What have you done to Leonard?
Don't worry, he'll be fine. It's
you we're here to see.
Lee opens his jacket just far enough to expose his gun in
it's holster. Caine slowly sits back down.
I see.
Julie stands on the theater stage, looking out at the empty
seats. She drinks from a water bottle. WENDY, her singing
partner, approaches.
Hi, Jules.
Hey, Wendy.
Did you hear about Trudy?


No. Why?
She never showed up at home.
Julie is suddenly more interested.
What, when she left here? She
never made it?
Yeah, she was supposed to be
taking the bus straight to
Chicago. Her parents haven't seen
or heard from her.
I hope nothing's happened to her.
Julie sees Trudy from earlier, running away from her,
Julie also sees Caine from earlier, hitting on the female
singer and lashing out in anger at the stage hand.
I'm sure she's fine. Maybe she
just needed some time to herself.
I hope you're right. Anyway, see
you at rehearsal.
Yeah. And let me know if you hear
anything else.
You got it.
Wendy departs, leaving Julie with a concerned look on her


Joseph looks out the window as Sean drives along a country
road. Sean sees a church a short distance ahead. He slows
the car and pulls in to the church lot.
How come we're stopping?
Sean puts the car in park and turns the engine off.
Gotta speak to someone.
Sean and Joseph enter the church. Sean looks around.
What are you...
He points to the congregation area of the church. A half
dozen or so worshippers are scattered among the seating,
saying silent prayers.
What are you looking for?
Sean sees a woman exiting the confessional.
I'll be back in a couple of
Sean, kneeling down, faces the darkened curtain in front of
him inside the confessional booth. He blesses himself and
speaks to the figure on the other side.
Hello, Father. It's been 21 days
since I've been in to speak to the
FATHER SHEEN's disembodied voice replies from the other side
of the curtain.


Only 21 days between confessions.
That's commendable.
Well, I wouldn't really say it's a
confession. I don't feel what I
have to report are sins.
A series of intercuts follows, between Sean speaking to the
priest, and Joseph in the church.
slowly walks around the church, taking in the religious
imagery. He stops at a bible placed on a stand and begins
flipping through it.
I needed to come here today. I may
not get another chance.
Are you going away?
I may be. You see, Father, I
killed a man.
Actually, I've killed more than
once. But let me start at the
reads quietly from the bible.
Strengthen, ye, the weak hands.
Say to them of a fearful
heart, be strong, fear not, God
will come with vengeance,
he will come and save you.


What you're telling me...I can't
absolve you. You have to turn
yourself in, and repent.
I'm afraid I can't do that.
Then I'm sorry, I can't help you.
There is a rustling noise as the priest stands up to leave.
Sit down, Father.
I beg your pardon?
Sean forces his gun through the curtain.
You can't threaten me.
What about those people out there?
A moment passes before the priest sits back down.
Just don't hurt anyone.
For behold, the Lord will come
with fire…to render his anger with
fury…by fire and by his sword the
Lord will plead with all flesh,
and the slain of the Lord shall be


As I said, Father, I'm not here to
confess. God needs to know I'm
doing what he's entrusted me with,
and you are going to pass it on.
That's all I ask. You be the
messenger. Promise me that, and
I'll leave without incident.
A silent moment passes.
Fine. I'll do it for you, as long
as you leave without hurting
Fair enough. Thank you, Father.
Sean gets up, then hesitates for a moment.
One other thing, Father. Could you
offer me the sacrament of the body
and blood of Christ?
Please, don't ask me to do that.
Fine. Can you at least tell me
where I might find a store around
Excuse me?
A store, you know, so I can get
some wine. I'll have to get the
body and blood on my own.
There are stores in town...a few
miles down the highway.


And I saw heaven opened, and
behold a white horse, and he that
sat upon him was called Faithful
and True, and in righteousness he
doth judge and make war.
He finishes reading, and looks up to see Sean standing
beside him.
Everything cool, partner?
Yeah, fine.
Then let's roll.
The curtain on the priest's side of the confessional slowly
opens. The priest, a man likely in his early fifties, pokes
his head slowly out and looks around. Cautiously, he makes
his way to the back of the church.
Michael and Alison sit in a pew at the front of the church.
Father Sheen sits facing them on the steps leading to the
altar. Michael is taking notes.
I suppose I should have tried to
get a look at him, but I was
worried he might try to hurt
No, you did the right thing. Any
chance anyone else saw him, maybe
heard what was going on?
No, I doubt it.
Did you believe what he was
telling you, Father?


I don't know. I've heard things in
that confessional that make me
question what people are thinking.
And yes, there are times when I
may have been lied to. But this
He scared me. Yes, I believe him.
I have no doubt he's done what he
Sheen bows his head for a moment before continuing.
When I was younger, I gave last
rites to a man on death row who
had killed his entire family.
He looks up.
I offered to hear his confession,
to which he replied, "I have
nothing to confess". Do you know
why he said that?
Let me guess. God told him to do
That's right. And you know what?
The hairs on my neck stood up that
day, and they did the same today.
They sit in collective silence for a moment.
Okay, well I guess that about
covers it.
Michael stands and shakes hands with Father Sheen.
Thanks for your time, Father.
You're welcome. I just wish I
could have helped more.
Alison extends her hand to Father Sheen.


Alison turns to go, but Michael doesn't move.
Actually, would you mind waiting
outside for me? I'd like to speak
to Father Sheen alone.
Alison eyes him suspiciously.
It's personal.
      (to Sheen)
If you don't mind, Father.
Of course not.
Alison nods in approval.
I'll be outside.
Michael watches her leave before turning his attention back
to the priest.
I was hoping you might be able to
help me, Father.
I'll try.
Do you think God punishes people?
Is it possible that when something
really bad happens to someone,
that God is just...evening the
score for something that person
Father Sheen eyes him closely for a moment.
What happened to you, son?
Michael exits the church. Alison stands by the car, watching
him as he approaches.


You find what you were looking
Maybe. We'll see.
They get in the car and drive away.
Michael's car slowly rolls down a rural village street.
                       MICHAEL (V/O)
Father Sheen said something, about
the guy wanting the sacrament. He
asked him if there were any stores
close by where he could get some
The car is now parked by the side of the main street.
Michael and Alison get out. A convenience store is close by,
along with a scattering of small businesses and houses.
This is probably a long shot, but
at least we can say we checked.
You wanna snoop around out here,
I'll check the store?
Sure. Get me a drink, will you?
Yeah, meet you back here.
Michael enters the convenience store. It is your basic all
purpose store, a counter and register at the front, five or
six aisles of goods, and a bank of coolers at the back.
There is also a small enclave to the side with video rental
selections covering the walls.
Michael waits in line while the clerk, a middle aged woman,
rings in a sale and chats with the customer.


Michael steps to the counter as the customer leaves. The
clerk greets him with a smile, which he returns.
How are ya'.
Fine, hon. What can I do for ya?
Well, I'm looking for someone.
Problem is, I don't really know
what he looks like.
The clerk eyes him suspiciously.
Yeah, I know, sounds a little
shady. Here.
He hands the clerk his card.
You seen anyone strange around
here lately?
The clerk motions toward the bulk of the customers.
Take your pick.
He's not dangerous, is he?
Nah, just might have some
information we need. Call me if
you see anything out of the
ordinary, would you?
Sure thing.
Michael looks around before going to the coolers.


Looking through the selection of drinks, Michael fails to
notice the man beside him, also looking in the cooler.
Michael closes the cooler door, holding iced coffee in each
hand. He casually glances at the man beside him.
Sean, grinning, standing over Michael, holding a gun.
Michael's eyes get wide as the realization of who he is
looking at sets in. Sean, for his part, merely smiles, the
same smile from the memory.
Chaos ensues. Sean, almost blindingly quick, drops the
bottle in his hand and reaches into his coat. Michael, both
hands full, dives into the closest aisle as a SHOT rings
The store customers erupt in a panic, screaming and rushing
for the door
Sean fires off several shots in all directions. Michael,
still on the floor, covers his head as items on the shelves
around him explode from gunshots.
Michael looks up into surveillance mirror positioned on the
ceiling and sees Sean still standing in front of the cooler.
He fires off a shot in Sean's direction. Sean, realizing he
is in the open, dives for cover.
Alison, gun drawn, races toward the store as panicked
customers exit.
Joseph, from the car, watches anxiously, clutching his
Alison enters the store in time to see Sean running toward
her. He fires a shot in her direction. She ducks back out,
before reaching in and returning fire.
Sean, realizing he is cut off, heads toward the movie
alcove. Alison fires again, causing him to dive behind a


Michael looks up and sees Sean in the surveillance mirror.
Slowly, he gets up, hands raised.
Don't shoot, Ali. It's me.
Alison nods, giving him the all safe. She glances around,
seeing bodies lying throughout the store.
Michael points toward the mirror on the ceiling. Alison sees
Sean behind the display. They begin to inch closer to him.
Joseph cautiously enters the store. Alison notices the
movement and turns, gun pointed at him. He raises his hands.
Get out of here! Now!
Joseph starts to back up, then crouches down beside the
counter as Alison turns her attention back to Sean.
Sean looks up toward the mirror and sees Michael and Alison
closing in.
I know you can see us in the
mirrors. You've got nowhere to go.
There's only two ways this can
end. Throw out your weapon, and
you can walk out of here.
Sean appears to weigh his options for a moment. Then,
unexpectedly, he leans over, exposing himself, and fires a
shot in Alison's direction.
Alison, with a clear view of where Sean is hiding, is able
to easily duck out of the way. A split second after Sean
fires, Michael returns fire. A box explodes just inches
above Sean's head. Sean retreats, covering his head with
both hands.
That was a warning. You only get
one. Ball's in your court.
A moment passes. Alison takes out her cell phone.
Joseph sees her preparing to dial. He hesitates a split
second before springing out from his hiding place.
Don't do that!


Michael and Alison turn in unison in Joseph's direction.
I told you to get out of here!
You don't want to make that call.
Alison begins to move, but Joseph raises his hand, halting
With his other hand, Joseph reaches into his backpack and
withdraws something, holding it up for all to see. It is a
homemade bomb.
Alison and Michael look in utter amazement.
Sean pokes his head out to see what is happening.
Alison slowly lowers her gun in an attempt to diffuse the
Sir, for your own protection,
don't move.
Don't you move! I'll set this
thing off!
Just relax. No one's going to do
Alison looks toward Michael. In response, he relaxes his
Joseph watches them for a moment, then looks toward where
Sean is hiding.
You over there, Sean?
Slowly, Sean raises his empty hand above his head in a wave
for Joseph to see.
I'm leaving, and he's coming with
Not gonna happen!


Joseph moves his other hand toward a switch on the bomb.
Wait, wait, wait!
      (to Michael)
You take it easy for a second,
Alison shows Joseph her hands. Moving slowly, she holsters
her gun and puts her hands up for him to see. Michael
continues to keep his gun raised.
There, now everyone's calm. We can
work this out.
I'm not leaving without him.
I'm listening. We can talk about
      (calling out)
They're trying to fool you! They
think they're smarter than you!
Don't listen to 'em!
There's nothing to talk about.
We're leaving. Now.
Joseph, keeping the bomb raised in the air, moves slowly
past Alison. Michael keeps his gun trained on him all the
He reaches Sean, who stands up in plain view. Slowly, they
start toward the door.
As Sean passes by Alison, he looks toward Michael and
flashes him a smile, before heading out the door.
Joseph waits a moment at the door, holding everyone at bay.
He hears a car engine start, waits a moment, then disappears
out of sight.
A squeal of tires can be heard. Alison rushes toward the
door. She makes it outside, but Sean's car is already out of
Alison comes back inside, already on her phone calling for
emergency help.


Oblivious to the chaos, Michael walks slowly toward the
door. Sirens can be heard in the distance. He kneels down
and picks something up off the floor. It is a pamphlet. His
expression changes as he reads it. He puts it in his pocket
and goes to help Alison.
The front of the store is now a crime scene, complete with
emergency crews, yellow tape, onlookers and reporters.
Alison is speaking to a tall man dressed in a military
uniform. She motions for Michael to join them. He
Michael, this is Major Conroy,
he'd like to speak to us.
They shake hands.
Pleased to meet you.
Rough scene in there. You okay?
I'm fine.
Conroy pauses for a moment, looks around, then reaches into
a large yellow envelope he is holding and withdraws a
photograph. He hands it to Michael.
Recognize this man?
C/U on a photo of Sean, in full military dress.
Yeah, that's him. One of yours?
Yes…was. Name's Sean Coleman,
marine, stationed out of Camp
Pendleton. Last deployment was
Michael continues looking at the photo.


So what happened?
Coleman's unit was ambushed and
taken hostage. When the rescue
team found them, he was the only
one still alive.
Yeah, it was bad. Six guys
executed, Coleman was probably
next. Even so, they tortured him
for a couple of days. Coleman had
to go through three surgeries
before he pulled through.
Guy just won't quit, huh?
You have no idea. Coleman
flatlined during one of his
surgeries. He was nearly
pronounced dead.
So what's his condition now?
Depression? PTSD?
Actually, it's a bit more complex.
We think Coleman believes he saw
Michael and Alison look at one another with a WTF
I know, it sounds crazy, but
Coleman believes...he crossed
over. And now, he's taking his
orders from God.
So why wasn't he kept under watch?


Half the country believes in God.
We couldn't hold a vet against his
will for believing. Especially not
after all the bad Walter Reed
Great. Is there anything else we
should know?
Actually, there is. Coleman's
fiancee was on the plane that
crashed into the South Tower of
the World Trade Center.
Well, this just keeps getting
better and better.
So, can you help us?
Unfortunately, no. Coleman's a
civilian now, and I'm afraid the
military wants to stay as far away
from this as possible. I shouldn't
even be here.
Well, is there anything you can
suggest we do?
Conroy thinks for a moment.
Pray that Coleman slips up.
Otherwise, things could get a lot
Michael and Alison walk back to where their car is parked
outside the store.
Well, we know who he is. Now if we
only knew where he is.


I know where he's going.
Michael hands her the pamphlet.
You really think so?
Yeah, why not? Makes about as much
sense as anything else he's done.
So what's he planning?
That, I haven't figured out yet.
And that's what scares me.
Sean and Joseph enter the theater ticket lobby. The lobby
area is huge, with multiple ticket windows, an atrium, and
plenty of space for various booths operated by vendors. Long
lines are already forming, and crowds of people are milling
Man, the lines are getting long.
Which is why I bought my ticket in
advance. You got your ticket yet?
No, I wasn't really planning on
seeing the show. I just came here
for Julie.
Fair enough. Tell you what, if
you're around after the show, we
can hook up again. I'd like to
meet that girl of yours.
Sounds good. I'll look for you.
Sean nods before turning toward the entrances to the
theater. Joseph watches him for a moment and then turns and
heads in the opposite direction.


Julie stands in an alley behind the concert hall, talking on
a cell phone. Her eyes are red and swollen.
I don't know, mom...I know, I made
a commitment, but...
She listens as her mother speaks.
It is what I want, but things are
different here now. I can't stay
Another reply.