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by David Crisman (D.Crisman@comcast.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
Bobby Quinn, a boxer short on money, gets involved with the Irish Republic Army. Bobby learns that ambition can open many windows, yet greed can shut them as well. This is a work in progress...not finished yet.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Heavy Breathing as BOBBY QUINN, 31, rushes down a narrow
alley carrying a black duffel bag. He looks backwards
scanning the area for his pursuers, nearly falling as he
stumbles over some garbage.
                       BOBBY (V.O.)
They say that a man's worth is no
greater than his ambition. In
that case, I'm worth a lot.
                                         CUT TO:
BOBBY QUINN exits his apartment building just around dusk.
He makes his wasy across the parking lot and enters his
BOBBY drives down 5th street, which is populated by hookers
dressed in their finest and street thugs doing business. He
makes his way to a parking spot across the street from the
Fifth Street Pub. He exits the vehicle cautiously, crosses
the street and enters the pub.
Smoke fills the bar as BOBBY enters the pub. Patrons are
sitting at the bar and shooting pool. LIAM CARAHER, 31,
spots BOBBY as he enters the pub and wave him over to his
pool table.
How 'bout them Lakers?!
BOBBY reaches into his pocket and pulls out a fifty dollar


You keep sticking with the Celtics
Bobby! I'm gonna pay my rent off
you this month.
Fuck You. I'm gonna get a drink,
you want something?
Grab me a beer. Get us a shot
too. Hell, you're buyin' anyway.
You're a dick.
Bobby pushes his way through the crowd and approaches the
Mahoney! Let me get two guiness
and two shots of the rough stuff.
Bobby the big spender tonight? Or
is Liam buying?
Oh, the Celtics lost last night
didn't they?
Yeah, and the Knicks are really
tearing it up this year.
Mahoney starts to reply but then he notices TERRY O'SHEA,
36, standing at the back of the line. Mahoney motions him
to the front of the line.
What ya need Terry?
Two Jameson's on the rocks.


You here on business or pleasure
TERRY looks at BOBBY questioning his alliances.
A little of both.
MAHONEY quickly makes TERRY's drinks.
How's things back home?
It's coming together. From what I
hear somethings kicked off today.
MAHONEY puts TERRY's drink on the bar.
On the house today. Just keep
bringing business in with ya.
I don't think two drinks cover all
the business I've brought you. But
TERRY starts to walk back to his table.
You know if I charged what they do
back home, that just might cover
It would get damn close.
MAHONEY turns his attention back to BOBBY.
Sorry Bobby, what did you say you
Just give me two guiness. You
sure do talk a lot about Ireland.
I guess I've never truly left.


As MAHONEY starts pouring the guiness from the draft, a LOUD
PATRON is heard from the crowd.
                       LOUD PATRON
Mahoney! Turn the T.V. up!
MAHONEY turns the volume up on the T.V.
Everybody shut the fuck up! We
got some news from back home.
                                         CUT TO:
A young woman on the T.V. reporting on a shooting back in
                       FEMALE NEWSCASTER
In other news, a British R.U.C.
helicopter was shot down today, by
what is believed to be a tactical
strike organized by the Irish
Republic Army. A casualty count
has yet to be released, but as you
can see by the pictures, the scene
is horrifying.
Pictures of burning helicopter remains and emergency
response vehicles are flashed on the screen. A BURST of
excitement flashes through the pub.
Fuck'em! Finally we get some
BOBBY returns to the pool table with the drinks. He scans
the crowd and notices TERRY O'SHEA watching the T.V. and
talking on the payphone. TERRY is laughing and overall
seems to be excited.
What do you think makes these guys
so special?


I mean, Mahoney looks right
through me. He gets Terry his
drinks first, like I'm a piece of
shit or something.
Who the fuck knows! All I know is
whatever they do, you need to stay
the fuck away from it.
Bobby you don't have the mentality
to do what they do. You're too
hot headed. I know you're a badass
boxer, but I'm pretty sure those
guys don't use gloves.
I'm not talking about fighting
them Liam. I mean..
Forget it.
Look at you! One fucking draft and
you're getting all emotional. You
gonna be able to drive home?
Fuck off.
BOBBY pulls up to his apartment building and exits his
vehicle. Walking intoxicated, BOBBY makes it to his front
door. BOBBY tries to put the keys in the lock, but he drops
them to the floor. The keys hit the floor making a SPLASH
as they hit the hard floor. A second later, BOBBY's door
comes flying open. SHAYLA DOYLE stands in the doorway
wearing a skimpy pair of underwear and a tight white


What the Fuck Bobby! It's four
o'clock in the morning!
You know what! Who have you been
I've been with Liam, who else
would I be with?
Whatever. You know what I mean.
SHAYLA turns around and starts walking down the hallway to
their bedroom. BOBBY approaches her from behind and put her
in a bear hug, stopping her from walking away. He
seductively puts his mouth by her ear.
You wanna smell it?
You're an idiot. And if you were
messing around on me, you better
have the decency to wash that
bitches stink off it before you
come home.
Aww, baby, you know the only stink
I want on me is yours.
I don't stink!
Yeah you do, you stink real good.
BOBBY lets SHAYLA out of his grips and follows her into the
bedroom. SHAYLA crawls into the bed. BOBBY crawls into bed
beside her.


BOBBY rolls over onto the top of her and starts kissing
SHAYLA on the neck. SHAYLA MOANS. BOBBY makes his way down
to her breasts and starts to kiss them slowly. SHAYLA moves
her legs open so BOBBY can center himself on top of her.
BOBBY crawls in between her legs and again starts to kiss
her breasts. A few seconds later BOBBY is snoring on top of
SHAYLA rolls BOBBY off of her and covers BOBBY up, and then
kisses him on his forehead. SHAYLA turns the lights out and
goes to sleep.
Sunlight splashes onto BOBBY's face as it pours through the
window. BOBBY wakes up abruptly. He slowly gets out of bed,
obviously tormented by a hangover. Sounds of pots and pans
clanking can be heard from the kitchen. BOBBY puts on an
old pair of sweats and slowly makes his way to the kitchen.
As BOBBY enters the kitchen, a small radio plays a song.
SHAYLA is standing in front of the stove, dancing very
seductively. She doesn't notice BOBBY standing behind her.
SHAYLA is in the process of dancing and cooking breakfast,
as BOBBY startles her.
Now that is what I call
SHAYLA abruptly turns around.
Awww, I was going to surprise you
with breakfast in bed.
I like the surprise I got in the
kitchen better!
SHAYLA laughs as she sets two plates on the table.
BOBBY sits down at the table and starts to eat breakfast.


Are you going with me today to
look at the house?
SHAYLA joins him at the table and begins to eat.
Is that today?
Yes! and you're going!
I can't, I've got to go to the
gym. Frankie has people coming by
to negotiate a fight.
Shay, we haven't even got the
approval from the bank yet. We
have time babe.
I know, but I just want to see
what's out there.
BOBBY suddenly notices the paper sitting on the kitchen
table. The front Headline reads: "Five British Royal Marines
slain in helicopter strike". BOBBY quickly grabs the paper
and reads the article.
The I.R.A. has been hitting the
Brits a lot lately.
Yeah, it was on the news last
night down at the pub. The whole
fuckin place got quiet. Then they
showed the pictures of the burning
helicopter and the place went up
like Fenway.
Figures, a lot of hard core
patriots hang out down there.
BOBBY stands up from the table and places his plate in the


I have to get ready, I'm suppose
to be at the gym in a hour.
Listen, I'll go with ya next time.
You promise?
Cross my heart and hope to die.
Good, now go beat someone up so we
can pay the bills!
LIAM and SCOTT CRANFORD, 41, stand with their backs against
the wall outside of a drug house front door. Both LIAM and
SCOTT are dressed in urban assault gear. SWAT team vehicles
are parked outside of the home and numerous other officers
are rushing around to the rear of the home.
Police Department! We have a
search warrant for the property.
Anyone inside make your way to the
front door with your hands in the
There is no response from inside the house. LIAM looks
nervously towards SCOTT.
      (whispering into
       radio earpiece)
Command, no response.
Authorization for breech.
      (on radio)
10-4 Blue team, you are authorized
to breech.
LIAM nods at the other officer.


      (on radio)
Red team prepare to breech and
clear on go.
      (on radio)
one, two, three, go-go-go!
The sound of doors and windows breaking and shattering
explode as the Blue and Red teams breech the home. Snapping
sounds of gunfire ring out as the Red team meets resistance
in the rear of the home.
Red team advise! Situation?!
                       RED TEAM LEADER
      (out of breath)
Suspect down. Another fled inside
the house to unknown area.
LIAM and the blue team breech the front door of the house.
Clearing the first room, LIAM signals to SCOTT to hold his
posistion. LIAM moves to the door off of the front room and
tries to turn the door knob, finding that it is locked.
A gunshot explodes through the door almost hitting LIAM.
      (on radio)
Suspect, southwest corner room,
shots fired.
This is your last chance buddy!
You can come out of there
peacefully, just toss your weapon
to the door and lay face down on
the floor with your hands behind
your back!
                       THUG #1
Fuck you cop, you just killed my
cousin! Come in and get me.
The Red Team moves into position just outside of the bedroom


                       RED TEAM LEADER
      (on Radio)
Blue Leader we are in position
just outside of the bedroom
window. On your orders.
      (on radio)
Bang and Breech on my orders
Listen, let's make this easy! Come
out now or else we come in and get
ya. If that happens, everyone is
nervous and you don't want a bunch
of nervous people coming in there
with weapons. What do ya say?
A few seconds of dead silence. No answer from THUG #1.
      (on radio)
Red Team bang and breech! go..go.
On LIAM's command Red Team throws a flashbang through the
bedroom window. Before the Red Team can make it through the
window, LIAM has already moved into the bedroom. THUG #1 is
momentarily blinded by the flashbang and randomly fires
shots throughout the bedroom. LIAM quickly finds THUG #1
crouched in a corner of the bedroom
Drop your weapon now!
THUG #1 sharply turns the weapon on LIAM and fires a shot
that barely misses him.
RED TEAM LEADER now standing inside of the bedroom quickly
reacts, and fires a shot into the chest of THUG #1.
      (yelling into
Hold your fire, suspect down!
RED TEAM LEADER approaches LIAM and checks over him to make
sure that he isn't shot.
                       RED TEAM LEADER
You alright Liam?


Yeah, Yeah, I'm fine. Let's clear
the house and start the search.
The SWAT team clears the whole house making sure there are
no more suspects. Upon clearing, both red and blue team
meet back in the kitchen
The house is clear guys. I just
want to thank everyone for staying
organized and following orders.
Everyone did a good job today.
Now, Red Team you guys have the
upstairs, we'll take down stairs.
This is one of the biggest dope
houses in the area, there has to
be something here. Go find it!
The red team makes their way upstairs, while LIAM and SCOTT
stay downstairs and begin their search.
Are you sure you alright bud?
I'm fine, you just never get used
to being shot at, ya know?
I feel ya, we defintely don't get
paid enough. What made you want to
be a cop?
I guess the excitement. Plus most
of my friends kinda pushed me this
way. They always said I had what
it took to do the job. How about
The pussy! Hell, the uniform
itself is worth one piece of ass a
week. I used to get so much...
SCOTT finds a few loose boards in the floor underneath the
Liam come here.


LIAM walks over to SCOTT just as he is pulling the loose
boards out of the floor. Shocked, they both stare at quite a
bit of cocaine and a bunch of money.
Liam, there has to be at least
fifty thousand in cash in there.
Probably more.
You know we were just saying cops
don't get paid enough. There
could only be about twenty
thousand in there if we wanted.
I hear what you are saying, but I
need this job. And I really don't
feel like being under
investigation and sitting in I.A.
for hours.
No one will ever know!
I'll know. That's enough for the
paranoia to sit in. I don't need
Fine, but when Christmas comes
around. We'll both be sorry we
didn't take a bonus.
BOBBY pulls up to FRANKIE's gym in his 1979 Camaro. After
exiting the camaro, BOBBY smooths his face over while
looking at himself in his driver's side window. BOBBY walks
into FRANKIE's gym with confidence.
Frankie's gym is a ran down old boys club. Plaster is
falling off the walls in certain places and most of the
paint is chipping. A boxing ring stands in middle of the
gym, surrounded by weights, exercise machines, and punching


bags. A Banner hangs over the boxing ring which reads "Home
BOBBY makes his way to FRANKIE's office located near the
back. While walking to the office other boxers are
training. Almost every boxer he sees stops to shake his
hand as a sign of respect.
As BOBBY enters the office FRANKIE, 53, is sitting behind
his desk. ARTHUR BELLOWS, 48, and LEON BRIGGS, 26, are
sitting in front of FRANKIE's desk. BOBBY seems to interupt
a conversation as he walks into the office.
I'm sure we can make the money
right for both sides...
Hey! Bobby, we were just
discussing some business. Come on
in, grab a seat.
BOBBY grabs a chair and pulls it up next to FRANKIE.
So, is the fight a go or what?
I'm sure we will get it there. We
are just working on the numbers.
I'm undefeated in 23 fights with
22 knockouts. I'm pretty sure I'm
the draw here, so I want a sixty
fourty split of the purse, win or
Look Bobby, we're not saying that
your not the man, but that's
asking for a lot - win or lose.
Leon has tweleve fights under him.
Now, I understand that he hasn't
lost. But tweleve fights are not
enough to command sixty percent if
he wins. Leon needs Bobby more
than Bobby needs him.


It's still twelve fights with 12
knockouts. I think he deserves...
I'll do it, I just want my shot at
Bobby. Sixty Fourty is good with
Are you sure Leon, we can...
I'm sure, let's sign this thing.
Alright! We have the civic center
booked for an optional day in
about 3 months. Is that good for
you guys?
Perfect. Nothing personal Bobby,
but to be the man you gotta beat
the man. I'm coming for ya.
Leon "low down" Briggs, I don't
know if you are tall enough to
ride this ride.
Bring it to the ring Bobby, just
bring it to the ring.
You guys can settle it on August
thirteenth. Now we have some
papers to sign.
FRANKIE places some various papers on the desk. FRANKIE,
BOBBY, ARTHUR, and LEON all sign. BOBBY eyes LEON as he
signs his name.
Train hard Low Down, this is
probably your last fight.


I'm gonna beat the green out you
Bobby! believe that...
As BOBBY exits FRANKIE's gym he sees three guys leaning
against his car. He recognizes one to be TERRY O'SHEA. BOBBY
approaches with caution.
Bobby Quinn, the word is you are
fighting Briggs in August.
News travels fast.
Only to the right ears.
What can I do for ya?
You know who I am?
Terry O'shea, I've seen you a few
times down at the pub
Well, now that we know each other,
let's get to the point. What's
this boxing thing pay ya?
Enough to put food on the table.
I want you to come work for me.
You can still box, this would be
more like a side gig.
What exactly would I be doing?
Bobby notices a gun in TERRY's waist line as TERRY starts to


Cleaning up some odds and ends for
me. Collecting some of the debts
that are owed to me. Things of
that nature.
I don't know Terry, sounds more
like I'll be one of your soldiers.
We don't call them soldiers, we
call them volunteers. But it pays
well, plus you would be helping
out our people back home.
Back home?
A percentage of the money we make
gets kicked back to Ireland to
help fund the revolution.
Are you asking me to join the
I'm asking you to help take back
your birthright. Which right now
is being held captive by the
british. In doing so, we can all
maintain a nice quality of life.
So if that means that I'm asking
you to join us or the I.R.A. as
you so loudly put it. I guess the
answer is yes, I am.
What can we actually do here in
the States that will help our
people back home?
Our business is money, we make
money, in turn a portion of that
money goes back home. That's what
we do, we are a resource for our
brothers back home.


I need some time Terry.
No problem, come up to the pub
tonight. We'll talk about it
I'll be there.
BOBBY gets in his camaro after TERRY and his crew leave.
BOBBY heads home to talk to SHAYLA.
BOBBY enters the apartment to find SHAYLA crying. She is on
the phone looking out the window.
      (on phone)
Ok, well you did all you could do
thank you.
SHAYLA hangs up the phone and sadly looks at BOBBY with
tears in her eyes
What's wrong?
That was the bank, the loan fell
through. We are gonna need ten
percent down to get a house.
What happened? I thought we were
getting a grant so the government
would pay our down payment.
They denied our application.
Aww baby, don't cry. We will get
the money.
How Bobby! Your boxing career and
my job at the pub are barely
paying the bills!


I'll get a second job if that's
what it takes
Doing what Bobby? We need money
fast if we want to get that house
I looked at today.
Shay, there will be other houses.
It will just take some time.
I know there are other houses, but
this house fits us so perfectly
and it has everything we want!
How much is the house?
A hundred thousand
So we need ten thousand down?!
If that's the final cost, ya.
That is gonna take some time Shay!
It doesn't matter Bobby, we will
never get that kind of money. I
don't want to talk about this
anymore. I have to get ready for
I'm coming with ya tonight. I'm
suppose to meet some people up
Liam just got out of the shower when the phone rings in the
police locker room.


Liam, dressed in a towel around his waist, walks over to the
wallphone and answers it.
Hey Liam, I have a call for you.
Thanks, I'll take it on this
Here ya go.
The OPERATOR puts BOBBY through to LIAM.
Officer Caraher, how can I help
Hey it's Bobby. Can you meet me
up at the pub, I have to talk to
you about something.
Sure. What time?
Now would be good. Sooner the
better anyway.
On my way.
BOBBY and LIAM sit at a corner table in the pub. SHAYLA
brings two pints of guiness to the table. The pub is rather
empty in the early evening hours.
So what's the big news?
I got a job offer today.
Doing what?


Terry wants me to come work for
him. I'm really considering it.
You know how I feel about that
Bobby. If you decide to do this,
you do realize that we may be at
odds eventually right?
Liam you know I don't want that,
but I really need some money.
Our grant got denied, now we need
ten percent down to get this
I'm sorry Bobby, but do you think
this is the only way?
It's the only quick way.
SHAYLA returns to the table and takes a seat next to BOBBY.
What is the only quick way?
Working for Terry O'Shea. That is
the only way I can think of to
make money quickly. If I can make
enough money fast, we can get that
Yes, what do you think?
All I want to know is when you


Well, I could start today if I
wanted. I was just wanting to get
your guys' opinions.
Suddenly Mahoney yells out to Bobby.
Bobby! Terry is waiting for you
in the back.
Be right there.
Here's to the future.
BOBBY picks up what's left of his pint of guiness and gulps
it down. LIAM stares at him intensely.
BOBBY enters a back room in the bar. There sits TERRY
O'SHEA at a small round table. Two armed guards are
standing behind him. TERRY motions for BOBBY to take a
Well, what do ya think? Are we
good to go?
I think we are, I just have one
What's that?
Would it be possible to get a cash
How much are we talking here?
Ten large. I need it for a down
payment on a house.
One condition, you start work
tommorrow morning.


Not a problem.
Meet Mickey and Connor here at
ten,then head out to Berlin
Construction. The owner is Dave
Riggins, he owes me fourteen
thousand dollars. Don't come back
without it.
I'll be here.
And Bobby, you might have to
persuade him a little bit.
BOBBY nods his head in agreement. He then turns and makes
his way back to the front of the bar to see SHAYLA.
As BOBBY enters the main bar area, he approaches SHAYLA.
Shay, I'll be home later tonight.
You're starting right now?
Tommorrow morning, but me and Liam
are gonna go to Kitty Kat's for a
I don't know why you like to go to
titty bars when you have these at
SHAYLA grabs her breast and squeezes them.
Those are the best, the other ones
are just new.
Just don't go looking for new


If you grow a few more inches down
there, you'd get all the new pussy
you wanted at home!
Both BOBBY and SHAYLA laugh at each other.
LIAM approaches BOBBY.
I can't go to Kitty's Bobby, I
have to get home. Be carefull
Bobby. I'll call ya tommorrow.
Hey! Liam, it's just a job man,
just a job.
I know, just don't get too deep.
LIAM turns away and exits the pub.
BOBBY is sitting at a table near the main stage. Topless
waitresses seductively walk drinks to the patrons in the
club. BOBBY tentavely watches a nude woman put on a show on
the main stage, when another dancer approaches him from
behind and puts her arms around him.
                       STRIPPER #1
Hey there. Aren't you Bobby
Quinn, that boxer?
The one and only...
                       STRIPPER #1
How 'bout a private dance? I
always take good care of
I'm far from a celebrity, but I
could use a dance.


                       STRIPPER #1
Follow me...
BOBBY follows STRIPPER #1 to a private room. STRIPPER #1
sits BOBBY into a comfortable chair and performs a very edgy
lap dance.
After completing the dance, BOBBY follows STRIPPER #1 out of
the private room. LEON BRIGGS waits outside of the private
Well, check this shit out! Bobby,
the barney, Quinn! Well, if
you're here, maybe I should go
give that woman of yours a little
You better watch your fucking
mouth. You might end up getting
knocked out here, instead of in
the ring.
The only mouth I'm gonna be
watchin' is that fine ass woman of
yours while she is givin' me head.
BOBBY suddenly swings at LEON knocking him out in one punch.
Damn, he's not much for stamina.
BOBBY hands STRIPPER #1 a fifty dollar bill.
I better get going, thanks for the
The sun shines brightly as BOBBY enters the pub. Sensitive
to light this morning, BOBBY leaves his glasses on. MICKEY
and CONNOR wait at the bar, sipping on coffee.
You ready for your big debut?


Who would have thought that boxing
would lead to strong arming
Don't think of it as strong
arming, think of it as debt
collecting. Credit card company's
have debt collectors, we just
collect our debts with style.
That's a better way to look at it!
That's the only way to look at it,
MAHONEY enters the bar area from a back room. The bar phone
      (on phone)
Fifth Street Pub.
      (on phone)
Oh, I think he'll be happy.
      (on phone)
I'll pass the word.
MAHONEY hangs up the phone.
Well now, looks like the plans
have changed. Bobby, you have just
graduated with honors.
What do you mean?


I just heard some interseting
news. It seems people think Leon
Briggs isn't enough of a challenge
for you.
What do ya mean?
Word on the street is that Arthur
Bellows wants to pull the Briggs
fight after what you did to him at
the Kitty Kat the other night.
Shit, I need that money.
Well, from what I hear Arthur
wants to set up a fight with
Mataio Tafua, the number one
contender for the title.
No way!
If the rumors are true, Frankie
should be contacting you.
A contender fight?! That's got to
be long money.
Terry said today's schedule has
been canceled. He'll be here in
just a minute.
That was Terry on the phone?
How the hell did he find out about
Tafua before I did?


Don't know kid, I'm just a
bartender. But it sounds like
you're connected now...that can't
be bad.
Depends on the grip.
The main door to the pub opens and TERRY walks in.
There he is, the man of the hour!
What the hell is going on?
Your talents are going to be used
differently. Some people back
home think that your boxing skills
would be of better use to fund the
Speaking of funding, any news on
that cash advance?
It's taking me awhile to put it
together. Shit, with the money you
pull down from this contender
fight, you won't need a down
payment. Plus, we'll be able to
make some moves back home.
All you have to do is win.
That's what I do best.
Have you read today's paper?
No, why?
TERRY opens the newspaper and begins to read aloud.


I.R.A. activist shot dead by Royal
British Marines.
Flashes of a Brutal shoot out. LOUD GUNFIRE and SCREAMS are
They shot our people dead at a
peaceful demonstration.
Flashes of dead bodies lying on the ground in an urban
That's fucked up.
That, my friend, is the type of
shit that our people back home are
dealing with.
But with your skills, we can
change that. Don't just fight for
the money, Bobby, fight for the
I'll do what ever it takes. Our
people deserve better.
That's all I needed to hear.
BOBBY and LIAM sit on the couch watching an old boxing match
on t.v. SHAYLA is on the phone in the background. On the
counter near SHAYLA lies a copy of The Green Book, an I.R.A.
volunteer training manual.
I'm not doing anything illegal
Liam, why don't you get that!


Funding a terrorist group, wether
directly or indirectly, is sort of
illegal Bobby.
Hell, I need money too Bobby! But
you don't see me putting myself
out there.
You're a cop Liam, that would be
kind of a conflict of interest.
Bobby, I'm just saying. These
type of guys always want you to go
a little further, then a little
further. Until you're in so deep
you can't get out.
SHAYLA walks into the room and hands BOBBY the phone.
Here, it's Frankie.
You know, if I win this fight, I'm
gonna hire you as my assistant
Mmmm..I love roleplaying. I could
be the personal assistant you have
an affair with.
You'll have to dye your hair, you
know really get into your role.
You win this fight, I'll play any
role you want!
BOBBY answers the phone.
Frankie! What's going on?


                       FRANKIE (O.S.)
Destiny! That's what's going on!
                       FRANKIE (O.S. cont'd)
We just made the deal of a life
time. Arthur Bellows pulled the
Briggs fight.
I heard.
Did you also hear that he wants to
offer you a contender fight?
I heard that rumor too.
Well, it's no rumor kid. I
already agreed to the fight, cause
I knew you wouldn't pass it up.
What makes you think I'm just
gonna agree to this deal?
                       FRANKIE (O.S.)
About four hundred thousand
No shit! That's guaranteed money?
                       FRANKIE (O.S.)
Four hundred even if ya lose.
Eight hundred if ya win.
There's a bonus too.
It's gonna be televised.
I'm on my way!
BOBBY hangs up the phone. He looks at SHAYLA and smiles.


BOBBY just stares at SHAYLA.
Damn it Bobby! What!
Forget about the down payment.
We'll just buy the house in cash.
SHAYLA claps excitedly. She sits down beside BOBBY with her
feet pulled up underneath her.
How much is the purse?
Four hundred thousand if I lose,
eight hundred if I win.
Holy Shit! Oh baby, I knew you'd
make it.
It's gonna be televised too!
SHAYLA puts a bear hug on BOBBY.
Grats bud, you deserve it. Maybe
I can catch a loan from ya when ya
become a celebrity.
I wouldn't want to fund a
terrorist organization like the


A newscast plays on the T.V. inside the pub, as BOBBY and
TERRY sit at the bar drinking a draft. Mahoney stands on
the otherside of the bar watching the newscast. The newscast
shows three bodies covered by a cloth on the streets of
                       FEMALE NEWSCASTER
In recent news, the Royal British
Marines have been tactically
striking members of the I.R.A.
Just today the marines have taken
out, what is thought to be, one of
the lieutentants of the I.R.A.
accompanied by two bodyguards. It
appears the Royal Marines are
gaining the advantage over the
radical activist group.
TERRY slams down his draft, spilling the majority out onto
the bar.
Fucking Marines. Sometimes I wish
I was back home to fight the real
Hey, we are doing something just
as important. Without us, our
people have no money to fund this
I know, I just get tired of seeing
young kids die fighting for us,
when we are over here sitting on
our asses at a pub.
Each person has a role Terry, we
are filling ours.
Mahoney cleans up the spilled drink on the bar and brings
back two more drafts.
I wish there was something more I
could do, but hell I'm too old to
fight that fight.


Just keep the draft cold Mahoney.
You don't understand how much you
do for us.
Blah, I'm just a simple man. But
that doesn't mean I don't bleed
Mahoney, your probably the
toughest son of a bitch in here. I
wouldn't even mess with ya.
Thanks for the compliment Bobby,
but you're still paying for those
TERRY, BOBBY, and MAHONEY all laugh at BOBBY's failed
Let's shoot some pool.
Dollar a ball?
It's all about the money for ya
isn't it?
Nah, I dig the fame too!
BOBBY and TERRY get up from the bar and walk over to the
pool table. BOBBY starts racking the balls.
So, tell me about Tafua.
Some big samoan stud, He's 26-0,
Hell, he's never even been knocked


Ouch, samoans have hard heads.
I've got hard hands.
So this fight is like clash of the
titans. Both of ya are
He was undefeated, until he signed
this fight.
TERRY breaks the rack, making a huge CRASH.
BOBBY is in the ring with FRANKIE. BOBBY is circling
FRANKIE punching pads that are on FRANKIE's hands.
This guy isn't a joke Bobby! There
is no fucking around this time.
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
This is your one shot. You beat
this guy and it's nothing but nuts
for ya here on out.
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
He is going to try to throw bombs
at your head. 'Cause he doesn't
believe you've ever been hit.
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
He's gonna fight dirty on the
inside, so protect yourself at all
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
There is no such thing as a clean
break with this guy. So don't
depend on the ref to protect ya.
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
He is bigger than you. He is
tougher than you. But you have
one thing that he doesn't have.


I got heart!
Fuck that! You got me.
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
I'm gonna show you how to beat
this guy. I'm gonna talk you
through it.
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
You do what I say and how I say
it! You win, it's that easy.
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
Don't piss this away Bobby! Keep
your eyes on the prize.
BOBBY walks into his apartment in his training shorts and
tank top. He is carrying his training bag and sweating
SHAYLA is on the floor doing pilates while watching an
instructional video. She bends over backwards to look at
BOBBY as he enters the apartment.
BOBBY instantly drops his bag to the floor. SHAYLA stays in
her back bend as BOBBY gets down on all fours and crawls to
SHAYLA and kisses her.
As BOBBY and SHAYLA kiss deeply, SHAYLA flatens herself on
the ground. BOBBY continues to kiss SHAYLA's body. SHAYLA
tears her clothes off as fast as she can, while continuing
to engage BOBBY's body. BOBBY takes off his own clothes in
the process. A sensual love scene unfolds....
BOBBY and SHAYLA both lie in the bed in the morning hours.
SHAYLA rolls over onto BOBBY's chest and kisses him
Do you ever get scared?


Everyone gets scared. Even
champions get scared. The only
thing that seperates champions
from the others is that champions
push through it.
No, I mean scared about choices
you've made in your life.
Sure, but if the good out weighs
the bad, I think it's still a good
choice right?
Even if in doing so you may hurt
people around you?
Look Shay, I'm not hurting anyone
except Mataio Tafua. And he
signed up for it.
I know, it's just...
                       SHAYLA (CONT'D)
Me and Liam were talking and...
Fuck Liam. Shay, he's my best
friend, but he doesn't understand
that I don't want to be ordinary,
I want to be remembered for things
that I've done.
                       BOBBY (CONT'D)
And if it takes making a few
questionable decisions, then
that's what I have to do.
I know exactly how ya feel Bobby,
I'm just saying...
Listen, it's too early to get all
philosophical. Let's go get


Now there is a topic for
SHAYLA hops out of the bed nude and walks into the bathroom,
staring back over her shoulder at BOBBY as he is fixated on
her rear end.
BOBBY, MICKEY, CONNOR, and TERRY are sitting in Fenway Park
watching the Red Sox take on the Yankees. BOBBY starts to
order a hotdog as Wade Boggs smashes one over the green
The crowd goes crazy as Wade rounds the bases, not one fan
is left in their seat. BOBBY waits for the crowd to die
down before trying to place his order again.
Hey! Can I get four hotdogs?
                       HOTDOG VENDOR
Coming right up.
The hotdog vendor passes the hotdogs down the aisle. Once
BOBBY gets them he passes them out to his friends.
      (taking a bite)
You know it's kinda nice getting
away from it all for a bit.
Well there is a bit of buisness
that we need to discuss.
BOBBY looks at TERRY.
      (clearing his
Well, there is something we need
to discuss.
Great. What's up?
I got a call the other day from
some people back home. They
wanted to know how much they were


                       TERRY (cont'd)
gonna get for setting up the
They set up the fight!?
Come on Bobby! You don't get
breaks like this without some
friends pulling strings. You know
How much do they want?
If ya win, they want one hundred
fifty. If ya lose, they want at
least seventy five thousand.
Look Terry, I told ya. I want to
help out as much as I can. Those
terms are fine.
I just didn't want to bother you
with numbers today. But I'm glad
you made it easy. I'll let them
Don't worry about it, now let's
get back to the game.
MICKEY leans forward and looks at TERRY.
You gonna tell hima bout Liam?
What about Liam?
Mickey ran into him the other day.
Liam is trying to shake us down.
                       TERRY (CONT'D)
He told mickey that he knows we
are planning something big for you
and he wants some money to keep


                       TERRY (cont'd)
his mouth shut.
                       BOBBY (CONT'D)
Don't do anything crazy, I'll deal
with Liam.
Bobby, you're gonna have to or
else we'll have to pursue other
No. Forget about it, I'll deal
with him.
Roger Clemens burns a heater past the batter and strikes him
out. The crowd erupts with cheer.
Bobby bangs on the door to Liam's house. A light comes on
in the house as someone approaches the door from the inside.
Liam opens the door slowly, looking as if he has just woke
What the fuck are you doing
banging on my door at two in the
morning, like your the damn cop?
We need to talk.
BOBBY pushes his way past LIAM and enters the kitchen. BOBBY
opens the refrigerator and grabs a beer before he takes a
seat at the table.
What do you think you're doing?
What the fuck are you talking


You're trying to shakedown my
I'm sure that violates the
friendship laws.
Oh, so now they're your crew. Now
they're your best friends.
I'm not saying that Liam, you know
what I mean.
Look Bobby. You're taking a shot
with these guys, trying to make
some money fast.
I'm doing the same thing. Just in
a different way.
Yeah, and in that process, you're
fucking up my money.
Both BOBBY and LIAM sit in their chairs staring at the
Liam, you can't do this man.
Seriously, you're gonna get
yourself killed.
You gonna put a hit out on me
Bobby! huh!
Hell No! Of course not, well, not
me anyway.


O I see, your crew is gonna put a
hit on me, right?
I don't know Liam. I have no say
at what these guys do or what they
don't do. They just respect me
that's all.
Fuck'em, maybe I put a hit on
We both know you won't do that
Liam, you're a good guy.
Ya, maybe not. Maybe, I'm a bad
guy. A bad guy that needs money,
just like you.
Come on Liam. We both know that's
not true. How much do you need?
Thirty thousand.
Shit Liam, you gambling again?
So what! I gamble, it's not like
I'm snorting the shit up my nose.
Listen, I'll hook you up with some
cash after this fight. Enough to
get you back on your feet, I
promise. Just leave this thing
I don't know what they've got you
into. But I don't like it Bobby.
Do we got a deal?
Liam rubs his forehead.


Fine, but I want fifty percent of
your winnings.
Now I am gonna have to put a hit
out on ya.
The pub is quite crowded. SHAYLA is standing at TERRY's
table talking with him. Mickey and Connor are also seated
at the table locked in a contest of who can drink the most
shots without passing out. BOBBY enters the pub and quickly
notices SHAYLA standing at TERRY's table. BOBBY quickly
makes his way to TERRY's table to see what's going on.
As BOBBY pushes his way through the crowd, he accidently
steps on the boots of a drunken biker.
Got a problem?
BOBBY looks down at the Biker's boots.
Oh, sorry. Just trying to make my
way through the crowd.
You know how much these boots
I didn't buy them so I really have
no clue.
Oh, you got a smart ass mouth on
ya too huh?
I apologize, now if you'll excuse
I'll let ya know when you can go.
Suddenly MICKEY and CONNOR appear behind the BIKER.


You got a problem with our friend?
Yeah, and it doesn't involve you,
so get the fuck outta here.
CONNOR grabs the left arm of the BIKER. As the BIKER turns
to see who just grabbed him, MICKEY grabs the other arm.
BOBBY unleashes a fury of punches to the BIKER's face and
body. MICKEY and CONNOR let the BIKER go and he falls to
the ground. The crowd CHEERS BOBBY on and he jumps on top
of the biker and continues to pound on him.
LIAM appears behind BOBBY and pulls him off of the BIKER.
BOBBY comes face to face with LIAM. LIAM just shakes his
head and walks out of the pub. BOBBY turns to look for
SHAYLA and notices her sitting rather closely to TERRY at
his table. BOBBY turns to face the door where LIAM just
exited, but turns back around to make his way to SHAYLA.
Meanwhile, CONNOR and MICKEY harshly escort the BIKER out of
the bar, tossing him onto the sidewalk. While BOBBY makes
his way to TERRY's table.
I'm over there throwing down with
some biker, and you don't even
come to see what's going on?
Baby! Me and Terry were talking
about what we are gonna do with
the money, I knew you would win
SHAYLA sticks her tongue out at BOBBY.
You did work that guy over pretty
good, hopefully that's what you do
to Mataio.
Mataio won't be drunk, plus he
won't be wearing expensive boots.
BOBBY takes a seat and SHAYLA moves over by him.
You want a drink baby?


BOBBY dabs the blood off of his hands with SHAYLA's bar
SHAYLA heads off to get BOBBY's drink. CONNOR and MICKEY
join TERRY and BOBBY at the table.
What the hell got into you?
I guess I just hit the peak of my
pistivity for a second.
Well, I hope I'm never on the
recieving end of that temper.
I think Liam is pissed at me.
Speaking of Liam, how did that go
the other night?
I think he'll be alright. He is
just short on money like all of
us. He wasn't thinking straight.
                       BOBBY (CONT'D)
Just let me know if he gives you
anymore shit.
Not to be an asshole Bobby, but if
we get anymore shit from him,
we'll have to take matters into
our own hands.
He's good, don't worry about it.
I hope so...
SHAYLA returns with BOBBY's drink.
TERRY raises his glass to salute.


Here's to the beginnings of some
people's futures and,
unfortunately, the ending others'
Everyone at the table takes a drink.
BOBBY and SHAYLA are on their way home after SHAYLA gets off
work. MUSIC plays very loud in the car. BOBBY reaches over
and turns the music off.
I noticed you and Terry got pretty
close tonight.
Yeah, he's a good guy.
He's doing some good things for
us, don't get that confused with
being a good guy.
What are you saying?
I'm saying that bad people do good
things sometimes. So don't get
confused about what's on the
otherside of the fence, Shay.
Bobby Quinn, are you jealous?
Fuck that!
Well, maybe a little.
Aww, that's so cute.
BOBBY gives SHAYLA an evil stare.


Baby, I love you. I just thought
I would get to know your friends,
that's all.
Ok, well make sure it stays that
You trying to play tough guy with
me? Because you know I'll beat ya
down. I've been working out.
Pilates doesn't count.
BOBBY pulls into the apartment complex parking lot. SHAYLA
jumps out of the car and does her best boxer impression.
Come on! Bring it on bad ass.
I'm not gonna box you, but we can
go upstairs and wrestle.
Ooo..you know I like it rough
Both BOBBY and SHAYLA enter the apartment complex laughing
The morning sun is barely shining through the apartment
windows, when suddenly the phone RINGS in BOBBY's bedroom.
BOBBY quickly answers the phone so it doesn't wake SHAYLA
Hey, I know I said that I was only
going to use your boxing skills to
help us out, But that fat fuck
Mickey called in sick on me today


                       TERRY (cont'd)
and I need some help.
What do ya need me to do?
I'm going to collect a debt and I
need some back up with me. It'll
take a hour max.
Sure thing. Where are we meeting?
Meet me down at the docks, on pier
4 in about half an hour.
I'll be there.
BOBBY hangs up the phone and gets out of bed, as SHAYLA
wakes up.
Where are you going?
I have to meet Terry down on pier
But I've been such a bad girl. I
don't think I learned my lesson
You got it bad, you know that
Only for you baby!
BOBBY puts a pair of blue jeans on and grabs a shirt as he
leaves the bedroom.


BOBBY pulls up next to TERRY's car and gets out of his
vehicle. TERRY is looking out over the water. BOBBY has
two cups of coffe and hands TERRY one.
No problem, why did we get here so
Ronnie is the early guy, he gets
here about an hour before anyone
else. I just want to make sure we
are here to greet him.
How much does this guy owe ya?
About ten grand. And don't worry
I'll give you a cut for coming
I'm not worried about that.
No, you deserve it. Plus it'll
piss Mickey off that he didn't get
his cut. Teach the asshole a
That's all I need, a pissed off
Mick on my hands.
A beat down pick up truck pulls into the parking lot next to
a warehouse on pier four. RONNIE BLOOM exits the vehicle
and walks into the building.
BOBBY and TERRY walk across the pier to the warehouse. TERRY
pulls out his gun and loads a round into the chamber.
Am I going to need one of those?


I hope not. Check the door.
BOBBY checks the door. The door is unlocked. BOBBY and
TERRY both enter the warehouse.
Both BOBBY and TERRY are searching for RONNIE as the sound
of a toilet FLUSHING comes from a bathroom inside of an
BOBBY and TERRY enter the small office. Both BOBBY and
TERRY have a seat while they wait for RONNIE to exit the
bathroom. TERRY makes sure to expose his gun in his
RONNIE exits the bathroom and jumps back as he is shocked to
find BOBBY and TERRY sitting in the office.
Fuck Terry! You scared the shit
out of me.
TERRY fans the air away from his nose.
So it seems.
Look Terry, I don't have your
money. I'm sorry it's been a bad
That's not really what I wanted to
hear this morning Ronnie!
Are you telling me I got up this
early for nothing!
Yeah, Bobby's not a morning
person. And now you're telling
him that all he gets is a big fuck


                       TERRY (cont'd)
you today?
Guys, check it out. I don't have
the money, but I think I have
something you'll like even better.
Now you have my attention.
We got a shipment in about a week
ago. Whole shit load of
                       RONNIE (CONT'D)
My son wanted one bad and I didn't
think that anyone would miss just
one. So I took one of the boxes.
You want us to try to sell a
computer for ten grand?
No, just let me finish.
                       RONNIE (CONT'D)
It was an IBM box, but when I
opened it, it had a huge bag of
dope in it. I'm not sure what the
street value is on it, but you
guys can have it. I bet you get
more than ten grand for it!
We can't move weight like that,
we're not in the dope business.
This could work Terry, we just
don't break it up. We find a guy
that will buy the whole package at
a discount. Move the entire thing
in one shot.
I don't know Bobby, if we do this,
it's your thing. You'll be in
charge of the entire operation.


I can do it. I take a small piece
of the profit, the rest goes back
I might know someone who will buy
it, if you guys don't know anyone.
Set up a meeting. Make sure the
guy is clean, if this shit goes
wrong, it's on you Ronnie.
I know the guy, he's as straight
as they come.
That's not sayig much for a drug
Well Ronnie, it looks like your
debt is paid in full.
RONNIE enters the back room of the pub with MEMPHIS, a
middle aged black man. BOBBY, MICKEY, and CONNOR are
sitting at a table waiting for them. Both MICKEY and CONNOR
are cleaning their guns. MEMPHIS is shocked to see the guns
as he walks into the room.
Whoa! What the fuck is this shit?
Just precautions Memphis. Now, if
you would be so kind to strip down
to your underwear.
Hell no, I don't get down like
Both MICKEY and CONNOR turn their guns on MEMPHIS.
We're just making sure you are not
wired. We have to trust you


                       BOBBY (cont'd)
before we do business.
This is fucked up.
MEMPHIS strips down to his underwear.
Now pass your clothes over to
MEMPHIS hesitantly passes his clothes over to MICKEY.
Immediately MICKEY exits the room.
Wait a minute! Where the fuck is
he going?
He's just putting your clothes in
a secure area. That way if you
have some secret spy shit in your
clothes, they're in a different
God damn! You guys don't play.
I've never done a deal in my
There's a first time for
MICKEY comes back into the room with a duffel bag He
empties the bag onto the table. The large bag of dope makes
a THUMP as it hits the table.
How much for it all?
We've done some checking. The
average street price is about 13
thousand a key.
That's more than a kilo.


We figured as much, shoot us a
MEMPHIS looks the weight over and takes a sample.
Twenty thousand for it all.
Sounds good. When can we get the
I'll have it here in five mintues.
Both BOBBY and MEMPHIS enter the bar area from the back
room. TERRY waits at the bar talking to MAHONEY. SHAYLA is
busy serving customers.
Let me know if you guys get some
more work for me.
I doubt there will be, this was a
one time deal.
BOBBY and MEMPHIS shakehands. MEMPHIS exits the pub.
BOBBY takes a seat next to TERRY at the bar. MAHONEY slides
him a pint.
Done deal. Connor has the twenty
thousand, minus three grand for my
Now that's what they call fast
Yeah, I could see how people get
mixed up in that shit, it's super
fast money.


Now you sound like a business man.
BOBBY works the heavy bag as FRANKIE holds it steady. The
sounds of weights CLANKING against each other fills the
room. There are two other boxers in the ring sparring each
You can't hit this guy with your
fist Bobby, you gotta hit him with
your heart.
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
When he shows weakness, you
attack. Never give him a chance
to regain himself.
This guy's a beast Bobby. Don't
trade punches with him, use your
technique to beat this guy.
BOBBY suddenly quits working the heavy bag and looks at
You know Frankie, I've been
training for this fight for about
a month now. And everyday you
tell me how much of a monster this
guy is...
                       BOBBY (CONT'D)
You're not helping my confidence
here, you know.
You got talent Bobby, I'm just
letting you know that it's gonna
be tested with this guy.
You know the last couple of times
we've worked out, you've been
really playing the whole Mickey
Goldmill on me.


I swear to god if you call me a
bum one time...
      (imitating Burgess
Hit the bag, ya bum!
BOBBY hits the bag with a powerful hook, making a loud
POPPING sound.
                                         CUT TO:
LIAM lays on the ground bleeding from his left arm. A
hooded suspect jumps over the top of LIAM and disappears
into the darkness. LIAM manages to get to his car and grabs
the radio mic.
10-53, need assistance. Officer's
been shot. East Moorehead and 5th
10-4, all units in the area of
Moorehead and 5th street respond
and acknowledge.
LIAM throws the mic back onto the seat and slides down his
car taking a seat on the ground. Sirens are heard BLARING
in the background.
                                         CUT TO:
LIAM sits in the back of an ambulance, while an EMT dresses
his flesh wound.
It's a lot of blood, but not much
damage. You should be fine.
While LIAM stares at the ground, the EMT finishes wrapping
up LIAM's arm.


Make sure you go to the hospital
and let a doctor check it out.
LIAM doesn't respond, he continues to stare at the ground.
LIAM sits on the edge of an examining table. The DOCTOR
wraps LIAMS arm back up as he finishes the examination.
Suddenly, BOBBY pulls the curtain back.
You ok?
He's gonna be fine. He'll have a
nice little scar on that arm
Just think of it as a war story
you can share with your buddies.
BOBBY waits for the DOCTOR to leave the area.
Shit Liam, Shay made it sound like
you almost died.
Well, it wasn't necessarily a joy
ride for me either.
LIAM puts his shirt back on.
I didn't mean it that way.
Don't worry 'bout it. I guess
it's just part of the job.
It's just scary when reality slaps
ya in the face.


You have any idea who the shooter
Some young punk. He was holding
up a convenient store right when I
pulled up. He must of shit his
pants when he seen me.
You're sure?
Yeah, why?
Nothing, I just thought maybe...
No, it wasn't them. We've ironed
out our differences. Terry said
he might be able to hook me up
with a side gig for some quick
Just be careful, you know, with
your job and all.
I won't get that deep.
Good, cause I wouldn't want to
have to rough you up a bit.
BOBBY slaps LIAM's left arm, directily on his bandages.
      (talking through
       his teeth)
Ahhh, you prick!
BOBBY sits on the couch in a pair of shorts, watching Rocky
II. SHAYLA walks in the front door and places her keys on
the counter.


Where have you been?
I was down at the pub. I thought
you would come back there after
seeing Liam.
So you stayed at the pub until two
in the morning waiting for me?
The fact that I wasn't back within
a few hours didn't give ya a clue?
Sorry damn, I just lost track of
time. Mickey and Connor were down
there and I had a few drinks with
them. Next thing I know it was a
quarter 'till two.
How's Liam?
He'll be fine.
SHAYLA takes a seat beside BOBBY on the couch.
                       BOBBY (CONT'D)
Listen, I don't want you getting
real close to Terry and them.
They lead a different lifestyle
than you do. I don't want you
getting wrapped up in that.
You mean like you did?
Don't be a smart ass.


When you told me Liam got shot
today, the first thing I thought
was that Terry put a hit on him.
BOBBY puts his arm around SHAYLA and pulls her close.
                       BOBBY (CONT'D)
I don't ever want to feel that way
when it comes to you.
Besides, I think Terry has the
hots for you.
SHAYLA pulls away from BOBBY.
SHAYLA gets off the couch and starts to walk into the
kitchen. BOBBY smacks her on the rear end.
Can ya blame him. With an ass
like that!
Speaking of Terry, he wanted you
to meet him at Connor's house
tommorrow about noon.
I don't know where Connor lives.
Hell, I don't know where any of
them live.
Connor wrote the address down,
it's in my purse.
I guess I won't be watching much
film on Mataio tommorrow.


Bobby Quinn doesn't need to watch
BOBBY rings the doorbell to CONNOR's house. A few seconds go
by and there is no answer. MICKEY and CONNOR's voices can
be heard YELLING back and forth at each other.
BOBBY becomes irritated and bangs on the front door.
The voices seem to be getting closer to the door, but they
are still arguing.
Suddenly, the voices stop arguing and the door opens. CONNOR
and MICKEY both stand in the doorway.
CONNOR and MICKEY take one look at BOBBY and start arguing
again as they walk away leaving the door open for BOBBY to
You're a complete idiot. There is
no way that Killian's Red is more
popular than Guiness.
I'm just saying that I like it
better. Most people like it
That's a fuckin' blaspheme. Don't
talk of Guiness like that in my
Would you two please shut the fuck
CONNOR and MICKEY both quit talking and take a seat at the
table. BOBBY also takes a seat beside them.
You two must be brothers or
something. 'Cause you act just
like it.


Anyway, why the hell did you guys
want to see me.
Ronnie called again. He said he
got another shipment of computers
Did you tell Terry?
Terry said it was your thing.
                       CONNOR (CONT'D)
There is something else too.
what now?
Ronnie found out who the shipper
is. He said Memphis knows the
So Memphis wants to know if we
want to go into business. We
purchase a lot of computers, and
he breaks them down and sells them
in parts. If ya know what I mean.
What do you mean by a lot?
I mean a lot. It's win win for
everyone. Ronnie gets a cut for
providing the warehouse. Memphis
gets a cut for doing the dirty
work. We get a cut for supplying.
It's good for everybody.


Where the hell are we gonna come
up with the cash to buy all these
computers, Connor? Have you
thought of that?
Actually I have. But it's your
Let's hear your plan.
Now just hear me out.
                       CONNOR (CONT'D)
We take the prize money from this
fight you are about to do. We
invest it...
Look Bobby. We can wait on
sending the cash back home. We
just invest it in these computers,
make our profit. Then we send an
even larger cut back home.
Everyone is happy.
You don't think everyone will be
happy with the cut they're already
I'm sure they would!
Bobby, you are the entrepreneur
here. We are just offering you a
business plan
If we do this, I'm not putting all
my money up. I'm saving some for
me and Shayla's house.


It's your money. But, I know if
you don't do it, me and Mickey are
putting some money into it.
Let's see what happens with the
fight. Then we know how much
money we're working with.
In the meantime, get ahold of
Ronnie. Tell him to put it on the
back burner until after the fight.
Now you're talking!
BOBBY and JIMMY are sparring in the ring. BOBBY shows signs
of confidence as he sticks and moves around the obviously
out matched JIMMY.
FRANKIE is on the outside of the ring observing the sparring
You know kid, you're starting to
look like a boxer.
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
Your jabs are snappy, your hooks
are thumping, and your feet are
dancing. I did a hell of a job.
BOBBY lands a powerful hook and knocks JIMMY on his back.
Easy kid, save the big stuff for
FRANKIE climbs into the ring to check on JIMMY.
You alright Jimmy?
No response.


Jimmy wakes up from the hard hit.
Is it supper time?
It's time for you to get your ass
out of the ring. Go take a
FRANKIE and BOBBY both get out of the ring. FRANKIE tosses
BOBBY a squirt bottle with water in it. BOBBY removes his
mouth piece and takes a drink.
Seems like you have a lot of anger
built up.
No, I'm just anxious to get this
fight over with, plus I have a lot
on my mind.
Well, you better start clearing
your mind now. 'Cause next
weekend Mataio's gonna try to
clear it for ya.
It just seems like I have a lot on
my plate right now.
The only god damn thing that
should be on your plate is a big
fat samoan steak and a side order
of teeth. You got that?
Anything else, And I mean anything
else should not be inside your


Not Shay, not money, not a god
damn thing, you got it?
I know Frank, there is just a lot
riding on this fight, it just
seems like there are people I
don't even know depending on me.
Gunshots RING out. Loud EXPLOSIONS are heard. Two I.R.A.
volunteers are pinned down inside a grocery store back in
The Royal British Marines have the two activist trapped. The
Marines continue to fire rounds into the store. The two
activist frantically fire shots back at the Marines. A loud
EXPLOSION is heard as everything goes white.
A few seconds later BOBBY wakes up in his bed.
BOBBY sits straight up in his bed, he is in a cold sweat.
Are you ok?
      (breathing hard)
Yeah, just a nightmare.
After this fight, I think me and
you should take a vacation to
Ireland. I've never been back
home and I'd like to see it for
Are you sure you're ok? You've
been having a lot of nightmares


I'm fine. I just see this shit on
the news all the time and it is
really starting to piss me off.
You're not back in Ireland Bobby,
you are doing as much as you can
from here. It's gonna be ok.
I know baby, I know.
BOBBY sits on the edge of a table in a dressing room of an
arena. FRANKIE is wrapping his hands with tape. TERRY and
SHAYLA are standing in the room, dressed in nice clothing
for the event.
Ok kid, stay focused. Remember
everything we've been working on
the last couple of months.
Easier said than done.
You got this guy Bobby. He is
going to underestimate you during
this fight. You just need to pick
the right time to take advantage
of it.
FRANKIE shoves BOBBY's gloves on and tightens them up.
The only thing that seperates you
and eight hundred thousand dollars
is a big samoan fuck. So go out
there and Honolulu lay his ass
BOBBY, TERRY, and SHAYLA all laugh out loud at FRANKIE's
attempt at humor.
You're not much on comedy Frankie.


I'm a fuckin' trainer kid, not a
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
You just do what you're trained to
do and you'll be fine.
FRANKIE finishes up putting all of BOBBY's gear on.
Can ya give us a sec' Frankie. I
need to talk to Terry and Shay.
Ok. But don't go getting all
twisted in the damn head.
FRANKIE turns to look at SHAYLA and TERRY.
We need him focused.
It's alright, I won't be long.
FRANKIE exits the dressing room.
I just want you guys to know, no
matter what happens out here, I
love and respect both of ya.
Don't go getting all emotional.
How ya gonna fight this guy with
all those tears in your eyes.
Baby, I know you are nervous. But
that's ok. I bet Mataio is feeling
the same way right now.
I really doubt it.
Bobby, where is the guy that
intimidated the shit out of Ronnie
in the warehouse?
BOBBY lifts his head up from staring at the floor.


                       TERRY (CONT'D)
Where's the guy that beat the hell
out of that big ass biker at the
BOBBY lets out a small chuckle.
                       TERRY (CONT'D)
'Cause I promise you this. If you
find that guy. That big samoan
out there is gonna have his hands
full tonight.
A loud KNOCKING on the door.
                       FRANKIE (O.S.)
It's show time kid.
BOBBY pounds his gloves together making a loud POP sound.
                                         CUT TO:
A ring announcer stands in middle of the ring. A microphone
is lowered down to him. The ring announcer grabs the
microphone and adjust his que cards.
                       RING ANNOUNCER
      (speaking into mic)
Ladies and Gentlemen! And now for
the main event of the evening.
loud MUSIC comes on as BOBBY makes his way to the center of
the ring. A mixture of criticisms and compliments are heard
from the crowd.
You are going down Bobby!
Beat his ass Bobby!
BOBBY slowly makes his way to the ring, surrounded by his
entourage. Bobby enters the ring and his music is cut off
quickly. Loud thumping RAP MUSIC blares out from the


MATAIO "MADDOG" TAFUA makes his entrance into the arena from
the back area. MATAIO is surrounded by an even larger
entourage than BOBBY's. MATAIO takes even longer than BOBBY
making his way to the ring, because he has to play to the
fans. The crowd goes wild.
Matay O, Matay O....
27 wins, by way of Bobby Quinn!
I love you Mataio!
As MATAIO enters the ring he removes his robe. MATAIO
stares down BOBBY and bounces his chest muscles at him.
BOBBY just laughs at him.
                       RING ANNOUNCER
Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing
tonight's challenger, fighting out
of the red corner. Wearing green
trunks with black trim. Standing
five foot nine inches tall,
weighing in at one hundread
seventy one pounds! With twenty
three wins, by the way of twenty
two knockous,and zero losses,
Bobby "Biiiiiig Shoooooow" Quinn!
Again there is a mixed response from the crowd, as BOBBY
dances around the ring. He returns to his corner and
approaches FRANKIE.
Big show?
Ya gotta have a nickname. I
didn't have much time to come up
with one. Live with it.
Big show?
Get outta here.
After BOBBY's introduction calms down, the RING ANNOUNCER
introduces MATAIO.


                       RING ANNOUNCER
Introducing the number one
contender, fighting out of the
blue corner. Wearing orange
trunks with red trim. Standing
five foot eleven inches tall,
weighing in at one hundred seventy
five pounds! With twenty six wins
and twenty six knockouts, and zero
losses. The machine that has yet
to be knocked down in a
professional fight. Mataio
"Maaaaaaad Doooooog" Tafua!
The crowd screams drown out any other sound in the arena.
After the crowd noise dies down, the RING ANNOUNCER
continues with his introduction.
                       RING ANNOUNCER
And now for the moment the world
has been waiting for. The fight
that has been deemed the "Clash of
the Titans."
                       RING ANNOUNCER (CONT'D)
Ladies and Gentlemen!
                       RING ANNOUNCER (CONT'D)
Let's get reeeeaaddddddy to
The crowd instantly erupts once again.
Only the REFEREE, BOBBY, MATAIO, and their trainers stand in
the middle of the ring.
I want a clean fight. When I say
break, I want a clean break, I
mean it. I've spoken with you
both in the locker rooms and you
each understand the rules. Now
touch gloves and come out swingin.
BOBBY and MATAIO barely bump gloves and return to their
This is it Big show! No turning
back now, I want you to go out
there this first round and hit him
as hard as you can. Just to let
him know that you're not here to


                       FRANKIE (cont'd)
What if I hit him as hard as I
can, and it just pisses him off?
I'd say hit him some more.
Thanks coach!
The bell RINGS...
BOBBY and MATAIO make their way to the center of the ring.
They both circle each other and throw a few jabs here and
there for the first fifteen seconds.
Out of nowhere, MATAIO lets loose with a sweeping right
hook. BOBBY ducks the hook and explodes upwards with a
powerful uppercut, knocking MATAIO on his back.
The crowd falls silent...
FRANKIE goes nuts, dancing around by his corner.
Holy Shit! Bobby, you did it! You
knocked the bastard out!
The referee starts the countdown on MATAIO.
MATAIO starts to move, making it to his knees.
MATAIO makes it to his feet and the REFEREE shakes his
Don't let up Bobby! Finish him!
The REFEREE allows the fight to continue.


For the remainder of the round BOBBY tries his hardest to
knock MATAIO out. MATAIO manages to stay on his feet for
the rest of the round by playing defense.
The bell RINGS to stop the round...
Both fighters make their way back to their corners.
You see, the prick isn't a
machine! You damn near knocked
his samoan ass out!
Damn near Frankie, damn near
Frankie shoves a Q-tip up BOBBY's nose.
                       BOBBY (CONT'D)
I hit him with everything I had
and he started getting up on three
Yeah well, next time he doesn't
get up until seven. Then the next
time, he doesn't get up at all.
FRANKIE smears some vasoline onto BOBBY's face.
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
Bobby, listen to me, you know he
can be hurt now. You drew first
blood, now go out there and beat
this guy's ass.
A woman in a swimsuit walks around the inside of the ring
with a sign that has the number two on it. The bell RINGS...
The fighters trade more vicious blows in round two.
Another woman in a swimsuit walks around the inside of the
ring with a sign that has the number 3 on it. The bell
The fighters trade blows back and forth for rounds three
through seven. And then the eighth round begins.
The eighth round starts with a few jabs. As BOBBY moves in
close to MATAIO, MATAIO headbutts BOBBY splitting his brow
open. The REFEREE stops the fight and let's the doctor
check on it.


Coach, you're gonna have to get
that bleeding under control or
I'll have to stop the fight.
We'll get it Doc, give us one more
FRANKIE and his corner continue to work on BOBBY'S cut.
After about thirty seconds, they get the bleeding to stop.
He's scared kid. There is no
other reason to do that dirty
shit. He thinks you have a shot
at winning. Go show him that he's
The action continues. By the end of the round, MATAIO
manages to split BOBBY'S brow open again. And once again,
his corner stops the bleeding.
Again the fighters trade blows back and forth until the
twelth round. And the bell RINGS starting the twelth
Both fighters make their way to the center of the ring. Both
fighters appear fatigued. BOBBY mixes his style up with
what power and finesse that he can muster. MATAIO sticks
with the old school style of throwing heavy punches.
With fourty five seconds to go until the end of the fight,
BOBBY makes a mistake.
BOBBY, tired and fatigued, is backed into the corner of the
ring. He ducks and manuevers his way out of the corner just
in time to get hit by a powerful samoan right hook. The
right hook hits so hard that BOBBY's face shakes.
BOBBY's head snap back on contact and he falls messily on
the ropes as he makes his way to the ground.
The REFEREE starts the count...
Get up Bobby! Get up!


Get up Kid!
And the final bell RINGS...
BOBBY lays in a hospital bed. SHAYLA is in the chair next
to him sleeping.
The sounds of machines BEEPING fills the room, as BOBBY
starts to wake up.
      (dry raspy voice)
SHAYLA stands up from the chair and moves to the edge of the
hospital bed.
What happened?
Mataio knocked you out in the last
thirty seconds of the fight.
I take it I lost then....
It's ok. Let me go get the
SHAYLA leaves the room to find the DOCTOR.
FRANKIE walks into the room as SHAYLA is walking out.


He got lucky kid, that's all it
was. Luck.
Would I have won?
I think so. I would have had you
ahead on the cards.
God damnit.
I want a rematch.
SHAYLA and the DOCTOR enter the room.
Mr. Quinn, I don't think that will
be possible.
Mr. Quinn, you suffered a severe
concussion. You'll have to be
careful not sustain anymore head
Bobby, I'm afraid your boxing days
are over. If you were to sustain
any significant amount of force to
your head again, it may kill you.
The room falls quiet.
BOBBY lays in the bed as tears start to stream down his
It's alright kid, you still won
four hundred thousand dollars.


SHAYLA moves to BOBBY's side and wipes the tears away from
his face.
                       FRANKIE (CONT'D)
You can go back to school. You
have other talents, you just
haven't found them yet.
I'm not a student Frankie.
We'll get through this. Right now
let's just worry about you getting
Call Terry, tell him to get ahold
of Ronnie for me.
Ronnie. Why?
I've got some investments to make.
BOBBY rides a stationary bike with a towel drooped over his
head. FRANKIE walks out of the office and stops dead in his
tracks. FRANKIE slowly makes his way to BOBBY.
What are you doing Bobby? You
heard the doc.
It clears my mind Frankie.
Fine, but don't even think about
putting any gloves on.
FRANKIE walks over to the ring to work with a different
LIAM enters the gym and makes his way to BOBBY.


Didn't think you were suppose to
be doing anything strenuous.
I'm just riding a fuckin' bike,
would you guys cut me some slack.
Whoa! Just looking out for you
I'm sorry, I've been a little edgy
ever since the fight.
Speaking of that, you remember you
said you would spot me some money
after the fight?
Yeah, but I can't right now. I've
got to invest it. My boxing
career is over so....
Oh man, I'm really hurting here.
I'm hurting too Liam! My whole
life has been turned upside down!
It's not that bad Bobby.
Fuck You Liam, I can't box
anymore. Now what the fuck am I
going to do?
I'm sorry man, I really am. I
just thought I'd ask you for the
money before I went to Terry. He's
got a job for me, said he'd give
me the thirty thousand. I just
didn't want to go to him, if I
could get the money from you.
I'll give ya the money Liam, you
just have to give me some time. I
have to make a few investements.


                       BOBBY (cont'd)
When I get the return, I'll take
care of ya.
It's just, well.... they want
their money now. It's getting
pretty serious.
Bobby, I'm in a bad spot here.
I understand, I just have to make
a few moves right now. So I can't
float ya thirty large until later.
Look, if ya can make enough money
from Terry to bail you out, just
do it. I'm sorry.
What exactly are you investing in?
It's better that you don't know.
LIAM starts to walk away from BOBBY heading for the door.
I told you not to get into deep
with those guys!
They are gonna own you and
everything you worked for Bobby.
LIAM opens the door to exit the gym. He looks back at BOBBY
and shakes his head.
Stay the fuck away from the card


BOBBY, RONNIE, and MEMPHIS sit at a table in the pub.
So you think you can get in
contact with the shipper?
Yeah, wether or not they trust me
is a different question.
It's gotta work. I'm not spending
the rest of my life working
graveyards at the dock, like some
nobody who just faded away into
I'm with ya there.
Check it out. If we're gonna do
this, we do this big. We make
fast money and long money. No
playing pussy anymore.
I'll cut every corner I can.
We should use your friends'
connections on this one, Bobby.
We're gonna need all the help we
can get.
I'm not sure Terry will want in on
this type of investment.
That's fine, but get Mickey and
Connor to help. They're greedy
enough to come in with us.
True, but what can they do?


Let them represent us. They can
be the ones to exchange the money.
Just in case some crazy shit goes
We gotta know if they get busted
that they won't turn states on us.
Mickey and Connor are assholes,
but they're not rats.
He's right, those guys are
patriots. They'd never turn on
one of their brothers.
Sounds like the crew just got
backyard of CONNOR's house cooking out. All of them are
standing around the grill drinking a beer.
MEMPHIS takes a drink of his guiness. He gets a grimmacing
look on his face.
I don't know how you fuckin'
barney's drink this shit!
We just finished all the Colt 45
before you got here.
This shit tastes like ass and
My wife has some wine coolers in
the house.
Fuck you.


The whole crew laughs at MEMPHIS.
So run this by me again Bobby. You
want me and mickey to do the
That's it for now.
What does Terry think about this?
Terry told me before that this
would be my gig. I'm runnin' the
show on this one.
And you think it's all gonna work
You guys don't have shit to lose!
Bobby is the only one out any
money. We just have to act
We all share the same risks. But,
I'm the only one putting up four
hundred thousand.
All I'm asking you guys to do is
check the product and deliever the
Easy enough for me.
Now that's what I'm talking 'bout.
Let's get rich.
TERRY and LIAM drive down a busy street. LIAM seems to be
stressed about the conversation taking place.


The people who's pocket you're
They don't fuckin' play.
And they don't care that you're a
I don't think I can do this Terry.
If you want thirty grand quick you
will. Otherwise find some other
How do I even know I can trust
You don't. Fortunately, it's your
mess, not mine.
If I do this, I want my money and
then I'm walking away. Don't call
me, don't say hello to me, don't
even think about me.
I'm doing you a favor here Liam,
don't go playing tough guy on me.
TERRY pulls the car up in front of LIAM's house. LIAM exits
the vehicle.
      (yellin out the
So, we have a deal?


LIAM walks into his house and TERRY pulls away.
MICKEY, CONNOR, TERRY, MAHONEY, and BOBBY are sitting around
a card table playing poker.
So it's all set up then?
Yeah, we're just waiting for a
date and a time.
Then what?
I thought this was my baby..
It is, It is. I'm just making
sure you have all your bases
Once we do the exchange, Ronnie
said the shipment must stay in the
warehouse for three to four days.
Then at night, we break in, take
it all out. And the best part,
Ronnie is gonna claim the stolen
computers on the warehouse
Nice touch.
Make sure you wait at least four
days, so it doesn't look to
The last thing you want is the
cops getting too nosy.


I'll talk to Liam, make sure we
are safe.
I've already made arrangements
with Liam. We are good.
Thanks for helping him out. He's
mixed up with the wrong people
this time.
This is a hard lesson for him.
That's for sure, he really didn't
want to do it. But in the end,
everyone has a price.
SHAYLA comes into the back room and approaches BOBBY.
Bobby, Ronnie is on the phone.
BOBBY stands up from the table. He walks into the main bar
area and picks up the phone.
      (on phone)
What do ya got?
                       RONNIE (O.S.)
The shipment should be in
tommorrow. Their people want to
meet tommorrow night at eleven
I'll let Connor know.
                       RONNIE (O.S.)
Tell them not to be late, I don't
want to fuck around with these
Easy Ronnie, don't start getting
all paranoid.


                       RONNIE (O.S.)
Just tell'em.
Alright, Alright.
BOBBY hangs up the phone and returns to the back room.
Meet me at my apartment tommorrow
night at eleven, I'll have the
money for ya. Then you're going
to meet them at the warehouse at
eleven thirty. And Ronnie said
don't be fucking late.
Fuck him.
Just don't be late.
CONNOR and MICKEY knock on BOBBY's apartment door at exactly
eleven p.m. BOBBY opens the door and then returns to the
kitchen table to put more money into a black duffel bag.
CONNOR and MICKEY follow him in, shutting the door behind
Have you guys talked to Liam?
I've tried to call him, but he
hasn't answered the phone.
Don't worry, Terry said it's all
been taken care of.
Good. Now go straight there, no
fucking stopping at Dairy Queen
for ice cream. Got it?


We got it Bobby.
I mean it. Don't be fucking late.
Ok, Ok.
BOBBY zips up the bag and tosses the bag to CONNOR.
Now get the hell outta here.
CONNOR and MICKEY drive towards the warehouse. Mickey
unzips the duffel bag to look at the money.
Shit, that's a lot of cash.
Quit fuckin around, we have work
to do.
A cop car goes by CONNOR's car. CONNOR stares into the rear
view mirror at the squad car as it fades off into the
BOBBY paces the floor, while SHAYLA sits on the couch
watching television.
Bobby will you sit down. You're
making me nervous.
Sorry, I wish they would hurry up
and call.
The phone RINGS.
BOBBY rushes to answer the phone.


                       CONNOR (O.S.)
We're good.
We're good?
                       CONNOR (O.S.)
Yeah, the boxes are in the
northwest corner of the warehouse.
They are marked with green x's.
How was the stuff?
Tasted good to me.
How many boxes were there?
Just four, they're heavy as shit
Alright, now in four days we open
up shop.
BOBBY hangs up the phone and walks over to the couch. He
falls quickly back onto the couch and let's out a sigh of
See, I told ya everything would be
I'll be happy when all this is
It will all be over soon baby,
real soon.
The phone RINGS. BOBBY wakes up and looks at the alarm
clock, it reads three o'clock in the morning. BOBBY
stumbles out of bed and answers the phone.


                       MEMPHIS (O.S.)
Bobby! We gotta get the stuff
What! Why?
                       MEMPHIS (O.S.)
I know somebody right now that
wants half of it, full price.
What do you mean by full price?
                       MEMPHIS (O.S.)
He wants half of the shipment for
four hundred thousand. You can
make your money back now! Then
the rest is profit.
You're fuckin' joking right?
                       MEMPHIS (O.S.)
Come on, you think I'd call you at
three in the morning just to fuck
with you?
Tell him to wait for a few days.
                       MEMPHIS (O.S.)
He can't, he needs it tonight. He
is transporting it tonight.
Fuck me.
Meet me at the warehouse in thirty


Memphis, don't be late. We don't
have very much time till the
morning shift starts.
                       MEMPHIS (O.S.)
I'm already ready, you better
worry about you.
BOBBY pulls up to the warehouse and exits his car. MEMPHIS
is leaning on the trunk of his big body cadillac. Both of
them are dressed in all black.
Have you looked inside yet?
Hell no, I was waiting for you.
We gotta make this quick.
Both MEMPHIS and BOBBY walk up to the warehouse. They look
through the windows, but see no security walking around.
I don't see any guards.
Me neither.
A HOMELESS MAN sits up out of the trash.
                       HOMELESS MAN
Hey, you got any spare change man.
I haven't eaten in three days.
BOBBY reaches into his pocket and grabs a five dollar bill.
He hands the cash to the HOMELESS MAN.
Where is the security at for this
                       HOMELESS MAN
There hasn't been security here
ever since this place closed five
years ago.


What do you mean it closed five
years ago?!
What the fucks going on Bobby!
There wasn't a shipment that came
in here today?
                       HOMELESS MAN
The place is shutdown man, why do
you think they let me get away
with sleeping here.
So nobody was here tonight at
about eleven thirty?
                       HOMELESS MAN
I didn't see anyone tonight.
God damnit!
BOBBY picks up a trash can and throws it through one of the
warehouse windows, and then crawls through the window.
Memphis follows him inside.
Something is fucked up here
Memphis. Something is really
fucked up.
Look Bobby, I don't know what's
going on, but I had nothing to do
with it.
BOBBY storms through the place trashing everything in sight
looking for boxes that have green x's on them. He finds no
such thing.
If this place has been closed for
five years and nobody delivered a
shipment here today, I want to
know where the fuck my moneys at!


Hey chill. I don't know where
your money is at, but I'll help ya
find it. But I'm not going up
against some overwhelming odds
here Bobby.
What do you mean?
I mean, if Connor still has your
money, that probably means Terry
and his whole crew was in on it
I'm not fucking with them.
Son of a bitch!
BOBBY runs to the exit door and kicks it open. Making his
way to his car, BOBBY jumps in and speeds off...
BOBBY rushes into his apartment looking around for a weapon.
BOBBY makes so much noise that SHAYLA wakes up and walks
into the living room.
What's going on! Where the hell
have you been?
Me and Memphis went to go get the
I thought you said you were going
to wait for four days!
Shay, I don't have time for this.
Where are you going?
I'm going to Connor's and the
mother fucker better have my


Why don't you just call him?
Yeah and tip him off. Shay, let
me handle this.
BOBBY finds a bat and heads for the door. Shayla jumps in
front of him trying to stop him.
Bobby, its all probably a mistake!
BOBBY shoves SHAYLA backwards and she falls over the couch.
BOBBY rushes out to his vehicle and starts it. SHAYLA makes
her way outside just in time to see BOBBY pulling away.
SHAYLA falls to her knees crying.
BOBBY sits in his car just outside of CONNOR'S home. He
rocks back and forth with his bat in his lap, trying to
decide what to do next.
Suddenly, CONNOR comes running out of his house with a black
duffel bag in his hands.
BOBBY sees the black duffel bag and jumps out of his car.
Bobby makes his way to CONNOR.
CONNOR reaches into his waist line for his gun. BOBBY
smashes CONNOR across the arm with the bat, making him drop
the duffel bag.
CONNOR falls to the ground holding his smashed arm. BOBBY
picks up the duffel bag and starts to walk back towards his
car, but he immediately turns back around. BOBBY drops the
duffel bag on the road and walks back to CONNOR. BOBBY
beats CONOR until blood is every where. CONNOR's face is
unrecognizable and he is dead.
Just as the sun starts to come up, BOBBY gets back into his
car and speeds off with the black duffel bag.


BOBBY sits in his car just outside of the police station.
SCOTT CRANFORD is just starting his shift and walks by BOBBY
sitting in his car. SCOTT notices BOBBY and approaches the
You all right Bobby?
Yeah, Yeah, I'm just waiting on
Liam doesn't come on until three
today, he worked late last night.
Oh, that's right I forgot.
You sure you're ok? You don't
look so good.
I'm fine, I just got mixed up with
the wrong people, like Liam said I
Who's the wrong people?
You probably know them too. Terry
O'shea and his crew. They have me
mixed up with the Irish Republic
Army now and I might be in
Irish Republic Army?
Yeah, they are all members and I
was stupid ya know.
Terry has a tough crew, but
they're not I.R.A. guys. Terry is
a confidence man. His whole crew


                       SCOTT (cont'd)
runs short and long money cons.
You're fuckin' kidding me.
No shit. He is just hard to pin
down because he somehow convinces
a shit load of new people to do
his dirty work. You never know
who might be in his crew.
      (cynical laugh)
Thanks for the heads up.
I gotta get going, see ya around.
Take care Bobby.
BOBBY stands in the phone booth with the phone pressed
against his ear. The phone is RINGING on the otherside of
the line. A woman answers...
                       FEMALE DISPATCH
Boston police department, how may
I direct your call?
Officer Liam Caraher please.
                       FEMALE DISPATCH
One moment please.
A few moments later LIAM is connected to the line.
Officer Caraher.
Liam, it's me.
Bobby! Where the fuck have you
been? They have Shay.


I think I killed Connor, I'm in
some deep shit brother.
We can't worry about that right
now. We have to get Shay!
                       LIAM (CONT'D)
They said they would exchange Shay
for the four hundred grand.