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Susan & Quasar
by Roy Gonzales (rgonz26@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Sex, drugs and high school in the 1980's. Two girls deal with their past and learn to live in the present in one night and find out what being a best friend is all about.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The music room is set up with chairs surrounding three
pianos in front of the room. SUSAN SILK (16) beautiful,
fresh faced, blond girl, plays a snappy jazz tune on the
piano for the class
She is playing to the class. Two handsome young men watch
Susan closely. She is wearing a short skirt and at the
angle they are looking at her it appears the is not wearing
a skirt at all.
Susan notices the two young men looking at her. Slowly she
crosses her legs and give them a glimpse of her underwear.
One of the young men suddenly gets up and leaves the room
with his math book in front of his crouch.
ROBERT LOPEZ, (17) handsome, smiles at Susan smiles at him.
She opens her legs slower this time as she crosses them
again. Robert shakes his head at her. Susan winks at Robert
and keeps on playing,
The art class is filled with STUDENTS. Each one of them is
working on a watercolor painting. QUASAR MORRIS, 16 year
old, rougher around the edges. With her heavy make-up and
sexy clothes, QUASAR looks like she could be in her
The painting QUASAR is working on is that of a woman, in
what looks like a party dress. The painting is very
detailed and took a great deal of talent to do. Some of the
other STUDENTS look at her painting and just about turn
green with envy.
The ART TEACHER walks up to QUASAR'S painting he looks
closely at it and nods with approval.
Mountain View High School during lunch, a beehive of
activity. STUDENTS walk from the cafeteria to the Quad.
Music can be heard from a boom box. Susan walks across the
campus holding her lunch bag.


Susan walks past a group of young men, all of whom are
wearing football Letterman's jackets. They all look at
Susan's legs. One of the boys falls off the bench as she
passes by.
The STUDENTS at Mountain View High are mainly the blond hair
blue eyed set. With a few Hispanic STUDENTS now invading
this white-bred suburbia high school.
Susan scans the quad area which is filled with STUDENTS. She
finally spots Quasar sitting alone.
Where have you been all day?
Why? What did I miss?
Susan sits down on the bench next to Quasar. Quasar takes a
bite from her sandwich.
Tina was looking for you.
Quasar almost coughs up the sandwich she has just taken a
bite of.
What did you do?
She didn't say what she wanted?
Did she--
Susan takes her sandwich out of her brown bag.
No, all I know is that she was
really pissed off.
Susan turns around and looks at Quasar who has a wide smile
on her face.
You wouldn't know why she suddenly
turned into the She-Hulk would
Quasar sits back and thinks a moment.


Mmm...it might be because I was
with her boyfriend. Not just with
him, I was with him.
Are you kidding?!! I didn't think
she let her boyfriend out of her
      (A breath)
No, I'm not kidding. Everything
was going great, till one of her
stupid friends caught us at the
movies last night.
Quasar laughs.
Her friend freaked out too. You
would think we were having sex
inside the theater.
You weren't were you?
Susan eats her sandwich.
What did her boyfriend do when he
got caught?
He fucked my brains out in the
back seat of his car. As a matter
of fact, I'm still a little sore
from that ride.
Quasar rubs her hips.
You're such a slut.
We started making out and before I
knew it, he had my blouse off.
Then my bra, then--


I get it.
Susan shakes her head and puts her half eaten sandwich back
in her bag.
So...since you were already that
far, what the hell right. You
might as well just fuck the guy.
Yeah, something like that.
A young woman is storming though the Quad. By the look on
her face something is going to happen. TINA D'AMICO, (16)
very pretty, marches through the quad searching for Quasar.
A STUDENT passes in front of Tina, she pushes the STUDENT
out of the way.
Hey watch it!!!
Tina keeps on walking. Susan looks up to see Tina stomping
towards them. Susan taps Quasar on the shoulder.
It's showtime.
Quasar spots Tina.
Tina stands in front of Quasar.
You fucking whore!! You'd better
stay away from my boyfriend!!
Who are you calling whore? You
fucking cow!!
Quasar looks at Susan. Susan nods her head in agreement.
I would back up if I were you.
Who the fuck are you?!! You'd
better stay out of my business.


I warned you.
When I'm done with her, I'll deal
with you!
Susan jumps up and punches Tina with a hard uppercut. Tina
falls backwards knocked out cold. Everyone in the Quad
stand in shock. Some of the Students clap.
You did warn her.
Susan and Quasar sit in the office waiting to see their
Counselors. Two girls walk by and whisper to each other.
Susan gives them the middle finger.
                                         END OF DREAM
The drunk tank of the Police Department, Susan lays on a
dirty jail cell cot. She wakes up from the sound of the
cell door opening. She looks up to see a female Police
Officer at the cell door.
                       FEMALE POLICE OFFICER
Wake up!! Wake up Princess!!
Susan slowly begins to sit up. She looks around the cell.
Two other females are inside with her. One sits on the
other cot rocking back and forth, the other female is
throwing up in the toilet.
                       FEMALE POLICE OFFICER
Come on!! Do you need me to bring
your slippers and robe? Or should
I just drag your ass out of there.
I'm up...I'm up....
                       FEMALE POLICE OFFICER
Hey!! You in the toilet!! You
get any of that shit on the floor
and you're gonna be eating it.


Susan pulls herself together and slowly walks out of the
The front of the Police Department. Susan Silk walks
through the front doors and the bright sunlight makes her
rub her eyes. Susan is dressed in a short top that shows
off her flat stomach and tight white shorts.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
That was a long night.
Susan walks away from the Police Department and heads down
the street.
                       SUSAN (V.O)
I need to go home and clean up and
get some sleep.
The City of El Monte, a run down, poor place, with old
stores on the verge of closing, hole in the wall
restaurants, it could be compared to the slums of East Los
Most of the worst crime ridden parts of El Monte are located
along the Garvy Strip and the many streets it crosses.
Located on the strip is the Skylight Motel. This and many
others like are located along this street.
Susan looks down the street at the local high school. She
sits down on a bus bench and keeps looking at the school,
deep in thought.
The street is lined with new shops and restaurants. The
traffic is heavy and people are everywhere. Not like it
looks in 1996. The city is alive and doing well.
The parking lot near the school is filled with student's
cars. Two people sit inside one of the few trucks in the


Susan and Robert Lopez are inside making out very
passionately. Robert appears to be trying to unbutton
Susan's top. Susan moves Robert's hand away from her top.
His hand slowly moves back to what it was doing. This time
Robert gets her top unbuttoned and his hand inside her top.
Is that all you want me for--sex?
No, I love our long conversations
on the phone in the middle of the
Robert starts kissing Susan's neck.
I like them too.
Susan starts to kiss Robert feverishly.
Robert goes back to trying to unlock Susan's top. He gets
three buttons off and is about to take it off. Susan turns
Robert's wrist and looks at his watch.
Shit!! We're gonna be late, come
What time is it?
It's time to go. If I'm late
again they'll call my Mom.
Susan picks up her school books from off the floor of the
Come on, let's leave. We can go
to the beach.
Are you crazy?
Come on, I have to see you in a


When you come over after school,
I'll put one on for you.
Susan opens the door to the truck.
I just want to see how fast I can
get you out of a bikini.
Your crazy.
The bell rings through the halls. The doors to the
classrooms burst open. Students rush out of the rooms
trying to make it to their next class on time. Susan
quickly walks through the hallway. Quasar rushes up from
Hey Sue, come with me for a
minute, I want to show you
I can't be late for history. Mr.
Hundly will have my ass.
I'm sure that old fucker wouldn't
mind having your ass.
Quasar looks around.
Come on.
A couple of girls see Susan and Quasar enter the restroom.
Quasar gives them a stern look and they quickly leave.
Quasar checks the stalls to see if anyone is inside.
What's the big secret? Please
tell me your pregnant.
That's real funny.


Quasar takes out a small folded piece of foil from her
What the hell is that?
Quasar opens the foil and snorts up half of the powder in
Here try it.
Are you fucking crazy?!
Just do it! What are you worried
about? I did it, and I'm fine.
Quasar stands in front of Susan to show her that she's still
Come on.
Susan looks at the powder in the foil.
Susan puts the foil up to her nose and breathes in the rest
of the white powder. Susan suddenly begins to have trouble
Are you trying to kill me!!
Quasar pulls out a soda can from her purse and quickly opens
Here drink this.
Susan takes the can and slowly begins to drink. Susan keeps
drinking the soda and starts to breathe normal.
You fucking bitch!!! You almost
killed me. I'm gonna beat your
ass right now!
The second bell rings.


I don't think you have time right
Quasar looks at her watch.
In a few minutes you won't even
care. You're late for class.
Susan turns and rushes out of the restroom.
Have fun.
Susan runs across the campus and into another building.
The class is wall to wall Students, most are falling asleep.
The TEACHER is in the middle of a long speech about the
American Revolution. All the Students are nodding in and
out of the speech. All except Susan, who is very awake.
Susan looks around the room at the other Students. She
burst into laughter for no reason. The TEACHER turns around
and gives Susan an angry glance.
What is so funny Ms. Silk.
I don't know.
The more she looks around the room, the louder she laughs.
Is it hot in here?
Susan takes off her blouse. She is just wearing a tank top.
Ms. Silk, do you have a problem?
Yeah, I'm hot. You're not hot?
Susan starts to unzip her skirt. The Students in the
classroom start to laugh at her.


Stop! Keep your clothes on.
Susan stops and sits quietly.
But, I'm still hot.
Go to the nurse.
You got it.
Susan gets up and heads for the door, but before she can get
there, she slips off her skirt and lets it drop to the
floor. The Students burst into laughter. Susan bends down
to pick up her skirt and walks out in her underwear.
                                         END OF FLASHBACK
The motel room is like a small apartment. A bed in the
center of the room, a kitchen in the corner, a metal table
that looks like something from the 50's and a single metal
chair to match it. In the sink we can see a stack of dirty
dishes. The bathroom door opens and Susan walks out holding
her head in pain.
Susan frantically begins to search through her jeans that
are on the floor. She throws the jeans across the motel
room in anger. Susan begins to search through her white
shorts till she pulls out a small folded piece of paper from
the pocket. She quickly unfolds the paper and snorts the
powder inside of it.
Susan stands up and looks in the mirror where we now get a
closer look at the older Susan Silk. The blue eyes and
blond hair are still there; but, Susan now has a thin strung
out body with just enough to give her a nice shape. She
starts to put on her make-up as if she is getting ready for
a job she hates.
Susan stands in front of the mirror and with her make-up on,
she looks half-way decent. She looks down at her black mini
skirt and black half shirt. Susan lifts her skirt up
another inch. Now the skirt is very short, just below her
perfect ass.


Susan steps out of the SKYLIGHT MOTEL'S parking lot and
heads for a donut shop at the end of the block. As soon as
her foot hits the sidewalk, cars pass her and honk their
horns. One of the cars turns around so sharply that it
almost hits another car.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
And this is how it starts. They
almost kill themselves to get
The car pulls up next to Susan. Susan checks out the car
first before she walks up to the passenger side.
RYAN MARTINEZ, 18 years old, thin, handsome, and very
nervous. He grips the steering wheel tightly. Susan sticks
her head inside the car.
Hey, can you give me a ride?
RYAN is thrown off guard.
Sure, get in. Where are you
Susan climbs into the car.
Okay, go to the corner and turn
Susan looks around checking for Police cars.
You are very cute. What is your
My name is Ryan. What's yours?


Ryan's eyes grow wide at the sight of her body. Susan sits
back and crosses her long legs. Ryan can't keep his eyes
off of Susan's legs. She moves to the side a little and her
skirt goes up a few more inches where we can just see her
Honey, do you want a date?
Ryan appears even more nervous then he was before.
Okay, what do I need to do?
It's gonna be okay, just turn
right up here.
The car turns quickly into an out of the way alley. The car
then stops behind a large trash dumpster.
Susan turns to face Ryan. Ryan nervously looks around the
Are you sure we're okay here.
Don't worry, I come here all the
time. How much money you got?
Twenty bucks.
That's just enough to give you
head. Now, if you had forty we
could fuck.
Ryan pulls out a twenty dollar bill and hands it to her.
Susan looks at the twenty and sticks it into her shoe.


Okay honey, lean back and relax.
Don't worry,don't be nervous,
we're gonna have fun.
Susan takes off her half shirt and unclasps her bra, letting
her breasts flop out for Ryan to see. Susan unbuckles
Ryan's belt and unzips his pants. Susan's head goes down
towards Ryan's lap.
LONG SHOT of the alley along with the rows of giant trash
dumpsters and Ryan's car. Ryan's head can be seen inside
the car moving up and down.
From the windows inside the coffee shop, Susan is reading
the newspaper and drinking a soda.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
I have never seen someone more
nervous in my life. I mean, he
must have lasted all of two
Susan takes a sip from her drink.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
Just how I like them, clean and
Susan sits at the table going through the newspaper when she
spots a police car. Before the police car reaches the donut
shop, it turns the corner. Susan slips the newspaper higher
to cover her face.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
The fucking police, they don't let
a girl work for a living. I have
to eat and pay for my room
Someone sits down at the table with her. Susan quickly puts
the newspaper down. MAX BLACK sits across from her with a
wide smile. MAX, thirty years old, very thin, almost
sickly, he looks like he's about to die from AIDS. Max puts
a small envelope down in front of her.


Susan, I have your snack, do you
have the money for this little
bite to eat?
What do you think?
Susan takes out a small stack of bills which are folded very
I guess you do.
Susan and Max push their transaction across the table at the
same time. Max stuffs the money into his pants pocket.
Susan folds the envelope and sticks it into her shoe.
Watch yourself out there. You'd
think the whole police force is
out there today.
Don't worry about me.
Max leaves the donut shop. Susan waits till Max is out of
sight before she gets up and leaves.
Susan is heading for the Shell gas station at the corner. A
freshly polished black Ford mustang pulls up and cuts off
the path Susan is walking down.
Susan stands for a moment as the passenger window rolls
down. SANDY MARTINEZ, (24) a beautiful, Mexican woman. She
looks at Susan from her head to her feet.
Hey bitch! Kevin wants to talk to
Susan keeps on walking. KEVIN ANDERSON jumps out of the car
and runs after Susan.
Susan...Susan...where are you
rushing off to in such a hurry.
Hey...come here!


Kevin, a tall, 30-ish man with black hair, razor-sharp
features, accented by long jagged sideburns and pointed
goatee, he resembles nothing short of Satan himself. But in
direct contrast to his evil face are his clothes--a priest's
suit and collar, used to throw off the police, because Kevin
is a pimp.
Susan...damn it. Will you stop.
What is with you? I just want to
talk to you.
Kevin runs in front of Susan and blocks her path.
What do you want Kevin?
Respect. Please call me Father
Yeah bitch, show some respect.
Shut up!
Kevin gently takes Susan by the hand and leads her back to
his car.
I don't see what's so fucking
special about her.
      (to Sandy)
Will you shut the fuck up!!
Susan, come and work for me. I
will take care of you. You're to
beautiful to be out here on the
I don't want to work for you,
because you treat you're girls
like shit. Oh yeah, and I like
being my own boss.


Then we can be partners, how about
that? You can keep my girls in
What?!! Hell no!!
Kevin walks up the Sandy and back hands her hard across the
face. Susan has seen enough and walks away again.
      (to Sandy)
What did I tell you?!
Little things like that, keeps me
from wanting to work with you.
Susan, you know you can't work the
streets without my help, so just
come with me.
I won't be doing this forever.
Kevin grabs Susan by the wrist and doesn't let her go.
Why don't you slap her around?
You don't want me to do something
ugly do you? It would be a shame
if something happened to that
pretty face of yours.
Susan yanks her wrist out of Kevin's grip.
In time, you will learn to respect
                       SANDY (O.S.)
Baby, I'm sorry. Don't be mad at
You and your stupid friend better
watch yourselfs.
Kevin adjusts his collar.


Stay the fuck away from Quasar and
stay the fuck away from me!
Susan turns and rushes away. Kevin stands and watches her
walk up the street. Kevin slowly pulls out a large knife as
he walks back to the car. He climbs in and drives away.
Miss Kitty, a strip club in El Monte. This club has seen
better days. Dark, run down, and in need of another coat of
black paint on the walls. It is the only strip club left in
the city of El Monte.
The bar is large and empty. The BARTENDER is sleeping
through the loud, blasting music. The D.J. booth lights up
and a darkened figure begins to move around inside the
booth. The D.J. changes the music. The D.J. booth faces the
small stage.
The stage is surrounded by four small tables each with two
chairs around them. Two drunken business men sit at one of
the close tables to the stage. At the other table, there is
a man who looks like he could be the Uni bomber.
And now...let's make some noise
for our own beautiful bright
Quasar Morris appears from behind the red curtain on the
stage. She walks out wearing cut off blue jean shorts and a
red, white, and blue T-shirt. The song American Woman
starts and Quasar goes into her stripper routine.
With every dance move and every spin, she takes off another
piece of clothing. Quasar jumps up onto the stripper pole.
She swings from it like a performer from Cirque du Soleil.
Quasar spins from the top of the pole, to the bottom with
the grace of a ballerina.
One of the drunken business men stumbles up towards the
stage waving a single bill of money at Quasar. Quasar moves
towards the edge of the stage. She takes off her bra and
lets it land on the businessman's head.
The drunken businessman slips the money into Quasar's thong,
then he grabs her ass. Quasar slaps the businessman,
knocking him down to the floor. The song ends and she walks
back behind the red curtain.


The back door to the Miss Kitty strip club slams open.
Quasar Morris walks out into the empty parking lot. JOHN
MILLER, (30) handsome, muscular, the owner of the club. He
follows Quasar into the parking lot.
Quasar now older, in the bright sunlight she is not as
pretty as she was in high school, however, she still has her
killer body.
If you pull that shit again,
you're fired.
The guy grabbed my ass. Other
clubs don't allow that. He needed
to be slapped.
He's one of our best customers.
Quasar puts on her sunglasses.
He gave me a dollar. A fucking
dollar. He wanted to touch my ass
for a dollar.
You're the oldest stripper I have
working here. You want to make
real money?
I'd make more money looking for
aluminum cans than working in
Why don't you try Vegas? The
drunks don't care how old you are.
I'm not that old. I still have it
where it counts.
A car pulls into the empty parking lot. EVA LEON, (19) tall
and pretty, She looks like she could still be in grade
Eva walks to the back door, she glares at Quasar.


Don't you have homework to do?
Okay girls knock it off.
She started it.
Eva sticks her tongue at Quasar before she goes inside the
It doesn't bother you that a
fourteen year old is stripping
Eva is not fourteen. She just
turned nineteen.
What's the difference?
Quasar starts to walk away.
Just because you were some hot
shit stripper in Europe doesn't
mean a fucking thing around here.
I'm still hot shit and don't you
forget it.
Quasar keeps on walking.
Susan quickly walks down the alley, stepping over trash and
empty cardboard boxes. She walks inside the food store part
of the gas station.


Susan waves to the GAS STATION ATTENDANT (18) thin and a
face covered in pimples, he is working behind a tall glass
booth. Susan points to the back of the store where the
bathrooms are located. The ATTENDANT slowly nods.
Susan opens the envelope and carefully takes out a small
piece of folded foil. She opens the foil and snorts the
white powder inside it.
Susan puts her head down and waits for the drug to hit.
Susan rubs her nose and breathes deeply, trying to get the
rest of the powder.
Quasar and Susan stand in the small bathroom exchanging
powder and getting very high. Extremely loud music can be
heard pounding on the other side of the bathroom door. The
two look in the mirror and check their make-up. Quasar
adjusts her bra and lifts up her breasts to show off how big
they are.
There...that's better.
Watch it with those, this bathroom
isn't that big. You can poke an
eye out.
I wish they were bigger.
Quasar looks in the mirror and starts to jump up and down to
make her breasts bounce.
Then we could put you in the
But they're fun. Boys put their
head in between them and they make
motor boat noises.


I'm kidding. That only happened
Susan lifts her skirt about an inch higher.
There, now I'm ready.
You are wearing underwear?
I am today.
The furniture is moved out of the giant living room. Most
of the teenagers at the party are dancing or standing around
drinking beer. Susan and Quasar cut through the crowd.
JAMES KING, (18) thin build and shoulder length blond hair.
He looks a bit like Gilligan from Gilligan's Island. He
walks up from behind Quasar and grabs her ass.
Quasar realizes that it's James.
Oh! There you are. Happy
Quasar kisses James on the cheek.
What did you get me?
You can give me something else, if
you know what I mean.
James takes Susan by the hand and leads her back to the
living room to dance. Quasar stands watching Susan and
James dancing and she notices that right behind them is


Quasar walks up to Robert. Robert keeps a close eye on
Are you having fun?
Sure...I love watching Susan dance
with every guy here.
She's been dancing with James all
Robert watches as Susan kicks off her shoes and keeps on
dancing. Robert now takes a step forward as he watches
Susan dancing more seductively with James. Quasar can tell
that Robert is getting angry.
Oh, Susan is just a little drunk.
Let her have her fun.
She's been having fun all night.
I'll have fun with you.
Come on, let's get some air. Come
on, come outside with me.
Quasar grabs Robert by the hand and leads him through the
crowds of people.
The street in front of James house is filled with cars. The
house next door has a For Sale sign in the front yard,
however, the lights are on throughout the house as if
someone is living there.
Do you want to go swimming? Come
on, let's go. No one will know.
I didn't bring my suit.


I didn't bring my suit either. We
don't need suits. Come on it will
be fun.
Quasar, are you being bad? Wait
till I tell Susan.
Come on, I'll just tell her I was
taking care of you.
Quasar starts to walk towards the house with the for sale
This house has a swimming pool.
James has the key to the gate and
he unlocked it. Come on, no one
will see us.
You're serious.
Quasar slips her hand down Robert's back all the way down to
his ass.
Hey! What are you doing?
Oh come on! Robert are you that
fucking blind? Susan is already
looking past you.
Quasar starts to unbutton her top.
What do you think? Do you really
think you're the only one she's
been with lately.
What do you mean lately? What the
fuck are you talking about?
She tells me everything. Even
about you.


You're full of shit!!
Quasar puts her arms around Robert.
Come on...no one will know. I'm
not blind, I see how you look at
me. I'll make you forget Susan.
Robert pulls away from her.
What is wrong with you? I love
Susan and I plan to marry her
after I come back from the Navy.
You wouldn't understand.
Robert starts to walk back to the party. Quasar buttons her
top back up.
She won't marry a fucking dork
like you!!
Robert keeps walking all the way back inside the house.
Damn it.
Robert walks through the crowd of dancers searching for
Susan. Robert scans the living room looking at every couple
in the corners making out. He looks closely at every couple
sitting down and talking to each other.
Robert spots the stairway leading to the second floor of the
house. Slowly, Robert walks up the flight of stairs shaking
his head.
Robert walks by a few couples making out in the hall. He
stands in front of a door with a sign that reads 'The King'
Robert grabs the door knob and opens it with a hard thrust.


The bedroom is empty of anyone. The bed in the center of
the neatly kept room is still made.
I knew that dumb bitch was full of
Robert turns and walks back down the hallway. He stops at
the door to the bathroom. Robert reaches down to his zipper
and opens the door.
Robert opens the door to find Susan on her knees with her
head buried deep into James' crotch. James stands with his
hands on her shoulders. Robert stands for a moment shocked
at what he sees.
Susan jumps up at the sound of Robert's voice.
Robert turns and quickly leaves. James finishes putting on
his pants and walks out of the bathroom without saying a
word to Susan.
Robert opens the glove compartment and takes out a handgun.
Robert slaps a magazine into the gun. He sits in the truck
and in his mind he plays out what he wants to do to Susan
and James.
Robert storms back into the party with the gun at his side.
He walks up to Susan who is standing next to James. Susan
now sees Robert walking towards her. She turns her back to
him. James steps between them.
Robert brings the gun up and Fires point blank at James,
blowing the left side of his head onto the wall behind him.


Susan screams as blood and brain tissue spray her face.
Robert turns and Fires at Susan. The bullet strikes her in
the chest killing her instantly.
Robert looks at the two dead bodies. The people at the
party look on in shock. Robert puts the gun up to the side
of his head and pulls the trigger.
                                         END OF DAYDREAM
Robert is still sitting in the truck looking at his handgun.
He day dreamed everything about killing Robert and Susan.
Robert shakes his head and puts the gun down on the seat.
Robert...please...I'm sorry. I'm
sorry Robert, please don't leave.
Robert just keeps looking straight ahead.
You know what really pisses me
off? It's the fact that everyone
was right about you, and I was
Robert turns the key and hits the gas. Susan screams out
Robert's name as he speeds away.
                                         END OF FLASHBACK
Susan slides down the wall of the bathroom crying. She sits
on the floor trying to control her emotions. Someone starts
knocking at the bathroom door.
Keep your pants on!!
The knocking now becomes a pounding on the door.
Hold on!!


A black Ford Mustang slowly drives into the alley. It
drives around dumpsters, crates, and piles of trash. The
Mustang stops, the passenger door opens.
Sandy Martinez's lifeless body falls out into the alley. She
lands on a piles of trash and newspapers. Her eyes are cut
out of her skull. Kevin reaches over and grabs the
passenger door and closes it.
The Mustang disappears down the alley. Sandy's body is
quickly covered by trash and few old newspapers, a wind gust
blows down the alley. Her body disappears as it is covered
with more trash.
The traffic is now growing heavier on the strip and with
that comes more and more police. Susan spots a police car
coming towards her so she ducks inside a nearby video
The video arcade is very loud and blasting with the sounds
of explosions and lasers being fired, all coming from the
different video games. A group of teenagers in the back of
the arcade spot Susan. The leader of the group CHARLES
CROSS walks up to Susan.
The oldest of the group at eighteen with the others being
thirteen and fourteen, CHARLES looks much older because of
his short hair and thin body. He is wearing dirty blue
slacks and dirty blue button shirt.
The three other teens are similarly dressed. They look like
a homeless boy band.
Hi Susan...how have you been?
Susan looks at the front entrance to the arcade. From the
entrance you can see the street. A Police car slowly passes
the arcade. Susan ducks between two video games.
Just keeping out of sight for a


Do you have a couple of dollars I
could borrow?
No, I don't...I just had enough
for a soda.
The rest of the group now pays closer attention to what
Charles is about to say.
Susan...do you have any drugs with
you? Come on, you always have a
little something on you.
Susan looks around the arcade searching for a way out.
Listen...I'm not your fucking
mother okay. Give me some fucking
money and I'll get you some shit.
Come on...you always got some.
What's wrong with you?
The other street kids now look at Susan with sad faces.
I don't need this fucking shit.
Susan...please...don't make me beg
Get some money, I'm not a free
ride anymore.
Susan turns and walks away from Charles and his group.
Susan quickly walks down an alley searching for a place to
hide. She runs up to a large trash container, opens the
lid, and climbs inside. The Police car turns on its high
beams which light up the alley. The POLICE OFFICER uses his
flashlight to search the area closer.


                       SUSAN (V.O.)
Why do they always bother me?
There are other girls out there
doing worse things than me. Why
is it always me they fuck with?
The POLICE OFFICER flashes his light on the dumpster Susan
is hiding in. The light stays on the dumpster for a few
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
Oh come on...come on. Just keep
The Police car slowly leaves the alley. Susan climbs out of
the container and brushes off some of the trash from her
clothes. Susan takes out a small bottle of perfume and
sprays herself all over.
Thank God for Avon.
Susan stands at a four way intersection where two gas
stations sit across from each other. At another corner is a
flower shop and at the corner across the street from Susan
is a mini mall.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
I need to find me some cash. I
need a few more dates. Where the
hell is everyone?
Susan crosses the street and as she does, a couple of cars
honk at her. Susan turns and waves them to come back. The
cars keep on driving. Susan turns and keeps on walking.
A CAR turns around quickly and pulls up next to Susan. At
first Susan doesn't turn around, she lets the man inside get
a good look at her. Slowly Susan turns around to see a man
in his late forties sitting behind the wheel. She walks up
to the passenger side of the car.
What can I do for you?
You need a ride somewhere


I don't need a ride. I'm working.
If you're giving rides keep
Susan looks closer inside the car for any clues that this
person might be a POLICE OFFICER. She backs away.
Well, what do you need?
Susan steps forward again.
Are you a cop?
No...I'm not a cop.
Show me the inside of your wallet.
My wallet?
Scott shows Susan the inside of his wallet. He doesn't have
a badge inside it.
Susan quickly gets into the car and flashes her best million
dollar smile. Scott puts the car in drive and speeds away
from the curb.
Go down the street, I know a
place. What do you want to do?
I want to fuck, that's what I want
to do.
Susan looks around at the inside of the car, and at the
small back seat.
The back seat is kind of small. I
have a room we could go there.
Don't worry about it.


Scott's car slowly pulls into another alley and stops in the
darkest part so it won't be seen. The lights of the car go
off and you wouldn't even know it was there.
Scott reaches around and pulls a roll of hundred dollar
Take off your clothes.
Don't you want to get in the back
Just take off your fucking
Susan now feels that she is in danger. Scott pulls out a
hand held electric stun gun. He presses the button and we
can see the electricity arc between two metal pins on the
What are you gonna do with that?
Scott presses the button again on the stunner.
Please...don't hurt me. I'll do
what you want. Just don't hurt
Susan begins to take off her top. Scott puts the stunner
away. Susan looks around for a way out of the car.
If you don't hurry...I'm going to
fry your ass.
Susan now unclasps her bra. As soon as he sees her breasts,
Scott zaps her on her side. Susan shakes violently and
passes out from the stunner.


The dark alley is suddenly lit up every-time Robert zaps
Susan. From the back window of the car we can see the light
from the stunner. The light flashes a few more times.
The door on the passenger side opens and Susan's body rolls
out onto the sidewalk. Robert throws her bra and shirt at
her, both of which land on her back as she lays face down on
the ground. He then throws four-one hundred dollar bills on
her, which also land on her back.
The door of the car slams shut and speeds away leaving Susan
laying on the ground.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Susan sitting on the ground counting her money.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
That mother fucker could have
killed me. Who knows how many
times he shocked me. What do I
do...call the cops? They don't
      (a moment)
You wouldn't believe how many cops
I've done just to stay out of
Susan slowly begins to stand.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
I'll tell you what, four bills
makes up for a lot of things. I
need to get home and clean up.
Susan opens the front door carrying her school book bag.
PAUL BUNNEL sits in the living room alone, watching Susan
walk in. She throws her books on the chair. Susan doesn't
notice PAUL sitting on the lounge chair in the living room.
PAUL BUNNEL, late fifties, heavy, and very creepy looking.
He has four empty beer cars on the floor next to his chair.


Mom!!! Are you home?!!
Susan begins to fan herself with her hand because of the
heat of summer. Susan turns on the fan that is sitting on
the kitchen table.
Damn, it's hot.
Susan pulls off her sweater and walks around the house in
just her bra. Susan now spots PAUL in the mirror on the
What the fuck!!
Susan covers herself with her sweater.
Your mother's not here, she went
to get more beer. I've got one
more, do you want it?
No thanks.
Paul tries to stand up but falls back down in his chair
because he's so drunk. Paul stands up again and begins to
walk towards her.
Why don't you keep me company till
your mom gets back? Tell me how
your day was.
I don't think so, I have homework.
Susan heads for her room. Paul follows Susan to her
Stay away from me!!
Before she can close the door to her room Paul pushes the
door open. Paul stumbles into the room trying to get at
Get the fuck out of my room!!


Susan takes a swing at Paul who avoids the punch and shoves
Susan onto her bed.
You're such a great piece of ass.
Just like your mother. Do you
move like your mother?
Susan sits on her bed still covering herself up.
What do you mean move?
I mean your ass. Does your ass
move when someone is fucking it.
Paul back hands Susan across the face, sending her flying
back onto her bed. Paul then slams the door shut. Susan
can be heard screaming from behind the door.
The door to Susan's bedroom slowly opens. Paul puts on his
dirty tee-shirt. Susan can been seen from the doorway
motionless on the bed.
Paul closes the door and walks away.
                                         END OF FLASHBACK
Susan steps out of the bathroom after another shower. She
lets her towel drop and changes into another skirt which is
just as short as the first one. Susan also puts on another
small top. She sits down and brushes her hair.
Susan gets up and walks towards the corner of the room and
picks up the rug. Her money is folded and laying on the
floor. She puts it into her skirt pocket and walks out of
the motel room.
The street is now quiet since it's later in the evening.
Susan walks down the street drinking a soda from a paper
cup. Susan spots a young woman sitting at a bus stop bench.
Quasar sits crying to herself. She watches Susan approach
her and she quickly pulls herself together.


What's wrong with you?
Quasar wipes away the tears from her face.
I'm so damn tired. I'm tired of
all this shit.
Who the fuck isn't tired around
The older I get, the less I can do
this. I can't do this anymore.
Susan sits down next to Quasar and lights a cigarette.
You talk about this all the time.
What are you going to do? This is
all you know. You want to start
flipping burgers for a living?
I know more than this. I used to
make clothes when I was younger. I
used to draw and paint.
You did what? When did you draw
and paint?
I made my prom dress.
You didn't go to the prom. Didn't
Cliff stand you up?
The inside of the bedroom looks like a fashion designer's
studio. There is a beautiful prom dress hanging on the door
to the room. Quasar stands in her underwear crying. She
walks up to the prom dress with a giant kitchen knife.


Quasar starts to hack at the prom dress, putting long cuts
into it. She screams at the dress as she rips the dress to
pieces with the knife.
The posters on the wall start flying everywhere as Quasar
rips them from the thumb tacks. She rips up perfect
drawings of women wearing clothes that will never be. Quasar
falls to the floor crying, in the center of her destroyed
                                         END OF FLASHBACK
Quasar starts to cry again.
That was when everything changed.
I was going to get what I wanted.
If I had to use sex to get it, oh
You used so many boys back in high
school. I hope you got what you
wanted out of them.
Most of them got what they
deserved. And most of them got
what they wanted.
Why don't you just go home? Your
family isn't that bad.
My family doesn't want me there.
Not if I am still on drugs. It's
to hard to get clean. My Mom is
still mad because of my Dad--
What about you Dad? He was an ass
hole. I'm sorry he died. But he
was a terrible person.
Never mind. It's not important.
Quasar starts to fix her make-up, with what little she has
in her purse.


I'm just not as strong as you.
You're the strongest person I
Trust me, I'm not that strong. I'm
the weakest person on this street.
Susan looks around the empty street.
And that's saying a lot. There
are so many weak ass people around
Quasar stands up and straightens her clothes. She pulls
down on her short skirt that moved up past her ass when she
stood up.
I hate it when it does that.
That's because your ass is so big.
No ones complained about my ass
Quasar starts to wiggle her ass.
How did you squeeze that ass into
that skirt? That's what I want to
A car passes them and honks. The car turns around.
This guy's mine. Just sit there
and keep crying.
I don't think so. This is one of
my regulars.
The car is a late model Ford Thunder bird, and we can see
that a middle aged man with a bald head is sitting behind
the wheel. JOHN TATE smiles a wide grin at the two women.


Hi honey, how are you? It's been
a long time.
Hi baby.
Susan moves in to give John a better look at her.
Hi there sailor. Looking for a
good time?
Quasar...who's your friend?
John now looks Susan over from head to toe. Susan begins to
stand like she is posing for a picture.
Get a good look honey.
Susan strikes another pose.
You're cute, in a Fred Mertz sort
of way. You want to go somewhere
and be alone?
Leave John alone. He wants
someone sweet like me.
Quasar knows what I like.
Quasar opens the door and climbs into the car.
That's right baby...and I'm going
to treat you good. Let Susan go
back to her low-lifes, that's
where she belongs.
Susan watches as Quasar drives away.
Susan is now further down the Garvy Strip where there are
less stores and motels. However, the further down the strip
the more cars at the intersections. Susan watches a group
of teenagers with a boom box walking towards her.


The music is a loud rap tune. Susan opens up another small
packet of foil and snorts up the powder. As the music get
closer and closer, Susan begins to dance.
The four young men can't believe their eyes. Susan starts
to dance more and more like some kind of stripper. Susan
begins to slowly take off her top, when she suddenly stops
and waves her index finger at the teens.
No...no...no..little boys. This
is not for you.
The teenagers now start to plead with Susan to keep up her
Sorry...I don't work for free. You
boys have any money with you?
                       TEEN 1.
How much to do us all...Bitch!!
Susan knows now that she is in trouble.
Too much for you little boys.
Now the four teens begin to surround her so she can't walk
away or run.
Well, maybe we can work something
                       TEEN 1.
Grab her!!!
Two teens grab her from behind and drag her down a dark near
by alley.
Susan is thrown onto a pile of cardboard boxes. All we can
see are hands tearing away Susan's clothes. First her skirt
is ripped off from around her waist, then her top is ripped
from her chest.
One of the teens gets behind her and holds onto her hips. He
quickly pulls his pants down and rips off Susan's panties.
Susan screams out in pain with each thrust. Another teen


gets behind her and begins to thrust. Each one of them is
getting a turn.
Susan screams and tries to break away from the tight hold;
but, she is held down tighter. One of the bigger young men
gets behind her. He also takes his turn and his turn is no
Oh my God!!! Please stop!!!
The thrusts become harder and faster, Susan's screams become
louder. One of the teens tries to cover her mouth. Suddenly
a car pulls up into the alley. The gang of teenagers drop
Susan and run.
Susan lays on the ground naked and shaking. The door to the
car opens and two people rush out. Susan is scared at
whoever might be coming now and tries to crawl away. Quasar
kneels down next to Susan.
Hey...hey..it's me. It's me.
Is she okay? She needs to go to a
Susan sits up and tries to cover herself with scraps of her
Don't take me to the hospital. I'm
better now.
      (low voice)
Who were they?
Quasar helps Susan to her feet.
I don't know...they were to busy
to give me their names. They were
a bunch of kids.
Come on, let's get out of here
before the police come.
Are you sure she's alright?


Quasar helps Susan walk towards the car.
I'm taking you to the hospital.
I said No! Just take me to my
John holds the door open to the car. People can be heard
coming back.
We'd better hurry.
Susan lays on the bed still recovering from her ordeal.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
This has only happened to me one
other time. After Robert broke up
with me, I was in P.E. and the
track team threw me in the
equipment room and raped me.
What was different that time is
that the track team took their
time with me. I guess they were
in better shape.
Each one of those boys was kicked
out of school. After that, it
didn't matter. I was a marked
woman. Every guy I went out with
thought I was going to let them
have their way with me.
CLOSE UP ON Susan who slowly closes her eyes.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
The girls in high school were
worse. Mostly because I was
friends with Quasar and she was
screwing every guy with a heart
Me and Quasar have been friends
since the third grade. I don't
know how we met. I don't know why
we stayed friends.


The play ground is filled with second and third grade
STUDENTS. A third grade girl wearing a pretty blue dress
sits down on the giant swings. She is drawing in a small
note book. This is Quasar at the age of 7.
Quasar is slightly chubby, but very cute, almost doll like.
She smiles at a cute dark haired little boy. The little boy
smiles back and runs away. She turns and looks at a little
girl also swinging on the swing set.
Sitting three swings down from Quasar is a skinny, blond
hair, 7 year old little girl. We are looking at Susan as a
little girl. Susan sits wearing boys blue jeans and a boys
black tee shirt. She could easily be mistaken for a little
blond boy.
Quasar is busy drawing in her notebook, she doesn't see the
four little girls approaching her. Susan sees them and
watches closely.
The leader of the group of girls is AMY DAWES, 8 years old,
wears glasses and brand new clothes. Her girlfriends laugh
and do whatever she asks of them. Amy stops and looks at
Look girls, there an oomph
loom-pa. I didn't know we had one
going to our school.
The three little girls start laughing. Quasar looks up from
her notebook not hearing what was said to her.
Hello. Do you want to swing on
the swings?
Oh my God it talks.
The little girls start laughing again. Amy picks up a rock
and throws it at Quasar. The rock hit her in the chest,
making her drop her notebook.
Hey! What's wrong with you?!!


The other little girls now start to throw rocks at Quasar.
Susan picks up a rock throws it and hits Amy hard on the
Quasar puts her hands in front of her face as the rocks keep
hitting her. She looses her balance and falls to the
My arm!!! You broke my arm!!
Quasar sits on the ground still being hit by rocks. Susan
picks up another rock and throws it at one of the little
girls. The rock hits one of them in the legs.
Get out of here!!! Leave her
I'm gonna tell my Mom on you!!
You're going to jail!!
Susan throws another rock at Amy, hitting her hard in the
stomach. She yells out in pain and runs back to the school,
screaming her head off.
      (to Quasar)
Are you okay?
      (catching her
Why did they throw rocks at me?
What did I do to them?
They're just mean.
And they're ugly to.
And they smell to.
They both start laughing at what Susan just said.
                                         END OF FLASHBACK


Susan still lays in bed looking at the water stained
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
High school was the worst time in
my life for me. I was always in
Susan sits inside the small office. The window in the
office overlooks the hallway and a red brick wall. It makes
it look like she's in jail. MS. DEININGER, late thirties,
blond hair, with glasses too big for her face.
                       MS. DEININGER
Susan...what is going on with you
Ms. Deininger opens a file in front of her on the desk.
                       MS. DEININGER
Within the past two months, you've
gotten into four fights, you had
some kind of break down in your
English class
      (keeps reading)
And you've been sent to me, just
about everyday for talking back to
your teachers.
Ms Deininger closes the file.
                       MS. DEININGER
You were the top of your class in
math, history, and English, Music,
there is nothing you can't do. Do
you still want to become a writer?
I still do.
                       MS. DEININGER
Now, you've turned into Mountain
View's number one trouble maker.
What's going on with you?


I don't know. I've been going
through a lot in my life lately.
                       MS. DEININGER
You want to get into a good
college don't you?
      (a moment)
Yeah...of course.
Quasar walks passed the window of the office. She stops and
points her finger at Susan. Quasar waves her finger as if
she is the one giving the lecture to her.
                       MS. DEININGER
You need to focus the rest of the
year, if you want to turn this
Susan keeps looking at Quasar who is now making faces at her
through the window.
Ms. Deininger turns sharply around towards the window.
Quasar ducks down without being seen.
                       MS. DEININGER
Don't let your friends keep you
from going to college. Maybe you
could join a sport or you could
join the newspaper.
The bell rings for the next class. Susan stands up and
grabs her book bag.
                       MS. DEININGER
Think about getting into some kind
of activity here at school. It
may help with getting into a good
I will.
Susan sits eating her lunch in the busy Quad. Quasar cuts
through the crowd, two girls pass her and whisper to each


other. The two girls don't hide the fact they are talking
about Quasar.
Quasar looks around the Quad area and most of the girls are
looking at Quasar. She sits down next to Susan.
What's wrong?
How do you know that something is
Because...something is always
wrong. So what is it?
I didn't even say anything, all I
did was sit down.
Susan puts her sandwich back in her brown bag. Quasar
starts to eat her salad from her Tupperware bowl.
--are you gonna tell me?
I was thinking...maybe we can
change our image.
Our image? What are you talking
I'm tired of being treated like
we're wearing the Scarlet Letter.
Scarlet Letter?
I know what it means. I saw the
Susan throws her bag into the nearest trash can.
We might as well be wearing a
Scarlett Letter with all the shit
we've been through.


Susan starts to tug at the clothes she is wearing.
The way we dress doesn't help us
They look at each other, the only real thing that sets them
apart from the other female students at the school is that
they have some fashion sense.
I think you look cute. And I know
how we can look cute all the time.
We try out for the cheerleading
team. I love the colors of their
What? No way. Not cheerleading.
As if on cue, the Cheerleading squad walks past them.
Come on Sue...most of them are
undercover whores anyways. We'll
fit right in.
Funny...I only see one whore
around here.
--does that mean you'll do it
Susan watches the cheerleaders and how much attention the
boys are giving them. No one is whispering behind their
Okay...I'll try out with you. We
are gonna need to practice
everyday if you want to make the
No problem...we can practice at my
house after school.


Maybe this will get Ms. Deininger
off my back.
So..we'll meet at my house after
school and go over the routine.
The large ranch style house is surrounded by a freshly cut
lawn. Everything about the house is very neatly kept. Susan
sits on the front porch waiting.
Quasar steps out of the front door holding a portable stereo
cassette player, she sits it down next to a box of cassette
tapes. Quasar starts to search through the box.
What song do you want to use for
the try outs?
I have no idea. I was thinking
something we can dance to.
Quasar finds a cassette. She turns the volume all the way
up. Quickly she gets up and gets ready. The music comes on
and it is The Cars, Shake it Up. Quasar goes into a typical
cheerleading routine.
Quasar is about to finish, when she does a back flip and
lands with a hard split, and her arms up in the air. Susan
starts clapping.
How was that?
That was good. How did you learn
to do a back flip?
My Mom put me in gymnastics when I
was a kid.
Susan unzips her sweatshirt and throws it onto the porch.
She stands ready.
Do you want to use the same music?


The music comes up loud again and Susan goes into her
routine. She does more hand movements with her arms and has
a wide smile on her face. She does a few swings of her hips
and a back flip of her own.
When you do the back flip you
might want to land with a split.
I don't want to copy you. What if
I do a couple of running back
Can you do that?
You're not the only one who was in
gymnastics as a kid.
Quasar puts the music back on and Susan starts to dance. She
is swinging her hips hard like a professional cheerleader. A
car passes and honks at her.
Susan and Quasar look at each other and start laughing. The
front door to the house bangs open and PETER MORRIS. 60 ish,
tired, and looking very angry.
Do you have to do this now? You
know I just got off work. I need
my rest.
I'm sorry Dad. We're done.
Hello Mr. Morris how are you doing
I don't know you, so why are you
talking to me.
Peter starts to cough, he clutches his shoulder.


Dad, are you okay?
The field is busy with high school girls lined up waiting to
try out for the cheerleading squad. A table is set up in
the middle of the field, a hand painted sign hangs from the
table that reads 'Try Outs'
Standing among the pretty wannabe cheerleaders are Susan and
Quasar. Sitting at the table like it's some kind of desk in
a high rise office is LISA RICHMOND. LISA checks a
clipboard filled with notebook paper.
LISA stands up to check out the line of young girls waiting.
She spots Susan and Quasar in line and shakes her head.
LISA RICHMOND, 17 years old, extremely beautiful, with the
body of a Penthouse model, still she is very uptight.
The group of girls is watching a girl struggle through her
try out. When the girl is finished, LISA reaches over and
turns off the music coming from the boom box next to the
table. She looks at the girl and writes something on her
Thanks...we will be in touch.
Lisa flips through her clipboard.
Jaime Medina, you're next.
JAIME MEDINA walks up in front of Lisa. Two other
CHEERLEADERS sit down at the table to watch. Lisa flips on
the music, JAMIE goes into her routine.
Quasar and Susan watch from the side. JAIME isn't that bad,
and she finishes with a standing back flip. Lisa and her
CHEERLEADERS clap at the performance.
Very good. We will be in touch.
Susan now walks up to the front of the table, since she was
the next in line behind JAIME.
Excuse me! You're not next.


Like hell I'm not. I was behind
Susan points to JAMIE who is walking away back towards the
campus. There are just three more girls left including
      (to Quasar)
I guess your next.
No...she's not next either. She's
Lisa points to the girl behind Quasar.
Are you kidding?
Lisa looks at a page in her clipboard.
Kristin Brook, you're up.
Who cares, so we go last. Think
of it as saving the best for last.
Susan watches as Lisa talks to the other CHEERLEADERS before
the next try out.
Wait a minute! We've been
standing in the hot sun for two
hours while you bitches sit in the
Lisa stands up.
Why are you even here? Did you
really think you were gonna become
a Mountain View Cheerleader?
The GIRL who was about to go next starts to back away.
Every girl out here today, except
for a select few have sucked dick.


You think you're better than
them...then prove it.
Susan does a back somersault and lands with a hard split.
Go ahead Quasar.
Quasar slowly goes into a back bend. She does the splits
while in the handstand position. To show them a more
advanced degree of difficulty, she also flexes her leg.
Quasar does a front flip from that position and stands
      (hands in the air)
Ta Da!!
The two CHEERLEADERS sitting at the table start to clap.
Stop it!! Stop clapping!! She's
not making the squad.
One of the CHEERLEADERS tries to talk her into changing her
She slept with my Dad.
You did. Damn...are we gonna have
to sew your knee caps together or
I saw you two at his work.
I didn't have the money to pay to
have my car worked on. We worked
something out.
Lisa jumps up on the table and leaps in the air straight at
Quasar. The two girls fall hard to the ground. Susan steps
forward but the two CHEERLEADERS hold her. Lisa is punching
Quasar hard.
Susan breaks free and punches one of the CHEERLEADERS across
the face. She runs over and kicks Lisa in the head knocking
her off Quasar.


Quasar stands up and she starts to kick Lisa in her side.
Susan and Quasar are both kicking Lisa as hard as they can.
Out of nowhere two TEACHERS rush up and pull Susan and
Quasar off Lisa.
Susan stands in front of her house dressed in a very short
skirt and an even smaller top. The sound of a car honking
makes Susan quickly turn around. Quasar sits behind the
wheel of an old Dodge family car.
Damn whore, you look like you're
ready to walk the streets.
Yeah well, I want to get some
attention. You think this will
Susan opens the door on the passenger side and we can see
Quasar is also wearing something similar to what Susan is
We look like the hooker sisters.
The door closes and the car speeds away.
Quasar turns the radio on louder. Susan fixes her make-up
in the mirror.
What's the plan for tonight?
The movies.
The movies!! I got dressed like
this for the movies? Turn the car
Quasar turns the music down.
We're going to the Mill.


Oh...the Mill. Turn the fucking
car around.
We can look around a little and
check out the guys. It'll get
your mind off of Robert.
What is that supposed to mean?
What are you trying to say?
I didn't mean anything. Why are
you getting mad?
Forget it. Don't try and make me
feel better, okay.
      (under her breath)
The parking lot is filled with cars as far as the eye can
see. The shopping center resembles a Las Vegas casino
because of all the bright neon lights and crowds of people.
On one side of the parking lot is a building like a gigantic
brick block that came out of the ground. On the other side
of the building is the entrance to the movie theater.
The shopping center has it's own movie theater attached to
it. That is where we find Susan and Quasar looking over the
scene. The two women cut though the crowd of people heading
for the rows of ticket counters.

Above the ticket counters are large electronic boards with
the times of all the movies showing. Most of the movies are
sold out. Susan looks at Quasar and shakes her head.


Great idea, everything is sold
out. I didn't even want to see
half of these movies.
The only movies that are not sold out are after midnight.
I guess we could walk around the
mall for a while.
Yeah...we could do that. Or we
can sit and guess what kind of
underwear each guy is wearing.
A couple walks by holding hands and as they pass Susan and
Quasar, the guy turns around to check out Susan's body. His
girlfriend catches him looking at Susan and quickly lets go
of his hand, angry at him.
Susan and Quasar walks though the different stores.
We find Susan and Quasar inside a clothing store trying on
different outfits.
Susan and Quasar inside the record store talking and
laughing loudly. Some of the other teen-aged girls look at
them with disdain.
Quasar and Susan inside the book store hiding a Playgirl
magazine inside a Vogue magazine. With every turn of the
page they laugh, another page they stop laughing and Quasar
starts to fan herself with her hand. The people behind the
counter watch Susan and Quasar every few minutes.
Quasar and Susan inside Fredrick's of Hollywood looking at
underwear. Susan picks up a thong and lifts up her skirt to
show Quasar that she is wearing the same pair.
Susan and Quasar walk towards the food court when Quasar
notices two young men following them. Quasar bends
completely down to adjust the strap on her shoe. The two
young men get a full view of her ass.


I want something to drink.
We'll be in line forever.
The food court is filled with lines of people in front of
the different fast food restaurants. All the tables are
filled with people.
Where are we going to sit?
Don't worry about it. It'll be
Quasar turns to see the two young men still watching them
and smiling at her.
Susan and Quasar sit at a table with a basket of french
fries and two large drinks in front of them.
We have a couple of fans.
What do you mean?
The two cute guys behind me.
Susan takes a peek over Quasar's shoulder where she spots
the two young men in there early twenties smiling at them.
I'm gonna tell them to fuck off.
No...don't do that. They've been
following us around the whole
There a couple of creeps, tell
them to fuck off.
Quasar turns around and flashes a smile at the two young


I'm gonna call them over here.
Are you kidding?
Quasar turns and begins to wave the two guys over to them.
The two young men sit shocked at the first but then stand up
and walk over to them. MARK BECK and RICK GREEN smile down
at Susan and Quasar.
MARK and RICK are dressed like 80's rock singers, right down
to there thin black ties.
Have you guys been following us?
MARK and RICK look at each other.
No...we just happen to be in the
same places.
Yeah...isn't that strange?
Rick is now looking at Susan.
My name is Quasar and this is my
friend Susan.
      (to Quasar)
You have a cool name.
Quasar and Mark start to make eyes at each other.
What are you guys doing later?
We're going to the movies.
See, now that's strange, because
we're going to the movies too.
Can you imagine that?


Susan and Quasar look at each other and laugh.
What time does your movie start?
What time does yours start?
Under the table the four are sitting at, we can see Quasar
slip off her shoe. Her foot moves up Mark's leg, all the
way up to his crotch. Mark sits up in a hurry and looks
across the table at Quasar who smiles back at him.
Susan looks down at Quasar's leg and shakes her head.
I'll be right back, I have to go
wash my hands.
Mark gets up from the table without taking his eyes off of
Quasar. Mark gives Quasar a look telling her to go with
him. Only Susan and Quasar noticed the look Mark gave her.
Can't you keep them closed for
five minutes?
      (a beat)
Don't take all night. I don't
want to miss the previews.
Quasar gets up from the table and follows Mark. Susan and
Rick are left at the table looking at each other.
What school do you go to?
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Susan and Rick are still looking at each other and we can
tell that time has passed. The food court is not as busy
and there are empty tables where before there were none.
Rick looks at his wrist watch and shakes his head.
If they don't come back soon,
we're gonna be late.
I'll go look for them.
No, I'll go.


Susan quickly stands up.
I'll be back.
Susan heads for the restrooms.
Susan opens the door to the hallway that leads to the
restrooms. She walks down the hallway looking for Quasar
and Mark. At the end of the hallway on both sides of the
hallway is the men's and the woman's restrooms. She waits
there for a moment. Suddenly, two young girls burst out of
the women's restroom and rush past Susan.
Susan steps inside the restroom and checks under each stall.
A woman checking her make up in the mirror watches Susan.
Where the fuck is she?
Susan stands for a moment but then hears someone moan from
behind the supply door. Susan opens the door to find Quasar
standing with Mark on his knees and his head buried deep
under her mini skirt. Quasar sees Susan and waves her away
from the room.
Susan stands and points to her wristwatch. She then points
to the outside of the room. Quasar gives her the okay sign.
Susan turns and closes the door.
Susan cuts across the shopping center back towards the food
court. Rick stands talking to two young women who appear to
be very angry. AMY SULLIVAN turns and spots Susan walking
towards them.
Is this the person you were
telling me about.
NANCY CROSS turns to see SUSAN.


Where's Mark?
What the fuck is going on here?
I'll ask the questions bitch!! You
and your fat friend are messing
with our boyfriends,
Quasar and Mark walk towards them.
Who the fuck is she?!!
Excuse me!! Who the fuck are you?
Rick, who are these girls?
      (a breath)
They're our girlfriends, they must
have followed us here.
I don't fucking believe this shit.
We're out of here. Hey Mark,
thanks for going down on me.
Amy walks up to Quasar and slaps her across the face
practically spinning her around.
You ready to die bitch?!!
Susan rushes up to Amy and punches her hard under her chin.
Amy however just shakes off the punch and throws a counter
punch at Susan. Amy swings wide at Susan allowing her to
duck the punch leaving Amy wide open for a straight punch to
the face from Susan. Amy falls to the floor with a splat.
Nancy now rushes to help her friend. Quasar puts her foot
out and trips Nancy as she goes by her. Susan looks down to
see Nancy slide by her. Nancy quickly gets up from the
floor and runs at Quasar with her arms up, ready to punch.
Quasar turns and runs away.


Nancy stops in her tracks.
You want a piece of me?!!
Nancy looks down at her friend Amy.
Come on!!
Amy begins to stir and come around. Amy looks up at Nancy.
Get her!
Nancy rushes at Susan with everything she has. Susan stands
her ground as Nancy comes at her. Nancy hits Susan's head
and they both go crashing to the floor. Nancy is busy
punching the side of Susan's stomach.
Quasar comes to Susan's aid and runs by, kicking Amy as she
passes her. Quasar pulls Nancy off of Susan and pushes her
to the side.
MALL SECURITY rushes to the food court and separates the
four women.
                       SECURITY OFFICER
Let's go ladies!! Get out now!!
Come on!!
The Security Guard pushes the women towards the exit.
Quasar and Susan stand next to the car. Susan is looking in
the compact mirror checking her face. Quasar looks around
the half empty parking lot, she quickly pulls out her
panties and slips them on under her skirt.
I hope it was fucking worth it.
That bitch could hit.
We could still see the movie. We
only missed fifteen minutes of it.
They're probably still on the


The previews are the best part. If
the movie sucks, at least you've
seen a couple of good previews.
Let's go to the dance.
I need to see Robert. He's there
with his friends.
Who cares. There's plenty of guys
out there. You could have any guy
on this planet. Why are you still
hung up on Robert?
He makes me laugh. Or at least
her used to make me laugh.
He doesn't want anything to do
with you. What are you going to
tell him?
I just have to get him away from
his friends. I'll think of
You'll think of something. Or
you'll suck his dick?
Whatever works.


The campus is filled with STUDENTS dressed in their best
1983 going out clothes. The young men look like they walked
out of a 'Miami Vice' television episode. Most of the young
women are wearing black mini skirts. Hanging above the
entrance to the Gym is a sign that reads Dance Tonight
Susan and Quasar walk through the crowd of couples waiting
to get into the dance. They make their way to the front of
the line and walk inside.
The gym has been transformed into a dance club. The gym
floor is filled with STUDENTS dancing and talking to each
other. Along the side of the gym floor, tables are set up.
At the far end, the DJ is playing records. Susan searches
the gym and spots Robert dancing with another girl.
Susan moves in for a closer look.
Well, I see that didn't take long.
And how did he end up with her?
Didn't she just win a beauty
pageant or something?
Quasar turns to see who Susan is talking about.
You mean Lilia Martinez? Wow...I
don't know. I'm not a guy but I
would do her. Don't you think
she's a little out of his league?
She's out of every guys' league.
She a fucking beauty queen. She
looks like a fucking supermodel.
LILIA MARTINEZ turns and we can see that she doesn't look
like any of the females at Mountain View High School. She
has an innocence to her that makes her very sexy along with
the fact that she looks like a young Paulina Porizkova.
Go kick her ass. She doesn't look
like she'll put up much of a


She doesn't need to fight me.
She's already kicking my ass.
She's not that pretty. You're
better looking than she is.
LILIA turns and laughs, her hair flows and stays perfect,
the light hits her and makes her even more beautiful than
she already is.
Wow...how did she do that?
You're not making me feel better.
LILIA notices Susan watching them dance. LILIA smiles and
starts to whisper into Robert's ear. LILIA then turns
Robert's face to hers and kisses him.
Fucking bitch!! She did that on
Come on. Just let him go. Let's
just leave. Fuck him.
Susan keeps watching Robert and LILIA and doesn't hear a
word Quasar is telling her.
Susan...fuck that asshole. He has
his damn beauty queen. Let's go.
The music stops and LILIA walks away from Robert with a
group of her girlfriends and heads for the restrooms. Susan
now sees her chance to approach Robert. Robert starts to
head off the dance floor when Susan taps him on the
Hi Robert, how are you?
What do you want Susan?
The music suddenly starts up once again.
Can we dance?


Robert takes Susan by the hand and begins to dance with her.
Other couples join them on the dance floor. Susan holds
Robert tight in her arms. The music playing is a sad love
song and Susan wipes tears from her eyes as they dance.
I'm sorry I hurt you.
Robert doesn't say a word as the two keep on dancing.
Please don't do this to me.
The music stops and Robert pulls Susan away from him.
Susan, the song is over...so
please go away.
I came to the dance with someone.
I know, I saw her. Where did Miss
Friendly El Monte 1984 go?
She went to the bathroom, but
she'll be back any minute.
Quasar stands at the other end of the gym watching what is
going on. LILIA now walks out of the bathroom and heads
back to Robert.
This is gonna be good.
LILIA steps in front of Robert and Susan.
Excuse me, I think he's heard just
about enough from you.
Oh really? Well, I've only just
Leave us alone you whore. I know
what you did at that party.


Lilia grabs Robert by the hand and tries to lead him from
You don't deserve someone so
wonderful. You don't understand
what you had.
Or, maybe you understand now. But
now it's to late.
Lilia, come on.
      (To Robert)
I'm sorry about that.
Robert and Lilia start to walk off the dance floor. Susan
rushes up and grabs Robert's hand to pull him back to her.
Robert, I love you. Please
forgive me. I want you back.
Robert slowly shakes his head.
You're a whore, and you'll always
be a whore.
Susan turns and quickly punches Lilia hard across the face.
Lilia is punched so hard that she is thrown off balance by
the blow and trips over a broken heel. Lilia keeps on
moving off balance for a good five feet, till she lands head
first into the D.J's giant speaker.
Robert runs over to her. Before he can reach her, she is
fried by the electricity running through the speaker. The
lights in the gym start to flicker.
The Students in the gym stand in shock at the sight of Lilia
being zapped like a fly in an outdoor bug zapper.
Oh my God! You killed her!!
The POLICE lead Susan handcuffed to a squad car. The whole
school is out in the parking lot watching Susan.


It was an accident! Someone tell
them it was just an accident!
She didn't do anything. The dumb
bitch fell on her own! Susan
didn't kill her!!
A POLICE OFFICER puts Susan into the backseat of the car.
Since I was a minor, I ended up
spending four years in C.Y.A.
The POLICE car slowly pulls away from the school.
That's the California Youth
Authority, which is a prison for
kids. When I came back,
everything had changed.
                                         END OF FLASHBACK
The front entrance of the arcade is quiet. From the
sidewalk Charles can be seen talking to the street kids.
Kevin sits inside his car watching Charles closely.
Charles walks out onto the sidewalk. The street kids follow
in single file. Charles doesn't notice Kevin standing next
to his car.
Hello Charles.
Why do you disrespect me. What if
there was a police officer close
Father Kevin. How have you been?


Kevin reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small zip-lock
style bag. It is filled with white powder. He shows it to
You and your friends can have
this. I just want to ask you a
few questions.
Charles looks at the street kids, who are all nodding their
What kind of questions?
Don't worry. I'm not gonna ask
you to do math. Just meet me
around back.
The parking lot is empty, Charles is standing with his
group. The black GEO pulls into the parking lot and parks
next to Charles. Kevin gets out.
How long have we known each
other--four years? I think of us
as friends. What about you?
What do you want to know?
Where does Susan Silk stay? I
want to know what motel she's in.
If you want what I have in my
pocket, you'll leave the questions
to me.
Charles looks around the parking lot, searching for anyone
who might help him.
Do you know or not.


She won't come work for you. She
has a lot of friends that will
take care of her.
Kevin reaches into his pocket. Charles smiles.
Friends like you, and your little
midget entourage here.
Susan helped me, when I needed it.
I will give you one more chance.
Do you know where she is staying?
      (long pause)
No I don't
Very well then--
With the blink of an eye, Kevin pulls out his .45 caliber
pistol from his pocket and shoots Charles in the face. He
turns the gun on the street kids and shoots them as well.
Kevin stands looking at the dead bodies for a few moments.
He slowly walks over to his car, gets inside, and drives
Susan steps out of the shower and we can see bruises on her
back and a small cut on her lip. She turns around and looks
at her back.
Son of a bitch.
Susan picks up a wet towel from the sink. The bathroom
looks like someone took a sledge hammer to all the tile.
Susan begins to dab at the blood on her face with the towel.
Susan puts on a clean shirt. She then slips on a clean pair
of panties.


                       SUSAN (V.O.)
What's worse is that Quasar had to
come and help me. Quasar and I
have been going at it since I came
Susan keeps dabbing at the other cuts on her face.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
I've known Quasar since grade
school. But she is the biggest
whore I've ever met. She just
can't say no.
Susan sits down at the foot of her unmade bed. She turns on
the small television which sits on top of her dresser. The
picture on the television screen is hard to watch because of
the snowy picture, but Susan keeps watching it. Susan
starts flipping the channels and the only channel that comes
in clear is the one with the porno movie on it.
Susan puts her hands over her face and her head down. She
wipes away tears from her face.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
This life sucks. It fucking
Susan rises and starts to throw her clothes around the room.
She goes around and throws the trash from the small trash
can next to the bed. She throws everything she can get her
hands on. Susan falls onto the bed breathing very heavily.
I don't want to be alone anymore.
Susan begins to cry again.
I don't want to be alone anymore.
Susan gets up off the bed and begins to search the clothes
she threw on the floor. She goes through the pockets of the
clothes she is wearing.
Damn it!! Where is it?!!
Susan finds the envelope and opens it to find it empty.
Shit!! Shit!!


Susan opens the drawer of the dresser and takes out a small
wallet. She opens it, turns it upside down, and nothing
falls out.
Goddamn it!!
Susan runs across the street which is empty from any traffic
or people. It looks like she's the only one in the whole
city. She looks up the street and can see nobody.
Where is everyone!!
Susan slowly walks back up the street towards the donut
shop. Two cars race down the street and honk at Susan.
Susan stops and puts her hands on her hips. She then begins
to move her hips from side to side, trying to entice whoever
is in the car.
Stop and pick me up!
Quasar jumps out of the shadows in front of Susan. Susan
jumps back in fright.
You fucking bitch, you scared the
shit out of me!!
I've been looking all over for
you. Were you in your room all
this time?
I wanted to get cleaned up. Who
knows where those guys have been.
They were all up in you.
That's not funny. Fuck you!! Just
because you get gang raped every
night, you think it's no big deal.


Susan begins to walk away from Quasar. Quasar shakes her
head and walks behind Susan.
Do you think if you married
Robert, your life would have been
Yeah, It would have been a lot
different. I would at least have
a couple of kids and a house.
Quasar is now walking along side her.
Kids, yuck!! I never ever want
You never, ever thought about what
it might be like to be a mother?
Hell no. I can't even take care
of myself, let alone take care of
some kid.
Are you trying to make some kind
of point to all this?
You've been through the worst
thing that could ever happen to a
person, but you're numb to
Maybe it's the drugs, fucking me
up and not letting me care what
happens to me. The drugs got me
into that fucking mess.
Susan walks away shaking her head.
Where are you going now?
Susan just keeps on walking. Quasar stands a moment and
then walks after her.


The donut shop is quiet except for a radio playing behind
the counter. MA, 60 years old, a small Asian woman waits to
help customers. She also watches the people who are sitting
at the tables in the back. Susan walks into the donut shop
and looks around.
Hi Ma. A large coffee and one of
Susan points to a glazed donut behind the display.
The usual..uh.
I always get that , don't I.
Quasar now walks into the donut shop. She approaches Ma
with a wide smile on her face.
Thanks for waiting for me.
Susan turns back to Quasar.
Do the words, eat shit, mean
anything to you?
Susan pays and walks away with her coffee and donut. Quasar
turns and smiles at Ma.
Hi sweetie...can you get me a
large cup of coffee?
Ma just stands behind the counter with no expression on her
face. She slowly turns and fills a large cup of coffee. We
get the feeling that she doesn't like Quasar.
Quasar, we're not friends anymore,
so go away.
Quasar sits down regardless.
Susan, let's get out of California
and go to Las Vegas. We could
work in one of those casinos. We
could even make some money on the


                       QUASAR (cont'd)
Susan sits quietly eating her donut and shaking her head.
There's nothing in Vegas for two
old women like us. Maybe ten
years ago. What happens when they
do a drug test?
We clean ourselves up before we
go. You can go two days without
using can't you?
Hell no!! How the fuck do you
think I get through living in this
shit hole of a life.
Susan sits back and drinks her coffee.
This is our life now. We have to
deal with what we have.
You never know, I could meet
someone with money. He could fall
in love with me and take me out of
Susan sits shaking her head.
A man with money doesn't want
someone like you. You're not all
that anymore. You might think you
still are. Someone with money can
find that ass and those tits
Quasar looks hurt by what Susan said.
Why are you such a bitch to me?
Remember, I'm the closet person
you have to family around here.
I can be a bitch to you for all
the fucking shit you put me


                       SUSAN (cont'd)
This is all because of you.
What?!! Don't blame your life on
You destroyed my life. I would've
never gotten into what I'm into
now if it wasn't for you.
Quasar now sits back in her seat.
So...you're pissed off about
something that happened ten years
ago. I didn't know you'd get
hooked on that shit.
Where were you when I got out? I
didn't see you for a whole year
after I got out. Your Mom said
you were in Europe.
I was. I almost got married to.
You, married? What happened? Did
he come to his senses?
No...one night when I was
sleeping, he got up and left. I
was stuck in Paris. I had to
start stripping just so I could
Wow, Paris. That must have been
Paris is not fun when you have no
money. And everyone hates you
because you're American.


Well...while you were being dumped
and stripping, I was working for
Lisa Richmond. She almost got me
How did you get hooked up with
A 1987 Ford Mustang pulls up into the parking lot of the
motel. It waits for a moment, then the driver side door
opens. Lisa Richmond steps out of the car, she is wearing a
long coat.
This is the same Lisa Richmond that gave Susan and Quasar
shit when she was a Cheerleader. Now she runs an escort
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
I hooked up with Lisa because I
had no one else. It was easy
money, and Lisa showed me the
Susan gets out of the passenger side of the car. Susan is
also wearing a long coat. Susan looks around the area. The
parking lot is almost empty except for a few cars.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
We were gonna meet this guy who
wanted two girls. I didn't know
it was a set up. Lisa was setting
him up.
Lisa checks her make-up on a small mirror she took out of
her purse.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
I guess the guy we were gonna do,
killed her father, remember him.
You fucked him to get your car
Someone killed him. He was so


Susan takes a long sip from her coffee.
Can I get back to my story please.
Lisa opens the truck of the car and takes out a gym bag.
Where is your bag? Do you have
everything you need?
How long are we staying here? What
do I need a bag for? I have
everything I need under this coat.
Susan opens her coat to reveal that she is wearing a French
maid costume.
That's nothing. Check this out.
Lisa opens her coat to reveal she is also wearing a French
maid costume, however, Lisa's French maid costume looks like
it barely fits and if she took a deep breath she would fly
out of it.
Damn Lisa, he's not gonna know
what hit him.
You got that right.
There is a knock on the motel room door, An older heavy set
man in a bathrobe slowly opens the door. DAVID FALLON
stands looking at Lisa and Susan waiting in the hallway.
Two heavy set men in suits are sitting at the table in the
room playing cards. They barely look up at Susan and Lisa
as they enter the room.
Guys...it's time for you to leave.
                       THUG 1.
Are you sure you're gonna be okay?


Susan takes off her coat and lets it fall to the floor. The
two Thugs almost trip over themselves as they pass her.
--I think I'm gonna be just fine.
Lisa now takes off her coat and lets it fall to the floor.
David's eyes almost pop out of him head.
Oh yeah...I'm gonna be just fine.
Why don't you guys go get a bite
to eat or something.
                       THUG 1.
Okay boss.
The two large Thugs leave the room.
Get on the bed handsome.
David climbs onto the bed, while Lisa digs into her bag.
Lisa pulls out some rope and a couple of pair of handcuffs.
What are you going to do with that
Trust me baby. It's gonna be real
good. Relax.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
I knew something was up with I saw
all the shit she had in her bag.
She usually only had a change of
clothes in there.
Susan helps Lisa tie David's arms and legs to the end of the
bed. Lisa places the bag on the side of the bed, as she
climbs up on top of him.
Lisa takes the top part of the French maid costume off and
throws it on the floor. Susan sees this and she starts to
get undressed.
Oh my God...you have great tits.
      (shakes her chest)
Thank you sweetheart.


Lisa moves in closer to David's face so he can get a good
look at her breast.
Oh my God. You're so beautiful.
Lisa reaches down into her bag and pulls out a handgun and
places it under David's neck.
Don't move fucker.
Before David can yell out for help, Lisa stuffs one of
David's socks into his mouth.
How does it feel to know you're
about to die. I wonder if this is
how my father felt before you
killed him.
David tries to break free. He yells out, but the sock keeps
the sound down to a muffle.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
I saw this and put my coat back
on. I didn't care if I was naked.
I was getting out of there.
Don't move Susan. You're not
going anywhere.
What did I do. I didn't kill your
father. I'll wait for you in the
Lisa pulls the hammer back on the hand gun.
                       LISA (O.S.)
No, get over here.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
I guess his bodyguards must have
forgotten something, because they
came back.
                       LISA (O.S.)
Susan get over here where I can
see you!


Susan walks up to the door before she can open it, the two
Thugs walks in and don't see Susan who is behind the door.
As soon as they walk in, Susan slips out. Susan runs at full
speed down the hallway.
The two Thugs draw their guns, and point them at Lisa. It's
a standoff with a beautiful topless assassin. David is able
to spit out the sock that was stuffed into his mouth.
Shoot this crazy bitch!!
The two Thugs step forward.
Don't move!!
Shoot her!!
The two Thugs take a step back.
I want you to know, what my Dad
felt. I want you to see your
Lisa jams the gun deeper under David's neck.
Lisa fires, blowing the top of David's head all over the
pillows and blankets on the bed. Thug 1. fires at Lisa and
misses. She turns and shoots hitting Thug 2. She hits him
in the chest killing him.
Thug 1. shoots Lisa again, this time hitting her in the
shoulder and making her fly off the bed. She comes up from
behind the bed and fires, hitting Thug 1, twice square in
the chest, before he dies he is able to get off two shots.
One bullet hits Lisa between the breast and the other in the
middle of her forehead. Lisa is dead before she hits the


Susan is running as fast as she can, not looking back.
Gunshots can be heard coming from the room, and then
suddenly stop. Susan stops and turns back towards the motel
Susan runs through the exit and into the parking lot.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
I knew they all died. I wasn't
going to go back to find out what
happened. Lisa had her plan and
she went through with it.
LONG SHOT of Susan getting into the car and speeding out of
the Motel parking lot.
Quasar sits looking at Susan.
They didn't come after you? What
happened to Lisa?
She died. But she took them all
with her.
Oh my God. You were almost killed
right along with her.
Crazy huh. I really kind of liked
Lisa. She didn't take any shit
all the way to the end.
Susan reaches over and slaps Quasar hard across the face.
God that felt good.
What the fuck is wrong with you?


You destroyed my life. I would've
never gotten into what I'm into
now if it wasn't for you.
Quasar rubs her right cheek.
You're pissed off about something
that happened ten years ago. I
didn't know you'd get hooked on
that shit.
Susan begins to get her things together.
I'm getting out of here. You will
never know how you made me feel.
You will never know what you did
to me.
If I did that to you, I'm sorry.
But you could have stopped, you
knew what you were doing.
Susan stands up to leave.
My fucking mind was already gone.
My mind had turned to mush. You
try living my life. You try going
away for five years and come back
to nothing.
      (a pause)
Then my mother and her new husband
kick me out into the streets.
I'm sorry.
Everyone turned their backs on me,
when I got out.
What do you want?!! How many
times do I have to hear this?!! My
mother loves you more than she
loves me!!
What are you talking about?


My mother hates me because I
killed my father.
What? You did what?
It started after they found my
The front door opens, Quasar walks in and throws her books
on the couch. Standing in the middle of the living room is
out, and angry. He looks at Quasar with disdain in his
MARRY MORRIS, in her 40's, still looks like she's 27, but is
clearly very nervous.
What is this Quasar?!
Quasar jumps at the sound of Peter's voice. She can see he
is holding something in the palm of his hand. It's the
packet of drugs.
It's make up.
This is not make up. Do you think
we're stupid?!
Why are you going through my
I was putting away your laundry.
What do you have to say!! How
long have you been on drugs?!!
Quasar picks up her books and starts for her bedroom.


Where do you think you're going!
I'm not finished with you!!
Peter pushes Quasar's hand to the floor. Peter takes off
his belt and starts striking Quasar with it.
Quasar tries to cover any exposed part of her body. The
belt comes down like a leather whip.
Stop please!!! I won't do it
again!! Don't hit me!!
Peter keeps hitting Quasar with his belt and we can now see
red marks appearing on her body.
Peter Stop it!!! Stop it!!
Mary pulls the belt from Peter's hand. Peter is breathing
heavy and turning red. Quasar stays on the ground crying.
Quasar go to your room.
Quasar crawls in pain down the hallway to her bedroom. Peter
sits coughing violently, trying to catch his breath.
The quad area is empty. Quasar sits quietly looking
straight ahead. A few STUDENTS rush past her. Susan walks
up to Quasar and sits down next to her.
Where have you been all day. I
didn't see you in any of your
I was walking.
Susan spots a red slash across Quasar's neck.
What happend to your neck?
Quasar quickly covers the mark with the collar of her shirt.
It's nothing.


Susan pulls the collar down on the shirt to expose more red
marks on her back.
Oh my God!! What happend?
My Mom found my stash.
Your what?
My drugs...they found where I hid
them. My Dad beat me with his
Quasar slowly takes off her jacket. Susan can now see the
damage the belt did on Quasar. Red marks cover Quasar's
arms and back.
Honey...I'm taking you to the
hospital. You have to have a
doctor look at you.
No...I don't want to go to the
hospital. I'll be okay.
You need a doctor.
I'll be okay. Just sit with me.
Just don't leave me...okay.
Susan moves closer to Quasar. Quasar puts her jacket back
on and places her head on Susan's shoulder.
It's alright, I'm not going
Quasar comes out of the bathroom and drops her towel. She
starts to get dressed. There is a knock at the front door.
Quasar grabs her robe and heads for the front door.


Quasar opens the front door. RON STEVENSON stands holding
rolls of blueprints. RON STEVENSON, late 50's, still very
handsome, he looks like Kenny Rogers.
Hey sweetheart...is your daddy
Their not home. It's just me.
Well I just got these plans from
the city. I'll just leave them
here for Peter to look at.
Quasar moves in closer to Ron. She opens her robe slightly,
just enough to give Ron a view of her black bra and panties.
Why are you leaving? I told you
no one was home.
Quasar lets her robe drop to the floor.
It's okay...I won't tell anyone.
It's okay...you can do whatever
you want to me.
Quasar reaches down and lets her panties drop to the floor.
I can't. Your Dad's my best
friend. I can't do this to him.
Quasar reaches around and takes off her bra. She puts her
arms around Ron and begins kissing him feverishly.
You smell so good.
Ron picks up Quasar and takes her to the couch. Ron quickly
takes off his shirt. Quasar starts to unbuckle his pants
and she pulls them down.
The front door opens and Peter and Mary walk into the living
room. Peter and Mary walk into Ron and Quasar having sex.
Ron jumps up off of Quasar.


What the fuck is going on!!! What
are you doing to my daughter?!!
Quasar what is going on?!!
Peter grabs his chest and falls to the ground. Ron rushes
over to him and starts to give him CPR. Peter is having a
heart attack.
What have you done Quasar?
Ron keeps on giving Peter CPR.
Come on Peter!! Don't die!!
Susan and Quasar sit looking at each other.
My mother never treated me the
same way again. She couldn't even
look me in the eye.
Did you do that on purpose?
What on purpose? You mean kill my
father? No...I didn't.
I'm sorry. Your father was crazy,
he used to beat the shit out of
you. Heart attack or not, he
deserved what he got.
Susan grabs her things and heads for the exit.
He was my father and I gave him
the heart attack.


You gave him the heart attack
because you can't keep your legs
Susan shakes her head as she leaves the donut shop.
Susan slowly walks back up the street. Quasar rushes up
behind her.
Now...where are you going?
Go away.
Susan just keeps on walking. Quasar follows close behind.
I'm going to my room. If you want
to follow me, be my guest.
Please don't walk away from me.
Will you stop walking away.
Susan suddenly stops. Quasar backs up a step as Susan now
stands facing her.
What do you want me to do? What
the fuck do you want me to do?!!
I want you to be my friend again.
I just want you to be my friend.
From around the corner a car begins to approach the two
women. The GEO Metro pulls up in front of them. Kevin gets
out of the car.
Ladies, I'm glad you're both here.
Kevin leave us alone. It's been a
long night and I want to go home.
Kevin walks up to Susan.


No...you don't understand. I'm
not asking anymore. I want the
two most beautiful pieces of ass
on the street working for me.
Quasar turns and looks at her ass. Susan shakes her head.
I already gave you my answer.
The two of you working the streets
is taking money from my girls. My
money. I can't have that anymore.
The street is big enough for all
of us.
No, that's not good enough. You
two come work for me, or I will
have to take care of things
My answer is no.
Sorry. I like being my own boss.
And I like spending my own money.
I'm sorry too.
Kevin walks back to the car and starts to look for
something. Quasar turns to get a closer look at what Kevin
is doing. She suddenly sees what he was looking for.
Kevin fires his gun at the two women from inside the car.
BULLETS WHIZZ past Susan and Quasar who scream and run for
their lives.
Susan and Quasar sprint down the street being chased by the
lone car. The BULLETS keep flying at them as they run for
their life.


                       SUSAN (V.O.)
The worst part about this is that
Quasar can't run for shit.
Quasar and Susan turn down a dark alley. The car stops at
the opening to the alley. A gun slowly comes out of the
driver's side window. The gun begins to FIRE a hail of
BULLETS at the two women.
Come on!!
Quasar is shot in the shoulder and falls down next to Susan.
Susan stops in her tracks to pick up Quasar. Susan kneels
down quickly and grabs Quasar by the arm and pulls her up.
Come on!! Come on!!
Susan is practically carrying Quasar down the alley.
Move your fat ass.
The car hits the gas and speeds down the alley towards Susan
and Quasar.
Quasar move!!
The GEO begins to close the gap between Susan and Quasar.
Susan looks over her shoulder to see the car getting closer.
Susan spots a ladder hanging down from the fire escape on
the side of the building.
The car guns the engine and speeds up. Susan pushes Quasar
to the side of the rushing car.
Susan is now the main target of the car. She leaps up into
the air and onto the ladder and climbs up. The CAR hits the
wall next to the ladder.
The front end of the GEO is smashed. Susan looks down to
see Kevin looking up at her. In the distance we can hear
Police Cars rushing to the scene.


Kevin takes the pistol and FIRES up at Susan. The BULLETS
strike the metal fire escape and ricochet around the alley.
Susan keeps climbing up towards the roof of the building.
A Police car appears at the entrance to the alley. Quasar
slowly stands up near the wall to the building. Kevin points
his gun at her again, ready to fire. Susan watches from the
roof of the building.
The Police fire at Kevin killing him instantly. Susan
reaches the top of the ladder and climbs onto the roof of
the building. The Police didn't see Susan climb onto the
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Later. An ambulance closes it's doors with Quasar laying
inside it. Susan watches from the other side of the street
with a group of other people.
                       SUSAN (V.O.)
I have to go see her. I have to
make sure she's okay. Where did
they take her.
Susan scans the area and spots a pay phone across the
street. She crosses the street as the ambulance pulls away.
Susan looks through the telephone book and flips past a
couple of pages. She finds the number she's looking for and
dials the number.
Yes, hello...my name is Susan
Downs and I'm the producer at
channel seven news. There was a
shooting in El Monte tonight.
Susan waits a moment.
For our morning edition of the
news, we need to know if anyone
was killed or sent to a hospital?


                       SUSAN (cont'd)
We want to send a camera crew down
                       DISPATCHER (O.S.)
One young woman was sent to
Greater El Monte Hospital.
How serious is her condition?
                       DISPATCHER (O.S.)
Her condition is serious, that's
all we know.
Thank you very much.
Susan walks through the entrance of the dark and empty
hospital. She quietly walks down the hall towards one of
the waiting rooms. Susan turns a corner and sees Quasar's
family. Susan is just about to turn around and leave when
Quasar's brother DAVID spots Susan.
Susan!! Susan!! Is that you?!!
The entire family turns at the sound of David's voice.
You're here!!
Quasar's mother Mary also rises from her seat and walks over
to Susan. Susan stands in front of Mary, not knowing what
she is going to do.
Hello Mrs. Morris.
Mary puts her arms around Susan and hugs her tight. Susan
is surprised by the show of affection.
It's so good to see you.
It's good to see you too.
Even the rest of the family is surprised by what their
mother is doing.


Quasar told me that you're the one
who takes care of her. I just
wanted to thank you personally.
Susan takes a step back.
I don't know why she said that.
Mary looks shocked at what Susan said,
She said it because you're her
best friend, that's why.
Susan looks at the rest of the family who is smiling at her.
How is Quasar doing? Is she going
to be alright?
She's resting right now.
Where have you been Susan? I
haven't seen you for months.
I've been around.
Susan is about to open the door to Quasar's room.
Can I go inside and see her?
Mary looks around the waiting room to see where all the
Nurses have gone.
They don't want anyone in there
because she's asleep. The police
wore her out with all their
I just want to take a look inside.
They won't see me. I'll be right


Susan quietly walks into the darkened room. Quasar lays on
the bed with an I.V. hooked to her wrist. Her shoulder is
wrapped up from the gun shot she took. Susan sits down in a
chair next to the bed.
Why did you tell your mom that I
take care of you? You know how I
am to you. Why would you do that?
Quasar just lays there sleeping.
Why do you put up with me?
Quasar begins to stir in her bed. Susan doesn't see Quasar
moving around because of her head being down.
You're my best friend. That's
why. Friends forgive friends. You
How does it feel to get shot?
Quasar tries to move her injured arm but gives up.
It feels like a hot knife is in my
shoulder. What happen to Kevin?
Let's just say he won't be
bothering us anymore.