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freedom day 1
by Alias Cummins (alias@proalias.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review: ***
Freedom Day, first short

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Graphic: An important communication from the Kunsthaus
Freedom Compliance Bureau (A division of the Ministry of
Perpetual War)
      (To camera)
Good evening. As you know, this
year, the official date for
Freedom Day celebrations falls on
Saturday, June the 28th. For your
safety and convenience, we've been
tasked by the council with
ensuring that Freedom Day
celebrations are fully compliant
with both traditional regulations,
and the newer guidelines laid out
with sections 3-57 of the Roadmap
To Total Freedom.
Display graphic - Roadmap to Total freedom. A vast,
confusing document which is utterly baffling in complexity,
and thick with bureaucratic jargon and terminology.
      (Voice over)
For the full text of the report,
go to the address displayed on the
bottom right.
Overlay: an internet address which looks complicated and
      (To camera)
The report deals with essentially
three areas - flag display, music
policy, and freedom compliance.
                                         FADE TO FLAG DISPLAY
      (Voice over)
Ensure that your flag is always
kept clean and presentable. Make
sure that your flag is hung at a
90, 45 or 33 degree angle.

Flags must not be placed in any


                       NR (cont'd)
areas where they may (either
deliberately or accidentally) be
exposed to undue stress or
potential harm. For example, near
a open flames, or areas where they
are exposed to harsh environmental

If your flag is accidentally
damaged, it is imperative that you
immediately report it to the
Freedom Commission, so that it can
be properly and respectfully
disposed of.
Inset / overlaid shot of Guardsmen burning a soiled flag
while viciously beating its former owner
Graphic overlay: MUSIC POLICY
This needs little explanation.
Please ensure that all your
musical needs are properly vetted
and come through an approved
Overlay: http://www.slaughterhausfive.org/music
Full screen graphic: Freedom Compliance
In order to ensure compliance with
the Roadmap To Total Freedom, many
of you will be visited at random
by Freedom Auditors. They will ask
you to fill in a questionaire
detailing your recent movements,
political opinions and general
well being. Please do your best to
comply with your Freedom Auditor,
as those who do not will be dealt
with in a firm but fair manner.
Good night - and on behalf of all
of us here at the Kunsthaus
Freedom Compliance Bureau I'd like
to wish you all a very happy and
peaceful Freedom Day.


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From David Chase Date 6/7/2008 ***
I agree with JC about how this mirrors the descent into totalitarianism. My only criticism is that, as a screenplay, it feels like a single scene from a larger work. If there was more to it, I would likely rate it higher. Otherwise, good job.

From JC Date 5/12/2008 ***1/2
This is a very interesting first shot. The way the rules are presented for Freedom Day denote a totalitarian government which I'm sure you were going for. I'm excited to read more scenes and find out where your going with it.

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