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Art Damage
by John Rothgeb (traplicious@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Three friends struggle to find themselves after a bizarre performance art piece challenges their take on friendship, morality, and love.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


NATHAN and BRYAN are standing together in front of some
sinks and a large mirror in a bathroom. Nathan wears a suit
with no tie and his shirt untucked, while Bryan has on a
pair of jeans, a graphic tee, and a beanie.
Bryan is holding a small mirror with some lines of cocaine
on it. He blows a line and gives it to Nathan. Nathan
takes the mirror from Bryan, Bryan picks up a magazine like
"PEOPLE" that was left on the sink. The headline reads
"Maxwell Price, 1978-2008".
Maxwell, my friend, we hardly knew
It's a real shame he went out like
that, smart kid, he was really
going places.
Smart kid, alright. That was the
best career choice he ever made.
Nathan blows a line, and sits the mirror down on the counter
around the sink, then checks himself out in the mirror on
the wall.
Jesus Bryan, that's seems a little
morbid, don't you think?
Oh not at all. It's a shame he's
gone, it truly is. I personally
liked the guy, met him at a party
in Chelsea once. We talked
baseball for awhile.
I'm sorry, I didn't know you guys
were friends.
We weren't, just passing
acquaintances...but the real
tragedy here is that he won't be
around to revel in his newly


                       BRYAN (cont'd)
acquired super stardom.
Super stardom? Where do you get
that from?
Because with his death he's way
hotter than ever before. Did you
know he had so many people going
ga-ga for his body of work before
he ate that bottle of pills?
No....I personally can't think of
one of his films that I liked, to
be quite honest, but it's still
pretty shitty to die that young.
Oh yeah, terrible. And it might
be pretty fucked up, but it's the
truth. And you know who really
wins from this?
How can you say anyone "wins" in a
situation like that?
Bryan holds the magazine up in front of Nathan.
These motherfuckers. The media
has a field day with it, and
everyone just eats it up. Weekly
gossip rags, cable news channels,
What else would they talk about if
stuff like this didn't happen? The
war, the economy, global warming?
Fuck that, too real, the people
want famous people eatin' the big
Your faith in society is
Bryan takes the magazine and throws it across the room
towards the toilet stalls.


Man, what kills me is that he
never did anything that great, he
was just another useless actor.
And that's who we choose to
celebrate? Some punk kid who got
too fucked up and died? This is
who we choose to put on the covers
of our magazines? Think of all
the people who die every day
making a difference, police,
firefighters, doctors, pilots, the
people that actually matter, you
don't see their faces plastered
all over the newsstand.
Just goes to show you we're living
in the age of mass-media. If you
aren't appealing to a large enough
demo, then you're dead in the
...no pun intended.
Mass media's just showing us that
we're all the same. Just boring,
insignificant, foolish little
people who run around and chase
the new ideal someone else's put
in front of us.
That's not new, we've been doing
that for ages. Man, thanks for
killing my buzz, ya fuckin
Nathan picks the mirror up off the sink and hands it to
      (sniffing and
       clapping his
       hands wildly)
Yeah baby, top of the fucking
Nathan pats him on the back, before taking the mirror from


That's right, enjoy it. We've
finally arrived Bryan. Remember
when you were almost out of this?
And to think, I almost settled
down and found a desk job.
But you gutted it out, and now
look at you, you're THE face of
young artists in New York City. I
can't wait to read you the rave
reviews for the opening tomorrow.
Nathan takes a line from the mirror.
Now, you know I can't take all the
credit for this one. Granted, I am
the raw talent behind this
operation, but you! Mr. Nathan
Robb, the finest agent an artist
could ask for, you are the brains.
Don't remind me, I'm trying to
shut it out for once. Hurry up,
let's get going.
You're the one who brought me to
the dance and now, here we are, so
let's dance all night.
Now you're talking. I'm ready to
rage. Lemme see my beautiful
reflection in that mirror one more
time, then it's a celebration,
tonight's your night Bryan. Here's
to ya, buddy.
Nathan takes another line.
You've got a real problem, ya
know. But I'm pretty sure it's a
load-bearing problem, and I'd hate
to bring the whole thing down
while I'm still standing on the


                       BRYAN (cont'd)
ground floor, so I'm not calling
in an intervention or anything.
Thanks asshole.
                                         CUT TO
Nathan and Bryan walk out into the bustling hotel lounge.
There are tons of beautiful people everywhere divided up
into small groups at tables. It's Friday night, everyone is
getting wild. They move towards the bar.
ALYSSA, a fashion model, spots Bryan and walks over.
Sorry, I don't normally do this,
but I know who you are, and I just
had to say hi. I'm completely in
love with your work!
Well thanks sweetheart. Why do
you look familiar? Have I seen
you aren't here before?
      (flattered and
Oh you know, I'm in all the hot
Hm, I know a few hot spots I'd
like to be in.
Talented, and charming...
Nathan chuckles, turns away from their conversation, towards
the bar.
Vodka tonic, dear barkeep!
Nathan orders his drink, then doubletakes back towards Bryan
and Alyssa.


Wait, Bryan, I know where you've
seen this girl, you were in
"ATTRACT" a few months back. Those
photos were phenomenal.
Wow! Well what do you know! I
didn't think anyone saw that. I
mean, it was only 2 pages, but
yeah...that was me. How the hell
did you know that?
One of my clients did a shoot for
that issue. Amanda McGuiness.
Nice girl, even though she thought
her ankles looked fat in the
Oh my god! Mandy, I love her!
She's such a doll!
Sorry, I think I must have missed
it, what did you say your name was
Nathan cooly extends his hand. Alyssa places her hand in
I'm Alyssa. And you would be?
Nathan, Nathan Robb. Well Alyssa,
what are you drinking?
Long Islands.
Plural, hmmm? I like it.
Nathan turns to the bartender.
Can I get a Long Island as well?
Let's grab a table.


The three sit down at a booth in the corner of the lounge.
There's some smoke in the air and tready DANCE MUSIC is
playing, sounds like JUSTICE.
Nate, I don't know if you know or
not, but Claire's back in town.
      (sputtering his
Really?! She's already done
Yeah, she said it was a disaster
and she had a horrible time on the
I mean, what'd she expect from a
Daley film? That guy is a hack.
So, she said she needs a night to
unwind after the whole ordeal, I
told her where we were and what we
were about tonight. She's on her
way now.
Fantastic. I'll drink to that.
Nathan takes a drink from his glass then shifts down in the
So Bryan, what are you working on
Right now I'm working on staying
as trashed as possible.
That's a piece in and of itself.


No seriously, I want to know,
what's your next big project?
You know, the same thing artists
have tried to do for centuries:
prove God doesn't exist.
They all laugh.
      (taunting Bryan)
What Bryan means to say is, he has
an opening tomorrow at the
Eisenhowell and he can barely
contain himself he's so excited.
Oh baby, life is pretty fucking
sweet indeed.
-- Nathan, Bryan, and Alyssa laugh and drink heavily.
-- Two more girls sit and drink for awhile. Glasses begin
to accumulate on the table.
-- An artsy-looking couple sits and talks to Bryan while
Nathan engages with Alyssa. Dead soldiers pile up on the
-- Alyssa leaves briefly, Bryan and Nathan move closer
together and laugh and enjoy each others company. A
waitress collects the glasses. She laughs at something
Nathan says to her.
-- Alyssa returns, Nathan pulls her into the booth. They
-- They're back to their original positions, only much
Bryan is talking on his phone, Nathan and Alyssa, both
completely hammered, are sitting and talking with
half-opened eyes.
That was Claire. She's here.
I'mmana go find her, be back in a


Aye aye captain, I'll man the
helm. So Alyssa, what do you say
we hit the slopes?
God, I thought you'd never ask. I
was getting worried that you guys
didn't do drugs or something.
Au contraire, my love.
Nathan pulls out the mirror and cuts two hefty lines. He
pulls out a rolled up twenty dollar bill and gives it to
Ladies first.
Oh! Such a gentleman.
Alyssa takes the bill and blows the line.
Mmmmm, you treat me so fucking
Alyssa falls back into the booth and cuddles up to Nathan.
Nathan takes the straw and does a line. Claire and Bryan
Well, it's good to see that
nothing ever changes.
Nathan sits up, holding his nose, sees Claire and bows his
head, embarrassed.
Oh, hey Claire! I just found out
you were back! Please, come, sit,
we've got so much to talk about.
Claire slides into the booth, followed by Bryan. Claire and
Nathan embrace in the booth while Alyssa slides away.


Oh Nathan, it's been so long.
How've you been?
I've been great. Really great.
It's been too long! How've you
been? I've missed you.
Claire reaches out and kisses Nathan on the cheek.
Aw, you know I've missed you too.
I've just been so busy with
everything, you know, filming,
travelling, it's just a crazy time
right now.
I'm sure it is. No worries, now
that you're back, we've got all
the time in the world to catch up.
That sounds amazing. It feels so
good to be back in a place with
people who actually care about me.
And we're glad to have you back.
Bryan leans in and lays one on Claire. The two kiss for
longer than initially expected. Dejected, Nathan turns to
They're pretty good friends.
Nathan turns his drink up and finishes it. Alyssa's phone
rings, she answers it.
Hello? Oh hey!...Yeah, I'm
here....No, it's ok...Hold on,
I'll come find you....Hey, some of
my friends just got here, but stay
put, I'll be back in a bit.
Nathan smiles, then rolls his eyes and head. He turns back
to Claire and Bryan, who are talking very closely.


So Bryan tells me that filming
of...what was it? "Roundhouse"?
"The Roundtable".
Oh yeah, that's right. He said
that uh, "The Roundtable", wasn't
that great? What happened?
Bryan and Claire seperate a little, seeing as how they are
now the only three at the booth.
Oh my god. It was atrocious! No
one had their act together. I
think I'm the only person on the
set that didn't get chlamydia from
Daniel McMillian. Ugh, what a
skeezball. He popped a stiffy
every time we had a love scene. It
was so pathetic.
I guess that's what happens when
you're in the Top 10 of the 50
Most Beautiful...
Oh, and don't get me started on
the shit storm that brewed when
Bailey Ashcraft got busted for
possession. Like, isn't there
some unwritten code that you keep
that shit to yourself?
I'm sure she didn't mean to. You
know what happens when the media
sharks smell blood in the water.
Ugh, I know! If I have to go on
another entertainment news show to
talk about all the problems my
co-stars are having, I'm going to
set myself on fucking fire. I've
got problems of my own, you know,
I don't want to dwell on other
people's shit. Oh, and everything


                       CLAIRE (cont'd)
you've heard about Seattle's true.
Bunch of yuppie pricks. And it
rains, it rains alot.
So it sounds like you had a blast.
Sorry, I'm just glad to be done
with it. But like it wasn't all
bad, I guess. I did meet some
really great people, but things
have changed so much in the past
few years, I don't know how much
longer I can keep doing this.
Claire! C'mon, you're a great
actress, everyone has their bad
experiences. I mean, what did you
expect? At least you can say you
had the priveledge of being in
Ryan Daley's most exquisite film
to date.
How do you know its so good?
Oh, I dunno, I'm just saying....I
mean, you're great in
everything...and uh, he's not that
great...so I'm sure this will be
pretty good, by way of...
Ryan was a pleasure to work with.
And I'm sure "Roundtable" is going
to be great.
Bryan and Claire snuggle up together. Visibly dejected,
Nathan turns his cup upside down then begins to slide out of
the booth.
I'll let you two catch up.
                                         CUT TO


Nathan passes through the crowd. He slips in and out
between people, apologizing and musing to people as he
passes. He finally makes it to the bar.
Phew, that was hard work. Alright
sir...what am I in the mood for?
Hm, Jack and Coke.
Jack and Coke?
Eh, make it a double. We're here
to celebrate, right?
Nathan sits on a stool, swivels around, and leans his back
on the bar. He looks elegantly disheveled while he takes in
a deep breath before letting it out and relaxing himself on
the barstool and bar. Claire approaches.
You aren't falling asleep on me,
are you?
Surprised, Nathan sits up, smiles, then gives Claire a kiss
on the cheek.
Are you kidding me? Night's still
You always were one for pushing on
into the wee hours.
Hey, work hard, play hard.
Of course, you deserve it. I
mean, everything you touch seems
to turn to gold.
Thanks, you're too generous...so
what happened to Bryan?


He had to take a phone call.
Something about one of his
performers having anxiety or
something. He said it was
important and he'd probably be
Oh yeah, he's got some performance
art thing he's trying out
Performance art? What's that
I dunno, he doesn't like to talk
about it. But I'm sure it'll be
good, he's smart, he wouldn't
embarrass himself by putting his
name on some fruity dance number
or something.
Here you are, sir.
Nathan takes the drink off the bar and gives the bartender a
Beautiful. So Claire, where's
Oh, I'm not drinking, I think
Bryan and I are about to head out.
Oh, I see.
So, might I be so bold as to ask,
what is "Bryan and you"?


Nate, c'mon, really? We're just
friends who haven't seen each
other in awhile, that's all.
Yeah, you've been awfully
I'm just glad to get to spend some
time with him, ya know, now that
you've made him into this great
art phenom.
Claire gives Nathan a wink.
Hey, Bryan's a talented guy, he
would've made it without my help.
Yeah, but you made the journey a
whole lot easier! You guys work
great together.
      (under his breath)
...wish I could say the same for
you two...
What?! What did you just say?
Nothing, I didn't say anything.
That's bullshit Nathan. What did
you say?
I didn't say any....ok, it's just
that you and Bryan, like, what the
fuck is that? Do you really see
that working?
I dunno Nathan, maybe. And I
surely don't see why not. I've
been away for the past 3 months,
and you know who's been there for


                       CLAIRE (cont'd)
Bryan has. Every time I was
feeling shitty, like no one cared
about me while I was working on
some fucking terrible movie which
3 years ago the mere thought of
would have made me laugh, you know
who would call? Bryan would. And
that made me feel better, because
at least someone gave a damn while
I was just staggering about,
praying that I found my way out of
the rut that you currently have
the pleasure of seeing me in.
No Claire...ugh, god dammit.
Pleasure? Are you serious? This
is me you're talking to, I want to
see you happiest most of all.
Then be happy for me! Things are
finally starting to look up. And
don't give me a hard time about
Bryan. It is what it is. I mean,
come on! He's one of your best
Yeah, I think that's the worst
part of all.
Meaning what?
Nothing, Bryan's a great guy. I
just want what's best for you, ya
I know you do. You always have.
You've always been there, looking
out for me.


And I always will. Look, I'm
sorry Claire, I didn't mean
anything by it. It's just seeing
you with somebody else makes me
Nathan, those were some of the
best moments of my life, you and
me. We were young and in love. But
that was then, people change, you
can't dwell on it forever. We
wouldn't be where we are if we'd
stayed together.
I know you're right, it's just
sometimes I think about what would
have happened if we'd stayed
I do too. Every once in a while.
Bryan walks up to where Claire and Nathan are talking.
Sorry, one of my performers forgot
their motivation. I just had to
give 'em a little pep talk.
S'at so? Well, I hope you got
everything straightened out.
Tomorrow night's the big time, we
don't want someone doing something
Don't worry, everything's taken
care of. So what did I miss?
Oh, Nathan and I were just
reminescing about days gone by.
Catching up. You know what
happens when you get old friends
Claire looks at Nathan with guilt.


Yeah, it's been awhile since we've
had a chance to actually talk.
But uh, it's getting late. Bryan?
Don't you think?
Oh, sure is. Well, I guess we
should probably be getting out of
here. Big day tomorrow, wouldn't
you know? Nathan, you heading out
or are you gonna stay here for a
Oh! I hate to see you guys leave
so soon! But, I think I'll hang
out here for awhile, see where the
night takes me, ya know? Free
spirited or what the fuck ever.
I'm sure I'll find something to
get into.
Hey, you're the life of the party,
pal. I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, keep your phone on, you'll be
hearing from me very soon.
Goodnight Claire.
Nathan opens his arms as if to motion Claire in for a hug.
Claire walks forward and they embrace.
Bye, Nathan.
Claire walks back to Bryan, Bryan puts his arm around her
and they walk off.
Nathan turns back around to the bar and puts his head down.
He takes a sip from his drink and looks around the bar. He
sees Alyssa in a corner with some of her friends. He
finishes his drink.
Shirtless, Nathan sits up in bed, Alyssa's laying next to
him. He walks into the bathroom, checks himself in the


mirror and splashes some water on his face. He walks back
into the bedroom, and sees Alyssa asleep in the bed.
                                         CUT TO
Nathan overlooks all of NYC from the gorgeous view of his
apartment balcony. He squints while taking a long look up
at the sun, then hangs his head down, dejected.
Alyssa enters from the bedroom wearing only a thong. She's
slipping Nathan's shirt from last night on as she walks out
onto the balcony.
Good morning.
Alyssa walks over to the railing where Nathan is standing
and wraps her arms around him.
What do you think you're doing
with my shirt?
Oh, I just saw it laying there
Nathan pulls her arms off of him and holds them in front of
Please, just get your things and
Alyssa is frightened by this and violently pulls away.
What is wrong with you?
Alyssa, are you really all that
surprised? We both knew what was
going on last night.
Oh, I knew exactly what was going
on. But at some point during the
night I found myself saying, "hey,
I kinda like this guy, maybe he'll
be more than just another random


I have no idea where you would
have gotten that idea.
Nathan --
So then, maybe I'll see you around
sometime, ok?
So that's it? No phone numbers,
no breakfast, no nothing? Really
Nathan, I had you pegged for
better than this.
Well, looks like you're a poor
judge of character.
Hurt, Alyssa turns and heads back inside. She quickly
dresses, then walks back outside.
She doesn't care about you, you
What are you talking about?
That girl that was with Bryan, I
could tell. You're completely in
love with her. Too bad it'll
never happen. The way she looks
at him, she'd follow him to the
end of the earth.
Nathan finally arises from leaning on the gate on the
      (points towards
       the door and
Get out!
Alyssa walks out of the apartment. Nathan is framed in the
light from the glass door to the balcony, revealing his
relatively empty, and very clean room, with only his clothes
strewn about on the floor.


He walks inside and sits on the bed.
                                         CUT TO
Nathan showers, then gets dressed. Once he's clothed, he
has a seat on the loveseat in his apartment and picks up his
phone. He calls Bryan.
Bryan, how are you doing?
BRYAN, laying in bed flipping through the television while
he talks on his phone.
Phenomenally, sir. How was the
rest of your evening?
Well, of the parts I can recall,
there were some moments
interesting enough to be
remembered. But enough about
that, we've got some things to go
over before tonight.
Oh yeah, what did you say tonight
was? Save the Chinchillas fund
Oh, you're so hilarious. Why's
art your forte?
Fuck you.
But seriously, there's going to be
a lot of press at the event, so I
need you to look sharp. Everyone;s
got their eye on this, so be on
your best behavior.


Has that ever been a problem?
Never. All the media outlets are
eager to talk to you, so make sure
you give them as much face time as
I'll give them something
Best behavior, remember?
Er, right.
I've arranged a driver to pick you
up. You're going to get to the
Eisenhowell at 8:30, on the
I feel like I should be
fashionably late to my own
opening. Showing up on time's to
one's own gallery opening is for
squares. Plus it's a pretty hefty
middle finger to the whole lot of
Dammit Bryan, please just
cooperate with me. Don't go and
screw this up. Tonight's a big
night for you, for us. Just
behave yourself. We'll make it
through this.
Claire can be heard in the background on the phone.
Behave. Behave he tells me.
Relax, I've got it all under
Nathan, upon hearing Claire, gets up off the loveseat and
walks to the window.


It's just that I know what you are
capable of. I called the gallery,
everything's arrived and in place.
Oh, and they told me there's a
stage set up, a white stage? Is
that something you did?
Bryan is talking to Claire while he is still on the phone
with Nathan.
Bryan, focus.
What? Oh, yeah. The stage, yeah,
I need that. They got it?
Apparently it's ready to go. So
are we all set?
It sure does sound that way.
Alright then, my friend. I'm
going to head over to make sure
everything is in order, 8:30,
Got it.
Hope you're up for a great night,
this is the big one.
No one's more excited than me.
Claire says hi, it was great to
see you, can't wait to see you
later tonight, so on and so forth.
Anyway, I'll see you later on
Kiss her for me. Bye Bryan.
Nathan closes his phone. He puts his hands on the top of
his head.


Nathan arrives at the gallery, a dimly lit room with wooden
walls. The room is very brown with soft lights on Bryan's
works displayed on the walls. Workers are scurrying about
sitting up chairs and tables and such.
Nathan walks in and finds MR. CHAPMAN, a friendly
grey-haired old man.
Hello Mr. Chapman. How is
everything coming together?
                       MR. CHAPMAN
Everything is coming together
nicely, Nathan.
Good good, I'm relieved to hear
that. Once again, I can't thank
you enough for all you've done and
for your help.
                       MR. CHAPMAN
Oh no no. It's my pleasure
really. This is a very exciting
time for all of us. Bryan Austin
Allagash is a fantastic new talent
who we're very thrilled to have
the honor of exhibiting.
Great, I'm glad to hear that. He's
very excited to be here as well.
                       MR. CHAPMAN
Well then, I look forward to a
magnificent evening.
I'm sure it will be one worth
They part ways. Nathan begins to move around the gallery
space, revealing some of Bryan's artwork. His paintings are
very modern and sexy. He's a surrealist inspired painter.
One painting depicts a woman with sharp teeth sitting in a
bed with blood all around her.
Nathan moves to the back of the gallery, where he finds an
elevated stage. It is encased on 3 sides by plexiglass,
with a roof containing strips of fluorescent lighting and a


backwall made out of wood. The floor, ceiling, and backwall
are all painted white. Inside the box is a bed, a desk, and
a chair.
What do we have here?
Bryan's big gallery show opens. Everyone there is dressed
very nicely and/or trendy. The partygoers consist of a
smattering of people of all ages. There is a constant HUM
from all of the talking between the people in the gallery.
Nathan is drinking, too much, and talking with many of the
gallery-goers. He is talking with LINDA, an old art
I think that Mr. Allagash is one
of the few people with his ear to
the ground in this day and age.
Yes, his work is very modern...
It must be a real treat to work so
closely with such a fantastic
Oh of course. I can think of
worse people to work with.
Nathan checks his watch. It's 8:45.
But if you'll excuse me, I think
I've got Bryan Allagash business
to attend to at this very moment.
Nathan turns and begins to walk away when Bryan and Claire
enter into the gallery, arm in arm. They begin to work the
room. Nathan watches them intently for awhile.
The gallerygoers turn from their own conversations to offer
Bryan praise. Nathan breaks through the crowd and greets
the two.


Wow, you had me worried there for
a second.
Nate, would I do that to you?
I dunno, sometimes I wonder. Hey
Claire. You look stunning, as
Claire turns away and rolls her eyes a bit, then looks back
at Nathan, blushing a bit. We can tell she likes the
Hi Nathan.
      (switches into
       serious mode)
Ok, Bryan, you got here just at
the right time, all the major
magazines are here, and they want
to talk to you.
Bryan takes a deep breath and turns to Claire. He smiles at
her, she looks up and smiles back.
Well then, in that case, I guess
it's time to chat.
At that very moment, a REPORTER with a legal pad approaches
Hello Bryan, I'm Mike Fallman with
the WGET program, "Art
The reporter extends his hand to Bryan. Bryan shakes his
hand with the right while holding the side of the reporters
hand with the left.
Hi, Mike, it's a pleasure to meet


I must say, you've really outdone
yourself with some of your work
here tonight. I was hoping that I
could steal you away for a bit to
speak with me for a segment we're
doing for the show.
Oh certainly.
Bryan gives a smile and a small nod to Nathan and Claire.
                       BRYAN (cont)
If you'll excuse me for now,
Nathan, I trust you can keep
Claire company...
Bryan leaves with the reporter, leaving Claire with Nathan.
Nathan and Claire follow them with their eyes as the two
walk off.
I've never seen him so happy.
      (under his breath)
If there's one thing Bryan loves,
it's for people to tell him how
great he is.
Claire whips around towards Nathan.
Is that jealousy I detect?
Of course not! I couldn't be
happier for him!
Good. After all, you said it
yourself, this is his big night.
Little Bryan's debutante ball.
Nathan and Claire move back into the hustle with the
gallerygoers together as we see Bryan talking with the


reporter in the f.g. He's very animated and has a grin on
his face.
A bartender is standing in front of a table with drinks on
it as patrons take their drinks and leave the area. Nathan
and Claire move towards the table.
Did you make it back alright last
      (a bit embarassed)
Uhh, I managed to get back,
Claire approaches the table.
Hm, what am I in the mood for?
Chardonnay? Yes, a glass of
chardonnay, please.
And for you, sir?
Nathan turns to his side and looks at Claire. She looks up
at him and cracks a bit of a smile.
Chardonnay sounds great. I'll
have a glass as well.
Back in the main floorspace of the gallery, the two, with
glasses in hand, move about the walls of the room, admiring
Bryan's work. Claire stops and looks at a piece on the
wall. Nathan follows around to her side.
So this is what he's been working
on all this time.
It sure seems like it. It's all
new to me too.
Claire turns and looks Nathan in the face.
He doesn't tell you what he's
working on?


Not at all. All's I know is that
he IS working, that's good enough
for me.
Oh, it seems he's been working
really hard. He'd call me at all
hours of the morning, going on
about his "breakthroughs" and
rambling about how he'd finally
"done it".
      (taken aback)
Is that so? I knew he'd been
putting in hours, but I didn't
know he was losing sleep over it.
They stop to admire another piece on the wall while
gallerygoers bustle about behind them.
You know, for his manager, AND one
of his best friends, you sure
don't know much.
Yeah, it really is funny what he
keeps from me.
The pair continue about the gallery, now sans drinks, and
stumble upon a group of people looking at the stage set-up
which Bryan has had constructed for his performance piece.
We see the gallerygoers pointing and talking amongst
What do we have here?
Nathan playfully pulls Claire close to him by the waist with
one hand and thrusts his other hand melodramatically into
the air.
This is Bryan's grand foray into
the realm of performance. It
seems our brooding artist has
grown tired of simply paint and


Hm, I'm sure this'll be a treat.
It's got that Bryan Austin
Allagash seal of approval.
They move back into the lobby-like area of the gallery,
where there is a quiet roar from the conversations of the
people in the gallery. Mr. Chapman appears from the crowd
and approaches Nathan.
                       MR. CHAPMAN
Oh Nathan! Hello my friend!
Mr Chapman extends his hand and Nathan smiles and shakes it.
Mr. Chapman! Everything is going
splendedly, you've outdone
                       MR. CHAPMAN
Well thank you. I'm glad you're
enjoying yourself. We try to
throw a good shindig. And who's
your date? She's very pretty!
Claire laughs at this, a bit awkwardly, she's a little
embarassed for Nathan.
Oh, I'm sorry Mr Chapman, I'd like
you to meet Claire, Claire
Nathan extends his arms between the two and motions them
together. Mr Chapman and Claire shake hands.
      (mildly dejected)
She's actually here with Bryan.
                       MR. CHAPMAN
Well, he's a lucky fellow.
Nathan turns and looks at Claire, who's visibly dying from
this exchange.
I'm sure he realizes that.


Claire smiles to herself and looks away from the both of
them. Mr. Chapman slides away from the conversation.
Nathan and Claire begin talking amongst themselves among the
gallerygoers. Bryan, returning from finishing up his press,
finding Claire and Nathan within the smattering of people.
      (almost giddy)
Hey guys.
Hey! How was it?
Bryan walks up and kisses Claire, then holds her by his side
while he continues to speak.
I think everything went pretty
well! They've definitely got
plenty to talk about. Phew, I bet
I did about a half dozen
interviews. TV, magazines,
websites, everyone's here. Once
the press saw who I was, they just
couldn't keep their mitts offa me.
Aw, I'm so proud!
Bryan hugs Claire.
I don't know how you can put up
with that. They asked me about
everything under ths sun.
It comes with the territory. Trust
me, it's only fun the first time.
Don't worry, I'm sure the next
round will be even more
interesting... Alright, I think
it's about time for the
performance. Nathan, how you
holding up?


Hanging in there Bryan. I'm
excited about what's to come.
Great, then let's go have a look.
A large group of people has gathered around the white "tank"
stage for Bryan's piece. The house lights over the stage
have been dimmed and there is fluorescent lighting
illuminating from the top of the box. The crowd is
WHISPERING to themselves but it is still a bit loud.
Bryan, Claire, and Nathan move into position towards the
back of the crowd.
A hush falls over the crowd as a young man enters from a
door in the back of the tank. The man is only wearing a
pair of white boxer shorts. The crowd is taken aback by his
entry. There's an eerie tension in the room, like something
unpredictable is about to happen.
He seems distraught and tears are visible on his face. The
man slowly walks into the center of the box and stares into
the audience. He seems very defiant and confrontational.
Some members of the audience look away from his gaze.
The man turns towards the desk and begins slowly moving
towards it. He pulls out the chair from the desk and has a
seat. He looks to the heavens, then stares at the
translucent wall in front of him. He opens the drawer and
pulls out a gun. GASPS are heard throughout the audience,
as well as comments such as "Oh my god".
The audience becomes restless and starts to try to escape
from the scene. Women in the audience start to cry. The
man stands up from the desk and moves to the center of the
box. He puts the gun to his forehead and pulls the trigger.
      (breathy, barely
Jesus Christ.
Blood splatters onto the previously white wall in the back
of the room. The man's body falls backwards and his head
clips the bed, leaving a big red spot on the sheets. His
limp body falls onto the floor and blood begins to pool
around his head.


The audience becomes completely silent. All the previous
commotion has ceased. There is an eerie silence while the
audience processes what they have just witnessed.
Then, unexpectedly, someone begins to CLAP. At first, this
seems patronizing and unsympathetic, but then slowly, more
people begin to join in. Audience members slowly begin to
CLAP until they are giving the piece an ovation.
Bryan, Claire, and Nathan stand in the back of the room, all
stunned by what they have just seen. Nathan turns and looks
at Bryan in complete disgust. Their eyes meet, then Bryan
turns to Claire.
We need to leave.
Bryan grabs a very awe-stricken, very much lifeless Claire
and they begin to make for the door. Nathan sees them try
to sneak away and stops Bryan.
      (angry and
What the fuck did you just do?
      (almost in tears)
I...I can't...I have to go. I'm
sorry, Nathan.
While the gallery is still in shock by what they've just
seen, Bryan and Claire slip out the door as fast as they
possibly can.
With Bryan and Claire gone, Nathan becomes the person
closest to what has just transpired. The people of the
gallery descends upon him.
EXTREME CLOSE-UP on Nathan's eye as it bats as he awakens
the morning after. It's morning, about 8:30. He lies fully
clothed on the couch in his apartment.
We HEAR a reporter in the b.g. on a cable news channel
reporting on the events at the gallery the night before. It
wasn't all a dream.


Nathan sits up in a hurry from the couch. He is breathing
heavy and his eyes are droopy. He starts off the couch and
walks into his kitchen.
There is a newspaper on the counter which has already been
looked through. The headline reads "Tragedy at Art Exhibit,
Triumph". Nathan sits at the table in his kitchen and
buries his head in his hands.
We HEAR Nathan's phone begin to RING from the table in the
living room. He walks into the living room and looks at the
phone. The display reads "Bryan A". Nathan answers it.
What the fuck, Bryan? Where are
Bryan's voice can be HEARD from the phone.
                       BRYAN (VO)
I went upstate. I had to get out
of there. I knew they'd be
looking for me. I got scared.
Nathan begins to move animatedly around his living room,
flailing his arms about and holding the phone closer to his
mouth to emphasis certain words and phrases.
And why shouldn't you be, Bryan?
God knows I sure didn't know what
to expect.
                       BRYAN (VO)
Look Nathan, I'm sorry. Maybe I
should have stuck around, but I
knew everyone would be looking for
Oh don't worry, they were. After
you ran out in the middle of your
little performance, I was up all
night explaining to the police
that I'm just as fucking clueless
as they are. Oh, and the cops,
they're really looking for you,
especially since you've gone
completely missing, until now of


                       BRYAN (VO)
I'll get it straightened out. I
knew they'd want to talk.
Jesus Christ Bryan, are you out of
your fucking mind? What the hell
have you done?
                       BRYAN (VO)
Last night was....you could just
feel it. It was so raw and
intense, no one could deny it.
Nathan, distraught, emotionally and physically drained,
walks out onto his balcony and rests himself hard on the
railing. The view of the NYC skyscape hangs in the
background, sun looming overhead which causes Nathan to
squint, while the two continue their call.
      (in a low, serious
Bryan, a man is dead. He walked
in and shot himself in front of a
room of people. But why am I
explaining this to you? You know
this, since this was at your
opening and it had your name on
it. Please, just tell me you have
some idea of how this happened.
                       BRYAN (VO)
I do. Everything went according
to plan.
Nathan snaps up off of the railing, flailing his right arm.
What do you mean everything went
according to plan?
                       BRYAN (VO)
How could that have been an
accident? It was the most intense
thing anyone's ever seen, no one
in that room last night will ever
forget it.


Oh my God, Bryan! You're really
telling me you told him to do it?
What does that make you Bryan, a
                       BRYAN (VO)
C'mon Nathan, get real, you know I
didn't kill anyone. I was standing
right next to you when it
happened. I didn't put the gun in
his hand, or pull the trigger.
Are you completely insane? This
isn't a game Bryan. This isn't
just some fucked up imagery in a
painting. A man is dead Bryan.
Dead. A whole room of people
watched him blow his brains out.
Listen to me: you're in a world of
shit after this stupid fucking
stunt you pulled, ok?
                       BRYAN (VO)
I don't think that's the case
Someone has to answer for this.
The cops are going to come
knocking on my door in a little
bit, and what pray tell do you
suppose I should tell them?
                       BRYAN (VO)
So tell them the truth, Nathan. I
don't have anything to hide. I
didn't kill anyone, you know that.
You know, Bryan, for your sake, I
hope you're right.
                       BRYAN (VO)
Nathan Nathan Nathan, don't worry
about me. I can take care of


Good, because I don't know how
much I'm willing to stand by you
on this one.
                       BRYAN (VO)
Fine, but do you want to guess
what the the scariest part of this
whole situation is?
What Bryan, what? Tell me. What
is the scariest part of this
                       BRYAN (VO)
How much everyone liked it.
Nathan takes the phone away from his ear and look up into
the sky, his eyes are filled with tears. He shakes his head
and turns away from looking out over the skyline. We HEAR
Bryan's voice continue on the phone.
                       BRYAN (VO)
Look, I'm coming back into the
city, ok? I'll talk to the
police, I'll talk to you, I'll
explain everything.
Bryan...where's Claire?
                       BRYAN (VO)
She's gone, Nathan.
What? What do you mean she's
                       BRYAN (VO)
The whole thing shook her up
pretty bad. We were headed back
to my place, but she left. I
tried to explain it to her, but
she couldn't take it. She's gone,
God dammit, so where did she go?


                       BRYAN (VO)
I...I don't know. Hey, but I'm
sure she's fine. She's got plenty
of friends in the city. She's a
big girl, she'll be ok.
Do you even care?
                       BRYAN (VO)
It's a lot to take in, I'm sure
she'll come around once she gets
her head around it. But look,
I'll be coming back your way by
the afternoon.
You call me the second you get
back Bryan. The very fucking
second you hit the city limits,
you hear me? We have to get as
much of this sorted out as soon as
                       BRYAN (VO)
Don't worry, everything will work
out in the end.
Nathan closes the phone and rests his hands on his head. He
closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.
Nathan comes back inside from the balcony and walks in the
b.g. to his bedroom, where be begins to undress and get into
the shower.
We see the television which has been on the entire time
CLOSE UP. The cable news channel is now running a story on
reactions to last night's ordeal. The headline at the
bottom of the screen reads "SUICIDE AS ART?". The TV shows
a MAN ON THE STREET, being interviewed by an unseen
                       INTERVIEWEE ON THE STREET #1
...what can you say really? Most
of that art stuff, I can't wrap my
head around it, but this just hits
you so hard.
The piece cuts to an interview with another person, a young


                       INTERVIEWEE ON THE STREET #2
Everyone has to go sometime. I
guess you might as well pick the
way you do it. He took control, I
guess there's something to be said
for that.
The cable news piece concludes with a pretty TELEVISION
REPORTER holding a mic and addressing the camera.
                       TELEVISION REPORTER
Although it may be extremely
controversial, last night's
performance instigated by artist
Bryan Allagash has set not just
the art world, but the entire
nation, and perhaps in fact, the
globe, on fire. Agree or not, the
display last night will definitely
be one for the history books.
Meghan Milbrook, for GNN.
Nathan walks out of his apartment in a suit with his hair
still wet. He's holding a thin leather briefcase portfolio
under his arm. He locks the door, then begins to walk down
the hallway while fixing his tie.
Nathan, who seems flustered, walks to the edge of the
sidewalk and flails his arms to call a cab.
Nathan steps into a yellow cab and sits in the seat.
The Seger Building, please.
The cabdriver nods and pulls away.
Nathan hurriedly walk into the lobby of the Seger Building.
There is sunlight coming in through the grand windows which
cast shadows in a grid pattern on the floor. People hustle
about in the lobby.


A security guard stops Nathan and, clumsily, he pulls out an
ID and flashes it to him. He walks through the metal
detector and heads towards the elevator.
Nathan walks into a crowded elevator. He shifts through a
few people and presses the button for his floor, then
settles back into the group. He looks up towards the
numbered lights at the top of the elevator.
Nathan walks off the elevator in large strides. He comes to
a glass door with long gold handles which reads "Contempo
Talent Agency" in fancy letters. He pulls the door open.
MOLLY, a woman in her 40s wearing a blouse, slacks, and a
pair of horn-rimmed glasses, is sitting at the reception
counter. Behind her, a large sign and logo reads "CTA: On
the Cutting Edge"
Well hello Nathan. I see you took
the morning off.
What? Oh, what time is it?
Sorry about that, I've had a rough
weekend. I know you've heard what
happened last night...with Bryan?
How couldn't I? It's everywhere.
You're phone's been ringing off
the hook for the past hour. It
looks like everyone's trying to
get a piece of this one.
Great...now if I only had some
idea of just exactly what was
going on...
Anderson has been working on it
all morning. Maybe he can fill
you in.


Nathan walks past the reception counter and turns the corner
into a larger room with many cubicles in the center. Nathan
passes by many of his co-workers before coming to the glass
door to his office located at the back of the room.
Nathan's office is very professional looking with a large
wooden desk with stationary and such scattered about the top
of it. On the wall is Nathan's college degree as well as
his agent certification. There are several framed pictures
of him, including some with his parents, his siblings, and
his friends.
CLOSE UP on a picture of Nathan and Claire together taken
when they were both very young. Claire has her arms wrapped
around Nathan as they sit on a bench under a tree.
Nathan removes his jacket and sits into his chair when,
ANDERSON, a man in his mid to late twenties wearing a white
shirt with black pants and a "trendy" patterned tie, knocks
on the door, which is already wide open. He's holding a
sizable stack of papers.
Knock knock.
      (turns to look at
Oh Anderson, hi. Come on in, what
do you got for me?
I've been compiling all the news
reports about the show last night.
It's everywhere, Nathan. The
paper, TV, the internet's having a
field day. Everywhere. Your boy
went and made himself a star.
I always knew he'd make it big.
Big is an understatement. There's
never been anything like it. This
is literally overnight success.
Instant fame.
Or infamy.


Not as much as you'd think, the
reactions have been overwhelmingly
positive. Like here, just look at
the Times.
Anderson pulls a newspaper from the stack in his hand and
slides it across the desk to Nathan.
"Art Worth Dying For? Last night
marked a changing of the guard as
the art world stumbled upon its
latest sensation, Bryan Austin
Allagash, who demonstrated that
art can still be shocking in a
world of "been there, seen that."
While the controversy surrounding
the piece will rage for decades to
come (see story on Page 1), Mr.
Allagash's work begets a sea
change in the until-recently
dismal realm of fine art."
Stunned, but not suprised, Nathan puts the paper on the
                       NATHAN (CONT)
This is in the Times? Are you
kidding me?
They like what they saw last
night, Nathan. You've got the
hottest thing since the Beatles.
      (face in his hands)
Yeah, but the Beatles didn't have
a body count!
Sometimes you've gotta break some
eggs to make an omelette.
A man is dead Anderson! And one
of my clients, not to mention best
friends, played a very large part
in it! Can't anyone see that this
is a huge fucking problem?


Oh of course! Our star has gone
missing! His runaway success must
have scared him away. And at the
pinnacle of his career!
That's not exactly the problem I
had in mind...
Think about it, yesterday he could
have walked down any street in any
town in America, and no one would
have cared. Now, he's the most
sought after man in New York. What
will we tell the talk shows, now
that our biggest talent has gone
Nathan sinks back into his plush leather chair.
We'll simply give them his cell
block number. Anderson, you can't
be serious.
Calls have been coming in all
morning from outlets wanting to be
the first to talk to Bryan
Like who?
You name it. All the networks,
all the cable news, countless
local stations, MTV, E!, I think
the BBC just called. They all
want to put Bryan's face on their
program. He's a franchise now
Nathan. Everyone stands to make a
lot of money with this.
Money? Jesus, Anderson. Now
we're hitting paydirt on a dead


Nothing sold last night, Nathan.
After all the commotion, everyone
was escorted out. No sales were
made. Bryan still has all of his
work. Do you know how much more
they're worth this morning? We're
sitting on a resevoir of millions.
Look, this is all great news. No
one is more excited for Bryan's
success than me. After all, it's
my job to see him succeed. But
I'm having some trouble with all
of this, you know? It's not every
day you see someone shoot their
head off, and now I'm being asked
to promote it to for a quick
payday? This is ludicrous.
Hey, I hear you. I couldn't
believe it when I heard about it.
But the people want what the
people want. And it IS our job to
give it to them.
Ok Anderson, here's what I want
you to do. I want you to put
together a press release
acknowledging Bryan Allagash's
recent success and thanking the
media for their increased
interest. Don't say anything
directly about last night, or
Bryan's disappearance during all
of this. You got that?
Anderson pulls out a little notepad and begins to write.
Got it.
And I want it cryptic. Everyone's
got their eyes on us, so we have
to play back a little bit.
Cordial, but cryptic. Draft it up
and get it to me on the double.


With his new assignment, Anderson slides off the desk and
hastily leaves Nathan's office.
Lazily, Bryan sits behind the wheel of a mid-sized SUV.
Bryan pulls up to an intersection and stops.
Nathan is sitting at his desk reading through the stack of
papers that Anderson brought him. We HEAR Nathan's phone
RING. He reaches over and answers it.
Bryan is standing next to a gas station on the phone.
There's a blowpop in his mouth and he's holding a soft
drink. We see his car parked in the gas station parking lot
in the b.g. He has his beanie from the other night on with
a pair of sunglasses, as to go incognito in public.
Hey Nathan, it's me. I'm about to
be back.
That's great to hear. But the
shittier news is that I just got
off the phone with the police. I
told them you'd be back around for
questioning today.
Yeah, I figured you might go and
do something like that. Well...how
about we just save each other the
trouble and meet down at
Fair enough, I'll see you soon.
Bryan abruptly hangs up the phone after Nathan finishes.


Nathan is slouched in a bucket chair against the wall,
holding his hands in front of him. There are many people
walking about the place, some in uniform and some in
civilian clothes. We HEAR phones RINGING and many distant
Bryan enter into headquarters. Nathan sees him, exhales,
then reluctantly gets up and goes to greet him.
I see you made it back safely.
Let's just get this over with.
Hopefully this won't take too
I don't think it will. I've got
nothing to hide.
The two sit side by side along the wall. Neither of them
are their usual talkative selves.
DETECTIVES FELLOWS, an older mustachioed gentleman who walks
with a limp, and GIBBS, a big fatassed middle-aged man
approach the two in the waiting area.
Mr. Bryan Allagash?
Bryan looks up from the ground, then stands. Nathan is left
sitting, then realizes this and stands up as well.
Yes sir. Hi.
Detective Fellows outstretches his hand and Bryan shakes it.
Hello Mr. Allagash, I'm Detective
Fellows. This here is Detective
Fellows motions to Gibbs, and then Gibbs extends his hand.
Bryan shakes it, Gibbs gives a nod.
Pleased to meet you both.


And I assume you are Mr.
Allagash's representation?
Oh no no no. Like his lawyer? No,
I'm his agent, Nathan Robb.
Oh right. We spoke on the phone
earlier. Detective Fellows.
If there's anything I can do to
help, let me know.
Sure. Ok Mr. Allagash, if you'll
just follow us into the back, we
can get this whole ordeal sorted
Bryan walks with the detectives back into the inner workings
of the police station. Nathan is left sitting to himself in
the waiting area.
Bryan is sitting at a metal table in the middle of a very
sterile interrogation room. The two detectives are seated
across from him. Gibbs has some papers in front of him,
scanning them and flipping through them with his hands.
So Bryan, where's your lawyer
Well, he called me this morning
and offered his services. I told
him thanks, but no thanks, he's
time would probably be better
spent flipping through J.Crew
catalogs and comparing color
splotches for his new house in the
Detective Fellows chuckles at this and turns to Gibbs, who's
not amused.


Mr. Allagash, as I'm sure you are
aware, a man died last night at
your opening at the Eisenhowell
museum. A Mr. Seth Cohen. Um,
what we'd like to know is what
your involvement in that death
was. The way I understand it, you
had worked with him beforehand,
and he was one of your performers
last night in "a piece of
artwork". Does this all sound
Yes sir, that all sounds about
Gibbs, still fuddling with his papers and holding a pen in
hand, leans in, very much interested in what Bryan has to
say next.
And what exactly was his role in
the performance to be?
His role was to uh, star in the
performance piece.
And what exactly did that entail?
I wanted him give a fresh
perspective...on life, really. He
took something so heinous, so
ugly, twisted it around and shoved
it right back into everyone's
face. "Here I am, look at me".
It was a classic inversion.
So you knew he was going to take
his life?
We'd discussed it, yeah. Many
times. That was his part of the
equation. But he really liked the
idea, enough to die for it. A new
take on not just death, but on
being alive. He realized how


                       BRYAN (cont'd)
important this was.
So you wanted to use suicide to
show what?
That nothing shocks people
anymore. We're just so numb to
everything around us. Our
society's been beaten down by TV,
movies, the internet. You can see
damn near anything on the
internet. They've killed our
innocence, our imagination. I
needed to find out if there's even
enough feeling left to notice that
And coaxing this guy to kill
himself was the way to do it?
Yes, it was a litmus test for our
social morality. But I wasn't
entirely convinced he was fully
committed to the project.
You didn't know if he would follow
through with it?
Not exactly. No. It's like when
you set up dominoes. No no, it
was more like a Rube Goldberg, ya
know, all the pieces are in place,
everything looks like it could
conceivably work out. Sure, you
have to fudge some aspects,
because really, where's the fun in
all of it if you KNOW for a fact
that rolling that one marble's
gonna to make it through all the
obstacles and ignite the bottle
rocket at the end?
What in the sam hell are you
talking about?


So then you see this incident as a
Oh it was more than a success. It
was a fucking landmark on the face
of popular culture. Finally,
finally, someone has made everyone
wake up and take a look around.
Nathan is in sitting in the lobby of the precinct. He gets
a call on his cell phone, it's Claire.
Claire is on her cell phone in a crappy hotel room.

INTERCUT between Nathan in the police station and Claire in
her hotel room.
Claire! Hi! What happened to
Nathan, hey, don't worry, I'm
safe. Things have been pretty
crazy since last night.
Yeah, tell me about it.
What about you? Where are you?
I'm downtown, at the police
Oh, have you talked with Bryan?
Yeah, that's why I'm here. He's
being questioned as we speak.
Oh....Nate, can we meet somewhere?


Sure. Is everything alright?
I just need someone to talk to. I
know you're good for that.
Of course.
Great. I'll head your way. I
know a great diner a few blocks
from there. Murray's. Meet me
there in about an hour, ok?
Sure thing. See you soon, Claire.
Nathan closes his cell phone and stands in the waiting area
of the police headquarters. He looks back towards the
direction where Bryan and the detectives walked to, then
turns and walks out the door of the police station.
Nathan emerges from the police station, then walks down the
street, clad in a long overcoat, away from the station. He
bundles up very tightly. We HEAR the sounds of the city,
such as car HORNS, traffic WHISTLES, and people on the
street TALKING.
Bryan emerges from the police station not long after. He
walks out into the sunlight, then reaches in his pocket and
pulls out a pair of sunglasses, and puts them on. A
REPORTER and her cameraman are filming in front of the
headquarters. As Bryan fumbles around in his pockets, the
reporter realizes who he is, alerts her cameraman, and they
walk over to Bryan.
Bryan Allagash! Mr. Allagash!
Myra Connor for KCET. How do you
feel about the events of last
My feelings? Well, I'm saddened
by the loss of my contemporary,
but I was relieved to see my work
his sacrifice met with such a warm


                       BRYAN (cont'd)
You're walking out of the NYPD
headquarters, what has been the
reaction of the police to your
piece last night?
I think they're pretty freaked out
about it. I mean, rightfully so,
but whatever, I haven't done
anything. There's not blood on my
hands, I didn't kill anyone.
What does the future hold for you?
Will you continue with art of
this nature?
Right now, I'm just trying to cope
with everything around me. I
don't have anything planned out,
but as you can tell, the demand is
greater than ever.
Nathan walks along the sidewalk up to the diner. He enters,
the diner is much darker than the outside world. He scans
the room, Claire is sitting alone in a booth, looking out
the window.
For the first time, we see Claire not all dolled up. Still,
she's a natural beauty. Nathan sees her and admires her for
a second. Claire looks up, sees Nathan, and smiles. Nathan
walks towards her.
Hiya stranger.
She stands and the two embrace.
Claire, Bryan...he said you were
gone, I couldn't stop wondering if
you were ok.


Shhhh, come, sit, relax for
awhile. You're gonna run worry
yourself to death if you aren't
Claire sits back down in the booth. Nathan removes his
coat, throws it onto his side of the booth, and sits down
across from Claire.
Isn't that the truth? Oh my god,
what's even going on?
Nathan buries his head in his hands and messes up his hair a
little bit. A WAITRESS approaches.
Can I get you something to drink?
Coffee. Black. And keep it
I'll just have some water.
So...this thing turned out to be
pretty huge.
Yeah, no kidding. It's scary, you
know, being so close to it.
Believe me, I know how you feel. I
cried myself to sleep last night
thinking about how the man I love
played such an important role in
perhaps the most notorious suicide
this century.
That's a...whoa, wait, what? Love?
You're in love with Bryan?
I don't know. I mean, yeah, I
think I do.


That's a pretty big step from
"just friends" the other night.
I hadn't seen him in awhile, I
wanted to make sure we still
connected. Besides, you were
drunk, I didn't want you to
Overreact? What would give you
that idea?
Nathan, I can't help it, he's just
one of those people, who, you
know, you just know that you need
to be with them. We complete each
Oh, what great news...for the both
of you! I had no idea. I've
suddenly lost my appetite.
I know you weren't expecting that,
I'm sorry you had to hear it today
of all days.
It just came out of nowhere.
That's all.
I know, but last night forced me
to do a lot of thinking. I mean,
where did it even come from? I
honestly never thought he had
something like that in him.
I know. Who would've thought he
possessed the uncanny ability to
make people question their
self-worth enough to take their
own lives for someone else's
personal gain?


Personal gain? You think this was
about Bryan's personal gain? That
couldn't be further from the
Then what, what was it about?
Expression? Artistic license? If
it isn't about the millions of
dollars that Bryan is now worth,
then what?
Typical Nathan, only worried about
the bottom line.
That's a low blow, especially from
Bryan creates art, that's what he
does, that's who he is. This is
no different. This will be
remembered, for, who knows, from
here until the end of
civilization, if Bryan gets his
What are you talking about? What
has he told you?
How have you of all people not
realized the impact this has had?
There's never been anything like
this before. Have you ever seen
such a fuss made over a painting,
or architecture, or a piece of
music? No, never, not in this day
and age. That's not where our
priorities are.
Priorities? Please Claire, tell
me where are our priorities?
We're so used to seeing the same
image over and over and over
again. Everything's fed to us. If
you miss something, don't worry,


                       CLAIRE (cont'd)
turn on the TV and there it is,
every hour, on the hour. There's
no challenge in our life. And
isn't that what art's supposed to
do? Challenge the audience? Last
night was a one shot deal. You
blink, you miss it. Sure, it's
all over the place, but no one
really knows what it was like in
that room last night.
So is that what this is about?
Finding some form of originality?
Well then, I must say, Bryan
didn't do so bad!
But it's more than just mere shock
value, just look at the reactions
he's gotten. That's every bit as
much a part of it as the man
pulling the trigger.
Bryan's a hot commodity.
Exactly, and what does that say?
When a man kills himself and we
praise the "artist" for his work
in it? Seems like it highlights
the morbidity in all of us.
So it seems you've come to grips
with what he's done, then why did
you run?
It's not every day that you watch
someone's head explode. And to
know it was instigated by the man
I love? I could barely look him
in the face, let alone sleep in
the same bed with him.
You sure do seem to be coming to
terms with it pretty quickly then.


At first, I didn't know what to
think, I wanted to be there for
him, but I needed some time to
myself. He insisted on explaining
everything to me last night. I've
been sorting it out ever since.
So it seems like you've figured it
out, and now you're condoning
We look to beautiful people to
validate ourselves. Whether you
like it or not, Bryan's given the
world a gift. Sure it was grim,
but if we stop to think about it,
there's a lot to be learned from
I can't believe what I'm hearing.
Nathan, you have to start
realizing that what
happened...it's bigger than all of
Nathan walks out of the cafe, alone. He hails a cab. The
cab pulls up next to the curb. Nathan opens the door and
bows into the cab.
Claire watches from the window inside the diner as Nathan
struggles with his next move.
You know what, forget it.
He gets out of the cab as the cabby curses and drives off.
Nathan reaches into his breast coat pocket, pulls out a pack
of smokes, then pulls a lighter from his pants. He lights
the cigarette, takes a drag, then begins along his path.
Nathan walks briskly from the diner for a ways back towards
his office. He's finished his cig and he's moving at a
brisk pace.


Electronic billboards and tickers are illuminated overhead,
displaying all the information fit to know. Huge,
high-definition televisions play commercials and broadcast
news anchors who espouse the day's top events.
Nathan stops and looks up when he sees a giant picture of
Bryan Allagash on one of the screens. People on the
sidewalk dodge around him while he stares upward, then he
continues along towards his destination while the gigantic
digital chaos continues above.
Nathan powers into CTA, clearly rattled. Some people in the
office turn to look at him as he walks in.
Nathan, is everything alright?
Just tell me some good news for a
Well, I don't know if I can do
Anything! Lie to me. A little
bit would go a long way right
Sorry. Anderson was running
around looking for you 20 minutes
ago. He's all worked up about
something. Said something about
something on the news.
Nathan walks into his office and takes his coat off, then
tosses it haphazardly, almost resentfully, into a plush
leather chair in his office. Not a moment later, Anderson
bursts in.
Have you seen the news?
All morning, it's all I've seen.


Bryan talked.
What? How?
I don't know Nathan, you tell me.
You were supposed to be with him.
I was with him. I left him at the
police station not an hour ago.
Well, apparently, they found him.
He hasn't made our job any easier.
Nathan collapses into his desk chair.
Alright, let's hear it, what did
our reticent artist have to say?
Plenty. I think his chat with the
police must have helped him find
his courage. He sure seems to
think he's untouchable.
Because in his mind he is
untouchable! Has anyone told him
otherwise? No, he's been
celebrated at every turn!
Sure, but get this, he's got plans
to do another performance piece.
He's already teasing it!
Are you fucking serious? We
haven't even begun to finish
cleaning up THIS mess!
Nathan picks up the papers strewn about his desk about the
opening the night before, then tosses them back down onto
the desk. He reclines back into his chair, rocking it all
the way back.


As soon as the news hit, offers
began flying in. The bidding war
on Bryan Austin Allagash's next
work has already begun.
No! Tell them all no! There
can't be a bidding war, since
there isn't going to be a next
I don't know Nathan. Some of them
have been pretty interesting.
Galleries are taking pretty hefty
cuts just to get Bryan's work to
show. They know he'll be an
instant payday.
And that would be all fine and
good except we both know what they
want. And we both know what that
means. And I can't in good
conscious have any part of that.
Not again, not knowing what
everyone expects to happen.
Just listen for a sec. I know
your head's in a bunch of places
right now, but let me try to
ground you, ok?
Nathan sighs and nods.
We currently have about a dozen
paintings which collectively are
the hottest items on the art
market. There are eleven of them.
Eleven. Now, theoretically, if
each one sold for a million, CTA
would stand to make about a
million of that. Easy enough,
pretty good chunk of change.
Nathan folds his arms and lays his head on the pile of
papers on the desk.


      (muffled by the
Right, but they aren't going to
sell for a million...
No, no they aren't. They're way
hotter than that. We're talking
multi-millions, tens of millions.
Apiece. In the current market,
who knows, the sky's the limit. We
could easily be sitting on ten
million. And that's just a modest
Look, I get it, Anderson. There's
plenty of money to be made in all
of this. But did you ever think
that in exchange for fattening our
wallets, we'd be going morally
Business is business, this isn't
different from any other deal.
Don't bring a bunch of personal
politics into this.
I know it's my job, I know I'm
here to work for him, but I can't
in good faith profit from the sick
fascination everyone seems to have
with this, this...catastrophe. I
couldn't look at myself in the
The standard going rate is a
quarter of the sale. We've had
offers shaving off seven, eight
percent, simply because they
realize it's a sure thing.
Who's offering to cut it in half?
Big ones.


Try me.
Gagosian, Park Place, Weebles.
Yeah, and get this, there's a new
player trying to break into the
big leagues, the Morgan Friar
Gallery. They've offered to cut
their take in half if they can get
to Bryan. That's unheard of.
We're talking pure profit here.
Believe me, I can see that. But
first things first, we have to
cauterize our wounds. As much as
it pains me to say this, we have
to get Bryan in front of a camera.
Hasn't that been a sticking point
through all of this?
In front of our cameras, not one
outside of a police station. So
here's what we're going to do.
We're holding a press conference,
let's aim for tomorrow afternoon.
Righto. But in the meantime, you
have to take these offers
seriously. They aren't going to
be on the table for long. Friar
wants to meet with you as soon as
You're right, we have to move.
Call them up, tell them I'm on my
Seemingly rejuvenated, Nathan rises from the chair and moves
to his jacket, he brushes it off, and slips one arm in, then


I'm on it. They'll be happy to
get my call.
Anderson moves towards the door and walks out, then turns
and peeks his head back into the office.
Nathan, why did you leave Bryan at
the station?
Nathan, filing and arranging papers into his bag, stops
I needed a moment of clarity.
Bryan sits at a table in his art work space. He's writing
intently in a spiral notebook. Beside him is a legal pad
which he has drawn stick figures in doing various
Claire timidly enters into the room. Her face shows streaks
where she has been crying.
Bryan gets up from his workstation and moves towards her.
I was beginning to worry about
Bryan kisses her forehead.
I'm fine, I just went out for a
little bit.
You've been crying.
Yeah, I needed a good cry. I
didn't want to bother you.
You know you can interrupt me at
anytime. Work can wait.


I just wanted to be alone for
awhile, that's all.
Bryan stares blankly at her.
You've never acted this way
I've never had this much to think
I'm sorry, most of that must be my
No. Don't. If I didn't want to
see you through your problems,
then I wouldn't be here right now.
Then what's the matter? Please,
it's alright, you can tell me.
I'm just so scared.
There's no reason to be. I'm here
with you.
That's not what I meant.
Come, sit, talk to me.
Bryan grabs her hand and pulls her towards his futon. They
sit, not together like lovers, but like children in time
What's really on your mind?
I thought by now I'd have figured
out where I'd fit in the world.


I think you fit perfectly fine
right here.
Claire smiles at Bryan, then looks down into nothingness,
where the floor happens to be.
We grow up thinking we're going to
change the world. You know, that
our lives will have some profound
impact on the course of
civilization. So either I haven't
found my calling, or I've already
wasted my potential.
Don't say that. You have plenty
of potential.
Had plenty of potential. Five
years ago, when I was young and
exciting. But I guess I got left
You have to stop dwelling on the
past. It's over and done with. I
know you miss all of the praise
and the attention, but I know your
best days are yet to come.
Huh, I'd really like to believe
Then believe it. You're taking
everything you have going for you
for granted. You're spectacular,
Claire. You've got people around
you who love you, you're a working
actress. Do you know how many
people would kill to be in your
But what does it all add up to?
What will people say when they
remember me? Claire Fontaine's
legacy to date includes a handful
of decent movies, a slew of
terrible ones, and a string of


                       CLAIRE (cont'd)
failed romances. I'm so proud.
What did you want to be when you
were growing up?
I don't know, I wanted to help
people. A doctor.
      (laughing while
       beginning to cry)
It's so cliche, but I wanted to be
a doctor.
What changed your mind?
Somewhere along the way I guess I
got distracted. We start off so
idealistic, hunh. Then something
catches our eye and we lose touch.
Princesses, beautiful movie
stars. I'll never forget the
first time I saw Marilyn Monroe.
My mom and I were watching "The
Seven Year Itch". I couldn't take
my eyes off of her.
Is that when you knew you wanted
to be an actress?
You could say that. She made me
proud to be a girl. She was just
so iconic. Even then, I knew she
was what I had to live up to.
And now you're upset because you
don't think you can?
I never wanted to replace her or
anything. I just wanted to find
my place. I wanted to find my
spot where I'm a Marilyn Monroe in
some small way.


I've got a gut feeling that you'll
find your opportunity.
Maybe you're right. What do I
Bryan reaches across the futon and pulls her up by the hand.
C'mon. Let me show you what I've
been working on...
Nathan enters into the Morgan Friar Gallery. It's very
open, white, clinical, higher ceilings, it resembles the
Seger Building in some aspects. Paintings are hanging on
the walls. Nathan approaches a girl sitting behind a desk
at the entrance.
Hi, I'm here for Morgan Friar.
So you must be Nathan, she's
expecting you. I'll let her know
you're here.
Thank you.
Feel free to walk around in the
Nathan walks into the gallery space and looks at some of the
artwork on the walls. MORGAN FRIAR enters from behind
Nathan, startling him.
Nathan Robb, I presume?
Huh, oh hi. Nathan Robb, you must
be Morgan Friar, I take it?
Morgan outstretches her hand and Nathan shakes it.


Pleased to meet you Nathan. I'd
imagine your time has become very
precious as of late.
You have no idea.
I think I do, so I'll be brief,
perhaps a little blunt even. Bryan
Allagash has become the "it" boy
of the artworld. You represent a
very powerful client, Mr. Robb.
His pieces are a very hot
commodity. I want nothing more
than to exhibit the Allagash's in
this space.
Mrs. Friar --
Miss Friar actually. Mr. Friar
left after the gallery began to
find success. He became jealous,
you see, of my efforts in these
walls. This isn't just a gallery,
no, these aren't wall, this is the
result of my labor of love. My
dream is to create the premiere
independent exhibition space in
the country, perhaps the world
some day. It hasn't been easy, as
a woman, battling from the ground
up, fighting for the thing you
You have done phenomenally well,
Miss Friar.
I should say so. It hasn't been
easy gaining the respect of my
peers. It's been a struggle from
the get-go. But we've managed to
establish quite the name for
ourselves, as one of the finer,
small gallery spaces. And that
brings us to here and now. You
see, I see the Allagashs as a
means to an end, because if we
exhibit these paintings, the art


                       MORGAN (cont'd)
world will have no choice but to
flock to these very halls. And
from the blistering heat of Bryan
Allagash, yet another star will
emerge, the Morgan Friar.
That's quite the romantic notion
for the future. Now that I can
better....comprehend, your
interest in my client's works,
what incentive do I have to bring
them here?
It's quite simple Nathan. I can
provide you with the best bottom
line. After all, you're a business
man, right?
I'm out for the best interests of
my client.
Oh of course. But the best
interests of your client also
bring the best interests for you,
isn't that right?
Miss Friar, we both know that's
how it works. So what are you
willing to offer?
You're friends, the two of you,
I've known Bryan for quite a long
time. We're good friends, that's
You must be happy for him then.
Seeing all that hard work finally
paying off.
He's worked very hard to get where
he is. I've always had faith that
one day he would reach people with


                       NATHAN (cont'd)
his unique... talents.
Yes, he's quite talented. And how
does it make you feel Mr. Robb,
now that he's the talk of the
town? You're only a degree
removed from all the attention he
generates. Does that get at you,
perhaps just a little bit? Have
you thought what it would be like
to be in his shoes?
Are you insinuating that I'm
jealous of Bryan's success?
Because I can assure you, Ms.
Friar, that's far from the case.
I was merely having a bit of fun,
Nathan. But isn't it interesting
how we always seem to covet the
things our friends have?
Ms. Friar! I'm here to discuss
business. Do you have an offer or
My apologies. I didn't mean to
You didn't. Let's just keep to
the matter at hand. Now please --
The Friar is willing to take a
reduced share of the revenue from
the paintings. I'm willing to go
as low as eighteen percent.
Eighteen percent? Eighteen
percent. That's funny, because I
could have sworn I'd heard that
you were talking about making us a
legitimate offer. Maybe my people
are lying to me, I don't know.


Eighteen percent on the paintings
is the best you're going to get.
Your friend isn't famous for his
painting abilities, don't kid
yourself otherwise. Eighteen is a
In that case, it looks like you're
destined to remain a small time
gallery. I can get fifteen
anywhere in town.
That's a lie, we both know that.
The only reason people give a damn
is because of what's happened, not
what his paintings look like.
Well then, it looks like you've
succeeded in wasting my time,
after all. I thought we could do
great things for each other, guess
I'll have to continue looking for
a suitable, bigger gallery.
No no no, I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have said such things about Mr.
Allagash's work. We desperately
want those paintings.
Apparently you don't want them bad
enough. Thank you for your
time, Ms. Friar. Enjoy your
moderate success.
Nathan turns and starts to leave the gallery.
Wait...I'll settle for twelve, but
you have to promise me a
performance piece.
Nathan stops dead in his tracks.
I'm in no position to guarantee
any works from my client.


Mr. Allagash has already expressed
interest in continuing his work.
From the perspective of his
manager, wouldn't this be in his
best interest?
We're talking about his existing
body of work, it's not my position
to entertain an offer of
Even when you know what it would
mean? Think about it Nathan,
think about how much you would
stand to gain off of the sale of
his work.
Your offer's very generous, but
I'm afraid I'm going to have to
refuse. Now if you'll please
excuse me, I'll be on my way.
You could retire on this deal
alone, you'd be made. This isn't
the mark of a good businessman.
What is it that's holding you
Please, Ms. Friar, I've said we
aren't interested. It's been a
real pleasure, but I'm afraid it
won't work out.
Nathan scurries towards the door.
Ms. Friar watches as Nathan walks away.
      (yelling to Nathan)
Please Nathan, think hard.
In a huff, Nathan walks out of the Morgan Friar Gallery to
the street. He raises his hands and summons a cab.


He slides into the cab, on the side opposite the CAB DRIVER.
Broker and 65th.
                       CAB DRIVER
Broker and 65th. You got it.
Nathan pulls out his phone and dials Claire. It RINGS, then
the message kicks in.
                       CLAIRE (O.S.)
Hey, you've reached the voice mail
of Claire Fontaine, leave me a
message and I'll get back to you
as soon as possible. Great, bye
Claire, hey, I guess you must be
busy or something. Well, I've
been thinking about what you said
earlier, about everything, and --
Out of no where, a car broadsides the cab on the driver's
side, impaling the cab and folding it in half. Glass
SHATTERS and the metal CRASHES on impact. After the
commotion, Claire's mailbox BEEPS to complete the message.
Bryan sits on a bench with a sketchbook on his knee and a
piece of charcoal in his hand. His hands and arms are very
dirty. Sketches are pinned up along the wall. A shower is
heard somewhere in the b.g.
Bryan's house phone RINGS. He walks over and puts it his
ear, then balances it between his head and shoulder.
Anderson is on the phone in his cubicle.
Hi Bryan, this is Anderson Carter
with CTA. Nathan's assistant. How
are you do --


Of course you are... oh, I'm good.
What's up?
Nathan wants to hold a press
conference tomorrow afternoon.
He does, does he? And where is he
He's out of the office right now,
meeting with possible venues to
host your work in the future.
Good, at least we're still on the
same team. Did he tell you he
left me at the police headquarters
Yeah, he did. Sorry about that.
His head hasn't been right at all
today. But that's still not an
excuse for un-professionalism.
Yeah, exactly! That's what I
So Bryan, we've begun contacting
all the major press outlets about
giving a conference tomorrow
afternoon. Everyone is chomping at
the bit to get a look at you. How
does 4 o'clock sound?
Works for me.
Claire emerges from the bathroom wearing just a towel. She
seductively struts past Bryan over to a mirror and begins to
fix her hair. Bryan grins.


Great, we'll need you to get here
at 3:30. We've got hair and
make-up people on site, if you --
Look, something's just come up, I
need to run.
OK, well, I'll let Nathan know
you're on board. See you soon.
Bryan sits the phone down on the receiver.
Claire turns from looking at herself in the mirror. She's
rubbing herself from head to toe with cream.
Who was that?
Nathan's assistant.
And? What did he want?
They're holding a press conference
tomorrow afternoon.
A press conference? For you?
For me.
Well, look who's the center of
attention all of a sudden.
Bryan moves over towards Claire, who's looking at the mirror
again. He places his hand on her shoulder, getting charcoal
on her.
Hey! C'mon, I just got clean!
Bryan spins her around towards him.


I know.
Bryan kisses her. They both begin to grope each other. His
hands leave black marks on the towel. The towel falls onto
the floor, Claire soon has charcoal all over her body.
Nathan awakes in a hospital bed. He's in a set of hospital
clothes. Disoriented, he get scared and begins to pull at
the IV in his arm.
A NURSE sees this from the hall and walks into his room.
Please don't do that. We'll only
have to put it back in.
What happened? Why am I here?
What's going on?
You were brought here from a car
accident. Don't worry, you aren't
badly hurt. The driver,
unfortunately, didn't make it.
You're a lucky guy.
Stunned, Nathan relaxes onto his bed.
You've got a visitor. I'll let
them know you're awake.
The nurse walks to the edge of the room and looks out into
the hall.
He's awake, you can come on in
A somber Claire enters into the room. She brightens once
she sees Nathan, then runs over and jumps onto his bed,
giving him a big hug.
Nathan, I was so worried about
you. I'm glad you're OK.


Thanks for coming. I'm glad
you're here.
How are you feeling?
Pretty shooken up, but I've felt
All your x-rays look good. You
made it out relatively unscathed.
Does that mean I can leave?
There's no reason to keep you
Good, I'm trying to sleep in my
own bed.
I'll take you back.
You don't have to do that. Really,
I'm --
You just got hit by a car, Nathan.
The least you can do is let me
help you back to your place.
A fax machine in CTA office springs to life and begins to
SCREECH while it prints out a piece of paper.
The best art is the most challenging. You're proof of
that. Don't rob the world of beauty just because you can't
appreciate it. Let's do nine.


Yours truly,
Claire and Nathan move into his apartment. He looks
terrible, but pretty good for being in a car crash.
Thanks for helping me get back.
No problem. That's what friends
are for. Now remember, nurse said
to take it easy.
Yeah yeah.
Nathan walks over and sprawls out on the couch. Claire
takes a seat next to him.
So why did you call me earlier?
I missed you. I've missed you in
my life. Things ended poorly
today. It weighed on me.
That's sweet, I can't remember you
ever being this forward.
I guess I'm growing up. I guess
I'm finally realizing what's
I'm glad to be one of the
important parts of your life.
You are, you are and then some.
Aw, but I'm just an old friend.
There're so many great things in
your life. Do you ever look at
yourself in the mirror? You're


                       CLAIRE (cont'd)
sharper than ever, you've got
everything you've ever wanted.
Do I? Because it sure doesn't
feel like I have anything.
Why not?
Look around me, it's just...stuff,
things, objects. I want something
more in my life, something better.
I want to be loved again.
Nathan, I'm sorry --
I want you back Claire.
You know how I feel.
And it makes absolutely no sense.
You love me, but what? Where does
this go so terribly wrong?
I don't know. We've both moved to
different places in our lives now.
We've both grown so much since
then. And it's for the better.
What's that supposed to mean?
I never would have imagined the
girl I fell for running around
with an artist determined to start
a social revolution. It's noble
really, but I didn't think you had
it in you.


Is that what this is about?
Bryan's social commentary?
I just find it strange that you're
so interested by it.
You know why? Because the sum is
greater than the parts. It
transcends time. Bryan created a
part of history. It was
beautiful, truly a work of art.
But there's so much more beauty in
the world.
Everyone's looking to leave their
mark once their gone, to know that
their life meant something when
it's all said and done. Me? I'm
just an actress who's been used up
and discarded, I don't have any
great mark to leave on the world.
You're always so hard on yourself.
Bryan took an ordinary life and
made it something extraordinary.
I can't sit here and listen to you
degrade yourself. Not everyone is
cut out to make their mark, that's
just the way it is. Claire, I
love you. You're the best part of
my life, and it's ripping me apart
because I see you, but I can't
have you. So maybe you don't have
some grand contribution to the
world, but to me, you are the
Nathan, I can't--


Nathan leans over and kisses Claire. She meets his lips,
reluctantly at first, then settles into them, like a
comfortable pair of jeans.
They make out for a hot minute, then Claire pulls away.
Stop, Nathan, I can't do this, I'm
Claire gets up and heads for the door.
In only his boxers, Nathan dials Claire's number while he
stands on the balcony outside his apartment.

There's no answer, so he leaves a message.
Bryan and Claire are wrapped tightly together in bed like
two papooses. Their clothes are discarded bedside. Bryan's
sketchbooks have found their way to the coffee table in
front of the futon. Pens, markers and discarded papers
litter the floor.
                       NATHAN (VO)
Hey Claire, it's me. Sooo, I'm
sorry about the way things went
last night. I know, I'm an idiot.
I didn't mean to come on so
strong. I know it was
inappropriate, but I still really
appreciated you coming to see me,
I needed someone to talk to. I'm
glad I've got a good friend I can
count on. So I hope you're doing
well, maybe we can go out for
lunch or something. Give me a call
back. Bye bye.
Nathan is sitting at his desk. Anderson walks in with the
fax from the previous night.


There's something I think you
should see Nathan.
Anderson pulls the fax from his folder and hands it to
Nathan is sitting at his desk. He's talking on the phone.
You can't be serious...
It came through last night. You
sure do drive a hard bargain. Nine
percent? That's unreal!
Believe me, I should probably be
more excited than I am.
The press room consists of rows of chairs with a raised
platform at the front with a long table. Assorted
journalists litter the room. Cameras are being set up and
tinkered with.
Anderson stands at the back of the room watching the setup.
Nathan bursts through the door behind him.
What's the status report?
Everything is gearing up. Bryan's
on his way. The press has started
filtering in. Nearly everyone's
accounted for.
Thank god, maybe something will go
right today.
Journalists and news outlets continue to file into the room.
The room has filled to about half capacity.
Nathan and Anderson move through the room and exit a door
off to the side, next to the elevated platform. They enter
into a small room, used as a staging area.


I'm gonna go and freshen up a bit.
Nathan pulls a airplane bottle from his pocket and downs it.
He washes his mouth out with water, then straightens
himself out in the mirror. He heads out the door.
Nathan and Anderson stand in anticipation in the staging
room. Bryan enter from a door on the other side of the
room. He looks jovial and refreshed.
Don't you look nice.
Hey, we all need reasons to dress
Nathan peeks out of the door into the main room. The room
has now filled to capacity, with journalists occupying all
of the seats, as well as some standing along the walls.
Bright lights are shining on the stage.
Let's just do it. I can't stand
Nathan closes the door and turns to Bryan.
You ready?
Are you?
The press has been given prep
packets, so they know part of the
situation. Still, you've got some
curve balls headed your way.


Who better to answer them?
Just stay loose, keep cool, don't
lose it out there.
Nathan opens the door and Anderson enters into the room,
followed by Bryan, and Nathan. They are met by the quieting
WHUSH of 'shhs' and murmurs between the journalists. Flash
bulbs POP and blind them as Nathan and Bryan walk onto stage
and take their seats.
Good afternoon everyone. Thank
you for coming out today. My name
is Nathan Robb with Contempo
Talent Agency, I'm Mr. Bryan
Austin Allagash's primary
representation. As you're all
aware, Mr. Allagash presented an
opening last night at the
Eisenhowell Gallery, which has
been met in the press with both
praise and controversy. What we'd
like to do today is perhaps give
some perspective on the events of
last night, some explanation,
since there seem to be a lot of
differing accounts of just exactly
what happened. So I'm just going
to turn the floor over to Mr.
Allagash, he can answer all of
your questions.
The room bursts alive with the ROAR of reporters bolting out
questions towards the table.
Let's start in the front with
                       TELEVISION REPORTER
Nicole Montgomery with KNEG in New
York. How do you feel knowing
that a man died during your show
last night?
No one feels worse about it than I
do. Seth Cohen was a very good
friend of mine. I'd like to
extend my deepest sympathies to
his family. He was truly a great


                       BRYAN (cont'd)
                       TELEVISION REPORTER
And what was your relationship
with Mr. Cohen?
Seth was a contemporary of mine.
We'd worked together in the past.
He'd become a very valuable
consultant for my work.
                       TELEVISION REPORTER
Is that how he became featured in
your piece last night?
He was always looking for a way to
express himself. When this
opportunity presented itself, I
knew that Seth was the perfect fit
for the task at hand.
                       TELEVISION REPORTER
So was suicide his way of
expressing himself?
In a way it was. He gave up
everything for a chance to be
heard. But the trick now is in
how we handle it.
                       TELEVISION REPORTER
What do you mean by that exactly?
His death has given us all a
valuable opportunity. I see this
as a learning experience, really,
for everyone. It's our job to
make sure he didn't die in vain,
because in reality he was a
The voices of the reporters explode again, Nathan points at
one towards the center.
                       TELEVISION REPORTER #2
Erin Temple with CENA. What
exactly was the message behind
your piece last night?


Look around, don't you get it?
Have any of you caught on by now?
Can't you see the bigger picture
here? I knew I'd be here in this
very spot, the center of it all.
And to be honest, it disgusts me,
all of it. So do all of you. But
I can't blame you, I mean, what a
tittilating story, huh? A man
blows his head off in front of a
group of rich, yuppie pricks, and
it's the front page story. I
called it art, and you all just
lap it up and tell me good job.
                       TELEVISION REPORTER #2
But isn't that what you wanted?
You intended your work to be
Not praised, I wanted it to be
understood. This isn't about
whether you like the work or not.
It's an opportunity to hold up a
mirror to modern society show it
its reflection. I'm not the one
putting this on every tv station
across the country.
                       TELEVISION REPORTER #3
So you're saying the media is
contributing to the downfall of
modern society?
Well it is, isn't it? How many
parents had to explain why a man
would shoot himself this morning,
all because their kids asked the
wrong questions over their bowl of
Lucky Charms? When this society
finishes losing its moral
bearings, it won't be because of
something I did, but the way it
was handled. Atleast there's
still time We can learn from
this, maybe now we won't fixate on
every morbid detail of tragedy in
the public eye. You're the ones,
you're the ones shoving filth down
people's throats, not me. I'm
merely here to call attention to


                       BRYAN (cont'd)
Stunned, Nathan turns and gazes at Bryan.
My apologies everyone, Mr.
Allagash had had a very stressful
No Nathan, don't apologize for me,
I'm simply giving the people the
truth. Next question.
                       TELEVISION REPORTER #3
Linda Mercy, KNET. So where do
you go from here? What's next for
Bryan Allagash?
Oh, I've got big things planned
coming up. I'll be doing another
show in the very near future at
      (to Nathan)
what was the name of the gallery
I'll be at?
Bryan Austin Allagash's work will
be on display at the Morgan Friar
Gallery this weekend.
                       TELEVISION REPORTER #3
Will that include another
performance piece?
Unfortunately, only selected works
will be on display --
I don't think that was what we
agreed to. Yes, I'm working
diligently on another performance.
I think everyone..... appreciates
the impact of the first one,


Some eyes have been opened, but no
one grasps the implications of my
work, so it must continue.
Now you're becoming part of the
problem. Haven't you been warning
against desensitization this whole
                       TELEVISION REPORTER #2
Mr. Robb, you seem very opposed to
Bryan creating more work in the
future, as his manager, shouldn't
this be a valuable opportunity for
you both?
Some lesser patrons find my work
to be very....challenging, shall
we say?
      (to Bryan, away
       from the mic)
Cut it out, asshole.
      (into mic)
I do support him, but you have to
understand, I had no idea what was
going to happen last night. I'm
finding it very difficult to
promote something like that.
Making money off of the suffering
of others isn't something I had
ever prepared myself for.
                       TELEVISION REPORTER #2
And why can't you do it?
Are you really asking me that?
Because it's sickening. Maybe
Bryan's right though, this whole
thing has been a morbid
celebration of a terrible event.
Maybe awareness is a good thing,
but I don't know if it's my battle
to fight. All's I know is that I
can't continue actively promoting


                       TELEVISION REPORTER
Does that mean the two of you
won't be working together anymore?
It means that I refuse to peddle
suicide pornography to the highest
bidder. I'm sorry, but I think
here would be a good time to
conclude this conference. Thank
you all for your time.
The reporters yell questions and snap pictures as Nathan
stands up and walks off stage. Bryan stands up wearing a
little smirk and follows him off.
What was that Nathan? I thought
you we were going to play it cool.
You made me look ridiculous out
I got a little carried away.
I'd say so. And a lesser patron?
I get exactly what you're trying
to do, but it turns out that I'm
trying to keep myself as far away
from it as possible.
I was only protecting my best
And what is your best interest,
Bryan? Huh? Moving on to the
next victim who will do what you
No one is a victim. I don't think
we're on the same page anymore.
Neither do I. I can't go on like


Look, I know you can't stand
what's happened. But I'm coming
to you, as your friend, and
thanking you for getting that
Because as soon as you want
something, we're friends. Why
don't you challenge my credibility
on national television again?
Listen, just don't do anything
stupid, ok? I'm doing that show.
No one gets hurt Bryan. You've
made your statement, there's
nothing more to be done. Look me
in the eyes, promise me, promise
me that no one gets hurt this
Nathan holds the overhead railing on the subway car. His
cell phone RINGS, it reads "CLAIRE".
Hey, how are you?
I'm doing well, really well
actually. Sorry about the way
things went with Bryan today.
It sucks, what are you going to
do? But hey, I'm sorry, I feel
really bad about the way I acted
last night.


It's fine, you had a rough day.
Don't beat yourself up over it.
I know, but still. I don't want
it to be awkward between us.
That'd be tough to do. We've been
way past that for ages.
You're right. But hey, what if I
make it up to you with dinner
Now there's something I'd be
interested in. That sounds
Great, how does Thai sound?
Nathan is bent over his desk, rustled. He holds a phone to
his head.
Look, I know somethings were said
yesterday. But I've gotten you on
track. I've taken care of it.
Fine, let's do lunch. How about
Orso at noon?
Nathan is seated alone at a table, drink in hand, mulling
over the menu choices.
Bryan and Claire walk through a small archway and make their
way to the maître d'. He points towards Nathan's table.
Aw, you brought my dinner date.


It's pretty early to be drinking,
don't you think?
Are you judging me now?
Nathan, you're at work, take it
Maybe drinking helps me get
through my day. Did that ever
occur to you?
What's gotten into you?
I guess it's true what they say,
high paying jobs are the most
stressful. More money, more
Take it easy, man. You're with
friends, we're here for you.
You know, at one point, I would
have believed you Bryan, but these
days I feel more like your pimp.
Stop it Nathan. Bryan's your
friend, you've been friends for a
long time. This'll all just be
water under the bridge soon.
Oh Claire, my dear Claire. Poor
sweet Claire, I thought of anyone,
you'd have better sense. We said
we'd always be there for each
other, remember?
I do, and I mean that. I'm always
here for you Nathan.


Can you step back just enough to
see what he's doing to you? The
Claire I know, the Claire I loved,
wouldn't have any of it. So how
can you stand by someone like him,
after what he's done?
You need to watch what you're
saying, Nathan.
Hmmm, someone's a little
defensive. Maybe you do care
about her after all. Or is it
because I tarnished the name of
the great Bryan Austin Allagash?
You're fucked up right now, aren't
you? God, that's so pathetic.
Please, spare me your sympathy. I
know how far that'll get me.
What is it with you Nathan? What
is this about?
I'm just here for a simple
business meeting. And you'll be
happy to know that business is
good. I got you your show. So I
guess I can say thank you, thanks
for the millions of dollars of
blood money headed my way.
You're the one who couldn't cut it
as anything but a suit. Don't
take the money if you don't want
it. Why don't you just give it
I need something to console the
pain of commoditizing assisted
suicide to the masses, while
losing my closest friends in the


                       NATHAN (cont'd)
I'd take a cool five mill offa my
heartache and troubles. But
that's exactly what you're
against, isn't it Bryan?
Look, we're through. Thanks for
the gig, but that's it, we're done
working together.
No! Dammit, you beat me to it.
Took the words right out of my
Fine then. Sorry it had to end
this way.
Bryan stands up to walk off.
Nathan please, I'm always here for
you, ok?
You're better hurry along, I don't
want to get you in trouble.
Bye Claire, I'll see you later.
Dejected, Claire turns away from Nathan, looks towards
Bryan, stands up, and leaves the table.
It's mid-afternoon and the activity on the floor of CTA is
in full swing.
Nathan, in sunglasses, is sitting at his desk,
half-heartedly reading through some papers. There's a KNOCK
at the door.
Come in.
Anderson strolls in with some legal documents in hand.


You weren't kidding when you said
Bryan was done.
That sure didn't take long.
Anderson hands the papers over to Nathan.
These just came over from his
lawyer's office. I scanned
through them, it seems pretty cut
and dry. We'd basically have a
clean break.
Atleast he's not out for blood.
There still may be hope we can
mend fences one day.
This is all pretty surreal. I
never thought I'd see the day when
the two of you parted ways.
It's a fickle business we're in.
But it's not really about
business, is it? You were better
than a professsional relationship,
you two were friends. You told me
yourself that there's no greater
pleasure than working with a good
Friends or not, I think its best
that he finds someone else to
represent him.
Nathan signs the papers.
Nathan and Claire are seated across from each other at the
table. They sit over half eaten plates. A waiter fills
their water glasses.


Thank you.
He nods and leaves their table.
I'm glad we could do this. We
haven't really had a chance to, ya
know, talk, like normal people.
Oh I know. It's kinda funny, I
thought things were hectic when I
was working, I never expected
they'd be this crazy once I got
I guess you never can tell what
tomorrow brings.
You can say that again.
So how are you Claire? I've
hardly had a chance to talk to
you. Tell me what's going on,
how's life treating you?
Things are, well, things are
Really? The other day you didn't
seem so sure.
I guess I was just stressed.
Getting away from work has really
let me put things in perspective.
Oh? In what way?
I don't know, just coming to terms
with growing up, getting older.
I've had a really hard time with


I wouldn't worry too much about
it, it's out of our control.
I know it is.
It just goes to show that we have
to cherish our time together.
And I do. Sorry, I didn't meant
to bring the conversation down. So
what's up with you? How are
things at the agency?
The last few days have been
hectic, but the worst is behind
Yeah, I don't know if he mentioned
it to you, but Bryan and I won't
be working together anymore.
He told me. He's pretty upset
about it. But I can't say it's a
bad decision for either one of
I think it's for the best. We
just have to make it through his
next show, then it's over.
I can't wait for Bryan's next
Really? Because I'm dreading it.
Why? I have a feeling you're
going to like it.


What gives you that feeling?
Because yours truly will be the
What do you mean, the star? No,
you can't be serious...
Bryan has offered to make me the
star of his new performance piece.
And you said you'd do it?
Of course I did. How could I turn
that down? It'll get the most
exposure out of anything in my
I think I'm going to be sick.
Is that how you're going to act? I
thought you'd be happy for me.
Happy...for you...in Bryan's
piece? You really, truly, have
lost it.
Nathan, this is a huge opportunity
for me. This is my chance to get
it all back. I'll be all over the
news, everyone will be talking
about me. It'll be just like how
it was.
And how are you going to do that
Claire, huh? Are you going to
blow your head off like Seth? But
oh no no, that's already been
done. Hmmm, let's think, maybe you
could slit your throat wide open,
and we could all sit around and
watch you bleed out. That's a good
one. Or I dunno, you could do the


                       NATHAN (cont'd)
old toaster in the tub. Classic.
So what's it gonna be, Claire?
Nathan, please, calm down. Look,
maybe telling you was a mistake. I
knew this was going to be hard for
you, but it's what I want.
You're completely insane.
Claire grabs Nathan, whose visibly agitated, by the hand.
I assure you that's not the case.
I need this Nathan. If I'm ever
going to be remembered, this is my
And for what? So the press can
have a circle jerk over some hack
artist who convinced his
girlfriend to kill herself? Are
you serious?
I know, and if that's what it was,
then I wouldn't be a part of it.
Then what is it?
It's my shot at immortality. It's
a chance to go down in history as
a great work of art. To be
celebrated along side the likes of
masterpieces like "Olympia", or
"The Birth of Venus".
I can't believe what I'm hearing.
You're crazy.
This will be my legacy, Nathan. My
mark on the world. This is my
chance to be an icon.


And you're willing to throw away
everything you've worked for,
everything that's yours, in order
to be someone else's masterpiece?
I love him Nathan.
Do you?
Does he love you?
Of course.
He's willing to watch you die
Claire. That's not even the half
of it, he's helping it along,
encouraging it.
It's a weird situation, I know,
but it'll be better for everyone.
Right, for everyone. Can you step
back for a second and think about
someone other than yourself?
I have, it doesn't change
How can you say that? There are
so many people who care about you.
Your friends, your family, what
about all of them?
I've never wanted something so
badly Nathan. They'll have to
understand. This is who I am.


Then what about me? Where does
that leave me?
I'm sorry.
Sorry isn't good enough. This is
completely ridiculous. Claire, I
love you, I've always loved you.
Think about us, where we've been,
our ups and down. We've always
been there together, to face
anything. I can't sit idly by and
let you go through with this.
I'm not doing this to hurt you.
The waiter approaches to take dessert orders.
Will we be having any dessert?
You know, I've suddenly lost my
appetite, but thanks.
The waiter scurries away.
So then what now? Is this
It's a celebration of the good
times we've had.
I'm not going to let you get away
with this.
Bryan works diligently at his work bench. There's a
frenzied series of KNOCKS at the door.
I'm coming.
Bryan opens the door, Nathan kicks it in.


Hey, watch it.
What did you do to her?
What? Who?
Who? Who do you think. The love
of your life.
Of course Claire. She's totally
confused. She said she wants to
be in your next piece.
That's right, but I don't think
she's confused. She has quite the
strong resolve when she puts her
mind to something.
You fucking asshole. Do you even
care about her?
Of course I care about her.
Then how can you even think of
letting her get hurt?
She'll only get hurt because she
wants to. All great art involves
Nathan reels back and decks Bryan. Bryan crumbles to the
That's a little petty, even for
you, Nathan.
I don't know how you did it, but
you've manipulated her with your
twisted thoughts about the way you


                       NATHAN (cont'd)
think things should be. And it's
fucking bullshit, and I'm not
going to let it happen.
I don't think there's really
anything you can do about it.
Don't test me Bryan. I love her,
and I'm not going to let you take
her from me.
If you love her so much, then why
don't you respect her wishes?
Because this isn't her. She's not
Maybe, or maybe you just don't
know her like I do.
Eat shit, you fucking scumbag.
Nathan picks Bryan up and pushes him up against the wall. He
cocks his fist back.
Nathan, look at yourself. Look at
what you've become.
Shut the fuck up!
Nathan punches Bryan in the ribs.
I'd suggest you get your goodbyes
in now. You won't be getting
anywhere within a mile of my
Nathan lets him fall to the ground. He heads towards the
door. Bryan lays on his back.


Just accept it Nathan. It'll make
things so much easier. You're
powerless to stop it.
Nathan stops before leaving and glances over his shoulder.
Nathan approaches the CLERK at the police station. She's a
disgruntled middle-aged lady, probably promoted from the
I need to report a crime!
                       POLICE CLERK
What type of crime?
Uh, a suicide, an assisted
                       POLICE CLERK
Suicide eh? Were you a witness to
the crime?
Well no. You see, it hasn't
happened yet.
                       POLICE CLERK
So you're here to report a suicide
that hasn't happened yet? I don't
think that's how suicide works.
Right, but it's going to happen.
I'm positive --
                       POLICE CLERK
Look fella, everyone says they're
going to kill themselves every
once in awhile. We don't have
time to follow them around and
make sure they don't go through
with it.
Bryan Allagash, the artist in the
news, you've heard of him, right?


                       POLICE CLERK
Yeah, I seen him.
He's planning for someone to off
themselves at his new show this
weekend. Someone very important to
                       POLICE CLERK
I'm sorry to hear that, but we
can't see into the future and
arrest people for crimes they WILL
commit. If something happens now,
in our time, give us a call.
But I'm trying to stop something
from happening! Please, you've
gotta help me.
                       POLICE CLERK
If this is really about that
artist you said, then I'm sure
there will be plenty of people
there to keep things in order. I'm
sorry, there's really nothing I
can do.
Frustrated, Nathan turns and heads for the door.
Nathan holds his desk phone in his hands and paces the room.
I know....yes......but that's the
thing. It's going to happen.
Morgan Friar Gallery, this Friday
night....because I used to work
with Bryan Allagash, I was his
manager.......No....no, no this
isn't a prank call, do you watch
the news?.....Hello? Hello? God
Nathan slams the phone on the desk and GROANS in
frustration. Anderson watches through the window.
Nathan is looking over a staff member's shoulder at their
computer. Molly rushes over to Nathan.


There's someone to see you in your
Nathan leaves and heads to his office.
His desk chair is turned away from the door. There is a
single trail of blood coming from under the desk on the
The chair spins around to reveal Claire. She has letter
openers and fountain pens stabbed all over her body, with
many concentrated in her heart.
Thanks for making my dreams come
Nathan awakes to find himself on the couch in his apartment.
A half-drank bottle of vodka sits on the coffee table, next
to a low-ball filled with melted ice. The TV is on.
A man with a tan and bleached-blonde hair recounts the
entertainment news of the day. There's a tall blonde to his
                       ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER
...even though it was her first
time flying. And it seems that
the hottest ticket in NYC this
weekend is the Morgan Friar
Gallery. The gallery will be
welcoming red hot artist, Bryan
Allagash, who looks to continue
his success after last weekend's
controversial opening. Getting
in, however, could prove
difficult, since the event is
invite-only. We caught up with
Bryan earlier today and asked him
what to expect.
Bryan is shown with a microphone shoved under his face. His
eye is blackened.
Think bigger and better. This one
will be just as good as my earlier
work, probably much better.


                       ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER
Bryan seems confident that his
work this weekened will not
      (aside to co-host)
Looks like someone wasn't a fan of
his earlier work. Ouch, that must
Nathan turns the TV off with the remote.
Nathan sits pouting at his desk. It's the day of Bryan's
show. Anderson RAPS lightly on the door, then welcomes
himself in.
Hey, you looked like you've got a
lot on your mind. Wanna talk
about it?
Sure, come on in.
I know this whole thing has gotten
you down, but you can't let it
break your spirit.
I just wish there was something I
could do.
Look, I want to preface this by
saying I really like this job, and
I'd like to keep it. But you
can't just sit around and feel bad
about the way things are, you've
gotta take action. So in this
case, that could mean something
Such as?
Why don't we head to the gallery


It's gonna be sealed up tighter
than a drum. Besides, I'm the
last person they'd ever let in.
Anderson looks back into the main room and sees a pair of
Then we'll find some way in. It's
a gallery, not a bank. I think we
can work something out.
Anderson and Nathan have ditched their suits in favor of
polos and visors, each complete with a camera. They scope
the scene outside the gallery.
How do you propose we make it in?
They make their way around the building until they find a
small maintanence entrance.
I'll knock. Play it cool.
Wait, what's the plan?
I....I don't know. We already
have the disguises, just play