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American Dreamin
by Lemarze Smith (playerworldent@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This is story about four boy's from Detroit who all have the same dream, being the best rap group in the world. On their way to the top they have trouble and learning experince's this is ment to be a T.V. series for hbo,showtime or cinamax. This is just a taste of what you will get if it actually get's made.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Miles and Street's are riding in Miles car on their way to 7
mile to pick up Hood and Trigga Finga. While the car is
rolling on the streets of Detroit one of their tracks play
while the credits open, they roll up into the 7 mile
projects and we see Hood and Trigger Finger run to get in
the car but first Trigga Finga puts a duffel bag in the
trunk, the music plays the entire time their in the car.The
car drives off into the city heading to Highland Park.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
      (Pulls out a bag
       of weed.)
A nigga roll this up and lets
light some fire in this bitch.
Nigga you better put that shit
away in my car, you know i don't
allow someking in here.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Come the fuck on Miles man don't
start that shit now I need to get
these niggas relaxed if we gone do
Miles cell phone is ringing.
Nigga you know the rule you should
have did that shit before you left
the house.
      (Answers the phone)
                       TRIGGA FINGA
This motherfucker is worst than my
Andrea is in a bedroom with a guy who is make noise from the
bathroom, she is half naked and on the phone with Miles.
You guy's have to hurry up, where
are you?


We like around the corner why?
I'm stuck in a room with this guy
and he's trying to pay me to fuck
him, I played along but you know I
don't do shit like that Miles you
got to fucking hurry up.
Alright! Alright! we gone be there
in minute bye!
Whats up?
We got to hurry up somebody trying
to pay Andrea to fuck her.
So! Tell that bitch to lay down
take the dick and take the money,
hustle game motherfuckers.
Shut the fuck up hood.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Anybody there got guns?
I don't know. But remember don't
shot anybody.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Don't shoot anybody and you don't
know if anybody got guns fuck that
nigga, remember the pack fellas if
one shoot we all shoot.
The car pulls up to curb in Highland Park way down the
street from the house that the boys are going to and stops,
the credits stop and the music stops. They get out the car
go to the trunk and open up Trigga Fingas bag so that he can
give out the guns.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
      (Opens the bag)
Alright boys we got some heavy
hardware and some ski mask to hide
our faces.


Trigga Finga hands Miles a silver gun.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Miles you get this nice shiny
bitch, cause I know you like your
bitch's nice and shiny.
Trigga Finga gives Streets a black gun.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Streets you get this black one
cause I know you a true brother.
Trigga Finga hands hood a very small gun.
Why I gotta get this Small piece
of shit?
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Cause that's what you are nigga.
Lets go take money.
Hold up. We going in here to take
they money not shoot everybody we
see in there.
Streets, Miles and Hood looks at Trigga Finga.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
What the fuck is y'all looking at
me for?
I don't know, why do we call you
Trigga Finga?
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Man Fuck all this talking lets go.
The boys start walking towards the house with ski mask on.
Inside the house it's a strip party going on with about four
girls and 7 to 8 guy's, the boys break in and scares


                       TRIGGA FINGA
Everybody empty your fucking
pockets strip all your cloths off
and get on the fucking floor.
Lady's look like y'all half way
there so just get naked.
The guy upstairs with Andrea hears everything going on
downstairs so he gets his gun and starts to creep down,
while he's creeping down slowly Trigga Finga see him out the
corner of his eye the guy point's his gun at Miles head and
Trigga Finga instantly shoots the guy in the head killing
him. Gun fire starts to break out from most of the guys
there Andrea Rush's down stairs with a pistol in her hand.
One guy snatches Hood's hand and makes him empty his pistol
than he pulls a gun out and holds on Hood's head than Andrea
shoots the guy in the wrist, she than rushes upstairs and
another guy follows her and miles follows him she jumps out
the window with out the guy seeing her and miles catch the
guy in the room and pistol whips him. Streets gets his gun
shot out of his hand when he is about to shoot someone than
Trigga Finga shoots the guy in the chest three times killing
him than Trigga Finga and Hood starts wrestling with three
guy's. Streets is helpless with out a gun when a guy has him
staring down the barrel of a nine the guy pulls the trigger
but the weapon isn't loaded he than runs out the house and
Streets runs after him and chase him into some ones backyard
leading to a to tall brick wall where the guy is now
cornered and Streets picks up the rock and throw it at his
face and he starts beating the guy until he is out cold.
Streets than walks back to Miles house where Miles and
Andrea are in the basement.
What the fuck happened to y'all
This guy fucking guy was trying to
kill me and Miles saved my life.
Where the fuck is Trigga Finga and
I don't know I had to fuck this
nigga up.
Trigga Finga and hood rolls in.


The fucking cops came nigga
everybody broke the fuck out.
Nigga what the fuck you killing
niggas for what we say!
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Nigga if I ain't bust my heat you
and Miles would be laid out right
Nigga you got blood all over me.
I don't think you should be
worried about the blood.
Look fuck all that, how much we
                       TRIGGA FINGA
A little over 4 g's motherfucker.
Well good give me my cut so I can
go home.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
You better go strip or something
you don't get no fucking cut you
aint do shit.
I didn't do shit, you stupid bitch
I fucking set the whole thing up
asshole give me my fucking money.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
You gone have to kill me first.
Andrea pulls her gun out and points it at Trigga Fingas
head, Miles hurries up and pulls her away.
Hey! Trigga Finga give her a g.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
What nigga we gotta buy studio


Give her a g, Streets tell him to
give her g.
Give her a g nigga.
Trigga Finga very angry counts out a thousand dollars and
throws it on the table, Andrea picks it and gives Trigga
Finga the finger and leaves.
See you tomorrow Miles!
Alright so tomorrow is Saturday we
all go home get some sleep and
meet up at my house around one so
we can go get this equipment so we
can start making hot tracks.
Where we gone keep the money?
                       TRIGGA FINGA
With me.
Why with you?
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Cause I already got it.
What if I wanted to take it?
                       TRIGGA FINGA
I'll shoot you.
Look just let this nigga keep the
money we all gone see each other
All the boys start to walk up the stairs and the screen goes
to black.
Miles wakes up and looks at the clock the clock reads
11:00am, he gets up and goes into the shower while he's in
the shower the screen freeze and a quick description of him


comes up. He goes back into his room gets dressed and than
picks up the gun he was using the night before, he empties
the clip with the bullets and puts the clip in his far back
drawer at the very bottom. He wraps the gun up in a towel
than he throws on his hoodie and put the toweled gun in the
pocket of his hoodie. He walks out the house very quickly.
I'll be back later ma!
Miles goes to his car than realizes he doesn't have any gas
he looks across the street at Andrea's Pondering on if he
should go over there and ask for gas money. In Andrea's
house she has a one year old brother who's in a play pin
crying and an eight year old sister who's watching TV. in
the living room Andrea is arguing with her mother in
Spanish, Miles walks in and the arguing stops.
Hey Miles! how you doing?
Tired you know.
I need to ask you a favor. you
think you can be a best friend and
take me to the store for diapers
and food? cause apparently I'm a
17 year old mother with no life.
      (directing the
       last comment at
       her mother.)
Yeah I got you I was just about to
ask you for some gas money, gotta
hook up with the boys later on.
um, well I guess i got you boo.
On their way to the car the guy who Andrea shot in the wrist
the night before notices who she is from a distance walking


with Miles he than starts to follow them from a distance in
his car. They get into the car and start heading towards the
So what you got up for tonight, we
should do something we haven't
chilled in a long time.
Sorry I gotta strip the whole
weekend and Monday then I have my
day job during the rest of the
Monday I thought you didn't strip
on monday's
Well since I had a little party
for you and your friends last
night I have to make up for it on
Monday. but hey why don't you come
to my house and come to work with
me you can watch me dance on a
Naw I cant do that.
Come on you never seen me dance
before, I don't care if you see me
naked I just don't want your
greesy friends to see me.
Na that would be crossing
Ok if you say so.
Why you got to work so much?
When your mother doesn't work or
none of her baby fathers pay child
support than you got to do what
you got to do. I mean me and my
brother and sister have to eat.


Look I'm gone take care of you one
day make sure you don't have to
strip no more aight.
They pull up to the store when they get out of the car Miles
see a dumpster and throw the gun wrapped in a towel in the
Trigga Finga is at Musah party store on 7 mile auguring with
his father and telling Musah to hurry up and he also
threaten to rob the store.
                       MUSAH FATHER
Get the fuck out of my store you
very very black man.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Shut yo old ass up motherfucker.
I'll rob this bitch.
                       MUSAH FATHER
What bitch im no bitch yo a bitch.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
I didn't call you a bitch I said
I'm gone rob this bitch, this
                       MUSAH FATHER
Fuck you get out of my store
before I call the cops, and I know
that they don't like black man, i
don't like black man and i don't
like you.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
A Musah get out here before I blow
yo dads brains open, I'm not
fucking around I'll fuck this old
man up!
The screen freezes in the middle of the auguring and a quick
description of Trigga Finga pops up. After the description
Musah finally comes out.


OK OK alright, both of you shut
the fuck your both week wanna be
gangsta's who aint about shit.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Fuck you nigga I ain't no wanna be
gangsta im the real thing bitch.
Ha! my dad think he's Scarface and
you think your 50 cent.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Nigga I'm a true G nigga wait
until I tell you what we did last
What rob an eleven year old for
some ice cream by doing a drive
bye on a 10 speed with water
bloons and a water gun.
Trigga Finga walks out the store and walks towards Musah's
car, Musah follows behind him.
Musah and Trigga Finga get in the car and start smoking
What the fuck did you do last
                       TRIGGA FINGA
We robbed like seven or eight
niggas out by Miles crib.
No fucking way.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Hell fucking way dude! We had this
little bitch set up a strip arty
than we broke in there made
everybody strip nigga i popped two
motherfuckers in the head.


Wait a minute you guys killed
                       TRIGGA FINGA
No I killed people I'm the only
one with hart I had to save my
niggas Miles and Streets. If it
wasn't for me those niggas would
be dead right now.
Damn how much did you fuckers get.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Over 4 stacks but this dumb ass
nigga Miles made me give some
money to that bitch Andrea. I
shouldn't have gave that bitch
nothing but some dick.
You cant fuck her I here she
doesn't fuck guy's like that.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
It figures dike ass bitch. you
should have seen this pussy ass
nigga, give her some money
Streets make him give her some
So what the fuck are you guy's
gonna do with all that money.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
They think we gone buy some studio
equipment but you taking me to buy
a new car from yo home boy.
What the fuck, we need that studio
equipment that shit would do me
some good to I'm the fucking
producer. their gonna be fucking
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Relax motherfucker I got something
better than studio equipment.


What? and you better not say
                       TRIGGA FINGA
The other day I was smoking with
this nigga name felon.
Yeah I heard of him big time
gangsta in Detroit from the Bronx
New York. so what does that have
to do with you.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Well he told me he's looking to
start a record label, he said he
got all types of connections and
contacts but he just don't have
the right act, so I slid him a
copy of our demo and he said he
want to meet with us today around
four, If everything goes good than
everything is good he gone help us
put together a album and we gone
help him launch his record label.
You better hope this shit don't
blow up in your face.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
It wont. So how much you think I
can get this whip for.
twelve hundred.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Twelve Hundred, Whooooo! nigga I'm
gone be riding clean boy!
Hood is in his bedroom with his little brother playing video
You cant fuck with me in no madden
little nigga I don't even know why
pick up the sticks.


                       HOOD'S LITTLE BROTHER
Shut up Chris.
You shut up, you just mad cause
I'm about to dub yo little ass
biscuit boy!
While hood his talking smack the screen freezes on a close
up of Hood and gives a quick description of him. Hoods
mother than comes in his room and finds his loaded gun.
                       HOODS MOTHER
Chris, what is this?
What is what?
                       HOODS MOTHER
Why the fuck do you have a gun in
my house boy? Are you fucking
crazy you got you little brother
in here and shit what the fuck is
wrong with you.
I got to go Ma, don't worry about
He quickly gets up and leaves out the house.
                       HOODS MOTHER
Don't worry about it Chris! Chris!
get yo ass back here! I'm calling
yo father!
Streets is sitting on his front porch taking calls and a
couple of people come up and sort of secretly buy drugs from
him. His down the street neighbor Fred walks up and as he is
giving him a hand shake the screen freezes a quick
description of him comes up. Him and his neighbor sit on the
porch talking.
A nigga whats up with that little
bitch you be smoking with at yo


Oh that shit nigga we just be
chilling, drinking, smokeing.
Fred begins laughing historically.
Naw it ain't like that at all.
Shit, I seen that little bitter,
for a white girl she got a little
ass on her, I know Musah fucked,
probably still fucking her, I
would fuck her but i think Trigga
Finga fucked and I don't fuck with
no bitch Trigga Finga fucked.
Fred starts laughing, some one else come up to buy some
drugs from Streets while the exchange is being made Felon
has one of his guys driving him around in a Benz and see
what Streets is doing and smiles.
I remember that used to be me
selling, now I'm the fucking
kingpin of this shit. I don't know
who that is but remind me that I
got get a piece of that, I cant
have these young niggas thinking
they can do whatever whereever.
                       BLACK FOOT
Got it Boss.
Felon drives off Miles pulls up and walks up to Streets.
What up nigga. What up Freddy Fred
what you been up to nigga I ain't
seen you in a minute.
Shit I'm just chilling going to
school nigga trying get my bred up
the hard way, I ain't no superstar
like y'all niggas.
A you hear the new demo.


yeah man it's tight but the
quality kind of fucked up though.
I know we cant get no radio
stations to play it and they said
no labels will listen to anything
that sounds like that. so we bout
to go get some new equipment
Trigga Finga and Musha Pull up in Trigga Fingas new car.
They all looked shocked to see Trigga Finga with a car.
Is that Trigga Finga in a fucking
Where the fuck that nigga get a
car from. I just saw him walking
home from school yesterday.
      (Looking at
I wonder?
Trigga Finga and Musah get out the car walking towards
Streets porch.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
What up niggas, what you think,
nice huh?
Yeah but where you get the money
for a car.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
The money from last night.
The money from last nigga you
crazy we could have got killed
last night and you go and do this


                       TRIGGA FINGA
But you didn't get killed cause I
saved your life, I think of this
car as your thank you to me.
Nigga what the fuck is we gone do
about the studio equipment.
How much did this cost?
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Relax it cost three thousand
Musah cuts his eye's at Trigga Finga
So what the fuck is we gone do
now? we not doing it again.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Look I got us a meeting today with
this guy starting up a new record
label, his name is felon and he's
looking for a new act I showed him
our demo and he liked it, if he
likes us today we have a perfect
studio to record in anytime we
What time is this meeting.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
That's about a hour away we better
get going.
you going along with this?
We ain't got no choice, its no
sense in arguing we might as well
take what we got.
Hood runs up and tell them what happened to him he is out of


Shit now whats wrong with this
      (Out of breath)
My moms found my gun she talking
shit. what should I say I just
left nigga.
Just tell her you found the gun
and you was wondering how to
shooting one.
you think that's gone work?
Its better than telling her what
you did last night nigga.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Look we ain't got no time for this
bullshit we gotta go.
Where the fuck is we going? And
who's car is this?
The boys including Musha all pile in Trigga Fingas car to
head over to felons as they pull off the guy who was
following miles is still following them from a distance.
While in the car Trigga Finga sparks up some weed mainly to
bug Miles because Miles doesn't allow smoking in his car.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Its about to get cloudy in this
bitch so I hope nobody ain't got
no objections. Cause this is my
car and I smoke the riff Raff when
I want good laugh.
Miles is looking at Trigga Finga very angry from the back
seat. Streets is in the front passenger seat, hood is in the
back behind streets and Musah is in the middle, they begin
to pass the weed around between the four of them leaving out
Miles cause he doesn't smoke. Trigga see a couple of girls


walking down the street and the honks the horn twice him and
Hood start acting crazy and making noises towards the girls.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Whooo! Whats up baby! my back
seat is real spacey Ha Haaaaaa!
Goddamn look nigga she got some
BOOBIES! pull over nigga let me
Come on man we ain't got no time.
nigga its always time for pussy.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Nigga just wait til I hook my ride
up I'm gone be flashing! getting
all the hoes. it's gone be black
nigga, black car, black tents,
black rims. they ain't gone be
able to say no, I'm gone have a
lot of puss puss in the cuss cuss.
Ha ha! nigga what you say.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Im gone have a lot o puss puss in
the cuss cuss.
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! nigga what the
fuck do that mean.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Nigga i don't know but I'm gone
put it in one my rhymes cause its
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! you a silly
They pull up at Felons Birmingham home and the notice a
beautiful girl moving in on the same block.They all get out
of the car and start walking slowly looking at, the girl
notice the boys looking at her, she smiles and waves than
her father see her smiling and waveing at the boys and pulls
her inside the house.


                       TRIGGA FINGA
Damn! she is bad!
She was perfect she had
What? Miles approves with yo picky
ass you know if this nigga approve
than she gotta be a piece.
Shut up streets.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
I wonder if she go to our school.
If she go to our school or not I'm
gone get it.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Nigga you ain't getting shit
before me. when I'm done with her
you can have my sloppy seconds.
Nigga put a buck on it.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Its a bet nigga.
They shake on it.
My moneys on Trigga.
Don't you got extra skin over your
dick that makes hard for you to
get pussy.
Hey, I was circumcised asshole.
They knock at the door and Felon's Keisha answers the door.
Can I help you?


                       TRIGGA FINGA
Yes we have a meeting with Felon,
you can tell him Trigga Finga is
here with his group.
She looks Trigga Finga up and down looking at him wondering
why he calls him self Trigga Finga.
Trigga Finga? yeah right.come in.
They enter Felons house and they all notice how attractive
his wife is.
Baby Trigga Finga and his group
are here to see you.
From another room
OK tell them ill be right down.
He'll be right down, you boys can
follow me to the living room and
have seat while you wait.
She turns around and Hood and Trigga Finga start making
faces toward each other looking at her butt.
This a nice house you all got here
Mrs.James you can call me
Mrs.James and thank you would you
boys like anything to drink or eat
while wait.
Felon comes right in the room wearing a robe with a t-shirt
and basketball shorts under it on his robe is an F stitched
into it. he has flip-flops on with white socks on.
Baby you can get every body some
lemonade OK. fellas let me take
you guys to the music room.
James huh? My first name is James.


So, My middle name is money now
let's go talk about how we gone
make some.
Felon walks them to his music room and they notice that he
feeds his dogs gun powder. has passes by his seven year old
Hey son, where you headed of to?
To the video game room.
Alright but before you go I want
to introduce you to daddy's new
group. Fellas Introduce your
Whats up little man I'm Miles
Whats happening I'm Streets
I'm Hood.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
      (Making trigger
       pulling gestures.)
I'm your boy Trigga Finga.
And I'm Musha the producer.
Well I'm Allen James and I'm seven
years old now can i go play video
games now daddy?
Yeah get outta here lil nigga.
Allen runs off and the y all go straight to the Music room,
inside the music room a big radio with wall to wall surround
sound. and a producers table. Felons producer Uzan Oz is in
the music room when they walk in there is loud music playing
already and Felon begins to talk over the beat.


      (Yelling over the
So you niggas wanna be in the rap
game. Turn that down for me Uzan.
Uzan turns the music down you can still here it play very
softly in the background. Kesha bring a trey with a few
glasses of lemonade on it she put it down on a table and
everyone grabs a glass.
Thank you baby you can go upstairs
I'll be after I'm done.This is my
producer Uzan Oz. Uzan This is
Miles, Streets, Hood and Trigga
Musah clears his throat loudly letting Felon know he forgot
Oh and this is musah. What do you
call yourselves.
We don't exactly have a name yet
you better come up with one if you
gone be working with me, now y'all
gone be working directly with Uzan
I know what he does and how he
does it and I like it. Musah you
can come down show me what you got
and maybe I can hook you up with a
job, you can start off as a
respectable intern maybe moping
floors and shit.
Musah is looking at Felon very angry.
Now this young man right here
nigga trigga said that y'all the
shit. Now he dropped me a demo, im
gone be real that shit had very
poor quality but i can fill some
lyrics, some creativity. But see I
believe that the showing is in the
putting if you know What I meen.


Yeah boss.
Put that track on we was working
on yesterday I want these lil
niggas to freestyle to it one by
Uzan Puts n a beat and Felon listens to a freestyle from
each one of them and like Miles, Streets and Hood, he seems
concerned win he learns that Trigga Finga cant freestyle.
Whats that bullshit, you cant
freestyle, what if you get called
out by another rapper.
All the boys are looking at each other with blank looks on
their faces.
Alright get out of my house you
boys waisted my time i don't want
work with you your not a complete
All the boys jump and start complaining at first but than
Miles take over.
Alright wait! look he cant
freestyle or write that well but
we guarantee his delivery is
flawless and if we have to we will
sit down with him and teach him
how to freestyle and write. Do
not walk away on us, we are a
complete group and we have a
formula and chemistry that works,
just give us a real chance to cut
some tracks in your studio and
prove it to you.
The room gets quiet for a minute all the boys are looking at
each other and Felon is thinking to him self than he breaks
O.k. your boy is good with
convincing me, but no bullshit.


Felon give Streets a card with the address to the studio. on
the back of the card is the boys scheduled days for
You go to this place to record on
School craft, your schedule is on
the back of the card we work
Monday, Wednesday and Friday from
eight until whenever. you boys
forget you ever came here and
never tell anybody I live here you
All the boys shaking their heads and saying yes.
Now get out of here.
The boys are walking toward Trigga Fingas car Trigga Finga
takes the card from Street's and start reading thinking that
they don't need it and throws it on the ground. after the
boys walk away the guy who was following come and picks up
the card reads it to himself and puts it in his pocket and
walks of the screen. Streets walks off by himself at first
to a path close by Felons house. In this place there is a
nice view of a waterfall, Streets stand close to the edge
looking into the air thinking the rest of the boy's follow
Whats on your mind player.
I just hope we making the right
decision I just don't want to be
makeing no deals with the devil.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Look man I'm telling y'all I see
something good coming out of this
I wouldn't have done it if I
didn't fill good about it.
Yes you would have. but that
doesn't matter now cause we in
this togeather.


That's right and I'm in it to win
What the fuck are we going to do
about this fucker letting me shine
and produce you guy's.
Don't worry about that we got you,
you started with us you gone end
with us.
There's a wide shot of the boy's standing near the waterfall
zooming out.
The guy who was following everyone name is G-reala and he
was shot in the Wrist by Andrea and Trigga Finga killed his
older bother. He is with his crew 2 other people.
I saw that bitch that fucking shot
me in the wrist, and that punk ass
motherfucker that killed my
brother. I know where the be at
and I know they fucking schedule
so come Monday those sons of
bitch's going down.
You sure it was them nigga.
Yeah nigga I been following them
all day what the fuck you gone ask
me that for!
Chill out G we just don't want to
kill the wrong people man, you
gone fuck around and shoot up the
whole city of Detroit trying to
find tham nigga's.
I don't give a fuck they killed my
brother they all geting theirs.


It is Monday morning and Miles is in English class with
Hey how you doing my name is angle
and you are.
Angel is holding her hand out waiting for a handshake and
Miles doesn't look to anxious to talk to her, he cuts his
eyes at her twice in a roll before he says something.
I'm James Sims, everybody calls me
Why do they call you Miles?
Cause I lived on just about every
Mile road in Detroit.
      (Smiling at Mile
       in a flirting
       type of way.)
Well I think I'll call you James,
you know to separate me and you
from everybody else.
Miles looks at here with a blank look on his face for about
five seconds.
Yeah what do you want?
Welll! I noticed you have a car.
Miles is looking at his paper working on his work.
Um hm I notice you noticing shit.
Angel ignores what he says and just keep on with her
And I was wondering if you can
take me home everyday since I live
a little ways away.


You got gas money for five days a
Well you have a problem.
She just looks at Miles while he does his work for a second.
Later that day Trigga Finga, Hood and Streets are walking
down the hall at lunch and notice another rap group with a
crowd around them spitting consistent freestyle flows and
the crowd is filling them one of the guys from the other
group notice the boys walking and challenge the groups
leader Streets to a freestyle battle, the battle is to
rounds the first round street gets ate up, but the second
round streets go hard and gets his respect. After the battle
Trigga Finga notices Angel and all three guy's quickly walk
up and introduce there self's.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Hey how you doing sweetness, whats
your name?
I'm Angel.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Well Angel I'm Trigga Finga and
this is Hood and Streets, What
brings you to our school are you
new here where do you come from?
I'm from California my dads in the
You got a boyfriend?
No. I had one back in L.A. but you
know the long distance thing I'm
not for that.


                       TRIGGA FINGA
Well you know that we a rap group.
O,really what do guy's call
All the boy's look at each other clueless.
Well we don't exactly have a name
well, what do you rap about?
                       TRIGGA FINGA
We rap about love, how to treat a
lady and you know the finer things
in life.
Streets and Hood look at Trigga Finga like he's crazy.
Oh, I was hoping that you raped
about gansta music cause that's
what I like and being that your
name is Trigga Finga it just
Well we do gangsta music, us
softer ones in the group
incorporate the other stuff.
Good cause I'm hosting a talent
show down at the state theater in
about a week from now and I don't
want all that slow type music, we
need something to keep the crowd
hype and I was wondering if you
guy's wanted to perform.
Angel hands Streets a flier and Streets reads some of it out
      (Reading of the
Grand prize ten thousand dollars
and a record contract with a
surprise record label. Whats the


                       STREETS (cont'd)
label shady?
Sorry not allowed to tell.
Thanks but I don't think where
Really cause your friends that you
where just raping with already
They did. Sign us up.
Great I'll put you down as no name
for now but you'll need a name
before the o.k. and its just you
three right.
No it's one more of us his name is
Miles we just don't know where he
is right now.
Miles that's the asshole that want
to charge me ten dollars a day for
gas money to take me home.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Ten dollars a day that's uncalled
for. I will take you home everyday
for free.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
No problem that's what good men do
good shit, am I right.
Thank you.
Hood shakes his head at Trigga Finga and gives him a mean


Later that night Andrea leaves the house going to the strip
club she is being followed by G-reala and his crew of 4
other guys in an SUV. When they get to the strip club
G-reala goes inside.
I'm going inside motherfuckers
make sure if she comes out you get
her ass and call me on my celly
Aight nigga.
Andrea puts on her strip show while not knowing that G-reala
is in the very back of the club watching. When her session
is over she leaves and starts to walk down a dark alley
where she meets up with G-reala he beats her and knock her
down on the ground rapes her and than shoots her thinking he
killed her. He than rushes to the car with his boys they
quickly drive off talking about how they are about to kill
the other guys.
Lets go get those other
motherfuckers they on school craft
I know exactly where they at.
The same night the guy's are in the studio and felon notice
that miles is the best one out of the four causes he writes
almost every course and has the best verse all the time.
Music is playing and Trigga Finga is in the booth doing his
Alright Uzan! Uzan! cut the music
Trigga Finga come out I need to
talk to you boys.
Trigga Finga comes out the booth and they all sit around
What the fuck is going on here.
this nigga here gone make all the
money. now ask me why.


Cause he writing all the hooks to
your songs.
We only did two songs.
So I can see this is how you do it
all the time, if not all the time
about 85% of the time, this is
your formula.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
Streets is the leader of the group
and that's the way streets wants
no little nigga I'm the leader of
this group you gone do what the
fuck I want you to do.
The room gets quite for a second.
He also has the best flow, you
boys need to get it together a
group is only good if everyone is
equal, if one person stands out
the group is no good cause that
person is gonna get great offers
that he cant refuse and be
something bigger than what the
rest of you are.Now Trigga Finga
told me about that little talent
Streets cuts his eyes at Trigga Finga.
This is a big opportunity for us
fellas you can get your record
deal I can start my company, but
we have to stick together and as
of right now where not ready to go
to the talent show, but I'm going
to prep you and make sure your
ready. Now lets get back to work.


The boys begin leavening Felons house.
Man why you tell that nigga about
the talent show.
                       TRIGGA FINGA
That's our boss I got to tell him
when we get a gig.
Man shut the fuck up.
In he middle of the conversation gun shots start to go off
at the four boys and they all get behind the Trigga Fingas
car on the ground Trigga Finga pulls out his gun and starts
shooting at the car Felon comes out of the house with some
of his guy's with shot guns in hands at the time they think
that its some of Felons enemies
What the Fuck is going on out
                       BLACK FOOT
Felon it's probably those guy's
from Highland Park who don't want
to give up there territory.
Alright you boys stay here for the
night until everything is safe
come on everybody in the house.
Everyone goes in the house the door closes and the screen
fades to black.


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