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A Mexican Rhapsody
by Erick Sanchez (teachererk@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
A young boy, JULIAN watches his mother raped and murdered before his eyes. He flees to the Mexican riviera. A playground to international tourists on the outside. Inside is the struggle of the rich taking advantage of the poor that has always defined Mexico.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A fierce lightning storm rages. Exterior of a meager farm
house. Opening credits roll between shots of a fierce
lightning storm,startled horses and a flock of sheep.

A loud Coyotes HOWL is heard.
Coyote's HOWL wakes up a couple in bed. A small boy is
asleep in the corner. The rancher JUAN FELIPE rises and
grabs his shotgun,his wife MARIA ELENA awakes.
                       MARIA ELENA
Juan,que paso?
                       JUAN FELIPE
El coyote!
                       MARIA ELENA
Pero la tormenta!
                       JUAN FELIPE
Huerta! El jefe, Huerta!
Juan Felipe kisses his wife and prepares to leave.
                       MARIA ELENA
Juan Felipe, aren't you forgetting
Juan tries to kiss his wife goodbye. She turns away to allow
him a clear view of his sleeping son. Juan walks over and
kisses his son. He exits the farm house.
A police baton is rattled against jail cell bars. A guard
motions to a little boy to pass through the corridor. Julian
reaches a cell with the door open. Inside a priest
administers last rites to a dying prisoner. The priest exits
the cell.
Juan looks frail and sickly as he coughs blood in to a

Juan Felipe's hand drips blood from his fingers and plops on


to a small puddle of blood on the floor.
Julian takes handkerchief and kisses his father.
                       JUAN FELIPE
It's not right you gotta see your
old man dying like this.
      (Taking his
       father's hand)
Don't say that. You'll be fine.
                       JUAN FELIPE
All I ever wanted was for you to
have a decent life! Not to go
sleep hungry every night.
Try and rest Papa!
                       JUAN FELIPE
Rest? Huh, I'll get plenty of rest
in hell! (raising voice)
I killed her Julian! I killed the
only woman I ever loved.
Julian pretends not to hear his father's confession. He
walks over to a small dirty sink and turns on the tap water.

Cut to -


Juan exits the farmhouse and mounts his horse. His rifle is
at the ready as another coyote's howl pierces the night.
Juan rides off.

Camera pans O/S to a tree overlooking the farmhouse. Under
the tree a man on horse back drinks from a flask. He is a
large well dressed man on a beautiful blond horse.

Juan approaches a small ragged flock of sheep. He dismounts
noticing a large blob on the ground. He realizes the blob is
the mutilated remains of a sheep. He crouches. Juan removes
his sombrero and covers his face with one hand in utter


Int. Farmhouse - Night

Maria Elena is standing over her son humming a lullaby. She
hears the rattle of spurs and footsteps outside her door and
a loud knock.
                       MR. HUERTA
Sandoval! Are you in there? Open
the damn door.
(knocks again)
Maria Elena meekly walks over and opens the door.
                       MARIA ELENA
Mr. Huerta Sir. Good evening? What
are you doing here so late?
Mr. Huerta brushes Maria Elena aside and lets himself in to
the farmhouse.
                       MR. HUERTA
      (Looking around)
Where is that good for nothing
husband of yours?
                       MARIA ELENA
He's on horseback. He couldn't
sleep. What with the storm and
Thunder shakes the farmhouse. Julian whimpers in mid sleep.
                       MR. HUERTA
Went for a late night stroll, did
he? Don't give me that crap! You
know damn well he's out looking
for that coyote so I don't throw
you out!
                       MARIA ELENA
Mr. Huerta, Juan Felipe works so
hard for you.
Maria Elena points to her son sleeping in the corner of the
                       MARIA ELENA
      (Eyes watering up)
We have a small child. I beg you
please! Don't throw us out. We
have no place to go!


                       MR. HUERTA
Save your tears woman. Whether you
live in this dump or on the
streets doesn't matter to me. This
valley and everything in it is
mine. I'll do what I see fit to
keep it that way!
Huerta deviously looks at Maria Elena. In her despair she
doesn't notice that her housecoat has slipped open revealing
her cleavage. She feels his hungry stare and instantly
covers herself.
                       MR. HUERTA
Give me a tequila woman! I have a
long ride back to the hacienda in
the rain.
                       MARIA ELENA
Mr. Huerta, we are a poor
Christian family (motions towards
crucifix on the wall). There is no
liquor in this house.
Huerta takes flask from his coat and takes a drink while he
looks mockingly at the crucifix on the wall.
                       MR. HUERTA
A Christian family. A lot of good
that does you. You better hope
your God is out there in the storm
helping your husband kill that
Huerta attacks Maria, pawing at her breasts. She struggles
free and tries to evade him. Huerta slaps her, throws her on
the bed and rips open her housecoat. Maria Elena screams
throwing up her hands in self defense scratching Huerta's
face. He slowly brings his hand to his face. His hand is
streaked with blood.
                       MR. HUERTA
I told you. Everything in this
valley is mine!
Mr. Huerta proceeds to rape Maria Elena.

Julian opens his eyes frozen motionless to the horrific
sight of his mother having sex with a strange man before his
Ext. Farmhouse - Night


Juan returns noticing the beautiful horse tied to the front
of the house.

Int. Farmhouse - Night

Opens door,
Juan is Mortified at what he sees. Huerta is on top of his
wife in their bed.
They do not notice he has entered as Huerta grunts and
thrusts away. Juan takes the shotgun from his shoulder and
pumps the gun. Huerta turns to see Juan with the shotgun
pointed at him. Maria is in shock, unable to speak. Huerta
is annoyed by the interruption. Juan trembles. He slowly
lowers the shotgun. Huerta looks Juan in the face and
Juan explodes with rage. He raises the shotgun and empties
it on Huerta and Maria. Blood splatters all over the room.
It's a bloody massacre. Juan looks to his son. Julian is
frozen. Speckled with blood.

A loud lightning strike and we are transported back to
Julian in the jail cell with his father.


Julian is wringing out the the bloody handkerchief in the
sink. Juan continues his guttural coughing. Julian returns
to his father's side. Juan grabs his son's hand.
                       JUAN FELIPE
My son the land here is dry and
forgives no man. Go to the coast.
Find your Aunt Elvira. You are her
blood. She can't deny your
presence like she denies her past.
      (Hugging his
No Papa! I won't leave you!
                       JUAN FELIPE
Julian. I'm so sorry my son. I
robbed you of your mother and your
childhood. I love you Julian.
I love you Papa.


                       JUAN FELIPE
I would do anything to make things
right. I would do anything for
you. For you I would give my last
drop of blood!
Julian cries.
Blood drips from Juan Felipe's hand to the small puddle of
blood on the floor.
No Papa!No!
Juan Felipe coughs and gasps as the last breath of life
leaves his body. Julian wails and cries. He buries his face
in his father's chest.
Folksy Mexican music plays.

Julian packs his meager belongings in a run down shack,
counting the few coins he has. He throws an old leather
backpack over his shoulder and heads out.

Cut to-

Ext. Countryside - Day

Julian is climbing a fence trying to reach a peach on a
tree. . An old rancher walking alongside a burro appears
waving his fist at Julian.
                       OLD RANCHER
Damn kid! Get get the hell outta
Julian flees.
                                         CUT TO-
Julian walks down a cobblestone road. Two pretty local girls
are leaning against a wall watching him. The girls whisper
to each other. He smiles at the girls and they smile back.
He stumbles on the cobblestone road and almost falls. The
girls laugh at him. Julian frowns and walks away as fast as
he can.
                                         CUT TO-


Dark stormy night, Julian is huddled under a tree with his
meager blanket trying to sleep.

Julian walks up a hill, worn out and haggard from the long
trip. He is looking down at the ground taking very slow
deliberate steps. Suddenly he stops and looks amazed at the
view. The pacific ocean on a beautiful sunny day.
Front desk of hotel. A female attendant is on the phone. She
looks at Julian as he enters. She comes out from behind the
counter and places her hands on her hips.
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
Boy we don't give any handouts
here. If you are looking for work
you have to check in the back. All
the help uses the back entrance!
      (Removing sombrero)
Excuse me Miss, I am not looking
for work. I am looking for my aunt
who works here.
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
Like I said, you need to check in
the back!
I believe she works here in the
front. Her name is...
Julian fumbles and takes out a worn piece of paper from his
...Elvira Sandoval De Marquez
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
You are a relative of Madam
Marquez? (Looks the peasant boy
over) You must me mistaken? Your
aunt is probably a cook or
somebody from housekeeping?


My aunt is Elvira Sandoval De
Marquez. My father told me she
runs this hotel with her husband.
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
Oh! I see!
The front desk girl's composure changes completely. She
lowers her hands from her hips and smiles at the boy. She
turns and gleefully rings a bell on the front desk counter.
A young bell boy appears.
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
      (To bell boy)
Jose! I want you to go to the
kitchen and bring me a cold glass
of ice tea for this nice young
She motions towards Julian.
Julian Sandoval Perez.
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
Of course! Bring a glass of ice
tea for Julian SANDOVAL Perez.
Bell boy nods and walks away.
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
You must be very tired from your
journey. Have a seat. (Pointing to
chair) Where did you say you come
From my village in Michoacan.
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
Of course Michoacan! Tell me is
that where Madam, I mean your aunt
is from?


Yes. She is from my village too. I
have never met her. (sitting down)
She came to the coast before I was
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
      (Smiling ear to
We must introduce you to your
aunt. Your ice tea will be here
shortly. Let me tell your aunt
from Michoacan that you are here
to meet her!
The front desk girl exits. Julian sits. He is amazed at
grandour of the elegant hotel. Never did he expect to go
from pauper to relative of the owner of this hotel.
The front desk girl enters a conference room. Across the
room we see the back of Elvira Sandoval. She is arranging
some flowers in a vase.
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
Excuse me Madam Marquez.
What is it girl? Can't you see I'm
busy. The Mayor will be here in
less than an hour to host his
luncheon. I can't trust any of you
to make sure everything is just
Elvira is a beautiful woman with a snobby disposition. Over
her shoulder we see the front desk girl smirking.
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
Yes. Madam, you have a visitor at
the front desk.
Use your head girl! I can't be
disturbed now. Whoever it is tell
them to make an appointment or
come back next week.


                       FRONT DESK GIRL
But Madam Marquez, this person
appears to have come a long way to
see you.
Girl did you leave your Brain at
home today? I told you..
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
...this boy came all the way from
MICHOACAN to see you!
Elvira let's out a small gasp as she pricks her finger on a
thorn. She is pale.
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
The boy said his name is Julian
Sandoval from a village in
Michoacan. He claims to be your
The vase hits the floor with a loud shattering noise. Elvira
is obviously shaken. Elvira composes herself before she
turns to address the front desk girl.
I want you to listen to my orders
very carefully. I know you like
this job very much. I'm sure you
enjoy all the luxuries it affords
you. Like meeting boys to
"entertain" them in the guest
rooms when I go to the salon on
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
No! Madam I would never...
...now you tell Jose to clean up
this vase right away! Then you go
and tell that boy to go around
back and meet me in the generator
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
      (Head down)
Yes Madam. Right away.


Oh, and keep your mouth shut. I
feel very sorry for you if you
tell anyone about that boy. Say
nothing, if you want to keep your
Julian is standing in a bleak dark generator room that
provides power for the hotel. In walks Elvira.Julian is
frozen. They look face to face and Julian extends his arms
to her,looking for a hug. Elvira folds her arms as if in
self defense.
Boy stop. Let me look at you.
Elvira pauses and stares at the boy.
There is no mistaking you are the
child of my dead sister.
      (Starting to cry)
Aunt Elvira?
Little boy what are you doing
here? You belong in Michoacan.
That's all our little family ever
aspired to.Not me! I want and have
had the life of a propper lady!
      (Holding back
My father said that you could
raise me. That I could go to
school here.I don't have anyone in
this world but you Aunt Elvira.
Elvira puts her hand to her face rubbing her chin as a
nervous gesture. She lights a cigarette,thinks for a moment.
A calm look comes over her face.


There is no Aunt Elvira here for
you little boy. Here I am Madam
Marquez. That's what you will call
me. You will have better schooling
and better quarters than anything
you have known in Michoacan. You
will not have an Aunt Elvira.All
this town will EVER know is that
you are an orphan that we adopted
as a sign of our generosity to
give back. Since we have so much.
After all the owner and wife of a
successful hotel don't have time
to have a child of their own.
Traditional Mexican Bolero music plays

Elvira walks along a city street. Julian walks next to her.
She glares down at him. The boy pauses. Once Elvira is a
couple of steps ahead Julian follows her.

They enter barber shop. She points to the barber chair. The
barber approaches removing Julian's sombrero. Barber
attempts to hand the sombrero to Elvira. She throws it in
the trash. Barber begins to chop off Julian's thick hair.

Julian is standing in front of a mirror. Next to him we see
a tailor taking his measurements. Elvira stands in the
background watching. Elvira exits the tailor shop followed
by Julian.He is wearing a "Little Lord Fauntleroy" outfit
carrying a bundle of folded clothes in his arms.

Back at the hotel Julian is dressed in a hotel employee
uniform following Elvira through a hallway. They enter a
guest room where two maids are making the beds. As soon as
Elvira enters the two women stand at attention. She is
giving orders to the women and pointing at Julian.
In the next shot we see Julian sweeping the same hotel room
while the two maids relax outside sharing a cigarette.

A gardener is watering some plants. Behind him is Julian
covered in dirt dragging a wheel barrel full of dirt and a

Two women hotel employees are in a kitchen prep area slicing
vegetables. Behind them Julian looks exhausted as he scrubs
a dirty pan. Next to him is a stack of dirty pots and pans.

Julian is in a tiny room in the hotel. It appears to be a


storeroom that has been converted to a makeshift bedroom. He
is on his knees praying in front of a small cot. Elvira
stands at the doorway smoking a cigarette. He finishes his
prayers and gets under the blankets as she turns off the
Raul is seated behind his desk. The office is decorated with
pictures pictures of many famous people.
Raul is an elegant man. He smokes a cigarette from a long
filter.He looks over some paperwork as Elvira enters with a
tray of coffee and toast!
Good morning Raul Dear.
Raul ignores her greeting. He continues looking over his
paperwork. Elvira turns to exit.
Elvira. Do you know who I got a
phone call from this morning?
No.I was in the back making sure
the employees arrived on time.Same
as every morning.
Father Ruben called. Do you know
what he called me about?
I imagine he wanted to make sure
you had returned safely from your
conference in Mexico City.
The father wanted to inquire as to
why I would adopt a peasant boy
from the country when they have so
many local boys here at the
Elvira's face becomes tense as she walks back towards the
Nosy priest. Darling adopt is just
a legal term. Think of the boy as
a live in employee. If we send him


                       ELVIRA (cont'd)
to school then he'll be smart
enough to take on bigger chores
than washing dishes and making
Yes. Marriage is also a legal
term. It is marriage that allows
you the good life of being Madam
Raul takes a folder from a desk drawer. He pulls out a stack
of receipts.
Weekly visits to the salon.Outfits
that cost twice as much as any of
my finest suits,and more shoes
than any woman could wear in one
Darling those are business
expenses that are tax deductible.I
know a man of your stature doesn't
want the hotel represented by an
ugly women in rags.
When my family said I should marry
a local girl from a good family I
ignored them.I don't know where
you came from or anything about
your past.I've never pressed you
for any iformation.
I never wanted to bore you with
prep school stories from
Guadalajara.Besides my family died
in a terrible gas explosion...
All I know is that you are cold
and calculated.You don't have a
maternal bone in your body.Why not
let this peasant boy do some
chores,throw him a few pesos and
he can be on his way like all the


                       RAUL (cont'd)
other employees?
Darling do you realize in one year
this boy will have put in almost
two thousand hours of labor.We
provide him schooling and clothing
and the hotel still comes out
Raul takes a long drag off his cigarette.Thinks for a moment
and smiles.
You are a beautiful woman who
cares about nothing in life except
this hotel,my money and the power
you wield over the employees.
Raul shakes his head at Elvira as he admires her bad
Sometimes I think the employees
are more scared of you than they
are of me!
They are!
Alright Elvira.I will allow you
this whim of adopting the peasant
Elvira turns to walk away.
                       FRONT DESK GIRL
Know this.If that boy ever does
ANYTHING to sully the reputation
of this hotel.If that boy ever
does anything that displeases
me.He'll be back in the street
begging as will you!
Very well Dear.


Julian is dressed in a school uniform seated at a desk in
the back of the classroom looking nervous and out of place,
surrounded by classmates.
Children good morning. Quiet
children! I want you to welcome
our new student. Please stand up
Julian. Julian, please tell us
your full name and where you are
He stands.
My name is...
...louder please!
My name is Julian Sandoval Perez.
Julian begins to sit down, then stops.
My name is Julian Sandoval Perez.I
am from...Michoacan.
Seated ahead from Julian are two boys IVAN and ALEX .Ivan is
light skinned and frail with glasses. Alex, is a cocky
handsome brat. Bigger and tougher than all the other kids.
Michoacan,uggh! Farm boy!
A few of the children chuckle.
Don't you miss your manure farm
The whole class errupts in laughter. Julian ignores the
laughing, he is mesmorized by SANDRA. A beautiful little
girl with long dark hair. Their eyes meet.
Shh! You boys be quiet, let the
new boy speak.


The whole class becomes aware that Julian and Sandra are
looking at each other. The students let out a loud "oohhhh"!
Sandra is embarrassed and turns away.
Children! That's enough of that.
Tell us Julian, what part of town
does your family live in.
I live at the Hotel Las Brisas.
A child O/S says, "wow"!
You mean you are staying at the
hotel, while your family finds a
I live at the Hotel Las Brisas.
Sometimes before the guests are
awake I sneak in the pool and swim
by myself!
Several kids O/S let out, "ohs" and "wows".
Thank you Julian you may take your
seat. Alright children, I hope all
of you completed your homework.
Please open your notebooks so I
may come around to...
A school bell is heard.Throngs of kids are exiting the
classrooms.We see a shot of some children chatting in a
small group.Julian is walking alone with his head down.He
reaches a playground.A group of boys are playing
soccer.Julian notices Sandra talking to some
classmates.Beside them Ivan is standing listening to a
disc-man with headphones.For the first time Julian notices
Ivan wears a shoe on his left foot that is taller than the
shoe on his right foot.Julian walks up to Ivan.
Hi my name is Julian.
Ivan looks annoyed.He removes his headphones.


What?I'm listening to music.
My name is...
I know.I heard your name in class.
Ivan takes out a hand held video game from his coat
pocket.Juliann's eyes are fixated on Ivan's gadgets.
Can I ask you a question?
You already have.
Well,I mean.In my village I have
never seen anyone with different
shoes like yours.How come this one
is taller than that one(pointing
at his feet)
Ivan looks at Julian with a bewildered,angry look.Ivan then
yells toward the soccer field.
Hey Alex!
Alex hears Ivan.He picks up the soccer ball and walks
towards Ivan.
The new kid wants to play soccer
with you.
But I...
Oh yeah?Are you any good?Did you
play much in the cow pastures of


A kid who lived in a farmhouse
near ours had a soccer ball for
almost a whole summer once.Some
kids from another village stole
You gonna play or not Michoacan?
Julian walks out on the field to play.Ivan motions over
Alex.He whispers in his ear.Alex smiles and follows Julian
on to the field.
Ok new kid.You're on that team
The boys begin playing.Julian stands and watches the other
boys.Julian looks over to the bench.He sees Sandy.She has
stopped talking to the other girls and is looking at
Julian.He takes off running at full speed.Julian steals the
ball from a boy.Julian displays a few tricky moves and runs
up the sideline past the other boys.We see the open soccer
field from Julian's eyes.The only thing he sees is the
goalie preparing for Julian's shot.
The screen goes dark and silent.A loud heartbeat is heard
for a few beats.From Julian's vantage point lying on the
ground his eyes blink a few times.Only a blurry light.Then
the sounds of all the children in the playground return.The
first thing Julian's eyes see is Alex standing over him
Welcome to the game farm boy!
Julian stands up clearly dazed.He looks over at Sandy.She
seems to be scolding Ivan and pointing at the field.Julian
touches his nose and notices it's bleeding.The school bell
is heard.
We play everyday at lunch.If you
come back to school tomorrow.I
think you better practice first!
Alex picks up soccer ball and kicks it away towards a
fence.Alex runs away.The teacher appears in the distance.


Come on Julian!Lunch time is
over!Bring the ball too!
Julian takes off running toward the ball.We see a shot far
away of the ball.Flash between a shot of the ball and then a
shot of Julian.We see two hands reach down to pick up the
ball.The camera follows the ball as it's lifted slowly.The
little eight year old boy that picked up the ball is now a
handsome teen of seventeen.We see a full shot of Julian walk
towards the camera.
Shot of the front desk of Hotel Las Brisas.The hotel appears
run down and in need of paint.A young good looking girl is
behind the counter.She looks up to notice Julian arriving.
Julian!What are you doing coming
through the front door?If Madam
Marquez catches you,you'll be in
deep shit!
Beatrice!Such a beautiful girl
with such a dirty mouth.
Julian reaches over the counter and greets Beatrice with a
kiss on the cheek.
Julian!I'm serious you have to use
the rear entrance!
Hey Betty,how is your family
Not good!Ever since my mother
passed away my father is a mess.He
drinks all the time and just sits
in the living room smoking.He
stopped going to work,and the
little I make here is all my
brothers and sisters and I have to


                       BEATRICE (cont'd)
live on.
Julian places his hand on her shoulder to comfort her.
I'll keep you in my prayers amiga!
Sweet Julian.Thank you.I have
something in the works.If it comes
through.I won't need prayers just
a a cute boyfriend to spend my
money on!I have somebody in mind
She winks her eye at Julian as flirty as she can.Front desk
phone rings.
Hotel Las Brisas.This is Beatrice.
Beatrice hears the voice on the other end and her face
becomes serious.She nods her head at every response.
No Madam Marquez(listens to
phone).Yes Madam Marquez.
Beatrice hangs up the phone.
That was Her Highness!She was
furious.Her stylist cancelled her
appointment and she wanted to
check her messages.She said she
was going shopping.She wanted to
make sure you had arrived.Manuel
didn't show up for work and she
wants you to help around the pool.
      (Rolling his eyes)
I better go!Bye Beatrice!
Julian walks away.Raul's voice comes over the intercom.
Beatrice?Come to my office right
Yes Mr Marquez Sir.Right away.


Raul is seated behind his desk as a knock is heard.
Come in!
Mr Raul, Sir?
Sit down girl. Let me get right to
the point.
Raul pours himself a drink.
I've been in contact with Don
Ignacio Lira. He is the manager of
Playa Azul. That monstrous new
resort that is going to take even
more of our guests.
Yes Sir.I really appreciate...
He's an insufferable heel but our
families go way back. I personally
had a courier deliver your resume
to him. I just got off the phone
with him. He feels you would make
a good Guest Services Manager.
She stands up and as she is overwhelmed with joy!
Oh! Thank you Sir! I don't know
how to thank you!
There's more to it than that. See
a position of that caliber and
salary requires a college degree.
Which you don't have.


Mr. Raul with all due respect, I
have more experience from my years
here than some rookie fresh from
Raul stands up and walks around the office!
Keep in mind, that new hotel is
owned by some Spanish corporation.
They have rules and requirements
that aren't easily sidestepped.
There is another avenue if you are
willing to go down that road.
You need to ask yourself, how much
you want that job as manager.
Sir, I wish it was just a matter
of want. I NEED this new job. My
family's existance depends on it!
Raul swigs down his whole drink and puts on some classical
music. He pours himself another.
This fool Lira owes me quite a few
favors. I could have him send me
overflow guests when he's at
capacity. However I could forget
the hotels prosperity and use the
favor for another purpose.
All it would take is a few words
from me and that job would be
Raul puts his and on her shoulder and starts to rub her.
I'd be forever grateful Mr.
Marquez. I, I would continue to
work here part time. I would even
take less than what you pay me
He let's out a bellowing laugh.
Girl you have worked for me many
years. I know you aren't stupid.


His hand starts heading towards her breast. She stands up
abruptly and walks to the corner. Raul returns to his desk.
I can't do that Sir. I'm not like
that. Can't you please just help
me? I've always been a faithful
employee to you.
It doesn't work that way girl.
Look around my hotel, I have
plenty of loyal employees.
Beatrice turns lo leave. She stops in the doorway and pauses
for a moment. She closes the door and walks over till she is
standing directly in front of Raul. A tear rolls down her
cheek as she unbuttons her blouse. A look of satisfaction
comes over Raul.
Be happy little Beatrice. Just
think of all the good you are
doing for your family.
He runs his hands up her stockings as his hands disappear up
her skirt. He fondles her then lights a cigarette. He leans
back in his chair and unzips his trousers. We see Beatrice
kneel as her head disappears under the big desk.
Raul sits back waving his hands along to the music like a
grand maestro.
Elvira opens door quietly. She is pleased to see her husband
savoring his music. Smoke rises, his hands flailing like a
great conductor. It's not just the music that stimulates
Raul. Elvira makes out Beatrice's head bobbing up in down in
her husbands lap. She is mortified.
Elvira searches through wine cellar. She picks out the most
expensive bottle of champagne the hotel stocks.
Spanish Crooner Music Blares

Elvira is dancing in front of a mirror. She is naked save


for a fur coat and tons of jewelery. She no longer bothers
with a glass, preferring to guzzle champagne from the
bottle. She laughs a demented shriek and throws the bottle
through the mirror.
Julian dressed in a waiters uniform. He is busy picking up
glasses. He spots Alex and Ivan sitting by the pool.
Hey! Poolboy, how bout a beer?
      (To Ivan)
Ivan. At school I have to take
your crap. I'm working! Don't you
have plenty of nicer hotel pools
to sit around?
Relax Julian. We just wanted to
invite you to a celebration with
us. It's still a month away, the
weekend before graduation.
You and Alex were the first kids I
met here eight years ago? When
have we ever "celebrated" anything
Look...we just thought...
Ivan points at Alex. Alex swims away.
...we thought we could put aside
our differences. After all it
isn't everyday we get out of that
shithole school(dorky laugh).
Well, tell me about this
Yeah, it's going to be at Club
Galeria. We'll have the whole VIP
Section of the disco to ourselves.
It will be a night you'll never


                       IVAN (cont'd)
forget! I promise!
Julian enters the swanky night club. He is amazed at what he
sees. Beautiful people abound, music blares. People stare at
dressed as if he were at Sunday mass.
Is this how this place is every
Tonight is a special night. Hope
you are ready to party till
What's up?
Alex shakes Julian's hand. Bottle of tequila is delivered to
table. Alex and Ivan welcome group of hot girls over.
It's good to hang out like this
I've never done anything like
this...in my life before!
So when you graduate high school
you gonna get a promotion at the
hotel? Maybe Senior Poolboy?
Guys! Guys! This is a celebration!
      (To Alex)
You got something you wanna say to
me? Say it!
Ivan whispers to Alex.


If we are going to pull this off,
you are going to have to at least
be civil with this hick.
      (Whispers back)
Keep reminding me of that. Cause
to be honest, every time I see him
I just wanna bust him in his
fucking mouth!
Hot girl at bar(Andrea) waves at Ivan. Hot girl comes to
table. Ivan discreetly hands her cash under the table and
introduces her to Julian.
Hi. I'm Andrea. Are you a friend
of Ivan's? I've never seen you
here before.
Ah, sorta. We have known each
other for years. I wouldn't call
us friends. Oh,I'm Julian. Do
Andrea inches closer and rubs against Julian.
All this sitting around is making
me hot. Let's dance.
Julian and Andrea head to dance floor.
Ivan takes some pills from a bottle and puts them in
Julian's drink.
      (To Ivan)
So that's the girl for our prank
huh? What a hot tramp. What a
waste. Farm boy won't even know
what to do with her!
Whether he knows what to do or not
won't matter. I got these(holding
bottle)from one of my father's


What do the pills do?
I told the guy at the pharmacy
that every time I go to physical
therapy and the nurse starts
rubbing my leg, I get a raging
hard on! He said one
pill...(Points his finger/rolls up
finger) and no wood for a day!
So you put one in Julian's drink?
No. I put three in his drink and
some X just for good measure(loud
dorky laugh)!
Alex and Ivan see Julian and Andrea dirty dancing. They
toast and laugh it up.

Song ends, they return to the table.
      (Raising glass)
Drink up Julian! Salud!
Julian drinks. Andrea starts making out with him. She winks
at Ivan and leads Julian to a private office.
Sandra arrives at table. She glares at Alex and Ivan. They
are drunk and surrounded by hot girls.
Hi Sandy.
Good evening darling. Good to see
you(busts out laughing).
Cut the crap! You know I don't
like coming to these
"drunk-fests"of yours!
Tonight is different! You'll
see(dorky laugh)!


Shh! Come on Ivan. Don't ruin the
surpise for my little "Sandykins".
Don't call me that! I'm not your
Alex tries to be serious and sits next to her.
Come on Sandy. We are just
celebrating a little. Look I'm
glad you came. I know we were
meant to be together. You don't
belong with Julian...
...can we not talk about that
I mean, I just know I have more to
offer you!
MORE than a cot in the stockroom
of a shitty hotel(dorky laugh)?
I just want to make it clear to
you. Our families want us together
and so do I!
Funny, I never hear these words
from you when you are sober!
Alex pours Sandra a drink.
At least check out your surpirse.
Just surprise me my being a
I'll do more than that! Come on!


Alex stands and waves at everyone at the table to follow
If this is my surprise, what do we
need them for?
This surprise is SO special it
requires an audience!
They walk down a hallway to a door.
Where are we going? That looks
like a private office. We don't
belong here!
Relax! The owner of this club owes
my old man so much money. We can
go wherever we want in this place.
Alex rushes and opens the door. The whole group walks in.
Inside Andrea stands over Julian. They are both naked.
      (On Cue)
Come on little boy! Can't you get
that little noodle of yours up?
I've been with junior high school
boys, I've been with old men in
nursing homes! NEVER have I been
with such a sorry excuse for a
fuck as you! You child! You sorry
little mini dick...
Julian? What is this? What's going
on here?
This wasn't supposed to happen!
What are you doing here Sandy?
Sandra exits.
Alex! Ivan! You did this! You set
me up!


You can't forget Andrea and her
wonderful performance!
Julian gathers his clothes and chases after Sandra.

The others leave. Only Alex, Andrea and Ivan stay.
      (To Andrea)
What a waste of talent! Why don't
you let me finish up. You can
really earn your money.
The money was for the prank. The
prank is done so...
Ivan. A little help here, huh?
Ivan hands Alex some bills.
Here. Hold this for me(hands his
coat to Ivan).
Alex and Andrea have sex.
Ivan exits. He embraces Alex's coat and smells it. Ivan
appears turned on. Ivan snorts some cocaine and smells the
coat some more.
Julian is hungover.Tossing and turning in bed.

Scenes of his nightmare flash.Lightning and a coyote's
howl.His mother naked with Huerta thrusting on top of
her.Andrea berating him.

He awakens and throws up in a trashcan.

Loud knock on his door.
      (Through door)
Julian!You better get up!Madam
Marquez is looking everywhere for


Tell her I'm sick!Tell her
I...(more puking)
He gets up.Washes his face and rinses his mouth.

Another loud knock!
Can't I be sick for one day of my
life?Leave me...
Sandra opens the door and peeks in.
Juian.It's me Sandy.Can I come in?
Julian sits.He can't look her in the face.
Sandra.I...I don't know what
happened last night.Ivan seemed
genuine for the first time ever.He
invited me to his table and
I know what happened.
I really didn't want to
go.Everybody knows Alex and I
can't stand each
other(pauses).Deep down I guess I
just wanted to glimpse.To see what
their world is like.It seems like
everything in life for them is
fun.A big joke.My life is hazy
memories of my childhood in
Michoacan.Cramming for
tests.Picking up after snotty
guests.Mostly my life is thoughts
of you!Last night wasn't me...
I know.I know everything that
happened.You were Alex and Ivan's
punchline.One of the girls at the
club Jenny she told me
everything.She saw Ivan getting
you drunk.He slipped something in
your drink.That gutter whore knew
Ivan before you even met her.Jenny


                       SANDRA (cont'd)
saw Ivan slip her some money under
the table.
Julian clenches his fists in anger.
What have I ever done to those two
jerks?All I have ever done is try
to go to shcool to learn and...
      (Eyes watering)
Julian you need to leave here.This
town.These people.They are
venom.They don't care about
anything but their own
pleasures.They're fake and empty.
I can't go.My...Madam Marquez
needs me.She drinks more everyday
and the hotel is crumbling around
us.She needs me...
You don't owe these people
anything.All these years you have
slaved away in this hotel.Whatever
schooling or housing they have
provided you.You have more than
repaid them.Leave why you still
can.They will always have someone
to clean up after their messes!
Come with me Sandy.Let's leave
together.School ends in a few
days.We could go to Acapulco.There
are a thousand hotels there.I
could find a job in a minute.We
could be together.
Julian takes Sandra in his arms.
This is where I belong.My family
has no money left.Only our name.My
parents are counting on me
marrying Alex.I'm not their
daughter anymore.I'm like a stock
or a bond they need to cash in.


      (tries to kiss her)
You don't love Alex!
Love is not a necessary ingredient
for marriage in our circles.My
only true love ever,is a boy with
dark eyes.A boy with some hidden
secret in his past that I could
never compete with.
Julian turns away.Folds his arms.

He closes his eyes and rubs his forehead-flash to a shot of
tremendous streaks of lightning across the night sky.
Adios my Julian.
Sandra exits.
Shot from teacher's vantage point looking at students.
Alex and Sandra are seen,as is Julian.Ivan's desk is empty
                       SCHOOL PRINCIPAL
Students.It is with a great deal
of pride that I announce this
years valedictorian.For excellence
above and beyond,this years
valedictorian is Gonzalo Omar
Meager applause from students.
Please remember that only guests with formal invitations
will be allowed in to the graduation party...
School bell rings.Students exit.
Alex.What just happened in there?
Everyone knows Ivan is the
smartest kid in our class. It's
always been that way since we were


That old bastard! I can't believe
he's doing this!
Old bastard? Who are you talking
Don Gallardo. Ivan's father. He
doesn't want the world to see his
son and his gimpy leg!
What are you saying? Ivan isn't
going to be valedictorian because
of his leg, and his father
arrainged it! How is that
Come on Sandra! Wake up! Don
Gallardo donates more money to
this school in a year than what
ten kids pay in tuition! He just
snaps his fingers and those old
cronies on the board of directors
Look Alex I know your mind is on
Ivan but my parents keep asking me
when you plan to come over and...
and ask for your hand in marriage?
Alex tries to hug Sandra.She refuses him.
Look, Alex. This is really hard on
me. I want to do what's right by
my family. My feelings. My heart
belong to...
Belong to Farm Boy from Michoacan!
He grabs her arms hard.


Look I know you think you are
helping the down trodden and this
is your duty to the Virgin Mary to
help the poor and all!
You pig! That's what you don't
have that Julian has! He is a
He's a fucking peasant! Like the
peasants that have served us all
our lives! Princess, I'm Alejandro
Juarez Leon. I'm the best athlete,
the best looking guy in this
school! I have always gotten what
I've wanted in life. After our
wedding reception when we are in
our bed and I...
You will never have my love!
Well then, I'll just enjoy the
body! Your heart is not important
to me!
Alex kisses her forcefully. She resists. Julian appears.
What the hell's going on? Get your
hands off her now!
Move along Peasant Boy! This
doesn't concern you.
Sandra breaks free from Alex.
Just because you don't have
manners, doesn't mean you can't be
taught a lesson!
Julian begins to remove his coat to fight. Alex sucker
punches him.
A group of students gathers around.
Julian gets in a good shot of his own. Principal's voice is
heard from inside.


                       SCHOOL PRINCIPAL
What's the rucus out there?
      (To Julian)
Come on Julian. If they see you
you'll be expelled!
Don't worry Michoacan, you can
still be a waiter at our wedding
Forget it! My family can eat beans
and be poor for all I care! I
don't want anything to do with you
She takes Julian by the hand and they run away.
Seedy alley with transvestites selling their wares. Alex
Hi big boy! You looking for a
I'd rather stick my dick in a dead
Well if you spend enough, I'm sure
you can find someone to help you
with your fantasy chico!
She turns to walk away. Alex grabs her and twists her arm.
She squirms.
Look honey, rough stuff is gonna
cost you extra!
All I want is some information.
Someone I trust told my you know
where Ivan is.


I don't have a pimp! I don't know
who Ivan is!
He's a skinny kid with glasses.
She points to the alley full of derelicts and hustlers.
Do you see anyone around here like
His left leg is longer than his
right one, and he carries lots of
Shoves bills in her face.
Oh! Him?
She fumbles for the bills as Alex pulls his hand back.
Come on honey, you're not going to
hurt him are you?
Just need to talk to him!
He's my best paying customer!
Alex cringes with disgust, hands her the bills.
If you really know this boy, Ivan
you said his name is? Tell him
Erica said,"it's just a longer
leg, just a bigger shoe". Lot of
us out here in the street had it
worse growing up! Most of us were
beaten or raped and ran away to
survive. Tell him he don't need to
put all that shit up his nose to
hide from what he is!


Alex enters a run down drug house. Druggies and freaks
abound. He comes to a back room where Ivan sits with a pile
of coke.
This isn't my stuff! I'm just
keeping an eye on it for someone.
How did you find me here?
Your old man was a candidate for
governor! He owns more businesses
and has more power than any man in
this damn town...
Ivan staggers to his feet fumbling to shove his coke in a
...my father? He doesn't know I'm
here does he?
That computer your old man brought
you from California probably costs
more than all of my fucking
Christmas presents for the last
ten years combined.
Ivan does a blast and paces.
What are you doing in this shit
hole? This is still a small town.
You think people won't find out
and gossip? Those freaky men and
the drugs.
What freaky men? Oh, you don't
think I have anything to do with
those fags out there, do you? They
just get my stuff!
So you won't be valedictorian. Who
cares? Who wants to get up in
front of everybody and make a


                       ALEX (cont'd)
bullshit speech? You hate that
school anyways!
Ivan's eyes well up with tears.
He's ashamed of me Alex! Don't you
see? Yes he has tons of money! Yes
he buys me tons of stuff! I don't
care about any of that! I'm his
son and he's ashamed of me!
Ivan doubles over sobbing.
Alex forces himself to console him.
Amigo, you have to get over this
crybaby crap! People in this world
see your money, they fear your old
mans power. Don't let them see you
as weak!
I don't care anymore. I'm just
going to sit here and smoke and
snort all day. When I run out of
money I'll go to country club in
front of all those people and...
...are you out of your fucking
mind? Get over this pity shit. We
have a plan! When school is over
we're going to blow off college,
and convince your old man to turn
Club Galeria over to us!
I don't know anymore.
If you bail out on me, if you
don't get us that club, then you
can just forget about me. Forget
about our friendship!
I don't want to lose you Alex. We
have always been friends.


You know I was meant to marry
Sandy! We will run that club and
make tons of money together.
You don't need her! She'll just be
in the way!
That Julian asshole is trying to
ruin everything. He thinks he can
come in to our world and take
Sandy from us.
What do you mean Sandy is going to
marry you?
Julian is trying to take Sandra.
But I got a plan to get rid of
him. It's going to require some
sacrifice from you!
Ivan dries his eyes and tries to compose himself.
Anything Alex. You name it. I'm
here for you.
Alex gently removes Ivan's glasses and sets them down. He
rears back and punches Ivan. Ivan tumbles over wailing and
No! Alex please don't hurt me!
Alex! What the...
Alex pummels Ivan over and over.
Thank you for helping me back
Was I helping?Or did I just catch
you at a bad moment?


Sandra is disgusted by his comment.She walks away from
Sandra.I'm sorry.I didn't mean
that.I guess I have lived my life
and gotten used to seeing things
that aren't fair happen to me.But
seeing you with Alex is more than
I can stand!
So it burns you up to see me with
Alex huh?Does it make you jealous?
Nah!It's really no big deal.I'm
already over it!
They both giggle.
You know,since the first time I
saw you walk in to our class.I
knew there was a pain in your
eyes.It made me want to be close
to your heart.
When I was a child on the ranch.I
didn't know we were poor.I had my
mother and my father.I had a lot
of chores but I thought I was just
like any other kid.I had to come
here to find out that there is a
valley of envy,dislike and apathy
between rich and poor people!
We focus a lot of our energy on
being unhappy with our
present.Most of my life has been
happy.When we were kids I dreamed
of marrying you.Then someday we
could live together and swim all
day at the Las Brisas pool.
I've always had that dream but we
weren't just swimming in the pool!


They embrace.They kiss.
Julian and Sandra discreetly enter hotel.
Julian covers his face pretending to read newspaper.
He reaches behind counter and sneaks a key.
Sandra and Julian make their way up the stairs.
You can tell this hotel hasn't
been modernized.I'm sure at one
time this was a nice hotel.
The nicest on the beach.Many
famous stars would only stay here
when in town.Once the big
corporate owned hotels moved in it
was all downhill from there.
What was it like growing up here?
My life here has been as cold and
sterile as living in a hospital
for ten years.It's never been a
home to me.I was never a member of
Don Raul's family.I've never been
an equal to the staff.
People have always gossiped about
you and the Marquez's.They did
adopt you but that witch never
even let you stay in their house.
Don't be too hard on her.When
I...I mean when she found me she
promised me schooling and a roof
over my head.She never pretended
to offer me anything more.
Do you ever wonder?Wonder what
your life would've been if you had
stayed in Michoacan?


No.That place was a start that has
never ended for me.It's an open
wound that has always tormented
Julian,in all the years I have
known you I have never asked...
I was born with parents.They are
both dead.I have been an orphan
for ten years.That's all!
She traces his mouth with her finger.
They fall to the bed in an embrace.
What's happening here?
My future is uncertain and
bleak.I'm torn between detesting
Alex and a sense of responsibility
to my family.If there is one thing
I'm sure of is that the only man I
ever wanted to be my first man is
There is a part of my body that
only cares about the pleasure we
could feel together in this
bed.It's not my heart.
My heart wants only you.
I can only tell you that this is
not all I want from you.Another
part of me knows our love deserves
a greater respect than this one
night.My heart has always been
with you!
They fall asleep together.


Alex walks in with a brown bag. He removes a mescal bottle.
Ivan is rubbing cocaine on his gums and cheek. Ivan is
beaten up with a black eye and bruises.
Let's take some shots. You'll feel
no pain.Of course I will feel less
guilty about having to knock you
Bullshit. I can tell you enjoyed
Dear Ivan. My dear friend It hurt
me just is much as it hurt...
Please, I'm the one with the knots
and bruises. Couldn't we have just
used some make up or some fake
blood like in the movies.
No. Everything you see in movies
is so fake. People can
tell.Besides your old man has to
buy our story.
No that you beat the shit out of
me,how bout letting me in on our
plan. Then I can worry about
convincing father.
It's a brilliant plan really. It's
the consummate killing two birds
with one stone.
They swig from the bottle back and forth.
Not sure if it's the pounding I
took or all this ye-yo but I'm not
following you.


Bird number one,fuck college and
that everyday boring working at a
bank existence that would be my
future. We are going to co-own
club Galeria. We can drink and
party. You can can count the
nights profits in the backroom
while I decide which waitress to
And bird number two!
Marry Sandra to stay home. Wash my
underwear and raise our brats. The
bonus is that I'm going to rid us
of that damn Michoacan peasant.
Time to put him in his place once
and for all!
Can't we just get rid of both of
them. What do you need to marry
that cow for?
She will be more miserable married
to me than anything else I could
do to her. Now how much cash can
you get your hands on?
Well,yesterday I was supposed to
make some deposits for father.But
I got sidetracked(dips his pinkie
in pile and snorts). I got at
least twenty grand in my room.
This is gonna work out even better
than I could have imagined.
Listen, the plan is...
Julian and Sandra are asleep in bed. Julian has nightmare,
Flash between shots of lightning storm,mother and
Huerta.Flash to shot of close-up blood dripping from
father's finger to puddle on floor.


      (Waking up)
Santa Maria! Not again!
What is it Julian? Nightmares?
Oh no! What time is it?
      (Checking watch)
Nearly midnight.
I really need to know, did
we...you know?
Tell you what,I don't smoke but I
could really go for a cigarette
right now!
      (Slaps his arm)
What am I going to tell my mom?
She's going to have a
seizure.(imitating mother)Where
could my little baby be at this
hour?Call the police! Call the
Army! Call the Governor!(checks
cell phone)Ten missed calls!
Gimme your phone.
She hands him her cell phone.
      (Dunks phone in
       water jug)
Mira,It's easy.Tell your mother
you were at rehearsal for
graduation. You went for tacos
with the "usual obnoxious rich
kids squad",your friends I
mean.Then you dropped your phone
in a pitcher of horchata and lost
track of time!
That's such a crap story! Much
better than anything I would've


                       SANDRA (cont'd)
made up though.
Beatrice is in a full sob while she tries to apply make-up.
Elvira walks up behind her.
Girl when you are over your crisis
we have a "few" guests to attend
      (Wiping tears)
Sorry Madam Marquez.My life is a
mess! I'm just trying...(sobs).
Elvira feigns concern and pats the girl on shoulder.
What's the problem? A young girl
like you should have only small
My Mama is gone I don't have
anyone to turn to. I thought I
could trust him. I told Papa. I
may be pregnant (avoiding eye
contact with Elvira).He threw me
out in the street and called me a
slut in front of all the
No! That's not possible. Your
father should support you in such
a difficult time.Even if the man
you lay with is married (scorn).
No Madam. Uh, it was with a boy
from the public school...
      (Asserting herself)
You know Beatrice you have been my
employee. You have been my
underling for a few years and
today is your last day before you


                       ELVIRA (cont'd)
take this great new job that you
haven't shut up about all week.
Madam. My father kicked me out. My
family has been a mess since my
mother passed. I have always been
a hard worker. Why do you treat
You little tramp! In your last
hours at my hotel you will help my
guests get checked in before I'm
of a mind to call Don Ignacio Lira
at Playa Azul and tell him that
the cute perky little manager he
hired is a cheap little whore who
is pregnant from a married man! A
married man that is as broke as
this hotel I might add. Get out!
Beatrice exits. Elvira pulls out a cell phone.
This is Madam Marquez connect me
at once with Don Ignacio Lira!
Flamenco music plays as Alex struts down a street to a pay
phone. Ivan gimps along next to him. Both look worn tipsy
sporting chic sunglasses.
I have the best cell phone money
can buy. Why would I be calling my
father from a pay phone?
Alex swipes cell phone away from Ivan.
No cell phone! That was stolen
Ivan dials.
Gallardo Industries. Don
Gallardo's office.


This is Ivan. I need to speak to
my father right away!
Ivan this is not a good time. Some
peasants vandalized one of Don
Gallardo's construction sites last
night. He's in a meeting with
Police Chief Martinez.
Oh. Well I guess I can...
Alex slaps Ivan on the back of his head.
Just like we practiced!
Oh. This can't wait. It's an
Very well. One moment.
Ivan grimaces with nervous tension.
                       DON GALLARDO
Ivan? I'm dealing with a situation
right now. Call me at my office
      (Fake crying)
Papa! It's me Ivan...(sobs).
                       DON GALLARDO
If this is about being
valedictorian, my decision has
been made! I'm just trying to
spare you from ridicule. Next week
when I come back from New York
I'll bring you...
I was robbed father! This kid from
school. This peasant scum from
Michoacan. He beat me and took the
money I was supposed to deposit


                       IVAN (cont'd)
for you.
                       DON GALLARDO
What? Who?
Julian. This kid from school who
lives at Hotel Las Brisas. He
threatened to beat me up if I
didn't give him money! When I
refused, he beat me up and stole
my phone and the watch you brought
me from Paris too!
                       DON GALLARDO
Are you able to make it to my
office? Should I send a car for
I called Alex. He'll take me
home.(sobs) I'm scared Papa!
Julian told me if I told anyone he
would really hurt me!
                       DON GALLARDO
First they damage the shopping
center I'm building. Now they
think they can hurt my son! It's
time these peasants learn a
lesson. Wait at home! I'm sending
Dial tone. Ivan hangs up.
Well? Did he buy it? I told you to
cry more. You were supposed to
tell him Julian beat the shit out
of you. Can't you do anything
Alex. Father said Julian will pay.
He said he's sending Benito.
Alex hugs Ivan. They laugh and celebrate.


Inside elegant office. Shot from behind large chair. We see
a hand grab a large Havana then reach for the intercom. We
never see Don Gallardo
                       DON GALLARDO
I want you to reach Benito. Have
him come to my office right away!
      (Over intercom)
Yes Don Gallardo.
                       DON GALLARDO
Once you've reached Benito get
Raul Marquez from Hotel Las Brisas
on the line.
Ivan and Alex are seated drinking beers at a patio table.
They are freshly showered wearing bathrobes. A women dressed
in a maids uniform is tending to Ivan's cuts.

An old MG sports car arrives at the front of the palatial
house. A dangerous looking man exits the car(Benito). He has
slicked back hair and sunglasses. Wearing a suit and black
racing gloves.
Mariachi music plays(No dialogue).
Ivan and Alex tense up. Benito arrives. Benito orders the
maid away. Ivan and Alex play out Julian beating Ivan for
his money.
Benito grimaces. Tightens gloves.
The boys produce a yearbook. They point out a picture of
Julian. Benito rips out the picture. Benito exits the
patio,gets back in his car and leaves.
So that's Benito,your old man's
bodyguard huh?
He scares the crap out of me. He
was an executioner for the Cali
Cartel. He's ex-Colombian Secret


What the hell is he doing
following your dad around golf
courses and luncheons?
Benito was trapped by some crooked
Federales in Sinaloa who had been
paid off by the DEA.
So where does your old man figure
in to this.
My father hates Gringo
interference in Mexico. He paid
some judges to release Benito to
his custody. Since then,if a
political opponent or anyone
pisses him off they are found!
A piece of them is found at the
beach. A piece of them is found in
the woods.
The boys toast their beers. And cross themselves.
You know I can't stand that
peasant Julian but you don't
Ivan runs his hand across his own throat as if being slit by
a knife.
No. I'm sure Benito will just
scare the shit out of him. This is
a prank not a drug war.
Where's the money?
Go get it. Time to pay a visit to
the hotel.


A police truck arrives at hotel. Horde of police descend on
Police trucks arrive at hotel. Horde of police descend on

Int - Don Gallardo's Car

Benito seated in drivers seat. He looks in rear view mirror.
Silhouette of Don Gallardo smoking cigar.
Raul and Elvira are looking over some paperwork. They hear
the ruckus of police in hallway. Door opens.
                       POLICE CHIEF
Senor Marquez?
Chief Martinez. What's going on
here? All my permits are in order.
                       POLICE CHIEF
We are not here about any permits!
We are investigating a case of
assault and larceny. Very serious
There has been no disruptions on
my hotel grounds. Our guests are
just turists relaxing.
                       POLICE CHIEF
It isn't one of your guests we are
here for. An employee of yours
beat and robbed Ivan Hernandez
Raul and Elvira look at each other in shock.
Don Emilio Gallardo's son?
Chief nods head.


Chief Martinez. We don't hire any
riffraff. Most of my employees
have worked here for years...
                       POLICE CHIEF
This isn't just any employee. Ivan
Gallardo tells us that his
assailant is a classmate of his
that lives here too!
                       POLICE CHIEF
I want the boy brought to me now!
You will take us to the boy's
quarters now!
Raul and Elvira look on as officers ransack room. Mattress
is lifted revealing wad of bills,cell phone and watch.
Julian is serving drinks to guests. He hears commotion of
police across courtyard.
He looks across pool to group of police confronting a
co-worker. Co-worker points at Julian. Julian sees officers
approaching. He drops tray with drinks and runs away fleeing
hotel grounds.
Benito appears. He sees Julian evade police and flee. He
smiles and tightens gloves.
Sandra is sitting on a couch. Phone rings.
      (Answering phone)
Sandy! It's me Julian!


What's going on you sound...
You have to help me! Some police
came to the hotel looking for me.
Police? What did they want?
I don't know! I didn't stick
around to find out!
You have to find out what's going
on. Please!
You mean you are running from the
police? Julian you can't do that.
You need to talk to them. You
didn't do anything wrong.
These police didn't come to talk!
There was blood in the water!
Come to my house. We can go talk
to the police...
No! No talking to police! I saw
plenty of police and guards when I
was a kid. Sandy,just please call
Beatrice at the hotel. I trust
her. Find out what's going on.
OK! OK! I will. Julian where are
I'll get back in touch with you
when I can. Whatever you do don't
tell anyone you spoke with me.
He hangs up.

Loud knock is heard at door. Sandra looks out window to see
police car.


Sandra exits taxi.

Music blares from inside the house. A teen party is in full
Sandra walks overhearing kids conversations.
                       PARTY KID 1
Turns out Julian was running a
drug ring from that hotel he lived
                       PARTY GIRL 1
He actually took off that big shoe
Ivan wears and beat him with it.
                       PARTY KID 2
My family has always warned me
that people from Michoacan are
Sandra reaches the patio. Alex and Ivan are surround by
My father knows how to handle
these low life types!
I always said Julian was no good.
Most of you kissed ass to his
face! Now how do you like the
"Peasant Bandit"?
Alex notices Sandra has arrived.
Alex elbows Ivan. Ivan tenses up.
      (Looking at Ivan)
What happened to you?
Uh,I'm just having a few friends
over trying to relax. Since you
are the last person in town to
hear it you might as well know!
Julian attacked me! Then he robbed


Surprised princess? (Sticks out
chest)Punk is lucky the cops
chased him off before I beat the
shit outta him!
That peasant sucker punched me.
Just to steal twenty grand from
me. Shit! I hate being without my
lunch money!
Kids laugh.
Julian wouldn't do that! When did
this happen to you?
It was...
It was last night! There were
plenty of witnesses too.
Julian couldn't have beat you last
night. He was with(stops in
Alex grabs Sandra by the arm. He leads her away from the
That peasant beat up my best
friend last night! You trying to
tell me he didn't. I'm sure a
decent girl like you was at home
ALONE when it happened right!
Sandra turns away.
Maybe I should check with your
parents! I need to make sure my
little bride arrives to church in
a white dress!
If I'm ever forced to marry you,I
should wear a black dress!


Alex tries to paw at her.
You gonna be wearing a black bra
and panties under that?
      (Raising voice)
Just leave Julian alone! He didn't
do anything...
      (From across patio)
You call this nothing(points to
My father has ordered the police
chief to catch that thief. When
the cops catch him Julian will
know what payback is! Now could
you please stop your drama Sandra!
You are ruining my party!
Sandy exits. Alex approaches Ivan!
That bitch was with him last
night! I know it!
What if she talks? She'll ruin...
She won't tell anyone! Don't be
stupid. You really think she's
gonna come forward and admit she
spent the night with Julian.
Damn whore!
                       FRONT DSK GIRL 2
      (Over Intercom)
Mr Raul Sir?
Who's this?


                       FRONT DSK GIRL 2
Juana Sir. I'm the new front desk
Where's Batrice?
                       FRONT DSK GIRL 2
I don't know any Beatrice Sir.
Today is my first day.
      (Lecherous smile)
Well, come up to my office girl. I
need to get a look at you now that
you work for me!
                       FRONT DSK GIRL 2
Mr Marquez there are two men here
to see you!
They can wait! Come to my
Door burst open. Benito enters followed by a well dressed
stern looking man.
I didn't know Don Gallardo was
coming today(straightens tie).
Benito positions himself in corner. Raul extends his hand to
other man.
Welcome to Las Brisas. I am the
Owner Raul Baston Marquez. You
The man refuses the handshake. He extends a folder of
documents to Raul.
                       LUIS CARDENAS
I am Attorney Luis Cardenas. I am
chief counsel for Gallardo


      (Looking at
What is this?
                       LUIS CARDENAS
This is a formal decree. Signed
and authorized by a State
The decree here by orders full
payment to Gallardo Industries by
end of business on March 3rd!
But that's two days away! The
hotel doesn't have that kind of
money! Can't I talk to Don
Gallardo? I make my payment every
                       LUIS CARDENAS
Partial payments. Not even enough
to cover the interest of your
loans. According to the contract
you signed, your full payment is
more than a year overdue!
Don Gallardo personally extended
the loan to me.
                       LUIS CARDENAS
There is no contract regarding any
Please talk to Don Gallardo. This
hotel was founded by my
grandfather in the late 1800s. It
has always been in the Marquez
                       LUIS CARDENAS
There is one scenario. If a
condition is met. Where you might
be able to stay on as a manager
while a group of buyers is found.
Raul paces and lights a cigarette. He looks ill.
An "employee" of my hotel?


                       LUIS CARDENAS
Well if you don't want the
And what is the condition to be
                       LUIS CARDENAS
Reveal the whereabouts of the boy
Julian that beat and robbed Don
Gallardo's son. He was living here
wasn't he?
I checked the records,you adopted
the boy ten years ago. Legally we
could have you held accountable
for his actions.
Sir,I don't know where he is! He
is some damn peasant my
pea-brained wife adopted in a
whim! He probably fled back to
Michoacan! Yeah,that's where you
can find him!
Cardenas checks his PBA.
                       LUIS CARDENAS
      (Looks at Benito)
We think he is still in town.
Reveal the exact location of the
boy to us.
Lawyer hands a card to Raul that reads;
"Benito 555-9669
I swear on my mother's grave,I
don't know where that kid is. I'd
have him in police custody if I
                       LUIS CARDENAS
I hope you enjoyed introducing
yourself as the owner of this
hotel. It was the last time you
ever will!
Lawyer and Benito exit office.


Sandra sits brushing her. She hears a knock at her window.
She opens curtains to reveal Julian.
My Julian!
Sandra locks her door and climbs out the window.
I'm sorry. I don't want to get you
in trouble.
My sweet Julian. Are you alright?
I've been worried sick.
Don't worry about me!
It's Alex and Ivan! They are evil
liars! They made up some story
that you beat up Ivan and that you
      (Lowered voice)
Shh. I know. I know all that. Let
me just look at you for a moment.
He stops to gaze upon the beautiful long haired girl in the
moonlight. They kiss.
Ivan's father has the whole police
force out looking for you. I can
save you! Those imbeciles claim
you attacked Ivan the same night
you and I were in the hotel suite
together! We'll go down to the
police station together and...
That's not possible. Life here
could never be the same again. I
have to leave and I want you to
come with me.
May my family and God forgive me!
All I want is to be with you.


Lights turn on in the house. A dog barks.
I'll send word to you from someone
I trust. Tell no one you've seen
Where? When?
You'll know when our time comes!
She rushes a kiss to him and scurries back inside.
Early morning tennis classes at country Club. Sandra is
taking tennis lesson with her coach Ms. Tenorio.
                       MS. TENORIO
Come on girl! Where is you head
this mornig?
Sandra hits a few bad balls then hits good shots.
                       MS. TENORIO
Better! Better! See you can do
this. Who cares if you graduate in
a few days! A true competitor
blocks out distractions. Even if
your body is sharp, your mind must
be sharp too!
Ms. Tenorio suddenly stops talking. She becomes aware of a
messenger boy with a flower arrangement standing behind her.
                       MS. TENORIO
Chico! Chico! This is a tennis
facility not a hospital! Go away!
Ms. Tenorio notices the impressive flower arrangement.
                       MS. TENORIO
Stop! Are those for me?
Messenger boy ignores her and walks over to Sandra.
She is intrigued as she looks at the flowers.


Are those from...
She grabs small elegant envelope. Inside is a card with a
family crest that says,"Gallardo".
Suddenly a cell phone rings from inside the flowers. Sandra
She scans tennis courts that surround her.
Hello? Is that you?
Well of course it's "me"! Really
Sandy! You must learn to ask
better questions?
                       MS. TENORIO
Sandra,you are in the middle of a
lesson! Put that phone away!
Sandra turns her back on the coach and continues her
Ivan you creep! I don't want to
talk to you! Unless you are ready
to come forward and admit you made
Sandra,that's not gonna happen!
Have you seen some of these cops?
My,My! They don't know what we
know. They don't know he's an
impostor. They think he's just
another rich kid.
He pauses and can be heard taking a loud snort.
      (Coked up)
That means that even though
they've never accomplished shit in


                       IVAN (cont'd)
their lives they can sit in their
shitty houses with their shitty
wives and fantasize about beating
the shit out of a snotty rich kid!
Which Julian isn't! Huh! You see
the irony(dorky laugh)?
Is Alex putting you up to this?
Please Ivan! Julian has never done
a damn thing to you! Why are you
doing this to him?
No! Alex has nothing to do with
this! Alex is a gentle soul!
He only lashes out at Julian
because he doesn't belong among
us! Did our parents really
make,steal and inherit all this
money,just so a peasant can grow
up as our equal!
Who cares about your stupid social
structure. Don't give me that crap
Ivan! Julian took your crap! He
took all of Alex's crap and he
still proved he will be more of a
man than you and Alex combined
Look in the basket Sandy!
She reaches in the basket and retrieves an envelope with
She scans the courts knows the caller must be near.
Aye,"Gallardito"! Can't you do
anything except trying to buy
people off?
Your error was to accuse Julian of
robbing you at the same moment
when I was locked away in a hotel
suite with Mi Julian!
Sandy. A slight slip up!
The fact remains a shitload of
cops are gunning for Julian!


                       IVAN (cont'd)
You take that money! You and farm
boy forget about our decent little
community! Leave and never come
What makes you think I even know
where he is?
Forget about my Alex! In time he
will see "we" don't need you! We
don't need some bitch in our
Sandy starts to fume! She looks at cash,reconsiders.
      (Matter of fact)
I'm ready Ivan! I want no part of
this town or people like you! The
cash is mine now. Leave my Julian
alone and rot in hell!
She hangs up cell phone. She glares at messenger boy. She
glares at coach.
Benito is dressed in exercise gear. He stands over a barrel
with fresh fruit and ammunition. He drinks juice and cleans
a pistol.

Benito shoots at a target. He empties a full clip of head

Next to the target are some melons on a spike. He mutilates
the fruit with a sub-machine gun.

Benito straps on a holster with four throwing knives. He
turns his attention to a board. In the middle of the board
is the yearbook picture of Julian. He throws all the knives
in a flash.

He laughs and tightens his gloves.


Julian walks the beach incognito. He wears a Hawaiian
shirt,glasses and hat.

He comes upon a sleepy elderly couple.

He steals some snacks from them and goes on his way.
Alex enjoys a drink on the dance floor. A sexy babe dances
with him.
Hey kid! We're not even open yet!
How did you get in here!
You gonna leave? Or do you prefer
to be carried out?
Sexy babe laughs and grinds her ass against Alex.
Alex chuckles and waves document in the air.
Choose your words carefully. As
co-owner of this establishment I
have yet to decide which employees
I will retain!
Two maids are folding towels in front of large industrial
washer and dryer. They turn on a radio. Cumbia music plays

Cut to - Pool boy picking up glasses around pool.

Cut to - Bellboy carrying suitcases

Cut to - Maids still folding towels. Announcement comes over
You are listening to KMEX. The
suave sounds of the central coast.
We'll get back to your favorite
music soon. First, a severe
weather warning is in effect for
the coastal area. Winds of up to
45 mph are expected out of the
southwest. Expect severe thunder
storms from 8 PM. This severe


                       RADIO (cont'd)
weather warning remains in affect
untill 4 AM.
Flash back to the same employees. Now they work with a sense
of urgency as the wind begins to pick up and howl.
Beatrice is seated in a clinic. An old nurse is interviewing
Ms. Delgado we have a standard
forty eight hour waiting period
after the initial consultation. I
see by your paperwork that you
want to have the procedure done
Yes! I want it done as soon as
We recommend the procedure as a
last option. Perhaps you want more
time to consult with the father?
No! The father was a soldier from
overseas. He was killed in action
last week.
I see. Well, perhaps you would
like to speak with a family member
Have you considered going full
term and giving the baby up for
I realize you may be feeling alone
right now...
This is what I want! It's the only
way. If this is going to be a
hassle, I can take a bus to
Acapulco and have it done there!


These questions are just standard
Now for your privacy and the
privacy of other patients. We
demand that you keep this whole
matter private. More than ninety
percent of the people in this
country are Catholics. The less
they know about this clinic the
      (Fighting back
My mother was very much a church
person. As kids she would take us
to mass at least three times a
      (Pointing to
Sign here. Initial here.
She always taught us that people
are good. What a laugh! My own
father turns his back on me. Who
do you think pays the rent and
buys the groceries?
The yellow copies are for you.
My ex-boss. He takes advantage of
my situation. I did something that
goes against everything I ever
believed in. I can't get a job!
Who's going to hire me? Pregnant
and unwed?
Your procedure will be at four
o'clock today.
Payment must be made before the
procedure. You did mention you are
not currently employed? How will
you be paying?


That's the best part. She's paying
for it!
Beatrice turns and points to Madam Marquez who is seated in
the waiting room.
Madam Marquez takes receipt and exits clinic.
It's done. Nothing links you to me
or my hotel anymore.
I do expect you to reimburse me in
a timely manner.
I earned that job. I broke my back
for you for four years. Coming in
to work when I was sick! Doing the
job of two people. Why would the
manager hire me and then rescind
the offer.
It's possible Don Ignacio found a
more able subordinate. Although I
find that hard to imagine after
seeing you perform on your knees!
Beatrice covers her face in shame. She bawls uncontrollably.
Let this be a lesson to you! Men
always try to treat us like
objects. You do all women a
disservice by reducing yourself to
a common whore!
Your husband seduced me! He knew
how much I needed that job!
Yes! And look where it got you!
You! You and your husband are


Beatrice flees. Elvira buttons her sweater. The storm
Beatrice walks along the street in a daze. A tourist blocks
her path.
Excuse me! Can you please move!
Are you from around here? Can you
tell me how to get to the
Beatrice realizes she knows the man in the loud tourist
She grabs Julian by the arm and leads him to an alley. They
What are you doing out here? The
whole police force is looking for
you! Amigo, you have to leave
town now! Did you really beat up
that crippled kid?
Of course not!
I'm leaving tonight. I need your
help first.
Julian. Forgive me. I don't have a
penny to my name.
Sandra is at graduation
rehearsals. I need you to get a
message to her.
Yes. It will only take a moment!


      (Eyes watering)
I have an appointment at four!
What kind of appointment? Is
everything alright?
Beatrice composes herself.
Yes. Everything is fine!
So I finally get to meet Sandra
huh? She must be quite beautiful
to keep you from me all these
He kisses her on the cheek.
You will meet your some one
special one day! He better take
good care of you too!
What do you want me to tell
Elvira enters office. Raul sits almost catatonic chain
Some employees are requesting to
leave early before the storm hits.
I told them that is out of the
Raul remains silent.
Did you uh, hear me Raul?
He stands and pours a drink.
When I was a boy my father would
bring me to the hotel with him. I
felt like we were royalty. All the
employees kissing up to my father.


                       RAUL (cont'd)
All the guests having the time of
their lives.
Have you been able to reach Don
Gallardo? I'm sure he doesn't
really care about this hotel.
No! Of course he doesn't care
about this hotel! This hotel
hasn't been in his family for
Julian has lived here for a
decade. You know him well. He's
not capable of stealing from Don
Gallardo's son. You can't blame
I told you many years ago, that
any wrong doing by that boy would
be your responsibility!
Raul, darling! This is our hotel!
They can't kick us out! All the
smaller hotels are in debt too!
Many owe a lot more than we do!
Raul knocks back his drink and pours another.
I regret that I don't have a
punishment for you! I can't take
anything away from you. We have
nothing! The hotel, the house and
cars will all be gone by tomorrow!
She tries to hug him. He rejects her.
I think I can still scrape up
enough money for a divorce. Now
get the hell out of my sight!
Raul throws his glass against the wall shattering it. Elvira
looks out of window.


The news says this could be the
storm of the century! Somehow I
always knew this day, this storm
would come.
I'll send Jose to clean up that
Beatrice watches Students file out of graduation rehearsal.
These are children of the wealthiest families in town.
Beatrice is an attractive girl. Dark skinned with a lovely
figure. Although she is only a few years removed from high
school herself she feels like a cheap old hag. She feels
knots in her stomach as Sandra approaches in designer

Beatrice stands directly in front of Sandra.
Exuse me, do I know you?
No. I mean, why would you? Do I
remind you of someone? Maybe one
of the maids at your mansion.
Sandra walks away.
      (Low voice)
I'm Beatrice. I need to give you a
Meet me in the parking lot.
Sandra looks around to make sure she's not being watched.
She makes her way to the parking lot.
Sandra waves to Beatrice to get in to a shiny new VW Jetta.
      (Starts engine)
Get in!
Speeding away from school.


Is he alright? Where is he?
      (Eyes car interior)
Yeah, fine. I only saw him for a
You go to shcool in this?
It's my father's. He lets me use
it when he goes away for business.
What's the message? What's the
You know Julian would be a lot
better off alone. You really think
you can survive together on the
run? No shopping mall, no maid and
no Daddy's car
Julian always said you were blunt
when he talked about you!
He did? He told you about me?
He said you were his best friend
at the hotel.
It's not right what they are doing
to him. Your friends treated him
like dirt all his life, now they
ruin any future he would've had in
this town. How can you people be
so cruel to people just because
they aren't rich?
My family went to the same country
club, took the same vacations and
lived in the same part of town as
these kids. That's where the
similarities end! Don't think that
just because we have material
things are lives are perfect. My
life is far from perfect.


Is deciding what outfit to wear
really that traumatic?
Maybe you should be thankful not
to be rich! My parents lost
everything in real estate. That's
not their fault. So to solve their
problems they wanted me to marry a
boy I don't love! The same boy
that has the police after Julian.
Tears roll down Sandy's cheeks.
I was prepared to go along with it
for my family's sake. But I could
never live with myself if I did!
That's my PERFECT life!
Long uncomfortable silence fills the car.
I had no idea.
The envy and contempt Beatrice felt for Sandy is replaced
with respect. She wishes she had shown as much conviction
the day she sold herself to raul.
The message?
Meet Julian at the railroad tracks
behind the hotel at eleven.
The hotel? The police are bound to
be watching that place! Are you
sure that's what Julian said?
He said to trust him. He also said
to be prepared for the storm.
Where can I drop you off?


Uh, can you drop me off at Saint
That's the church downtown, next
to that clinic right?
      (Eyeing watch)
What clinic.
Beatrice sits in corner of waiting room. It's hours after
her procedure, yet she can't make herself leave the clinic.
She is approached by a nurse who is shadowed by a security
Excuse me! The doctor cleared you
to leave hours ago. The clinic
closes in ten minutes. Can I call
you a cab? (pause, no answer)
Would you like to call a family
member to pick you up?
      (In a daze)
No. Um, I just need, I'm going
home, I'm leaving in a moment.
Nurse looks her over. Beatrice's eyes are glazed and she
stares in to the distance. Her face is the look of having
her sole taken from her.
Very well.
Nurse exits and security guard returns to his post, an old
desk at the entrance to the waiting room.
Guard takes out lunch pail. He eats a taco as a call comes
over his radio.

V/O, "Pepe, we got a situation in the infirmary! Get in here

The guard removes his revolver from his holster. He shoves
it in a drawer and fumbles for the key. His radio squawks


V/O "Dammit Pepe, now! Now!"

The guard exits leaving the drawer unlocked.

Cut to - Beatrice seated in the corner. She seems to snap
out of her catatonic state. Her eyes come to life as she
walks over to the desk and opens the drawer. The old nickel
plated revolver gleams.
Sandra arrives at the meeting spot. The wind howls between
the palm trees. She is scared but determined to carry out
her plan. Julian appears from out of the shadows.
You made it! I was worried
Beatrice wouldn't find you.
They kiss.
She found me. Then she tried to
talk me out of coming with you.
She obviously couldn't convince
you! (Looking her over) You didn't
even bring a suitcase? Damn! I
forgot to tell Beatrice to tell
you to bring a suitcase!
Why are we meeting here? Let's
just get out of this town once and
for all!
I have to find Madam Marquez!
Julian takes her by the hand. They walk in the darkness with
the glow of the old hotel in the background
What makes you think she won't
call the cops on you?
She probably just wants to send me
to bed without dinner. (with
conviction) She knows I'm not a
thief! Ivan is a miserable brat


                       JULIAN (cont'd)
but I wouldn't beat him up. All
that money and brains and all he
wants from life is to have Alex's
Don't you get the feeling that he
wants more than just friendship
form Alex?
Julian leads them through the sand to avoid accessing the
hotel from the entrance.
It's just creepy the way Ivan has
always drooled over Alex. Do you
ever once remember Ivan being
interested in a girl?
You're a girl, would you want
Ivan's interest? (pauses for her
response) Don't tell me your one
of those people who has a problem
with gays?
It's just not natural! That's how
I was raised! In church they told
In church the priest once told us
it was a sin not to root for
Mexico in the world cup! That's
dumb! I knew Argentina would whip
them! Does that mean I'm a sinner?
That's soccer, I'm talking about
moral decency! If all people were
like that pretty soon people would
stop having babies. No more human
And that's a bad thing? Maybe then
animals could rule the world!
Animals never persecuted other


                       JULIAN (cont'd)
animals for their religious
believes, or put each other in
concentration camps. Animals never
invented poverty and greed!
I liked you better when you
arrived from Michoacan and didn't
have all these ideas!
They laugh out loud and quiet when they remember they are
supposed to be low-key.
They arrive on the hotel grounds. Shot of outdated and faded
sign, "Hotel Las Brisas Luxury Resort". Lightning streaks
in the night sky.
The hotel looks like a ghost town. A few lights are visible
but no guests or staff are seen. The lights flicker as
thunder rocks the landscape.
Come on. Raul's office is this
Julian leads them to a vantage point that allows them to
hide behind some bushes while looking in on Raul's office.
Raul is seated behind his desk passed out. An empty decanter
and a dirty ashtray adorn the big desk.
Elvira enters. It pains her to see Raul this way. She feels

She washes down liquor in Raul's glass and tries to wake a
blitzed Raul.
      (Looking in window)
Is that her? Wow that old man is
Wow. That's a switch. I'm used to
seeing her drunk. Not Don Raul.


Elvira still attempting to resesitate Raul. He suddenly
opens his eyes wide. He covers his hand with one hand to
keep from puking. He runs out the office.
Sandra grabs Julian's shoulder to make sure he listens to
her words.
Mi amor, please let's just get out
of here!
I can't Sandy! I have to settle
things with "Elvira Sandoval"
Who the hell is Elvira?
Julian walks to the window and taps on the glass. Madam
Marquez calmly walks to the window to speak with Julian.
The wind howls.
My dear Julian. You have returned.
I've been worried sick. (peering
at Sandra) Who is that in the
bushes with you? You must be
starving, let me feed you!
I'm sorry! I didn't beat that
That's not important. Listen, I
want you to give me a few minutes
to get Raul settled. Meet me in
the generator room in about twenty
We're leaving! I just wanted you
to hear it from me!


Hide in the dunes. Twenty minutes.
I'll be there. Go!
Julian realizes he must wait for her. He leads Sandra by the
hand and they disappear in to the stormy night.
Looking towards door. She looks giddy with excitement. She
calmly pours a drink while lighting a cigarette.
She lifts the receiver and dials.
      (In to phone)
This is Madam Marquez at the Las
Brisas hotel. I have the boy!
C/U on the business card in her hand. It reads,
"Benito 555-0158"
The Storm is in full swing. An old cement building, POLICE

Nothing more than chicken-wire covers windows. Mid 90s-Dodge
Ram pick up trucks are lined in street. Back of several
trucks are filled with "officers". A motley group of
Camera pans to a fat grubby officer chewing gum like a cow
with grass. He sports an old beat up assault rifle.

Cut to - Stationed at entrance are two short cops, like
midget wrestlers in security guard type uniforms. Each
carries a long barrelled shotgun that only accentuates their

Cut to - An officer is wrangling a prisoner. A mean sadistic
officer is dragging a drunk. The cop has the peon by the
back waistband of his underwear. The cop drags him in the
The interrogation room is a dark dungeon. Two young dark
skinned peons are strapped to metal chairs. They are naked
with many scars and bruises.
A huge ogre of a cop administers a beating to both of them.


The cop is a a muscle bound brute with no shirt and dark

Standing in the corner observing is Police Chief Martinez.
Inside the luxurious black Town Car. Benito is behind the
wheel. Alex is in the front passenger seat next to him. Ivan
sits behind Benito in the backseat. We see Don Gallardo's
hand with cigar.
Father, this isn't necessary.
Shouldn't the police handle this.
                       DON GALLARDO
The police can have him when I am
finished with him. At this point
I'm ready to see this boy suffer
before my eyes.
Well good. Yes, I want to see him
suffer too! I mean, after all he
did beat me. Oh, and he robbed me.
Your money. You are just going to
beat him right?
Ivan looks to his father. We see Benito in the rear view
mirror. His gaze focused like a pit bull about to fight.
Don Gallardo. Sir. Has Ivan
mentioned our plans to remodel the
club? I worked up a budget. Should
I fax it to your office
Uh, Alex father doesn't need to be
bothered with those details right
We really appreciate you giving us
control of the club.
Yeah we appreciate the start. But
we all realize the remodeling is
an investment that needs...


Benito glares at Alex. He brings his gloved hand to his lips
to shush Alex. Alex takes the order and shuts up.
Benito speeds the car through the stormy night.
Julian and Sandra are nervously waiting in the steamy
generator room. The door opens and rain pours in. Madam
Marquez enters wearing a raincoat.
Gallardo's son made this whole
story up! I didn't beat him or
steal his money!
He's telling the truth! I know he
didn't do it. He was with me...
...this is Sandra. We are leaving
here tonight. You won't ever hear
from me again.
Elvira looks over Sandra. She smiles at the girl.
      (To Sandra)
You are a lovely girl. I'm sure
Julian's mother could never have
imagined her son with a princess
like you!
Gracias Madam.
Elvira lights a cigarette. She takes a deep drag and looks
at Julian. She hands the cigarette to Sandra.
      (To Sandy)
Hold this my dear.
Thunder rocks the hotel. The lights flicker in the grimy
room. Madam Marquez slaps Julian. She slaps him over and
over attacking like a savage.
You fucking ingrate! You good for
nothing! Do you know we are losing
the hotel because of you! You


                       ELVIRA (cont'd)
piece of shit! Why did you come
here from god damn Michoacan?
Sandra tries to stop her. She continues slapping at Julian.
The lights flicker and they all freeze as the door
unexpectedly opens. Ivan and Alex enter standing just inside
the doorway.
Sorry to interrupt this reunion!
Your time as a fugitive is up
Alex glares at Sandra. He laughs.
If only everyone at school could
see you now! Sandra Aguilar Velez,
homecoming queen! Playing referee
to a boss beating the shit out of
a degenerate employee in a
generator room the night before
graduation. Huh! Your future looks
bright Sandy!
Elvira composes herself and straightens her hair.
      (To Ivan)
You must be Don Gallardo's son! It
shames me to have to meet you in
this manner. Just please tell your
father I did turn him in to you!
      (To Elvira)
What? I came here to explain
myself to you and you betray me!
Who cares what these two liars
say! Good! Let's get this all out
in the open so I can tell the
police the truth! Julian was with
"ME" that night!
Julian and Alex giggle as they look at each other.
Who said anything about police?
(dorky laugh)


I didn't say anything about
Ivan and Alex back away from the doorway.

Cut to - Lightning strikes. The lights flicker in the room.
As lights flicker back on Benito is revealed standing in the
doorway. He smiles and tightens his gloves looking at
Sandra hugs Julian fearing what awaits him!
Ivan and Alex enter followed by Elvira and Sandra. Julian is
Shadowed by a menacing Benito. Don Gallardo stands with the
aid of a cane.
Don Gallardo, forgive me. My staff
is all gone because of the storm.
Can I bring you...
                       DON GALLARDO
...I'll get to you!
Don Gallardo waves her away.
                       DON GALLARDO
Bring me the boy!
Benito shoves Julian towards Don Gallardo.
So this is the little prick that
beat my son and took twenty grand
...and the cell phone and watch!
Don Gallardo glares at Alex.
                       DON GALLARDO
      (to Julian)
You little peon, thief trouble
maker. First thing you are going
to do is apologize to my son!
Alex and Ivan giggle. Julian eyes Ivan shaking his head.


I didn't beat Ivan. I got nothing
to apologize for!
                       DON GALLARDO
      (snaps fingers)
Benito strikes Julian in the small of the back. He pulls
Julian's arm behind him. Julian agonizes in pain!
      (to Benito)
Stop! Stop it! You'll break his
arm! He didn't do it! Stop! You
Gallardo nods and Benito lets go of Julian.
      (to father)
He's already been expelled from
school. Can't you just turn him in
to the cops?
This little bastard beat the crap
out of you! Beat you up in public
like a little school girl!
So have him punished! But
                       DON GALLARDO
      (to Ivan)
...you are a spineless twit! God
punished me with a defective, weak
coward of a son!
                       DON GALLARDO
      (to Alex)
What about you? You vulture around
my son picking what you can! Are
you prepared to stand up for him?
Or are you a pussy too?
Alex steps to Ivan ready to strike.
                       DON GALLARDO
My son is a cripple. This boy had
an unfair advantage! Let's show
him what "UNFAIR" is!


Don Gallardo snaps his fingers. Benito hands brass knuckles
to Alex. Alex smacks Julian. Julian tumbles to the ground.
His cheek bleeds from the blow.
No! Alex leave him alone!
Alex swings again at Julian. Julian blocks the blow!
Julian's face turns to rage as he overpowers Alex. The brass
knuckles fall from Alex's fingers. Julian pummels Alex over
and over.
                       DON GALLARDO
      (To Ivan)
This boy never beat and robbed
you! On principle he won't
apologize for something he didn't
..innocent? He beat me up...
...Don Gallardo, I was there I saw
Julian attack Ivan!
                       DON GALLARDO
Liars! This peon has more balls
than my gimp son or his parasite
friend will ever have! Why do you
think he beat the shit out you?
Don Gallardo drops his handkerchief at Alex disgusted with
him. He wipes his bloody face.
                       DON GALLARDO
      (to Alex)
I was born to a poor peasant
family too. Not a blue blood
Lights flicker. Lightning seen through windows.
                       DON GALLARDO
      (points to Julian)
...on a stormy night much like
tonight, a rich land owner named
Huerta raped this boys mother
before his eyes. The boys father
walks in and sees his wife being
humped by Huerta...


Julian drops to his knees in agony as the visions of the
incident flash before his eyes.
                       DON GALLARDO
...in a fit of rage the father
shoots them both.
Sandra approaches Julian. Hugs and consoles him.
                       DON GALLARDO
The father dies in prison a few
years later. The boy seeks out his
only living relative (points to
Elvira) his aunt. Too ashamed to
admit her own blood, she hides him
away in a storeroom. Just another
                       DON GALLARDO
      (to Ivan and Alex)
When you two half wits came to me
with this bullshit story about him
beating you up, I knew this boy
could be useful to tie up some
loose ends.
Don Gallardo, this changes
everything. Please don't take the
hotel from us...
                       DON GALLARDO
...no. there is no saving this
hotel! At this moment Chief
Martinez has two prisoners at the
jail. They are part of the group
that is organizing all the workers
in this town. They have vandalized
the new hotel I'm building and
tried to form unions to squeeze me
for better salaries for...
...what does that have to do with
our hotel?
                       DON GALLARDO
Tomorrow those two organizers will
go before a judge on charges of
arson and manslaughter!


With all due respect Don Gallardo,
I haven't heard of any arson or
manslaughter in the newspapers.
                       DON GALLARDO
The charges will be for arson and
manslaughter at The Las Brisas
Gallardo snaps his fingers and Benito brandishes his pistol.
                       DON GALLARDO
Tomorrows papers will tell the
story. The police shoot the two
organizers after they catch them
starting the fire that destroyed
this hotel. All of you will be
killed by the fire!
Ivan rushes towards Alex to hug him.
I don't want anything to do with
killing! Alex and I are leaving!
                       DON GALLARDO
Didn't you hear me, you faggot?
ALL of you will be killed by the
Don Gallardo checks his watch and motions towards Benito.
                       DON GALLARDO
End this!
Benito cocks the pistol.
Julian charges Benito, the pistol falls to the ground.Benito
wrestles Julian to ground.
Benito pulls out a dagger and impales it in Julian's
Benito rubs his gloves, and smiles then pulls out another
dagger to finish off Julian.


Benito freezes, dazed as he stares at Julian's shoulder
wound. He realizes Julian has removed the dagger. Benito
drops his dagger. Julian has impaled the dagger in Benito's
abdomen. Benito falls over dead.
                       DON GALLARDO
      (to Julian)
You little fucker! Now I have to
get a new bodyguard!
Sandra runs to Julian, checks his wound.
Gallardo picks up telephone and dials.
                       DON GALLARDO
      (speaking on phone)
Martinez! This is Don Gallardo.
There's been a change in plan...
Gallardo drops phone. Ivan stands behind the old man and has
stabbed him. The old man falls to the ground. A look of
peace comes over his face.
                       DON GALLARDO
      (reaching for Ivan)
Gallardo squeezes Ivan's hand. Smiles at his son and dies.
Sandra and Elvira lead Julian to Raul's chair.
We have to get him to a doctor!
Elvira opens his shirt and checks the wound. She takes a
washcloth from the bar and ties a tourniquet on his wound.
She lifts phone.
The phones are dead!
We'll drive him to the hospital.


I'm fine! I just need to catch my
      (to Sandra)
There's a first aid kit at the
reception desk. You grab it while
I get the hotel's van. We'll meet
back here.
Elvira gives Ivan a drink of whiskey. She lights a cigarette
and gives Julian a puff. He coughs. She sets the cigarette
in the ashtray. She turns on Raul's stereo.
This music will relax you Julian.
Just sit still. We'll be right
Sandra kisses Julian.
I love you Julian!
Sandra and Elvira exit.
Julian sits trembling at the desk. The classical music plays
and the cigarette smoke rises from the ashtray.
Beatrice enters the dimly lit office. She is soaked and
appears catatonic. She eyes the silhouette in the chair,
hears the music and sees the cigarette smoke.
Trembling Beatrice raises the revolver and fires two rounds
at the back of the chair.
Cut to-
Elvira and Sandra reacting to the sound of the gunshot.
Julian rises and staggers out a side door.
Beatrice drops to her knees, mortified realizing she has
just shot Julian.
Julian stumbles in the rain. He falls to the ground.
Lightning streaks fill the sky. An image flashes in
Julian's mind. He is a child again in the farmhouse. His


mother stands over him humming a lullaby.

Cut to-
Julian lying on the ground in the rain.
Frantically Elvira and Sandra reach Julian. He is dead.
Ivan is older and emaciated. He sits in a wheelchair
catatonic. Silhouette of maid in background.
                       GALLARDO MAID
Senor Gallardo, will you me
needing anything else this
Pause, Ivan does not respond.
                       GALLARDO MAID
Maid exits. Ivan unzips a small leather case. He rolls up
his sleeve, his arm is covered with track marks.
The bank is packed with customers in line. Seated at his
desk Alex looks over paperwork. He's older, chubby and his
hair is thinning. He stands up from his desk as a secretary
approaches with a stack of files. Alex stands up.
      (To secretary)
I'll be going to lunch now.
She plops the stack of files on his desk.
                       BANK SECRETARY
Sorry Mr. Juarez, but Mr. Ochoa
wants you to review all these
applications before you go to
He looks over the dreary bank. The employees work like
robots, the customers all look annoyed. He picks up a file


from his desk and sits back down. He realizes this is all
his life will ever be.


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From David Chase Date 6/5/2008 **1/2
I enjoyed the premise of this, it was a pretty good story, but there are some areas where it could really be improved. I found the dialogue kind of cheesy and cliched. I'd suggest reading it out loud to people and see what kind of reaction you get. I also found there were some issues with the action, it went on pretty long in places and could have been formatted better. I've read some books on screenwriting that I found helpful, I'd suggest doing that. Also, watch out for the little things, such as spelling, correct grammar, and making sure you have the correct person listed for dialogue (there were several instances of this). I will say this, if the ending comes through with enough of a payoff, I would bump this up to at least a 3.

From Matthew Degnan Date 6/1/2008 ****
Brilliant. Absolutely fabulous. I'd go as far as to say it is one of the best Screenplays i've ever looked at. I always love a film with a mexican or texan feel to it and this ticks all of my boxes. I wonder if you could eMail me to talk about writing and so on. eMail - Matthew.Degnan@Yahoo.com I hope to hear from you Mr. Sanchez

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