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All for One
by Kelli M. Snyder (kelli_snyder40@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


ALEX, tall, dark haired, sits at the defendant's table.
Beside him is his LAWYER, a stern faced woman in a red dress
suit. The lawyer is going through a briefcase and pulls out
a yellow notepad. Alex leans towards her.
Since when has that, over the past
two months, been important?
I am trying to get you out of this
mess you have managed to put
yourself in, Jones. A decent
question is better than none.
What about a bunch of shitty ones?
Don't they matter? You've been
asking those since this case
She looks at Alex, who shrugged nonchalantly and sits back
in his chair. His lawyer goes back into her briefcase,
muttering to herself. Alex pours himself a glass of water,
looking very bored. The JUDGE, a balding man with glasses,
leans forward.
Does the Defence have anymore
withnesses for the jury?
Alex's lawyer straightens herself and arranges her blazer
and stands very straight. She places her hands on the table.
Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Jack Porter.
Alex turns around slightly and sees JACK, tall, blond
haired, walking towards the witness stand. Jack looks at
Alex as he passes. Jack is sworn in and sits down. Alex's
lawyer remains standing. Jack looks very tired.
Good afternoon, Mr. Porter. How
are you today?


I'm fine.
How do you know my client, Mr.
Alex and Jack look at each. Alex shrugs and continues
drinking his glass of water. Jack looks at Alex's lawyer and
We met in high school. Lost
contact with him for a while, then
we ended working at the same
precinct together.
And in this relationship with Mr.
Jones, did you ever suspect him of
being of the devious nature? A
'bad boy'?
What'd you mean?
Alex sets his water down and slumps back into his chair and
begins to play with his gray tie. His lawyer gives him a
warning glance. Alex looks at her, pauses and continues to
play with his tie. His lawyer looks back to Jack.
As in, as he ever been trouble
with the law or any other
authority figures?
Not really. I mean, what kid in
high school doesn't get detention
once and while? But, he wasn't a
bad guy.
And no change in him since?
Not really. He's the same quiet
guy I met in Algebra, freshman
Thank you. No further questions.


Alex leans towards her, as she sits down.
You know, you and these shitty
questions are actually worth the
same thing.
Alex picks up his glass and drinks more water. His lawyer
straightens herself and arranges her blazer once more.
More so than you are right now. I
would sit up straight. You've been
giving the judge the impression
you don't care about the outcome
of this trial.
Alex drinks, still slumped in his chair. He spills some of
the water in his lawyer's lap, who jumps slightly. Alex sits
back casually.
I really don't.
The judge looks at the D.A, a fat man with small framed
glasses, who stands. He leans forward at his table a bit and
speaks in a thick New York dialect.
Mr. Porter. You just said, about
your friend's personality that he
hasn't really changed from when
you met him, is that correct?
Pretty much.
How do you know that in the time
you said you lost contact with
him, he changed his persona
Alex quickly looks up and towards Jack. He stops playing
with his tie and sits up straighter. Jack looks at the D.A.
and rubs his eyes in fatigue. Jack looks at the D.A.


He's been my friend for about ten
years now. I would've detected
that change by now.
FELIX, tall, redhead wearing a faded blue newsboy cap, walks
into the courtroom and stands near the door, looking at the
judge to ensure he hasn't been seen. Alex looks at Jack
How long were you two apart, as
you said?
About a year. I don't think that's
enough to for a person to do a
complete three-sixty on their
Would you be surprised if I told
you that your good friend of ten
years was being accused of bribery
and theift?
Very. But, Alex knows better. He
wouldn't be on the force if he got
caught taking bribes. I'm his
superior, I would have the honor
of firing him and this trial
wouldn't be occurring.
Alex sighs lightly and slumps back into his chair. He
continues to play with his tie. His lawyer puts the yellow
pad into her briefcase and sits impatiently.
Thank you. No further questions.
      (to Jack)
You may step down, Mr. Porter.
I've heard enough of this.
Jack walks away from witness stand and towards the back of
the courtroom, where he leans tiredly against the wall. The
judge sits straighter and looks at Alex then back to the


Mr. Jones. Please stand.
Alex and his attorney stand up from the table.
After listening and careful
deliberation these pass two months
over the case of bribery against
Mr. Alexander Jones and with very
little evidence to convict Mr.
Jones and the fact I'm bored with
it all, I have no option but to
declare a mistrial.
      (to Alex)
Mr. Jones, you are free to go.
The judge bangs his gavel and the courtroom begins to clear.
Alex smiles and shakes his attorney's hand.
Alex walks down the steps of the courthouse with his hands
in his pockets. Felix comes up behind him and nudges his
shoulder. They quickly shake hands. The two stop on the
steps. Felix speaks in a British dialect.
Felix takes a pack of cigarettes out his pocket. He puts a
cigarette in his mouth and lights it with a match. Alex
shrugs modestly.
No point in congratulating. Some
ass-clown from the precinct called
in and dropped names, is all.
You were an informant, right?
Russian mafia?
Felix takes the cigarette from his mouth and blows smoke
into the air.
Yeah. Gave me forty grand to keep
my mouth shut, so I'm thinking it
was the guy who gave me the money
that called in.


You still got it? The money?
Felix throws his finished cigarette on the stairs and steps
on it. He puts his hands in his jeans pocket. Alex looks at
Felix intensely.
Who wants to know?
Felix quickly puts his hands up.
Oi, it's none of my business in
the first place.
So, why'd you ask?
Jack slowly walks down the steps, carrying a cup of coffee,
rubbing his eyes. He and Alex glance at each other. Alex
motions for him to come over. Felix slaps Alex's shoulder
and begins to leave.
I'm on lunch. I gotta get back
'fore that intern of mine does
something stupid. Who knew they
let morons major in architecture?
Felix walks down the steps as Jack appoarchs. Jack drinks
from the cup and stands besides Alex. Jack looks at Alex
lazily as Alex drapes his arm around him.
You okay?
Fourteen hour shifts are not fun.
What's up?
Thank you.
Jack slowly takes Alex's arm from around his shoulder and
eases away a bit.
Look, don't start kissing my ass
because I lied for you. I


                       JACK (cont'd)
should've let those Russian's turn
you into a fucking grease stain.
Alex looks at Jack. Jack drinks from the cup again and looks
at Alex, shaking his head.
I kept up my part of this deal. I
kept Nicky out of prison. And as
far as those Russians are
concerned, I was going my job.
Taking a forty thousand dollar
bribe wasn't part of the job. At
that point, you bring those
fuckers in. Now, we got to start
over again. You're lucky you still
got your life. They usually kill
you after they bribe you.
You'd know.
Jack gives Alex a heated glance from the corner of his eye
as he drinks his coffee. He slowly takes the coffee from his
lips and looks at Alex closely.
Fuck you.
I prefer not. And besides, forty
grand can only last a guy for so
Jack looks at Alex with curiosity. Alex looks at him with a
sheepish grin. Jack rubs his forehead and sighs deeply.
Aw, shit. Alex. No.
What? I can't work in any other
precinct in Manhattan after


Just because you've been able to
get away with shit like this your
entire life doesn't mean you won't
get caught one day. Someone is
gonna take you down, Alex.
I'm not asking for your advice. I
want a returning favor.
I covered your ass once.
Yeah, and I kept your
sixteen-year-old cousin out of
Rikers. You wanna bet he'll like
it there?
Jack sighs loudly and wipes his mouth with hand and looks
away for a moment. He looks back at Alex, who is looking at
his friend. Jack sighs and tilts his head backward, looking
into the sky.
I wanna fucking punch your lights
out. What is it that you want me
to do? Don't tell me what you're
going to do, because I could care
less right now. I'm too tired.
All I as for is back-up.
Jack drinks deeply from the coffee cup and looks at it. He
extends his hand. Alex grabs it and Jack closes his eyes
tightly, as if in pain. Jack opens his eyes and pulls Alex
closer to him.
You keep my name off of anything
and everything you do, understand
me? I don't want shit coming back
to me.
Not a problem.


I mean it, my name stays clean or
I'm taking in you and whoever else
you bring into this madness. I
swear, your ass will be
gold-plated on my desk as a
Jack walks away. Alex watches Jack walk down the steps and
cross the street. Alex walks down the steps with his hands
in his pockets.
      (to himself)
No promises though, Jacky.
Alex sits along in a bar,with a bottle of beer, staring
ahead, Felix walks into the bar and sits beside Alex. Felix
slowly waves his hand in front of his Alex's face,
whistling. Alex swats Felix's hand away.
You here with the rest of us?
Felix waves at the bartender, holding up one finger. Felix
goes into his back pocket and pulls out his wallet. He puts
a bill on the counter. The bartender walks over and picks up
the bill. Felix looks back over at Alex.
Not really.
The bartender returns and sets a bottle of beer in front of
Felix, who opens it with his keys. He takes a swig from the
bottle. Alex begins staring at Felix. Felix slowly sets his
bottle down and leans over towards Alex.
What did I tell 'bout that
staring? People will start
thinking we're queer or something.
Did you find them or not?
Felix scoffs and rolls his eyes. He takes another swig from
his beer bottle and nods towards the door. Alex looks at the
door then back to Felix.


For all you know they're waiting
Alex sighs and stares forward again. He takes another swig
from his beer bottle. Felix edges closer to Alex, who looks
at him.
What're you looking for in them
anyways? You're putting your hands
back into shit you got no business
in. You got off once, what makes
you think you will again?
I don't and I'm not worried about
the consequences. And to answer
your question, perfection. This is
going to be done right.
Felix sighs and shakes his head. Alex stands and puts his
coat on. Felix watches him, taking a swig from his bottle.
You know damn well that's too hard
to come by these days. And
besides, what if someone decides
to screw you over?
The way I'll have it done, that
won't be a problem.
Alex goes into his back pocket and takes out his wallet. He
puts a twenty dollar bill and sets it on the counter and
puts his wallet back into his back pocket. Alex walks out of
the bar. Felix watches him leave.
We'll see about that.
Felix puts his on cap and jacket. He picks up the money from
under the empty bottle and puts the money into his pocket.
He walks out of the bar.


Alex and Felix sit in a large basement of a warehouse. Felix
leans against a wall, smoking a cigarette. Alex straddles a
chair that is sitting beside a table. His arms are folded on
the back of the chair with his chin resting on his arms.
Are you sure that he's not going
to call the cops?
For the last bloody time, he's not
calling anyone! He doesn't even
know what's going on!
How do you know?
If he doesn't know anything...God,
just shut up, Alex!
A KNOCK comes to the door from upstairs. Felix puts his
cigarette in his mouth and runs up the stairs. He returns
with MARC, black, bald. Marc who looks around at the dimmly
lit basement. He smiles and looks over at Felix, shaking his
Only you, Felix.
Felix smiles and nods. He takes another puff of cigarettes
and putting it out on the wall.
Take a seat. We're waiting on
Marc nods. He takes off his bag and sits on the edge of a
dingy flower printed yellow sofa against the wall. He takes
off his gloves and coat.
      (to Felix)
Are you sure she's coming?


Will you stop worryin'? She'll
fucking be here!
Alex sighs and stands up. He takes out his cellular phone
and begins to dial numbers.
                       NORA (OS)
You don't get good reception in a
NORA dark haired, wearing glasses walks down the stairs with
her coat draped over her arm. Felix kisses her forehead.
Nora stands beside Felix, who has lit another cigarette.
What took you?
Nora looks around the basement and looks at Marc, who nods
at her. She looks at Felix and takes the cigarette out of
his mouth and puts it out against the wall. She quickly
kisses Felix.
That shit's bad for you. So, who's
Alex clears his throat loudly. Nora looks at Alex. Alex
looks at Nora with complete annoyance as they gaze at one
You need a cough drop?
You're late.
I'm always late. Your main concern
should be that I'm here at all.
So why come at all?
Felix said he needed my help with
something. I said okay. See how
easy that was?


Alex rolls his eyes as Nora sits in a nearby chair. Alex
grabs the chair he was originally sitting in and straddles
it. He faces the three and runs his hand through his hair.
We're going to rob the Diamond
Nora takes a can of Pepsi out of her coat pocket and opens
it, while looking at Alex.
Just like that, huh?
Alex looks over at Nora, still eyeing him while sipping her
Pepsi. Alex nods.
Yeah, just like that.
Marc shakes his head wildly and begins to stand up from the
sofa. He picks up his bag from off of the floor and throws
it over his shoulder. He looks at Felix.
I'm not going into a store and
waving a gun around, okay? I'm not
trying to hurt anybody!
Marc begins to walk towards the steps. Felix gently pushes
Marc back towards the sofa. Marc and Felix look at each
Who said anything about a gun?
Does it look like anyone of us
owns a gun, let alone how to use
one? Maybe, except Alex, over
If that were the case, I would've
gotten some bloke off the street
to help with this.
      (to Alex)
So, why are we all down here? I
mean, do you have a plan or are
you just blowing smoke?


Alex looks at Nora. They hold a gaze for a moment before
Alex straightens himself in the chair.
There's no smoke and I have a
Then, entertain us.
Each and every last one of you has
a special talent that can get this
done properly, which is why you
all are down here. Now, here's how
it's going down.
      (points to Felix)
Felix, as an architect, you
understand the structure of this
city. Your job is to bring me
blueprints for that neighborhood.
I need to know how it's laid out
in every possible way.
Felix nods. He puts out his current cigarette on the wall
and begins to light another one. Alex looks at Nora, who is
sitting coolly. She is crushing her Pepsi can against the
What are you, like a universal key
Something like that.
In that case, I need you to make
keys and anything that can get us
into those stores without breaking
locks or windows.
Child's play.
Alex looks at Marc, who is still standing with his messenger
bag in his hand. Alex points to Marc.
Marc, you play with computers and
shit like that, right? As of right
now, you're the most important


                       ALEX (cont'd)
person in this room. Your job is
to ensure we are not seen in or
out of those stores. You can do
Marc nods. He slowly back down on the edge of the sofa,
hanging his head a bit. Marc looks at Felix. Felix looks at
Marc and shrugs reassuringly.
      (to Alex)
When do we go through with all
Whenever Fireball over there takes
his ass to city hall.
Felix blows smoke into the air. He stands straighter from
leaning against the wall and puts his cigarette out on the
wall. He scratches the back of his head.
I can have those here in about a
day or two. It depends on what
time they close up for Christmas.
Okay, so, about a day is what I
was hoping for. We can go from
there when you get everything in
Alex stands. He flips his chair over so that the seat rests
on the table top. Felix begins to put on his jacket. Marc
looks around at everyone else preparing to leave.
So what? We're done here?
Nora stands and begins to put on her coat. She rolls her
eyes and looks at Marc.
No, now we're going to have a tea
party and eat cake.
Marc stands and puts on his coat. Nora walks up the stairs.
Marc walks up the stairs behind her.


Nora throws the empty, crushed Pepsi can down at Marc's
feet. He jumps out of the way and stands on the step,
looking up at her.
                       NORA (OS)
You'll get use to it.
Take of that for me, Alex!
Alex and Felix look at each other. Felix begins to snicker
as Alex picks up the empty can and tosses it to the side of
the room.
Fun, ain't she?
She's a real fun one.
Felix stands outside of an apartment door. He is BANGING on
a door. The sound of children playing and the sound of a
television waft into the corridor. Felix is standing
Nora! Open the bloody door!
Nora calmly opens the apartment door and looks at Felix,
chewing bubble gum. She blows a bubble. Felix looks at her
with contempt.
Have you lost your mind, baby?
I told you to have that stuff
together at ten.
Okay and you didn't show up at
that time, so whose fault is that?
Felix sighs and looks at Nora. He steps towards the door.


May I come in?
Nora opens the door wider and Felix walks inside. Nora
closes the door and follows behind Felix. Felix sits on the
arm of the sofa, watching Nora walk over to a computer. Nora
begins typing.
Why can't you just get in with
your office ID?
Felix takes a packet of gum off of the coffee table and puts
a stick into mouth. He sets the gum back on the table. Nora
looks over at him.
I ain't a city offical.
A printer on the table makes a beeping noise and begins to
print out a laminated card. Nora takes the card out of the
machine, waving it back and forth. She hands the card to
Felix. He looks impressed.
You're good.
Felix stands up and kisses Nora's cheek. He hurries out of
the door. Nora stands, looking at the door. She shakes her
head, laughing lightly.
You're welcome.
Felix gets off an elevator and walks down the hall towards
the secretary's desk and passed to where a door with a ID
card scanner stands. Felix scans the ID and a click is
heard. Felix walks through the door.
Felix begins to walk down a long corridor lined with doors.
Felix looks at doors as he walks down the corridor.


Felix stops in front of a door. He opens the door and walks
inside. He stands inside a room lined with shelves of long,
rolled papers. Felix sighs to himself and closes the door.
Felix walks down the hall with a long roll of paper under
his arm. Felix walks swiftly down the hall, back towards the
elevator. Felix gets onto the elevator. People look at his
hurried demeanor. Felix looks over his shoulder at a woman.
      (to woman)
Alex, Felix, Marc and Nora stand around the table. Felix
opens one of the street plans. Felix stands with a pen
tucked behind his ear, standing directly over the plans. He
begins to point out areas with his pen from behind his ear.
Right. Now this is the district's
Felix circles an area on the opened papers. Felix turns back
and faces everyone else, who are still looking at the opened
paper on the table. Felix points to the area he has circled
on the paper.
Now, as you can see, 47th street
ain't all that big. About five to
seven blocks long, according to
this plan. It may've been modified
over time.
How far in this neighborhood does
this go? I mean, region-wise?
      (to Alex)
Up to the 15th precinct. And
that's the only problem.


      (chewing gum)
Cops circle that area like
Felix and Alex look at Nora. She blows a bubble and pops it
with her fingernail. She looks at around at the others.
Has anyone been to that district
aside from me?
I have.
Then you should know that after
ten every night, that district
shuts down and cops begin circling
the neighborhood.
In what intervals?
      (in thought)
In...intervals of about
twenty-five, maybe thirty minutes.
If the time is so tight and we're
going to do this, how can we time
everything so we don't get seen?
Nora shakes her head and looks back at the opened paper on
the table. She blows another bubble and shrugs at Marc. Alex
looks at the plans on the table.
In intervals of twenty-five,
thirty minutes...its snowing like
crazy, so that time frame may
How'd you know? I mean, can we be
certain 'bout that?
Use to work there. In the winter,
when it snows like it is right
now; give or take, cops don't
drive through that neighborhood so


                       NORA (cont'd)
So, the intervals would be in
About forty-five.
How long has it been since you've
worked there?
About four months.
You were a manager or something?
Nora nods. Alex looks over at the open paper on the table.
He looks at Nora.
      (to himself)
They took the key from you, so...
I can make you a copy without a
When do you plan for us to do
      (to Marc)
Friday; definitely Friday.
      (turns to Nora)
You can turn a key by Friday?
Nora nods and spits the gum into a piece of paper. She rolls
the paper and puts it into her pocket and looks at Alex with
a smile.
What kind of a team player would I
be if I said no?
Not a very good one.


But I never said I'd do it.
Alex gives Nora a warning glance. Nora smiles at him. Felix
snickers softly as he rolls the paper back up. He tosses the
paper onto the floor.
You never said you wouldn't,
So, let's see what happens.
Alex smiles and begins to put on his coat. Felix lights a
cigarette and puts on his jacket, gathering the pile of
rolled papers. They all begin to leave the basement.
Nora sits on the floor. A key engraver rests in front of
her. She places a blank key into the machine. The machine
makes loud noise and stops. Nora take the newly engraved key
out of the machine and it fits into the tumbler. The tumbler
clicks and Nora smiles.
Felix walks into a dark apartment. Felix takes off his coat
and tosses it on the arm of the sofa.
You shouldn't leave your door
locked like that; someone with a
key can easily walk in.
Felix jumps in fright and quickly turns on a light. Nora
stands up from sitting on the sofa. She laughs softly and
stands. She has her coat draped over her arm and walks
towards Felix.
Shit, Nora! What the hell are you
playing at? Nearly gave me a heart
Wouldn't be the first time.


When'd you get here?
Whenever you were...wherever the
hell you were.
      (sighs heavily)
Alex had me in that damn warehouse
going over everything over and
over again. How'd you get in?
Nora goes into her jeans pocket, pulling out a key with
strange ridges and curves and tosses it him. Felix looks at
the key and looks at Nora.
You know, I got a key, too.
Nora moves closer towards Felix, looking at the key in his
Really now?
Felix continues to look at the key and nods. He looks at
Nora, who is now looking at Felix with interest.
A bit bigger than this, though.
I'm sure it is.
It'll need a keyhole to fit.
Felix softly kisses Nora on the lips. Nora pushes Felix
aside and walks towards the door. Felix watches her, smiling
Aw, where're you going, babe?
I'm going home.
Can I come?


Nora turns and looks at Felix as she puts on her coat. She
smiles and tosses him his keys from off a table near the
Sure, why not?
Felix smiles and catches his keys. He eagerly follows Nora
out of the door.
Marc is lounging on the sofa. Felix leans against the wall,
smoking a cigarette. Alex paces around the table, while Nora
sits casually, sipping a can of Pepsi through a straw.
Thanks for keeping me awake last
We needed to get everything in
order. It's not my fault you
didn't find a way to sleep last
No. It wasn't your fault, Alex.
Marc looks over at Felix, winks at him from behind his
cigarette. Nora and Alex look at each other for a moment
before Nora smiles at him. Alex flinches and shakes his
Okay, that was just too much
information for so little words.
      (to Nora)
You have the key?
Nora sets her can down on the table and holds her hand out
over her shoulder. Felix goes into his pocket and puts the
key into Nora's outreached hand. Nora slides the key across
the table. Alex catches the key as it slides to him.
Alex picks the key up from off the table and looks at it,
then he looks at Nora, who is eyeing him with boredom.


You're a fucking enigma.
Nora drapes her arm behind the chair and picks up her can
and puts it to her lips.
You're welcome.
Marc and Nora stand on the corner of 46th street, waiting.
Snow falls heavily and the two are visibly shivering. Nora
looks down the street periodically.
If they don't show up, I'm going
They said they'd be here. Alex
told me to make sure you don't go
anywhere or do anything stupid.
Where the hell does he get off
putting you in charge of anyone?
If I go home, Alex can go piss up
a rope!
What time is it?
Marc sighs and pulls up his coat sleeve. He shakes his wrist
a bit and sighs loudly.
I dunno. My watch stopped.
Nora sighs heavily. A red car drives up and stops. Felix
gets out of the passenger side. The car drives off and Felix
walks up to Nora and Marc, still shivering on the corner.
Felix stands in front of them.
Where's Alex going?
To park around the corner. Shall


The three walk towards 47th street. Alex walks around the
corner and meets them on the corner. They all stop. Alex
begins to put on his gloves and looks at Marc.
      (to Alex)
What's up?
Alex looks up at the streetlights. He waves his hand back
and forth in the air and looks back at Marc.
Marc goes into his pocket and pulls out a small device the
size of a walnut with a blue button in the middle. He
presses the button. The streetlights flicker and go out.
Nora and Felix look around in awe.
That was hot.
      (in awe)
When did you make that?
Couple nights ago.
You two wanna get this gone or
stand out here and talk? I'm
freezing my nuts off.
They all follow Alex down the street. Nora walks ahead of
them and abruptly stops. She looks above the door of the
store they are standing in front of.
      (to Nora)
Nora backs up a little and points to the small, rotating
camera above the door. She backs away from the door.
That. Don't move.
Nora carefully walks back to the door, stopping when the
cameras move. She takes the key out of her pocket and opens
the door. Marc, Alex and Felix run inside of the store as


Nora holds the door open. They stand in the store, in
complete darkness.
Now what?
      (to Marc)
Go get the tapes.
And they are where?
In the back, dumbass!
Marc and Felix hurry into the back room. Nora goes behind
the counter, full of black jewel cases. She opens one and
looks at the diamonds. She closes the case and sets it on
the glass counter. She places move cases on the counter.
                       FELIX (OS)
You're good!
She stops removing cases and looks at the back room door.
She begins to stand up from kneeling on the floor.
Toss out Windex and paper towels!
                       FELIX (OS)
What?! Where?
Look for it, genius!
Felix tosses out a bottle of Windex, followed by paper
towels. Alex catches them both and sets them on the counter.
Felix comes out of the back room. Nora is kneeling, placing
more cases on the counter.
      (to Felix)
Make yourself useful.


Felix kneels down and begins to help Nora. They stack the
cases on the counter. Alex watches them and leaves the
How much do you think is all
      (in thought)
About, oh, more than you'd make by
the time you retire.
Marc comes out of the back room with a videotape in his coat
pocket. Alex's car stops in front of the store. Felix starts
to stand and points to the cases on the counter.
      (to Marc)
Good. Come and grab some of these.
Marc picks up some of the cases and takes them outside. Nora
picks up the rest of the cases after closing the counter.
Felix cleans the counter with the Windex and tosses the
bottle and paper towels into the back room.
Felix picks up the rest of the jewel cases, runs outside and
piles them into the truck. He slams the truck shut and
hurries into the car. Alex drives off. Felix looks over his
shoulder as he lights a cigarette. He turns around, smiling.
That was fucking wicked!
Alex continues to drive. He quickly glances back at Felix,
who still looking over his shoulder. The car turns and Felix
sees a police car approaching the store they have left.
Felix turns back around, no longer smiling.
      (to Felix)
Don't smoke in my car.
The car stops and Felix opens the door and quickly tosses
his cigarette out. Alex continues to drive. Felix turns
around to see the police car still standing in front of the
store. Felix begins smiling again.


I think that cop was gonna start
following us, mate.
Don't count on it.
Jewel cases are piled on the table. Felix straddles a chair,
smoking a cigarette. He looks at the cases on the table.
Alex is pacing around the table. Marc lounges on the sofa.
He is dozing. Nora sits on the bottom steps in silence.
I wanna do that again!
Alex looks at Felix gravely and stops pacing. He looks at
Felix, who is smiling excitedly. Alex slowly shakes his
head. Felix looks at him in slight confusion.
No. Too soon.
What'd you mean, too soon?
We don't want to establish a
pattern. It'll cause too much
What suspicion? I mean, we got out
under twenty minutes. Marc either
destroyed every tape back there or
replaced it with tapes of Itchy
and Scratchy and we got rid of
fingerprints. If we keep doing
that, nobody'll supect a thing.
It's more to it, Felix. We got to
worry about bigger stores. Those
stores got more shit to them them
just tapes and Windex. What do you
mean tapes of Itchy and Scratchy?


Marc slowly sits up from his dozing and rubs his head. He
hangs his head and yawns.
Alex is right. Some of those
stores have got security systems
that, when triggered,the alarm get
sent straight to police cars in
the area. Silent systems. Yeah,
they go to play the tapes back and
before they get to us walking into
the store, they see a fifteen
minute episode of Itchy and
Nora laughs a bit. Felix looks over at Marc with a shocked
expression. Felix looks at Alex. Alex shrugs. Felix looks
back over at Marc. Marc looks at Felix with a lazy
Marc nods. Felix gets up abruptly from his chair. Felix
begins pacing. He takes out a pack of cigarettes from his
jeans pockets and lights one anxiously.
You mean to tell me that those
stores have security systems that
can get us caught without us even
No one will get caught. Chill out,
Felix shakes his head, taking a puff of the cigarette. He
snatches the cigarette out of his mouth and looks at Alex,
shaking his head.
No. I'm not going back to jail!
Connor! Nobody's going to jail,
okay? Sit down before you give
yourself a stroke.


I'd rather have the fucking
Felix straddles the chair again. Felix folds his arms across
the back of the chair and lays his head down. Alex walks
over and kneels down. He moves Felix's cap and looks at him.
Felix looks up at him.
Why the hell are you so fucking
paranoid? You're not going back to
Felix keeps his head on his arms and looks at Alex with sad
eyes. Felix shakes his head slowly.
I'm robbing bloody diamond stores,
that's why. There is also that
possibility we could get caught
without knowing and I really don't
want to go back to jail, Alex. I
really don't.
Felix, this is one of those
opportunities that when it comes
around, you fucking grab it. We
can get around this, trust me.
Felix looks at Marc, who nods. Felix looks back over at
Alex, who is still staring at him.
You want out? 'Cause I'll let you
get up and you won't have to come
Felix sits up straight. He sighs and straightens his hat. He
shakes his head slowly.
So, uhm...when do we go in again?
Alex turns and looks at her.


Felix sits at a bar, with a bottle in front of him. Felix
scratches the back of his head and takes a deep swig from
the bottle. Nora comes into the bar. She sits beside him and
leans her elbow on the counter.
You gonna sit here and drink
yourself stupid or are you gonna
come earn your share?
Felix sets his bottle down and looks at Nora sullenly. He
looks away slightly. Nora takes her arm down from the
counter and looks at him sympathetically.
I'm not trying to go back to jail,
Love. That's the last thing I need
right now.
Who says you will? For the moment
right now, the only thing we got
standing in between us and and
that jewelry store is you and
you're sitting in here crying,
which does nothing but give you a
stuffed up nose and a headache.
Now, stop being a pussy and lets
go get rich.
Felix smiles slightly. He stands and takes another long swig
from his beer bottle. He sets the bottle down and puts on
his coat.
Needed that.
Nora and Felix walk out of the bar and down the street to
47th street, where Marc stands on the corner. Felix stands
and lights a cigarette. Alex comes running from around the
corner. He stops and tries to catch his breath.
What happened to you?


They all walk farther down the street. They all stop in
front of a store. Nora opens the door and holds it open.
Marc walks in. Alex follows. Felix stands and looks at the
store's front. He takes one last puff of his cigarette and
throws it into the snow and walks into the store.
Alex and Marc go into the back room. Nora kneels behind the
counter, removing jewel cases. Felix walks behind the
counter and begins to help. Alex walks out of the back room,
sets a bottle of Windex and paper towels on the counter. He
walks outs of the store.
You still upset?
Felix looks at her. An approaching light is seen out the
window. Felix looks at the window. Nora looks at him
carefully. Felix looks back at Nora and quickly takes her
down onto the floor. Nora tries to get up. Felix pins her
down by the arms and leans towards her.
What the hell, Felix?
I saw headlights out there, so
unless you want to go to jail,
stay down!
Marc walks towards the doorway of the back room. Felix sees
him and frantically waves him back in the room. Marc stops
and looks at the window.
Marc! Go back in the room and shut
the door! Hurry up!
Marc looks at Felix, pinning Nora down on the floor. Marc
looks at the window, where lights are growing brighter.
Felix waves him back into the room. Marc goes into the room
and shuts the door.


A police car stops in front of the store. A police officer
gets out and walks towards the window of the store. He takes
out a flashlight and flashes light inside. He turns off the
flashlight. He gets back into his cruiser and drives off.
Felix looks up and sees the cruiser driving off. He leans
his head onto the floor.
Think I'm gonna piss meself
Nora pushes Felix off of her. She stands up.
Well, do it over there!
Nora KNOCKS on the door. Marc comes out of the room. Alex
pulls up in front of the store. Felix and Marc quickly
gather the cases and takes them to the car. Nora quickly
wipes the counter with Windex. Marc goes back into the
store, collecting more cases.
                       FELIX (OS)
Hurry up before another cop comes!
Marc hurries out of the store, as Nora locks the counter.
She hurries out of the store and gets into the car. Alex
speeds off. Felix sits in the front, looking nervous.
      (to Alex)
Could we stop off for a moment?
Alex quickly looks over at Felix. Alex shakes his head
For what? Everything is damn near
Not at a store. Please?


What do you need me to stop for?
If you gotta pee, we'll be back at
the warehouse in ten minutes.
I have to throw up!
Felix wraps his arm around his stomach and leans over.
Don't you fucking throw up in this
Alex grabs the front of his coat and pulls him up right
again and holds his hand against Felix's chest.
That, I cannot promise!
Alex continues to drive. The car stops in front of the
warehouse. Felix gets out of the car and vomits in front of
the car. Nora walks over to where Felix stands and rubs his
Felix lays on the sofa with his cap over his eyes. Marc sits
on the lower step of the stairs. Nora leans against a wall,
looking over at Felix periodically. Alex sits at the table.
It is completely silent.
This is the shit I'm talking
Felix sits up, jerking as if going to vomit again. He
quickly closes his mouth. His hat flies onto the floor. Marc
and Nora look at him. Alex gazes over at him in a relaxed
What're you talking about?
While you went to get the car,
some cop stops and starts shining
his light into the store. We damn
near got caught!


Calm down. It was probably just a
random search.
Felix shake his head. He picks his cap up and begins to
stand. He goes into his pocket for his cigarette and sees he
has no more. He tosses the empty package into a corner.
That was no bloody coincidence!
Cops don't just stop and start
looking into a place without a
logical reason!
We triggered something. One of
those silent systems I told you
Felix motions towards Marc. Marc is standing and walking
towards the sofa and sits beside Felix.
Think so, huh?
Those things are so sensitive,
store managers have to disable it
from the outside before they go
inside to keep police from
swarming the place.
Felix rubs his face and slowly sits back down on the sofa.
Alex stands and paces around the table. Nora watches him
So, you mean to say there's a
possible device that can disable
the security systems from the
I know there is.
Sounds good to me.


Nora moves from against the wall. She walked over to where
Alex is sitting at the table. She puts her hands on the
table and looks at Alex.
Good to you? Have you lost all
touch with reality tonight? We
almost got caught! How the hell
are we to know whatever he makes
is gonna work? Let alone that this
whole plan of yours isn't gonna go
to hell?
Alex looks at Nora. He shrugs.
I don't. And he's the technician.
He'll work it out.
Nora looks over at Marc. Marc shrugs. Nora looks back at
Alex. Nora looks around in disbelief.
I can't fucking believe this.
Don't argue.
Felix rubs his face with his hands and closes his eyes. He
lays his head down on the arm of the sofa, holding his
stomach and groaning softly.
Nora and Felix walk through Central Park. Snow is falling.
Felix is drinking a hot chocolate. Nora reaches into Felix's
pocket. She takes out his cap and puts it on.
How the hell can Alex expect us to
be okay with the fact we almost
got caught and that Marc is gonna
make another magical thingy that
may or not work?
Babe, its not for us to say how it
goes. Everything that's been
happening we didn't anticipate. I
doubt it won't work. I mean, Marc
knows what he's doing.


Are you starting to say that all
this is okay?
Felix drinks from the cup. He shakes his head and looks at
her. They both stop walking.
Hell no! But what can we do? Alex
is the only one with a plan to get
us out of the gutter in this city.
What are you trying to get away
from? You're a fucking architect!
And I can think of better ways to
get us out of this city than
trying to rob every store in the
Diamond District.
Felix throws out his empty cup in a nearby trash can. He
looks at Nora with his arms folded across his chest. They
look at each other for a moment.
Let's here it, then.
Hear what?
You said you can come up with a
better plan and I'd like to hear
Felix looks at Nora, who begins to walk away. Felix drops
his arms and walks after her. He grabs her arm. She turns
and looks at him.
If you can't think of anything,
Alex is all we got. I'm not trying
do that bullshit job for the rest
of my life. And who knows, this
may be the best thing that could
have happened in our lives.
Not trustworthy. And you're one to
talk after that scene you put on
last night.


The plan is foolproof. And I was
nervous. Me, you and Marc. We all
felt like that. This isn't
something you can just easily walk
away from.
Not the plan. Alex is
I don't know. Something about all
this isn't right. And who knows
what he does after he leaves the
He gets the car. He's never gone
long enough to do anything but!
No, Felix. I mean, something about
this whole plan. It's all too
Yeah. Go in, get the diamonds, get
That's not what I'm talking about.
Something else. I don't know.
Then what? Even if your accusation
is right, how're you gonna prove
Nora sighs. She turns and begins to walk away. Felix rolls
his eyes and starts to walk after Nora. He picks up a
handful of snow, rolls and throws the snowball at Nora's
back. Nora stops and turns around.
C'mon, Love! What you got to lose?


I'm with you! I've already lost
Nora picks up a handful of snow. She rolls it and throws the
snowball at Felix's head, laughing. The two continue to have
a snowball fight.
Jack sits at his desk, reading a newspapers. He looks at the
papers. He exhales and sits back in his chair. He throws the
papers down and rubs his eyes.
      (to self)
Shit, Alex.
Jack sits up straight and picks up the newspaper off of his
desk. He looks at it for a moment. He picks up his cellular
phone and dials numbers. He puts the phone to his ear,
leaning on his elbow.
Alex's cellular phones rings. Alex walks into his living
room where his phone is ringing. He picks up his phone,
presses a button and holds it to his ear.
What the hell are you doing?
Why am I reading the paper,
telling me about three robberies
in the Diamond District?
I don't know, Jacky. Ask the
editor of the paper.
I shouldn't have to.


Well, I don't know what to tell
you, Jacky.
You want me to cover your ass,
right? At least give me an idea of
what the hell I'm dealing with.
You've got the paper in front of
you. It's not rocket science.
Jack leans forward on his elbow and sighs. He slowly hangs
up his cellular phone and sets it down on his desk. He runs
his fingers roughly through his hair.
I really, really fucking hate you,
Marc and Alex sit at the table. Marc has set the
walnut-sized device in between he and Alex. Alex is looking
closely at the device. Marc leans with his chin in his hand
on the table, looking very tired.
How long did it take you to make
About a week.
Alex nods as he sets the device down on the table. He looks
at Marc, nearly asleep at the table. Alex snaps his fingers
in Marc's face. Marc sits up in attention.
You tested this right?
Marc nods. He leans over into his bag on the back of his
chair and pulls out a bottle of Starbucks bottle Frappacino.
He drinks from the bottle and sets it on the table.


Some store around the corner from
my place, sometime around
Are you sure you set the correct
frequency? We don't need any more
issues from those silent security
You won't. I stayed up all night
playing with this thing.
Okay. When you see Felix, tell him
to call me. I got something to ask
Marc stands up. He puts his device into his pocket and puts
on his coat. He drapes his bag across his shoulder and nods.
He picks the Frappacino bottle and takes a long swig. He
closes the bottle and walks towards the stairs.
I will do that for you.
Alex watches Marc climb the steps. He hears the upstairs
door open and shut. He takes out his cellular phone and
dials a number He holds the phone to his ear.
Marc, Nora and Felix stand on the 46th street corner. Nora
looks both ways down the street. Felix throws his cigarette
into a mound of snow and shoves his hands into his pockets.
Alex walks around the corner. They all walk down the street.
      (to Marc)
Did you bring it?
Bring what?
Marc takes out an walnut-sized device.


How does this one work?
It'll keep you from tweaking out
from the silent security systems.
You'll see in a minute.
The four stand in front of a store. Marc holds the device
upwards and pushes a button. Marc looks at Nora and nods.
Nora walks to the door and opens the door. They all walk
inside. They all stand and look around the large store.
I'll be in the back.
Marc hurries into the back with Felix following behind him.
Nora goes behind the counter and begins opening the large
cases. Alex stands in the middle of the room. Nora eyes him
and slowly stops working.
Why are you just standing around?
Alex looks at Nora and shrugs a bit. Nora looks at Alex with
You're the one with the key.
Nora looks harder at Alex. She slaps the key onto the
counter. She slides the key to Alex, who catches it before
it hits the floor. Alex looks at his hand, which is
uncovered. Alex looks hard at Nora.
I'll get the car.
Nora moves from behind the counter. She moves slowly towards
Alex, who backs away towards the store's entrance door. Alex
tosses Nora her key and turns towards the door.
I'm going to get the car.
Alex leaves the store. Nora watches him leave. She goes
behind the large counter, putting jewel cases on the counter
top. Felix and Marc come out of the back room. Marc begins
to collect the jewel cases off of the counter top.


      (to Nora)
He went to get the car?
Alex drives up to the store. Marc walks out and begins to
put cases into the trunk. Nora picks up the key and goes
outside. Felix gathers the last of the cases and follows her
outside. They get into the car. Alex drives off. Nora sits
in the front. Alex looks at her. Nora looks forward.
You did get a full truck, right?
If you were in the store you would
Alex gives Nora a heated side glance and continues to drive.
Nora motions towards Felix and Marc in the back.
Ask Ink and Bink back there.
Felix and Marc look at each other. Felix shrugs and takes
out a pack of cigarettes. He begins to light one. Alex looks
at him through the rearview mirror. He slams on the brakes.
Felix's lighter flies out of his hand.
Do. Not. Smoke. In. My. Car,
Alex stands in the middle of the warehouse basement, talking
on his cellular phone. He paces slowly. He puts his hand
into his jean's pocket and pulls out Marc's device.
Lieutenant, I think I've got
something that you could use right
about now.
No shit. I swear you're gonna love
Alex pauses. He listens to the person on the other end as he
looks at Marc's device. He looks at it carefully, smiling to


Most definitely. Most definitely.
I will do that for you, you have
my word.
Nora sits on the arm of her sofa, watching TV. BANGING is
heard at the door. Nora goes to open the door. Felix hurries
into the apartment, smoking a cigarette. He takes off his
coat and tosses it on the arm of the sofa.
What the hell is the matter with
Felix puts his cigarette between his lips as he quickly
takes off his coat and throws it on the back of a nearly
chair. He takes his cigarette out of his mouth and hurries
to the TV. He changes the channel.
The news, Love. They've got the
Diamond District swarmed with cops
from 45th to who knows where!
                                         CUT TO
On television, the reporter, a woman with dark hair, wearing
a blue coat is standing outside on the corner of the 47th
Diamond District. There are police officers and officials
moving around behind him.
                       TV REPORTER
I'm standing at the site of what
police officials call the most
confusing robbery in New York
history. There were no
fingerprints, no sign of forced
entry and every diamond and jewel
in four stores are missing, as
well as security tapes and the
ones that are still available have
been tapped over with Itchy and
Scratchy cartoons from The
Simpsons. One store claimed to
have a disabled security system.
Police are scooping the area for
possible witnesses, but have
absolutely no leads.
                                         CUT TO


Nora and Felix stand, looking at the TV.
Yeah, I know. I've been watching
the news all morning. Alex hasn't
said anything about it?
Felix turns off the television and sits on the arm of the
sofa. With the hand he holds his cigarette with, he rubs his
forehead. He sighing heavily. He looks at Nora.
If he has, he doesn't give two
A KNOCK comes to the door. Nora answers it and Marc stands
on the other side. Marc walks in with a worried look on his
face. He looks at Felix and hesitates. He looks at Nora and
Felix nervously.
Should I come back another time?
Nora walks pass Marc and shakes her head. Felix looks at
Marc, who is shifting his weight nervously. Marc looks at
Felix, then to Nora.
You're good. What's up?
I don't want to jump to
conclusions, but do either of you
know where my frequency remote is?
Nora and Felix look at each other and they look at him.
Felix slowly shakes his head.
Where'd you last have it?
The last store we were in. I put
it back in my pocket when I went
into the back room. At least, I
could've sworn I did.
Maybe you just misplaced it back
at your place?


Marc shakes his slowly.
I tore my place apart looking for
it and put it back together;
Marc sighs and rubs the back of his head. Nora shrugs with a
look of confusion. She puts her hand on Marc's shoulder.
If we find it.
Marc nods. He leaves. Nora looks at Felix when the door
closes. Felix takes his cigarette out of his mouth and licks
his lips. They sit in silence before hearing commotion
outside the building. Nora walks to the window.
What the hell?
Felix gets off the sofa and walks over to the window with
Nora. They look out of the window.
                                         CUT TO
Police officers have swarmed the front of Nora's apartment
building. People coming towards the apartment are cut off
from the sidewalk by barrcades. Police all have guns pointed
at Marc. Marc looks around in confusion.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Put your hands up! Don't move!
Marc doesn't move. He looks around in fear.
                                         CUT TO
Nora and Felix watch as police officer point their guns at
Marc from behind their car doors. Nora and Felix do not move
from their position at the window.
                                         CUT TO
                       POLICE OFFICER
Put your hands in the air and get
on the ground! Now!
Marc continues to look confused. People look on in shock and
dismay. Marc's hands slowly raise, looking as if he is
reaching for something in his pocket.


                       POLICE OFFICER
Police open fire, riddling Marc with bullets. Marc falls to
the ground. Blood pooling around his lifeless body. Police
officers lower their guns and slowly stand to get a closer
look at Marc lying on the ground. His keys lie on the ground
in the pool of blood.
                                         CUT TO
Felix's mouth is agape and his cigarette falls to the floor.
Nora slowly moves away from the window. Felix picks up his
cigarette and follows Nora.
Bloody hell.
Felix grabs Nora's coat and hands it to her. He grabs her
arm and ushers her out the apartment. They leave out a back
door in the back of Nora's apartment building. Nora puts her
coat on as they stand behind the building.
Nora runs her hand through her hair roughly and is clearly
shaking. Felix quickly throws his cigarette behind a
What the hell, man!?
Marc just got shot a thousand
times in front of your apartment,
that's what!
Let's get outta here.
Felix takes out a cigarette and lights it. He puts his arms
around Nora and leads them towards the street. Ambulance
sirens are heard. Nora looks over her shoulder. She stops


What're we gonna tell Alex? We
need Marc's help getting in those
stores! That was not kosher!
Felix stops walking. He turns to face her. He walks over to
her and puts his hands on her shoulders.
We don't tell him shit! He's not
going to be concerned! What we do
is keep our mouths shut and
pretend nothing's happened, okay?
He's gonna wanna know!
What Alex don't know won't kill
him. Look, babe, you honestly
think he's gonna care?
Even if he doesn't care about the
shooting, he's gonna wanna get
into those stores.
It won't matter, Nora. Listen,
okay? Alex doesn't care about
Marc's little devices. He'll get
us inside regardless. The show
will go on.
That's kinda cold, isn't it?
Not really. If anything, Marc just
knew how to do something Alex was
too lazy to do himself.
Felix shakes his head slowly. Nora sighs and looks away.
Felix puts his arm around Nora, who is still shaking
slightly. They walk down the street as sirens are heard in
the distance.


Alex stands in the middle of the basement, talking on his
cellular phone.
Right, right. I got it, trust me
you won't be disappointed.
The door above the stairs opens. Alex quickly flips his
cellular phone shut. Felix and Nora walk down the stairs.
Nora sits at the table. She removes her coat and a Pepsi can
from her pocket. Felix takes out a cigarette, puts one to
his lips and lights it.
Where's Marc?
Oh. Um...no clue.
Felix straddles a chair next to Nora, who is drinking her
Pepsi Alex looks at her and then back to Felix, who is
smoking a new cigarette. Alex sits on the edge of the table.
I'm thinking somewhere around
Saturday of next week. That's okay
with you two?
Felix and Nora look at each other. Nora sets the can down on
the table. She slowly gets up from the chair and walks
around slowly. Felix looks at Alex nervously.
Something wrong?
Nora turns away from Alex and Felix. Alex raises an eyebrow.
He motions towards Nora, who is still walking slowly around
the room.
She okay?
Felix takes a puff from his cigarette and nods vigorously.
He puts the cigarette out against the wall. Alex looks
closely at Felix. Alex continues to stare at Felix, who
throws his hands down and tears his hat off.


Marc's dead, mate!
Alex looks at Felix and raises an eyebrow at Felix. Nora
looks at Alex with an expression of sorrow. Alex sighs and
sits in a chair. He looks at Nora and Felix.
Okay, so what's the problem?
What'd you mean, what's the bloody
problem?! We saw that bloke get
shot in front of Nora's apartment
about twenty times and without
him, we got no way inside those
Who said we needed him to get
inside those stores?
Nora spins around quickly and points to Alex. She slowly
approaches the table.
You! Where the fuck are you
getting saying he was never
important? Let alone saying we
don't need him? Who the hell is
gonna keep us from getting caught?
You were the most important
person. You made a way for us to
get in those stores. And as far as
those security systems go, we'll
be in a smaller store so it won't
have one. Felix can get the tapes,
you'll get the diamonds and I'll
get the car.
I love the way your little brain
Cut the shit, Nora. We're doing
this without him on Saturday
night. You don't like it, don't


                       ALEX (cont'd)
show up!
Felix sits at the table and lays his head down. He grabs the
back of his head, sighing loudly. He holds his head down.
That's fucked up, Alex! Marc's
dead and you're treating this like
nothing happened!
Alex turns to Felix, who now has his head up. Alex and Felix
stare at one another. Alex narrows his eyes.
Nothing happened. He wasn't that
important. Suck it up, Connor.
Felix and Nora stand on the corner. Snow is falling heavily.
They are both looking at the ground. Felix is smoking a
cigarette, then throws it into a pile of snow. Nora nudges
We should go home.
We can't leave. Trust me, I want
to go home, too. But we can't.
What makes you think he cares
about us anymore than he does
about Marc?
Babe, please? This is our only
chance to out of this city! If we
do this tonight, I promise, we'll
walk away.
Nora sighs. Alex walks from around the corner. He motions
for the two to follow as he continues to walk. The Diamond
District street lights are on. Nora shakes her head slightly
as she goes to open the door. The three walk inside.


I'm in the back.
Felix walks towards the back room. Nora and Alex stand in
the front. Alex looks at Nora. Nora is standing with her
hands inside her coat pockets.
Aren't you going to start opening
that case?
If I don't, you should be able to
figure out how to open this case.
You're the mastermind behind this
whole fiasco, right?
Nora, stop fucking around!
Nora walks towards the counter and slaps the key on the
counter-top and turns around. Nora and Alex stand face to
Then you do it!
Alex picked up the key off counter and looks at Nora. He
puts it back down and puts his gloves on and walks out of
the store. Nora walks behind the counter and opens it. She
takes out several cases and stops. Felix comes out of the
back room.
He went to get the car?
Nora nods and Felix begins to gather the cases off of the
floor. Felix quickly looks up. The faint sounds of sirens
are heard. Felix and Nora look at each and begin to quickly
gather the cases up and hurry into the back room. Felix
shuts the door.
What the fuck is he playing at?
You believe me now?


I have no choice now!
Sirens are heard outside. Nora sees a small hatch door in
the corner. She grabs Felix's arm and leads him towards the
corner. They go down the hatch door. Felix trips down the
stairs and diamonds scatter everywhere.
Nora helps Felix to his feet.
You okay?
Felix stands and looks around the dark basement. He
straightens his cap. He takes the cases from her and sets
them on a nearby table. He looks closely at Nora.
You gotta get outta here.
You're coming, too.
Felix shakes his head. He look over a small window, walks
over and opens it
C'mon. I'm not joking. Better me
than you. I've got fingerprints in
that room and a record to match!
Felix grabs Nora by the forearm and ushers her towards the
window. Nora stops and looks at the worried look on Felix's
Please don't do anything stupid.
Felix kisses Nora and helps her out of the window. Footsteps
are heard overhead. Felix grabs rope from the corner. He
takes a stool from under the table and places it in the
middle of the floor and stands on the stool.
See you in Hell, Alex.


Nora kneels outside in the snow. She watches Felix through
the window.
Alex sits in a chair. Cases of diamonds sitting on the table
in front of him. Alex tilts back in the chair. Nora marches
down the stairs and towards Alex. Alex looks at her.
Where's Felix?
Nora walks over to where Alex is sitting. Nora grabs the
back of Alex's hair and throws him backwards onto the floor.
She stands over him. Alex scrabbles to get up.
You tell me.
Alex scrambles off the floor and glares at Nora. She kicks
the chair out of the way. She slowly advances towards Alex.
What the hell is wrong with you?
I was wondering the same about
you. What happened to you an hour
Nora moves closer to Alex. She roughly shoves him.
This isn't a motherfucking free
for all! Where did you go?
Nora looks at Alex. She laughs to herself and slowly shakes
her head. She turns and begins to leave. Alex follows her
towards the stairs.
What seems to be the problem?


Nora stops on the steps and looks over her shoulder at Alex
and narrows her eyes.
Maybe its the fact that Felix hung
himself in the basement of the
diamond store we attempted to rob.
I don't know. That just might be
Nora continues up the stairs and the door SLAMS shut. Alex
stands at the bottom of the stairs, smiling to himself.
So sorry for him.
Alex stands in his apartment. He has his cellular phone
against his ear, walking around the front room.
                                         CUT TO
Jack stands in front of a store on 47th street. It is
overrun with police and news reporters. Jack stands with his
cellular phone on his ear and watches EMTs remove a
stretcher with a black body bag on it.
Yeah. I'm here.
I take it you got my message?
Who could ignore it? This place is
swarmed, man. Where the hell did
you find that thing anyway?
Don't worry about it. I need you
to find something out for me.


Jack is distracted by an officer. Jack listens to Alex talk
and looks over at a uniformed officer, holding up a fainted
blue newsboy cap.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Hey, Jack! What do you want to do
with this?
Jack stands outside of Nora's apartment door. The hallway is
quiet. Jack is holding Felix's newsboy cap. He KNOCKS on
Nora's door. Nora opens the door and peers at him through
the partial opened door.
Who're you?
Jack leans in and peers at Nora's tear stained face.
Uh, my name is Jack Porter. I'm
investigating the robberies that
have been occurring in the 47th
street Diamond District. May I ask
you a few questions?
Nora looks at him. She closes the door and opens it wider.
Jack slowly walks inside the apartment. He follows Nora into
the front room. Jack begins to take off his coat.
Don't bother with your coat.
You're not staying long.
Jack stops and looks at her. He shrugs his coat back onto
his shoulders. He sits on the edge of the sofa. Nora stands
against a nearby wall with her arms folded. She wipes her
cheek quickly and looks at Jack.
I'm going to ask you some
questions about Felix Simpson.


His name was Connor and what about
Sorry. His body was found in the
basement of diamond import store
last night. Do you know why he
may've been in there?
Nora looks at Jack. Jack looks away and shifts on the arm of
the sofa. He scratches the back of his head before looking
back at Nora. She looking intensely at Jack.
Yeah. I know.
I'm very sorry. How long have you
known him?
Four years. Would be five
Do you know if he has a criminal
Nora closes her eyes.
                                         CUT TO
Felix stands at a payphone in London, across from a burning
building. Sirens and screaming people are heard in the
background. Felix is panicked and his face slightly covered
in ash.


                                         CUT TO
Nora stands outside a small building. She holds from
cellular phone to her ear. She moves away from people as she
listens to Felix.
Felix, calm down. What's up?
I don't know! The office is going
down in flames!
What happened?
I-I don't know! But, all I know is
I went for a smoke and the next
thing I know is the place is going
                                         CUT TO
Nora opens her eyes after a few seconds of closing them.
Jack is looking at her. Nora shakes her head and waves
nonchalantly with her hand. Jack looks curiously at her.
An accidental arson thing over in
London some years ago. He was
paranoid about it. He got it
Jack sighs. He looks at Nora's tear stained face. He slowly
pulls out Felix's newsboy cap. Nora eyes the hat and looks
at Jack with the same intensity. Jack holds the cap out to
This was all that was left in the
basement. It was near the stool he
used. I'm sorry. I'm sure he'd
like for you to have it.
Nora carefully takes the cap from Jack. Nora backs away from
Jack, holding the cap. Jack eyes Nora for a moment.


Thank you
You're welcome. Uh, if there's
anything I can do for you
Jack goes into his coat pocket and pulls out a card. He
hands the card to Nora, who is looking at Felix's cap. She
takes the card and looks at it. She looks at Jack.
Call if there's anything I can do
for you.
There really isn't much you can
do, Mr. Porter.
I'm sure I could help in some way.
Not for me.
Jack slowly nods. He stands and begins to walk to the door.
He turns around and points to the card in Nora's hand.
Just...keep up with that card if
you fill the need to ask a
question or something. You never
know if you'll need it.
Nora looks at the card, then at Jack. She nods. She follows
Jack towards the door. Nora opens the door for Jack and he
walks out. Nora shuts the door. She stands there for a
moment before looking down at Felix's hat.
Alex and Jack sit in the warehouse. Jack sits in a nearby
chair. He is watching Alex pack a series of boxes that rest
on the table. Jack sits with his head slightly hanging. He
looks up at Alex again.
So, you knew Felix?


He was the red head at the
courthouse in April. Why?
That girl you told me about was
really torn up about it. I assumed
you knew her.
When you assume you make an ass
out of you and me.
Jack leans his chin against his hand. He watches Alex pack
small black cases into larger cardboard boxes. Jack watches
Alex carefully. He sits up.
What's with the cases?
Alex turns slightly to side to look at Jack. He looks back
at the boxes. He continues packing boxes as if he didn't
hear Jack. He looks back towards Jack.
What about them?
You going somewhere?
Yeah. I plan on leaving the end of
this month.
Alex bends down near his feet and lifts a large black case
off the floor. Alex puts the case onto the table and a
diamond bracelet falls onto the floor. Alex and Jack look
down at it. Jack looks up at Alex.
That yours?
Alex picks the bracelet up. Alex looks at it and tosses to
Jack, who catches it. Jack looks at the bracelet. He looks
at Alex in bewilderment.
You can consider that a friendly
thank you.


Alex turns back to his boxes. He continues packing and
doesn't look at Jack.
Jack looks at the bracelet, then to Alex. Jack slowly stands
up. He holds the bracelet out towards Alex. Alex looks at
Jack and stops packing.
Alex. I mean, what the fuck?
Alex shuts the flap on the box and looks at Jack's
bewildered face. Jack is holding up the diamond for Alex to
see. Alex straddles a nearby chair and faces his friend.
We had a deal, remember?
Jack exhales and rubs his hands over his face. Alex watches
Jack. He stands up. He walks towards Jack.
You robbed four fucking diamond
stores and you think giving me a
diamond bracelet is gonna keep my
mouth shut?
You should keep your mouth shut
because you and I had a deal. And
you don't want to renig on that
deal. Little Nicky has two more
years of high school, Jacky.
I mean, if I'd have known you were
going to do this...
You would've still kept your mouth
shut. We had a deal, Jackson. I've
done what I was going to do and
you've got to hold up your end
now. Especially with Nora hanging


Nora Anderson.
The girl I just got done talking
Alex nods and looks at Jack. Jack rubs the back of his head.
He shakes his head slightly and looks away from Alex.
You lost me.
Felix would bring her around.
Kinda mysterious, you know?
Didn't seem like it. Seemed like
she was upset over Felix's
I saw that suicide coming a mile
away. Nora has a past and I'm
certain about it.
Jack sits for a moment and holds up the diamond.
What about this?
Alex stands and goes back to the boxes.
Keep it. It's yours.
Jack stands slowly and puts on his coat. He puts the diamond
into his pocket and walks up the stairs to the door.
                       ALEX (OS)
You're going to check on that,
Yeah. I will, actually.


Jack sits at his desk, typing on his keyboard. He runs his
hand through his hair in a very tired manner. He pushes his
mouse stroll. He looks at the computer screen and slowly
sits in attention. He clicks the mouse and the printer
begins to run.
Jack and Alex sit at the table. Jack lays the printed page
on the table for Alex to see. Alex leans over the table. He
picks up the paper and reads the information aloud.
"Nora Anderson, Age twenty, status
      (looks at Jack)
Jack nods and carefully take the paper from Alex, who is now
standing with his hands at hips, smiling slightly.
That's what? Ten to fifteen?
Just about. But, what does the
have to do with this jewel hiest?
She was Felix's accomplice.
Jack raises an eyebrow and looks carefully at Alex.
Elaborate, please.
She was with him every step of the
way. Felix went to her for
everything. Plans, timing. You
name it, she said it.
Just the words between Felix and
I. Have I ever lied to you before?


Nora walks around the corner towards her apartment building.
She stops and sees a group of military police gathered in
the front. Nora sighs lightly and shakes her head.
I hope you die a slow, painful
death, Alex.
Nora walks towards the building. She gets to the door and
takes out her keys
Nora Anderson?
Nora looks over her shoulder.
The military police takes Nora by the arm and leads her
towards a car. The military police puts Nora into the car
and drives away. Alex sits in his car around the corner from
the apartment, watching. He drives away.
Alex stands at the table, packing boxes. Jack watches Alex
tape up the boxes.
Where did you find all this shit
out? It would've taken us months!
What'd you mean? I was here the
entire time! I saw and heard
No, I mean...
Jack holds up one of the devices Marc made. Alex quickly
takes the device and shoves it into his pocket.
Found it.


Alex stops packing and looks at the gaze on Jack's face.
Alex returns the gaze shortly before Jack stands and walks
out. Jack walks out to his car. His cellular phone begins to
                                         CUT TO
Nora sits on a wooden bench next to a payphone. She sits
with her knees into her chest. The phone is resting under
her ear and on her shoulder. She looks at her nails as she
Hey, asshole, let me ask you a
real dumb-ass question: why am I
in jail?
Who is this?
How did you get this number?
You gave your number, jackass.
Why're you calling me?
Because, you're friends with
Alexander Jones?
Yeah, why?
Well, are you aware of his...uhm,
interaction with Felix, exactly?
What are you talking about?


An MP walks pass and snaps his fingers at Nora and points to
the phone. Nora holds up her middle finger.
C'mon, Nora. I need the phone.
You want farther detail, you gotta
come to me. I can't tell you over
the phone.
I'll be there tomorrow.
Nora takes her feet off the bench and her legs hang off the
bench the edge of the bench.
Love, peace and chicken grease.
Jack walks to his car, muttering to himself.
Jack walks into an interrogation room. Nora sits at a table
with a can of Pepsi in front of her. She sits, circling the
rim of the can with her finger. Jack clears his throat. Nora
does not look up.
Do you and Alex have some sort of
endless cough or something?
Nora looks up. She nods to a nearby seat. Jack strolls over
and removes his coat.
So, what is it you couldn't me
tell over the phone.
In that store you found Felix in,
did anyone think to check for


The only ones we found were
I didn't ask about his
I don't know.
How do you not know?
The store's been locked down. No
one in, no one out.
You're feeding me bullshit.
I can't do anything about it.
What'd you AWOL for anyways?
AWOL? Are you serious? I was a
clerk. I quit.
Nora takes a sip from her Pepsi.
So, how long are you in here?
I'm cleared. The only reason I'm
in here is to talk to you.
So? What are we talking about
exactly again?
He didn't do anything. He was an
You that fucking slow?


Jack sits for a moment. He looks away. Nora leans in.
You can play stupid to your
friend's little fiasco, but allow
me to elaborate. He coordinated
this whole little operation.
He couldn't have. He told me you
and Felix did everything.
You are that slow. He hands are
clean, sweetheart. He drove the
get away car. He probably has the
diamonds stashed away somewhere.
Jack presses his lips together. He is very still, looking at
Don't play stupid because you're
      (sighing softly)
There's a whole lot more to it
than that.
Jack and Nora walk down the dark street towards the blocked
off Diamond District. Nora and Jack duck under the police
tape and continue walking. Nora takes out the key. She opens
the door. She and Jack walk inside the store.
Okay, what're we doing in here
Prints. No one's been in, right?
No one.
Nora nods and leads Jack towards the counter. Nora puts her
gloves on and points to the edge of the counter.


I slid the key to him and when we
were all here. He put his whole
hand on the counter when he
stopped it.
Jack looks at the counter carefully. He removes a flashlight
from his coat pocket and shines it along the counter top. He
and Nora look at each other.
Told you I knew what I was talking
So, what do you have in mind?
Nora sits a table in a bar. She gets up and walks over to a
payphone. She puts coins into a phone and dials a number.
Alex is packing boxes in the front room of his apartment and
his cellular phone begins to ring.
Tut-tut, Alex. Tut-tut.
Alex stands straighter from his work on the boxes.
Who is this? Nora?
Ding-ding! Johnny, we have a
winner, tell him what he's won!
How did you get this number?


Oh, you're the bright light at the
end of the tunnel, aren't you?
Anyways, we have something to
We've got nothing to discuss.
Yeah, see that's where the problem
lies. You see, you are the one
whose suppose to be in jail, not
me. I'm cleared. You, my friend,
are not.
What'd you mean? You're hands are
as dirty as mine.
Sweetie, my hand print wasn't
lifted off of the counter-top of
the store we last robbed.
Alex runs his hand through his hair roughly. Nora laughs
lightly and takes a sip from the glass she is holding.
What kind of game do you call
yourself playing here?
Nora takes the glass from her lips and swirls it, making the
ice cubes hit against the sides of the glass.
Are you drinking?
Why, yes, I am! And the game we
are playing, Mr. Jones, is called,
Let's Make a Deal.
You've gotta be jerking me.


Nope, but you are a jag-off. Now,
here's how we play: you call
police and confess or you are at
my mercy.
Your mercy? What could you
possibly do to me?
That's between you, me and the Man
on the Moon.
And what's the lesser of two
Use your better judgement.
Alex sits on his sofa, looking at the cellular phone. Nora
walks away from the pay phone. She downs the rest of her
drink and picks up her coat. She walks out of the bar.
Nora stands against the wall with a glass of soda with three
cherries inside. Jack sits at the edge of the sofa, with a
small pile of papers on the coffee table.
What's the most we can do to him?
Jack looks over at Nora as she bites into one of the
There's plenty I can do to him. We
got prints, right?
No, I mean, like to keep him from
going anywhere or doing anything?
Jack begins to thumb through his pile of papers. Nora sighs.
She throws the cherry steam onto the floor. She begins to
pace in front of the coffee table.


I mean passports, his ID, credit
card numbers, something that can
hinder him! You know more about
this than I do!
Jack laughs lightly. He puts the papers aside and looks at
Nora. She standing impatiently in front of him.
You're the one who wants the
revenge. And about getting a cut,
don't count on it. If they find
it, they're going to seize it.
Wouldn't you after that bastard
forced someone you cared about to
off himself?
Jack looks at Nora. He continues to thumb through the
papers. He stops and hands her a small stack of papers.
Okay, here. That's damn near
everything. From the time he
applied to the police academy
until now. That's all I got.
Nora thumbs through the papers Jack has given her. She stops
and looks at him. Jack looks at her with a slightly tired
expression. Nora nods and holds them up.
I can hang on to these?
Jack nods and begins to collect the remaining papers off of
the coffee table. He put them into his folder. He stands and
begins to put his coat on.
Just don't make copies.
Nora sits on the floor with her laptop, typing. She looks at
the papers Jack gave her. She stops typing and peers at the
screen. Smiling, she takes off her glasses and shakes her
head slowly.


      (mocking Alex)
"What could you possibly to do
me?" Yeah, we'll see what I can
Alex stands in John F. Kennedy Airport at the ticket
counter. The clerk is typing. She shakes her head and hands
Alex his ID card.
I'm sorry, sir. Your information
is invalid. We can't process your
What'd you mean you can't process
it? I just bought the damn ticket
two weeks ago!
I'm sorry. There's nothing we can
do. Your information is coming up
void and the information for your
ticket has been canceled.
You're bullshitting me!
The clerk shakes her head and waves the the person behind
Alex up to the counter. Alex moves away. He adjusts his bag
on his shoulder. His cellular phone rings and Alex answers.
                                         CUT TO
Nora sits on the passenger side of Jack's car, sipping a
Pepsi as she talks.
You were going somewhere?
      (in shock)
What the hell, Nora?


I heard your flight to Barbados
was cancelled, Mr. Jones.
Yeah, I did, too. What the fuck do
you call yourself doing?
I like to call it nonviolent
negative reinforcement. Jack
doesn't agree with you, either.
What'd you mean, Jack doesn't
agree with me? What the hell does
Jack have to do with this? How do
you know who the hell Jack is?
Yeah, yeah, don't worry about
that. So, ask me again what I
could possibly do to you.
Alex stands in the middle of the airport, running his hands
through his hair. Alex shakes his head.
Whatever you did, Nora...
Nora finishes the rest of her Pepsi. She rolls the window
down and throws the can out of the window. She pokes her
bottom lip out.
Aww, poor baby can't leave the
country with his diamonds. Pity
for pity's sake.
I don't know what the hell is
going on, but I'll be damned if I
go to jail when you're just as
guilty as I am.
Nora makes a talking motion with her hand as Alex talks.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Alex, you
plotted it, you set the stage, you
go to jail. So, ta-ta for now.
Nora puts her cell phone into her coat pocket. Jack stops
his car at a red light and looks over at Nora.
I give it a week before he runs
out of ideas.
Alex stands in the middle of the airport lobby before
running out of the airport. He runs to his car, gets inside
and drives off.
Alex rushes inside his apartment and throws his bag into a
corner. He runs his hands through his hair and begins to
pace in the center of the room. A KNOCK comes to the door.
Alex stops pacing and looks at the door.
                       LANDLORD (OS)
You still in here, Jones?
The landlord opens the door and slowly walks inside. He
leans against a cane, is short and fat with graying hair. He
looks around slightly confused and focuses on Alex.
Thought you said you were outta
here this week, today to be exact!
I gotta rent this place.
It's not working out the way I was
hoping, sorry.
The landlord eyes Alex sternly and begins to wave his cane
at Alex's face.


I gotta rent this place out!
You're still sittin' here,
twitlin' ya thumbs! You got
another week to get the hell outta
The landlord turns around, shaking his head as he walks out
of the apartment. The door SLAMS. Alex stands in the
apartment's front room. Alex sits on the floor and puts his
head in his hands.
                                         CUT TO
Nora and Jack stand outside Alex's apartment. They stand
against Jack's car. They both look at Alex's apartment
window. Jack looks over at Nora. She is looking up at the
building, grinning.
He's not coming to the preceint.
Not my problem. My concern is that
he ends up in jail after it's said
and done.
I think I can think of something
that can get him in jail.
Nora looks at him and back at the window. The light in the
window goes out. Nora shakes her head with a blank
Let's see it then.
Jack sits at his desk, his phone resting on his shoulder,
pressed against his ear. He sits with a pen in between his
fingers, twirling it casually. He suddenly sits up.
Ah, yeah. This is Jack Porter from
the thirty-second unit. I'm
calling about the record of an
Alexander Jones.
      (quick pause)
Yes. I called last week, inquiring


                       JACK (cont'd)
as to his personal information. We
are running background checks on
former officers here and I was
asking if his identification
information returned?
      (quick pause)
Of course, but, please understand
I need the information before the
deadline this weekend.
      (quick pause)
Excellent. Thank you. Greatly
appreciate it.
He hangs up the phone and begins typing on his keyboard and
presses a key. The printer begins to run. Two papers come
out of the printer. Jack puts them into a folder and picks
up the phone again and dials. He holds the receiver to his
Hey, Alex I got it.
      (quick pause)
Yeah, wait. I'll explain when I
come over.
Jack stands and puts on his coat, hanging behind his chair.
He leaves the building and walks towards his car. An
envelope under his windshield wipers.
What the hell?
He rips the note from under his windshield and gets into his
car and drives away.
Jack takes off his coat and stands against a wall, looking
at the envelope. Nora is looking at him.
Will you open it already?
Jack waves the open envelope in the air, in front of Nora's
It is open, Nora.


Nora sighs. She folds her arms and looks at Jack with
annoyance. Jack laughs lightly and takes the folded letter
out out of the envelope. He unfolds and scans the letter. He
stops and looks at Nora with a worried look.
Jack sighs and holds the letter up to read.
      (reading aloud)
"Tell Nora her feeble attempt to
get me to turn myself in...
Jack looks at Nora, who is waiting and motions for him to
      (reading aloud)
"will only result in a retailation
that will not only leave her in a
very embarassing position..."
      (looks up at Nora)
I'm not reading the rest.
Nora snatches the letter and reads it. She rips the letter
in two.
I hope when he goes to jail, a big
man named 'Big Ben Benny' dresses
him up in a pretty pink dress,
covers him in rouge, bends him
over a table and calls him 'Miss
Jack laughs. His cell phone is vibrating in his coat pocket.
Nora looks towards Jack's coat pocket.
All's fair in love and war.
What's that?
Just my phone. I'm still on duty.
Calls come in at anytime.


Nora looks at him and shakes her head. Jack's phone vibrates
again, with a light blinking brightly. Jack hurries to
silence it and Nora looks at him. She points to his coat
Why don't you just answer that?
We're not doing anything
Oh, no, its okay. Its probably not
Nora looks at Jack closely. Jack quickly walks behind the
coffee table and pulls out his folder. He takes papers out
and hands them to Nora, who takes them cautiously.
      (slightly excited)
This is all of Alex's information.
It's now all invalid. He can't do
anything, buy anything, go
anywhere. He's damn-near
Nora looks at the papers. She looks up at Jack.
How did you manage that?
I declared him a suspect in a
major felony and a defiant flight
Nora shakes her head and looks at Jack, handing him back the
He can reapply for new
information. This is minor setback
for him.
      (shaking head)
Nope. They'll see his name and
deny him. He can't even use his


He can make up a new one.
Even if he does, it'll only add
What years? He hasn't been
convicted of anything yet!
Right. Yet!
      (shaking her head)
That doesn't make sense, Jack.
Unless your going to pick him in
the next twenty-four hours...
Nora stops and looks at Jack. She begins to pace in thought.
Jack sighs. He takes the papers from Nora and sits on the
sofa. Nora stops and looks at Jack, who is looking at her.
Remember when I said that after
the finger prints were collected
and analyzed he would go under
Screw the investigation! They
should've gotten him right then
and there! This is bullshit, Jack!
No, it's not!
So, why am I finding this out at
the last minute? What the fuck are
you hiding?
What'd you mean what am I hiding?
You should on your knees, thanking
me for not taking you in!
Why are we going around in
circles, Jack? Go on and do it.


Jack looks at Nora. She has a defiant look on her face. Jack
shakes his head at her. Nora holds up her wrists.
Jack sighs, holding his hands up and dropping them on his
knees. Nora puts her wrists down, hitting them against her
Thought so.
Nora's cellular phone begins to ring on the coffee table.
The vibration is very loud against the table's surface. Jack
and Nora look at each other. Nora answers the phone.
                                         CUT TO
Alex stands in a payphone booth, drinking coffee from a cup.
I admire you.
Yeah. You're a very smart young
lady, Ms. Anderson.
That Alex?
Nora holds up one finger and walks around slowly with the
cell phone against her ear.
                                         CUT TO
So, I assume there is a legit
reason why my ID number, social or
anything other number isn't
working on my side?


That's interesting, 'cause I'm
clueless as to what the hell
you're talking about.
Alex throws his coffee cup down.
Don't fucking play with me, Nora!
You invalided everything with my
number on my name!
Prove it.
                                         CUT TO
Alex runs this hand through his hair and sighs frustration.
Look, Alex, whatever happened to
your shit, happened because you
decided to play with fire and now
I suggest you get to the nearest
burn unit.
Nora throws her cellular phone back on the table. The phone
slids across the table. Jack catches it before it hits the
floor. Jack looks at Nora with curiousity. Nora runs her
fingers through the side of her hair. She looks at Jack and
Just in case you're wondering,
he's cracking.
Alex walks out of the phone booth. He begins to walk down
the busy street. He stops on the corner and looks around. He
sees a building across the street. Smiling, he races across
the street.
                                         CUT TO


Nora folds her arms and shakes her head in doubt.
Don't underestimate him. He's
smart enough to rob four jewelry
stores, set up two of his friends
and nearly walk. He'll come up
with something. I know he will.
Like what?
Who knows? Knowing him, anything.
He'll find a way to Barbados or
wherever the hell he wants to go.
Alex runs through the airport towards a terminal, labeled:
12am-BARBADOS. He hands the attendant his boarding pass and
hurries onto the plane. He walks to very back seats on the
planes and sits down, throwing his head back, exhaling.
Nora has her cell phone to her ear, looking very confused.
She paces in front the coffee table in her front room. She
stops and listens to the person on the other line.
I don't understand! I thought you
said you all were watching him?
Where the hell did he go?
                                         CUT TO
Jack stands outside of Alex's apartment door. The landlord
stands next to him as Jack stands, talking on his cell
phone. The landlord walks away and Jack peers inside the
empty apartment.
The landlord says he rented out.


When did he do that?
His landlord said yesterday. He
said he looked up and Alex was
Shit! He must be running from
something other than us, Jack.
I wouldn't know what.
I don't get it! He's all around
invalid! How the hell could he
have done anything?
Nora stops pacing and looks down in thought.
No one knows where he said he
might be going?
The only person who knew he was
trying to leave was the landlord
and even then, he doesn't know
where he went.
Nora begins pacing again, grabbing her hair by the bunch.
Where'd the hell did he go!?
Like I said, I don't know!
Nora stops pacing and quickly looks up. She begins looking
outside the window. She sees the outline of Marc's body
still on the ground. She leaves the window. She walks over
the sofa and sits.
Wait, call him!


We can call his cell phone! If
he's the smart person he is, he
still has the damn thing on him.
If he does...
If he took the phone with him,
chances are, he's out the fucking
country and we can only trace
networks within this countries
That's not good, now is it?
How do you know he's out the
I know.
What'd you mean you, know? What do
you know?
Just know I know. He's out the
country and we can't trace out of
the countries borders. We're not
the CIA, here.
Nora sits on her sofa.
I'll call him.
And say what? "Hey Alex, the cops
are looking for you. Be a
sweetheart and come home for


                       JACK (cont'd)
them"? No, Nora.
Well, your not being of any help!
You've been dicking around since
we found those prints. You won't
help get him back here so I will!
Hold on, Nora, just hold the fuck
on! I've been busting my ass just
as hard as you have! I'm not going
to have you get yourself into
something you got no business in,
you'll be in jail faster than he
will! Just stay there and don't do
anything 'til I get there!
Nora presses a button on her cell phone and puts it on her
coffee table. She stands and begins to put her coat on. She
leaves the apartment.
Alex stands outside of airport. He stands with a bag draped
over his shoulder. His cellular phone begins to ring in his
pocket. He takes it out of his pocket and answers it with
                                         CUT TO
Nora stands in a phone booth on a corner with a Starbucks
cup in her hand. Cars drive by as she stands and watches
them out of the booth window.
Hello, there, sweetheart. How's
the weather in Barbados?
Alex stands on the curb with his cell phone against his ear
with a staggered look on his face. He backs up against a
wall and listens to Nora on the other end of the phone.


Sounds wonderful. Before you throw
your cell phone in the street and
it gets crushed into a million
little pieces by a passing car, I
want you to know I'm proud of you.
You managed to get to Barbados and
get Jack to help you all at the
same time.
How do you figure any of that
actually happened?
Considering the fact Jack and I
are the only ones who know you
don't have any identification on
you and I wanna see you boil in a
pot of hot grease, who else
would've helped you?
Prove it.
Nora stops and looks at the phone. She slowly hangs the
phone up and walks out of the booth. Jack's car slowly pulls
up and stops. Jack gets out of his car and walks over to
I thought I told you not to do
anything 'til I got to your place?
You wanna go to jail, don't you?
Nora looks away. She slaps Jack hard across the face. Jack
falls back against his car. He holds his cheek and looks at
Nora in shock. Nora stands in front of him, looking as if
she will hit him again.
What the hell is the matter with


You let him get away!
Jack stands straighter, still looking shocked. He leans a
bit against his car, looking as if he is trying to dodge
another blow from Nora.
You knew! You knew about
everything! You let him leave!
Jack stands from against the side of his car and steps to
face Nora, who looking at Jack with great contempt. Jack
slips on ice on the crub. He staggers.
I didn't know a goddamn thing!
What the hell are you talking
What am I talking about? What am I
talking about?! You've been
playing fucking stupid this entire
time? You two hooked up. You knew
about those robberies this entire
If I knew so much, why would I be
trying to help you catch him,
Nora eases into Jack, who is still slightly doubled over on
the side of his car. Nora grabs his coat and pushs him
against his car door.
You're covering his ass, aren't
you? You knew about everything
from the start and you're just a
guilty as us. You just didn't
touch any of the jewels.


Jack looks at Nora in disbelief as she holds him against the
car. He breaths somewhat shallowly and looks at her with
widened eyes.
You see, Jack. I know you've
playing me for a ditz this entire
time. And I dunno what the rest of
you and Alex's plan is, I don't
care if he gave you money, but
I'll tell you this, if he doesn't
come back from Barbados in the
next seventy-two hours and I end
up in the clink and I'm taking you
two with me.
Jack shakes his head. He looks fearfully up at Nora.
That's asking a lot. You don't
understand, Nora-
Nora releases Jack's coat. She looks at Jack.
I don't care. Figure it out,
'cause if I can't get Alex, you're
the next best thing.
Nora straightens her coat. She begins to walk down the
street. Jack stands against the side of his car, watching
Nora. He takes out his cell phone and begins dialing. He
holds the phone to his ear.
Hey, Bobby. Yeah, this is Jack. Do
me a favor, pull Alex's sheet.
Yeah, just have it for me when I
get there. Alright, bye, thank
Nora is walking down the stairs of her apartment building.
Nora's cell phone begins to ring. She answers it as she
walks out of the front door.


Jack walking out of the police precinct, with his cell phone
against his ear. Jack has two sheets of paper in his other
hand. He walks to his car parked at the car.
Wanna hear something really funny?
I could use a laugh. Go for it.
I called Foreign Relations and
told them Alex is an international
fugitive. I'm on my way down
there. Meet me down there in
twenty minutes.
Nora stops walking and looks at her phone. She puts the
phone back to her ear.
Ten-four, Good Buddy.
Alex throws his cell phone into the street, where a car runs
over it. Alex waves down a taxi. The taxi stops and Alex
gets into the back seat.
                       TAXI DRIVER
Where to?
Anywhere near water. I don't care.
The taxi drives away from the airport. Alex looks quickly
out of the back window as the taxi drives farther into the
city. The driver watches Alex through the rear view mirror.
                       TAXI DRIVER
You okay back there?
Alex whips around to face the driver's reflection. Alex
waves the driver on.


Just...you keep driving!
Alex slumps down into the back seat. He sighs and tilts his
head back, muttering to himself.
Jack and Nora walk inside the Foreign Relations building.
Jack leads Nora into a room, where a woman sits at a desk.
Jack shows his badge and picture of Alex.
He was in here, when?
The clerk takes the photo and looks at it carefully, handing
it back to Jack. She goes to a file cabinet and returns with
a Manila folder and sits back down.
                       OFFICE CLERK
Exactly what is this about?
This guy is a prime suspect in the
Diamond District robberies last
month. His information was made
invalid to keep him from leaving
the country. We need him back in
the country, or least know where
he went.
What name did he use?
The clerk thumbs through the folder and removes a sheet of
paper and looks at it.
                       OFFICE CLERK
Connor Simpson.
Nora blinks and shakes her head. Jack takes the folder and
the paper. He begins to thumb through the file. He looks at
Nora, then to the clerk with a look of disbelief.
You gave him a visa?


                       OFFICE CLERK
He didn't use any of his real
information, evidently, so we
didn't ask.
Jack nods and closes the folder. He nods to the clerk and
walks out with Nora behind him. They walk outside, towards
Jack's car. Nora follows behind, kicking up snow.
How the fuck did he get Felix's
The same way we got his. He used
to be a cop, so he can easily look
up an innocent's identification.
He used to a be a cop? What the
He got fired for taking bribes
from the Russian mafia. He went to
court on the charges, but got
acquitted. I've gotta find a way
to call the Barbados authorities
and a establish a search.
How long?
Not sure. Depends on how Barbados
does business down there.
Nora walks closer to Jack, pointing at him.
How did he get acquitted? Didn't
they find the money?
No; I dunno what he did with that
money, but I was suppose to go up
the river with him if the evidence
was there.
Look, just hang low until


                       JACK (cont'd)
everything gets cleared up if you
don't want your name in any of
this, okay. God knows if your name
comes up...lets just say my shit
don't smell like roses, either.
Nora sighs and folds her arms. She and Jack eye each other
before Nora walks to the passenger side and gets into the
car. Jack walks to the driver side, get into the car and
drives off.
Alex sits on the bed, looking at the three jewel cases. Alex
sits and rubs his face. He looks at his hands that are
      (to self)
I did it? I did it.
Alex stands and looks around the room in disbelief. He
slowly smiles to himself.
I did! I made it...oh, my God!
Alex laughs and claps his hands and begins to jump up and
down. He falls back onto the bed, laughing. He slowly stops
laughing and remains smiling.
Miracle. That's what that was. I
think. I have to be the smartest
guy on the fucking planet!
Alex lies on the bed for a moment and falls asleep. About
four hours later, BANGING on his hotel room door wakes Alex
up. He sits up, startled. His hotel room phone begins to
ring. He quickyly answers it.


                       JACK (OS)
      (on phone)
Sorry, Al', I can't go down with
you this time.
                       POLICE OFFICER (OS)
Open this door, Jones! You're
under arrest!
Alex sits, in shock, still holding the phone. The BANGING
and demanding continues. Alex hands up the phone and police
officer kick in the door, rushing inside. Alex is seized,
still shocked and still.
New York City police officer walks Alex into the precinct.
Jack watches Alex walk in handcuffs with two officers. Alex
looks at Jack. Alex continues looking at Jack until he and
officers are around the corner. Jack looks at the work on
his desk.
My cousin was going to jail
Nora walks through a corridor filled with empty jail cells.
She stops at one at the end of the corridor. Alex sits on a
cot, hanging his head. Nora clears her throat loudly. Alex
looks up at her.
You need a cough drop?
Nora unwraps a candy and puts it into her mouth. She tosses
one into the cell, where it lands on the cot next to Alex.
Nora leans against the cell bars. Alex puts the candy into
his mouth.
So, how was Barbados?


From what I saw, not bad. How'd
you find me?
I didn't find anything. Jack found
you and got you back here. I just
had to motivate him a little.
Yeah, that's what you have to do
with Jacky-boy.
Nora nods and stands straighter. Alex looks at her, sucking
on the candy. Nora walks back down the corridor. Alex faces
the wall and spits the candy out against the wall, breaking
it into pieces.
Hate peppermints.
Nora walks towards Jack's desk. She sits on the edge of the
desk, where Jack is typing on his computer
How long is he in holding?
Jack looks at Nora.
No one's come to pay his bail, so
until his trial.
How much is his bail?
Over half a mil.
Why? You wanna bail him out?
Nah, he's been to Barbados.
Nora stands and begins to walk away. Jack grabs her wrist to
stop her.
Uhm, Nora. Look, Alex is giving
you all the money from the heist.


                       JACK (cont'd)
I'm not suppose to, but, don't
tell anyone, okay? I'll bring it
by tonight and after this, you
don't know me and I don't know
Nora nods and Jack lets her wrist go. Nora and Jack look at
each other momentarily. Nora straightens her coat and leaves
the building.
Nora sits in the office of a diamond dealer, with a small
case sitting on the table in front of her. The dealer comes
inside the room and shuts the door behind her. She sits.
                       DIAMOND DEALER
Well, we've reviewed the sample
you gave us.
Yeah, how much?
                       DIAMOND DEALER
Seeing that the jewel you gave us
to appraise was quite...large in
detail, we can only...
How much?
                       DIAMOND DEALER
Nora sits straighter, puts her finger into her ear, shaking
it rapidly. She looks at the dealer.
Excuse me?
                       DIAMOND DEALER
There's nothing we can give you
for a cubic zirconia.
Nora slowly stands up and walks out out of the room. She
walks out of the store and her cellular phone begins to
ring. She answers.


Alex stands on the balcony of a hotel room, looking towards
blue water, holding his cellular phone to his ear, smiling.
So, I guess you won't be coming to
Barbados anytime soon, huh?
Oh, fuck you!
If you hadn't been so gun-ho
trying to stop me we could've
worked that out and you probably
would've gotten one of the cases
with the real diamonds. Oh, and
throwing your cell into the street
doesn't help, either.
Nora stops walking, looks at her cell phone and throws it
into the middle of the street, where a bus runs over the
phone. She continues walking.
Alex laughs to himself as he flips his cell phone closed and
walks back into his hotel room, where diamonds cover the


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