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Barack Obama a drama
by Ron Southan (lmn12@verizon.net)

Rated: PG   Genre: Comedy   User Review: *
Short skit of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton set in the Oprah green room.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We see Barack Obama and James Carville talking together.
                       STAGE HAND
      (off camera)
Five minutes Senator!
I always knew you were going to
win Barack!
I just had to show loyalty to the
Clintons. I knew her ways would
catch up to her.
      (straightening his
James, you said some nasty things
me. All over the national news
well Barack, I had to do it just
to put on a good show. I have
contracts with those people and
they expect a certain intensity
from me.
I did keep you in the news and
I'll bet I mentioned your name
more than I did Hillerey's.
      (shaking head)
Of course it usually wasn't a very
good mention.
enter Marvin carrying a huge, heavy flag like object.
What the hell is that?
It's the worlds largest American
flag lapel pin! And, it's made
from a piece of an F4 Phantom jet


How the hell and I supposed to
wear this thing?
(Marvin struggles to hang pin on Obama)
Let's see someone call you
unpatriotic now!
(Hillary bursts through doorway.)
James, selling out I see.
(James turns to face Hillary, embarrassed)
Hill, I was just asking Barack to
step aside and wait eight years.
Really? Tell the truth for once
James. I can take it.
It's over Hill. Barack won fair
and square. I want to work for a
(Hillary draws a handgun)
Et tu Carvelle? Then die James!
(Hillary fires twice as Carville turns to run. He has a
dramatic death scene. She then turns to Obama who has backed
himself into a corner holding the flag pin)
As for you! How dare you step in
front of a women when it's her
turn to be president? You couldn't
wait eight measly years?
We have to unite as a country now?
(Hillary raises her gun and empties it at Obama who ducks
behind his flag pin. The bullets bounce off the pin and
ricochet around the room breaking various objects)


Hillary aims at Oprah and pulls the trigger. When nothing
happens, she throws the gun at Oprah. Oprah ducks out the
way, picks up a chair and smashes Hillary over the head.
Hillary falls to the floor knocked out)
Hillary, what the hell are you
doing here?
(Oprah runs into room)
You best not have bent his ears
(Barack manges to get out from behind the flag pin. Opraha
helps him get up)
Are you OK honey?
You saved my life!
Baby, you're the greatest!
(They kiss ala Jackie Gleason and Audry Meadows in the


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From Alex Ash Date 1/15/2009 1/2
I'm sorry It really wasn't funny, look, I like you trying to make a political comedy and I admire you for it, but it usually is better if it is social satire, not just slapstick, Jerry Springer style comedy. I'll give you half a star for effort.

From Sven Date 12/20/2008 0 stars
No offense, but that was stupid. It was NOT funny at all.

From Cameron Date 7/14/2008 0 stars
Were was that comedy? There was no humor what so ever! I am giving you 0 stars!Rock ON!

From mike kobzeff Date 6/24/2008 **1/2
they say political humor is one of the most difficult things for audiences to appreciate, and this one was no exception. nothing in this script really connected together, it seems to be one ridiculous outlandish thing after another. each red herring needs to covertly intertwine at more than one point to make them effectively humorous.

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