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by David Chase (davidchase@rogers.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***1/2
The U.S. Government's most deadly agent faces the greatest challenge of his career, the truth about his father.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The African dawn is quiet. A dirt road running through the
Savannah is the only route visible.
The quiet of the dawn is shattered by GUNFIRE. A jeep
suddenly appears, racing down the road at top speed. A
second jeep pursues from a distance back.
The first jeep approaches an air strip and a waiting twin
propeller airplane. C/U on the jeep shows two women, a man
driving, a man firing an automatic rifle, and a young boy
(all African).
As the jeep rolls to a stop by the airplane, the group
exits. The man with the rifle provides cover, firing in the
direction of the pursuing vehicle.
The group runs toward the airplane. One of the women
suddenly falls, struck by a bullet. The driver of the jeep
picks her up, helping her onto the plane. The other man
continues to provide cover, until he, too, falls, struck by
a bullet. The rest of the group makes it on board.
As the plane takes off, the group huddles close while
gunfire echoes outside.
The young boy watches with concern, held close by one of the
women, while the other woman slips in and out of
Two Muay Thai kickboxers square off in the middle of the
ring. Around them, an enormous crowd cheers it's support as
they slug it out.
HAROLD JACKSON, African American, somewhere in his
mid-forties, watches from the lower bowl of the arena. He is
flanked by two non-descript looking Japanese government


Harold, looking through a pair of binoculars, focuses on a
Japanese man, SHINZO TAKAMURA, on the opposite side of the
arena. The man is flanked on either side by a number of
tough looking Japanese men. They are all dressed in
expensive looking suits.
Harold lowers the binoculars and looks at one of the agents
beside him. The man nods, confirming what Harold already
assumed. Harold seems to speak to no one in particular, but
an earpiece can be seen in his ear.
We've got confirmation, partner.
Takamura and his entourage are
A series of intercuts follows as Harold and Kyle speak.
KYLE BARRETT, early thirties, white male, stands at the bar.
A doorway shows it to be just off of the main arena area.
Closed circuit TV's show the fight going on just a short
distance away.
Kyle, standing a bit over 6' and very good looking, is
surrounded by patrons of various nationalities, allowing him
to blend in.
To Kyle's left stands a bevy of Southeast Asian girls. They
all giggle and talk amongst themselves, obviously intent
upon winning Kyle's affections. Kyle regards them with a bit
of humor as he replies to Harold. He also has an earpiece in
his ear.
Affirmative. Hey, Harold, what's
the legal age here in Bangkok,
Kyle looks at the girls beside him and grins.
Harold, also grinning, continues watching the kickboxing
Too young for your sorry ass.
Harold quickly turns his attention to the agent on his left.
      (to Agent #1)
Uh, he's kidding, you know that,


Kyle eyes the group of underage girls beside him again.
      (to Harold)
That's what I thought. I just
don't wanna be hauled away for
even standing this close to
someone underage.
Kyle turns his attention in the opposite direction, finding
an attractive caucasian woman seated beside him. He smiles
at her, and she returns the favor.
Harold is still watching his target.
Through the binoculars, Harold sees a large CHINESE MAN
approach Takamura and whisper something in his ear. It
instantly has Takamura's attention.
      (to Kyle)
Hold on, something's happening.
      (to Harold)
Awaiting further instruction.
      (to caucasian
You American?
Australian. I'm here on business.
The woman extends her hand.
Kyle takes her hand, smiling as he slips into smooth mode.
Kyle. What're you drinking?
Still looking through the binoculars, Harold sees Takamura
and his crew get up and start to move toward the exit.
Time to roll, Kyle, Takamura's on
the move.
Kyle, disappointed, takes one more look at the gorgeous
woman beside him.


Sorry, Michelle, turns out I'm
here on business, too.
Kyle motions for the bartender. He hands the man some bills.
      (to bartender)
Get this beautiful lady whatever
she wants.
Kyle turns his attention the group of underage girls beside
him. He hands the bartender another wad of bills.
      (to bartender)
And keep this group out of
trouble. If you can.
Kyle turns to the caucasian woman.
Gotta run. Maybe you'll be here
when I get back?
Kyle gives her a raised eyebrow before walking away. He
makes his way to the door, which leads to the
      (to Harold)
I swear to God, Harold, this
better be fuckin' good.
                       HAROLD (O/S)
Trust me, it's worth walkin' away
from whatever you had lined up.
Kyle walks across the concourse and looks down into the
lower bowl. He sees Takamura and his entourage leaving. His
attention is on the large Chinese man.
Who's the big guy?
Harold looks to the Japanese agents. They give each other a
concerned look.


                       AGENT #1
It could be Chen.
So? Who's that?
                       AGENT #2
He's...what would you say...an
urban legend?
Harold gives a look, as if to say, WTF?
                       AGENT #1
He's an assassin, works strictly
for hire. At least, we think so.
He's credited with numerous kills,
but no confirmations.
      (to Kyle)
You gettin' all that, partner? We
didn't expect him.
Kyle watches the group depart, taking notice of every
Yeah, I got it. What do you think?
                       HAROLD (O/S)
If Takamura's meeting with Pak,
this might be our only chance.
Pak's linked to bombings in Bali,
Mumbai, and Edinburgh.
Are we go?
Kyle watches the group disappear through an exit door.
Your call.
Kyle takes one more look around.
We're go.
Kyle takes off in pursuit.


Kyle walks through a hallway in the underbelly of the arena.
He turns a corner, seeing a pair of doors at the end of the
hall. A pair of ASIAN THUGS stand guard.
      (to Harold)
Shit, sentries posted. They've
spotted me.
                       HAROLD (O/S)
What's your move?
We'll see.
Kyle begins to stagger toward the thugs. They eye him
suspiciously as he approaches. Kyle motions to them,
slurring as he speaks.
Where'sz the baffroom?
                       THUG 1
      (broken English)
No bathroom. You leave now.
I just...gotta pee.
Kyle stops by a pile of boxes lined against the wall. He
stands in front of them and starts to lower his zipper.
                       THUG 1
No. This isn't bathroom. You need
to leave.
As the first thug reaches for him, Kyle twists the man's arm
with blinding speed, following up with a strike to the face.
Thug #2 tries to intercede, but gets a side kick to the
midsection, followed by an elbow shot to the head. Both men
are down.
Harold and his counterparts are on the move, making their
way along the arena concourse.


Speak to me partner. What's your
Kyle is dragging the two men in behind the pile of boxes.
      (to Harold)
Sentries are neutralized.
One of the thugs moans and tries to open his eyes. Kyle hits
him hard in the face, knocking him cold. He piles boxes on
top of the two men.
Okay, now they're neutralized.
Takamura and his entourage meet in the arena boiler room.
Kyle, hidden from sight on the other side of the room,
watches as it goes down.
      (quietly, to
In position.
Harold and the agents take position in the hall leading to
the boiler room.
Is Pak there?
Kyle carefully takes another look. In addition to Takamura's
men, he sees four other SOUTHEAST ASIAN men. The leader is
PAK RAHARJO, Indonesian, somewhere in his thirties. Pak
speaks directly to Takamura.
Affirmative. I have visual
                       HAROLD (O/S)
Whenever you're ready. We've got


Kyle reaches inside his jacket and withdraws a silenced
automatic. With his other hand he takes out a small
explosive device. He prepares to move, but suddenly stops.
      (to Harold)
Wait a minute. Where's Chen?
As if in response, a pipe swings toward Kyle's head. Kyle
ducks just as the pipe CRASHES against the wall mere inches
away. The explosive device falls and rolls across the floor.
Kyle is up in a flash, coming face to face with Chen.
Kyle quickly removes his coat. Chen swings the pipe again,
but this time Kyle steps into the swing, catching the pipe
in his coat. They tie one another up for a split second,
locking eyes.
Seeing the struggle across the room, Takamura's men
immediately move to intervene.
Kyle hits Chen with a headbutt, which Chen replies to with
one of his own. Both men stagger backward. Kyle sees
Takamura's men moving in. Looking toward the boilers, he
sees the explosive device lying on the floor. Reaching into
his pocket, he pulls out a small detonator.
Chen sees the device in Kyle's hand and his eyes grow wide
with recognition.
      (to Harold)
Fire in the hole!
Harold hears Kyle's warning, and motions for the agents to
take cover.
Shit! Hit the deck!
Kyle presses the detonator as he dives for cover. Chen
follows suit.
Two of Takamura's men pass the boiler just as the device
EXPLODES, completely engulfing them.


Harold and the Japanese agents huddle together as the
building seems to shake around them, plaster falling from
the ceiling.
The boxing match is interrupted as the ground shakes below
the fighters. The lights flicker, and people begin screaming
and panicking.
Kyle gets up slowly, coughing and wiping plaster from his
face. The sprinklers have come on and are spraying water on
the area.
Takamura and Pak are already rushing their men out the back
door of the room.
Chen still stands a few feet from Kyle, hatred in his eyes.
                       TAKAMURA (O/S)
Chen looks in Takamura's direction, seeing him ready to exit
the room.
Chen looks at Kyle once more before following Takamura.
Kyle, unarmed, can only watch him leave.
Harold and the agents stand outside the arena, watching as
Kyle finishes talking to some men in suits. Kyle approaches.
You, my friend, are hard core.
Go big or go home.
                       AGENT #1
You are crazy son of bitch.
Everyone laughs at the comment.


Pak got away, huh?
Yeah, he's too damn slippery.
Kyle looks off for a moment.
Goddammit! I had him, man! That
motherfucker Chen screwed the
whole thing up.
Don't worry about it. There was
nothing we could do, he didn't
show up in any of our intel.
Yeah, I guess. It's just...
Kyle looks around.
Just what?
He knew I'd be there. I don't know
how, but he knew. And it was me he
You think so?
If you saw the look in this guy's
Kyle turns his attention to the Japanese agents.
You guys can keep watch on
                       AGENT #2
No problem.
He knows we're onto him, so be
extra careful from now on.


                       AGENT #1
I could say same thing to you. If
it's you Chen wants...
The agent whistles to reinforce his point.
Thanks, I feel a lot better now.
Kyle sits looking vacantly out the window. Most of the other
passengers on the plane, including Harold, are asleep.
The plane hits some turbulence. Harold wakes up. He shakes
out the cobwebs and looks at Kyle.
Still can't sleep?
Huh? No, a few minutes here and
Maybe you need a break, take some
time off.
Maybe. If we'd gotten Pak today, I
might have done just that.
Ahh, we'll get him next time.
Yeah. Sure.
Kyle looks out the window again.
You think we're actually doing any
Is this about Pak getting away?


I don't know, I just...where does
it all end, man? Even if we had
taken Pak, there'd be three others
to take his place.
Yeah, but it doesn't mean you give
up. And it's really these piece of
shit arms dealers like Takamura
who we need to focus on. Take guys
like that out of the picture, and
Pak's job is a lot harder.
I guess. You think I went too far
Hell, no. Building's still
standing, ain't it?
Kyle laughs.
Try to get some sleep, we won't be
landing for a bit yet.
Harold closes his eyes again. Kyle continues looking out the
The airliner makes a landing on the airport runway.
Kyle and Harold walk through the sliding airport doors into
the morning sun. A van is waiting at the curb.
ELIZABETH JACKSON, attractive, late thirties, African
American, approaches and gives Harold a hug.
Hey, baby. We missed you.
Not as much as I missed you.
Liz also gives Kyle a hug.


Hi, Liz.
You kept my husband safe again, I
I think it's the other way around.
I'm the careful one, remember.
Yeah, right.
They laugh lightly as they make their way to the van.
Seated in the van are NICK JACKSON, Harold's 15 year old
son, who already looks like his dad and has his athlete's
build, and CONNIE JACKSON, his 8 year old daughter. She
would be the apple of any proud father's eye.
Hi, daddy. Hi, uncle Kyle.
Harold leans in and gives her a kiss.
Hi, pumpkin.
      (to Nick)
Hey, Nick. Why don't you tell Kyle
the news?
Oh, yeah. I made junior varsity.
No shit. That's great.
Mom, uncle Kyle said a swear.
Don't worry, Connie, I'm sure
he'll wash his mouth out when he
gets home.
      (to Nick)
You want me to help you with that
mid-range jump shot?


Please, like I'm gonna let some
white boy teach my son basketball.
Dad, you played football. You
can't ball.
Can too, I got mad skills.
Kyle laughs as he helps Harold get his luggage into the back
of the van.
There's plenty of room.
Nah, I live in the opposite
Oh, don't be so polite. We don't
mind at all.
No, it's fine. I have someone
picking me up.
Yeah. What's her name this week?
Kyle grins as Harold closes the back of the van. Harold and
Liz climb into the van. Harold speaks to Kyle through the
driver's side window.
We're still on for tomorrow night,
Absolutely. Lookin' forward to it.
Kids, say bye to Kyle.
Bye, uncle Kyle.


See ya, bro.
Harold and Kyle bump fists.
                       NICK (O/S)
Dad, you're so lame.
Kyle laughs as he watches them drive off. Once the van is
out of sight, Kyle spots an oncoming taxi and hails it.
Harold, Liz, and Kyle are seated around a table in a
semi-dark nightclub. They are joined by a group of friends,
male and female, all drinking and enjoying themselves. Dance
music pumps out overhead while club patrons groove on the
Harold, as usual, has everyone in stitches as he recounts
one of his many tales.
...and the guy's totally
surprised. He jumps up, buck
naked, and I'm thinking, great, at
least he doesn't have a weapon.
      (cutting in)
At least not a very big one.
Everyone laughs.
So we tackle the guy, and we're
holding him on the bed trying to
cuff him. Well, the girl he picked
up, she starts wailing on Kyle.
                       FEMALE FRIEND 1
Poor baby.
You have no idea.


You got that right. Kyle's tryin'
to help me, but this girl's
standin' on the bed, wailing on
Harold starts to giggle in anticipation of what is coming
...Kyle looks over, and he sees
something poking out at him...
Harold begins to laugh uncontrollably. As the realization
sinks in, everyone at the table follows suit.
The guy on the bed sees it, too,
and he loses it. He flings us both
off him, like he's suddenly got
superhuman strength, and he starts
wailing on this "woman" he picked
Everyone is in stitches over this.
We got the guy, though.
Yeah, Kyle always gets his man.
More laughter.
And his man's man.
Kyle takes a drink, watching as the laughter dies down. He
sets down his glass and stands up.
If you guys will excuse me, I've
gotta get a refill.
The group watches Kyle for a moment as he walks away. One of
the male friends at the table speaks up.
                       MALE FRIEND 1
      (to Harold)
So what's his story, anyway? I
heard some things about him.


Harold takes a drink before replying.
Whatever you heard, my friend, is
probably truer than you think.
I've run into some bad people in
my day, and there's no one even
remotely close to Kyle.
Another woman at the table speaks up.
                       FEMALE FRIEND 2
Is he...dangerous?
Hell, yeah.
Okay, calm down. Yes, he is
dangerous, but not to you or I.
Kyle is also one of the most level
headed people I've ever met. I
wouldn't work with him if he
We love him to death, he's like a
member of the family.
                       MALE FRIEND 1
That's gotta be so wierd. How does
he handle being, like, 2 different
Harold looks toward the bar, where Kyle is speaking to an
attractive woman. He grins.
He manages pretty well. But
sometimes, I think it does bother
him. You know, the job. I keep
reminding him, it's for a higher
                       MALE FRIEND 1
Does he listen?


I think so. It's just...he's so
good at what he does, and I'm not
sure he likes that part of
himself. He's been training
himself long before he joined the
agency. Martial arts from the time
he was a kid. Navy Seal. And some
shit in Asia after high school
that I've never even heard of. All
of that adds up to one serious
Player is right. That's his other
problem. I keep telling him, if
he'd meet a nice girl, everything
will look better.
                       FEMALE FRIEND 2
I can't believe that a biscuit
like that can't find a girl.
Almost in unison, all of the women at the table look toward
where Kyle is standing.
Uh, ladies?
Kyle is still talking to the woman at the bar.
You wanna get out of here?
Kyle lies in bed, looking up at the ceiling. The girl from
the club lies beside him, sleeping. He looks at the clock on
the table beside him. It reads 3:15.
Quietly, Kyle gets up and puts on a robe, and walks out to
the balcony.
In the distance is the Capitol building. He appears to be
looking past it, though, a look of longing on his face.


A man in his sixties casually walks along the main street
sidewalk running through town. He is JOHN BARRETT, early
60's but could pass for 50.
A few cars pass, but otherwise things are peaceful. A few
shops line the street, but there are none of the chain
stores or large buildings that are found in big cities.
John stops in front of a storefront and enters.
John enters the store to the ringing of the old style bell
above the door. The place is almost bursting at the seams
with old and new books lined on shelves and displays. John
looks around for a moment.
      (calling out)
Hey Pete! You here?
PETE, the store proprietor, enters from the back of the
store. He is around John's age, but not quite as youthful in
Mornin', John. I got your book
Pete walks behind the counter and pulls a book out from
underneath. It is an old book on woodworking. John picks it
up and looks at the cover.
That's fantastic. What do I owe
Twenty bucks'll cover it.
John hands him the money, still admiring the book.
You know, there's lots more
efficient ways to do that stuff
You mean easier, and you know what
I think about easier.


That I do.
John smiles in return as he turns to leave.
Have a good one Pete. And thanks
Thank you. And say hi to Hilda for
John slowly walks back along the same sidewalk, flipping
through his book as he goes.
Passing an alley, John's attention is suddenly caught by a
GROAN coming from within. He looks into the alley to see a
man doubled over, seemingly in pain.
Hey, you okay?
                       ALLEY GUY
I'm...not feeling well...
The man lurches forward, just barely catching himself on the
alley wall. John steps into the alley to offer assistance.
Whoa, let me help you there.
As John tends to the man, a second man steps into the alley,
blocking the entrance. The man has a menacing expression on
his face.
Sensing a set-up, John steps away from Man #1, who has
miraculously recovered. There is a CLICK sound, as the man
withdraws a switchblade knife. The second man is also
holding a knife.
                       ALLEY GUY
Sorry, pal, it's nothing personal.
Man #1 steps in to attack. He has clearly underestimated
John, who cuts the distance between them blindingly fast. He
slams the man into the wall, at the same time twisting the


man's arm so the the knife is driven into his chest upon
impact. The man drops like a stone.
The seemingly harmless 60 year old man is gone for the
moment, replaced by a coldly efficient warrior. John pulls
the knife from the fallen man's chest, never taking his eyes
off of the other assailant.
Man #2 assumes a more cautious stance. They take turns
taking swipes at one another, but it is only a matter of
time. The assailant oversteps on his attack, and John
capitalizes. Two knife strokes seal his fate, as man #2 also
John looks at his handiwork for a moment, and in that moment
the warrior is gone once again. He drops the knife to the
ground as reality sets in. Moving to alley entrance, John
suddenly stops, staggering for a moment as if dizzy. He puts
a hand to the side of his head before dropping to one knee.
He then collapses face first on the ground.
A woman rushes along the same sidewalk travelled earlier by
John. She is HILDA BARRETT, late-fifties, but like her
husband she could pass for much younger.
Hilda approaches the crime scene, but is stopped by an
officer on crowd control.
                       YOUNG OFFICER
Sorry, m'am, no one allowed past
this point.
I'm Mrs. Barrett, I have to see my
As if on cue, SHERIFF TOM PARKER calls out from a short
distance away.
You can come on over, Hilda.
The young officer gets a nod from the sheriff and allows
Hilda to pass.
John sits at the back doors of an ambulance, feet dangling
out. Hilda rushes to him.
John, what happened? Are you okay?


John makes a weak attempt at looking annoyed by the concern.
Take it easy, I'm fine.
He seems okay, Hilda, but I'd
still like him to go to the
hospital for observation.
Tom, I'm not going to any
hospital. I'm fine, everyone's
making a big deal out of nothing.
Alright, calm down. God, you're as
stubborn as ever, John.
Damn straight.
Tom, can I take him home if I have
a nurse coming by later?
Tom eyes her suspiciously for a moment before relenting.
All right, fine by me. But you get
him to a hospital if he gets as
much as a fever.
Tom motions to a paramedic close by.
      (to paramedic)
Can you help Mr. Barrett get to
his car.
I can walk, I don't need anyone
carrying me.
John, let the man do his job.
John shrugs his shoulders in defeat. The paramedic grins as
he helps him get out of the ambulance.
Tom takes Hilda aside for a moment.


I'm still gonna have to talk to
him. Can I come by later?
If you need to, of course. Should
I be worried about anything?
Tom looks toward the alley. A pair of gurneys, complete with
body bags, are being rolled out. Hilda gets the point.
I'll see you later, then. And
thank you, Tom.
Tom nods as he watches her walk off.
Kyle, jogging with Harold, answers his ringing cell phone.
      (into phone)
Kyle slows down, coming to a complete stop. Harold notices
and also stops, seeing the look of concern on Kyle's face.
      (into phone)
...slow down...when?
Sheriff Tom sits at Hilda's kitchen table. She pours him a
cup of tea.
He was lucky today. A man half his
age probably wouldn't have been
able to take both those guys.
That's John, too stubborn to admit
he's outnumbered.
Tom watches her a moment, seeing the concern on her face.
What is it?


You know, you say I do, and you
mean it forever, but it's not
forever, is it?
Hilda takes a sip of her tea, pausing just a moment before
He started getting headaches about
a year ago. I finally convinced
him to see the doctor, you can
imagine how difficult that was.
Tom smiles in agreement.
Anyway, they did all the usual
tests, and that's when they found
the tumor in his brain.
Tom is speechless for the moment.
That's likely why he passed out
Can...are they doing anything?
There's not much they can do at
this point. Surgery's too risky,
and treatment only does so much.
He told me he wants to stay home
now, and enjoy his last...
Unable to finish, Hilda gets up from the table. She stands
by the sink, her back to Tom, taking a moment to compose
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Anyway, that's what we're gonna
do, carry on like normal and enjoy
what time we have.


Maybe that's the smartest thing to
Tom takes another drink before getting up from the table.
Well, I've taken enough of your
time. John gave me all I need for
Tom looks down the hall, seeing John sitting in another
room, watching tv.
Should I go see him before I
Oh, I wouldn't bother. He's
resting now, too much excitement.
Okay. You'll let me know if you
need anything at all?
You're kind. Thank you.
Tom nods to her on the way out.
Thanks for the tea.
Hilda watches Tom as he leaves. After a moment, she turns
and looks down the hall. John is still seated in the living
room. She watches for a moment, then turns her attention to
cleaning up in the kitchen.
John is seated in a recliner in the living room. The tv is
on, but he seems to be staring into space.
A village in Africa. Women and children are running and
screaming. Men brandishing machetes march through the
village, swinging their weapons like madmen.


A scream echoes in John's memory. He continues to look
blankly ahead, a tear running down his face.
Kyle is collecting some things from his desk. He has a
travel bag slung over his shoulder. Harold sits at his own
desk on the opposite side of the room.
You sure you don't want me to
come? I've got the time.
No, thanks man. I'll be okay.
Yeah, your old man's a tough old
bugger. I'm sure he's fine.
As they talk, a group of men in suits walks by. One of the
men, JACK McCORMACK, breaks from the group and enters the
Afternoon, gentlemen.
Harold stands up to greet him.
Senator McCormack.
Please, call me Jack. I'm on your
turf, after all.
Jack shakes hands with Harold.
I heard about Bangkok. Tough
break. You'll get him sooner or
later, though.
What brings you to our neck of the
woods, Sen...I mean Jack?


Oh, Intelligence Committee
business, mostly budgetary. How's
your father?
Recovering. How'd you know about
I'm on the Senate Intelligence
Committee, it's my business to
Jack gives him a serious look.
I'm kidding. I know your father
from way back, in our military
No shit. I didn't know that.
An aide comes to the door and motions to Jack.
Well, that's my cue. Listen, you
give my best wishes to your
parents, okay?
He shakes Kyle's hand, then turns toward the door, nodding
to Harold on his way out.
Kyle and Harold watch as the Senator departs with his group.
That was fun.
Why do I always feel like taking a
shower when those guys leave?


Because you're paranoid, just like
your old man. Those guys are a
necessary evil, and we just have
to play their game.
Kyle checks his watch.
I gotta run. I'll call you in a
couple of days.
Say hi to the folks for me.
Kyle exits.
Kyle, carrying luggage, walks toward the airport entrance as
a cab pulls away. The door says DEPARTURES.
Two men, seated in a car across the street, watch as Kyle
disappears into the airport. The man in the passenger seat
speaks to a third person, seated in the back.
                       AIRPORT MAN
Okay, he's on the move.
The man glances in the rearview mirror. He see the person in
back from the neck down, but not his face, as a cigarette
passes into view.
                       AIRPORT MAN
Are we following?
He turns around, looking directly at Chen.
No, let him go. For now.
The car slowly pulls away from the curb.
Hilda, looking out her kitchen window, sees a car pulling
into the yard. She goes out into the


in time to see Kyle getting out of the car. She goes to
greet him.
Hey, ma.
They hug for a moment, before Hilda pulls away to get a
better look at her son.
Let me look at you. You taking
care of yourself? Eating well?
I'm fine. How've you been?
I'm better now that you're here.
Come inside, we'll get you
something to eat.
Kyle follows her inside.
Kyle sits across the table from his mother. Part of a
sandwich and a half-empty cup of coffee sit in front of him.
So how long?
Who knows. Maybe months, maybe
And he won't even consider going
back for treatment?
Believe me, I tried to convince
him to go back, but you know your
Kyle sighs and sits back in his chair. A moment of silence


Why don't you go talk to him now?
He's been resting long enough.
Sure. How's his mood been?
Depends on the day.
Well at least that hasn't changed.
Hilda smiles as Kyle exits the kitchen.
Kyle leans against the doorway leading into the living room.
His father is stretched out on a recliner with his eyes
shut. The tv is on, but the volume is low.
Dad? You awake?
John stirs for a moment before opening his eyes. Recognition
instantly dawns on him.
Kyle. You finally made it.
John stands up and gives his son a hug.
How you feelin'?
Ahh, some good days, some not so
good. You know your mother, she'll
worry herself sick over everyone
else before taking care of
She seems to be managing okay.
Sure she is. She's the together
one, just don't tell her I said
that. C'mon, let's sit down.


Kyle sits on the couch, while his father goes back to the
So what's new? You got a girl yet?
Nothing serious. The job keeps me
pretty busy.
You need to have a life, you know.
Trust me, you'll regret it.
I hear you. I'm workin' on it.
How is work? They got you doing
anything exciting at that agency
Oh...nothing too exciting. Some
project work, systems stuff.
Desk job, huh?
Yeah, pretty much.
Nothing wrong with honest work.
Beats getting your hands dirty.
Kyle rolls his eyes, but John doesn't seem to notice.
So mom says you're done with
Yep. Enjoy the days you have. You
should listen to me on that one.
Sure, pop.


A car slowly rolls to a stop in front of the Barrett house.
The driver notices the house number, makes a note of it. He
also records the license plate number of Kyle's car.
A police car comes into view in the distance. Seeing it, the
driver slowly pulls away, continuing down the street.
Kyle and John are now in the middle of a heated discussion.
I just don't know why you had to
go and work for the government,
that's all.
I'm sorry, dad, but just because
you have major trust issues,
doesn't mean I have to share them.
I like what I do, shouldn't that
count for something?
Yes, of course. I just don't want
you getting taken advantage of. I
know how these government guys
work. I dealt with them when I was
in the military, and none of 'em
can be trusted.
Things change, pop. I was in the
military, too, remember, and I got
along just fine. I would think
you'd be happy that I followed in
your footsteps.
I am, but it doesn't mean I stop
worrying about you. Can't a father
want what's best for his son?
Kyle appears ready to respond, but he is cut short by Hilda
entering the room.
Look, if you boys don't play nice,
I'll have to separate you.


John and Kyle grin at one another, the mood now broken.
Don't worry, ma, we've been having
this debate for years now.
And I keep winning.
Well, wrap it up soon. I'm
starting dinner.
Hilda exits.
How'd mom react to what happened?
In the alley?
Oh, she was fine. She's more
worried about...(points to his
head)...and besides, she knows I
was a soldier. That's the thing
about training, it comes back when
you need it.
Yeah, I'd say so.
John attempts to change the channel on the tv, but nothing
Dammit, I hate this new remote.
Every time I touch it I hit
something new. I was happy with
the old one, but no, your mother
had to get the new fancy one.
What's the good if you can't
change the damn channel?
Kyle laughs and takes the remote.
You just love technology, don't
Kyle accesses the menu function and makes a few changes. He
hands the remote back to his father, who changes the channel
no problem this time.


Smart guy. Let's go eat.
Kyle, John and Hilda are eating dinner at the dining room
I didn't know you knew Senator
John and Hilda are caught noticeably by surprise.
Oh, uh, Jack and I go way back. We
were in the military together.
Yeah, he mentioned that. He asked
me to give you his best.
He did, huh?
John and Hilda look at one another, as if hiding something.
Kyle takes notice but says nothing.
Who wants desert?
Hilda gets up, breaking the mood.
Hilda, now in her night robe, drinks a glass of water in the
kitchen. She then walks down the hall to the
where she sees both Kyle and John, fast asleep and snoring,
in front of the tv. She smiles and shakes her head.
Kyle lies awake in his old bed, looking up at the ceiling.
At the same time, in


John also lies awake. Hilda sleeps quietly beside him.
Kyle's bed is empty.
Kyle is on the floor doing pushups.
- Kyle doing pull-ups on a chinup bar
- Kyle performing martial arts techniques
- Kyle stretching
Above Kyle's old bed is a pair of Samurai swords mounted on
the wall. He takes one down, and as he removes the blade
from the sheath, it makes a RINGING noise, which he appears
to enjoy.
Kyle is running in the park. No one is around yet, as the
sun is still low in the sky.
Turning a corner on the path, Kyle nearly runs head first
into an oncoming jogger. They pull up quickly to avoid a
Hey, sorry about...
Kyle instantly recognizes the other jogger. She is HEATHER
BRODY, somewhere around Kyle's age and very attractive.
Kyle. Oh my God.
They hug.
Wow, it's great to see you.
Kyle and Heather are now walking together.


I couldn't believe when your mom
told me. I mean, your dad's always
been so full of life, I can't
imagine anything different.
I know what you mean. That's the
way I'll always remember him. At
least, I hope so.
They walk in silence for a moment.
What happened with your dad the
other day, anyway? Everyone's
talking about it.
No surprise. I've gotta talk to
the sheriff, see if he's got
anything yet. It just doesn't make
They approach the parking lot.
Well, I should get back.
Yeah, me too. Hey, are you free
later? Maybe we can get a drink. I
actually need to talk to you.
Sure. I'll give you a call.
Good. I'll see you then.
Heather gets into her car.
Okay. Bye.
C/U on the face of one of John's attackers. The dead eyes
are closed, and the skin is already turning blue.
The body, partly covered by a sheet, lies on a table. Kyle
stands beside the table with the sheriff.


The cuts were precise, and lethal.
your father knew what he was
I guess his military training came
back when he needed it.
Yeah. Remind me to never piss off
your old man.
Kyle grins as the sheriff looks through the report.
Anyway, I've forwarded everything
I have to the FBI, CIA, Interpol.
Hopefully someone can ID these
So you think this wasn't just a
No, these guys are pros. But you
already know that, don't you.
Yeah, I suspected.
Kyle takes another look at the bodies.
Let me know if you find anything.
I will.
Kyle exits.
Throngs of people make their way across a Parisian street,
fighting the mid-day rush. The street runs past a tasteful
looking hotel.
An EXPLOSION rocks the hotel, blowing out windows on the
upper floors. A large fireball shoots out into the air.


John, sitting in his recliner, watches the news coverage of
the Paris explosion. Hilda enters.
I was thinking we could go out for
dinner tonight.
No reply.
Is that okay with you?
Still no reply. Hilda puts her hand on John's shoulder.
John suddenly looks up, as if awakened from a dream.
Huh? Oh, sure. Dinner sounds good.
John goes back to watching the report. Hilda looks at the tv
and sees footage of bodies being taken out on stretchers.
Several Africans, all dressed in expensive suits, are
mingling in the living area of a posh hotel suite.
A large, imposing man, ADEWALE IDIBIA, stands amid a group
of people, having a drink. A young man approaches and hands
him a cell phone.
      (into phone)
This is President Idibia.
Idibia listens for a moment. He motions to the group to
excuse himself and walks to a private corner of the room.
You are sure he wasn't there?
(listens) I don't care, I want him
found. (listens) Do it. And I
don't want any more mistakes.
Idibia hangs up, looking around the room suspiciously.


Kyle, seated in a classy restaurant, looks across the table
at Heather.
I thought about leaving a few
times, but this is home. I don't
know what I'd be leaving for.
I don't think there's anything
wrong with that.
Yeah, but you live in DC. Could
you really see yourself living
here again?
Kyle looks out the window at the scenery.
I don't know. Maybe there is
something to this kind of life.
Ha! Mr. Jet-setter. You wouldn't
last here for more than a month. I
know you, Kyle, your feet would
fall asleep.
Got me all figured out, huh?
I think I do, which is why you and
I could never make an honest try
at it.
If I remember correctly, you broke
it off the last time.
Only because I knew you'd never
settle down.
I offered to take you with me.
Is the offer still open?


Kyle eyes her suspiciously. After a moment, she cracks a
smile, causing Kyle to smile back.
You almost had me there.
Stick around, I might surprise you
some more.
A moment passes as they take a drink.
Anyway, there is something I
really need to talk to you about.
As Heather speaks, a COMMOTION begins at a table across the
room. Two men begin arguing heatedly.
                       RESTAURANT MAN 1
...shut your mouth, or I'll shut
it for you!
                       RESTAURANT MAN 2
Oh, you're a real big man, aren't
you, asshole!
The men are now standing as they argue. Heather turns to
look, and sees restaurant staff trying to diffuse the
Kyle's eyes are darting around the dining room. He notices a
waiter approaching carrying a tray in one hand, his other
hand under a cloth napkin on top of the tray.
Sheriff Parker takes an incoming fax off the machine. As he
reads it, his eyes grow wide with concern.
The restaurant patrons are still preoccupied with the
argument going on.
Kyle watches Heather, still engrossed, for a split second.
The approaching waiter passes.


There is the slightest movement, and Kyle springs into
action, striking out at the waiter. The tray is knocked
over, exposing the man's other hand holding a silenced
Kyle is on the man immediately, taking his gun hand in a
lock and flipping the man completely over. The gun comes
loose. Kyle grabs it.
All hell breaks loose. Heather jumps back, startled, as Kyle
kicks the man in the head, knocking him out.
The arguing men are now approaching, drawing weapons. Kyle
FIRES two shots, hitting the first man and dropping him. The
other patrons begin to scream and dive for cover.
Man #2 levels his gun to fire. Kyle dives, taking Heather
with him, behind a table just as gunfire EXPLODES around
Kyle returns fire, taking down Man #2.
C'mon, we gotta get outta here!
      (in shock)
Wha...what's happening!
Kyle grabs her, pulling her with him as he dashes for the
door to the
As they enter, more GUNFIRE erupts from two assailants in
the kitchen. Kyle and Heather take cover behind a steel
island in the center of the room.
The gunfire stops. Assailant #1 motions silently to his
partner. The men move quietly to either end of the counter,
hoping to pin Kyle down.
Kyle, crouched behind the island, motions for silence.
A hand reaches up over the island, picking up a large
butcher knife.
Assailant #1 comes to the end of the island. Kyle springs
up, surprising him, and drives the knife into his back.
Assailant #2 FIRES, hitting his partner, but missing Kyle,
who has already moved.


Kyle hurls the knife, hitting Assailant #2 in the chest,
dropping him.
Kyle looks around. Heather still cowers behind the island.
Let's go.
The phone rings in the kitchen, but no one is there to pick
it up. Out in the
Hilda and John work at groundskeeping.
The mysterious car rolls up the street again, coming to a
stop a few houses away on the opposite side. Three men get
out and cross the street.
looks around, as if something is on his mind. He walks to
where his wife is working.
slink onto the property on the other side of the house,
pulling masks over their heads and taking out their weapons.
Silently, they split up, two moving around the back of the
house and the third going around front.
The two intruders in back turn the corner, expecting to find
John and Hilda. They find the yard empty.
                       INTRUDER #1
Over there.
He points to a shed in the yard. His partner approaches it
silently, reaching out to open the door.
A BLAST tears through the door, sending the man flying
backward, his lifeless body hitting the ground.
John KICKS the door open, pumping a shotgun.


I've got more of this, you sons of
Intruder #1 rushes for cover behind some trees.
The other man, sneaking around the front, prepares himself
to attack. A SIREN suddenly rings out. Surprised, both men
suddenly retreat.
As the car screeches away, two police cars approach in the
distance, lights flashing.
John, Hilda, Heather are seated in the Barrett's living
room. Kyle, standing, reads the fax from Sheriff Parker,
while two deputies stand guard.
As soon as I read it, I headed out
Dad, what do you know about this?
What makes you think I know
anything about it?
Are you hearing what I'm telling
you? The guy from the alley,
ex-CIA. Killed in action five
years ago. Any idea how he shows
up now trying to kill you?
John, these are professionals, and
you know it.
John remains silent.
All right, I think we all need to
take a break. I've got men posted
here and in the yard. You should
all stay put for now.


Um, Sheriff, can I speak to you
alone for a minute?
The Sheriff takes a look around, then motions for Heather to
step into the other room. After a moment, they return.
Kyle, I want you to take Heather
back to her place to pick up some
things. I'll have a car follow
Kyle looks at Heather, who simply looks away.
Kyle drives while Heather sits quietly.
You okay?
Don't talk to me...just yet.
Kyle turns his attention back to driving.
ANNE BRODY, Heather's mother, hugs her as she enters the
living room.
Oh my god, I was so worried.
I'm okay, mom.
These police officers showed up at
the door, and said something about
a shooting, and I didn't know what
to think.
I'm fine. Kyle was with me.
Anne hugs Kyle.
It's good to see you, Kyle.


Hi, Anne.
Mom, can you go get him? And maybe
give me and Kyle a minute?
Anne exits, leaving Kyle and Heather alone. Heather stands
silently in front of Kyle for a moment, before suddenly
SLAPPING him across the face.
Well it beats the silent
What the hell was that in the
Those guys were going to kill me.
You, too. What did you want me to
I don't get it. How is it
possible? You're, like, a tech
support guy. Aren't you?
Kyle waits a moment, before letting out a sigh.
I've been in covert operations for
the past ten years.
Heather is dumbfounded.
You're a...a spy?
Yeah, sort of. Mostly
anti-terrorism stuff.
What about your parents? Do they


No, they think I'm a tech support
Heather paces for a moment, mumbling.
No wonder you never stayed around.
I can't believe I didn't see it.
Look, it's not something I'm
always proud of, but it's
something that has to be done. And
I've never been good at anything
Okay. So what now?
Now, we get back to where it's
safe. That is, if you'll come with
Heather watches him for a moment.
Okay, I'll come with you. But
there's something I have to show
you, first.
As if on cue, Anne comes back into the room, accompanied by
a toddler. She holds the boy's arms, helping him walk.
Heather looks at her mother, then back at Kyle.
Kyle is speechless for once.
Everyone is back in the Barrett's living room. Anna and
Hilda sit on the couch, playing with the young boy, while
John watches on from his recliner. The deputies still stand


Kyle, in a sitting room just off the living room, talks
privately with Heather.
Why didn't you tell me?
I don't know. You were always
coming and going, and I didn't
want to force you into doing
something you'd resent me for.
What makes you think I'd do that?
Come on, Kyle. You didn't want any
part of life here. I don't hold
that against you, but it's the
Well, maybe things are different
I thought so. That's why I decided
to tell you.
They sit silently for a moment.
I'm sorry I was so hard on you
earlier. You saved my life.
Kyle looks her in the eye for a moment, before leaning in
and kissing her. She doesn't resist.
John appears at the door, breaking the mood.
Oh, hey dad.
I know why they're trying to kill
Kyle sits, holding Heather's hand, while John tells his


Remember, it was a different time.
The cold war was still raging, and
Uncle Sam spared no expense when
it came to stemming the red tide.
You weren't regular forces, were
I don't know what you'd call us.
We had unlimited resources and no
one to answer to. Our orders were
given verbally, so there'd be no
A much younger John, wearing jungle fatigues, carries an
M-16 through a rain forest. Another man, similarly dressed
and the same age, walks beside him.
                       JOHN (V/O)
At first, it was me and Jack
The Senator?
Yeah, the same one Kyle told you
about. But don't try finding any
of this on record. This was before
the internet, or google, or
whatever the hell people use now.
John and Jack are joined by two more jungle ready warriors,
one white, one Asian, all around the same age.
                       JOHN (V/O)
There were others like us. Shinzo
Takamura was a young hotshot from
Tokyo. Japan was afraid of the
rise of Communist China, so he had
pretty much the same free reign we
had. Most arrogant son of a bitch
I ever met. Sure could fight,


Shinzo takes on three opponents, demolishing them with hands
and feet.
                       JOHN (V/O)
And then there was Colin Reicker.
He was from South Africa. Pretty
much a freelancer, but you could
count on him getting you whatever
you needed. And did he like the
Colin, sitting in a bar, has women draped around him,
obviously enjoying his company.
There were others who came and
went, but it was Jack and me who
ran things. We were keepin' the
world safe, or at least, that's
what I thought.
So what happened?
You happened, that's what. I found
out your mother was pregnant, and
that's when I decided to quit
while I was ahead.
So why are these guys trying to
kill us?
I'm gettin' to it. Anyway, Jack
talks me into helping him one more
time before packing it in. Said
we'd get a nice bonus for it. I
had a new family on the way,
there's no way I could turn it
John and Jack sit in a smoky back room, speaking to an
imposing African man. He is making an impassioned plea for


                       JOHN (V/O)
We met a man in Africa, Adewale
Idibia. He was head of his
country's military, and he was
planning a coup.
Did you help?
Yeah, but it wasn't for the money.
Idibia's people had just elected a
new president, I think he was head
of "The People's Socialist Party",
or something like that. Idibia
said Socialist, but you can guess
what Jack heard.
That's right. Jack was convinced
that the new president was being
funded by the Soviets, and I
bought right into it.
So Jack was wrong.
Dead wrong. To the new president,
Socialist meant social programs,
giving people a say in their
government. Problem was, I didn't
figure it out until it was too
John looks off into space for a moment.
So we did it. We helped take out
the new president, and that paved
the way for Idibia to assume
When did you know it was a


About a year later. I had gone
home to my new family, Shinzo went
back to Japan, and Jack, well, he
had bigger ambitions.
What about the other guy, Colin?
He disappeared, or at least that's
what I thought. Shortly after Kyle
was born, I receive this package.
No return address or anything.
Just a bundle of photos, and a
What'd it say?
It said "Look what we've done",
and it was signed Colin.
Dad, which country was it?
Malwanda. In between Somalia and
Kyle thinks for a moment.
He's coming here.
Idibia. He's president of
Malwanda. He's addressing the UN.
Kyle looks at his father.
But you already knew that, didn't
John gets up and goes to the window, looking out as he


I never considered the
consequences of my actions, and
now I have to live with them.
He turns back to face Kyle and Heather.
The photos were of "Political
Detainees", or at least, that's
what Idibia called them. Anyone
loyal to the deposed president was
rounded up and...dealt with. And,
of course, they all belonged to
the same ethnic group.
Wait a minute. Are you
Not at a level that the rest of
the world noticed, but make no
mistake, Idibia is a tyrant. And
he got away with it under the
guise of keeping the communists
out. Nowadays, it's a different
line. He brands his enemies
That's what he's speaking to the
UN about.
He's positioned himself as the
terror watchdog for the region.
It'd be ironic, if it weren't so
John sits back down.
When I saw that Idibia was coming
here, I knew I had to do
something, so I emailed the
pictures to Jack.
But wouldn't he want to help? I
mean, he's a Senator.


Sure, but like most politicians,
he's got ulterior motives.
He wouldn't want his past dredged
There's more to it than that.
Idibia is negotiating to buy arms
from a number of US defense
contractors. Being a terrorism
watchdog has a price. And the sale
is being monitored by the Senate
Intelligence Committee. Any guess
who the ranking member is?
Jack McCormack.
So all this is to keep us from
stopping an arms deal? Why?
Wanna guess how much money old
Jackie has invested in some of
those defense contractors?
Kyle sits silently for a moment.
Any suggestions on our next move?
Just one. You need to make contact
with Colin.
Really? You know where he is?
I have an idea. Colin's been
digging up dirt for 30 years. He's
probably got enough to bury these
bastards now.


What makes you think he'll talk to
You've got your old man's charm.
He'll talk to you.
Kyle is talking on a cell phone.
      (into phone)
night...everyone'll be
there...yeah, the seafood
place...7:30...I will...Take care.
Kyle hangs up. He turns to John, who is standing close.
He knows what that all means?
It's code, only Harold and I know
what it means. He'll meet me there
tomorrow night.
And his family?
He'll take them somewhere safe
first. You sure Colin's in New
He likes the lifestyle. I'll bet
anything he's still there.
Kyle walks to the hall.
I know you're not a systems tech,
son, or whatever it is you let on
that you do. I've known for years.
No response.


Just be careful.
Kyle ignores him as he leaves the room.
Kyle lies on his back, staring up at the ceiling. His son
lies nestled beside him, sleeping soundly. Heather lies
curled up on the other side of the bed, watching them.
I envy him.
It's soothing. He'll lull you to
sleep with him.
Kyle turns his head to look at his son.
I must have missed so much.
Don't worry about it. He's still
young. You've got lots of time.
Heather reaches over and strokes Kyle's hair.
You still mad at your father?
Man, I feel like such an asshole.
I've been buying into his load of
BS for years, while he gets to sit
on his high horse.
Don't be too hard on him. He had
reasons for not telling you the
What kind of example is that for
me to follow?


Maybe he wanted you to find your
own way, something different than
the path he took.
Yeah, well, mission accomplished.
I am nothing like him.
Oh, really?
What's that supposed to mean?
I think you're more like him than
you want to accept.
That's crazy.
Is it? A month ago, I'll bet you
couldn't have imagined coming back
here. And now look where you are.
Kyle considers the comment. He looks at his son, still
sleeping soundly.
John lies awake, looking at the ceiling. SCREAMS echo in his
head, but his expression doesn't change.
A nondescript bar sits on the corner of the street. The sign
says O'DOOLE'S.
Kyle and Harold stand, partly in the shadows, across the
street. There is no traffic to be seen.
You think this is a wild goose


No, he's here. I'm sure of it. You
get your family to the safe house?
Yeah, they'd have to be wearing
GPS for anyone to find 'em.
Sorry about all this. And thanks.
You don't have to thank me.
Someone comes after your family,
that's like comin' after mine.
Kyle nods in appreciation. The moment is abruptly broken by
a man exiting the bar.
That him?
I'd bet on it.
Even in his late 50's, COLIN REICKER is still a snazzy
dresser, obviously someone who enjoys a night on the town.
He begins walking down the street.
Kyle and Harold casually cross the street, coming up a short
distance behind him. Colin looks back discreetly, and
continues walking.
Suddenly, Colin begins to run.
Kyle takes off in pursuit, following as Colin crosses the
next intersection. Harold breaks off, taking a left.
Colin is able to run surprisingly fast for a man his age,
but Kyle is able to close the gap quickly. Sensing he is
about to be caught, Colin turns down an
and continues running into the darkness. As he approaches
the light at the end of the alley, Harold appears, blocking
the exit.
Cornered, Colin stands his ground in the middle of the


You wanna get your arse whipped by
an old man?
When he speaks, there is still a trace of a South African
Take it easy. We just need to talk
to you.
Yeah, don't be givin' me any of
your talkin'.
Colin flicks his right hand, expelling a small, flexible
metal rod. As Harold comes up behind him, Colin swings the
rod at him, hitting him across the arm.
Ahh! Goddammit!
Kyle moves in quickly, ducking as the rod swings by his
head. He grabs Colin, shoving him against the wall. Harold
moves in to help hold him.
Are you Colin Reicker?
Who wants to know?
John Barrett. You remember him?
Colin immediately calms down.
Ole Johnny boy. Well I'll be a son
of a whore.
Liquor pours into three tumblers.
Colin hands a glass to Kyle and Harold.


Here you go.
      (to Harold)
Sorry about the arm, mate.
Don't worry about it.
Colin's studio apartment is exquisitely decorated. A large
window looks out over the water.
So you're John's kid. How is that
old sack of farts, anyway?
Not so well.
Kyle looks at him suspiciously.
You already know he's sick, don't
you? You've been in contact with
Only for about 30 years, now.
That lying son of a bitch. He
can't be straight with me about
Believe me, son, your father has
his reasons.
Yeah, so I'm finding out.
Well, whatever he's told you, I'm
betting there's still a lot of
unanswered questions. Lucky for
you, you came to the right place.


An African man's face is etched in terror. It becomes clear
that the man is tied up in a jail cell. Another man enters,
carrying a blow torch.
Kyle and Harold watch the scene on a tv as the man starts to
scream. Colin turns it off after a moment.
Where'd you get that?
Someone snuck a cell phone into
one of Idibia's prisons.
That how he treats all his
political prisoners?
Only the Kutu prisoners. Idibia
hates them, he thinks they're a
genetic mistake that needs to be
Harold puts his drink down, his hand shaking.
You okay?
Goddamn savages. Those are people.
Those are your people, mate.
He's right, man.
Harold nods, calming down.
Idibia's coming here. I think this
is our chance.
To do what?
To fuck with him, of course.


I like the way you think. I have
some ideas how we can do that.
Kyle stands beside Colin at the back of a mostly empty
That's her. Near the front.
A handful of people are seated at various pews, saying
prayers. As Kyle looks around, he spots Harold, near the
front, blending in.
Continuing to scan the church, he spots an African woman,
NYLA IDIBIA, seated a short distance away, also praying.
Even though she is probably in her 60's, she is still an
attractive woman.
She's a Christian?
Yeah, she converted once she
started working with missionaries
returning from Africa.
You got a lock on her, partner?
looks in Nyla's direction, listening through an earpiece.
I got her. So this is Idibia's ex,
huh? Not bad for an older girl.
grins at the remark.
Keep it clean, we're in church.


Nyla comes here every day for open
I wouldn't think she'd need so
much prayer.
The prayers aren't all for her.
Colin looks at him with a somber expression.
I'm going to talk to her.
Be careful.
Kyle watches as Colin makes his way to where Nyla is seated.
Colin sits next to her, and they talk quietly.
A man enters the church and walks to the front, kneeling in
a pew. Another man appears a moment later, kneeling in a pew
at the back. Kyle watches both men intently.
Colin whispers something to Nyla, prompting her to turn and
look in Kyle's direction. As she does so, Kyle notices the
man at the front also turning and looking at him.
      (to Harold)
We're made.
As if on cue, the man at the front draws a weapon and points
it in Nyla's direction. Harold is already up, gun drawn,
moving in his direction.
Drop it!
The man spins, attempting to fire, but Harold FIRES first,
taking the man down.
Chaos ensues, as the faithful scream and dive for cover.
The man at the back of the church is taking aim at Harold,
but Kyle is on him, diving over the pews and taking him down
with a flurry of strikes.
Two more assailants rush in from near the front, FIRING
their weapons. Kyle and Harold take cover behind the pews.
Colin does the same, shielding Nyla from harm.


Kyle returns fire, hitting the first man. The man's partner
dives for cover behind the altar.
      (to Colin)
Go! Get her out of here!
Kyle FIRES more shots to provide cover. Colin takes Nyla and
begins to run toward the back of the church.
suddenly appears, blocking their escape. Colin halts, taking
up a defensive posture.
From out of nowhere, an African man, JOSEPH BUTABI,
seemingly glides across the top of the pews. Tall and
athletic, he is somewhere in his late 30's, and moves with
amazing dexterity.
Joseph leaps to a spot between Chen and Colin. He and Chen
lock eyes.
Another assailant rushes up behind Chen, preparing to fire
his weapon. As he nears, Chen suddenly catches the man with
an elbow, dropping him. He never takes his eyes off of
inches toward the altar. He FIRES, forcing his target to
move. As the man attempts to return fire, Kyle cuts him
      (to Colin)
Go that way! Now!
Kyle motions toward the doors near the altar. Colin takes
Nyla and moves in that direction.
moves in, stalking Joseph. Joseph goes on the offensive, but
his attacks are easily parried. Chen hits him, knocking him
back viciously.
Joseph attacks again, landing a hard blow, but Chen barely
notices it. He strikes back, knocking Joseph back again.


Looking up, Joseph sees that Chen is standing directly below
the balcony. Like a cat, he springs into the air, grabbing
onto the pillar that supports the balcony, and effortlessly
scales the wall.
Chen watches him for a moment, before turning and heading
out the way he came in.
and Harold are following Colin and Nyla as they exit at the
opposite end. Kyle stops for a moment, seeing Joseph as he
scales the wall, and Chen nowhere to be seen.
      (to Harold)
Stay with them!
Harold nods as Kyle turns and heads back into the church.
climbs over the edge of the balcony, just in time to see
Chen entering through the doorway.
You can kill me, but you won't
silence my people.
Chen, ignoring the remark, closes in. He and Joseph collide,
struggling in the enclosed space.
Kyle appears and sees the struggle. He moves quickly,
striking Chen from behind, knocking him away from Joseph.
      (to Joseph)
Go! Now!
Joseph is out the door in a flash, leaving Kyle alone to
face Chen.
You're startin' to piss me off.
Chen glares at Kyle for a split second, before closing in.
Once again, they exchange blows, each striking and parrying
with blinding speed. They lock up, each grappling for the
upper hand. Moving in unison, they get to the edge of the


Gravity finally wins over, as they topple over the edge of
the balcony and come CRASHING to the floor below.
They both lie on the floor for a moment, groaning in pain,
before slowly getting up. Again, they are face to face.
Before they can do anything, a SIREN blares in the distance.
Chen considers his options for a split second, before making
a hasty retreat. Kyle follow suit, heading in the opposite
Harold, Colin, Nyla, and Joseph sit around a table at the
rear of a smoky bar. They look up as Kyle enters.
Right on time.
Kyle takes a seat at the table.
Everyone okay?
We should be asking you that.
You've got your old man's balls,
taking on a monster like that.
I'm not the only crazy one here.
Kyle motions toward Joseph, who is sitting quietly.
Joseph was only trying to protect
me. But I'm glad you were there.
Colin says you can help us.
We'll do what we can. We're all in
this together now.
You should know, my husband will
never stop. If he is behind this,
be prepared to go all the way.
Kyle exchanges a serious look with Harold.


Mrs. Idibia, would you be willing
to try to contact your husband?
Joseph suddenly stands up, surprising everyone.
No, it's out of the question. I
won't allow you to put her in
Joseph hesitates a moment before storming off alone.
Just let him go, he needs a minute
He's a fun guy.
You have to excuse Joseph. This is
difficult for him.
Sure, but it's tough on all of us.
No, she means it's difficult
because of you.
Colin motions toward Kyle.
What'd I do?
Nothing. But what I haven't told
you, is that Joseph's full name is
Joseph Butabi. His father was
Hakeem Butabi. The man your father
helped overthrow.
Kyle can only stare in disbelief.
Kyle steps out onto the sidewalk in front of the bar and
stands beside Joseph.


Look, I know I'm probably the last
person you want to talk to right
now, but for what it's worth, I
just found out about all this
myself. And I'm pretty pissed at
my father, too.
Joseph stares straight ahead, not looking at Kyle.
I sat on a plane as it took off,
and watched my mother die. I was
just a boy. Nyla cared for me as
my mother would have.
Joseph turns to look at Kyle.
I lost everything I knew because
of your father.
I know. I'm sorry.
Colin has blood on his hands, too,
but he's making amends. Is that
why you're here? To make things
right for your father?
My father's dying.
Joseph looks at Kyle for a moment.
I'm sorry about your father. Do
you have any children of your own?
Yes. A son.
Then do this for him.
Kyle nods.
You faced that man at the church,
and you escaped unharmed. You're
good, aren't you?


I am very good. And so is my
partner in there. We'll see this
to the end, I promise.
Shinzo Takamura sits in the back of his Mercedes sedan,
speaking into a cell phone.
Yes...(pause)...it's on
schedule...(pause)...I have your
guarantee on
that?...(pause)...excellent. Domo.
He hangs up his phone, pleased at the outcome of the call. A
moment later, the phone rings again.
This is Takamura.
Colin speaks into the phone.
Adewale Ibidia sends his regards.
Takamura's expression turns serious.
Reicker. We've not spoken in a
long time.
Too long. I wanted to congratulate
you on your recent successes.
Don't patronize me, Reicker. Why
did you call?
I see you're still pleasant as
ever, mate. You should know your
arms deal with Idibia is in
What do you know about that?


I know you, you're an opportunist.
You've been selling to him from
day one.
Still meddling in everyone else's
affairs. So tell me, what is it
that you know?
This information isn't free,
How much do you want?
Not money. I want a meeting.
Really? With who?
Adewale Idibia.
You're crazy.
And I want you there, too.
Takamura thinks for a moment.
This information, it better be
Trust me, it is.
What do you want me to do?
Takamura listens as Colin lays out the details.
Very well. And Reicker, this
better not be a set-up.
Takamura hangs up, still wearing a serious expression.


also hangs up. Kyle stands beside him.
Okay, you're up.
of a posh, Victorian style home all is quiet. The house sits
in a very swanky neighborhood.
the house, Jack McCormack walks down the hallway toward his
and walks into the darkened room.
                       KYLE (O/S)
Hello, Jack.
Jack nearly jumps out of his skin.
What th...Jesus Christ, you scared
the shit out of me!
Jack can barely see Kyle, hidden in the shadows.
How'd you get in here?
Keep your voice down. And don't
turn on the lights.
Jack moves a bit closer.
I heard about the attempts on your
life. Any idea what that's all
Maybe. That's why I'm here.


What's it got to do with me?
Your arms deal with Idibia is in
What do you mean, my arms deal?
Save it. I know all about
Jackson-Tennison. Your wife's a
major shareholder in a dummy
corporation that fronts for them.
You stand to make a lot of money
off this deal.
Jack takes it in for a moment.
Okay. So what do you mean, the
deal's in jeopardy?
Idibia's behind the attempts on me
and my family. I have evidence
that could expose everything. I
know about you and my father,
Jack looks beaten for a moment, before regaining composure.
That's Senator McCormack.
Kyle ignores him.
Tomorrow night. Meet me at this
address. I have someone who wants
to talk to you.
Kyle hands him a slip of paper.
Really? And who might that be?
The one person who can bury
Idibia. Mrs. Idibia.


Jack eyes him suspiciously.
I hope you know what you're
getting into. Idibia's not to be
taken lightly.
sits in a car, listening to the entire conversation.
remains in the shadows.
Just be there.
You guarantee she's there, and
I'll be there.
Good. Oh, and Jack, one thing I
need to know.
Go ahead.
In Bangkok. It wasn't just Pak I
was sent to eliminate, was it? You
wanted Takamura taken out, too,
didn't you?
Takamura took sides with the wrong
people. These days, there's a
price to pay that.
Jack waits for a reply, but none comes.
                       MRS. MCCORMACK (O/S)
Jack. Is everything okay up there?
Hearing his wife calling, Jack looks at Kyle for a moment
before stepping into the hall.
Everything's fine. I'll be down in
a minute.


He steps back in the room, finding it empty. The window is
      (to himself)
Idibia mixes a drink in his suite. He takes a long pull,
before turning his attention to another man in the room.
Are you sure you don't want one?
Pak Rejarjo raises his hand to say no.
Idibia looks out the window at the city laid out before him.
I want this done right. No
mistakes. Can you promise me that?
Yes, I can. You can provide
My men will support you.
You've had setbacks recently. Are
you tying up all of the loose
Certain parties have become a
thorn in my side. They will be
dealt with tonight. But just to be
sure, I've arranged for added
Chen enters the room.
Will this do?
Pak eyes Chen, as a grin begins to form.


A reporter stands in front of the hotel in Paris, scene of
the bomb blast, giving an update.
...and while no one has claimed
responsibility, authorities are
investigating a link to a group of
Malwandan nationals living in
The news camera pans up to show the damage to the hotel.
The Malwandan government has
designated the ethnic group known
as the Kutu as terrorists, a
charge the Kutu vehemently deny.
Meanwhile, the Malwandan president
continues his world tour, aimed at
promoting efforts to fight
terrorism in Africa. Next stop,
the United Nations.
Joseph is seated at the end of a bed in a motel room,
watching the report. Nyla sits down beside him, placing a
comforting hand on his shoulder. He gives her a weak smile.
Kyle, Harold, and Colin sit at a small table across the
She never said a word to you about
Not a word. One second it's "hey,
how ya been, good to see you", and
before I know it, it's "oh, and
meet your son I never told you
That's a kick in the pills for ya.
Tell me about it.


Still, there's worse news a man
could receive.
Man's got a point.
Yeah, but how do you know if
you're ready? Am I doing any good
getting involved if I just screw
the kid up in the process?
First of all, you're already
involved, whether you like it or
not. And second, it's part of your
job as a parent to screw your kids
up, as long as you screw them up
the way you want.
Look, mate, it's gonna be fine.
You're not the first guy to feel
unprepared. And besides, you've
got good parents, they'll help
Well that makes me feel a whole
lot better.
Look, I know you're pissed at the
old man, but maybe you oughta give
him a break.
With all due respect, you're not
the one he lied to his whole life.
No, you're right there. But you
can still consider there's more to
it than you know.
I know enough.
                       JOSEPH (O/S)
No, I don't think you do.
Everyone turns to acknowledge Joseph's approach.


You got something to add?
Colin is right. You should give
your father a chance.
Wait a minute. A day ago, you were
more pissed at him than me.
We had a little talk. Hear him
Kyle relents, turning toward Joseph.
Your father was paid very well for
his role in helping to overthrow
my father. More money than most
people can dream of.
Kinda makin' it worse, here.
Let him finish.
Do you know what he did with his
Kyle thinks for a moment.
No, I don't.
He kept me safe. And Nyla, too. I
was able to go to school because
of your father.
Kyle looks toward Nyla, who sits with her head bowed.
      (to Colin)
I suppose you helped him do it?


I arranged things. Your father
provided most of the money at
first, I was too busy pissing mine
But...why would he do that?
Perhaps, because he's not the
monster you want to think he is.
Kyle eyes him curiously.
Dim lights shine over a high school ball field, leaving most
of the field in darkness. The school sits in darkness.
Kyle stands in the shadows, speaking to Colin.
You think he'll show?
He'll show. Being screwed out of a
profit is something Takamura
doesn't take lightly.
A car approaches, coming to a stop outside the field. A
figure gets out, approaching in the semi-darkness.
Kyle stays back in the shadows, as Colin walks toward
Is that you, Reicker?
Takamura gets close enough to see Colin.
That's close enough. Where's
He said he'd be here. That's all I


Hmm. Okay, hit it!
On cue, the full lighting comes on, illuminating the entire
ball field. Takamura shields his eyes for a split second.
What the hell...
His eyes adjusting to the light, Takamura sees another
figure approaching. It is Jack McCormack.
Takamura. What are you doing here?
I should ask you the same thing.
They both look at Colin suspiciously.
Well, this is pleasant. The old
crew, together again.
What's next, is Barrett gonna show
up or something?
As a matter of fact, he is.
Takamura looks as Kyle approaches.
I recognize this guy...from
Bangkok. He tried to kill me.
Actually, it was the scumbag
terrorist you took up with that I
was after.
Shinzo, say hello to Kyle Barrett.
John's son. I should have
recognized your father's style.


Barrett, where the hell's Nyla?
You said she'd be here.
Don't worry, she's somewhere safe.
I wanna know where Idibia is.
I told you, he said he'd be here.
He doesn't answer to me.
Kyle looks around suspiciously.
Look alive, partner. We might have
looks, through binoculars, out a window in a darkened room
in the school.
Gotcha. All clear so far.
turns his attention back to the group.
I warned you, Reicker, if this is
a set-up...
Open your eyes, will you. You're
being played. Both of you. And
Idibia's pulling the strings.
That's a lie, Idibia needs me.
Actually, he doesn't. Once his
speech at the UN is done, he'll
have all the support he needs.
How much you wanna bet Idibia pins
your death on his enemies? You'll
be a martyr for his cause, Jack.


I refuse to believe that.
Oh, really? Tell me, you ever hear
from the rest of the old crew?
Travers? Smith? Any of 'em?
Jack doesn't respond.
Of course you haven't, because
they're all dead. Idibia's been
killing us off for years. In fact,
I'd guess there's only...
Colin makes a show of counting 1,2,3 as he points toward
Jack, Takamura, and himself.
...four of us left. And it looks
like nature might take care of
Kyle's dad.
      (to Kyle)
Sorry, mate.
Kyle shakes his head to say "no problem".
Looks like your double crossing is
catching up with you, Jack.
What's that supposed to mean?
I know about the arms deal. I
expected to be stabbed in the back
by Idibia, but not by you. What
happened to you?
Please. I'm not going to be
lectured on ethics by someone who
sells bombs to terrorists.
Still the boy scout. Which threat
are you saving the world from this
week, Senator?


I thought you were a businessman,
Shinzo. You should be able to
accept when a competitor makes a
better offer.
You're so full of shit.
Excuse me?
You, with the ethics. Have you
forgotten about Bangkok?
Jack's face hardens.
What about Bangkok?
I think you'll find this pretty
Kyle motions toward the school.
pushes buttons on a control panel.
a conversation comes across the PA speakers.
      (Kyle's voice)
In Bangkok. It wasn't just Pak I
was sent to eliminate, was it? You
wanted Takamura taken out, too,
didn't you?
      (Jack's voice)
Takamura took sides with the wrong
people. These days, there's a
price to pay for that.
Takamura's eyes get very large.
You would dare threaten me? Do you
have any idea who I am?


Takamura pulls a gun, pointing it at Jack, who replies by
suddenly pulling a gun of his own.
Fuck you, Shinzo! I know exactly
who you are. You're nothing but a
sleazy con man.
Colin takes a step back.
Easy, fellas. Let's not forget who
the real enemy is here.
Fuck that. This is between me
A SHOT rings out, hitting Takamura in the chest and knocking
him back. He falls to the ground.
Jack, confused, looks at his gun, which has not been fired.
looks through the scope of a high powered rifle. He turns
his sights on Jack.
springs into action, grabbing Colin and pulling him off the
A group of Takamura's henchmen suddenly appear, rushing to
aide their fallen leader.
sees the men coming, and begins cutting them down in mid
stride. He turns his sights back to Jack.
motions toward the school again.
Cut the lights!
follows Jack as he rushes off in the opposite direction. He
prepares to squeeze the trigger, but the lights go out
before he can shoot. Jack is no longer visible to him.


Chen gets up from his hiding place and takes off on foot.
gets Colin to the safety of the dugout. He looks onto the
field and sees Takamura's men scattered about, dead or
dying. Takamura is still lying in the same spot.
Crouching low, Kyle rushes to Takamura, picks him up, and
carries him to the dugout.
Takamura, barely breathing, tries to talk. His chest is
covered in blood.
Jack...was right. I picked...the
wrong friends.
Save your strength. I have to stop
this bleeding.
Kyle places pressure on the wound. Colin gives him a grave
Don't...bother. My time's...up.
Takamura reaches out and takes hold of Kyle's arm.
I had...nothing to do with the
attacks on your family. Your
father...was a good man.
Kyle looks closely at the dying man.
Idibia...has to be brought down.
He told me...he was going to make
a statement...tomorrow. He...
Unable to finish, Takamura lets out a long sigh, before
falling silent.
Kyle and Colin look at one another for a moment, both
remaining silent. Kyle turns to see Harold approaching.
Any luck?


No, he's long gone. So's
Kyle looks out at the field to where Takamura's men lie.
You think it was Chen?
This was definitely a pro. Yeah,
I'd say it was him.
That's what I was afraid of.
Breathing heavily, Jack arrives at his car, parked on a
darkened street. He looks around cautiously, before getting
Once he is
Jack breathes a sigh of relief. He fumbles for a moment with
his keys, finally finding the correct one.
Chen, who has been hidden in the back, SPRINGS up behind
Jack, wrapping a cord around his neck. He squeezes hard, a
blank expression on his face. Jack attempts to struggle, but
it is short lived, as he falls still after a few moments.
Chen releases his hold, and watches as Jack slumps sideways
in the front seat. Chen gets out of the car, casually
walking away.
The group is back in Colin's apartment. Harold speaks on the
phone, while Kyle speaks with Colin in the kitchen.
Joseph and Nyla are watching a news report on TV.
                       REPORTER (O/S)
...not releasing any details, only
to say that an investigation is
underway. McCormack was a ranking
member of multiple Senate


                       REPORTER (cont'd)
committees, and his loss...
Joseph absently changes the channel.
Harold puts his cell away and joins the conversation.
My guy's gonna have some agents
check the UN. They're on high
alert now.
You think he's ballsy enough to
hit the United Nations?
He said he wanted to make a
statement, and he's due to make a
speech there today. Seems like the
perfect opportunity.
Goddamn diplomatic immunity. I'd
haul his ass in on suspicion
Amen to that, mate.
Kyle looks toward the TV for a moment, before turning his
attention back to the conversation.
Something still doesn't add up.
What's that?
Chen. What's his angle in all
He's a professional. He don't need
an angle.
I know, but...if he was working
for Idibia, why'd he send him to
protect Takamura in Bangkok? Why
not just let me take Takamura out


Could be, he wasn't there to
protect Takamura at all.
Kyle considers it with a concerned look. He focuses his
attention back to the TV and another reporter.
...expect at least 2000 supporters
to show up. One university
official, speaking on condition of
anonymity, expressed concern at
hosting the rally while the
country's president is making a
speech to the UN, citing the
possibility of rioting. Extra
security has been...
Behind the reporter, a large stage and podium is set up.
Crowds are already gathering, with large contingents of what
appear to be African students.
Kyle looks at Joseph, who is already looking back at him,
eyes wide as realization dawns on them both.
Shit! That's it!
- Motorcade making it's way through the city
- Idibia and his entourage being escorted into the building
- Idibia shaking hands with dignitaries
- Idibia takes to the podium
This is a great day for Malwanda,
and the beginning of a new future
for Africa.
Applause from the assembly.
A male student (black) speaks at the podium.
This is a dark day for Africa, and
it keeps getting worse!


Cheers from the huge crowd.
...Senator McCormack's death will
not be in vain. Those terrorists
who bring fear to Africa will
know, we will never surrender.
Our military presence will stand
as a beacon to those who want
peace, and as a warning to those
who oppose it.
More applause.
The world needs to send a message
to African dictators, and it needs
to be loud and clear. You're not
going to keep an entire generation
down any longer!
The crowd goes wild.
Kyle watches, scoping the crowd. He wears the earpiece
You got anything?
works his way through the other side of the crowd.
Not yet. This might be a needle in
a haystack.
looks toward the speaker. He takes another look around at
the crowd.


I've got an idea. Let's regroup.
Kyle and Harold have regrouped with Colin and Joseph near
the stage.
I'm not sure about this. Could be
really dangerous.
Joseph puts his hand up.
I'll do it. It may be the only
You ready for this?
I've been ready my whole life.
It's time.
Kyle nods. Colin gives a concerned look, and then heads
toward security gathered around the stage.
This might actually work.
We'll see. You keep scoping things
down here.
Where'll you be?
I'm gonna check these buildings.
If it's a bomb, my guess is Pak's
gonna want a bird's eye view.
Be careful, now.
Am I ever not?
Harold shakes his head as he watches Kyle depart.


Pak stands in an empty classroom, looking out over the
campus grounds. He can see the rally going on a short
distance away.
You should come stand over here.
It's an excellent view.
Chen, standing by the door, ignores him.
Suit yourself.
Will you be able to spot Butabi if
he shows?
Maybe. Maybe not. It's none of my
concern anymore.
Chen raises a curious eyebrow.
Colin and Joseph speak to a man near the stage. Hearing what
they have to say, the man goes up the stairs to the podium.
The man speaks briefly to the speaker. The speaker appears
surprised and pleased with what he has heard. He turns his
attention back to the crowd.
This is unbelievable. We've got a
guest speaker, and let me tell
you, this man's earned the right
to speak.
The crowd cheers.
Kyle stands before a couple of buildings facing the podium,
appearing to weigh his options.
the speaker continues.


As we speak, a tyrant is
addressing the UN, and he thinks
the world will turn a blind eye to
everything he's done. Well, we're
here to tell him, No! We're not
giving you a free pass any longer!
More cheers from the audience.
But if you don't believe me, then
listen to what this man has to
say. His father was overthrown and
murdered in a military coup in
Malwanda. He barely escaped with
his life, in the hopes that one
day, he might take back what is
rightfully his.
Even more vigorous cheers.
Make some noise for a real hero,
the son of deposed president
Hakeem Butabi, Joseph Butabi!
The crowd goes crazy as Joseph approaches the podium.
focuses on the crowd, looking for anything suspicious.
Pak watches as Butabi takes the stage.
This is going to be easier than I
Chen slowly crosses the room.
Is the bomb in the podium?
One of them is.
What do you mean, one of them?


Pak pulls a cell phone out of his pocket, eyeing Chen the
whole time.
Joseph is at the podium, looking out at the crowd as an awed
hush falls over the assembled.
My father would be proud today.
The crowd cheers once again.
continues to scan the crowd. As Joseph speaks, Harold
notices a man gesturing toward another man in the crowd. He
immediately picks up two more men (all African) also acting
The man closest to Harold says something into a cell phone,
prompting the group to look up in unison at a building
facing the stage.
I think we've got something. The 4
story building, windows facing the
stage. Looks like a good perch.
acknowledges and heads toward the building entrance.
I'm on it.
moves to intercept, focusing on the nearest man.
Pak hangs up the phone.
They're moving into position now.
Once they take Butabi, I'll blow
the stage.
Pak opens the phone again.


I love technology. It's as easy as
phoning it in.
He starts to press buttons on the phone.
Idibia only said you were taking
Butabi. No one else.
You're here to make sure I carry
out my mission without
interference. The scope of the
mission is not your concern.
Chen looks down at the stage, seeing the size of the crowd
gathered. He looks back at Pak.
Kyle enters the building atrium. The sounds from the rally
can be heard as he heads toward a staircase leading to the
second level. Only a handful of people are milling about.
As Kyle goes up the stairs, a man wearing custodial clothing
descends, coming toward him. As they pass, the man's hand
goes into his pocket.
Kyle explodes into action as the man's hand comes back into
view, holding a gun. Before he can use it, Kyle is on him,
locking the gun hand in place and following up with a strike
that flips the man completely over.
Harold reaches his target just as the man withdraws a
silenced automatic and takes aim at Joseph. He responds by
pointing his own weapon at the man's head.
Drop it.
The man pauses a split second.
continues his speech.


It is time for all Africans to
take back what is rightfully ours.
We will bow to tyranny no longer.
holds his man at bay, but spots the man's cohorts closing
in. The man flinches, causing Harold to strike him across
the head.
Some of the crowd surrounding Harold finally notice what is
happening. They begin to pull back, pushing and shoving.
watches from the stage. Seeing the men moving to intercept,
he rushes off the stage in Harold's direction.
Kyle finds himself pinned down on the landing between the
first and second floors. A pair of armed assailants open
fire from the second floor, while another pair of assailants
approach from the atrium.
Picking up the unconscious assailant on the stairs, Kyle
hurls him over the railing toward the oncoming men.
The men dive out of the way, giving Kyle an opening. He
jumps the railing, and comes crashing down on the closest of
the men.
Kyle is up immediately, facing the second man, who is armed
and preparing to fire. Closing the distance with blinding
speed, Kyle ties the man up and lands several close range
blows. The man doesn't stand a chance, going down in a
barrage of strikes.
The pair of assailants from the second floor reach the first
floor, firing their weapons. Kyle is forced to dive behind a
concrete partition.
Pak looks on in confusion. He also hears shots ringing out.


What the hell?
He begins desperately punching numbers on his phone.
Chen takes one more look, before turning his attention back
to Pak.
Several students mill about outside the building Kyle had
previously entered.
Suddenly, a CRASHING sound erupts from above. Some students
look up to see a window smashing outward, glass raining
down. Something is falling from the window.
As the students dive for cover, whatever was thrown from the
window hits the ground with a THUD.
Pak's lifeless body lies on the ground, covered in glass and