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by S.M. Krause & Stephanie Lewandowski (openeyestudios@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***1/2
From the writer of thedailybs.com, a thriller and horror movie that promises to go where no movie has gone before, to scare the viewer, and entertain the audience. SCARED is a powerful script, read it if you dare.

(C)2008 OPENeye Studios, a division of REALedge Entertainment. SCARED may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the authors.


A hot summer night. Lights illuminate the highway. No
traffic in sight. A perfect evening.

A CAR cruises down the open highway. Bright headlights on,
the car continues to motion forward.
The CAR RADIO is changed from country to an R&B station,
ANTHONY, a young obese man, can be seen fumbling with the
tuner. Anthony looks at his petite girlfriend, MARY, sitting
beside him.
                       ANTHONY (with a smerk)
How the hell can you like country?
They sing the same shit. It's
usually my dog died, wife left me,
or my horse ran away.
Stop being so damn critical. I
like country. If you honestly like
me, stop being a damn bitch about
it and let me enjoy my music. You
like your shit, I don't complain
about it.
The headlights of a car can be seen through the front
Did you just see that son of a
bitch cut me off?
Mary reaches into her purse and pulls out a pack of
cigarettes. She takes one out and lights it, a cloud of
smoke forms inside the car. Anthony reaches inside the glove
compartment, looking straight ahead of the road, one hand on
the wheel.


Can you focus on the road, honey?
What the fuck do you need? I'll
get it for you?
My cell phone. I'm gonna call the
police on this asshole. He's going
to get someone killed.
I'll tell you what, what if I were
to do you a little something to
get your mind off that asshole in
front of us and onto me?
A smile forms across Anthony's face, as Mary unbuckles her
seat belt and lowers her head in front of Anthony's lap. She
playfully plays with his zipper and lowers herself on him,
as her head begins to bob up and down. Anthony moans softly,
while trying to focus on the road. Anthony pulls gently on
Mary's hair, then slids his hand down her blouse and plays
with her nipple. He closes his eyes for a second, then all
of a sudden, BAM! The windshield shatters and the car spins
out of conrol and into a concrete wall. Drivers stop to
help, getting out of their cars. One of them notices a
shadow on the highway overpass that looks down, then quickly
disappears. One driver runs to the front of the car. A blood
stained body rests in front with the head stuck between the
bumper and the wall. The head is shown, cut up, badly
bruised, the neck bone dangling. Anthony sits in the
driver's seat, in shock, with a piece of glass stuck in his
right eye. Mary lies on the floor, sobbing because of the
severe pain. A driver pulls out her cell phone and calls
A young, handsome, clean shaved detective, PETER SUMMER,
sits at his desk looking over a police report. With a
Starbucks coffee in hand, a knock on his door sends the hot
coffee on his lap.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Son of a bitch!


He grabs a paper towel nearby and begins to soak the coffee.
He walks over to the door and opens it. VIOLET MURPHY, an
audacious blonde-haired women in her mid-20's, smiles as
Mr. Summer, You have a call on
line one. Dr. Green is on the
phone. He says it's urgent.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
You should've called. Don't they
teach you interns anything
Violet walks away. Detective Summer walks to his desk and
presses the LINE 1 button on his phone.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Yeah, this is Summer. What seems
to be the problem, Doc?
DR.GREEN, a black man whose wrinkles define his time, clears
his throat.
                       DR.GREEN (V.O.)
One of the accident victims your
department is handling has just
died. Anthony Preston, age 22,
died moments after arriving here
at ECMC. A piece of glass
punctured a hole through Anthony's
cornea and shattered the optic
nerve. It also appears Anthony's
throat was cut by the piercing
glass, causing massive amounts of
bleeding, ultimately causing his
death. His girlfriend, Mary, is
doing a lot better but is still in
the intensive care unit.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
So what are the extent of Mary's
injuries, other than the massive
intrusion she suffered from having
her head slammed into the


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (cont'd)
                       DR.GREEN (V.O.)
The report I was given stated that
dried semen was found on the
right edge of her mouth, which
would suggest she was preforming
oral sex at the time. The
pre-semen found on Anthony would
support that.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Maybe they were fooling around, he
wasn't paying attention to the
                       DR.GREEN (V.O.)
It's plausible that that may have
been what happened, but how do you
explain the third body? Obviously,
we won't have the complete results
for a couple of days.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
3rd body? Male or female?
Hard to tell. The body's been
decomposing for sometime now. The
chest, hair, fingernails and teeth
were removed, which creates a
problem for us.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
i will be heading down to the
hospital. I have a follow up
report I have to do so I'll need
clearance to the intensive care
unit. I need to see the injuries
up close and take the necessary
                       DR.GREEN (V.O.)
We'll see ya' then. Make sure you
bring a bag.


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
A bag? For what?
                       DR.GREEN (V.O.)
The images you see here will haunt
you for the rest of your life. As
a doctor for the past 20 years, I
can assure you, Detective, this
isn't your typical murder that you
see every night on the 11 o'clock
news. This is someone's sick idea
of a joke and we'll help you in
anyway possible to catch this son
of a bitch.
Mary lies in bed, covered in bandages. Nurses are in the
room checking her temperature. Dr. Green examines his
patient as Detective Summer walks in.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I got over here as quick as I
could. This the survivor?
Yes, detective. This is Mary Marie
Moyner. Her sister, Stacy, is a
news anchor for WKWH. We contacted
the station to let her sister know
of the accident. Her sister has
made it a point that she'll take
care of Mary once she has
undergone psychological evaluation
and is released.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (laughing)
Released? We have a lot of
questions that need to be
answered, Dr. Green, and she's the
only witness to the crime.


I think Mary has suffered enough
for one night, detective. You can
see your way out.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I'll see my way out, but I'll be
back to check on our patient here.
Summer walks out of the room. Dr. Green continues his
examination of Mary, who lies motionless in bed. A nearby
EKG shows her heart rate normal. Fluid bags are running
through an IV in Mary's right arm.
A lady hums as she washes the dishes in the kitchen. A dog
runs in between her legs, yipping and wagging his tail. The
lady shoos him away and continues with her dishes. The dog
runs to the front door where the killer is standing in the
doorway. The killer picks up the dog as the dog nuzzles
against the killer's chest. The killer reaches into his coat
pocket and pulls out a small hunting knife. The killer
quickly snaps the dog's neck and carves it's head off
slowly. The killer drops the bloody body of the dog. Still
carrying the dog's head, the killer makes his way toward the
humming lady. The killer jumps into the dining room as the
lady leaves the kitchen and goes into her bedroom. The
killer follows and enters the room. The lady hears him,
turns around, and screams. The killer quickly slits the
lady's throat. Blood gushes from her neck. Her eyes are
wide with shock. She brings her hands to her nick as she
falls into the killer's arms. The killer lays the body on
the bed along side the dog's severed head. The killer
reaches into his pocket again and pulls out a needle and
Adults pack the auditorium, everyone is talking at once. A
young brunette, GINA RIDINGS, sits next to her friend,


This is bullshit, girl. We have to
sit here and listen to some bitch
talk about her experiences.
Whatever attitude you have, drop
it. This woman has been through a
lot and the least you can do,
girl, is give her props for even
Gina gives Rolita the middle finger, turns to look on stage.
DEAN FRIEDLER is near the podium. Mary sits on a chair,
along with several police officers. Members of the news
media are snapping photographs and are waiting for Dean
Friedler to speak. Dean looks at Mary, approaches the podium
and looks at the audience.
                       DEAN FRIELDER
Welcome to West Haven Community
College. Over the past year, a lot
of attention has been focused on
Mary Moyner, the sole survivor of
that infamous car accident years
ago. Her struggle for survival has
inspired many people throughout
the United States. Without further
ado, I'd like to introduce Mary
Audience members clap as Mary approaches the podium.
Thank you, Dean, for that warm
introduction. My name is Mary
Moyner and-
Mary's heart skips a beat as she sees a dark figure in the
back of the auditorium. The figure moves into the light.
She sighs as she realizes that it is just a janitor.
-sorry. It's been a rough year,
sometimes troubling for a woman
such as myself. The unwanted news
media attention, cameras following


                       MARY (cont'd)
my every move, documenting my life
as it unfolds.
An audience member is heard coughing, the sound of a baby
crying in the distance is heard.
We are all susceptible to danger.
We go outside and don't realize we
are all part of the dangers of
society. You can be brutally
murdered, raped, or beaten. Some
women don't make it out alive,
some women go into hiding, to try
to erase the bad events in their
lives. I cannot. It's etched in my
brain.I will never find closure.
A few people leave out of their seats and leave the
I have had to endure a lot; eight
skin graphs, several blood
transfusions, and a lot of
surgical procedures to even allow
myself to be here today. Somewhere
out there, this man or woman, who
threw a lifeless body onto the
windshield of my car, still roams
free. I am actively pursuing my
own cold case.
Audience members clap again, a smile forms across Mary's
There are some people out there
that think I'm just trying to
remain in the spotlight. I don't
care what others think. The son
of a bitch who did this to me and
took my boyfriend's life, will pay
for their crimes. I will find you.
I will now take a few questions


                       MARY (cont'd)
from the audience.
You endured a lot, Miss Moyner.
The question I have for you is,
Why haven't the West Haven Police
Department captured the person
responsible for murdering the
young woman whom was thrown onto
your windshield?
The body of the victim that was
thrown onto my car was not
identifiable. The medical examiner
was able to determine her sex
after going in to find her ovaries
and vaginal lips removed. The
murderer sent the severed body
parts to the victim's family
through the mail. This woman was
later identified as Rebecca Tuney.
She was a student here, she was
studying to become a nurse. As for
the answers to why they haven't
caught the killer, all I can say
is that the killer is very
articulate in detail. He knows how
to clean a crime scene. It's
disgusting to know someone would
take the time to make sure that
their work doesn't reveal any
clues about them. Some want the
fame, the acceptance in the media.
This one simply doesn't. He likes
to kill. Next question, the girl
next to you, please.
Rolita walks to the mic, as Gina walks back to her seat.
Was there any DNA that was left at
the murder scene?


Rebecca was murdered somewhere
else. I don't know the location.
Her body was moved from one
location to the other. The medical
examiner found dried semen, which
would indicate that the killer had
sex with this young woman, when in
truth, he or she did not. Dog
hairs and claw marks on her body
show that the killers dog was used
to penetrate the victim.
The janitor steps forward.
Mary, I just wanted to know, how
did it feel to be left for dead?
Mary's expression changes, she is stunned. The Janitor stand
there, smiling.
You son of a bitch, how can you
direct a question like that-
Mary runs off stage. The audience roars with laughter. Dean
Friedler tries to comfort Mary backstage, but she walks out
of the auditorium doors and steps outside.
Mary sits on a bench, smoking a cigarette. A cloud of smoke
comes out of her mouth. Dean Frielder walks over and sits
next to her.
                       DEAN FRIELDER
I had no idea that anyone would be
that cruel, Mary.
                       MARY (exhaling smoke)
Dean, I have been working my ass
off to make sure that my case is
solved. I came here to be open and
honest with people and this is the
fucking gratitude I get? I'm a


                       MARY (cont'd)
survivor, not a fucking loose nut
wanting the attention.
                       DEAN FRIELDER
I know and I'm sorry. You've
overcome a lot and I should've
been more cautious in letting you
speak to the-
                       MARY (inhaling cigarette)
Don't play that bullshit with me,
Dean. I'm not some toy, someone
who doesn't have feelings. I'll
get past this and move on. I have
to call a friend of mine and see
if she's going out tonight to the
                       DEAN FRIELDER
I'm sorry.
Dean Frielder looks at Mary, who is nervously smoking her
cigarette. Dean gets up and walks away. Mary reaches into
her pocket to pull out her cell phone. On the menu screen of
the phone, it shows: TINA. She presses the CALL button.
Tina, please pick up. I need you.
Tina's voice mail kicks on.
                       TINA (O.S.)
This is Tina. Leave a message
after the beep. Luv ya' bitches.
Tina, this is Mary. Hold on, I
have another call.
Mary presses the CALL button, looks on the tiny LCD screen.
It's Tina.


                       TINA (O.S.)
Damn girl, whatcha callin' for?
You know this is my only night
with Boo.
                       TINA (O.S.)
Yeah, you know Teddy Dulong. Him
and I are sexin' it up, girl. And
let me tell you, the sex is
wonderful. It's like I'm-
I don't really want to hear about
your personal life. I was just
calling to see if you wanted to go
to Mojo's for a few drinks, you
know to get past this shitty day.
                       TINA (O.S.)
I would but, ah, fuck it. Boo
don't need sex every week.
Besides, when do we get the chance
to even hang out? I'll tell you
what, girl, I'll be there at 10
Alright. I'll see you then. Bye,
Mary clicks the OFF button on her phone. Putting the phone
back into her pocket, she looks around campus. Silent.
Quiet. No student in sight. She walks to the parking lot
just as Gina jumps out of the nearby car, sending Mary's
keys to the pavement.
Don't let them bother you in
there. It ain't worth it. I was
very critical of you before you
went on stage. I just decided it
was better to hear your story
before I judged someone.


Thanks. I really have to be going.
Have a date with a friend tonight.
Mary waves Gina off. She picks up her keys, gets into her
car and drives off.
Come on, assholes!
Mary pulls out of the parking lot. Traffic is halted. Cars
line Smith Road. Waiting in the street, Mary presses the ON
button of the radio. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD is playing. She
turns it the next station. SMACK MY BITCH UP. Next station.
I have somewhere to be and these
sons of bitches decide to hold
things up. What the fuck can be
so damn important?
A police siren are heard in the background. Mary looks in
her rear view mirror to see a police car driving slowly.
Mary steps out of her car and walks forward toward where
police cars are lined up. An ambulance waits, as paramedics
walk inside 220 Smith Road. A tall man, OFFICER 1 stands
outside of the house. A yellow ribbon that reads: POLICE
LINE. DO NOT CROSS decorates the house.
                       OFFICER 1
Mary, you really shouldn't be
here. All of the commotion at the
college and then this, it's not
wise to get involved in this.
Mary fumbles for the keys of her car and throws them into
her pocket.


What the fuck happened to my
mother? Did she have a stroke? Was
she injured? What? Can someone
fucking answer me?
His uniform neatly pressed, a thin mustache, a bit
overweight, OFFICER 2 walks out of the house and approaches
                       OFFICER 2
You want the truth Mary? Walk
The hallway is filled with police officers, one dusting for
prints, others examining the entire house. Mary walks into
the living room to find her mothers poodle, PADRO, lying in
a pool of blood, it's head removed.
                       MARY (crying)
Who would do such a thing like
Detective Summer walks in, smoking a cigar.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Bad time to be a detective, Mary.
Ah, this is what reunions must be
Mary flips Detective Summer the finger, grabbing his cigar
from his mouth.
      (wiping away tears)
Have some respect for the dead,
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Seems we have ourselves a sick,
perverted freak here, Mary. Are
you able to stomach what I'm about
to show you?


Nothing can scare me anymore. Show
The two of them walk down the hall.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I'm assuming that while you were
at the college, this sick fuck
decided to go at it with your
mother. Melissa, that's her name,
Yes. Why would someone want to
murder my mother?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Don't call me a psychic or
anything but all of this shit
isn't a coincidence. You've pissed
someone off, maybe this is their
way of repaying you. A homage to
the one year anniversary of your
Homage? Could've written a card or
They stop at a bedroom, closed off with police tape.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Again, are you sure you can
stomach this? There's no turning
Open the goddamn door, Summer.
Summer turns the door nob as they enter the bedroom


The bedroom is neatly decorated. Movie posters fill the
walls, stuffed animals lay on the shelf. An array of DVD's
fill a shelf near a small TV, DVD player underneath. Mary
gasps as a white sheet is placed over the body of her
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I know you're curious, Mary. Go
ahead, lift the sheet.
Mary approaches the body. She bends down, calms herself, and
lifts the sheet. She shrieks in horror, her mothers body,
butchered. Breasts are carved out of the body, intestinal
organs revealed. The head is replaced by the head of the
dog, stitched to the neck.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Melissa Moyner, age 46. Breasts
were removed from the victim, as
you can see. The victims dog,
Padro, was murdered, its head
removed to replace the head of
Melissa Moyner. The head has yet
to be found.
Mary jumps up and places the sheet back over the body.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Is there anything I can do for
you, Mary?
No, I need sometime to myself.
Silence fills the bedroom, a faint noise of the dryer can be
heard in the background.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
What the fuck is that?
My mother probably has clothes in
the dryer. Knowing her, it's on a
timed cycle.


The two of them look at each other, then race into the
Summer and Mary run to the nearby basement door and pull it
Walking down the stairs, Summer looks at Mary, who looks
around, cautiously. The sound of the dryer becomes louder,
as they ascend down the stairs and down to the basement.
Clothes are everywhere, a laundry hamper sits with fresh
clothes. A string lines the basement, from one end to the
other, bras and panties hang on the line.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Don't people hang their shit
Mary shakes her head and walks to the dryer. The dryer is
not on a timed cycle. Mary shuts the dryer off. She opens
the dryer door, nothing but darkness. As she bends down, she
jumps back, screaming. Summer bends down, his face
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Holy shit!
                       MARY (screaming)
The ghostly head of Melissa Moyner is inside the dryer. Most
of the skin is hanging off the skull. Worms have infested
the eye sockets and the open mouth. Summer dispatches from
his radio.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
This is Detective Summer. I need
paramedics to retrieve a head
belonging to that of our victim,
Melissa Moyner.


Mary falls into a pile of clothes. She sobs, unable to
control it. She throws punches into the clothes and then
Mary sits outside, smoking a cigarette. She stares off into
the sky. Summer walks out of the house and sits next to
Mary on the steps. He pulls out a cigar and opens it up,
putting the wrapper in his pocket.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I'm just as shocked as you are,
Mary. You're first week on the job
and you have to bear the burden of
your mother's twisted death.
Summer, it would be a lot easier
for me to tell you that my life
was easy. It seems like anytime I
move forward, something bad has to
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
That's bullshit, Mary. You became
a detective because you wanted to
make these sick bastards pay. You
experienced so much. That's why
I've been so hard on you. I guess
I want to protect you.
Doesn't make it fair. You should
know that I have been making great
strides. Shit, the other day, we
arrested a crack addict for
murdering his father. This here is
something different.
Summer gets up, inhaling his cigar.


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I'll call you first thing when we
find out any information that may
help us in this case.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I'll call you first thing when we
find out any information that may
help us in this reopening case.
You mean you're actually going to
help me? Thanks, Summer.
The two embrace in a friendly hug. Summer jumps off the
porch, gets into his car and rides off. Mary sits there on
the steps, then throws her cigarette on the ground. She
walks calmly to her car and drives off to the bar.
Mary pulls into the parking lot. Tina is already there. Mary
steps out of the car, straightens out her hair and walks
over to Tina.
Hey, girl, I heard about what
happened to your mother. I'm
really sorry.
It's just one thing after another.
I don't feel like going inside,
Tina. There will be people
hounding me for questions, answers
I can't give. It's-
Mary's cell phone rings. The LCD screen reads: SUMMER. Mary
presses the TALK button.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (O.S.)
Mary, the medical examiner wanted
me to give you a call. Something
was found carved inside the skull
of your mother. A number, 9. Does


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (cont'd)
that number sound familiar at all?
Maybe a combination lock? Could be
an address. 731. Doesn't sound
familiar. You have to understand,
my mother was a private woman. She
wouldn't even call me or come
over. She refused to know where I
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (O.S.)
If we hear anything, I'll let you
Thanks Summer, good to know that I
have someone I can trust.
Mary presses the OFF button on her phone. Tina is already
sitting down, nursing her bottle of beer. Mary walks over
and sits.
Starting the party without me?
Well it's obvious you're still
investigating your mother's
murder. I mean, shit, how can
someone be that cruel to just
decapitate an old lady?
I don't know. It makes me cringe
to know that someone out there
really doesn't care about society
and would rather see people dead.
I have a big day tomorrow, getting
everything ready for the funeral.
Have you decided on an open or
closed casket?


Mary signals for the BAR MAID to come to their table.
I think it'd be best for a closed
casket. This way, people don't
have to see the horrifying look on
her face.
Your sister coming down?
She left a voice mail and wanted
to know when the funeral was. I
don't have in my heart to call
her. We're sisters but our
relationship has kind of been
strained ever since I slept with
her boyfriend.
That was like three years ago,
wasn't it?
The Bar Maid, a very busty woman, comes to the table, pen
and paper in hand.
                       BAR MAID
Anything I can get you?
Let me get a bottle of Smirnoff.
Something to go down easy for the
helluva day I've been having.
      (to the Bar Maid)
Her mother just passed away.
                       BAR MAID
I'm sorry to hear that. I'll tell
you what, drinks are on me
tonight. Anything you want, you
just let me know. I'll take good
care of you.


Thank you. You really don't have
to do that-
                       BAR MAID
Oh, but I insist.
                       MARY (to the Bar Maid)
Well, thank you very much.
The Bar Maid winks and walks away.
So how are you going to pay for
the funeral? You are just
starting a new job and we both
know your mother had no money put
What is that suppose to mean?
Come on, Mary. You of all people
know that your mother sucked the
welfare tit dry. She definitely
took advantage of our tax dollars.
My mother was a sickly woman. You
know that. I can't believe you
would even say that shit.
No, youíre mother was a lazy
woman. She didnít feel like
getting a job. That is why you
were taken away from her when you
were young. Face it, your mother
was not the role model citizen.
      (very angry)
Go to hell, Tina. At least my
mother doesnít have five babyís
daddies. Your mother is a


                       MARY (cont'd)
straight up whore.
Tina jumps up and runs into the bathroom. Mary walks out of
the bar, gets into her car and drives home.
Tina bursts into the bathroom, tears in her eyes. She looks
at herself in the mirror, muttering to herself. She
splashes water on her face and then goes into a stall. The
killer walks into the bathroom, beer bottle in hand. The
killer walks back and forth along the stalls. His footsteps
echo off the walls.
Mary, is that you? Look, I'm
sorry, girl, I Shouldn't have-
The footsteps stop in front of Tina's stall.
                       TINA (scared)
Mary? This isn't funny. I-
The stall door bursts open. The killer breaks the beer
bottle against Tina's head. Tina falls back onto the
toilet. The killer slashes furiously at her face with the
broken bottle, ripping her face to shreds. Tina stops
fighting as the killer moves in for the final cut. He cuts
a circle around the tips of Tina's head. He pulls her hair
and the top of her head rips off. He pulls out a magic
marker and write "1, 13" on her skull.
Mary sits on her couch eating a pint of BEN & JERRYíS. She
is staring at the TV, an episode of THE X-FILES is playing
in the background. The phone rings and Mary answers.
                       MARY (picking up the phone)


                       BAR MAID (O.S.)
Hi, Mary. This is Cindy, the bar
maid from Mojoís Bar. I have some
horrible news for you. Tina was
found dead in the restroom.
                       MARY (fighting back tears)
But how? Why? I donít understand.
                       BAR MAID (O.S.)
I am so sorry. She was murdered.
We called the police and they said
it is better to keep you out of it
for now, but I though you have a
right to know.
Thank you.
                       BAR MAID
Sure. Again, I am so sorry.
Mary hangs up the phone and sobs into a pillow.
Mary walks into to Mojoís Bar and heads straight for the
restroom. A police officer tries to stop her but she waves
him off and steps inside the restroom. An unrecognizable
body lies on the ground between two sinks. Mary holds back
the tears as she finds Summer.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I told them not to let you in.
Damn incompetent rookies.
Save it. Tell me what happened.



                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Well, she came in to do her
business and ended up our
business. Apparently, some kind
of knife was used. Turned her
face into raw hamburger.
I wish we didn't have that
argument. Everywhere I turn
someone is dying. Almost like
someone is following me.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Witnesses reported a shadow figure
dressed in a business suit. I'm
assuming it's a man, could be a
woman. We're not too sure.
We shouldn't assume. All I know is
no one is safe wherever I am. Why
me? I'm the innocent victim in all
of this. I just want to do my job.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I'm going to recommend some due
vacation time for you. Get out of
town, relax, fuck a little if you
have to. These murders are
connected but with little evidence
to go by, we can't crack shit.
      (grabs Summer's
       notebook, reading
       it carefully)
It says here Tina's skull was
crushed, presumably against the
toilet. Her face was torn off,
muscle structure can be seen.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I told you this fucker was
dangerous. They removed the-


I canít be here right now. I need
to go home to think. I donít know
when Iíll be back. i just need
some time alone.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Take some time off, but donít
forget your duties to the welfare
of the people when you come back.
Mary walks out of the bar and heads toward her car. From
the corner of her eye she sees a shadow move. She turns her
head to look, but the shadow is gone. She rubs her forehead
and drives home.

Mary walks into her apartment, her gray fluffy cat,
TWILIGHT, walks over to Mary, purring. Twilight rubs her
head gently on Mary's leg.
      (to Twilight)
Not now Twilight. Mommy's had a
very bad day.
Mary walks away from the cat and into her bedroom, shutting
the door, to fall asleep.
The sound of DRILLING outside awakens Mary, lying in bed.
Mary pulls the covers off and walks into the bathroom to
take a piss. She walks out, looks on her dresser to find
photos of her mother and Tina.
Why did you have to die?


Mary picks up a photo of her mother, kisses the photo, and
places it back on the dresser. She opens up the dresser,
pulls out a T-Shirt, a pair of jeans, and her bra and
panties. Mary walks into the bathroom to turn the shower on.
She undresses, starring at herself in the mirror. She looks
at her breasts in the mirror, lifting them, a disgusted look
forms on her face. Turning around, her buttocks in view, she
gets into the shower. The warm water touches her face, as
she reaches for the shampoo. Putting the shampoo on, she
rinses off her hair, just as the telephone rings. Mary jumps
out of the shower and races to the phone, that is near her
                       STACY (O.S.)
Hey sis, it's me, Stacy.
I'm assuming you've already heard?
I work in the news business,
remember? I'm coming down for
Mom's funeral. Sorry to hear about
your friend, Tina.
I don't know what to do, sis.
Someone is fucking with me. I
know it's crazy, but I am sure
that it is that bastard who dumped
the body through my windshield.
I know that it might seem like the
nightmare is starting again, but
trust me, nobody is out to get
you. It is just a series of
horrible events. Maybe I'll stay
with you for a few weeks. We can
bond again like we used to.


Please don't. It seems like
everyone I touch dies. I couldn't
handle it if anything happened to
                       STACY (O.S.)
I've been through worse. Remember
that relationship with Alan
Bermbe? God, he was a real prize
winner. Lawyer by day, asshole by
Alan was an asshole.
Don't worry. Everything will be
fine, sis. I am going to be
leaving in a few minutes. I
should be there in a couple of
Okay, I guess I'll see you in a
while then. Goodbye. Oh and
Stacy, I love you.
I love you too, sis. Take care.
Mary puts the phone down and runs back into the bathroom.
Summer sits at his desk, glancing at crime scene photos and
reports that were made at the murders. All sprawled out on
his desk, Summer jumps in his seat when a heavily obese
LT.PATTERSON opens the door to his office. His uniform is
tight, his belly hanging out.
                       LT. PATTERSON
What have you got for me, Summer?


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Nothing. The only evidence we have
is are numbers. The medical
examiner said that he found the
numbers 1 and 13 written on the
skull of our last victim, Tina
Marie Fowler.
                       LT. PATTERSON
I don't know what it means. Look
up different types of codes and
Summer looks at the computer, a Mac. He does a Google search
and turns back to Lt. Patterson.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
There are a shit load of different
types of codes. We just have to
figure out what type, if any, the
killer is using. Other than that,
we are out of fucking clues.
                       LT. PATTERSON
I understand your frustration
Summer but until we can find our
killer, we can't rest on this.
This killer will strike again.
This is his or her way of seeking
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
You don't think Mary is involved?
                       LT. PATTERSON
I have known Mary for over ten
years, long before she decided to
become a detective. I used to work
for her parents. Honestly, Mary is
a gentle woman, not a mass
Summer is playing with his pen cap, click it ON and then
OFF. He repeats this until Patterson grabs the pen out of
his hand.


                       LT. PATTERSON
We need a character witness, maybe
we can use Mary as bait to lure
this killer out of hiding.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Mary has two funerals she is
attending to, one for her mother,
the other for Tina. ECMC isn't
releasing Tina's body till the
medical examiner is finished, then
they're releasing the body to
Greenview Funeral Home.
                       LT. PATTERSON
      (standing up)
Then we'll wait.
Patterson walks out of Summer's office, Summer resumes
looking over the files.
Mary is sitting on the couch, looking out the window.
Children are playing outside. As Mary turns around, she
blacks out.
                                         PRESENT DAY
Anthony, you're alive?
Laughing hysterically, Anthony stares at Mary, as they lie
in bed together.
Of course I'm alive, stupid. See.
Anthony takes Mary's hand and guides her fingers all over
his body, leading down beneath the covers.
Mmm...now this is what I like.


Mary climbs on top of Anthony, excitement on his face.
Do you like that?
Soft moans are heard from the two, Mary riding Anthony.
      (looking up)
Yeah baby! More!

skins begins to peel off, melting


jumps out of bed --


leaps off the bed, lunging towards Mary.


Tries to open the door, but cannot, the lifeless body of
Anthony continues to motion forward.
Anthony! No!
Mary awakens from her nightmare. She looks around,
everything still intact. Knocking is heard coming from her
door. She gets up, looks through the keyhole to see it's her
sister, Stacy.
      (walking in)
How's my big sister?
The two of them embrace in a hug and a gentle kiss on the
cheek. Stacy reaches for two plastic bags she left outside
the door to bring them in.


What's in the bag?
Some promotional items from work.
Figured you don't have enough of
them as it is.
                       MARY (sarcasticly)
      (reaching into the
Wow! News Channel 5 blue pens.
Just what I always wanted!
      (with a smile)
You're welcome.
Mary leaves the bags on the floor. Stacy follows Mary into
the kitchen.
Grab a seat. I'll get some Pepsi.
Is it diet? Trying to watch my
weight a bit.
Stacy takes a seat, a soft cushioned dining room chair. The
table was wobbly, holding together with a pop top that made
the table balanced.
      (walking to the
Sis, you're a fucking pretzel
compared to me. I don't have any
diet pop, you know that.
It's okay. So how you holding up?


      (pouring pop in
Obviously not well. Before you
came, I fucking blacked out. A sex
dream. You know most people get
excited, start playing with
themselves with a sex dream. This
one scared the shit out of me.
Mary walks to the table, sits down, two glasses in hand,
gives one to Stacy, the other for herself. Stacy takes a
How so?
Skin was peeling, he looked ugly.
Almost like he wanted to eat me.
I think you need to see someone.
Someone you can talk to. Ever
since that accident-
Please, I don't need repressed
memories about that. The young
girl that was thrown from the
overpass was no older than 19. She
was brutally butchered. Let's
leave that subject alone. How's
work been? Any new men in your
You already know I'm the six
o'clock news anchor. They have me
paired with Timothy O'Hare. 35
years of age and he ain't ever had
pussy in his life. I rocked his
world, even had a cigarette with


I am not. Okay, maybe a little!
Since Anthony died, I haven't
really been out much for sex or
dates. Working hard. I think you
remember that pedophille we caught
a few months back. Son of bitch
deserved to get canned.
Yeah, I remember. I think the most
difficult story was Mom's death. I
was crying so hard I felt like
Niagara Falls. But there is no use
in getting all worked up again.
How about we grab a bite to eat?
Sounds good. Just let me go
Mary and Stacy are sitting at a table eating dinner at
Mojo's Bar. A BAR MAID has come to the table.
                       BAR MAID
There is a phone call for Ms.
Stacy Moyner.
      (To Mary)
Oh, I'll be right back.
Stacy leaves the table. Mary looks around. Couples are
dancing on the dance floor. Families are sharing dinner
together. Out of the corner of her eyes, Mary sees the man
in the shadows if a doorway watching her. She jumps up from


the table and sprints through the waiters in the aisles. The
man sees her and takes off outside. Mary passes Stacy.
Mary, where are you-
Mary pushes past Stacy. She goes out the front door and
into the parking lot. She spots the shadow man running down
the street. She runs down the street after him, but gives
up when the man jumps into a car and drives off. Stacy
catches up to Mary.
                       STACY (out of breathe)
What the hell is wrong with you,
Did you see him?
The man.
What man?
Stacy, I am being followed. It's
the killer. It has to be.
Nobody is following you, Mary.
Come on, let me take you home.
      (turning away)
No, I have to find him.
No, you need some rest. You've
had a hell of a week and it is
catching up with you. Now, come


Mary and Stacy walk back to the car and drive home.
Mary is laying in bed. Stacy walks in with a glass of water
and a pill.
Here you are, sis. One of these
babies and you'll be out like a
Mary is silent, deep in thought. She looks at her sister.
You know, I once thought that Mom
had something to do with the car
accident that night. She told me
once that she would do anything to
stop Anthony from being a part of
my life, even murder.
We all said that.
I know. I thought you were all
out to get me.
You know we would never hurt you.
Anthony was just not good enough
for you.
Please, dont get into this again.
I loved him.
I know, sis. Now take the pill
and get some sleep.
Mary takes the pill with a sip of water. Stacy kisses Mary
on her forehead.


Thank you.
Mary's eyes close. Stacy goes into the living room and lays
down on the couch.
Stacy is asleep on the couch. Her breathing is light and
steady. The killer stands over her holding a scalpel and
needle. He pokes the needle into Stacy's arm. Her eyes
open wide, but she cannot move the rest of her body. Her
eyes dart back and forth, desperate to send some signal for
help. The killer removes Stacy's pants and shirt. He
presses the scalpel into her abdomen. A thin line of blood
forms along the wound. He cuts a square of skin off her
body. He reaches in with a gloved hand and rips out her
intestines. He wraps the intestines around Stacy's neck.
Stacy's eyes get bigger and bigger until her pupils lose all
life. The killer uses the scalpel to carve "19,3,1,18,5,4"
into the flap of cut out skin. He stitches up the sides and
bottom of the square. The intestines are left strangling
Stacy to death.
Mary walks into the living room. She sees Stacy and lets
out a high pitched scream. She rushes to Stacy's side and
attempts to untangle the intestines from around Stacy's
purple neck. Mary starts to hyperventilate. She gets up,
run to the phone, and dials 911. She passes out and hits
her head on a table.
Mary wakes up in a hospital bed. She panics and presses the
call button to summon the nurse. The nurse arrives.
What can I get for you?


                       MARY (yelling)
Where's Stacy? Take me to her
Calm down, Mary. I am sorry to
tell you, but Stacy didn't make
                       NURSE (nysterical)
No! No! That's not true. I want
to see her now.
I'm sorry. I have a gentleman
outside that can answer your
questions. I'll show him in.
The nurse exits the room and Summer walks in.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
How you doing, kiddo?
Tell me about Stacy.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Okay, she was strangled by her
small intestines. The killer left
another carving. 19,3,1,18,5,4.
Any idea what it means?
      (calming down)
None. All these numbers don't
make sense.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
In other news, someone broke into
the evidence closet and stole a
bunch of weapons. Knives,
needles, you name it, they took
it. No sign of forced entry.


Do you think that is related to
the murder case?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I don't know. All I know is that
we need to get the son of a bitch
                       MARY (in pain)
Oh God, I just got the worst
headache. Can you have the nurse
get me something?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Sure thing. Be careful.
Summer walks out of the room. A few seconds later the nurse
walks in. She puts a bag of fluid in Mary's IV. Mary
immediately gets drowsy. As she shuts her eyes, she sees a
blurry shadowy figure in the door way.
Summer lights a cigar, turning on the radio. MANIC MONDAY is
heard playing. He turns it up and checks the rear view
mirror to see if anyone is looking.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Six o'clock already
I was just in the middle of a
I was kissin' Valentino
By a crystal blue Italian stream
But I can't be late
'Cause then I guess I just won't
get paid
These are the days
When you wish your bed was already

It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my funday
My I don't have to runday


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (cont'd)
It's just another manic Monday
Summer's phone begins to vibrate. Summer turns the radio off
and pulls over along the side of the road.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
                       LT. PATTERSON
Summer, it's Lt. Patterson. Where
the hell are you?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Heading back to the station. There
was another victim. Stacy Moyner.
                       LT. PATTERSON (O.S.)
I read a brief account of what had
happened. Wanted to hear from you
on what evidence you've gathered.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Honestly sir, we ain't got shit to
go by. Techs believe the camera
may have been compromised so we
have no video footage on who stole
items from storage. We have a
killer that covers their ass.
                       LT. PATTERSON (O.S.)
You get me something. We need to
pin this on someone. The news
media is making a mockery of our
this department and I will not
settle for any bullshit.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
What do you want me to do, sir?
A slight pause. Lt.Patterson can be heard shuffling papers.


                       LT. PATTERSON (O.S.)
Pick a fucking homeless person.
We'll pin it on him. We need to
resolve this matter fast or heads
are going to roll.
Lt.Patterson hangs up. Summer starts the car up, makes a
U-Turn and heads to the park.
A black OBESE NURSE sits at her desk, typing into the
computer. Mary walks out of her room with a mobile IV unit.
When the fuck am I getting out of
this hell hole of a hospital?
The Obese Nurse looks away from her computer. An impatient
Mary pounds on the desk.
                       OBESE NURSE
Ma'am, Dr. Clearwater has not
cleared you for release.
Listen, I want to sign out of this
fucking hospital NOW!
Grabbing the phone, the Obese Nurse dials for Dr.
Clearwater's assistant. Listening attentively, Mary watches
as the Obese Nurse nods her head.
                       OBESE NURSE
      (on the phone)
Okay, thanks.
                       OBESE NURSE
Ma'am, Dr. Clearwater advises you
to stay overnight for observation.
You may decide to sign yourself
out but it would be against
medical advice. Your insurance may
not pay for your visit.


Mary leans forward, staring at the Obese Woman, face to
I have a funeral to be at
tomorrow. I don't have time for
this shit. Get the fucking form so
I can be on my way.
The Obese Woman reaches for a discharge form, signs it, and
hands the form to Mary.
                       OBESE NURSE
Now, if there are any-
Mary signs the form, throws the form onto the Obese Nurse's
As much as I enjoy talking with
you, I don't have time for your
bullshit medical advice.
Mary walks away from the desk and back to her room. Getting
out of her hospital gown, she quickly puts back on her
clothes and shoes. When finished, she walks out of her room,
passes the desk, and gets into the elevator. She proceeds
to leave the hospital.
Summer glances at his watch as he stands next to his car.
The sun begins to set. Summer enjoys the view of women,
dressed in skimpy bikinis, walking by. A woman smiles at him
as and Summer smiles back, only to have her boyfriend give
him a stern look. Ahead of him, a HOMELESS MAN can be seen,
lying on a nearby bench. Pigeons are walking around, eating
the garbage nearby. Summer walks over to the Homeless Man,
who appears to be sleeping.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
      (nudging the
       Homeless Man)
Hey, wake the fuck up!


The Homeless Man looks stunned. He quickly gets up, the
smell of beer and urine fills Summer's nostrils.
                       HOMELESS MAN
What did I do wrong, officer?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
We have eyewitnesses that place
you at the scene of three area
The Homeless Man stands up, looking Summer in the eye.
                       HOMELESS MAN
Man, I've been sleeping here for
days. I ain't never-
Summer turns the Homeless Man around and slaps handcuffs on
him. Reading the Homeless Man his Miranda rights, the
Homeless Man begins to struggle. Summer punches him in the
back of the head, dragging him to the car.
                       HOMELESS MAN
This is bullshit, man!
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
It may be but it's one less person
we have to deal with.
Summer places the Homeless Man in the back of his car, the
Homeless Man is pissed.
                       HOMELESS MAN
      (looking up)
This is fucking police brutality.
I can't wait to speak to my-
Summer slams the car door, the door hitting the foot of the
Homeless Man, the door bounces back.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Now that right there is police
Summer pushes the Homeless Man further inside, then closes
the door. Summer gets inside the vehicle and drives off.


Mary, smoking a cigarette, appears relieved when her cab
shows up. The CAB DRIVER, an Asian, drives over to the curb
to pick her up. Mary hops inside the cab.
Mary yawns, the Cab Driver looks in his rear view mirror and
looks at Mary.
                       CAB DRIVER
Where I am taking you, ma'am?
Glen Hollow Apartments.
                       CAB DRIVER
Six fifty, please.
Mary reaches into her purse and pulls out a ten dollar bill.
Mary buttons her purse and hands the ten dollar bill to the
Cab Driver.
Keep the change.
The Cab Driver pulls out a stack of bills and puts the ten
dollar bill with the others and puts the bills into his
breast pocket. The Cab Drivers switches gears and drives
The Cab Driver slows down, pulling in front of Mary's
apartment. Mary gets out of the cab and pulls out her keys.
She opens the door to her apartment and walks inside.
Mary walks in and sighs due to the police tape all around
her apartment.


      (to herself)
Son of a bitch! Fucking mess of a
place. Looks like I'm going to
have to get some shit and motel it
for the night until the
investigation is over.
Mary's cell phone rings. Summer is on the line.
Hello Summer.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (O.S.)
We have great news Mary. We
finally got him.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (O.S.)
The killer, the one that's been
following you all over the place.
We finally got the son of a bitch.
Summer, this is the best news I've
had all week. Mother will be able
to rest in peace tomorrow.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (O.S.)
Rest assured, I'll be there
personally to pay my respects to
your mother. No more living in
fear. He admitted to the three
murders. Plus we found out he is
an identical match to the man who
dumped the body on your
Who is this guy? A prior felon? A


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
A homeless man. His name is
Leonard Wuton. He's a prior felon.
Assault and battery on a police
officer in 1979, beat up his wife,
Krystle, and served time for
It doesn't seem right. Why would a
homeless person go off the deep
end and just randomly kill people.
Shit doesn't make no sense,
Summer coughs.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (O.S.)
You may not think it fits the
profile but we have eyewitness
reports that place him at the
scenes. He confessed to
everything. We interrogated the
witnesses and through their
testimonies we were able to nab
Thanks for the heads up, Summer. I
want you guys to clean this place
up. I'm spending the night at a
Motel 6 if you'd like to meet up
with me to celebrate.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (O.S.)
How about tomorrow night? I'm free
then. We'll do a lot of
Sure thing Summer. I'll see you at
the funeral.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (O.S.)
Good night!


Summer hangs up. Mary puts her cell phone into her pocket
and runs upstairs to get her black dress. In her bedroom,
she pulls the black dress from her closet, races down the
stairs and runs out the door.
Mary locks the door. She grabs a cigarette from her pack,
throws the pack into her purse. Reaching for her keys, she
unlocks the car door. Mary rolls the window down, lights up
her cigarette, and starts the car. Backing out the driveway,
Mary heads out to Motel 6.
Mary pulls up, the VACANCY sign in full view. A bright sign
lights up the evening sky, the price of a one night stay:
$49.99. Grabbing her dress, Mary locks her car door and
walks inside.
A blond-haired HOTEL CLERK sits at the desk, talking on the
phone. The Hotel Clerk puts away her nail polish bottle and
puts it into her purse as Mary looks around, a Pepsi machine
sits in the coffee area. Grabbing a dollar from her purse,
Mary puts the dollar inside the machine and presses the
button for a PEPSI. The 20 ounce bottle drops, making a
faint sound. Mary bends down, grasping the bottle. Walking
back over to the Clerk, Mary waits for the Clerk.
                       HOTEL CLERK
      (On the phone)
Don't worry. I'll lather you up
with some hot- Hold on one second,
honey. I have a guest.
The Hotel Clerk puts the phone down.
I need a single room, please.


The Hotel Clerk punches into a few numbers into the
computer. Mary reaches into her purse.
How much will it be?
The Hotel Clerk spins the computer around, as Mary takes out
the money. The Hotel Clerk gives her Room 2B as Mary waves
the Hotel Clerk off and heads into her room.
Hundreds fill the cemetery, the two caskets of Jennifer
Moyner and Tina stood side by side. FATHER MUSANTE sat in a
chair, waiting for the funeral service to begin. Mary is
crying, an arm grabs her by the shoulder. Summer looks down
at Mary, as Mary places her head on his chest.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
How you holding up?
It's a sad day, Summer. Three of
the most important people in my
life are now gone. I just sit back
and remember the good times.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
They died horrible deaths. They
are your angels of protection. I'm
sure they're looking down on you
and want you to honor them, not
mourn them.
      (wiping the tears
       from her eyes)
You're right Summer. My mother
always teased Stacy and I when our
father passed away. We cried and
cried until we couldn't cry
anymore. She told us that same
line, we never understood it's


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
You have a lot to look forward to,
Mary. Now that we've caught this
killer, the town can be at peace
and most importantly, you yourself
can be at peace. You've been
through hell and back. Another
funeral to attend to once the
investigation ends.
I just want to thank you for your
help. I know we've never really
seen eye to eye but this tragic
case has really brought us
together. You've worked your ass
off, Summer, catching the son of
bitch. For that, I owe you a lot
of gratitude.
Mary and Summer embrace, hugging each other. Father Musante
stands up, walks in between the two caskets. The hundreds in
attendance are quiet, the sound of birds can be heard.
                       FATHER MUSANTE
The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall
not want. He maketh me to lie down
in green pastures. He leadeth me
beside the still waters. He
restoreth my soul: He leadeth me
in the paths of righteousness for
His name' sake. Yea, though I walk
through the valley of the shadow
of death, I will fear no evil: For
thou art with me; Thy rod and thy
staff, they comfort me. Thou
preparest a table before me in the
presence of mine enemies; Thou
anointed my head with oil; My cup
runneth over. Surely goodness and
mercy shall follow me all the days
of my life, and I will dwell in
the House of the Lord forever.
Father Musante anoints the two caskets with holy water,
giving the cross sign.


                       FATHER MUSANTE
Friends, family, and loved ones.
We are not mourning the loss of
Jennifer and Tina. The Lord says
that we should respect the life of
one another. When we take that
life away, we are supposed to be
happy. God has plans for these two
women, who's lives were met with-
Jennifer Moyner's caskets drops off the pedestal and onto
the ground--

The BODY is in full view, the morbid face of Mary's mother--

Some begin to vomit, others panic.

Mary kneels to the ground, the other mourners stand there in
disbelief. Several men rush to the casket, pick it up, and
place it back on the pedestal.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
      (to Mary)
Mary, it's okay to get up now.
Mary gets up off the ground.
How the fuck can a casket just
leap off the pedestal like it just
Summer stands there, unsure of what to say. Mary stares at
Summer. Behind him, a SHADOW FIGURE looms in the darkness,
hiding behind a tree.
God! Summer, he's here!
Summer looks around, nothing.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
There's nobody here. It's just a


No! I know what I saw. The son of
a bitch is here.
Mary speed walks, trying to find the Shadow Figure. As she
nears the tree she looks around the tree--

He was just here!
Summer walks over, puts his arms around her.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
It's okay, Mary. Come on, let's
go. You have a funeral brunch at
Maggie's Deep Fried Delights to go
Mary and Summer walk back to their cars. Mary opens her car
door and gets inside. Summer waits for Mary to leave before
jumping his car and leaving the cemetery.
Hundreds pack the restaurant, waiters and waitresses
ushering people to a large banquet hall. Inside, platters of
breakfast foods; eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, waffles
fill the air with a pleasant aroma. Orange juice and coffee
are being served. Mary is busy talking to people, Summer
walks in and finds his old girlfriend, KYRSTLE, at the
funeral brunch. Upon arrival, Krystle looks stunned as she
approaches Summer.
Holy shit! Peter? Is that you?
Summer offers a boyish smile.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Hello, Krystle. I see you haven't
changed much since the last time I
seen you.


What the fuck is that supposed to
Mary walks over to Summer, stares at Krystle.
Is there a problem, Summer?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Mary, please meet Krystle.
Obviously, she came because she
knew I would be here.
I'm going to have to ask you to
leave. This is a brunch to
remember the people who were
brutally murdered, not to create
problems based on your past
Krystle walks out, storming out, furious. Mary walks over to
the orange juice machine and pours herself a glass. Summer
follows behind.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Why aren't you being honest with
me, Mary?
What do you mean?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I spoke to Dr. Green. He told he
prescribed you medication for
I didn't realize I had to discuss
my medication with you. Since when
have you become my boyfriend?


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I called because I was concerned.
It bothers me that you're not on
duty. I know I told you to take
the time needed. Shit, even
Patterson agreed. Just don't
understand the need for all your
Mary pulls Summer into a private area of the restaurant.
I've been battling depression ever
since Anthony's death. I've had
nightmares, sometimes even
memories of that awful night.
Without my Ambein, I can't sleep
for shit.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Maybe you should talk about it to
the police counselor. They deal
with life and death cases
everyday. I'm sure they'd-
Mary's face lights up a bright red.
Peter, I don't need counseling. I
need to be alone. I don't need you
or anyone else telling me what I
should or shouldn't do.
Mary walks out of the private room. A group of old friends
come into the restaurant, Mary approaches them to show them
where the food is. Summer walks out of the restaurant.
Summer looks around, officers fill the hallway and offices.
He looks through Lt.Patterson's office, a glass window
divides his office, as Patterson, on the phone, motions for
Summer to come in. Calmly, Summer walks to Patterson's
office, opens the door, Patterson hangs up the phone.


                       LT. PATTERSON
The news media isn't buying the
story, Summer. Look at today's
headline from the West Haven
Summer walks to the Patterson's desk, glaring at the
newspaper. A picture of the Homeless Man is shown, a
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
What are we supposed to do?
                       LT. PATTERSON
I was doing some reading, looking
at different code books to analyze
our number sequence found on the
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
This code must be complex. The
numbers don't add up.
Patterson opens up several books, Post-It notes mark down
the number sequence.
                       LT. PATTERSON
Maybe it's really simple, so
simple we've overlooked it. Let me
show you.
Patterson writes down the alphabet. He then matches the
corresponding numbers A=1, B=2, etc. He writes out all of
the sets of number clues.


Patterson matches up the letters and in big letters writes
underneath the numbers:


Summer and Patterson exchange glances.


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
What the fuck does it mean?
                       LT. PATTERSON
Maybe the person is afraid to turn
themselves in. Scared of the
crimes they've committed.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Whoever created this sick game is
not afraid of anything.
                       LT. PATTERSON
Do you a better idea?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I do actually. I'll be back in a
few hours. I have some business to
attend to first.
                       LT. PATTERSON
Summer, where the hell are you
going? We have an investigation to
finish. I-
Summer runs out of Patterson's office.
Summer runs to Mary's car, Mary is smoking a cigarette.
      (exhaling smoke)
Everything alright?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
      (catching his
Mary. We need to sit down and
talk. Some new evidence we found.
Didn't you already catch the
killer? What use will this
evidence do for me?


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Give you closure.
Summer, the entire funeral was
ruined today. The casket fell,
people ran, disgusted at the sight
of my mother. Father Musante
called, told me he is deeply
sorry. Seems they forget to lock
the casket in. Tina's was fine.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
It's raining. Let's go to your
room, we'll talk there.
Mary starts the car up. The radio is playing TOTAL ECLIPSE
OF THE HEART, as the car backs up and jumps onto the main
road, leaving Summer behind.
Summer looks around, staring at the bright lights that
illuminate the city. Holding the wheel with one hand, Summer
makes a call to Mary. After a few rings, Mary picks up.
                       MARY (O.S.)
Sorry about earlier, Peter.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
It's okay. I just want to talk.
Some information came in which I
think may surprise you.
                       MARY (O.S.)
I'm at the Motel Six. You know
where you can find me at.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I'll see you in a bit.
Summer closes his cell phone, heading to Motel Six.


The sun sets, the neon lighted sign of $49.99 can be seen,
as Summer steps out of his car. Mary is standing outside
smoking a cigarette.
Good to see you made it.
Mary throws her cigarette. The two walk into Motel Six
Summer waits patiently as Mary fumbles for the keys to open
her room. The Hotel Clerk walks past them, a can of Pepsi in
hand. The door seems stuck. Mary opens the door with a
shove, Summer walks in. Mary closes the door.
A lamp illuminates the room, a small coffee pot sits on the
dresser. A large 30' TV sits in the corner of the room. Mary
slides into the bed, Summer sits on a nearby chair, which
connects to the desk.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
The Homeless Man we caught never
admitted to killing anyone.
You've got to be shitting me.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Patterson wanted to find a
scapegoat. The news media blasted
our department, from the Boston
Globe to the USA TODAY. What do
you expect?
I expect people to do their job. I
was told to take time off, leave
my job as detective to collect my


                       MARY (cont'd)
thoughts, be calm, and not be
under so much god damn stress.
Never once have I lied while in
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Mary, we have nothing to go on.
Not one shred of evidence, not one
DNA sample to collect and use
against the son of a bitch.
It's people like you, Summer, I
don't understand. How many more
people have died as a result of
this serial killer?
Summer gets up. Mary jumps out of bed.
Where are you going?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
I'm just going to leave.
Mary steps closer to Summer. She unzips her pants and leads
his hand down in her pants.
I don't want you to go. If it's
one thing I like is a man who
knows how to get a woman angry.
Summer slides Mary's dress off. Mary's panties are in view.
The excitement can be seen in Mary's face. Mary throws her
bra onto the floor. Summer looks up, cupping Mary's breasts
with both hands, massaging them. Mary lets out a soft moan.
Summer takes off his suit. Standing there in his boxers,
Mary gets into bed, pulling the covers over her. Summer
follows, sliding into the bed. Mary lies there, a smile
across her face.


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
You really are a sexy woman, you
know that?
I know.
Summer's hands slides down, the covers blocking the view.
When Summer's hands emerge out of the covers, Mary's panties
are in them. Summer throws them on the floor he climbs on
top of Mary. The two begin to make love. Moans are heard
from the room. The cover slides down, Summer's buttocks can
be seen, as Summer enters inside Mary.
Mary, lying on one side, opens her eyes to look at the alarm
clock that lies next to her. It reads: 11:00 AM. Mary pulls
the covers off her and walks to the bathroom. She takes off
her pajamas, throwing them on floor, as she steps inside the
shower. Mary bends down to turn the shower handle on, a cool
warm mist comes out of the shower head. Mary closes the
shower curtain.
Mary grabs her keys from her purse, coming out of the front
door. Mary's hair, still wet from her shower, blows gently
with the wind. Mary walks to her car and enters inside.
Mary backs out of the hotel and onto the main road. Up
ahead, the traffic light turns to red, as Mary slows down.
Waiting for the light to change, Mary turns on the radio.
THE SWEET ESCAPE begins to play. Mary begins to lip sync the
song, dancing in the car, just as the traffic light turns
green. Up ahead, Mary spots a grocery store sign that reads:
GARDENER FOOD STORES. Slowing down, Mary pulls into the
parking lot and heads inside.


Mary walks around the small convenience store, a small
shopping cart in hand. A few bottles of Pepsi and lunch meat
fill the cart. Mary eyes the cereal section. Looking through
the cereal, she realizes her brand is not there. Mary looks
up at the STORE CLERK, who is sweeping behind the register.
      (shouting to the
       Store Clerk)
Excuse me, do you happen to have
Count Chocula?
No response. Mary leaves the cart where it's at and walks
over to the counter. The Store Clerk is sweeping, listening
to music through his IPod. Mary waves her hands in front of
him to grab his attention. The Store Clerk takes off his
headphones and slides back to the register.
Don't you fucking answer when
people are talking to you? Count
Chocula, do you have any in the
back? There's none on the shelf.
                       STORE CLERK
      (taking off his
Sorry ma'am, if it's not on the
shelf then we've ran out.
The Store Clerk goes back to sweeping, putting his earbuds
back on. Mary shakes her head and walks back to her cart.
Continuing her shopping, Mary picks up a loaf of bread. She
stops to think.
      (to herself)
Anything else you're missing?
Mary walks towards the dairy section to pick up a dozen
eggs. Turning around, a Shadow Figure looks through the
window, starring at Mary. Mary drops the eggs, panic sets
in. Mary reaches into her purse to grab her cell phone--


Her cell phone is dead. The Shadow Figure continues to stand
outside, looking directly at Mary.

Mary runs to the Store Clerk.
Do you have a phone I can use? My
cell phone is dead. There's a guy
outside waiting for me. I need to
call a Detective Peter Summer.
                       STORE CLERK
Go ahead, ma'am.
Mary runs behind the counter to grab the cordless phone that
rests between the lottery machine. She dials Summer's
number. A few rings. Nothing. Summer's voice mail clicks on.
Summer, answer your phone, dammit!
Mary hangs up. The Stork Clerk is standing there, unsure of
what to do. Cordless phone in hand, Mary calls 911.
                       911 OPERATOR (O.S.)
911, what's your emergency?
I am inside Gardener Food Store.
There is a man outside, following
                       911 OPERATOR (O.S.)
Ma'am, is there a description you
can provide us? Is he still there?
Mary turns around. The Shadow Figure is standing there.

All that is visible are the shadow figure's teeth, fog
forming on the window, as the Shadow Figure lets out a
menacing laugh.

Mary turns back around, in front of the counter.


Yes, please hurry! I don't know
what he intends to do.
                       911 OPERATOR (O.S.)
Ma'am, an officer is being sent to
your location. Please stay inside
the store until the officer
Mary hangs up the phone, the Store Clerk standing there in
                       STORE CLERK
Ma'am, is there someone outside? I
have an aluminum bat. That would
scare the shit out of him or her.
The Store Clerk walks behind the coffee machine setup and
pulls out a aluminum bat. Stepping out from behind the
register, the Store Clerk walks outside, as Mary stands
there, shaking.
Looking around, the Store Clerk sees no one starring through
the window. With the baseball bat in hand, the Store Clerk
slowly walks around the store--

A cat jumps out of no where. The Store Clerk swings the bat,
the cat meows sharply, then hurries off.
                       STORE CLERK
      (to himself)
A fucking cat? This woman inside
is going fucking crazy over a cat?
The Store Clerk walks further, a strong odor perfumes the
air. The Store Clerk holds his nose, the garbage dumpster in
sight. Noticing that the gate to the dumpster is open, the
Store Clerk walks even slower. His heart begins to beat
louder, sweat pours from his forehead, as the Store Clerk
walks carefully to the dumpster.


                       STORE CLERK
Come out, Mr. Killer. I know
you're in there.
The Store Clerk opens the dumpster plastic doors--
                       STORE CLERK
The Store Clerk pulls the bat out and begins beating away at
the trash bags. Nothing. No one is inside.
                       STORE CLERK
Stupid bitch. I really hope-
The Store Clerk turns around, the Shadow Figure leaps out of
the dumpster--

The sharp edge of the knife penetrates inside the chest of
the Store Clerk. The Shadow Figure grabs the Store Clerk and
drags him inside the dumpster, continuously stabbing him.
Blood pours out of the dumpster and onto the pavement. With
the little light inside the dumpster, the Shadow Figure
begins to start carving into the Store Clerks forehead:
A black, muscular police officer, OFFICER BROWNFIELD, enters
inside the store. Mary is on the ground, in a violent
convulsion. Spitting up blood, Officer Brownfield rushes to
Mary's aid.
                       OFFICER BROWNFIELD
Ma'am, I am Officer Brownfield
with the West Haven Police
Department. Can you hear me?
Mary is not responsive. She continues to shake, violently.
Her arms and legs, twitching rapidly. Her hands tremble.
Mary's eyes are bright red, water rushing from her eyes, as
her eyes begin to flutter, or rapid eye movement. Officer
Brownfield grabs his radio, calling the DISPATCHER.


                       OFFICER BROWNFIELD
Dispatch, I need an ambulance to
Gardener Food Store, quick. Mary
Moyner, the one who called us, is
laying on the ground, in some sort
of epileptic shock.
                       DISPATCHER (O.S.)
This is Dispatch, an ambulance is
being sent to your location.
Brownfield continues to hold Mary, as the ambulance sirens
can be heard in the distance.
Lt.Patterson sits at his desk, reading the newspaper, as
Summer enters inside. Patterson looks up and puts down the
                       LT. PATTERSON
What is it, Summer?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Sir, a reporter is sitting
outside. Her name is Jessica
Flewton, working for WKAW, the
station that Stacy worked for.
They wanted to speak with you,
                       LT. PATTERSON
What is there to talk about,
Summer? We buried the story about
the killer, remember? We pinned it
on the homeless man, it's done and
over with.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Not exactly, sir. Across the wire,
Officer Brownfield is at the
Gardener Food Store, where the
Store Clerk was brutally murdered.
Mary Moyner called us, telling the
operator someone was following


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (cont'd)
                       LT. PATTERSON
      (getting out of
       his chair)
Son of a bitch, Summer. How could
you let this happen? I thought you
said you had this shit
straightened out? What the fuck is
the news media going to do when we
tell them that the killer is still
out there?
Patterson paces back and forth, Summer slaps Patterson in
the face, a red hand imprint appears on Patterson's right
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Get a hold of yourself, Patterson.
The news media jumped on the story
because the attacker actually left
something at the scene. It's being
sent to the FBI crime lab to get
any samples to identify our
                       LT. PATTERSON
What do we do in the mean time? If
the mayor hears about a botched
murder case, he'll have my head
for sure.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Sir, I have a gut feeling the
killer is somewhere out there,
waiting to be caught. In a few
days, we get our results and this
killer will be sitting behind a
prison cell, rotting away like the
son of a bitch that he or she is.
                       LT. PATTERSON
I agree. In a few days, we have
hold a news conference and discuss
the case then.


Patterson sits back down. Summer walks out of the office.
Summer sits in his office chair and grabs the phone book out
of his desk. Looking in the yellow pages, he finds the
number for ECMC. Pulling out his cell phone, Summer enters
the number and waits, as the phone rings. Someone picks up,
                       SECRETARY (O.S.)
Good afternoon, ECMC. How may I
direct your call?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
My name is Detective Peter Summer,
I'm with the West Haven Police
Department. I am inquiring on the
status of a patient, Mary Moyner.
                       SECRETARY (O.S.)
If you give me a second, I can
pull her file. Let me put you on
The sound of elevator music is heard, Summer is annoyed, as
he sits there, waiting. Pen in hand, Summer scribbles the
word: KILLER on a notepad, drawing a stick figure with a
knife. The music on the phone stops.
                       SECRETARY (O.S.)
Sir, she was admitted to the ER
and is staying overnight for
observation. Says here she went
into cardiac shock, convulsions,
and was foaming at the mouth.
She's a lot calmer now, at least
the nurse upstairs said so.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Any possible way to see her?
                       SECRETARY (O.S.)
Normally, visitation is reserved
for family. In this particular
case, just present your badge and


                       SECRETARY (cont'd)
we'll let you see her.
Summer shuts his phone off, grabbing his coat. Walking to
the elevator, he presses the DOWN ARROW button, waiting for
the doors to open. As the door opens, a FED EX EMPLOYEE
walks out the elevator, package in hand.
                       FED EX EMPLOYEE
Do you happen to know where I can
find a Detective Peter Summer?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
      (holding the
       elevator door
That would be me, mister.
                       FED EX EMPLOYEE
If you can just sign on the line,
I can be on my way.
Summer grabs the electronic device the FedEx Employee is
holding, signing his name. The Employee hands Summer the
package, a large box, with the mailing address label with
Summer's name on it.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
What's inside, sir?
The Employee shrugs his shoulders, as the elevator closes,
with Summer holding onto the package.
Summer walks out of the front doors of the Police Station,
box in hand. Summer walks faster, rushing to his car. Summer
pulls out his keys and unlocks the door, setting the box in
the passenger side seat, as he steps inside his car.
Summer carefully looks over the box, the mailing address
lists the package from: WEST HAVEN, MASSACHUSETTS. Summer


puts the box to his nose, the smell of rotten eggs perfumes
the nostrils of Summer.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
What the fuck is in this?
Carefully, Summer opens the box, cutting away at the tape
with his key. The tape peals away, as Summer opens up the
box, letting the two flaps hang on their side--

Summer gasps, jumping out of the car. The package drops out
of the car, landing onto the pavement. Picking up the box,
the head of an elderly woman is seen, with the words: YOU'RE
NEXT written on the forehead.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Son of a bitch!
Summer gets back inside his car and speeds off.
Mary lies in bed, asleep. The TV is on, an episode of THE
GOLDEN GIRLS is playing. The room smells awful, the smell of
a fart. Detective Summer enters in the room, looking around
to see if a nurse was nearby. No one is in sight. He
approaches Mary's bed, the heart monitor continues to beep
loudly. Summer stretches himself over Mary's bed, whispering
in Mary's ear.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
You really thought you had us
fooled. You must be one of the
most stupidest bitches I know.
Mary's awakens, her eyes are dilated, redness forms around
her cornea. Summer stands back, staring at Mary.
What the fuck-
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Don't give me that shit, Mary. You
went to my mothers house, chopped
off her head, and sent it Fed Ex.


                       DETECTIVE SUMMER (cont'd)
Who does that shit?
Mary sits up, pissed.
Peter, I am not a crazed killer.
All of this time you've pointed a
finger at me and yet the real
killer is still out there.
Standing there, Summer swings a punch at Mary, his fist
landing right in the mouth. Blood spews from Mary's mouth. A
BLOND NURSE, walking by, watches the entire event unfold, as
the Blond Nurse grabs Summer by the arm.
                       BLOND NURSE
Just who in the hell do you think
you are, sir?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
      (to the Blond
My name is Detective Peter Summer.
This woman, Mary Moyner, murdered
my mother.
                       BLOND NURSE
Sir, regardless if you work for
the police department or not, you
do not assault a patient of ours.
I'm calling security to have you
The Blond nurse runs to the desk, grabs the phone to call
security. Summer stands there, in disbelief. In seconds, a
SECURITY OFFICER arrives, handcuffing Summer and escorting
him out of Mary's room. Mary lies back into bed, shaking her
head. The Blond Nurse reenters the room, giving Mary an ice
                       BLOND NURSE
I'm real sorry, Ms. Moyner. I'm
sorry you had to go through this.


It's okay, ma'am. I find it odd
that this detective would have the
audacity to accuse me of
committing murder when I'm a
                       BLOND NURSE
Well, rest assured, the hospital
will be contacting his superior.
Thanks for intervening. I don't
know what else he would've done
had you not have come in.
                       BLOND NURSE
No problem. You just sit back and
rest, Ms. Moyner.
The Blond Nurse exits Mary's room. Mary grabs the remote to
the TV and changes the channel. Flipping through, a news
story captures her attention, as the REPORTER describes a
recent murder in the city.
                       REPORTER (O.S.)
The body of fifty-two year old
Ronald Vineyards was found earlier
today, three weeks after his wife,
Jinelle, reported her husband
missing. Detectives at the scene
reported that Ronald Vineyards
head was decapitated. His penis
was removed from his body and
found stuffed inside Mr. Vineyards
mouth. A half a mile away,
authorities found the missing
spine that belonged to the victim.
Authorities believe that this
victim may be tied into the other
recent murders, however, aren't
speculating as to whether or not
the murders are related.


The Reporter is muted out, as a picture on the TV shows
authorities removing the body from the house, wrapped in a
black body bag. Mary shuts the TV off and closes her eyes.
News reporters gather inside, local and national, as MAYOR
WINFIELD holds a press conference. The well dressed
African-American mayor looks around, waiting for the
reporters to quiet down. He motions his hands for everyone
to settle down, the noise dissipates.
                       MAYOR WINFIELD
Thank you for coming out tonight.
I felt the city was owed a great
apology on the actions of one
police detective, Peter Summer.
Earlier today, Mr.Summer assaulted
a patient at ECMC. Mr. Summer was
arrested for assaulting the
victim, Mary Moyner. Mr. Summer
has been placed on leave, without
pay, pending the charges. Any
questions from the media may be
asked at this time.
A CROSS-EYED REPORTER stands up, motions towards the
                       CROSS-EYED REPORTER
Mr. Winfield, is it true that the
homeless man that was recently
arrested was not the actual
killer? Second, is Mary Moyner a
                       MAYOR WINFIELD
Sir, Mary Moyer is not a suspect
and never has been. From the
reports I've gathered and speaking
to Lt. Patterson, Mary Moyner is
an innocent victim. The
administration learned that Summer
wanted to pin the arrest on
someone, so he arrested a homeless
man. Lt. Patterson learned of


                       MAYOR WINFIELD (cont'd)
Summers action and the homeless
man was released.
The Cross-Eyed Reporter walks away, as an ATTRACTIVE
REPORTER steps up to the microphone.
                       ATTRACTIVE REPORTER
With Detective Summer on leave and
a city grieving over the multiple
homicides within the past few
weeks, what is the city going to
do in terms of catching the
killer? Lastly, what reassurances
can the city offer it's residents
that another murder will not take
Mayor Winfield reaches for a glass of water and takes a sip.
Winfield sets the glass down and clears his throat.
                       MAYOR WINFIELD
Ma'am, the community has dealt
with several incidents that our
police agency is working on,
gathering evidence and clues to
help catch this killer. I would
expect people to be vigulant,
careful, and rest assured that our
police force is doing all that
they can. That's all the questions
for now, when we have more to
present, Lt. Patterson will
address the city. Thank you.
Mayor Winfield walks away, as the news reporters walk out of
City Hall.
Summer sits on his recliner, sipping beer from a can. The TV
glows brightly in the dark living room. Dressed in shorts
and a tank top, Summer stares at the TV. The channel is
playing an infomercial. Summer's cell phone rings, playing
MAGGIE MAY as it's ringtone. Summer reaches across the


coffee table. Summer looks at the phone, the caller ID
saying: UNKNOWN.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Static was coming through on the other end of the line, a
MUFFELED VOICE can be heard laughing.
                       MUFFELED VOICE (O.S.)
Mr. Summer, we are delighted that
you are home.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Who the fuck is this?
                       MUFFELED VOICE
Mr. Summer, you are a very
hilarious man. So stern, so
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
You'd feel the same way if you
lost your job.
                       MUFFELED VOICE
Mr. Summer, you are a police
officer. Sorry, were a police
officer. The truth to the recent
murders is just a drive away. If
it's answers you seek, then meet
me in the back of Mojo's Bar. Come
alone or you will die.
The caller hung up, Summer closes his phone. Racing to his
bedroom, Summer grabs a T-Shirt and changes into a pair of
jeans. When he finishes putting on his clothes, he exits his


Summer races to his car, pressing the remote to unlock his
car door. Summer trips. His knees land on the driveway.
Getting himself up, he hurries over to his car and steps
Backing out of the driveway, Summer speeds off. The radio is
on, preset to Summers favorite station, the radio playing
BEING WITH YOU. Summer speeds faster, going over the speed
limit, Mojo's Bar can been seen up ahead.
Summer stops in the alley way, shutting off his car.
Stepping outside, Summer looks around, no one is in sight.
Summer cups his hands over his mouth.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Hello? Anyone here?
No one is in the back alley. Patrons can be seen inside the
bar through a small window. A DARK FIGURE emerges from
behind the trash cans. Hiding behind the shadows, the Dark
Figure stares at Summer.
                       DARK FIGURE
      (in a deep voice)
Mr. Summer, how do you do?
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Why don't you come out into the
light, so I can see you?
                       DARK FIGURE
Mr. Summer, such arrogance you
have. You stand in front of me, as
I present to you answers that you
seek. Solice to end your suffering
and hard work.


Summer steps forward.
                       DARK FIGURE
Any closer and you'll be a dead
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
So what the fuck am I doing out
here? You told me you have
                       DARK FIGURE
Mr. Summer, let's assume for a
second that your assumption of
Mary Moyner was correct. In your
heart, do you honestly believe
Mary could kill an innocent
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Honestly, I think Mary is a cold
hearted bitch who killed my mother
for no reason.
                       DARK FIGURE
Mr. Summer, there was a reason.
The Dark Figure emerges from the shadows, Mary steps out.
Summer takes a step backwards, shocked.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Mary, you son of a bitch. You lied
to me you fucking cunt. Cause of
you I lost my job, my reputation,
and the respect I've earned over
the years.
Mary is the innocent victim in all
of this.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:


Mary enters inside her Jennifer Moyner, her mothers, home.
Jennifer is seated in the living room.
Honey, you're just in time. I was
ready to do the dishes.
Jennifer walks into the kitchen. She turns the faucet on and
begins to wash dishes. Mary stands at the front door, as the
dog runs up to her. She picks the dog up and as the dog
nuzzles into her, she snaps its neck.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
Jennifer screams--

Mary grabs her, slicing at her throat. Blood gushes out,
spilling onto the floor. Mary puts Jennifer's body onto the
bed. She saws at her mother's neck until the head is
removed. Mary pulls out a needle and thread and sews the
dog's head onto her mother's body.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
Mary paces back and forth in the women's restroom. She
stops in front of Tina's Stall. Mary rips open the door and
breaks her beer bottle on Tina's head. She takes the broken
neck of the bottle and slashes Tina's face open.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
Mary jabs a needle into Stacy's skin. Stacy's eyes dart
open and she stares at her sister. Mary removes Stacy's
clothes. She cuts into Stacy's abdomen, rips out her
intestines and wraps them around Stacy's neck.


                                         FLASHBACK TO:
Mary jumps behind the Store Clerk. She stabs him with a
pocket knife and pushes him into the dumpster. She
continues to stab him until she hears sirens in the
distance. She gets into the store and collapses on the
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
Ronald Vineyards is sitting on a near by bench with Mary
walking in the alleyway. Ronald looks at Mary and whistles
at her, motioning for her to come over. Mary smiles at
Ronald, walking closer, her hands behind her back. Just as
she gets to a few feet in front of him, Mary pulls out a
thick machete and slices off Ronald's head. Ronald's head
rolls down the alleyway. Mary removes Ronald's pants and
cuts off his penis. Grabbing Ronald's penis, Mary calmly
walks over to the head of Ronald and stuffs his penis into
his mouth.
Mary takes off her wig, her natural hair shaved down to a
buzz cut. Taking a mask out of her purse, she puts it on.
      (in her regular
A micro skin latex mask, which
transforms us. Mary is no more,
the ultimate in fear is no longer
the voice of reason. You must pray
for mercy, Mr. Summer. You've just
met that son of a bitch, Thomas


Mary takes off her clothes, a business suit and tie are
shown. THOMAS HALROAD, Mary's alter ego, steps face to face
to Summer. Mary's eyes are ghostly gray, tinted with her
natural blue.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
Is this some sort of sexual
fantasy you have, Mary, dressing
up as a man?
                       THOMAS HALROAD
It's Thomas, Mr. Summer. You came
so close Peter, you really did.
Mary is a bright young woman, she
honestly is. We discussed this
numerous times but you deserve to
know the truth. Mary and I became
acquainted after her accident. She
felt that in order to understand
her own killer, she'd have to
educate herself. Depressed, she
confined herself to her apartment
and found me, Thomas Halroad.
Together, we butchered those who
deserved their fates.
                       DETECTIVE SUMMER
And to think you honestly believed
you could get away with it?
Summer pulls out his gun--

Thomas is too quick for him. A THICK KNIFE plunges into
Summer's heart, Summer falls to the ground--

Summers gun drops, discharging a bullet, which hits Summer
in the neck. Summer lies on the ground clutching his chest.
Thomas grabs Summers body, dumps it inside his car and
drives off.
Thomas Halroad drops Summers body onto the living room
floor. Police tape still surrounds the apartment. Summer is
dead, his body lifeless.


                       THOMAS HALROAD
Mary, you know this was the right
thing to do. He wanted you charged
for the murders, he's the one that
deserved this.
Tom, it's not that. What are we
going to do with the body? A well
respected officer will be all over
the news if they find his body.
                       THOMAS HALROAD
I agree. I think we need a more
exciting plan. I say we cut the
fucker up into pieces, turn him
into ground beef patties and grill
'em, feeding them to his family.
You know his aunt and uncles. A
good ol' fashioned BBQ.
A sinister smile forms across Tom/Mary's face--

Thomas begins to peel away at Summer's flesh. Blood pours
out, as muscle and tissue is exposed. Thomas cuts away at
the meaty portions.
                       THOMAS HALROAD
I have an even better idea. We'll
dump his body in a mulcher, this
way, it's less time consuming.
I agree. The quicker, the better.
I'll give them a call and invite
them over.
Thomas/Mary pull out a cell phone, looking for DENISE
SUMMER, Peter's aunt. Looking at the contact list,
Thomas/Mary find it. Pressing SEND, the phone begins to
ring. Denise picks up.
                       DENISE SUMMER (O.S.)


Denise, it's me, Mary Moyner. I
was wondering if you and Nate are
free this weekend. I have a great
BBQ this weekend and wanted to
personally invite you over before
I move.
                       DENISE SUMMER (O.S.)
Mary, since when did you decide
you're going to move? Last time we
spoke, you said West Haven was
your home.
I was thinking maybe Washington,
D.C. or maybe NYC. Big name cities
have more oppertunities for me.
A dog is heard barking in the background.
Is that Bitchy?
                       DENISE SUMMER (O.S.)
She's got to go out. I'll let Nate
know we're heading over. Whatcha'
all making over there?
Mac and cheese, potato chips, and
the best killer hamburger patties
you've ever tasted in your life.
                       DENISE SUMMER (O.S.)
I'll see you this weekend.
Denise hangs up, Mary/Thomas's face lights up. Thomas/Mary
grab Summers body, exiting outside of the apartment.
Denise and NATE SUMMER arrive, seating themselves on a
picnic table. Mary is at the grill, flipping burgers. Denise
walks over, Nate sits at the table, pulling out a cigarette.


                       DENISE SUMMER
Well, thanks for inviting us over,
Mary. Sad to see you have to go. I
know with all that shit that went
on, I don't blame you, I suppose.
Well, honestly, I think its best
for us. We've been couped up in
this damn house and I think a
change of scenery is best. We can
still IM each other.
                       DENISE SUMMER
What about Peter? Do you think you
two can repair your relationship?
Honestly, he's an asshole. I hope
he learns that one day you don't
cross your partners back.
Mary puts the burgers onto a nearby plate. Six burgers rest
on the plate, as Mary walks over to the picnic table. Nate
sits there, silent.
You know, Nate, you can talk to
me. I don't bite.
                       DENISE SUMMER
      (walking over to
You know Nate is a shy person.
We've known each other for two
years and he's never opened his
mouth once.
Denise sits down next to Mary, Nate is across from them.
Reaching for hamburger rolls, Denise and Nate put a burger
on their plate.


Eat up now, I hope you guys enjoy
the food.
                       DENISE SUMMER
You're not eating?
Not real hungry. I threw up
earlier. Cooking these burgers was
murder on my stomach.
Denise and Nate put ketchup on their hamburger. Denise
reaches for a slice of cheese to put on her burger. Nate
takes a bite, as does Denise. Munching on the burger, Denise
seems to be in heaven, giving Mary a big thumbs up.
                       DENISE SUMMER
This has got to be the best beef
in town Mary. What's your secret?
Angus beef, isn't it?
Mary shakes her head, "No."
                       DENISE SUMMER
If it's not Angus, then what the
hell is it? Can't be regular
ground beef, can it?
No, actually it's Peter. He's the
key ingredient.
                       DENISE SUMMER
He helped make this, didn't he?
Mary jumps up from the table--

Mary pulls out a thick knife, stabbing Denise in the chest.
Nate falls off the picnic table, shaking violently.
Bitch, you ate your fucking
nephew. We cut him up into fucking
pieces and made sure enough toxins
were put into the fucking meat to


                       MARY (cont'd)
kill you and Nate. We despise you,
the ignorant bitch you've been.
It's okay, Denise. In just
seconds, the pain will stop, so
will your heart.
Mary walks away, Denise gags, choking violently, foaming at
the mouth. Nate is dead, motionless. Denise's head falls
face first into her plate, her body in complete shock.
Denise lets out one final moan, her eyes close. Denise is
Mary walks to her car, grabbing a few items from the
stairway. Mary puts two big black bags into the back trunk.
      (to herself)
Thomas, time to move on. It'll be
a matter of hours before people
realize that the killer has
Mary jumps into her car.
A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE plays, just as Mary starts up the car.
She sets her GPS. Mary looks behind her, as she backs out of
the driveway and onto the main street. Turning the radio to
a local news station, the RADIO ANNOUNCER can be heard,
discussing new evidence.
                       RADIO ANNOUNCER (O.S.)
Authorities have closed the case,
issuing a warrant for the arrest
of Mary Moyner, whose whereabouts
are unknown at this time. Two days
ago, Ms. Moyner checked herself
out of ECMC and was the last to
call Mr. Peter Summer, who's been
missing for three days. We will
let you know more information as


                       RADIO ANNOUNCER (cont'd)
it becomes available.
Police sirens could be heard coming closer, as Mary takes
off, lighting up a cigarette.
      (to herself)
Are you ready, Tom?
                       THOMAS HALROAD
      (to himself)
Of course, Mary. NYC is next. The
Big Apple is going to be ripped a
new asshole and we're going to be
the dynamic duo of evil, panic
will be widespread.
      (to herself)
NYC it is, my love. Together, we
will cause fear into the hearts of
men, women, and children. When
they see us, they will be scared,
shitting in their pants.
Mary/Thomas laugh sinisterly. As Mary speeds out of Main
Street, a dozen police cars going past her. Mary rides off.
The radio playing PIANO MAN, Mary jumps onto the Thruway,
her car shown in the distance.


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From Phillip Date 7/28/2008 ****
Cool! That was gripping. It was a little bit to gory.

From ralph keefer Date 7/21/2008 ***
It's not the worst but not the best nor scariest. But it's pretty good and scary.

From David Chase Date 7/2/2008 **
If we're keeping it real, "This screenplay needs work" and "It's pretty good" should not warrant 4 stars. Giving a script a higher rating than it deserves doesn't do the writer any good. I'll give this one 2 stars because I believe there is a market for the kind of graphic violence that it presents, but as Michael mentioned, there are large blocks of action that will discourage readers. The dialogue was unrealistic at times, and I didn't find the characters reacted to the severity of their situation the way a normal person would. Work on character development and dialogue, and I would consider rating this script higher.

From Michael Date 6/30/2008 ****
This screenplay needs work. I liked it so I'm giving it four stars, however, avoid large blocks of action and separate them. Place more focus on dialogue and development of the characters. Just take your time writing it. It'll work out fine.

From Laureen Liu Date 6/25/2008 ****
Its pretty good.....

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