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For You
by Terry Hearn (trappedkingterry@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review:

The story of a young couple's relationship as it stuggles to survive their rapidly changing lives. An adapatation of the Bruce Springsteen song 'For You'

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A group of young guys are playing on various machines, some
playing Pac-Man, others are on fruit machines. Eventually
the focus settles on the protagonist SCOOTER as he laughs
and jokes with his friends.
A group of between 3 and 6 girls walks in, clearly the one
in the centre of the huddle is their leader, NICOLA, who is
striking and naturally beautiful. The huddle sweeps through
the room attracting passing glances as the go until they
reach the air hockey table. Nicola is clearly looking to
attract someone's attention
Here they come again, who are they
after this time?
Looks like Max is today's pick.
The girls flank Nicola as if they were bodyguards while she
talks to MAX. What is being said cannot be heard but he is
seen to smile before joining the huddle and leaving.
Everyone who had watched them leave began to resume what
they were doing except one who remained focussed on the spot
where the group had been.
Scooter! Dammit Scooter!
      (Hardly responding)
Sorry man I didn't hear, what?
Forget it. Come on man we've got a
game to win.
Scooter stands confused and distracted


Look man, you have your place and
she has hers. They aren't gonna
cross over any time soon so just
have a few tins and forget it for
With a defeated sigh Scooter rejoins the group but continues
to look up and around the room for her even though she has
long left.
The gang from the arcade has been distilled. Scooter, Steve
and Bobby are sitting around, some more hung over than
others. The television is on quietly. The smell of stale
beer and burned toast is prominent.
      (Walking to the
Where's the bread?
      (With his mouth
In here
(Gestures to his mouth)
Sorry man. There are some burned
bits by he fridge, they should
still be warm.


      (Swallowing the
There's charcoal on the side
Bobby walks to the kitchen door and is out of sight for a
What the hell am I supposed to do
with that?
Bobby comes back into view holding a completely black piece
of toast. As he finishes speaking he throws it at Steve who
moves just in time. It lands at Scooter's feet.
You're an idiot Little Steve!
Scooter picks up the toast and flicks it back at Steve. It
hits him in the face, he is clearly surprised.
The three are clearly amused by this but the alcohol limits
their reactions to snorts and grins.
The front door creaks open. Max walks in to see the guys
sitting about relaxed. He throws his coat onto the back of
the sofa.
Morning morning morning chaps! How
goes this fine morning?
Jesus, you're chirpy. What
happened to you? You are usually
the most miserable bastard I know.
                       STEVE (vo)
Returning from the Kitchen with a glass of water he sits
back down.


What DID happen to you last night?
Did the ladies steal you away to
their dungeons of sin because of
your looks, or your wallet?
      (With an air of
Actually I was cordially invited
to Nicola's birthday party, but…
He sits up elegantly in his chair and talks as if addressing
nobility but The facade is dropped as are his shoulders, and
he continues to talk in his usual relaxed manner
I'm not going to bother. Besides
it is our payday party night. I
wouldn't miss that for the world,
they are the stuff of legend.
He fumbles in his coat as he speaks, removing his invite and
twirling it in his hands before flicking it onto the floor.
Scooter tries to be subtle but still moves noticeably
quickly to pick it up. He looks very closely at the card.
Classy. All written by hand. So is
it by personal invite only then?
Looks like it
      (Still toying with
       the card)
Never been to a secret club party
before. Must be like going to a
Freemason's wedding. Don't forget
the secret handshake or they won't
let you in.
Or you


Max takes a small pile of red cards from his coat pocket;
they are all a little bent up
Scooter's face brightens noticeably as he takes a card. It
drops in the same manner as he sees the others receiving
identical cards. Each of them had the person's name
scribbled on the back. All that was written on the other
side was the date, time and venue of the party and was
finished 'regards' and signed by Nicola. Only Max's was
unique and hand crafted.
      (Glancing over his
Sod that
He rips and folds the card before trying to shoot it into
the bin
I'm not wasting my evening with a
bunch of powder puffs and bimbos.
Good lad
Alright, the whole groups still on
for our big night out!
Scooter stands up and goes to the Kitchen.
                                         CUT TO KITCHEN
Scooter pours himself a drink and turns to leave the room
but first stops to put the glass down and carefully fold the
invite into his pocket after looking it over again


He re-enters the living room and sits down without being
asked about the party. The group decision had been made
without him. He sips his drink and watches the group
laughing and chatting loudly, clearly the drink was wearing
off and he was being ignored. He stands and thinks as the
group talk oblivious.
Scooter is on the phone feigning illness. We only hear his
side of the conversation
I know. I'm sorry man; I'll make
it up another night... Yeah, just
about to get an early night, try
to knock it on the head you know?
Sure, but I've got my Lemsip to
keep my company...I'm sure I'll
(Sniffs and coughs)
Ok, have a few for me man and I'll
catch you guys tomorrow
Scooter puts the phone down and continues to adjust his
shirt and jacket. He looks intently at himself in the
      (Nods to his
The party is underway and sounds like the place bad pop
music went to die. Scooter stands outside surveying the
building. With a nervous bite on his lip he walks towards
the doors and joins a short queue outside hoping to get an
audience with Nicola, the girl of the moment.


Scooter is ushered inside and is instructed to put the
bottle of wine he was carrying onto a side table along with
the other presents. He does so without thinking because now
his only focus is finding her.
      (Mumbling to
Come on girl, where are you?
As he scouts around the room he cannot make her out through
a sea of the type of people he tries to avoid in everyday
                                         30 MINUTES LATER
                                         FADE IN
Scooter is in the same position as before except for the
half finished drink in his hand and the increasing look of
frustration on his face. He downs the rest of his drink and
heads back to the bar. Looking physically deflated as he
leans on the bar he orders another drink. He takes it and
turns away, accidentally knocking into a small mob of girls
consisting of Nicola and two of her friends from the arcade;
JENNY, a tall girl with brown hair and a passion for all
things equestrian, as underlined by her rather large front
teeth. And AMY, a knowledgeable girl who was striking and
pretty despite the sneer of derision she had instead of a
smile. She was the type of girl who was waiting to inherit
her daddy's business and marry a sports star.
Watch it stupid! This is a very
expensive dress!
She pauses
I know you. You are that guy who
kept sending Nic those stupid
letters and poems the other week.
What good are they? Little tip,
you should buy girls presents they


                       JENNY (cont'd)
can wear.
Stop wasting our time. Get out of
the way.
Nicola kept focused eye contact with Scooter during this
exchange until the point where attention turned to her. She
looked down at the floor before glancing over his shoulder
and motioning to her friends to move on. They did without
another word to Scooter
      (Talking in the
What a joke that guy is, how did
he even get in here?
The girl's chatter is drowned out as their conversation
blurs with that of the general chatter of the party guests.
A half-cut Scooter makes his exit from the hall, down the
steps and out over the gardens to begin his walk home. He
spots Nicola's friends just in front of him. Nicola is no
longer with them.
Jen! Amy!
He jogs to catch up with them. They scoff at each other with
a mutual dislike for him. Scooter catches up and begins
What the hell was that all about
back there guys? Pretending like
you don't know me? Why do you
insist on always showing me up in
front of her? It's been months,
why not give me a break and let
her turn me down herself?


Because she is too good to even
bother with you. If you think
about it we are sort of doing you
a favour by helping you save face.
I'd rather you let me embarrass
myself. Who made you the one to
say who is too good? I'm sure she
would show more interest in me if
it wasn't for you two sticking
your ugly faces in where they
aren't wanted. Let the poor girl
breathe and think for herself for
Er. No.
I'd prefer it if you just go back
to your friends and be thankful
you even got the chance to come to
such a great party looking like
      (To Amy)
What a mess.
The girls laugh at Scooter.
What makes you think you are so
much better than me huh? With your
Pony face
(Points to Jenny)
And you, little miss Union Jack
(Points to Amy)
Your dad is an important trade
unionist but what does that make
you? Living off of someone else's
name is hardly standing on your
own two feet is it?


Amy gasps and theatrically clutches her chest in shock
I have never been spoken to like
that in my life! How rude!
Get used to it, there is plenty
more where that came from!
With snorts and squeaks of indignation the girls departed
leaving Scooter on his own.
Scooter sits alone on a park bench. He checks his watch.
Then he watches a group of children playing on the swings
before their parents come and take them away. He looks to
the sky before checking his watch again.
Did you have a good night?
Scooter jumps from the surprise. He wasn't expecting her to
show up at all. A blurred first-person shot of Nicola comes
into focus. She looked tired but as beautiful as ever.
Without all the make up front he night before she was, if
anything, more beautiful than he remembered. She stood with
the sun behind her, standing over him with her arms crossed.
Yeah, apart from your stupid
friends. How was it for you?
Fine until I heard some guy had
been going around upsetting Amy
and Jenny. What were you playing
at? If you were trying to get my
attention that's not the best way
to do it you know.


Well, it got you here didn't it?
Must have worked pretty well.
Whatever. I came to tell you to
apologise to them.
I am NOT apologising to little
Union Jack or horse radish…
Nicola glares at him
…or whatever their names are
Amy Jacks has always been a very
close friend of mine I'll have you
know! Calling those girls awful
names is so childish and petty.
It's no way to get into my good
Are you serious? I'm no oil
painting but those two make me
feel like some kind of Adonis.
There are people who are ugly on
the inside and those who are ugly
on the outside. You side yourself
with a couple of girls who are
both! Is that just to make
yourself look better in
      (Clearly furious)
I can't believe you are such a
jerk. What right do you have to
accuse me of being vain? If
anything YOU are the vain one for
drawing attention to yourself like


                       NICOLA (cont'd)
Well at least I know I can get
your attention sometimes. Was I
just not good enough for you to
speak to last night? Oh and by the
way, YOU asked ME to meet you here
today… God, you are such a drama
queen sometimes.
Nicola looks increasingly angry
Look, here it is, I don't like
your friends, and they don't like
me. simple it has nothing to do
with anything else, or our
What relationship is that exactly?
If you want anything at all from
me back off those two.
(Checks her watch)
I've got to go; I can't be late
for work. See you around.
Scooter watches her walk away
      (To himself)
He gets up from the bench and walks home
Scooter puts down a newspaper and picks up the phone. He
dials a number. While the phone rings he fiddles with a pen,
soon he is chewing on it.


                       STEVE (VO)
      (Still chewing on
       the pen)
Hey man it's me, how's it going?
I'm ok. I gotta tell ya though the
other guys are pretty mad that you
blew them out last night. Where'd
you get to?
Look man, don't get mad. I am
really sorry but I couldn't just
not turn up you know? You
understand right?
You dumped your friends to go and
hang out with a bimbo who hardly
knows your name? So much for
loyalty. I bet you didn't even get
anywhere with her.
Don't be so harsh. You know there
is another night out next month
but last night was a one off
opportunity for me
Just like last time then. So what
is this? You are calling to tell
me there's going to be a wedding
or that she ignored you again?
Scooter doesn't reply
I thought as much. Look man, why
don't you just give it up. Your
chasing after this girl is really
getting to the rest of the guys.
It's gonna take a lot of making up


                       STEVE (cont'd)
for this one man. One time too
many.Face it dude, we've been
buddies for years and years so I
say this with the best intentions.
Give it up. You are turning
yourself into a joke.
Thanks man. That helped!
Just think about it man, long term
it makes sense.
So... you are coming to the end of
year party whether you like it or
Oh, I dunno man... I...
Seriously you are. Ryan was
sorting out the rotas when I was
in the bar earlier, everyone else
has made excuses but because you
weren't there you got the short
straw. You and Donald are working
the party man!
With Donald? That's a nightmare
Just make sure you serve us first!
I gotta go man. I'll come round
later to watch the match with the
Steve hangs up the phone. Scooter throws the phone on the


Goddamn it!
The music is loud and the cheap disco lights are flashing to
a rather depressed rhythm. Scooter's friends are standing
around and are all chatting and laughing.
...She never even noticed
That was the last time I ever did
that, I mean you shouldn't push it
when things work out that well
(Group laughter)
And here comes the man!
The group cheer as Scooter brings over a tray of drinks to
the balcony area where the boys are standing
      (Handing out the
...and yours. Everyone sorted now
All mutter affirmations and thanks. As the group resumes its
chatter it becomes clear that Scooter is being eased out of
the group because he was not part of the conversation.
Normally when he was working they would still involve him,
but for some reason they weren't tonight. He motions a few
times in an attempt to get involved before making excuses to
leave which fall on deaf ears.
Guys? I'm gonna go for a walk the
music is gettin to my head a bit
Nobody pays attention as he puts down the tray and takes one
of their pints from the table before walking over to the


He puts his pint on the decking before he jumps over the
railing and collecting it on the other side. The night was
beginning to get colder and as he looked out to the sea. He
watched the waves chopping with increasing aggression as he
began to climb the beach. He turns to continue walking but
pauses when he hears a noise on the wind. He waits for a
moment to try and figure out what it is, taking a swig of
his drink as he listens. He realises it is someone crying
and yelping. Following the noise he runs down to the beach
and sees a silhouetted figure lying on the beach alone. The
light from the bar is half illuminating the figure and half
creating more shadow. As he moves closer he realises that it
is Nicola.
Dammit girl, what's happened to
Nicola is clearly in some discomfort and whether physical or
psychological, she is making her anguish very clear.
Ok, ok come here sweetie,
He pulls her carefully around until she is in his arms so he
can cradle her and make sure she is conscious.
What did you do?
He rocks her slowly in his arms as he asks her again. His
concern is overridden for moments as the wind blows her hair
into his face. He can't help smelling it as it teased him
into a fantasy where she was with him her in less negative
circumstances. His eyes closed for split seconds as he
forgot his reality. All of a sudden he jerked back into


      (Holding her face
       to help her focus)
It's your painkillers again? How
many this time?
She is non responsive. He carefully takes off his jacket and
rests her head on it as he stands up. He pats her down to
try and find the pill packet. Nothing. He looks around for
her bag but it isn't with her. As he looks he sees the light
reflect off of an empty blister pack. As soon as he sees
this he pours his beer onto the sand and strides purposely
to the sea. He fills the glass up with sea water and brings
it back to her. He lifts her head up and tries to sit her up
a little more. She struggles up and looks at him.
Alright, good girl. Now drink as
much of this as you can. I'm just
going to call an ambulance ok? But
I'm still right here.
He puts his hand gently on her head as he steps away to make
the call. As he stands in the shadows he sees the water take
effect as she begins to vomit. Instinctively he takes a step
forward to help, not that he could do anything.
      (Turns away from
       him, wiping her
       mouth clean)
He stops and raises his hands in surrender. He remains still
and doesn't move any further forward.
      (On the telephone)
Yes, I need an ambulance...
The rest of the dialogue is drowned out by the noise of the
party which rises from the background. One song is abruptly
ended and followed by the homecoming theme. This plays as
shots cut between Nicola with her head in her hands,
Scooter's staring at her and the look of anguish on his face


knowing that this supposed highlight of youth has been
undermined by his ordeal of conflicted interests.
The noise that rises above the chatter is that of someone
being lifted into the back of an ambulance after having to
struggle through a slowly swelling group of curious
bystanders who, despite being largely unsure what is going
on still stand and gossip. As the person is secured in the
back, the ambulance crew can be faintly heard mumbling in
medical terms. A figure pushes through from the crowd at the
side of the vehicle, grasps the handle on the side and
swings himself around to the steps in one swift movement. We
cannot hear what is being said between him and the crew
member but he nods and shakes hands before they both sit
next to the person on the bed. The doors are fastened so
that all can be seen through the window is the man leaning
towards the injured.
The vehicle is now in motion.
                       AMBULANCE ATTENDANT
I don't want you to panic; she is
not in good shape at the moment
and is struggling to keep
conscious at the moment. Once she
is at the hospital we can fix her
Thank You.
Scooter stands over Nicola and holds her hand
Did you hear that? It's all going
to be fine, take it easy, its
fine. Fine.
He squeezes her hand to emphasise his repetition and taps
his thumb on the back of her hand as an extra comfort.


What are you doing? What's that on
my hand?
I should be asking you the
questions. Why weren't you at the
party? What have you been doing
tonight? I've see you in bad shape
over the last few years but I've
never seen you this lost before.
      (Slurring her
       words a little)
Surprise! Here I am. Now shut up,
I'm sleeping.
Yeah I got that. Look I need to
talk to you about the last few
weeks. I've known the person you
are when you want attention and
she is one hell of a nasty bitch.
Nicola grunts and glares at him. Scooter changes tact.
Remember when you had your trouble
with your lungs that time and you
needed to have someone come and
check on you every hour? I stepped
up to help out someone I didn't
even like, but I found that when
you were away from everyone else
you were someone different
altogether. Your vanity had gone I
only met that person for a short
time but I still see flashes of
her from time to time and I really
want to get to know her.
Nicola turns her head away


She's not here. Sorry
They sit in silence for a second before she begins to choke.
The attendant helps her take a sip of water and settle back
down. She closes her eyes. Her grip on Scooter's hand
loosens. He tries to take his hand back so that he can sit
back down, defeated. As he moves she tightens her grip. He
is still wanted here.
Scooter is sitting by Nicola's bedside. She has been treated
and is now calm and resting. Her sleep is peaceful. Scooter,
bored and frustrated, checks his watch again and again but
the time is hardly changing. It is the early hours of the
morning. He slumps into the chair and closes his eyes for a
moment before he sits up and looks at Nicola as she rests.
He brushes her hair out of her eyes so he can see her
clearly. After studying her face closely for a moment he
returns to his slouched position and closes his eyes to try
and sleep again.
Scooter is whistling and seems to be in a good mood as he
strolls through the gloriously sunny streets carrying a bag
of shopping on one arm and a tray with two cups of coffee on
the other. Just as he begins to shuffle things around to
find a hand to open the door his mobile rings. He stops to
put the cup on the low wall outside and he leans next to
them as he takes the call.
The sound fades as the background music swells to drown
scooter's conversation out. His face drops a little which
gives way to anger as he puts the phone down. His expression
is now very hurt; he seems ready to take it out on the next
person who talks to him. He puts the phone down and the
music returns to the background and the sound fades back up.
He picks up the shopping and takes it into the hospital.


When he gets to the room Nicola is sitting up in bed.
Although not totally back to her best she is sitting reading
an old magazine. The suffering has clearly worn her out and
it shows on her face.
Morning trouble, I know the food
is crap in these places so I got
you a coffee and some fruit for
The bag of fruit is put down by her bed. He hands her one of
the cups of coffee. She stares blankly as she takes it from
him. Scooter thinks she is ignoring him but the camera shows
she was looking at his mouth, watching his words develop
behind a forced smile. They both know something is wrong but
neither is willing to share their feelings at this moment.
      (Spiteful and
Thanks Scooter, I really
appreciate you going to get me
food with your last bit of money
What is going on?
Oh, I'm sorry, do you not like it
when someone is more of a drama
queen than you? Or is it that I
have real problems rather than
unstable tantrums?
      (Starting to cry)
Why would I possibly be a little
unstable? Oh yeah...I was trying
to kill myself! Clearly I can't
even do that right 'cos here I am
looking like an idiot!


That is such a childish thing to
say. So ungrateful!
Maybe it is, but it is not your
decision to make. It is my life to
live how I want or end how I want.
You had no right to come and take
that decision away from me.
You were completely broken when I
found you. Literally crying out
for help and for a friend. I did
all I could to help you out. I've
more than likely lost my job for
you and this is my thanks?
      (Trying to sound
       strong but
       clearly starting
       to loose her cool
       and feel guilty)
Your job? Because of me? What
I just got a call from the Ryan.
He is furious that I walked out on
one their busiest nights.
Scooter paces the floor to try and relieve his frustration
I am so sorry. Do you need money?
I can help you out if you do.
      (Stands at the
       foot of the bed)
Just going to click your fingers
and solve everyone else's problems
are you? Do you really think it is
that easy? My friends are gonna be


                       SCOOTER (cont'd)
just as mad as Ryan is! Everything
I do for weeks, maybe months is
gonna be hell! And that is before
I work out how I'm gonna pay the
rent. I've ruined everything for
I don't need this! I'm in
hospital! Did it not occur to you
that I needed a friend BEFORE you
found me? I wouldn't have had to
go outside alone.
She sighs
You know I am a seriously popular
girl for god's sake! There is
hardly a moment in my day when I
am not surrounded by people, but I
never get a chance to be myself
because I have this image to
present. None of those people
really knows who I am.
      (Raging at how she
       has turned the
       situation to
       focus on her)
That was how you chose to make
things. That really was your
choice, so enjoy it.
Turns to leave before stopping to speak again
I don't think you realise how
similar we are when it comes down
to it. We have the same problems.
You are grabbing for attention and
I'm resigned to losing it from my
friends. We want to be appreciated
and feel wanted but are choosing
different paths to get there and


                       SCOOTER (cont'd)
both failing. I don't have the
looks to fall back on and you
don't have the intelligence to
pull yourself out when things get
bad, but we could have worked
together and broken our own path
to where we want to get to. Even
if it hadn't worked at least we
wouldn't have been on our own.
I don't have the looks.
Don't give me that! You are
alright. Walking around in your
tight little tops like you are
parading medals on your chest.
It's tragic that you only get
attention if you flaunt yourself.
You don't know me!
That's my point! I DO know you! I,
we, are two sides of the exact
same problem. I'm just trying to
help but you are too self-involved
to help yourself. You feel a
pressure pushing on you and
instead of pushing back you would
rather beat yourself before they
get the chance... so forget it. At
least I have the guts to fight.
Scooter storms out. Nicola takes a notepad from under
Her pillow. She has clearly been drafting for some time
judging by the crossing out on the pages she had turned to
reach a letter. She rips it out and reads. The camera
focuses on a few lines of the letter. It is soon clear she
wants to make sure that when she asks Scooter out he will
not think it is cynical. She screws it up and throws it at
the door knowing she has left it too late.


The picturesque cul-de-sac is bathed in sunshine on a
cloudless Saturday children can be heard playing in their
gardens and some can be seen riding their bikes down the
road. A figure walks across the shot and knocks on the door.
She walks to the door rubbing her eyes; she clearly had been
woken up by the doorbell. She opens the door as she is
stretching from a yawn. As soon as she sees it is Scooter
she tries to regain her composure. She fails.
Hi. I thought it was only fair to
give you an explanation. I was
unfair with the way I treated you
last week at the hospital so I
wanted to come round and, erm...
      (Scratches his
       head and averts
       his eyes as if he
       really didn't
       want to be on
       that doorstep)
Make sure you are ok?
Nicola stands static clearly taken aback and confused.
You, hell, everyone knows how much
it seemed I cared for you back
Back then? It was only a week ago!
      (Losing his cool a
Don't start that again or I will
just leave. I'm only going to say


                       SCOOTER (cont'd)
this once so just listen.
      (Glares before
Firstly I want you to know that I
didn't come to talk to you
because, because I feel guilty for
what I said at the hospital. It
may have been a little tactless
but it was not all bile and spite.
I meant what I said.
I'm not here because I'm worried
that you will try to kill yourself
again, I know that you didn't want
to do that last time and I know
that you wouldn't do that to
yourself on my behalf anyway.
Nicola motions to speak but is stopped by Scooter raising
his hand
I'm not here to make you feel
better either. I don't care about
losing the job; it was a crappy
little time-killer. I could easily
get another if I wanted to. Ok, so
I don't have any money at the
minute but I hardly had that much
anyway. You never asked for my
help and I never asked if you
wanted help. You shouldn't have
been so dismissive but I shouldn't
have been so forward.
So what do you want? You've ruled
everything out.


I came here to tell you that
everything I did, right or wrong,
and without claiming to be a
martyr, I did for you. In spite of
everything all I ever wanted was
to bring you to life so that I
could hope you would do the same
to me. It was foolish to push too
hard and I have had enough of
raking over old ground. We both
made mistakes and we should leave
it at that.

That's it. Take care. erm... I
guess I'll see you around sometime
when I get back
What? Where are you going?
I don't know yet
Nicola starts to speak but Scooter holds his hand up. She
pulls it to the side of her face as if hinting for a kiss.
The focus and desire is all from her. He seems to be
thinking hard but is not showing his decision on his face.
Keeping the same expression he takes his hand away from her
No. It's done.
He takes a step back and forces a
half-smile, half- grimace and
waves. She looks gradually more


He walks around the corner leans back against the wall and
puts his head in his hands and tips his head back. He sniffs
and then takes a deep sigh. He slides down the wall until he
is sitting on the pavement. He takes the invitation out of
his pocket and looks over it again before sobbing into his
After a moment he gets up and strides away with a purpose,
scraping the tears from his cheeks as he walks. He walks
past the camera so that it focuses on his back. He drops the
card into a bin without hesitation and continues to walk
                                         FADE OUT
The sun slowly climbs up over the setting of Scooter's
apartment which is shabby and clearly not cared for. The
door opens and Scooter stumbles out. He is unshaven and is
wearing scruffy clothes. He slams the door shut and makes
his way to the car amid many sighs and groans. As he walks
he fumbles with his keys trying to locate the correct one
for the car door.
                                         CAMERA PULLS BACK
The car pulls out of its space and drives out of shot.
The camera repeatedly switches between Scooter driving
wearing different clothes. He turns left at the same
junction everyday, clearly showing that this routine is the
same day after day. Occasionally a shot shows him returning
home as the sun sets.
                                         SHOTS CYCLE WITH
Scooter yet again leaves the house, fumbles with the keys
and eventually begins his drive to work but this time he
pauses at the crossroad. He then decides, for the first time
to turn right.


Scooter pulls up outside the cinema and walks inside
Camera is directly in front of Scooter as he sits and
watches a film. There is nondescript chatter from the
screen. As before, Scooters actions repeat wearing different
clothes and changing what food he has with him and with
varying states of facial hair. Regardless of the shot
Scooter sits transfixed to the film.

As one of the films end he stands and walks out of the
Cinema. It is unclear from his expression whether he was
bored or fascinated by the film. He is clearly unresponsive
to any stimuli he uses to try and reinvigorate him. The
camera does not follow, instead staying fixed on the empty
House lights come up
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Silence. Close-up of Scooter's head. The camera slowly pulls
back to reveal Scooter slumped face-down on a bed with the
sunlight pouring in the window onto his face and back. The
silence fades into the noise of birds singing and an alarm
ringing. The camera stays close as he sits up.
In a profile shot he aggressively turns off the alarm that
woke him
Scooter slides to the edge of the bed and pulls on a pair of
trousers and a dirty tshirt before he walks outside to the


Scooter is mumbling incoherently

He gets into the car and drives off. He drives off speedily
– this time the camera follows him as a passenger. He turns
left and arrives in the car park of the factory where he
works. He sits in the car for a moment and stares at the
sign welcoming him to the site. The camera slowly moves
until it is looking over his shoulder to allow the audience
to read the sign also.

With a jolt Scooter snaps his head back to the steering
wheel and speeds off out of the car park.
The camera cuts between the inside of the car and along the
outside as we experience the speed Scooter is driving at. A
long shot zooms slowly into his face revealing his fears as
tears begin to swell. He tries to repress them by dabbing at
his eyes but that only make them blotchy. As he indicates to
turn his hands do not cover his face and we can see a tear
escape from his eye onto his cheek

As he continues driving the scenery noticeably changes. The
industrial cityscape has been replaced with greenery and
natural landmarks. Scooter pulls the car over at the edge of
a field. As it screeches to a sudden halt it kicks up dust
from the dry road so that as Scooter gets out he is
surrounded by the swirl of the dust. He leans against the
car as he looks over the fields, taking them all in. With a
deep breath he pushes himself from the car and climbs over
the small fence and begins to walk, head down through the
                       SCOOTER (VO)
It hadn't always been like this. I
never used to have to lose myself
in work. I had freedom. I got
trapped in a game I didn't want to
play because I was afraid of the
free will I had kept when so many


                       SCOOTER (cont'd)
people around me had lost it
As he walks he comes across a derelict building. Most of the
building seems to be wooden and have been worn down by
lacking decades of extreme attention. He is drawn towards it
as it is an island in the middle of the natural vastness he
had found himself in. In the dust on the floor Scooter
notices something glinting in the sunlight. He bends down to
inspect it closer and discovers it is a coin. He dusts it
off as he looks at it before putting it on the step outside
the house for the owners
                       SCOOTER (VO)
These buildings
These buildings. I had never been
here before but something felt
like home. I could easily imagine
people sitting around a fireplace
in the warmth and yet it is
sitting here cold
He places his hand on the wall and removes it quickly. He
has a splinter. He takes this as a sign to leave and heads
back to the car pulling at it
                       SCOOTER (VO)
I can't unmake decisions but I
could make new ones that take me
full circle. Living where I do has
been eating at me for long enough
now. I don't want to end up like
this building. I still have life
in me. When I feel more at home by
a derelict farmhouse than I do
where I live I need to go home.
I've been away too long.
Scooter and Nicola sit together, relaxed, but their body
language shows a cautious tension between passion and
resentment. They sit watching the fireworks shooting into
the sky from the party on the beach. The explosions light up


the shadows of people dancing and partying. Just as quick as
the light came it leaves again as the next set of fireworks
are prepared. The couple are laughing and joking to mask
their real feelings. Both are catching glimpses of friends
Scooter hadn't seen for months
Is that…I can't see… is that Max
over there with the Stone Pony's?
Both look to see a figure talking with a motorcycle gang
No, he is more likely with some
girls he met working at the bar
You know, when we used to be down
there with them it felt like we
were at the centre of the world. I
dunno, I guess it was all for the
moment and feels like the place
wraps its arms around you for
being so spontaneous. But up here…
it all seems so hollow and naïve,
I mean, look at him
Scooter points to one figure who seems to be laughing with a
group of people in a circle but it soon becomes clear that
he is not wanted and is soon closed out of the faction and
ends up sitting alone in the sand with his beer
Hmm Poor guy. I've been on the
group's side of that before but I
never noticed what it does to
people so clearly. It's kinda sad.
      (stares into space)
Sure is
They both fall into a natural lull of the conversation.
Scooter keeps looking at her as she seems to want to say
something but instead just stares. He catches himself a few
times and turns away. This becomes a cycle after a few
moments which Nicola cannot fail to notice


Excuse me?
What do you want to say? You've
been chewing it over for a few
minutes now so can we get it out
and done with?
      (Taken aback and
Right.Yes. Ok Erm…
      (Pauses to take a
       composing breath)
Something has been bugging me.
Since I left actually ... Max.
What about him?
What happened between you guys?
Why didn't you guys tell anyone
about it?
You have to be kidding! What on
earth made you think that?
The invitations. Why did he get
such a personal one while everyone
else got half-arsed copies? And
how come he was the only person
taken away to get his hand
delivered in private?
Are you serious? It was Jenny who
made the invite for him and
insisted we took him outside to


                       NICOLA (cont'd)
talk to him. She was scared he
wouldn't go out with her if she
didn't make a big fuss out of it
to show she cared.
You're kidding!
Nope. She doesn't seem so tough
now does she?
So there was never any...?
Scooter gestures back and forth with his fingers
Not even that much
She takes Scooter's hands and puts them close together to
show how little interest she had
Applause can be heard in the background. Scooter smiles at
Nicola before standing up and taking her hand to make their
way from the hill to the beach. She pulls herself up and
then puts her hand on his back before they walk down hand in
hand. The fireworks have finished and some temporary
floodlight have been put on to illuminate the beach. As they
step on the sand Nicola is almost knocked over by a couple
who clearly are in a rush to find somewhere private to enjoy
their evening
Rat is up to his old tricks with
these new girls again. I bet we
will come down here in forty years
and he will still be here trying
to seduce the tourist girls
Scooter and Nicola watch as Rat leads the girl under the
pier where he is seen undoing her jeans before they
disappear into the shadows


It's been a while since I went
under there with anyone. I didn't
realise people still used it for
that stuff!
When I was in the bar I saw people
head down there every night
without fail.
I stopped using it a long time ago
too. Just mentioning it seemed to
curse my luck. I remember one girl
I was very fond of who used to
hang out with Rat a lot. I
suggested we go down there and she
became so clingy, like I had asked
her to marry me or something
It was like getting stuck on a
tilt-a-whirl at a fairground after
waiting ages to take a ride
That's pretty crude
Scooter laughs again
Those are just the facts. I didn't
think I'd ever get away but
luckily she left town 'cos of
'family stuff'
Nicola thumps Scooter on the arm and chuckles
You are awful sometimes! That poor
They walk towards the pier. They both walk in a happy
silence, close but not touching until Nicola snatches at


Scooter's arm, grabbing it and holding tight. She squeezes
it as she is clearly excited about something
Oh my god! Look! Madame Marie's is
still here! Let's go and get our
fortunes told!
She points ahead with her free arm to a battered old wooden
building a little further up the pier. It is covered in
painted patterns that had been worn by many years of facing
the elements. It was one of the only parts of the pier that
was not graffitied in anyway which showed the level of
respect Madame Marie had in these parts. Nicola pulled at
Scooter's arm as she began to run. Soon both of them were
running in excitement to get there.
I haven't been here since I was a
kid. How exciting!
Scooter enjoyed the flashback into her earlier years and
I've been past the old shack so
many times but I never had my
fortune told. I know people who
have but I'm not sure if she is
any good
Oh, she is THE BEST! Trust me.
Nicola ran ahead a little. She stopped as she reached the
entrance. Her face dropped so suddenly
Oh no! Its been boarded up!
Scooter ran to catch up with her. Her distress was apparent
and he put his arms around her to try and comfort her
I can't believe this. She has
always been there. I used to come
here when I was a little girl!


                       NICOLA (cont'd)
This is SO sad!
I'm sorry but this place isn't the
place you grew up in anymore and
it isn't going to feel any better
than it does in your memory. We
have to build something new.
They kiss
Let's go
Let's. I'll walk you home.
Nicola pulls Scooter to arms length to look into his eyes as
she speaks
No…WE should GO. When you left it
was because you had no reason to
stay. What do we have to stay for?
Where are all your friends glad to
see you again? Where are mine?
Let's make a break from here. No
excuses. We can do it right this
time, do it together. I'm no saint
and you are hardly a hero but it
feels like something we have to
do. Doesn't it?
When I left I thought I was making
a new start and when I came back
it was because I thought this was
my home. It's not. You are.
Whenever I am with you I feel
complete. I love you Nic.
Nicola smiles at him
Come on. I'll get my car


The pair walk back down the pier towards the beach. Credits
begin to roll as they walk away.


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