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Batman: Jigsaw's Game
by Matthew (uberhulk84@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
This is for a script for a short film. I thought it would be fun to have Jigsaw meet Batman. Jigsaw fits right in with the rest of Batman's rogue gallery.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



We open on a person laying unconscious in a dark room. We
know him as the Dark Knight, Batman. He lies there for a few
moments not moving at all. Then suddenly he rashes in pain
as we hear what sounds like an electric current. After it
stops he regains his composure and looks around the room.
Not panicking just surveying his surroundings. He looks down
to see that he is chained to the floor. In from of him is an
old worn down looking TV. It flashes a figure on it. We
recognize it as the doll from the Saw movies. It's head is
pointed away from us but then it slowly moves till it is
looking at Batman.
Hello Batman. I wanna play a game.
Or Should I say, Bruce. Like the
costume? They sell them at
Halloween shops now so people can
pretend to be you. Who are you
really? Do you hide your real
identity under the mask? Or is the
mask, the true you? You have had
all the privileges in life. Money.
Fame. Power. But you have not
enjoyed your life. Instead
obsessing over the death of your
parents. So you became a
vigilante. Dishing out your own
brand of justice. You're life has
been consumed with it. To the
point where you are an outcast
even when your with other
"heroes". Today I give you the
opportunity to change things. To
lift the darkness. In this room
with you is a killer. Your sworn
enemy. Even though he has killed
countless innocents you have never
been able to end his life to save
future blood from being spilled.
I'm offering a way for you to end
the bloodshed. In this room there
is a gun. Much like the one that


                       JIGSAW (cont'd)
killed your parents. Use it to end
this sick man's life and save your
own and others from him. And if
you do so, you can see behind the
door into who you really are. You
have 30 minutes. If you do not end
this mad man's life in that time
then 2 innocents will die instead.
Let the games begin.
A laugh begins to fill the room. It's a eary laugh that
Batman has become all to familiar with. The light turns on
in the room, to reveal the Joker on the other end of it. A
maniacal grin on his face. The room itself is a small
rundown looking basement. A gun is sitting next to Batman.
Joker has an ax next to him.
Well well Batsy. Or what did he
call you? Oh yes....Bruce.
Joker's cheerful way of talking goes dark for when he says
Bruce. Letting his foe know that he finally knows who he
really is.
This Jigsaw sounds like a swell
guy don't you think Bruce? I love
to play games. Especially with
you. Live or die Batsy....I pick
Die for you!
Joker laughs maniacally before picking up the ax.
Listen Joker. Jigsaw is a sadist.
He likes to torture people who
aren't living life up to his
Hmm does that sound like anyone
you know Batty?
I stop scum like you from killing
others. But I don't stoop to your
level. Think...if you do manage to
kill me do you think Jigsaw will
let you out of here?


Probably not. But I'm sure we will
have a lot of fun in the meantime.
Now Bruce don't be rude. Our host
wants us to play. We shouldn't
keep him waiting.
Damnit Joker.
One chopped up millionaire playboy
in a halloween costume coming up!
Joker runs at Batman with his ax. He swings violently at
Batman. Batman's mobility is limited by the fact that he is
chained to the floor, but he still dodges every blow. After
a near miss by the Joker Batman responds with a punch that
sends Joker staggering backwards. A clearly enraged Joker
swings at Batman again. He dodges and this time the ax hits
the wall. It becomes stuck there and Joker struggles to get
it loose. Batman wastes no time at this opportunity and
punches Joker several times. He then grabs the psychotic
clown and throws him against the wall. He hits it hard and
falls backwards now unconscious. Batman now moves his
attention to his chain. He tries to free himself for a few
moments. He then spy's the gun laying on the floor. He picks
it up and shoots the chain. It explodes from the bullet. He
goes over to the door on the other side of the room. He
try's to open it. But it's locked. He slams his body against
the door but it won't budge. Then he reaches for his utility
belt. But Jigsaw has taken it from him. The camera zooms in
on the the counting down time. Batman has 20 minutes left.
Batman looks over at the Joker. Then the gun. And finally at
the clock. He screams out in frustration. He then calms
himself down.
How could I have been so sloppy?
Batman begins to remember what happened earlier in the day.
There is a high class party going on. A lot of important
looking people standing around. Drinking and laughing. We
find out one of them is Bruce Wayne. He is laughing along
with the other people. But he soon excuses himself and walks
outside. He takes a deep breath. It's obvious that he is not
enjoying the party.Then his attention is grabbed by what
sounds like calls for help.


The woman cries out again. Bruce cautiously approaches where
he thought he heard the person. Arriving at a tree he sees a
doll sitting by it. But no people. He picks up the doll to
examine it. We recognize it as Billy, the saw doll. From out
of the darkness Batman's foe, Scarecrow, begins to sneak
behind Bruce. With lightning quick reflexes, Bruce turns
around and quickly knocks the masked person to the ground.
Still holding onto the doll it begins to laugh that creepy
laugh. Bruce looks at it as a cloud of smoke comes from the
doll. Bruce is instantly taken back by it. He stumbles
around for a few moments before hitting the ground. Out
cold. Slowly Scarecrow gets up and stares at Bruce's
unconscious body.
Goodnight Batman. Hope you have
scary nightmares!
We are now back to Batman as he stands next to the door that
imprisons him. Batman looks at the clock. There isn't much
time left.
Come on Batsy. Do it. You know you
Joker struggles to his feet and start to walk towards
I have done nothing but terrorize
the citizens of Gotham for years.
Think of all the people I have
hurt...gasp...even murdered. What
I did to that boy wonder of yours.
Please just kill me now. I am a
monster...a beast.
Joker puts his head into his hands and starts to cry. Batman
does not react to this.
Then again....I always did root
for the monster. Beast should have
dropped beauty off of a building I


Joker laughs and squirt the flower on his jacket. Batman
easily dodges the acid as it hits a wall. Batman throws a
punch at Joker. Joker stumbles back a little bit and spits
out some blood.
Please. Like you have a consious
Ahh that is true. But you let me
live anyways. You know what's
gonna happen. You are not gonna
shoot me. Thus killing the people
behind that door. Which I will
surely laugh at the pain that will
cause you. Then you will say
something mean but heroic before
throwing my butt back in Arkam.
Where I will yet again escape.
Probably killing a few people in
the process. I will make up some
hilarious scheme to kill a bunch
of people. Then you will catch me,
put me back in Arkam. Rinse wash
repeat. All those deaths will be
on your head Batty. All cause you
don't have the guts to finish me
off. They say you are a hero? But
how many people have died cause of
you? Face it...you are as much a
murdering psycho as me. The
difference...I make it look good.
Joker laughs in Batman's face. He then takes his arm and
points the gun at his face.
I will make it easy on you. Come
on...you know you wanna.
Joker starts to make chicken noises and flaps his arms.
Bah. You don't have the guts. But
you know who does have guts? All
the people I am gonna kill after I
get out of here. I am gonna make
sure to go after parents though.
Make a bunch of new orphans. I
wonder if those whiny kids will
grow up to be broody adults who
dress up like flying rats like you
huh? Boo hoo my parents are dead.


                       JOKER (cont'd)
You are such a cry baby.
Joker begins to laugh again. Batman walks away in
frustration. He paces as the room begins to spin for him. As
the joker continues to laugh. The clock counting down to the
final moments. Finally he snaps. Turning around, he aims at
Joker. Who still won't stop laughing. He finally pulls the
trigger hitting Joker in the right arm.
Please my momma could shoot better
than that. That is if I hadn't
killed her.
Joker starts to laugh again but is cut short by Batman
firing another bullet at him.
Well leave them laughing that is
what I always say. Hey Batty? Did
you ever hear the one about...
Just die...
Batman shoots Joker again. This time he has no come back. He
stumbles backwards towards the wall and falls to the ground.
A huge smile goes across his face right before his eyes
close. The smile still there. With only a few seconds left
on the timer the door unlocks. Batman goes towards. Slowly
opening. Looking for any surprises. As he finally opens the
door all the way it triggers a Saw doll to fall in front of
him. Dangling on some rope. It starts a prerecorded speech.
As it goes on Batman is horrified to see two people in front
of him. Strapped down to chairs. They are Lusious Fox, Bruce
Waynes go to man at Wayne Industries and close friend. The
other one is Commissioner Gordon.
Congratulations. You have made it
this far. Now it is time for you
to make your choice. Who are you
really? I have sitting before you
2 people. One close to each of
your personalities. They are
sitting in chairs that could be
there deaths. You can only save
one of them. The moment you save
one, the other dies. But choose
quickly. The electric current gets
stronger as time goes by. They
both die in 2 minutes if you don't
save either of them. Bruce or


                       JIGSAW (cont'd)
Batman? Make your choice.
Both Fox and Gordon wither in pain as they are shocked.
Batman looks around at the chairs. Looking for any flaws to
help out his friends. As time goes by the 2 victims are in
more and more pain.
You're killing me! You're killing
Batman continues to inspect the two chairs. Looking for
anyways to save both oh his friends. Alas time is not on his
side. If he had more time. He looks back and forth debating
who to save. Finally he goes over to Fox's chair. He pushes
a button releasing him from the chair. Gordon crys out in
pain and then stops. Becoming lifeless. Batman checks out
Fox for a few seconds and after making sure he is okay he
walks over to Gordon.
Get up!
Gordon sits there lifeless.
I said get up!
How did you know?
Well for one thing I know that
Jigsaw only punishes those he
thinks are guilty of something.
Gordan and Fox are some of the
finest men I know. They have
nothing to repent for. And
besides, your impression of Gordon
was good but not that good.
                       GORDAN (smiles)
Very good Bruce.
Gordon takes his hands out of the the restraints. Then he
pulls back a mask over his face revealing that he no other
than Batman's long time foe/friend, Two Face.
                       TWO FACE
It was really just a flip of the
coin. Gordon or Fox? Who lives or
dies? But you had to take the fun


                       TWO FACE (cont'd)
out of it!
Two face reveals a gun and aims it at Batman. But before
right as he fires Batman kicks his arm making the gun fire
off at nothing. Batman then punches Twoface right in the
face making him let go of the gun. They then get in a quick
brawl with Batman the victor. He stands over Twoface on the
                       TWO FACE
You think you have won? But you
didn't play by the rules. You have
to play by the rules!
Right at that moment Joker bursts in the room laughing
maniacally. He throws his ax at Batman but he dodges it.
Instead it goes past Batman and hits Fox right in the chest.
Fox looks down at his mortal wound for a second. Coughs up
some blood and drops to the floor.
Oh no. It looks like he just got
the ax, hey Batsy?
Batman looks at his friend as he dies in his arms. Then he
glares at Joker. Fire in his eyes. He rushes over to Joker
and hits him square in the jaw with all his furry. Joker
tumbles to the ground with that punch but Batman continues
to punch him. Two Face tries to sneak up on Batman but
Batman with lighting quick speeds takes him out before he
even realizes Batman knows he's there. Both of his foes now
unconscious, Batman sits for a second and breaths heavily.
He then let's out a scream of frustration before forcing
himself to calm down.
How did he...
Batman picks up Joker's unconscious body and then a tape
player falls out of it. Batman picks it up and presses the
play Button.
Hello Joker. I wanna play a game.
No matter if you admit it or not
you and Batman or one in the same.
You for killing countless
innocents. And him for letting
you. You to are in a never ending
battle and the lives of others pay
the price. Today I give Batman the
chance to end that battle once and
for all. But if he does not have


                       JIGSAW (cont'd)
the guts to do it. To really kill
you, I have given you a
bulletproof vest to keep any minor
bullet wounds from knocking you
out. After Batman thinks he has
shot you, you will have the
opportunity to finish him off
finally and maybe end this
pointless blood feud.One of you
will die tonight no matter what.
This basement is locked and will
only open when you or Batman is
dead. Let the games begin.
As Jigsaw says this flashes of Two Face putting the
bulletproof vest on Joker and other things leading up to the
night and the actual night our shown. In typical end of a
Saw movie fashion with the theme music playing as it does.
Batman then hears a coughing. Fox is not dead after all. But
with that wound he will so enough without medical treatment.
Hold on Fox..
Batman goes to the door out of the place and starts pounding
on it. It's closed shut though. He paces around angrily.
Then he rushes to the other room and grabs the gun. He then
looks over Joker. And points the gun at the Joker.
I'm sorry...
We then show a close up of the gun and it fires but the
screen goes blank after that before it can show the target
get hit. The movie goes silent for a second before a Joker
laugh starts and then the Batman theme starts as the credits


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From Terron Phillips Date 8/28/2008 ***1/2
Great Idea, you should re-write it and make it longer. The ending was great and I believe this has true Potential.

From Will Date 8/10/2008 **1/2
I love the idea but I think you would have developed it better if we just stuck with Batman and Joker and the conflict there. Also the ending wasn't great. If you rewrite I think if you just have a good look at the characters. Maybe put Bruce Wayne in there instead. Jigsaw doesn't need to do much, just lay out the gun and the option. Have a real psychological look at Batman and Joker and truly see whether Batman is just a killer like the Joker.

From Richard Date 7/26/2008 **
I agree with David, but I do like the jigsaw idea. Needs to be more show than tell.

From KRYSTEN RICE Date 7/20/2008 ***

From Beau Reed Date 7/19/2008 ****
i loved it. it was a good story, but still kind of bland with some of the characters, like fox. loved the ending

From David Chase Date 7/17/2008 **
I'll give this a 2 because it's a cool concept, and there were a few examples of good dialogue (ex. "wash, rinse, repeat"). I didn't really care for the ending, as I would have preferred something darker, and maybe not involving other characters from Batman's Rogues Gallery. There are quite a few large blocks of action and dialogue, and you're forgetting the number one rule, "show me, don't tell me". You can't just tell the reader that we find out it's Bruce Wayne we're seeing, you have to have something happen on screen to show the audience that it's him. I would also avoid saying things like "we see" or "we recognize it as the doll from the Saw movies". Just describe the action (as direct as possible) and the reader/audience will get it. And be careful of spelling and grammar when you do re-writes.

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