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The Agency
by Leonard Snow (silvereagle09@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: *
This is not a finished piece. I am trying to find out if it would be a good script or not and if it got turned into a movie if it would be worth watching. PLOT: Two undercover detectives are sent to a suspesious shariffs department to investigate the mysterious dissaperances of local law enforsment deputies, just to find out the actual events going on in the department

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


An alarm clock turns to 8:30a.m. on the left side of the bed
and a hand come into view and hits the snooze button and
William lays back in bed and stares at the sealing until his
BLACK LAB, MILO, jumps on the bed.
Alright, alright, get off.
William walks out of the house and down to his WHITE FORD
EXPLORER SUV, with MILO at his side. He opens up the back
and sets his GOLF CLUB on the floor, then walks around to
the back door and opens it up for MILO to jump in. He then
gets in the car and drives down the street.
An alarm clock turns to 8:30a.m. and the alarm goes off.
DRAKE gets out of bed and streaches and walks to the
bathroom where he takes a shower, brushes his teeth and
getting dressed.
DRAKE walks out of his front door and puts his golfclubs in
the trunk of his BLUE CHEVY GTO, climbs in, and driving out
of the driveway down the street.
DRAKE is trying to hit a golf ball but keeps missing and
getting angry because of it and starts to swing harder and
Darn ball. Damn ball. Fucking
As he raises his club for another swing. Right before he
swings his cell phone rings.He swings and misses the ball
but hits William in the side of the head.


WILLIAM grabs the side of his head, falls to his knees and
gives an evil look at DRAKE.
Ouch. Damn Drake. What the hell
is wrong with you. Its just a
fucking ball.
DRAKE looks over to WILLIAM on the ground and pulls out his
cellphone out of his front pocket and answers it.
Sorry Will
                       COMMANDER (VO)
Hello, Swanson?
DRAKE heads over to a bench and takes a seat.
                       COMMANDER (VO)
I need you and Kannmore to come
into the office today. I have an
assignment for yall.
Ok. What time?
                       COMMANDER (VO)
Noon, sharp
DRAKE picks up his golf club off the ground beside the bench
and walks back over to his golf bag.
We'll be there.
DRAKE bends down on one knee as he hangs up his phone beside
WILLIAM and grabs his arm helping him to his feet.
Whats going on?
We got orders. We have to head
down to the agentcy.
WILLIAM brushes himself off, grabs his golfclubs and heads
back to the parking lot.


What time?
DRAKE goes over to his car and throws his clubs in the trunk
then walks over to WILLIAM who is now unlocking his back
Wonder what the assinment is this
time. Prabably something that
will take a few days like the last
MILO jumps in the back of the SUV and starts barking at
DRAKE who jumps back in fear.
Why the hell wont you leave that
damn dog at home or at least tell
me when you have it in the back of
your car?
DRAKE gets over his fear of MILO and walks up and starts to
pet him.
Why do you always jump when he is
around? He's not going to hurt
DRAKE, MILO and WILLIAM head back to the GTO and sit on the
hood. DRAKE forgot he left his door open and MILO goes in,
finds his lunch, and eats it. DRAKE sees him out of the
corner of his eye.
Damn it. That was my lunch for
the day.
      (Calming Down)
O well. I guess theres no need
geting angry over it. Theres
nothing i can do about it now.
DRAKE walks over to MILO and picks up the trash after he is
finished with it and throws it away. WILLIAM just sits
there and watches.


No use crying over spilled milk.
WILLIAM'S cellphone rings and he runs back to his car to
pick it up off the front drivers seat. He picks it up and
looks at the caller I.D.
It's Sam.
DRAKE looks at WILLIAM for a few seconds.
So answer it.
WILLIAM answers the phone and talks on it for a few mins not
hearing what they are talking about. He then hangs up and
puts it in his pocket.
What did he want?
WILLIAM signals for MILO to get into the back seat and
closes the door behind him, then heads over towards DRAKE.
Sam and Jetta want us to meet them
for lunch at the dinner in twenty
minuites. I said that we would be
there shortly.
Alright. Lets get going then.
DRAKE heads to the front door, gets in and starts the car.
WILLIAM walks over and kneels down.
You go ahead. I'll meet you
What? Aren't you following me?
WILLIAM stands up.
I have to go and take MILO back to
the house and get into some more
comfortable cloths.


WILLIAM starts to head back to his car.
I'll meet you over there when im
WILLIAM gets into his car, starts it up and drives off.
DRAKE gets out of the car, and takes his cellphone out of
his pocket. He then gets back in the car, closes the door,
turns on the radio, and plugs his cellphone into the car
charger, then drives off.
WILLIAM walks through the front door and looks around for
the rest. He notices them at a table in the far back corner
and looks at the waitress.
Im with them.
The waitress shakes her head and WILLIAM walks over to the
table and notices that everyone has already ordered.
      (A Little Angry)
I thought i said to wait for me
before yall ordered?
Everyone looks at WILLIAM and trys real hard not to laugh.
We waited.
How long?
About ten minuites maybe.
Everyone except WILLIAM laughs and DRAKE puts his hand on
WILLIAM's shoulder.
Relax WILLIAM, we already ordered
for you.
WILLIAM looks around the table at everyone.


How did you know what i wanted?
We do this every week and you get
the same exact thing every time.
SAM gets up out of his chair.
      (Anxious To Get
Yeah WILLIAM, you get the same
thing every week. Now let me out
JETTA. I got to go.
JETTA slides her chair up a little to let SAM get past.
Where are you trying to get to in
such a hurry?
SAM slides by and heads towards the restrooms.
I have to take a piss and I can't
hold it anymore.
SAM heads to the restroom and the rest continue sitting at
the table. JETTA looks deeply at DRAKE.
So how have you been DRAKE?
DRAKE looks up at JETTA in shock.
Fine. Just fine.
WILLIAM feels the tention and decides to help DRAKE out.
Ok DRAKE, we have to be at the
agency in half an hour. We need
to get going.
Both DRAKE and WILLIAM get up from the table and put down
some cash for there part of the food.


Bye JETTA. Tell SAM I we said bye
and see yall later.
JETTA lowers her head in shame, feeling that she has made a
fool of herself.
Will do.
JETTA keeps sitting at the table as SAM comes back from the
restroom as DRAKE and WILLIAM head out the door.
Where the hell are they going?
      (A Little
Don't know
WILLIAM and DRAKE walk outside and lean up agenst the GTO.
You know JETTA likes you. Why
don't you hook up with her?
I know but im just not ready to
start dating again just yet.
You like her and she likes you. Im
sure she would say yes. All you
have to do is ask.
      (Starting To Get
Don't we need to be somewhere?


Yeah we do. And why is it that
when were around JETTA and SAM
that we act like teenagers?
DRAKE looks at WILLIAM and waits a few seconds before he
gives him an answer.
I guess its because we have know
each other since highschool and we
always acted this way when were
around one another. Thats the
only reason i can see for it.
I guess your right. We acted like
teenagers when we first met and
started hanging out and i guess we
just never changed. And
personally, i don't want it to
DRAKE looks down at his feet.
Me as well. Its the only thing we
have that we can call our own.
DRAKE climbs into his car.
We have to get going here pretty
DRAKE starts his car and waits for WILLIAM to drive off.
DRAKE and WILLIAM are held up in traffic and all the other
cars including WILLIAM, honk there horns contiously.
Damn traffic. Could it get any
DRAKE rolls up his windows and turns on his A/C.


WILLIAM is listening to some ROCK MUSIC, then turns it down
to hear his phone ring. He then picks it up out of the
center console and looks at the caller ID to find out that
it is SAM calling.
Damn it.
WILLIAM flips open his cell phone and answers it.
                       SAM (VO)
Where do yall have to be that
causes you to leave in such a
hurry? You could have at least
waited for me to get out of the
shitter. I have something i need
to discuss with you.
We have to get to the Agency for a
new assignment. You should have
told me to stay and i would.
What is it that you need to talk
with me about?
                       SAM (VO)
What time do you have to be there?
WILLIAM shifts in his seat to a more comfortable position
and puts his car into park to let his foot off the brake.
                       SAM (VO)
Its only eleven. Why did you
leave so early?
                       SAM (VO)
Oh. That explains everything.


The lane starts to move and WILLIAM puts his car into drive
and starts pulling up.
What did you need to talk to me
                       SAM (VO)
Nevermind. You already answered
it. I was wondering if JETTA had
a thing for DRAKE.
WILLIAM puts on his blinker and crosses into the outer lane.
Yeah she does. She just won't
come out and say it, but she does.
                       SAM (VO)
Alright. I was going to try to
hook them up today at lunch. Thats
why i called you this morning to
have lunch today instead of Friday
like normal.
WILLIAM takes the exit right behind DRAKE, who is now
speeding up.
Yeah and im kind of wishing you
didn't call. Or at least call at
the time you did.
                       SAM (VO)
Nevermind. I have to go. Talk to
you later.
                       SAM (VO)
Alright. Talk to you later. Bye
WILLIAM hangs up the phone and places it back in the center


We see DRAKE and WILLIAM climb out of there cars and head
towards the entrance. Once they get to the doors. DRAKE
opens the door for WILLIAM and WILLIAM walks in holding the
second pair of doors open for DRAKE.
DRAKE and WILLIAM are talking amungts themselves and walk
into the DOOR AT THE END OF THE HALL on their RIGHT.
DRAKE and WILLIAM walk through the door and sit down infront
of the desk where a man is sitting with his back facing
them. He then turns around revealing his face.
Your early!
Trafic was lite.
The COMMANDER leans forward in his chair and places one hand
on the arm of his seat and the grabs THREE files off the
corner of his desk with the other.
Your assinment. A small town in
the middle of Utah. ST. ALBERT.
There has been a suspesious
account of dissapearances of
deputies for weeks at a time. When
they are found, they are dead.
DRAKE and WILLIAM both look through the file.
Where were they found? Swamp?
Forest? Woods?
Well as you can see on Page...
Nine at the bottom...
COMMANDER skims to the bottom of page nine with his finger
and reads from an artical in the file.


"All were found in the most
unusual place. One in the middle
of Town Square, (shows a picture
of all three), one hanging from
the church balcony, and one
decapitated in a meat grinder at
the local mill."
COMMANDER looks up at DRAKE and WILLIAM who then look at
each other.
Well...That would mean that the
killer would have to live near the
town, or in the town for that
matter, to know when and where to
put the bodies to where no one
whould see them.
      (At DRAKE)
Could very posibbly be...It says
here: "There were no prints or
clues found that police could use
to identify any suspects, and
killer is still at large." So
that means that were dealing with
a professional. Someone who has
done this before and whos what he
or she is doing.
COMMANDER shifts in his seat.
Right. This person is done this
before. Most likely many times
before. So you are to use exstrem
precausions when dealing with this
So thats our assinment? Catching
this asshole?
COMMANDER gets up out of his chair and walks over to the
window pearing out at the parking lot.
Yes. Im sending you two in as
undercover agents. Not even the
department will know who you
really are. It could get out that
you are there and the killer could


                       COMMANDER (cont'd)
back away in fear.
COMMANDER turns around and looks at DRAKE and WILLIAM.
You two will be inlisted as new
deputies. Fresh out of the Police
Acadamy. Thats all they will know
until he, or she, is cought.
We understand sir. When do we
COMMANDER sits back down in his seat.
You leave tonight. SAM and JETTA
will be your backup and will
arrive in two weeks. We don't
want any suspesions, so we will
space out the enrollments.
Both DRAKE and WILLIAM shift in there seats.
      (Kind Of Confused)
So JETTA and SAM are comming as
Yes. They will be there in two
Why? Is there a probelm with
No. No. Of course not. We just
were not expecting them to come
with us, that all.
COMMANDER shifts in his seat again.
Yes. They will be your backup.
But they wont be there for another
two weeks. They will be in the
next town and the only way you can
get ahold of them is through there
phones. You should have there
numbers already. If you need them


                       COMMANDER (cont'd)
at any time, they are just a phone
call away.
But make sure its an emergency
only. You cant afford to blow
DRAKE and WILLIAM get up from there chairs and shakes
No prablem sir. You can count on
I hope so. You all leave tonight
at ten. You will be there in the
morning by two. You two will be
picked up by an acompless there by
the name of Betty. You will stay
in town and will have all the
food, water, and transportation
available for you while there. You
can bye more stuff if you want but
it comes out of your own pocket.
SAM and JETTA will be picked up by
an accomples by the name of Sara.
They will be in the next town and
can be reached by there phones.
They can contact you the same way.
I will inform them of what will
be going on after you. In fact
they are prabably sitting out side
of this office this very minuite.
DRAKE and WILLIAM start heading out with there packets in
there hands.
By-the-way WILLIAM, where did you
get that bruse on the side of your
DRAKE cant help but laugh and WILLIAM give him an evil look.
I rather not say.
Come on WILLY tell him what
happened. Lets just say my
golfclub and his head have met


                       DRAKE (cont'd)
COMMANDER gives him a confused look.
I suck at golf.
Both DRAKE and COMMANDER burst out laughing, and DRAKE and
WILLIAM walk out the door.
WILLIAM and DRAKE see SAM and JETTA sitting in chairs next
the the COMMANDERS door.
      (Joking Around)
Ooooooo, You two are in trouble.
      (Scared And
You two better start looking for
diffrent jobs.
JETTA looks at them to where you couldn't tell what she was
thinking and SAM looks at them like hes about to shit his
But we didn't do anything.
DRAKE and WILLIAM start to walk down the hall and SAM yells
at them.
But I didn't do anything.
YOUNG. TOMSON. Can you come in
here please.
JETTA goes in to the office first followed by SAM who is now


DRAKE and WILLIAM walk out of the entrance and head towards
there cars.
You had SAM almost shitting his
Both walk up to their cars and lean on the side faceing each
other. DRAKE starts to laugh his head off.
I know. I love fucking with him
like that.
You know that JETTA don't like it
when you do shit like that.
Yeah, i know. I need to stop. But
its addicting.
WILLIAM climbs into his car and starts it up just sitting
there with the door open.
Yeah i know its addicting. But it
just makes you look bad.
Yeah, your right. Well listen, I
will see you tonight. I have to
go home and pack and get some
grub. Later.
Im going to do the same. See you
Both DRAKE and WILLIAM drive away into the distance.
DRAKE is unloading his bags out of his car just as WILLIAM
drives up next to him. WILLIAM comes to a stop next to
DRAKE, gets out and walks to the back of his SUV and opens
the back door up. He grabs a handfull of suitcases.
Your late.


DRAKE shakes his head and takes his bags to the plane. JETTA
and SAM are already packed and loaded on the plane. SAM
sticks his head out of the entrance.
We were spose to have left twenty
minuites ago. Were going to be
Move your asses.
DRAKE loads the rest of his bags in the plane and walks back
to help WILLIAM.
      (Joking Around)
Yeah WILLIAM, move your ass
WILLIAM give DRAKE a dirty look and loads the rest of his
bags on the plane and climbs aboard, closing the small door
behind him.
Lets go.
Everyone climbs out of the plane looking like they haven't
slept in weeks. Its two aclock in the morning and two
middle-aged women about the ages of thirty-five, and fourty
step out of two diffrent BLACK SUV'S. SARA and BETTY walk
up to the plane.
      (Looking Confused)
DRAKE and WILLIAM walk up to her and all three shake hands.
Im BETTY, and this is SARA. Im to
take you two to ST. ALBERT. There
will be a house already there for
you that i think that you will
like. You have two diffrent
vehicals. DRAKE, you have the
RODEO. You will get them when we
get into town. Here are your


                       BETTY (cont'd)
keys. Don't loose them because
you will not get a second set. I
sugest that you get a spare made
at the local HARDWARE store here
soon and put it in a safe place.
Its not that i have another set of
keys and don't want you to have
them. Its simply that i don't
have another set. I would have
made a spare already but you two
came on such short notice. As you
know you can get ahold of MR.
TOMSON and MISS YOUNG by there
cell phones. If you do not have
them i suggest that you go and get
them before we head out and also
make sure that they have a way to
contact you as well. You will not
have a house phone at the house
you will be staying in.
DRAKE and WILLIAM head to the car with BETTY while SARA
heads over to JETTA and SAM.
By you guys. See you in a few
weeks. Call if you need anything.
SAM and JETTA wave goodby and the car drives off into the
DRAKE is in the back seat and WILLIAM is in the front seat
with BETTY driving. DRAKE is about to fall over and fall
asleep due to the trip. WILLIAM is almost asleep but can
still keep his self up.
First thing im going to do is take
a long hot bath and then climb
into bed. I hope i get a good,
long, deep sleep. I sure need it.
Me too.
BETTY looks in the rear view mirror and sees drake passed
out in the back seat.


Looks like DRAKE is going to skip
the bath part and just go to bed.
WILLIAM looks behind him in the back seat at DRAKE.
      (Joking Around)
You think we can get him out of
the car?
      (Joking Around)
Yeah. Just pull him out of the
car onto the ground and through
some cold water on him and he will
be wide awake.
Both WILLIAM and BETTY start to laugh but try not to laugh
to loud to wake DRAKE up.
WILLIAM is putting some eggs on two plates along with some
bacon and some hash browns and places them at the table.
DRAKE walks in and sits at the table.
Did you sleep well?
Yeah, but for some reason when i
woke up i was all wet. What does
a guy have to do to get a cup of
coffie around here?
WILLIAM gets up and walks to the counter and pours a cup of
coffie, then hands it to DRAKE.
Here you go. Im heading out for a
little while.
Where are you going?
WILLIAM reaches into his pockets and gets out his set of
keys and heads towards the front door.
I have to go and get a set of keys
made for the car.


DRAKE scrambles to his feet and heads over to the door and
grabs his keys.
Do me a favor pal. Make me a set
to while your down there.
Sure. No problem. Be back in a
few hours.
WILLIAM heads out the front door while DRAKE watches him
through the window. You then hear WILLIAM start up his car
and drive off. DRAKE then heads up stairs to his bedroom
with his cup in his hand.
DRAKE then takes off his robe reveling him with no shirt on
and in a pair of sweatpants. He opens his dresser and pulls
out a pair of blue jeans and walks into the bathroom. He
then comes back out wearing the jeans and goes over to the
closet and pulls out a nice button up shirt and puts it on.
You then see drake putting his gun in the shoulder holster
and grabbing his cup of coffie (now half gone) and head out
the door down stairs.
DRAKE walks outside and closes the door behind him with is
cup of coffie still in his hand and sits on the swing that
is on the porch. He starts to get relaxed and then you hear
a woman scream down the street. DRAKE jumps up and starts
sprinting down the street towards a crowd.
DRAKE runs up the the crowd and makes his way through the
people to find a young guy face down on the ground with a
knife in his back.
      (To Himself)
Oh, Shit
DRAKE makes his way to the growing crowd and sprints back to
the house and grabs his cell phone off the front porch next
to his cup of coffie and dials WILLIAM's number.


You need to get back to the house
now. There has been an incident.
Whats going on?
We have a body in town square. Its
in one piece but compleatly naked.
Alright. I'll be right there. Im
heading out of the hardware store
now. Did you call the Shariff's
department yet?
DRAKE walks back in the house and grabs the phone vook off
the end table by the door.
Im doing that now. How long is it
going to be until you get here?
About five minuites. Go ahead and
call the Shariff and tell him
whats going on and i will meet you
at the scene.
You know where to go?
Yeah. And if i get lost i will
just follow the crowd.
Alright. See you in a few.
DRAKE hangs up and flips open the phone book and finds the
shariff's number.


Yes. Hello. There is a body nude
in the middle of town square. Can
you send someone over there to
take care of it?
We have deputies in rough as we
Thank you.
DRAKE hangs up and runs back out to the porch gravving an
over-shirt off the chair on his way out and heads down the
street putting on the shirt to hide his weapon.
DRAKE makes his way through the crowd and sees two deputies
standing over the body talking amungst themselves. WILLIAM
makes his way through the crowd a few seconds later and
stands beside DRAKE.
What happened?
I don't know. I just walked out
side and sat down on the swing and
i heard someone scream. I then
ran over here to find this.
Ok. Well we have to be at the
department in twenty minuites for
or evaluation.
Wheres it at?
A few blocks down the street. We
better walk today. There is no
way were going to be able to get
past this crowd in the car and it
would be a waist of gas and time
to go around.
DRAKE and WILLIAM make there way back through the crowd and
head towards the department.


DRAKE and WILLIAM come up to the doors as two deputies run
Here we are.
Both DRAKE and WILLIAM walk through the doors and up to the
counter where Baylee is seated.
Im DRAKE SWANSON, and this is
see BAYLEE EDWARDS. We're the new
recruits from the acadamy.
Im BAYLEE EDWARDS. You two are
early. You will have to wait a
few minuites. We have a crisis on
our hands at the moment. You two
can have a seat over there until
we are ready for you.
BAYLEE points to two chairs in the corner of the lobby and
DRAKE and WILLIAM walk over and have a seat.


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From David Chase Date 7/24/2008 *
Right off the bat, the spelling and grammar is really bad, making for a difficult read. The dialogue is weak, I'd suggest reading it out loud, you'll see what I mean. The characters don't seem to act the way you'd expect. I picture agency guys as being worldly and suave, but in the restaurant scene everyone acts like teenagers. I also found there was a lot of action that didn't need to be seen on screen (ie. taking his dog home, discussion about extra sets of keys, etc). Every scene should start as close to the end of the scene as possible, and should lead into the next scene. Keep it tight. Also avoid saying "You see" and "we see" so much. I'd recommend doing a lot of reading on screenwriting and read a lot of scripts.

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