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by Rosie Baker (ohmoigod149theunderscoregirl@msn.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review: ***
Just a simple, short film. It was an english assignment, so, yeah.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


old man, boy lying on grass.
                       OLD MAN
that cloud is big and resonant.
                       OLD MAN
those clouds are small and meek.
Ah huh.
                       OLD MAN
What do you think those clouds
Uh, clouds?
                       OLD MAN
hah! Those clouds are just lazy…
mmm, yes, clouds can be a many of
things, boy. Anything can be a
many of things.
you talk too much.
                       OLD MAN
its better to be full then empty.
what, like a glass? Are you going
to describe the glasses now?
                       OLD MAN
no no no, boy, like a cloud.
a cloud?
                       OLD MAN
yes, a cloud.
okay then.


                       OLD MAN
I shall explain. There once was a
cloud that drank too much.
an alcoholic cloud?
                       OLD MAN
have you got a thickhead, boy?
                       OLD MAN
then I continue. There once was a
cloud that drank too much. He
would drink up all the water that
he could take in. It wouldn't have
mattered to him if he had burst,
just as long there was something
there to keep him full.
Eventually, he did burst, and all
the water he had been saving for,
only God knows, rained down on all
the people, and everyone was
happy. Mmm, the clouds are
nearing, better get inside, boy.
old man, boy sit up
hah, what is a god?
                       OLD MAN
a god, ay? Hah, many of things,
some good some bad. We could be
gods if we wanted to.
no we can't.
                       OLD MAN
don't put yourself down, boy. Gods
don't do that
sorter thing. Sure we can be
gods! If I were God, I would
understand more. I could
immediately know what is better
for me, and for all. That would
make me happy. Believing in
something can make you happy.
Heck, believing in myself, would
surly make me believe my
happiness. We could all go on and


                       OLD MAN (cont'd)
worship these God's that have been
created for us, some of us like
it, some of us, don't. What do
these god's have, that we don't
have? Yeah, go on, believe in this
"God", believe how it has created
something for us, believe that it
has done us all good. When will
the world just stop and say, can I
believe in myself? Yeah sure, some
have asked the same question. Look
at all the people in the world who
have. Huh, where did they go? We
struggle with life; we struggle
with all things in it. We just
have to get back on the road
again, cause who else will try to
pick us off it? God? That God who
is picking me up is me. We are all
supposed to believe in something.
Something out there that is bigger
than all of us. Something to fear.
Will we ever realize our own
dignity? The clouds are still
there, angry, as ever. Oh the
chaos of that question. Something
so small can end up so big. I now
just hope, that anything in this
world knows they have a right to
believe, and a right to believe in
them self.
What about the clouds?
                       OLD MAN
Forget about the clouds, boy.


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From Zachary Conan Bednar Date 7/30/2008 ***
Truly enjoyed it. Good work!

From Kevin Mitchell Date 7/29/2008 **1/2
I really liked it but I think that boy would have interupted his ramblings a LONG time ago. I would watch the grammar though, 3 pages is no excuse for errors.

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