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by Kemoneilwe Sello (sellokemoneilwe@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

The setting around New York,the story revolves around a company called Earth Pharmaceuticals,by day its a company like any other but with the fall of night the company engages in the most skin ripping trade of trafficking human body organs,Earth simply spots its prey(unsuspecting members of the public) abducts them and cuts them up to remove the organ that they want,money is made by doing costly transplants on folks with bigger wallets,the villain of the story is an overly wealthy man by the name Christopher Branson whilst our hero is Jack Black an FBI agent who is to go under cover to expose the company for what its worth,there is a lot of corruption,deception and a bit of heartache,enjoy it for what its worth im 20 years and its my first screen play.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



its a chilly night and almost everyone is inside,Crane
Pearson is hiking home from work,he is walking at a moderate
speed when suddenly a car comes at a dashing speed and stops
right before him,four fairly built strong men Raven a well
built serious faced English bloke--also leader of the
pack-Lenin arrogant Jacques and Tee more laid back pull out
--wearing black jump suites we see Crane Pearson surprised
and shocked he runs down street-it becomes a whirlwind chase
they catch up with him
there is a struggle as Crane fights the bulky guys off,they
overpower him- and pin him to the bare ground-we see the van
coming around
what do you guys want from me?
Lenin gives a terrified Crane A punch to the abdomen and
covers his mouth with tape
Shut the fuck up!
Tie him Jacques ,Tee ,Brian lift
him into the van be quick
                       RAVEN (cont'd)
Lenin come here
the arrogant man of Russian decent moves hesitantly closer
to Raven--we see him giving him hot blows to the
groin--Lenin out of force struts backwards--each time Raven
comes closer and punches him with harder force,he brakes a


what was that for?
lenin wipes a small trail of blood coming from his split
never ever lay your hands on the
i dont take orders from you Raven
we see Raven pinning Lenin to the wall--holding him in a
locked up position---Raven has a gun to his head
says who?
pull a stunt like that again i
wont hesitate to blow your pea
sized brain out
in the dark widowed van we see Crane injected with an
anesthetic---we see his restlessness----effects of the drug
become active --his energies are worn off---they drive to a
secluded spot
The van slowly enters through the large gates,guards
crosscheck and clear it before it is let in,it moves on to
enter a garage--we see it electronically being lowered into
an underground basement floor,Raven swipes a card through
one of the doors,he speaks to a guard through one of the
phones erected on the wall--his men closely behind with
Crane strapped in a custom made bed --Raven speaks into a
voice machine
Pact 105,code B167 up with
delivery 17
                       GUARD (O:S)
i need the reference number


                       GUARD (O:S)
cleared come through they waiting
for you at room 11 hall 2
we see the man wheeling the unconscious man to the specified
spot,they pass through hallways security is tighter with
guards in every corner ,their final destination is
reached---a very professional nurse assists them on where
and how to handle Mr Pearson---in the same room are six
other individuals aligned on beds--sound asleep----the
delivery is made --.
an attractive looking lady is on standby to offer
assistance--she is new to the office but not to the system
evening Miss... first day i see
is it that obvious . .Genvieve
Ravens boys seated by the corner are envious at the
attention he is getting from the super hot secretary.
so you French
guess i am cant hide it my
Engilish accent is very poor
he pauses at the statement----giving her a shot of his
hypnotizing eyes---clean smile a side of him he usually
doesn't reveal---


my species would find it utterly
alluring let me not waste your
time what do you have for my team
she presses a few buttons on the keyboard --the information
pops up
you way ahead of the other teams
but not finished for the day ,2
more deliveries to make
Lenin comes closer--bitter about the arrangement of things
what! two more deliveries when do
we get a break?
back to your seat Lenin stop
behaving like an arrogant ass
both to the cementry tomorrow you
will work on call
fair enough
                       RAVEN (CONT'D)
boys lets get going
We see a modern couple in the heat of passion--the young
woman dressed in an erotic way is known to us Susan
Chambers--arousing and teasing her fiance Garry---she is
holding some lingerie---stripping down in an enticing way we
see them all over each other --mourning,we get to have a
birds eye-view of their romping ---Susans expressions show
very well that she cant get enough but then her eyes BULGE


OUT clarifying horror---she has just seen a needle in
FLASH---and it has just gone into her system--we see her
being worn off falling to sleep---Garry gets off from
her--as he puts on his pants -- Raven and his boys make
their appearance--dressed in their usual work attire--they
have to evacuate the body---Garry is pacing about---peeping
out through the window--agitated--biting his nails
                       DR GARRY MADISON
could you guys be more faster
what do you think it is that we
                       DR GARRY MADISON
our neighbours are really nosey
we promised discretion and that is
exactly what you are going to get
Raven's boys carry the unconscious woman out of the room
moving to---
a van has just come about---driver waiting alert--two men
emerge carrying the young woman's body--Raven and Lenin
giving cover--armed--communication through signals ,they
commence through the partially lighted area and enter the
van in bullets speed---it takes off tires screeching
flowers in fresh water,there are life support machines and
the usual beeping sound--the little girls body is connected
to the different tubes--a small oxygen tube runs across her
nose--there is a reading of her vitals on the monitor her
name is Jessica ,mom Elizabeth--angelic with the innocent
housewife look dad Jack Black-lives for his wife and kid--
well built bloke,and not much of an emotional
expressionist-- --the couple is by their daughter's bedside
--we see exhaustion across the little girls face--


Elizabeth's face is etched with heart ache at the sight of
her child--holding the pink teddy bear high up on the air
look who is here to see you
                       ELIZABETH (cont'd)
daddy and i also have a surprise
for you
                       JACK BLACK
when you get better we taking you
where you've always wanted to go
Disney Land how does that sound?
the machines annoyingly beep --the little girl blinks more
profusely--she is in pain--we see the nurse coming
in--fiddling with the machines---she takes the couple aside
Mr and Mrs Black she needs her
rest i think its best if you guys
Jack Black comes around to his wife---who is strained by the
suggestion---we see him rubbing her shoulder--they watch on
to the ailing girl a frame and shadow of her former
self--nurse looks on anxiously
                       JACK BLACK
honey i think the nurse is right
Elizabeth struggles to leave they move to
Elizabeth breaks down---Jack comforting her she looks
washed up and numb.
what happened to our little girl
                       JACK BLACK
she is a fighter Liz,we going to
get through this


we see the doctor--middle aged man--with a thick nicely cut
beard--he is of a soviet decent approaching them from behind
startling them a bit--Elizabeth wipes away her tears.
your husband is right Mrs Black
she is a real fighter most kids
her age dont make it, you should
have hope this is her first week
of a complicated surgery and she
is already awake the odds of that
are one in a thousand
Elizabeth lighting up---peeps through the window---her
little girl peacefully asleep
                       JACK BLACK
when do you think we going to have
her home doc?
she is young her body is still
settling in with the foreign
material so i really cant say but
a good guess is that she will pull
thorough this
                       DOCTOR (cont'd)
what you both have to do is to
take each day as it comes
the doctor's pager beeps---
the theater is well lit--the whole scene very professional
with doctors and nurses in full attire and well equipped-the
operating table and utensils well arranged--the man under
the knife is Crane Pearson.Dr Vosky--the DR we had seen at
the hospital---and his team of professionals are busy doing
what they do best
Dr the anesthetic seems to be
wearing off


                       NURSE 2
he is coming to life
                       DR VOSKY
suction the blood its blurring my
pulse is at high 167
                       DR LEWINSKY
give him five mills of the
BP abnormal
we see the Nurse doing as the doctor requests
he is stabilizing
                       DR VOSKY
good Lewinsky finish tying him up
                       DR LEWINSKY
this is his last vital vein you
can position yourself
                       DR VOSKY
nurse bring the container closer
are you with me Lewinsky
                       DR LEWINSKY
all set in a count to three
                       DR VOSKY
ok 1 2 3 come to papa
the organ is successfully removed--we see them cleaning and
stitching the latter up--they pass his body under a device
that regenerates the skin,from the outside it looks like a
skin tanning machine--blue ray lights illuminate--it makes a
gentle but annoying noise before it lets out a fuller human
being without a single scratch in sight the doctors are


impressed about the new device its a break through in
medical technology
                       DR VOSKY
this device is incredible
                       DR LEWINSKY
proffessor alonso's brainchild
                       DR VOSKY
                       DR LEWINSKY
the asshole is filthy rich took 10
million to develop this baby he
used his own funds can you believe
                       DR VOSKY
not surprised the world is full of
rich basturds
the office is filled with a lot memoir's and accolades Dr
Harrison a man portraying intelligence and innocence is
dividing his attention between the computer monitor and Dr
                       DR HARRISON
did it go down well?
                       DR VOSKY
it was the smoothest,i think its
best if we alert the client
                       DR HARRISON
isnt that too soon?
                       DR VOSKY
he is in a critical condition
                       DR HARRISON
IL put him up for Friday if that
goes well with your schedule


                       DR VOSKY
do what you have to do just make
sure we have him on the operating
table ASAP
Dr Garry Madison puts the files on the table we see Dr
Vosky shifting them to his side .the files all have small
passport size photographs on top. Dr Vosky unfolds each not
taking a long time to go through any for them.
                       DR GARRY MADISON
Its all in there they all clean
and fresh
                       DR VOSKY
Wonderful job Dr
                       DR GARRY MADISON
When do I get my money?
                       DR VOSKY
You'll have to see Harrison with
that but I'm really impressed
we going to need more next week
                       DR GARRY MADISON
Why don't you make it a fortnight
don't wanna raise any eyebrows.
                       DR VOSKY
as long as the orders keep coming
all shall be fine.
Its a closed up crime scene police and The FBI together with
their sniffer dogs are saturated at the spot,a naked body of
a young woman is the center piece of attraction--this
happens to be the same woman we saw romping with her lover
at the start of the story--there is blood everywhere its not
a kind sight--Agent Jack Blacks car pulls up in high


speed--we see him displaying his badge as he crosses the
yellow tape
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Black late as usual who did you
screw last night?
                       JACK BLACK
your wife
the detective is offended by the statement--he charges at
Black one of the Agents stops him
                       AGENT BALE
behave your selves this is not
Kindergarden there is a case to
attend to
                       JACK BLACK
well he asked
we see Jack Black surveying the body--observing it with
                       JACK BLACK
what happened over here?
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
homicide we have two sets of
footprints and a murder weapon she
must have been sexually assaulted
and brutally murdered
                       JACK BLACK
that was too quick Kimble is that
what they teach at detective
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
why am i not surprised i knew
you'd object typical FBI behavior.
Jack Black squats to have a better observation


                       JACK BLACK
well i think there is more to this
than meets the eye
every one at the scene stops and pays attention--Jack looks
more overconfident---his feuds with Kimble always provided
much needed entertainment--
                       JACK BLACK
for starters there are no signs of
a struggle here which is really
unusual for the scenario you are
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
thats lame Black
                       JACK BLACK
all i see is a narrow deep cut
which if you are logical enough
couldn't have let this much blood
out let alone splatter all over
the place
                       JACK BLACK (cont'd)
it might have been homicide but
the setting is something out of
the odinary
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
i still cant get you Black
                       JACK BLACK
whats so hard to understand-she
wasnt killed here this is a
planted homicide
                       AGENT BALE
major Black
                       JACK BLACK
lets hear what Mortolla has to say
all attention goes on Mortolla a chubby criminologist with a
unique stride


observing the scenario more than
Five liters of blood has been
lost,moving to the victim that cut
is too narrow to have let much of
the red substance out the more
blood you loose the paler you get
which in this case looks pretty
abnormal to me because she still
has her tone
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
you cant make a conclusion until
you've been to the lab
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
I've been doing this for years
surveying a crime scene doesn't
require a microscope
there is still a lot more confusion we see Kimble taking and
talking to Black aside the two happen to be close friends
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
still haven't lost your touch how
is Jess doing tried calling you
guys over the weekend but couldn't
get through
                       JACK BLACK
Liz wont stop crying feel like I'm
failing her
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
maybe you need sometime off work
                       JACK BLACK
coming to work keeps me sane
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
in case you need help buddy you
know where to find me
we see all resuming normality


                       AGENT BALE (O:S)
      (loud toned)
OK people lets wrap up time is not
on our side
it a beautiful summer day and the new children's park is
being opened by Christopher Branson--rough weathered facial
features but pure cleanliness
one of the richest men in the state and firmly known for his
fair and sometimes extraordinary donations to charity
we see and hear a crowd cheering---our point of view is from
a car across the street
two men lets call them Man 1 and Man 2 are discussing a
matter the point of focus here is Christopher Branson who is
glad and glam delivering a major speech on stage
we hear camera shots plenty of them---SNAP --SNAP we even
get to see Mr Branson through one of the camera lenses
                                         CUT TO
we commence with seeing a bunch of photographs being thrown
on to a long oak table-men in the background one comes and
picks them up --goes through them -these are all white
haired American men with years in government service--they
differ with their positions in the organization--there is an
on going argument
                       MAN 1
we got nothing on him its a waste
of taxpayers money
                       MAN 2
my sources are reliable i tell you
he is involved in this whole shit
                       MAN 2 (contn'd)
      (making hand
this son of a bitch is playing
mind games on us the charity funds
are just to shift our


                       MAN 2 (cont'd)
                       MAN 3
      (pacing about)
he's been on the low then major
blow out with fat checks at the
same time the people of New York
are disappearing don't blame you
for being suspicious
                       MAN 1
coincidences happen
                       MAN 2
coincidence my ass
                       MAN 3
      (taking a deep
any plans on how we going to crack
this nut open
                       MAN 2
yep i think i know our man for
this one
man 2 moves to the window and stares to empty space we see
the concentration shifting to his eyes ---its through the
same eyes that we move into our next scene
sun up horizon and sky beautiful we get a birds eye view of
a black executive car moving along a long and tall steel
Jack Black is with his wife and a well enough kid Jessica
spending family time together--its a happy occasion and two
men make an unexpected appearance they find Jack Black
rested on a garden chair --they lay forward an issue of
discussion as Jack watches on to his wife playing with his


                       MAN 1
didn't know you where such a
family man
                       JACK BLACK
things change...
                       MAN 2
guess you already know what we
here for the office wants you
                       MAN 1
its just basic undercover work
nothing hectic
                       JACK BLACK
basic with you guys usually spells
                       JACK BLACK (cont'd)
not sure i can do anything
challenging at the moment my
daughter just got off from the
                       MAN 1
we not asking you Black its an
order you might as well start
packing your bags
Jack black is packing his bag--taking his clothes one by one
and shoving them into the bag--Liz is by door watching we
see her giving him the stare unhappiness on her face Jack
is moving about the place taking everything that he
needs---his trainer a pocket size photograph of his daughter
and wife --there is not much being said the room is afloat
with emotion--Jessica is running around with her toys.
                       JACK BLACK
i have no other choice Liz
yes you do..... open your eyes and
see whats more important


                       JACK BLACK
don't make me choose,you and Jess
mean a lot to me
Jessica runs to her father's lap--he is seated on the bed
Daddy why you packing your clothes
                       JACK BLACK
daddy has to go to work princess
its only going to be a couple of
Jack shoots his wife an I'm sorry look
      (kissing dad)
im going to miss you
                       JACK BLACK
I'm going to miss you too angel
but promise me that you going to
be good for mommy
                       JACK BLACK
now off you go
the little girl runs off to her mom ----she is given a well
deserved cuddle---Jack takes his bags and passes by his
wife---there is a stiff eye-contact--he tries to give her a
kiss she moves her head sideways---he walks on by
      (teary eyed)
Jack drops his bags on the ground--passionate union--more of
a goodbye
                       JACK BLACK
i love you so much Liz


Elizabeth moves away
i love you too Jack but enough is
enough you cant keep doing this to
                       JACK BLACK
dont put me in such a spot Liz
                       JACK BLACK
if you walk out that door we wont
be waiting here when you comeback
we see Jack coming closer to his wife and her moving away
sobbing--but how many times has Elizabeth threatened to
leave her he lets her have her peace
its 8 o'clock --Crane Pearson is sound asleep when he is
abruptly awaken by his alarm clock--he is exhausted and
forces himself out of bed he is attacked by a sharp piercing
pain in the abdomen we hear a hard knock on the door Crane
goes off in a sloths pace to open it up we see him taking
rest on a worn up couch
hey buddy
      (puzzling energy)
give me the details
what details grab yourself some
beer in the fridge
you look washed up buddy aren't
you going to say something?


Crane tries to pick up the remote control on top of the
table but is attacked by another sharp piercing pain--we
here him growling worrying his friend
                       JIMMY (cont'd)
Buddy whats wrong?
was just fine when i knocked off
from work
you sure
passed by the station 2 hours ago
had to practically beg them to
spare you your job
now you really confusing me
dude you have been missing for a
whole two days dont tell me you
dont know where you where.
shit the bitch must have got you
brain washed.
---we see a long pause--
what bitch? what day is it?
no its a wednesday
we see Crane looking into empty space as though he is
looking for answers---he stands up to have a look at his
refrigerator calender which he usually marks when he comes
home from work he stumbles to the ground


Crane whats wrong
      (clutching his
this pain in my chest
think we need to see a DR
you probably right
Jimmy helps the ailing Crane up
Crane is on the bed top off--a female doctor we shall name
Dr Heartily with a stethoscope around her neck--she does a
rough examination.
                       AGENT BALE
is it the first time an incident
of this kind has happened
yes do you know what might be
causing the pain
                       DR HEARTILY
its too soon to tell but I'll
refer you for an x ray scan and do
some overnight observation on you
to come up with your diagnosis
      (growling with
don't i at least get something for
the pain its so sharp i cant


                       DR HEARTILY
I'll give you some painkiller 5
mills of morphine sulphate will
do.you have to be admitted.
Mortolla has just finished doing an autopsy on the newly
identified body of Mrs Susan Chambers Detective Kimble is
around to find out about the new lead--Mortolla is glued to
the computer monitor as the detective finds him in a
cheerful mood
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Hey Mort what do you have for me
more inhumane discoveries
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
hit me dont keep me in suspense
her DNA revealed traces of a local
anaesthetic the biopsy scan later
revealed that she had recently had
a nephrectomy
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
a what?
a kidney removal
whats got me puzzled in all of
this is the skin around her cut it
continues to regenerate even after
all her vital organs have stopped
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
is that condition normal
nope never seen anything like it


                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
found anything on her medical
she has the cleanest medical
records i've ever seen the
operation doesnt exist
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
how is that?
beats me
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
i hate riddles
the best advice i can give you is
to let your imaginations run wild
who knows she might have been a
victim of the extraterrestrials
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
that shit is for NASA
Detective Kimble has arranged a meeting with Diane Susan
Chambers sister he is in search of leads on what might have
let to her demise--we see her by the lake feeding the swans
as they sway about--she is deep in trance---when Detective
Kimble finds her late as usual--panting
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Diane Chambers
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
Detective Kimble
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
so you the culprit fattening these


we see Diane pulling her windblown hair back---giving a
forced chuckle at the statement
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
      (forging a smile)
my sister loved this very spot we
used to come down here every
sunday morning
we see her handing Kimble some of the grains,they do the
feeding together
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
i notice that you two must have
been close,she must have been an
incredible person did she have any
unusual friends
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
not that i knew off we where
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
how about a patner?
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
she was engaged to Dr Garry
Madison loved my sister with all
of his heart he is shattered by
all of this you know
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
he runs a practice down town i've
known him for years.
there is a long nervous pause we see Diane in a nervous pose
before she regains her calmness and resumes her speech
                       DIANE CHAMBERS (cont'd)
why you asking a lot of questions
about him,if you think he was
anyhow involved in my sister's
murder you got it all wrong


                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
I'm not pointing any fingers here
you the one coming up with all the
we get a long eerie pause--grains are being thrown into the
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE (cont'd)
well thanks for all the
co-operation --we will try hard to
find your sisters killer
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
i hope so it would give all of us
a peace of mind
our view is off Kimble as he walks to his car--we see him
making a phone call to a
FRIEND who is very busy in his infrared room hanging
Photographs on a string
we see Detective Kimble walking at fast pace-- ON the other
side of the line there is John the detectives friend --he
has a piercing loud tone
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Johnny my man its been a long time
cut the bull Kimble what is that
you want
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
you know me very well don't you
need you to find anything that you
can on a Garry Madison he runs a
practice down town
how deep do you want me to go?
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
dig as much dirt as you can


the pay better be good this time
around give me a day and a half
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
wont let you down
we see a man dressed In a white gown --face not
shown----entering the room where all the results are
put----he is holding a paper pocket---with the name Crane
Pearson written in bold across it---these are Crane 's x-ray
scan results ,he removes the original results and inserts
his own copies----we then hear two female voices----mumbling
----our man hides behind a shelve----one of the DR's comes
in---its Dr Heartily ---she looks on the surfaces----finds
what she is looking for----CRANE PEARSON'S file--
DR Heartily is together with Crane presenting him with
results of his scan---we see a picture of his lungs very
well on the x-ray observatory machine---Dr heartily is
calmly translating the results to him in an understandable
                       DR HEARTILY
Mr Pearson ,how are we today, any
Not too well those painkillers
only work for an hour
                       DR HEARTILY
I'm still not done with your
-----we see the keen Dr standing up switching on the
observatory machine -----She nervously presents the news
                       DR HEARTILY
These are your scan results and
fortunate enough they don't show
any in-formalities ---your chest


                       DR HEARTILY (cont'd)
area appears to be perfectly
normal and healthy to me
Are you telling me that there is
nothing wrong with me
                       DR HEARTILY
With all the tests that we've done
we cant make sense
of anything
                       DR HEARTILY (cont'd)
Even your blood tests came back
Just as she is still explaining the whole information to the
young man another Dr---male of Russian decent--Dr
Vosky---enters unannounced ----he is in a hurry----startles
them a bit and presents his message straight and quick to
the point ---he glances at Crane Pearson---avoids eye
contact the best way he can and passes on by
                       DR VOSKY
Heartily they need you in ER ASAP
                       DR HEARTILY
I'm still in consultation with a
                       DR VOSKY
Its an emergency one of your
--he makes an exit ----attending his beeper
Does he work here. .
                       DR HEARTILY
Sure he is one of the best
expatriate surgeons this hospital
has ever had


swear i've seen him somewhere
                       DR HEARTILY
It was probably on TV he has made
a few guest appearances on the
We see the Dr's beeper troubling her she is really needed
in ER -----this is much to the annoyance of crane Pearson
who Is persistent about the need to know what the course of
his ailment is
                       DR HEARTILY (cont'd)
As I've mentioned Mr Pearson all
the tests that we've done don't
show a single abnormality in your
we hear a beep once more--they really need her in Er
What about this pain that Im
feeling you cant put me on
painkillers forever
                       DR HEARTILY
I understand I'll have to consult
the other doctors about your
predicament ,now If you'll kindly
excuse me I really need to
go--I'll refer you to one of the
nurses till i come back
--- this infuriates the ailing Crane Pearson--- he goes
vulgar---we see him standing up and banging the desk
---fists folded out of anger
I don't need you to refer me to a

I need to know what the fuck is
wrong with me


---we see the Dr startled and moving away from the
latter---she tries to be calm and collected but its very
clear that she in a vulnerable position-----
                       DR HEARTILY
I wont condone the use of that
language in my office
--- we see Crane clutching on to his chest ----it's a sight
of a man in pain--the dr interprets it as a stunt ----she
wastes no time in calling security---- Crane is on the floor
spiting out vulgar words and mourning all at the same
time--this has caught almost every-body's attention--nosy
people are already making an audience--- attentive and stand
still----two broad shouldered security guys manage to calm
the latter down overpowering him with the view of their
thick frames ---
--- Showing concern---
DR are you alright
                       DR HEARTILY
Yep, that was quite an act wasn't
He is a maniac
---we here a beeping sound once more---
                       DR HEARTILY
Shoot almost forgot that im needed
in ER
----we see the Dr rushing off-
We are in the conference room --long oak table---accolades
on show--the formal view---man 1 ,man 2 and man 3 now known
to us as George Fren---Morphis---and Scott Clifford---are


all in a session with Jack Black briefing him on the
case----Pictures of Branson are on a slide show---one after
the other they appear on the large projector
                       JACK BLACK
Why me couldn't you have chosen
somebody else
                       GEORGE FREN
You are the best son your
portfolio says it All
                       JACK BLACK
So what do we have on this guy?
We convinced he is into something
really illegal----had a source
from the inside who revealed that
he is into human trafficking
                       GEORGE FREN
We need you to be part of his
social circle . . . He is enticed
by money
                       GEORGE FREN (cont'd)
You wont search far for his
attention you'll have it the
minute you enter his wavelength
                       JACK BLACK
What about my safety
                       GEORGE FREN
      (giving a smug
We got it all sorted out
We see a complete transition----change of scenario in
relation to the latter's words flashy music will do at this
                                         CUT TO


The sound engineers will sort out this one, we see Jack
Black on a revolving chair---white cloth On shoulders
covering him up ---we introduce a guy named Harry--gayish in
a sought of way----he is a PROSTHETIC ARTIST----with a team
of five people---they all working their magic on Jack
transforming him gradually ---we hear snipping ---make up is
applied over the newly recreated face---his hair cut is
snazzy and says a lot about him---this transformation is
done in excellence and with love---after all the trouble and
energy out emerges a new man with a different hair do---our
man has a fresh radiant breath taking look-----he is
executive with the whole designer suite an all---they nailed
this one--he is not allowed to see the distinctive artistic
outcome until Morphis and Fren come into the show
room---Harry presents his work to the bosses----we get a
transition to---
The huge oak door Opens side ways---we see Harry with a
satisfying expression in his eyes---Bernard Phantom our
undercover officer makes a grand entrance
Gentlemen we present our latest
invention . . .MR BERNARD PHANTOM
---there is exasperation----utter perfection as the latter
is uncovered---the two aged men are amazed by the
outcome---Jack will now continue to exist with his new
identity as Bernard Phantom--it is at this stage that
everything to fit his transformation is given to him-- fake
ID's credit and debit cards the list goes on
We are at a gala event-----there are different biddings
going on ------there is glitz and glamour the works ----the
towns wealthiest folks are present----Our villain
Christopher Branson is very much the centre of attraction
being the organizer of such an event----people are sipping
on champagne and wine----caviar is on display-----all
concentration is on the BIDDING MASTER an artwork is on


display------BERNARD PHANTOM our undercover agent is close
by-----we see the rich folks shooting him unsuspecting
looks---they cant help it even I cant help it---he is fresh
clean---alluring and has the WOW factor
                       BIDDING MASTER
With me here I have an exquisite
piece of artwork. . . . it
resembles. . . . wealth . . . high
Skillman power and alot more . .
it is to my knowledge that it took
five years to make currently
having being owned by the Queen
herself and a few other well known
staunch public figures it is by
far our most cherished piece—cant
say more bidding will start at 1
we hear mumbling across the whole hall-----Christopher
Branson shooting looks on every Conner of the big gala
hall-----in every one of these are men----his associates
----his watch dogs----known only to him-----as everyone is
formal-----few wealth stricken people are trying out their
luck----our bidders will be numbered from 1,
                       BIDDER 1
I will have It for a million and a
                       BIDDER 2
Il take it for 1.5
                       BIDDING MASTER
Do I hear something more than that
ladies and gentleman
                       BIDDER 3
we hear murmuring--we see fiddling-excitement
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
2 million


-------we see complete silence across the whole
room-----that is the highest bid by far-------there is a
long pause for a while-----bidding master about to close the
bidding to the piece when our man suddenly makes a star
entrance. . . . . .
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
I will have it for 2.5
-----as our man speaks from the back of the hall---all
people stare his direction----opening ways for him to pass
by -----its all eyes on him-----confidence------freshness
all making a permanent trail as he walks on by.
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
The two supposedly wealthy men keep shooting each other
stares----we see a challenge in the brewing-----
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
3 million
                       BIDDING MASTER
Wow three million, ladies and
gentleman do I hear somebody
challenging that. . ..no. . .no. .
. no. no

3 million it is to the man in the
designer suite
We see claps---admiration----and murmuring on people wanting
to know more about the first ever man to beat the wealthiest
man in town on a biding fare.

-----the prey has just been sported------
---much later ---spot on we follow Branson as he makes his
way to Bernard Phantom by the food trays-----he is holding a
glass of strong whisky on his other hand-----his stride must
depict wealth stature and overconfidence----Bernard Phantom
is really being the part------
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
That was quite a lump sum


                       BERNARD PHANTOM
We might as well spend it ,life is
too short
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Bernard.. . . .Bernard Phantom
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
So what it is that you into,
haven't heard of you before
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
I'm into a lot of things, shipping
, real estate banking and mining
you name it
define my self as a multitasker.
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
Where do you operate ,must be a
lot on money especially on the
mining front, got to admit that
I'm quite interested my self
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Outside the state, Africa is the
jewel of all jewels, want to
establish your self you might as
well start doing it now.
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
How about a drink tomorrow at
twelve my estate at the top of the
hill ,you can tell me more about
this mining boom I also have a few
business proposals for you.
the establishment is going well
The PC is the only source of light in John's workplace,
detective Kimble's long time associate in crime detection


and investigation, he is busy with all concentration and
eyes on his P.C. There is a hard knock on the door. Kimble
is impatient on the hallway
Who is it?
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
It's me Kimble, come on open up
You know the procedure
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Are you still doing this shit?
Grow up
-long pause--------looks around to see if no one is making a
mockery out of him---unwillingly-----
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
That's the old password
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
The world is fucked up
With no hesitation, John walks over to open the door for an
exhausted Jack.
That wasn't so hard was it?
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Screw you
what do you have for me?
Get yourself some beer in the
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Wasn't talking about beer


Oh the Garry Madison case
Plenty of dirt to cover all of you
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Don't keep me waiting
He was born Garry Philip Madison,
studied medicine for six years in
Russia but had to come back after
he was arrested on convictions of
child trafficking
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
What happened to the case?
It was never resolved; he then
went to settle in Cambodia where
he opened a practice which also
doubled as a drug cartel until it
got exposed by a few Asian
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
What an asshole, how did he get
out of that one?
He must have met up with a bunch
of corrupt bustards
He was never convicted his state
RECS are as clean as the Virgin
John opens one of the Drawers and removes an envelope
containing Photographs of the latter. He then switches on
the desk lamp
                       JOHN (Cont'd)
These where taken today down town
at Brook's cafe
I couldn't identify the lady
friend he was with.


                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
These where taken today down town
at Brook's cafe
I couldn't identify the lady
friend he was with.
They where all over each other,
when they parted it was very
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
This bitch deserves an Oscar, she
is quite an actress
We back at the warehouse, Dr Vosky and his team is busy at
work with what seems like the hardest operation they have
ever performed. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson are watching through a
glass window from outside the box---it's their son on the
operating table
his breathing is unstable
                       DR LEWINSKY
get his sats
                       NURSE 2
all his vita . ls are unstable i
think he is . . .. .
                       DR LEWINSKY
give him five mills of the
                       DR LEWINSKY

We just about to implant
The new kidney, he has
To respond it's the only way
We will know if his body
Reacts to the foreign


                       DR LEWINSKY (cont'd)
                       DR LEWINSKY
we loosing him Vosky
                       DR VOSKY
we not loosing him connect him
nurse give him more of the O2,make
it up to 17litres
                       DR LEWINSKY
that should be his last vital vein
his vitals are slowly getting back
to normal
                       DR VOSKY
thats a good sign his body is
accepting the organ
We are in Branson's favourite chill out spot--- Phantom is
in for a drink ----the two men are clearly on
business-----a-----security is tight----with Branson's
henchman on call----in each corner of the office are hidden

We see Phantom doing a sketched observation of the
office---admiring the photo collection----and the various
---he takes a framed picture on his hand-----portrait of a
woman ---beautiful
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
That's my wife. .late wife to be
more precise
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
What happened?


                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
Left me for a richer folk but died
the same night on
A highway accident
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
That's sad
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
That was twenty years ago she
could still be alive if I had got
richer sooner.
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Women we can't live with or
without them.
we see Branson frolicking with some papers--then laying some
on his desk----Phantom moving closer----
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
What are these figures all about
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
Stock markets and returns for
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON (cont'd)
The figure in the bottom part of
the pages are funds we in short
off, the one on the left is the
returns we stand to gain if we
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
This is multiple times the first
figures you gotta be kidding me.
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
Thats how much we can make if join
me and my associates---there is
money in this business


                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Didn't know there was such money
in the pharmaceutical
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
There isn't but as an eligible and
intelligent business man you
always have to make extra
reservations to supplement your
bank balance----in short what I'm
saying is that this is a dirty
business if you prepared to go
unclean join us and you wont
regret it.
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Business is never too clean or too
dirty, i'm prepared to do a mud
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
love the enthusiasm
--They celebrate the union with a toast-----as far as
Branson is concerned everything is going as planned----
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
One more thing Earth will be
donating a million to the LIVING
ANGELS HOSPIAL on surtaday its
going to be major social event
with a bit of touring
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON (cont'd)
Nothing to hectic you just have to
be there,smile for the camera and
be gentle
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
i'll rearrange my schedule to fit
it all in


there is a board meeting going on----all the major earth
network shareholders are clearly visible and outstanding
around the long exquisite oak table---------new and glad is
our man Bernard Phantom-----stylish and playing the
part--we see him being introduced to the other
members------CRHISTOPHER BRANSONS presence seems to be of
the most importance in the meeting-----
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
Gentlemen today I'm glad to
announce that we have gladly added
a new member to our already
perfect association----he is our
newest member and hopefully what
we have been in search of ,for
these past few month
Gentlemen Bernard Phantom, Mr
Phantom you've just sealed off our
hive we might well say screw those
bloody communists
We hear cheering in a wealth man way-----heads nod----what
he is saying must make sense-----Phantom looks the
part-----but in all the man glad in suites at the meeting
there seems to be man who is out of place---wearing
spectacles---a white coat----and very calm-----we introduce
DR HARRISON-----BRANSONS left hand man and confidant the man
behind the smooth sailing of things in the multimedia
industry------the meeting doesn't last that long as
immediately beautiful women serve the men of nationals with
drinks----vodka on ice to be more precise the men scatter
about the room everyone of them wanting a piece of
Phantom-----then an then the shoot questions about his
occupation------as the other man chatter away we see the
calm DR walking Phantoms way---there is calmness in the way
they converse
                       DR HARRISON
Mr Phantom. . . . let me formally
introduce my self
DR Stuart Harrison. .


                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Oh. . A Dr impressive, nice to
meet you
                       DR HARRISON
There is a mysteriousness about
you, how come you willing to
invest this much on a company you
don't know so much about
From across the room Branson comes the two men's way------
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
Phantom. . . I see you have
already met my left hand man
Dr Harrison he is our idea making
machine. . .just like his father
We see chuckles . Branson off –in and between their
conversing we get to see a young woman—one of the attractive
maids who was serving the men with drinks collecting all the
dirty glasses---
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
He said something about your
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
Yep he was one of the co-founders
of the company, died when i was
twelve .. .
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Must have been hard. . .how did
you start up with Earth
                       DR HARRISON
I was adopted by Branson soon
afterwards, so grew up knowing
that I had a place in this company
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Guess there is a lot that I don't
know then .mind showing me around
. . . .


                       DR HARRISON
No not at, I'll take you. down to
the labs, that's where all the
interesting stuff is.
the amazement in PHANTOMS eyes is highly noticeable as he
browses through the highly technical machinery----or lets
rather say equipment----dozens of men are busy at
work----some on the computers some on the microscopes---some
wearing protective suites its all a mini world ----some of
these machines he has never seen before-----they walk on
by---not staying long and Phantom not asking so may
questions---- as a board member like him doesn't need to
know more about the manual handling of operation to the
company---The DR briefs him on what they roughly do whilst
he walks on by.
                       DR HARRISON
This is operation room one.. . our
specimens are kept here
For a day before they go under the
knife. The machine you see in the
corner is a UPCE skin binder
machine----took millions to make
they get on to the hall way--passing the other rooms as it
requires complex pin codes to access them
                       DR HARRISON (cont'd)
That is our organ bank, its where
we keep all the fresh flesh

A4 is the computerized part of the
room---we do checks study
databases and process all
information on our people
As they walk on by we see a room at the end of the
hallway---tightly sealed---complex entrance and two cautious
warning signs ----its hard not pay attention to it
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
What's in there?


                       DR HARRISON
That's the sluice— the acid pools
. .all the shit is burned out and
melted in there

We get the magic liquid from the
East but lately supplies have come
to halt it really hasn't been of
much use
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Where about in the east is that
                       DR HARRISON
The Soviet Union, communication
has been bitter between Branson
and Vladimir. .so we are behind
with a lot of things
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
                       DR HARRISON
It's a long complicated story
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
      (admiring his
I'm really impressed you guys have
really sealed up
                       DR HARRISON
Our security system is really
complex, penetration from the
outside can make us lose millions
in a day---we keep tags on all our
employees. .
                       DR HARRISON (cont'd)
we also operate with the green
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
what's that?


                       DR HARRISON
a green button sized dot system of
identifying earth employees,every
employee has to display one.
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
do i have to wear one as well?
                       DR HARRISON
you not part of the minority so
you dont have to worry about that
--just as they walk past in the hall way----a man wearing a
white coat comes along ----his accent is very
soviet----doesn't say much but makes eye contact with
Phantom----He notices him from somewhere---he is the Dr from
the hospital-----the accent gives him away
                       DR VOSKY
DR Harrison ,you still around, I
compiled the report on the
your table
                       DR HARRISON
That's brilliant I'll have a look
at it and see if it makes sense
                       DR HARRISON (CONT'D)
Almost forgot how did the
operation go
                       DR VOSKY
We had a rough start but managed
to get out on top, he is going to
be fine
-we see him passing on by--leaving the two men alone------as
they continue with their explorations-----Phantom seems a
bit distant as he tries to play the whole thing on his
mind----that is with no doubt the DR from the hospital
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
so how do you go about recruiting
your. ..our employees


                       DR HARRISON
The doctors we get from state
hospitals across the world mostly
from Russia through our
connections---the rest we do an
internal recruitment from our
pharmaceutical companies.
We hear glasses hitting against each other on the tiny
trolley—packed with a few alcoholic beverages---the Maid who
had earlier collected then seems to be working
nervously---wearing clear plastic gloves--- these are
sightings of a woman working under pressure-----we see her
pouring out the drinks from the glasses---but that's not
all---with every glass she seems to be looking at the
underside(base of glass)—what is it that she is looking
for---there she finds it—the credentials she is been looking
for---SS4 written engraved clearly with thick
characters---we see her quickly inserting the glass into a
plastic Zip up pocket
                       DR HARRISON
      (nodding his head)
Gentlemen. . . .
Mr Phantom this is our best field
security team---lead by Raven our
very best men
--stares some cold some unkind----maybe its just normal
earth network behaviour------Raven stands up---Boldly
walking up to the man-----he has a cold---serious
face---looks strong and makes Phantom look like a midget
protruding a hand and giving Phantom the Firmest
handshake----his voice is heavy as the part he plays---
      (very firm)
Welcome aboard
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
thank you


                       DR HARRISON
We'll leave you gentlemen alone to
continue with your business
--the tour reaches an end—---the two men click---and seem
comfortable with each other---
                       DR HARRISON
Join me for Golf someday, most
don't find it very enticing but
its the best game created by
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
I'm up for the challenge
DR Harrisons rushes into his office as if he is out to get
something he comes around to the beautifully carved desk
----opens the different drawers----before he finds it----in
a clear plastic bag----the glass he had instructed the maid
to put aside for him---
                       DR HARRISON
good girl
We see Jessica---jacks little girl playing in the open
living room----she is playing with her dolls---mum is
keeping a close eye on her with a book on the couch---the
room glowing with harmony but loneliness as the man of the
house has been gone for a while----we see mum shooting Jess
a happy look----but suddenly as everything seems to be
peaceful----blood—on Jessica's mouth ----tears rolling down
on her face------we see mum jumping from the couch running
over to her----scared-----rushing for the phone---putting it
in one ear as she attends to her daughter
Honey .. god. .what's happening


                       ELIZABETH (CONT'D)
911 . .hello I need an ambulance.
. .my daughter is throwing up
blood its all over the floor---she
is unconscious
                       OPERATOR (V;O)
Alright I need you come down and
give me your address. . make sure
she is not lying down
      ((breaking down))
Jess honey. . .this cant be
happening .. . .please don't die
on me. . .hold on tight
we switch on to much later on the driveway of the
residence-----lights flash as paramedics wheel the ailing
child away----we see Liz sadly watching her daughter---there
is a man at the scene hugging on to her----he is well
groomed ---and a real gentleman.
We'll drive in my car
Yes you probably right but I must
try calling Jack again
We see him opening the door for her---standing before
her----softly wiping away her tears-----
Forget about Jack if he cared so
much he would be here not me
-we see Liz going quite----hopping into the expensive
car-she looks drained-


Its another day at the office, Dr Madison had just finished
attending to his last patient, . Detective Kimble enters on
request and finds the attractive receptionist busy on the
monitor. we see him looking about, admiring the health
advice posters on the wall before he walks over to the
Can I help you sir?
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
ahh yes
I'm looking for DR Garry Madison
Do you have an appointment?
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
No its an urgent matter
I'm sorry there is no way I can
help you, DR Madison asked not to
be disturbed.
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Does he have company?
no he doesnt but he really asked
not to be disturbed
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
then i guess i'll let my self in
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Sir that is trespassing
He removes a Badge from his coat and shows it to the uptight
and worked up receptionist. passing on with no hesitation
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Detective Kimble NYPD lady I can
trespass if I want to.


He barges in to the office with the receptionist closely
behind him, Dr Wilson who was about to make a phone call
quickly puts down the phone puzzled by the commotion.
                       DR GARRY MADISON
What the hell is going on?
i tried to stop him sir
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Name is agent Kimble sir my
request to ask a few questions
about your late fiancé
                       DR GARRY MADISON
You can go Miss Blake I'll handle
every thing.
Have a seat detective
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Thank you
-all settles down---we get a grim pause
                       DR GARRY MADISON
You wanted to ask me questions
about Susan
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
      (maintaining eye
DR MADISON you look quite calm for
a man who has just lost the love
of his life.
                       DR GARRY MADISON
Is that a question?
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Do you know of anyone who might
have wanted to harm your Fiancé?


                       DR GARRY MADISON
Do you think she'd be dead If I
knew, I loved that woman more than
anything in this world.
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Diane made that very clear to me.
                       DR GARRY MADISON
The name causes much tension especially on the latter's
side--- he seems uncomfortable---we see him trying to avoid
further conversation.
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Just how close are you to her?
                       DR GARRY MADISON
What are you getting at Detective;
I refuse to answer anymore of your
questions without a
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
You welcome, just make sure you
come in for questioning tomorrow
at eight o'clock
Its utter silence as the quirky detective leaves
Bernard Phantom is in D.C to give the latest report on his
undercover case-----The office is tightly
closed----atmosphere comfy enough for discussion----Fern,
Morphis and Scott Clifford are attentive and inquisitive
about the feedback-------
                       SCOTT CLIFFORD
Didn't really no it was that huge


                       JACK BLACK
We talking about an organisation
here something lager than the
REDCROSS, I might have made it
into Branson's books but we going
to need more than one undercover
officer to crack this one up
I understand your point, they've
really covered up haven't they,
18 years in existence
                       SCOTT CLIFFORD
God knows how many people have
fallen victim to those savages
                       GEORGE FREN
We'll find a way through this one
at least we sure about our facts
---the discussion is still on---but across the room is a
picture on show which not in a noticeable way to the men
before him catches Jacks attention-----could his eyes be
playing games on him or what -----he has seen that picture
somewhere-----portrait of woman beautiful in all ways
-----that surely is the same picture he had seen in
Branson's office---
We see our undercover FBI officer putting the shock
realisation and clouded assumptions at the back of his
mind----there are more serious things like his wife and kid
we see Jack playing around with his fingers
                       JACK BLACK
I been trying to call my wife have
there been any changes that i
wasn't told about .
we see the atmosphere turning tense -----awkwardness
                       GEORGE FREN
Your wife and daughter are
perfectly fine we know that you
want to contact them but because
of the seriousness of the case


                       GEORGE FREN (cont'd)
communicating with them could
spell trouble
                       SCOTT CLIFFORD
We keeping a watchful eye on them
the only thing you need to worry
about is Branson
                       JACK BLACK
As long as they are safe and
alright I'll do my assignment with
ease and excellence
We are at the landfill of New York the caterpillar operator
is on the machine neatly gathering up all the litter onto
one hill---, the machine gets quite bumpy as he tries to
capsize the rubbish from under to the top-----, he tries to
ruffle it up as he observes a rather irregular object------
more like human arm. We see him getting off ---- slowly
walking over to the piece of meat—----there are more
discoveries, at the realization we see him alerting the
officials------ police are called to the scene—----
investigations as usual. This time around the FBI are in
presence. This is by far the worst of all the scenes they
have surveyed. There is also a camera crew reporting live
from the place of incidence. Kimble and a certain FBI agent
are crouching over the body as they have a chat.
                       AGENT BALE
What's happening to the people of
New York Kimble?
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
That's a question I can't answer,
you work for the FBI aren't you
guys supposed to know everything
before it happens.
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE (cont'd)
who ever did this must have been a
really heartless son of a bitch


Just then a police officer who happens to be rampaging over
the rubble comes across another body this time it's a
smaller body of a young Chinese boy----- it has similar
characteristics to the other slain bodies,--- horrific scene
to the law officers, the media has a field day broadcasting
all this to the nation
Detective Kimble
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
You have to see this
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
He is just a small boy
                       AGENT BALE
Sure hope this doesn't arrive in
the white house
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Controversy, is the
The international media's high, I
bet my ass on it will be
everywhere on the news tomorrow
                       OFFICER 2
This place smells like shit
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
What does it matter, we're in that

Let the FBI take care of this we
gotta push up on the Susan
Chambers case.
He stands up from the rubble in disgust and sympathy.


We see the law-enforcers all cramped up in the small tv
room---watching prime time news,we get a view of the report
on television---unidentified officers are also discussing
the matter on hand
                       LADY REPORTER
just last week five people all in
the same area where reported
missing today more than six
unidentified bodies where found
slain at this landfill this has
increased mistrust in our police
system with many new york
residents now fearing for their
lives,there is still more to come
on the five o'clock news Jennifer
Moodley reporting for channel 3
law enforcement officers seem offended
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
thats absurd
                       OFFICER 2
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
its not as if we sit here drinking
tea all day.
Garry Madison appears at the NYPD offices for further
questioning on the Susan Chambers case. there are a couple
of other people who go through the vigorous questioning,
this includes, the neighbour Mrs. Baker and the victims
sister DIANE We are in the interrogation room where
Detective Kimble and a couple of his colleagues are grilling
everyone with questions. We see an unfortunate DR Madison
being the first on the hot seat----being as calm and
collected as he could be


                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Where were you the night Miss
Chambers went missing?
                       DR GARRY MADISON
I was in China on Business
                       AGENT BALE
Do you know of anyone who might
have wanted to harm her?
                       DR GARRY MADISON
I already answered that question
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
How was the relationship between
your fiancé and her sister Diane?
                       DR GARRY MADISON
They had regular fights like
normal sisters but it was just
that fights that usually ended no
where. Because of Diane's mental
condition the two have always been
the best of friends
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Mental condition you say do you
mind telling that in more detail
                       DR GARRY MADISON
She was diagnosed with
Schizophrenia three years ago. .
                       AGENT KEEL
quit with the medical terms this
is serious
                       DR GARRY MADISON
Its a psychotic disorder which
makes it hard for her to
distinguish between what is real
and what is not


                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
How regular and heavy are her
psychotic episodes
                       DR GARRY MADISON
I don't know but she can get
really violent
                       AGENT KEEL
Violent explain violent to me
                       DR GARRY MADISON
Bodily harm and aggression. . she
has threatened Susan before but
its absurd to think she would
actually kill her
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
My sources tell me that you two
are quite close
                       DR GARRY MADISON
well your sources need to get
their info right
We work together our relationship
is strictly professional
                       AGENT KEEL
Are you sure you have your facts
                       DR GARRY MADISON
Have no reason to lie
                       AGENT KEEL
Thank you for your co-operation,
you may be excused
We see the Handsome Dr departing from the interrogation
room, living the agents discussing the case.
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
      (pacing about)
something is not right


                       AGENT KEEL
its too early to judge him
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
This asshole was screwing two
sisters at the same time, got
caught in the act was scared of
his reputation being ruined and
maybe did a 'hire to kill' who
                       AGENT KEEL
nobody knows we dont even have
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
you probably right
-we see the quirky detective leaning towards a
microphone—speaking into it
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE (conti'd)
officer bring her in
An older woman, a neighbour and friend to the late woman,
enters the room, her face depicts nervousness about the
setting inside.
                       AGENT KEEL
Mrs. Baker a week before Miss
Chambers went missing and was
found dead, it is to my knowledge
that she had a confrontation with
her fiancé Garry Madison,
                       AGENT KEEL (cont'd)
Did you see or hear anything
unusual at the victim's residence
                       MRS BAKER
      (low tone)
I didn't see anything , but I did
hear sewaring and cursing


                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
From the bitter exchange of words
how many people do you think where
in the house?
                       MRS BAKER
I would say 3 if not more, I heard
two women screaming at each other.
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
could have DR Harrison been seeing
another woman apart from his
                       MRS BAKER
im not sure but i've seen him in
the company of a blonde beautiful
lady many times when Suzie was
away on work
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Would you be able to identify this
woman if you saw her?
we get a silence pause the old woman almost shaking--unsure
                       AGENT KEEL
Mrs Baker would you be able to
identify the woman
                       MRS BAKER
Yes I would
Kimble takes the agent aside---whispering---which we cant
hear---a minute later he is back---throws in a respective
way a photograph—more of a portrait of a facially well
designed young woman
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
MRS Baker mind taking a good look
at the picture before you and tell
me if you can recognise that young
We see the old lady holding the picture in her hand
carefully observing it----positioning her glasses as to not


make a mistake----the law enforcers all waiting
patiently---there is deafening silence----
                       MRS BAKER
That's her alright. ..That's the
blonde woman I've seen in the DR's
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Thank you so much Mrs Baker
We see the old woman being evacuated from the interrogation
room. The agents and NYPD all come together to reach a
conclusion after combining a few ideas.
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
I say we nail this asshole we've
got enough evidence to make an
arrest. . .he is doing reverse
psychology on us cant you see
                       AGENT BALE
The sister is also a potential
suspect, we can't do that
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
It's a matter of applying tactics
Bale; they could be in this
together for all we know.
                       AGENT BALE
lets take time to asses this.
exquisiteness across the room---white sheet king size
bed---we DR Garry Madison--looking stressed--biting his
nails----Diane half naked does her make up as she talks to
the DR whose reflection she sees in the mirror
                       DR GARRY MADISON
you shouldnt have told the
detective that we knew each other


                       DIANE CHAMBERS
      (powdering her
you where engaged to my sister how
could i not know you stop
                       DR GARRY MADISON
You gotta be careful here DI these
people are very tactful anything
you say might be used against you
later on
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
what do i do when they come up to
me and ask these sort of things
                       DR GARRY MADISON
be intelligent enough not to
mention you and i on the same
we see the Dr coming up to the window looking outside though
its dark---there is a soft breeze coming in--we see Diane
coming up to him hugging him from behind---he is stiff and
agitated---face almost worn out--he turns down Diane's
advances to kiss him
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
she is gone now,we can be together
which is the way its supposed to
The DR moves away from the window still in the same mood
                       DR GARRY MADISON
she was your blood sister and my
fiance god dammit Diane there is
no us i dont want to spend the
rest of my life in prison
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
what do you mean there is no us?
tell me you kidding right


we see Diane almost turning into an overnight
maniac--laughing and crying at the same time---getting
touchy feely with the DR who gets uncomfortable,we see him
calming her down
                       DR GARRY MADISON
      (kissing her)
you know how much you mean to me
be smart lets allow the situation
with the police to settle down
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
      (on his lap-child
as long as you promise to marry me
i want to be your wife
                       DR GARRY MADISON
in a month's time you'll be
wearing the biggest stone your
eyes have ever seen
At an angle we see DR Garry Madison leaving the plush
apartment---our view is from a car across the street---a man
is taking some shots of him as he lives his apartment---we
see the Dr being extra careful of his surroundings---
looking from side to side before hopping into the snazzy set
of wheels
Its a Saturday morning----big day big social event----our
men in suits are there-----1 million is being donated to the
hospital----there is large media coverage-----PHANTOM AND
BRANSON glad and glam in suites are heavily
present---grinning and smiling as they get to meet some of
the patients and staff---heavily guarded by RAVEN and his
boys----now wearing suites and looking the formal
part-----we see the tour on ----its all going well until
they enter a single ward that hits hard on our undercover
officer Bernard Phantom-----


There across the room we see a woman---worn down by
emotional stress----tired-----a painful site----Phantom is
in better view----he knows the woman very well-----we see
him being distracted---facial expression changing----having
to divide his attention between the woman and Branson all
seems much----still at that we see a man walking up to the
woman ----flowers on hand---kissing her—not in a friendly
manner but in way a man would kiss a woman he adores----hard
but has to accept that his wife is with another man---we see
features of a man in need to know more in a impossible
situation----------his tension rubs off on his
colleagues---we see Branson Still enjoying his grace period.
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
      (in whispers)
Phantom wake up and smile for the
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Sorry the attention is too
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
You'll get used to it
Its 5 o'clock and on a Wednesday a day of which Jimmy
usually meets up with Crane at his apartment for a few
drinks and a movie, Jimmy arrives at the apartment makes a
few knocks on the door but gets no answers.
Crane come on open up
                       JIMMY (cont'd)
Crane . . . Crane . . . Crane you
After almost giving up Jimmy reaches for the handle and
slowly unscrews the knob of which it easily relents and
opens up. He lets himself in and goes about calling out for


Crane . . . crane
He walks across the room to the bedroom--he finds his friend
LYING lifeless on the bed with a trail of vomit and foam
coming from his mouth. He is shocked observes Crane and
checks for a pulse-- he cant feel it, he is panic stricken,
he calls his name and shakes him a few times until he
finally gives up. We see him picking up the phone---- to
report the demise of his best friend.
Ah hello is this the police
                       OPERATOR (V:O)
Yes sir how may I help you
I would like to report a dead body
                       OPERATOR (V:O)
Where are you calling from sir?
The police waste no time in arriving-----, it becomes
another closed up crime scene, we see the police taking
details and pointers on the body.------ This time around the
FBI are not present at the Scenario ,we see Detective Kimble
doing a rough observation of the room---acting the part of a
real officer
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
This is sad
Know him sir?
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Nope but he really is young
He must have had no choice
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
What's that?


I mean to have had the courage to
kill himself
Usually people who resort to
suicide do so because they are at
weakest points in their lives.
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
I hope his soul rests in peace
                                         MUCH LATER ON
We get to earth's labs again-----lights dimmed Dr Harrison
is busy over something only noticeable to his eyes---we see
him over the monitor----pressing not getting tired---we see
another interesting object----an empty whisky glass---swabs
on the surface of the work table----a lit microscope and a
few machines we cant name---mind you this is a lab-------
Our concentration in on the computer monitor---a programme
is running---there seems to be a rough scan going-----we see
the Dr playing around with his fingers--- as if he is
loosing patience-----we see the computer monitor lighting
-----match found---written in bold appears on the
screen----a picture of Jack Black appears on the
screen.-----we see the delight on the DR's face -----He
reads more of the latter's Profile
                       DR HARRISON
Got you you son of a bitch
Our undercover officer is livid ----his temperature high and
beyond boiling point----we see Fren being as calm as
possible about the matter in discussion-----Fren is seated
in his chair-----puffing hard on his pipe---
We see the FBI agent Jack Black----sweating banging on the
                       JACK BLACK
We talking about my wife and
daughter dammit—


                       GEORGE FREN
Calm down. . lets approach this
with a professional streak
                       JACK BLACK
I get to see my wife in another
man's arm my daughter lying in a
hospital bed connected to a life
support machine and you have the
nerve to tell me to calm down. .
.calm down
                       GEORGE FREN
you where engaged Black there was
no proper time to tell
                       JACK BLACK
      (walking about)
Not buying the whole engagement
thing Fren you guys are fucking me
up in a wrong way..
                       GEORGE FREN
My men are keeping your family
under strict surveillance
No harm will come to them and that
is not a promise its an obligation
----we see the atmosphere clearing----voices and tempers no
longer high-----but the expressions on Black face clearly
showing us an angry man----shifting to a confused when he
glances at the portrait of the woman on Fren's side
table------it sure is the same woman in Branson's office
Crane Pearson's cold body on the lab table, all opened up in
the chest area, Mortolla is busy observing some samples
under the microscope, and Detective Kimble who is the chief
investigator on the case enters to get much information on
the case. There is a discovery that we see shocking him
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Hey Mort you called


Sure I'm through with the
We see the forensic expert Carefully observing the body
covering his mouth with a musk
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Did you find anything unusual?
Nothing that I'm not used to
seeing, I've combined a full
report on the case
The criminologist then goes over to the computer monitor,
presses a few buttons and illustrates something to the
detective. Pictures of different bodies pop up on the
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
What are these?
Bodies that I've worked on over
these past two weeks

Lab results have revealed that
there is one source closely
linking all of them

There is homogeneity here
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
What makes you say that?
You not gonna believe It but just
discovered that from each body
there is a vital organ missing

Sent a few samples to pathology
some of the victims died of
fungal infections and some of
internal haemorrhages


                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
What's all this about vital organs
80% of them are missing kidneys
the rest don't have hearts
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Is mankind really this cruel?
Mankind only exists in the bible
                       MORTOLLA (cont'd)
half of them where seeing the same
GP,tried to get hold of him but
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
is he anyway involved
i dont know but its pretty odd
that half of these slain people
where his patients
                       MORTOLLA (cont'd)
one more thing Bale wanted to know
about any breakthroughs made he is
quiet an ass mind telling for me?
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Would be more than glad to notify
him, it would save my department a
lot of stress
At least you found the motive
behind the slayings


Green lawns----We see Harrison positioning himself—attire
and equipment fitting the occasion-----he swings the golf
club ---hits hard at the ball before following it with his
eyes up until it hits the ground----we see Phantom mind far
body there sipping on whisky on the rocks----Harrison walks
back to him---sits down on the garden chairs-----well
                       DR HARRISON
I understand what you going
                       JACK BLACK
the whisky is getting its way with
                       DR HARRISON
Its not easy being undercover
-----we see Phantom going cold-----silence reign
                       DR HARRISON (cont'd)
Ask me how I know BLACK and I will
tell you
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
      (downing the
Now that my cover is blown what's
next, does Branson know as well
                       DR HARRISON
Nope if he finds out I don't get
what I want
Braise your self because we going
to be working closely in the
following weeks
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Why should i trust you
                       DR HARRISON
You have no choice here


We see him throwing a photograph on the table----there are
three men in the picture----its an old age photo----worn out
but with clarity—Phantom picks it up carefully observes it
                       DR HARRISON (cont'd)
The man in the middle is my
father, on the left is Branson the
third forgot the name . .. it was
taken a long time ago when they
where all studying in oxford
Phantom's eyes are still stuck to the photo there is
something much more interesting ----he can make out who the
third guy is----that is with no question a younger version
of GEORGE FREN----could it really be ----he also went to
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
what year was taken
                       DR HARRISON
1980,my father and Branson where
the best of friends they started
Earth Pharmaceuticals together
before it went dirty
------we see a moment of silence-------
                       DR HARRISON (cont'd)
What doesn't give me rest is his
sudden death and the way the FBI
handled the case
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Did he die of natural courses
                       DR HARRISON
Nope he died in a car crash only
we where made to believe it was an
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Do you think somebody was out to
get him


                       DR HARRISON
I'm positive and my suspicions are
highly on Branson, hours before my
fathers death they had a bitter
row of words over the phone
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Did you make out what it was all
                       DR HARRISON
My father wanted out of the
company. . .he had invested
millions Branson wasn't ready for
that so he got rid of dad the best
way he could
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
and adopted his heir to keep the
company running
                       DR HARRISON
Glad you got it all figured out. .
.i need certainty that it wasn't
an accident
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
How do you plan on getting back at
Branson then
                       DR HARRISON
just wait and see
we are in Branson's office---discussing nothing but
business----Bernard Phantom is heavily present---spreading
nothing but calm demeanour ---our doctor is also
present---Branson is hard on his whisky---well postured---we
see reflections of a man in a sea of wealth---his advocates
attentive in more ways than one---


                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
The Russians want another merger
they cant manage with us we cant
manage without them
I've given this a thought and we
stand to make better returns
Your duty is to go negotiate on
EARTH's behalf and make sure the
shipments for the ACID is resolved
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
Are they coming over
                       DR HARRISON
They are too arrogant for that
we'll be flying to ST Petersburg
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
I'm new to this
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
Which makes you perfect
---standing up and coming about to the window---reflections
of sunlight making trails---forcing themselves through the
blinds----we hear a heavy gasp of breath
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON (cont'd)
Vladimir is an arrogant and
dangerous son of a bitch the
thought of seeing him makes me
sick to my laurels

If I where to go up there nothing
would go right that's why you have
to go think about the millions
you've invested in this company
surely you don't want to see them
going down the drain.
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
How immediate is the trip
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
On Friday hopefully if all goes
well you'll be back on Monday


---We see Black as his original self----casually dressed
alert----the atmosphere in the cafe is a busy one----he is
seated in the Conner away from roving eyes----fiddling with
his hands—taking a glace at his wrist watch----eyes scanning
the whole place----we see Detective Kimble with his usual
sheerness approaching him before settling himself in
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Why did you go AWOL man, I was
convinced you where dead
                       JACK BLACK
Well here I am in flesh
we see the two guys doing a high five----spirits
high----Kimble sitting down---a serious wave coming into the
                       JACK BLACK (cont'd)
I need a favour 50 000 if you
nail this one
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
I'm busy but hell yes if you talk
about the dollar name it
Jack Black reaches his jacket pocket to---comes out with a
photograph---the same photo DR Harrison had given to him a
day ago----he hands it over to Kimble who is puzzled to what
its all about----
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
And this
                       JACK BLACK
All three guys went to oxford two
are still alive. .the middle guy
is Daniel Harrison—died in car
crash 18years ago---his case was
handled by the NYPD but they never
got round to it


                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
What is it that you need to find
out then?
                       JACK BLACK
Need you to go into your archives
I'm convinced his death was
induced, find anything that you
can on reports regarding his case.
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Ill try got a friend of mine—john
he is good at these kind of things
he'll do a better job
                       JACK BLACK
Forgot to ask how are things going
with the Susan Chambers murder
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
So-so we arrested the sister and
the fianceé yesterday but surely
we'll get round to it.
-we see Jack Black quickly glancing at his watch---
the latter rushes off before The detective can say one last
Jessica is still bed ridden---we hear the beeping of the
hospital observation monitors----we see the different tubes
going into her body---her teddy bear Mimi is by her side—we
see flowers brightening up the already sad atmosphere
-----Liz is clutching on to a pillow---asleep on a comfy
chair nearby---Jack Black approaches the door holding
colourful helium filled balloons -----he is tense -----as if
its telepathic ---we see Liz waking up ---peacefully----to
the image of Jack or so she thinks she is
hallucinating-------we see Jack Black entering ------feet
appearing heavy
                       JACK BLACK
Hi. . .


we see her clearing her eyes to have a better view--Jack
looking at the lifeless little kid
                       JACK BLACK
How is she?
Better than yesterday
-we see a long eerie pause----Jack in an awkward position
coming about to his daughter's bedside--afraid to touch
her----Elizabeth watching on---
                       JACK BLACK
How have you been yourself?
we see Elizabeth breaking down but swallowing her
tears--Jack comes about to give her a shoulder to cry on
I don't know?
                       JACK BLACK
      (hugging her)
I'm so sorry I've failed you Liz
I don't think I'll ever forgive
you for that, you've failed your
daughter more than you've failed
                       JACK BLACK
I know and I promise to make it
all right
----we see Elizabeth Moving away from the latter---profusely
wiping away her tears---
I filed for a divorce Jack


---we see Jacks face changing-----aging in minutes---numb
body slumping into the Chair. Elizabeth takes off her ring
and puts it on his hand.
                       JACK BLACK
Liz . . . . .
cant take it anymore Jack
the little girl coincidentally opens her eyes-----Liz
rushing to her bedside----Jack awakened from his nightmare
Rushing to the bedside as well
Jess honey
                       JACK BLACK
Hey there little missy
Daddy. .. .
                       JACK BLACK
How is my little angel. . .daddy
brought you balloons like them..
we got Winny the pooh and the rest
of the Disney gang
we see the little girl forging some speech
a nurse in proper uniform---comes in to attend the little
girl------the ex-couple move to the HALLWAY
----still all speechless---just then we see a man coming up
with flowers another beautifully wrapped package on
hand—this is the same man Jack Had seen kissing his wife
----we get to know the latter as Andrew--- Jack is almost
invisible----there is an atmosphere of mixed emotions-----
                       ANDREW MOORE
How is she?


She just woke up
                       ANDREW MOORE
That's wonderful bought her a
Barbie beauty set hope she likes
She is going to love it
                       JACK BLACK
      (heavy toned)
No she is not
                       ANDREW MOORE
We'll just have to try her wont we
                       JACK BLACK
I think I know my daughter very
                       ANDREW MOORE
      (smitten and sure)
That's a funny statement coming
from a man who hasn't seen his
ailing kid and wife for 4 weeks
We see the atmosphere turning for the worst ---aggression
---anger—frustration on Jacks Side---we see him in a fit of
anger---grabbing Andrew by his collar ---BANGING him against
the wall and holding him in a locked position all this
happens in quite a speed----Andrew is in a daze---Elizabeth
shaken----flowers turning in to rubble not a kind site----we
hear panting--everyone in sight is in awe
                       JACK BLACK
      (teeth gritted)
I'm going to warn you just this
once stay the fuck away from my
Jack let him go


--we see the latter calming down and simply doing what he is
instructed to----walking away a bitter man
Our surgeon Dr Vosky is on the hallway with Elizabeth's male
companion Andrew----they are seriously from a distance in a
discussion----a quite interesting one---which from their
poses and postures depicts some sought of illegal trade
going on-----
                       DR VOSKY
the waiting list is really long,
donors are a rare find looking at
her blood type and the type of
organ she needs
it could take her ages to find her
a new heart
                       ANDREW MOORE
we where thinking of transferring
her to a private hospital
                       DR VOSKY
Mr MORE I have my statistics
right, she hasn't got much time,
you don't need to think about it,
we see Andrew pacing about----taking a deep breath----
                       DR VOSKY (cont'd)
$500 000 its all it takes she
could be on the operating table no
later than Wednesday
                       ANDREW MOORE
I'll let her mother know
Elizabeth is wearing her cardigan and long jons--looking at
the rain droplets making trails on the large window
pane--she is distanced--we see Andrew coming up behind her
hugging her from behind--


I'm sorry about what happened
                       ANDREW MOORE
lets rather forget about it ,it
wasnt your fault
we see Andrew cosing up to Elizabeth---he caresses her arms
---going to the neck where he starts kissing her---she
relents kissing him back---she then pushes him
away---getting a little uncomfortable
i cant Andrew i know you've helped
me in more ways than one. .
                       ANDREW MOORE
sorry i didn't mean to be forward
but you really need to forget
about Jack and move on with your
Elizabeth moves away from the window and moves about the
house where her eyes get fixed on the family photographs on
display---hers with Jack and Jessica is the one which
catches her attention the most.
its not Jack I'm worried about he
chose his work over us
                       ANDREW MOORE
exactly but you don't need to
worry about Jess either
how can i not? I'm loosing her as
                       ANDREW MOORE
no you not
      (teary eyed)
the doctors made that very clear
to me she wont make it to month


                       ELIZABETH (cont'd)
end if we dont find a new heart
                       ANDREW MOORE
she can have one by the end of the
week if you willing to say yes
we see Elizabeth moving closer to Andrew unsure---more like
i dont understand
                       ANDREW MOORE
then you going to have to listen
                       ANDREW MOORE (cont'd)
later today there is a Dr who
approached me about organising a
donor and operation for Jessica
he promised that all of this can
be done by Friday if we come up
with half a million
      (pacing about)
now you really confusing me
i mean how is it that we charged
for my daughter to have a state
                       ANDREW MOORE
pay attention Lizzie the company
he is working for is not state
based,he apparently works for a
company called Earth and from what
he told me they are really good
You said Earth isn't that a
pharmaceutical company?


                       ANDREW MOORE
might be might not be but who
cares as long as that little girl
is given a new lease of life it
will all be worth it.
you probably right
                       ANDREW MOORE
I'll pay for all the necessary
expenses you don't need to worry
about anything
We see our two men Bernard Phantom and Dr Harrison formally
dressed----inside a private jet---beautiful executively
decorated interior ---Phantom drowning himself in
whisky---looking out the tiny plane window as the plane
starts its marathon

---we switch to seeing the plane from the outside as it goes
into the atmosphere and mixes with the clouds----
We see Detective Kimble in discussion with John his long
time associate in crime investigation and detection---he
wants a favour—the room is well lit----the environment that
of a real a expert---computer monitors----newspaper clips on
Oxford You say 1980
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Yep, the son is convinced Branson
did a hire to kill
It don't look hard I'll probably
start with finding the officers
who where in charge at the time
Make some traces and crash into


                       JOHN (cont'd)
your database surely I'll find
                       JOHN (cont'd)
Didn't know George Fren and
Branson where once friends
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Didn't know until I saw the
photograph life is pretty funny
one friend makes it big the other
becomes a miserable fat fart with
years in government service
Tell me about that I've been stuck
in this place for 12 years some of
my school buddies live high and I
still dream of settling in the
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
It will get better in time
we see Diane over the phone---she is walking about with the
handset---wearing a long elegant gown--the person on the
receiving end is Dr Garry Madison
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
      (crying and
I'm scared Garry,and i need to see
                       DR MADISON (V:O)
we cant see each other DI stop
being such a baby and go in there
tomorrow with a brave and big
                                         CUT TO


We see Dr Madison on the phone,he is not alone a sexily
and skimpily dressed female companion is with him --we have
seen this woman before this is his receptionist--she is
caressing him touching his groin--he doesn't give her
attention and pushes her away--she persists with touching
him-making him the horniest motherfucker on earth--Diane is
on the other end
                       DIANE CHAMBERS (V:O)
i need you Garry
we see The DR's speech's impaired at the caressing he is
                       DR MADISON
i need .. .you . .too
                                         BACK TO
Diane's heavily breathing---getting psycho over the phone
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
where are you Garry you with a
woman arent you
we hear the beeping operator trailer sound of the phone as
its cut off
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
      (crying and moving
       all over the
garry.. garry. ..
Its a morning-- Garry Madison rushes into the NYPD offices
reception desk--there are well mannered women on duty


                       DR GARRY MADISON
i need to see Detective Kimble
concerning a murder case
                                         MUCH LATER ON
Garry Madison is being attended by an officer and Detective
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
why would she confess killing her
sister to you?
                       DR GARRY MADISON
i don't know i told you she was a
Dr are you sure of your statement
something like this could carry a
lot of weight and harsh
                       DR GARRY MADISON
why would i lie about something
this serious I'm worried about my
safety she promised to come after
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
i still find your tale hard to
belief,when where the threats made
                       DR GARRY MADISON
last night when i called her,if
you don't make an arrest she might
end up hurting her self
its an official offence if she is
threat to her self and the people
around her we are liable to make
an arrest arent we detective


                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
we shall look into the matter
thanks very much DR
We see detective Kimble and his crew again---in the grill
room----Diane chambers in the hot seat panic stricken at the
set of things----questions coming in like stray
bullets----some officers and a forensic psychologist on hand
but in a different room listening through the speaker system
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Mrs Chambers we got more than one
people who knew of your affair
with your sister's fiancé you
might as well quit the act and
start talking
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
Why would I kill my own sister
                       AGENT BALE
we didn't mention anything about
killing your sister
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
but still on that assuming that
you did who knows maybe you didn't
want to share
                       AGENT BALE
And got rid of her
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
loved my sister with all my heart
you people are horrible to think
that i would have let any harm get
to her.
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
if you cared so much what where
you doing with her fiance


                       DIANE CHAMBERS
leave me alone am i so wrong to
have fallen in love
                       AGENT BALE
is that a yes so you where seeing
DR Madison after all
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
seeing you at the park that day i
really did feel sorry
we see the interrogation room setting through the eyes of
Diane----there is some spinning the setting moving fast—the
world around her going in circles---eyes staring blankly at
open space ----her ears getting echoes as the officers throw
questions at her-----we feel it as her Psychotic episode
--startling the officers who are at least collected---these
kind of scenes are not uncommon----scary site to the
officers outside the box—who are listening through a complex
speaker system
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
He was mine in the first place if
I cant have him nobody can.
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Ms Chambers are you admitting that
you had something to do with your
sisters death
                       DIANE CHAMBERS
We sold her to Earth
we see the Detective coming up to the phone by the
door---putting the receiver on his right ear----its the
forensic psychologist at the other END
                       FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST (V:O)
That's enough for the day.


we see detective Kimble,Agent Bale and Keel and The forensic
psychologist in a discussion about the interrogation ..
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
that son of a bitch is in this
with her
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE (cont'd)
what the hell is Earth
                       FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST
beats me but she has a history of
mental illness so we going to have
to assess her before we put her
through anymore quetioning
                       AGENT BALE
how long is that going to take?
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
what if she becomes a mental case?
                       FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST
the state would be forced to rule
her out as a suspect,it could take
weeks before she is fit enough to
give evidence
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
Weeks this is pretty fucked up
                       AGENT KEEL
patience Kimble,this is one of the
perks of working as a law
enforcement officer
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
news flash buddy im choosing early
we see all laughing at the statement


The bedroom is not a kind sight,messed up with clothes on
the floor--there is medium sized bag on the bed---he
stumbles across the clothes in the floor--we see him going
to his chest of drawers--he removes a metallic trunk--CLOSE
ON view of what lies inside--we see cash as he removes it
and stashes some into his bag and some into his Jacket
pocket-all this is done in speed and desperation ---the DR
is shoving the clothes one by one on the bag as he speaks on
to the phone
                       OPERATOR (V:O)
good morning south side airlines
how may i help?
                       DR GARRY MADISON
oh yeh DR Garry Madison here i
just wanted to know if the 12
o'clock flight to Montenegro is
still on schedule
got the flight reference number
                       DR GARRY MADISON
oh yeh-flight N97Q3
                       OPERATOR (V:O)
can you hold on for a minute sir
as i confirm the details to you
                       DR GARRY MADISON
                       OPERATOR (V:O)
no alterations have been made by
far sir the flight is still
scheduled for take off at 12:00
gmt time
---we are in the shipping harbour scenario---the
works---snow---spine shivering cold---busy atmosphere ---


Switching to the interior of a big Cargo Ship---our two
associates Bernard Phantom and DR Harrison—looking proper
are there to discuss business with their Russians
counterparts---glad in executive coats and hats----a small
shiny metal table the centre piece of the setting---its
pouring down Jin and whisky----cigar smoke saturating the

Vladimir –--medium built—portraying seriousness and hatred
does look the part of an arrogant and filthy rich drug lord
he is heavily guarded----we see four men at the table---
Gentlemen welcome I'm surprised
Branson couldn't make it
                       DR HARRISON
He had issues with the Chinese
Typical why am I not surprised
anyway how are your conquests that
                       DR HARRISON
We managing but its clear that we
can make more from this merger
What are we waiting for lets get
on with the paper work
We see Harrison putting a leather trainer bag on top of the
table-------Vladimir's Hench men as if they know what to do
coming up close---one opening the bag----some in the
background charged—we see the henchman---well built firm
bloke slowly opening the bag----he removes a stack of cash
observes the contents of the bag more before nodding his
head to the boss----
                       VLADMIR (CONTIN'D)
I'm impressed


                       BERNARD PHANTOM
$14 million deposit we need the
We see Vladimir putting his signature on the paper
form—passing it on to his Russian counterpart who does the
same before giving it to Bernard Phantom
Its always pleasure to do business
with professionals
Your order is being cargo-ed as we
Its extremely cold, shipping vessels are arriving and living
the Cold Harbour with their various goods, the team of more
than 20 men headed by one supervisor are working non stop to
load the stock into the waiting ship. They move the tightly
sealed cylindrical shaped containers from the truck into the
trolley before loading it all into the vessel. The
supervisor walks about observing if his men are doing the
job correctly.
------in Russian--------Bernard Phantom and Dr Harrison
Are at close watch---walking about until they forced to make
Move it, move it
                       SUPERVISOR (CONT'D)
      (heavy Russian
Viktor a pleasure to meet you
I take it that you here to see the
progress of the shipment
                       DR HARRISON
Oh yes how long is it going to
take the vessels to arrive in the
Approximately 3 weeks


                       BERNARD PHANTOM
that's pretty fast any connections
in between
Taking the south route we'll
travel five days until we reach
Tanzania from there the orders
will be transferred by plane to
the USA
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
really organised
in this business we don't do
anything halfway
                       DR HARRISON
well spoken
we see Jack Black and detective Kimble----The discussion is
on the results of the favour he had wanted on the Daniel
Harrison murder
---The atmosphere is the usual one ------we see quite
interesting results---John is over the monitor----Jack
pacing about before settling at the computer with the duo.
Different pictures are popping up on the monitor
This is the car when it was
removed from the lake
I read the report on the case used
this new software and managed to
do a reconstruction illustration
of the whole accident
This is basically what might have
                       JACK BLACK


He possibly might have been moving
at moderate speed 60 to 70 miles
at the time and the car wouldn't
have had enough momentum to go
through the rails and over the
bridge unless there was an extra
force coming from the left side
which here is the driver's seat
We see him pressing a few keys---a picture of the ruined car
in discussion comes up
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
      (viewing the photo)
This explains that dent on the
Only on the report the dent wasn't
someone was out to get him I tell
                       JACK BLACK
Who was the chief investigative
officer at the time?
a guy named Benny Motley, died of
cancer 3 years ago he was
reporting to non other than the
almighty George Fren who was a
coroner at the time and a member
of the national medico-legal
review panel for death
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
A pretty fucked up coincidence
aint it
                       JACK BLACK
It all makes sense, now there is
just one thing I have to find out


                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
                       JACK BLACK
Why and how Fren and Branson fell
We see DR Vosky,Andrew Moore and Elizabeth discussing the
way forward regarding Jessica's operation.Elizabeth looks
uncomfortable and shaky
                       DR VOSKY
its all discreet you dont have to
worry about the privacy of your
child being violated
what if something goes wrong who
do i hold responsible if my
daughter dies
                       DR VOSKY
Mrs Moore. .
its Black
                       DR VOSKY
Mrs Black my team is made up of
the same professionals you see in
state hospitals if not better
                       ANDREW MOORE
Lizzie try to kill any doubts that
may be clouding your mind your
daughter is going to live
                       DR VOSKY
her life is in your hands and we
wont do the operation until you
give us a go ahead


we see Elizabeth adamant---hesitant---the Dr produces some
papers from underneath his desk--lays them forward--Andrew
is holding onto Elizabeth's hand
what are these?
                       DR VOSKY
we need your signature for record
keeping its also for authorisation
to perform the operation on your
                       ANDREW MOORE
go on Lizzie
                       DR VOSKY
one more thing this all has to be
between this company and the two
of you
                       ANDREW MOORE
our lips are sealed just do your
                       DR VOSKY
i shall contact you the minute she
is transfared here
i look forward to hearing from you
We see Elizabeth and Andrew as they pass through the
hallways of big company---taken back by the complexity of
the security system
this really freaks me out Andrew
                       ANDREW MOORE
me too,but at least everything
looks up to standard


i want the operation over and done
                       ANDREW MOORE
you heard him your self he
promised discretion
we see Jack Black with Dr Harrison deep in discussion,
cosied up in the garden stools ,the atmosphere is tense ,we
have a view of the open bare grounds of the larger than life
golf estate.there are also other golf jockeys visible from a
distance.we see Jack Black protruding a report 2mm thick
going through it as Bernard Phantom.
                       JACK BLACK
its all in here in Black and white
                       DR HARRISON
i don't have the time to go
through the whole report i just
want to know whether he was
                       JACK BLACK
that would make it a yes then
                       DR HARRISON
i knew he was involved now time
for payback and you'll be helping
we see a grim awkwardness on Jacks face
                       JACK BLACK
i dont want to get involved
                       DR HARRISON
we talking business here,planning
a sting cant do it alone need you
to come up with two trusties i
already have two of my own


                       JACK BLACK
think you forgetting that im FBI
                       DR HARRISON
in life there is a little thing
called compromise.
                       JACK BLACK
how much are we looking at here
                       DR HARRISON
more than 130 million 70-40 split
                       JACK BLACK
make it 60
                       DR HARRISON
60 it is
                       JACK BLACK
Branson mentioned something about
a board meeting and getting out of
the country on Wednesday what was
that all about
                       DR HARRISON
he found a new market there is a
major deal coming his way which
makes it even more perfect to
carry out this mission
We see Jack Black pressing hard on the door bell--its rainy
and almost invisible his hood is dripping wet----we hear
the bell ringing and a view of the interior of the house as
detective Kimble goes and opens the door only in his boxers
we move to the
we see Jack Black taking his wet rain coat off giving Kimble
a shot of his eyes


                       JACK BLACK
geez get some clothes on
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
I'm the one who makes the commands
around here
                       JACK BLACK
mind if we sit don't wanna stay
for long
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
you wanted to talk business
                       JACK BLACK
thats if you interested
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
you wouldnt be here if i wasnt
                       JACK BLACK
i want you to help me carry a
we see the detective puzzled by the statement---standing up
and taking a deep breath as he walks before the Agent who is
calmly seated by the couch
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
you asking me to break the law
                       JACK BLACK
you stand to get out with 20
the detective is amazed--gets excited
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
that's a lot of money i could go
on endless holidays for the rest
of my life,are you planning on
robbing a bank?


                       JACK BLACK
no there is a rich bustard around
town who needs to be taught a
we see the agent scribbling something onto a piece of
paper-he gives the paper to the detective
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
whats this about?
                       JACK BLACK
meet me at this address 9:30 on
wednesday don't be surprised there
is more of us in on this thing
                       JACK BLACK (contin'd)
dont let me down Tommy
we see a cosy fire in the fire place------there is silence
across the whole house--we see Jack Black admiring the photo
collection on display---taking the most centered one in his
hand--it has the whole family--its him,Elizabeth and Little
Jessica on display---he looks stressed---
we then hear the front door opening up---voices mumbling
there are people coming into the lounge its Elizabeth and
Andrew Moore--there are small chuckles--talks about watching
a movie--
Jack Black is calmly in the lounge waiting-the two are
      (a bit shocked)
jack how did you get in?
                       JACK BLACK
spare keys
there is a long tensed pause--Andrew not making eye
contact--more reserved than last time
                       ANDREW MOORE
i better get going Lizzie


      (forging a smile)
alright thanks a lot for the movie
                       ANDREW MOORE
anytime guess I'll see you
the atmosphere is more tense--we see Elizabeth from an angle
in the kitchen---which is co joined to the lounge--Jack
Black stands up to get closer to her
                       JACK BLACK
we need to talk Liz
                       JACK BLACK
yes please
we see the two settling down on kitchen stools--sipping
their hot drinks as they talk--we see a lot of emotion
                       JACK BLACK
i cant do without you and Jessie
Jack lets not get into this please
                       ELIZABETH (cont'd)
i filed for a divorce there is no
gong back now
Jack Black comes to the side of the table which Elizabeth is
seated on--he takes her hand onto his--softly touches
her---we see her taken away---as if she has been longing for
his touch--we see Jack kissing Elizabeth--softly then with
speed---she tries to push him back--she wants more of the
touching and caressing


                       JACK BLACK
      (breathing heavily)
i missed you
jack i cant
we see Jack carrying his wife kissing her at the same time
they move to the
Jack lays his wife down on to the couch--the fire place is
the only source of light --we see a cosy atmosphere---he
touches her--taking her clothes off one by one--Elizabeth is
giving into the seduction--we see Jack On top of her
rhythmically thrusting his way into her---we see the
contours of her smooth bosoms as Jack gets his way--we hear
her lustful mourns.mind you this must be what we call hot
love making.
sun rays are finding their way through the thick
blinds---Elizabeth looks sound asleep--- Jack is putting on
his trousers--we see him as he buttons his shirt---we see
his passionate glow as he gazes at his wife--Elizabeth opens
her eyes to see her husband looking at her--
                       JACK BLACK
morning sleepy head
we see Elizabeth giving put the sweetest and most beautiful
morning smile ever
what time is it we have to go and
check on Jessy
we see awkwardness on Jacks face--as if he has tasted
something bitter


                       JACK BLACK
Liz i have to go back to work i
can only manage tomorrow
i knew it was all too good to be
Jack is seated on top of the bed---Elizabeth is in a foetal
sleeping position looking away--sobbing--showing Jack her
back--Jack appears helpless
                       JACK BLACK
im finishing my assignment this
just leave Jack
                       JACK BLACK
liz. .
we see Jack leaning in --he gives Elizabeth who is sobbing a
kiss on the cheek---she doesn't respond or make any effort
to even look at Jack
We see a board meeting in progress--Christopher Branson is
in the forefront explaining something in detail----the faces
we saw in the first earth meeting are heavily
present--Harrison and Bernard Phantom quite this time around
are also present--there is a new face at the meeting--its at
this chapter in which we introduce---DAWN FLANAGAN-clear
toned-- nephew to Branson--he has movie star looks-- and a
radiating intelligence just joined Earth as a
consultant---and correspondent---he also seems to have a
close bond with Branson--there is a slide show
on---illustrations of market shares and slumps and
recoveries coming on one by one
                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON
Gentlemen Mr Dawn Flanagan is here
to brief you about our expansion
to one of the largest cities in


                       CHRISTOPHER BRANSON (cont'd)
Europe--just to let you know he
happens to be my nephew and will
be joining our network in new york
on a permanant basis
we see his charm as he talks about plans of implementing a
new Earth base in London--he is smooth in what he says and
proves a favourite as Branson looks on with admiration--we
see Dr Harrison and Bernard Phantom shooting each other
                       DAWN FLANAGAN
      (pointing at
this is our returns for the new
york base the last two years
conducting an underground survey
we found out that we can make
double this if we were to open a
new base in London
we see heads nodding what he is saying must make sense- the
meeting meets a brief end---we see every board member going
towards the young blokes---Christopher Branson smitten about
his nephew---our view of DawN is from across the
room--Bernard and Harrison are watching on---
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
where did this son of a bitch come
                       DR HARRISON
      (in whispers)
beats me,what ever is happening
here cant be right.
                       BERNARD PHANTOM
i got someone for the operation
                       DR HARRISON
good we can all meet later at the
adress ive given you


the place is raunchy--We see a group of men in
discussion--there is cigarette smoke in the air--whisky
glasses and dull walls---we see Detective Kimble--Jack
Black--Dr Harrison,Raven and Tee----a lot of the talking is
done by DR Harrison Jack and Kimble,there is small map on
the table--we get A CLOSE ON viewing of the map as its
spread on the table--DR Harrison seems to be pointing out
something he narrates to the men whats to be done
                       DR HARRISON
the vault is built on top of a 1'7
m pipe,we could blast the vault
from below and get access to the
cash that way
                       JACK BLACK
how long do we walk till we reach
the surface and the depo truck?
                       DR HARRISON
depends on your pace but an
average would be 15 minutes
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
      (moving about)
what if something goes wrong isnt
the vault laser beamed or
                       DR HARRISON
nope because not a lot of people
know it exists ,the only thing you
need to worry about is the acid
                       JACK BLACK
what the hell is that?
                       DR HARRISON
the pipe that runs under the vault
is the same pipe used to get rid
of all the acidic sewarge


bullshit! how are we going to make
out with most of the money then?
                       JACK BLACK
good question is there no other
way to acces the safe
                       DR HARRISON
i never do anything halfway this
is the only way in and out
                       DR HARRISON (cont'd)
everyday at 23;00 hours the acid
outlets are automatically turned
off which leaves the ground pipes
bare and unoccupied making them
safe . .
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
this is when we get in . . .better
                       DR HARRISON
they will be automatically turned
on again after 0200 hrs which will
give us exactly 4 hours to make it
out with most of the money
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
this is really heavy
                       JACK BLACK
stop being a squid Tom there is no
going back we have to do this what
we need is determination and
                       DR HARRISON
what do the rest of you say Raven
,Tee are you with me or what
we see Raven and Tee nodding their heads to the latters's
statement --Detective Kimble now putting on a brave face
--Jack Black portraying toughness---they all make a big high
five swallowing in their whiskies


Andrew is excited,Elizabeth attentive
                       ANDREW MOORE
i got a call form the Dr she is
been transferred and a new heart
has been found for her today
we see Elizabeth happily hugging Andrew
wonderful when do they plan on
operating on her
                       ANDREW MOORE
tomorrow more wonderful is the
fact that we can watch the
operation if we want to
im so happy And dont know how to
thank you
                       ANDREW MOORE
shoot almost forgot where is that
violent husband of yours
      (sad toned)
gone this morning
                       ANDREW MOORE
good you dont need him i want to
give you everything that you've
always wanted,a better life big
house,nicely cut lawns,this is the
first step towards making your
life better
that would be asking to much And
dont forget that im not fully
separated from Jack im still Mrs


The operating theater is well designed and equipped---we
see Dr Vosky and his team of experts performing a transplant
on Jessica--Elizabeth and Jacks daughter---Andrew and
Elizabeth are outside the room watching through glass
windows as per earth network normal procedure--we do get a
close on shot of the young girls opened up body---
                       DR VOSKY
put in some more pressure Lewinsky
                       DR LEWINSKY
her breathing is realy weak
                       NURSE 2
doc her sats are dropping
                       DR VOSKY
put in some more oxygen
                       DR LEWINSKY
we have to administer more of the
                       DR VOSKY
that's unprofessional Lewinsky she
still has the immunodepresent in
her system her body wont reject
the organ
we hear a beeping streamlined sound---causing havoc in the
working station--the monitor lines are retaining a flat
rate--something is deadly wrong
                       DR LEWINSKY
whats going on Vosky
                       DR VOSKY
i dont know she seems to be having
a lesion
is that condition normal


                       DR VOSKY
unusual and very rare for a six
year old think we should add more
of the anesthetic
                                         CUT TO
We see Elizabeth distraught--scared with Andrew Moore
hugging her---watching onto her helpless child's small body
surrounded by Doctors she could barely hear is proving much
to her system
whats going on And
                       ANDREW MOORE
i dont know
What am i going to do if she
doesnt make it
                       ELIZABETH (contn'd)
im scared Andrew im not ready to
loose my daughter
                       ANDREW MOORE
stop being negative Lizzy that
young girl out there is a fighter
                                         BACK TO
---the operation is easing up--the young girls body is
reacting well to the new foreign material--we see normal
beeping of the computer monitor--the team of practitioners
seem to be impressed
                       DR VOSKY
she is coming along fine


                       DR LEWINSKY
she is also a special case we
going to have to keep her under
good monitoring after this
                       DR VOSKY
you are so right
We see DR vosky with ANDREW and Elizabeth who are all
glowing up--wanting to know more about Jessica's operation
                       DR VOSKY
she is a winner,it wasn't the
easiest of all as you might have
do you think she'll ever be normal
                       DR VOSKY
children recover very well her
body has well accepted the organ
give her some months she will be
like any normal 6 year old
                       ANDREW MOORE
how soon are we going to have her
                       DR VOSKY
for now i cant say but she will
have to be taken under special
care for at least a week before
she can go back to the hospital
                       DR VOSKY (cont'd)
at a fixed cost if you want her to
stay here before she can go back


how much would that be i dont
think we have anymore money
                       DR VOSKY
$1000 per night with own qualified
nurse and up to standard fully
furnished room
we see Elizabeth taking a deep breather-her expressions show
us worry
                       ANDREW MOORE
give her the best medical
attention she requires if it means
her getting better
Andrew you've already done a lot
                       ANDREW MOORE
i will deposit the money into the
company's bank account on monday
                       DR VOSKY
is that a yes
                       ANDREW MOORE
a definite one
George Fren ----is drooling over his displays---admiring his
accolades with love and passion---walking about until he
comes to a certain portrait---of a woman-----he removes it
from its base----he slowly runs his fingers over the frame
------- FBI special agent Jack Black makes an unexpected
appearance—without a knock --catching the latter unaware and
in his own world—we see Jack paying unnoticeable attention
to the photo as it's put to rest
                       GEORGE FREN
Black didn't hear you come in


                       JACK BLACK
sorry for the unproffessionalism
                       GEORGE FREN
don't worry about it go on have a
seat you've done well son
                       JACK BLACK
I'm guessing you've already gone
through the report
                       GEORGE FREN
yes you've outdone yourself
                       JACK BLACK
when do you plan on doing the
crack down then
                       GEORGE FREN
authorisation has been granted all
the agencies have been alerted,not
later than wednesday we shall see
the fall of an empire
                       JACK BLACK
a little warning about that
Branson is out of town and wont be
back until Friday
the office is partially lit we see Dr Harrison by the
door--concentration on a sheet of paper that he has his
hands on---a pause at the realisation of a figure before
him--Dawn Flanagan in his chair comfortable and with
                       DR HARRISON
i think you in the wrong office
                       DAWN FLANAGAN
oh no im quite sure im at the
right place arent you Harrison


                       DAWN FLANAGAN (cont'd)
nice office i see my uncle has
kept you well over the years
                       DR HARRISON
cut the bull what is it that you
                       DAWN FLANAGAN
      (putting on his
       best charm)
im going to put it like this blood
is thicker than water i need you
to back off and let whats
rightfully mine be mine
                       DR HARRISON
as you wish
                       DAWN FLANAGAN
good boy
we see Dawn patting Dr Harrison on the back as he passes on
by ----moving with a stride that show us his daring
looks---he makes it a point to reveal his squared chin
the team of five men is geared up--Jack Black firm as usual
--Kimble a bit nervous--Raven more relaxed--all are wearing
cargoed pants,protective tops --and boots--the team is well
equipped with hand gadgets and phone headsets--in hand Tee
has a radar location machine --DR Harrison has gone from the
laid back Dr to a serious looking sting king--the truck is
                       DR HARRISON
      (showing courage)
lets do this
                                         SERIES OF SHOTS


partially lighted area We see the men as they skillfully
commute from the truck which is ten feet away to the exit
of the underground sewage system--Raven giving cover--Tee in
the fore front with Jack Black--Detective Kimble kneels down
and opens up the metal cover
The sound of water dripping and splashing as the men go down
the custom made ladder into the water--Tee still in the fore
front leading the pack Raven close behind--they all have
torches on hand--their pace is slow--Tee has his radar
location gadget on hand its well lit and green we get a
CLOSE ON shot of the outlined or rather sketched image of
four enormous pipes --all co joining in a giant
crossover--the location of the men on the radar machine is
shown in dots--
We see the men picking up pace--the giant crossover is
massive with the sewage falling over 10 6 feet
deep--crossing over is easy as there are customized ladders
specially designed to make locomotion easier-- Detective
Kimble still nervous--we see the sweat as it runs down his
face--there is calamity for the rest of the men though
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
      (wiping the sweat
its arizona in here
      (giving a chuckle)
smells like baby pooh
we see the men at the mouth of the pipe which leads to to
the ultimate destination--there is tension in each of their
faces--this is the most dangerous league of the
no acid good sign


                       DR HARRISON
      (looking at wrist
alright we have 4 hours till we
make it out with most of the cash
in there.
Tee is concentrating on the radar locator a close on view
shows us the safe and their position--he hands it to
Detective Kimble--we see Tee getting his rack sack off--he
removes a set of explosives.
                                         A SERIES OF SHOT
Tee is bravely layering the top inside of the pipe with the
explosives---the rest of the men at the mouth of the
pipe--Raven ready for action--Jack Black looking
impatient--Kimble's breathing clearly heard--Dr Harrison
seems to be peering at his watch all the time
alright guys try to take cover
we see an implosive reaction---a contained fire ball is
visible as the small bombs go off--there are debris in the
air--the men getting cover---there is a a little smoke in
view---there is a large whole from the position in which the
explosives where going off we see the men rushing in--
yep we nailed it
                       DR HARRISON
we better get to work three hrs
and fifteen minutes left


the vault is well lit--and very much what DR Harrison had
anticipated---we see utter amazement in the men's
eyes---there is stacks of cash all in piles-its an
exquisitely designed vault---every drawer made out of steel
and gold trimmed--nice site portraying wealth
                       JACK BLACK
il be damned
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
are you going to tell me that all
this belongs to one man
                       DR HARRISON
yep welcome to Branson's secret
we see Tee mesmerized by the money--tacking stashes of it in
his hand and kissing it---
think its best if we concentrated
on what we came here for
Raven abruptly throws some of the bags on his arm to
Tee---the men quickly stashing some of the cash into the
bags---Dr Harrison-Jack Black --and Raven are commuting the
money from the vault to the transit truck
                                         SERIES OF SHOTS
the men as they walk with a killer stride--each holding two
bags far from the body--their attire going along with the
their demeanor
Tee and Detective Kimble are continuously stacking the cash
into the bags


                                         MUCH LATER
Dr Harrison throws the last bag on hand into the now half
full truck--he is sweating and looks warn out--Jack Black
seems to have aged in minutes as well---we hear deep
                       JACK BLACK
how much time?
                       DR HARRISON
      (wiping the trail
       of sweat)
not much 30,minutes till the next
acid waste is flushed down we
gotta go back for six more
impossible one of us has to keep
                       DR HARRISON
well you both tougher than me
we see a long grim pause--one of mistrust to the situation
                       JACK BLACK
dont screw us up Harrison
Tee and Detective Kimble are rested on top of the last
bags--tired and anxiety almost striking in---The Detective
who looks agitated is pacing about the place-----opening
some of the drawers to keep busy
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
they been gone for long now
dude they'll be back for us


                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
      (in short of
i think its best if we take the
rest of the bags and leave the
pipes are going to be filled with
acid very soon
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE (cont'd)
im going anyway
Tee is still admiring the paper before him as the detective
makes his exit into the pipe and out of the vault
well so long
Raven and Jack Black are moving through the sewage water
which seems to have risen making hard for them to push their
knees through----the two men portray two strikingly similar
                       JACK BLACK
my feet are too heavy
its not the water I'm worried
about,we don't have time hope
those two are sensible enough to
get out of that place well time
not far form where the two guys are travelling we hear the
water splashing---there are reflections of light on the
water the pipe seems to be round curved --Jack Black and
Raven are coming from one side whilst Detective Kimble is
coming from the other he hears murmuring.the two light
reflections meet
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
      (sounding unsure)
                       JACK BLACK


we see the two images meeting up in the waters ---Raven
worried but not trying to show it---Jack Black glad
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
boy am i glad to see you
                       JACK BLACK
good you came through there is not
much time till the acid flush
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
the water is getting heavier
where is Tee?
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
back in the vault he didn't wanna
shit anytime soon that pipe will
be filled with slug and acid
we see Raven speaking into his handset---
                       RAVEN (cont'd)
Tee do you read me over do you
read me get out of that vault now
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
whats hapenning is he coming?
                                         CUT TO
we see Tee amazingly happy whilst--one cash bag in hand he
is spilling the cash everywhere as he sings--mindless to his
cellphone gadget as it beeps----as he walks we hear some
SCREECHING as if big gates are being opened----we see Tee
looking back---a heart stopping pause--he looks back --takes
his walky talky--it falls --as he looks down he is met by
the melting of his boots and a heart throbbing pain in his
feet---he walks with a limp ---


god please let me leave
Tee is putting on a fast limp when suddenly there is a
SPLASH sound of water hitting the walls of the pipe--we see
the horror in his eyes as he meets site of the burning
acid--the echos of his scream travels far
                                         BACK TO
dismayal sadness as the echoes of Tee's screams are heard by
trio Detective Kimble Jack Black and Raven
                       JACK BLACK
he is gone
we have to pull back now
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
quick before the slime spills into
this water and burns the shit out
of us
Dr Harrison is behind the wheel as the men emerge one by one
and hop into the truck---we see expressions of success
accompanied with relieve
                       DR HARRISON
about time
                       DETECTIVE KIMBLE
cant believe we made it out of
that hole alive
                       JACK BLACK
it wasnt harder than i expected
we see a long pause--Dr Harrison scanning his counter parts


                       DR HARRISON
where is Tee?