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Blood Flower
by paul (dvdlaster@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Trent, white male in his mid twenties with average built and
height, walks into the bedroom. He starts to unbutton his
Did the signal for the satellite
come back on?
Susan, white female in her late twenties with girl next door
looks, is in the bathroom that is connected to the bedroom.
She is wiping off make up from her face.
What honey?
Trent puts his shirt on a hanger and hangs it in the closet.
I was just wondering if the
satellite came back on?
      (Leaning out of
       the bathroom)
Didn't even know it went out.
Trent sits on the corner of the bed. He kicks off his shoes.
He reaches over to grab the remote. He turns on the
television. The screen is black with the words no signal on
it. Trent turns off the television and tosses the remote on
the ground.
Damn dish. I told you we should
have gotten the digital cable.
Susan walks into the bedroom and lies on the bed.
Is everything ready?
Trent walks into the bathroom to brush his teeth.
Are you positive?


Trent spits out water and toothpaste.
      (Looking at his
       reflection in the
Yes dear, I'm positive.
Good, don't want anything to
happen like last time.
Trent turns off the light in the bathroom and enters the
bedroom. He lies on the bed.
It was three years ago and I said
I was sorry.
It was our honeymoon. You forgot
to set the alarm clock. We had to
take a later flight and cut the
trip in half.
It was out honeymoon. You forgot
to set the alarm clock. We had to
take a later flight and cut the
trip in half.
Wasn't my fault. The power went
out that night. I had no control
over that.
Susan shoots a look at Trent.
The luggage is by the front door.
The tickets are on the nightstand
next to the luggage. I have set
the alarm on the clock radio, my
watch, and the cell phone. Also
gassed up the truck, so there is
nothing to worry about.
The satellite went out at the same
time as the Internet. I wanted to
find out more about those


                       TRENT (cont'd)
I'm sure the hotel will have the
Hope so, I have to ton of paper
work to catch up on.
Susan hits Trent with a magazine.
What? I was joking.
You better be. Just think this
time tomorrow we will be in the
most romantic city in the world.
Funny, I thought Paris was the
romantic city.
Susan hits Trent again.
Come on. Stop that.
I have been looking forward to
this trip all year. Nothing is
going to screw it up.
Well, I'm not looking forward to
thirteen hours on a plane. I think
I might go crazy. Hope there is
some good acohol on the flight.
Susan lies on top of Trent.
I'm not that tired yet.
Susan sits up and takes off her shirt. She leans down to
kiss Trent.
                                         FADE TO BLACK


People are waiting in line to buy a movie ticket. Scott,
Late teen white male with medium built and blonde hair, is
sitting in front of a computer. He clicks on the microphone.
Charles, a white male in his late teens and skinny built,
walks up to the counter.
One please.
He lets out a violent cough. He wipes his hands on his
jeans. Scott takes his money and prints up a ticket. The
camera zooms in on Charles and zooms out.
A group of guys are playing football. One group is in a
OK, last play of the game and we
need a touchdown to win.
Throw me the ball. They are not
covering me.
The group lets out a nag.
Yeah, they stopped covering you
because your slow and can't catch
the ball.
The group lets out a laugh.
Screw you.
Charles pushes the wide receiver.
Cut the shit. I'll make a deal
with you. I'll throw it to you,
but If you don't catch it you
never come out here and play with
us. Got it?


Fine, deal.
Charles, run a fly route down the
sideline. Everyone else stay
short. On two.
The group breaks the huddle. The Quarterback grabs Charles's
You better catch this.
Everyone lines up on the football. Charles lines up way off
to the right of the ball. The cornerback gives him a smile.
The Quarterback looks over at Charlie and shakes his head.
Blue thirty two. Hut. Hut.
Charles shoots off the line. The cornerback jams Charles.
The Quarterback rolls out to his right side. The defense is
chasing him. The cornerback lets go and runs at the
Quarterback. Charles takes off down the field. There is no
one close to Charles. The quarterback launches the ball
right when the cornerback tackles him. The ball goes sailing
toward Charles. He dives for the ball. Charles catches the
football in mid air, but he drops it when he hits the
ground. He looks up to see the ball rolling away from
him.The Quarterback yells at him. Charles is face to face
with a flower. The flower sprays Charles in the face. He
lets out a cough. The camera zooms in and back out to
Charles walking in the movie theater. A couple walks past
Charles to the concession stand.
How can I help you?
The couple looks at the menu.
All I want is a diet drink.
You sure?
      (looking at the
Yeah, I'll get something after the
movie is over with.


The camera zooms on the couple and zooms back.
Tara and Zack are walking in the park. Tara, latin female in
early twenties, is throwing bread to the ducks. Zack, latin
male early twenties, is standing next to her.
How long have we been dating?
Don't tell me you forgot?
No, we have been dating for three
years now. I think its time to
take it to the next level.
Tara stops feeding the ducks and looks at Zack.
What do you mean?
Well, I just think its time for us
to move in together. Get our own
You mean it?
I do. I love you and want to spend
my whole life with you.
Zack grabs Tara's hand.
I love you to, baby.
She pauses for a second to think about it.
Sure, let's do it.
That is great.
Zack hugs Tara and gives her a big kiss.


You made me so happy.
Zack looks over and sees a flower. He picks the flower and
holds it up.
Let this be the symbol of our
Zack holds up the flower and it sprays pollen in both of
their faces. The camera zooms back to the couple in the
movie theater lobby. Zack and Tara walks up to the ticket
taker. They sit on a bench in the lobby.
I don't feel so good.
Charles walks up to the ticket taker. Kevin, eighteen year
old white male with a gangsta look to him, grabs the ticket.
First door on your left.
Kevin puts up a velvet rope across two poles. He walks over
to Sam.
Bout fucking time, God I hate this
shift. There is no reason for all
of us to be here. I can count the
number of people on both hands.
Funny, didn't know you could count
that high.
HaHa. Very funny.
You have two more hours before the
shift is over.
Are you staying for the midnight
Not tonight, have a paper due in
the morning.
Tara lets out a bad cough.


What do you think of the new girl?
Sam bends over to put some candy in the display case.
Nancy, Asian female eighteen year old with a skinny built
and long black hair, is wiping down the glass counter. She
stops to check herself out in the reflection.
Don't even waste your time.
Man, she's hot.
She's way out of your league
Shit, I'll give it a week before
she is all over me.
Kevin gives off a half smile.
DO you remember who her daddy is?
Her dad is the sheriff and last
time I checked he doesn't like you
very much.
Who said I wanted to date her?
Sam stands up shaking his head.
She is a diva. Her dad punished
her and is making her work off her
credit card debt. Don't waste your


Scott walks over to Kevin and Sam.
Thank god the day is over.
You staying for the movie?
Hell yeah, I have been waiting for
this movie all year.
What you think of Nancy, Scott?
Tara let's out another bad cough.
I don't drive a sixty thousand
dollar car, so I don't have a
My point exactly.
Romeo here thinks he has a chance.
Scott laughs.
Yeah right.
Laugh it up, but at the end of the
shift I'll be the one laughing.
I'll have her number at the end of
the night.
I bet you can't even get one
You're on, what do I get if I win?
If you win I will work your double
on friday and if I win you work my
double on saturday.


Fine, deal.
Scott and Kevin shake hands.
Sam your going to be the witness,
I'm going to win this now.
Kevin walks over to Nancy.
Hello there, I don't think we have
been introduced. My name is Kevin.
Kevin grabs her hand and goes to kiss it. She yanks her hand
Do you have a boyfriend?
Nancy does not answer. She continues to wipe the counter.
The strong silent type.
Kevin licks his pinky and index finger and straightens out
his eyebrows with the fingers. Nancy looks in disgust.
Are you staying for the movie
Kevin goes to place his elbow on the counter, but he misses
and hits his head on the counter. Nancy rolls her eyes and
walks away. Kevin gets back up.
K. Call me.
Kevin does the finger move again and adds the " call me
move" after it. Kevin walks back over to Scott and Sam.
So, when can I expect the wedding
Screw you.


Kevin pushes Scott. Tara lets out a loud scream. She falls
to the ground and spits blood out her mouth. Zack jumps to
his feet. Scott and Sam run over to see If she is ok. Kevin
calls for the manager on the intercom.
What is wrong honey? Somebody call
an ambulance.
Screams are heard coming out of the theaters. Zack starts to
cough up blood. People run out of the movies into the lobby.
Everybody calm down. Please stop
Tara stops moving. Scott leans in to check to see if she is
breathing. She opens her eyes.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
Scott let's out a loud scream.
Trent rolls over in the bed. His arm lands on the spot where
Susan is suppose to be. He lifts up his head to see that
Susan is gone.
Trent looks over at the alarm clock. It is blinking twelve
o'clock. He sits up real quick.
Oh shit.
Trent checks the cell phone.
Damn. Susan. We are going to be
A loud noise comes from downstairs. Trent jumps to his feet
and throws on a shirt and jeans. Another loud noise comes
from downstairs.
What are you doing down there?


There is no answer. No one answers when Trent calls for
Susan. A loud crashing noise comes from downstairs. Trent
has a worried look on his face.
If you can hear me, we are
extremely late for the plane. We
have to go.
It sounds like people are wrestling and crashing into
things. Trent has a bad feeling. He goes into his closet and
grabs a pistol from the top shelf. He checks it to see if
there are bullets inside. He hears moaning coming from
downstairs. He cocks the gun. He slowly walks out of the
bedroom. Trent looks around and sees nothing upstairs. He
makes his way to the stairs. He gently walks down the
stairs. He can now see into the living room. The room looks
like there was a struggle. The coffee table and furniture is
flipped over. A lamp, vase, and the potted plants are
smashed on the floor. Trent gets to the bottom of the
stairs. He turns to see Susan face down in the kitchen. She
is laying in a pool of blood. Two men are on their hands and
knees. They are leaning over Susan's body.
Susan! Get away from her.
The two men look up. Blood is dripping from their chins.
They are soaked in blood.
Oh my god.
The two men stand up.
Don't move. Stay right there.
One of the zombies takes one step, then another step.
I said "don't move"!
Trent lifts up his gun and points it at the men. Both of the
zombies are now walking toward Trent. He closes his eyes and
pulls the trigger. The bullet hits one zombie in the chest.
It stumbles back but keeps on walking toward Trent. Trent
shoots again. The zombie won't go down or stop. It just
keeps on walking toward Trent. He fires the rest of the
bullets at the zombies. Every bullet hits them, but it has
no effect on them. They still keep on walking. Trent has a
puzzled look on his face. He turns to run out of the front
door. A woman walks in. Her dress is soaked in blood and one


of her arms is missing. Blood is squirting out of the nub.
Trent turns to head up the stairs. More zombies begin to
pour into Trent's house. Trent slams the door to his bedroom
and locks it. He can hear the moans of the zombies coming up
the stairs. He grabs his cell phone. He dials a number.
Fucking busy.
The zombies begin to bang on the door. The door looks like
it's about to break. Trent begins to freak out. He goes to
the closet and reloads his gun. He puts some more bullets in
his pocket. He heads on the window. He opens it and steps
out on the roof. He can see people running and screaming.
Some are dead and being eaten by zombies.
What the hell is going on?
The door to the bedroom breaks open. The zombies walk into
the bedroom. Trent turns to see the zombies coming in.
Trent leans over to look down to the front yard. There are
zombies walking around. He turns and heads to the back of
the roof. He looks into the backyard. There are no zombies.
He jumps down. He turns to see that Susan's body is now
gone. Trent stands and walks toward the sliding glass door.
He opens the door. Out of no where Susan jumps out and
tackles Trent. They both fall outside into the backyard. The
gun goes flying out of Trent's hand. He notices that it's
Susan on top of him. She is trying to bite him.
Susan, it's me.
Susan is trying to bite him.
What is wrong with you?
Trent holds her head back. Her body is torn open. Blood and
guts are spilling out on top of Trent. Trents kicks Susan
off of him. He quickly gets to his feet. Susan runs toward
Trent. He grabs her.
Please stop, I don't want to hurt


Trent turns his body and pushes Susan away from him. She
goes flying backwards. She crashes head first into the
sliding glass door. Her head breaks the glass. The top half
of the glass slides down and chops her head off. Her body
falls to the ground. Trent drops to his knees.
What have I done?
Zombies begin to make their way into the backyard. They are
moving toward Trent. Trent grabs his gun and stands up. He
fires all of his bullets into the zombies. They just keep
What the fuck is going on? Why
won't you die?
He quickly reloads his gun. A voice comes from the distance.
Get down!
Brad, white male in his mid-thirties dressed in army gear,
and Tom, black male in his earlier forties dressed in army
gear, point their guns at the zombies. Trent drops to the
ground. Tom and Brad begin to open fire. The zombies are
dropping like flies. They stop shooting.
You okay?
Trent stands up to see the dead zombies all over his
backyard. He runs over to Tom and Brad.
Who are you guys? What the hell is
going on?
Three more army men run into Trent's backyard. George is a
white male in his late forties dressed in army gear and has
a medium build. Bruce is a white male in his mid-thirties
dressed in army gear with a medium build. Ray is a white
male in his late twenties dressed in army gear and has a
stocky build.
What in the hell are you doing? We
are not here to play rescue, dip
shit. Are you trying to get us


No sir.
Then what are you doing?
I heard gun shots and came over to
investigate. We can use him as a
tour guide to show us where the
house is.
Why in the fuck do we need a
guide? This isn't some sight
seeing tour.
Wait a second, what the hell is
going on?
Trent takes a step toward George. Tom, Bruce, and Ray point
their guns at Trent. He quickly takes two steps back.
Listen to me, sir. We are lost and
can use him to show us where The
Gallery is.
The movie theater?
You heard of it?
Yeah, why do you want to go there?
None of your god damn business.
It's hard enough to watch Ray's
Hey, I'm alright now.
He will only slow us down.
I'll watch over him. He will be my


Bruce turns to the group.
I hate to break up this little
circle jerk, but we are going to
have company. We need to go.
Zombies are walking toward the backyard.
Shit! Once he shows us where to
go, we are leaving him.
Brad pulls out a map.
Can you point at it?
Trent points his finger at the map.
Right there about ten minutes
There is no way I can run another
We need to find a truck.
I have one. The keys are inside.
Good, let's go.
The group runs into the house.
Just need to find them.
The group is in the living room. Zombies are now coming
inside the house through the back and front doors.
Hurry up.
Come get some.
Ray pumps his shotgun and unloads on the zombies.


God damn it Ray, save your ammo.
We're almost out.
Trent is on his hands and knees looking for the keys.
They must have fallen off the
table when they got in.
We don't have much time.
Trent lifts up a plant and searches in the dirt.
Got them!
George shoves a zombie to the ground.
Everyone to the truck.
Brad and Trent are out the door first. Brad is firing his
weapon at the zombies. Trents hits the button on his keys
and the doors unlock. The rest of the group comes running
out of the house. Bruce hits one zombie with the butt of his
gun. A zombie grabs him.
Shit, get it off of me!
Tom runs over and pulls out a knife. He jams it in the
zombie's forehead. The zombie drops to the ground.
Get your asses in the truck now!
Tom and Bruce jumps into the truck. The truck is now
surrounded by zombies. They are banging on the windows of
the truck. Trent throws the truck in reverse and slams on
the gas. He hits a couple of zombies pulling back into the
Hang on!
Trent spins the truck around and heads off down the road.


Jesus Christ.
Watch your driving asshole. I
don't want to die in this piece of
shit town.
Trent slams on the brakes.
What the fuck is your problem?
What are you doing?
It's classified. The only thing I
want to hear from you is "we are
here". Got it?
I want some answers right now or
we are not going anywhere.
That's it, just give me
Ray points his gun at Trent.
Fuck man.
This is not the time.
Zombies start to walk towards the truck.
Listen we need to go right now. We
have a chopper coming in one hour
to pick us up.
That is classified, don't say one
more word about the mission.
Trent stares into the distance.
That's it, shoot him!


I'll explain everything to you
later. This is not the time or
Trent puts the truck in drive and pulls off.
Thought so.
Ray puts the gun away. Brad pulls out the map again.
We need to stop here first.
Brad points at the map.
That is just two streets over.
The truck rounds the corner.
Fade to black.
The truck comes to a stop.
Why did we stop?
The house is about three down on
the right hand side.
Good. Bruce, Ray and myself will
go in and get the briefcase. I
want you to drive around until you
hear from me. Got it?
Yes sir.
Trent starts up the truck and drives up to the house. He
pulls up onto the lawn. Bruce, Ray, and George jump out of
the truck. Bruce smacks a zombie in the face with the butt
of his gun. Ray runs up to the door. He tries the door knob.
Break it down.


Bruce and Ray kick in the door. George, Ray and Bruce run
into the house. Trent throws the truck into drive and takes
off. They drive off down the street.
Can I get some answers now?
Brad looks over at Tom. Tom shakes his head.
We are a recovery team. Basically
guns for hire. We were hired to
find a professor and some
briefcase that he has. I have no
idea what is in the case or what
the deal is with the professor,
but they are paying us a great
deal of money to get both of them
They never tell us shit.
Well, that doesn't help much.
I don't know what else to tell you
kid. We are just as much in the
dark as you.
George's voice comes over the radio.
We have the briefcase. Get your
ass here now.
Gun shoots are heard over the radio.
Got it. We're on our way.
Trent makes a u-turn and head's back to the professor's
house. Bruce,Ray, and George are on the front lawn. Zombies
are coming out of the house after them. Ray pushes the group
of zombies to the ground. Trent pulls up onto the lawn. He
hits a couple of zombies. The door flies open. Everybody
jumps into the suv. Bruce is holding his arm.
Fuck. I cant believe on of those
fuckers bit me.


Tom hands Bruce a shirt. He wraps it around the bite mark on
his arm.
God damn it. It feels like its on
What the hell happen?
Those things were everywhere
inside the house. One jumped on
Bruce and took a chunk out of his
You was suppose to be watching my
Bruce pushes Ray. Ray pushes back.
Cut the shit.
He started it.
Well, I'm going to finish it. It's
like I'm fucking babysitting.
Ray sticks his tongue out. George grabs it.
I will leave you here. Got it?
Ray shakes his head while George is holding his tongue.
How much time we have left?
Forty-five minutes.
How far until we get there?
We are almost there.


I want this done fast. We get in
and out. Drop off the tour guide
once we are there.
You can't just leave me here.
Why's that? You mean nothing to
Trent has a pissed off look on his face. THe truck comes to
a stop.
There's the Gallery.
Trent parks the suv at the entrance way of the parking lot.
Everybody gets out of the suv.
Don't see much movement.
Finally, some good news.
Look there.
Three zombies walk out from behind the building.
No telling how many are inside.
I'm ready to get the fuck out of
here. Let's just rush in gun ho
style and get the fuck out.
That's why you will never be
How's the arm?
Ray slaps the bite on Bruce's arm.


Cut the shit. Let's get the job
Everybody gets back into the truck.
We get in, find the professor, and
get to the pick up. No time for
How do we even know the professor
is here?
Yeah, for all we know he could be
long gone or dead.
Trust me, he is here and alive.
Check your ammo.
The group checks the bullets and clips.
Can I get a weapon? I'm out.
George looks at Brad.
That's your problem.
Brad hands Trent a handgun and extra clip.
Not a lot of ammo left, so make
every shot count. Aim for the
Does he even know how to shoot
Trent cocks the gun.
Think so, just point and shoot.


Trent starts up the truck and pulls into the parking lot. He
comes to a stop just in front of The Gallery. Everybody gets
out of the truck.
Brad, take the keys away from him.
This is the end of the line. Get
the keys.
Brad holds out his hand. Trent shakes his head and hands
over the keys.
Split up into two teams. Ray,
Bruce, and I will take the right
side. Tom and Brad take the left.
What about me?
Like I said it's the end of the
Brad walks over to Trent.
Just follow me.
Keep your eyes open. If you see
something, yell. Make sure you
watch everybody's back. Got it?
The group says "yes sir".
Move out!
The group walks into the lobby of The Gallery. They split up
into two different groups. George's group checks out by the
concession stand. Ray sticks his hand into the popcorn
machine. He grabs a handful of popcorn and eats it. He spits
it out.


Ray, cut the shit and check that
Ray walks into a storage room. He sticks his head out.
Nothing here.
Ray looks around and grabs a couple of boxes of candy and
sticks it in his jacket pockets. Trent, Tom, and Brad are
walking down a hallway.
I use to work here.
How long ago?
Way before it was bought out by
this company. Oh shit!
Brad turns to see a zombie eatting a woman. Brad points his
weapon and fires. The zombie falls to the floor.
I want you to stick to me.
Don't go limp on us when the shit
hits the fan.
I'll try not to.
The hallway is filled with dead bodies. Most of the bodies
have been ripped open.
Doesn't make sense. Where are
they? The streets are filled with
How is that a bad thing?
Maybe they travel to where the
food is.
Just doesn't feel right.


George's group goes into the first movie auditorium. Bruce
holds his nose.
Jesus Christ.
What did you expect, a bed of
Ray and Bruce go up each side of the stairs and check each
row. George stays at the bottom and watches the door.
Good, let's get to the next one.
Ray walks past a woman that is dead in her seat.
Bruce, check this chick out. Man,
look at that rack.
A woman is sitting in a seat. Her shirt is ripped open and
her bra is exposed.
You are sick Ray.
The woman moves a finger. Just as Ray looks back at her, a
zombie comes out of nowhere and grabs Ray by the jacket.
Oh shit!
He pulls back and opens fire on the zombie woman. It lets
him go. Ray spins around and the woman zombie grabs Ray's
leg. He tumbles down the stairs.
Behind you.
George turns to see a zombie sit up. He opens fire. More and
more zombies are getting up.


Ray, get your ass up. Move out.
Ray jumps to his feet and opens fire. Bruce jumps down the
stairs. Most of the dead in the auditorium are coming back
to life. George, Ray and Bruce run out of the auditorium.
Ray holds the door shut.
Holy shit, that thing came out of
We need to find the others and
A group of zombies are coming up the hallway. Other zombies
are coming out of the auditorium.
They run the opposite direction of the zombies. When they
get to the lobby, they can see the parking lot is starting
to fill up with zombies.
There goes the get away.
A zombie reaches out for George.
Mother fucker!
George hits the zombie with the butt of his gun. They run
down the hallway. Trent, Tom and Brad are at the end of the
hall, inside of an auditorium.
I wonder what was going through
their minds when it happened. I
just can't imagine.
That's one thing I don't want to
think about.
George, Ray and Bruce bust through the door.


What happened?
Make sure the door is secure.
Those things are everywhere. They
have the place surrounded.
Fuck, I knew it!
What are we going to do?
Screw the professor, let's just
head out of the exit and get to
the pick up.
We do not go back without the
The zombies are banging on the door. Bruce and Tom head over
to the door to hold it shut.
Ray, make sure those two are dead.
Ray goes over to the two dead bodies and shoots them in the
What is going on?
The dead are coming back to life.
We are trapped in here.
Shut up Ray.
The zombies are pushing on the door. George pulls out a
machine from his pocket.
The tracker says the Professor is
still here.


Sir, you need to think of
something quick. We can't hold
The projection room!
Up there.
Trent points at the window at the top of the stairs.
That window leads to the
projection room. We can get up
Brad, go check it out.
Brad runs up the stairs and stands on back of the seat. He
pulls himself up to look in.
Looks clear.
Do it.
Brad breaks the window with his gun. He makes sure there is
no glass on the edges. He pulls himself up.
All clear.
Ok, you two get your asses up
Trent and Ray run up the stairs. Trent stands on back of the
chair. Brad reaches down to lift Trent through the window.
Ray is next through the window. George goes over to Bruce
and Tom. THe door is cracked open.
Strong bastards.
George helps them shut the door all the way.


The plan is to go to the top of
the stairs and through the window.
On three, we take off. Got it?
Tom and Bruce shakes their heads.
One, two, three.
They let go of the door and take off. The zombies begin to
pour into the auditorium. Tom opens fire on them. The
zombies are moving a little faster than before. They make
the turn and haul ass up the stairs.
Hurry up.
Brad has half of his body hanging out of the window. Tom
jumps on the back of the chair and grabs Brad's hands. Brad
and Ray help Tom through the window.
Ray give us cover fire.
Ray starts to shoot at the zombies from the projection room.
George opens fire too. Bruce climbs his way into the window.
Come on sir.
George turns and stands on the back of the chair. The back
of the chair breaks. George falls down.
George gets on top of another chair. He reaches up for Brad
and Tom. The zombies are getting closer. They pull George
up. The zombies get to the back row and hold their arms up.
Reaching for the window.
Damn, that was too close.
Is everyone ok?


I might not sleep ever again after
this, but I'm good.
Same here.
Clear this place out. Make sure
all doors are secure. Shoot
anything that moves. I don't want
anymore surprises.
The group heads off in different directions. Ray and Tom one
way. Brad and Trent head a different way. Ray looks out one
of the windows into the auditorium.
Must be at least thirty of them in
there. No telling how many are
inside of the building.
Well, I don't know and don't care.
Tom and Ray check out the door and make sure it is locked.
You got to admit, this is a
bullshit mission. They said
nothing about the dead coming back
to life. Hell, we got the sample
back. I say fuck the professor and
we get the fuck out of here.
No mission we've ever went on was
ever a walk in the park. This is
our job. You knew the danger when
you signed up for it. There is no
way we can go back without the
professor or proof that the
professor is dead. Now just keep
your mind in the game.
Brad and Trent walk over to a room. They hear a noise coming
from inside. They look at each other. Brad holds the
doorknob and busts the door open with his shoulder. A girl
screams. Kevin pops up in front of Brad and stabs him with a
screwdriver. Trent points the gun at Kevin.
Drop it!


Kevin quickly drops the screwdriver and puts his hands up.
Oh shit man, don't shoot. I
thought you were one of those
Brad holds his shoulder.
We're not.
I'm real sorry. We have been
hiding up here since last night.
Then we heard all that noise.
Thought they had gotten in.
Brad turns to Trent.
I'll be back. Keep it pointed at
Brad walks back to tell George and the rest of the group.
How many survivors are up here?
Trent looks around.
Six up here, not sure about
downstairs. We have someone that
is really hurt.
Nancy and Jennifer stand up from hiding.
Trent, is that you?
Trent puts the gun away.
You ok?
Yeah, but it's Dennis.


Trent looks over to see a man pale and sweating under a
What happened?
Trent goes over to Dennis and kneels next to him.
Those crazy fucks just came in the
place and attacked everybody in
site. Luckily we made it up here.
We were just watching a movie,
when they rushed in and just
attacked everybody.
George and the rest of the group show up.
Oh shit!
Kevin puts his hands up in the air again.
Put your arms down. I have no time
for games. I'm going to ask you
some questions and I want some
Correction, I want some answers
first. Who the fuck are you to
come in here and boss me around?
In a split second, Ray sweeps Kevin's legs out from under
him. Kevin hits the ground hard. Ray sticks a gun to Kevin's
Now, are you going to answer the
man's questions?
Kevin shakes his head. Ray helps him up.
Get off of me.


We are looking for a man.
Sorry, but I don't swing that way.
Ray sweeps Kevin's legs again. George kneels next to him.
What a smart ass, I'm going to ask
this one more time. If I don't get
the answer I'm looking for, I will
feed you to those things. Got it?
Kevin shakes his head.
I'm looking for a man about your
height. Dark black hair has a
tattoo of some numbers on his
Yeah, I know him.
Good! Now was that so hard?
Sounds like the guy who was
fucking your mother right after I
was done with her.
Ray let's out a laugh. George looks at Ray.
Pick him up.
George looks at his watch.
Oh, look at the time. It's just
about feeding time. Toss him.
Kevin starts to put up a struggle. Ray bends his arm back.
Come on, you can't expect the kid
to know anything.


I gave him the option.
Ray starts to push Kevin toward the door.
Come on sir, we don't have time
for this.
Oh, I think we have time.
Trent pulls out the handgun and points it at George. Bruce
and Tom points their weapons at Trent.
Let him go.
What are you going to do, shoot
George puts his forehead against the barrel of the gun.
You don't have it in you.
Cut the shit. Trent, put down the
Jennifer grabs the screwdriver and holds it to the back of
Ray's neck.
Put the gun down.
George laughs.
Kill him, you will be doing me a
favor. No offense.
Ray looks at George.
I think you are looking for me.
The professor is standing outside of the doorway. Everybody
turns to look.
Professor Martin!


I guess they sent you here to
bring me back? Let go of the kid
and put your guns down. Violence
never solves anything.
Nobody moves an inch.
I won't go with you if you don't.
George nods to Ray, Bruce, and Tom. Ray lets go of Kevin.
Tom and Bruce lower their weapons. Trent lowers his gun.
Um, Can somebody tell this bitch
to get the flat head from out of
my neck?
Jennifer, it's OK.
Jennifer puts the screwdriver away.
Well this has been fun, but its
time to go doc.
What about us?
Yeah, take us with you.
The only people leaving is my men
and the professor. The rest of
ya'll are on your own.
Nancy comes out of hiding.
You have to take me with you. My
father is a very rich and powerful
man. He would pay you handsomely
for my safe return.
Hate to tell you this, but your
father is probably dead. Time?
Fifteen minutes.


We have to go now. Follow me.
George, Ray, Bruce, Tom, and Brad walk out of the room.
George grabs the Professor by the arm. The group walks off.
Nancy tries to follow, but Ray pushes her back into the
room. Kevin catches her.
You OK?
Nancy just shrugs off Kevin and walks away from him. Trent
walks over to Jennifer.
How long has Dennis been like
Since he was bitten last night.
Who bit him?
There was a man in the show with
us. He was coughing really badly.
The next thing you know, he just
goes crazy. Attacking anybody
close to him, he grabbed me on the
arm. Dennis tried to fight him
off, but then more of those
monsters came in. That's when he
bit Dennis on the arm. We were
lucky enough to get up here.
You can thank me for that.
Where is Susan?
Trent looks away.
She didn't make it.
I'm so sorry Trent. What is going
I don't know. Wish I did.


What did he mean by he is probably
dead? There is no way he could be
I'm sure he's fine, but more
important we need to figure out
how we are getting out of here.
What do you mean? We standing
Kevin grabs Nancy. She just pushes Kevin off of him.
Why can't we just go with them?
There is no chance the will take
us. I'm lucky to be here. The
commander is an asshole. He would
rather kill us than save us. We
just need to stick together and
come up with a plan.
The army group is standing around a table with weapons.
How much ammo do we have left?
I have two clips and a couple of
Just a clip.
Same here.
Half a magazine.
There is no way we can last with
It will be a miracle if we make it
to the pick up point in time.


Let me think; maybe we can tell
them to pick us up here.
If we can get in touch with them.
There's a shot.
Tom and Bruce get to the roof and
try to get in touch with the evac
team. Get one of those punk kids
show you how to get up there.
Tom and Bruce walk off.
Now the real problem at hand, how
to get the samples out of the
You have the samples?
It was a pain in the ass, but we
got them.
Why do you think I stole them and
escaped here?
I really don't care. I'm being
paid good money to bring you back
I would rather die, before going
back there.
That could be arranged.
I want my work to save lives and
help mankind, not destroy it.
What do you mean?
It's none of our business. Got it?


I would like to know what the fuck
is going on here.
He has a good point. I want to
know why we were sent on a mission
to hell.
What did I say? It's highly
classified. Top secret! How about
you worry on getting the samples
If you'll excuse me, I have a sick
patient to attend to.
The professor walks back into the room with the other
surivors in it.
So, what is the plan?
I'm thinking. Some how we need to
make it back to the truck.
Fuck that! There is no way I'm
going back down there.
Nancy walks up to George.
I demand you to take me with you.
George puts both hands on the table. He looks down and
shakes his head.
Jesus Christ, I really don't need
this right now.
My father is a very important
judge. He will
George cuts Nancy off in mid sentence.


Listen to me, your dad could be
the fucking president or the pope
and I still wouldn't care.
You're an asshole.
Nancy slaps George across the face and walks off crying.
Oh shit, what a little firecraker.
I hate kids.
George covers his face with his hand.
How about we trap them in the
That might work, we throw the
survivors in the shows with those
creatures and keep them busy.
That's not what I had in mind.
What are you talking about?
We some how get those things to
chase someone into one of the
shows and just lock them in.
How might we get them to go into
the shows?
We get them to chase us.
Fuck that!
It's simple, we have them chase us
into a show and climb up though
the window to get back up here.
Those things are slow enough not


                       BRAD (cont'd)
to catch up with us.
And who will play the guinea pig
in this plan?
I'll do it. I would need one other
to watch my back, plus it would be
a lot easier to get the samples
That's true. Let's do it. We need
to execute this plan to the T. I
don't want anything to go wrong.
The Professor is re-wrapping Dennis's wound. Jennifer is
wiping the sweat off of his face.
How is he?
Not good, the fever is getting
worst. Without the right medicines
and equipment there's not much I
can do.
Jennifer looks down at Dennis.
Excuse me, Can I have a word with
What is going on? Is there
anything you can tell me about how
this all got started?
I'm am one of the top botanists in
the country.
What is that?
The Professor let's out a little laugh.


I basically study plants. One day
I was approached by the government
with a rare find. It was a flower
found in the heart of the rain
forest. It's one of the most
beautiful flowers you will ever
see. Its natural defense is to
spray its pollen when it feels
How does this all fit?
One day my assistant was
accidentally sprayed with the
pollen. He became violently ill
and died.
Can we jump ahead?
Well he didn't stay dead. My
assistant came back to life.
Like a zombie?
Exactly like one. The pollen is
the most powerful poison known to
man. It doesn't just kill you, it
turns you into a zombie after you
die. Like a zombie, it only wants
one thing. Human flesh. The
government soon found this out and
wanted to use the pollen in there
bio-weapons. Be the first to use
it before anyone can use it on
them. They were testing the stuff
on our own soldiers. So I stole
all the data and the samples and I
came here. I had gotten word that
the flower started to pop up
around the world.
The outbreaks!


Exactly, I was in a radio to find
a cure. Just didn't know it would
spread so fast.
Dennis was bitten by one of those
things. Will he turn into one of
them? Do you have a cure?
No, I haven't found one yet. He
will die within the hour. There is
a good possibility that he will
turn into one of them. There's no
way to be sure.
Wait, one of the army guys was
Kevin,Tom, and Bruce are on top of the building. Tom is on
the radio.
Yes sir, I understand. Over and
What did they say?
They will be here in two hours.
Well, that's good news. At least
we can hide out here until then.
Bruce grabs his bite wound in pain.
You OK?
Yeah, it's just shooting pain. It
comes and goes.
Kevin is standing on the edge of the roof. He is spitting on
zombies in the parking lot.
Oh man, I totally nailed that one.


Bruce holds his arm and drops to the ground.
Jesus Christ it burns.
What's happening?
Not sure, but it feels like
there's a fire inside of me.
Let's get you back inside.
Tom tries to pick Bruce up. Bruce let's out a loud scream.
It hurts too bad when I move.
Tom puts Bruce back down.
I'm going back inside to get help.
Hey kid, watch him.
Kevin waves his arm.
I'll be right back.
Tom heads off to go back inside. Bruce is rolling around in
pain. Kevin is still spitting on zombies. Bruce lifts up his
shirt. A piece of his stomach is expanding like a balloon.
He lets out a loud scream. Kevin turns to see.
Holy shit man, you OK?
Kevin runs over to Bruce. He bends over him.
What the fuck is happening?
Kevin touches the balloon sac on Bruce's stomach.
You asshole, don't touch it.


The balloon sac expands until it pops. Blood splashes on
Bruce is dead. Kevin tries to wipe some of the blood off.
Hey, you alive?
Kevin pushes Bruce with his foot. Bruce does not move.
Oh Shit!
Tom runs up to the group.
It's Bruce, he looks real bad.
Get the professor.
Kevin is wiping off blood from his face and clothes. His
back turned to Bruce. Bruce sits up. Tom runs into the room
with the Professor and Trent.
Doc, we need you.
The group goes onto the roof. Tom looks around.
Where is he?
Kevin screams for the guys.
I could use some help here.
Kevin is on top of an air condition unit. Bruce is trying to
grab at Kevin.
Get him away from me.
The group runs over. Bruce turns and attacks George. He
tackles him to the ground. Bruce is trying to bite him.


Don't let him bite you.
What do you think I'm doing.
Ray, Brad, and Tom grab Bruce off of George. He is going
crazy trying to bite everybody.
You must destory him. before he
can infect anybody else.
What should we do?
Destory the brain. That is what
keeps them alive.
George pulls out a handgun and puts it to Bruce's head.
There's got to be another way.
There is no other way.
Don't do it, we can bring him back
and cure him. Come sir, he's our
Kevin is still on top of the air condition.
Fuck that shit, he tried to kill
If you let him live, he will kill
us all. He is not your friend
anymore. You must kill him.
I'm sorry.
George pulls the trigger and shoots Bruce in the head. Bruce
falls over.
Fuck man!


There's nothing you could have
done for him.
Ray and Tom walk back inside.
Is there anybody else that has
been bitten?
The Professor does not answer.
Tell me or I'll go down there and
shoot them all.
The man lying in the room.
George cocks his gun and heads back inside.
The Professor and Brad chase behind George. He walks into
the room and points the gun at Dennis.
What are you doing?
He's been biten and he will turn
into one of those things.
You don't know that.
The Professor and Brad walk into the room. Jennifer jumps in
between Dennis and the gun.
Move or I will shoot you.
Tell him, Professor. There's no
way to know that. He might not
He has been infected, but there is
no way to know if he will change.


Well, that's a chance I'm not
willing to take.
You might be killing an innocent
Wouldn't be the first time. I will
give you to the count of three to
move out of the way.
He is the only thing I have left
in this world. Without him, I'm
You can't be serious.
Very serious. Two!
I'm not moving.
Nancy grabs Trent's gun and opens fire on Dennis.
Nancy has a blank look on her face. She drops the gun.
I don't want one of those things
in here with me. Like you said,
there's no way to know.
Everybody runs into the room. Jennifer is holding Dennis in
her arms. She's crying.
Men come with me.
The army group walks back out of the room. Trent goes to
hold Jennifer. She gets up and goes after Nancy. She runs
out of the room.


Trent grabs Jennifer before she can catch Nancy.
It's OK. It's OK. Calm down.
Jennifer is crying in Trent's arms.
The army group is standing around a window looking down into
the auditorium.
I count five in here.
No six.
A zombie wonders in.
This is the one with the least
amount of creatures in it.
What's the plan?
With Bruce dead, we are one short.
I say we just wait for the back up
to come and then go after the
No time, they want to get in and
out as fast as possible.
As far as they know we have the
samples up here with us.
What's the plan?
We are one man short without
Bruce, so we need an extra guy.


Who might that be?
George points at Brad.
Your tour guide.
There's no way he would do it.
After that little stunt you just
Then tell him we will take them
with us.
Basically, you want me to lie to
What is your problem? You have
questioned every order I have
given you. You have a problem with
the way I'm running this mission?
No, sir!
Brad walks off towards the room. Trent is covering up
Dennis. Jennifer is lying on the floor.
How is she?
She's shaken up pretty bad.
Listen I have to ask for your
What might that be?
We are going after the samples and
we need one more person.
Trent looks at Brad.


Why should I do it?
You owe me.
I owe you nothing.
Trent turns his back on Brad. Brad grabs Trent on his
shoulder and turns him around.
If it wasn't for me you'd be dead
right now. I'm the one who saved
you. You owe me a lot.
Trent pushes Brad off of him.
You should have left me back
there. We're already dead. There's
no chance in hell we're getting
out alive.
I figure you wouldn't do it, but
there is a way out.
Oh yeah, what's that?
If you help us this one time,
everybody is going to be saved. I
need somebody to watch my back. It
will be real quick. The rescue
team will be here in twenty
minutes. Nothing will happen.
Trust me. If not, then do it for
Trent looks over at Jennifer.
If anything happens I will kill
you myself.
Fair enough. We leave in five


Brad walks out of the room. Trent looks around and follows
behind. Ray is leaning next to Nancy talking to her. Kevin
walks up on them.
I suggest you should just walk on.
Ray looks over at Kevin.
Oh yeah, Why's that?
That's my girl you're talking to.
I don't think so, I would never be
seen with a loser like you.
Nancy and Ray laugh at Kevin. He walks off.
I think we could squeeze you in
with us.
I would do anything for the person
that would help me.
That's good to know.
George walks up to Ray.
What the fuck are you doing?
We're just talking.
Is that right?
George grabs Ray's finger and bends it back.
Get your ass ready, we are about
to go.
George pushes Ray over to the rest of the group.


Here's the plan. Tom, Ray, and I
will act as bait. When we give the
signal, Brad and Trent will run
out to the truck and get the
samples. The Professor will make
sure to keep watch.
Wait, I thought we were going
after the samples and they were
the bait.
I changed the plan. We enter
through the last auditorium and go
out into the hallway. We will lead
them to the other side of the
building. Once we have the samples
back, get your asses back up
there. You have ten minutes.
No time, we need to go now.
Let's get this over with.
Take positions.
The group is in front of the window. There are four zombies
inside the auditorium. Tom breaks the glass. Tom, George,
and Ray climb down into the auditorium. The zombies go after
them. They open fire and kill the zombies.
All clear.
Trent and Brad climb down into the auditorium.
You have ten minutes, let's go.
George, Tom, and Ray bust through the door. They run up the
hallway making as much noise as they can. The zombies slowly
go after them.
Holy shit, it's working.


George gets to the door first.
Get your ass in gear.
Tom and Ray run through the door. George turns and follows
behind them. The zombies are heading toward them. Trent and
Brad peek out of the door.
Looks like its working. Let's go.
Trent and Brad take off toward the lobby. The Professor is
keeping watch over the theater. He goes to the auditorium
that Tom, Ray, and George are in. He yells down to George.
They are going after the samples
OK, in five minutes we will haul
ass back up into the room.
Brad and Trent are in the lobby. Brad looks out of the door.
Doesn't look too bad out there.
Just stay right behind me.
Brad swings the door open and shoots the zombies around the
truck. Trent pulls out the keys to unlock the truck.
Jennifer sits up. She has a zoned out look on her face. She
looks over at Dennis under the sheet. Jennifer walks over to
Dennis and pulls the sheet off of Dennis' head. She kisses
him on the forehead. She reaches over and grabs the
screwdriver. George, Ray, and Tom are shooting at the
zombies in the theater.
I'm out.
George tosses a clip over to Tom.
Just a little longer.
Jennifer walks over to Nancy.
You took the one thing that meant
the world to me.


He was going to die anyway. I did
you a favor.
Oh really?
Jennifer pulls out the screwdriver and stabs Nancy in the
shoulder. Nancy let's out a loud scream. Kevin and the
Professor turn to see Jennifer and Nancy fighting. The
Professor goes over and grabs Jennifer from behind. Nancy
goes running off holding her shoulder. Kevin grabs Nancy by
the arm. Nancy runs toward the fire exit. She slams the door
open. Zombies are right behind the door. they grab Nancy and
rip her apart.
The zombies start to eat on Nancy's body. The zombies begin
to flood into the projector room. Brad is hitting the
zombies with the butt of his gun.
Hurry up!
trent reaches under the back seat and grabs the briefcase.
More and more zombies walk toward the truck in the parking
I got it!
Brad and Trent run back into the lobby. The zombies walk up
to the Professor holding on to Jennifer.
Holy shit!
Professor turns to see the zombie's right behind him. They
grab him and Jennifer and feast on them. Kevin runs off. Ray
runs out of bullets.
I'm out.
Me too.
George shoots off the last of his bullets and throws his gun
at the mob zombies.


That should be enough time.
George turns and climbs up the back of the seat. He breaks
the window's glass.
Ray, get your ass up here.
Ray reaches up and pulls himself up into the window. He only
gets half of his body, before the zombies in the projection
room grab him.
Help me!
The zombies drag Ray into projection room.
How did they get up there?
Ray is screaming for George and Tom to help him. Tom and
George are now surrounded by zombies.
We have to get out of here. Fight
your way out.
Brad and Trent are running in the hallway and see the
zombies in the auditorium.
Shit, they're heading into the
Maybe we can get to the door that
leads upstairs.
Brad and Trent head down the hallway. Zombies are now after
Right this way.
Before they can make it to the door, Brad is grabbed by a
zombie. It takes a chunk out of his shoulder. He shoots the
zombie in the head.
Mother Fucker! God damn it!


You OK?
Get upstairs don't worry about me.
Make sure the briefcase and the
Professor make it out of here.
I'll cover you. Get going.
Trent grabs the briefcase and heads to the door. He puts his
shoulder into it and breaks open the door. He heads
upstairs. George and Tom are running down the aisles of the
Get out of here.
Tom is jumping over the seats and trips on one of the dead
Sir, help!
George looks at him and runs out the auditorium. The zombies
get to Tom, before he can get up. George makes it into the
hallway. He looks around and sees the passes Brad's body. He
shot himself in the head. George heads through the door and
up the stairs. Trent gets upstairs and looks around. Blood
and guts are everywhere. He can hear zombies from around the
corner. He peeks around and sees the zombies eating Jennifer
and the Professor. George runs into the back of Trent.
What the fuck happened?
Be quiet before they notice we're
You have the briefcase.
George grabs the briefcase from out of Trent's hand.
If we could get to the room, we
can hold up in there until they
pick us up.
I think I know a way to get to the


Trent's eyes get real wide. He puts his hand on his back.
There's blood coming out. He turns to see George holding a
knife with blood on it. He stabs Trent again in the gut.
I'll let them feed on you while I
get to the room. I'm glad that
Brad talked me into bringing you
with us.
Trent holds his gut. George pushes Trent in front of the
zombie. The zombies jump on Trent. He let's out a bloodly
scream, George sneaks past them and into the room. He locks
the door and pushes a desk in front of it. He sits in a
chair, while holding the briefcase. Trent's screams go
Gun shots ring out. George stands up and puts his ear to the
door. He can hear people talking. He has a big smile on his
face. He pushes the desk away from the door and unlocks it.
He looks out the door to see men in hazmat suits and gas
masks. A man in a uniform walks up to George.
                       UNIFORMED MAN
Where is the Professor?
He didn't make it, sir.
                       UNIFORMED MAN
And the samples?
In here.
George leads the uniformed man and two other men into the
storage room. George hands the briefcase to the uniformed
                       UNIFORMED MAN
Very good, you have done this
nation a great service.
The uniformed man turns and tells the men something.
                       UNIFORMED MAN
No eye witnesses.
The two men open fire of George.


                                         FADE TO BLACK
After some of the credits go past, the movie comes back on.
The camera pans across the storage room. George is on the
ground dead. The camera stops on the sheet Dennis was under.
He sits up and takes the sheet off. It's kevin under the
sheet. He looks around and gets up. He runs out the room.
Back to the credits.


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