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CA 101 Project 5
by RC (rcampbell17@saddleback.edu)

Rated: G   Genre: Drama   User Review: **
A short story about an ordinary guy who is thirsty and may go too far to try and get a drink. How far will you go to get what you want?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Dean enters camera right and appears fatigued. He approaches
a vending machine and pulls out his wallet. He opens his
wallet and stares into it for a couple of seconds because
there is no cash in it. He folds his wallet and puts it in
his back pocket. He paces in front of the vending machine.
His attention is diverted when he hears someone approaching
who is on the cell phone.
                       MURPHY (1)
      (On the celly)
...Yes, I'll be there on Thursday.
... No I didn't know that Anne is
in town.
                       DEAN (1)
Excuse me, do you have a dollar I
could borry?
                       MURPHY (2)
      (A little
       irritated and
       with a fake smile)
No, sorry.
Dean is frustrated and heads into the building to see if
he'll have any more luck there.
Dean enters the Music Department through some double doors
and begins walking down the hallway. He comes to a "T" in
the hallway, then looks left, right, then left again. He
starts walking slowly left toward the music practice rooms.
He passes a couple of doors, noticing a guitarist and
violinist. The next room he approaches is occupied by a
pianist. He notices there is a wallet on the bench next to
the pianist. He takes a step back from the room and begins
to ponder.

He looks to his right and notices a jacket hanging on one of
the practice room doors. He pauses, then walks over to the
jacket, takes it off the hanger, drops the jacket, then
walks back over to the pianists' practice room. He peers
into the room and the pianist is still practicing away. Dean
takes the hanger and bends it straight with a hook on one


Dean gets on his knees next to the pianists door and cracks
the door slightly. He holds the door with one hand and
begins to "fish" for the wallet with the other hand while
holding the hanger. He hooks the wallet and knocks it on the
floor. Once it's on the floor, he repositions the hanger and
begins to pull the wallet closer to him. Once the wallet is
close enough, he grabs it with his hand. Dean leaves the
coat hanger wedged in the door. He stands up and begins to
walk toward the vending machine.
Dean comes out of the darkness and approaches the vending
machine. He brings the stolen wallet in front of his chest
and unfolds it with a look of excitement and anticipation on
his face. There is only one bill in the wallet and he takes
it out. He drops the wallet on the ground and stares at the
bill. It is a two dollar bill. He looks to the vending
machine at the bill feeder and it reads, "$1 and $5 Bills
Only!" Dean looks broken at first then he reasserts himself
and inserts the bill into the machine. The machine makes
some noise then spits the bill back out. He tries flattening
the bill then inserts it again to no avail. Dean drops to
his knees, grabs the sides of the vending machine with both
hands, and then bangs his head into the vending machine.


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From Kevin Mitchell Date 8/22/2008 **
Some great books on structure Screenplay for dummies and the script writers bible. if you can fix the bland description this could be a real neat commercial for a financial investment company. "Always make sure you have what you need in case of emergency's". Something like that.

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