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The Replacement
by David Chase (davidchase@rogers.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Film Noir   User Review: ***1/2
Three slackers looking for an easy score. A dead assassin. And opportunity comes knocking. Answering the call, however, is never as easy as it seems.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


It's a beautiful, sunny day. ALEX LOGAN, white male, late
20's, is connecting string to a kite.
Here, give this a try.
Alex's son, JEFFREY, no more than six, takes the spool of
string from his father.
Is it gonna go high, dad?
Maybe, but you gotta run.
Jeffrey takes the kite and starts to run as fast as he can
across the large field. The kite slowly starts to rise.
That's it, Jeffrey! Faster!
Alex smiles as he watches his son running, the kite going
higher and higher.
Alex and Jeffrey walk back toward the parking lot.
...and Billy said they got these
real cool rides at Universal. And
they're gonna stay for 10 days.
Sounds like fun.
Yeah. I sure wish we could go.
Alex looks toward a beat up car and sighs quietly.
Yeah, me too, kiddo. Maybe I can
take you some day.


They continue past the car, walking in the direction of a
small SUV parked a bit further down. A pretty woman, WENDY
TAYLOR, late 20's, stands waiting.
Hi, baby. You and daddy have fun?
Jeffrey runs and hugs his mother.
We flew a kite. You shoulda seen
how high it went.
Sounds fun. Maybe you and I can
try it this weekend.
Hey, Wendy.
      (to Jeffrey)
Go hop in the car, baby.
Jeffrey happily walks to the SUV and gets in.
I thought you were gonna be there
for the parent teacher meeting?
I got stuck late at work. I told
you first thing in the morning
might not work. Couldn't you
schedule it for later?
Then I have to miss work. God,
Alex, why can't you just get a
normal day job like everyone else?
Hold on. I thought you liked me
taking Jeffrey when you work.
I do...I'm sorry. It's just that
you're capable of so much more. Do
you really want to work at that
hotel the rest of your life?


I don't know.
Look, I'm sorry to come down on
you. You're better than that,
that's all.
Alex nods his bowed head slightly.
Anyway, I gotta run. Go say bye to
your son.
Alex approaches the vehicle. Jeffrey sits in the back,
looking out at this father through the open window.
Same time tomorrow, buddy?
Alex leans in and gives him a kiss.
Love you.
I love you too, dad.
Alex steps back as the vehicle starts up. He waves as it
pulls away and drives off. Beaten, he walks toward his own
sorry excuse for a car.
A professor is lecturing in front of a classroom full of
university students.
MARCUS BAXTER, black, mid 20's with a bit of a baby face,
listens attentively, taking notes.
A buzzing sound breaks the silence. Alex reaches from under
the covers and silences the alarm on the bedside table.


Alex groggily swings his feet out onto the floor. He
stretches, yawning, and gets up.
Series of shots:
-- Alex showering
-- Alex getting dressed
-- Alex leaving his apartment building
Marcus stands in front of a mirror in his bedroom,
straightening his tie. The room is sparsely decorated, but
tidy, the bed already made with care.
Satisfied, he leaves the room and walks to the
which is in stark contrast to his room. Dirty dishes are
piled up beside the sink, and clothes are strewn about.
Marcus opens the fridge, finds it virtually bare, and closes
the door, mumbling to himself.
Old Mother Hubbard.
Looking toward the living room, Marcus sees a woman slouched
on the couch, asleep. He approaches quietly. A half empty
liquor bottle sits on the end table.
The woman makes a barely discernible noise.
Marcus gently tips her over to a reclining position on the
couch, placing a pillow under her head. As he turns to
leave, she mumbles to him.
                       MRS. BAXTER
Yeah, it's me, ma. I'm just
leaving for work.


                       MRS. BAXTER
You're a good boy, Marcus. I'm so
proud of you.
Marcus watches her for a moment, until he hears soft
snoring. He sighs, and turns to leave.
Marcus walks up the front steps of the bus, smiling at the
driver as he pays his fare.
Hi, there.
The driver barely acknowledges him, edging away from the
curb before Marcus is even seated.
Alex enters the front lobby of the hotel. While definitely
not a 4 star joint, the place is nice enough.
Hey, Amy.
AMY, the front desk clerk, smiles back at him.
Hi, Alex. How you doin'?
Not bad. Ask me in about 8 hours.
She grins at the remark.
Oh, Bernie wants to see you for a
Alex rolls his eyes.
Yeah, that's what I thought.


Alex enters the back office area. BERNIE MACDONALD, white
male, late 30's, a bit pudgy and balding, sits at a desk
looking over some papers. He's uptight, and it's clear that
this is the most power he's ever had and it's gone straight
to his head.
Hey, Bernie.
Bernie doesn't look up.
Do you know what this is?
It's the occupancy report. Of
course I know what it is.
Bernie finally looks up.
We've been below projection the
last few weeks.
So, what are you doing about it?
What do you want me to do about
it? Go out into the street and
force people to come stay here?
I'm serious here. Are your guys
booking everything they can?
We make every attempt to book
rooms. We're not completely
stupid, you know.
Sometimes I wonder.
Why you always busting my balls?


Because when the owners see
revenue down, they come down on
me. Since night staff falls under
the evening supervisor, me, I need
to know what the night supervisor,
you, is doing about it.
Bernie, we're doing all we can.
Bernie eyes him closely for a moment.
Anyway, you're cutting it close,
your shift starts in three
minutes. You should take a page
out of Jimmy's book, he's been
here for close to an hour now.
Yeah, I'll be sure to do that.
Bernie gets up and heads to the door.
Have a good night, now.
He leaves, closing the door behind him.
      (to himself)
Suck my dick, now.
Marcus sits in front of a computer in another part of the
office. Alex approaches.
Hey, man.
Yo, G. What up?
How come you're black, and I still
don't buy it?
Yeah, I get that a lot.


Where's Jimmy?
Marcus pauses a split second.
He's in 308.
Alex can't hide his annoyance.
Again? That fuckin' guy...
You want me to go get him?
No, I'll do it. Can you cover?
Yeah, no problem.
Alex leaves, as Marcus walks to the front desk area.
The door of room 308 slowly opens. Alex enters, and
immediately hears moaning.
JIMMY DOUCETTE, white male, late 20's and good looking, is
going at it hot and heavy under the covers with a good
looking girl.
Alex watches for a moment before speaking up.
Hi, Jimmy.
Both Jimmy and the girl look up.
What the fuck...
Jimmy grabs a pillow and covers her face with it, but
continues pumping.
Dude, I'm busy here.


You're supposed to be busy doing
your job.
Just five more minutes, I promise.
Alex rolls his eyes.
Fine, but don't make me come in
here again.
Alex turns and leaves. Jimmy pulls the pillow away. The girl
is angry, but he keeps going.
You asshole!
Yeah! Now call me bitch!
Alex and Marcus are sitting in the back office. Marcus has a
university calendar in front of him.
So I could do these online?
Sure. You could take courses from
schools pretty much anywhere in
the world.
Alex flips through book's pages.
Jimmy enters, tucking in his shirt.
Hi Princess, up from your nap?
I was in bed, but I sure as hell
wasn't sleeping.
Oh, you're too vague. Please, tell
me, what were you really doing?


I was doing what limp dick here
should do to Bernie.
Alex takes offense to shot at his expense.
What's that supposed to mean?
I'm just saying, you should be
running things up in this bitch,
not that uptight prick.
Yeah, well, when they make me
general manager, I'll be sure to
give myself a nice promotion.
You know what? You should be
running this place. Right, Marcus?
You do know how to get things
Hell, yeah, he does. He just needs
to grease the wheels a bit.
First, I don't even know what you
mean by that. And second, who are
you to give advice? The only
initiative you ever take is
whatever the pyramid scam of the
day happens to be.
I'm hurt, Alex. I'm an
entrepeneur. I just haven't found
the right venture for my talents.
I hear there's lots of money in
milking little old ladies out of
their savings.


Screw you. Everything I do is
legal. I'd never take a dime from
an old lady.
Well, you're stealing from the
company right now. Don't you have
rounds to do?
Jimmy makes a show of snapping to attention.
Sir! Yes, sir!
He clicks his heels and marches out the door. Alex shakes
his head in disbelief. He turns to see Marcus watching him.
Nothing. It's just...
Come on, just what?
He's right. You should be running
this place. At the very least, you
shouldn't be taking orders from a
douchebag like Bernie.
Christ, not you too. It's not that
easy. I've got a son to think
about, I've got responsibilities.
Don't you think you'd do more for
him by trying to get ahead?
Alex wants to say something, but knows there is truth in
what Marcus says. He sighs, and heads to the front desk.
I gotta get to work.
The moon has settled high in the sky. Darkness has long
since fallen, and all is peaceful.


-- Marcus at the computer doing the audit
-- Alex taking a phone reservation
-- Jimmy walking the deserted hallways
Alex and Marcus sit on stools behind the front desk. Jimmy
is stretched out on the couch in the lobby facing them.
Look, all I'm saying is, you come
in here, asking Marcus all these
questions about taking courses,
and then you don't do anything
about it.
If you think it's so easy, why
don't you give it a try?
Please, we all know I ain't
getting ahead from book smarts.
Alex and Marcus look at one another, nodding.
Can't argue with him.
The point is, I got street smarts
and this pretty face. You guys
have the brains. How long's it
take you to do that night audit?
About an hour. I could do it in my
sleep now.
That's right, 'cause you're a
smart guy, gonna be a big shot
lawyer some day. What's your
excuse, Alex?
I told you, I watch my son during
the day. That's like two full time


That's crap and you know it. You
can get your work done even
quicker than Matlock over there.
That leaves all night for you to
work on courses.
Alex is about to reply, but is interrupted by the front door
opening. A young woman, DIXIE, white and an knockout,
enters. Her suggestive dress indicates her line of work.
Hi, Dixie.
Hello, gentlemen.
      (to Jimmy)
Alex and Marcus snicker at the cheap shot.
Aw, Dixie, why you gotta hurt me
like that? You know you're the one
for me.
Dixie blows him a kiss on her way toward the elevators. The
guys laugh as Jimmy feigns being spurned.
Dixie gets off the elevator and walks down the hall. She
stops in front of a door, knocks, and waits a moment.
The door opens, and she enters, the door closing behind her.
The guys are still in the same spots.
So what would you do, tough guy?
I'll tell you what I'd do. I'd
take that little bitch Bernie out
back, and I'd beat him like a red
headed step child.


Man, that's rude.
Jimmy picks up a cushion and begins wailing on it. As the
guys laugh, he takes it up a notch, dropping the elbow and
performing moves that would make wrestling fans happy.
But that's not all. This bitch is
gonna get it prison style.
The guys laugh as Jimmy mocks prison raping the cushion.
That's it boy! Squeel like a pig!
Dixie, on top, is providing service to her customer.
Yeah, you like that, don't you?
The man, a 40'ish, average looking white guy, lies still,
staring straight up at the ceiling. After a moment, Dixie
looks down at him. He doesn't move.
Hey, you okay?
No reply.
Oh, you've gotta be kiddin' me.
Jimmy is now lying on the couch, snuggling and stroking the
cushion tenderly.
No, you're naughty. Let's never
fight again.
Alex and Marcus are still laughing. Jimmy looks up to see
Dixie, standing just out of view from the others, motioning
to him. He gets up.
Hang on a sec, guys.


Dixie's trick lies on the bed where she left him, eyes wide
open and staring at the ceiling. Alex and Jimmie stand
beside the bed, watching for any movement.
Yeah, he's definitely dead.
At least he went happy.
Alex points to the night stand.
I'm guessing that's what did it.
On the night stand is a mirror covered in small lines of
white powder, and a razor blade.
Jimmy begins searching through the man's luggage.
What're you doing?
What? He's not gonna mind.
Alex shakes his head in disbelief. He looks at the man for
another moment.
Holy, shit.
Jimmy is standing over an open suitcase lying on the floor.
Inside the case is a disassembled sniper rifle, some
handguns, knives, and boxes of ammo.
What the fuck?
The moment is broken by the RINGING of a cell phone. They
both look to where the phone is sitting on the night stand.
You gonna tell him to answer?
The phone continues to ring. Before Alex can stop him, Jimmy
goes to the night stand and picks up the phone.


The disembodied voice that speaks to him is ominous, and
almost sounds like it is electronically disguised.
Is this Waters?
No, he's...not available any more.
Have you eliminated him?
Jimmy looks at Alex and shrugs his shoulders, realizing he's
in over his head now.
Excuse me?
I advised Waters that there were
other interested parties. Are you
taking the job?
The fee will be the same. What is
the bank account number?
Why do you need that?
Alex is mouthing "what the fuck" as Jimmy listens.
I'll give you the same down
payment, $100,000.
This gets Jimmy's attention.
Hang on a second, I'm getting the
number now.
Jimmy reaches into his pocket and pulls out a notepad. He
opens his mouth to speak, sees Alex watching, and goes to a
corner where he can't be overheard.
While he waits, Alex opens another bag on the floor. Inside
are a number of envelopes, photos, and maps. In the side
compartment are various passports, all different names and
nationalities, but all with Waters' picture.


Jimmy approaches, still talking on the phone.
Okay...ten minutes.
He hangs up.
C'mon, we gotta check something.
Alex continues to look at the contents of the bag for a
moment, before following Jimmy out the door.
Jimmy is now seated in front of a computer. Alex and Marcus
watch as he busily types away.
I had this account set up under a
numbered business, in my dead
uncle's name.
Jimmy is typing account information into a banking website.
As he prepares to enter his account number, he pauses.
Do you mind?
Alex and Marcus take the cue and turn their backs, giving
Jimmy a moment to finish.
Holy shit.
They turn back around. The account balance is displayed on
the screen in front of them. It says $100,000.
Is that...is that for real?
Jimmy is suddenly as giddy as a school girl.
That, my friends, is opportunity,
and she doesn't knock often.
They continue to look at the screen.


Alex and Jimmie are back in the room.
And you trust Dixie?
Yeah, why not? She doesn't want
anything to do with cops. I can
find her if we need to, though.
Alex looks around.
I don't know, won't the police be
able to tell someone was here with
him before he died?
She said she cleaned everything
up, and she used a rubber. There
shouldn't be any trace of her.
That's a pleasant thought, Caruso.
The phone RINGS again. Jimmy answers.
Jimmy retreats to his corner again to speak with the caller.
Alex begins searching around the room, looking under the bed
and in the dresser drawers.
Jimmy hangs up the phone, a dazed look on his face.
Jimmy goes to the edge of the bed and sits down. He leans
over, as if trying to catch his breath.
Oh, man, this is...fuckin'
What is? What'd the guy say?
Jimmy looks up at him.


You're not gonna believe this.
I might, if you just tell me.
That hundred grand was a down
payment. He wants us to finish the
job. And he'll pay a lot more.
Really? How much more?
Jimmy holds out a second for dramatic effect.
$30 million.
Alex's jaw just about hits the floor. He thinks about it for
a second. Jimmy is beaming.
So what's the job?
It's easy. We just have to kill
Alex's expression is serious once more.
Alex, Jimmy, and Marcus are having breakfast at a diner.
We're not really considering this,
are we?
Alex looks around, as if afraid he's being watched.
Dude, will you quit that? You're
making me nervous.
How do you know we're not being
watched right now?
Take it easy, man, there's no way
anyone could know we're involved.


First, we're not involved in
anything, yet. And second, how can
you be so sure? Maybe they located
us from that cell phone.
Nope, we got that covered. Marcus
modified the programming on that
phone so the calls bounce to my
phone. Anyone tracing it is gonna
find a cell phone buried a mile
away from the hotel.
Alex looks accusingly at Marcus.
You've got it covered, don't you?
You know, I expected this from
Jimmy, but not from you.
Hey, take it easy on him. We
haven't done anything yet, we're
just talking, that's all.
And what do you think you're
doing? Marcus is going to be a
lawyer, for Christ sake. You can't
drag him into something like this.
Uh, I'm right here, you know.
Well, someone's gotta speak up for
you, since you aren't doing it for
I'm capable of making my own
decisions, thank you.
The waitress arrives before Alex can reply. She places
plates of food in front of them.
Jimmy and Marcus begin to eat. Alex waits a minute,
expecting more, before he, too, starts eating.


So, hypothetically, if we consider
doing this, who actually...you
know...pulls the trigger.
Everyone stops eating and looks at one another.
It's gotta be you.
Really? Why not one of you guys?
Please, you know you can't trust
me with something that important.
I'd find a way to screw it up.
He would.
Well, why not you, then?
No way. You've seen where I live.
I hate guns, I duck for cover if
an enging backfires.
You know it's gotta be you, man.
You were in the military, you're
the only one qualified.
I was only in the service for a
couple of years. I never did
anything like this.
Yeah, but you can shoot. That's
all we need.
Bullshit. You're asking me to pull
the trigger when there's an actual
person in the sights. It's not the
same as just firing a gun, and you
know it.
They all sit in silence for another moment, before
continuing with their breakfast.


Do we have all the intel we need?
Yeah, dude had all the info with
him. It's still in the room.
And no one's gonna go in?
I told you, I took care of it. All
the flags are in the computer, no
one's bothering this guy for at
least a week.
Okay, but what do you think
happens to a body if it sits in a
hotel room for a week?
Got that covered, too.
-- Jimmy wraps the body in a tarp
-- Jimmy wheels it on a cart to the elevator
-- Jimmy unloads it in the back of a freezer
Trust me, no one's finding this
guy for a long time.
And you think it'll be that easy?
Hell, yeah. We have the advantage.
How do you figure?
We control the environment. This
guy's coming in 2 days, to our
hotel. We couldn't ask for a
better setup.


Alex eyes them closely for a moment. He looks down at his
food, but doesn't touch it. Jimmy and Marcus look at one
another in anticipation.
I don't know. We have no idea what
we're getting ourselves into.
Look, all I'm asking is for you to
think about it. One day.
      (to Marcus)
And you're okay with this?
Marcus looks toward Jimmy, who takes out a small piece of
paper and hands it to Alex.
Check out the website listed
there. Jimmy showed it to me
earlier, it helped me make up my
mind pretty quick.
Alex places the paper in his pocket without looking at it.
He sighs heavily.
I'll think about it for one day.
After that, if I'm not in, we go
to the police.
Fair enough.
Good. Now let's eat, I gotta pick
Jeffrey up in an hour.
Marcus exits the bus and walks across campus. He passes a
parking lot, seeing students in nice clothes getting out of
their cars. He takes notice of a particularly expensive
looking car.
As the professor lectures, Marcus appears to be looking off
into space. Nothing is written in his notebook.


Alex and Jeffrey are looking at various animals at the zoo.
They pass a concession stand.
Can I get an ice cream, dad?
They approach the vendor.
Small chocolate cone, please.
Anything for you, sir?
Alex takes the last 2 singles from his wallet.
No, I'm good, thanks.
They walk away, Jeffrey happily licking his ice cream.
Wendy is waiting on the front porch as Alex and Jeffrey
approach. Her house, while not extravagant, is modest and
located in a nice neighborhood. Jeffrey giver her a hug.
Why don't you go inside and watch
some tv?
Okay. Bye, dad.
See ya tomorrow, buddy.
Jeffrey gives his father a hug before going inside.
We need to talk.
Alex takes notice of her serious expression.


A beautiful Ferrari Testarosa is displayed on a video
monitor. A CLICKING sound reveals a Lamborghini. Another
CLICK reveals a Jaguar.
Jimmy, in his underwear, sits in his messy bachelor pad,
surfing the web. He is grinning ear to ear.
Oh, yeah. Gotta get that. And
that. And...that.
Alex enters his apartment. Also a bachelor pad, it is much
tidier than Jimmy's, but is sparsely furnished.
Sighing heavily, he puts his keys down on the table and
begins looking through a pile of envelopes. Each one has
"PAST DUE" displayed on the front.
Can't pay that, or that,
Alex sits in front of his computer. Looking at the piece of
paper given to him by Jimmy, he begins typing.
On the screen, a website opens, accompanied by a video. In
the video, a young Southeast Asian boy stands in the middle
of a room, dressed only in his underwear, crying.
The video shows a man, dressed in a robe, entering the room.
Alex only watches for a moment before he reaches out and
turns off the monitor. He sits in stunned silence.
Alex lies in bed, staring at the ceiling.
-- The scared boy in the video
-- The man entering
-- The boy crying
-- Jeffrey running, trying to fly his kite


Alex continues to lie awake.
Alex walks across the lobby, seemingly oblivious to
everything around him.
Hi, Alex.
He doesn't reply as he continues walking straight ahead.
Marcus looks up as Alex enters.
Dude, you look like crap.
Rough day?
Yeah, couldn't sleep.
I hear ya.
Alex looks around.
Where's Bernie?
Get this. Jimmy talked him into
leaving early. Said we got
everything under control.
Huh. Persuasive guy.
Yeah, it was impressive to watch.
Jimmy's been here working for
about an hour now.


Now that I find amazing.
Marcus grins at the remark. As if on cue, Jimmy enters.
Oh good, you're here...man, you
look like shit.
And people wonder why I keep
working here.
I've been thinking this through,
and I've got some ideas.
Yeah, about that...
Not now.
He looks around suspiciously.
Later, when everyone's gone.
Alex and Marcus look at one another.
The guys are in their usual spots, Alex and Marcus behind
the front desk, and Jimmy kicking back on the couch.
So where is this school?
You'll love this. Paris.
Paris? As in France?
Dude, why are her parents such
dicks to you, anyway?


Because they're rich, and they can
afford to be. I've never been good
enough for them.
You're not gonna just let them
take your son to another country,
are you?
What choice do I have? Last time
they fought me for custody, I
barely ended up with any rights at
all, and that pretty much wiped me
out. I couldn't afford to fight a
parking ticket now.
Man, that sucks.
And with my record, I can't even
travel, so I'm screwed.
That charge was such bullshit.
Like you're the only guy in the
history of the army who ever
smuggled a bag of grass in.
Yeah, well that's me. If there's a
way to screw up a good thing, I'll
find it.
They sit silently for a moment.
Looks like you need money.
Jimmy, man, give it a rest.
No, you're wrong there. Now's the
time to think good and hard about
this. Alex has a problem, and the
solution is staring him in the
face. I can't believe he even has
to think about it.


Maybe that's because not
everyone's like you. We're not
always looking for some angle.
Well maybe he should be.
They abruptly stop arguing.
You can both give it a rest. I've
made my decision.
They look on in anticipation.
I say we do it.
Jimmy beams with satisfaction.
Yes! I knew you'd come around.
Alex turns to Marcus.
What about you? You don't have to
do this, you know.
No, I think I'm in too.
Don't give me any "I think I'm
in". Time to man up. In or out.
I'm in. Let's do it.
Jimmy gets up, practically gliding across the floor.
Yeah, that's what I'm talkin'
about. This call for a toast.
Am I gonna have to doctor the bar
receipts again?


Don't worry about it. Just a
couple of glasses from the tap. No
one'll even notice.
Marcus rolls his eyes as Jimmy departs.
Cover for a minute, will you?
Yeah, sure.
Alex follows in pursuit of Jimmy.
The small hotel lounge is dark and empty, the chairs turned
upside down on top of the tables.
Jimmy is filling 3 glasses from the keg when Alex enters.
I'm telling you, man, you won't
regret this.
Alex looks around the empty room.
Why the website?
You checked it out, huh?
Yeah. Thanks for that. I won't be
able to sleep for a month now.
I just thought you might need a
bit of extra motivation.
Because I'm a father, right?
Yeah, because you're a father, and
because you're a civilized human
being. Given the chance, I think
just about anyone would take out
this son of a bitch.


Is he the guy in the video?
No, worse. He distributes this
filth. Innocent kids are suffering
because of this piece of trash.
Alex goes behind the bar to where Jimmy is standing.
I could have decided this on my
own, you know.
I know, but you're the one pulling
the trigger. I'm just tying up
loose ends.
What about Marcus?
He's in the clear. If he gets
paid, it'll be for just keeping
his mouth shut.
Alex raises an eyebrow.
"If" he gets paid?
When. I meant to say when. Let's
not get paranoid now, we're in
this together.
Alex eyes him closely for a moment, before relenting.
Okay, you're right. I'm just
really tired lately.
Well, in a couple of days, you'll
be able to sleep all you want. You
just have to stay focused.
Jimmy picks up a tray holding the glasses of beer.
Which reminds me, you have any
free time later this morning?


Yeah, a little. Why?
You'll see.
A man stands in the cross hairs of the high powered rifle
scope, unaware that he is being targeted.
A SHOT rings out. A piece of the man's head is blown away,
but there is no spray of blood. He remains standing, not
even blinking, a large hole torn in his head.
Alex leans back from the high powered rifle, taking stock of
his shot. Jimmy, standing beside him, is clearly pleased.
Yeah, take that, Oswald! Dude,
you're cold blooded.
Alex looks through the scope again.
You're sure no one's around?
Yeah, my uncle owns this place.
There's no one around for miles.
How many uncles is this now? 12?
Jimmy grins.
I told you, I'm french. We come
from big families.
You're so full of shit.
Jimmy reaches into a bag lying on the ground and removes a
large silencer. He proceeds to attach it to the rifle.
Let's see you make the shot now.


Alex gets back into position. Through the scope, he sees
another cardboard cutout, standing a few feet away from the
first. He squeezes the trigger.
This time, there is almost no sound, but the result is the
same, as a part of the cutout's head is torn away.
I reckon we got ourselves a
Alex continues looking through the scope at his handiwork.
Jimmy and Alex are packing up the targets and removing any
evidence of ever having been there.
You think about how you're gonna
spend all that money?
Alex thinks for a moment.
I don't know. Everything's
happening so fast. At this point,
my only concern is Jeffrey.
Don't worry about it, man. You're
gonna have more than enough money
to stick it to Wendy's parents.
What about you? Any plans?
Shit, you know me, man. I'll
probably blow it all on magic
beans. Or liquor.
They both laugh.
So what's the plan?
Not sure yet. I'm making it up as
I go.
Are you serious?


Relax, we'll be ready. There's
just some logistics that can't be
planned until he checks in.
Okay, fair enough. I just don't
want too many surprises.
That's the idea. You just pull the
trigger, and I'll take care of
everything else.
They continue cleaning up.
You think you can make the shot?
Alex sighs, before sitting on a nearby rock.
I never told you this before, but
I had to shoot someone when I was
in the service.
Jimmy is suddenly interested.
No way.
It was my first deployment,
peacekeeping in Africa. We were
standing in between government
troops and refugees.
Jimmy sits down beside him.
You have no idea how fast things
can go south when you're in a hot
zone. There's no time to think.
Were you scared?
Shitless. But like I said, things
happen fast. One minute, some
cowboy decides he's gonna take a
shot at us, and the next, I'm
squeezing off a round.


What happened to the guy?
After the first shot, we got him
out of the line of fire. Still, he
caught one in the stomach. I've
never heard a grown man cry like
that. Scariest fuckin' thing I've
ever heard.
No, I mean the guy you shot.
I was only able to get off one
shot. One of the other snipers
told me he saw the guy's helmet
fall off before he went down.
You get him in the head?
I thought I did. Turns out I only
grazed his helmet. Still, I puked
my guts up that night.
Man, that's hardcore.
You have no idea.
Alex turns to face him.
Listen to me. I'm prepared to do
this, but I know what to expect.
You better be sure you're ready to
go all the way on this.
I can do this, bro, trust me. This
is my element, all this scheming
and planning. It's what I do.
Alex waits for a sign of uncertainty, but none comes.
Okay, I'm trusting you to take
care of the planning. The last
thing I need is distractions.


Old Jimmy's got you covered. No
distractions, that's my word.
Alex's eyes close slowly, as if he is drifting off to sleep.
Suddenly, a BUZZING fills the room. His eyes pop open.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Alex lumbers to the buzzer, mumbling into the speaker.
Who is it?
                       WENDY (O/S)
Alex, it's me! We have to talk!
He pushes the button marked DOOR.
Sure, why not. I didn't really
need that 8 minutes sleep tonight.
Alex removes the chain from the door and opens it slightly.
After a moment, Wendy storms in.
Are you out of your mind?
Alex squints, as if still shaking out the cobwebs.
Don't play stupid with me, Alex. I
know what you and your little
friends have planned.
Alex stands in stunned silence.
Wendy is seated on the couch, and Alex on the recliner.


Fuckin' blabbermouths. I should'a
known they couldn't keep a secret
between them.
Don't be mad at them. You should
be mad at yourself for considering
something so crazy.
Did they tell you about the money?
I don't care about the money.
That's easy for you to say.
If this is about my parents...
Of course it's about your parents!
Wendy is stunned by the sudden outburst.
It's always gonna be about your
parents. And do you know why?
I don't know. You tell me.
Because they're right about me. I
am a loser.
You know that's not true.
Look around. I don't have a pot to
piss in. I'm embarrassed to bring
my own son here.
Jeffrey doesn't care how much
money you have, or how many things
you can buy him. All he wants is
for you to be around, and if you
go through with this...


She pauses a moment, choking back tears.
Suppose I listen to you? Your
parents are just gonna take him
away. I can't stop them this time.
Did you ever think that I may not
let them take him?
Oh, please.
Excuse me?
We both know you're never gonna
stand up to them. It's a fact.
Wendy gets up and paces for a moment.
So getting yourself killed is the
We might actually pull it off, you
ever think about that?
Is that what this is about?
What do you mean?
You, trying to prove something.
That you're not a loser.
Alex looks away.
God, you men are so stupid. Why is
it always about proving things?
You wouldn't understand.


Oh, my small female brain wouldn't
comprehend, is that it?
No. Your large trust fund
lifestyle wouldn't comprehend.
Wendy has to bite her tongue.
I'm tired of apologizing because
my parents have money.
I know, but don't pretend you know
where I'm coming from.
Alex gets up and walks to the window. He looks out for a
moment before turning back toward Wendy.
My God, you look tired.
I haven't been sleeping.
Alex leans against the wall, rubbing his eyes.
I just wish I knew where
everything went wrong. I can't
remember not feeling like this.
Feeling like what?
Like I've wasted my life. Like
I've never done anything at all.
And now...I just feel stuck.
You're being too hard on yourself.
Am I? Tell me what I've
accomplished. What do I have to
show for my life?
You have a son who loves you.


Yeah, and I can't afford to give
him anything. Not to mention,
he'll be a thousand miles away
soon. I don't know, maybe he'll...
Alex cuts himself off.
Maybe he'll what?
Maybe he'll be better off without
me around.
How can you say that? He worships
you. If he can't see you, it's
going to crush him.
Wendy's voice breaks a little as she speaks.
Then you see why I have to do
this. I don't have any choice.
You always have a choice, Alex.
Getting yourself killed shouldn't
be one of them.
She approaches him. His head is bowed.
You know I care about you. I
wouldn't be here if I didn't.
He absently nods his head.
I am begging you, please, for your
son, do not do this.
He mumbles something incoherently.
I promise you, we'll figure this
out together. Just not this way.
I'm begging you, Alex.
All right.


You promise?
I said I won't do it, okay.
Thank you, that's all I ask.
She steps back and takes a look at him.
And get some sleep, would you? You
look like shit.
They share a small laugh at the comment.
Alex walks purposefully across the lobby.
Hi, Alex.
Amy watches, confused, as Alex completely ignores her.
Alex continues on, entering the
where he immediately sees Jimmy and Marcus. They look up as
he enters, their eyes becoming wide as they see the serious
look on his face.
Oh, shit.
Jimmy jumps behind Marcus, using him as a shield.
Take him. I'm too young to die.
Jimmy lets loose with a barrage of crocodile tears. Alex
rolls his eyes at the display.
Alex, we're sorry, man.
Alex approaches.


So who told her?
Jimmy steps into the open, eyes dry now.
That would be me.
What the hell were you thinking?
Are you gonna crack this easy if
the police start asking questions?
Relax, man, it's not like that.
Why don't you tell me what it's
like, then.
She came to me asking about you.
She figured you'd talk to us about
what her parents are planning.
She's really worried about you.
And you figured the best way to
stop her worrying was to tell her
about our plan? I gotta tell ya,
that's brilliant, even for you.
No, man, I figured she might be
able to help, that's all.
Alex looks at him in amazement for a moment.
I can't believe you'd try to drag
her into this. I don't want her
involved, got it?
No one's tryin' to drag her into
it, I just figured she'd help get
you in the right frame of mind. I
didn't know she'd freak.
Have you met Wendy?


In retrospect, it probably wasn't
the right decision.
Damn right. From now on, we decide
everything as a group, got it?
Got it.
Sure, man, no problem.
Alex nods his approval.
So she was worried about me, huh?
Yeah, of course. She's still got a
thing for you.
And I'll bet you got something for
her, too, right?
Jimmy begins imitating riding a horse and slapping it.
Yeah! Take that, sweet thang!
He notices Alex and Marcus watching him with serious
expressions. He abruptly stops.
I mean, yeah, that's the mother of
your kid. No need of that.
      (to Marcus)
Dude, why you gotta act like that?
Alex rolls his eyes once again.
So what'd you tell her?
I told her I'd call it off.


Take it easy. I'm not calling
anything off. You said it
yourself, this is opportunity, and
it only knocks once.
All right, partner, I knew you
wouldn't let us down.
You sure you're making the right
decision? Wendy won't be happy.
I'll just have to live with it.
Desparate times, man.
Alex looks at the clock.
Anyway, back to work.
Everyone splits up to tend to their respective duties.
Alex lies on his couch, watching tv. Jeffrey lies with him.
So he's a sponge, right?
They watch as a cartoon plays.
So why's that chick wearing a
diver's helmet all the time?
'Cause she's a squirrel, d'uh.
Alex grins and watches for another moment.
I like Patrick.
Yeah, me too. He's funny.


Alex watches him as he continues following the show.
You like it here, don't you?
Yeah, I really like it.
They watch the show for another moment.
Is it okay that I can't give you
some of the things your friends
It's okay.
Jeffrey turns and looks at him.
Are you okay, dad?
Me? Sure, I'm fine. I just wanted
to make sure you know...
He trails off momentarily.
Make sure what?
Just that you know I love you.
Yeah, I know. I love you, too.
Okay, just checking.
They go back to watching the show.


Alex lies in bed, staring at the ceiling.
Alex hunches down behind a sand dune, covering his head as
shots ring out. Sand explodes around him. Several other
soldiers are in similar positions, everyone dressed in
desert fatigues.
The shooting stops. Alex pops up from behind the dune,
looking through his rifle scope. He sees a figure in the
distance, also holding a rifle. Alex squeezes the trigger.
A SHOT rings out, and the figure disappears from view. Alex
goes back to his spot behind the dune. He glances at a
soldier lying on the ground. Paramedics work feverishly on a
gunshot wound in the man's abdomen. The soldier trembles
violently, and as they lock eyes, Alex can see his fear.
Alex continues to stare at the ceiling.
Alex, Jimmy and Marcus sit around a desk in the back office.
The door to the front desk is open, showing an empty lobby.
The clock on the wall says 1:15.
So he's in the penthouse?
Yep, sparing no expense.
You get a look at him?
No, one of his guys checked them
in around 7pm. Bernie gave me the
lowdown. Treat the guy as a VIP,
get him whatever he wants, shave
his balls for him if he asks.
I didn't even see that moron
tonight, he must've left right
after you spoke to him.


Yeah, must be a drag queen
convention in town or something.
They all laugh.
All right, so listen up. This is
how it's gonna go down.
                       JIMMY (V-O)
Marcus holds down the fort.
As Jimmy speaks, a very large and muscular African American
man takes position behind the front desk. His shirt is cut
off at the shoulders, and his 6 pack abs are showing.
                       MARCUS (V-O)
Why am I the one who stays behind?
The man at the front desk moves his lips in time with
Marcus, as if he is the one speaking.
                       ALEX (V-O)
Because you're the only one of us
with a real future, and we're
keeping you as clean as we can.
                       MARCUS (V-O)
As the man at the desk speaks in time with Marcus, two
beautiful young women approach. They smile at the man, and
he returns the smile, revealing a gold tooth.
                       JIMMY (V-O)
I'll take Alex down to the garage
to get set up.
The entrance door to the garage opens, revealing a beautiful
European sports convertible. It slowly enters.
Alex and Jimmy get out of the car, both dressed in expensive
looking Armani suits. Jimmy, in the passenger seat, has to
wait a moment as two gorgeous women, sitting on his lap, get
out first.


                       JIMMY (V-O)
We'll make sure everything's good
to go before we make our move.
The rifle is assembled in a few fluid motions, as if being
done by a professional.
                       JIMMY (V-O)
All that's left is to get the
target to the garage.
A door opens at the other end of the garage. A man appears,
visible through the scope of a rifle. He is balding on top,
with a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. He wears small,
round glasses that make him look like an academic.
                       JIMMY (V-O)
That's when we pull the trigger.
A SHOT rings out, and the man disappears from the sight.
Alex Cooley surveys the scene, while Jimmy pours champagne
into glasses for the women, who are smiling and laughing.
That's how it's gonna go down?
Well, kinda like that.
Jimmy pulls a photo from an envelope on the desk.
Before I show you guys this, I
have to ask one last time. Are we
all in?
Alex and Marcus look at one another.
I'm in.
Me, too.
Jimmy lays the photo on the desk for them to see.
Here's the target.


The photo shows the same man from the fantasy sequence.
Possibly in his 50's, balding on top and with the same beard
and glasses, he has an almost pleasant look.
Name's Conrad Chilton, and don't
ask me anything else about him,
because that was all I could find.
Alex and Marcus study the photo.
So that's him, huh?
Yep, sure is.
Alex continues to study the photo.
You cool with this?
No reply.
Yo, Alex.
Alex snaps out of it.
What? Yeah, I'm cool.
So how do we get this guy down to
the garage?
Don't you worry, I got it covered.
Why am I always worried when he
says things like that?
Marcus grins at the remark.
So what time do we do it?
How's 2:30 sound? That gives us a
bit of time to get set up, and
things are really quiet.


Works for me.
All right, let's do this thing.
Jimmy makes his way to the hotel entrance, checking the
parked cars along the way. He reaches the entrance door,
stops, and looks back in the opposite direction.
His head appears in the sights of a rifle scope. Looking
directly into the scope, he raises his hand, extending his
middle finger.
      (to himself)
Alex lowers the rifle and waits as Jimmy returns.
Can you make the shot from here?
In my sleep.
Judging from the look of you, that
might be how you'll be doing it.
I'll be fine.
Just make sure you have some
coffee or something.
I said I'll be fine. Now what
about the cameras in here?
Don't worry, there's only one, and
it's pointed at vehicles coming
in. There's no angle on where you
or Chilton will be.


Hey, partner, don't go getting all
reflective on me.
It's just different, man. Knowing
the guy has a face, and a name.
It's real now.
And we're about to be real rich,
so let's keep our heads in the
game, okay?
Alex takes one more look through the scope.
Okay. I'm ready.
Alex sits down in a reclining chair in the back office.
Now what?
Now, we wait. I'm closing my eyes
for about a half hour. Wake me
when it's time.
You sure you'll be ready?
I will if you keep it quiet and
give me this time to myself.
Okay, cool.
Jimmy starts walking toward the door.
I'm gonna do one last sweep. Keep
an eye on Sleeping Beauty, okay?
Will do.


Marcus, standing at the front desk, peeks into the back
office, where Alex is sound asleep.
The front doors open as someone comes in. Marcus looks up, a
look of surprise on his face.
Jimmy, in an upstairs hall, talks on his phone.
...slow down...what?...Shit...no,
I'll be right down.
He puts the phone away and heads for the elevator.
Alex, reclining in the chair, snores lightly.
                       BERNIE (O-S)
Rise and shine, sleepy head.
Alex stirs slightly but doesn't wake.
Wake up!
Alex's eyes pop open. As he focuses, he is greeted by
Bernie, who is wearing a disgusted expression.
Marcus and Jimmy whisper back and forth, aware of what is
going on in the office.
He just walked in, no warning or
anything. Did he say anything to
you about it?
No, but I should've guessed the
smug prick would find a way to
screw us.
What do we do?


Jimmy looks around for a second, thinking.
Nothing. This is just a bump in
the road. I'll take care of it.
Marcus watches as Jimmy leaves the front desk.
Alex is sitting up, fully awake now.
Please tell me this isn't what
goes on here every night.
Take it easy. I'm on a break. If I
want to close my eyes for a few
minutes, that's my business.
No, it's the owners' business, and
you're supposed to be taking care
of it for them. I just knew if I
dropped in unexpectedly, this is
what I'd find.
Marcus pops his head into the office.
He was only taking a quick break.
I told him I'd cover.
You stay out of this. I'll be
checking your work soon enough.
Marcus looks at Alex, who shoots him a quick, reassuring
look back. Marcus returns to the front desk.
Can you not do that?
Do what?
Demean me in front of them. It
undermines my authority.
Bernie smirks, a smug expression on his face.


Authority. You wouldn't know what
to do with it. You're pathetic.
Alex stands up, coming face to face with him.
Wanna see what I'll do with it?
Jimmy suddenly enters, rushing to get in between them.
Easy, girls. Cool your jets.
Alex gives Bernie a look that could burn a hole in him,
before walking out to the front desk.
I'm telling you, Jimmy, one of
these days...
Give him a break, would you? He's
been going through a lot lately.
He mouths off at me like that
again, and he'll have lots of free
time to deal with it.
His posturing done, Bernie goes to his desk and begins
looking at reports.
Marcus is doing his best to calm Alex down.
Take it easy, man, you're gonna
give yourself an ulcer.
Arrogant cocksucker. I'd like to
smash that smug look off his face.
Jimmy comes around the corner.
Get that temper of yours under
control, will you? You're gonna
blow the whole thing.


It's blown already.
No, I'm not beat yet. I just need
a few minutes to think. There's
still plenty of time.
Alex looks toward Marcus, who shrugs.
Fine, but you better come up with
something soon.
I will, trust me. Just do me a
favor, will you?
Jimmy motions toward the back office.
Don't kill him until after this is
over. Okay?
Alex grins as Jimmy walks away.
Jimmy rummages through one of the bags in Waters' room.
There's gotta be something here.
Alex is checking some things in the computer. The phone
starts to RING. He and Marcus both look at one another.
That's the penthouse.
You gotta be fuckin' kidding me.
As they listen to it ring, Bernie appears.


No, don't get up. I'll get it.
Before they can react, Bernie answers the call.
      (into phone)
Front desk...yes, of
course...right away...thank you.
He hangs up.
Penthouse wants a bottle of Dom.
I'll give Jimmy a call.
Bernie interrupts him.
No, I want him to do it.
What? Why me?
Because the penthouse if for
VIP's, and because I told you so.
You think it's beneath you?
Alex eyes him closely, but his expression doesn't change.
Fine, I'm on it.
Bernie smirks as he watches Alex leave, unaware of the look
of concern on Marcus's face.
Alex wheels a room service cart onto the elevator.
Because I told you to...because
I'm so important...because I got
such a little dick...prick.
He watches as the display counts the floors passed.


Bernie looks over a report.
There's some discrepancy on the
liquor report. You know anything
about it?
No, everything added up okay.
I'm going to do a manual count.
Tell Alex I want to see him when I
get back.
Yeah, sure.
Alex rolls the room service cart up to the door and knocks.
There are no other rooms on the penthouse floor.
After a moment, the door opens. A stocky 40ish man in a
dress shirt and slacks ushers Alex in.
Evening, sir.
The man grunts in reply.
Another man, similar in size and appearance, stands by the
window, looking out. A third sits back in a chair, watching
an adult movie, evidenced by the sounds coming from the tv.
The penthouse suite is a typical, overpriced room, complete
with living space, study area, and doors leading to separate
                       BODYGUARD 1
Put it over there.
The man at the door motions toward a table. As Alex wheels
the cart, a man enters from a door across the room.
Good, it's here.
CONRAD CHILTON looks exactly like in his picture, and has an
even warmer smile.


You can set it on the table.
Alex tries not to look at him as he sets out the ice bucket
holding the bottle of champagne.
So what's your name?
Your name. What is it?
Yeah, you've been working with the
public a while, I can tell. I'll
bet most people couldn't care less
what your name is.
Alex can't suppress a small smile.
Yeah, you're right.
Of course I am. Hey, you're not in
a hurry, are you?
You should sit down for a few
minutes. We'll talk.
Alex looks around at the intimidating guards.
I don't know, I should probably
get back.
Oh, come on, just a few minutes.
It'd be a nice change for me, it
feels like forever since I've just
sat and talked with someone.
Alex looks around nervously again.


Bernie counts bottles of liquor, matching them against a
list. His back is to the open door.
Dark rum...1,2,3...4.
As he marks the tally on his sheet, someone sneaks up from
behind. Before he can react, a hand reaches around, placing
a rag over his mouth and nose. He barely puts up a struggle
before collapsing into the intruder's arms.
How long you worked here?
Too long. About 5 years.
Yeah. I bet this wasn't where you
pictured yourself ending up.
Not even close.
I know what you mean. Can you
guess what I used to do?
Alex shrugs.
I taught philosophy. Makes me
laugh when I think about it.
Chilton turns abruptly toward the man watching tv.
Would you turn that off? Can't you
see we've got company?
The man laughs, but keeps watching the movie.
This is what I have to deal with
now. Such a shame.
Chilton takes a drink from a glass in front of him.


You know it's not too late.
Excuse me?
For you. You said you've been here
too long. It's not too late to
take charge of your life.
Alex considers the sentiment.
I don't know. Things are really
complicated now.
Listen to you. You haven't even
got yourself convinced, and you
expect me to believe it. You know
this isn't where you're meant to
be, don't you?
Alex looks around the room for a moment.
So what about you? Is it too late
for you now?
Chilton looks at him seriously. Slowly, a smile forms.
I knew you were a smart boy, I
could tell when you walked in.
He leans in close.
Look around you. This is what I've
made for myself. I don't blame
anyone, it just is what it is.
Chilton takes another drink. As he does, the bodyguard by
the window crosses the room. This one wears a blazer, and as
he passes, Alex notices the holstered gun hanging inside.
Can I offer you some advice?


Get some sleep. You look like
shit, I'm sorry to say.
I'm not kidding. Ask yourself,
what's the real value of a good
night's sleep?
Alex considers the question.
Chilton puts his drink down.
Well, I've kept you long enough.
You should probably get back.
They look at one another briefly. Alex nods, gets up, and
heads toward the door.
I enjoyed talking with you.
Alex pauses briefly, before continuing out the door.
The front doors open, and a woman walks into the lobby.
Marcus returns to the front desk from the back office, just
in time to see her turn the corner and disappear from sight.
All he notices is that she's dressed like a call girl.
Alex stands waiting for the elevator. The bell dings,
signalling it's arrival, and he gets on.
A moment after the doors close, the bell dings again,
signalling the arrival of the second elevator. The woman
from the lobby gets off, walks to the door and knocks.
A moment later, the door opens, and she is granted access.


Alex enters the back office, finding Jimmy and Marcus
waiting for him. He has a serious look on his face.
It's about time, we've been
waiting for you.
Alex cuts him off.
Tell me the truth, for once.
What are you talking about?
That website you made me look at.
Is it really what Chilton's into?
Jimmy and Marcus look at one another nervously.
Uh...it could be.
Alex snaps.
It could be! Are you fuckin'
kidding me? What does that mean?
Relax, man, what difference does
it make?
It makes a difference, because I
just sat and had a face to face
with the guy.
Wait a minute, you talked to him?
I told you, man, Bernie made him
make a delivery.
Jesus, I didn't think you'd
actually see him.


Well I did.
Jimmy thinks for a moment.
So what's he like?
I don't know. He was friendly. I
was only there for a few minutes.
Then what's the problem?
I don't buy that this guy is a
child pornographer, and that's how
you convinced me to go along with
this. So I'll ask again, is he
really involved or not?
I don't know. I found the website
scratched on a note in that dead
guy, Waters, room. It seemed to
make sense.
It seemed to make sense?
Have you fuckin' lost it? None of
this makes sense. And you expect
me to trust you now?
Look, man, I know you're pissed,
but we're too close now...
You still think we're gonna do
this? You really have lost it.
No, you're the one who's losing
it. We have a perfect opportunity
here, and a perfect plan.


A perfect plan? And how does
Bernie being here fit into it?
Jimmy and Marcus look at one another again, only this time
they share a smile.
We've got something to show you.
Just call it an early Christmas
Bernie kneels on the floor, blindfolded and stripped to his
undershirt and shorts. He is in the middle of the kitchen, a
large sink to one side and a prep table to the other.
Jimmy puts his finger to his lips, calling for silence. He
quietly approaches, putting his hand over his mouth in an
attempt to disguise his voice.
Do you know why you're here?
Bernie, trembling, cocks his head toward the sound.
No...please, just let me go.
Jimmy shakes, holding back laughter. He takes the long hose
and nozzle from the sink and begins spraying Bernie lightly
with water.
Ahhh! What's that!
Be quiet. It's just some rain.
Jimmy is still on the verge of laughter, but stops when he
sees the look on Alex's face.


I don't get it, man, I thought
you'd be happy. That guy's been a
dick to you forever.
He's right. Bernie's definitely
got it out for you.
The group is now standing in the darkened dining room. Alex
looks through the windows of the swinging doors leading to
the kitchen. He sees Bernie still kneeling on the floor.
For someone who wants to be a
lawyer, you really don't seem to
know much about the law. Isn't
kidnapping still a crime?
Man, this ain't kidnapping.
What is it then?
It's a minor snag, that's all.
And what if he figures it out? He
could blow this whole thing.
He won't. Trust me, I've got it
I thought I already said I
couldn't trust you.
Nah, you didn't mean that.
Alex walks to the swinging doors and looks in again. He
begins pacing, muttering to himself.
Uh, is he okay?


Jimmy looks at Alex, still pacing, and shrugs his shoulders.
Alex abruptly stops pacing.
Fuck it.
Before they can react, Alex storms back into the kitchen. He
pauses a split second, standing behind Bernie, before
unleashing a hard kick to his back. Bernie falls, face
first, to the floor.
Oh, shit!
Marcus and Jimmy rush through the doors, grabbing Alex
before he can do any more. Covering his mouth, they drag him
back into the dining area.
      (half whispering)
What the hell are you doing?
Something I should've done a long
time ago.
C'mon, man, you know this ain't
the way you wanna do it.
Hey, I'm capping one guy tonight,
why not make it two?
That's bullshit and you know it.
Is it? You said it yourself,
opportunity only comes once.
Yeah, for assholes like me. Not
you. You're better than that.
That asshole in there has it out
for me, you said so Marcus.
Doesn't mean he deserves to die.


So what about Chilton? We don't
know if he's even done anything.
That's different. You know he's
done something, you don't put hits
out on people for nothing.
So that makes everything okay?
Look, if we don't do it, someone
else will. It's inevitable.
Damn straight. And Chilton just
might be into kiddy porn, and God
knows what else. You want someone
like that running around free in
your son's world?
Alex looks at Jimmy for a moment. Suddenly, he grabs him by
the lapels and throws him down on a table.
You don't bring my son into this!
Don't even mention him!
Marcus gets in between and forces Alex back.
Easy, man, easy. Calm down. I know
that's not what he meant.
He shoots an accusing look at Jimmy.
Yeah, what he said.
Alex backs off and takes a seat.
You're under a lot of stress, man,
more than I could handle, but you
gotta keep your eyes on the prize.
Jimmy looks toward the kitchen.


You do this, and you'll walk away
with more money than you ever
dreamed of.
He points toward Bernie.
That dick in there will be a
distant memory.
Alex thinks for a moment.
You see the look on his face?
Yeah, dude, he's scared shitless.
Alex begins to giggle.
I thought he was gonna make a mess
on the floor.
Right through his panties.
I bet he's wearing a thong.
They are all laughing hard now.
You know how mad he'd be if he
knew it was us?
Dude, he would freak.
Alex continues laughing, to the point that tears start to
stream down his face. Jimmy and Marcus stop laughing, as
Alex continues to half laugh, half cry.
Why does everything turn to shit!
He slams his fist down on the table, making the others jump.
Slowly, his crying subsides.
I don't know what to do anymore.


Marcus looks awkwardly at Jimmy.
Maybe we should call it off.
Now? Are you crazy?
Look at him, he's in no condition
to pull this off.
He can do it, just have a little
faith, would you.
Man, you're so worried about your
big payday, you haven't even
thought about what we're doing.
Don't go getting all noble on me.
You helped talk him into it.
Only because I thought he could do
it then.
He still can.
Uh, guys...
They ignore him and continue to argue.
Do you even care how dangerous
this is? I thought you were his
I am his friend. If he doesn't do
this, he can kiss his son goodbye.
You think he could live with that?
I'll be happy just to see him


They stop arguing. Alex slowly stands up.
We're doing this. Now.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure. Go in and make
sure he's still secured.
Jimmy is beaming again. He heads toward the kitchen.
And make sure he's okay.
I'm on it, boss.
Jimmy disappears into the kitchen. Alex notices Marcus
looking closely at him.
You sure you're okay to do this?
You were right, man. I didn't want
to hurt Bernie, not that way. I
couldn't have lived with myself.
Thanks for stopping me.
So why not walk away?
Because Jimmy was right, too. I
can't live without my son. I have
to do something.
Alex sees concern in Marcus' eyes.
Do me a favor, okay?
Sure, anything.


Stay away when the shit hits the
fan. I don't want you anywhere
near it.
Man, don't talk like..
I'm dead serious, Marcus. You're
going places whether we pull this
off or not. Me and Jimmy, we're
just a couple of screw ups. I
don't wanna drag you down too.
Marcus nods.
Okay. I'll stay out of the way.
Just stay safe, that's all I ask.
Jimmy reappears from the kitchen.
All right, bitches, let's go. It's
a celebration.
A) Jimmy dials his cell phone.
B) Marcus transfers the call from the front desk.
C) A bodyguard in the penthouse answers the phone, getting a
serious look. He barks orders at everyone present.
D) Alex watches the lower exit through the rifle's sights.
Chilton comes out of his room, tucking in his shirt.
What the hell's going on?


                       BODYGUARD 1
Some kind of bomb threat. They're
sending a security guy up to take
us down the service elevator.
Perfect. Just perfect.
Chilton and the bodyguards file out of the room.
Alex keeps his sights set on the lower exit.
The door opens, and the first of the bodyguards steps into
the garage. He looks around before signalling the all clear.
The other two bodyguards enter, followed finally by Chilton.
Alex fixes his sights on Chilton, watching him.
Movement catches Alex's attention. Another person enters the
garage. It is Marcus.
What the fuck?
Alex looks around quickly, finding no sign of Jimmy.
Focusing his sights on Chilton again, Alex gently rests his
finger on the trigger.
Chilton, oblivious that he is being targeted, continues to
look around in confusion.
Alex looks up from the scope, looking toward the group with
his naked eye. He looks back into the scope, focusing on
Chilton once more. He agonizes, his finger still on the
trigger. After a moment, he releases it.
Christ, what am I doing?
Alex looks through the sight again, this time at Marcus.
C'mon, man, get out of there.
Marcus moves slightly, just in front of Chilton. As he does,
a SHOT rings out. It hits Marcus in the back, forcing him to
stumble forward, dropping to his knees.


Two of the bodyguards usher Chilton back inside, while the
third draws a gun and takes cover.
Alex looks around frantically, but sees no one. He hesitates
a moment, before getting up and sprinting from his hiding
place. A split second after he moves, a car window explodes
behind him. He dives behind another vehicle for cover.
Seeing the movement, the bodyguard crouches down and begins
moving in Alex's direction.
Breathing heavily, Alex pokes his head up for a look. Across
the garage, he spots the movement of an unknown figure. It
quickly disappears behind a car.
Alex springs into action, running toward a back door.
The bodyguard fires off a shot, but Alex disappears through
the door before he can get a good look at him.
                       BODYGUARD 3
The man heads toward the door in pursuit of Alex.
Chilton and the two bodyguards are getting off the elevator.
                       BODYGUARD 1
You stay with him.
                       BODYGUARD 2
Bodyguard 1 gets back on the elevator. Chilton and Bodyguard
2 go back into the room.
Bodyguard 3 slips through the door into the darkened laundry
room. The laundry machines provide minimal lighting.
Ducking behind a laundry bin, he peeks around the room.
Movement catches his eye. Seeing a figure running at the
other end of the room, he fires off a shot. The figure
disappears between a pair of large dryers.


Staying low, Bodyguard 3 begins inching toward the dryers.
More movement. A figure slowly peers out from behind the
dryers. Bodyguard 3 squints through the darkness, making out
the barrel of a rifle. He fires again, dropping the figure.
Gun held out in front of him, Bodyguard 3 closes in. He sees
a leg sticking out from between the dryers.
Stepping closer, he gets a full view of the body lying in
front of him. It is that of Waters, the assassin, with a
fresh bullet wound in his head.
                       BODYGUARD 3
Nice try, asshole.
Satisfied, he leaves the room.
A moment after he leaves, a pair of legs swings over the top
of the dryer. Alex lowers himself to the floor. He kneels by
Waters' body.
Alex picks up the rifle and stands up.
Now where's the other one?
Chilton, shaking, pours himself a drink.
                       BODYGUARD 2
Drink up, we're leaving.
Bodyguard 2 opens the bedroom door, only to be met by two
GUNSHOTS. He drops to the floor.
What the...
Seeing the attacker coming out of the bedroom, Chilton tries
to run, but is dropped by a SHOT that hits him in the back.
Chilton makes an attempt to crawl to the door, but it is to
no avail. The attacker steps in front of him, blocking his
way. As he looks up, he sees a woman's legs in fishnet
stockings, before the final SHOT rings out.


Bodyguard 3 meets up with number 1 at the lower entrance.
                       BODYGUARD 3
Where's Chilton?
                       BODYGUARD 1
Upstairs with Eddie. I thought you
might need some help down here.
                       BODYGUARD 3
Nope. It's taken care of.
                       BODYGUARD 1
You cap the guy?
                       BODYGUARD 3
Yeah, he's back there in the
laundry room.
                       BODYGUARD 1
You recognize him?
                       BODYGUARD 3
Nah, probably some freelancer.
                       BODYGUARD 1
Okay, we'll clean this mess up
once Chilton's out of here.
He looks toward Marcus, still hunched over on the floor.
                       BODYGUARD 1
What about him?
                       BODYGUARD 3
Forget him. He's done for.
They go back into the hotel.
Alex kneels beside Marcus, looking for some sign of life.
I'm sorry, man.
Marcus opens his eyes, surprising Alex.


Don't...worry about it.
A short distance away, a figure stealthily approaches. It
creeps, unseen, between the parked vehicles.
Save your strength, we gotta get
you out of here.
Don't bother.
C'mon, man, don't give up on me.
The figure, a white 40'ish male, stealthily takes position
between a van and a truck. He has a clear view of Alex,
speaking quietly with Marcus, as he raises his own rifle.
Marcus leans in close.
Lemme see...
Alex watches, confused, as Marcus reaches for the rifle.
The assassin prepares to squeeze the trigger, but stops as
he focuses on Marcus, who is aiming a rifle back at him.
Oh sh...
Marcus fires. Alex, caught off guard, falls backward.
The bullet hits the ground inches from where the assassin is
crouching. Realizing he's been discovered, he bolts for the
exit door.
Alex spots the man going through the door leading outside.
Stay here.
He picks up the rifle.
And don't dare fuckin' die on me.


Alex takes off in pursuit.
The exit door slowly opens, revealing a cautious Alex.
Gun in hand, he carefully inches along the side of the
building. The world around him is still quiet and dark.
A highway runs adjacent to the hotel, and on the other side
is a train yard. Alex squints, looking in that direction.
A HORN blows in the distance, signalling an oncoming train.
Looking in the direction of the oncoming train, Alex spots a
quick movement in the train yard. A figure disappears
between two box cars.
What the fuck are you doing, Alex?
He hesitates a split second, before crossing the highway.
Bodyguard 1 kneels before Chilton, checking for a pulse. He
shakes his head "no".
                       BODYGUARD 3
Dammit. Goddammit!
They look at one another as realization dawns on them.
                       BODYGUARD 1
The whore!
They bolt out of the room toward the elevator.
Alex creeps along the side of a train. The noise from the
oncoming train grows louder.
Pausing a brief moment to look around, Alex turns to slip
between two cars. As he does so, a bullet hits mere inches
from where he was standing. He quickly rolls between the
cars and crouches down low.


The oncoming train's light provides some illumination. Alex
slowly pokes his head out for a look. A bullet hits the
ground in front on him. He rolls back between the cars.
Shit, shit, shit!
Alex crawls to the opposite side and pokes his head out.
Again, he narrowly evades an oncoming bullet.
Where you hiding?
As if to answer his own question, he glances up. Again, he
pokes his head out. With the light of the advancing train,
he is able to make out the silhouette of a figure crouching
on top of a boxcar a few cars down. Again, he narrowly
evades a bullet meant for him.
In the distance, the HORN blows again. There is a loud
SQUEALING noise as the brakes are applied.
Alex lays down flat, peering down the tracks under the
train. The oncoming train is approaching on the same track.
Alex sits back up, takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes.
Alex, back in the military, crouches down as sniper fire
explodes around him. It stops for a brief instant.
Without hesitation, Alex pops up, rifle in hand, and fires
off a shot in the direction of the shooter. He sees a figure
in the distance drop out of view.
Alex opens his eyes as the squealing noise grows louder.
A second later, there is a THUMP as the oncoming train locks
into the parked train.
begin a domino effect, each one moving forward in turn.
is rattled as his car lurches forward, forcing him to rise
up a bit in an effort to steady himself.


rolls out into the open, firing with no hesitation. The
assassin drops from sight over the other side of the train.
Standing up, Alex slowly exhales before trotting off down
the tracks.
The assassin is sitting on the ground, his back leaning
against a rail switch, as Alex approaches.
Don't move.
The assassin smirks as he looks up at Alex. It is clear that
he isn't going anywhere ever again. His gun lies discarded a
few feet away.
Kid, I ain't goin' anywhere.
Keeping his gun trained on him, Alex slowly positions
himself so the man cannot get to his own gun.
That's not necessary.
The assassin slowly reaches into his pocket. Alex levels his
gun at him.
He pulls out a cigarette. With his other hand, he withdraws
a lighter, but has trouble getting it lit.
A little help.
Alex kneels down and lights the cigarette.
These things'll kill you.
The assassin grins.
That was a helluva shot.


Alex looks down to see that the man is sitting in a small
pool of his own blood.
You alone?
Yeah. I found out about Waters'
deal, thought I might cash in when
he kicked it.
He begins to laugh lightly.
Beat by a bunch of fuckin' kids.
He takes a long drag of his smoke.
Do yourself a favor, kid.
What's that?
Don't trust anyone. You crossed a
line here, and there ain't no
crossin' back. Watch yourself.
Alex slowly nods.
blows it's HORN once more, drowning out all noise and the
flash of the gunshot.
                       ALEX (V.O)
To this day, I still can't believe
that the whole thing went off
without a hitch.
The bodyguards run by the front desk and a very confused
looking Jimmy.
                       BODYGUARD 1
Where'd she go?
What? Who?


                       BODYGUARD 1
The whore who came in earlier!
I don't know, she left a few
minutes ago.
They rush frantically outside, but see no one around.
                       ALEX (V.O)
Well, maybe a hitch or two.
Alex approaches Marcus, who is now lying still.
He wipes a tear from his cheek.
You said you wouldn't die on me!
Alex sits down on the floor next to Marcus and lets out an
exhausted sigh.
Alex places Marcus, face down, on a bus stop bench. It is
still dark, but he looks around anyway to make sure no one
is watching.
                       ALEX (V.O)
We told the police that Marcus
left early, he wasn't feeling
well. They figured it was a drive
by while he waited for the bus and
wrote it off. I guess he wasn't
important enough to warrant an
investigation, which is just what
we were hoping for.
Jimmy looks around the now empty penthouse. It looks as
though no one has even stayed there.


                       ALEX (V.O)
Chilton's guys removed every trace
of ever having been there. I never
did find out why someone wanted
him dead.
A small car sits parked on the side of the highway.
                       ALEX (V.O)
Oh, just one last loose end.
A POLICE OFFICER approaches the car. Looking inside, he sees
Bernie, in his underwear, asleep in the back.
He taps on the glass, watching as Bernie stirs.
Sir, are you okay?
Bernie sits up, shaking the cobwebs out, and rolls the
window down. As he does so, the officer gets a whiff of the
smell from inside and steps back slightly.
Holy, geez.
The officer looks in again and sees empty liquor bottles
littering the floor of the car.
Step out of the car, please.
Okay, I just...ahhh!
Bernie puts his hands to his head and begins to rub his
temples, as if fighting off a killer headache.
Man, what did I do last night?
His eyes grow wide as he notices the bottles on the floor.


A group of children are splashing around in a large in
ground pool. A deck surrounds it, attached to a modest
bungalow style house. The yard is fenced in, with palm trees
providing shade.
Jeffrey climbs out of the pool and runs to where Alex,
wearing sunglasses and a swimsuit, lounges on a chair.
Dad, c'mon in!
As he gets up, Alex looks over to where Wendy, looking
gorgeous in her swimsuit, slowly lowers herself into the
A sly grin comes over his face. He runs and jumps into the
pool, curling up into a cannonball.
Wendy shrieks, becoming completely drenched as he hits the
water. The rest of the children squeal with delight.
                       ALEX (V.O)
So this is my life now.
Laughter fills the air as the splashing continues.
Alex throws an overnight bag into the back of his car.
How long will you be gone?
Just a day or two.
Be careful.
He leans in and kisses her.
Love you.
You too.


She watches as he gets in the car.
                       ALEX (V.O)
But still, after all this time,
something's always bothered me,
and I can't let it go.
It's not Mardis Gras, but Bourbon Street in New Orleans is
alive and kicking as always. Alex makes his way through the
party crowd, passing bars with music and voices streaming
into the street.
                       BOUNCER (O.S)
I think that's enough for one
night, don't you?
A large bouncer is escorting someone from a club. Alex
instantly recognizes Jimmy.
Aw, c'mon man. I'll be good.
You know the drill, Jimmy. Go home
and sleep it off.
Dude, there's a table of milfs in
there beggin' for it. They want
ole Jimmy.
You had no chance, my friend.
Shit, dude, have a heart. You're
talkin' to Fred Flintstone. I'll
make their Bedrock.
Take it somewhere else, Rummie.
Jimmy mumbles something in the Bouncer's direction, before
staggering off in Alex's direction. The bouncer disappears
back into the bar.
Same old Jimmy.


Jimmy looks up, finally seeing Alex. He gets a surprised
look on his face, which turns to an expression of happiness.
Alex funckin' Logan. My man with
the plan. I knew this was gonna be
a good day.
Jimmy embraces Alex, barely noticing that it is only
returned with halfhearted effort.
Good to see you man.
Twelve fuckin' months, bro. Why'd
you wait so long to come visit?
Figured I'd wait til the heat died
down. And you're not that easy to
find, you know.
I know, I love it. C'mon, I'll
show you my digs.
Alex follows Jimmy to where his houseboat is moored at the
side of the river.
It's great, man. I just go
wherever the tide takes me.
They board the houseboat, entering the
The room is nicely decorated with expensive looking
furniture and electronics. Alex can't help but notice the
empty liquor bottles lying about.
So you like it this way, huh?
Yeah, man, and you know what the
best part is?


Alex shrugs.
I'm at no fixed address.
      (serious tone)
The defendant, of no fixed
address, pleaded not guilty.
Jimmy bursts into laughter at his own joke.
Get it?
Alex allows a small grin to form.
Yeah, same old Jimmy.
It's great to see you, man. Let's
have a drink to celebrate.
Jimmy goes to the liquor cabinet and starts to rummage
around. Alex goes to window and looks out, seeing nothing
but darkness. Nonchalantly, he closes the blind without
Jimmy noticing.
How's things with Wendy? You
gettin' some of that bow chick a
wow wow.
He makes a gyrating motion with his hips.
You're lucky, man. I'd love to get
me some of that.
Alex's eyes narrow. Realizing he's crossed the line, Jimmy
relents, showing an impish grin.
Sorry, bro. I'm just playin'.
He hands Alex a drink, keeping one for himself.
You like this, don't you?
Of course I do. What's not to
love? I mean, look at this view.


Jimmy stops in front of the window, realizing the blinds
have been closed.
Alex stands behind him, slowly reaching into his coat.
Alex exits the houseboat. He looks around, again seeing
nothing but darkness.
Alex gets out of his car as Jeffrey rushes to greet him.
Hi daddy.
He gives him a hug.
Hey buddy. You miss me?
Yeah, a bit.
Just a bit, huh?
They walk toward Wendy, who is waiting by the house. Alex
gives her a kiss.
Hey, babe. You get your business
taken care of?