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Fall from Evan
by Ralph Corke (rappinralphy@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: *1/2
A day in the life of a gay homicidal teen.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Two young boys are having a water fight throughout a large
beautiful house. Family photos and ornaments begin to crash
to the ground as the boys chase each other down the stairs.
Each brandishing the gun as if they were a soldier. The
house is soaked as well as the two boys. They crash to the
ground one on top of the other. There is a brief pause as
they look at each other. The one on top makes a strand of
spit fall onto the other. The scene ends when the sound of
an alarm gets louder and we see Evan a handsome but awkward
looking teenager wake up and throw the alarm clock to the
Knocking at door, Tricia Enters.
She begins to clean the room.
      (picking up socks)
Morning sleepy head, time to get
up for school.
      (Evan grunts)
I'm going shopping with Margaret
later on today which will be nice,
she's so much better now, that
stroke really took it out of her.
She can even say sentences now,
eh, when I let her get a word in
eh. Oh will you look at the state
of these clothes, I only ironed
them yesterday, don't worry I'll
do them again later. Dad's in a
grumpy mood as usual
      (Opening the
think he woke up on the wrong side
of bed. So be nice to him
downstairs. Evan, Evan! Come on,
even your brothers up. You better
get down there before he eats your
brekkie too. Oh look at poor
      (She refixes a
       poster of
       Samantha Fox to
       the wall)
I think she's had one too many eh


                       TRICIA (cont'd)
here guess what, her next door,
snooty Suzan, she was telling me
how Greg had become head boy and
head of his runners club. She's
got some cheek. Still I bet her
son isn't half as talented as you
chicky egg. Oh Evan, this is
      (she holds up
       Evans drawing)
Tony Heart eat your… well… heart
      (she pulls back
       his covers)
Come on Evan! Breakfast is on the
table when your ready,
3 figures are sat at the table Malcolm; a middle aged man in
a suit, Simon; A young man stocky in appearance, Bianca; A
skinny girl in her late teens. Simon is eating a steak from
a very full breakfast table. Bianca is painting her nails
with her feet on the table. Malcolm is reading a paper
whilst Tricia is cleaning around the family.
Evan Enters.
Daddy can I stay at Ted's tonight?
His parents say its ok, and I've
stayed there before.
      (Malcolm swats off
       her feet)
Evan sits down, his mum brings him a drink.
Dad's just worried your going to
get knocked up at an early age
like mum did. Aint that right dad.
Right you can stay there, but get
mum to ring Ted's mum first


What about you squirt, you got a
girlfriend yet?
      (Evan shakes his
You need to get out your room
mate, stop listening to that freak
bowie, when I was fifteen I had
hundreds of girls. People will
start talking soon Evan. You don't
want people to think your one of
      (Makes a camp
Of course he isn't, leave your
brother alone. Just a bit shy arnt
you Evan, need to toughen up, get
a lesson in life. Should join the
rugby team, I was the captain of
mine. Now that's a mans game.
Come on now, lets not harass the
boy at breakfast, Evan eat your
eggs dear your looking a bit
skinny. I was thinking, how about
a family night this Thursday? I
could dust off the scrabble! God
know its been ages since..
I'm Sorry dear I'm working away
this weekend… In Newquay. We've
just taken over two garages there
and I need to clean the books. I
would have told you sooner, only
it slipped my mind.
oh honey, your working yourself
too hard. Can't you get Paul to
cover this one. I was planning to
make your favourite, lasagne.
No Tricia, this need to be handled
by a senior, and seeing as I'm the
boss it needs to be me. You just
don't understand how business
works do you Tricia. If you could
get it through that tiny head of
yours, that I'm doing this for all


                       MALCOLM (cont'd)
the expencive rubbish that you buy
then maybe I wouldn't have to work
so hard, but at the moment you
continue to buy this crap, so I
continue to work.
Well you know I would cut down if
I knew it meant you were home
Well my breakfast is ruined, I'm
off to work. Goodbye, and Evan try
not to get in trouble today.
(He Exits, TRICIA follows him.)
Yeah Evan, if you weren't such a
little shit then maybe mum and dad
wouldn't argue all the time.
(TRICIA returns and begins cleaning up the plates.)
Hey I was still eating that!
Mum, are you ok?
Yes hun, now come on, its time for
school, have you got everything?
Right, I'll see you later. Oh and
Evan… Try and be good today, your
fathers under a lot of stress from
work. I'm sure he didn't mean to
snap at you, we're very proud of
you dear.
(EVAN exit's the kitchen)
Evan is leaving his front door and notices a group of boys
next door. Greg a tall blonde boy and Duke a large ginger
boy amongst the crowd. Evan and Greg exchange a glance. Duke
ducks down and begins to pick up a stone. Evan's front door


Sugar plumb, you forgot your
sports kit, hello boys, hello
Gregory, how's your mother? Well I
(GREG nods, the group of boys begin to snigger)
Mum! go back inside, you'll get
cold without your coat.
Ok darling have fun at school,
maybe you could walk in with Greg.
Bye Boys.
She returns to the house, the group next door begin to
laugh. Evan begins to walk to school but get a stone thrown
at the back of his head when he reaches the end of his
drive, he just continues to walk.
Evan is walking down the corridor he is passing a group of
                       GIRL 1
…Stacey told me that he tried to
snog Mr Eames…
The girls giggle.

A couple of shouts come from passing students.
                       BOY 1
Alright Nancy Francy.
                       GIRL 2
Backs against the walls boys.
EVAN keeps his head down and heads to his locker. He bangs
it and the tattered locker opens. His books fall to the
ground. The group of girls laugh and walk past kicking a few
of the books.
                       GIRL 1
Did you drop your gay card?
EVAN packs up his stuff and goes to class.


EVAN enters the class last, pupils are already sat at their
desks, or on them. Evan begins to walk to the back of the
room. He dodges a flying ball of paper and weaves around a
group of chatting girls. He sits at the back of the room
behind an overweight boy who lets out a large fart. He turns
around to EVAN and smiles. EVAN begins to bang his head on
the desk. A young male teacher enters the room, MR. WHARTON,
he has milk bottle glasses on and is clearly nerved by the
class' volume. He begins to write 'Class poems' on the chalk
                       MR WHARTON
Ok guys now settle down, I'm not
going to talk over this volume, my
voice is still saw from last week.
Guys, guys…. Please settle down.
Jacob get off that desk
immediately, you could get
splinters. Now I hope you have all
done your homework, because today
you will be reading them to the
class. Sarah will you please
button it.
The class continue to talk. MR. WHARTON sits on his desk a
large book falls off the end making a large thud, the class
begin to simmer and quiet down,
                       MR WHARTON
Finally, now I want everyone to
have there poems prepared, we
shall go through the register
beginning from A. which is you
I would sir but I forgot to bring
it in, I could have sworn I packed
it, I'll have it tomorrow.
                       MR WHARTON
Fine, but make sure you do. Brown?
Sir my poems really good, I spent
a whole hour on it, whilst
watching Corrie, only the dog
ripped it up. I would try repeat
it off memory, but I don't think
it would do it justice. I've got
the shreds if you want to have a


                       BROWN (cont'd)
                       MR WHARTON
No its quite alright, just re-do
it for tomorrow. Cole? Nope not in
as usual, Evans?
Couldn't do it sir, was too busy.
                       MR WHARTON
Enfield? Fookes? Has anyone done
the work? You've had over two
weeks, I'm going to have to start
issuing detentions in a minute.
It's not very good, couldn't I go
                       MR WHARTON
no, I'll decide how good it is,
now come to the front of the class
EVAN gets up and walks to the front of the class, he
nervously holds his paper and after getting the courage
begins to read, but stops when he sees everyone leering back
at him.
                       MR WHARTON
Come on, what's the problem, gone
Thanks for signing my yearbook....

Thanks for signing my yearbook,
all the best to you too,
dont forget the laughs
the fun and even the tears
remember us begining
and changing through the years.
remember the disco's, first
kisses, dog eaten homework and
untied shoes.
remember the shool dinners, scary
teachers and the stench of the
whether your sat in an office or
refiting a tyre,
flipping a bun or fighting a fire


                       EVAN (cont'd)
just think way back when
those years of our lives
the road that you travelled
and the ones you left behind.

I'm going to miss being the wierd
the one you treated unkind.
i'll miss being called skank and
being kicked in the back.
i'll miss knowing my place, and
hiding in it.
      (the class begin
       to mumar and
i'll miss everyone one of you,
i'll miss knowing my place,
someone has to be different, and i
guess thats me.
i'll miss feeling alone
because thats all i know.
The class begin to laugh, and some heckle EVAN.
Boo! get off the stage nancy
                       MR WHARTON
Thats quit enough now, if you
would return to your seat pleae
but sir, i have'nt finished.
You heard him nancy, get back to
your seat you queer!
                       MR WHARTON
Quiet down please Evans.
But sir he's a little faggot.
                       MR WHARTON
will everyone settle down now


Do you think i give a shit what
you think? what any of you think?
Duke your just taking it out on me
cus your father beats you.
what? at least my mum doesn't
belong in an institution. i'm
going to get you, just wait nancy,
end of the day and your dead!
                       MR WHARTON
right, Evan i can not tolerate
this behavior, i want you to stay
behind at the end of class.
But sir, did you not hear what he
just said, not even i deserve
                       MR WHARTON
Enough Evan! now sit back down and
be quiet.
Evan returns to his seat, we jump to the end of the class.
students pack up thier belongings and leave. Evan stays
seated and Mr Wharton approaches him.
                       MR WHARTON
Evan, what do you have to say for
Evan, getting into a fight with
Duke Evans is not going to do
yourself any favours. Your poem
Evan, now i understand there is a
lot of pressure at your age, but
you shouldn't let that affect your
work, i want you to rewrite the
poem and read it again tommorrow.
      (Mr Wharton moves
       in closer)
you used to be such a smart pupil
Evan, but lately your work just
isnt meeting the grade.
      (Mr Wharton puts
       his hand on Evans
Is there a problem at home Evan,
with your mother. if you need
anyone to talk to i'm right here.
listen i'll give you my home


                       MR WHARTON (cont'd)
number, ring it any time you want.
      (Mr Wharton gets
       up and moves to
       his desk.)
if your having problems, you can
trust me, it will be our secret.
      (Getting up
No sir, everythings fine, i'm just
a bit stressed with exams.
      (leaving the room)
please don't say anything to the
principal, i'm really sorry.
                       MR WHARTON
      (Evan has left.)
now, where was i?
      (he pulls a good
       house keeping
       magazine out of
       his desk)
ah yes, the wonders of tartan.
                       MR WHARTON
      (Evan has left.)
now, where was i?
      (he pulls a good
       house keeping
       magazine out of
       his desk)
ah yes, the wonders of tartan.
Evan enters the library, he nods at the librarian who
politely smiles, she soon gives him a wierd look when his
back is turned and returns to reading her book 'a guide to
fencing'. Evan goes to the biology section, he passes some
girls looking at images of male anatomy and giggling. Evan
sits down and begins to look at bird watching books. He
replaces one book and pulls out another, in the gap he can
see Greg his neighbour staring back, Evan quickly turns away
and looks back, Greg is gone.


Evan is sitting in a cubicle eating his lunch. Some boys
enter talking about girls, Evan raises his feet.
Well i heard that jenny Brown will
let you see her gash for a
ciggarette, I knicked a whole
packet off my mum this morning.
what do you reckon that will get
me? Here Greg, what did you get
upto with stacey last night? she
wasn't in today, probably couldn't
walk eh.
      (he simulates
aint that right Greggy boy.
      (In a girls voice)
oh greg, harder greg, i'm seeing
stars greg, do me on them!
we watched a film..
      (Silence, Duke
       looks puzzled)
Then we tongued..
      (Duke still looks
       at him)
Then she showed her gash.
No way mate, what did it look
like, i mean i've seen loads.
umm... like a bacon sandwich.
oh right, well draw me a picture
later. i'll pick it up when i go
to nancy francy's house. I'm going
to beat him up then shag his mum.
what a little wierdo, what was
that poem all about earlier. i
swear he's as messed up as his
mum. go on Greg tell us that story
again, but i've already told you
twice, any way my mum said i
wasn't to tell anyone.


are you taking nancy boys side,
your not a queer like him are you
Greg? I thought i saw you checking
out my nob at the urinal.
course i'm not, right well
apparently she walked out of the
hospital into town in one of those
hospital nighties.
the ones that show your arse
yeah, and she was stood in the
cathedral grave yard claiming that
Evan, Nancy was the new jesus.
she'd just had him, and she
wouldn't let the doctors get
close, she was like a wild animal
my mum says. she bit the whole ear
off a nurse. They had to wait till
she fell asleep to take Evan away.
My mum reckons they should have
shot her with a sleeping dart. she
spent most of Evan's childhood in
and out of knowle hospital. So no
wonder he's a bit messed up.
son of jesus? more like spawn or
satan. That whole family should be
locked away, cept his sister,
she's a right filthy bitch. I'd
like to bend her over and.. and..
      (Duke begins to
       start humping the
come on, we got sports now.
Duke leaves the room. Evan waits for silence then exits his
cubicle to see Greg washing his hands. Evan tries to ignore
him and goes straight to the sink.
Oh Evan, I'm sorry I didn't know
you were here. I didn't want to
say that stuff.


It's alright i already knew.
you knew?
yeah she told me, she tells me
everything, i'm not ashamed of
her. I don't care what people like
you and especially not Duke think.
you wouldn't even get my mum, you
just wouldn't understand. I
remember one day, she said she was
taking me to the park, she ended
up taking me to the zoo, she
taught me all about the animals,
we hid in the avairy till it
closed and then at night we had
the whole place to ourselves. when
we got back my dad went mental,
but it was the best day of my life
so i didn't care. and now i still
don't care.
I remember, you wouldn't stop
talking about it, we tried to
catch some wild birds remember?
oh yeah, we tried to use gummy
worms as bait.
might have worked if you didn't
keep eating them.
we had a laugh didn't we, my mum
asks me why you never come around
yeah well guess we've just got
different interests now. we did
have a laugh though. I am sorry
about what i said, its just Duke,
he gets on my case.
why are you his mate, you used to
hate him.


well its different now. its just
easier to be his mate.
Duke comes back in.
hurry up mat or Mr Eames will bust
his nut! what do we have ere then?
what you doing talking to nancy?
having a little kiss?
yeah, he wishes!
      (splashes water on
       Evans trousers)
look he's wet himself, come on
lets go!
Greg and Duke leave laughing, Greg looks at Evan before he
Boys are getting changed into kit, Evan enters, his trousers
still wet. he sits down behind the large boy from earlier
who farts again. Duke begins to parade around the room
look at these big guns, here nancy
bet you want a bit of this.
Evan remains silent. The sports teacher, Mr Eames enters.
                       MR EAMES
right boys, pipe down. get your
sticks and i want you to do ten
laps of the field to warm up. Then
pick teams, Evans and Thompson you
can captain. well come on, what
you waiting for? France why
haven't you changed?
I forgot my kit sir.
                       MR EAMES
well this was left by the last
      (he chucks Evan a
       dirty kit)
it was a year eight class, but


                       MR EAMES (cont'd)
your so weedy it might fit. right
boys on the pitch.
Boys begin to leave, Duke pulls Evans trousers down as he's
changing but he manages to grab them in time. Once everyone
leaves Evan sits down and begins to cry.
Evan runs out and joins the boys running around the pitch.
they do one more lap and finish. Greg and Duke stand at the
front and begin to call names for thier team.
Charlie boy
Only Evan and the large boy remain.
umm Evan
no wait, i'll have Evan you can
have Hopper.
The boys begin to go on the pitch. Duke catches up with Evan
who is trying to keep out the way.


here Evan you know i was only
having a laugh earlier. lets have
a good game yeah. keep close to me
right and i'll show you how to
ok but i'm not any good.
ah its easy mate, you'll get the
hang of it.
The hockey game begins, boys are chanting and shouting, the
ball starts coming up to the pitch. Duke knocks someone to
the ground and gets hold of it.
he passes the ball to Evan who hardly catches it. Evans
begins to run up pitch with it and starts getting control.
Go on mate! its yours, shoot it.
Evan gets nearer the goal.
Oi Evan!
Evan turns around but then gets knocked to the ground by two
boys. he lays there for a while.
You alright?
      (getting up)
Yeah just a bit winded.
course he's alright aint you mate!
come on.
once again Duke gets the ball.


he passes the ball to Evan who begins to run down pitch with
it, even managing to to dribble around another player. He
hits the ball and misses.
come on Francey, you can do it
I'm not any good maybe i should
just go back into defense.
nah c'mon mate you nearly had it
that time.
Again Duke gains the ball and passes it too Evan. Evan gets
tackled again, this time more brutal.
                       BOY 1
Duke, why do you keep passing the
ball to Nancy, he's crap. My nan
could play better.
give him a chance.
Oi Duke, Evans getting killed out
there, shouldn't you let him have
a breather?
I;m teaching him a lesson.
again and again Evan keeps getting tackled to the ground.
Evans lip is bleeding a little bit.
Come on Nancy!
It happens again. Duke rushes over to Evan and offers his
stick to help Evan up, but when Evan goes to grab it, Duke
puts it against Evans kneck.
Your right Nancy, you don't fit
Your doing this on purpose arnt
you? what have i ever done to you?
why do you hate me so much?


Cus I don't like faggots.
Evan grabs Duke and pulls him to the floor and the two
begins to scuffle the group of lads begin to surround the
pair. Mr Eames sees whats going on and begins to run over.
                       MR EAMES
Whats going on?! Boys get out my
Mr Eames manages to pull the group apart to reveal Evan on
top of Duke with his hockey stick raised above his head.
Eva is sat outside the office holding a tissue to a bleeding
nose. the office door opens and his parents and the
principle walk out.
of course, I understand
completely, i'll have a word with
the boy. I'll see you at the golf
club this weekend Charles.
Certainly. Now Evan I don't want
to see you outside my office again
or i'll have to start reserving
your seat. Malcolm, Tricia.
The principal returns to his office. Tricia goes to hold her
oh Evan, why did you do it, I told
you to be good today. Oh darling
lets take a look at that nose,
does it hurt. Lets get you home
and see to it. How do you fancy
some ice cream when we get in,
some choc mint chip how does that
I'm sorry mum, he just kept
pushing me. I wasn't going to hit
him, you kno i wouldn't, I just
wanted him to stop picking on me.
He hates me, I've done nothing to
him, you have to believe me. I'm


                       EVAN (cont'd)
sorry Dad.
oh sweetie, you should have told
us. Why would anyone hate you,
your such a loving boy. I'll have
a word with this Dukes mum, i'm
sure we can sort this out.
No mum, just leave it. It will
just make things worse.
But Evan we cant let this go on, i
just can't stand the thought of
someone hurting my baby. Malcolm
say something.
The boys right, you need to stop
mothering him. It his mess he
needs to sort it out.
Mr Eames the sports teacher comes over and passes a bag to
Evans dad.
                       MR EAMES
This is Evans belongings, the boys
have had a bit of a go at them.
should be alright with a bit of
stitching. I'll need that sports
kit back tomorrow. Evan, Don't
forget your kit again. The
principal and I have agreed not to
suspend you on this occasion, but
you will have to come in early
tomorrow to clean the kit
cupboard. Evan this is your last
Malcolm pulls Evans shirt out of the bag, it has Faggot
written on it in excrement. Which becomes apparent when
Malcolm smells it in disgust.
This is a brand new uniform Evan,
I'm so fed up of this. Tricia will
you leave the boy alone!


Evan is sat on the stairs, the front room door is ajar and
we can hear Evans parents arguing.
He's always been a special boy,
its what makes him Evan I wouldn't
have him any other way. Its not
his fault this Duke boy keeps
picking on him. you remember them
at parents evening. The whole
family looked rough.
no Tricia i've been telling you
all along that you've been to soft
with the boy. And now this,
Faggot, my son being called a
faggot. you know if its true and
my son is one of them it will be
your fault Tricia. Saying he's
just artistic, you know it and i
know it. he needs to stop
listening to that weird music.
Get out there and start doing
normal teenage boy stuff, chasing
girls, breaking green house
well i certainly don't want him
doing that. He tried joining
scouts but he got home sick when
they went camping, and that was in
the park just round the corner.
I'm sure he will meet the right
girl when he's ready, he's only
fifteen Malcolm, I don't remember
you being so manly, if I remember
correctly you had long hair in a
pony tail. Any way we don't want
him to get some girl pregnant.
no, I made that mistake.
What's that meant to mean?
                                         THE SHOT ENTERS THE


You know exactly what it means
Tricia. you know sometimes i feel
so trapped. I have so much on with
work, I just don't need this. You
know your not the easiest person
to live with. some times i feel
dizzy. Its a release at work. If i
stay here I'm going to end up at
Knowle myself.
how can you say that Malcolm? you
know i give everything to this
family. The Doctor says i'm much
better now. You know your not so
easy to live with either, whens
the last time you held me Malcolm,
i can see it in your eyes, you
cant stand to look at me! I'm
still me Malcolm, I'm still the
person you fell in love with, I'm
still the person you married, or
does that mean nothing to you?
I think we both know why we got
married. It was the done thing
then. And don't act like you
didn't have it all planned.
Planned? Malcolm what are you
talking about?
I met you in January, Simon was
born in July, it doesn't take a
mastermind, i felt sorry for you.
this has pushed me too far. I
don't love you anymore Tricia. I'm
not sure i ever have.
Malcolm, you don't mean that.
and all this, its crap.
      (He grabs a
       porceline figure)
expensive fragile rubbish.
      (he smashes it on
       the ground)
if you spent half as much time on


                       MALCOLM (cont'd)
your own appearance as you do
polishing this shit maybe i could
stand to look at you.
Sorry i've spent half my life
raising your children.
They've never been my children.
You saw to that.
Malcolm please, your scaring me.
Tricia grabs a dust pan and brush. She begins to clean up.
Tricia will you leave it i'm
trying to tell you something!
Malcolm grabs Tricia's hand. She turns around and slaps him.
Sorry, I didn't mean to..
Malcolm grabs Tricia by the shoulders, she screams, he lets
go and pushes over the figurine display cabinet. shades
spread across the floor.
I'm leaving you Tricia, I've been
seeing someone from work, she
makes me feel alive. I am sorry
but i just cant stand this
He begins to leave, Tricia grabs at his ankles, he starts
walking with her dragging onto him.
no Malcolm, please don't leave me,
I don't know what i'll do without
you, I'll change i swear, I'll be
better. Malcolm I love you. Please
Malcolm. Malcolm.
They enter the hallway a tearful Evan runs upstairs.
How could i love anyone as
pathetic as you.


Malcolm exits the house, Tricia lies crying on the floor.
Evan is crying on his bed, he gets up and begins to walk
downstairs to the kitchen. Tricia is trying to fit pieces of
a smashed swallow figurine together.
Mum, are you alright?
yes hun, its just late, you ought
to be in bed, you have to be up
early tomorrow if your cleaning
the sports hut.
but mum, i heard you rowing..
come on now Evan.
she begins to push him gently upstairs, she opens his door.
Evan gets into bed. She tucks him in and kisses him on the
Don't worry about that boy Evan,
Some people are not worth your
tears, and the ones that are
wouldn't make you cry. I'm so
proud of you Evan, and so is dad,
we love you just the way you are.
good night darling sleep tight.
she gets up, and goes to the door.
my beautiful boy.
she switches the light off ad leaves. Evan gets out of bed
to close the window. He can see Gregs room next door, the
lights on and the curtains ope. he's about to close his
curtains when he sees Greg undressing in the reflection of a
mirror. Evan turns away but then continues to watch. Greg
begins to dance to Samantha Fox 'touch me'. Evan Laughs. He
sees Greg looking back at him through the mirror. Greg
undresses to his boxers, he comes to the window and smiles.
Greg closes his curtains and Evan gets back in bed. A bath
can be heard running.


Evan wakes up to his alarm. He switches it to radio and it
begins to play ELO Mr Blue Sky. He lies back in his bed and
waits for his mums knock at the door. It doesn't come. He
switches of the radio. Opens his door and can feel the
carpets dump between his feet. He walks to the bathroom, the
door is ajar. He opens it to find his mother fully clothed
lying in a pool of bloody water. Her arms are crossed, her
eyes closed and her wrists slit. He switches the tap off.
And goes to his brother room. He knocks then opens the door.
His brother is lying face down snoring.
Simon, Simon.
      (Half asleep)
get out my room you little queer.
Evan leaves but first grabs a black hold all from under
Simons bed. Evan continues to get ready and even brushes his
teeth in the same bathroom as his mum. His feet soaking in
the bloody water.
Evan has climbed the stairs and is standing on the rooftop.
The school bus pulls up. Duke is the first to get off it. Mr
Wharton is also walking across the playground. Children
begin to enter the playground. Chatting amongst themselves.
Some boys begin to have a kick about. Evan is sitting with
his legs dangling over the edge. He opens his sandwiches and
begins to eat an apple. By this point the playground is full
of pupils. Evan stands up and takes a shot gun out of his
brothers bag. He aims at Duke and fires. Duke falls to the
ground and the pandemonium begins. Students are running
wildly some are ducking with their hands over the heads.
Evan seems to be shooting aimlessly. Eventually the police
arrive and the sounds of sirens drowns out the screaming.
Evans is about to fire at Mr. Wharton.

Greg arrives on the roof top.
Evan, its me Greg, why are you
doing this?
Why not?


because these people don't deserve
this. no one does. whats happened
and what do i deserve Greg? I dont
deserve anything. i'm going to
hell anyway. everyone hates me
Greg, even my own mother. she'd
rather die then have me in her
I don't understand, your mum loves
you. I don't hate you Evan, if you
give me your gun and come away
from the edge, i promise I'll be
your mate. from now on it will
just be me and you, just like
before. we won't give a shit what
Duke or anyone has to think. you
just need to give me the gun.
it's too late, so don't even
bother. mum always told me that
god loved me, but why did he give
me so much love when i'll never
have someone to share it with. I
feel so numb sometimes, i see
faces laughing, smiling and i feel
nothing. nothing. I could stop
breathing and i would feel
      (Greg moves closer)
I dont even feel anything now,
just hate but thats all i ever
feel, not hate for Duke or Mr
Wharton or even my father. just
hate for existing, for being who i
well I don't hate you.
He sits down next to Evan, People are still hiding below and
more cars have arrived, people are being escorted out the
You don't?


No Evan, I've always liked you.
Your so much braver then i've ever
been, You've always been you. this
isn't you Evan, you don't want to
hurt anyone. Give me the gun.
I can't.
Because it has to end here.
The two begin to struggle. Greg manages to get Evan to the
ground. He lies above him and the two just stay still. Evan
tries to struggle free, but Greg is too strong. Then Greg
kisses Evan. Evan asks him to run away with him. Greg stands
but is shot down by a police sniper. Evan holds Greg in his
arms as he slips away. He then stands up.
Drop your weapon and stand with
your hands in the air.
He ignores them and continues to walk forwards. They shoot
at him several times until he falls over the edge into the
school pond. We see that Duke is alright, and that no one
has actually been shot. The final camera shots being one
body bag loaded into the coroners truck and Greg being
loaded into an ambulance


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From Kevin Mitchell Date 10/2/2008 *1/2
I liked the premise of a homicidal teen. Unfortunately it left me empty. I would have liked to see a better ending. The Dialogue between Greg and Evan just did not work. I HATE giving a bad score, but... The structure needs a lot of work and the dialogue was a miss. The characterization was poor and overall it just didn't do it for me. I would love to read it again once you fix the mistakes because I think it has potential to be a good short.

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