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Video Dream
by Todd Bunger (bung38@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

Jerome Jolson is a gifted inventor who invents a machine that you where on your head at night while plugged into your video cassette recorder. The machine records your dream on video tape and allows you to watch your dreams on television. The machine is marketed and sold to the general public. The dreams are viewed and are first considered as funny, amusing, and wonderful entertainment. It quickly turns into turmoil as the dreams are unpleasant, disturbing, and nightmarish. Families are torn apart and even a murder is committed because of the unpleasant dreams. The Nation's people are divided as some approve and some disapprove the new invention. A notorious serial killer has been terrorizing the inventor's hometown. The crime has law enforcement baffled and remains unsolved. Only the Dream Machine can possibly identify the serial killer and will eventually lead up to a shocking climax that involves one of Jerome Jolson's own family members.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Jerome awoke that morning like he did most every Sunday
morning, with a little hangover. By now, he knew the remedy
and proceeded the to the kitchen. He opened the
refrigerator and grabbed a can of Ranier beer. While
feeling nauseated. he drank the beer.

As he proceeded to the shower, he scratched his head.
Boy, that was one weird dream I
had! I wish I could remember it.
When he finished showering and dressing, he proceeded to the
kitchen and grabbed another beer. As he sat down in his
chair, he switched on the remote to his television to watch
the news.
      (standing with
Last night another mutilated body
was found in a shallow grave near
Lake Mill Creek. The naked body
was partially decomposed and
authorities also believe that she
was sexually tortured before being
brutally murdered.

Athorities believe that this may
be the tenth victim of the
so-called Mill Creek Ripper as the
style of torture and death is
similar to the other nine victims.
It was about six p.m. when Jerome arrived at his parent's
house. As he walked into the house, his parents and two
sisters were seated in the living room.
Jerome sat in the chair next to his dad.
Boy, you sure look like death
warmed over. Did you have a rough
night last night?


You don't want to know.
Jerome Proceeded to the kitchen and grabbed a beer and sat
down in the chair next to his dad in the living room.
How's work Jerome?
It sucks!
Jerome, you know how I cannot
stand that kind of language!
I am sorry Mom, but there is
really no other way to describe it
down there. I am constantly
yelled and cursed at by customers
because their cargo is either
missing, or is not arriving on
time. When I call over to the
freight house and talk to our
field representatives to start
looking for the customer's cargo,
they always do not cooperate and
act as if we are bothering them.
You see, I am the middle man, and
I am constantly getting hammered
by the customers and our own
fellow employees. I just wish
there was a better way to make a
living. I am bored and
Son, you have a good paying job
with great benefits. Life is not
a picnic in the park. Maybe you
should get a hobby or some form of
Yeaah, and then maybe you wouldn't
feel so sorry for yourself and
drink so much. I think you also
need a good women in your life.
Anyway, boys, it is time for
dinner now. Rose!, Jackie! come


                       LILLIA (cont'd)
and eat before it gets cold.
All five of them sat down at the dining room table and
enjoyed their Sunday meal of Lasagne.

After dinner, Lillia brought out the strawberry shortcake.
Jerome was seated across the table from his two teenage
sisters, his father next to him on one side, and his mother
on the other.
I had a wild dream last night that
I cannot even remember. All I know
is that I was in a cold sweat when
I woke up.
What did you have to eat or drink
last night?
I had my usual Velveeta cheese
omelette with french fries and
mayonnaise. I also had a couple
of vodka tonics to wash it down
      (along with Rose)
Ooooohhh!, like gross me out! What
is wrong with you big brother?
No kidding, Jerome! With a diet
like that, you must have dreams
that are beyond imaginable. But
speaking of dreams, I had a
nightmare last night. It was
about that serial killer, the Mill
Creek Ripper.
Yes, that is horrible. Did you
hear about his latest victim?
Yes, I did. You know,that is only
ten miles away from here and I
have two teenage daughters!


Oh Mother! You are such a worry
I may be, but this is his tenth
victim already and the police
don't have any clues as to his
identity. Last night I dreamed
that he was pounding at the door
and all I heard in a deep eerie
voice was the "The Ripper is here!
The Ripper is here!" Then
something else happened and I woke
up. I cannot remember the rest of
the dream. I don't think I will
sleep until he is caught.
That's enough negative talk for
now. Did anyone have any pleasant
dreams last night?
Well, I dreamed that I became head
cheerleader last night.
And I dreamed that Jackie went all
the way with Michael.
Who is Michael!
Jackie screamed at Rose.
You little bitch! I am going to
rip your mouth out!
Girls! Let's all calm down! We
don't need to start a family feud.
Jerome started to laugh hysterically. Everyone stopped
their conversation and stared at him in amazement.
And what may I ask has tickled
your funny bone?


I was just imagining. Wouldn't it
be wild if we could watch
everyone's dream on television?
Jerome, that is the wildest idea I
have ever heard of. Only you would
come up with an idea like that.
I could just see it. Somebody
would make a device that you could
wear at night while you were
sleeping. This device would then
be connected to your VCR. It
would record your dreams and the
next day you could watch you
dreams on television. Wouldn't
that be wild?
      (and Rose)
How Cool!
I think that would be one of the
greatest inventions ever built. I
believe that a device like that
would either solve the problems of
the world or create the worst
problems of the world. Jerome, my
boy, I have to agree with what
your mother said a few years ago.
I wish I could just spend one day
in your world. I have always
wondered what is inside that head
of yours. Watching your own
dreams. That has got to be your
wildest idea yet. Of course, you
and I know that would be virtually
impossible. I have to admit,
Jerome, you made the evening. I
love your ideas and stories. They
really are funny and amusing.
Thanks Dad.
Jerome looked at his watch


Well, it is getting late. I have
to get up early tomorrow as it is
a work day. Thanks for dinner
Mom. The lasagna was primo and
shortcake was magnifico. I will
see you next week.
Okay, dear, thanks for stopping by
and please drive home safely.
      (and Rose)
Goodbye, big brother!
You have a good week at work
Jerome and remember, you're lucky
you have that job. There are a
lot of unemployed people out there
that would do anything to be in
your shoes.
Okay Dad.
Jerome leaves his parent's house and proceeds to his car
Jerome is driving his car home and thinking about what his
father said.
My ideas are amusing and funny, so
he thinks. Well, we will just see
about that.
Jerome arrives home and drives into his garage
Jerome's alarm clock began ringing at six-thirty a.m. It was
Monday Morning. Jerome crawled out of bed and showered and
dressed himself for work. He proceeded to his kitchen and
prepared breakfast which consisted of a cheese omelette and
hashbrowns. He proceeded to his living room and switched on
the television and started eating his breakfast.

The news was on and it was basically a repeat about the


serial killer. He switched off the TV as he wolfed down the
last bite of his breakfast. He then proceeded to his garage
and to his car.
                       JEROME (VO)
Are all my ideas really just funny
and amusing? Why is it that I am
the only one who is totally
serious about these ideas when I
mention them?
Jerome pulled up into the parking lot of his place of work
and proceeded to the main entrance.
Good morning Jerome. How was your
It was okay. You know, the usual
sort of thing. Thank you for
Jerome proceeded to his bay and position where his computer
terminal and phone were at. His coworker and best friend
Joe Burton, was already seated and working.
How is it so far?
Shitty, I have already been
cussed at by two
freight-forwarding managers and
have been hung up on by our field
agents in Chicago, and I have only
been here for thirty minutes!
It sounds like a typical Monday
morning to me. Nothing out of the
usual. Hey, let's go to the break
room. The Cokes are on me.


That's the best offer I have had
all morning.
They both proceeded to the break room.
Once in the break room Jerome deposited coins in the the
soda machine and then sat down with Joe. They both took
sips from their soft drinks.
What's eating you Jerome?
I don't know. I guess I am just
fed up. I come to this place
every day five days a week and it
the same thing over and over. I
hate it.
Look, everybody hates it here man
but hell, don't let it get to you.
You have been acting funny for
the past six months. If you are
that unhappy, maybe you should get
out altogether.
It's not only that. Last night I
had dinner with my parents, and
all my dad could do is laugh at
all my ideas that I mentioned.
Did you mention the one about
recording your dreams and watching
them on television the next day?
Yes, are you going to start
laughing too?
No, not at all Jerome. Hey look,
you and I are buddies and you know
I would back up anything you had
set your heart on doing. You're a
whiz when it comes to electronics.
Hell, I have brought all my
stereo and VCR equipment to you in


                       JOE (cont'd)
the past and you fix it up just as
if I had bought it brand-new from
the factory.

But Jerome, I have to admit, when
you first told me about your idea
on the dream machine, I had no
idea you were serious about it.
Let's look at reality. It is
scientifically impossible to be
able to watch in detail the dreams
that are inside a human mind and
Jerome stared blankly at Joe and said nothing.
Hey look buddy, what do you say
you and I after work go get
blitzed at the Oasis Club tonight.
Hell, the first couple of rounds
will be on me! What do you say
No thanks Joe. I appreciate the
offer, but I have some personal
things that I am going to do
tonight. I'm sorry. I don't mean
to be a party pooper.
No problem. Hey, we will do it
some other time. In fact, we will
reserve it for a weekend some
Joe looked at his watch.
Well, I think you and I better get
back to work before we get fired.
Come on Joe. Don't promise me any
The rest of the day was quiet until about one p.m. Jerome
received a call from a frequent shipper that was missing two


thousand pounds of lobsters. The lobsters were being
shipped from Boston to San Francisco via connection through
Jerome requested a floor search at the Dallas freight
terminal be performed. The Cargo agent was too busy and
would not cooperate.
      (Shouting on phone)
Look, quit fucking around and go
look for the damn shipment!
Up yours, come out and look for it
The Dallas agent then hung up on Jerome.
Hey Jerome, lighten up. You're
lucky the boss is still at lunch
or he might have written you up.
I'm sorry. It just kind of
slipped out. That Dallas agent
just rubbed me the wrong way. I'll
be cool from now on.
Jerome remained cool and silent for the rest of the day.
Finally the clock struck four-thirty p.m. which was quitting
      (looking at Joe)
Good night buddy. I'll see you
alright bud, take it easy. Hope
you are in better spirits
Don't worry. You know what they
say, shit happens.
Don't I know it. Later Gator.
Jerome then left the building and proceeded to his car.


As Jerome drove home, he decided to go visit the public
library on the way. Jerome arrived fifteen minutes later
and proceeded to enter the library.
Jerome entered the library and immediately went to the
librarian's desk. She was young girl in about here early
twenties who looked like a college student working part
time. Her friendly smile made Jerome smile too.
May I help you?
Yes you may. I would like to know
where you keep your books on human
That would be row 20 aisle C
Thank You
Jerome proceeded to that section. He browsed through the
many different types of books about human anatomy. He
spotted a book titled "The Human Brain" by Dr. Anthony
Meirs. It was a very thick book, about five-hundred pages.
Jerome decided to check this book out.

As Jerome was checking out the book, he was undressing the
librarian with his eyes and could not help imagining her
Here you go. Come back and see us
      (voice cracking)
Thank you, I will.
Jerome left the library and drove home.


Jerome entered his home and sat down in his lounge chair. He
immediately started reading his book. He was completely
engulfed in the book. he did not stop until bedtime. For
the next week he did nothing but go to work and read his
book. By the end of the week, Jerome had finished the
entire book.

There was one chapter that most intrigued Jerome. He began
to think deep about the chapter.
                       JEROME (VO)
      (In deep thought)
A man had a sleeping disorder. He
was constantly having nightmares
every night. The man went to a
special clinic and was heavily
monitored throughout the night by
medical personnel. A device was
hooked up to the man's head while
he slept. It registered the man's
thought waves as he was dreaming.
It worked much the same as a
seismograph would for earthquakes.
The thought waves would move the
metal printing rod up and down the
same way as seismograph would if
there was an earthquake. The rod
would remain still if the man were
not dreaming at all. It would
start moving when the man started
dreaming. If the man experienced
a nightmare, it would move at a
much faster pace.
Science has already developed a
way that we can monitor thought
waves. Now all I have to do is
turn those waves into pictures!
Jerome let out a funny looking grin.
It can be done, and I am the one
who will have to do it!
Jerome set the book down and proceeded to the bedroom.
Pleasant dreams, bud!


He then rolled over and went to sleep.
As Jerome lay down on his bed, he turned on to his side and
saw his reflection in the mirror.
Jerome awoke that morning about ten a.m. It was a Saturday
What a glorious day this is!
Jerome went through his usual routine and showered and ate
breakfast. Jerome then opened his front door to get his
morning paper.
As Jerome stepped outside into his yard, he noticed that
both neighbors were working in their gardens.

On the right side of his house were the Morley's. They were
an older retired couple in their sixties.

On the left side of his house lived the Jackson family. They
were a younger couple in their thirties. They had a three
year old girl.

Charles Groten was Jerome's other neighbor across the
street. He was the head janitor at Mill Creek High School.
He was forty-two years of age with a beard. He was sitting
on his porch with his camera. His hobby was photography and
he always had his camera with him.

Jerome picked up his paper and went back into his house.
Jerome sat down and started to read the Headline.
                       JEROME (VO)
Another body was discovered last
night just five miles from Lake
Mill Creek. The body had stretch
marks around the neck, as well as
multiple stab wounds. Authorities
believe the women, who is believed


                       JEROME (cont'd)
to be about the mid twenties, was
first stabbed and then strangled.
They also believe that there may
have been sexual abuse, but still
do not know for sure until the
medical examiner performs the
autopsy. Police have concluded
that this must be the work of the
unknown, but now famous Mill Creek
Ripper. Policy Chief Michael
Miller had this for comment. I am
now asking the public, if you have
any clues to the identity of this
monster, please give the police a
call, even if you think it is
insignificant. This monster will
be caught and justice will be
served. So please, any help will
be kept confidential and will be
appreciated. We are now offering
a twenty-five thousand dollar
reward if your leads help aid in
the capture of this psychopath. I
am also asking that all women to
stay indoors after dark,or if you
cannot, please do not, I repeat,
do not go out alone.
Jerome slammed the paper down.
Mother Fucker!
Jerome went to his garage to his car. He was planning on
driving to a local flea market
Jerome arrived at the Flea market after driving twenty miles
just outside of the city. The flea market was one of the
biggest in the country. People from all over would bring
whatever they had to sell. Jerome drove into a crowded
parking lot where a parking lot attendant greeted him.
That will be five dollars sir.
Does that include admission?


No it does not. You can purchase
your admission ticket at the front
entrance. Admission is two-fifty.
Good Lord. I am already into it
for seven-fifty and I haven't even
looked at anything.
We have a bus that comes from town
and arrives every thirty minutes.
It only cost fifty cents. Next
time when you come, you might want
to take that.
Thanks, but no thanks. I would
feel like a sardine in that
cramped bus. Here is your five
Thank you sir.
Jerome parked his car and walked into the flea market. The
sky was water blue and the sun was bright yellow. To the
immediate right was kiddieland, which had carnival rides for
young kids. The air was filled with laughter of the
children and the bargaining of the adults.
What a glorious day!
Jerome browsed at the many different booths. As he was
walking, he spotted an object at one of the booths. Jerome
stopped and picked up the object.
What is this?
It is a combination thermometer
and barometer.
Where did you get it?
I haven't the foggiest idean, but
I believe there is an address on
the back of it.


The two weather meters were situated on a flat shellacked
board that was heart shaped. Jerome turned the board over
and saw there was some writing carved into the wood itself.
The writing was so small that Jerome could not read it.
      (to the merchant)
Can you read this? I cannot make
this out. The words are just too
If you cannot read it, I surely
cannot. However, I am sure that
you can probably read this with a
magnifying glass. The problem is
I don't have a magnifying glass. I
tell you what. I will sell it to
you for half price. It is worth
twenty dollars, but you can have
it for ten dollars.
I will give you five dollars for
You have got to be kidding. In
another year, this will probably
be an antique. I tell you what,
since I like you, I will let it go
for seven dollars and fifty cents.
That is my final offer.
I guess seven-fifty is the magic
number today. It's a deal mister.
Jerome paid the man and proceeded to leave the flea market.
As he was driving out of the parking lot, he spotted the
same parking attendant.
You sure did not stay long sir.
I have everything I need.
Jerome arrived back at his home at about noon time.


Jerome went into the guest room closet where he stored junk
that he never used. He found a magnifying glass on the
middle shelf. After finding the magnifying glass, he
proceeded to the kitchen, grabbed a beer for the
refrigerator, and then sat in his lounge chair in the living
room. He turned on the lamp next to him and slowly held the
magnifying glass to the back of the meter board. The
writing on the board said: Mr. Brown's Science Supply
Store, 1820 Culver Lane, Mill Creek.

Jerome decided to pay a visit to Mr Brown's store. He then
drove to Mr Brown's store.
Jerome arrived at the science store about an hour later. The
store was small and rather unique. There was a lot of
astronomy equipment with different sizes of telescopes.
There was decorative solar system display hanging from the
ceiling. At the middle of the store there was a man in a
business suit and tie. He approached Jerome.
                       MR BROWN
Hello, I am Mr. Brown. May I help
Yes sir. I am interested in some
weather equipment.
                       MR BROWN
You have come to the right place.
We have thermometers, barometers,
weather vanes, and much more. What
is it that you are actually
looking for?
A seismograph.
                       MR BROWN
A what?
A seismograph. You know, a device
that measures earthquakes.
                       MR BROWN
Yes son, I know what it is. I
don't carry that type of equipment
and a new one can run up into the


                       MR BROWN (cont'd)
I don't want a state of the art
one that the meteorologists use, I
just want on that can read motion
activity in a human brain.
                       MR BROWN
Oh I see. What you need is a
medical device not a seismograph.
The object you are referring to is
used in medical science. I do
have a medical science aisle int
he back of the store, but I do not
have that in stock. Those devices
are also very expensive new.
However, I do have an old outdated
one that is broken. Are you a
I'm a genius when it comes to any
type of electronic or electrical
equipment. Let me see this
                       MR BROWN
It is not with the other medical
equipment. I have it in my back
room. Wait here and I will go get
Mr Brown left the room for about five minutes. When he came
back, he laid the item on the counter in front of Jerome.
The pointed edge was shaped like a pen and was on top of
some paper inside. It had a lid on it that was clear glass,
so you could see the rod if it were moving. The box had red
and yellow wires attached to it with small clear oval-shaped
plastic on the end. This was obviously used to attach to
the persons head to measure brain activity.
How much do you want for it?
                       MR BROWN
Well, since it is broken, you can
have it for two-hundred-fifty


Two-hundred-fifty dollars! But the
thing is broken!
                       MR BROWN
Yeaaah! and if it were not broken,
it would be a lot more. Son, I am
giving you a break.
Two-hundred-fifty dollars, take it
or leave it.
Okay, I'll take it.
Jerome wrote a check and handed it to Mr Brown
                       MR BROWN
Thank you sir. Do you need any
help carrying that thing out?
No thanks, I can manage.
                       MR BROWN
Okay, thanks again. Hey, by the
way, what are you going to do with
that thing? Are you some kind of
No, I'm just conducting my own
personal experiment.
Jerome left the store and drove home.
Jerome arrived at his home and walked into his office room.
He placed the brain monitor box on his desk and then sat
down in his chair in front of the box. He stared at the
object for about fifteen minutes.
Well Jerome, where should you
Jerome just started to tinker around with it. Jerome spent
the rest of the afternoon and all through the evening
working on the monitor box. He kept disconnecting and
reconnecting wires. He was replacing different nuts and
bolts, installing batteries, and other miscellaneous things.


He finally called it quits after he noticed that it was two
a.m. in the morning.
Wow, I didn't realize it was so
Jerome was very tired and decided he would go to bed. He
wanted to first test the box to see if it was working. He
took the device into his bedroom and placed the oval shaped
plastic that was at the end of the wire onto his head. The
plastic stuck on his head by suction and there were about
four of them. He laid on his bed meditating with his eyes
closed. Finally after fifteen minutes, he opened his eyes
and looked over at the monitor box glass.

The rod was completely still and there was no writing on the
Damn! Oh well, I guess it's back
to the old drawing board.
Jerome fell fast asleep. He did not realize that he forgot
to turn the machine off and remove the plastic from his
It was about eleven a.m. Sunday morning and Jerome was still
No! No! No! Get Away! Get Away!
Jerome immediately woke up. He stared at his body. He had
plastic cups still on his forehead and wires were dangling
from the plastic to the monitor box.
What the hell is this shit doing
on me? Oh man, I was so tired last
night, I forgot to remove this and
turn off the machine.
Jerome leaned over and looked at the box. His face
immediately turned pale. There was about four feet of a
strip of paper from the box to the floor. It was like a
ticker tape from Wall Street. The paper had lines going
vertically and horizontally on it. He immediately tore off
the paper from the top and stared at it in amazement.


Jerome read the paper from top to bottom. The top part
showed little writing. It showed a crooked vertical line
with an occasional side to side motion or horizontal lines.
The horizontal lines increased as he got toward the bottom.
At the very bottom, the horizontal lines were so extreme,
the had totally colored the paper.
My God! I have fixed the machine.
It really works!
                       JEROME (VO)
The bottom colored-in portion of
the paper was when I was having my
nightmare and the most brain
activity was occurring. I now
must figure out how to get the box
compatible with the VCR.
Jerome spent the rest of the day just sitting in his lounge
chair and thinking. After a while, he took a break and
poured himself a nice stiff vodka and tonic. He then
proceeded to drink one drink after another. Before he knew
it, it was eleven-thirty p.m. Jerome was plastered out of
his mind.
      (slurring his
My God! I have to get up and go to
work tomorrow.
Jerome crawled to his bedroom and went to sleep.
Jerome awoke at six a.m. by his alarm. He had a hangover.
He immediately proceeded to the kitchen and and chugged a
beer down to get rid of it. He then showered and dressed
himself for work.
It was about eight a.m. whe Jerome arrived at work. He
immediately sat down at his work position. His friend Joe
was already there.


      (looking at Jerome)
Boy, you sure look like hell! Did
you go to the Oasis Club last
night without me buddy?
No, I just got quietly drunk at
Do you want some aspirin?
Thanks man, you're a lifesaver.
Are you okay? Do you want to go
somewhere after work and talk?
I'm okay. I just overdid it last
night, that's all. I am sorry
Joe, I won't be able to go out for
a while. I still have some
personal things that I am working
on. Hey, thanks for the offer. We
will go out together one of these
weekends. I promise.
Jerome was quit the rest of the day and went straight home
after work.
Jerome arrived home and he unhooked his VCR from the
television and took into his office room. He spent the next
two weeks working on combining the brain monitor box with
the VCR. At the end of two weeks, he was ready to test his
new product.
It was late Friday night when Jerome decided to test his new
product. He had wire hooked up to his monitor box, his VCR,
and his bedroom television. He then put the plastic suction
cups on to his head. Jerome then laid his head gently onto
his pillow. He was not able to fall asleep at first because
he was so excited. The slowly, but surely, he drifted off
into a deep sleep.

Jerome awoke the next morning at about eleven a.m. He


immediately pulled the plastic cups from his head. He
noticed that there was the similar type of paper dangling
form the monitor box. Jerome's heart pounded as he looked
at the VCR tape. He saw the tape was half wound. He had
started with a fresh new tape the night before, and it
appeared to have recorded something. Jerome then turned on
the television and pressed the rewind button on the VCR.

Jerome was shaking and holding his breath. He slowly raised
his shaking finger and pressed play. Jerome sat in silence.
Then he turned pale.
This can't be. Something is
Jerome's expression turned to disappointment. The tape was
playing, but the only thing that Jerome could see, was a
bunch of wavy lines and snowy picture. He realized that the
only thing that the tape had recorded was the brain activity
that was on the monitor paper.
What have I done wrong?
Jerome just sat and stared and kept wondering what to do.
For the rest of the weekend, Jerome sat in his recliner and
remained in heavy thought.
                       JEROME (VO)
There must be something I have
overlooked, but what is it? I know
how a television works. Radio
waves are sent out and a satellite
or antenna receives those waves.
They are then transferred to the
TV in a picture. Why is it that
brain waves don't work the same
Jerome thought and thought until he could no longer think
anymore. He was mentally drained by Sunday. He decided to
go to bed early so he would be refreshed for the work week.
Jerome arrived for work Monday at seven a.m. and Joe greeted


Good morning buddy! Hey, you look
refreshed. You must have had a
good weekend.
Oh, it wasn't really that great. I
did get a good night's sleep last
night. Hey Joe, I'm ready for a
night out. Let's go to the Oasis
Club this Friday after work. I
don't want to drive, so I will go
straight home and you can pick me
up there. What do you say good
That sounds like a winner to me.
I'll pick you up at about six p.m.
Both Jerome and Joe went to work and the rest of the week
went by quickly. Soon it was Friday. The end of the day
came quickly.
I'll be there at six p.m.
I'll be ready!
It was about five-fifty p.m. when Joe arrived at Jerome's
house. he got out and knocked on his door. Jerome answered
the door. Jerome was decked out in a nice aqua-blue suit.
Oooohiiee! Are you snazzy tonight
or what?
I just thought I would dress up a
little. I mean you never know who
you're going to meet. Hey, let's
get going. I'm ready to catch a
buzz and start dancing.
They both got into the car and proceeded to the Oasis club.


It was about six-fifteen p.m. when they approached the front
door of the Oasis club. They were stopped by a huge man at
the door.
That will be a five dollar cover
charge gentlemen.
Five dollars! You never charge a
cover charge before.
That's because we never had a live
band before. This is the first
time we have ever had a live band
and we need the cover charge to
pay the band.
      (and Joe)
Oh well, what the hell.
Jerome and Joe reached into their wallets and hand the man a
five dollar bill.

Once inside, Jerome ordered a vodka tonic and Joe ordered a
beer. Joe nursed a few beers throughout the night, but
Jerome kept pounding the vodka tonics down. They danced and
conversed with women throughout the night. Jerome was drunk
by closing and Joe was feeling relaxed. They proceeded to
the car and drove home.
Hey buddy, do you mind if I come
over Sunday and watch the
basketball game? My television is
in the shop right now.
What's wrong with it?
I'm not sure. The picture kind of
just went out. I see nothing but
snow or wavy lines, or nothing at
all. I was going to ask you to
take a look at it, but you were
still doing some personal things
after work, so I didn't want to


                       JOE (cont'd)
disturb you. I think that
probably the picture tube went
Jerome got all excited and started shouting.
Picture tube! Picture tube! That's
it! That's it!
What's it? What is it?
All this time I have been
wondering what the problem was and
you just gave me the answer. It's
the picture tube! I'm sorry buddy,
I will be busy all the rest of the
weekend and probably the next week
or two.
Jerome, either you have flipped
out or you're just so drunk you
don't know what you're saying.
I'll watch the game at the sports
bar on Sunday. I hope you get it
together soon. I will see you on
Monday at work. Anyway, here we
are at your house.
Jerome immediately ran into the house without saying
Crazy Bastard!
Joe left the driveway and went home.
The next morning Jerome awoke at noon. He got up and
dressed. He then went to his car and drove the the
electronics store at the local mall.
Jerome arrived and entered the electronics store. He was
met by the store clerk.


How can I help you?
I need a picture tube.
What size?
Jerome thought for minute. The box was the same size as a
ten inch television.
I need one for a ten inch color
the clerk proceeded to his supply room and brought out the
That will be ninety-two dollars
Jerome pulled out his credit card with a smile and handed it
to the clerk. The clerk rang up the price and handed Jerome
his credit card back along with the picture tube.
Thank you and come again.
Jerome walked out of the store and to his car.
As Jerome drove back home, He started thinking.
                       JEROME (VO)
I know I have to put the picture
tube into the monitor box to
transform the brain waves into
pictures. I am so excited. It
sounds so simple.
Jerome arrived home fifteen minutes later and proceeded
directly into his office room.

The next few days Jerome did nothing but go to work and work
on his project. By Thursday he had installed the picture
tube and rewired it through the TV and VCR. He was now


ready for the second test. He would test it tomorrow on

After work on Friday, Jerome rushed home. He did some final
touch-up work on his machine. He decided to take a sleeping
pill to make him drowsy, as he was too excited to get tired.

As the hours passed, the clock struck nine-thirty p.m.
Jerome decided to move all of the equipment to his bedroom
Jerome plugged in the VCR and turned the brain monitor box
on. He placed the plastic suction cups on his head. Hen
then slowly laid his head down on the pillow.

Jerome remained awake for awhile, but then the sleeping
pills finally make him drowsy. Jerome slowly faded off into
a deep sleep.
Jerome awoke at nine-thirty a.m. the next morning. Again
there was about four feet of paper from the top of the
monitor to the floor. He then looked at the tape in the
VCR. Again it was about halfway used. Jerome rewound the
tape and turned on the television.

Jerome was wide-eyed and in a cold sweat. His heart was
pounding. Again he was shaking-this time more than the
first time. He slowly raised his index finger and pushed

As Jerome stared at the television screen, his expression
looked as if he had witnessed the birth or Christ. For on
the screen in front of him, there was an image of a man.
It's me! That's myself on video!
it's my dream!! It works! Oh, my
God! the dream machine works!
Jerome was working that day at the office. The day was an
ordinary day as he was having his usual problems getting his
cargo field agents to cooperate with him. A three-thousand
pound shipment of seafood had arrived at the local freight
terminal. The computer showed that the seafood had made the


flight and should be at the local freight terminal, but he
manifest showed it was not there. Jerome was on the phone
with the consignee of the seafood. Jerome decided to call
his field agents at the local freight terminal to conduct a
floor search. Jerome dialed the phone number on a rotary
Hello, this is Jerome, I need to
do a floor search on a shipment of
seafood. The airbill number is
                       CARGO AGENT
It is not here.
Look! The shipment arrived off of
the flight five hours ago! It has
to be here.
                       CARGO AGENT
Hey! it is not here!
If you are refusing to do your
job, I will come down there myself
and look for it.
                       CARGO AGENT
If you set one foot here, I will
kill you!
Jerome hung up the phone with the cargo agent but continued
to talk with the consignee on the other line.
I am sorry for the inconvenience.
I am definitely going to find your
shipment. I am personally going
to go down to the freight terminal
and look for it myself.
Jerome left for the freight terminal. The freight terminal
is ten miles away, however, Jerome was walking all the way
and still had the phone receiver in his hand. The phone
cord kept stretching forever. When Jerome arrived at the
freight terminal, he hid behind a container.


I am here at the terminal.
Jerome was trying to remain out of sight from the field
cargo personnel. Jerome then ran from the container to the
entrance of the terminal and hid behind another container.
Jerome crept his eye to the edge of the container and saw
the freight personnel in the main office. He made an
attempt to run to the other side of the warehouse. The
freight personnel then spotted him.
                       CARGO AGENT
It's Him, It's Jerome!
                       CARGO AGENT
      (second agent)
Shoot Him!
One of the agents pulled out an M16 rifle and started to
shoot in Jerome's direction.
      (holding telephone)
Hey, they are shooting at me! But
don't worry, I will definitely
find your shiptment!
Jerome ran from the container and dove for another
container, all the while dodging bullets from the M16 that
was on full automatic. As Jerome was getting his breath
back, he noticed that on the side of the container the
numbers 12389865. This was the shipment he was looking for!
I found your shipment! I am
leaning on your container as we
                       CARGO AGENT
      (and 2nd cargo
Damn! He found it!
The video went blank and the dream was over.
That was great. I can't wait to
tell Mom and Dad and Joe. They


                       JEROME (cont'd)
will flip.
Jerome rewound the tape and ejected it. He sat down in his
lounge chair.
Calm down, Jerome. Get a grip on
your self. I know your excited,
but calm down.
Jerome calls his parents.
Hi Mom! How're you doing?
Jerome! What have you been up to?
It's been so long since we heard
from your. It's about time you
Mom, something fantastic has
happened! Are you and Dad going to
be home tonight?
Yes son,we will be here. What
I cannot tell you know. I will
show you tonight. I am going to
call Joe and ask him to come over
as well because I want to show him
also. I will be there around
seven p.m. Is that okay?
Of course Jerome. What is going
on? I am dying to know.
You will know tonight. I will see
you at seven p.m.
Jerome chuckled as he hung up the phone. He then dialed his
friend Joe.


Hey buddy! How's it hangin?
Hey Jerome, is everything okay
with you? I was just thinking
about you.
Everything is wonderful! Hey, I
need to see you tonight. Can you
meet me at my parent's house
tonight at seven p.m.?
Sure Jerome, I can be there.
What's up?
I can't tell you over the phone,
but I will show you tonight along
with my family. I have to Joe,
Jerome pulled into his parents driveway at about
six-forty-five p.m.
Jerome walked into his parent's house and everybody was
sitting in the living room. Joe was already there. He and
Dad were sipping on a couple of beers.
      (and everybody)
Hi Jerome!
Howdy everybody!
Jerome went into the kitchen to get a beer and then returned
to the living room.
Okay Jerome, we are all here.
What's the big surprise. We are
all dying to know!


Well everybody, what I have to say
is going to shock you. For the
past few weeks you have noticed
that I have been rather quiet and
Hell, that's for sure!
That's because I have been working
on my secret project.
What secret project?
Well for quite some time now, I
have been thinking how wonderful
it would be if we could watch our
own dreams. I have told all of
you about this. A few weeks ago I
started researching in detail
about this idea. I then began to
formulate this plan and attempted
to discover if this could actually
be accomplished. I started to
construct such a project. I failed
at first, but kept on working at
it. I continued to work on the
project, and then last night, I
tested my project. I am pleased
to announce that I have invented
the dream machine.
Everyone stared at Jerome.
You have got to be kidding. Jerome
that's impossible!
It's not impossible Dad, it
actually works. I went to bed
last night and hooked the machine
to my head. I actually watched my
dream on television this morning!
If you don't believe me, here is
the video tape. I brought this
along to show you the dream I had
last night.


Jerome turned on the television and inserted the video tape
in the VCR. He then pressed play.
I now am proud to bring you my
No one said a word as they all watched the video with
amazement. At the end of the dream, Jerome removed the
Well! You all look like zombies.
Come on now, somebody must have a
We are all in shock. Jerome, this
is the most amazing thing I have
ever witnessed in my life! How in
the work did you do this?
Jerome, this is absolutely heavy
duty. I apologize over any doubts
I had. You are without a doubt,
the most intelligent, remarkable
man I have ever met.
I think I am going to faint!
      (patting her)
Now don't do that Mom!
      (and Rose)
That is so cool!
Jerome spent the next couple of hours talking about how he
constructed the invention.
Jerome you now have to start
thinking ways of marketing it. I
think you and I should get up
first thing Monday morning and
drive to the Department of
Commerce. Let's both take a sick
day from work.


Hey! Count me in too. I want to
come with you both!
alright fine. We will go first
thing Monday morning. Hey, I'm
ready for a drink!
      (and Joe)
So am I!
The drinks are on me tonight boys!
All three of them went out the door.
Jonathan and Lillia arrived at Jerome's house the next day.
Jerome showed all the equipment to them and made plans for
the Monday. They helped Jerome load the equipment in
Jerome's car.
Okay, we will all meet here at
0800 hours
Jonathan and Joe arrived at Jerome's house early.
Lets all take one car.
They all three crawled into Jerome's car and proceeded to
the Department of Commerce. They arrived about thirty
minutes later.
All three men carried the equipment to the front door of the
Department of Commerce. They were met by an older, yet
pretty receptionist.
                       MS JONES
May I help you?


We need to see the director. My
son has just invented a device
that will revolutionize the
entertainment industry of the
                       MS JONES
Do you have an appointment?
No we do not.
                       MS JONES
I am sorry gentlemen, you have to
have an appointment. Would you
like to schedule one?
No I do not! We need to see him
now and if you cannot help me, I
will find him myself.
Jonathan stormed past the receptionist while Jerome and Joe
                       MS JONES
Sir! You can't see the director
right now!
Jonathan ignored her and continued to look for the
director's office. He found it and walked in. The office
was filled with about twelve men in suits. The director of
the board was Mr. Bud Lamar.
Ms Jones, why are these men
interrupting my Board meeting?
                       MS JONES
I tried to stop them sir, but they
just ignored me.
Mr. Lamar, allow me to introduce
myself. My name is Jonathan
Jolson and this is my son Jerome,
and his friend Joe Burton. I am
sorry to interrupt your Board
meeting, but if you will just let
us have a little bit of your time,
I guarantee we will make it
worthwhile. You see, my son has
invented a machine that will


                       JONATHAN (cont'd)
ultimately revolutionize the
entertainment world as we know it
today. Will you please allow us
to demonstrate?
Mr Lamar then looked at the other Board members. They all
looked at him and nodded their heads yes.
Alright Mr. Jolson, go ahead, the
floor is yours.
Gentlemen, I now present my son
Jerome, the inventor of the dream
Jerome and Joe set up all the equipment on the Board table.
Do you have a television set that
I can use for this demonstration?
Ms Jones, will you please wheel in
the television set?
Ms Jones left the room and came back a few minutes later
wheeling in the television set.
Gentlemen, for a while now I have
always had a dream to be able to
invent a device that would enable
a human being to record a dream
while one slept. Once it was
recorded, that dream could be
played back on your video cassette
recorder and you would be able to
watch it on your television set.
For the past few weeks I have
worked on it and have succeeded in
building such an invention.
The Board men erupted in mumbled conversation amongst
You mean you really can watch your
own dreams on television?


That's precisely what I mean Mr.
Lamar. I would now like to show
you a recorded dream that I had
between last Friday night and
Saturday morning.
Please proceed.
Jerome inserted the tape into the VCR and pressed play.
I now am pleased to show you my
The entire board watched the video in amazement. When it
was over they erupted in conversation amongst themselves.
Quiet everybody! Son, this is
remarkable. I just cannot believe
it. One thing though, we need to
see a full demonstration on
someone while they sleep. I want
to make sure that what I am seeing
is truly a dream and not something
that was made up. Gentlemen, I
have to make a phone call. I will
be right back.
                       BRD MEMBER
Remarkable son, simply remarkable!
                       BRD MEMBER
      (brd member nbr 2)
                       BRD MEMBER
Amazing! This will go down as the
greatest invention since the light
Mr Lamar returned to the board room twenty minutes later.
Mr Jolson, I have just talked with
Dr. Anthony Meirs. He works with
patients down at a special clinic
withe sleeping disorders.
Hey! I read a book that he wrote
entitled The Human Brain.


That's great. I told him about
your invention. He has agreed to
bring one of his patients over
tomorrow night and have him sleep
here with your machine attached to
him. This way we can verify your
story. Dr. Meirs will monitor him
through the night and give us a
full report, as well as watch any
activity on video the next day.
Will that be fair for you
That sounds like a winner to me.
Okay gentlemen, we will see you on
Wednesday morning at eight thirty.
I am looking foward to it.
      (shaking hands)
We will be here. Thanks for
      (shaking hands)
It has been a pleasure Mr. Lamar.
      (shaking hands)
Goodbye sir, this has been most
As the three of them headed for the car, the all looked as
if they were ten feet above cloud nine.
Hey guys, I think we should all
stay away from work until we find
out what happens Wednesday.
Both Jerome and Joe agreed without hesitation.
All three men arrived at the Department of Commerce and
again were met by Ms Jones the receptionist.


                       MS JONES
Good morning gentlemen. Please go
right into Mr. Lamar's office. He
is waiting for you.
All three of them entered the office and Mr. Lamar and the
board members were seated.
Welcome gentlemen. Please have a
All three of the sat at the far end of the table. Five
minutes later Dr. Meirs entered the office.
                       DR. MEIRS
Good morning gentlemen! I would
like to introduce my patient, Brad
Hello everyone.
      (and the whole
Hello Mr. Jackson.
                       DR. MEIRS
Last night, while Mr. Jackson was
asleep, there was brain activity.
This showed medical proof that Mr.
Jackson was indeed having a dream.
As I watched in astonishment, the
VCR started recording the dream. I
decided not to play it back until
now where we can all witness it.
Dr Meirs inserted the tape and rewound it. He then pressed
                       DR. MEIRS
Gentlemen, Let us now witness this
historical event!
Brad was back in the year 1962. He was only ten years old.
It was Christmas time and the whole family was together.
Brad was opening his Christmas present from his mother on
Christmas morning. His eyes lit up when he unwrapped the
beautiful American Flyer electric train set.


Oh boy! This is just what I
wanted. You're the greatest
mother in the whole world.
He gives his mother a big hug.
Brad was now sixteen years old. He was expelled from school
for three days because he was caught smoking.
                       MS JACKSON
Bradley, I have done my hardest to
raise you the right way. As a
single parent, it can be rough
trying to be both mother and
father to you. You have to be
punished son, but you are too old
for me to take you over my knee. I
am afraid I will have to ground
you for a whole month. This will
include this weekend that you were
going to have at the lake with
your friends.
You can't do this to me Mom! I
have been planning that trip for
                       MS JACKSON
You should have thought of that
before you smoked that cigarette.
Look, I love you Brad. What you
did totally hurt me. I hate doing
this, but I am only doing this
because I love you.
You are totally unfair Mom!
Brad's mother is at Brad's college graduation.
                       MS JACKSON
Bradley, I am so proud of you.
This is my dream come true. Wow,
my son the college graduate!


I love you Mom. I couldn't have
done this without you.
                       BRAD'S SISTER
      (On telephone)
Brad you have to come home now.
Mother is very sick.
I can't come until the day after
tomorrow Sis. I have a very
important meeting at work. I will
be on the first plane the day
after tomorrow.
Brad arrives at the hospital and is greeted by his sister.
How's Mom?
                       BRAD'S SISTER
Oh Bradley! She passed away two
hours ago.
Oh no! This can't be. I have not
said goodbye yet! Please come back
Mom. I want to say goodbye! I want
to say goodbye! I want to say
goodbye! I want to say goodbye!
The video faded and then went blank. The dream was over.
Everyone in the board room was silent except for Brad who
was sobbing.
                       DR. MEIRS
Brad you kept saying, I want to
say goodbye, over and over out
loud right before you woke up.
This explains everything. You
feel guilty because you never
arrived on time to tell your
mother goodbye before she died,
and you have been having


                       DR. MEIRS (cont'd)
nightmares that have been causing
your sleeping problems. You need
to make peace with yourself and
your mother, and these nightmares
will stop. I will discuss this
with you later on how to control
      (wiping his eyes)
Thank you doctor.
                       DR. MEIRS
      (turning to Jerome)
Mr. Jolson, you are a genius. This
is the most fascinating moment
that I have ever witnessed in my
life. This device not only can be
used for recreation, but it can
also be used for medical reasons
as we have just seen here.
Jerome my boy, you will go down in
the history books for this.
Dr. Meirs took Jerome to the corner of the room so no one
could hear them.
                       DR. MEIRS
Jerome as I said, your invention
is remarkable and I meant every
word I said. I just wanted you to
remember that not everybody who
uses this machine will have a good
experience. In fact, to some, it
may be very very unpleasant.
Mr Lamar then pounded his fist on the board table.
Okay everybody quiet. All those
in favor of helping Jerome market
the, the, the.... hey by the way
Jerome, what do you call this
I call it Video Dream!


All those in favor of helping
Jerome market Video Dream say Aye!
Everyone in the board room said Aye!!
Jerome was sitting at home Saturday morning. He heard some
commotion outside. He looked outside of the window. There
were television network vans from every major television
station. He saw Mr. Lamar standing in the middle of all the
reporters. They were approaching his house. The doorbell
rand and Mr. Lamar was standing along with several reporters
behind him.
Good morning Jerome! These
reporters would like to interview
you and ask questions about Video
Come in!
All of the reporters moved into Jerome's house. They set up
the cameras and microphones. A pretty young reporter held a
microphone in front of Jerome and Mr.Lamar.
                       CAMERA MAN
      (pointing his
five seconds to air time, four,
three, two, one, and go!
We are live at the house of Jerome
Jolson. Hi everyone, I am Theresa
McCabe and I am standing here with
Jerome Jolson, the inventor of
Video Dream. I am also standing
with the director of the
Department of Commerce, Bud Lamar.
Mr. Jolson has invented a machine
that will enable the public to
watch their own dreams on
television! Mr. Jolson, please
tell our viewers exactly how this
machine works.


      (holding up the
Well, this is the machine itself.
You just plug this into your VCR
and put in a tape and turn it on.
You also put this cap on your head
and then just go to sleep. If you
have any dreams that night, the
VCR will automatically start
recording your dreams. The next
day you just rewind the tape and
play it back and watch your
I understand that you already have
two dreams that have been
recorded. One of them being your
own dream, and another one that
was witnessed by and authenticated
by a Dr. Meirs who performed this
on one of his patients. Is that
Yes Ma'am!
Mr. Jolson, can you play back one
of the videos for our viewers?
      (inserting tape)
I would be happy to. I don't have
both videos, only the one of my
own dream. I am proud to present
my personal dream from my
invention, Video Dream!
As the dream played, cameras were showing it on television
nationwide. Camera men and reporters stared with amazement.
Some chuckled at the amusing dream.
Mr. Jolson, this is truly
remarkable. I am sure that all of
our viewer including me, would
like to know when will this
product go on the market?


I would like to say that Jerome
and I have talked with a company
that is mass-producing the Dream
Machine as I speak. The product
should become available to the
public by the beginning of next
Okay, now for the most important
question of all. What will be the
price of the Dream Machine?
The price will be very affordable.
It will be no different than
buying a new television or VCR.
The price will be four
hundred-ninety-nine dollars.
      (looking at camera)
And there you have it. This is
Theresa McCabe reporting a Jerome
Jolson's home in Mill Creek.
                       CAMERA MAN
And Cut! That was great, Ms
      (looking at Jerome
       and Bud)
Gentlemen, thank you both for
letting me interview you. This
has been one of the most
remarkable interviews I have ever
done. Thanks again and goodbye.
Oh, and by the way, I intend on
being one of your first customers.
I am dying to give it a try.
Thank you Ms McCabe. It has been
my pleasure.
That goes for me too!


Everyone then left Jerome's house. Jerome watched from the
window as all the vans drove away. The whole neighborhood
was out on the street wondering was was going on. Jerome
just chuckled as he watched.
Well Jerome, it looks like the
ball is rolling full speed now.
That interview is going to be seen
this evening nationwide! You are
going to be a very wealthy man! I
will talk to you later this week.
Oh yes, and do not forget to watch
the evening news tonight.
I would not miss it for the world.
Mr. Lamar, I just want to thank
you for everything you did. This
interview was just great and I
know you set it up. I owe you a
lot for this.
Don't mention it kid. I will talk
to you later this week.
Mr. Lamar left and then Jerome decided to call his parents.
      (answering phone)
Hi Dad. Hey, you will never guess
what happened. I was just
interviewed on national TV! I
wanted to call and let you know it
will be on the evening news
tonight. So pleas tune in.
Wow! Jerome,that is wonderful! I
will tell your mom and your
sisters. We definitely will be
watching. Thanks for letting me
You're welcome Dad. I will talk
to you later. I need to call Joe
and tell him also.


Okay Jerome, bye!
Jerome calls his buddy Joe
Hey buddy! I was just interviewed
on national TV and it will be on
the evening news. Do you want to
come over and watch it with me?
Hellllll Yeaaaaa! That's
wonderful news Jerome. I will be
over at five-thirty. I will bring
the beer.
Okay! I will see you at
Joe arrived at about five-fifteen p.m. The two boys drank
about two beers before the news was on. Finally it was six
p.m. and the news was beginning.
Good evening, this is the evening
news. We begin with our two top
stories, ironically they are both
from the same city, Mill Creek

Our top story is about the Mill
Creek Ripper. For the last two
years, Mill Creek Texas, has been
terrorized by the Mill Creek
Ripper. The Ripper has killed
over twenty people in the Mill
Creek area, including over ten in
the last month. Police are
baffled by this as they have no
clues to the murders. All of the
victims have been tortured both
physically and sexually. The
victims have died from multiple
stab wounds and strangulation.
Most bodies have been found in
shallow graves, usually partially
decomposed, although some have
been found the very next day. All
of the bodies found are mutilated,
which is why the nickname Mill


                       ANCHORMAN (cont'd)
Creek Ripper has been given to the
murderer. The State of Texas is
now offering a one-hundred
thousand dollar reward for any
information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction of the
      (looking at Joe)
I can't believe this bastard. I
did not realize he had killed so
many victims in just the last
month. I have been so busy with
my invention, that I have not even
watched the news.
It's terrible Jerome. It seems
that lately when I turn on the new
anymore, there is another victim.
This sick bastard has to be
stopped. Maybe now that the story
has made national news, more
people will aid in the search and
hopefully he will be caught.
I surely hope so. This is scary.
Mill Creek has one of the most
notorious killers in the nation!
Quiet Jerome, your story is about
to begin.
Our next story, ironically, is
also from Mill Creek, Texas.
Unlike the last story, this is a
wonderful story about a young
inventor by the name of Jerome
Jolson. It appears that Mr Jolson
has invented a device that you
plug into your video cassette
recorder. You then wear a head
monitor shaped like a common
nightcap and this device somehow
will record any dreams that you
may have that night. The next day
you just rewind the tape and play
it back. We join you with Theresa
McCabe at Jerome Jolson's home in


                       ANCHORMAN (cont'd)
Mill Creek, Texas.
Jerome and Joe continued to watch the interview and then
switched off the TV when it was over.
We did it! I am going to be a very
wealthy man. You too buddy. You
and my parents will be partners.
Joe, on Monday, you and I will go
to work and we will quit our jobs.
We don't need that fucking job
Amen to that! It will be great
telling the boss we no longer work
there. I owe you a lot Jerome.
Thanks partner.
The phone rang and Jerome answered it.
The interview was wonderful
Jerome. Me and your mother want
to give you our personal
Thank you Dad. I was just telling
Joe that me and him and ll of you
are going to be partners. Joe and
I will be quitting our jobs on
Thanks son. The family and I
consider it an honor to be
partners with you, and I will
definitely quit my job on Monday
Thanks Dad. I will talk to you
Hey buddy! Let's go to the Oasis
Club tonight. I'm buying!
That sounds like a winner to me.


Jerome and Joe left for the Oasis club and partied the rest
of the night.
Jerome was going to meet Mr Lamar later that afternoon. He
was getting dressed when the phone rang.
                       MR SMITH
Hello Mr.Jolson, My name is Mr.
Smith from the Oprah Winfrey show.
We would like you to be our guest
this Wednesday on the show. We
will fly you out on Tuesday and
provide you with accommodations
free of charge. Would you be
interested, Mr Jolson?
Sure, that woud be just fine.
                       MR SMITH
Fantastic sir! I will have a
limousine pick you up at your home
Tuesday evening at five-thirty
p.m. and drive you to the airport.
The limousine driver will have
your plane tickets and I will meet
you when you arrive in Chicago. I
thank you Mr. Jolson, and I will
se you on Tuesday.
Thank you Mr Smith. I will be
Jerome was very excited and he called his parents and Joe
and told them the good news.

The afternoon soon approached and Jerome drove to the
Department of Commerce for his meeting with Mr. Lamar.
                       MS JONES
Hello Jerome please go right in.


Thank you.
Jerome walks into the board room.
Hello Jerome! Come on in and sit
down. I just spoke with the firm
that is in charge of production.
They will be able to have Video
Dream in the stores by Thursday
night. This means hey will be
available to the public starting
on Friday. We already have
commercials lined up and
everything. The commercial will
start airing tomorrow. Everything
is all set Jerome.
That's wonderful Mr Lamar. I also
received a call from The Oprah
Winfrey Show. They want me to be
their guest on the show on
No kidding! That's great Jerome.
Hey, the more exposure to the
media that you can get, the
better. The Oprah Winfrey Show,
that's the number one talke show
in America. You go and take care
of personal appearances Jerome. I
got everything else covered.
Thanks a million Mr. Lamar. I
appreciate it. I will talk to you
later on this week when I get back
from Chicago. Good Bye!
Good bye Jerome.
It was Tuesday evening when the doorbell rang. Jerome
answered the door and it was the chauffeur.
Are you ready Mr Jolson?


Yes Sir!
Jerome was seated very comfortably in the limo, and as they
were driving he saw giant billboard. The billboard read -
If you want to see your dreams on TV, buy Video Dream and
you will see. Jerome chuckled.
Jerome arrived at the airport at 615 p.m. He had first
class tickets. His plane departed at 7 p.m. He had a nice
dinner and pounded down a couple of vodka tonics along the
way. He arrived in Chicago at about eight-forty p.m. Mr.
Smith was waiting for him as he waked out of the jet bridge.
                       MR SMITH
Good evening Mr Jolson. I am Mr.
Smith. It is a pleasure to meet
with you.
Thank you very much Mr. Smith. It
is also a pleasure to meet you.
                       MR SMITH
I have a limousine waiting to take
us to your hotel.
They both got into the limousine. The drive took
twenty-five minutes. When they arrived, they both went
inside the hotel to the desk. Mr Smith spoke with the desk
clerk for minute, then turned to Jerome.
                       MR SMITH
Everything is all set Mr.Jolson.
The limousine will be at the front
of the hotel at eight a.m. I will
see you at the studio tomorrow.
Whatever you desire here at the
hotel will be charge to us.
Goodbye and enjoy your evening.
Thank your Mr.Smith. I will see
you tomorrow.


                       HOTEL CLERK
      (looking at Jerome)
Here is your room key sir. You
will be in room two-hundred-four
which is our guest suite. I will
have the bellboy bring up your
Thank you sir.
Jerome proceeded to his room and entered it. He entered his
room and was overcome by its beauty. It had a nice plush
carpet. There was a nice bar in the living room. The
bathroom had a big sunken bathtub with a jacuzzi. There was
also a crystal chandelier hanging form the ceiling.

The evening was very nice Jerome enjoyed a nice dinner with
some drinks. He went to bed about eleven-thirty p.m.

Jerome awoke at six-thirty a.m. He showered and got dressed.
He at breakfast at the hotel restaurant. It was about
seven-fifty-five a.m. when he went down to the lobby and out
the door. The limousine was already waiting for him.
Good morning sir.
The Chauffeur opened the door and Jerome crawled in. They
arrived at the studio fifteen minutes later. Mr. Smith was
waiting as they drove in.
                       MR SMITH
Good morning Jerome! Did you have
a good evening?
It was wonderful!
                       MR SMITH
Great! We better get going, we
only have ten minutes before we go
on the air!
Jerome was nervous as he was standing waiting to go on the
set with Oprah Winfrey. The music started and Jerome knew
that the show had just begun.


Hello everybody! Have we got a
show for you! Our guest comes from
Mill Creek, Texas. As you all
know, Mill Creek has been in the
headlines recently because of a
young inventor of a simply
fantastic invention called Video
Dream. This machine enables you to
actually watch your dreams on
television. Imagine that! We at
the Oprah Winfrey Show are proud
to have as our guest, the inventor
of Video Dream. Please welcome to
our show, Jerome Jolson. Come out
here Jerome!
Jerome walked out on stage a little red-faced. He
immediately gave Oprah a hug and then they both sat down.
Jerome, you are just the talk of
the nation. Tell me and our
viewers how you invented this
remarkable machine.
Jerome explained the whole process of how it all began and
how he built it.
Jerome, we have seen the interview
with you and we have seen the
recent advertisements. I just want
to make sure. Am I going to be
able to by Video Dream when the
store first open up on Friday?
Yes definitely Oprah, and I would
definitely like to watch your
The audience laughed and started to applaud.
I am sorry everybody. Whatever is
recorded, is for my own personal
viewing. Not even Steadman is
allowed to see my dreams. I am
sorry honey. I take that back.
You can watch Steadman, only after
I watch them first!


The audience then asks Jerome basic questions and before he
knew it, the show was almost over.
I would just like to thank you
Jerome, for being my guest today.
This has been one truly remarkable
show. Don't you think so audience!
The audience immediately applauded.
Thank you very much for inviting
me Oprah. I have enjoyed myself
very much.
Jerome left the set and studio and arrived back at his Mill
Creek home at three-thirty p.m. He made it back in time to
watch the show. His family and friends called him up and
gave their wonderful comments on the show. Jerome finally
had to take his phone off the hook and decided he would get
a new private line that only his family, close friends, and
associates would know.
Jerome was finally having a moment of peace at home when his
doorbell rang. He opened the door and it was neighbor,
Charles Groten.
Hello Mr Groten.
Hi Jerome.
Mr. Groten immediately entered Jerome's house without being
invited and sat in Jerome's lounge chair.
Make yourself at home.
Jerome sat in the chair across from Mr Groten.
Jerome my boy, you really are
something. That dream contraption
of yours has sure stirred up
things around here. I'm tickled to
death to be living across the
street from you.


Thanks Mr.Groten, may I offer you
a beer?
I would love one.
Jerome immediately went into the kitchen and came back with
a beer. Mr. Groten snatched it from Jerome's hand and took
two huge swallows.
Thanks Jerome. I want to
personally congratulate you on
your success. As you know, I am a
camera freak myself. I am going to
buy one of your dream machines
eventually, but I am a little
short of money. I do request that
you autograph the dream machine
for me once I can afford to buy
Excuse me for a moment Mr Groten.
Jerome took the hint and went to his bedroom to get one of
the dream machines for Mr. Groten. He did not care much for
him, but knew that it was important to keep good relations
with his neighbors. He returned two minutes later with a
brand new Video Dream model with his signature on it.
Mr. Groten, this is for you.
Jerome, I don't know what to say.
This is the nicest thing that
anyone has ever done for me. How
can I ever repay you?
Consider it a gift from me to you.
Thank you very very much. I will
never forget this Jerome.


You're welcome, I hate to cut our
visit short, but I have a lot of
last minute details to take care
I understand.
Mr Groten then proceeded to leave. He stopped just short of
the front door and turned to Jerome.
By the way Jerome, do you have two
sisters by the name of Jacqueline
and Rose?
Yes, they are both my younger
I see them both every day at
school. They are both pretty
girls, especially Rose!
Thank you and goodbye Mr.Groten.
Goodbye Jerome, and again thank
you very much.
Mr. Groten left and Jerome let out a sigh of relief. He sat
down in his lounge chair and felt something underneath him.
He got up from the lounge chair and noticed a prescription
bottle. It had dropped out of Mr. Groten's pocket. The
bottle was quarter full and said Clonidine on the label.
Jerome would hold the bottle and return it to Mr. Groten the
next time he saw him.
Jerome and his family and Joe, were all interviewed Friday
morning in downtown Mill Creek. They were guest of a parade
in honor of opening day of Video Dream. They all went to
Jerome's house after the parade.

As the stores opened all across the nation, Video Dream
machines were selling out at a tremendous amount. One store
in New York City, reported that they were sold out in less
than an hour. Other stores around the nation claimed that
they ended up selling out before the day's end. The new


media compared this shopping day like the day after
Thanksgiving. Other parts of the world were also showing
record sales. At the end of the day, Video Dream set a
record for first day sales of a new product.

News coverage of the event was on every major newspaper and
every television station in the world! On the local news,
Video Dream even became the top story above the Mill Creek
Ripper, even though there had been two new victims.
Jerome, You're a millionaire now.
You have created history. I am
very proud of you! We are all very
proud of you!
Thanks Dad, and thank you
everybody! But hey listen. I am
not the only millionaire. We are
all going to be millionaires!
      (turning to his
By the way, my neighbor across the
street told me he knows both of
Really, who is he?
Charles Groten.
Charles Groten! You mean the
school janitor?
Yes, he seems like a pretty nice
I suppose he is, but he acts
overly friendly to us both,
especially Rose. He always has his
camera with him and two day ago,
he took a picture of Rose.
So what. He just likes you, that's
all. What's wrong with that.


Nothing, I just thought it was a
little stange, that's all.
It was midnight when everybody went home. Jerome decided to
go to bed.

All over the nation and world, people were setting up Video
Dream. They were wearing the device as they went to sleep
for the long night.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Record sales of Video Dream
continued throughout the week and
beyond. This new form of
entertainment was highest among
anything else. Finally, the public
was now watching and sharing with
friends and family their personal
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Ronald Martin Was an ordinary guy
who had a hobby. He was very much
interested in reading comic books.
In most of his free time, you
could always see him in his chair
reading various different comic
books. He especially liked the

Ronald, like everyone else, was
very much intrigued by Video
Dream. He decided to purchase one.
He used it the first night and
next day the video tape recorded.
Ronald was driving his car one afternoon after going to the
grocery store. He decided to take a different route home.
He made a right turn on one intersection and all of a sudden
he saw a high school. The name of the school was Riverdale
High School. Ronald was completely awestruck because this
whole street and the school were completely animated!

Ronald stopped and got out of his car. He looked at
himself. He was completely the same, totally human, and his


car was still ordinary. In other words hew was not
animated, but he was in totally animated world. He continued
to enter the high school.

Once inside, he was overwhelmed by what he saw. High school
students were rushing to their next classes. They were all
cartoon students. Ronald sort of let out a funny grin and he
thought how colorful everyone looked. The one thing he
noticed, however, was that although he was not animated,
everyone else did not act as if he were any different.

Ronald continued into the student lounge are. He walked
past Jughead who was eating some popcorn.
Hey Ronald! Are you being
unsociable today or what?
No, not at all! How's it going
Pretty good. Hey look, I'm really
thirsty after eating this popcorn.
The problem is that I am broke.
Could you lend me a dollar so I
can go get a malt, Ronald ole
Sure! I would be happy to help out
an ole friend.
Ronald pulled out a dollar from his pocket, and as he handed
it to Jughead, the dollar immediately turned animated.
Watcha wowing about? Aintcha seen
a dollar bill before?
At that moment, Archie came into the lounge and approached
Jughead and Ronald.
Oh yes, it's just that, a, well,
oh never mind.


      (giving high fives)
Hey Jughead! Hey Ronald!
      (whispering to
I can't believe this is happening.
      (to Ronald)
What did you say?
Oh nothing.
Hey look guys, Reggie is having a
party at his house. Betty and
Veronica and the gang will all be
there. Do you want to go?
Sure! I don't have any more
classes for the day. I am also
hungry and I never turn down free
food. Let's go!
How about you Ronald?
Ahh sure!
Great! We will take my car. Let's
go gang!
The three of the left the lounge and proceeded out the door
of the school. Archie's hot rod car was parked in front.
Jughead climbed into the back of the car and Ronald sat on
the passenger side. Archie then floored the gas pedal and
screeched out of the street. Archie's car was a convertible
and you could see all three of the guys hair blowing in the
wind. Five minutes later, they arrived at Reggie's house.
      (answering door)
Hi Arch, Hi Jugg, Hi Ronald. Come
on in the party is just beginning.


All three of them entered the house. Once inside, Ronald saw
that Betty and Veronica were there and also Big Moose.
Help yourself to some food and
refreshment guys.
Jughead immediately went to the food and started wolfing it
down. Big Moose came over to Ronald.
                       BIG MOOSE
      (shaking hands)
How you doing Ronald?
I'm doing great! Just Great!
Betty came over and said hello. Veronica then came over to
Ronald, I am so glad you came
over! Why haven't you called me?
Uh, Uh, I don't know. I didn't
know you wanted me to.
Didn't want you to? Oh Ronald
you're such a kidder
Veronica then started to blow into Ronald's ear.
Hey Reggie! Put on some music!
Reggie then turned on the radio and immediately the song
"Sugar, Oh Honey Honey" by the Archie's started playing.
      (To Ronald)
Com on, let's dance!
At that point, everybody started to dance. Jughead was
showing off and doing the moon walk. Immediately after the
song was over, another song came on, but this time it was a
slow dance song. The song was "Lost in Love" by Air Supply.
Veronica and Ronald immediately put their arms around each
other and started slow dancing. Veronica's head rested on
Ronald's should as they danced.


      (whispering to
My God! I wish you were three
The video faded out and went blank. The dream was over.
What a wild story! This machine is
fantastic! I can't wait to show
this off. This is the funniest
thing I have ever seen. This is
the greatest invention ever made!
                       NARRATOR (VO)
William Malone was a very nice guy
who was extremely shy. He worked
with a beautiful girl at work
named Brenda. One day the boss
assigned them both a project that
they were both to work on. After
several days, they were behind on
the project. They agreed they
needed to work on the project
after hours.
      (to Brenda)
Let's work on it over at my house.
I have a computer and it is
compatible with the office
That will be fine with me. I will
be over at you house at
Okay, I will see you then.
Brenda arrived at William's house early at about
five-fifteen p.m. She immediately rang the doorbell and
william answered.


Come on in Brenda.
You have a nice place here
      (red faced)
Thank you. I have plenty of soft
drinks or wine if you like. Just
help yourself.
Thank you very much. I may a
little later.
Well, I guess we should get
started. The sooner we start, the
sooner we can finish.
William and Brenda worked on their project for about two
hours when they came upon a problem they could not solve
without getting some information from their office at work.
William decided to go and told Brenda to stay at his home.
He also said he would stop and pick up some food.
Make yourself at home. I will be
back in about a little over an
hour. Feel free to watch
television. I also have some great
movies on video that you might
want to watch. You will find them
in the that cabinet below the
Well thank you very much William.
I think I will go ahead and do
As soon as William left, Brenda started looking at the
different movies that William had. None of the movies
really appealed to her. She noticed that William had Video
Dream machine. She then came across a video that was not
Hmmm, I wonder what movie William
has on this one?


She was unaware that this video was a dream that William had
taped a week ago. She inserted the video, and pressed play.
The television immediately showed William wearing a dazzling
white tuxedo. He was riding in a black limousine which
pulled up in front of a house.
Brenda's mouth dropped when she realized it was her house!
William got out of the car and was holding a dozen beautiful
red roses. He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.
Brenda answered the door.
Hello Brenda my dear! You look so
beautiful tonight. You remind me
of a white dove on a moonlit
He handed Brenda the roses.
I brought these for you because
they reminded me of how beautiful
you are.
Oh William, Thank you! You are
making me blush with all these
kind words!
I only say what is on my mind and
in my heart! I feel that I am
blessed by an angel to be with
such a beautiful women both inside
and out!
brenda gave a wonderful sigh, like she had been swept off
her feet.
      (holding his arm
Shall we depart my dear?
The limousine driver drove them to the most elegant
restaurant in town. It was called the Glass Tower


Restaurant. It was thirty stories high and you had to ride a
clear glass elevator to get to the top. The elevator ride
was a breathtaking experience itself. It moved very slowly
and view was most romantic, with a full moon which looked as
if it was serenading them both.

The restaurant itself was very elegant. There were crystal
chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The lights were dim
and candles were on every table to set up the ultimate
romantic surroundings. All the waiters wore tuxedos and all
the waitresses wore evening gowns. The restaurant also moved
around in a slow pace so that it made one revolution per
hour. You could see the whole view of the city from every
side. William and Brenda were seated and were immediately
approached by a waiter with a French Accent.
May I interest you in a cocktail
or some wine Monsieur?
I would like you to bring us a
bottle of Dom Perignon champagne.
Oui, Monsieur! An excellent
The waiter brought out the champagne and allowed William to
sniff the cork and taste it first.
      (In French)
Le champagne est tres bien!
The waiter filled both glasses with the champagne.
I propose a toast! To a wonderful
evening, a wonderful dinner, and a
beautiful woman!
Brenda blushed as they both took a sip of their champagne.
The rest of the evening was perfect. They had escargot for
an appetizer. They dined on Beef Bourgenon and flaming
Cherries Jubilee for dessert.
After dinner was over, the limousine driver immediately
drove them back to Brenda's house. William walked with
Brenda up to the front door while holding hands. He then
stopped and they both embraced each other and started
kissing very passionately.


Brenda my love! You are the most
beautiful thing on this Earth! I
love you more than life itself!
He immediately handed Brenda a ring box. Brenda opened it
and her mouth dropped. Inside was the biggest and most
beautiful diamond ring she had ever seen.

William knelt down on his knees and held Brenda's hand.
Brenda my darling, will you marry
      (Tears flowing)
Yes! Yes! I will marry you!
Both William and Brenda went into the house and started
kissing passionately again.

The Video faded out and went blank. The dream was over.
      (Tears Flowing)
No! Oh no! I want to see more! I
want to see more!
At that moment, William drove into the driveway and walked
through the door and saw Brenda crying.
What's wrong Brenda? Why are you
Brenda immediately ran to William and put her arms around
William and started kissing him passionately.
Everything is wonderful my love!
Everything is wonderful! Why
didn't you tell me how you felt
about me darling?
William looked over at the video cabinet and noticed that
the dream tape was not there.


      (Red Faced)
Oh my God! Did you watch my dream?
Yes I did! I love you too!
You, you really do? I tried to
tell you, but I was just too shy!
I love you very much Brenda!
They both again kissed each other very passionately and then
went to William's bedroom were they made passionate love to
each other throughout the night. They were married three
months later.

They told their experience to the local newspaper and a
story was written up about it. The news article read, Local
Couple Marry Each Other as Video Dream Reveal Man's True
Feeling for Woman. Video Dream brought happiness to them for
the rest of
their lives.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Bubba Brown was a man in his mid
to late thirties. He is employed
as a high school history teacher.
Bubba taught mainly U.S. history.
He specialized in the Civil War
and the Wild West. Bubba had an
interest in Video Dream for both
educational and entertainment
reasons. He was married to his
sweetheart Susan. He purchased
Video Dream and were going to
watch his dream he had recorded
the night before.
Bubba was inside a log cabin. There was music coming from
the outside of the cabin and it was getting much louder. The
music sounded like a marching band as it was playing
patriotic music.

Bubba glanced at his reflection from a mirror on the mantle
of the fireplace. He was wearing frontiersman type of
clothing that was made out of deerskin. He also had a
raccoon skin cap on his head.


The music caught his attention and he proceeded to the front
door of the cabin. He opened the door and immediately
noticed that there was some kind of parade. he could not see
it as there was a crowd in front of him. He looked around
and saw that it appeared that he was in some kind of ghost
town. This town, however, was lively as there were people
dressed up like they were from the old west, and it appeared
that the shops were open and running. He did not know where
he was, but thought that he was in the middle of nowhere as
there was nothing but open prairie outside of the town.
Bubba pushed his way through the crowd to see what kind of
parade was going on.
It was a military parade, only this was some kind of parade
from the late 1800s. The soldiers were all wearing dark-blue
cavalry outfits. The were all riding horses. I noticed that
it was some kind of Pass in Review ceremony as there was a
grandstand in the center of the crowd with high ranking
military officers standing up on it. The leader of the
parade was on a horse and was carrying a flag that read 7Th
CAVALRY. I saw a man with long wavy hair draw his sword. It
was General George Custer!
Pass in Review! Eyes Right!
All of the soldiers turned their heads to the right as they
marched in front of the grandstand. The officers saluted
them as they passed. The band immediately started playing a
patriotic song entitled "Gary Owen"
Company! Dismount!
Immediately all soldiers dismounted from their horses.
General Custer started walking toward me.
Hey Bubba, how do you like the
Uhhh, it was fantastic sir!
I have given all the men the rest
of the day and tomorrow off. We
all leave on our expedition first
thing in the morning the day after
tomorrow. Bubba, I am sure glad
you are doming along. You are my
best Indian scout!


Bubba almost dropped to his knees. He was General George
Armstrong Custer's top Indian scout!
Bubba was on his horse alongside of Custer in front of the
Forward! March!
The regiment started moving in a column of twos. The men
whistled the tune of "Gary Owen" as they rode their horses.
Bubba was drinking coffee with General Custer by the
You should get to sleep early
tonight Bubba. I feel the hostiles
are very near our camp. I want my
best scout well rested for what
lies ahead.
Bubba went to his tent to retire for the evening.
Bubba emerged from his tent and walked toward a soldier.
Hey soldier, I have lost track of
time since we have been on this
expedition. Can you tell me what
day this is?
It's the 25th of June
Bubba looked like he was going to be sick. It was the 25th
of June 1876. This was the day of the Battle of the Little
Big Horn!
      (looking at
Where is Custer?


He went with another scout who
claims he had seen the hostile
Indian's village.
Bubba waited patiently for Custer. Finally, Custer came
riding back.
General Custer, I need to talk to
I don't have time for that right
now. The hostiles are just over
there, down that hill in the
valley of the Little Big Horn. If
we attack now, we can get them all
before they retreat!
I know General! You have got to
hold off attacking. Wait until the
other reinforcements arrive.
No way! If we wait now, they will
scatter. We can catch them all by
surprise if we attack now!
No General! If you attack now, it
will be suicide! don't do it!
I will not tolerate
insubordination! You are supposed
to be my best scout! You are not a
scout, you are not even a man. You
are a coward!
But General, there are well over
ten-thousand Indians down there!
If we go down there, we will be
Enough! That's ridiculous, there
can't be more than one-thousand
Indians down there. You will obey
my orders and you will not
question them. Your orders are to


                       CUSTER (cont'd)
march into battle beside me.
Custer then split his regiment into three groups. Captain
Bentine led one group. Major Reno led another group, and
Custer led the third group.
Bugler, sound the charge!
The Bugler sounded the charge and Custer, Bubba, and under
three-hundred soldiers charged into the valley of the Little
Big Horn. Custer was surprised as he saw thousands of

The battle was a bloody slaughter as Custer and Bubba saw
each soldier dying one by one. Finally Custer Tried to order
a retreat.
Recall! Recall! Recall to the
right flank!
As Custer galloped his horse to the right, he was met by
thousands of angry Cheyenne warriors.

Bubba was terribly frightened as he watched soldiers getting
killed by arrows or guns. He, himself fired his rifle, but
was not sure if he hit anyone or not.

Finally, he looked over at Custer who was falling over dead.
It looked like now he was the only one left alive. He was
now inside a circle of Indians. All of them aimed an arrow
from their bow at him. Than all a once they let go.

As the arrows flew toward him. Bubba let out a scream.

The video then faded out and the dream was over.
      (looking at Bubba)
My God! That was one wild dream!
This machine is absolutely
incredible. Honey, what on earth
made you dream something like
I think it was your tuna
ccasserole that I ate last night.


That's very funny Bubba!
This video is fantastic. I am
going to show it to my students!
They will be amused, but will be
learning about a historical event
at the same time!
The media featured Bubba's dream. The article read "Students
learn about the Wild West from Video Dream as teacher
becomes part of historical event.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Michael was a short sixteen year
old teenager. At five-feet-three
inches tall, he constantly wished
he were tall and hated being
short.Michael parents purchased
Video Dream. Two weeks had passed
and Michael used it on himself. He
and his family watched it
the next day.
Michael awoke that morning the same as usual. he was in his
own room and proceeded to get dressed. He looked in the
Why can't you be over six feet
tall? Why were you born such a
As he left the room, shaking his head, the sight he saw
shocked him. Everything in the house was midget size. He had
to duck his head to get into the bathroom. He immediately
measured himself. He was still the same height. He had not
grown at all, everything was just smaller.

He looked into the other bedrooms and noticed all the beds,
dressers, closets, and clothes were about half their size.

Michael then descended down the staircase, which was also
half size. He did not realized that the biggest change of
all was at the bottom of the stairs in the living room.


Michael dropped his mouth when he saw that his mother,
father, and sisters were all midgets as well.
Mother, Father, everybody, you
have all changed into midgets,
what happened?
                       MRS MAIN
What do you mean Michael? We have
always been like everybody else,
which is our normal height. We
have been this way for years. Are
you feeling okay son?
                       MR MAIN
I think we better take his
temperature! Sit down and relax
Michael looked around for a chair to sit down, but all he
could see were midget chairs which he would not be able to
fit into.
                       MR MAIN
      (pointing to the
No Michael! Sit down in your
In the corner there was a normal size chair that had the
words "Michael's Chair" written on it. Michael then sat down
in his chair. He looked around the room and everything else
was all midget-like. This included the furniture,
television, and eve the wall paintings.
                       MRS MAIN
I could not find the thermometer,
let me feel your forehead.
She put her hand on Michael's forehead.
                       MRS MAIN
You don't have a fever. Are you
okay son?
Yes Mom. I am not sick. I am
hungry. What's for breakfast?


                       MRS MAIN
It's all ready for you and
everybody in the kitchen. Come on
everybody, it's breakfast time.
As Michael entered the kitchen, again it was completely
midget-like. This included the table and chairs, all of the
appliances, the plates and silverware, and even the food was
midget-like. Michael's plate had three times as much food as
everyone else. After breakfast, it was time for Michael to
go to school.
                       MRS MAIN
Oh Michael, be careful with your
car. Remember, your father and I
paid good money to get that dent
repaired on that little fender
bender you had last week.
Michael left the house to get into his car. He almost
became sick when he saw that his beautiful Camaro was also
half size, or midget-like.
Oh my God! Even my nice beautiful
car is a midget!
He crawled into his car. He was all scrunched up inside. As
he was driving to school, he noticed all the homes, all the
trees and plants, and all the stores were also half size.
His school was also midge size. All of the students were
small and shaped like midgets. Michael parked his car and
entered the school. Again everything was midget size. He
went to the coke machine in the student lounge and had to
kneel down to it.
He pulled two quarters out of his pocket and of course, it
was also much smaller. When the can of coke came out, it was
so small that Michael drank it in one drink. He then
proceeded to his classes.

Michael's first class was U.S. history. When he entered the
class, he noticed that all the chairs and desks were also
midget size and, of course, there was one normal size desk
and chair in the back that read "Michael Main's Chair"

After school, Michael ran into Melissa. Michael sort of had
a thing for Melissa.
Do you want to go out for a
hamburger and soda Melissa?


How are we going to get there?
I will drive. Come on get into my
You mean get into that car with
you all scrunched up inside? I
think not, my dress would get
wrinkled and there would be no
room for me with you in there.
Melissa looked at her friend and they both laughed as they
walked away.

As Michael drove away all scrunched up inside his car, he
started crying.
I hate being the only normal size
person. I hate having everyone
shorter than me! I hate having
everyone shorter than me! I hate
having everyone shorter than me!
The video faded and went blank. The dream was over.
I remember now, I woke up this
morning saying I hate having
everyone shorter than me and I
could not figure out why. Now I
definitely know! I am very, very
glad I am short. I feel sorry for
anybody who is tall. I cannot
believe that I ever wanted to be
that way!
                       MR MAIN
That was one hell of a dream son!
Not only did I find it amusing,
but it also helped you get over
your phobia of not being tall. I
see we are going to have some
great times with this machine.
                       MRS MAIN
No kidding! That was hysterical to
see me as a midget. I looked so
funny. I would die though if


                       MRS MAIN (cont'd)
anyone outside of the family saw
                       MR MAIN
Don't worry. You and I bought
Video Dream with the understanding
that it is to be used by our
family only. Does everyone
understand that?
Everyone nodded their heads yes!
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Leonard was a skinny fifteen year
old teenager. Leonard was an
outcast from the other students.
He was the school nerd. He had
pimples all over his face and his
hair was greasy. He wore his pants
so high, it looked lie he was
waiting for a flood to happen. He
wore black plastic glasses.

His name Leonard Dilmoe, was
definitely a name that nobody
envied. All the other kids
nicknamed him, Dilldoe, which was
rather cruel.

Leonard kept to himself. He loved
to work on his computer and watch
television since he did not have
any friends.

Leonard usually ignored the
teasing from the other kids
however, there was one boy by the
name of James Smith who Leonard
tried to avoid the most. James was
the high school jock. He was
eighteen years old and was dating
the head cheerleader. Cherry
Turner. He was involved in every
major sport. He was captain of the
football team, and also was a
starting forward on the basketball

Leonard was in the school
cafeteria one day and was carrying


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
his tray of food to one of the
tables. James Smith put his leg
out as Leonard was walking and
tripped him. Leonard fell on the
floor and his face landed on his
tray in the mashed potatoes and
gravy. The whole cafeteria erupted
with laughter and poor Leonard ran
out in total humiliation.

Leonard was very excited about
Video Dream. He was able to
purchase one from his allowance
and other odd jobs he did. Leonard
placed the monitor on his head the
first night after he purchased it.
The next morning, the tape had
recorded. Leonard eagerly rewound
the tape and pressed play.
Leonard was in his bedroom. He looked in the mirror and his
complexion was magnificent. All of his pimples were gone and
his hair was groomed as if he just left a beauty salon from
Hollywood. His clothes were brand-new and looked as if he
had just bought them from a boutique on Rodeo Drive in
Beverly Hills. As Leonard left his room, he proceed to the
kitchen wearing some cool golden dark sunglasses.
Yo, Big Momma! What's happening
Big Daddio!
                       MR DILLMOE
      (and Mrs Dillmoe)
What did you say?
Leonard was eating fried eggs and ham.
Hey! these hen droppings and hog
ass is narly.
                       MR DILLMOE
Listen young man! I don't like
this kind of talk coming from your
mouth. What has gotten into you


Hey! Pops, hang loose! I have to
be going to school.
Leonard then started to leave the house.
                       MR DILLMOE
Hey boy, I am not through with
Leonard just ignored him.
Leonard left his house and got into a beautiful fire
engine-red Corvette. He screeched out onto the street. As
he was driving to school, to hot beautiful women drove up
next to him at a red light. Leonard smiled at them. One of
them looked at him.
                       BEAUTIFUL WOMEN
      (Looking at
Hey handsome, do you want to show
me that tool you have inside your
The light turned green before Leonard could speak. The two
girls sped off as they both waved goodbye to Leonard.
Leonard kind of chuckled and continued to school.

As Leonard pulled into the parking lot, all the students
just stared at him in disbelief. Leonard started strutting
toward the school's main door as onlookers kept staring at
him. He passed Cherry Turner.
      (Looking at Cherry)
Hey baby! You look as pretty as a
rose blooming on a beautiful
Spring morning!
Thank you Leonard!
How would you like to go for a
ride with me after school in my
Well, I am supposed to meet James.
Oh forget James. I would love to


Great! I will meet you at
four-thirty at the football field.
Leonard proceeded to his classes. The teacher and students
were awestruck. He impressed everyone with his charm and
witty remarks. His suave mannerisms made every girl drool
over him.

Leonard went to the lunch room at lunch time. He got his
lunch, sat down, and started eating. During lunch, James
Smith was approaching with a tray of food in his hands.
Leonard quickly put his leg out and James tripped over it.
James landed on the floor with his face in the mashed
potatoes and gravy. Leonard got up immediately.
      (with a funny grin)
I am sorry. How clumsy of me.
Leonard ran onto the football field with his uniform on.
Well Leonard, this is your first
day of practice. Show me what you
got kid.
Leonard was playing tailback when they started their
scrimmage game. On the first play from scrimmage, Leonard
was handed the ball from their own twenty yard line and
broke it wide open. James was playing linebacker and had a
chance to tackle him at the fifty yard line. Leonard just
ran right into him and knocked him on his ass. Leonard then
ran all the way and scored a touchdown. Leonard also played
safety on defense. He intercepted the first pass and also
scored a touchdown. Leonard continued to excel the rest of
the afternoon. The coach was very impressed. James had to
leave the scrimmage early as he was hurting with the hits
that Leonard nailed on him. Cherry had been watching the
whole time.
You were just wonderful!
They both started kissing and then Leonard walked her home
hand in hand. The other players just stared at Leonard in
awe. James just shook his head in disbelief.
Leonard, I would love to be your
steady girl!


You already are baby!
They both started hugging and kissing.

The video faded out and went blank. The dream was over.
Leonard looked up at the mirror and saw he was his same ugly
self. He knew now he could be whatever he wanted to be in
his dreams. He also thought that it might help him improve
I think it is time I get a
complete makeover and buy me some
nice clothes. I owe it all to
Video Dream!
Jack Miller was a 30 year old bachelor that lived alone. He
enjoyed his independence.

On one Sunday afternoon he was visiting his sister and
brother-in-law. They were watching a football game and
decided to make a wager on the outcome. Jack lost the bet.
He had to babysit his sister's two children for a whole day.
Jack got up to leave his sister's house.
                       JACKS SISTER
Goodbye Jack! We will bring
Chelsea and Josh over this
Saturday morning!
How do I get myself into these
things! Now, I am stuck
babysitting those two little brats
this weekend.


It was about nine a.m. when his sister brought Chelsea and
      (and Josh)
Hi Uncle Jack!
Howdy kids.
                       JACKS SISTER
Now Jack, it won't be that bad. I
told Chelsea and Josh to be on
their best behavior. I have
brought along some of their
favorite videos for them to watch.
This will keep them preoccupied,
so they shouldn't be any problem
to you. Here is some money for you
to order some pizza for dinner.
Thank you so much brother. We will
be back at around ten this
His sister then kissed Chelsea and Josh goodbye and then
drove away.
Alright kids, it's just you and
me. What would you like to do?
      (and Josh)
We want to watch our videos!
Wouldn't you both like to watch a
great big exciting basketball game
      (and Josh Yelling)
No! We want to watch our videos!
We want to watch our videos!
Jack finally knew it was no use. He decided to let the kids
watch the videos. He picked up the videos and saw that there
were several shows of the Muppets and also cartoons of the
Chipmunks. He groaned as he inserted the videos in the VCR.


The kids watched the video all day and through the evening.

His sister and brother-in-law drove in at about ten-fifteen
                       JACKS SISTER
Hi kids! Did you behave nicely for
your uncle?
      (and Josh)
Yes, we watched videos all day
long. It was fun!
They were just fine. I enjoyed
having them.
                       JACKS SISTER
Wonderful! Maybe we can do this
more often!
No way!
                       JACKS SISTER
Thanks Jack. I will talk to you
Jack's sister and niece and nephew left. Jack was glad to be
rid of them. He stayed up late and and went to bed about
two a.m. Jack decided to wear the Video Dream machine that
he purchased two weeks ago.
The next day he noticed the video had recorded. He rewound
the tape and pressed play.
Jack was driving his car one evening. He was on his way to a
party. The address was unfamiliar to him. When he arrived,
there was a big gate and an intercom. Jack pressed the
intercom button and a voice sounded. It was Kermit the Frog.
Hello, this is Kermit. Who is
This is Jack Miller.


Oh Jack! Come on in! We have been
expecting you!
The gates then opened and Jack drove in. There was a long
road to the front of the house. jack looked and saw that
this was not just a house. It was a beautiful mansion! Jack
drove to the front of the mansion. Immediately the door was
opened by Gonzo, the Muppet. Gonzo was dressed in a
chauffeur's uniform.
Come on in Mr.Miller. The guests
are waiting for you. I will park
your car.
Jack was speechless. He got out of the car and Gonzo sped
away as he parked the car. Jack then proceeded to the front
door and rang the doorbell. Another Muppet opened the door
and was dressed as a bellboy.
The honorable Jack Miller.
Jack was greeted by the host, Kermit the Frog. Kermit was
dressed in a black tuxedo with a top hat. Standing next to
him was Alvin the Chipmunk. Alvin was wearing pants and a
t-shirt. The t-shirt had writing on it and said
(Chipmunks Do it with More Nuts!)
How are you Mr. Miller? I am so
glad you could make it. Alvin,
this is Jack Miller.
It is a pleasure to meet you Jack!
Please to meet you all!
Kermit then introduced Jack to all the other Muppets and to
the other Chipmunks as well. Jack then mingled on his own.
He talked with Miss Piggy, Oscar the Grouch, and several
other Muppets. He talked with Simon and Theodore of the
Chipmunks. He also chatted with David Seville who was the
manager of the Chipmunks.

David Seville then turned to Simon and Theodore.


Come on guys, let's go sing a song
and liven up the party. Where is
He is over there Dave!
Alvin was across the room. He was trying to make a move on
Miss Piggy.
Alvin, it's time to sing a song.
Alvin just ignored him.
Alllvinnn! Alllllllviiinnnnn!!
All three of the Chipmunks then immediately started to sing
the Witch Doctor song and all of the Muppets started to
Come on Jack! Come and sing with
Jack immediately started singing and dancing with the other
      (and Everybody!)
Ohhh, eeee oohh ah ah, ting tang
walla wall ting tang. Oh eee ooh
ah ah ting tang walla walla ting
The party was wild. All of the Muppets were dancing and
singing. The song finally ended and everyone cheered. jack
was enjoying himself immensely!
Miss Piggy decided to get some fresh air. She went outside
the mansion and was walking on the road.

Gonzo and Oscar the Grouch were racing in a Jaguar when Miss
Piggy walked in front of them.


Look out! There's a fucking pig on
the road!
Gonzo slammed on the breaks, but could not stop in time.
Ohhhh Shiiiitttt!!
Gonzo hit Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy flew up in the air and did
about four somersaults before hitting the ground. The other
Muppets, Chipmunks, and Jack ran out of the mansion. Miss
Piggy was lying in a pool of blood.
Oh my God! Call an ambulance!
The ambulance came, but it was too late. Miss Piggy died
upon arrival.
All of the Muppets and Chipmunks were at Miss Piggy's
funeral. The funeral director was a vulture that was dressed
in a black suit with a long black hat.

Jack was sitting in the back of the funeral home. He also
noticed that Humpty Dumpty was sitting near the front and
there were two Chicken Hens sitting behind him. One of the
Hens whispered to the other Hen.
That's Humpty Dumpty in front of
      (second Hen)
I see he never grew up. He is
still just an egg!
He has been that way ever since he
fell off the wagon. I hear that
he's a little cracked up!
The funeral then started.
We are gathered here to remember
the life of Miss Piggy.


Kermit then let out a big sob as the other Muppets comforted

Jack then looked up and saw two Muppet men sitting in the
box seat high above the balcony. They were the two Muppets
that always sat during the show and made smart remarks.
                       MUPPET MEN
Well, it looks like that bitch is
in Hog Heaven now!
They both looked at each other and laughed.

The dream faded and went blank. The dream was over.
Wow, what a dream! I think I have
definitely had enough babysitting
for awhile!
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Maria was a sweet charming girl.
She is a thirty one years old and
is employed as a sales girl in the
lingerie department in a major
department store.

Maria was single and had a passion
for the celebrity lifestyle. Maria
watched all the famous people, but
the one she watched the most was
the First Lady. She was always up
to date on how she dressed,
walked, and talked. She would
always be up to date on the events
or functions that the First Lady
would attend. She often
criticized the First Lady and
compared her with herself.
Now if I were the First Lady, I
would do this differently. I could
definitely make my man, the
President of the United States, a
much more happier man. I would
tend to his every needs.


Maria was a dreamer. She immediately bought Video dream
when it came out. One night after watching a documentary on
the President and First Lady, she decided to go to sleep
with Video Dream Attached to her.

The next morning the tape recorded. She immediately rewound
the tape and pressed play.
Maria was standing in the bathroom combing her hair. She
realized that this was not her bathroom. It was very plush
bathroom with a sunken tub and intricate design detail

Maria left the bathroom and entered the hallway. The
hallway was long and there were several paintings on the
wall. The paintings were all of Presidents. There was a
picture of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and other
Presidents as well. She continued down the hall and to the
dining room.

The dining room was very large. There was a beautiful dining
room table that was very long and could easily seat several
people. There were elegant chandeliers on the ceiling and
the furniture looked as if it was priceless antiques.

Maria then went into several other rooms and they were all
totally immaculate. She realized she was in a mansion, but
did not know how she got there.

Maria continued to another dining area next to the kitchen.
She was immediately met buy a servant.
Hell, ma'am, will you be having
your usual breakfast today of
fresh fruit, croissants, and tea,
or would prefer something
different today?
No,the usual will be fine. Thank
Very good ma'am.
The servant returned five minutes later with Maria's


Here is your breakfast ma'am. I
have also brought the morning
paper for you to read. Oh by the
way, your Press Secretary told me
to give you a message. She would
like you to meet her in the East
Room afer breakfast.
Where is the East Room?
It is in the same place where you
always go every morning. Down the
hall and to the right.
I am sorry. I misunderstood. I
thought you said E not East
After breakfast, Maria continued to the East Room. Her press
Secretary was decked out in a nice blue suit. She gave a
sigh of relief whe she saw that she had a name tag on her
suit. Her name was Lauren Carlson.
Good morning, Mrs President!
Maria thought to herself, Mrs President? Oh my God! I must
be the First Lady! And I am in the White House!
Mrs. President, are you okay?
Ahhh yes, just fine. I was just
thinking of something.
I have your schedule for the day,
Mrs. President. This morning, you
and the visiting Japanese First
Lady, will visit Arlington
National Cemetery for Memorial
Service of World War II Soldiers.
This afternoon at one p.m., will
be the luncheon with the Vice
President;s wife and the First
Lady of Japan. Finally, at six
p.m. the Presidential Dinner will
begin. This dinner will include


                       LAUREN (cont'd)
you and the President, the
President and First Lady of Japan,
and other heads of State, It looks
like you have a full day ahead.
Mrs. President, is there anything
you would like to change or add?
No thank you Ms Carlson. That will
be all.
Very well ma'am. The limousine
will be departing in about one
Maria then went up to her bedroom to get dressed. When she
opened the closet she was overjoyed by the large wonderful
beautiful wardrobe she had. She picked out a nice brightly
colored pink suit with a dazzling white and yellow spring
hat to wear for the memorial service and the luncheon. She
picked out an elegant black sequined evening gown for the
Presidential dinner. Maria dressed herself and just stared
at the mirror for ten minutes.
The hour passed and it was time to go to the cemetery. The
limousine driver opened the door for her and proceeded to
the hotel to pick up the First Lady of Japan. After they
arrived at the hotel both First Ladies posed for some
pictures and then the limousine drove them to the cemetery.

The service at the cemetery consisted of a Color Guard that
was dressed up in military blue uniforms. A World War II
veteran gave a forty-five minute speech. At the end of the
ceremony, a twenty-one gun salute was given and bugler
played Taps.
After the service was over, both First ladies were driven
back to the White House to attend the luncheon.

The luncheon started at one p.m. It was a private luncheon
that was attended by both First Ladies and Vice President's
wife. They discussed charity events and other issues and
just had girl talk. At three p.m. it was over and the the
First lady of Japan and the Vice President's wife left the
White House. They would return later for the State dinner.


Maria went to her bedroom and put on the black sequined
dress. She opened her jewelry box and picked out some lovely
diamond earrings. She looked in the mirror and stared at
her reflection.
I am beautiful! If Robin Leach
could just see me now, he would
give his left arm to put me on
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
At that moment, the President walked into the bedroom.
Who is this extremely beautiful
woman in my bedroom? Oh my God!
it's my wife!
He immediately took her in his arms and gave her a very
passionate kiss.
It will be great having the most
beautiful wife at the dinner
It has been such a wonderful day
my darling. I love being your wife
so much.
Hold that thought my dear. I will
show you just how much tonight in
this room after dinner!
They both then kissed each other again.
We better get going so we can meet
our guest honey.
They both left the bedroom and headed for the ballroom. The
guests arrive shortly after that and the dinner began. All
the men were dressed in dazzling black tuxedos. All the
women had on their best evening gown. There were three
musicians playing violin and base. They were playing soft
quiet orchestra music during the party. There was around
fifty people as a whole. Most of the people were political
heads of State, but there were also some movie stars,
singers, and sports celebrities.


The dinner consisted of Chateau Briand and Baked Alaska for
dessert. They also dined on very expensive French wine.

There were two speeches given. One was by the President, and
one was by the President of Japan. After the speeches, the
crowd just mingled in quiet conversation.

Maria was having the time of her life. The evening was
absolutely wonderful. Nothing could be better at this time.

All of sudden gunfire rang out! Everybody screamed! Secret
Service agents immediately rushed into the ballroom and
pulled out their guns. Everybody was running for cover.
Maria looked over at he husband. he was lying on the floor
with no movement. A pool of blood rushed from his head.
Oh my God!
Maria rushed over to her husband. A Secret Service agent
immediately jumped on top of Maria to shield her.

The dream faded and went blank. The dream was over
How could such a lovely dream turn
into such a nightmare. I am a very
lucky person. I do not envy the
first lady. I prefer my simple
lifestyle. This is what makes me
Video Dream made me appreciate who
I am. Thank God!
                       NARRATOR (VO)
By now, Jerome's life was going
great. A few months had passed and
Video Dream was a smash success.
Jerome's Company had grossed over
one hundred fifty million dollars
in revenue from the sales of Video

Jerome was busy making guest


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
appearances everywhere. He had
already been on several major talk
show and attended many celebrity

The tabloid magazines printed
their usual untruthful headline
stories. Jerome just ignored them
and actually thought they were
amusing. One magazine was titled
"I Was Jerome Jolson's Lover for
One evening as Jerome Begs Me to
Have his Dream Child!"

Jerome bought a new home out in
the country. He bought a huge
mansion on fifty acres. It had a
nice pool, tennis court, and his
own private golf course. He had
two guest houses and a servants
quarters. The house was run by a
staff of eight and Jerome's family
moved in with him as well.

One evening Jerome had a small
party with his family and closest
friends, which included Joe and
Mr. Lamar. They were all part of
the Video Dream Company. During
the party, the doorbell rang.
Jerome opened the door, and to his
surprise it was Charles Groten.
Hi, Jerome. I noticed you were
having a party. I thought I would
come over and celebrate with you
and your family.
Come on in Mr. Groten. We were all
just celebrating our success with
Video Dream.
Jacqueline and Rose both glanced at Mr. Groten. They
immediately turned their heads as if not to have noticed
him. Jerome proceeded to introduce Mr.Groten to friends and
family. He approached his sisters last.


Mr.Groten, I believe you know my
two younger sisters Rose and
Why yes indeed! How are you two
lovely ladies?
      (and Rose
Let me get a picture of all of
He snapped a picture of Jerome and his sisters.
By the way Mr. Groten, you left
this prescription bottle the last
time you were at my old house.
Mr. Groten took the bottle from Jerome and threw it in the
trash can.
Thank you Jerome. I don't need
that anymore.
I am curious Mr. Groten, what
kindof drug is Clonidine?
Oh, it's just a mild drug for high
blood pressure, that's all. I
don't need it anymore. I owe that
to you Jerome.
What do you mean? What did I do?
Nothing, I just thank you for
being my friend.
At that moment, the servants brought out glasses of Dom
Perignon and passed it around to everyone. Jerome stood up
and held his glass up.


I propose a toast to the success
of Video Dream. We have all become
very wealthy because of it. I want
to thank each and every one of you
for its success. You all have been
a contributor!
Everyone clapped and cheered!
I would like to propose a toast to
Everyone stood up and held their glass.
To the inventor of Video Dream!
Jerome, you have made our lives
and the lives of everyone in the
world wonderful. We have all
become wealthy because of you and
I feel you have enriched many
lives throughout the world. Let's
hear it for Jerome, everybody!
Everyone gave Jerome a standing ovation. His mother and two
sisters kissed him on the cheek. The men all shook Jerome's

The party continued for another hour and then Jerome went to
bed early because he was leaving for two week cruise in the

As Jerome lay in bed that night, he whispered to himself.
I am now famous to the world. I am
wealthy, and I have accomplished
everything in my life that I
wanted to do.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Jerome just grinned as he fell

He did not realize that dreams can
become nightmares as well...


Reporter Theresa McCabe was now standing in front of
Jerome's house. She was about to go on hour with the evening
As you all know, a few months ago,
I did a report on this remarkable
man's new invention, Video Dream.
Since that time Video Dream has
become a worldwide frenzy.
Unfortunately, there is a dark
side about this town that has been
overshadowed by Video Dream.

I am talking about the Mill Creek
Ripper. The Ripper has now become
the world's worst serial killer of
all time and the Mill Creek police
still have no clues as to his
identity. The latest victim of
this killer happened only about
one mile away from Mr. Jolson's
home. The victim went to school
with Mr. Jolson's two younger

The Mill Creek police are not
being helped by the Federal Bureau
of Investigation. Both the tow of
Mill Creek and the State of Texas,
have offered a
one-hundred-thousand dollar reward
for information that leads to the
apprehension of the psychotic

We have not been informed that the
latest victim was
seventeen-year-old Brandy Millen.
Brand was a junior at Mill Creek
High School. She was a pretty girl
that was involved in many school
activities. her body was found
naked in a garbage dumpster. She
apparently had been strangled and
stabbed several times. Police also
have state there was sexual abuse
before and after her death.

This tragedy has brought the
citizens of Mill Creek to their
knees. This once proud town of a


                       THERESA (cont'd)
newly wonderful inventor, has not
become the terribly frightened
community that is afraid to walk
the streets at night. This Theresa
McCabe from the evening World Wide
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Daniel Mcintyre was a man in his
mid-fifties. He had a wonderful
life and good job. His wife
Martha was wonderful as well. They
had three grown up children and
four grandchildren. They had been
married for thirty years.

Daniel was a good husband. He
provided for his wife and kids all
through the years. He put all
three kids through college. He
and his wife would often take
fabulous vacations.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Daniel and his wife grew apart
romantically about four years ago.
Although Daniel had respect and
shared a good relationship with
his wife, deep down he knew that
he did not really love her as far
as romance was concerned. Daniel
knew however, that Martha was a
good woman who would take care of
him and be a good wife. He
respected her and decided that he
had a good situation.
He wanted to be married until
death do part. He had not made
love to her in over two years. He
decided that she was like his best
friend and he would stay married,
as it was most convenient for
everyone. He knew that he must
keep his true feelings to himself,
because it would not benefit
anyone to know just how he felt.

Both Daniel and Martha were very
intrigued by Video Dream when it
came to the market. After about


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
two months, they both finally
decided to by one.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Martha was the first to use Video
Dream. Daniel and Martha both
enjoyed her dreams very much. She
had a few different dreams. They
were all about her family.
She had a dream about some
vacations that the family took
years ago when their children were
very young. She had a dream about
Christmas times in past years. She
even had a romantic dream about
her and Daniel when they were
still courting. Daniel and Martha
cherished the video. They
decided to keep this particular
video next to their family albums
which had all their pictures they
had taken over the years.

The next night it was Daniel's
turn to wear the Dream Machine.
His dreams however, would not be
as pleasant.
Daniel awoke about the same time that morning. Martha
looked over at the Dream Machine.
Oh look darling! The video
recorded last night!
Daniel let out an expression that looked as if he were at a
      (Looking at Daniel)
Are you okay honey? You look as if
you are going to be sick!
I'm okay. I just lost my balance
by getting out of bed too fast.
Hey Martha, go get dressed. I am
going to take you to that new
hotel outside of town. They are
having a champagne brunch today.


That's sounds wonderful, but don't
you want to watch the video first?
I am dying to see what is on it.
We can do that later. Come on
honey, go get dressed. I am
Martha then went into the bathroom.

As soon as Martha was in the bathroom, Daniel grabbed the
video and placed it in the trash can that was in the garage.
He knew that trash pickup was tomorrow morning.

Daniel quickly went into the other bathroom to get himself
ready. He was ready before Martha.
Come on, Let's go. I sure am
hungry this morning!
You sure are in a hurry.
I just want to get there before a
big crowd show up. I hear this
place is going to be one popular
place today.
They both then left for the brunch.
Martha honey, there is something I
have to tell you. While you were
in the bathroom, I pulled the
video out and placed it on the
bed. I started getting dressed.
When I was putting on my shoes, I
forgot that the video was on the
bed. I sat down and crushed the
video by accident. I truly am
sorry. I was ver anxious to see
that video


Oh Daniel! That is terrible. I was
so excited about seeing that
video. I know it was an accident
though. Can you tell me what you
dreamed last night?
I am sorry. I really cannot
That's okday, you can always dream
Daniel just kind of let out a funny smirk as they finished
their breakfast.
Daniel took out the trash can and then left for work.
Martha started cleaning the kitchen and living room. After
cleaning she had a tall trash bag. She looked out the
window and noticed that the garbage men had not picked up
the trash yet. Martha went out the front yard with the trash
bag and opened the trash can lid.

When she opened the lid, she noticed there was a video in
it. Martha brought in the video, brushed it off, and
inserted it into the VCR. She then pressed play and sat down
and watched.
Daniel was driving his car one particular evening. He drove
until he came to his favorite tavern. Daniel parked his car
and entered the tavern. Inside the tavern were three of his
usual buddies. He proceeded to the bar and ordered a beer.
He then sat down with his buddies.
How you doing guys?
                       BAR PATRON
      (and two others)
Pretty good Daniel, How's it going
with you?
Okay I guess.


                       BAR PATRON
Okay I guess? Come on Daniel, talk
to us. What's wrong? Are you
having old lady problems again.
Well, it is the same ole thing, I
just don't love that wife of mine
anymore. I mean, come on guys, how
would you like to sleep in the
same bed with a fat-ass bitch
every night?
The three men erupted with laughter.
                       BAR PATRON
You really crack me up Daniel. You
sure got a way with words.
I have not had sex with her for
over two years now. She thinks it
is because I have a medical
problem. Actually, I just can't
stand to touch that ugly old cunt!
The three men erupted in laughter again.
My wife is so ugly, I have to put
a bone around her neck to get the
dog to play with her. When my wife
sits around the house, she really
sits arooounnnd the house!
The whole tavern erupted in laughter.
I am so embarrassed when I'm with
her in public, I want to put a bag
over her head. You all may laugh,
but I am serious. I only stay
married to her for the
convenience. If I was ever to
divorce her, all my kids would
hate me. You all may think this is
funny, but how would you like to
live with someone you just do not
love at all? Oh well, I am too old
to do anything about it. I suppose
I will live with that fat old
shriveled up bitch till "death us
do part"


The whole bar erupted with laughter again.
                       BAR PATRON
Let me buy poor old Daniel a beer.
I propose a toast. To Daniel, the
man with the ugliest, fattest, and
worst wife of all time!
Everyone cheered and Daniel smiled.
I'll drink to that!
They all started singing and carrying on.

The dream then faded and went blank. The dream was over.
Martha ws face-down on the couch with her head buried in a
pillow. She was sobbing. Poor Martha was heartbroken
Daniel arrived home at five pm and opened the front door.
Martha, I'm home!
There was no answer. He looked and could not find her
anywhere. He then noticed that there was note on top of the
television. Daniel picked up the note and started to read.
                       MARTHA (VO)
Dear Daniel, I found the tape that
you apparently threw away. I
cannot express the hurt that I am
feeling. I had not idea that you
detested me so much. I have
decided that I must leave you now.
I cannot live with a man who feels
that way about me. I just wanted
you to know that I still love you
very much and the pain inside me
is overbearing. I hope you find
that special someone that you are
attracted to. I am sorry if my
physical features did not appeal
to you. Your wife Martha.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Daniel was very hurt and upset.
How could this of happened. He
wanted Martha back. He tried to
get her back in the upcoming
months, but there was no use. His


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
children found out about the
video. They wanted nothing to do
with their father after that,
since he betrayed their mother so

Daniel was alone now. His family
had disowned him. He eventually
sank into a deep depression. He
turned to alcohol and eventually
lost everything he had, including
his job. He ended up on the

Martha lived with her children for
a while. She eventually moved in
to a little apartment. She
attended counseling sessions with
a psychiatrist, to overcome her
grief on her broken marriage.

Both of Daniel and Martha's lives
were shattered. They could hardly
believe that their wonderful lives
were ruined by a machine. They
both regretted ever buying it.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Roger was a man in his early
thirties. He was married and had
two kids. His wife Reva was a
nice woman who took care of Roger
and her kids very well. They all
had a nice wonderful life.

They both lived next door to Cole
and Kris Wilson. Cole and Kris
were another happily married
couple. They had one child. Roger
and Reva considered them to be
their best friends. They were
always having barbecues together.
They would take vacations
together. If they ever had any
problems, they all would go out of
their way to help one another.

Cole and Kris were a little
younger than Roger and Reva. They
were in their mid twenties. Cole


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
and Kris were in wonderful
physical condition as they
exercised daily.

On sunny days, Kris would often go
into the back yard in her bright
orange bikini. She had a
wonderful body. Roger could often
see her from his backyard. It
secretly turned him on. He never
would make a pass at her as he was
happily married. But often when
she was outside, he would catch a
look now and then. Like every red
blooded American, this was normal
                       NARRATOR (VO)
When Video Dream came out, Roger
and Reva purchased one two months
later. Roger and Reva took turns
the next three weeks wearing the
machine. They both had several
different dreams. Some of them
were about their family. Some of
them were about work, and some of
them were so strange, that they
could not describe them. The
dreams were so far, funny and

Roger and Reva were doing well
financially and were putting a
pool in their back yard. When the
pool was finished, they invited
Cole and Kris and their child over
for a pool party.

The party was nice. They all swam
and ate barbecued spareribs. Kris
of course, wore her orange bikini.
Roger had a hard time keeping
from staring at her. Her body was
beautifully sculptured. Reva
definitely noticed her body also.
She was a bit intimidated by it.
Reva was nice looking and her body
was fine, but she in no way
measured up to Kris.

The party continued throughout the
evening. The four of them drank
wine and beer and got a little


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
drunk and gitty. When it was
over, they all helped clean up.
Roger and Reva then went straight
to bed as they were both tired.
Boy, Kris was sure wearing a
skimpy bikini today! She really
likes to flaunt her body, doesn't
I guess so
What do you mean I guess so? Don't
tell me didn't notice!
Well, yes I did dear, but I was
also looking at you as well. I
think your body is just as
Thanks honey, you really know how
to make a girl feel good.
Reva turned out the light and fell asleep. Roger decided to
wear Video Dream.
Oh honey, I didn't know you wore
Video Dream last night.
Yeaaa, I put it on after you went
to sleep. It was some weird things
that I dreamed last night. You
wouldn't be interested.
I would still like to see it. I
have to go do some shopping. When
I get back, we can both sit down
and watch it.


      (with a funny grin)
Okay I will see you later.
After Reva was gone, Roger inserted the tape and pressed
Roger was in his backyard cleaning his pool. While he was
cleaning the pool, he noticed that Kris was sunning herself
in her backyard. Kris was wearing her brightly sexy, orange

Kris saw Roger looking at her from the corner of her eye.
She turned her head. Roger quickly turned around and
continued to clean his pool. Kris got up and walked toward
the fence between her and Roger's house.
Hey, Roger, Whatcha doin?
Roger immediately turned around.
Oh hi Kris! I was just cleaning
the pool.
Hey, the pool looks nice and clean
now. I could sure use a swim. Do
you mind if I come over for a dip?
No, not at all. By the way, where
is Cole?
      (with a dazzling
Oh he had to work today. He won't
be back until this evening.
Reva and the kids are gone as
well. They went over to her
mother's house for the day. Come
on in!
Roger opened the gate and Kris walked into his yard. Her
hips moved from side to side as she walked. Her breasts


lightly bounced up with each stride that she took.

Kris immediately dove into the swimming pool. She swam for
about two minutes before coming to the edge of the pool. She
looked at Roger.
Why don't you come on in and join
me? This is really refreshing.
Okay, I guess I could do that. Let
me go in the house and put my
bathing suit on. I'll be right
Roger immediately hurried to his bedroom. He put on his
bathing suit. He also splashed on some cologne as well. he
then hurried back to the pool.
Come on! Jump in!
      (diving in)
Okay! Whooaa, that is cold!
Kris just laughed at him in a sexy sort of provocative way.
They both started swimming side by side. Kris then grabbed
his hand.
Let me show you how to do
synchronized swimming. It can be
very beautiful when two bodies are
moving in the same type of motion.
      (red faced)
Kris continued to teach him synchronized swimming. Her hands
were soft to touch. At the end of their swim, they both
stood up in the shallow end of the pool. Both hands were
holding each others from the synchronized swim. They both
stared at each other while not letting go of each others
hands. Kris slowly put her lips on his as she kissed him
very lightly. They again stared are each other for a second.
Finally, the both embraced each other and shared one big,
long, passionate kiss.


When the kiss was done they immediately came out of the pool
hand in hand. They did not say a word, but proceeded to the
house. Roger's heart continued to beat fast as they
approached his bedroom. They both entered the bedroom and
Roger shut the door.

Once inside, they both again stared at each other for a
minute. Kris then slowly put her hand on her bikini top,
and started to remove it. She then put her hands on her
hips, and slowly removed her bikini bottom. She approached
Roger and put her hand on his waist. She looked at him in
his eyes and then looked down at his waist. Roger read the
signal and removed his bathing suit.

They both embraced each other and kissed very passionately.

When the kiss was over, Kris laid down on the bed. She held
out her hand for Roger to join her. Roger laid down on the
bed and they quickly embraced each other and kissed very
passionately. Roger started kissing her neck and then
started nibbling at her ear. Again their lips met each
other and this time their tongues were locked together.

Kris slowly wrapped her beautifully sculptured thighs around
Roger. Roger then caressed her thighs and then slowly
penetrated her.

Kris let out a soft moan. Roger continued his passionate
love making. With each thrust of his body, he could hear
Kris moans become louder. Roger was now becoming vocal as
      (breathing heavy)
Ohhhh Kriiissss!
Kris body shivered.
Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhhh!
Kris shrieked.
I want you baby! I want you!
The wild passion of love making was now at its peak. Little
droplets of sweat trickled down each others face as they
continued their love making. Kris moved her thighs with
each powerful thrust of Roger's body. They rolled around
the bed like they were in a sea of ecstasy!!

Finally, Their orgasmic climax made them shout like Zeus


Thunderbolt as they gasped with ultimate pleasure.

They both then just laid there out of breath for the next
several minutes. They looked at each other and grasped each
others hand. They smiled at each other and then both, just
looked up and stared at the ceiling.

The video faded and then went blank. The dream was over.
Roger wiped his forehead as he was sweating. He immediately
rewound the tape and ejected it. He hid the tape in his

Reva and the kids arrived home two hours later. She sat down
with her husband.
The kids were rotten as usual at
the mall and Mom's house. They
constantly wanted this and that.
Of course Mom tended to their
every request.

Do you have that video of your
dream you taped last night? I want
to see it.
I already watched it. It must have
not recorded right because all it
showed was a snowy picture. There
was no dream at all on it.
That's strange. Oh well, I guess
we will wait till the next time.
      (Looking at Roger)
I was just talking with Kris and
Cole earlier today. They said that
they have some spareribs they
would like to barbecue today. The
offered to furnish the whole
dinner, so I invited them over for
a pool barbecue.


I really don't feel like
barbecuing tonight, I would rather
go out to dinner with you and then
to a movie.
But I already invited them. They
have all this food that they are
bringing over tonight. I can't
back out now!
Damn it Reva! I wish you would ask
me first before you commit
What is the matter with you
tonight? Why are you so irritable?
I just need some air. I'm going
out for awhile. I'll be back in an
Roger then sped out the door and drove away in his car. Reva
just shook her head in disgust. A few minutes later the
doorbell rang. She opened the door and it Cole and Kris.
      (and Kris)
Hi Reva!
Well hello! Let me help you with
the groceries.
Where is Roger?
Oh he had to go on a few errands
that he could not put off. He
should be back in an hour or so.
Well, I guess we can wait a while
before we put the ribs on. Kris
and I were just talking before we
came over. We would like you,
Roger, and the kids to join us on
a trip to Walt Disney World. What


                       COLE (cont'd)
do you say?
Oh! that sounds wonderful! Have
you figured out what the cost
would be?
Let's figure that out right now!
Reva, do you have a calculator?
No, I sure don't. Wait a minute! I
know Roger uses one for work. He
should have one in his briefcase.
I wil go get it.
Reva quickly went into the bedroom and opened the closet.
Roger's briefcase was next to the closet wall on the left
side. She picked up the briefcase and opened it. She
immediately saw the video tape.
That's strange, this is one of the
blank videos I just bought the
other day. Is this the same video
that Roger Recorded last night?
Why would he keep this in his
Reva picked up the video and the calculator and went back
into the living room.
I have the calculator here. Look,
do you mind if I watch this video.
I found this in Roger's briefcase
and it may be of the dream he had
last night. He told me that it
came out snowy and there was
nothing. I don't know why he put
it in his briefcase. Do you both
      (and Kris)
No, not at all! We would love to
see it!
He probably did something stupid
like fall down the stairs of did
something childlike. He is such a


                       REVA (cont'd)
perfectionist. He cannot stand to
have me see anything that would
make him look foolish. He should
know that it is all just for fun!
Reva chuckled as she pressed play. They all sat and watched
Roger's dream.
Oh my God!
Cole and Kris just sat there shocked. Both their mouths were
open. Reva was crying as the video ended.
Five minutes later, after the video ended, Roger walked in
the door.
Hey gang! How is it going?
Cole immediately got up and hit Roger in the face.
You fucking bastard! Kris! let's
leave now!
Kris did not utter a word Her expression looked of shock and
betrayal. She had the same look you see a family member has
at a funeral.
Roger yelled as he picked himself up from the floor.
What the hell was that all about!
Cole did not utter a word, but left the house with Kris in
front of him. he slammed the door behind him.

Reva then turned to Roger and was sobbing.
Oh Roger! How could you do this to
She ran into the bedroom and slammed the door shut, crying
hysterically. Roger just shook his head.
What the hell is going on in here!


Roger finally glanced over at the VCR. He immediately saw
the video case. He went over and pressed eject and the tape
popped out. He immediately knew that all three of them had
seen the tape.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Roger and Reva marriage ended five
months later. Cole had resentment
and he and Kris split up a month

Both families lives were ruined.
Video Dream had caused the breakup
of two once loving families.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Randy was a man in his early
forties. He lived in an average
neighborhood, with his wife Bonnie
and their three children.

Randy unfortunately, had a
neighbor that he was not friends
with. He really did not hate him,
but there was a few incidents that
made him keep his distance.

Duke Morris was Randy's neighbor.
Duke was an ex Marine who had a
Asian wife by the name of Suni.
Duke met Suni when he was
stationed in South Korea. He
married her and then was
transferred back to the states. He
retired from the Marines two years

Suni was a nice kind woman. Randy
and Bonnie liked her very much but
did not socialize with her much
because of Duke. Suni would come
to visit Bonnie, when Duke was not
at home.

Duke was an alcoholic. He was
also a wife beater. Suni would
often come over with a black eye
or some new bruise. She would
come up with some excuse. For
example, she would claim that she
slipped and fell down the stairs,


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
or she bumped her head while
opening the door.
Randy and Bonnie both knew the
truth, but could do nothing
because Suni would always deny it.

One day, Suni invited Bonnie and
Randy over one evening to have
dinner with them. They really did
not want to go because they did
not want to spend an evening with
Duke. They both decided that Suni
would really appreciate it, so
they both reluctantly accepted.
Randy and Bonnie arrived at the Morris home at six-thirty
p.m. Suni graciously welcomed them. Duke was already drunk.
He slapped his hand down hard on Randy's back
Howsh shoo doing, Randy old pal?
Just fine Duke. Thanks for
inviting us over.
Anytime old buddy!
Duke then turned to Sunni.
Hey wench! Is dinner ready yet?
      (fighting back
Yes, dinner is ready everyone.
Suni then led everyone into the dining room. The table was
immaculate. Suni had prepared a wonderful Oriental style
dinner. The table was set up in such a beautiful way, it
looked like they were in an expensive Oriental restaurant.
Duke sat down and gave out a loud belch.


Hey wench! Bring me a whiskey shot
and another beer!
Yes most honorable husband.
You see Randy, I've got my woman
trained. You need to take some
lessons from me.
Duke! you really are a jerk. You
need to treat women, and
especially your wife, with more
Duke turned to Randy.
Do you really take that kind of
back talk from your wife? If my
wife ever even thought of talking
back to me, I would slap her
If I was your wife, God forbid, I
would leave you and call the cops
on you if you laid one hand on me,
      (looking at his
Honey, just calm down.
Randy then turned and looked at Duke.
Listen Duke, my wife and I have a
marriage that is based on respect
for each other. We both give and
receive to each other. I consider
our marriage an equal partnership.
I tell you what, let's drop the
subject and enjoy dinner.


Yeah, okay, whatever.
      (looking at his
Okay honey?
Bonnie just nodded her head yes, but she still had an
expression or rage on her face.
After dinner was over, Suni went to get dessert. As she was
setting it on the table, she accidentally knocked over
Duke's beer. Duke quickly stood up with fire in his eyes
and slapped Suni across the face.
You stupid, clumsy, bitch!
Suni was so ashamed, she ran crying into her bedroom.
What the hell was that for? Hey
look Duke! I don't put up with men
that beat their wives! That was
fucking uncalled for.
      (finger on Randy's
Don't you tell me what I can and
cannot do in my house!
Come on Bonnie, you and I are
      (looking at Duke)
I'm going to talk to the
Department of Social Services
tomorrow. I will see to it that
Suni gets out from under your
physical abuse, you fucking
No fucking bitch talks to me that


Duke attempted to slap Bonnie, but Randy intercepted his
If you lay one hand on my wife, I
will beat your ass!
Randy then pushed Duke to the floor.
      (pointing to Duke)
Come on Bonnie, let's go home and
get away from that pile of shit.
Look Bonnie, I want Suni out of
that situation just as much as
you. The problem is that she does
not want to help herself. We have
offered to help her in the past,
but she refuses. We cannot force
her to take our help. Maybe
eventually she will come around,
but until then, we need to stay
away. We have our own lives to
think about.
Bonnie agreed with Randy. They both went to be and Randy
hooked up Video Dream to himself. Randy turned to his wife.
I really do feel bad for Suni.
It's too bad Duke couldn't just
have a heart attack and drop dead
or something. I really didn't mean
that. I would never wish that on
anyone, not even Duke.
Randy then drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Randy saw that the tape had recorded.
Bonnie and Randy both sat down in the living room and
watched it.
Randy and Bonnie were sitting in their home watching the
television. The doorbell rand and Randy got up and answered
it. It was Suni.


Suni! Come on in!
Randy saw that she had an extremely swelled-up shiner on her
eye. He knew that Duke had hig her again.
I was wondering if you had any
aspirin? I accidentally fell down
the stairs. I slipped over my
shoe. It was so clumsy of me.
Are you sure that Duke didn't do
this to you?
Oh no! He did not hit me. Duke is
wonderful husband. He bought me
these nice earrings just last
week. You see.
Suni held her hair up and showed off her earrings.

Bonnie brought out the aspirin and a glass of water for
Suni. Suni quickly swallowed the aspirin and drank down the
Suni, sit down. You and I need to
Oh I am sorry, I cannot stay. I am
cooking dinner and it is almost
six-thirty p.m. My husband wants
his dinner at exactly six-thirty
p.m. He gets angry if it is not
ready. Thank you very much for the
Suni then left the house.

Randy was very infuriated. He looked at his wife.
Did you see what that monster did
to Suni's face? Somebody needs to
go out and kill that bastard!
Randy! You don't really mean that?


Yes, I certainly do! I am going
out for a little bit. I will
probably stop off for a beer. I
will be home in a couple of hours.
Do you want me to come along?
No honey, I just need a little
time to think things out. I will
see you later. Don't wait up for
Randy got into his car and drove to the Smokey Tavern. He
knew that this was Duke's favorite tavern. He parked his
car but did not get out. Randy waited in his car for the
next hour.

An hour later, Duke staggered out of the tavern. He was
drunk as usual. Randy just stared at him. He then turned
on the ignition of his car and floored the gas pedal.

Randy's car hit Duke dead center. Duke flew in the air and
was thrown fifty feet. Randy quickly drove away.
This one is for Suni!
Randy drove away and arrived home about two hours later.
Bonnie was not in the bedroom or anywhere in the house. Just
then the phone rang. It was Bonnie.
Hell Randy. I am over next door at
Suni's house. Oh Randy, something
terrible happened tonight. Duke
was killed by a hit and run driver
at the Smokey Tavern. I am over
here now trying to console Suni.
You might want to come over!
Oh my God! I will be right over
Randy then hung up the phone. As he walked out the door,
Randy started laughing.
Rest in peace Duke!


The video faded and then went blank. The dream was over.
My God Randy! Whatever possessed
you to dream something like that?
I have no idea! I would never in
my entire life kill anyone. It is
amazing what the subconscious mind
has locked up inside! I know that
right before I went to sleep, I
was joking with you about Duke
dropping dead. That's what
probably made me dream such a
horrible dream. I definitely do
not need any more nightmares like
They both joked about it and then went out to breakfast.
Bonnie had made a decision to start exercising. She loved
aerobic dancing so she want out and bought two different
aerobic dancing tapes.

Bonnie was doing her aerobics when the doorbell rang. It
was Suni.
Hello Bonnie. I am making an apple
pie an I am out of baking powder.
May I borrow some please?
Of course! Wait right here and I
will go get it for you.
Bonnie left for the kitchen for a moment and Suni started
watching the aerobics tape. She was very intrigued by it.
Bonnie returned and Suni asked about the dancing.
What kind of dancing are they
That's aerobic dancing. It's a
combination of dancing and
exercise. Would you like to try?


      (eyes lit up)
Oh yes, very much so.
Bonnie then showed her how to aerobisize. Suni was enjoying
it very much.
This is so much fun! But I must
get back and start baking my pie.
Would you kike to borrow one of my
tapes? I have two. Go ahead Suni,
you can return it tomorrow. It is
inside that cabinet on the left. I
will get it for you.
Thank you very much Bonnie.
At that moment, the phone rang. Bonnie looked at her watch.
Oh no, that must be my husband. I
forgot I was supposed to pick him
up from work. His car is in the
shop. Suni, will you get that
video out of the cabinet. It's
right on the left-hand side. I
need to answer the phone. I will
talk to you later.
Suni then opened the cabinet and grabbed the video. She
mistakenly grabbed the wrong one. The video she had was of
Randy's dream!
Suni left the house and went home. When she entered her
house, Duke was home and was drunk as usual.
Where have you been wench?