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Bad Day
by Andrew Stephens (blitz_as_250@hotmail.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Comedy   User Review: **1/2
A short film created for a school project. It is a story of a troubled boy who wakes up "late" for school. The camera follows him as he finds ways (sometimes diffiuclt) to do anything he can to get to school as quick as he can to avoid suspension from his principal.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The sun is shining brightly through the window, a letter is
on the writing desk.

The time is 7:30am, an alarm clock rings. Jimmy stirs in his
bed and unconciously turns off the alarm clock.

Twenty minutes later Jimmy wakes up, and is aware of the
time and is panic striken.
Ooh, no no no no!
Jimmy begins to frantically throw clothes out of his
cupboard in search for his uniform.

He bursts out of his bedroom into the bathroom, and begins
to brush his teeth. He starts putting toothpaste on his
brush and brushes. He gags and finds that he put shaving
cream onto his tooth brush.

Abandoning brushing his teeth he heads for the kitchen and
opens the pantry. He gets the cereal and pours it into a
bowl. Opening the fridge he gets the milk only to find that
it has run out. Panicing he throws aside the bottle and
stuffs a handful of cereal into his mouth.

Dashing into his room he picks up his bag, it tears open and
all of his books fall out.
Oh my gosh!
Jimmy goes to retrieve a plastic bag and crams his
belongings into it.

Running back into the living room he meets his brother.
Micheal I need a lift to school!
I'm going to be late!


Micheal is intent on the TV and doesn't respond.
Uuuh? I'm trying to watch Pokemon!
Micheal you're 18 years old, when
are you going to stop watching
Shut up! You're just jealous of my
rare Pokemon cards!
Oh forget it!
Jimmy runs to get his bike discovering a flat tyre. He
pushes it aside fustratingly looks around and grabs his
sister's bike, to then exit the house through the garage.
Jimmy innocently rides down the street and decides it would
be best to cut through the local park as a quick shortcut.
*Hackey Boys are shown playing as Jimmy rides past*
      (Rebel 1)
Hahaha! What are you riding kid?
Get out of my way jerks!


      (Rebel 2)
Hey how about we take that pretty
bike you got there?
I don't think so!
      (Rebel 1)
Psh..come on lets get him!
The rebels walk straight up to Jimmy and they both push him
off the bike. they then walk away with it laughing at jimmy
      (Rebel 2)
ya good job! That one was way to
      (Rebel 1)
Fo sho!
      (Rebel 1)
Ya what a looser!
Rebels are shown walking around a distant corner out of the
Camera cuts to the rebels around the corner
      (Rebel 1)
I don't want this dumb bike. Who
would ride this anyways?
Rebel 1 throws bike into the bushes
Camera stays still focused on the bike. Both rebels exit the
scene as distant voices of the rebels laughing at what just
happened emerge.
Wow, this day just keeps getting
better and better doesn't it?


Jimmy picks himself up and starts walking towards the parks
      (Old Man)
Hey Kid! Over here, help me!
Jimmy looks around but doesn't see where the noise was
coming from
Old man then speaks some incomprehencable words but grabs
Jimmys attention
Jimmy notices the old man and begins to cautiously
approaches him.
      (Old Man)
arrg. Get this cane offa me!
The Old Man struggles to lift the cane off himself.
Jimmy looks down at the struggling old man. he bends over
and effortlessly picks the cane off the Old Man.
      (Old Man)
Oh gee. Thanks, kid!
Jimmy puts his hand out and helps old man up onto his feet
and returns the cane to the old man.
Hey, i've gotta go right now and
get somewhere really really quick.
      (Old Man)
Ok then, thanks for the help
The old man walks out of the park and begins to cross the
street. Out of nowhere a speeding car slams right into the
old man. sending him flying back onto the footpath.
Jimmy hears a loud screatching noise and looks in the old
mans direction. he sees him lying on the ground in the same
position he was in when jimmy helped him earlier and once
again he is struggling to lift the cane off of him..


      (Old Man)
Jimmy looks towards the street to see the old man back on
the ground.
      (Old Man)
Uhg...no way
Jimmy breaks into a run and jets towards the school.
Jimmy runs frantically looks around the streets. He
accidently steps in a big wad of gum and falls over.
Jimmy stands up to his feet and picks up his shoe and looks
at what he stepped in
Ah come on, give me a break!
Jimmy puts his foot back onto the ground and keeps running
for the school
Jimmy looks up and runs past the school sign then goes runs
down the hill. He continues running and steps onto the
school oval. suddenly his plastic bag rips, scattering his
pens and books all around him.
No!!! Why does this have happen to
me!? Not today. Not now!
Jimmy quickly sighes and bends down to his knees and
frantically picks up the mess all around him.


he only picks up a few pens and books and keeps on running,
leaving the rest still on the ground behind him.
a view from the groundskeeper is shown looking down apon
Jimmy running up towards the school front.
Jimmy finally arrives at the front of the school and looks
around to notice that nobody is around. Nobody besides one
lonely groundskeeper sweeping the floor in front of him.
Boy, what is the meaning of all
I'm ready for school! Am I on
Groundskeeper looks non shalant and doesn't make direct eye
contact with Jimmy.
It's Saturday kid...
Jimmy looks shocked and falls to his knees.


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From Lexi Date 7/9/2009 **1/2
This was pretty good, but yes I do agree with the other two posts. But you seem like you are young since it is a school project, so I understand some of it. Good effort overall.

From David Chase Date 9/30/2008 **
You mentioned that this is part of a school project, so I'll give you some feedback assuming that you're likely a young writer. The first thing that I noticed are issues with structure. I'm not sure what the numbers above the character cues are for, I'm guessing something to do with shooting sequence maybe, but if you're writing a spec script, omit them. And character cues don't have to go in brackets, the brackets are for anything that describes the dialogue ("nervously, whispering", etc). There are also times when you point out the theme of the scene, for example: BREAKING BAG, REBELS STEAL BIKE, GUM. You don't need a heading for these, just show where the scene takes place and tell the story. From a story perspective, I would have liked to see more bizarre situations and slapstick comedy. Some thugs taking his bike around a corner and an old man falling in the bushes doesn't create the kind of laughs you should be striving for. If writing is something you want to pursue, I'd advise doing a lot of reading on the subject, and write, write, write. It's like any other skill, practice makes perfect.

From Kevin Mitchell Date 9/30/2008 **1/2
- don't detract the reader by using camera angles - watch the spelling and grammar (I have trouble with this too) - tweek your structure a bit - say the dialogue out loud (does it feel natural?) I thought it was slightly humerous but not laugh out loud comedy. I do enjoy a good short story but when things like grammar and spelling problems rear their ugly head in a short 6 page story. It bothers me and since it's for school... All the more reason to clean it up. Now if it was 120 pages I wouldn't say anything probably but 6? Overall, good effort, keep it up.

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