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by Curtis James Coffey (de_cafe6914@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ****
During the Salem Witch Trials, the wrongly accused made a deal with the Devil and placed a curse upon the town. Now, in present day, the curse is unleashed, transforming the town and unleashing a horde of monsters. It's up to paranormal detective Gabriel Ashemore and a few survivors to put an end to the curse, save the town, and, the world. It's an action/horror-comedy.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


It's a bright Autumn day in the Suburbs. Leaves are
scattered along the lawns and streets. A PAPERBOY rides down
the street, tossing newspapers. All is quiet, friendly, and

Well, not quite.


From one of the homes, sounds of shattered wood break the
                       ASHEMORE (O.S.)
Come here, you ugly son of a
GABRIEL ASHEMORE - a dark haired, tan-skinned, and
relatively built man in his early thirties - picks himself
up from the broken wooden stairs he was just thrown through.
Bring your pretty face right over
SOMETHING growls, and Ashemore dodges a brick aimed at his
Really? You're going to throw a
brick at me? That's real mature.
Come on, you guys are supposed to
be tough.
From out of the shadows steps his adversary.

A hulking OGRE. It's broad, chunky, and hairy. It almost
looks like a caveman, but with pointy ears and large,
rounded teeth. It growls.

Ashemore returns the growl as best as he can, then quickly
picks up the brick and heaves it at the Ogre, cracking it
across the forehead.

The Ogre clutches his head, and stumbles back groaning.


Don't be such a pussy.
Ashemore runs forward and spears the Ogre.

The Ogre then grabs Ashemore by the shoulders and throws him
across the basement, sending him crashing onto the washing

The Ogre jumps to his feet, picks up a large wooden board,
and runs at Ashemore, brandishing it like a club.

The Ogre brings it down with a lot of force, but Ashemore
rolls off the washing machine, leaving it to be crushed from
the blow.

Ashemore then brings his foot into the Ogre's balls.

The Ogre's eyes pop open in a comic fashion, and he howls in

He drops the club, and falls to his knees.

Ashemore gets to his feet, grabs the wooden board, and
breaks it over the Ogre's head.

The Ogre falls to the ground, moaning.

Ashemore then takes out a syringe, and sticks it into the
Ogre's neck.

After a moment, the Ogre lays still, snoring.

Ashemore runs his hand through his hair, and looks around at
the wrecked basement.
Not bad, Ashemore. You still got
Ashemore drags the unconscious Ogre through the house.

The HUSBAND and WIFE that own the house watch in horror.
You got it!
Jesus, that thing is ugly.


You should see the female ones.
Are they worse?
They look the same, actually.
I hope it didn't give you too much
Ashemore stops dragging the Ogre and looks at the two of
It put up a hell of a fight.
Nothing I couldn't handle, though.
Ashemore looks at the Husband.
After all that fighting, I'm a
little tired, and he's feeling
kinda heavy. Want to give me a
hand, here?
The Husband looks at the Ogre in terror, as if at any second
it's going to pop back up and attack.
Trust me. This thing isn't waking
up any time soon.
Suddenly, the Ogre's eyes pop open, and he lets out a roar.
Ashemore jumps back, grabs frying pan, and repeatedly beats
the Ogre over the head until it's unconscious again.
Okay. We're good now.
The Husband and Wife look at him in disbelief.


Ashemore heaves the Ogre into the back of his van, and
closes and locks the door from the outside.

The Husband and Wife step outside, not looking pleased.
You destroyed our basement!
Ashemore lights a cigar, and looks at them.
That was all our little friend.
Your company better offer repairs
as part of your service! That's
preposterous to think that we're
going to pay for your damage! I
hope you've got insurance!
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you
came to me for help. That ogre
would've caused a lot more damage
down there if I hadn't shown up.
And then he would have made his
way into the house. Then he'd work
on you, and trust me, that's not
pretty. Now, if you'd like, I'll
just unload the Ogre and put him
right back in your basement.
The Husband and Wife look at each other, then back at
No. Take it away. Please.
That's what I thought.
Ashemore turns around, goes to driver's side door of the
van, and steps inside.

A moment later, he comes back out with a clipboard in hand.
He marks some things down, and signs his name.

He tears the sheet off the clipboard and hands it to the


Your bill. If you can't cut a
check now, call our agency. We
offer tremendous payment plans.
Have a great day, and thank you
for calling The Paranormal Agency.
The Husband looks at the bill.
Three thousand, four hundred
seventy three dollars!?
And twenty nine cents. Hazard pay
and taxes, my friend. Take care!
Ashemore gets in the van and drives away.

The Husband looks at the Wife.
Three thousand dollars.
Ashemore turns on the radio and begins to listen to the
music playing. He puts out his cigar and takes out a joint.

He lights it and inhales deeply, nodding his head in

The Ogre groans in the back of the van.
Shut up! I'm trying to listen to
this song!
The Ogre groans in what seems to be apology, and is quiet
The van pulls onto the highway and soon becomes lost in the
ocean of traffic.


The Van backs up to a large shutter door connected to what
appears to be an old fire station.

Ashemore gets out of the van and looks at the building.

Shaking his head, he enters the building through the front
Ashemore steps inside the HQ.

It looks like any other normal private investigations
agency, except to the left is a closed off laboratory and
storage center.

The rest of the place is desks, books, computers, phones,

The leader of the HQ, WALTER, is on the phone with someone.

He hangs up and looks at Ashemore, who approaches.
The job's done. We got us a live
Oh yes, believe me, I know. I just
got off the phone with our
customers. They're refusing to pay
the bill.
On what grounds?
The same grounds that everyone
stands on. You wrecked the place.
Come on, wrecked? Hardly. There
was some damage done to the
stairs, the wall,and the washing
machine. It comes with the
territory, you know that. That
ogre would've done a lot worse.
They don't want to pay.


Then sue them. Better yet, I'll
take the ogre right back over
I'll take care of it, Gabriel. But
you need to start being more
careful with how you handle
certain situations, or we may find
ourselves out of business. Our
insurance company's patience is
beginning to wear thin. They still
haven't forgotten the giant maggot
incident last month, and neither
have our clients.
Ashemore smiles and chuckles.
Oh, yeah. That was nasty.
A LAB WORKER leans his head out from the laboratory.
                       LAB WORKER
Hey Ashemore, you going to help us
unload this thing? It woke up.
Yeah, yeah. I'll help.
Ashemore heads over to the lab door.
                       LAB WORKER
You didn't use the sedative we
gave you, did you?
Of course I did. It just didn't
In the quiet, tourist town of Salem, MA, golden leaves cover
the trees and ground.

Soft, quiet breeze blows across the countless historical


PEOPLE are entering and exiting the museum.

There are jack-o-lanterns outside, carved to look like
A group of TOURISTS stand inside the museum entrance way,
eagerly awaiting their tour guide.

Among the tourists is TOMMY JENSON, an 8 year old boy with
his FATHER, and DERECK PLATT, an African-American in his
early 20's. The rest are just an assortment of MEN and WOMEN
of varying ages.

The tour guide, TORI EVERHART, approaches the group, dressed
appropriately for the job.
"She afflicts me! She comes to me
at night and torments me! She's a
The tourists all watch Tori, paying close attention.
Words such as these struck terror
into the hearts of Salem
townspeople in the early spring of
1692 as hysterical young girls
called out names. By summer, 180
people had been accused and
imprisoned - defenseless against
accusations of witchcraft in a
society driven by superstition and
fear. The court, formed to try the
victims, acted quickly. Bridget
Bishop was tried on June 2 and
hanged on June 10, thereby setting
the precedent for a summer of
executions. The Salem Witch Museum
brings you there, back to Salem
Tori looks over her tourists, clearly enjoying her job.
Do you believe in witches?


Several people begin to answer, but Tori holds up her hand
to silence them.
Don't answer until the tour is
Tori turns around, and slowly begins walking.
If you'll all just follow me. The
tour is about to begin.
Tommy looks at his Father with excitement.
This is going to be great!
It sure is.
MAYOR HAWTHORNE and his adviser, JACK walk down the steps of
City Hall.

Mayor Hawthorne is a man in his mid-forties that is slightly
pudgy and balding.
Well, well, Halloween is upon us
again, Mayor Hawthorne.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Yes, I'm aware of that, thank you.
Just so long as the tourists keep
pouring money into this town, it
could be Halloween all year for
all I care. Money is money.
You mean you don't feel it?
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Feel what?
The tension. The magic. The air
changes on Halloween here. You
mean to tell me that you're not
even just a little superstitious
this time of year?


                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
No. I have other matters to attend
to besides legends of ghosts and
witches and angry spirits. It's
all a crock. I play along, because
it brings money, but it's asinine
to believe in any of this crap.
If you say so, sir.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Now, are the fireworks all set up
for tonight?
Yes, sir. they're set to go off
starting at 9pm, just as you
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Very good. Now get outta here. If
you happen to see a ghost tonight,
be sure to let me know, huh?
Jack laughs uneasily.
Of course. See you later tonight.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Jack turns to leave.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Oh, and Jack?
Jack turns around. Mayor Hawthorne smiles at him.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Happy Halloween.
Ashemore steps out of the lab, and walks over to Walter, who
is sitting at his desk.


All right boss, it's time for me
to make my trip, so I'm out of
here for the night. I'll see you
sometime tomorrow afternoon.
Walter looks up from the book that he is reading and takes
his spectacles off, examining Ashemore.
Where is it that you go every
Halloween? The busiest night of
the year for us.
Lets just say that on Halloween, I
have my own demons to face instead
of someone elses.
You'll never tell me, will you?
I wouldn't count on it.
Walter smiles, nodding his head.
Very well. Don't let them kill
Your demons.
Ashemore puts his jacket on, as well as some sunglasses,
looking bad ass.
Don't worry, they can't kill me.
They're already dead.
Ashemore turns around and begins to walk out.

The phone rings.
      (calling back)
I'm not here!
Walter chuckles and picks up the phone.


Ashemore's van cruises along the highway. There's a sign on
the side of the road that reads: SALEM 80
The tour is still going on at the museum. The group is
looking at a replica of a hanging.
And so, the first of the hangings
commenced. Submitted into
so-called evidence was this
supposed spell book, taken from
Tituba, one of the first to be
Tori motions towards a pedestal, but it is empty. There is
no book on it.
I don't see no book, lady.
Hmm, that's odd. They must've
taken it to clean it up a bit
again. No matter. Anyways, if
you'll continue to follow me this
way, we'll go to our next event.
The group walks on, and Tommy stares at the empty pedestal.
I bet that book looked really
The Spell Book is set down on the floor of a dark, dusty

JENNY ANDREWS, a young girl in her late teens or early
twenties looks into the shadows of the attic.
I did it. I got the book for you.
What else do you ask of me?
A shadowy, haunting voice responds, as if the wind itself is


                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)
Await nightfall. Return up here
with a black candle and a knife.
Then you shall get what you seek.
Whatever you say. Anything I have
to do, I'll do it.
                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)
I will call upon you later.
Thank you.
Jenny proceeds to exit the attic, leaving the book there.

A sudden wind picks up, opening the book and turning the
Night has fallen. The moon is full.

Ashemore walks through the misty grounds of the graveyard.

There is a sad quietness and light breeze.

He weaves through the headstones, and stops in front of one
large tombstone.

He crouches down, and opens his brown trench coat.

He pulls out a single rose, and places it in front of the
Ashemore stands up, and looks down at the tombstone.
Here I am again, just like I
promised. You should be proud,
this is probably the only promise
I've been able to keep in my
entire life.
Ashemore laughs quietly to himself. An owl hoots.


I never understood why you didn't
leave this place. I hope that
wherever you are, you forgive me
for leaving you the way I did. I
hope I'm not a total
disappointment to you. I like to
think that you're watching me,
smiling down. Are you?
In the center of the attic, a large pentagram has been drawn
in chalk. In the center is the Spell Book. On every point of
the star is a black candle.

Jenny sits just in front of the pentagram, legs crossed.
You're sure this is right? Every
time there's a pentagram on TV,
it's usually a bad thing. I'm
doing good, right?
                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)
Don't believe everything you see.
If you say so. What next?
That strange wind kicks up again, and the book opens.

The pages flip, and it rests on a page with strange drawings
and writing on it.
                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)
One drop of blood on the pages.
Jenny hesitates for a moment, then takes the knife, and
pricks her finger with it.

She leans over the book, and allows a drop to fall on the
page. Nothing happens.

Jenny looks around, confused.
Um. Are the batteries broken or
                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)


I did what I was supposed to do.
It's not my fault if this doesn't
work, so you better still keep
your end of the deal.
                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)
Silence! Wait!
Jenny looks irritated. Apparently she's been chewing gum,
because she blows a bubble, and then pops it.

The wind picks up again, and the flames on the candles blow
The book then begins to glow a purple-ish color. The color
begins to pulse, as if charging.

BANG! The color explodes, enveloping the entire attic and
beyond, and then it's gone.

Jenny looks around, wide-eyed.
Holy. Shit.
                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)
It is time.
The whole town is changing.

It's no longer present day Salem, nor is it really the Salem
during the time of the witch trials.

Instead, it becomes more of a twisted, Gothic combination.
Nightmare Before Christmas meets the real word. This is
truly something that would make Tim Burton proud. Creepy,
Gothic, extreme, lightly cartoon-ish. Street lamps are
changed into torches. All electricity is out.
The purple essence envelopes the graveyard, and then fades.

Ashemore looks around, suddenly very alert.


What the hell was that?
The large trees begin to groan and shift.

Glowing yellow openings appear in their trunks, forming
faces, like something you'd expect to see in a Halloween
cartoon. The branches begin to twist and move like arms and
hands. They all groan.

Ashemore looks at this in amazement.
You don't see that every day.
A rotted HAND suddenly bursts out of the ground next to him,
and Ashemore nearly jumps out of his skin.

He draws a large handgun. Almost like a Desert Eagle,
though, fitting his nature, it doesn't look quite right.

Ashemore looks around as more and more hands begin popping
up out of the ground and ZOMBIES begin unearthing
Several Zombies slowly get to their feet, and begin lurching
towards Ashemore.
Come on, guys, you really don't
want to be doing this tonight. I'm
not in the mood.
Ashemore begins backing away.

Another hand bursts out of the ground, grabbing Ashemore's
foot. He struggles for a moment, and then with a jerking
motion, wrenches his foot free, the hand still attached to

Ashemore kicks strongly, and the severed Zombie hand slams
into the face of another Zombie, knocking it to the ground.

Ashemore turns around.

Zombies are popping up everywhere. There's no way he's
getting out of the graveyard without a fight.
This is going to get messy.


A Zombie creeps up behind Ashemore and grabs his shoulder.

Ashemore instinctively wraps his free hand around the back
of the Zombie's head, and in a jerking motion, breaks its

Ashemore then turns around around and shoots another Zombie
in the head, dropping it.
Bring it!
The trees groan as if in response, and the Zombies seem to
pick up the pace, charging Ashemore.
That's not good.
Ashemore begins firing in all directions, dropping several

He reloads his weapon, and then begins running.

Another hand pops out of the ground, tripping Ashemore. It
has a firm grip on Ashemore's ankle, and Ashemore struggles
to break free as the Zombies grow ever closer to him.

At the last minute, with a good hard kick, Ashemore breaks
free and gets back on his feet. Oops, maybe it wasn't fast
enough, because he collides head-on with another Zombie.
Wow. Really?
Ashemore gets to his feet and the Zombie struggles to lift
itself off the ground.

With a hard kick, Ashemore punts the Zombie's head clean
Field goal!
Another Zombie latches onto Ashemore from behind, and the
others gain more ground.

Ashemore tosses the Zombie over his shoulder, and shoots it
in the head.

Ashemore heads for the Cemetery Gate, but there are Living
Trees on either side of it.

Using their branches as hands, they block the Cemetery Gate.


Ashemore halts in front of them.
The trees groan in defiance, and then Ashemore shoots both
of them a few times.

The trees groan louder, in what seems to be annoyance.
Worth a shot.
Ashemore turns around.

The Zombies are getting ever closer. A few of them trip over
headstones, and one of them stops to pick up a bouquet of

Ashemore shakes his head in shame.
Dumbest damn things.
Ashemore turns back to the gates and charges forward.

Using the mouth of one of the trees, he jumps up to the
higher branches and swings over the gate.

He looks back triumphantly and laughs mockingly at the trees
and Zombies.

The trees yell, and using their branches, break the gate
off, allowing the Zombies an exit.
Ashemore runs to his van, gets inside, and tries to start
it. Nothing. It's completely dead.
The inside of the museum is pretty much unchanged, except
that all electric light sources have now transformed into
torches and candles and such.

The tour group is huddled inside together, listening to
shrieks and screams from outside. It sounds like a war zone
out there.


Tommy looks around, terrified.
I'm scared, daddy.
Don't be, son. It's all right.
Dereck looks at Tori, who looks confused and scared.
Hey lady, is this all part of the
tour? Or some Halloween trick or
Because if it is, it's not funny,
and I'm not having a good time.
This ain't what I payed for. Ya
Whatever it is, I'm sure the
police are handling it.
What's going on, dad?
Stay here.
The Father gets up, and begins heading for the front door of
the museum.
What are you doing, man?
I'm going to see what's going on
out there.
Sir, please, just stay here where
it's safe.
The Father unlocks and opens the museum door a little bit,
and sticks his head out.


What the fu-
There's a shriek and a ripping sound, and the Father falls
back, arms flailing, spurting blood from where his head used
to be.

Everyone in the museum cries out in terror and disgust, and
the museum security guard, CHARLIE STOLTZ, closes the door
again and locks it.
Holy shit!
The fuck was that!? Holy shit!
Tommy shrieks and cries, and Tori embraces him, trying to
comfort him.
Shh. Shh. It's going to be okay.
Shh. Don't cry. Pelase don't cry.
You're going to be all right.
Tears roll down Tori's face.

Charlie makes his way over to the group.
Is everybody okay?
Dereck looks at him.
Yeah, we're just dandy. Some
motherfucker just got his head
ripped off, but it's cool. We're
Everybody just stay calm. I'm
going to see if I can raise
anybody over the radio. I'm sure
we'll be out of here in no time.
Charlie takes out his walkie-talkie, and speaks into it.
This is Charlie Stoltz, security
guard at the Witch Museum. Does
anybody read me, over?


From outside we hear gunshots, screams, and other unearthly
Sounds like they're doing great
out there. We're screwed.
Dereck looks over at Tori, who is still holding Tommy. She
motions to Tommy.
You want to watch what you say?
I'm just saying.
Well don't. He's scared enough. We
all are.
Charlie tries the walkie talkie.
Salem Police Department, do you
read me? Over.
Nothing but static.
This doesn't sound good.
Ashemore steps into the center of the town square.

There's a witch-shaped fountain, and gallows. Yes, gallows.
Those weren't there before, now were they? Three people are
hanging from the nooses.

Ashemore looks around at his twisted surroundings. The
streets are empty. There are occasional screams and shrieks
in the distance, but nothing more than blood and scattered
bodies can be seen.
What the hell is going on?
Ashemore takes out his gun, and begins walking through the


Ashemore comes upon the Salem Witch Museum, and tugs on the
doors, rather hard. They don't budge.
The doors shake and rattle as they are pulled on.

Everyone inside gasps and flinches, not knowing that it is
Ashemore pulling on the doors.
Ashemore releases the door handles, and steps back, looking
up at the museum.
There is a cackle from the sky.

Ashemore turns around and dives out of the way as a figure
flies past him. Ashemore stands up and looks at the sky.

Another cackle.

On a broomstick, up in the sky, is a witch. WITCH TITUBA.
She's dark skinned, and speaks with a Haitian accent. She
looks like a voodoo witch.
                       WITCH TITUBA
Lookit here. Be ya lost, man?
Shame for ya. Tis not the night to
be out all on ya lonesome.
Witch Tituba cackles again, and dives down at Ashmore, who
once again scrambles out of the way just in time.
                       WITCH TITUBA
Ya gotta fightin' heart. Me like
it. 'twill cook up nicely!
Who are you?
                       WITCH TITUBA
Don' matter. The sins of the
father, yeah?
Witch Tituba swoops down again, and grabs Ashemore by his
coat, lifting him into the air.


She takes him high, soaring around the museum.

Ashemore struggles to break free.

Witch Tituba leans down, and smiles, revealing some nasty

Ashemore recoils from the stench of her breath.
                       WITCH TITUBA
Do ya fear death, man?
Not as much as your horrible
breath. You really need a tic tac.
As Witch Tituba flies around the museum at high speed, she
launches Ashemore away from her with a cackle, and he
crashes through one of the high windows of the museum.
In a shower of glass, Ashemore crashes to the ground floor
of the museum.

Everyone in the museum cries out in terror.

Dereck grabs a broom from one of the models, ready to

Ashemore slowly picks himself off the ground, and looks
around, shaking the broken glass off of him. He sees
everyone huddled in the museum.
Don't worry, I'm here to save you.
Ashemore collapses to the floor.

Tori sets Tommy down, and cautiously approaches the fallen
Ashemore opens his eyes, and then slowly sits up.
Hello, Tori.


Anger flashes across Tori's face, and she smacks him hard,
stunning him momentarily.
Nice to see you, too.
Dereck slowly stands next to Tori.
So wait, you know this guy?
Unfortunately. He's not going to
hurt us.
Dereck lets out a sigh of relief, and lowers the broom.
I thought I was going to have to
whoop some ass.
Ashemore climbs to his feet again.
Yeah, you'll do some real damage
with a broomstick there, chief.
Ashemore looks around, and returns his gaze to Tori.
What's going on around here?
I don't know. Something exploded,
and the next thing we know, we're
hearing cries and screams.
Ashemore looks over at Charlie.
What about you, officer?
Charlie looks around, and then points at himself.
Yes, you.


Charlie walks over to them.
I don't know what's going on,
either. I tried to raise someone
on the radio, but, uh, didn't get
anything. What's happened out
I'm not sure. Something isn't
right. The whole town
What do you mean, changed?
I mean this isn't Kansas anymore,
Toto. It's different. Like maybe
what it could have looked like
back in the 1600s.
What the hell happened to you?
Ashemore turns to look at the shattered window, then back at
Oh, you mean that? That was
nothing. Just a witch.
Come on, now. That's bullshit.
Yes, because in actuality, I got a
running start, and jumped through
the second story window.
Witches aren't real, man.
You might want to listen to him.
Because I do this shit for a


What, you fight witches?
And ghosts and goblins and
everything else that goes bump in
the night, yes.
Ashemore walks around a bit, looking around the museum.
Is this all the survivors?
Everyone in the museum?
That we know of, yes.
Okay, we're going to keep them
here, and we're going to go out
and look for some answers.
Yes, you and me. What's your name,
It's Charlie, but there's a slight
problem with that.
I'm not a cop. I work security
here at the museum.
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know you
were a rent-a-cop.
Hey now-
Don't take it personal, Charlie.
Ashemore here is as good an
asshole as he is a ghost hunter.


I hate when you call me by my last
Get over it.
Ashemore takes out his gun, and checks the clip to see how
many rounds he has left.
All right, I'm going out to
investigate. Like I said, this is
a safe place, so if everyone just
stays here -
SMASH! A figure crashes through one of the other windows,
then another, and another.
Shit! What the hell was that!?
Ashemore takes a few steps forward, looking in the direction
of the window.

A FIGURE appears on the railing of the second floor, and
looks down at them. VAMPIRES. They've got red eyes, pointed
ears, long fangs, and bat-like facial features.
Vampires. This is going to be a
long night.
The Vampire lets out a high-pitched shriek, and the two
other Vampires jump up onto the railing as well.
Everyone hide.
Tori runs and scoops up Tommy, and the rest scatter.

The Vampires all shriek, and then jump down.

Ashemore raises his gun and shoots one of them right in the
heart before it can even land, making it crash into the
ground, stunned.

The other two Vampires jump off in different directions,
hunting the others in the museum.

The stunned Vampire jumps back up onto its feet, and dives
at Ashemore, tackling him to the ground.


Elsewhere in the museum, one of the Vampire's latches onto a
MAN, draining the blood from his neck.

The other Vampire tackles a WOMAN to the ground, and begins
to feed on her.

Ashemore is fairing better, however, throwing the Vampire
off of him.

Ashemore gets to his feet, as does the Vampire.
Come on! Bite me!
The Vampire shrieks, and runs at Ashemore, who brings his
foot into its face. The Vampire howls in pain.

Ashemore grabs a broom from off the ground, and begins
beating the hell out of the Vampire with it.
Like that? If you're going to
fight like a bitch by biting
people, I'm going to fight like a
bitch and beat your ass with a
On the other side of the museum, a Vampire snaps the neck of
another MAN, and slashes the throat of another MAN with its

The MAN drops to the ground, clutching his throat, and the
Vampire gets down and begins lapping the blood up like a

On the second floor, another Vampire throws a WOMAN over the
railing to her death.

A MAN runs at the Vampire, and slugs it in the face as hard
as he can.
You bastard!
The Vampire smiles, and then backhands the Man, sending him
spiraling to the ground.

The Vampire gets on top of the Man, and repeatedly bashes
his head against the floor, killing him.

By now, Ashemore uses the broom to trip his Vampire.

He then slams the tip of the wooden broom against the floor,


breaking a chunk of it off, making it sharp.

Ashemore then slams the broken broom home into the Vampire's
chest. The Vampire shrieks and dissolves into a steaming
puddle of nastiness.
I hate vampires.
There's a scream, and Ashemore turns to the direction of the
scream. Ashemore runs through the museum.

One of the Vampires is feeding on a helpless old WOMAN.
Distracted, it doesn't see Ashemore run up behind it.

Ashemore runs it through with the broom, and it too
One to go.
Ashemore runs up the stairs to the second floor, and looks
out over the entire museum, searching for the last Vampire.

Ashemore spots Charlie hiding in one of the exhibits.
Charlie! Where the hell is the
last one?
The third Vampire slowly and quietly crawls down the wall
behind Ashemore.

Charlie sees it, and gasps, wide-eyed with terror. He slowly
Charlie continues to point, and Ashemore turns around.

He is met by a backhand, and he flips over the railing and
crashes onto a display case below.

The Vampire jumps down and stands over Ashemore, who is
stunned from the fall. He groans.
The Vampire grabs Ashemore's coat, and slowly raises him so
that it can bite him with ease.


Just as the Vampire is about to bite Ashemore, it convulses
and lets out a gasp.

It turns around, trying to pull something out of its back.
It's the broom!

The Vampire fully turns around, and sees Tori, who stuck him
with it. But its not quite deep enough.

The Vampire growls, and begins towards Tori, who, with a
fantastic high kick, knocks the Vampire into the air,
crashing down onto its back, sending to broom straight
through it.

It dissolves, and Tori pulls Ashemore off the display case
and onto his feet.
Good going, hero.
I had it. I was doing fine.
Ashemore and Tori walk to the center of the museum, and from
out of hiding, Tommy runs over to Tori, hugging her.

Charlie and Dereck also come out of hiding.
Is that all of them? Are they
Yeah. Thanks for the help,
Hey, it came in handy though,
didn't it?
Ashemore looks around at the survivors. It's just Tori,
Tommy, Charlie, Dereck, and himself.
Damn, they got that many?
Yeah. They were fast.
Couldn't you try to stop them?


Give me a break man, I'm just a
security guard at a museum.
So much for it being safe here,
huh Ashemore?
Shut up.
Ashemore sits down on a counter top, catching his breath.
So what's your genius plan now?
I'm assuming you do have one? I
mean, they don't send you out
without one, right?
Who's "they"?
I work for the Paranormal Agency.
It's a division of the Department
of Occult and Supernatural
Phenomena. And no, I don't have a
plan, because they didn't send me.
Then what the hell are you doing
back in Salem?
I come here every year to visit my
parents' grave.
Wait, so you're in town every year
and you don't even stop by to say
hi or see how I'm doing?
Before y'all get into it,
shouldn't we be worried about
other things right now? Namely
witches and vampires? I mean,
they're really real.
No shit, Sherlock. Oh, and by now,
the zombies are probably here.


But my dad and all my teachers
always told us that those things
don't exist. They're just stories.
Take a picture then, kid. You
might make some money.
I'm not a kid. I'm eight years
Oh, my. Forgive me.
So, you didn't answer my question.
What now?
Well, we see if anyone else is
still alive, maybe see what's
going on, and then get the hell
out of Dodge.
Ashemore begins walking around the museum, looking for
What are you doing?
Looking for weapons. I don't know
what else is out there.
Ashemore takes a fire axe from off the wall.
Got anything else?
This is a museum, not an armory.
Could you maybe get the sand out
of your vagina? Your snarky
attitude isn't working for me.


Tori's jaw drops at this comment. She's speechless.

Ashemore looks back at her and winks.
Tori closes her mouth and shakes her head. A slight smile
Upstairs there's some ceremonial
daggers. I don't know how sharp
they are.
Ashemore runs upstairs, and returns a few moments later.

He hands Charlie one dagger, and gives Tori the other.

Ashemore keeps the axe for himself, and looks at everyone.
Dereck is empty-handed.
Hey, no, man. What about me? I
ain't got shit to defend myself.
Oh, yeah, right. Sorry.
Ashemore walks away and returns a moment later, handing
Dereck the pointed broom.
I think you can handle that,
That's hated. You give the girl a
knife and I get a broom?
Don't take offense. You look
really scary, man.
Ashemore walks towards the door, and the others follow,
Dereck lagging in the back.


Bitch gonna give me a damn broom.
I'm going to die. The black man
always dies.
Ashemore unlocks the museum doors, and looks back at

He takes off his trench coat.
The group steps outside, and cautiously begin walking.
It's quiet. Maybe they've all
And it's because of that thinking
that you're only a security guard
at a museum.
Fuck you.
You really have become an ass, you
know that?
Isn't it cool?
They slowly walk away from the museum, and Ashemore stops,
looking around.
What is it?
Something's not right.
Ashemore then cries out, and his right knee buckles from
under him. He clutches it and begins rubbing it.

He then yells again and falls to the ground, clutching his
left shoulder.


Ah, shit!
What is it? What's hurting you? I
don't see anything!
Ashemore arches his back, as if something stabbed into it.
He groans and gasps in pain.

In the sky, flying out from behind a building, is Witch
Tituba. She's got something in her hand. A doll.
                       WITCH TITUBA
'tis voodoo, man. Ya be feelin' it
right now, yeah? I got power.
Ultimate power. You give it to me.
Witch Tituba pulls a needle out of the doll's back, and
sticks it into its left hand.

On the ground, Ashemore balls his left hand into a fist,
yelling in pain.
                       WITCH TITUBA
'dey thought me for a witch. I am
now. Voodoo can be more den a
religion. I have my vengeance. You
Stop it! You're killing him!
                       WITCH TITUBA
Not yet, child.
Ashemore wriggles on the ground.
The doll! Get the doll!
Witch Tituba begins circling around them on her broom.
                       WITCH TITUBA
There's nothin' ya can do bout it.
Leave him alone! He didn't do
                       WITCH TITUBA
Neither did I. But it don' matter
if you're innocent or not. How
bout you child? You wanna turn


                       WITCH TITUBA (cont'd)
Witch Tituba cackles, and the dives down, headed straight
for Tommy.

Tori scoops him up, and begins running with him.
                       WITCH TITUBA
Ya can run, but ya can't hide from
Witch Tituba slams into Tori, knocking her down, and at the
same time, Tituba scoops up Tommy.
                       WITCH TITUBA
Gotcha child!
Tommy pokes Witch Tituba in the eye with one hand, and with
the other, he takes the doll from her, and falls off the

It's not a far fall, about ten feet.

Tommy pulls the needle out of the doll.

Witch Tituba rubs her eye, and then turns around, looking
down at Tommy.
                       WITCH TITUBA
You wanna play, huh child? Tituba
will play!
Ashemore runs towards a lamp post, and pulls the torch from

Tommy begins running, and Witch Tituba begins to pursue him.

Ashemore runs towards her.
Got something for you, bitch!
Witch Tituba turns around, and Ashemore throws the torch.

It slams into Tituba, and she bursts into flames. She
screams and cries and flails her arms.

Her broom takes her higher into the air, still burning


With one final shriek, Witch Tituba explodes in a huge
fireball, and then there is nothing.

Tori runs over to Tommy and hugs him.
Are you all right, Tommy? Oh,
you're such a big brave boy!
I'm okay. My knee really hurts. I
scraped it.
Ashemore walks over and pats Tommy on the back.
Nice moves, kid. You saved my ass.
Charlie and Dereck run over to them.
      (referring to
Is he okay?
Oh don't worry, I'm fine.
Tori release Tommy, and stands up, holding Tommy's hand.
That was the bitch that threw me
through the window, in case you
were wondering.
I wasn't.
The group gets moving, making their way through the town.
The group of heroes makes their way in front of City Hall,
where from inside, we hear shouts, shrieks, and cries.
That does not sound like a
friendly place.


The mayor could still be alive in
Doubt it.
Come on, he's the mayor, we can't
just leave him.
You want to jump in there, sparky?
Charlie looks down at his feet.
Well, no, I uh, was just saying.
Ashemore looks at Tori, who looks at him in a way that
pretty much says "You better get your ass in there."
Okay, fine. I'll go in and take a
Ashemore looks around. There's a van parked right down the
You guys go wait in the back of
that van. If I'm not back out in
ten minutes, leave town without
Shit, you don't have to tell me
The group turns and begins to head towards the van.

Ashemore grabs Tori's arm, and looks her in the eyes.
Be careful, all right?
I'm supposed to say that to you.
Yeah but you and I know you're way
too stubborn to do that.


Tori smiles at him, and leads herself and Tommy away.
      (calling back)
Good luck Mr. Ashemore!
Ashemore turns around and looks up at City Hall.

More shrieks and screams.

Ashemore flinches, shakes his head, and heads inside.
Mayor Hawthorne is huddled underneath his desk,
double-barrel shotgun in hand. He's terrified.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
What'd I do to deserve this?
Getting stuck being mayor in a
shitty town overrun by monsters. I
could've been a construction
worker. Or a chef.
There's banging on the office door, and Mayor Hawthorne
tries to compress himself into a smaller ball.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Shit. I'm going to die in here.
The door is busted open, and a Vampire comes flying through,
landing on its back on the floor.

Ashemore steps inside the office, and raises his axe high in
the air. He brings it down and it connects with a sickening

The Vampire dissolves, and Mayor Hawthorne pops up, aiming
the shotgun at Ashemore, who puts his hands up defensively.
Whoa, take it easy there, Mr.
Mayor. I believe I'm here saving
your ass.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Is everyone else dead?
Or missing, yeah.


                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Just what the hell has been going
Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but
you're mayor of this town.
Shouldn't you know the answer?
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
I'm just an elected official! I
hold no real power! I have no
answers! I'm a goddamn puppet!
That's a nice shotgun you got
there. Mind if i borrow it?
Ashemore takes the shotgun out of Mayor Hawthorne's hands,
and sets in on the desk. He then raises his axe into the
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
What are you doing!?
Ashemore brings it down, cutting the barrel, creating a
make-shift sawed-off shotgun. He picks it up off the desk,
and admires his handy-work.
That's more to my liking.
Ashemore looks at Mayor Hawthorne.
Got any more shells?
Mayor Hawthorne opens his desk drawer, and pulls out a box
of shells.

Ashemore opens the box, and begins stuffing his pockets with
the shells.
Now we're in business.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
You're going to get me out of here
alive, right?


Uh well, I'll definitely give it
my best shot. Not really sure
it'll be in one piece, though.
Mayor Hawthorne looks at him, mortified.
I'm kidding. Sort of. Let's go.
Ashemore tosses Mayor Hawthorne the axe.
Ashemore and Mayor Hawthorne make their way through the
entrance way, heading for the doors.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
You did manage to kill that big
monster, right?
Up above them, on the second floor balcony, a large WEREWOLF
creeps, watching them, completely unnoticed.

It's large and covered with brown fur. It's basically a big,
hulking dog with huge, sharp teeth, empty yellow eyes, and
sharp claws.
The vampire? Yeah, I got it. You
watched it dissolve and leave its
residue on your carpet.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
No. Not that one. The other one.
Other one?
The Werewolf begins to growl, and Ashemore turns around,
looking up.
Oh, fuck.
Ashemore grabs Mayor Hawthorne's arm, and the two run for
the door.

With a roar, the Werewolf jumps down and begins chasing
after them.

The two make it outside and close the door just in time.


The Werewolf slams into it, trying to break it.
Ashemore presses against the door as it splinters with each
Really? A werewolf? Give me a
The door shudders and splinters more as the Werewolf slams
into it again.

Ashemore looks at Mayor Hawthorne, who looks terrified.
See that van over there?
Mayor Hawthorne looks from the van back to Ashemore, nodding
his head.
Mayor Hawthorne turns and begins running, though he's not
very fast.

Ashemore continues to try to hold the door closed. It
shutters and begins to break.
Time to go.
Ashemore waits for the Werewolf to slam into the door again,
and then he takes off running after Mayor Hawthorne.

CRASH! The Werewolf explodes through the door, and skids
down the steps.

Ashemore is now right beside Mayor Hawthorne.
Faster! Faster! Run faster!
The Werewolf charges after them, and it's gaining on them
rather quickly.

Ashemore turns around and shoots the sawed-off.


The Werewolf takes the hit and stumbles, slowing down a bit,
but it's by no means finished with them.
Open the goddamn door!
The van doors open, and Ashemore pushes Mayor Hawthorne
inside, and then closes the doors.

He rolls out of the way, and the Werewolf slams into the
back of the van, destroying the back wheels.
Come on, beastie! I'm going to
kick the shit out of you and then
rub your nose it in like your
master should!
The Werewolf roars, and jumps on top of Ashemore, gnashing
its teeth.
Mayor Hawthorne looks around at everyone inside the van.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Hello. Everyone okay?
We're fine.
Where the hell is Ashemore?
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
The gentleman with the poor sense
of humor?
That'd be him.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
I do believe he's out there
fighting a...werewolf?
Mayaor Hawthorne sits there, not believing what he just
A werewolf!?


Cool! I've always wanted to see
The Werewolf continues to try and tear Ashemore's head off.

With one arm, Ashemore holds it at bay. With his other, he
places the barrel of the sawed-off underneath the Werewolf's
Chew on this, bitch!
BOOM! The blast takes half the Werewolf's head off.

Ashemore tosses the Werewolf off of him, and its body
convulses and flops about, still alive.

Ashemore reloads his sawed-off, looking at the thrashing,
headless beast.

The doors of the van open, and Tori jumps out, dagger in
Don't worry, I got it! Thanks for
the help!
Tori looks at the headless beast, then back at Ashemore.
It has no head. Why is it still
Werewolf. Needs silver. Did you
ever read a comic book?
Ashemore holsters the sawed-off using his belt.

He then takes a cigar out of his shirt pocket, and lights
it. He puffs, looking pretty bad ass.

Tori looks at his shoulder. It's bleeding. He was scratched
during the struggle.
You're hurt.


It's just a scratch. Why do you
I don't.
Tori searches for an excuse.
But...If you're scratched by a
werewolf, won't you turn into one?
So, you have read a comic book!
And no, it takes a bite. It's in
their saliva, sort of like snake
venom. Shall we get out of here,
Ashemore walks over to the van, and looks inside.
Come on, everyone out, we've got
some hiking to do.
Everyone jumps out of the van, and look at the thrashing

Tommy looks down the street.
What are those?
Ashemore turns to the direction Tommy is looking at.

Zombies. A lot of them. They're stumbling through the
Those would be the zombies I
mentioned earlier.
You didn't kill them all?
Ashemore looks at Charlie as if he's crazy.
What? Aren't you, like, a pro at
this kind of stuff?


I was a little outnumbered, all
right? Cut me some slack.
Yeah, he's good, but not that
Will you stop busting my balls?
I'm probably the only one that's
found use for them in a while. How
long's it been, Ashemore?
Ashemore bites his lip, and then flips off Tori.
We're wasting time. It's not safe
out here.
Ashemore and the gang begin walking down the road. They turn
the corner, and stop.

Up on the rooftop of one of the buildings, a Werewolf
appears, looking down at them.

Across the street, another one appears on the rooftop, and a
third appears from an alley.

Ashemore draws his shotgun and begins to back up.
I really hope you have a plan.
I'm thinking.
Ashemore turns around, looking at the slowly approaching
army of zombies at their rear.

In front of them, a figure drops down from the the sky,
apparently. He's tall, pale, and handsome. Flowing black
hair. Black cape. Sharply dressed. Fangs. COUNT DRAKKUS.
My guardians. Ferocious, aren't
Who are you, pal?


My name is unimportant.
You kind of look like a cheesy
Dracula knock-off to me.
Dracula? A over-blown, worked up
frump. His legends aren't based on
even a hint of truth of what he
really is. The writings of a mad
man, nothing more. No, I make
Dracula look like a harmless
Drakkus whistles, and the Werewolf in the alley walks over
to him.

It sits, and Drakkus begins stroking it like a pet.
They can be amazingly loyal,
werewolves. They're slaves under
my power. One snap of my finger,
and they will tear you to shreds.
                       WITCH OSBORNE (O.S.)
Not yet, Drakkus!
Drakkus looks up to the sky with a hiss.

WITCH OSBORNE slowly glides down on a broom. She's got dry,
brittle black hair. A crooked hooked nose, nasty teeth(some
of which are missing), and claw-like fingers. Her eyes are
pure white.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
I have not yet punished them, my
sweet. Your dogs have had enough
to eat, I think.
They are not dogs.
Witch Osborne raises her hand to silence Drakkus. A fireball
appears in her hand.

She looks from the group to Drakkus.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
You are not needed at the moment.


Drakkus bows.
As you wish, my queen.
Drakkus looks at the group and hisses. He then whistles, and
the Werewolves run off.

Drakkus then begins to shift. He morphs into a large
bat-like creature, and flies off into the night.

Witch Osborne looks at the Zombies slowly gaining ground on
the group.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
That won't do at all. Not yet.
Witch Osborne flies over behind the group, and throws fire
onto the ground, creating an impassable wall of fire.

Witch Osborne cackles, and flies in front of the group,
looking at them.

Her eyes rest on Mayor Hawthorne.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
Hathorne! There you are! We've
been loking everywhere for you!
Mayor Hawthorne looks around, then at the witch, pointing to
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Me? My name's Hawthorne.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
No, it's you. I can smell your
blood for miles. You're the only
one left that we want!
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Why me? What did I do?
                       WITCH OSBORNE
The sins of the father.
Ashemore pushes Mayor Hawthorne to the back.
You can't have him.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
Do you fear death?


Do you?
                       WITCH OSBORNE
It's not death I ever feared, but
dying. Have you any idea the pain
involved in being burnt alive? I
watched so many of my friends and
neighbors meet that fate,
helplessly tied there as the fire
melted their skin away all while
they screamed. The agony they
must've felt. I got it easy, I was
merely hanged. You'll have to tell
me first hand how that fire feels.
Why don't you ask Tituba!
Witch Osborne looks down at Tommy.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
Tituba? So, you sent her back, did
Mr. Ashemore burnt her to a crisp!
He'll do the same to you!
Ashemore looks back at Tommy.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
Ah, children. Such openness they
show. Ready to fight fire with
Yo man, I don't know if this is a
good idea.
Fuck it.
Ashemore raises his sawed-off, and fires.

Witch Osborne shrieks, and her broom spins, leading her
Come on!


The gang begins to run.

Witch Osborne struggles to gain control of her broom, while
at the same time launching fireballs at them.

When she gets control of her broom, she flies over the fire
wall, and it vanishes.

The Zombies stumble past.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
You will not escape!
Ashemore and the gang run inside a twisted, large library,
bolting the door behind them.

Witch Osborne circles the library, shrieking and cursing.

Suddenly, a sound shatters the air. It's a high-pitched

Witch Osborne stops, and looks towards the direction of the
                       WITCH OSBORNE
The master calls.
Witch Osborne flies away, and the Zombies stumble towards
the library.
The group look around at all the books.

The inside is lit with lanterns, but everything is covered
with an inch of dust and cobwebs.
Well, this is something new.
Where are we?
It looks like a library to me.
How astute.
Tommy picks a book off one of the shelves, and opens it.


From outside, the Zombies pound on the doors, walls, and
windows, trying to get in.
I don't think we can stay here.
They won't get in. Not for a
I don't know why the hell we're
still in this stupid town.
Shouldn't we be getting as far
away as possible from it, not
hiding inside it?
He's right. Why aren't we gone?
Ashemore motions to the sounds coming from outside.
We're kind of trapped right now.
Yeah, but before we weren't.
Well, I do believe I had to save
you at the museum, and then save
the mayor.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
And believe me, I appreciate it.
Wow, that's the first time anyone
has shown me gratitude in this
town tonight. Thank you.
      (to Hawthorne)
What's so special about you, why
does that witch want you so bad?
Tori scoffs, and looks at one of the book cases.


Somebody wasn't paying attention
during the tour.
Oh, I was paying attention...to
your ass.
Dereck starts laughing, and Ashemore shoots him an angry
look. The laughter stops immediately.
I'm flattered.
Tori pulls a book off the shelf, and sets it down, opening
Now pay attention children, I'm
going to give you a history
Jenny and Witch Osborne are standing in the attic, waiting.

The window is open, and a moment later, another witch, WITCH
GOOD, flies through the window to join them.

Witch Good has long blonde beautiful hair, bright blue eyes,
and is wearing a white gown, and, for the most part, looks
like a lovely person, aside from the sorrow in her eyes.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
My dear Sarah Good!
                       WITCH GOOD
Well met, Sarah Osborne. Where is
                       WITCH OSBORNE
Her time is up.
                       WITCH GOOD
Already? How dreadful.
Witch Good looks at Witch Osborne's shoulder, which was
wounded from the shotgun.
                       WITCH GOOD
You've been hurt.


                       WITCH OSBORNE
Yes, these people are much more
resilient than I would have
expected. A lot has changed in
four hundred years. No matter, we
carry on. Our vengeance will be
Witch Good says nothing, and instead looks away at Jenny.
                       WITCH GOOD
And who are you, girl?
Jenny fumbles her words, terrified.
M-m-my name is Jenny.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
She's a mortal. Why is she here?
                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)
She is the reason you are here.
She released the curse you three
set upon the town. Without her,
you'd still be in the burning
flames of hell, sitting on
Lucifer's poker.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
Mephisto, is that you?
                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)
It is I, awaiting to be brought
back to physical form. Awaiting on
the three. Then, we shall take our
vengeance upon man, and rule as we
                       WITCH GOOD
There are but two now.
There is silent for a moment.
                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)
The girl will take her place.
Jenny looks at the two witches, and begins to back up.
Look, really I'm not cut out for
this. I did my part. Just grant me
my request, and I'll be off.


                       WITCH OSBORNE
My dear, your part is just
Witch Osborne cackles, and lunges at Jenny.
The group is gathered around Tori, who has just finished
reading from the book.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Okay, so you're telling me that
those witches are after me because
my great-great-great grandfather
was a judge during their trials
that condemned them to death?
More or less, yeah. At least,
that's what I'm assuming. I still
don't know exactly what's going on
here, I just know my history on
the subject.
Damn, stupid white girls hold a
Tori glares at Dereck.
No offense.
Why haven't more police showed up
to help us?
Yeah, I can't get anything on the
That's what's been bothering me,
and why I haven't really led us
out in the open to get out of
What do you mean?


Think about it. All the screams
and cries and gunshots, and not a
single other squad car from
another town? It's strangely quiet
and empty out there. It's like
we're stuck in some sort of
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Just what are you suggesting?
I'm saying I think we're stuck.
It's like we're sealed in by
magic. A curse, actually. Why do
you think everything in the town
changed? I mean I'm no expert when
it comes to curses, but I've read
enough about them to know that
people can be trapped in a
particular event or time period
with no way out, and nobody
knowing until the curse is lifted.
How do we break the curse?
Now we're talking about curses?
Goddamn, man. I really am going to
Well, generally you break a curse
by destroying the source. Or
righting what was wrong.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
And how are we going to find the
source? We have no idea how this
curse was brought about.
Tori ponders for a moment, and then it clicks.
The Book of Spells! Of course,
that has to be it.
Everyone looks at her.


Back at the museum, one of the
artifacts is a so-called Book of
Spells that was found. Today
during the tour, it was missing.
Someone took it and read the
Ashemore pats her on the back with a smile.
There you go, now she's thinking!
I knew you had a brain somewhere
in there.
You want to talk about someone not
having a brain? Huh, Mr. I'm-
Okay, that's good. We'll just need
to find that book and we'll be on
our way.
Ashemore begins to walk away.
That's right walk away from a
confrontation with me just like a
pussy. Same old Ashemore, afraid
to deal with problems that really
Ashemore turns around, pissed.
Okay, you know what -
SMASH! One of the windows in the library smashes open.

Ashemore turns around in the direction of the breaking
Yo man, I thought you said those
Zombies couldn't get in?
The broken window is on the second
Oh, shit.


Charlie grips his knife, and Mayor Hawthorne readies his

Tommy ducks under the table.

The large bat-like creature swoops past them all, shrieking.

It circles the library, and then lands on the large
chandelier in the center, putting out the flames.

The bat transforms into Drakkus, who laughs.
Well, well. Trapped like rats, are
we not? I couldn't help but
overhear you talking. There is no
getting out of this town, and
there is no breaking the curse.
Your souls belong to us.
Ashemore draws his sawed-off.
Not yet, pal.
Oh, no, a gun. Please, don't
shoot. You might ruin the suit.
Drakkus laughs again, clearly amused with himself.

Drakkus then hisses, and two Vampires jump up through the
window, looking hideous.
It is customary for us to turn
humans when our numbers get low.
No thanks, asshole.
Oh, I like her. She's got
attitude. But as I was saying,
you've proved to be much more
trouble than you're worth. So, I
think I'll just tear your hearts
Drakkus hisses, and then jumps from the chandelier.

Everyone scrambles.


Dereck runs to the back of the library, hiding among the

Charlie and Mayor Hawthorne run for the second floor.

Tori and Ashemore pretty much stand their ground.

The two other Vampires join Drakkus on the first floor,
hissing at their prey.

Drakkus looks at Tori and Ashemore in amusement.
You have not fled. Do you not fear
your own death?
Only those in danger of damnation
fear their death.
Damnation. 'tis a beautiful thing.
Tori looks at Ashemore.
Are you ready to do this?
Your bravery amuses me greatly,
girl. What amuses me more is that
you think you actually have a
Tori picks an oil lamp off of the table, and heaves it at
one of the Vampires.

The oil lamp breaks open, engulfing the Vampire in flames.

The Vampire runs about, thrashing, igniting one of the
bookshelves. The fire begins to spread.
Foolish girl!
Drakkus lunges forward and backhands Tori, sending her
flying across the room.

Ashemore aims his sawed-off, but he's not fast enough.

Drakkus boots him in the chest, sending him soaring.


Drakkus looks to the Vampire that's not on fire.
Kill everyone else besides the
Mayor. These two are mine.
The Vampire hisses in approval, and runs deeper into the
library, looking for his prey.

Drakkus scurries over to Tori, and lifts her up off the
Didn't anyone ever tell you what
happens when you play with fire?
You get burned!
Tori spits in Drakkus' face.
Blow me, asshole.
Drakkus roars, and throws her across the room.

She slams into one of the bookshelves, and crumples to the

Ashemore blasts a hole into Drakkus' back with the
sawed-off, causing Drakkus to stumble.

Drakkus turns around with a roar, and is met by Ashemore,
who spears him.
Elsewhere in the library, Charlie and Mayor Hawthorne are
playing hide and seek with the other Vampire.

They weave in and out of the bookshelves, trying desperately
to lose the Vampire.

The Vampire silently walks down an aisle.

Suddenly, one of the bookshelves falls over on top of him.

Charlie and Mayor Hawthorne stand triumphantly on other side
of the fallen bookcase.

Charlie high-fives Mayor Hawthorne.


My man!
The Vampire roars from underneath the bookcase, and it
slowly begins to lift off the ground.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Oh, dear.
Behind the Librarian's desk, Dereck is huddled, clutching
the broom.
I'm not dying here. No way, no
Dereck begins to smell the smoke from the burning books and

He slowly peeks his head out from behind the desk, and sees
the fire, as well as Ashemore on top of Drakkus, slugging

Dereck ducks back down under the desk.
Damn, how they going to go and
burn down the only safe place in
this whole damn town. Shit.
Drakkus and Ashemore continue to fight as the fire spreads.

Drakkus throws Ashemore off of him, and jumps to his feet
with a snarl.
Stupid mortal, you cannot kill me.
I am forever!
Drakkus walks over to Ashemore, and kicks him in the ribs,
sending him spiraling through the air, closer to the fire.

Drakkus picks Ashemore up, and slams him against a
bookshelf, strangling him.

Ashemore struggles to pry Drakkus' hands from around his


Just stop. Let you life slip away.
Give in.
Back at the Librarian's desk, Dereck sticks his head out,
and sees Drakkus strangling Ashemore.

Dereck ducks back down.
Shit. He's going to kill our guy.
I need to get my ass out of here.
In the library, the fire has spread fiercely.

Charlie and Mayor Hawthorne are now not only worried about
the Vampire, but also dodging the flames and falling debris.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Where's the vampire?
I don't know. I can't see anything
in this shit!
The Vampire lunges out of the smoke, and grapples with Mayor
Hawthorne, who drops his axe from shock.

The Vampire snarls, and then stops for a second to examine
his prey.
                       CHARLIE (O.S.)
Smile, you son of a bitch!
The Vampire turns around in time to see Charlie swing the
axe with all his might.

It then falls to the ground, headless, and begins to

Mayor Hawthorne looks at Charlie in amazement, and Charlie
realizes what he did. He beams.
Holy shit! That was awesome! Did
you see that? Oh, man, oh, man!
Watch out, bitches, there's a new
sheriff in town!


Flaming debris falls down next to him, and Charlie jumps
away with a high-pitched scream.

Drakkus still has Ashemore pinned, and is still choking him.
Ashemore is struggling to stay conscious.

Ashemore looks to the side, and sees Tori still on the
ground, the flames getting closer to torching her.

Ashemore continues to struggle, though his attempts are
getting weaker.
Just let it happen.
Drakkus suddenly cries out in pain, and a broom handle is
shoved all the way through his chest, stabbing into
Ashemore's ribs.

Ashemore groans in pain.

Drakkus pulls away from Ashemore, who drops to the ground
with a grunt.

Drakkus turns around to see Dereck standing there, looking
Oh shit, you ain't dead!
Drakkus emits a high-pitched whistle, and then pulls the
broom from his body.

Ashemore gets to his feet and pulls Tori away from the fire,
it was just inches from her.

Drakkus grabs Dereck, and impales him with the broom. Dereck
lets out a grunt, and then gasps as Drakkus drives it

Charlie and Mayor Hawthorne run to the area in time to see
this unfold, and then look away in horror.

Drakkus smiles at Dereck, whose life slowly starts to slip


Don't fuck with me.
Drakkus then tosses Dereck away into the flames.

Charlie runs forward with a yell, and whacks Drakkus in the
back with the axe.

Charlie pulls it out, and Drakkus turns around, roaring, and
backhands Charlie, sending him flying.

There's a crash, and a Werewolf bursts through one of the
first floor windows, and it leaps right into the flames.

It howls and yelps in pain as the flames engulf it.
Drakkus then begins to morph into his bat form.

As he does, a second Werewolf comes crashing through, only
to meet the same fate as the first.
From outside, it can be seen that the entire top floor of
the library is burning, as is the majority of the bottom

Several Zombies are walking around, on fire.

The front door explodes open, and the flaming Werewolves
burst out, and begin running around like chickens with their
heads cut off.
Drakkus has completed his transformation into the large bat

Ashemore scoops Tori up in a fireman carry, and then draws
his sawed-off.

He blasts a hole into one of the wings of the bat creature,
which then emits a shriek.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
We need to get out of here. This
place is coming down!


The bat creature struggles to fly, to no avail. The hole in
its wing is too large.

Charlie grabs Tommy from under the table, and the group
begins to head for the exit of the library.

The bat creature makes its way towards them, desperate to
kill them.

Ashemore turns around and blasts another hole in its leg,
and then exits the library.

The bat creature shrieks again, and the roof of the library
then collapses onto it.
The group runs outside of the library, just as the whole
thing begins to collapse upon itself.

They run past the Zombies, and don't stop until they run
inside what appears to be a Bake Shop of sorts.
Ashemore sets Tori down on a table, and looks around.
Water. She needs to water. Look
for water!
Tommy runs behind the counter, looking for water.

He returns a minute later with a wooden bucket filled with

He hands it to Ashemore.
She's going to be okay, right?
She better be.
Ashemore dips his hands in the water, and rubs the water all
over her face and the back of her neck.

He continues this process.
Come on, wake up.


Tori does not stir. Ashemore continues with the water.
Tori, wake up! Victoria! Get your
ass up!
Still nothing. The group looks solemn.
First Dereck, now her.
Shut up! Don't even say that.
She's fine!
Ashemore uses more water, trying to bring her back to
Come on, wake up. Wake up, baby.
Please wake up, baby.
Ashemore checks her pulse.
You're alive. Come on, wake up.
She might be in a coma, man.
Ashemore looks at Charlie fiercely.
I won't tell you again.
Ashemore splashes more water onto her face, then more, then

Finally, Tori's hands shoot up, grasping Ashemore's wrist.
She sputters.
What the hell are you trying to
do, drown me?
Ashemore starts laughing, and the rest of the group smiles.

Tori sits up, and Ashemore hugs her. He quickly lets her go,
and walks away, grunting.

Tommy hugs Tori.


You scared us.
I'm sorry, I won't do that again.
Tori looks around the Bake Shop. No Dereck.
Where's Dereck?
Charlie looks at his feet. Mayor Hawthorne clears his
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
He didn't make it out of the
Ashemore grabs a loaf of bread from behind the counter, and
walks over to the group.
Eat if you're hungry. You need
your strength.
He sets the bread down, and then walks over to the dirty
window, looking out into the streets.
It's unreal out there.
Tori gets up off the table, and walks over to Ashemore,
standing next to him.

She looks at him, but he does not return the glance.
Look at me.
Ashemore sighs and turns around to face her, still avoiding
eye contact.

Tori grabs his chin, and makes him look at her.
Thank you for pulling me out of
It was nothing.
Ashemore goes to walk away, but Tori grabs his arm, and
pulls him back so he's facing her again.


I mean it.
So do I. It was nothing. No big
deal, all right? So just forget
it. Damn.
Ashemore walks away.
Do you really have to be such an
asshole all the time?
We have to keep moving.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Well like you said, we're not
getting anywhere while this town
is still cursed. So what's the
I don't know.
That's a real big help. "Keep
moving, but I don't know where
we're going or what we're doing."
Ashemore breaks off a hunk of break, and chews on it,

He then takes out his sawed-off and reloads it.
All right, let's think here for a
Ashemore then takes out his handgun, and checks the ammo.

Tori glances over at the group, and then back out the
Mr. Mayor, take this.
Ashemore hands Mayor Hawthorne the gun.


                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
I can't use this thing. I've never
even shot one before.
And you've probably never been in
a fist fight before either, am I
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Well, more or less.
Trust me, it's easier to point and
pull a trigger than it is to
fight. Charlie, give me the axe,
keep the knife.
Charlie does as he's asked, and then Ashemore hoists himself
up onto the table, taking a seat.
Now this is just guesstimation,
but I'm betting the witches
must've made a deal with the devil
before they died, which is why all
this is happening.
Okay. And?
Well the devil wouldn't strike a
deal with anyone unless there was
something in it for him, am I
Yeah. The devil always wants
something. He usually tricks the
person to get it, though.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
It's nice to have a comic book
expert here.
I go to church. They teach that in
Sunday school.
Now, the question is, what deal
was made, and who made it?


Mayor Hawthorne ponders for a moment.

Tori continues looking out the window. Something catches her
Outside, Jenny is scurrying about, her hands filled with
supplies for something.
Ashemore turns around and looks at Tori.
What was that?
Jenny did it. Look!
Ashemore hurries over to the window and looks out of it.
Now where do you suppose she's
going with all that stuff, huh?
Want to find out?
Come on. We're following her.
Jenny makes her way to the Town Square, passing a horde of
Zombies that just simply ignore her.

She approaches the fountain, lifts up a grate right next to
it, and begins to climb down.

In the distance, Ashemore and the group watch.
Why aren't they attacking her? I
don't understand.
She must be marked. They know


Marked? This is sounding more and
more like a silly video game or
comic book story.
Ashemore turns to face the group, and motions over to the
Gothic looking church.
I'm going to follow her down
there, see what's going on, and
try to stop this. I want you all
to head for that church, and
barricade the doors.
No, man. We can't let you face
whatever is down there alone.
We're in this together.
I admire your bravery, but I can't
let anyone else die. Please, just
do this.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Well, you most certainly don't
have to tell me twice.
Mayor Hawthorne begins heading for the church.

Charlie looks at Ashemore, shakes his head, and goes after
the Mayor.

Tori looks at Ashemore.
Same old Ashemore, always trying
to be the hero.
I told you to stop calling me
that. I'll be fine. Take Tommy and
go to the church.
Ashemore readies his axe, and takes out his sawed-off, and
heads into the Town Square, ready for battle.

Tori watches mournfully, then turns and leads Tommy to the
Is he going to be okay?


I hope so.
In the Town Square, the Zombies all take notice of the
approaching Ashemore, and make their way towards him.
Come on, remember me from the
graveyard? Yeah, I'm back,
bitches. Think you can take this?
Huh? Bring it!
Ashemore fires his sawed-off, blowing the head off a Zombie,
he then swings his axe into the skull of another, and blows
a hole in yet another Zombie's chest.
                       TORI (O.S.)
Nice moves!
Ashemore turns around in shock, and sees Tori kicking the
shit out of a Zombie. She ends its life with a knife through
the skull.
What the hell are you doing?
Ashemore decapitates a Zombie with the axe.
I told you to get to the church!
Ashemore reloads his sawed-off.

Tori snaps a Zombie's neck.
Since when have I ever listened to
Ashemore shoulder tackles a Zombie to the ground, and blows
its head off.
Never. One of the reasons we
didn't work out!
Tori repeatedly stabs a Zombie in the torso, then trips it
to the ground, and snaps in neck with her legs.

She quickly jumps back up.


Oh, so it was my fault, was it?
Okay, Mr. I'm Afraid of
Ashemore cuts down a Zombie.
Do you really want to discuss this
Tori buries her knife into a Zombie's skull, and then boots
another in the face.
This is probably the only time you
can't run away!
I never run away!
Bullshit! You always ran away from
our problems! That's why we never
settled anything, because it just
got shoved underneath the bed!
Tori slashes a Zombie's throat open and kicks it's head off.

Ashemore blasts another Zombie to the ground, and kicks
another, sending it crashing into two other Zombies.
You know what the problem was? You
were too goddamn pushy about
Pushy? Because I wanted to know
what was going on inside your
head? And how you felt about me?
No, you were pushy about
everything. You were nothing but a
pain in the ass!
By now, the two have made their way to the grate, and
Ashemore opens it.


Oh, eat me, Gabriel!
Been there, done that, tastes
Ashemore then grabs Tori and kisses her.

While they kiss, Witch Osborne flies up out of the grate,
cackling, and heads for the church.

Ashemore and Tori watch as she circles the church.
She's after the mayor.
They'll have to hold out.
Tommy. I can't leave him.
Go save them. I'll be fine.
Tori turns to leave. Ashemore grabs her arm, and kisses her
Be safe.
Ashemore jumps down the opening, and Tori runs past the
approaching Zombies, towards the church.
It isn't a sewer or irrigation system down here. Instead,
it's dark, rocky, jagged catacombs.

Ashemore looks around, struggling to see in the dark.

Up ahead, dim light appears.
Yeah, sure. Let's see what else is
in store for me tonight.
Ashemore heads for the light.

As he rounds a corner, the source of the light becomes


Using a little wooden staff, a small, green GREMLIN is
creating fireballs that float in mid-air.

The Gremlin is a little green creature, maybe two feet tall.
It has pointy ears and jagged little teeth. Large, round
eyes. Almost kind of cute to look at.

The Gremlin itself is floating around, lighting the tunnels.

There are several of them scooting around the various
tunnels of the catacombs.

They don't notice Ashemore.
WITCH OSBORNE flys around the church, cackling, heckling,
and basically being a pain in the ass, trying to get the
group to come out of the church.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
Little pigs, little pigs, let me
come in! You have to come out some
time my dears! You can't stay
inside the church forever. God
can't save you!
Witch Osborne cackles and tosses a fireball at the roof of
the church, which slowly begins to burn and spread.
Mayor Hawthorne, Charlie, and Tommy huddle by the altar,
looking around, listening to Witch Osborne from the outside.
Jesus, she's relentless! She wants
you bad, Mr. Mayor.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Really? You don't say! I hadn't
The window shatters, and a fireball explodes onto the floor.
She's going to burn it down! What
do we do?


                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
If we go out there, she'll get us.
Yeah, but if we stay here, we're
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Goddamn it, I hate this town!
Another window shatters, and another fireball.
We gotta put out the fire. Get
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Yeah kid, I'll just pull some
water out of my ass.
This is a church! At my church the
priest always touched us with holy
I bet he touched you with more
than holy water, kid.
Tommy looks at him, confused.
Charlie laughs, and then begins looking for holy water,
which is in a large basin by the altar.
Got it!
Tommy runs around the church, looking for something to put
it in.

The janitor apparently didn't finish mopping, as there is a
bucket in the corner. Tommy grabs it.

He runs over to the basin and hands Charlie the bucket.

Charlie fills the bucket with the water, and proceeds to
douse the flames.


Outside, Zombies have begun to head for the church. They're
getting close to setting foot on the church grounds.

Witch Osborne is back to tossing fireballs onto the roof of
the church.

Tori trucks her way past the zombies and makes her way onto
the church grounds.

She looks up at Witch Osborne, ready to fight.
Hey! Bitch! Down here!
Witch Osborne turns her attention down to Tori. She smiles.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
Ah, you again! How delightful!
Care for some fire?
Witch Osborne throws a fireball at Tori, who jumps out of
the way.
Ashemore continues heading down the catacombs, and comes
upon another Gremlin.

The Gremlin's back is turned to Ashemore, and Ashemore
slowly creeps behind it, trying to sneak past it.

Ashemore stumbles on a rock, and the Gremlin hears him. It
turns around, and jumps back in fright with a weird grunt.

The two look at each other, wide-eyed, not sure what to do

The Gremlin then makes a higher pitched grunt, and darts
down another tunnel, apparently terrified.

Ashemore relaxes, and chuckles.
Timid little fuckers.
Ashemore begins walking again, this time completely care

Suddenly, from the other tunnel that the Gremlin took off
down, light begins to approach. Light from a torch maybe.


Ashemore stops, and readies his axe and sawed-off.

A moment later, two Gremlins appear from out of the tunnel,
lighting the way.

They look at Ashemore, grunt, and continue down the other

Again, Ashemore sighs relief. But there's something else.

Something is scittering down the tunnel the Gremlins just
came out of. Something moving quickly. Something that sounds
like it has several legs.

A GIANT SPIDER scitters out of the tunnel, mandibles

Ashemore takes off running.
That's a big fucking spider!
The Giant Spider pursues him.
Charlie puts out yet another fire, and then stops to look
out the window.
The Zombies begin to step onto the church grounds, and as
soon as they do, they keel over and die.

Charlie watches several of them do this.
Charlie backs away from the window.
That's odd.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
The zombies. They can't get close
to the church. They just keep
dropping dead.


                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
What? How is that possible?
Beats me.
It's because this is a church.
Mayor Hawthorne and Charlie both turn and look at Tommy.
You know, church is a safe place.
Holy ground.
Huh? There aren't any holes in the
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
It's Hallowed Ground. And he's
right. Of course.
Mayor Hawthorne ponders for a moment.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
I've got an idea.
Tori continues to dodge Witch Osborne's fire attacks, and
she's getting annoyed, because she can't reach the witch.
Come on down here! Fight fair!
I'll kick your ass so hard your
ancestors will feel it!
                       WITCH OSBORNE
That's no way for a lady to talk!
I'm not a lady. I'm a woman. A
tough bitch that's going to fuck
your day up when I get my hands on
Witch Osborne cackles, and tosses another fireball at the
church roof. The flames have spread pretty far across the
roof now.


                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE (O.S.)
Over here, witch!
Witch Osborne looks back to the ground, and spots Mayor
Hawthorne running around the church grounds.
                       WITCH OSBORNE
Ah, there you are!
Witch Osborne takes off after Mayor Hawthorne.
Mr. Mayor! What are you doing!?
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Get inside the church!
Mayor Hawthorne keeps running. He's hauling ass. One
wouldn't think someone his age and size could run like this,
but he's doing it, circling the church.

Witch Osborne flies right behind him, gaining on him. Her
arm is outstretched, ready to scoop him up.

Suddenly, Mayor Hawthorne turns around and splashes water
all over her. He has the bucket in his hand.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Go to hell!
Witch Osborne shrieks and cries and clutches her face as the
water works like acid on her.

She thrashes around on her broom, trying to stay on it and
peel the water off of her somehow.

She falls off the broom, and begins walking along the church

Smoke begins to pour from her feet, and they catch fire.

Suddenly, she turns to stone and explodes.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Mayor Hawthorne dusts himself off and heads inside the


Ashemore continues running down the catacombs, and the Giant
Spider follows, getting closer every second.
I hate spiders.
Ashemore fires off a blind shot behind him at the Giant
Spider, and luckily, he manges to blow a hole in one of its
front legs. It stumbles, but quickly regains its step.

The Giant Spider then shoots some web out, and it lands on
Ashemore's feet.

He trips, stumbles, and falls.

In an instant, the Giant Spider is on him.

Ashemore turns over onto his back and faces the Giant
Its fangs drip with saliva and poison.

With one of its legs, it pins down Ashemore.
Ah, shit.
Ashemore struggles to move his pinned arm free so that he
can raise his sawed-off and blow the Giant Spider's head
off, but he can't. It's a lot stronger than he is.

So Ashemore does the only thing he can.

Using his free arm, he swings the axe into the Giant
Spider's leg that is pinning him down.

It severs it with a sickening THWACK, and the Giant Spider
backs up a bit, making a sort of cry of pain.
What's the big deal? You've got
seven more.
Ashemore stands up, and swings the axe again, cutting into
the Giant Spider's other front leg.

It doesn't quite sever it, so Ashemore strikes it again,
this time splitting it into two pieces.

Again, the Giant Spider makes a sort of cry, and then
Ashemore raises his sawed-off and blasts a hole in the Giant
Spider's face.


The Giant Spider crumples to the ground, dead.

Ashemore reloads the sawed-off.
Giant spiders. Natures reminder
that I am, in fact, still a little
Ashemore finishes reloading the sawed-off, and checks to see
if he has any more shells. He doesn't.
Damn. Last shots. Better make 'em
Ashemore continues down the tunnel.
In the catacombs, there is a large chamber. In the center of
the chamber is a large pentagram. In the center of the
pentagram is a large cauldron, which is bubbling. A smoke
screen covers the surface of its contents. There are candles

Witch Good is standing there, as is Jenny. Jenny looks both
confused and terrified.

Witch Good places something into the cauldron, and then
begins to chant.
                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)
Yes, that's it. The ritual is
almost complete.
Witch Good continues to chant, and then, after a flash of
light, the contents in the cauldron begin to glow a bright
                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)
And now, the sacrifice! The blood
of the willing!
Witch Good turns her attention to Jenny, who begins to back


The blood of the willing? Um, no.
I'm definitely not willing to
offer my blood. This is as far as
I go. Just stay away from me.
Witch Good takes out a dagger, and slowly approaches Jenny.
                       WITCH GOOD
I'm sorry, I really am. I don't
want to, but it must be done, or
my soul can never rest.
You don't have to do this. Trust
                       MEPHISTO (O.S.)
Do it! Do it now!
Witch Good suddenly shoots something out of her hand. It's
blue. Ice.

It freezes Jenny's feet right where she stands. She can't
No! Stop! Let me go! Help!
Witch Good approaches her, dagger raised.
It has started to rain, and the flames on the roof begin to
The group is still huddled in the church, waiting.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
How are we supposed to know if he
does it or not?
We're just going to have to wait
and see if he comes back.
Mr. Ashemore will do it. He's
strong and smart.


                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
I hope you're right, kid. I don't
want to die here.
None of us do, but right now, we
can do nothing but wait.
That was a good idea out there, by
the way, Mr. Mayor.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Hm? Oh you mean the holy water. It
was nothing.
It was quick thinking.
You saved us.
Mayor Hawthorne thinks about this for a moment.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
I guess I did, didn't I? Maybe I'm
not such a bad mayor after all.
Yeah if you run for re-election
next year, you've got my vote.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
You're completely off your rocker
if you think I'm staying in this
town if we make it through
A look of concern crosses Tommy's face.
What about me? Where will I go? An
orphanage like in Annie?
Tori pulls Tommy over to him and hugs you.
Don't you worry about anything
like that, honey.


I don't have any parents anymore.
My mom died when I was born. Dad
was all I have. I won't go to an
orphanage. I won't. I'll run away.
Tori sits there holding him, deep in thought.
Witch Good grabs Jenny's wrist, and then stabs the dagger
into Jenny's palm.

Jenny gasps from the pain, and then spits at Witch Good, who
ignores it.
                       WITCH GOOD
I really am sorry about all this.
It will all be over soon. Fret
Witch Good walks over to the cauldron, and drops the
blood-stained dagger into it.

There's another flash of light. The cauldron begins to
bubble and boil over, and turns into a bright blue.

There's another bright flash, and everything goes dark.

A moment later, dim white light shines through the cauldron,
and from out of the cauldron rises a SKELETON.

The Skeleton then begins to grow muscles and tendons, and it
is then covered with flesh and hair.

MEPHISTO stands before them, and steps out of the cauldron.

He snaps his fingers, and a black suit appears on him.
Businessman from hell.

Jenny watches this in horror.

Mephisto has jet black hair that is slicked back. Pale skin.
Red lips. Black eyes. Handsome face.
      (to Witch Good)
Thank you, my dear. You performed


Witch Good then bows her head, almost as if in shame.
                       WITCH GOOD
It was my pleasure, master.
Everything I do, I do for you, my
Mephisto then looks at the terrified Jenny.
Well, well. And of course none of
this would have been possible
without you. Good work.
Who-who are you? Really?
Is that really what matters right
now? No. What's done is done. You
did your part.
Jenny trembles in fear, but looks Mephisto in the eyes.
And what about you? Are you going
to do your part?
Mephisto laughs dryly.
My amusement will never cease when
it comes to how naive humans are.
Mephisto looks to Witch Good.
If you would be so kind as to kill
her. That would be delightful.
                       WITCH GOOD
As you wish, master.
Master. I like that. A name I
haven't heard since I bent Judy
Garland over Lucifer's throne.
You lying motherfucker!
Mephisto turns to Jenny with disgust on his face.


Hey. Language.
As Witch Good approaches Jenny, Ashemore steps from the
shadows into the chamber, sawed-off raised and axe ready at
his side.
I don't think so.
Mephisto looks at Ashmore, who stands in front of Jenny,
glaring at Witch Good and Mephisto.
Ah, the hero. Come to save the
day, have we? Unfortunately,
there's nothing you can do.
Sure there is. I can blow a hole
where your face used to be, kill
that witch, and take the girl.
Mephisto smiles, clearly amused by this statement.
You make it all sound so
It is.
Mephisto extends his arms out to the side, offering himself.
Then please, by all means, do it.
Asuage me.
Stop talking.
Ashemore fires the sawed-off, blowing a gory black hole into
Mephisto's face. He falls to the ground.

Ashemore grabs Jenny's hand, and turns to leave. Jenny
doesn't move.

Ashemore turns and looks at her.
I can't go anywhere.


Oh yes you can.
Ashemore pulls her again.
No. Seriously. I can't. Look at my
Ashemore looks down at her frozen feet and frowns.

He turns his attention to Witch Good, who is simply standing
there, watching.

He points the sawed-off at her.
Free her. Now.
                       WITCH GOOD
I myself cannot free her. I am
bound to him. It is just ice. It
will melt. I have done what I
needed to do, and my soul can find
peace, whatever happens.
Ashemore looks around, and then runs and grabs a candle. He
hands it to Jenny.
Thaw yourself. Where's the
It's at the top point of the
There's laughter from behind Ashemore, and he turns around.

Mephisto is standing up, and the hole in his face fills back
up, and disappears, leaving him looking handsome as if
nothing happened.
Dude, what the fuck?
Mephisto's smile leaves his face.


Mephisto snarls, grabs Ashemore, and throws him across the

Before Ashemore can even land, Mephisto is over there, grabs
him in mid-air, and throws him again.

Ashemore slams into a bunch of candles and his back catches

He rolls and puts it out, groaning.
It's not as easy as you hoped it
would be, is it?
Ashemore climbs to his feet.
That's fine by me. I like a
I like a resiliant man.
Are you coming on to me?
Mephisto snarls and slugs Ashemore repeatedly in the face.

Meanwhile, Jenny has mostly thawed the ice, and breaks free.

She begins to run down the tunnel, trying to leave the

Mephisto notices.
      (to Witch Good)
Go after her! Kill her!
Witch Good looks at Mephisto, and shakes her head.
                       WITCH GOOD
I have fulfilled our deal,
Mephisto. Nothing more is required
of me. I do not wish to take
innocent lives.
Mephisto growls, and then looks Ashemore in the eyes.
You're going to die, and then I'm
going to kill the girl as well.
Everyone you've saved tonight will


                       MEPHISTO (cont'd)
burn. And soon, the world will
You know, you talk some mad shit,
and I don't think you can back it
I won't tell you again. Language.
Mephisto headbutts Ashemore, and slams him to the ground.
Tell me, with what shall I kill
Mephisto creates a fireball in his hand.

Ashemore begins crawling away on his back from Mephisto.
Mephisto puts out the flames, and a ball of electricity
appears in his hand.
The electricity fades, and a spiked mace appears in his

Ashemore's hand rests on his sawed-off, unknown to Mephisto.
Or perhaps I'll just get medieval
on your ass.
Ashemore smirks.
Ashemore raises the sawed-off and fires his final shot.

The blast blows a hole into Mephisto's chest, and black gore
explodes from it.

Mephisto stumbles back, laughing.

Ashemore turns around and crawls away.


You're not a very fast learner,
are you?
Ashemore picks up his axe, and turns to Mephisto.
Yes. I am.
Ashemore raises the axe, and Mephisto sees what's he's
doing. The Spellbook.
As Ashemore brings the axe down, Mephisto tosses a lightning
ball at him.

The axe connects with the book, and the book bleeds.

The lightning ball slams into Ashemore, who stumbles back as
the electricity courses through his body.

Mephisto doubles over as if in pain.
Ashemore struggles back up, and brings the axe back down,
splitting the book in half.

Mephisto shouts again in pain, and fire begins to sprout
from several different areas on his body.

Ashemore continues to hack at the spellbook, and with each
whack, more fire sprouts from Mephisto.
Lucifer is going to be so mad at
And, in a huge fireball, Mephisto is gone.

The catacombs turn pitch black, and then, bright, white

Ashemore struggles to see in the blinding light.

Witch Good looks up towards the heavens, and then back down
at Ashemore.


                       WITCH GOOD
For so long, we were filled with
such hate and a taste for
vengeance for what man had done to
us. We, the accused, set a curse
to destroy Salem as it had
destroyed us. Filled with hate, we
waited for this moment. My sisters
did not see what we were doing,
though. We were taking innocent
lives, as they had done so many
years ago. They did not see we had
become as our accusors, but I was
bound by the curse, unable to act.
You set me free. I am eternally
greatful. Thank you.
Witch Good begins floating, and disappears in the bright
white light.

There's another explosion, and the light expands in a fast
rush, knocking Ashemore off his feet.
The white light encompasses all of Salem, and in an instant,
it's gone.
The group inside the church all look around.

The candles and old fashioned look is gone, and has been
replaced with modern lights and electricity. The church is
back to normal.

They all stand up, looking around in awe.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Well, I'll be damned.
He did it.
I knew he could do it. I told you
he'd do it! And see, he did it!
Woo! Yeah, Mr. Ashemore! You rock!
Tori smiles.


You did it.
The group slowly make their way to the church doors, and
open them.
The group steps outside the church, and look at their

Salem is back to normal. It's a present-day town yet again,
complete with street lights and electricity and normal

The monsters are all gone, but the town is still and quiet.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Would you look at this? It's over.
He really did it.
They look down towards the town square, and, from out of the
sewer, stumbles Jenny.

She looks around, terrified, and sees the group by the

She runs over to them.
You've got to help me! They're
coming! I'm so sorry. I didn't
mean to. Please. I'm sorry.
She's practically hysteric.

Tori lets go of Tommy's hand and embraces the crying Jenny.
Shhh. Shh. It's okay. Everything
is okay now. It's over. You're
safe. Shh.
I really didn't mean for this to
happen. I didn't know. My
grandmother's dying, she's the
only family I've got left. He came


                       JENNY (cont'd)
to me and told me that he would
save her if I did something for
him. I didn't know! I swear I
I know, I know.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Well, what's done is done. You did
what you did, and these were the
consequences. As they say, no use
crying over spilled milk.
But Jenny cries anyway.

Tommy looks back at the sewer opening by the fountain.
Where is he? Why didn't he come
out yet?
The rest of the group look towards the fountain, and there's
no sight of Ashemore.

Tori lets go of Jenny and looks her in the eyes.
Jenny, where's Gabriel? Did you
see what happened to him?
Jenny shakes her head, getting control of herself.
He came and saved me. They were
going to kill me. He told me to
run away, so I did. I ran as fast
as I could. I didn't look back.
I'm sorry, but I don't know.
The catacombs are now once again the sewers they should be.

Ashemore is lying face up in water, not moving.

A rat crawls across his body, and he starts to stir.

He opens his eyes to find the rat staring back at him.


He screams, and quickly jumps up, knocking the rat off of
Ashemore looks around at his surroundings, and begins
walking down the tunnels.
Dawn is quickly approaching, and the sun has just now
started to lighten up the sky a bit. The rain has ceased.

The group makes their way over to the fountain.

Tori walks over to the sewer opening and looks down.
Gabe! Gabe, can you hear me?
Answer if you can hear me! Gabe!
Tori begins to descend into the sewers when a hand grabs her

She screams and looks down, only to see Ashemore smiling up
at her.

She climbs back out of the sewer, and Ashemore follows.
Believe me, I can hear you. This
whole damn city can hear you.
Asshole, you scared me.
Ashemore takes out a cigar, and lights it. He puffs several
times, and looks at Tori.
We've been fighting monsters all
night, and THAT scared you? Does
anyone else see something wrong
here? There's something wrong with
your head. You should get yourself
checked out, seriously.
Ashemore chuckles, as do Charlie and Mayor Hawthorne.

Tori punches Ashemore's arm, hard.


Ashemore looks at Charlie and extends his hand.
Charlie my man, you did it. You
Charlie shakes his hand, smiling.
Couldn't have done it without you.
Bullshit. That was all you, my
friend. You handled yourself very
well for a rent-a-cop. You should
look in to becoming the real
Really? You think so? I don't
know, I think maybe I've seen
enough action.
You're young.
Ashemore then shakes Mayor Hawthorne's hand.
Mr. Mayor.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Thank you for saving this city,
and my life.
Ashemore smiles, and leans closer to Mayor Hawthorne.
Between you and me, I hate
politicians. If it were up to me,
I would've fed you to the wolves.
Ashemore then backs up and winks.

Mayor Hawthorne adjusts his tie and clears his throat,
feeling a little uneasy.

Ashemore looks at Jenny, whose eyes are red from crying.


Let me give you a piece of advice,
little lady. If a mysterious voice
asks you to perform a ritual for
it, don't. It's never going to
turn out good.
Ashemore turns to Tori.
And as for you -
Ashemore grabs her and pulls her close.

He kisses her. Passionately.

They break away, and Ashemore looks her in the eyes.
I'm still in love with you. Feel
like giving this rotten son of a
bitch one more go?
Whether this rotten son of a bitch
can commit.
I don't commit to anything except
my job. But would you really have
me any other way?
Tori smiles, and kisses Ashemore again.

They stop, and Ashemore looks down at Tommy.
Hey kid, how you holding up?
I'm okay.


This is kind of a good-news,
bad-news situation for you. The
bad news is, you'll be one fucked
up individual when you grow up who
will need a lot of therapy for the
Tori smacks Ashemore across the face.
The good news is, you'll be one
creative and successful person.
You like comic books? Think of how
many you could make from this.
Comics, video games, movies. You
name it, you can do it. Hollywood
is begging for originality. I
mean, when was the last time you
saw a movie that didn't have a
number or remake attached to it?
And if that doesn't work out for
you, come see me. I'll have some
work for you.
Tommy smiles.
Okay! Thanks, Mr. Ashemore!
Tommy runs up and hugs Ashemore.
Oh, no you don't, Gabriel
Ashemore. You are not going to get
him into your line of work. We
don't need another you running
So you don't want kids, then?
Ashemore winks at Tori, who looks shocked.

Tori then looks down at Tommy, who is still hugging

Ashemore looks down at Tommy, and then at Tori.

From the look on Tori's face, it's apparent she's asking if


they'll take care of Tommy.

Ashemore nods his head in understanding and agreement.

Ashemore kneels down and looks Tommy in the eyes.
Would you want to stay with me and
Tori? We'll take care of you.
Could I?
Tommy looks back at Tori, whose eyes have begun to slightly
tear. She nods her head, smiling.

Ashemore then looks at Mayor Hawthorne.
So, Mr. Mayor, what now?
Mayor Ashemore looks around.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Let's get the hell out of here.
I'll let the state handle this.
Finally, a good idea from a
The group begins walking down the road.
As the group walks down the street, down an alley, something
stirs in one of the large dumpsters.

Everyone looks over, not knowing what to expect.

Ashemore walks over to the dumpster, and opens it, ready to

Out of the dumpster pops Jack.
No! Don't eat me!
Ashemore lowers his fist and looks at the terrified man.
I don't bite, don't worry.


Ashemore turns and walks away.

Jack looks at at the street and sees Mayor Hawthorne, who is
looking at him, stunned.

Jack jumps out of the dumpster and runs towards Mayor
Mr. Mayor! You're alive! How
wonderful to see you! I never
thought I'd see you again!
Jack latches on to Mayor Hawthorne, who looks repulsed by
both the sight and smell him.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Yes, yeah, you too. How nice.
I've been hiding in that dumpster
since it happened.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Really? You don't say?
Still Jack doesn't let go.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
Okay, get off of me!
Mayor Hawthorne pushes Jack off of him.
Sorry. What do we do now? Should
we call in the National Guard?
Alert the president? Call my mum?
Mayor Hawthorne smiles.
                       MAYOR HAWTHORNE
You know what, you decide. I'm
resigning as Mayor, and giving the
job to you.
Mayor Hawthorne takes off his coat and places it on Jack,
and yet again, the group walks away.

Jack stands there a moment, stunned. He then jumps high into
the air, shouting and whooping, beyond excited.

The group of heroes disappear around the corner.


Jack stops cheering, and looks around, noticing the silent,
empty town.
Wait. Where is everybody? Hello!?
Ashemore's van speeds down the highway, blending into
Ashemore is driving. Tori is in the front passenger seat
with Tommy on her lap, who is sleeping.

Tori looks at Ashemore, who looks at her, and they smile at
each other, knowing what the other is thinking.

In the back sits Mayor Hawthorne and Charlie, who are thumb
Ashemore steps inside the Paranormal Agency HQ, freshly
dressed and all cleaned up.

Walter is sitting behind the desk, going over some case
files on the computer. He looks up at Ashemore.
You're back later than normal. I'd
begun to think something had
happened to you.
I ran into a little trouble.
Did you now? Anything serious?
Nothing I couldn't handle. You
know me, all in a day's work.
Indeed. Well, you're back just in


Walter prints something off the computer, and hands the
sheet to Ashemore.
I've got a new assignment for you.
Ashemore looks at the paper, lowers it, and looks at Walter,
You're kidding?
I never joke about the job,
Gabriel. You know that. We've
found him.
Ashemore folds up the piece of paper, and places it in his

He then puts on his shades, and lights up a cigar.
When do you want to move out, Mr.
Van Helsing?


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From Rip Brown Date 10/18/2008 ****
I liked it. It was well written, except for a few misplaced words. The characters were well developed. Only thing is it was a little predictable with Witch Good. Had a nice combo of action and comedy. Had me a few laughs while reading it. Overall pretty good.

From Kevin Mitchell Date 10/16/2008 ***1/2
I liked the combination of action and horror. Adding Van Helsing was a nice surprise. I didn't catch on until the end. I would try not to use we see, I saw it a few times throughout the script. Overall it was a great job.

From Esther Date 10/15/2008 ****
pretty good would love to see it made into a movie would be great

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