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Musical Chairs
by Bryce Egan (bryceegan@hotmail.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Musicals   User Review: ****
All Ages Described

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



All kinds of kids were walking through the three doors of
Aragon High School to get to class.
                       MS. ROQUDO
Oh... it is so great to see
everyone back in these hallow
halls of the theatre, and I expect
everyone to audition!
                       PRINCIPAL DOX
Oh, no there not, they are here to
learn not to audition for some
hanes musical!
                       MS. ROQUDO
Uh... Gasps, I can't believe what
your saying, the theatre brings
delight to this school, there is
not a "D" in Aragon.
                       PRINCIPAL DOX
And there is not a "R" in Aragon!
                       MS. ROQUDO
A-R-A-G-O-N- Aragon, see there is
an "R" in Aragon and an "R" in
theatre, I am not going to argue
with a twit as dumb as you! The
kids love the theatre!


                       PRINCIPAL DOX
Alright, but kids are interested
in education these days, not
theatre or any of that nonscence!
                       MS. ROQUDO
You will be quit surprised in what
kids are interested in these day!
                       PRINCIPAL DOX
What do you...
                       MS. ROQUDO
Look right over there.
Kids were break dancing in the middle of the hallway.
                       PRINCIPAL DOX
You kids cut it out! Kids these
days, hum... I guess you won.
                       MS. ROQUDO
I always do.
Then the boys opened the door and a teenage girl was walking
with hair to her shoulders streight as could be, a white
sleeve less shirt, a pink skirt, and pink high heals.
I'm home!!!
Um, Bailey.. um here's your bags!
Then Vincent slipped and fell, and the back packs scattered
over the floor, camera goes to a bananna peal on floor.
Okay clutzilla, I said hold the
bags not throw them.


Are you okay?
I'm fine, um... thank you Melody
Johnson! I really apriciate it!
Um... By!
Then she had a weird look on her face.
I don't won't to know.
Ms. Roqudo, Bailey, and Vincent were all walking up to the
Ah... Here it is, my prized
posestion, my dreams, my...
everything is on this stage!
Then she threw her hand down and smacked the floor of the
Oh, how...
                       MS. ROQUDO
Do you know what the play is
called this fall?
Then Ashley put her arm on the stage and leaned against it.
Hum... Dazzle me.
As she said it depressingly.


                       MS. ROQUDO
It's called Legally Bailey!
Then she stood up streight.
                       MS. ROQUDO
No, it is called A Night To
What does that mean?
Spacifically, it means A Night of
memories you will never forget!
Oh, I know that!
Then why did you ask?!?
Yell at me again and i'm telling
                       MS. ROQUDO
Hopefully you won't dissapoint us
                       MS. ROQUDO
And you to Johnny.


                       MS. ROQUDO
Oh, and by the way auditions are
on Thursday!
Then Bailey and Vincent started to walk away.
We'll be there!
                       MS. ROQUDO
My two little divas are growing up
so fast!
Oh yeah, dancing on a lunch table
my favorite!
                       PRINCIPAL DOX
Get down from there Demetria!
KellyAnn! You don't need to be
doing that, or you will get
detintion on the first day!
Then Demetria jumped off the table.
Hey KellyAnn hey... um... um...
Melody, Melody Johnson, you know
i've been in all your classes
sence the eight grade, hello...
Oh i'm so...


You know what, save your breath,
your gonna need it for football,
because it seems like that's the
only thing that revolves around
you, you know what, Get Your Head
Out of the Game for a little bit
and realize what it right infront
of you!
Then Kayla walked away.
I'm sorry!!!
Like she said, save it.
Melody walked up the stair to the haigher part of the lunch
tables and her and Warner were looking at each other, and in
there minds, two spotlights were shinning on them, and only
                       MELODY (SUNG)
Did you see yesterday on thst T.V.
                       AUSTIN (SUNG)
Yeah, they announced I won the
football game.
                       WARNER & MELODY
      (facing each other)
They need to figure it out and
know... That There's Something
Bout' You!
                       MELODY (SUNG)
      (backing up)
It's just can't be true!
                       AUSTIN (SUNG)
I've never even hung out with you!


                       WARNER & MELODY
      (coming closer to
       each other)
How can this be true??? We can
become two!!! Can we?
                       AUSTIN (sung)
I don't know I never have been
with you!
                       WARNER & MELODY
We will figure it out we are
something new!
                       MELODY (SUNG)
This can't be true but there's
something bout you!
                       AUSTIN (sung)
Something Bout' You Too!!!
                       WARNER & MELODY
There's Just Something Bout' You!
                       AUSTIN (SUNG)
That's two, just me and you, got
the guys, got the girls, got the
whole entire datin world!
                       WARNER & MELODY (SUNG)
There's Something Bout You! I
can't quit figure it out, it makes
me want to dought, through the
fire or the ice I just know
there's Something Bout' You!
Then the day dream was over, and Ms. Roqudo poped out behind
                       MS. ROQUDO
Oh... what wonderfull singing,
uh... a musical in the lunch room,
congradulations! Warner Saferine
and Melody Johnson you will be
performing duets in are Fall
Musical!!! Oh!!! Rehersels are
next Friday at 12:15 p.m Oh, see


                       MS. ROQUDO (cont'd)
you then!
Then she gladly ran off to auditorium, then on the main
floor of the lunch room, Bailey and Vincent over heard
Huh! Comepition to theatre, we
will see who gets the role.
Then she walked off and Vincent was staring at Melody in the
loving way, then Bailey grabbed his arm and the marched up
the stairs to the lunch room balcony.
Rehersals! What I didn't even
Yeah but we could be something new
to the theatre, and besides, what
better way into knowing each other
then the theatre, this is are only
chance to burst out in song, let's
do it!
But... But what about my
teammates, how will they take
They will have to deal with it!
Then they heard a gasp behind the tables.
Um... who's there?
Sorry I dropped my pencil!
Bu... But how...


Shh! Save it for the musical!
What! Huh! Good new must spread
Orlando, I don't know how to say
this but i'm in the Fall Musical,
and the rehersals are today!
Are you serious! Because I kinda
am too!
Oh my gosh! Cool we are the
brothers of the theatre!
When is your rehersel?
Me and Kayla's to!
Gre... wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait! You mean to tell me,
that you and Melody are a couple?
Well... Yeah, kinda!
Well I guess we will see how that
goes on won't we!


                       MS. ROQUDO
Welcome to the theatre!!! Now
first is Austin, Melody, Bailey,
Vincent, Demarcus, Stacy, and...
and... and... oh my gosh! I forgot
one more person to add on the
I'm sure we will be okay!
                       MS. ROQUDO
Noncence! Stacy Morgan go get
Demetria Craig!
Then she poped out of the fake tree.
Here! Sorry about my entrance I
just wanted to see how the theatre
was goin' on!!! But now i'm apart
of it!
It's all a drag for a bag!
What did she...?
Let it go Kell.
                       MS. ROQUDO
Get out of there KellyAnn!
Then KellyAnn climbed herself out of the prop tree, and she
ran over beside Melody.
                       KELLYANN (WHISPERING)
Girl, this might be to haines for
                       MELODY (WHISPERING)
Trust me... it will get better!


Then Ms. Roqudo was walking back and fourth on the stage
                       MS. ROQUDO
Bailey and Vincent... I have an
assignment for you, i want you to
come up here and give us about two
minutes of performing!
Okay, hold on.
Then Bailey pressed a botton on her phone.
Yeah, Jaquel bring in the audios,
okay, see yeah!
Then a group of men walked in with equipment, and plug it
One sec!
Then they both walked backstage as the curtain closed.
                       BAILEY (demandingly)
Hit it!
                       BAILEY (sung)
I'm ready to go, i'm under no
control, you can't stop me
Then the curtain opened.
                       VINCENT (sung)
She's out of her mind but I can't
deny taht she's gonna win the


                       BAILEY (sung)
People all around me always saying
i'm plain, but wait to they see
the show
                       VINCENT (sung)
There always saying she will go
but she will want to know!
                       BAILEY (sung)
That my little bestie got me on
the road!!! There's No Stopping Me
No More! I'll kick down that door
to get to the stars., the show is
mine to own, it is all under
                       VINCENT (sung)
She is gonna win the show, there's
no stopping her no more!
                       BAILEY (sung)
There's No Stopping Me No MoreI'll
kick down that door to get to the
stars, and my music bars!!!!
There's No Stopping Me!!! No more.
                       MS. ROQUDO
Brilliant Bailey briliant!
                       KELLYANN (rudely)
Well, I thought on the second
hand, it was a little pitchy!
I would like to see you try to
sing something like that.
                       MS. ROQUDO
      (stepping forward)
Okay, okay, that's enough! We are
hear to audition not be in a
western fight like one of are
greatest productions, 'Oklahoma'.


                       STACY (demanding)
      (in Ms. Roqudo's
I am not doing another production
like that! You almost broke my
ankle with those dance moves.
                       MS. ROQUDO
Well the dance moves aren't as
twisted as Oklahoma, however A
Night To Remember has more softer
      (rolling eyes)
                       MS. ROQUDO
Oh... oh... what do I hear?
Then she coughed.
                       MS. ROQUDO (coughing)
                       BAILEY (angrily)
What!!! I haven't been apart of
choir since I was five!
Like they say... everything
happens for a reason.
Guess, shouldn't we be rehursing?
Then the bell rang.
                       MS. ROQUDO
Here are the list of characters
for the production.
Then they all grabbed sheets and exited off the stage.


Melody and KellyAnn were sitting on her bed.
I just have to get the lead in the
musical so I can show Bailey that
Austin is taken!
Girl...! What did you just say?
                       MELODY (laughing)
I'm sorry, that came out wrong
                       KELLYANN (shouting)
You in love with Austin?
                       MELODY (whispering)
Shhh... my mom is right below us!
      (standing up)
I cannot believe... you!
Well, he is just so good looking!
Then the phone rang.
      (picking the phone
Hello? Oh, hi Austin, really... I
mean, sure I would love to!
Okay... alright... thanks!
      (hanging up phone)
That was Austin he just asked me
on a date on Friday!
That's great!


But, what will I wear???
                       KELLYANN (sarcastically)
Barrow something from Bailey!
                       MELODY (sarcastically)
      (stepping back)
I rather fight a snake then do
Well, well, well, look what the
cat dragged in.
You just know your not gonna get
the lead!
Yeah, now look where this is...
the ddgeball field!
I could dance you out, and throw
you out!
Bring it On!
Time is waiting!
Bring it fresh!
                       ALL (sung)
      (stepping soulder
       to shoulder)
Bring it On!


                       AUSTIN (sung)
      (stepping forward)
Time is waiting!
                       VINCENT (sung)
      (stepping aside)
Come On!
                       DEMARCUS (sung)
      (stepping to the
Bring it Fresh!
                       ALL (sung)
      (break dancing)
Bring it On! Time is waiting!
                       AUSTIN (sung)
Let's roll!
                       DEMARCUS (sung)
Hit it!
                       AUSTIN (sung)
You now my name is Austin, I'm one
who makes it fly, i'm funky fresh,
got dancin' flesh got to do what I
need to do!
Then the boys ran around the gymnasium and the screen
immedialey switched to Vincent's full body.
                       VINCENT (sung)
You nkow my is Vincent, got to fix
it up tonight, Time is waiting
can't be be late, gotta catch the
funky date Tonight! Oh, Oh!
                       WARNER & VINCENT (sung)
      (break dancing)
Bring it On! Time is waiting! Oh,
Oh, time is waiting, here we go!
Time is waiting!


                       DEMARCUS (sung)
You know my name is Demarcus, got
it funky fresh tonight, gotta fix
it right, dance it all, all night,
gotta do what I gotta do!
                       ALL (sung)
Take it slow, oh, oh, gotta Bring
it On tonight, gotta show them how
to fight, the pressure's on got to
shake it off, Time is waiting,
so...... Bring it On! That's right
Bring it On!
                       AUSTIN (sung)
                       VINCENT (sung)
                       DEMARCUS (sung)
                       ALL (sung)
Yeah....... BRING IT ON!
Then Ms. Roqudo poped out with a smile.
                       MS. ROQUDO
Great job! Congradulations, you
have sucured your place in the
Summer Musical Concert!
Then Bailey burst through the door.
Talent Show!!!!!
                       MS. ROQUDO
Yes, um... Principal Dox told me
that the School Council wanted a
Talent Show, so we...


      (stepping forward)
Ah, ah, ah! No suggestions from
people who haven't peformed on
      (stepping infront
       of Bailey)
It's the rules!
      (pushing him)
It's my show!
Yeah, my mom, she bought the
theatre until I go to college.
      (looking at Ms.
That's not fair, how could she,
and how could you!
                       MS. ROQUDO
I didn't except the money.
                       BAILEY (angrily)
I hope you do he right thing Ms.
Roqudo, because I wouldn't trust
the theatre in Bailey's hands!
                       BAILEY (rudely)
Ah, how rude!
Then Vincent and Demarcus walked out of the gym doors and
back into the hallway.


Bailey you get the role of
Princess P, Bailey you get the
role of Marnie, Bailey, you get
the role of skinny Tracy Turnblad,
well you know what, winning is
better than making!
                       MS. ROQUDO (releived)
Finally you agree with me!
No... i'm holding my on audition,
and the musical is called Legally
                       MS. ROQUDO
No it is not! You know what
Fine! Talent Show!
                       MS. ROQUDO
That's what I thought.
Then Bailey follwed Ms. Roqudo out the door.
                       STACY (whispering)
Are they gone?
                       ANGELIQUE (whispering)
Yeah the coast is cleared!
Alright, you hang them up over
there and I'll hang them up in the
hall, okay!


       tumbstacks on the
Dot, di, dot, dot, di, do!
      (behind Stacy
       taping her
Hey, what is this?
Talent Show tryout information and
Oh, well let me do you a favor.
Then she grabbed a pink marker out of her purse, and put
Bailey Landrey and Vincent Barshata.
      (walking off)
Oh, and you can keep the pen for
as long as you won't.
      (walking out a
What was that all about?
Well she signed her and her
brother up for the Talent Show
You got a pen?
                       STACY (nerviously)
Yeah, here, why?


Because i'm signing up!
Jacob and Orlando were sitting in the stands watching the
other teammates practicing.
      (sitting down)
You know... I have been thinking
about the Musical Talent Show or
whatever, and I am really excited
about it and I don't know why.
Well, I guess it is like are
football games, you know... all
the people in the stands screaming
are names, I guess you just rather
burst into song and dance.
No...! It's just it's exciting
that I'm in the talent show, and I
could win, and when it is senior
year, I won't know what to choose,
football or theatre.
You should do the Football, it is
all about you, and you would be a
great NFL star. Not a superstar!
Don't we have about two years to
make that desision?
Listen dude i'm just saying, i'ts
either theatre or football and we
only have three year to decide!
It's one or the other, you my as
well choose now man it's are
halfway mark!


I just think your taking this a
little to seriously!
What do you mean serious? We are
doing this Theatre academic to get
more credits for college not for a
big role in a movie called 'Jacob
and the Restless', this is enough
of the decision making it's now or
Huh! I guess i'm just stuck
between High School and a girl.
Well, don't go crying to me on
Graduation day saying I didn't get
a deploma.
Again... three years away!
Okay, okay man gosh, I guess i'll
see you at your house after school
Yeah whatever!
      (walking away)
Oh and man, i'll bring some movies
over so we can talk about
      (getting up)
Alright man, bye!
Austin! I need to tell you


      (sitting back down)
Yeah, what?
      (sitting down)
Um, Demarcus.. can you kinda
      (walking away)
Yeah whatever!
      (looking at Warner)
Yeah, Austin me and youn have to
compete against each other for the
role of the LEAD.
How could that happen?
I don't know but... this is gonna
be hard!
Yeah, harder than we both thought!
May the best person win!
No! We were going to do this
together, remember what we said?
Alright... well... good luck.
You didn't say anything aout doing
anything with each other, and if
we did I wouldn't want any drama,
so if we were aloud, would you


                       MELODY (cont'd)
actually take it easy?
Melody, you know I love to win
things, and i'll be really
competitive about it!
Warner... everyone has a second
side to them and i'm waiting for
that to burst out of you.
Life... hah! Well I guess you will
see my true colors in the theatre
and on the field, but until then,
I don't know if I can live with
being the lead.
Who ever said you would get he
      (looks up)
Well if that is what you
believe... so be it!
                       MS. ROQUDO
Hello everyone, um... Bailey will
you give every one Show You How
It's Done?
You mean Tell Them or Show them!
                       MS. ROQUDO
Just pass it out!


Then Bailey passed it out to everyone on the stage.
                       ALL (sung)
Are we gonna tell em'? or show
em'? How it's done!!!! Yeah!
                       AUSTIN (sung)
Should we tell em' or show em'?
That were stars! Once in forall we
took a stand, least we could do is
take each others hand!
Then all of them got into couples:

Austin & Melody
Bailey & Marquis
Vincent & Stacy
Demarus & KellyAnn
ALL Dancing Cha-Cha-Cha
                       ALL (sung)
Tell em' or show em? Tell em' or
show em' Who we are, we are stars!
But we need to show it now Should
we tell em'?
                       MELODY (sung)
Tell Em'
                       ALL (sung)
Or show em'?
                       VINCENT (sung)
Yeah, ay,ay!
                       MELODY (sung)
Should we tell em' or show em; how
it's done!
Then Bailey appeared comeing done from the seiling on a
crane singing:


                       BAILEY (sung)
We don't need to be judged! We
have what it takes! If we are with
you we will end up with rakes!
                       VINCENT (sung)
Should we tell em'?
                       BAILEY (sung)
Tell em'!
                       VINCENT (sung)
Or show em' how?
                       WARNER & MELODY (sung)
If we all stick together, may be
each theirs feller, we will Tell
Em' and Show em' yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
                       AUSTIN (sung)
Sing it with me!
                       ALL (sung)
If we all stick together, may be
each others feller, we will Tell
em' and show em' yeah! We should
stay how we are, maybe walk to the
park, after!
                       MELODY (sung)
We tell em'!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah! Who
we are, superstars!
                       DEMARCUS (sung)
Were gonna tell you and show you,
that were gonna distroy you, i'm
talking bout' your team, your
style, your dream, it's over, Hit
It! Break dance!
                       KELLYANN (sung)
Now i'm gonna keep it real like my
girl Rece Steele, i'm poppin,
she's poppin', i'm not gonna tell
you.... i'm gonna show you!! How


                       KELLYANN (cont'd)
it's done!!!!!!!!!!!!
                       ALL (sung)
We've reached a decision and it's
quite a clever one. Were not gonna
tell you!
Were gonna!
                       ALL (sung)
Show you!!!!!!!
Then they all seperated quickly.
                       MS. ROQUDO
Good... but not great! Again!
                       BAILEY (sarcasticly)
      (stepping forward)
Ha,ha,ha,ha! No!
Yeah, I don't even know how to do
the cha-cha, and somehow I just
Well... I can teach you all, I
know, the cha-cha, Waltz, Paso
Doble, Jive, Jitterbug, Samba,
Rumba, Mambo...
Let's just say she has been
dancing for about nine or ten
Can you teach us all Angelique?


Ah,ah,ah no! I don't think so!
This is my theatre and there will
be no production done by a
complete nitwit like her!
Bailey! All your afraid of is
being upstaged by a good dancer!
Ha, ha! Excuse me!
You can't just control everything!
Yeah! We can take power in
auditions if we want!
You can't boss us!
You can't minipulate us!
Then Bailey gasped.
And you can't tell someone if they
are good or not! You are not our
parents, your our age! You are in
our grade! You are in the
SCHOOL'S! Theatre, not yours!!
Geese, I was just trying to be a
rolemodle for all of you, so you
can take action in the theatre,
you know i've got lead almost
everytime, doing what I do! And
i've had all A's because I work
and and are so cockeyed in the


No! Your daddy probally bought it
for you to go some place you
didn't want to go!
You know what Vincent! I thought
you knew! Now your taking their
side and... i'm shocked!
Daddy's little princess got sweet!
You know what Vincent! You are not
in charge of me and everyone is
two faced, for example, I have a
really nice side, you have a
really sassy side, Melody has a
talent side, Warner has a musical
side to them and Stacy has a
composing side of her, wake up and
see the real world.
In a weird kind of way, she is
actually right!
You know what! Bailey... the only
reason people see you as you are,
is because how you have treated us
in the past!
Well i'm sorry but... i'm a show
And i'm a person! Bottom line you
can't talk to people like that!
Your not Queen Shiba!
Yeah but maybe I can act!


No offence but... Bailey people
don't act all the time!
I don't!
Sure you don't, because you never
do anything wrong!
                       BAILEY (crying)
      (using hand
You guess don't know what i've
dreamed! I want to be something
not a nothing, so I work hard for
what I want to do!
Okay Bailey! Sorry we didn't mean
to get you upset!
                       BAILEY (sung)
I feel like i'm in a big circle
filled with people just staring at
me! Which I am, and I don't like
it! When there's something
standing in the rain, do you feel
you can help it! I just need to be
not waited on anymore. Don't slam
that door______________! In my
face! I'm not taking this no more!
This is who I am! I'm a girl with
no understanding! You can't read
me_________! No___! You___ can't
read me!!!!! You can't read
me_________! No, no, no!
                       MELODY (sung)
You have to face it! There's no
bleeding anymore! We're looking at
you wondering what to do! Can, we,
help, you_____!


I perfer something more that we
can do! I try to help out, I just
can't come through! I can't be
stopped I need to be
alone_______________! Now or
Never! Can you truth! Now or
Never! Let's find out now! Now or
Never! Oh can we rise out! Now or
Never! Sickness never help! I'm
only here to guide you! Now or
Never! Hey we can do this
together! Hey________! Now or
Never! We, can, find, a reason,
why______________! It is... Now or


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From Bryce Date 11/30/2008 ****

From Bryce Date 10/27/2008 ****
The musical was a great experience I can't wait to see what happens next! And hopefully there will be a SEQUAL!

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