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Believe in your dreams
by Marsha Brewer (marsha8877@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***
Jake La Jones, who owns a gym that is barely making it, and whose cousin wants to sell the property to Delicious Chicken(a fast food joint) decides to hire the most, overweight, sloppiest, fattest woman he can. He plans to make her slim using only his gym, hard work and show the people of American her progress through the wonderful world of television.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Jake; a well built, very muscular man, is sitting in his
office going over some books when Vinnie, a small Italian
wicked man, comes in.
To what do I owe this pleasure?
Jakey, Jakey, how long have we
been friends?
Let's get this straight. We aren't
friends. I tolerate you because my
father married your mother. Got
Whatever. I gotta tell you, it
ain't looking good for yous.
What? What is it? What's not
looking good?
Yous business. The books are bad.
Unless you start making a profit,
I gotta shut you down. You come up
with the dough in a month or else
that's it. Capice?
Yeah. I get it. Now get out of
here and let me work.
Vinnie is talking to his boss, Jackie; a very large,
overweight man, in his very seedy office downtown.
You talk to Jake?
Yeah. I took care of it. I give
him a month. He's behind in the
books now. It's in the bag, don't


                       VINNIE (cont'd)
worry boss.
You better not fail me again!
Delicious Chicken wants to put
their franchise in that building
and they have offered me a
substantial cut. Capice?
Quit your bellyaching. No one was
there today. Unless a miracle
happens, Jake is history.
Vinnie and Jackie both start laughing at their devious plan.
Jake is looking around his gym and he finds only a few
people using the exercise equipment. He goes over to his
good friend, Willie; a small, muscular man, who he has known
for many years.
Business is really bad. I had
another visit from Uncle Vinnie.
What that slime bucket want?
I gotta drum up some business or
this place is history. Doesn't
anyone want to look good anymore?
Don't they care about their
Nah boss. Everyone stays home,
watches movies, plays on their
computer and eats take out,
We gotta change that somehow. All
I ever wanted to do was help
people get in shape look good.
Ever since Katie died, I made a
promise. We wanted to open a chain
of workout centers together, but
now I want to open them in her


You miss her don't you?
All the time. Help me Willie. Help
me keep her memory alive. How can
we make that dream come true?
Think. Think.
Willie and Jake walk around the gym, with their hands on
their chins, trying to think of something. One time Jake
starts to say something, then stops. Finally he has an idea.
I got it.
What? What?
I am going to take the fattest,
most disgustedly, overweight woman
I can find and make her lose
weight. I will use it as a
television campaign. I will have
an ad a week showing her progress.
I will say, if she can do it, so
can you. I will transform her
right before their very eyes. Now
I just need to find her.
Samantha Hoggins; a huge, grossly, overweight, sloppy woman
of about 20, is slowly trying to climb the stairs of her
apartment building. She slowly climbs up; after about four
stairs, she stops and rests. As she is sitting down, Johnny;
a good looking blond, handsome aspiring actor, comes running
up the stairs. Sam has had a crush on Johnny for a long
time, but she has never told him.
Hey, Sam, taking a break?
      (stretches her leg)
Just doing my exercises.
Catch you later.


Johnny runs up the stairs and Sam watches his butt shake,
and sighs to herself. Then she slowly climbs up the rest of
the stairs struggling as she goes.
Jake and Willie are in Jake's office pacing, still trying to
How am I going to find her?
I know. I know.
Spill it. Let's hear it.
That new buffet restaurant that
just opened last week. Fat people
go there all the time.
It might just work. Let's go
tonight. Maybe we can find her.
Sam an her best friend, Millie; an attractive, slightly
overweight woman in her twenties, are sitting in her living
room watching television. Sam has her clothes, dishes, books
and everything all over the place.
I'm hungry, I hear there's a new
buffet in town. Suppose to be
good. Want to go?
Why not? I saw Johnny again today.
Why not tell him how you feel?
Look at me, as if I have a chance
with him.


You never know. He's an awful nice
guy. What about Rick, at work, he
is always looking at you?
Rick is sick. He is one of those
men who likes the fattest woman
they can find.
I hate those guys.
Jake and Willie get in line behind a massive amount of
large, overweight people, checking each one of them out.
They get to the cashier and pay for their meal.
Jake and Willie each get a plate and go to the buffet line
where they start filling their plates. They each put a small
amount of food on their plate and watch stunned as a mad
number of patrons all rush to where they are and start
crowding them, trying to grab all the food they can and
overfilling their plates. Willie and Jake watch stunned
until they decide to take their plates and go sit down at
their table.
The camera scans over the tables at the restaurant and there
are lots of people eating, sitting at the tables. Jake and
Willie are looking over the people just as the camera is
scanning them. Sam and Millie are the last image the camera
stops on.
I found her.
Which one?
The huge brunette over there with
her friend.


Boss, you think that is a good
idea? I mean, look at her.
That's why she is perfect. If I
can take her and help her lose
weight, then I can help anybody.
Willie and Jake walk over to Sam and Millie's table. Millie
and Sam think they are a pair of men who hit on fat women,
so they have an attitude with them.
Evening, ladies. My name is Jake
and this is Willie. I want to talk
to you about a proposition.
Look, I'm not into that.
Me neither.
What are you talking about?
We know your type, mister. We know
what you want and we're not
Willie and Jake look at each other confused. Finally after a
few seconds, Jake understands and smiles at the women.
      (smiles at Willie)
They thought, we wanted to, well,
you know.
No. No. Tell them Jake.
Can I sit down? I will explain it
to you.
Millie and Sam shrug their shoulders.


I own this gym in town. One day I
have a dream of opening a chain of
them, but right now I am having
trouble. No one ever comes in and
business is bad.
Here it comes.
I was hoping that you could help
Me, how? Look at me.
That's why you're perfect. I want
to take you and help you lose
weight. I want to make it into an
advertising campaign. I will say,
"if she can do it, anybody can."
I...I don't know.
What have you got to lose? Haven't
you ever dreamed of being thin,
desirable, gorgeous?
What, what would I have to do?
Only what I tell you. I will help
you every step of the way. Isn't
there someone you would like to
Millie looks at Sam who tells her to be quiet.
Don't you dare say anything.
Just think of it, Sam.


Sam is shown as a thin, attractive, desirable woman who is
dancing cheek to cheek with Johnny who is in a formal
tuxedo. Sam is wearing a slinky gown, she looks hot, and
Johnny only has eyes for her.
Saw views this dream sequence as the other are waiting and
watching her, as she smiles to herself. Then Millie SNAPS
her fingers and Sam comes back to the table.
Wake up.
I'll do it.
Great. Come to my gym tomorrow
morning. Here's my card. You'll be
glad you did.
Jake and Willie leave and Millie looks at Sam, questioning
I can't believe you are going to
do this. You have failed Weight
Watchers, Jenny Craig, the
Pineapple Diet, the Beverly Hills
Diet, the Atkins diet, hell every
Hey you told me to try it. What
have I got to lose?
Yeah, that big guy was kinda cute.
Do I detect an interest?
This could be the start of a
beautiful friendship.


Knock it off.
Sam comes dragging in. She walks in and starts looking at
all the exercise equipment that is lined up along the walls
and begins to have her doubts. Jake comes out to meet her.
Are you ready to start?
I..I really don't know if I can do
We'll go slow at first. Work at
your pace and I'll help you.
I'm not good at this. Millie was
right. I shouldn't have even
Everyone has to start somewhere.
Do you want to let other people
run your life for you?
But..but what if I can't do it?
      (An American theme
       is playing in the
Then I lose, you lose, everyone
loses. It's your chance to stand
up for every fat person who has
ever been made fun of, ever called
blubberbut, lardass, and not left
the house because of the
snickering and pointing. What do
you say? Don't just do it for
yourself. Do it for the world. The
fat people of the world need a
spokesperson. Be that person. Heed
their call. Take their challenge.
I mean, how much longer can we
keep looking at Richard Simmons?


I'll do it.
Great. First we have to film a
commercial. Come on over here.
A camera crew is working to fix their camera's, lighting and
make sure everything is ready to go. George, a tall lanky
man with boundless energy, is just putting the finishing
touches as Sam and Jake walk over to where he is working.
What do I have to do?
Nothing yet. Just let me do the
Near where they are working is a table loaded with all kinds
of food. Sam walks over, gets a plate and starts loading it
with all kinds of food.
The camera starts rolling and George yells.
Quiet. And action.
Jake walks onto the set and introduces himself as the camera
is rolling.
Hello. I am Jake La Jones and this
is my gym. I am here to help you
lose weight, as I am here for Sam.
Jake, with the camera following him, walks over to where Sam
is stuffing her face withe the plate. As Jake is talking,
Sam is eating a chicken drumstick and holding onto her
plate. Jake walks over and tries to take the plate away from
her. They engage in a tug of war over the plate, while Sam
holds the chicken firmly in her mouth. Finally Sam wins the
plate and runs away from Jake, as the camera's are capturing


I am going to take Sam here and
using only my gym turn her into a
thin, beautiful, woman. Right,
George takes the camera and is focused on Sam as she is
stuffing away at her drumstick. She looks shocked when Jake
calls her name. Jake walks over, puts his arm around her and
smiles. She smiles back and holds up her drumstick.
Can we do that again?
Sorry one take, that's it. See you
in a week. You get what you paid
No one bring any more food.
Sam is just getting ready to open her apartment when she
hears some noises. She looks across from her and Johnny is
telling some bimbo named Joyce goodnight.
Bye, Joyce.
Hi, Johnny.
Hey, Sam. Thanks for the cake.
Did you like it?
Joyce said it was delicious. Gotta
go. An audition in the early
Good luck.


Sam walks in, turns on the TV and softly whimpers to
He gave my cake to someone else.
I'll show him.
Sam is once again at the gym with Jake. He is taking her
measurements, weight and designing a plan for her with his
computer. He decides to start her on the machines that he
thinks will benefit her the most. He starts her on the
stair machine. At first he has it on a low speed and she
does well, but then he increases it to a higher speed and
she starts panting and panting. He has to stop the machine
and take her off, as she is almost fainting. He has her sit
down and he is fanning her with some towels.
Get the smelling salts, Willie.
I can't do this.
Willie runs over with the smelling salts and Jake holds onto
them just in case.
Yes, you can. I turned it too
high. We'll start with something
else. We just have to take it slow
at first.
Okay. I hope you're right.
Jake takes her back to the machines but only keeps her on a
small while and does it very slowly to let her get adjusted.
Time to take a dip.
Jake has Sam swim the length of the pool a few times as he
walks up and down with her, encouraging her, talking to her.


You're doing great. A few more
minutes. You can do it.
Jake takes Sam back into the gym and has her do some more
exercises that he designed just for her. After that he
brings her a snack of carrot and celery sticks.
Break time. I brought you a snack,
Energy food.
For a rabbit.
Sam is exhausted, lying on her bed. She is too tired to even
get up and fix herself something to eat. She falls asleep
on her bed.
Sam manages to drag her body back to the gym. She is hurting
and aching everywhere and she is constantly complaining to
Jake, who keep trying to encourage her.
No more. I hurt everywhere. Even
my teeth. You picked the wrong
No I didn't. I know you can do it.
I can see it in your eyes. Now
come on. You are doing great. You
have to work the soreness out. You
are not a quitter. It's hard at
first but in a few days you will
have more energy and feel better
about yourself.
A few days? But I am a quitter
Not while I'm in charge.


Great. I get the terminator of
You are doing great.
Sam is peddling and peddling on the bike machine and then
gets up and goes to work on some more of the equipment.
Am I done yet?
No, You have to work the soreness
This is murder.
You can do it. I know you can.
You do it then.
I have. I am not letting you quit
on me, no matter how much you
whine. If you stop, I promise I
will become your worst nightmare.
I will follow you everywhere. I
will have lost my business, my
dreams, and I will have you to
thank for that. Just think what I
can do with all that free time.
Okay. Okay. I get the point.
Sam decides to start taking an interest in what she is doing
as she knows Jake is dead serious.
It has been a week and the camera shows Sam going to the gym
every day and working out on all the machines. Jake is also
there always encouraging her.


The cameramen are busy setting up their equipment and
getting ready to film another commercial. George comes over
once again and yells when its time to film.
Ready. Action.
Jake once again walks in and starts talking as Sam is riding
an exercise bike. He has attached a piece of chocolate cake
to it and Sam is starring hungrily after it.
Sam here has already lost 4 pounds
and 4 inches. So can you.
Sam gets off the bike, picks up the cake and starts to eat
it, but stops and talks into the camera.
If I can do it, so can you.
Sam hears a KNOCK on her door. She goes to open it and finds
Millie standing there.
Millie, come in.
Millie goes in and notices that the apartment is a little
cleaner. She goes and sits on the couch.
I thought you had forgotten me.
Haven't seen you at work lately.
You don't come in break room, how
Too many temptations. Trying to
watch my weight.
Saw your commercials. Funny stuff.
You like them?


Uh-huh. Tell me, what is Jake
really like?
He is really nice-oh don't tell
me. You have a crush.
I just think he's cute.
Want to come with me tomorrow?
Could I? You don't think he would
He loves helping people. Maybe he
could help you.
I'd like that.
Be here around 7.
The gym is busier than it has been in weeks. There are kinds
of people milling around and waiting to sign up to use the
gym. There are so many that Willie has trouble handling the
paperwork. He knocks on Jake's door and then barges in.
Jake, Jake, I need your help.
      (amid a pile of
What is it? I'm busy.
You better come out here.
Jake walks out into the throngs of people and smiles.
They all saw the commercials. They
all want to sign up.


This is what I wanted. Let's get
They start taking applications and helping the people fill
out various forms.
If this keeps up, I will have to
hire more help. I knew Sam would
be a gold mine. I saw it in her
Sam and Millie both enter the gym to find it almost packed
with people. Jake is busy helping a customer, but he hands
the paperwork over to Willie and goes up to greet them.
Wow. What happened?
You did. They saw your commercials
and they got inspired.
Really? Oh Jake, you remember
Millie don't you?
Of course, how are you doing,
Actually,Jake, Millie was
wondering if you could tailor a
program for her, like you did for
Millie nods, shy and coy.
Sure. I'd be happy too. I'll have
Willie get started on it right
away.Willie, come here.
Yeah, boss.


While I help Sam, could you design
a program for Millie here?
Sure boss.
Sam and Jake walk away and Millie looks after them
Could you do me a favor?
That depends. If you help me. I
will help you.
I will come extra hours if you
will personally train Millie.
You got it.
Sam is once again at the gym working out and many of the
patrons are working with her, helping her, encouraging her.
Millie is also there working with Jake.
The camera crew are setting up their equipment once again.
Millie is mingling with the patron as Sam and Jake start
filming their commercial. This time Sam is rowing on a
machine. Jake has put a picture of Sam as she will look when
she is thin in front of her that he has digitally made.
In 8 months, this is what Sam will
look like. If I can do it for her,
I can do it for you.
It works.
Sam has already lost 10 pounds and
10 ounces.


Sam is outside starting to go into her apartment when she
once again runs into Johnny, who is once again telling a
date goodbye.
Did you get the job?
Didn't get the part. Wanted
someone else.
Too bad.
Me and Pam got together, though.
Pam turns around and waves. Sam, feeling rejected and hurt,
turns around and enters her apartment.
Jackie is livid by the success Jake is having. He calls
Vinnie into his office to chew him out.
You told me nothing could go
wrong. You told me everything was
fine. You moron.
What? What?
He plays one of Jake's commercials on the television in his
So, big deal? He's got a fat chick
helping him.
      (still angry)
So, So! This broad is helping him
sell memberships to his gym. It
has to stop! Christ, my wife even
wants to join! You think you can
handle that? I want that deal with
Delicious Chicken.


Relax. I'll fix it. I'll keep her
fat. Look at her. I mean, how hard
is that.
Get out of here and don't come
back until you have good news.
I'm going. I'm going.
Sam is just coming home from the gym. She starts to put the
key in her door when Vinnie approaches her. He is dressed in
a slick Italian suit which makes him look like a con man.
Sam, immediately, is suspicious of him.
Evening, ma'am.
Can I help you?
I have seen some of your
commercials and I was wondering,
well, if you would come work for
No thanks. I have a job.
Just then Johnny enters the hallway and starts to open his
door. He glances at Sam's door and finds her talking to a
strange man. He starts to question her to make sure she is
okay. Sam smiles and starts flirting with him to which
Vinnie makes a mental note.
You okay,Sam? This guy giving you
I'm fine, Johnny. This gentleman
was just leaving. Thanks for
Sam goes into her apartment and SLAMS the door. Vinnie turns
around, looks at Johnny who also enters his own apartment.


It has been a week and the camera men are once again at the
gym. Sam has lost 20 pounds. She is starting to take a
little more pride in her appearance. Jake comes on camera
once again and introduces her.
Sam, here, has lost 20 pounds. She
has lost 10 inches. She has more
energy and feels better about
herself and so can you.
      (wearing makeup)
If I can do it, so can you.
Johnny is at an audition as well as a lot of other actors.
Vinnie is there talking to a producer friend of his, Guido
Castasnas, who has final control over who is hired. Vinnie
points to Johnny and leans over and whispers in Guido's ear.
Jackie Torteldo would consider it
an honor if that young man be
given the job.
Jackie got me into this business.
Consider it done.
I'll tell him. You done good. He
will be very pleased.
Vinnie walks up to Johnny who is practicing his lines as he
is next. At first Johnny thinks he is a gay producer so he
treats him with trepidation.
Hey, kid, how'd you like the part?
Look, mister, I want the part, but
like I told the other guy, I like


No. No kid you got it all wrong.
Look you help me and I will hep
What do I have to do?
A favor. When and where I ask.
I..I don't know. No gay stuff,
No kid. I'm not into that. I like
women. I know the producer and he
owes me a favor. When the time is
right, I'll tell you.
I'm not sure.
Look I'll be straight. It's to
help your friend Sam.
You know Sam?
Oh course I know Sam. I work for
someone who wishes to remain
anonymous but wants to get Sam, as
a girlfriend. He really likes her.
What do I have to do? Nothing bad,
No, kid. I'll let you know when
the time is right. It won't hurt
you or Sam. Tell you what, you
don't like it, you don't have to
do it.


That's how on the up and up I am.
Okay. I'll try.
Smart move, kid. When the time is
right, I'll let you know.
Guido calls Johnny's name to audition. Vinnie slaps him on
the back.
Next, Johnny DiCarlo.
Knock em dead, kid.
Johnny is just returning from having got the part and is
bouncing around when he runs into Sam just starting to go
into her apartment.
You're in a good mood.
I got the part. You are looking at
the new spokesman for puppy chow.
Great. I have some champagne. I
have been saving it. Let's
celebrate. Come on in.
Sam opens the door to her apartment and Johnny follows her
Johnny is sitting on the couch as Sam pours him a glass of
champagne. She pours herself one and they clink glasses.
Here's to the good life.
You losing weight?


20 pounds.
I'll toast to that.
So, tell me about your commercial.
I start filming on Friday. I have
to share billing with a bunch of
puppies, but hey, it's a start.
A lot of actors got their start in
I know. Well, I gotta go. I gotta
practice my lines. See ya.
Johnny leaves and Sam stares after him and sighs. She
longingly picks up his glass and stares at it for a few
Jake is in his office going over the books when Willie comes
rushing in.
I got an idea.
Yeah, what is it?
My wife was watching one of those
stupid talk shows.
Well, on there they did a complete
make over on this woman. You know,
new hairdo, wardrobe, makeup. Made
a difference,too. I thought,well,
maybe you do that with Sam. You
know, use it in one of your


Willie, that's a great idea. It
will show the public how far she
has come. We're doing better, but
not there yet.
It has been another week and the camera men are once again
getting ready. While they are busy adjusting their
equipment, Jake takes Sam and introduces her to Jarrod, a
very famous, flamboyant hairdresser, stylist.
Sam, this is Jarrod. He is going
to help you look your best.
I know who he is. I have seen him
on TV.
Great. You know my work. Now come
on let's get started.
Jarrod and Sam walk over to the bathroom where he proceeds
to give Sam a professional make over, fix her hair, and help
her find a flattering outfit. She has lost 70 pounds and
looks good when she finally comes out. Sam walks over to
where Jake is waiting for her.
Well, how do I look?
Stunning. You look great. Ready to
show the world the new you?
George come and tells Jake they are ready,
Ready when you are.
Let's do it.
The camera starts filming. Jake walks over to where Sam is
standing in front of a full length mirror and admiring


Sam here has lost 70 pounds and it
is just the beginning. She looks
great and so can you. Isn't it
your turn?
If I can do it, anybody can. Even
Johnny is at the studio getting ready to shoot the
commercial. Guido has a trainer bring in 15 different
puppies to see which one will work well with Johnny. The
trainer brings them on the set and lets them loose on the
stage. The puppies all run up to Johnny smelling him,
growling at him, hiking their legs and peeing on him. Johnny
starts trying to grab them and they run circles around him.
Guido and the rest of the crew run up to the stage to help
Johnny get the puppies, but the puppies run in and out of
their legs. All of the men start tripping over each other
and fall in puddles of pee. Finally the trainer has to come
and get the puppies and put them back on their leash.
Johnny, upset and afraid, doesn't quite know what to do.
Oh, man.
Kid, we'll give them time to know
you. Okay, don't sweat it yet.
Take them home. Bond with them
over the weekend.
Johnny wipes the sweat off his brow.
Johnny is just getting to the door as Vinnie meets him
Hey kid, you ready to do me that


Can I come in?
Johnny and Vinnie go into his apartment, but Johnny is still
a little leery of him.
Johnny show Vinnie in and he sits down on his couch.
Thanks for getting me the part.
Want anything to drink?
No I'm good, thanks. I need you
to do me that favor now.
Oh, yeah. The favor. What is it?
All you have to do is take your
friend Sam out to dinner. Take her
to the best, nicest, most
expensive restaurants.
That's all. Why?
My boss, who at this time, wants
to remain nameless has a big crush
on her. He wants it hush, hush,
Why doesn't he take her out? I
mean if he likes her?
He's super shy. He was hoping you
would, you know, soften her up and
then he will take your place.
All I have to do is take Sam out
to dinner and you pay for it?
Every night if you like kid. He
has it bad. When he feels the time
is right, he takes your place.


                       VINNIE (cont'd)
Simple, right?
I'm still not sure.
I'll tell you what. I am going to
leave you $500. You take her out
to one dinner, no string attached.
I will come back next week and see
if you still want to be the doggie
Johnny is starting to put the key in his door, when he turns
and watches Sam come to her door. He decides to walk over
and talk to her.
Hey, Sam, I was wondering, well I
got some extra money and I don't
want to eat alone. How about I
treat you?
      (blinks her eyes)
You want to take me out? to
Yeah, as a friend, not a date or
I'd love to. Can you give me a few
minutes to get ready?
Sure. Come get me when you're
Sam and Johnny are sitting in a very expensive, Italian
restaurant, ordering dinner and talking.
Where did you get the money?


A friend gave it me, and I wanted
to spend it on a friend.
Sam smiles at Johnny.
Order whatever you like.
      (looking at the
It all looks so good.
A waiter, a dark and foreign man, comes over and takes their
What is your pleasure tonight?
I'll have Minestrone and a salad
with ranch dressing.
And for you, Madame?
I'll have the lasagna and a salad
with ranch dressing.
Very good. I will get started on
this right away.
The waiter brings their dinner and they both start eating
and talking.
I'm really enjoying this. Want to
do it again?
Really? You want to take me out
Why not? Just 2 friends enjoying a
good meal. We could dine at
Kandos. I hear the food is really


I hear it's really expensive. You
sure you can afford it? I mean I
don't want to put you out.
My friend, he left me a lot of
Shouldn't you spend it on
      (pauses for a
       minute, thinking
       of a good lie)
My friend, his wish was that I use
the money to eat with a friend,
like I had with him.
      (holds up her
A toast to your friend.
      (takes his glass)
Here, here.
Vinnie decides to pay Johnny a visit.
Well, kid, what is it gonna be?
You sure this is on the up and up.
Scouts honor.
Okay I'll do it.
Great kid, here's another $500. I
will come by in a week and see how
you are doing.


The camera SPANS Johnny and Sam eating out every night. They
are shown eating Mexican, Chinese, American, Italian. Sam is
shown eating all the most fattening foods, while Johnny is
very careful about what he eats.
Sam is getting dressed and trying to get into her jeans,
which she can't button. She tosses them aside and gets
another, larger pair.
Funny, they use to fit.
Sam and Millie are at the gym. Millie is working out on some
equipment, while Jake takes Sam weight and measurements. He
finds that she is gaining weight and he freaks out.
      (screaming at her)
What the hell happened? You were
doing so well!!! How the hell did
you gain 20 pounds?
All of the patrons stop what their doing and watch the drama
      (almost crying)
I...don't know.
You are just going to have to work
harder. Damn it!
Sam takes her towel and throws it on the floor.
      (storming out)
I quit! I'm out of here!
Millie turns around, stops to look at Jake.
Let her go. What are you all
starring at? Get back to work.


Millie gives Jake a dirty look and runs out after her
Sam is walking briskly, crying to herself as Millie is
running to catch up with her.
Sam, Sam, Wait. Can we talk?
Look, I am not in the mood. That
asshole. I just want to be alone.
You sure your gonna be okay?
Yeah. Give me a call tonight. Let
me calm down.
I'm calling you at seven. You
better answer or I am coming over.
I promise. I will.
Millie goes back to the gym. She has a session with Jake and
both of them aren't too happy.
I'll talk to Sam. Still, you
shouldn't have embarrassed her
like that.
I don't get it. She was doing so
well before. You mind if I skip
today. I am not in the mood.
I'll just work on the machines by


      (calming down)
You're right. I shouldn't have
yelled at her. I'll apologize to
Willie, having witnessed Jake's outburst, runs into the
office to see what is wrong.
You okay, boss? Some of the chicks
are worried.
      (shaking his head)
I don't get it. Sam gained 20
pounds and I haven't done anything
different. Trail her for a while
and find out what's happening.
You got it boss.
Sam and Johnny are once again eating out at an expensive
Italian place. This time Willie has tailed them and is
sitting a few tables away watching them, being careful not
to let them see him.
Johnny and Sam are sitting on her couch, talking and
watching television.
I gotta go. My commercial is on in
5 minutes.
Stay here and we'll watch it
I...don't know. I am really


Oh, come on. I just want to see
how you did.
"Feed you puppy, feed your puppy, keep him happy, make him
snappy, make him snappy with puppy chow" plays in the
background and then Johnny comes on smiling, holding up a
bag of Puppy chow as he reads his lines.
      (very stiff)
My puppies won't eat anything but
Puppy chow.
Johnny pours some food into a dog dish. The puppies run in,
but instead of eating the food they attach themselves to
Johnny's legs. Johnny smiles and tries to walk with the
puppies attached, nipping at him, to the bowl of food that
is sitting on the floor untouched.
      (holds up the bag)
Keep your puppy happy. Buy him
puppy chow.
The jingle plays again as the commercial ends. Johnny stands
there holding the bag, a fake smile across his face as the
puppies growl, snarl and nip at his feet.
Johnny is upbeat and Sam is shocked. She doesn't want to
upset Johnny so she tries to hide it.
Well, what do you think?
      (still shocked)
It's different.
I hope it leads to more stuff. I
seem a little stiff. What do you
You were fine. You were good.
Johnny turns and smiles at Sam and she melts.


Gotta go. See you later.
It is very early in the morning and Jake is in the gym
fixing the machines, making them ready to use. Willie just
arrives and starts helping him.
Well, what did you find out?
Some young kid in her building, a
Johnny DiCarlo, has been taking
her out to expensive restaurants.
Sam has gone back to her old ways
of eating everything.
I think I need to pay this kid a
Jake is standing at Johnny's door KNOCKING. Johnny comes to
the door.
Hey kid, I'm Jake La Jones. Sam
has been working for me.
Yeah, I know. She talks about you
a lot.
Can I come in and talk to you?
Johnny shows Jake into his apartment. He sits on one of his
You want a drink or something?


No, thanks. You know, kid, I am
having a problem. You see, Sam was
losing weight and helping me, but
now, well there's complications.
What do you mean?
Since you have been taking her
out, she's gained back some of the
weight she is supposed to be
No man, I'm helping her. Vinnie
Vinduce told me it would help her.
I'll bet he did. What exactly did
he tell you?
He gave me money to take Sam out
to dinner. Said his boss had a big
crush on her. I was to take her to
these expensive restaurants and
let her order what she wanted
until he took over. Said he wanted
to take care of her. Got me the
job with Puppy chow.
Oh, he took care of her. Look, kid
he's using you. Does Sam know
about this?
No. It was all hush-hush.
Look, kid, no more dinners, okay?
I know you don't understand, but
you are not helping Sam, okay?
That's up to Sam.
I'll talk to Sam and Vinnie's
boss. I know him quite well.


Can you find out when he's taking
I'll make sure it's tonight. Okay,
Can I meet him? I would like to
thank him for the commercial.
Some other time, okay?
Jake gets up to leave and Johnny stares after him, he
shrugs, and closes the door.
Jake comes storming into Jackie's office. His secretary,
Jane; a very plain, ordinary, woman tries to stop him.
You can't go in there.
Just watch me.
Jake storms in. Jackie is sitting in his office going over
some things with a few of his business associates. Jane
comes in, following him.
I tried to stop him.
      (still fuming)
We need to talk, now!
It's okay Jane. Guys, you mind?
All the associates and Jane leave the office.
What the hell are you trying to do
to me?


Jake, Jake. First, calm down.
Damn it. I want to know what's
going on. Why are you trying to
ruin me?
I got a deal with Delicious
Chicken. They want your spot. I
tell you what, you stop now and I
will cut you in. Give you 20
I like what I am doing. We don't
need anymore damn fast food
restaurants. You stay away from
You'll be sorry. You're making a
But it's my mistake.
Jake is outside of Sam's apartment KNOCKING on the door when
Sam answers.
What do you want?
I need to talk to you. Can I come
Sam holds out her hand for him to enter.
Jake sit on the couch and Sam sits as far away from him as
she can.


Look, Sam. I am sorry I yelled at
you and embarrassed you. I was
      (still angry)
Damn right.
It's just we have worked so hard.
I have to tell you something you
aren't going to like.
You are just full of surprises.
You need to hear this. You're
friend, Johnny, the one who has
been dining you, well, he was paid
to do it. He did it to get his
commercial. My landlord has a deal
with Delicious Chicken. If I lose
my business, they get the
building. Johnny was paid to try
and help you keep eating.
You're lying. You just can't
believe anyone would like me. I
don't believe you.
Where do you think he got the
money? Look, take a few days off.
Ask him.
You're wrong. I know Johnny.
How well do you know him? Ask him.
You'll see.
Johnny is starting to enter his apartment when Sam stops him
in the hall.
Is it true?


What? Is what true?
Did someone pay you to take me out
to dinner?
I only did it for you. He told me
I was helping you.
Sam runs to her apartment, crying all the way. She fumbles
for her keys, and then runs inside and lies on the couch
burying her head in the pillows.
Johnny runs to the door and starts POUNDING AND POUNDING on
the door as he can hear Sam crying inside.
I never meant to hurt you. He said
he was a friend and he had a big
crush on you.
He sits down by the door and rubs his head.
Johnny is once again at the studio getting ready to film
another commercial when the director comes up and talks to
Look, kid. You need to bond with
the puppies. I want you to take
them home, get to know them. Spend
time with them over the weekend,
then we'll see. We can't sell dog
food, if our dogs don't eat the
Johnny, not sure what to do, nods. Guido brings over all the
puppies and hands the leashes to Johnny. The puppies all
snare and growl at Johnny as he tries to walk with them.
Good luck, kid.


Johnny is coming to his apartment, having a hard time
controlling the puppies. A few are trying to run one way,
some of the others another way, and they are all getting
twisted and tangled on their leashes. Johnny is getting
wrapped up and tangled around the leashes when he smiles and
sees Sam coming home.
Sam, you think you.
Sam cuts him off midstream and won't even look his way.
I guess it's just us guys. Women,
go figure.
He tries to drag the puppies into his apartment.
Once Johnny manages to get the puppies inside, he unties
their leashes and unwinds himself and the puppies go wild.
They start running all over his living room, bedroom,
kitchen, bathroom. They start jumping on the bed, the couch
and eating all the junk food that Johnny has left in the
living room and kitchen. They keep running in and out of all
the room and Johnny keeps chasing them. The puppies think it
is a game so they keep playing. Two of them get hold of his
socks and start chewing on them. He has a tug of war over
one with his sock.
Give me that.
While he is trying to get his socks back, another finds a
pair of his underwear on the floor, puts it on his head and
runs around the apartment trying to get it off. Another
puppy is chewing on the cushions on the couch. Johnny goes
to the one with the underwear, but then stops to try to get
the one chewing on the cushion.
Stop that. You'll tear it up.
He tries to take the cushion away, but the puppy growls at
him so he leaves him alone. Near the one chewing the cushion
is another who has found a bag of Doritos on the floor; he
has his head in the bag and is munching on it. Johnny tries
to get the sack away but the puppy growls at him.


Give me that. That's not good for
When the puppy starts growling, Johnny decides to just let
him have the bag. He falls down, exhausted, on the living
room floor, and goes to sleep. Finally all the puppies
settle down, hover around him and fall asleep, curled up
with their heads on his stomach, shoulders, arms and legs.
Sam is back at the gym, bright and early, determined to lose
the weight she has gained.
You were right.
I'm sorry, Sam.
That just means I have to work
That's the spirit. Let's turn this
into a positive approach. We'll
use it in a commercial.
I'll show that Johnny.
The camera crew is setting up, getting ready to film their
weekly oommercial.
Quiet on the set. Action.
Jake enters with Sam, as they are filming.
Sam, here, had a setback like
every other dieter. But Sam is
determined to beat it. I will help
her, and I can help you too. Just
do yourself a favor and give me a


I am going to lose that extra
weight. Just watch me.
That's the spirit, Sam.
Sam is working out on the machine and this time she is
really motivated to lose weight. She works twice as hard and
twice as long as before. Jake is once again encouraging her.
You can do it, Sam. You are doing
great! You want to stop for a
while. Take a break.
No. I want to work off this extra
weight. Now, let's feel the burn.
Johnny goes back with the puppies to the studio to start
filming another commercial. The puppies now love him and
won't leave his side, The director calls him aside.
Look, kid. It didn't work out. I
gotta let you go.
Johnny turns and starts to leave. The puppies all whine and
start trying to run after him. He comes back, pets them and
tells them goodbye.
Look, guys, it was fun, but is
time to move on.
As Johnny leaves, the puppies WHINE, and try to follow him.
The trainer has to hold them back.
Jackie and Vinnie are talking, trying to figure out what to


Guess who came to see me today.
Who? What?
I got a nice little visit from
Good. How is he?
Stupid. He's fine, but my deal is
in jeopardy. I want that fast
food joint. You get my drift. What
are you going to do about it?
Trust me. I'll think of something.
You better or you're history. Got
Yeah, boss. I get it. I'm going.
I'll fix it.
You better!
Vinnie goes to all of the usual mob hangouts looking for a
big, heavy guy. He searches until he finds one, called
Ralph; a big, heavyset, brute of man, who is a bodyguard for
one of the restaurants downtown.
Vinnie goes into the restaurant and starts to talk with
Hey Ralph, got a minute?
Sure, Vinnie, what's up?


How would you like to move up?
Work for Jackie.
You kidding me. What do I have to
I have to get the details all
straight. You come by his office
tomorrow at 10 and I'll let you
Great. I'll see you there.
Vinnie and Jackie are talking about their plan before Ralph
I got an idea.
Spill it. This better be good.
I am going to send someone into
the gym, one of our men, and he is
going to take food there every
time he goes.
That just might work.
Of course it will work. He's
coming here today to get his
assignment. Remember, Ralph, the
big lug who guards D'Marko's.
Yeah, so?
It's him. He will be here any


You sure he can do it? He's not
too bright.
That's why he is perfect.
Vinnie goes and lets Ralph in.
Come in. Come in.
Hello, Mr. Torteldo.
Hi Ralph. Call me Jackie and have
a seat.
Thank you.
Jackie and I have a big job for
you, Ralph. Think you can handle
I will do my best.
That is all we ask.
We want you to join a gym, but we
want you to discourage people from
going. He owes us a lot of money
and he has paid yet.
      (hitting his fist)
You want me to give him a new one.
No, that won't be necessary. We
have a better way to get even.
Yeah, we want to ruin his
business. You go there everyday
and bring lots of food. We want
you to try and keep them fat so he


                       VINNIE (cont'd)
loses his gym and we can get it
and get our money back.
I still would like to work him
You have to promise me you won't
touch him. If you can't handle
this job, I can give it to someone
else. It is a very important job.
No. No, I can do it Mr...I mean
Jackie. I will do just what you
tell me to.
Good. Good. Who knows maybe there
is a promotion in it for you.
Would you like that?
Very much.
You know Jake La Jones?
Nah. Seen his commercials, though.
It's his gym. We want you to sign
up, then start taking food and
trying to stop more people from
Think you can handle it?
What are you kidding, look at me?
Great. Now you go tomorrow and I
will come by and check with you.
Ralph nods and Vinnie show him to the door. He leaves and
Vinnie and Jackie talk among themselves.


You think he can pull it off?
If he can't, then no one can. He
has never managed to lose weight.I
have never seen him without food.
Hell, his mother swears he was
born with a drumstick in each
Ralph is at the gym, looking around, and waiting for Jake to
show him in. Finally Jake comes out and guides him into the
office and shakes his hand.
I'm Jake La Jones. How can I help
I saw your commercials and I want
to join. See if what you say is
Great. Let me get started on the
paperwork. pay your fees and
you're in.
When can I start?
I'll have your program ready
tomorrow afternoon.
See you then.
Vinnie goes to visit Ralph at the house he shares with his
mother.His mother is a big, overweight, Italian woman who
loves to cook. When he arrives Ralph is eating at the table
and his mother is busy in the kitchen.
You want something to eat. Ma, get
Vinnie a plate.


No, no thank you.
Ralph's mother brings out a plate anyway and sets it in
front of Vinnie.
                       RALPH'S MOTHER
I know you 2 probably have a lot
to talk about. I'll be in the
kitchen, if you need me.
Thanks, Ma.
I just came by for a minute. So,
how did it go today?
I'm in. I start tomorrow.
      (leaves him a wad
       of money)
You done good. Treat yourself and
your ma. Don't forge to bring lots
of goodies. We really want that
I still think you should let me
teach him a lesson, the old
fashioned way.
No, you don't. Remember what
Jackie said. I better not hear you
hurting anyone there. Promise me.
Okay. Okay. I promise. I will do
it your way.
I am going to be checking on you.
You gave me your promise. I don't
have to worry, do I?
Nah, man. I am good.


Ralph comes tumbling into the gym carrying with a few boxes
of donuts. He sets them down on one of the tables in the
break room. He gets his plan from Jake and starts to work
out, but only for a little while. Jake notices he is having
trouble so he goes over to him, to try and encourage him.
It's hard at first, Ralph. But
after a while you will get the
hang of it.
Easy for you to say.
Don't rush it. Take your time at
first. You need to give your body
time to adjust.
Ralph has been going to the gym every day and only staying a
little while, but every time he comes he brings some form of
fattening food and leaves it on the table. He brings
chocolate cake, banana cream pies, bagels with cream cheese,
chocolate chip cookies. He slips it on the table and
proceeds to work out for a very short time and then slips
Jake has called Ralph in his office and is getting ready to
talk to him.
Look, I need to speak to you.
It seems someone keeps bringing
food every day to the gym. Do you
know anything about that?
What if I do?


The goal here is for people to
lose weight and get fit. I know
you think you are helping and
being nice, but it's gotta stop,
And if it doesn't?
Willie, over there, is gonna trash
whatever you bring.
I get it. Is that all?
How are you doing? You lose any
I'm fine. Can I go now?
Do you need me to make you a new
plan? Is the old one not working?
Look, I gotta get to work.
Millie and Sam are playing tennis and talking as they play.
So, Sam how much have you lost?
I think about 175. Not really
That's great. How about Johnny,
you see him anymore?
I don't want to see him anymore.
What happened?


I don't want to talk about it,
now. I'll tell you later.
I'm gonna hold you to it.
And when are you going to ask Jake
He hardly knows I'm there.
Millie and Sam are running the track and talking to each
other. Both are taking their weight loss very seriously.
Now, tell me what happened with
      (still upset about
He was paid to take me out.
No. Really? Johnny? He seemed like
such a nice guy.
I know. He did it to get his dog
You don't need him anyway.
You wait till I lose all this
weight. I am gonna show him.
That's the right attitude.
Millie and Sam are riding bikes and talking as they ride
through the city.


There's this new guy in
accounting. He is kind of cute. I
saw him checking you out.
Why don't you go out with him?
He wasn't looking at me or I
I think you're waiting for Jake to
ask you out.
I am not.
Then why are you blushing?
I'm not blushing. It's just hot
out here.
Uh-huh. For heaven's sake, just
ask him out.
I can't. I don't think he even
knows I'm a girl.
Well, we are just going to have to
change that.
What do you mean? Sam, don't do
anything. I mean it.
I'm not.
Samatha Hoggins, promise me, you
won't do anything.
I promise.


The camera close in on Sam's fingers where she is crossing
Johnny is getting ready to film another commercial. He is
lying in bed awake, tossing and turning,and his wife is
sound asleep next to him. He sits up in bed and addresses
the camera.
Is this you? Do you worry about
the bills? Your work? Your
children? When will they make some
good movies again?
He gets up and goes over to the drawer next to his bed. He
picks up a bottle of Sleep Ease and shows it to the camera.
He takes two of the pills with water.
Try Sleep Ease. I guarantee you a
good night sleep.
Once again Johnny is in bed with his wife, but this time is
sleeping peacefully and soundly. As he is starting to dose
off an Announcer ( a man's voice) comes on listing the
dangers of Sleep Ease.
Sleep Ease is not very everyone.
Check with your doctor. In very
rare instances there have been
reports of blindness, deafness,
uncontrollable lust and rarely but
occasionally people going quite
Johnny wakes up the next day with a smile on his wife,
cuddling his wife and holds up the bottle of Sleep Ease.
Isn't it time you got a good
night's sleep?
The director comes over and tells everyone it's done.
That's a wrap.


How did I do? Will you use me
Great, kid. Yeah it I have
something I will send it you're
Promise. You're not just blowing
me off, are you?
No, man. I have a soap I am going
to be casting in the next few
months. If I see a part for you,
I'll call you, okay?
Great, thanks.
Jake calls Sam into his office. Sam has lost about 180
pounds. Millie stares after them, worried.
Sam, you're doing great. You are a
real inspiration to other women. I
was thinking, well, maybe you
would be interested in teaching an
aerobic class. Are you,
That would be great. When?
I was thinking next week and we
will even pay you for it. You get
good enough, you might even get to
quit your day job and work here.
Sam gets up and goes to the window. Millie is near it,
starring back at both of them, looking very worried.
That sound's great. When are you
going to do us all a favor and ask
Millie out?


Jake looks up at Sam stunned.
Look, do us both a favor. Ask her
out. You'll be glad you did.
Jake watches Sam leave and stand starring after her as she
goes up to Millie, who has been nervously watching them.
What did you tell him? Why is he
watching us, like that?
I just asked him, when is he going
to ask you out.
You didn't. Sam, how could you?
You, promised.
Somebody has to get the ball
rolling. Lord knows the 2 of you
aren't going too.
What, What, did he say?
Nothing. Just worrying. It's going
to be alright.
That's easy for you to say.
Sam is at the gym starting her new aerobic class. Everyone
has stopped on the machine and is working with her to
support her. Millie, Jake, Willie and even Ralph. Ralph,
though, complains and whines most of the time.
Okay, let's get started. Let's do
a step run first. Okay, go.


Are we done yet? This hurts. I'm
A bunch of the women turn around and tell him to be quiet.
Come on, feel the burn. You too,
I'm burning alright. Burning for
food, anyone else want to go to
Come on Ralph. You are doing
I'm tired. Can we stop now? I
can't make it.
Everyone take 10. Ralph, can I
talk to you?
What do you want?
Why did you join the gym?
To lose weight and get in shape,
why else?
How long have you been coming?
What is this, twenty questions?
Four weeks and I know you haven't
lost any weight. All you do is
complain and bring food.


So do yourself a favor, either
take the program seriously or take
a hike?
You kicking me out?
If you don't shape up by next
week. You have to either lose a
pound or an inch in a week. Think
you can handle that?
You can't do that.
We have had lots of customer
complaints about you. Either get
with the program or get out. You
have until next week.
This is not the end.
Ralph hurriedly exits, mad, angry and brushes past Millie
almost knocking her down.
What was that all about?
I had to get tuft.
About time. All that guy ever did
was bellyache and complain.
I think he even gained weight.
Okay, breaks over everyone. Back
to exercises.
After the workout, Millie starts to leave and Jake calls her
Um...Millie, can I talk to you
over here?


Sure Jake. What's up?
Well. Um. I was wondering if you
would have dinner with me this
It's fine, Jake. I know Sam put
you up to this, so you are off the
hook. You don't have to take me
But, I want to.
Really? You aren't just saying
No, really. It's been a long time
since my wife died. I never really
noticed how lonely I was until Sam
make me think about it, but I am
new at this so bare with me.
I would love too, then.
Millie and Sam are clothes shopping since both have lost
weight, and Millie wants to look good for her date.
      (holds up a dress)
What about this one? Do you think
it will take Jake's mind off his
It should. If it doesn't then you
aren't doing your job right.
I can't believe he asked me out. I
just hope I make a good


He must like you, if he asked you
out. Where are you going?
I don't know yet, but I can't
Sam is once again at the gym filming another one of her
Sam, here, has lost 200 pounds.
Doesn't she look great?
The camera then shows Sam and Jake swimming, riding the bike
machine, working the treadmill and Sam smiling as if she is
having lots of fun.
None of my old clothes fit me.
It's fun getting in shape. I even
get winks.
A good looking man rides by on a bicycle and whistles at
Sam, who blushes. Then Sam and Jake walk towards the camera
Just think. This could be you. I
will help you, just as I have
helped Sam here.
If I can do it, so can you. Try
Jake La Jones Studio today and be
on your way.
Johnny is lying on his couch, reading a script, when Sam's
commercial comes flashing on. He looks at the television and
blinks because he can't believe it's the same woman.
Damn Sam. You look good!


Ralph comes storming in with his bad news. Jackie is on the
phone and hangs up as soon as Ralph arrives.
Look, I'll call you back.
Something just came up? What's the
deal? I paid you to do a job. What
the hell happened?
They kicked me out because I
wasn't losing weight. Damn them.
Can they do that?
Hell, no. If you want to be fat,
you can be fat. I'm going to talk
to Bob, my lawyer, I'll have him
call you.
Sorry, boss. I tried. I let you
It's alright. This may be better.
Maybe we can sue them. Just go
home and wait for the lawyer.
Yeah, okay.
Jake is sitting in his office, looking worried, when Sam
comes in to see what is bothering him.
Something wrong?
Yeah. I got a phone call from
Ralph's lawyer. Seems if we don't
let him back in, they will sue.
What the.


What did you tell him?
That we had a lot of complaints,
to stop bringing food and either
he get with the program or get
out. I gave him a week to lose a
pound or an inch, that's all.
Damn those Italians. They are
trying to use that against me.
They want this property and they
will stop at nothing to destroy
me. Some family, huh?
So, what are you going to do?
I don't know yet, but I'll be
damned if I am going to let them
get my gym.
Is there anything I can do to
      (a little nervous)
I was wondering,well.
It's been a long time since I
dated. I've been so involved with
this business, I was hoping that
maybe you and Willie, well, could
go along with us.
But Millie's really looking
forward to this.
Just for a little while. I don't
know what to say. I just want you
and Willie to stay for a little
while, to break the ice. Then you
can leave. I'll even buy you


                       JAKE (cont'd)
Christ, Jake. You can train grown
men and have them wailing at your
feet, but you're afraid of one
      (shakes his head)
What if I do or say something
wrong? Then how would you feel?
Let me think about think and talk
to Millie, okay?
Do you have to talk to Millie?
Yes I do. She's my best friend.
Then I will let you know, okay?
      (getting nervous
Johnny is on set filming a commercial. He has a starring
role. He is fixed up as a nice attractive husband with
glasses; standing next to him is his wife, who has curlers
on, wearing a dingy robe, fuzzy, over sized slippers. Johnny
is sitting in his easy chair, calmly reading a paper as his
wife nags him. As Johnny is trying to read his paper, his
wife comes up to him and starts bitching and nagging him in
a fast, monotonous tone and never even stops for a breath.
When are you going to take out the
trash, mow the lawn, rake the
yard, wash the car, clean the
gutter, fix that leaky sink.
Johnny looks into the camera, cool and calm, as his wife is
still bitching and nagging him in the background and he
guides her into the kitchen.


When it's that time of the month,
do what I do. Come on, honey.
I don't want to go anywhere with
you. You promised to take me to
the Bahamas and look all I got is
this cage you call a house.
He hands her two pills which she reluctantly takes. He turns
to the camera and smiles. CUT TO:
Johnny is back in his easy chair, reading his paper and his
wife comes in dressed gorgeously, hair flowing, hands him
his slippers, pipe, another paper, and sits at his feet,
almost purring. He looks at the camera, smiling, winking,
holding up a bottle of Midol.
When my wife has one of those
monthly days, I give her Midol and
I can live with her again.
Shouldn't you?
Johnny and his wife grin at each other, seductively, and
also at the camera, as the scene fades.
Sam is exercising on her stationery bike and watching
television when Johnny's commercial comes on. She smiles as
she watches it.
Looking good, Johnny. I forgot to
get my mail.
As Sam is just leaving the apartment, she hears Johnny
coming up the hallway. She starts to go toward him until she
hears a woman's voice and sees him with a very cute, young
girl and they are both giggling. She turns to go to her
apartment, but Johnny catches her.
Sam, Sam, is that you?


Hi, Johnny.
Johnny, who is this?
Sue, come meet my neighbor, Sam.
Remember, I told you about her.
Oh yeah, sure.
Look, Johnny, I gotta go.
Oh, man, I wanted you to meet my
sister. She's only here for a few
      (warming up)
Your sister?
Yeah, he's my little brother. He
told me a lot about you.
I was hoping the three of us could
have dinner
She said she was busy.
Not now, but how about seven?
Really? You're not mad at me
      (grins, looks at
       the floor)
Well, I want to get to know your


Johnny, what did you do?
Nothing, really. I saw your
commercial, you look great.
      (looks at her
Thanks. Gotta run. See you at
Sam, Sue, and Johnny are sitting at a nice restaurant,
having a nice dinner, and Johnny is starting to view Sam as
attractive, as he keeps glancing at her through dinner.
So, Sam, do you take care of my
little brother?
I think he can do that himself.
I was saving some good news for
tonight. Now that I have my two
favorite people I can share.
What? What?
I got a steady part on a soap.
That's great. Which one?
As the Stomach Turns.
This calls for a celebration.
Waiter, I want a bottle of your
best champagne.
Yes. Our finest coming right up.


I saw your commercial tonight?
Really, which one? What do you
You have two. The one I saw was
for Midol and you were really
I can't wait to see either of
Don't worry you will. I promise.
The waiter brings back their champagne. Sam pops the cork
and the bubbly stuff shoots all over the place, getting them
wet, at which they all giggle and Johnny proposes a toast.
Here's to the good life.
Amen to that.
Sue and I are going to go back and
watch my commercials. Would you
like to come? The director gave me
copies of the tapes.
Sue, you sure you don't mind? I
mean I don't want to get in the
way of brother and sister time.
It will be fun.
Hey, no fair. Two against one.
We'll be fair, right Sam?
You can, but I'm his sister it's
my job to harass him.


And she is very good at the job.
Sam and Sue are sitting on the couch waiting as Johnny puts
in his commercial tapes. Johnny sits on the chair next to
them and says the lines as the commercial plays. Sam and Sue
sit there flabbergasted. When the commercial's over Johnny
asks their opinion.
      (very excited)
Well, well, what do you think?
You look good on camera. You are
very photogenic.
You did a good job.
Are you taking any other classes
besides acting?
No, why?
Well, what if acting doesn't work
How can you say that? Look at how
good I was.
It's just a thought. Besides Mom
and Dad want you home.
Oh, that again. They think I can't
make it, don't they? What did they
tell you to bring me home.
No. No. Johnny. I just want to
make sure you have something to
fall back on.


You know Sue you are sounding more
and more like them. I like what I
am doing. I am just staring out.
It takes time, right Sam?
Right. I think I better be going.
I'll talk to you later, okay?
Goodnight. Nice meeting you Sue.
Great Sue. Look what you've done.
You have scared Sam away.
No, really I have to be at the gym
early. I'll talk to you guys
later. Johnny, for what it's
worth, I thought you were good.
Sam tells him as she leaves.
See. She liked me.
She's your friend. Of course she
is going to like you.
I still think I was good.
I'm just trying to protect my
little brother. Remember, like
when we were kids?
In case you haven't noticed, I am
all grown up now.
Sam and Millie are both working out, but Millie notices that
Sam is quieter than usual.
Okay, what's wrong?


What do you mean?
I know you, remember. I can tell
when something is bothering you.
Now, what is it?
Can we go somewhere and talk?
Sure. Let's go outside for a
minute. I could use the fresh air.
Sam and Millie decide to talk a walk.
Come on, Sam. We're friends. Tell
I had a talk with Jake.
Yeah, and?
Well, he wants Willie and me to go
along on your date. I told him I
would have to talk to you.
Did he say why?
Yeah. He said it's been a long
time and he wanted it to go right.
He's very nervous.
I guess you can come then. Only
when I give you the signal, you
have to leave and take Willie with


You got it. I was afraid you might
get mad.
Jake and Millie are already seated at a nice Italian
restaurant, where the lighting is dim and the candles are
providing warmth and luminescence, when Sam and Willie
Nice place, boss. Don't the chi--I
mean ladies look nice tonight?
Yes they do. Would you ladies care
for a glass of wine?
None for me, thanks.
      (looks in Millie's
And for you?
      (eyes smile back
       at him)
Whatever you are having.
Waiter, we're reading to order.
The waiter brings them wine, dinner and they try to make
small talk. Jake and Millie keep glancing at each other
during dinner, which Sam notices.
Millie,here is an accomplished
pianist. Did you know that?
Really? I would love to hear you
play sometime.
It's nothing really.


She's just being modest. She is
rather good.
      (gives Sam a dirty
I try. What do you do in your off
time, Jake?
What off time? He is always at the
gym. I don't think he has another
I have been so busy lately. Willie
is right. All my energy is going
to keeping the gym going.
What would you do if you have some
time to yourself?
      (smiles at Millie)
Like to hear your play piano.
Sam, you had to tell him.
Dinner is over and they are sitting around the table. It is
getting a little awkward. Millie looks at her watch. Sam is
watching and picks up on the cue.
I'm exhausted. Willie, take me
But Jake promised he would buy me
Jake reaches under the table and kicks Willie in the leg. He
rubs his leg, but gets the message.
Okay, okay. Jeez.
Call me later.


Millie winks at Sam as her and Willie leave. Jake and Millie
just sit for a few minutes.
Would you like desert?
Millie just shakes her head, she reaches over and grabs
Jake's hand and holds it in hers. Jake gulps.
It's such a nice night, can we go
for a walk?
Millie and Jake walk downtown, hand in hand, amid a gallery
of shops and restaurants until they come to the end of the
street. Millie turns to Jake and kisses him. Jake, has a
startled look on his face, but then returns her kiss. Then
Millie puts her head on his shoulder, and they walk back
down the street together.
Sam runs into Millie who is just starting to enter the gym.
Millie is beaming.
You didn't call? What happened?
Did you spend the weekend
No, Sam. We just kissed. It was
great. I'm in love. I was in the
clouds all weekend.
Jake comes over to get Sam, who he barely notices, and turns
to Millie.
Hi, Millie.
Hi, Jake.
They both stand there for a few moments, starring at each
other, neither able to take themselves away, until Sam
decides to break it up.


Guys, I am very happy for you, but
Jake we have a commercial to film.
      (snaps out of it)
Oh, right, see you later Millie.
Sam and Jake are once again filming another one of their
commercials. Jake is walking with Sam, showing her using
each one of his machines.
Sam, here has lost over 200 pounds
and only has a few more to go, but
as every dieter knows, the last
few are the hardest.
Look at me, I am on the home
stretch. If I can do it, so can
Jake walks up to the camera.
If Sam can do it, so can you.
Don't you owe it yourself to find
That's a a wrap.
Jake arrives to open his gym to be greeted by a line snaking
all the way around the block. Willie arrives a few minutes
later. As Jake is trying to open the door, one of the women
pinch Jake in the butt. He jumps up.
Ladies, ladies. We will be with
you in a few minutes.


Jake and Willie go inside and start turning on the machines,
the lights and getting the paperwork ready. Jake and Willie
smile at each other.
Maybe my dream is going to come
true after all.
Looks that way, boss. Ready?
Let's do it.
Millie and Sam are just getting ready to play tennis.
Why did you have to tell him I am
accomplished pianist. You know I
don't like anyone to know.
He's not anyone, Millie. He is
your boyfriend.
I know, I know. Just next time
wait till I'm ready.
You haven't told anyone at work,
but me. I just didn't want you to
keep it a secret from him too.
I wasn't planning to. Ready to go.
As they are leaving they run into Johnny and Sue.
Hey Sam, looking good.
Thanks Johnny. You remember my
friend Millie and this is Johnny's
sister Sue.


Hey Millie, how you doing?
Saw your commercial for Midol.
Funny stuff. You were good.
See Sue. She liked it too.
What do I know. I'm from the
Midwest. It was nice meeting you.
Sam, I hope to see you again.
Yeah, she's got a plane to catch.
We are on way there.
I hope to see you again.
Take care of my little brother.
Let's go Johnny. It takes forever
to get through those machines.
Gotta run.
Johnny and Sue run off and Millie turns to Sam.
Johnny's looking good. I think he
likes you.
Really, me, you think so?
Maybe, just maybe.
I can't wait to whip your butt in
tennis, now.
In your dreams. Let's go.


Sam and Millie decide to go to the gym together. When they
arrive, Sam is swamped with people rushing up to her. Millie
views Jake surrounded by women, trying to flirt with him.
She decides to go up and put her arm around him.
Hi, Jake. Everything alright?
Millie, boy am I glad you're here.
You need help?
Yes. We have been swamped. I have
been doing paperwork for hours. I
need a break.
Come on. Just to let you know,
he's mine ladies.
Millie and Jake go to take a walk outside, while Sam is
meeting with all of her fans.
Millie and Jake start to take a walk, but many of the women
are still following them. Jake and Millie try to ignore
What happened?
Everyone saw the commercials. They
all want to join.
Does it have to be so many women?
I'll train them, but my heart
belongs to you.


Just remember that.
It has been a couple of days and the gym is now always full,
even Sam and Millie sometimes have to wait for machines.
Ralph and his lawyer Bob decide to pay Jake a visit.
Excuse me, are you Mr. La Jones?
Yes, I am. How can I help you?
I represent Mr. Ralph Naples,
Remember me?
At that moment, the phone in Jake's office RINGS. He looks
to Willie.
Can you get that?
Okay, boss.
Willie goes into the office and answers the phone. Jake
shows Bob and Ralph into his office, just as Willie is
hanging up.
What can I do for you?
We are suing you for kicking my
client out of your gym for being
We didn't kick him out for being
That is my understanding.


Then you have been misinformed.
Boss, boss.
Not now.
In a minute, Willie. Look, I have
a drawer here full of affidavits
attesting to the fact that he was
bothering over 30 of our clients.
Care to take a look? If you read
the fine print in our contract,
which he signed, it states that
after 5 complaints then it is up
to the discretion of the owner on
what policy to take.
Let me see those.
Jake takes out a handful of complaints and hands them to
Ralph, and Bob.
These are phony.
You think so. Care to try me in
court? I have a slew of witness
out there.
A few of the women look in, smile and wave. Ralph, angry,
takes the form and tears them up.
Now you have nothing.
You think that's the only copy?
Look up above you. I installed
cameras after you arrived, so the
jury can decide for themselves.


Boss, have you checked the books
No, why, what's wrong?
I may have to turn people away,
unless you open another gym.
You mean?
That call was from your accountant
and the bank; they want to finance
you. They want you to start a
chain of stores.
Jake and Willie start jumping up and down, almost forgetting
about Ralph and Bob sitting there. Jake, all of a sudden,
remembers and turns around.
You want to take me to court, you
go right ahead. But Jackie isn't
getting my store. Now, I have a
gym to run. Good day, gentleman.
Jake goes to the door, opens it and show them out, with both
Bob and Ralph steaming as they leave. He goes back into his
office to meet with Willie.
I'll get the champagne.
Let's wait till Sam and Millie get
here. I want to share it with
You got it boss.
Sam and Millie are just coming out of the office and heading
to the car.


I am looking forward to going to
the gym, after today.
I know that Peterson contract was
tedious, wasn't it?
Upon entering the gym Sam is meet by a slew of people. Jake
and Willie come to greet them with big smiles on their
What's going on?
Jake takes the champagne and pours it on Sam's head as
everyone is smiling and cheering.
We did it. I got a call. My dream
is coming true, thanks to you. I
am going to open a chain of Jake
La Jones gym. We film the last
commercial in a few days.
Does that mean you're leaving?
No. I just won't be here to manage
this gym. Sam, I want you to stay
here and run it. Can you do that?
You want me? Really?
Sure, you have done a fantastic
I'll try. Millie, you'll help me
won't you?
Oh no. Millie's coming with me.
Hey. She's my best friend.


You can see here whenever you
Enough you two. Stop, I might just
get to like this.
Champagne for everyone. Let's
Millie and Jake stand together while Willie starts handing
out glasses of champagne for everyone. Sam stays for a while
and then when everyone is busy, she sneaks out.
Sam is just rushing home when she runs into Johnny, who has
just came from filming his first day of filming his soap.
Sam, damn, looking good.
Think so?
How much weight have you lost?
Over 200 pounds, but I still a few
more to go. What have you been
Just finished my first day of
shooting. What's on your hair?
Oh, that. They had a celebration
at the club. Jake is going to open
a chain of workout centers.
You're not leaving, are you?
I don't think so, why?


You're my best friend here. I
would be lost without you.
How about dinner tonight? My
Give me time to shower and get
You got it. I'll be back in an
I'll be waiting.
Sam is hurriedly putting on her makeup, her shoes, her
earrings, her perfume, as she hears a KNOCK on the door. She
yells out.
Just a minute.
Sam goes to the door and opens it, and Johnny stands there
with some flowers in his hands, and his mouth agape.
For me?
Wow. You look great.
You ready?
Huh? oh yeah.
Johnny stands for a few moments just starring at Sam. He
can't hardly take his eyes off of her.


Are you okay?
No. What did you do to my Sam?
I'm still here.
Where it counts. Inside. So where
are we going?
I thought we'd try that new steak
place that just opened a few
months ago.
He holds out his arm, and she takes it. They leave together
walking down the street, happy to be in each others company.
Johnny and Sam are sitting at one of the tables and Johnny
can't keep his eyes off of Sam. A few times she has to break
the stare, as she starts to blush.
You're making me uncomfortable.
I'm sorry. You are just so
      (tries to make
       small talk)
So, how was your first day?
First day of.
Work? How did it go? Who do you


Oh, that. I play Dennis, the
two-timing, boyfriend whose
suppose to be cheating on his
girlfriend with his best friend's
wife and her lover.
I play the male tramp. I sleep
with anyone. Men, women, in the
town just to get back at my
mother, the bitch who bought the
Sounds juicy.
Only thing, I keep getting my
lines wrong. I can't remember who
I have and haven't sleep with.
I'll read with you after dinner,
if you like.
You would? That would be great.
Johnny and Sam are walking back to her apartment. Johnny
starts to tell her goodnight.
See you tomorrow.
Don't you want me to read with
Oh, yeah,I almost forgot. Let me
get the script. I'll be right


Sam and Johnny are in her apartment, and he gives her the
This is the scene, where, I, Dirk,
the cad, seduce you, Sara, the
innocent virgin. Just read her
      (over dramatic)
Sara, you are all I think about,
dream, about. How can you tell me
      (follows his lead)
It's no use, Dirk, since you've
had my brother, my mother, my
aunt, my sister, my godmother.
They all warned me about you.
But. But. They were different. I
didn't care for any of them, the
way I care for you.
I can't.
Kiss me and tell me how you feel?
I can see it in your eyes.
No, no, I can't.
Damn you, woman.
Johnny reaches over and kisses Sam, to her amazement. Johnny
throws the script to the floor and they start passionately
kissing as she throws her script to the floor.
Who are you kissing? Me or Sara?


You. I wanted to kiss you since I
saw you tonight. That is why I
brought this scene.
You could have just told me,
I didn't know how and I wasn't
sure what you would do.
Sam takes his hand and guides him over to the couch. She
sits him down, next to her, and whispers in his ears.
This is what I would have done.
She turns over to him and starts kissing him passionately,
intimately, as he reaches over and turns off the lights.
The gym is decorated with balloons, streamers and signs
bidding Jake a fond farewell. There is cake in one corner,
champagne in another. Jake and Millie are there holding
hands, as are Sam and Johnny with Willie not too far behind.
This is a happy and sad day for
me. I am leaving this gym is very
good hands. Sam, I know you will
take good care of it. I will miss
all of you. I couldn't have done
it without you. Now, let's party.
Millie and Jake walk around the room, talking to everyone
and telling them goodbye, until they get to Sam and Johnny.
Jake shakes Johnny's hand.
Take good care of her.
I plan to. Oh, Sam, have you told
him about your Revlon contract?
Revlon wants me to endorse a line
of their products. They say I have
a fresh face.


You do.
Great. Sam, you ready to do this
one last time?
Wouldn't miss it for the world.
Stop, you're making me misty-eyed.
Sam and Jake are filming their last commercial. The crew is
there celebrating with them, but they stop to film the
I am Jake La Jones and I am here
today to proudly show my protege,
Samantha Hoggins, who through hard
work and dedication has lost over
250 pounds. You can do it too,
once, you join one of my studio's.
Sam comes out carrying a cardboard cutoff of herself as she
was in the beginning, weighing over 300 pounds.
This was me 8 months ago. Look at
me, now. Hard work, determination,
and the guiding hand from the
talented people at the Jake La
Jones studio made it possible. Do
yourself a favor and join today.
Jake walks back and puts his arm around Sam. They both look
at the camera and say together.
You'll be glad you did.
You'll be glad you did.


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From Kevin Mitchell Date 10/16/2008 ***
I enjoyed the story but not for the right reasons. You have it as a comedy but I don't recall ever laughing. You missed a lot of opportunities to inject humor. PG60 for example you have them shooting a commercial and a guy on his bike drives past and whistles at the new Sam. THAT'S IT! Why not have him whistle and a dog comes out of the bush and tackles him to the ground? Also the dialogue was too on the nose. and unnatural. Try reading it out loud to yourself. Does it sound right? Also don't tell, "SHOW". PG3 You say she's had a crush on him for a long time... How do we know this? I liked the premise but tailor it up as a comedy or tear it down to be more of a romantic comedy.

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