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How to be become a celebrity
by Mr. Bran Sentell (Baby_baller205@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

A gorgeous supermodel is encraved with the idea that God made her to be a celebrity and a trophy wife. The only problem is that she keep getting approached by everyday guys. Now the supposedly trophy wife must decide will she kill her fantasies or will she still try to be a celebrtiy.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Lisa--27 is posing for the cameras. Her soft face, elegant
curves and nice lips combine to give her the perfect body.
Her hair is moving back and forth as the production team
tries to capture her full beauty with their cameras.
                       LISA (V.O.)
I'm Lisa. I'm a 27 year old
confident female. I model and work
to earn my own money. The average
modeling career is over by the age
of 21, but I'm not average. I'm
one of a kind. I'm extraordinary.
Lisa turns her sumptuous body around. The CAMERA PUSHES INTO
HER SLOWLY revealing all of Lisa's curves.
                       PHOTOGRAPHER #1
Okay now lean to the side.
Lisa leans to the side and gives a sexy smile for the
                       LISA (V.O.)
Even though I'm a model now, it
wasn't always that way. In high
school I was classified as a nerd.
The boys are all chasing the girls. Lisa is wearing thick
glasses and a homemade sweater. One of the girls approaches
                       KID #1
Lisa come and play. The boys are
chasing us.
One of the boys overhears the conversation.
                       KID #2
Awe. I'm not going to chase Mother
Goose. She might start quacking at


All the kids laugh at Lisa, and cause her to be humiliated.
End flashback
Night is beginning to set in. The light on the set makes it
hard to notice. The photographers are working at a frantic
                       PHOTOGRAPHER #2
You looking good Lisa. A few more
shots and that will be a wrap.
Lisa goes in the trailer and comes back out wearing a nice
red two piece. Her natural body makes the swim suit look
better than it really is.
Work it girl!
Rachael--27 is in the background cheering Lisa on. Lisa is
the only spectator on the set. Rachael is short, somewhat
chubby, and a has a big cheeks.
Stop embarrasing me Rachael.
                       LISA (V.O.)
She is my best friend Rachael. We
have been best friends every since
dinosaurs were living...Okay maybe
not that long, but you get the
point. One more thing, that dog
that she is holding in her hand is
my baby Snuckles. He's one of the
most important men in my life.
Snuckles barks twice.
I would kill for looks like yours.
Work it girl!
After the photos are over, a tired Lisa goes back in the
trailer and put on her regular clothing. She removes the
rubber-band from her hair causing her hair to hang.
I don't know about you, but I'm
hungry. Lets say we go and get a
bite to eat.


Sounds great. I haven't had
anything to eat all day.
Enter the Cafe and Grill place. The cafe is crowded with
customers. The cafe has a friendly atmosphere, a bartender
and a nice menu. The special is listed out in front. Lisa
and Rachael takes the only empty table that is available.
They wait on the waiter. After a short wait, a young
teenager shows up. The teenager has red hair, and is skinny.
First impressions would indicate he has Urkel like
Can I help you?
Fantasy Sequence
The restaurant is now empty except for the presence of the
waiter and Lisa. Lisa is sitting with her legs crossed. Her
body language is very flirtatious. Lisa's lips are moving
slowly. Soft sexy music can be heard playing in the
Um, yes you may darling. Come here
baby you know what I want.
Lisa shows her desirable lips, giving the indication she
desires a kiss. The waiter goes directly to her with his
lips leading the way.
End Fantasy sequence
Awe, Lisa it looks like the
waiter is getting ready to kiss
The waiter is almost near Lisa. His lips are still poking
out. Lisa quickly turn away, causing the waiter's lips to
land on her arm.
What you're doing, you red haired
Lisa and Rachael attacks the waiter with their purse.
Everyone in the restaurant is watching. After the girls
finished destroying the waiter, The miniature Chihuahua,


Snuckles comes out and bites the waiter on the leg, while he
is trying to leave the scene.
      (fearfully as he
       observes the dog)
Holy crap!
The poor humiliated water scrambles back to the kitchen.
Snuckles chases him there. The customers display fear and
laughter as they watch the dog charge across the cafe.
I'm never eating here again!
Lisa and Rachael exits the restaurant.
The two women stampede out the cafe angrily.
Who Carrot Top think he is? He
lucky I didn't have my bat with me
or I would of broke his face in
Two gentleman's prepares to enter the cafe. Larry,31 is a
small business owner. He is clean cut, and his muscles can
clearly be seen through his buttoned up shirt. Steve,29 is a
bit more on the short side. He is bold and has a pale face.
He is also wearing a buttoned up shirt. The guys observes
Lisa, and don't enter the cafe.
Excuse me, I don't mean to intrude
on your conversation, but are you
I'm fine. I'm just a little upset
thats all.
Where is Snuckles at Lisa?
After Lisa does a quick examination of her purse, Lisa
dashes back into the cafe.


Well I guess I'm stuck out here
with two nice built men. Aint I'm
the luckiest lady in the world.
Rachael and the guys get acquainted.
High level economy cars are shown in the parking lot. Two
older gentlemen are seen playing chess. The apartments in
the complex looks appealing to the eyes and gives off a warm
feeling .
Now we are inside Lisa's apartment. The place is very clean,
except for a few scattered magazines on the coffee table.
The CAMERA ZOOMS in on the wall and we can see photos from
Lisa's previous photo shoots.

Snuckles is parading around the apartment barking. His child
like bed is near the big couch.
                       LISA (V.O.)
You have now arrived to my
beautiful apartment. Even though
its more than enough space for
me,it's not quite enough space for
Lisa picks Snuckles and puts him in his bed near the couch.
The master bed and the waste basket are the two main objects
inside of Lisa's bedroom. Her wall is blank and Snuckles has
destroyed the bottoms of her bed spread.

Lisa cell phone rings as she is in the process of going to
Lisa talks to the audience before looking at the phone.
                       LISA (V.O.)
Oops. I forgot to call moms today.
I just know that she is on the
other end and she is probably
upset that I didn't call her all
day. Watch. She's the only person
who can get away with calling me


                       LISA (cont'd)
this late.
Lisa picks up the phone and turns it around for us to see
who is calling. The camera pushes into the phone slowly so
that we can see it reads mom.
Hi mom.
                       LISA'S MOM
Hi baby, how are you? You didn't
call me all day. You had me
petrified. I just can't sleep
until I'm sure you're safe and
I understand mom and it want
happen again.
                       LISA'S MOM
Did you meet anybody interesting
No mom. Acourse not.
                       LISA'S MOM
You know know I'm really concerned
about you. You are twenty seven
and you are still single. Start
giving some of these men a chance.
You know hun I realize that you
still have this fantasy that you
are going to marry a celebrity and
be a trophy wife, but you might
need to start being more
Lisa puts the cell phone away from ear.
                       LISA (V.O.)
I got a feeling this going to be a
long conversation. I always hate
it when my mom gets involved in my
love life.
Lisa leaves her bedroom.


Lisa sits on the empty chair that is on the back porch. We
can hear the sounds of cars passing by and we can see the
night lights as they light the city up.
I do understand mom, but don't
blame me for having standards.
It's like you always said mom, if
you don't stand for something,
then you will fall for anything.
                       LISA'S MOM
I know honey. I know. I just don't
want to see you get hurt.
Lisa's presence has caused two guys to come out on the
porch. The guys are wearing tank tops and look like they are
older. The guys whisper back and forth to each other, but we
can't hear them.
                       LISA'S MOM
Did you know that your little
cousin April just got married?
Mom, she married a guy that just
got out of jail. She's already
One of the guys acts as if he's going to approach Lisa, but
fear sets in, and he turns back around.

Lisa pretends like she doesn't see him.
                       LISA'S MOM
Nobody is perfect honey. He has a
big heart and his whole life
centers around your cousin Erica.
Now what you need to do Lisa is
find you somebody and settle down.
Life is to short to be single.
Mom, I I'm getting sleepy. Can we
talk about this another time?
                       LISA'S MOM
Yeah I guess we can. I hear you
yawning on me. Give Snuckles a
kiss for me.


I will mom.
                       LISA'S MOM
Love you honey.
Love you too mom. Goodnight.
Welcome to the fitness gym. The gym is quite ordinary,
except for the fact that most of the customers are older. We
see an older guy using all his strength to lift a ten pound

CLOSE ON legs moving swiftly across the treadmill. Lisa is
running the treadmill with diligent speed, and her Ipod is
blasting a motivation song in her ears as she runs.
Push yourself Lisa. Push yourself
Lisa starts cooling off.
Good girl Lisa. I can definitely
tell that you worked hard.
Numerous amounts of sweat can be seen dripping from Lisa's
face.Her face conveys the message of defeat.

Lisa fixes her eyes on the drink machine. The trainer stands
in front of her.
You sit right here and take a
seat. The drink is on me today.
Thanks so much. I owe you one.
      (Cracking a smile)
Ah, anytime.
After finding the first available weight bench, Lisa
consumes her drink quickly.

Lisa exits the gym, and her trainer follows her.


      (talking slowly)
Aw Lisa, before you leave... can I
ask you something?
Sure, whats up?
The trainer uses his arms to turn his head before speaking.
He rolls up his sleeves, and we see his python like muscles
bursting out.
      (Speaking slowly)
Do you remember that favor that
you owe me?
Lisa pause for a moment.
I remember. Why?
Maybe one day this week we can go
out to the park or something? It
can be looked at as two friends
hanging out.
We will have to see. I can't make
any promises, because you know how
hectic my schedule is. Just give
me a call.
The trainer nods his head to suggest that he understand, but
he is clearly upset.

Lisa goes to her car alone. Lisa makes an attempt to crank
the car up, but all we hear are rumbling sounds. After a
second failed attempt Lisa calls for help.
                       LISA'S MOM
Mom I'm at the gym. Can you come
and have Dad tow my car back home?
And also can you give me a ride to


                       LISA'S MOM
You are at the gym you said?
Yes Mom. Please hurry, I got to go
home and shower before I go to
                       LISA'S MOM
I'm on my way.
A frustrated Lisa sits on the car hood until help
arrives.Smoke from the car's engine causes her to stand up.
Several kids are running jumping and playing on the
playground various equipment. We hear kids chanting old
songs as their eager parents watches in the background.
The CAMERA PUSHES IN on Rachael who is sitting on the park
bench with a book. We catches glimpses of the other patrons
who are sitting on the adjacent bench. Suddenly, a small tap
on Rachael's shoulder causes her to turn around. She sees
Steve sporting a wide grin.
Oh my God! You scared the living
daylight out of me. Don't ever do
that again.
An angry Rachael begin to hit Steve playfully.
My bat. I didn't mean to scare you
that bad. I didn't know you was so
I'm not fearful. I just don't like
people to disturb me when I'm
I'm sorry. I just finish my
morning jog. What are you reading?


I'm reading this new romance
Rachael shows Steve the cover of the book.
I will finish reading it later
though. What you been up to
I'm still trying to figure the
town out. I'm still in the process
of discovering great hangout
Well lets see, you got the park,
the cafe, the wildcats football
team, the zoo and the amusement
Sounds great. Lets go over there
where the basketball court at for
a while.
Steve and Rachael stroll over to the basketball court. The
court has four baskets, and is empty. An abandoned
basketball is the only item that is on the court.

Steve picks the ball up and spins it on his finger.
Now this is more like it.
Maybe this is more like it for
you. There is no way I'm touching
a basketball, unless it has Gucci
on it.
Eager to show off, Steve takes a jump shot and makes nothing
but net.
I still got it.


Rachael gets the basketball after it comes out of the net.
She continues the process on every make or miss.
Whats your occupation?
Steve steps back into NBA range and drains a three pointer.
I wanted to play in the NBA,but my
knee gave out. Therefore, I had to
find another plan. My brother and
I own our business. We sell custom
Nice. I like a man that his own
There aint nothing to it. You just
got to have the right attitude.
Steve takes a crazy one handed hook shot that rattles around
in the basketball. Steve gives a fist pump after the shot
goes down.
That is enough for the day, unless
you want to take a shot.
Well I guess it's time for me to
start back reading.
Both of them laugh as they walk away.
We see a lineup of economy cars. Most of the cars are either
a Toyota or a Honda. A few pickup trucks and SUV'S can be
seen in the very back.
Enter Car Place USA. The lot is empty. A fat car salesman
name Joe is talking to another salesman named Tyler.Tyler
has a still looking face and a wide charismatic smile. His
cowboy hat and cowboy boots stand out.


Both men are sitting down at the break table, while they are
engaged in the conversation.
I heard that our sales isn't up to
par with the competitors. Rumor
has it that this place is about to
close down.
                       TYLER SAND
Man what they need to do is lower
the prices of these automobiles.
They expect the customers to pay
top notch dollars for cars that
have over 100 thousand miles.
I already done started looking for
another job.
                       TYLER SAND
Nah man. I been here too long. I'm
not leaving here until they
officially say,"We're out of
Joe goes to the vending machine and buys a honey bun. He
goes to the drink machine and buys a sprite.
Country boy I would offer you one,
but I'm too hungry.
Joe consumes his honey bun in two bites.

Tyler gets up from where he was seating. He tries to hide
his frustration, but he is unable to.
                       TYLER SAND
Man I wish there was a magic wand
that I can waive to make customers
buy these cars. All I know is that
I got a daughter who is depending
on me. I can't afford to loose
this job.
After a quick glance of the break room clock, both guys
leave the break room.


The guys enters the office as their fellow co-worker Rick is
preparing to leave the office. Rick is carrying a cubby full
of belongings. His demeanor is positive.
                       TYLER SAND
Rick, what are you so happy about?
                       RICK RIGHT
Guys I have some good news.
      (licking his lips)
You brought us lunch. Tell me
thats the good news.
                       RICK RIGHT
No. The good news is that I got a
job working at Prince autoshop.
Prince Autoshop. Man you are about
to get paid.
                       TYLER SAND
Wait a second,- aint that's the
car shop across that be selling
cars to everybody.
                       RICK RIGHT
Yes they are. My brother in law
works there. I told him about my
situation and he put a good word
in for me! Guys it's been a
pleasure working with you.
Rick uses his shoulder and bull rushes the door open. His
loud celebration can be heard all across the building.
Lisa walks inside of her job. The job scene appears to be
chaotic, but it's ordinary. We hear phones ringing, papers
printing from printers and fingers jamming keys on the


Upon Lisa's entrance everybody stop working, and feast their
eyes on her. She boldly walks to her work station, and


greets her fellow co workers. She takes her seat to her desk
which is located next to the wall.
                       LISA (V.O.)
This is my job. It's not my dream
job, but it pays all my bills and
I still have money left over.
There also are a few cute guys
here, but none of them meet my
One of Lisa's coworkers approaches her.
Lisa your schedule is on your
Thanks hun.
Co-worker #2 approaches Lisa.
                       CO- WORKER #2
Lisa I'm going to need you to
make two copies of your schedule
for next week.
I will.
Lisa sorts through her desk drawer and pulls out all her
papers. She goes through each of them one at a time. Her
nosey co-worker is seated next to her, and she interrupts
Sorry to disturb you, but we are
having our annual Work Spring
party, and it will be held at the
depot. Everyone is expecting to
see you there. Maybe I should
rephrase that, and say that all
the guys are expecting to see you
Whats wrong, it's going to be fun
and there is going to be a lot of
alchol there.


I know Cindy. I just don't want to
make any promises.
Lisa gets back to work for a moment and then she is
interrupted again.
      (Leaning over to
Oh and one more thing- Tim is
going to be there and he is so
into you.
Lisa is unlocking her apartment door. A strange man in a
distance comes up to the door as she is preparing to enter.
Lisa screams!
                       TIM HARDING
Lisa it's me. It's me Tim.
How did you know where I lived?
                       TIM HARDING
I followed you home.
You followed me. What are you a
stalker? You're crazy. I'm calling
the police.
Lisa whips out her cell phone and attempts to dial the
number, but Tim put his hands on hers.
                       TIM HARDING
You're overreacting. Calm down. I
knew you had a flat tire earlier,
so I was making sure you got home
safely. I knew you changed the
tire, but I was just followed you
to be sure it don't come off.
Lisa locks her eyes on his. Slowly, she puts the cell phone
back in her purse.


End flashback
Lisa. Lisa. Did I say something
      (Blinking her eyes
I'm okay.
Tyler is in the office talking to Joe and the other co
workers. Joe is the only one eating while the meeting is
going on.
                       TYLER SAND
As everybody already know, we are
on the brink of going out of
business. However, there still is
Joe starts munching on the chips while Tyler is doing his
presentation. Tyler gives him a mean look.
                       TYLER SAND
Now in order for us to change our
look around, we are going to have
to up our tactics. We might have
to bribe the customers by offering
them free gas home. We might have
to even offer them food from the
snack machine.
Sorry, but the snack machine is
Everybody looks in the direction of the snack machine. The
CAMERA MOVES toward the empty vending machine.
Joe continues to munch on his chips.
                       TYLER SAND
We still can find other methods
that will work. This is important
people. I'm not trying to be out
of a job.
Joe raises his hand. Tyler acknowledges him to speak.


      (talking with his
       mouth full)
You know, you know, I think that
we probably will be better off
just facing our destiny. I mean
it's not hard to find another car
place to work.
                       TYLER SAND
Wrong answer. Wrong answer. We
can't give up. Lets make a sale.
Every customer that walks in
through those doors should be
viewed as dollar signs.
We hear slight moaning and grumbling among the workers.
                       TYLER SAND
Please hear me out. We can do
this. We don't have to go out of
Another worker raises their hand. Tyler gives them
permission to speak.
                       CAR WORKER #1
I don't know what the big deal is.
The other car lots are right next
to ours and they sell better cars.
                       TYLER SAND
The big deal is that we don't have
to go out of business. We can
compete with those other car lots
off of our inventory.
The workers rejects Tyler plan. Profanity can be heard
coming from their mouths.

A dismayed Tyler goes to a isolated corner and bury his head
in his lap. Joe goes to comfort him.
                       TYLER SAND
I can't believe that my fellow
workers don't care about this job.
Some of them been working here
longer than me, and they acting
like they just don't care.


Yeah that is how life work
sometimes. Life is unfair man.
The loud call system at the job goes off. We hear the sound,
"Joe you are needed on line 1." " Joe you are needed on line
Do they know that I'm on my
freaking lunch break!
Joe walks off angrily.
Joe stampedes in the office. Joe aggressively grabs the
phone from the secretary. His voice is more than unpleasant.
This is Joe, what do you want?
                       LISA'S DAD
Good Afternoon Sir. Did I call at
a bad time?
You darn right you did. I was on
my lunch break.
                       LISA'S DAD
I'm sorry to disturb.
We hear the sound of the phone slamming in the background.
Joe what has gotten into you? We
don't talk to our customers like
Joe locks his eyes to the floor. His angry frown still
hasn't disappeared from his face.

The secretary makes her frustration known. She bites her
bottom lips continually.
You can bet that I will report
you. I guarantee you that your
days are numbered here at Car
Place USA!. We could of had a


                       SECRETARY (cont'd)
Well it don't matter. This crummy
old place is getting ready to
close down soon, and then none of
us will have a job.
You shouldn't be working here if
you got an attitude like that.
Who made you the boss?
Joe extends his hands forward to push open the door. He
walks out the door with both hands in a fist form.
MOVING CAMERA displays rain and thunderstorms pounding on
the roof of Lisa's apartment, a resident running for cover,
and trees falling down.
Snuckles is ranting and barking through the hallway. He is
uneasy and every thunderstorm boom enhances his bark.
Pan across details in a bedroom...we see Lisa in her bedroom
clothes watching television....a bowl of popcorn...and we
                       MALE MODEL (V.O.)
I love you Kathy.I now know what
the meaning of love really is. All
the money, fame, cars don't mean
jack to me if I don't have you.
Would you do me the honor of being
my wife?
Lisa grabs her pillow and begin to hold it tighter. Now we
see a T.V. and Lisa's eyes are glued to it.
Oh my God. You better marry that
man girl. Don't let him get away.


                       FEMALE MODEL (V.O.)
I'm sorry James. I know you really
love me and all, but I'm in love
with your brother Chris.
Lisa is emotionally exhibiting the feelings of the man on
the T.V. She roars in disappointment,like a woman who just
find out she been cheated on.

Lisa loud roar causes Snuckles to enter the room. His nose
is leading the way, and he is barking continually.
CLOSE ON an office chair spinning around. We see an older
guy with dark gray hair, sporting a goatee. The guy is
wearing a manager's tag.

Joe is sitting impatiently. His feet are constantly moving
,and he is biting his lips.
So word on the street is that you
don't want to be here.
Joe fix his eyes on the ceiling.
You know what my main rule is. I
will not tolerate a negative
attitude. Negative energy have a
tendency to rub off, and I just
can't have that. Is there anything
you would like to say for
Joe leans back in his chair. He attempts to speak, but is
unable to.
Well I'm going to guess that the
rumors are true. A part of me
wanted to believe it all was a
joke. I know times have been rough
here lately, but that's okay. You
just got to perservere.
Joe mimics the supervisor while his head is turned.
You got to perservere.


I'm suspending you until further
notice. I'll let you know when to
come back.
Customers, patrons, and employees are all walking to the
mall. Outlet stores, restaurants, and a Wal-Mart are all
adjacent to the mall.
Customers enters and exit the mall carrying bags of
merchandise. Lisa and Rachael make their way inside the
Where do you want to go first?
Lets go and get our nails did.
The ladies enters the Nail Salon. The long line alters the
women decision.
We can always come back. Besides,
I'm hungry. Lets go and get
something to eat.
Rachael strolls across the mall to the food section. Lisa
follows her cue.

Rachael orders a peperoni pizza from the Pizza Hut. Lisa
only orders a small fry.

The ladies sit in the middle of the seating area.
      (biting her pizza)
This is some good pizza Lisa. You
better go and order you something
to eat.
Lisa gives her a less than impressed look while she is
sipping her drink.


While I'm thinking about it, there
is something I need to tell you.
What is it?
I kind of accidentally gave Larry
your phone number.
Lisa spits out her drink. She raises her voice, causing the
other customers to stare at her.

Snuckles sneaks out of her purse.
      (looking puzzled)
Rachael, why didn't you ask me
Snuckles runs under the table and jumps on Rachael's lap.
The dog sniffs her food.
Get away from me dog. This is my
food. Leave it alone. Rachael get
your dog away from me.
Well he should eat your food. You
shouldn't of did what you did.
Snuckles nips a fry before going back into Lisa's purse.
A nice black Mercedes has just pulled up to an elegant

Lisa gets out wearing a beautiful evening gown. Larry is
wearing a tailor made suit.
The couple is greeted by a host. The host leads them to the
private part of the restaurant.
      (reading the menu)
I never heard of this food before.


Try meal number two. It's my
A short older gentleman wearing a bow-tie comes to take
their order.
May I take your order?
Yes you can. We will both have
meal number two please.
What kind of drink.
I will take a cold glass of water.
And as for you madam?
I'll have sweet tea.
The waiter writes down their order and exits.
I was thrilled when I learned that
you thought I was cute.
Larry gently strokes Lisa's hand.
Who told you that?
Your friend Lisa told me the whole
story. Don't feel embarrassed,
because I also thought you were
super hot.
Excuse me please. I have to visit
the ladies room.
The bathroom consists of three stalls and an old sink. Lisa
props herself against the wall and dials Rachael number.


Rachael, why did you tell Larry
that I wanted to date him.? You
know he isn't my type.
We hear a scrambled voice coming from the phone, but we are
unable to understand the words.
Rachael, I know you mean well, but
I you can't go around making up
stuff. You just can't do it.
An older woman enters the restroom. The woman is carrying a
cane, and walks with a slight limp. She occupies the first
bathroom stall.

Lisa continues her heated discussion with Rachael. She is
oblivious to the fact that Snuckles has just escaped from
her purse.

Snuckles enters the first stall. We hear a loud scream...and
we see the older woman sitting on the toilet swinging her
cane at Snuckles.
      (grabbing Snuckles)
Snuckles! Bad dog! Bad dog! I
didn't give you permission to get
We hear heavy breathing...
Mam I'm really sorry. I didn't
know that he had escaped.
The older woman strikes her cane across the stall's door.

Lisa comforts the dogs as she leaves the bathroom.
Lisa arrives back to the table, and sees Larry already
eating. Lisa takes a good hard look at the food.
What is this?


Something that you're going to
enjoy. Now sit down and have a
Lisa plops down in the chair. She let her fingers crawl
through the food. Slowly, she picks up a Tori kara-age(deep
fried chicken nuggets).
Those are chicken nuggets. Go
ahead taste it.
Lisa sniffs the nugget before putting it in her mouth. She
takes a bite, and chews carefully.
See. I told you that it wasn't so
bad. Did you like it?
Lisa gives a thumbs up, but her facial expression tells
another story.
Tell me a little about yourself.
Where do I start? Lets see, I'm
31, I'm originally from Seattle. I
have my own business. I'm also
working on a book.
      (sips her drink)
Now I also plan on starting
another business...
Larry continues to brag, brag, and brag the rest of the

We see Lisa leaning her her head to the side, mouth wide
open, and eyes starring in space.
We see Lisa scribbling something down on a piece of paper
before entering her apartment.


We also see Larry attempting to kiss Lisa, but she put her
hand out instead.
                       LISA (V.O.)
I know he might look good and
drive a nice car an all, but he
isn't my type. I'm attracted to
guys that have money, fame, and
A commercial is being made at the car shop. Cameras are
everywhere. Tyler and his fellow co workers are getting make
up applied.
                       TYLER SAND
Howdy people, welcome to Car-place
USA. Here you will find a great
staff, great deals, and even
greater savings.
A famous celebrity is shown smiling in front of the staff.
Come to Car Place USA. You never
know who you might find here.
All together they chant," Car Place USA, the place where
friends send friends."
Cut. Nice going everybody. That
was excellent.
Lisa is at home sitting on the couch, and grooming Snuckles.
She flips through the channels until she comes to the local
What do you say about us looking
at the news Snuckles? We haven't
saw the news in a long time.
The news goes to commercial. Lisa gets ready to change the
channel, but Snuckles bark. Carshop USA commercial comes on.


Oh my God! I don't believe this!
There goes the man of my dreams
right there. Lets go Snuckles.
Lets go.!
Lisa goes to get her jacket and glances at the clock.
We will go tomorrow boy. I think
that they might be close now.
Lisa is sitting down near Rachael on the park bench. Both of
them have a book out, and Snuckles is also sitting on the
You know what Lisa. This is the
life. We are sitting alone, and no
one is disturbing us.
No, don't try to get back in
friends with me. I'm still mad at
you for lying to Larry.
Lisa turns her head away from Rachael, and pokes her lips
Awe girl. Are you still mad about
that. I was trying to do you a
favor. The man is rich, good
looking. What more do you want?
Lisa looks in Rachael's direction and gives her a "I don't
care look."
He might be all that in your
opinion. Men come a dime a dozen
to me. I want a man who smells
like success. I want to be like
those trophy wives at the ESPYS.
Larry makes suits for a livings.
Rachael gives Lisa a blank look.


Lisa you are crazy. You really do
live in a fairy tale world.The
funny thing about this situation
is that you honestly think that
your dream is going to come true.
Oh I almost forgot. I said that I
was going to Car-place USA today.
Give me a ride there.
Ha! Now you need me for something.
I shouldn't give you a ride.
Customers flood the scene at the car shop. Cars are coming
and going in and out of the car lot.

Lisa and Rachael are greeted by Tyler immediately after they
get out the car.
                       TYLER SAND
Well how can I help you two
beautiful ladies today?
I'm looking for the guy who was on
the commercial. You know the cute
celebrity that plays on T.V.
                       TYLER SAND
I'm afraid he is gone partner.
However, I still can give you a
good deal on a vehicle today.
Rachael and Lisa step away from Tyler to have a private
I thought you came here looking
for a car. I didn't know that you
came here because of some guy you
saw on T.V.
The guy was on the T.V. and I
wanted him, so I came up here to
get him. I didn't know that they
were using his face to attract


                       LISA (cont'd)
Rachael rubs her hands across Lisa's forehead.
You don't appear to be sick. I
could of told you that there
wasn't going to be a celebrity
Tyler interrupts the women conversation.
                       TYLER SAND
So have you two decided what kind
of car you are going to buy?
We wasn't discussing that. We were
discussing something else.
                       TYLER SAND
Oh I see. You two are having
trouble in the relationship.
                       LISA (V.O.)
What did he say? I know he aint
insisting that me and Rachael are
a couple. I can't beleive it!
Lisa steps on Tyler's feet and push him slightly.
Are you calling me a lesbian?
                       TYLER SAND
I'm so sorry. I didn't know that
you two wasn't a couple. I'm
Lisa grabs Tyler by the collar and he continually to
apologize. After Lisa releases his collar, he directs her
and Rachael to a new 2008 Honda Accord.
                       TYLER SAND
Now this car is practically new.
The previous owner didn't put any
real miles on it. This car is like
the best bargain that we have.
Lisa and Rachael examines the car.


Whats the asking price?
                       TYLER SAND
The sticker price is 17,000, but I
will lower the price of the car if
you go out on a date with me.
You slime-ball. I don't date
ordinary guys.
                       TYLER SAND
I didn't say that we had to form a
relationship, we can just go out
on a couple of dates and see what
it leads to.
You know what. I'm tired of your
foolish talking mister. Lets go
I thought that you would never say
that. This guy is a jerk.
The two ladies rush into the car. Afterwards Tyler comes up
to the driver side. Lisa rolls the car window down.
                       TYLER SAND
I'm sorry. I usually don't act
like this, but your beauty is
making me act like this.
Save the excuses for Dr.Phil. You
blew it mister.
Lisa speeds off.Tyler takes a deep breath and throw his
hands on top of his head.
Lisa sits in the front seat,and her face is full of frowns.


Don't you think that you might was
a little too rough on that poor
Nope. He should of known not to
try to hit on me. I'm not even in
his league. I'm getting tired of
all these lame broke men trying to
talk to me.
Lisa is at her apartment on the porch reading a book. An
empty chair is right next to Lisa's. Larry shows up and
hands Lisa a bundle of flowers.Lisa smells the flowers.
You really do know how to make a
woman feel special.
I was at the store when I saw all
these lovely roses. Then I said to
myself- who could I give these
roses to?
      (smelling the
Ah you too sweet.
Larry takes a seat in the extra chair next to Lisa's.
I'm sure glad you gave me these
flowers. I had a rough day.
Rough day. What happened?
Some idiot at the car lot was
trying to flirt with me ,instead
of trying to sell me a car.
Are you looking for a car?


Yeah. You saw my old piece of junk
car that I got.
How about I buy you a car?
Lisa pauses for a second and stares at Larry.
You buy me a car. You barely know
I know enough about you to know
that you're the direction that I
want to go in.
I done had some people do some
pretty awesome things for me, but
I never had nobody ask to buy me a
Larry leaves his chair and goes and stands behind Lisa.
Larry puts his hands on Lisa's shoulder while he is talking.
Maybe those other men didn't care
for you the way I care for you.
I'm quite sure you do care for me,
but there is no way I can let you
buy a car for me.
      (Takes a deep
I just can't let you buy a car for
Lisa what you don't understand is
that I have plenty of money. My
brother and I gives thousands of
dollars every year to charity.
Wouldn't you agree that me buying
you a car is a charitable act?
Lisa gets up from her chair.


I know you mean well, but I can't
take advantage of you like that.
Larry shakes his head twice and begins walking back to his
car. Before he gets inside he speaks to Lisa.
You know how to contact me if you
change your mind.
Rachael is at the grocery store shopping alone. She
continues her shopping until Tyler speaks to her.
                       TYLER SAND
Don't I know you.
Rachael turns around to see Tyler. Tyler is wearing his work
Hi you doing Mr.Car salesman.
                       TYLER SAND
I'm doing fine. I'm sorry about my
conduct yesterday. I was really
rude and I really do apologize.
I suppose you was a little mean.
I'm not the one who you should be
apologizing to. Lisa was the one
who was hot afterwards.
                       TYLER SAND
I'm quite sure she was. Make sure
you tell her that I really am
sorry for hitting on her.
I will make sure I tell her.
Rachael pushes her cart away.
                       TYLER SAND
One more thing.
Rachael looks back.


                       TYLER SAND
What if I wasn't joking around?
What if I really did find her to
be cute and I really was
interested in talking to her.
      (laughs hard)
                       TYLER SAND
Did I say something funny?
I'm not trying to be mean, but
you're not her type. She wouldn't
look twice at you. She has really
high standards.
Tyler examines his body.
                       TYLER SAND
Hey, what you trying to say. I'm
Um do you want the truth?
                       TYLER SAND
Yeah I want the truth?
In order to talk to her you got to
have money like Lebron James,
looks like Nick Lachey and a body
like Mario Lopez. And if you don't
got all three, then you don't have
a chance. I don't mean to sound so
harsh, but that's just the way she
is. She wants to be a trophy wife
who is married to a celebrity.
                       TYLER SAND
Ah I didn't know she was like
that. She just going to have to
reject me, but when I want
somethng I usually get it.
If thats how you feel, Good luck.
Tyler and Rachael both walk away in different directions


Lisa is at work doing some paper work. She is interrupted by
her co-worker.
                       CO- WORKER #2
Lisa you have a phone call.
Lisa goes up front where the phone is at.
Hi, this is Lisa.
Screaming and hollering can be heard coming from the phone.
Mom I can't understand what you're
saying. Slow down. Take it one
word at a time.
                       LISA'S MOM
Hurry home ASAP. I have a big
suprise for you.
Lisa puts the phone down temporarily.
                       LISA'S MOM
Lisa. Lisa. Are you still there?
I'm still here. I'm on my way.
Lisa leaves a note at her desk that reads, GONE ON BREAK. BE
A car with a ribbon is outside by Lisa's apartment. A letter
is attached to the car. Lisa reads the letter out loud.
      (Reading the
       letter out loud)
Dear Lisa, God works in mysterious
ways. We was praying that God
would give you a car and he did.
Some guy by the name of Larry is
responsible. I never seen him
before, but I sure thank God for
sending him to us. At first I was
hesitant to take this car, but
after he informed he was rich, I
realized this was the blessing


                       LISA (cont'd)
that I was praying for. Love Mom.
Lisa opens the door of the car. She sits down on the driver
side and pull out the car's manual. Afterwards she rush
inside her apartment to use the phone.
      (dials Larry
What the hell do you think you're
A small faint voice is heard in the background.
I'm sorry did I do something
Why did you buy my mom a car?
I asked you if you wanted a car
too, and you said no.
My mother don't accept gifts from
other men. She is married.
Ah, now that were you wrong at. I
gave the car to both of your
parents. I told them that it was
laid on my heart to do something
good for somebody.
You know what I think it would be
best if you just stayed away from
me and my family.
Lets see here. I buy your parents
a car, and you reward me by


                       LARRY (cont'd)
cutting me off your list. You sure
do know how to treat a guy.
Lisa makes a angry growl and throws the phone down.Snuckles
comes out the living room and comforts Lisa.
Rachel and Steve are alone in the den area of his house. The
house is very big and everything is neatly laid out. Both
the T.V. and the couch is in the den area. The den area
wall is full of awards and plaques.Rachel is viewing Steve's
I didn't know that you donated to
so many charities.
Steve walks near Rachel.
Yeah, giving is extremely
important to me. You see the more
I give, the more I seem to have.
Rachael focus her attention to a medal that is hanging on
the wall.
      (Touching the
I like medals. How did you get
this medal?
I actually won this medal in high
school.I ran track and this medal
is from the year that we won
Rachael laughs.
What, you don't believe that I ran
I didn't say that. I just couldn't
imagine you running track.


While the two are talking the doorbell rings. Steve goes to
answer the door. Larry comes in.
Hi Larry.
Larry throws Rachael a quick wave and he begins to start
I don't understand women! I don't
understand women- No matter how
hard you try, they still aint
Steve gives Larry the signal to sit down.
Calm down man. What are you
talking about?
Larry gets back up and start complaining.
I decide to do something good for
Lisa. I basically buy a car for
her. I buy her a car! Do you know
how many men would buy a woman a
car? I guarantee not none.
Rachael pretend to still be interested in the medals on the
wall. She is secretly listening to the conversation between
the guys.
You got Lisa a car? Are you crazy?
You barely no her bro.
That not the point Steve. That's
not the point. The point is , she
thanks me by saying she don't want
to have anything to do with me.
Can you believe it?
Look at it this way, there are
other fishes out there in the sea.
Larry BANGS the couch hard.


I don't want nobody else. I want
What you need is a drink.
Steve gives Larry the T.V. remote and leaves to go get him a
Lisa is up early jogging in her neighborhood. She has
headphones on. A strange car rides past her and lets the
window down. Lisa ignores the car.
                       TYLER SAND
Stop for a moment.
Lisa stop and sees that Tyler is the driver. Tyler's little
girl cloud is in the back seat. She is six years old and is
wearing a her school uniform.
What do you want?
Lisa notices the child in the back seat.
Oh she is so adorable. Whats your
                       CLOUD SAND
      (slowly and
Cloud Sands.
Cloud. Thats a pretty name.
Lisa reaches out to shake Cloud hand, but she want give it
to her.
                       TYLER SAND
She don't talk to strangers. I
just wanted to apologize for my
behavior the other day. It was
totally inapropriate.


Well I don't accept your apology.
I'm sorry, but that is just how I
                       TYLER SAND
I know. I know. I know. I made a
mistake. Please let me make it up
to you. A young woman like
yourself deserves to be treated
Lisa glances at Cloud, and Cloud makes a mean face at her.
I swear your daughter doesn't like
                       TYLER SAND
She really doesn't like anybody.
Lisa glances at Cloud again, and sees her licking her tongue
in her direction.
                       TYLER SAND
Listen, I got to get her off to
the baby sitter, but how about
later on tonight I take you to
Sorry, I'm going out to a party
                       TYLER SAND
A party?
Well it's basically just for the
people who work at my job.
                       TYLER SAND
OK then. I'll take you out
tomorrow then. Don't be late,
cause I'm going to meet you at
this same location.
Tyler drives off. Lisa hollers at him while he's driving


      (hollering at the
       top of her lungs)
I can't go out tomorrow either! I
sort of made plans!
Lisa finish up jogging and goes back to her apartment.
Rachael is there and she is examining the car.
Rachael, what are you doing here?
Rachael walks to the passenger side of the car.
Big pimping. Girl this is nice. I
didn't know you was doing it big
like this.
Oh it's no big deal.I'm going to
give it back.
Excuse me.
Lisa unlocks the car doors, and Rachael sits down inside the
car. Lisa joins her on the other side.
Larry supposedly gave this car to
my parents as a gift, because I
told him I didn't take free cars
from people. And of course since I
needed a car, my parents gave it
to me.
Are you drunk or crazy? It's not
often that people give you a free
I know Rachael.I just don't feel
right taking a free car from


Well I do. Give it to me.
Rachael puts her hand out in anticipation of Lisa handing
her the keys.
Give me the keys? If you don't
want it I'll take it.Larry took
his hard earned money and gave you
a free car.- He care so much about
you and he would do anything to
make you happy.
Well maybe, but when did you
become an expert on his feelings?
Umm....Um mm.... I wasn't going to
say nothing, but last night he
came over Steve house and I was
there. He was telling Steve how
unthankful you was.
      (talking lower)
I didn't mean to hurt his
feelings. I just don't feel right
taking a gift of this magnitude.
Magnitude. Stop using big words
with me.
The scene is ended with both of the women laughing.
A lot of cars can be seen outside. The music can be heard
before entering the house. The house is in an upscale
neighborhood. Rachael and Lisa are both wearing a nice
dress. The girls both walk to the door together. Lisa
flashes her work Id to the security guard at the door. After
the guard examines the card the women are able to enter the


I wasn't expecting this many
All the furniture is removed from the house. Most of the
guests are in the living room talking. The DJ is in the den
Lisa I'm so glad you made it. You
look lovely.
So do you. Rachael this is Cindy.
Cindy this is Rachael.
The two women greet each other.
Tim Harding has asked about you
Why I'm not suprised.
Uh, oh. He done spotted you. I got
to get back to my date, but it was
nice meeting you Rachael.
Tim Harding is approaching Lisa. Tim is wearing a collar
shirt with slacks.
                       TIM HARDING
Hi Lisa. How are you?
      (trying not to
       make eye contact)
Rachael shrugs her elbow against Lisa.
                       TIM HARDING
      (offering Rachael
       a handshake)
Nice to meet you Rachael.
Tim this is my friend Rachael.


                       TIM HARDING
Lisa would you like something to
No thank you. I don't drink.
I would like something to drink.
                       TIM HARDING
It's no problem. I'll go and get
her something. What would you
Just bring me back some punch.
Lisa and Rachael continue to walk around until a familiar
voice speaks out.
Both of the women look back to see Larry. Larry is wearing a
tuxedo with a pimp hat.Rachael instantly hugs him.
Baby you look good. Lisa, don't my
man look good?
When did you two officially become
a couple?
Hi Lisa.
I'll get up with you Lisa. Tell
Tim don't worry about my drink.
Rachael and Larry walks off. Lisa goes back to the living


Tim shows up the second Lisa enters the living room.
                       TIM HARDING
Where is your friend?
She went off. She said don't worry
about her drink.
                       TIM HARDING
Okay then. Take a seat.
The two takes a seat on the couch. They are the only ones on
the couch. The DJ starts playing a love song.
                       TIM HARDING
I know that I'm not your type and
all, but you know I always knew
that you were special.
Lisa looks at Tim and smile.
Thanks Tim.
                       TIM HARDING
Maybe we could use tonight as the
foundation for us to get to know
each other.
Two of Lisa's co-workers observes her and Tim talking.
I think Tim might have his woman.
                       CO- WORKER #2
I think so too.
Lisa is unaware that her co-workers are watching her.
Tim I think that you're a
fantastic guy. I just don't think
that it would work out between me
and you.
                       TIM HARDING
Why it want work out? Give me one
reason why? I have a good
personality, I work out on a daily


                       TIM HARDING (cont'd)
bases, I don't have any kids.
Tim puts his hands on Lisa's hand.
You don't understand. I'm not
saying that you're not a wonderful
person, I'm just saying I'm not
attracted to you like that.
                       TIM HARDING
Why not?
I don't know Tim.
                       TIM HARDING
I see.
Tim gets up and leave Lisa sitting in the couch.
Lisa arrive at her mother's house in the new car. After
arriving there, Lisa blows the horn and her mother comes
Mom I decided I don't want the car
no more.
                       LISA'S MOM
Now Lisa what are you talking
Mom- I knew who gave you this car.
The guy who gave you this car did
it to impress me.
                       LISA'S MOM
Lisa, what are you talking about?
Lisa put the keys in her mother hands.
                       LISA'S MOM
Lisa I don't need a car. Lisa I'm
not going to take these keys.
You're acting crazy. The guy gave
me the car- So technically it's my


                       LISA'S MOM
Now you listen to me. I didn't
raise you to turn down blessings.
I don't want you to ever think
that you're too good to take a
donation from somebody. You got
Lisa's Mom gives her a stern look.
Yes mom. I understand.
Lisa arrives to her desk and is surprised to see a card,
with candy and a bear attached to it. Tim's name can be seen
in big print on the tag attached to the card. Lisa begins
reading the card.
Dear Lisa, Thanks for spending
time with me at the party last
night. I really do feel like you
are a great person. Again thanks,
and enjoy the chocolate!
Lisa Co- worker glances at her.
Um .... is that chocolate? Can I
have a piece?
Lisa gives her the whole bag.
I just wanted one or two pieces.
You didn't have to give me the
entire bag.
I know. I know. I just don't eat
Why did you bring it then?


I didn't. Tim left it on my desk
for me this morning.
Oh that is so sweet. Oh, He's not
only cute, but he's also romantic.
I wish I was in your shoes.
Lisa gives her a serious look.
No you don't.
The Co-worker leaves her area and goes to socialize with the
other workers in that area. Lisa can over- hear them
mentioning her name. Lisa tries not to make eye contact with
them.Shortly after, Lisa sneaks into the restroom and calls
Rachael on her phone.
Rachael do you got a second?
I'm at work, but I can step out
for a moment. Hold on.
After a brief pause Rachel resume her conversation.
Now whats on your mind?
Do you remember Tim, the guy who
was at the party last night?
I do. What about him?
Well this morning when I got to
work, I had a card and some
chocolate on my desk, and it was
from him.
Don't be so quick to jump to
conclusions. It might not be Tim,
it might be somebody else. Every
man in town has the hots for you.


      (raising her voice
He left his name tag on the card
and he signed it. Now Cindy's
going around telling everybody.
So what are you prepared to do?
I don't know.
A supervisor enters the restroom.
Hey I got to go. I'll call you.
Lisa pulls her car in the parking lane. Afterwards, she goes
to her mailbox and pulls out a big brown envelope.Quickly,
she rushes into her apartment where she is greeted
cheerfully by Snuckles.
      (rubs Snuckles)
Lisa flops on the couch and opens the big brown envelope.
The envelope contains pictures from Lisa's recent photo
shoot. Lisa is elated. Lisa shows Snuckles the pictures.
Snuckles bark.
You like my pictures boy? Yes you
do like my pictures boy. Yes you
do. You love my pictures.
A horn can be heard blowing outside. Lisa looks through the
curtain and sees and old red pick-up truck. Lisa goes
                       TYLER SAND
Hi young lady. I believe you're
the woman I'm looking for.


Lisa comes closer to Tyler's truck. Tyler is wearing a
t-shirt , cowboy jeans, and a big country hat. His daughter
is right beside him.
Tyler, what are you doing here?
How did you know where I live?
                       TYLER SAND
We will discuss that at the
restaurant. All I need you to do
is get in. Cloud and I are ready
to eat.
I'm not trying to be rude or
nothing, but I don't remember us
having a date tonight.
                       TYLER SAND
Who said anything about a date? We
going out to eat like three
ordinary people. Now stop being
stubborn girl and get in this
                       CLOUD SAND
You heard my daddy! Come on, I'm
Lisa laughs.
I guess I don't have a choice do
I? Let me go and get my jacket.
Tyler pulls his truck to the local Chinese Restaurant.
After entering in the restaurant, Tyler instructs them to
get a buffet.After everyone is through fixing their plates
they all gather at the back table. Cloud's plate only
consist of shrimp fried rice.
                       TYLER SAND
We have a custom Lisa. Cloud
always says the grace before every
Oh great.


Tyler removes his hat.Cloud looks at Lisa.
                       CLOUD SAND
You have to close your eyes.
Oh I'm sorry.
                       CLOUD SAND
God is good, Good is great, God we
thank you for this food. Bow our
heads, we are fed, Thank you Lord
for our daily bread. Amen.
                       TYLER SAND
Amen. Lets eat.
Cloud makes an unsuccessful attempt to open her duck sauce.
                       CLOUD SAND
I can't open it.
Cloud gives the duck sauce to Tyler and he opens it.
She is so cute. I know her mother
is proud of her.
                       TYLER SAND
Her mom died shortly after she was
born. The birth of Cloud proved to
be too much for her body.
Lisa takes a bite out of her shrimp.
Crunchy. I'm sorry to hear that.
                       TYLER SAND
Don't worry about it. God doesn't
put no more on us than we can
So you are a single parent?
                       TYLER SAND
Yeah I am. I consider being a
parent the best job a man can
have. Cloud has taught me to
appreciate the small things in


                       CLOUD SAND
Dad can I go get some more shrimp
fried rice?
                       TYLER SAND
Yeah. I'll come with you.
No I'll get it.
Lisa takes Cloud to the buffet. She gives her two scoops of
shrimp fried rice. Cloud happily returns to the table.
Can I ask you something Tyler?
                       TYLER SAND
You have got to be the most
country person I know. Who wears a
cowboy hat when they going out to
                       TYLER SAND
Well I might be, but I wouldn't
have it no other way. I'm from the
small town of Pelham Georgia. The
only reason why I'm here is
because I wanted Cloud to attend
River Life Elementary school.
Lisa stops eating and watches Cloud as she eats.
                       TYLER SAND
You better make sure you get full
mam. I didn't pay all this money
for nothing.
Lisa takes a bite off her chicken, before speaking.
I'm full.
                       TYLER SAND
Now young lady you sure don't eat
much. It might be a while though
before I'm finish. I'm only on my
first plate.
Lisa starts laughing.


Steve and Larry are playing on the computer. They are on a
dating website.
Okay now this website right here
is known for its high success
Steve clicks the mouse to look at all the options. All of
the women that shows up on the computer are cute.
These women are all hot, but none
of them can compete with Lisa.
Come on bro. Whats with you? I
have never saw you this obsessed
with a woman in my whole life.
I know. I just can't help it.
Steve clicks on one of the women profile.
Look at her. Wouldn't you agree
that she is pretty hot? Why don't
you leave her a message?
What will I tell her? Hey I'm
Larry and I'm a loser.
Stop going so hard on yourself.
Let me type the message for you.
Larry pays Steve no attention while he is typing the
Rachael is knocking on Lisa's door. Lisa opens the door.
Rachael goes straight to the refrigerator. Lisa follows her.
Whats up girl. I know you been
dying to talk to me.


Yeah and I know you been dying to
come to my refrigerator.
Rachael points to her tongue.
I hope you know that you're not
Rachael takes a Sprite soda from the refrigerator. She then
goes to the living room. Lisa follows her.
Last night I went out with the car
AWE.............That is a No No!
And the weird thing about it was
that I had a good time. I think
he's not that bad.
Rachael give Lisa a disgusting look before speaking to her.
What? I wouldn't even date him,
and I date everybody.
I can't quite pin point what it
is, but something about him I
Um Lets go over his resume. He is
a car salesman, he has a daughter,
and he's not rich. I say that's
three strikes right there.
I see where you coming from, but-
Now lets review Larry resume- He
is rich, handsome and a gentleman.
I say Home Run!
Lisa goes and grabs Snuckles.


You do realize that you're not
I'm sorry.
Rachael pats Lisa on the shoulders twice.
The house has pictures of Cloud and Tyler hanging all over.
The house is very small. Tyler is in Cloud room and tucking
her in for bed.
                       TYLER SAND
You want me to read you a bedtime
                       CLOUD SAND
Thats O.K.
                       TYLER SAND
Okay then, I guess I will give you
a kiss and we will call it a
Tyler gives Cloud a kiss.
                       CLOUD SAND
Dad, can I ask you something?
                       TYLER SAND
Sure, what is it?
                       CLOUD SAND
Do you really like that lady?
Tyler smiles and rubs Cloud's hair.
                       TYLER SAND
As a matter of fact I do. Do you
like her too?
                       CLOUD SAND
She's very cute. She might be too
cute for you.
Tyler laughs.


                       TYLER SAND
Now you know that can't be true.
Nobody is too cute for your dad.
They both start laughing.
                       CLOUD SAND
Dad I hope you and her marry and
have plenty of kids.
                       TYLER SAND
I'll be happy if I just can get
the chance to take her out again.
                       CLOUD SAND
You will dad. Leave everything up
to me.
Tyler gives Cloud another kiss before turning off her light.
Lisa walks in to work and sees everybody starring at her.
She even can hear some of the workers whispering about her
as she walks by. After arriving to her desk, she sees a huge
Teddy Bear with a card attached to it. Lisa don't read the
card, she just put her head down on top of her hands.
Lisa are you okay?
Steve and Larry are watching Cheaters on television.
Them detectives on Cheaters catch
everybody. If I ever suspected
somebody of cheating, I would call
Yeah man you right. They catch
everybody. Can I have a beer?
Yeah they in refrigerator. Get me
one too.
On the show the host of Cheaters is discussing the evidence
with the victim. The victim is crying and full of tension.


Larry returns with a beer.
I just came up with an idea.
Whats up Steve?
You know how you been saying for
the longest that Lisa is the one
for you?
Larry pops the top off his beer.
Well the way I look at it is like
this. The reason she turned you
down is probably because another
man is in her life.
And your point is?
Steve stands up.
Well if there is another man in
her life, then we can find out and
find a way to get him off the
scene. You can hire somebody to do
some detective work for you, just
like they did on Cheaters.
Larry sips his beer before he speaks.
I don't know Steve. What I'm
suppose to do if I do find out
there is another man in the
picture. I'm supposed to kill him
or something?
Who said something about killing
somebody? You can find some dirt
on him, find him another woman,or
just pay him off.
Larry puts his beer down and begin to rub his chin.


Hey bro it may sound a little
harsh, but in the long-run when
you get your woman, it will pay
You might have a point Steve. Lets
go online and see how much money
we talking about to hire these bad
Both of the men goes where the computer is at.
Lisa is putting her modeling pictures in the picture album.
Snuckles is right beside her. Lisa is later disturbed by a
knocking on the door. Snuckles barks fiercely.
Okay Snuckles, mommy is going to
the door.
Lisa opens the door and sees Tyler. Tyler is wearing his
cowboy hat, and his cowboy boots.Tyler has a cd in his hand.
Hi, I wasn't expecting you.
                       TYLER SAND
Aren't you gonna ask me to come
Snuckles barks again.
                       TYLER SAND
I think you're little dog wants me
to come in.
Come in. Where is Cloud?
                       TYLER SAND
She went to a birthday party.
Tyler goes to the couch.
Who cd you got?


                       TYLER SAND
This CD has my type of music on
And what would that be? Country?
                       TYLER SAND
Actually it is mam? Do you have a
cd player?
No not really. I do however have a
dvd player.
Lisa open the DVD player and puts the CD inside.Tyler
immediately starts singing when the music comes on.
Oh No! This is too country for me.
Lisa goes to take the CD out,but Tyler speaks to her.
                       TYLER SAND
If you would dance me with me mam,
I promise you will like it.
No way. You know what? You're
really crazy. You're lunatic.
Nobody listens to this kind of
music. I'm cutting it off.
Lisa goes back to the dvd player again,but Snuckles starts
growling at her.
No Snuckles. No snuckles. This
music is bad for you?
                       TYLER SAND
I say the dog has a point. Lets
Tyler puts one arm on Lisa's arm and the other on her waist.
No. No. No. This is-
Tyler spins Lisa around. She laughs and laughs.


You really are a good dancer. Who
taught you how to dance like this?
Tyler puts his feet in front of Lisa's and tells her to
follow his lead. She does. Snuckles curls up and watches the
two dance. After the two finishes dancing Tyler prepares to
I haven't had this much fun in a
long time.
Tyler nods his hat toward Lisa as he is walking out the
                       TYLER SAND
My pleasure mam.
Tyler walks toward his old pickup truck and Lisa stops him.
She hands him a piece of paper with some numbers on it.
Um.....um,.... you know I just
figured that maybe you know
sometimes if you're not busy you
might want to call me.
                       TYLER SAND
I might can do that.
Lisa watches Tyler as he drives off and continues to look
toward that direction.
                       LISA (V. O.)
Oh my God! What am I doing? How
can I be so vulnerable? Okay,
Okay, as long as it don't happen
Rachael is at the local cafe alone. The cafe is fairly
empty. Rachael is eating a burger and fries. Rachael is
eating in peace, until a tall gentleman taps her on the
shoulder. The gentleman is is very muscular and is wearing a
baseball cap. The gentleman has a full mustache and looks
like he is in his late thirties.
                       KEITH RANGER
Good day mam.


Hi, how are you?
                       KEITH RANGER
Can I have a seat right here?
Go ahead.
Keith takes a seat on the opposite side of Lisa.
                       KEITH RANGER
My name is Keith Ranger. Everybody
around here just call me Keith.
Keith offers Rachael a handshake. She accepts it.
Rachael Lakes. Everybody just call
me Rachael though.
                       KEITH RANGER
Man I can finally breathe a sigh
of relief.
Keith takes a deep breath and wipes his hand over his
                       KEITH RANGER
I thought for show man that you
was going to reject me. I see
there still are a few good hearted
women out there.
Oh no. I'm not going to reject
you. I'm not that type of person.
Aren't you going to order
                       KEITH RANGER
I might just get a drink of water.
                       KEITH RANGER
Are you from this area?
Yep.I was born and raised in this
area. What about you?


                       KEITH RANGER
I wasn't born here, but I been
here a moment.
Oh ok.
Rachael continues to eat.
                       KEITH RANGER
I'm not trying to hit on you or
nothing like that, but I find you
to be cute. Are all your friends
cute like you.
Rachael finish chewing her food and then sips her drink
before speaking.
Thank you. I do have one friend
who is a super model.She is
really, really cute.
                       KEITH RANGER
Nah...... she can't look better
than you.
Trust me. She do. Every guy in
town likes her.
                       KEITH RANGER
Her name wouldn't happen to be
Lisa would it?
Rachael stops eating and gives Keith a surprised look.
Yeah ! You're right! How did you
                       KEITH RANGER
Everybody knows about Lisa. My
friend tried to date her.
Who's your friend?
                       KEITH RANGER
You wouldn't know him. He tried to
date her a while back.
Lisa zooms her eyes squarely on Keith.


Tell me. I might do know him.
                       KEITH RANGER
It's not important. Let me ask you
this though, who is Lisa dating
right now?
I have no idea. Her lot of guys
has been making passes at her, but
I'm uncertain as to who she's
Rachael opens her purse and pulls out a five dollar bill.
She leaves the money on the table as she is leaving.
It was nice to meet you Keith.
Keith waves back at Rachael.Immediately after Rachael leaves
he pulls out a small book from his back pocket. The book
title is shown and it reads: DETECTIVE'S NOTEBOOK. Keith
starts writing in the book.
Lisa is in the gym on the treadmill with her trainer.The
time is around 11 in the morning. The gym is full.
Push yourself Lisa. Push yourself.
I'm outta shape. I need to start
coming more.
After Lisa finished on the treadmill, the trainer directs
Lisa to the mats.
I need you to do twenty five sit
ups. Lets go.
While Lisa is doing her sit ups the trainer is starring at
Lisa in amazement. He doesn't even blink his eyes.
What number am I on? You supposed
to be counting for me?


Don't forget about the barbecue
which is supposed to be today at
The trainer's attention is focused so much on Lisa, that he
doesn't hear her question.

After Lisa finish her workout, she dries her face up with
the towel. Next she leaves for the parking lot. She is
unaware that Keith is watching her in a far distance with
his binoculars.
Tyler comes in to work and is greeted by Joe at the door.
Joe has a cubby in his hand and it's full of gear. Joe's
pain can be seen on his face.
      (talking lightly)
It's over man. We're closing down.
                       TYLER SAND
Closing down! We're closing down.
Are you serious?
Joe looks Tyler right in the eye.
Sorry man. I heard that they
wasn't making enough money.
Joe walks out the door with his cubby and holding his head
down. His cubby is full of old peanuts and candy. Tyler
stares in disbelief.Then Tyler begins to talk to himself.
                       TYLER SAND
      (paces back and
       forth as he is
No job. No job. What I'm going to
tell Cloud? How I'm going to pay
my rent?
Tyler kicks a small trash can that is near the wall.
                       TYLER SAND
Darn it man!
Tyler goes in the corner and puts his hand over his face.


Lisa goes to the mailbox and is surprised to see a big brown
envelope. Lisa rushes inside her apartment and open it.
After opening it she reads what it says out loud.
Dear Lisa, Congratulations, you
have been chosen to model in a new
line of jeans. The shoot will take
place on August 27. Please go to
the website listed below for more
details and confirm your
information. Thanks and I can't
wait to see you in Los Angeles.
Lisa jumps for Joy. Lisa rushes to call Rachael, but her
phone goes directly to the voice mail. Lisa calls her mom,
and her phone goes directly to the voice mail.

Lisa picks Snuckles up and turn him around.
I have got to call somebody! This
is exciting Snuckles!
The phone rings. Snuckles starts barking. Lisa answers the
                       TYLER SAND
Lisa this me Tyler. I got
something I want to tell you.
I got something I want to tell you
too! Let me go first.
                       TYLER SAND
Um, I would prefer to talk to you
in person. How about we meet each
other half way. Maybe at the park
or ....
The park is fine to me. I'm on my
way. Snuckles coming too.
Lisa grabs Snuckles and rushes to her car. Keith has his car
parked on the street corner. He follows Lisa as soon as she
leaves. Keith follows Lisa from a distance.


After arriving at the park, Lisa see Tyler sitting down by
himself. She rushes to him. She gives him her letter.

Tyler reads the letter slowly. He has no reaction to the
letter. He simply hands it back to her when he is finish.

Keith gets his camera out and hids himself a safe distance
Whats wrong? Aren't you excited.
Keith gets his camera out and begin flashing pictures of
them. Afterwards, he gets out his detective book and start
writing down facts about Tyler.
                       TYLER SAND
I just lost my job today.
Oh I'm sorry to hear that.
                       TYLER SAND
Don't worry about it. It's not
your fault.
Lisa puts a hand across Tyler's shoulder.
                       TYLER SAND
I didn't mean to dampen your
spirit or nothing like that, but
Lisa gives Tyler a hug. Keith takes even more pictures.

Keith calls Larry on the cell phone.
                       KEITH RANGER
Meet me at the cafe in about ten
minuets. I have some evidence that
you might want to see.
Keith and Larry meet at the cafe. They sit in the back table
by themselves. Larry has his camera around his neck.
                       WAITER #1
What will you gentlemen have?


                       KEITH RANGER
I'll like a dark cup of coffee.
I'm okay for now.
The waiter writes down Keith order and leaves. Keith pulls
out his detective book and his camera.
                       KEITH RANGER
Now the first thing I want you to
know is that I can't find no hard
core evidence that she's into a
relationship, but there is another
guy on the scene.
Keith puts his glasses on and starts reading from his
detective book.
                       KEITH RANGER
Suspects best friend name is
Rachael. Rachael didn't prove to
me that she was single or in a
relationship. Now I observed the
suspect on this day coming from
the gym parking lot.
Keith shows Larry the picture of Rachael at the gym.
                       KEITH RANGER
I saw her trainer starring at her
rear end, but my guess is she's
not interested.
The waiter returns with the drink.
                       KEITH RANGER
Now today I observed her hugging a
gentleman who she met at the park.
It appears that she was comforting
the gentleman.
Keith shows Larry the picture. Larry examines the picture
I have never seen this guy before.
Is he from this area?
                       KEITH RANGER
My investigation now will focus on
determining his identity and


I can't believe that I never saw
him before.
                       KEITH RANGER
Well that's all for now, I'll
inform you when more information
is made available to me.
Keith leaves and Larry stays at the table scratching his
Lisa is in her bed playing with Snuckles. She is soon
disturbed by the phone ringing.
                       LISA'S MOM
Hi honey. I saw that you had
called and I'm sorry that I missed
your phone call. Your dad and I
spent the today fishing.
Snuckles plucks on Lisa.
Stop Snuckles! Mom, I have some
good news for you. I just been
chosen to model a new brand of
                       LISA'S MOM
Oh that's wonderful honey! When do
they start shooting?
Soon mom soon.
                       LISA'S MOM
Honey I am so, so so, proud of
Yeah mom, I'm super
excited.Tomorrow mom when I get
off from work, I'll be over there.
Snuckles starts barking wildy into the phone.


                       LISA'S MOM
Love you honey. Talk to you then.
Are you hungry boy? Lets go and
get you something to eat.
Lisa grabs Snuckles and takes him into the kitchen. She
searches the cabinets and can't find him any food.
Uh, oh. Somebody done ran out of
Snuckles starts barking again. Lisa opens the refrigerator
and gives him some human food. Snuckles quickly eats all of
the food she gives him.
Keith is in the grocery walking the aisles without a
shopping cart.. He is wearing a t-shirt, jeans and a
baseball cap. Keith walks down the produce section and stops
a customer.
                       KEITH RANGER
Hi mam. I'm new to this area and
I'm trying to find my cousin.
Keith whips out Tyler picture from his pocket.
                       KEITH RANGER
Have you seen him?
The customer examines the picture before shaking his head.
Keith continues this process until he come up to an older
woman in her late sixties.
                       KEITH RANGER
Excuse me mam. I'm looking for
this guy right here. His name is
Tyler and I'm trying to get in
contact with him.
The woman examines the picture closely.
                       CUSTOMER #1
I have seen him. He stays over on
the dirt road across from that car
shop that closed down. I think
it's called mize street.


                       KEITH RANGER
Oh thank you so much. I really
need to speak with him.
                       CUSTOMER #1
If you like I can give you a ride
over to his house.
                       KEITH RANGER
No thanks mam. You done enough
already. Thank you so much.
Keith puts his hand over the woman shoulder and thank her
again. The woman walks off and Keith exits the store.
Tyler is outside pushing Cloud on the swing. Several other
kids are out playing.
                       CLOUD SAND
Push me higher dad. Push me
Tyler continues to push Cloud in the swing until she gets
tired. After Cloud finish swinging she goes and joins the
other kids on the sliding board.

Tyler takes a seat on the park bench and pulls out his
cellular phone. He calls Lisa.
                       TYLER SAND
Hi Lisa. Whats going on?
Nothing much. I just went on
                       TYLER SAND
You know I been getting a lot of
free time lately.
I wish I could say the same thing.
It seems like it's one thing after
another for me. So, what have you
done to occupy time ?
                       TYLER SAND
I just been job hunting, spending
time with cloud and writing some
music. Hold on for a second.


Tyler gets a piece of paper out from his back pocket and
begin singing the lyrics of the song to Lisa.
                       TYLER SAND
Sometimes I look at my life and
wonder can things get any worse. I
often ask myself what did I do to
deserve this. I stop and wonder is
it all a dream.
Lisa interrupts Tyler's song. She is laughing hysterical.
I didn't ask to hear your song.
                       TYLER SAND
I know you didn't. The reason I
didn't ask you is because I knew
that you wouldn't want to hear it.
You think you slick huh?
A loud buzzer can be heard going off at Lisa's job.
I'll call you later. Break time is
over with.
Tyler calls Cloud to join him at the park bench.
                       CLOUD SAND
Dad, I was having fun.
                       TYLER SAND
I know, but you haven't ate
anything all day. Lets say we go
get a bite to eat.
                       CLOUD SAND
      (jumps for joy)
Rachael and Steve enters McDonald's bickering.
I told you that we could of went
to another restaurant. I would of


Sometimes I like going to regular
restaurants. Your problem is that
you try to hard to be too high
class. You always want to go to
these big utown fancy restaraunts.
Steve opens the door for Rachael.

Rachael orders a big mac, fries, and a apple pie. She takes
a seat in the back of the restaurant.
I don't understand why we had to
eat inside.
Tyler and Cloud enters the restaurant. After ordering a
Happy Meal the two takes a seat across from Rachael and
Hi Tyler.
                       TYLER SAND
      (Looking back)
Oh hi, um um, whats your name
My name is Rachael. Did you forget
my name?
Tyler cracks a smile. Steve stares at her in disbelief.
                       TYLER SAND
Oh yeah Rachael- that's what I
meant to say.
Steve clears his throat loudly. Lisa ignores him.
Aren't you going to introduce me
to your friend?
Um No. He is Lisa's friend.
I don't know what she see in him.
Me personally, I don't see


                       RACHAEL (cont'd)
Cloud walks by Rachael's table on her way to the drink
machine. Tyler stops her.
                       TYLER SAND
Walk. Walk.
Rachael glances at Cloud.. She whispers again to Steve.
I didn't know that he had a
Rachael spends the rest of her time ease dropping on Tyler's
conversation with his daughter.
                       TYLER SAND
What do you want to do next?
                       CLOUD SAND
I want to go back to the park.
                       TYLER SAND
Well I suggest you eat all your
food then.
                       CLOUD SAND
Then if I eat all my food can I go
to the park?
Tyler don't respond. He simply laughs which is followed by a
long stare at the ceiling.
Tyler is sitting down on the couch with his daughter. Tyler
has a frustrated look on his face.
                       CLOUD SAND
Whats wrong dad?
Tyler grabs his daughter and squeezes her tightly.
                       TYLER SAND
Everything is just fine baby.
Everything is just fine.


Lisa enters her apartment and finds her mother already there
cleaning up the place. The apartment is sparkling clean. A
few final touches are all that need done. Lisa flops down on
the couch.
Mom I'm bushed.
                       LISA'S MOM
Whats wrong darling?
Snuckles runs out from the room and starts barking.
He must of heard my big mouth.
Lisa picks the dog up. Lisa's mom takes a seat next to her
on the couch. She grabs Lisa's hand and takes Lisa's shoes
                       LISA'S MOM
Now tell me whats been going on
Tears splatter down Lisa face. Lisa is unable to hide her
Mom I don't know what I'm going to
do. This guy at work keeps going
around telling people that I like
him. My personal trainer keeps
hitting on me and there's this guy
name Larry who thinks we are a
                       LISA'S MOM
So whats the big deal? Most women
would love to be in your
predicament. Just find the guy who
you like and tell the other guys
that you are taken.
Lisa continues to cry. She lays her head on her mother's
Mom. It's not that easy. I don't
like any of them. I always saw
myself with a super sexy rich guy
like Usher . I don't want no


                       LISA (cont'd)
average guy.
Lisa's mom continues to stare at her daughter. After a long
silence she finally speaks.
                       LISA'S MOM
I don't know about all that, but
what I do know is that you are a
beautiful young lady and
eventually some lucky guy is going
to unlock your heart.
Lisa stops crying and hugs her mom.
Thanks mom.You sure know how to
make me feel good.
Tyler and his daughter are out looking for a job. Tyler is
wearing a suit for the first time and he isn't wearing his
usually cowboy hat. Cloud is wearing a nice flower dress.
The neighborhood plaza consists of Wal-Mart, a restaurant, a
sports store and some mini markets. Tyler goes to the sports
store first.Tyler is unaware that Keith is following him.
Hi can I help you and Mrs. Lil
Sunshine today?
                       CLOUD SAND
My name is Cloud.
                       TYLER SAND
Are you all currently hiring?
I'm sorry not at the moment.
Tyler walks away and goes to the other stores. All of the
other stores gives him the same answer. Keith takes snap
shots of Tyler as he leaves the stores.
Steve is on the phone with Rachael.


Steve you still haven't told me
where is our relationship headed.
Who said anything about a
relationship? I like you and all,
but I never said that we were in a
What? Steve I have feelings for
you. I'm committed to you? Do you
even care?
Rachael hangs the phone up on Steve.
Stupid female.
Tears begin to flow from Rachael face.
I hate men!
Lisa is going through her dresser and she pulls out every
letter, gift, card, etc that every guy has every brought
her. Her stack is humongous. Lisa gets all of the cards and
put them in the waste basket. She gets all of the guys
pictures and puts them in the shoe box for Snuckles.
I didn't realize I had this much
of stuff. Snuckles come here boy.
Snuckles comes to her.
You can have everything that I put
in this box.
Lisa continues the exhausting cleaning process.
Tyler and Cloud are on the couch sleep together. A lot of
newspaper ads and coupons are on the coffee table.


Tyler and Cloud are eating breakfast together. Their meals
consist of cereal, toast and orange juice. Tyler is wearing
his morning robe, his hair looks frantic and he clearly
hasn't shaved in days.
                       TYLER SAND
Sweetheart you do know that daddy
loves you right?
                       CLOUD SAND
I know daddy. Why is you telling
me that?
                       TYLER SAND
I just wanted to make sure you
knew that.
                       CLOUD SAND
Dad I want me a mommy.
Tyler tries to ignore Cloud's comments. She repeats her
                       TYLER SAND
I'm going to find you one honey.
I'm going to find you the best
mommy in the world.
                       CLOUD SAND
Daddy how are you going to find me
a mommy if you don't put on pretty
                       TYLER SAND
You right Cloud. I think I need a
makeover. Would you like to give
me a makeover?
                       CLOUD SAND
Okay. I'm gonna make you cute
Cloud rushes into her room to go and get her makeup
Lisa signs off her computer and leaves work. Tim is starring
at her as she is walking out the door.


Lisa enters her apartment and checks her voice mail. There
are 10 messages left on the phone. Lisa listens to the

Message #1 - Lisa this is Larry. Give me a call when you get
this. I really do need to talk to you.

Message #2 - Hi Lisa this is Ted your trainer calling. I was
trying to figure out why you haven't been coming to the gym

Message # 3- Hi Lisa this is Larry. Please try your best to
call me ASAP.

Lisa stops the messages and goes in the shower. She pretends
like she is singing on American Idol.
Cloud is under the sink and Cloud is shampooing his hair.
Afterwards, she cuts his nail. Next Cloud watches her dad as
he gives himself a nice shave. Tyler then trims his hair and
takes a hot shower.
                       TYLER SAND
I'm almost ready to come out. I'm
going to need you to go to the
living room until I'm ready.
                       CLOUD SAND
Ok Daddy.
Shortly after Tyler comes out looking like a million
dollars. He is wear a nice buttoned up shirt and some slack
jeans with his cowboy hat.
                       TYLER SAND
Da da da! What do you think.
Cloud applauds him with praises.
                       CLOUD SAND
You look good daddy. I think
you're the prettiest dad in the
whole world.
Tyler picks Cloud up and spin her around. She removes his


                       CLOUD SAND
Now you really look good.
                       TYLER SAND
I'm feeling good. Whats do you say
about going over Lisa house with
Cloud grabs her coat and they exit the house.
Keith is in his van almost sleep. He suddenly hears a pickup
truck pass by him. After realizing that the pickup truck
belongs to Tyler, he gives chase to the vehicle.
Tyler and Cloud exits the pickup truck. Tyler knocks on the
door. Lisa peeks through the peek hole before opening up.
After opening the door she has an astonished look on her
Oh my God! You look amazing.
                       TYLER SAND
Are you gonna let us in?
Come on in.
Snuckles begin to bark at Cloud.
                       CLOUD SAND
Daddy, why is the short dog
barking at me?
Lisa picks Snuckles up and takes him back to her room.
So whats the big occasion? You
look nice.
                       TYLER SAND
There isn't no occasion. My
daughter just figured that I need
a makeover.
Keith is watching everybody through his binoculars. Keith is
also on the phone with Larry.


                       CLOUD SAND
Yeah he was stinking and he was
wearing the same clothes.
What do you say if I go in and
make dinner for the two of you?
Rachael is in the cafe eating alone. She is wearing her
emotions on her sleeve. The waiter notices her odd behavior.
I will have the regular.
Lisa is in the kitchen watching the dishes up from the meal.
Cloud is asleep on the couch. Tyler is watching television.
                       TYLER SAND
Lisa thanks for everything. You
sure know how to win a man's
Lisa peeps her head in from the kitchen.
Oh it was nothing.
                       TYLER SAND
Well Lisa I think that it's
getting late and me and Cloud need
to be getting back home.
Lisa comes out of the kitchen and goes to the living roomy.
Can't you wait a little while
longer? I don't want you to wake
up Cloud. She's sleeping so
Tyler picks Cloud up and takes her to Lisa's bedroom. Lisa
removes Snuckles out the room and takes him to the room
adjacent to it.


She looks so innocent and
Tyler kisses Cloud and put the covers over her. Afterwards
he leaves the room with Lisa.
Do you want to look at a movie?
                       TYLER SAND
It don't matter. I shouldn't be
here too much longer.
Lisa goes through her DVD collection which is right next to
the television. While she is bending down, Tyler eyes are
focused on her rear end.
Lets see here. I got some National
Lampoon movies, my Tyler Perry
collection, um, lets see I got
some fighting movies - feel free
to interrupt me at anytime.
                       TYLER SAND
      (Leaning his head
       to the side)
All I want to do is sit here and
admire your beauty.
Lisa stops going through the movie collection and stares
Tyler in the eyes. Shes looking at him completely different.
She slowly approaches his direction. She takes a seat right
next to him. He begin to stroke her hair.
                       TYLER SAND
I realize I'm not nothing but and
old country boy. I also realize
that I might not have a lot of
money or no fine home or drive a
Lexus or nothing like that, but
what I do have is an opening in my
heart. I want you to fulfill that
opening. I want you to fulfill
that opening.
Tyler and Lisa kiss passionately for a while.


Steve is on the cpu searching a dating website. He continues
to search until he hear a knocking at the door. Steve opens
the door for Larry and Keith.
It's quite early. Why are you guys
here so early?
Both of the guys have a seat on the couch. Their frustration
can be seen on their faces. Larry speaks first.
Steve I need your help. Lisa isn't
returning my phone calls because
she has another man in her life.
How do you know that brother?
Don't be so quick to jump to
Keith hands Steve the naked pictures of Lisa and Tyler.
Oh my God! It is true. I mean look
at this dude. He looks like a
                       KEITH RANGER
He stays in a small house and he
has a daughter. He has no job and
he wears cowboy boots a lot.
Larry is pacing back and forth.
Sorry bro. All I know to tell you
is to go this CPU website like I
am and find you somebody else.
The clock on the wall shows 9.30. Tyler gets up from the
couch and awakens Lisa. They both begin looking for their
I can't believe I overslept.I'm
supposed to be at work in the next
thirty mineutes.


                       TYLER SAND
Where is Cloud? Cloud?
Calm down. Calm down. She slept in
my room last night. Remember?
Tyler rushes in the room and awakes Cloud. Afterwards he
gets fully dressed and leaves. Lisa rushes out behind him.
Did you want any breakfast?
Tyler drives off.
The three men are all sitting down on the couch.
So what do you think I should do
Steve? Should I confront the guy,
confront Lisa or what?
Now lets weigh every option. You
don't want to confront him, cause
then he will know you spying on
him. You don't want to confront
Lisa, cause then she'll know you
been spying on her.
Keith cell phone starts ringing. Keith goes to the kitchen.
Keith leaves his detective book behind.
We can set him up with another
woman, but it's not guaranteed
that he will fall for it.
Larry stands and begin to read the Detective's book. After a
while he starts grabbing his chin hair.
I know what that mean. Tell me
what you're thinking.
According to this he is
unemployed. Why not give him a job
working at our store in Tampa?


I guess we can do that. Are you
sure you still want her bro?
Yeah I still want her. He took my
woman from me and now he got to
suffer the consequences.
Lisa walks into work greeting all of her co workers. She has
a wide smile on her face and she is walking with confidence.
What you all happy about today?
You know we got to work overtime
Well that is fine with me. I
think work is good for the soul.
The worker gives Lisa a confused look and turns her head.
Steve is at home ironing his clothes. He is also talking to
himself. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Cloud goes to answer
the door.
                       KEITH RANGER
Hello little girl. Is your daddy
Keith is dressed in a nice suit and is carrying a briefcase.
                       CLOUD SAND
Daddy, a stranger want to see you?
Tyler hurries to the door.
                       TYLER SAND
Yes sir, can I help you?
                       KEITH RANGER
Yes you can. I'm Keith Ranger and
I'm with Steve and Larry custom
made suits.


Keith offers Tyler a handshake. Tyler accepts the handshake
and asks Keith to come in.
                       KEITH RANGER
My reason for coming is that I
heard that you need a job.
                       TYLER SAND
Yeah that is true. I do need a
Keith pulls out his brochure for the company. The brochure
shows two gentleman's dressed in suits. The gentleman's have
two females by their side.
                       KEITH RANGER
After I heard that you were
looking for work I knew that you
was the perfect candidate for this
                       TYLER SAND
So you're offering me this job.
                       KEITH RANGER
Well that is of course if you want
it. Our starting salary is a
little over three thousand a
month. We offer sick leave, paid
vacations and paid holidays.
Tyler examines the brochure before celebrating.
                       TYLER SAND
Yes! Yes! Yes! I will take this
job. I will take it.
Keith offers Tyler a handshake and congratulates him.
                       TYLER SAND
When do I start?
                       KEITH RANGER
Well you can start tomorrow? The
only bad thing is that the job is
four hours away from here?
Tyler's excitement leaves him.
                       TYLER SAND
Leave me your number and I'll get
in contact with you if I decide to
take the job.


Tyler shakes Keith hand again and Keith leaves the house.
Rachael is helping Lisa pack her suitcase. Snuckles is in
the corner nibbling on some love letters.
How long are you going to be gone?
Not to long. I should be back
before this week is over with.
Rachael puts on Lisa's heels and walks to the mirror.
I want to be a model. What do you
have to do to be a model? Do you
think Steve would like me if I was
a model?
Rachael you're doing it again.
You're mentioning Steve's name.
After packing, the two leaves. Rachael is holding Snuckles
in her hand.
Make sure you take good care of
Snuckles for me. I got a list of
all the foods that he like and
Lisa kisses Snuckles once more and leaves the apartment.
Keith is entering the house. Larry and Steve come out to
hear what happened.
So, did he take the offer?
                       KEITH RANGER
I don't know. He said that he
needed some time to think about


Did you offer him the catalog?
                       KEITH RANGER
I did all of that. My guess is
that he will take the offer, but
we will just have to wait and see.
All three of the men get comfortable as they wait.
Tyler makes a chart and label it pros and cons. The pros
side is full. The con side has only one line. "Lisa will be
gone." Tyler studies the chart.

Cloud comes and flops on Tyler's lap.
                       CLOUD SAND
What you doing?
                       TYLER SAND
I'm weighing the positives and
negatives of taking that job offer
from that guy who was here.
                       CLOUD SAND
So what are you going to choose
                       TYLER SAND
I still don't know. I still don't
Rachael is walking Snuckles in the park. Rachael comes to
the park bench where her and Steve previously was. The older
couple is there eating Vienna sausages. Snuckles starts
barking fiercely. The couple is frightened.
                       OLD WOMAN
Oh my Lord. Jack I'm afraid of
dogs. Get him away!
The Old Man gives throws a Vienna sausage on the ground.
Snuckles ignores the Vienna sausage and continues to bark.


                       OLD MAN
Get that little dog away from me!
Get him away!
Rachael picks Snuckles and carry him away.
Steve is in his bed starring at his chart. His mind is
reminiscing about his memories with Lisa.
The morning light hits Tyler directly in the face. Tyler
gets out of bed and rushes to the telephone.
                       KEITH RANGER
Hi, is this Keith?
                       TYLER SAND
Keith this is Tyler. I thought
about the job and I decided that I
can't take the offer. I got too
much to loose.
                       KEITH RANGER
I respect your decision, but I
urge you to think about the choice
you're making. Jobs are hard to
come by and we really do need some
more help.
                       TYLER SAND
I understand. I'll call you if I
change my mind.
Tyler hangs the phone up and drops his head.
                       TYLER SAND
What did I just do?
Photographers are snapping pictures of Lisa posing in the
jeans. The set is private.


Lisa calls Rachael on her cell phone.
Hi Rachael. How is my baby doing?
He's doing fine. He almost gave an
older couple a heart attack, but
other than that he is fine.
Well I was just checking on him.
Make sure that you are giving him
his regular meals and that he is
getting his normal exercise.
A loud knocking is heard at the door.
                       TYLER SAND
Just a moment.
Tyler opens the door, and Larry and Steve enters. They are
in complete disguise. They are wearing a mask, gloves, and a
long coat.
                       TYLER SAND
Can I help you gentleman.
The guys push Tyler aside and comes right in.
                       TYLER SAND
What the hell going on here?
Both of the guys begin searching the house. Tyler rushes to
dial 911. A shinny silver gun pointing as his head causes
him to put the phone down.
      (Holding the gun
       up to Tyler's
Call 911 if you want to, and I'll
blow your brains out.
Cloud rushes in from her bedroom.
                       CLOUD SAND
Whats going on daddy?


                       TYLER SAND
Daddy's okay honey. Go back in the
room to play.
Be a good little girl and go back
in the room to play.
Cloud goes and grab Tyler by the leg.
                       TYLER SAND
What do you guys want? I don't
have any money. I just got fired
from my job.
What we want is for you to go away
and leave Lisa alone. Why did you
think we offered you that job?
Larry goes to the refrigerator and comes back with an apple.
                       CLOUD SAND
Daddy, he took my apple.
Larry cuts a slice of the apple with the knife.
Whats wrong little girl? You mad
that I'm eating your apple.
Cloud begins to sob.
Good going Larry. Good going.
                       TYLER SAND
Daddy will buy you another apple
honey. Stop crying.
Here is the deal man. Your best
bet is to find a way out of deal
quick as possible. We offered you
a job, and you turned it down. Now
your best bet would be to find
your own way out of town.
Cloud kicks Steve in the leg.


                       CLOUD SAND
You don't talk to my daddy like
Let me say this, if I ever see or
hear about you coming anywhere
near Lisa, you can kiss your
daughter good bye.
Steve removes the gun from Tyler's head.
                       TYLER SAND
So is that a threat?
No pal. It's a promise.
Larry pushes Tyler down from the back. Cloud is sobbing
fiercely. The two men make a quick exit while Tyler is down
Steve is shifting the gears of his car. The roar and power
of the Lexus can be heard a mile away.
Nice going bro. You just had to
steal an apple.
I just wanted to torture him.
They pass by a stop sign, which they ignore.
You better pay attention to the
Leave the driving to me. We got to
get home and get out of these
I feel bad for what we did though.
Don't start acting like a sucker
about it. We did what we had to
do. It's not like we killed
nobody. We just put a little fear


                       STEVE (cont'd)
in his heart.
Steve swirls around the curl pushing the Lexus at maximum
Polices are scattered through the house investigating.
Sir describe to me how the
suspects looked.
                       TYLER SAND
They were wearing masks, so I
couldn't see their face. They were
wearing gloves and these long
Another female police is questioning Cloud.
                       FEMALE POLICE
Tell me what happened.
                       CLOUD SAND
These guys put a gun up to my
daddy's head. And one of them ate
my apple.
Steve and Larry are drinking a beer and watching T.V. when a
news update comes on.
Also tonight police are looking
for two armed robbers. The robbers
put a gun to the head of 30 year
old Tyler Sands. Fortunately no
one was hurt, but anybody with any
information is asked to call Crime
Too bad they want find us.
We might need to lay low for a few
days, until the situation calms


Tyler is in the bed sleep. Cloud comes to his bedroom and
awakens him.
                       TYLER SAND
      (halfway sleep)
Whats wrong Cloud.
                       CLOUD SAND
Daddy I had a dream that the bad
men came back and tried to shoot
                       TYLER SAND
You can sleep with me tonight.
Cloud and her doll curls up in the bed next to Tyler.
The sun is just starting to come out and signal a new day.
Lisa is entering her apartment complex. Lisa calls Rachael
immediately after entering the house.
Rachael I'm home. I know you
probably is sleep, but come over
Lisa calls her mom, but gets the voice mail.
Hi mom I'm home. I know you are
still sleep, but come see me ASAP.
Lisa calls Tyler, but gets the voice mail.
Hi Tyler. I'm home from my photo
shoot. Everything went well. I
might call you back later on.
Tyler is just wakening up. After making a cup of coffee,
Tyler checks his voice mail.
                       TYLER SAND
Lisa. She's the one I need to talk


Tyler awakens Cloud and get her dressed. After the two are
fully dressed, they goes to Lisa's apartment.
                       CLOUD SAND
Where are we going daddy?
                       TYLER SAND
We are going to Lisa house.
Larry is bopping and rocking to oldies music.
"My girl, talking about my girl."
flashback- Larry mind goes back to the first time when he
first saw Lisa at the cafe. His mind then goes to the time
he took her out on a date.
I'm going to go get my woman.
Rachael is riding in her old Volkswagen. Snuckles is in the
backseat buckled up in the car seat.
Be patient Snuckles. You are
almost home.
Rachael's mom is helping her unpack. Tyler is pulling up in
his old pickup truck.
                       LISA'S MOM
I'm so glad you're home. I'm
always worried when you be gone
off to do those photo shoots.
Lisa suddenly hears a knock at the door. She jumps up to
open the door.
                       TYLER SAND
We need to talk.


An angry Tyler and his young daughter Cloud enters the
                       LISA'S MOM
My if you aint the cutest little
thing. Whats your name?
                       CLOUD SAND
                       LISA'S MOM
Cloud is a pretty name. It's
weird, but it's pretty.
Somebody woke up on the wrong side
of the bed this morning.
Suddenly Lisa hears a knock at the door. She answers it and
Rachael and Snuckles enters. Lisa picks Snuckles up and
start cuddling him up.
My baby.
Look at all these people. I didn't
know that you was having a party
Lisa, or I would have brought some
Stop lying. No you wouldn't.
Lisa's mom and Tyler become acquainted with each other. A
knock at the door causes everybody to look suspicious.
More people. Lisa you a local
celebrity around here.
Lisa's mom open the door and sees Larry.
                       LISA'S MOM
Oh hi Larry. Come in. Everybody
Larry's here!
Larry enters the apartment and take a seat right next to


                       LISA'S MOM
Why don't everybody have a seat
and I'll go and make you all some
ice cold tea.
All the guests continue to glance at each other. Lisa is
frantically pacing back and forth.
                       TYLER SAND
You know I really wasn't expecting
this many people to be over here.
I really need to be going and
Cloud have to be at school in the
Tyler and Clouds head for the door. Their progress is
stopped by Lisa's mom.
                       LISA'S MOM
No one is going anywhere until
they taste my cold ice tea.
                       CLOUD SAND
Can I have some ice tea daddy?
Mom can I have a talk with you?
A curious Rachael rushes into the kitchen to hear what is
been said.
Mom, I got two guys here who both
like me. I need to find a way to
get rid of one of them.
Larry,Tyler and Cloud all sit on the couch looking at each
other.They each make an effort not to say a word to each
other.Finally Cloud breaks the silence.
                       CLOUD SAND
Dad- I want to go home. My stomach
hurts and I don't feel too good.
You can take her home. I will tell
Lisa you had to leave early.


Tyler look Larry in the face. He notices that Larry is
displaying a fake smile.
                       TYLER SAND
Whatever man.
                       TYLER SAND
Lets go Cloud.
Tyler and Cloud exits the apartment quietly.
                       LISA'S MOM
Honey all I ever wanted is for you
to be happy. You are my only
daughter.You are beautiful inside
and out.Whoever you decide on will
be okay with me. Just trust God
and follow your heart.
Thanks mom.
Lisa embrace her mom.Rachael burst out from behind the door.
Now I'm about to cry. Group hug
No I'm sorry. You can't be a part
of this hug.
                       LISA'S MOM
Lisa- that is no way to treat a
friend.Come join us Rachael.
Now all three combine for a strong group hug.
Thanks everybody. Now here comes
the hard part.
Lisa exits the kitchen alone.
When Lisa enters the den she see Larry standing up rubbing
his hands together. He locks his eyes into Lisa's eyes.


Where is Tyler and Cloud.
Oh he received a phone call from
some woman asking him to come