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Mr. Deliver 2 (short)
by Jonathan (JLskate742@aim.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***
Tom Deliver has a run in with his neighbor Mr. Ritchie. Thurman calls Tom back in for another interview.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! DELIVER jumps up from his disarrayed
bed startled by the knocking. DELIVER not being a morning
person groans as he pulls himself from the bed. Slowly
shuffling his feet, he makes it to the door and sighs before
opening it. An ELDERLY MAN stands outside the door, it is
DELIVER'S neighbor MR. RITCHIE (60s). HE is slanky and
dressed in a white t-shirt and shorts. The T-shirt is dirty
from his morning yard work.
                       MR. RITCHIE
AH, Tom Deliver.. Glad you could
join the human race.
Hi Mr. Ritchie.
                       MR. RITCHIE
You seem tired..
      (looking up and
       down at Deliver)
You look tired, did I wake you?
Nope, didn't wake me.
                       MR. RITCHIE
      (brushing off dirt
       on his pants)
I came by to talk to you about
something very interesting I saw
last night.
What did you see last night Mr.
I saw a man wandering around
outside your house. I do not know
what he was doing but I don't
think he was trick or treating.


Thanks for the concern Mr.
Ritchie, but I'm sure it was no
                       MRS. RITCHIE (o.s.)
James get your ass back over here
and get this bag of mulch.
                       MR. RITCHIE
      (yelling, looking
       towards the house
       to the right)
Oh shut up! I'm coming..
      (under his breath)
Ya bitch.
      (surprised by the
Ugh, I'll see ya Mr. Ritchie.
DELIVER steps the rest of the way in and shuts the door.
DELIVER walks up to an odd-looking SECRETARY sitting at a
wooden desk tentatively chewing gum and typing away at the
      (clears his throat)
Hello, I'm here to see Mr. Thurman
for a second interview.
The SECRETARY stops the typing and looks toward DELIVER.
Shes seems hyper and happy.
Oh.. OH.. Yes.. Mr. De.. Liver.
She shuffles through some paper on top of the desk, finally
coming to a yellow sheet at the bottom.
      (looking at the
Here we are.. Chu,chu,chu,
Oh wait, this isn't it.


DELIVER is astounded by the un-organized nature of the desk.
The SECRETARY continues to shuffle through the mass of
papers and finally lands on a blue sheet at the right corner
of the desk.
      (looking at the
OK.. Apparently.. Wait a second..
OH yes, yes, your interview has
been changed for tomorrow.
SHE sets the paper down on the desk.
      (looking up at
       Deliver smiling)
DELIVER stares at the SECRETARY with discontent.
                                         CUT TO BLACK


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From Sven Date 11/5/2008 ***
Not bad.

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