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Little Deaths (Short)
by VKM

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
A pair of lovers spend an eventful evening together in a hotel room.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


MYRA, early 20's, slinks into a hotel room. She carries a
small overnight bag and a purse.

DORIAN steps in rolling a large suitcase. He loves Myra in
his own way, but they both know this is only temporary.

She throws her purse and bag onto the bed. He puts his arms
around her waist from behind and turns her to face him,
kissing her hard.
Hey! Slow down.
He kisses her harder, long and deep. She gives in and pulls
him onto the bed. Above the bed we see a painting typical to
hotels-a sailboat on a lake.

They make love. They kiss and tug and pull. Deep mutual
satisfaction and a faraway look in his eyes. She squeezes
his hand and slides off the bed.
                       MYRA (CONT'D)
I'm taking a bath.
She picks up her bag and purse and strips off her clothes as
she disappears into the bathroom. She pulls the door closed.
      (To himself)
You do that.
We hear water running in the bathroom. Dorian tunes the
clock radio to a blues station. He places the suitcase on
the bed and removes various objects.

CLOSE ON jars he places on the bedside table.
Myra stands naked beside the sink. She ties her hair up off
of her shoulders. She removes various objects from her
overnight bag.

CLOSE ON body washes, shampoos and sea sponges which she
sets on the rim of the bathtub.


CLOSE ON more objects from Dorian's suitcase. Containers
filled with liquids and powders. CLOSE ON a wooden handle. A
cold metal rod with a cord snaking away.

He unrolls a length of plastic onto the bed. Quick flash of
a knife which he uses to slit the plastic.
Myra adds bath salts to the water. She checks the
temperature with a tentative toe. Satisfied, she relaxes
into the water.
CUT between bedroom and bathroom. The SOUNDS of these
actions are amplified.

Myra soaks in the steamy bathtub.

Dorian closes the curtains.

She washes with a sea sponge.

He opens a jar.

The music stops abruptly. After a moment she opens the drain
with her foot. She steps out and towels herself off.
Dorian waits on a chair near the window. The room is
extremely bright. Brighter than any hotel room should be.

Water DRAINS in the bathroom. He opens the bathroom door,
and it is now silent. He reaches in and snatches Myra by her

Her eyes widen. What should she make of this turn of events?

He drags her behind him and steers her towards the chair.
Her lips move without a sound.

A series of TIGHT and LONG shots. His hand covers her mouth.
A hand opens a jar. Myra's hair falls onto her shoulders.
Blinding light. Curve of a breast. Splash of red on plastic.
                                         FADE TO BLACK.


It is no longer silent. The door of the hotel room opens and
a MAID enters. She cleans. She VACUUMS. The room appears to
not have been used. The bed perfectly made.

As she cleans we see a shot of the bed. Dorian has painted
over the banal sailboat image above the bed. A lovingly
executed nude of Myra.


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From Abdallah Saleh Date 2/6/2009 ***
I liked it. Very good and well detailed for something so short. I'm not saying you should make this into an entire movie and add an entire long and boring build to this scene, but in the hotel room, maybe you should have explained his awkwardness for the moment at hand. Good job.

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