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The Traveling Vampire Show
by Curtis Coffey (de_cafe6914@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
Three friends get more than they bargained for when they decide to go to the Traveling Vampire Show, a one-night attraction showcasing a real vampire. Based on the novel by Richard Laymon.

The characters and settings of this book were created by Richard Laymon, and published by Leisure Books, 2001, all rights reserved. The screenplay is the work of its author, and may not be used without the express permission of the author.


Ah, the city of Grandville, August 1963. It's your typical
mid-western small town. It's waking up and coming alive.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
The summer I was sixteen, the
Traveling Vampire Show came to
The house is a relatively nice house. Not poor, not rich.
Middle-class. It's two stories, got a porch, a good size
lawn, and two vehicles in the driveway, one of which, is a
police car. The lawn needs to be mowed.
LACY THOMPSON, our hero's mother, is in the kitchen, pouring
her husband, FRANK THOMPSON, a cup of coffee.

Lacy is a high school English teacher, and FRANK is, as I'm
you can guess, a police officer. He's dressed and ready for
Thank you, dear.
Frank is reading the newspaper.
Lacy butters a piece of toast for him, and sets it down in
front of him.
Will you be working late tonight?
No, I should be done around six or
seven tonight. It's been a quiet
And that's good for all of us.
                       DWIGHT (O.S.)


Our hero, DWIGHT THOMPSON, enters the kitchen. He's got the
typical late fifties-early sixties flip-do hairstyle. He's a
handsome kid, aged around 16 or 17.
Morning, sport.
Sleep well?
Dwight yawns and sits down at the table.
I guess.
It's a good thing you got up
early. You can get the lawn done
before it gets too hot.
Aw dad, are you serious?
It's good for you.
Frank gets up and walks over to Lacy. He gives her a kiss,
and Dwight cringes.
I've got to get to work. Have a
good day.
Frank turns to Dwight.
I expect that lawn to be done by
the time I get home tonight.
Yes, sir.
Frank walks out of the kitchen, and we hear the front door
open and close.

Lacy hands Dwight some toast.
After you finish the lawn, I'm
sure you and Russel and Frances
can go down to the creek for a
swim. That'll feel good, huh?


Sure. What are you doing today?
I've got some errands to run and
some shopping to do. I'm supposed
to be meeting Lucy for tennis a
little later.
Lacy stands up, and taps Dwight on the head with the
Eat up. The sooner you get out
there, the sooner the lawn gets
Dwight is out front mowing the lawn with one of those old
fashioned push mowers, not the power kind.

Lacy walks out the front door, gets in her car, and drives
away, honking.

Dwight has no shirt on, and is sweating pretty bad.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
It was a hot August morning, and
there I was, out in my front lawn
with a push mower. It's not that
we couldn't afford a power one, my
father just couldn't stand that
"godawful racket" that they made.
Plus he thought that hard work was
good for me, and built character.
Dwight looks up at a girl and a guy approaching his lawn.


Slim is a very pretty girl with relatively short hair, while
Rusy is a husky young guy with long-ish dirty blond hair.
Both of them are Dwight's age.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
I heard about the show first from
my two best friends, Rusty and
Slim. Rusty's real name was
Russell, but he hated that. Slim's
real name was Frances, which she
always said was the name of a
talking mule, so she generally


                       ADULT DWIGHT (cont'd)
went by the name of the main
character of whatever book she was
reading at the time.
Dwight stops mowing, and the two walk up to him.
Hi guys.
What's up?
Rusty looks and smiles at Dwight as if he meant it as a
sexual innuendo.
Not much, just mowing.
Are you working hard, or hardly
Rusty maintains that stupid grin, and Dwight and Slim just
wrinkle their noses.
It's way too hot to be mowing your
Yeah, well, tell that to my dad.
Let me at him!
He's working.
Then he's getting off lucky, isn't
Dwight and Slim both smile, and look each other in the eyes
for a moment, before breaking contact.
How much longer till you're done?
Dwight looks around at his yard.


Not too much longer. I can take a
break for a bit.
Good. Come with us.
Dwight nods his head and runs back to house. A moment later
he comes out, a clean shirt on, his hair freshly combed.
Where are we going?
You'll see.
The three of them are walking down Route 3, a relatively
busy road.
Why does it look like we're going
to Janks field?
Because we are. Check this out!
Rusty takes a folded flier out of his pocket and shows it to
The flier announces "THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW" which holds
the only known vampire in captivity - Valeria. It's for one
night only, at Janks Field, Midnight. Nobody under 18
Dwight looks over the flier.
Oh, bummer.
Bummer? What are you talking
about, bummer? It's a vampire
show! The only REAL vampire in
captivity. And she's female! She's
supposed to be gorgeous! See? She
drinks peoples blood!


Did you not read the whole flier?
It says no one under 18 allowed.
That's why we're going there now,
to catch a glimpse of her.
We're just going to see what we
can see, you know? The set up and
what not.
And maybe we'll even see her.
Dwight looks up at the sky.
I might be a little off here, but,
isn't the sun out? Do you really
think you're going to catch her
Valeria. She's supposed to be a
vampire, moron.
He got it. Rusty is a little on the slow side.
So she'll be in her casket, right?
But seriously, maybe we will catch
her sunbathing. In the nude!
Both Dwight and Slim groan.


I doubt it. Even if she's not a
real vampire, there's no way
they'd let their star attraction
get a tan before the show. She's
supposed to look pale.
The three stop walking, and look at the dirt road to the
right of them. The road leads to Janks Field. It's
completely surrounded by woods, and the road is pretty hard
to see, except now signs are plastered all around it
highlighting the show.
Well come on, what are you waiting
for? Let's go see her.
Rusty starts walking down the long, dim dirt road.

Slim and Dwight hesitate for a moment.
Don't be chicken shits!
With a sigh, Slim and Dwight walk down the road to Rusty's
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
Janks Field was the sort of place
that made you nervous at all
times, whether it was day or
night. It doesn't belong to anyone
named Janks. It doesn't, and never
did. It's called Janks Field
because of what Tommy Janks did
there in 1954.
The place is barren and empty, except for a man that is
huddled by a campfire. TOMMY JANKS.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
I was just a little kid at the
time, but I remember that my dad,
being the chief of police, wasn't
home very often, and my mom was
oddly nervous. There was talk
about missing girls. Then one
night, something big happened.


A group of BOYSCOUTS are quietly walking across the field,
and they approach Jank.

Janks is deaf, and he does not hear them.

The Boyscouts gasp.

Next to Janks, is the body of a YOUNG GIRL, her chest is
ripped open.

Janks is roasting her heart on a stick over the fire.
Police cars speed across the field at Janks, and he sees the

He gets up and starts to run, grunting and mumbling.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
My dad captured Janks, and the
boyscouts became instant heroes.
Frank fires a round into Janks' leg, and Janks falls to the
ground, shouting.
Gah! No! Din't taste!
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
Before this, there was never a
path to the field, and nobody was
ever out there. However, the
remains of twenty-three bodies
were found. Janks got fried in the
chair, and the clearing got called
Janks Field.
Our three heroes continue walking down the road.

It's a couple miles long. The surrounding woods cast all
kinds of shadows and darkness on the road.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
There had never been a road to
Janks Field until all that took
place. But after all the cops and
crime scene investigators drove
through, it just kind of created
itself. Once everything settled,
the place became a hot spot for


                       ADULT DWIGHT (cont'd)
teens and thugs. A good place to
party, make out, and fight. There
was even talk about witchcraft and
the sacrifice of virgins.
A young VIRGIN is tied to a pole.

A campfire burns in front of her, and a bunch of naked young
WITCHES dance and jump around her, chanting.

One Witch has a knife, and she approaches the Virgin,
cutting her throat.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
But the town tried to make use out
of the field, creating a stadium
of sorts for sporting events and
concerts. It wasn't long before
that all fell through, though.
Rusty is as giddy as a school girl.
What if we actually get to see
her? I bet she's gorgeous!
We need to get you a girl, Rusty.
I bet she's an ugly hag.
Nope, no way. The flier even says
she's stunning.
Yeah well, don't believe
everything you read.


You want to put your money where
your mouth is?
Slim roles her eyes.
Here we go. No, you guys are not
going to bet.
It's just a little wager. Not
Then what?
I dunno.
Rusty stops walking for a minute.
Hold up guys, I gotta take a leak.
Pick a tree.
Rusty runs off towards the woods.
No looking, you pervs!
Dwight and Slim look at each other, shaking their heads.
You might not want to take that
bet. If she's not a real vampire,
then she at least must be pretty,
otherwise they wouldn't have a
Yeah, but-
I've got it!
Rusty returns to his friends, and they continue walking.


The loser has to kiss the winner's
That's ridiculous.
Fine. Then the loser has to kiss
her ass!
Rusty motions to Slim.
Nobody is kissing my ass.
      (to Dwight)
You know you want to.
I've got it. The loser has to
shave their head.
Rusty runs his hand through his hair.
Man, I dunno.
I'll do it.
But, my hair, man.
Chicken shit.
Fine. Done.
Dwight and Rusty shake hands.
I'm the one who determines whether
or not she's hot.


Oh, great. You always take
Dwight's side.
I promise to be fair.
The three of them step out into the clearing that is Janks
Field. It is a barren land. Broken glass, wrappers, jagged
rocks, and holes litter the dirt ground.

There is a small, open arena, and a concession stand.
Nothing more. It is uneasily still. It has started to cloud
over. It doesn't look like anything has been out here in a
long time. No Vampire Show. Nothing.
Well, some vampire show.
They're just not here yet. It's
early still.
Well, I guess we should head on
back, then. Maybe next time.
We're staying until they show.
The three of them walk up to the concession stand. It's
shabby, and empty.
Who knows how long that will be.
Dwight's gotta finish the lawn,
and if anyone knows we were out
Oh, shit.
Slim and Dwight turn to the direction Rusty is facing.

From out of the woods, a DOG comes trotting.

The dog's fur is torn, haggard, and dirty. Its tail is
tucked between its legs, and it has only one eye.

It stops a few feet in front of them.


Oh, shit. What do we do? The
thing's going to eat us.
Rusty backs up to the concession stand.
Just relax. It's not rabid, or
it'd be foaming at the mouth.
The dog growls, and shows its nasty teeth.

Slim slowly takes off her white shirt, revealing her bikini
top, and grips it in both hands. She leans down towards the
Good doggie. Yeah, good boy.
The dog growls more, louder this time.
Slim, what are you -
I don't know what these stupid
boys are waiting for, do you,
doggie? Me either. They should be
climbing up on top of the
concession stand, shouldn't they?
Yes they should.
But Slim...
And if Dwight keeps arguing with
me, I'm going to kick him in the
balls, aren't I doggie? I really
am. You're such a nice boy, aren't
Dwight helps hoist Rusty onto the roof of the concession

The dog watches them, and begins to growl even louder.
You're being so good, doggie. Yes
you are.
Slim takes one step back, and the dog snaps.


With a sudden loud bark, and a burst of speed, the dog jumps
at Slim, knocking her to the ground onto the broken glass.

Slim uses the white shirt to keep the dog from biting her,
but it scratches her, and continues to bark and snarl,
snapping at her.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
Seeing Slim in danger and bleeding
like that caused something inside
me to snap. I couldn't let
anything happen to her. Not Slim.
Dwight runs behind the dog, and grabs it by the tail.

It turns around, attempting to bite Dwight, but Dwight spins
with it, and tosses it across the field.

It lands and slides across the ground with a yelp.

Dwight pulls Slim to her feet, and runs with her to the
concession stand.
It's coming back!
From out of a dirt cloud, the dog comes charging, barking
and snarling.

Dwight helps lift Slim up, and Rusty pulls her to safety.

Dwight begins to climb up, the dog mere feet away.

Dwight pulls his legs to safety as the dog jumps up and
slams into the stand, biting and snapping. It keeps trying
to jump up, barking like crazy.
Thanks for the help, Rusty.
Slim is lying on her stomach. Her back is cut up and
Jesus, Slim. Are you okay?
I've been much worse. You know


                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
I had a pretty good idea, anyway.
About what that bastard Jimmy did
to her and her mother.
Dwight pulls a piece of glass out of Slim's back, and she
That was real brave, Slim.
We need to get her help.
Rusty looks over the edge of the stand, and the dog barks
and jumps at him.
Yeah, right, sure. You expect us
to just hop down with that damn
cur waiting to eat us?
She's bleeding bad, Rusty.
I'm fine. It's just a few scrapes.
No big deal.
It is a big deal. We're going to
go get you help.
But we might miss when the show
I don't give a damn about the show
right now.
Well one of us should stay here
with Slim, you know, make sure
she's alright.
Alright, fine. You stay. I'm


Dwight, it's not a problem.
Really. I'll be fine. Just give me
a few minutes.
Dwight looks over the edge, and again, the dog jumps, and
trys to scurry up the side to no avail.
I'll be back in an hour.
Dwight goes to jump off.
Hey Dwight?
Dwight turns and looks at Slim.
Be careful. See you soon.
Dwight smiles, and Slim smiles back.
The sooner you two are done
blowing each other, the sooner you
get back and we can get out of
Right. Later!
Dwight stands up, and looks down at the dog.

He jumps. Right for the dog, he jumps, trying to crush it.

The dog moves just in time, but Dwight lands on its tail,
and it lets out a howl of pain.

And Dwight takes off running.

The dog whimpers, looking at its tail. It then growls, and
charges after Dwight.
Damn. Damn. Damn.
Hey you fuckin' mangy piece of
The dog turns and looks at Rusty, then begins running after
Dwight again.


A shoe hits the ground next to the dog, and it scatters out
of the way, turning back towards the stand, barking.

Rusty throws a second shoe, and it lands a few feet in front
of the dog.

The dog charges back to the stand.
      (to himself)
Thanks, Rusty.
Dwight continues running down Route 3, heading for town.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
The dog attack should have been a
sign to stay away from the show. A
sign of things to come, but of
course, our brains couldn't
process that thought. My only
thought was to get help for Slim.
I didn't even care who saw me
running down Route 3, or if my
parents found out I was at Janks
Dwight slows down to a walk, breathing heavily.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
My safest bet was to get Lee, my
brother's wife. She wouldn't ask
too many questions, and I knew I
could trust her. Lee and I were
close. She even taught me how to
drive. Even though I crashed her
truck once before, she never told
Danny, my brother, and kept right
on teaching me.
Dwight walks up the driveway and enters the house.
Lee? You home? It's Dwight.


LEE THOMPSON, a beautiful young woman in her mid to late
twenties steps out of the kitchen.
Hey there, young man. Can I get
you a coke?
Uh, yeah, sure.
Lee disappears and returns with a coke in her hand.

Dwight takes it and chugs it.
What brings you here? Your brother
is out of town for the week, you
I wanted to ask if I could borrow
the truck.
What for?
I wanted to go to the drive in,
and I just thought -
What happened?
A look of concern crosses Lee's face. She knows Dwight is

Dwight sighs and looks at her.
A semi truck pulls onto the field, followed by a bus, a
couple cars, and a hearse.

The dog turns its attention towards the vehicles, and begins
barking at them.

Rusty slinks down behind the sign that reads BEER SNACKS
GIFTS, and Slim crawls towards the edge of the roof to get a
better look.


Now's our chance. The dog isn't
paying us any mind. Come on.
Come on, this is what you wanted
to see. You're going to chicken
out now? Besides, if we leave,
we'll miss Dwight.
But what if they see us? I don't
like the look of this. I mean,
shit, they've got a hearse!
Do what you want, but I'm staying
and waiting for Dwight.
Suit yourself.
Rusty drops down the back of the stand, and runs for the
Slim attempts to get a better view, while still staying out
of sight.

The dog runs over to the now parked vehicles, barking like

A group of men, all dressed in black, climb out of the van,
and they have spears in their hands.

They surround the dog, and it continues to snarl.

They taunt the dog, and jab at it with their spears, causing
it to whine and then bark.

Eventually they begin stabbing it hard enough to draw blood,
and after a few brutal moments, the dog lies motionless on
the ground.

Slim watches in horror.
Oh, my God.


A man approaches the dog. He's wearing leather pants, a silk
button down shirt, and boots with spurs. He's got a good
build and is pretty handsome. JULIAN STRYKER.
Such a waste.
Stryker takes a spear from one of the men, and impales the
dead dog. He lifts it up and examines it.

He then makes his way to the back of the hearse, opens the
door, and inserts the spear.

There are sounds of movement, and Stryker pulls the spear
It is now empty.

Stryker closes the door, and returns to his gang.
Let's start setting up.
Slim lays there, frozen by shock.
Dwight looks straight ahead, not saying anything. Lee is
It's going to be fine. I'm not
going to tell. We'll bring Slim
right back to my house to clean
her up unless she needs a doctor,
Dwight takes a swig from a coke bottle.
Let me have a drink of that.
Dwight hands her the bottle, and she takes a drink, handing
the bottle back to Dwight.
What were you doing going to Janks
Field, anyways?


We were looking for a vampire.
Lee looks at Dwight, raising her eyebrows.
Yeah, I know they don't exist, but
there's some kind of show in town
tonight, and they say they have a
real vampire. We were hoping to
get a look at it before the show
tonight, because no one under
eighteen is allowed at the show.
In daylight? You need to brush up
on your lore.
We figured she was phony, and we'd
be able to see her. But Janks
Field was empty, except for that
The truck turns down the dirt road, and cruises down it,
kicking up dust and rocks.
The truck pulls up at Janks Field. The crew for the show are
unloading equipment.

Lee and Dwight get out of the truck, looking around.

Slim and Rusty are nowhere to be seen.
Well, the show arrived.
Looks that way. I don't see Slim
or Rusty.
Let's find out if any of these
guys have seen them.


The twelve workers(four of which are women) stop what they
are doing as Lee and Dwight approach.

Stryker walks over to them.
I'm sorry, but if you're here for
tickets, they don't go on sale
until an hour before the show.
I can't buy any in advance?
Not until 11 o'clock tonight.
But what if you've sold out by
That would be nice, but it won't
happen at this arena.
Stryker looks at Dwight.
There's an age restriction, you
But my brother's the one who wants
to see it. Him and his friends.
Stryker flashes a grin at Dwight. There's something sinister
about it.
Yeah, I'll bet.
They might be around here
someplace. You haven't seen them,
have you? A young girl and guy?
Haven't seen them. Nobody's been
here but my crew.
Lee turns towards the concession stand, shouting.
Slim! Rusty!


Nothing. She returns her gaze to Stryker.
If you happen to see them, would
you let them know that we were
Of course...
He pauses, waiting for Lee to tell him her name.
Lee. And this is my brother,
Stryker shakes both their hands.
Lee. Dwight. I'm Julian.
I guess they were out here hoping
to catch a glimpse, and were going
to see if there was some way for
me to get them tickets to the
Well there's some blood-letting
during the show, and sometimes
certain body parts get exposed,
which is why there's an age
restriction. But if you're willing
to supervise and vouch for them, I
guess maybe I can make an
He smiles at her suggestively. He's flirting with her.
Oh, that's wonderful. I'll be with
them for the whole show. Let me
grab my purse.
Lee runs to the truck, grabs her purse, and returns, check
in hand.
Alright, four tickets at ten
dollars a piece, that's forty
dollars, please.


Lee scribbles it down on the check.
Alright, and who do I make this
out to? The Traveling Vampire
No, to me. I'm the owner of the
show. Julian Stryker. That's
Stryker with a "y".
Lee finishes writing, and hands the check to Stryker.
I'll be right back with your
tickets. Oh, and if it bounces,
I'll require payment in blood.
He smiles, and walks away, headed for the bus.

Dwight turns to Lee.
That check has your address on it.
No big deal.
I wonder where Rusty and Slim
They probably took off when they
saw the show coming.
But what about the dog?
I dunno. I'm sure they're fine,
and at home.
Stryker returns with four tickets in his hands.
Four tickets for tonight's
He hands them to Lee with a smile.


Thank you so much, Julian.
My pleasure. Come early to make
sure you get a good seat, and stay
late. After the show, I'll
introduce you to Valeria. You,
your brother, and his friends.
Stryker casts another sinister smile at Dwight, who smiles
uneasily back.
That might be nice. Thanks.
Yeah, thank you.
If you'll excuse me, there's a lot
of work to be done before the
show. I'll look forward to seeing
you tonight.
With another suggestive smile towards Lee, he slightly bows,
and walks away.

Dwight and Lee head back to the truck, and get in.

The truck drives away.
You didn't have to buy us tickets.
You wanted to see the show, right?
I guess so, but mom and dad are
never going to let me go.
Not if they know about it.
Lee winks at Dwight.
I hope Slim and Rusty turn up.


They will.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
I couldn't shake the uneasy
feeling I had. About Slim and
Rusty's fate. About the dog. About
the show. About Stryker. Something
about him bothered me.
Dwight looks out the window, scanning for his friends.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
What bothered me most was that I
left Slim with Rusty, and I
shouldn't have. Rusty was a coward
in most instances, and was pretty
self-centered. I hoped that this
time he stuck it out with Slim.
Any sign of them?
I'm telling you, they're already
back home.
Lee and Dwight pull up to Dwight's house. Standing by the
garage, shirtless and smiling at them, is Rusty.
                       LEE (O.S.)
Look who's here.
Lee and Dwight get out of the truck, and Rusty walks over to
Where've you been?
Out at Janks Field. Where's Slim?
She went home. Hi, Mrs. Thompson.
Hi, Rusty.


You were supposed to wait for me.
Yeah, well once the show arrived,
we beat it. It was creepy. I mean,
they had a hearse, man.
And the dog?
It went after the hearse.
Dwight looks down at Rusty's feet. He's got shoes on.
How'd you get your shoes back?
What do you mean? I never lost
them. Those were Slim's shoes I
threw at the dog.
Dwight is clearly angered by this.
You used Slim's shoes instead of
your own!?
Chill man, it was her idea. I
offered her mine after, but she
didn't take them.
Lee interrupts.
Well I'm glad everyone is fine.
I'm going to head home now, I
think. When you meet up with Slim,
head back to my house and we'll
figure out how we're going to pull
tonight off.
Rusty raises his eyebrows.
Lee got us tickets to the show.
No shit! Er, sorry, Mrs. Thompson.


Forget it. See you tonight.
Lee gets in her truck and drives away.
Your brother is one lucky son of a
bitch. What I wouldn't give...
You're telling me.
Shit. I mean, really, what I WOULD
We met the owner, Julian. He said
the show can get real gory, and
clothing gets ripped off.
Holy shit! Awesome!
Yeah. And after the show, we get
to meet Valeria.
Oh, man! This is going to be some
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
If only he knew the irony of his
own words.
Dwight walks into the yard, headed for the mower.
I gotta finish the yard.
Dwight and Rusty sit in the living room, Rusty drinking a
Pepsi. Dwight is wiping himself off with a towel.

The front door opens, and Lacy enters the house, a bag of
groceries in her hand.
Hello boys. I thought you'd given
up on the yard, Dwight.


No, I just took a break.
Lacy takes the groceries to the kitchen, and returns a
moment later.
Where's Slim?
She's at her house.
How was tennis?
I trounced Lucy, and she had to
pay for lunch.
Dwight, will your friends be
joining us for dinner? We're
having burgers.
I don't know.
I'll check with my mom, but it
should be fine.
Alright. I'm going to take a bath.
See you boys later.
Lacy disappears upstairs.

Dwight gets up and goes to phone, dialing a number.
Who are you calling?
There's a beat, and Dwight hangs up the phone.
No answer.


Maybe she's soaking in the tub
like your mom.
Or couldn't hear the phone over
the shower.
Girls don't take showers. They
take baths for hours, sliding a
bar of soap all over their bodies.
Oh man, I just thought of
something. How'd you like to be
Slim's bar of soap?
Dwight blushes.
Quit it, Rusty.
Or even better, Lee's! Haha,
you're blushing!
Shut up. Come on.
Dwight puts his shirt on, and walks towards the door, Rusty
Where we going?
Slim's. I want to make sure she's
Dwight and Rusty walk up to Slim's front door, and knock.

They wait a moment. Nothing. They knock again. Another beat.
Guess she's not here.
Rusty reaches for the handle and turns it, cracking open the


                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
Back in those days, especially in
Grandville, nobody locked their
doors. Everybody knew everybody
and looked out for one another. It
was a safe town.
What are you doing?
Rusty opens the door a bit more and leans in.
Slim! You home?
Rusty opens the door, and steps inside.
Rusty, what are you doing?
Just taking a quick look. Making
sure she didn't pass out from
blood loss, you know?
Dwight steps inside as well.
Dwight and Rusty look around the dim house.
Slim! It's us!
Rusty heads for the stairs and begins going up them.
Hey! You can't go upstairs!
Just gotta check.
The two make their way upstairs, looking around. It's eerily
quiet in the house.

The two split up in the hallway, each looking in different


Dwight looks around the room. There's a wide assortment of
books and papers. It's nicely decorated. The bed is made.
However, it doesn't look like she's been in it recently.
Rusty is in Slim's mother's room, and he's going through her
underwear drawer.

Dwight walks in.
What the hell are you doing? I
don't think Slim is hiding in
Rusty holds up a pair of underwear, and inhales.
I don't think these have been
washed since she wore them last.
Rusty tosses them at Dwight.
Take a whiff.
Dwight throws them back at Rusty.
You're sick. Put them back. We're
leaving. She's not here.
The two walk out of the bedroom.
Dwight and Rusty walk down the street.
We're not far from the police
station. Maybe I should talk to
dad about Slim.
Are you nuts? Your dad? A cop?
We'll be in so much trouble.


Yeah and maybe Slim had to go to
the hospital or worse. I don't
give a damn if I get in trouble.
Rusty stops walking.
I know where Slim is.
Dwight stops walking and looks at Rusty.
I didn't exactly tell you
everything. Slim and I split up.
What do you mean you split up?
Back at Janks Field, when the show
arrived. I tried to get her to
come with, but she refused. So, I
left her.
Dwight slugs Rusty in the arm.
Goddamn it!
Ow, shit man. That hurt!
You left her there!
You left both of us!
That was to get help, numb nuts.
The two continue walking.
She's probably out looking for us.


Yeah, or she passed out somewhere.
Or was bitten by a poisonous
snake. Or worse.
I'm sure this'll turn out fine.
It better.
C'mon, let's go to my house. I
need a shirt and when can get some
food and something to drink.
Frank is cruising down Route 3, smoking a cigarette.
Not a damn thing to do.
The cigarette falls out of Frank's mouth, landing in his
Ah, shit.
He looks down to pick it up, and returns his eyes to the

A dog has appeared in the road, right in front of him. It
looks strangely familiar...
Frank slams on the brakes and turns the wheel hard.

The car swerves away from the dog, narrowly missing it.

It loses control, spins, and slams into a tree on the side
of the road.
Frank lays face down on the steering wheel, bleeding and


                       DOLLY (O.S.)
Frank, this is Dolly back at the
station. Do you read me? Over.
Frank? Frank, you there?
Rusty and Dwight walk along the side of Rusty's house.
We'll go in through the kitchen.
Mom's hosting the bridge club in
the living room today.
The two enter the kitchen, and Rusty heads straight for the
fridge. He pulls out a pitcher of lemonade, and cold

Dwight nods in approval.

They eat hungrily, and slowly drink.

The kitchen door swooshes open behind them.

Rusty's kid sister, ELIZABETH "BITSY" SIMMONS, enters the
kitchen. She can't be more than 12 or 13, and is quite
Hi guys.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
Bitsy was Rusty's kid sister, and
she had a crush on me. Her real
name was Elizabeth, but Rusty
called her Bitsy, which stuck. Her
mother hated it, because it
brought attention to her size, and
not in a flattering way.
Hi, Bitsy. How are you?
Oh, I'm fine, thank you.
Hey Bits, you want to do me a


Get me a shirt.
What for?
To wear, stupid.
Dwight looks at Rusty.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
I never understood people that
smarted off when asking for a
His shirt got ruined over at Janks
You were at Janks Field? You're
not supposed to go there.
Thanks, Dwight. Now she's going to
tell on us.
Am not.
A dog attacked us, and his shirt
got ruined.
Bitsy looks at Rusty.
What shirt do you want?
I don't care. Just go in my closet
and grab one.
Your closet?
Just do it.


Thank you.
You're welcome, Dwight.
She smiles, blushing.
Hey, where's Slim?
Not with us.
Why not? Is she okay?
She's fine.
Something happened to her, huh?
Where is she?
She's at home doing laundry.
Bitsy opens her mouth to argue more, but Dwight stops her.
Go get Rusty his shirt, and I'll
tell you about Slim in the
backyard, okay?
Bitsy exits the kitchen, and the two boys head outside.
Rusty looks at Dwight in annoyance.
Why'd you tell her about Janks


I have a hard time lying
You should work on that, because
we're screwed now.
The back door opens, and Bitsy comes out, shirt in hand.
Bitsy hands Rusty his shirt.
Okay, so tell me about Slim.
You promise not to tell?
She'll tell.
Will not!
We're going to look for Slim now.
When we got attacked, we split up.
Now we don't know where Slim is.
So, we're headed back to Janks
Bitsy nods her head.
I'm coming with.
The hell you are!
No. I'm coming. Slim's my friend,
too. I want to help.
Rusty begins to go after Bitsy, but Dwight pushes him back.
That's fine. Go get your shoes.


Be right back!
Bitsy runs back into the house.

Dwight and Rusty look at each other.
Dwight nods, and they take off.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
I felt awful about it, but she
only would have slowed us down,
and I didn't want anyone else to
get involved.
Dwight and Rusty head down the dirt road towards Janks
Field, looking in the woods every now and then for Slim.
We better find her soon.
We will.
Something rustles in the woods next to them, and the two
stop walking.

More rustling.

Dwight and Rusty look at each other and slowly walk towards
the tree line.

The rustling continues, and grows louder, closer. Then

Rusty turns to Dwight.
Must've been a 'coon.
Suddenly, a clawed hand reaches out from the trees and
grasps Rusty's shoulder. He lets out a cry and pulls away,
turning around.

It wasn't a clawed hand. It was Slim's, and there she is,
right in front of them.


Hey, fellas.
Slim! Where've you been?
Dwight hugs her, and quickly releases her when she gasps.
It's alright.
I've just been so worried about
We've been worried about you.
Slim looks at them in a funny way.
You act like I've been gone for
It's just been a hard, long day.
Me and Lee came back down to the
field, and you and Rusty were
nowhere to be seen. And I just
thought...I don't know what I
He thought the vampire show got
I wouldn't be surprised after what
they did to the dog.
A look of sorrow crosses her face.
What they did to the dog?
What'd they do to the dog?
Her eyes slightly tear up.


They - they killed it.
Good for them! Miserable thing.
No. The way they killed it. They
tormented it first. I felt bad for
it. They were poking it with
spears, and then it just
collapsed. Then this other guy
impaled it and threw it in the
hearse, like he was feeding it to
Valeria! Killer.
The guy that impaled the dog. What
did he look like?
He was handsome. Had a good build.
Wore boots with spurs.
Slim looks at Dwight, confused.
He's the owner. Lee and I met him
when we came back looking for you.
Let's get out of here.
Sounds great.
Dwight takes off his shoes, and offers them to Slim, who
Take them.


Slim puts them on.

Rusty, feeling left out, offers his clean shirt to cover her
wounded back.
No thanks, Rusty.
You took Dwight's shoes...
Slim sighs and puts the shirt on.

They begin walking down the road.
Give her the good news, Dwight.
What good news?
Lee bought us each a ticket to the
I'm not going back there. There's
no way.
Oh come on, don't be a chicken!
This pisses Slim off.
A chicken? You didn't see what
they did to that dog. How cruel
and evil it was. Why? Because you
were too busy being a coward,
ditching me!
Slim flicks Rusty on the nose, hard. It begins to bleed.
Jeez, what'd you do that for?
Suck it up.
Asshole. I'm not going to that
show. Sorry.


It's fine. You don't have to.
We're taking you to Lee's to get
cleaned up. She's expecting us.
The crew is setting up a cage in the middle of the arena.

Stryker watches over them, and takes something out of his
pocket. Lee's check.

He examines it, thinking about something.
It's going to be a good night.
It's still cloudy out, and it seems to be getting darker.

The trio approach the house.

Dwight looks in the screen. The house is dark. Apparently
Lee! We're here!
                       LEE (O.S.)
Come on in. I'll be right there!
The three enter the house.
Dwight, Rusty, and Slim sit on the couch.

Lee enters the living room a moment later. She's been doing
some cleaning.
Ah, glad you turned up, Slim.
Thanks for coming to rescue me,
Mrs. Thompson.
Any time. Sorry we missed you.


Slim smiles weakly.
Come on, let's get you cleaned up.
Slim stands up, and Lee motions her to the bathroom.
We'll be out in a bit. You boys
help yourselves to whatever.
Lee and Slim enter the bathroom, shutting the door behind
them. The sound of rushing water and mumbled voices is
Sounds like someone is taking a
shower. Want to find out who?
Rusty begins to rise from the sofa.
Stay put. You've screwed up enough
for one day.
Rusty sits back down.
Think she's going to tell Lee
about the dog?
Rusty begins to twiddle his thumbs, and sighs heavily.
Slim's probably naked in there.
Dwight looks at Rusty with disbelief.
You really don't know when to
quit, do you?
Rusty opens his mouth to protest, but then stops when the
sound of rushing water stops.

The mumbled voices grow louder, and another moment later,
Slim appears in Lee's clothing, followed by Lee herself.


I'll have to let you borrow it
some time. It's a fantastic read.
Yeah, I'll check it out.
Both Dwight and Rusty stand up upon their entrance, and the
four look at each other.
How is she?
She'll live. She could probably
use a stitch or two, but since she
refuses to go see a doctor, I've
done everything I can.
I'll be fine. Doctors are for
Slim hands Rusty back his shirt, who greatfully puts it back

She then hands Dwight his shoes, and he puts them on.

Lee plops down in a chair, and the three kids sit down on
the sofa.
So, are we all set for tonight?
Not sure yet.
We're working on it.
Slim just shrugs her shoulders.
When you figure it out, let me
know. I have no spectacular ideas.
      (to Dwight)
I can get permission to sleep at
your house. When your parents hit
the sack at ten, we'll sneak out.


I don't know if that will work.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
I was trying to find any way
possible to get out of going to
the show. I didn't want Slim to
feel uncomfortable.
It's always worked before.
Lee looks at Dwight, raising her eyebrows, smirking.
We didn't really do anything.
I won't tell. I'd like to hear
about it sometime, though. Then
I'll tell you about all the times
I snuck out.
Here's how to work it. Dwight, you
tell your parents you're staying
at Rusty's. Rusty, you tell your
parents you're staying at
Dwight's. Then you both come over
to my house, and we come to Lee's
from there.
Dwight and Rusty look at her, stunned.
What about your mom?
She'll be gone all night. She has
a date.
Great. Just come over here around
ten thirty.
The trio walk through the neighborhood. The sun still can't
penetrate the dark clouds.


Why didn't you tell her about the
I didn't want to ruin the show for
you two. But I'm still not going.
When it comes time, tell Lee I've
got a headache.
Or that you're on your period. You
can't go to the show on your
period. All that blood would drive
them crazy.
Get bent.
I'm serious. It would be like
swimming in shark-infested water.
Slim turns and flicks him hard on the nose again, and once
again, his nose bleeds.
Ow! Damn it!
It bleeds heavier this time, and Rusty pinches his nose.
You can't go to the show with a
bloody nose like that. It'll drive
those vampires crazy. They'll suck
you dry.
Slim turns to Dwight.
Where are we going to hang?
My house. We can hang there till
supper. My mom is expecting us,


Alright. I'll meet you guys there.
I want to go home and change
We're coming with you.
What for?
Dwight searches for words, but can't find them.
He's afraid you'll get lost.
Slim looks at Dwight with a slight smile.
It's true. When I didn't know
where you were, I thought maybe
they'd gotten their hands on you,
and -
Shoved a spear up your ass!
Slim shakes her head, smiling.
The trio enter Slim's house, shutting the door behind them.

Slim begins to head upstairs.
Wait down here. I'll be right
Slim disappears upstairs.

Dwight and Rusty look around, uneasily.

A quiet moment passes, then


                       SLIM (O.S.)
Hey guys! Can you come up here?
Dwight and Rusty look at each other, and then walk upstairs.

They walk down the hallway.
                       SLIM (O.S.)
In here.
They enter Slim's room. She has changed her clothes, but is
staring at her bed, frozen.

Dwight and Rusty look at the bed.

Laying face-up on the bed, is a copy of the book "Dracula."
It looks like it's been chewed up and spit back out. It's
ragged and has scratches and tears, and it's covered with
How the hell did that happen?
We better look around. Whoever did
it might still be in the house.
Or whatever.
Slim heads over to her closet, opens it, and takes out two
knives. A hunting knife and a boyscout pocket knife.

She hands the hunting knife to Dwight and the other to

She reaches into her closet again, and pulls out a bow and a
quiver of arrows.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
Slim had won first place in a YWCA
Fourth of July archery contest a
couple summers ago. Most people
wouldn't have expected a girl to
win it, but I knew she would.
Slim arms the bow, and slowly walks out of the bedroom.
Watch my back.
Dwight and Rusty walk behind Slim, who heads across to her
mother's room.


It's empty, but there's a shatter perfume bottle and broken
vase on the carpet. A few rose pedals remain on the ground.

They exit the bedroom, and slowly creep down the hall.

They check the bathroom and the spare bedroom. The tension

They head downstairs, and check the living room, followed by
the kitchen.

The pantry door is partially open.

They slowly inch towards it. They stop in front of the
partially open door.

Slim takes a deep breath, and then pulls the door open.
There's nobody here. Come on,
let's get that glass cleaned up in
my mom's room.
The three head back upstairs.
I have to use the john.
Rusty enters the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Dwight and Slim continue to her mom's room.

They begin cleaning up the glass.
I'm not liking this.
It's weird, that's for sure.
I know it's stupid, but I keep
thinking it's Stryker and his
Yeah, but how would they know
where we live?


Maybe they've been following us
without us knowing. Ever since you
Slim looks in Dwight's eyes.
I never disappeared.
But I thought you had.
Slim smiles at Dwight. Dwight smiles back. The smiles slowly
fade, but they continue looking into each others eyes.

Is this it? Are they going to kiss? They're almost close

The toilet flushes down the hall, and the bathroom door

Dwight and Slim go back to picking up the glass.

Rusty enters the room.
We done here?
Dwight and Slim toss the broken glass in the waste basket.
Let's head to my place.
Dwight, Slim, and Rusty enter the house. It's empty.
Mom? Dad?
Their cars weren't in the
driveway, doofus.
Dwight shoots Rusty an irritated look.


Maybe your dad is working late and
your mom forgot something at the
The three enter the kitchen. On the kitchen table, there is
a note. Dwight picks it up and reads it.
Oh. Man.
Mom's at the hospital. Dad got
into an accident.
Is it bad, you think?
The note says it's not that bad.
She said she's going to call.
Dwight sets the note down. He's clearly worried.

The phone rings. Dwight walks over to it and answers.
Mom? (Beat) Sorry, Mrs. Simmons.
(Beat) Yeah he's here. (Beat) I
know. I'm sorry, we shouldn't
have. (Beat) I'm fond of her, too.
(Beat) I'll send him right away.
Dwight hangs up the phone and looks at Rusty.
Your mom wants you to come home,
right now.
Shit. I'm in trouble, aren't I?
She didn't sound very happy.


Great. Well there goes my chances
of going to the show. Wait till I
get my hands on Bitsy.
Rusty walks out of the kitchen, heading for the door.
Talk to you guys later, I hope.
Rusty exits the house, closing the door behind him.

Dwight sits down at the kitchen table, Slim sits down next
to him.
I'm sure he's fine. Your mom said
it wasn't serious in the note,
Yeah, but he's still in the
hospital. It can't be good.
The phone rings again. Dwight jumps up and answers.
Lacy is sitting beside Frank, who is lying in bed.

He has gauze wrapped around his head, and his eyes are

Lacy has a phone in her hands.
Hey hun, you're home. I called
earlier, but I got no answer. I
figured you went for a swim or
something. (Beat) Yeah, he's right
here next to me.
Tell him I'm fine. Just a bump on
the head.
Dad says he's fine. (Beat) Well, I
guess he was driving down Route 3,
and a dog ran out in the middle of


                       LACY (cont'd)
the road. And, well, you know dad.
He'd rather hurt himself than
another animal. He needed a couple
stitches and has a mild
concussion, but he's fine.
It's bogus that they're keeping me
here over night.
We'll be here for the night.
There's hamburger in the fridge,
so make up some burgers for your
friends and you.
A DOCTOR enters the room.
What's up, doc?
Frank chuckles quietly, and then groans from the pain.
I've got to go, sweetie. The
doctor's here. (Beat) Okay, see
you tomorrow. I love you. (Beat)
Dwight hangs up the phone, and sighs with relief.
He's really alright. He hurt his
head, but he's good. They're going
to be at the hospital for the
night, though.
That'll make going to the show
easier, then.
Dwight shrugs his shoulders.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
Secretly I was hoping that with
Rusty in trouble with his folks,
the show wouldn't be happening for


                       ADULT DWIGHT (cont'd)
us tonight.
Are you hungry? We can make
Slim stands up from the table.
That sounds great, I'm starved.
I'll make the patties if you grill
Outside, the sun is starting to fade.

The burgers are on the grill, and Dwight and Slim are
sitting next to each other on the deck steps, drinking
bottles of coke.
Those are smelling really good.
Yeah, they are.
What made your dad crash, by the
I guess a dog ran out in front of
him on Route 3.
Slim looks at Dwight, raising her eyebrows.
A one-eyed dog?
They both laugh, uneasily.

Dwight gets up and flips the burgers, and returns to the
steps, sitting back down next to Slim.
Almost done.


It's kind of nice just sitting
Just the two of us.
The two are looking out at the yard, avoiding eye contact.
Not that I've got anything against
He can be a pain in the ass.
They both chuckle.
Yeah, sometimes I wish he'd take a
long walk off a short pier. It
would be nice if just the two of
us could do stuff sometimes.
They turn and look at each other.
Yeah. I don't want to hurt his
feelings or anything, I just sort
of like being alone with you. Like
Same here.
They look in each others eyes for a moment, and slowly inch
towards each other.

Then, they're kissing. It's a sweet, passionate kiss.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
I wanted that moment to last
forever. The way she felt, the way
she tasted. It was perfect. My
whole body ached for her. In that
moment, I forgot everything. It
was just her and I.


Oops. Dwight spills some of his soda on his shirt.
Ah, cold.
And just like that, the kiss is over.

Dwight stands up, wiping himself off.
I guess kissing can be messy
sometimes, huh?
I guess so.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
Her saying that made me think of
all the messy kisses she had to
put up with from that scumbag
Jimmy. And all the other things.
The day Jimmy left, it was like
her and Mrs. Drake were free
Dwight walks over to the grill, and opens it.
Having finished their meal, Slim and Dwight are in the
kitchen, cleaning up.

It's slowly getting darker outside.
I decided I'm going to the show
with you, after all.
Dwight looks at her, surprised.
You are?
Yeah. I mean, so they killed a
dog, big deal. That dog would've
killed us. Besides, with the weird
things that have been going on, I
don't really want to be alone
tonight. Besides, it means a lot


                       SLIM (cont'd)
to you guys.
It means a lot to Rusty. I don't
know how we're going to get him to
the show.
Let me handle that. Go change your
shirt, and I'll call Mrs. Simmons.
Dwight exits the kitchen, and Slim picks up the phone, and
begins dialing a number.
Dwight enters his bedroom, and heads for the closet.

He takes his shirt off, tossing it to the floor. He takes a
clean one off the hanger, and puts it on.

He then turns around, and freezes.

On his bed is a single yellow rose. One of the roses from
Slim's house. There are pedals strewn along his bed as well.

Dwight breathes heavily, and looks around his room. He's the
only one in it.
He waits a moment. There's no response.
Slim! Come up here!
A moment passes, and Slim enters the bedroom.

She looks at Dwight, and then the bed.
Dwight looks at Slim.


Let's get out of here. We're going
back to my house to pick up the
My grandmother's old car. We're
using it to pick up Rusty. I just
got off the phone with his mom.
And I really don't want to stick
around here anymore.
Me either.
They walk out of the bedroom.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
The book was one thing, but now
the rose? Things were getting
creepier for us by the minute.
It's dark in Slim's house, for the sun is just about gone.

Dwight and Slim enter.
Alright, grab my bow and the
knives. They're in the kitchen.
I'll get the car ready. Meet me in
the garage.
Dwight nods, and the two split up.

Dwight heads into the dim kitchen, and picks up the bow and
quiver of arrows as well as the two knives.

From the garage, there's the sound of something clattering,
followed by an sinister silence.
Slim? That you?

Dwight slowly walks to the door leading to the garage.


Dwight opens it, and steps into the garage.
Slim isn't in the garage. It's just the car, and darkness.
The side door leading outside is open, and blowing in the
wind. It's creepy.

Dwight heads for the door, and looks outside for Slim. She's
not there.

Dwight turns around and heads back for the door leading to
the house. He opens it, and as he does, the outside door

He turns around with a start.

Slim is standing there, smiling.
Sorry, the wind caught it.
Where'd you go?
Slim raises her hand, there's a bottle of oil in it.
The car needs oil.
They smile at each other.
The beat up old car backs out of the driveway, and Dwight
walks out of the garage, pulling the door down behind him.

He gets in the car.
How did you get Rusty's mom to let
him out?
I said that we were going to the
drive-in. There's a slight snag,


And what might that be?
We have to take Bitsy.
We can't take her to the show.
We're not going to. We're going to
take her to one of the movies,
then drop her back at home. From
there, we leave for the show with
If you say so.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
Riding in the car with Slim made
me think of the last time we were
all in the car together. Some
creeps had given us a scare, and
tried to take Slim.
The beat up old car pulls up to Rusty's house, and the
engine is shut off.

Dwight and Slim get out of the car and walk up to the house.

Rusty is sitting on the porch steps, waiting for them. He
stands up and bows.
My heroes. You guys are genious. I
mean it.
It was Slim, not me.
Well I owe you big time.
Rusty gets up and opens the front door, yelling inside.
Bits, come on! They're here! Let's


Rusty closes the door and walks down the steps, joining Slim
and Dwight in the yard.
This is going to be great! Are you
guys excited?
The front door of the house opens, and Bitsy steps out,
closing it behind her.

She's carrying a purse and is in a flowered dress. She
clearly wanted to look as nice as possible.
Hi Dwight! Thank you for inviting
me out tonight.
I'm glad you could come.
I'm sorry to hear about your
She looks at Slim, and a brief look of disgust crosses her
face, but she replaces it quickly with a smile and nod.
Hey, Slim. I'm glad you're okay.
Thank you, Bitsy. You look nice
What do you think, Dwight? Do I
look nice?
Rusty rolls his eyes.
Yes, you look very nice.
Bitsy smiles and looks down at her feet.


Alright, that's enough. Let's go.
Time's wasting.
The four make their way to the car and get in.

The car comes to life, and pulls out of the driveway,
heading down the street.
Bitsy looks out the window, confused.
Where are we going? The drive-in
is the other way.
Don't worry about it, squirt.
We're stopping by Lee's house
before the drive-in.
What for?
Stop being such a nosy pain in the
Cut it out, Rusty.
My brother's out of town for the
weekend. We're just stopping by to
make sure everything's okay.
Is something wrong?
A lot of weird stuff has been
happening today.
Like what?
Come on, guys. She's going to
tell! She always does.


I will not!
The car parks in the driveway, and the four get out of the
car. The house is dark.

They walk up to the screen door.
Lee! It's Dwight! You home?
What if Julian is in there?
Who's Julian?
Maybe she went over to a
I'm going in.
Slim runs back to the car, and opens the trunk.

She slings her quiver of arrows over her shoulder, and takes
out the bow and two knives.

She returns, and hands them to Dwight and Rusty.
What's going on?
Go wait in the car.
I don't have to. Do I, Dwight?
It might be safer.


No, we're sticking together.
Who's in there?
Maybe nobody.
Rusty gets close to Bitsy's face.
Maybe a vampire.
No such thing.
Whatever makes you feel better.
Dwight slowly opens the screen door, and Slim enters the
house, with Dwight and Rusty flanking her, Bitsy at the
It's dark. It's quiet. It's scary. The only sounds are the
breathing of our heroes.

From somewhere in the house, there is a creak. An appliance
begins to hum.
Let's do a quick sweep. Stay
And they slowly make their way through the one-story house.

They check the bedrooms, the bathroom, the living room, the
kitchen, and the den.

No Lee.

They regroup back in the living room, turning on a lamp.
Can we go to the movies now?
Screw the movies. We were never
going to go in the first place.


Were, too! Weren't we, Dwight?
Dwight nods at Bitsy, and turns to Rusty.
We figured we'd head to the first
one, anyway.
Why not both?
      (to Bitsy)
We have to be back here at
Dwight! Jesus, tell her
everything, why don't you? Then we
can really get in trouble when she
tells on us.
I won't tell!
This has to be a secret, Bitsy.
You can't tell anyone, okay?
Rusty sighs.
We think somebody is after us.
Maybe somebody from the Traveling
Vampire Show.
What for?
To shut us up.
We don't know what they're up to.
I saw them do something horrible
to a dog today. Maybe they want to
scare us to keep us quiet about
it. They chewed up a book of mine,
Dracula, which is about vampires.


But we don't think a vampire did
But someone trying to scare us.
Then, in my mother's room, they
broke a vase and took roses, and
left one on Dwight's bed.
      (to Dwight)
They were at your house?
Left it on my pillow.
And now Lee's missing. She met the
owner of the show earlier today,
and wrote him a check with her
address on it.
Bitsy is collecting all the information, putting two and two
So, you think they took her?
We don't know.
She ain't here.
Rusty looks down at the coffee table.

The tickets for the show are sitting there. All four of

He picks them up.
Alright! The tickets! We can still
go to the show!
Not wihout Lee.
Come on, we'll take three and
leave her one, for when she comes


If she comes back.
I'm sure she will. She's probably
out somewhere planning on coming
back here in time to take us to
the show. I mean, her purse was
still on the counter.
If Julian took her, do you really
think he'd stop and let her grab
her purse?
Bitsy looks at everyone, as if trying to tell them

She raises her hand.

Rusty looks at her, scoffing.
Little Einstein here thinks she
has a solution. What?
Lee just went out somewhere. I
mean, you guys are worried about
that guys from the show....Julian?
He didn't do any of that stuff
with the book and roses...I did.
The three look at her, shocked. She's clearly embarassed.
Bitsy rushes out of the house, screaming, Rusty on her
You stupid little twat! I'll kill
Dwight and Slim follow behind.
Rusty, no!


Their cries are in vain.

Rusty slams into her, sending her slamming into the grass,
rolling onto the street in a shriek.
Damn it!
Bitsy lays in the street, crying.

Slim runs over to her, and lifts her up, trying to comfort

Dwight glares at RUSTY.
What the hell did you have to do
that for?
Serves the little shit right.
Slim helps Bitsy to her feet, and leans her against the car,
brushing her off.
It's alright. You're alright.
Bitsy looks at Rusty through tear-filled eyes.
I hate you!
You want more? I shoulda got you
worse for what you did! What were
you thinking?
Cool it, Rusty.
Through sobs, Bitsy speaks.
I just wanted to play a trick on
you. You know, for ditching me
That was a pretty mean trick,
Bitsy begins to calm down.


I know. I'm sorry. All I ever
wanted was to hang out with you
It's alright, Bitsy. We'll take
you to the movies now.
I don't want to go to the movies
Great, here we go. She wants to go
home so she can tell on me.
Do not. I want to go to the
Traveling Vampire Show.
Slim, Rusty, and Dwight look at each other, stunned.
We'd like to have you come with
us, but there's only four tickets.
And there's four of us.
One of the tickets is for Lee,
But she's not here.
Thanks for stating the obvious.
Bitsy shoots him a look.
We might not be able to get in
without her, hun.
If I can't go to the show, then I
want to go home.
You can go, okay? Jesus.


Dwight and Slim look at Rusty.
We leave now so we can get there
nice and early. We take three
tickets, and leave one for Lee so
she can meet us there. We get to
the show, and have another adult
buy us a ticket.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
For the first time in his life,
Rusty had a good plan. Though I
still didn't want to go, and
especially didn't want Bitsy to
go, I couldn't argue with him.
It might just work.
Alright. So let's grab the
tickets, leave Lee a note, and go.
If the dirt road leading to Janks Field was creepy during
the day, it's downright terrifying at night.

The beat old old car drives down the road. About 3/4 of the
way to the field, it pulls over to the side, off the road.

The four get out of the car.

Cars drive past them now and again, heading to the show.
Why did we stop here?
We don't want to park at the
field. Not only does that risk a
flat tire, but also a major
traffic jam at the end of the
night. We'll walk from here.
Whatever you say.
Quit bitching.


I'm not. So how come you're going,
I gotta watch out for my guys.
Plus Slim's the judge.
The judge?
Me and Dwight have a bet. I think
Valeria will be gorgeous, and
Dwight thinks she'll be a hag.
Whoever is wrong has to shave
their head.
Who's Valeria?
The vampire, dumb ass.
They walk down the side of the road, shrouded in darkness by
the low-hanging trees. Another car passes.

It gets quiet, the only sounds are their feet on the road.

A horn honks loudly, startling them.

They duck down behind a bush.
Maybe we shouldn't be going, after
all. Someone might see us and tell
our parents.
Well I'm going. You want to
chicken out? Fine. Fuck ya both.
Give me one of those tickets.
Rusty extends his hand, waiting for a ticket.
You don't want to go alone.
Come on, Rusty. Let's just go to
the drive-in.


Go to hell. I'm seeing the
Traveling Vampire Show.
Slim hands him a ticket.
Fine. Go.
Rusty walks away, heading down the dark road. Another car
drives by.

Slim looks at Dwight.
You better go with him.
Slim calls out.
Rusty! Wait! Dwight's coming!
She looks back at Dwight.
We can't let him go by himself.
Besides, Lee is expecting to meet
you there.
What about you? It might not be
We'll be fine, the car's well
Slim hands him a ticket, and then kisses him.
Be careful. We'll be waiting for
Bitsy looks at Dwight, lifting her head for a kiss.
What about me?
Dwight looks at Slim, who nods.


Dwight leans down and gives Bitsy a hug, then turns to walk
I'm coming with!
No, you're staying with me.
Dwight! You promised I could see
the show!
Dwight! You coming or not?
Come with me, Bits.
Slim motions for her to walk back to the car.

Bitsy jerks away.
I don't want to!
She grabs Dwight's hand, but he jerks it away, starting to
meet up with Rusty.
Stay with Slim.
But I want -
Shut the hell up and go with Slim!
Bitsy looks like she's going to cry.

Dwight is surprised by what he said.
Dwight turns away and runs to Rusty.

The two continue walking down the road as more cars begin to
Good choice, man. It's going to be
worth it.


                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
Nothing was going to be worth it.
Dwight and Rusty slowly step onto Janks Field.

There are many cars parked along the field.

People are walking into the arena.
Slim and Bitsy walk down the road, back towards the car.

Bitsy is quietly crying.
I'm sorry Bits. I know you're
upset, but it's just not a good
idea for us to be there. We'll
head back to the car and talk
about boys and other girl things,
Bitsy stops walking, and crouches down along the side of the
road, her back towards Slim.

Slim approaches her.
Bits? Bitsy? Are you okay?
Bitsy shrieks and spins around, clubbing Slim in the head
with a fallen branch.

Slim drops to the ground in a gasp.

Bitsy whacks her two more times, drops the stick, grabs a
ticket, and runs off.
Dwight and Rusty inch onto the field.

A hand grabs Dwight, and he turns with a start.

It's Bitsy.


I'm back.
She's out of breath. Must've run the whole way.
What the hell is she doing here?
Where's Slim? Why aren't you with
She said I could come.
Fat chance. How'd you get away?
Bitsy looks at the ground, then back at Dwight.
I told her I had to take a leak,
and took off. She caught me,
pushed me to the ground and told
me I was going with her. I called
her a name and she let go.
What did you call her?
Bitsy looks down at her feet.
A dirty whore.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
Back in those days, you never
heard the "c" word, so calling a
girl a "whore" was about as low
and you could get, and I was
Real neat, fat ass.
I wanted her to let go, and she
did. Then she gave me a ticket and
told me to go. I said thanks and
she said "fuck you."


Rusty snaps.
I've had enough of you tonight!
Rusty grabs Bitsy by her hair, and knees her repeatedly in
the stomach.

He then throws her to the ground by her hair, kicking at
You stupid little pain in the ass!
Dwight! Help me!
Dwight stands there, watching as Rusty kicks Bitsy.
Now piss off!
Rusty walks away from her, past Dwight.
Let's go, Dwight.
Dwight looks down at Bitsy, pity in his eyes.
Go back to the car, Bitsy. You
better hope Slim forgives you.
She's always been nice to you, and
that was real lousy. Don't follow
Dwight walks and meets up with Rusty.

BITSY slowly gets to her feet, sobbing.

Dwight and Rusty make their way through the make-shift
parking lot.
Bitsy slowly staggers down the dark road, still crying.

A car passes, and then darkness.

It's quiet.

Something moves in the woods beside her.


She stops, looking around.
Slim? Is that you? I'm sorry.

Bitsy continues walking.

More movement.

She stops again, looking into the woods.
Hello? Is someone there?
A FIGURE suddenly jumps out of the woods, and grabs Bitsy.

She screams as she's pulled into the darkness.

Dwight and Rusty continue weaving through all the cars,
trying to get to the arena.

They come across a pick up truck and stop. The windows are
open. It's red, just like Lee's.
Is this Lee's?
Dwight looks at it.
I'm not sure.
Rusty gets right next to the passenger door, and leans in.

With a bark and snarl, a POODLE jumps up from the passenger
seat, latching onto Rusty's forearm with its teeth.

Rusty yells and flings his arm out of the truck with the
Poodle still attached.

The Poodle slams onto the dirt ground and slides partially
under another car.

It gets to its feet with a snarl.


SOMETHING grabs it from under the car, and pulls it into the

Dwight and Rusty look at each other.
What was that?
No clue. How's your arm?
Rusty looks at his arm, which is bleeding, but it's not that

He shrugs.
I'll be okay. Come on.
The two run through the field up to the arena.

At the gate, VIVIAN, one of Stryker's workers, is taking the
tickets from people, letting them into the arena.

She eyes them as they approach with their tickets in their
You don't look eighteen to me.
We've got tickets.
Good for you. That doesn't change
the fact that you're not eighteen.
Did you not read the fliers? It
clearly says nobody under eighteen
is allowed in. No exceptions,
We have special permission from
Vivian eyes the boys, then turns to one of the other
Cover the gate. I'll be back.
She leads the boys to the side of the arena, and knocks on
the door of the tour bus.


A moment later, the light flicks on, and Stryker opens the
door, buttoning his shirt.
Can I help you, Vivian?
He is clearly annoyed by the disturbance.
These boys claim that you gave
them special permission to view
the show.
Stryker looks from Rusty to Dwight.

When he sees Dwight, he smiles.
Ah, Dwight, isn't it?
Yes, sir.
Where's Lee? She was supposed to
accompany you to the show tonight.
That was the deal.
She's coming late. She had to do
something first. She sent us to
get good seats.
Stryker eyes Dwight for a moment, and then nods his head,
Very well. Let them in, Vivian.
Sit with them until Dwight's
sister arrives. Enjoy the show,
With that, Stryker turns and shuts the door behind him.

Vivian begins walking towards the arena.
Come with me.


The three enter the arena.

The bleachers are pretty filled up. A decent crowd showed up
for the show. It is brightly lit.

In the center of the arena, is a large box, draped in red

Dwight looks around, and sees Lee in the bleachers. She
waves him over.

Dwight points at her, looking at Vivian.
That's her right there.
Vivian looks over at Lee, who nods and waves, smiling.
Very well, then.
Vivian leaves the boys, who run up the bleacher, sitting
next to Lee.
Got your note. I didn't expect to
beat you here. Where's Slim?
She decided not to come.
Why not?
It's that time of the month. She
figured it would be a bad idea.
Dwight looks at Rusty like he wants to slug him.
Oh, I see.
Where did you go? We stopped by
your house, and you weren't there.
It was so nice, I decided to take
a bottle of wine and go out to the
lake for a bit. I guess I dozed


                       LEE (cont'd)
We were worried about you.
Why would you -
She's cut off.
                       STRYKER (O.S.)
Ladies and gentlemen, may I have
your attention please?
They turn their attention to the cage.

Standing in the cage, decked out in the leather pants and
silk shirt, is Stryker, a microphone in his hand.

He's standing atop the large box.
Welcome to the Traveling Vampire
Show. My name is Julian Stryker.
I'm the owner of the show and the
master of tonight's extravaganza.
Applause and cheers erupt from the crowd.

Stryker raises his arms for silence.
Not long ago, Valeria roamed the
Transylvanian Alps, feeding on the
blood of peasants in the dead of
night for many years. I knew
nothing of this until I heard news
that my uncle and his family were
savagely murdered by the creature.
Learning this, I vowed to bring
the slayer to justice. For three
long years, my team and I searched
for her, always one step behind.
Until, one day, we found her lair,
and discovered her sleeping in her
coffin. As I opened to coffin to
kill her, I was overcome by her
beauty, and couldn't bring myself
to do it. Still, I couldn't let
her roam around killing, either.
So, with the help of a wiseman
well versed in the art of
mesmerism, I took control of her


                       STRYKER (cont'd)
mind. And so I removed her from
her country, and brought her to
More applause.
Unfortunately, do to her blood
lust, she's not very welcome in
our land. Like a wandering Jew,
she must forever travel, never
stopping for long to rest. Never
calling a place home. So here we
are, pausing briefly on our
journey to bring you good folks
with a chance to view an actual
vampire. View her, and more!
Whispers travel through the crowd.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'll make
you wait no longer. Here she is!
The world's only living vampire in
captivity. The lovely! The lethal!
The mouth-watering temptress of
Transylvania! Valeria!
Stryker raises his arms high in the air, and the crowd
bursts into cheers.

Stryker lowers his arms.

Sparks erupt from the corners of the arena, and the red
velvet drops, revealing a cage.

It's roof and sides are made of iron bars. It's raised a few
feet off the ground on cinder blocks, and a wooden floor.

A coffin sits in the center of the cage.

It becomes silent.
Valeria! Arise!
The lid to the coffin flies off, crashing to the wooden

Slowly, VALERIA sits up, as if in a trance.

She's gorgeous. Long flowing black hair. Fair skin.


Beautiful. Great shape.

She stands up in the coffin, her cape flowing in the wind.

She's wearing a red leather bra-like top, a short red
leather skirt, and red leather boots with spurs.

Valeria slowly turns, so that the whole crowd can see her.

Rusty watches, stunned.
Holy shit.
Valeria jumps out of the coffin gracefully, landing on the
wooden floor quietly.
Ladies and gentlemen, Valeria has
been locked inside her coffin
since our last performance several
nights ago. She is hungry for
Laughter, cheers, and applause.
The Traveling Vampire Show is more
than entertainment. It's also a
method for sustaining Valeria's
life. Before being captured, she
hunted at random and drained her
victims completely of their blood.
Tonight, as in each performance,
she gains her nourishment not from
one source, but from
several...members of the audience!
More cheers.
We make it a contest, ladies and
gentlemen. If you can last in the
cage with Valeria for five minutes
without her getting a drop of your
blood, you win a cash prize of
five hundred dollars!
                       AUDIENCE MEMBER (O.S.)
You mean we have to fight her?


Only if you volunteer, but that's
exactly what I mean. Five hundred
dollars cash money to the victor.
And don't worry, folks. People
rarely die from being bitten by
Valeria. It's no more dangerous
than donating a pint of blood to
the red cross, but much more
Various MEN shout out, ready to take on the challenge.
Before I take volunteers, I must
warn you that Valeria is very
powerful, and can be dangerous.
You run a risk of injury, and in
rare cases, possible death. That
is why before entering the cage,
you must sign a waiver.
Stryker looks down at Valeria.
Valeria, are you hungry?
Valeria flings off her cape, roaring.
Audience, do I have a volunteer?
About ten to fifteen MEN stand up, cheering and raising
their hands.

Stryker looks through the crowd, before pointing to someone.
You, sir!
He points at a built man, named CHANCE WALLACE.
Semper fi!
Chance makes his way down towards the cage as the audience
goes crazy.

Lee looks at Dwight.
This should be good.


Vivian approaches Chance, mutters some words to him, and has
him sign the clip board.

Stryker leaps down from the cage, and stands next to Chance.
Your name, sir?
Chance Wallace.
Chance, huh? Well, do you think
you stand a chance against
Yes, sir!
Good luck to you.
Thank you, sir.
Stryker steps away from Chance, and opens the door to the
This door will remain open so that
the vic - the volunteer may leave
at anytime.
May I ask a question, sir?
What are the rules?
Do whatever it takes to avoid
being bitten, as long as no
weapons are used. Remember, five
minutes, five hundred dollars. Are
you ready?
Yes, sir!


Stryker steps away, and Chance walks up the few wooden steps
and enters the cage.

Stryker takes a stopwatch out of his pocket.
Chance stands several feet away from Valeria.

She looks at him, her gaze cold.
                       STRYKER (O.S.)
Let the contest begin!
Chance raises his arms, ready to defend against Valeria,
whenever she chooses to strike.

Chance circles her.

She does nothing but watch him.
Come on, darling. Don't be afraid.
I'm not like you, I won't bite.
With a roar, Valeria pounces at Chance.

He is expecting it, and he grabs her and sends her to the
ground with a hip toss.

Quick as a flash, Valeria is back on her feet, hissing.
                       AUDIENCE MEMBER (O.S.)
Come on, honey! Bite him!
Hear that? That's for you.
Vlaeria charges at Chance again, and Chance spins, grabbing
her arm and slamming her into the iron bars.

She turns around with a roar, and begins to circle Chance.
Bring it!
Valeria runs at Chace, and he sends her to the ground with a
shoulder take-down.

However, Valeria is quick to retaliate, and with a sweeping
kick, she trips Chance to the ground.


Quick as a flash, she's on him, sinking her teeth in his
neck, sending blood spurting across the wooden floor.

Stryker enters the cage.
And the winner is Valeria!
Valeria continues drinking.
      (away from the mic)
Valeria, quit!
She doesn't, and Stryker rakes the spur of his boot across
her back.

Valeria's head darts up with a roar, blood flying from her

Silence from the audience.
      (back into the mic)
You've won, my dear.
Valeria gets off of Chance, who struggles to his feet.

Stryker helps him up.
Let's hear it for a real
contender! Chance Wallace, ladies
and gentlemen!
Applause from the crowd.
Chance's time with
Valeria....three minutes
forty-eight seconds! A fine
display of courage! That was just
the beginning, folks. Chance's
blood did little more than whet
Valeria's appetite. Who's up next?
Rusty leans towards Dwight.
How bitchin' was that?


Pretty cool.
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
Although what I had just seen had
shocked and amazed me, I found
myself wishing that Slim was
there. I couldn't stop thinking
about Bitsy, either. Why didn't I
stop Rusty?
Chance is led out of the cage by Vivian, and escorted off to
the side of the arena.

Lee looks at Dwight.
That sure was something, huh?
                       STRYKER (O.S.)
You there!
CHESTER MILLER, a scrawny, balding guy in his late forties
with glasses walks down towards the bleachers.

He's wearing knee-high socks, loafers, shorts, and a
buttoned shirt.

Lee smiles.
I think we've found our winner.
Dwight and Rusty laugh while the crowd cheers.

Chester makes his way down towards the cage, where Vivian
meets him with the clipboard.

He signs it, and Stryker stands next to him, just outside
the cage.
And you are?
I'm Chester.
Well Chester, if you can last a
mere minute and twelve seconds
longer than Chance, you'll win
five hundred dollars. How does
that sound to you?


It sounds damn good!
Would you like to take your
glasses off so they're not broken?
I'll keep them on, thanks. This
Valeria is a fine looking woman.
A guy'd have to be crazy to go in
that cage without his glasses.
Laughter and cheers from the crowd.

Stryker steps to the side and motions for him to enter the
Best of luck, friend.
Chester walks up the steps and enters the cage.
Chester looks at Valeria, smiling.

She doesn't return the gesture.
                       STRYKER (O.S.)
Let the contest begin!
Chester stands there, arms down by his side, just staring at

She doesn't move.

Then, Chester raises his hands and pretends to honk her

Laughter, cheers, and boos from the audience.

Valeria smirks, sticks her chest out, and takes a step
forward, nodding in approval.

Chester is stunned.
Again, Valeria nods, and Chester steps forward.


He grasps her breasts, and squeezes them.

Then, in a growl, Valeria grabs him by the balls with one
hand, and by the shirt with the other, lifting him, slamming
his head up through the bars at the top of the cage.

Chester cries out, grabbing the bars, keeping himself up
there, afraid to let go and fall.

Valeria tears his pants off, revealing his boxer shorts.

Various cries from the audience.
                       AUDIENCE MEMBER (O.S.)
Bite it off!
Valeria opens her mouth, when Chester kicks her right in the

She staggers back and falls to the ground.

Chester drops down from the bars and runs to jump on her.

Valeria raises her leg.

Braced up by her leg, Chester is thrown over her body,
splattering blood onto Valeria.

He flips mid-air, and crashes across the top of her casket.

He's split open from navel to sternum. Her spurs did it.
Dwight, Rusty, and Lee look down, astonished.
Holy shit.
And I thought he was a ringer.
The black shirt crew carries Chester out of the cage and out
of the arena on a stretcher.
Let's hear it for Chester, ladies
and gentlemen! A real scrapper!
Here and there, people make their way down the bleachers,
leaving the show.


I can see why there's an age
restriction on this show.
Down by the cage, Stryker checks his stopwatch.
Chester's time was two minutes and
thirteen seconds, ladies and
Lee watches some of the people leave.
Maybe we should be going to.
We can't! Let's just stay for one
Lee ponders for a moment.
One more. Then we leave. Deal?
Down by the arena, Vivian approaches Stryker, and whispers
something to him.
I've just been informed that
although he needs some stitches,
Chester is going to be fine. Let's
hear it again for him!
Scattered applause here and there.
Perhaps that scrawny bastard
deserved more than he got!
Cheers erupt from the crowd. They're back in good spirits.

In the cage, Valeria wipes blood off her using a white rag.
If Chester can last a fair share
of time, why can't you last the
whole time? Do we have another


In the stands, SCOTTY stands up.
Right here!
Stryker points at him.
Yes! You there! Come on down!
Scotty takes off his leather jacket and makes his way down
towards the cage, his friends cheering him on.

He has a slight limp.
Dwight and Rusty watch as Scotty steps beside the cage,
signing the clipboard.
I don't believe it.
Is that Scotty Douglas?
I knew his brother. He was a
Down by the cage, Stryker stands next to Scotty.
Name's Scott Douglas. I'm here to
collect my five hundred bucks.
Think you can do it, huh?
Damn right, sport.
Stryker steps aside, and lets Scotty enter the cage.
Valeria doesn't even look at Scotty when he enters the cage.
                       STRYKER (O.S.)
Ladies and gentlemen, the contest
has begun!


Scotty takes off his shirt, and rolls it up.

He snaps it across Valeria's bare belly, getting her

She looks at him.
Let's go, bitch. Do something.
Valeria just looks at him.

Thunder rumbles overhead.

Scotty snaps his shirt at her again, this time however, she
grabs it and tears it out of his hands.
Pretty quick...for a girl.
Scotty undoes his belt, and then cracks it like a whip,
right on her midsection.

She flinches. That hurt.

The two begin to circle each other.

Scotty keeps cracking his belt, but Valeria manages to dodge
it a few times.

Eventually, however, Scotty catches her right across the
face with it.

Valeria roars.

Scotty goes the snap again, but Valeria undoes her top and
uses it to deflect the belt.

The two become tangled, and Valeria jerks, ripping the belt
out of Scotty's hand, casting both across the cage.

Valeria is now topless.
That's my favorite belt, you
fucking bitch!
Scotty runs at her, and she kicks him in the stomach.

Scotty punches her across the face before she has time to do
anything else, and then shoulder-tackles her.

Valeria jumps back up on her feet.


Scotty runs for his belt, but before he can make it, Valeria
pounces on him, sinking her teeth into his neck.

Blood gushes from the wound, pouring down his front and

Stryker enters the cage.
      (away from the mic)
That's enough Valeria.
Valeria doesn't stop.
      (away from mic)
Want another taste of my spur?
Valeria releases Scotty, who drops to the ground.
And the winner is Valeria!
Stryker looks down at his stopwatch as two members of the
crew enter the cage, helping Scotty to his feet.
Scott's time with Valeria was
three minutes and seven seconds.
Not bad at all.
Applause from the crowd.

More thunder. Rain begins to sprinkle.
Time to go.
Lee and Dwight stand up, and turn to Rusty. He's not there.

Halfway to the cage, running at full speed, is Rusty, waving
his hands.
Me! It's me! I'm next!
Stryker looks at Rusty with a smile.


I see we have an eager young
Rusty signs the clipboard.

In the stands, Lee and Dwight make their way towards the
cage, trying to stop Rusty.
Wait! He can't! He's too young!
Lee and Dwight are held back by two members of the crew.

Vivian approaches her.
Just go back to your seat, ma'am.
No! You can't do this. He's too
young. I'm his mother and -
His mother. Right. Just go back to
your seat or I'll have you removed
from the arena.
Dwight and Lee make their way back up the stands.
How's he going to explain this
injury to his parents?
Down by the cage, Stryker is next to Rusty.
I'm Rusty.
Are you ready to take on Valeria,
You bet.
Best of luck, my young friend.


Thank you, Mr. Stryker.
Rusty walks up the steps to the cage.
Rusty enters the cage, and aleria finishes putting her top
back on.
                       STRYKER (O.S.)
Let the contest begin!
Thunder roars, as does the crowd. The rain begins to pick up

Wasting no time, Rusty charges for, slamming his shoulder
into Valeria's gut.

She collapses to the ground and doesn't move.

Rusty stands over her, looking down at her.
Get away from her, Rusty!
She's playing possum!
From the stands, Lee and Dwight watch as Rusty undoes his

BOOM! A bolt of lightning slams into the bank of the arena
lights, and they explode in a shower of sparks and broken

Darkness covers the arena.

People yell and scatter like rats, trying to get out.

Lee and Dwight stay put.

Lightning flashes again, and in that flash, we see Rusty, on
top of Valeria, thrusting.

Dwight and Lee watch in horror, but in the chaos, they lose

They make their way down through the throng of the fleeing



Another flash of lightning.

Down in the cage, more thrusting.

Dwight and Lee aren't making any progress.
Get the fuck out of my way!
Lightning flashes again, and in the flash, Valeria is biting
a chunk out of Rusty's arm.
Oh, no! She's got him!
The crowd clears, and Dwight and Lee make their way down to
the cage.

They are stopped once again by two members of the crew.

Vivian is once again there.
Look, I already told you -
We're not going anywhere without
my son!
Your son, right. Get out of here.
You can't make us! This is public
property. And anyway, my dad's the
Sure, kid.
Dwight and Lee continue to struggle.

Stryker walks over to them.

Rusty is carried away by other members of the crew.
What seems to be the problem here?


My friend! They're taking him
away. Rusty, the one who -
I know who he is. He's been hurt.
They're taking him to an
Dwight breaks free of the guy who is holding him, and
Stryker grabs him before he can go anywhere.
Let go of me!
Just calm down!
                       ADULT DWIGHT (V.O.)
But I couldn't calm down. Nothing
seemed right.
They're taking him away!
Nothing to worry about.
Stryker turns to the CREW MEMBER holding Lee.
Let the woman go.
The Crew Member lets Lee go.
Now let Dwight go.
Giving me orders?