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Into the Dead of Night: The Soul Eater
by Lynda (kittycatmyplace@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: **
Scientist is turned into a monster when a serum he has invented to help humans kick their drug habits spills on him in an explosion.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Dr. Bellows working in his personal lab in his garage trying
to develop a new drug that will boost the will in humans to
stop using drugs.
He have already made a breakthrough and is mixing the
chemicals for his serum.
Tired and sleepy from working 34 hours straight, he
continued to work so that the blood-serum could be ready for
As he started to transfer the chemicals to a vile, his hands
started to shake and some was wasted onto this skin.
It was immediately absorbed and he began to cry out in pain
as his veins began to bubble and his body started to swell.
As he tries to make it to the door of the garage he knocks
the rest of the chemicals over onto himself.
He falls to the floor,his body jerking and twitching as foam
boils out from his mouth. A fire begins and the lab explodes
killing Dr. Bellows, so everybody thought.


Outside a house in the rural section of town something is
creeping and watching two junkies as they shoot heroin into
their veins.

The creeping unknown figure enters the house slowly and into
the room where the junkies are.

They began to scream as you see nothing but blood spattering
the walls and floor as they are torn apart, then there's
Matt Osborne and his wife Mary is discussing the murders
they've read about in the paper.
      (looking at the
They found two more people dead
this morning, they say they've
been mutilated.
They were found in that old house
out on Meger road.
Mary get up from the table as she takes the dirty dishes


Whoever is doing this must be
I think in the incident last week
they said that their insides were
This makes six in one week, and
they have all been drug users,
that's strange.

Mary opens to the door and opens it; it's their son making
his morning visit before going to work.
      (kissing his mom
       on the cheek)
How is everybody this morning?
We're good, what about yourself?
I called you last night but got no
      (eating a piece
       off meat of a
I went over to a friend's house
and played a few hands of cards.
I hope you picked up your
grandmother's medicine for her.
      (sits at the table)
Awe man! That's what I forgot, I
knew it was something!
I'll pick it up this evening after
      (sitting down at
       the table)
Please don't forget this time.
How's Shelia, I haven't seen her
in a while.


She's alright, she's been working
two shifts for the past two weeks.
She's been promoted to head
supervisor, so she have to be
there when the second shift super
is out.
Oh really! That's great, now maybe
she can get that new car she
      (checking his
Well, I have to get out of here,
time to go to the workhouse.
I'll drop grandma's medicine by
there this evening.
Winston walks toward the front door:
      (taking a sip of
Try not to work too hard!
Okay dad.
Winston leaves out of the door:
Two coroners are at work examining the bodies of the two
people killed two nights ago.
                       CORONER #2
      (looking into the
       open torso)
His heart,lungs,kidneys everything
is gone!
Just like the others, all of his
blood has been drained also.
                       DR. BENJUS
      (checking his body)
This one would have died anyway,
her body was saturated with heroin
and crack cocaine.
I doubt if she felt anything


                       DR. BENJUS (cont'd)
during the ordeal.
                       CORONER #2
Whatever it is it's killings
nothing but drug addicts.
The brains and livers were missing
from the ones brought in last
                       DR. BENJUS
      (taking off his
I don't know but whatever it is,
it has a strange appetite.
                       CORONER #2
I'm use to seeing this stuff in
the movies, but in real life man
it's scary!
                       DR. BENJUS
      (looks at coroner
Keep hanging around, you're going
to see worst.
Dr. Benjus passes him a covered container with skin and
organs in it.
                       DR. BENJUS
Take this down the hall to be
tested, tell them I want the
results this evening.
I'm going to finish up my report
for the last ones.
Dr. Benjus leaves the room:
Winston and three other counselors are having a meeting on
keeping Outreach House safe.
As y'all know, someone in this
town is murdering drug users.
We need to make some changes here
to keep our people that live here
So, whatever you have let's hear
it now.


                       COUNSELOR #1
I'm not an advocate of firearms,
but maybe we need to keep a gun
here for our protection until this
is over.
I haven't ruled that out myself,
but it would have to be locked
away in a safe place.
I also would like to lock all
doors instead of leaving them open
for our people to enter.
As someone arrives, they'll have
to ring the bell and we will open
the door.
                       COUNSELOR #3
Since most of the killings have
happened after dark, I think a
curfew should be put in place.
Say perhaps everyone be in by
That is a great idea, also all
meetings will be changed to
mornings and mid-day.
                       COUNSELOR #2
And I think instead of one person
being here at night, maybe it
should be two or three.
I agree, so I'm calling Ms.Tibbs
and request three part-time
employees for the night
In the meantime, I will stay until
And one of you will stay with the
night counselor, preferably you
Bill since you come in at 8:00pm.
                       COUNSELOR #2
When will these changes go into
Immediately! Bill be prepared to
stay overnight until the part-time
employees arrive.
You'll get off at 6:00am, are


                       WINSTON (cont'd)
there anything else to discuss?
If not, this meeting is over.
Everybody begins to leave Winston's office as he makes a
Homeless people and drug users are being round-up and put
into vans to be taken to a safe place off the streets.

A lone drug user is making his way through all the people;
he runs off down the street and disappears into the night.
A man rushes through the doors and walked over to the
information desk.
                       DESK OFFICER
May I help you?
                       DR. MASON
      (very concerned)
I'd like to report a missing
                       DESK OFFICER
Has it been 48 hours?
                       DR. MASON
      (very concerned)
It's been two weeks, it's not like
him to not come to work.
                       DESK OFFICER
Go to the desk at the far left
corner of the room.
detective Beck will take your
                       DR. MASON
Thank you.
He walks over to detective Beck's desk.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
      (still looking at
       a file)
Yeah, what can I do for you?


                       DR. MASON
I'd like to report a friend who
have been missing for two weeks.
Detective Beck looks at him for a minute then puts the file
                       DETECTIVE BECK
Have a seat, maybe your friend
went out of town for a few weeks.
What makes you think he's missing?
                       DR. MASON
He took three days off to take
care of some personal business.
I've called his home and went by
there, his car is still parked on
the street, and his garage looks
as if it has been blown up or
                       DETECTIVE BECK
      (writing as Dr.
       Mason talks to
Do you have a picture of your
                       DR. MASON
      (taking a picture
       from his wallet)
That's him next to the tree.
Detective Beck looks at the photo.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
So you're doctors, what hospital
you work at?
                       DR. MASON
No! We're not medical doctors.
We are both bio-engineers for
Humane Technologies, Inc..
                       DETECTIVE BECK
So you're scientists, were you
working on anything of any value?
                       DR. MASON
No, but he was working on some
kind of a serum in his garage lab.
He said he was going to help drug
users kick the habit for good.


                       DETECTIVE BECK
What's your friend's full name?
                       DR. MASON
Rick Bellows, he's 35 years old,
6'0 about 250 lbs.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
      (writing in his
What's some of the places he like
to hang out at?
                       DR. MASON
He wasn't that type, he stayed at
home most of the time.
He always said it was too
dangerous to hang out.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
You know your friend was breaking
the law with that garage lab don't
                       DR. MASON
Yeah we knew.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
If he's out there we'll find him,
in the meantime if you see him
tell him we need to talk.
                       DR. MASON
I will, thank you detective Beck.
Dr. Mason leaves the desk as detective Beck watches him
until he leave out the front door.
Matt goes over to the sofa and takes the large box full of
plastic plates and walks towards the door.
      (kisses his wife)
I'm on my way to the restaurant.
I know Micky and John probably
think I'm not opening today.
I'll be there after I take Carol
to the store.


      (on his way out of
       the door)
Don't forget to remind Winston to
pick up grandma's medicine.
I won't! Need some help?
      (on the porch)
No I got it!
Mary watches her husband as he goes to the car, then closes
the door.
A party is going on inside the nightclub, everybody is
dancing, drinking, and just having fun unaware of the
deadly oily form oozing in under the back door.
Once inside the kitchen it transforms itself into a humanoid
creature that looks like Dr. Bellows.

The creature walks through the kitchen looking around as if

It walks over to the chef and smells him:
                       THE CHEF
      (pushes the
       creature and
       steps back)
Hey man what's wrong with you?
No man sniffs me on my neck!
Where did you come from anyway?
Get the hell out of here!
DR. BELLOWS (the creature) leaves out of the kitchen still
looking around and slightly sniffing the air, still never
saying a word.
As he walks out into the crowd he notices a man at a table
smoking a cigar, he goes over to the table and sniffs the
air and immediately leaves.

A very sexy young lady approaches him and began to flirt
with him; his senses arouses as he gently sniffs her neck.
Gigi begins to push her body against his:


      (putting her arms
       around his neck)
My! You are very handsome, come on
dance with Gigi.
I bet you have some awesome moves.
As they began to dance he he sniffs her neck again and licks
it slowly.
                       CREATURE/DR. BELLOWS
You taste as good as you look,
let's go to the back where we can
be alone.
So, you're not shy after all.
The two of them walks to the back, as they enters the room
another couple is leaving, Dr. Bellows quickly turns around
because of the smell of drugs on them.
Somebody you know?
                       CREATURE/DR. BELLOWS
      (still watching
       the couple)
No, but I'd like to.
Arhh! You're a little freaky too I
That just makes me so hot!
Come on less have some fun.
They went to the back of the room where the lights were very
dim and sat on the sofa.
They begin to hug and kiss, rubbing all over each other.
As Gigi was really into her world of fantasy, Dr. Bellows
transformed into a demon-like creature and the heat from his
body began to absorb Gigi.

She moaned and groaned in ecstasy as she was being absorbed,
then she tried to scream but it was too late.
Dr. Bellows took a long deep breath as he savored her
essence, nothing was left of her but a skeleton which
dripped of saliva like fluid.

The creature transforms himself into Gigi and leaves the


room, walks through the the crowded club and out the front
Club owner BETTY CALHOUN sets down a big bag of trash and
wipes off the tables as she hums.

At the last table she stops, picks up a small bag of crack,
as she looks at it she shakes her head.
People don't care what they put in
their bodies these days.
She puts the crack in the garbage bag and move over to the

She slips a little:
      (looking down at
       the floor)
What in the world is this?
She follows the trail to the sofa, and what she saw
terrified her.
Oh my God! This can't be real!
She takes her cellphone from her pocket and calls the
Yeah!..This is Betty Calhoun...I
have a skeleton in the back room
of my club!...I don't know, just
get over here 2234 Park Ave....
thank you.
OFFICERS entering the club:


Officer tell me it's a fake
It wasn't here last night, because
I served people back here and
there were no skeletons here!
Detective Beck takes a closer look at the skeleton as other
officers searched the room.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
I hate to say Ms. Calhoun, but
this one is real.
He looks at the saliva-like liquid that's all over the sofa
and floor.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
      (addressing an
Has Benjus made it yet?
                       OFFICER #1
He's entering the building now
The coroner, Dr. Benjus enters the room goes over to the
                       DR. BENJUS
      (addressing Det.
Whatever that's killing these
people were at this club last
Taking a small tape recorder from his pocket:
                       DR. BENJUS
      (talking into the
Like some of the others this
skeleton appears to have a thick
mucus coating on it.
But this time there are no organs
left, just fragments of brain.
I'm preparing the skeleton for


      (addressing the
Who could do something like this,
just strip the meat right off the
She turns to Detective Beck:
I suppose I have to close the club
                       DETECTIVE BECK
Yes mam until further notice, I'm
And by the way, did you see
anything strange, or anyone acting
strange here last night?
                       DETECTIVE BECK
Okay, just be careful.
                       DR. BENJUS
      (addressing the
Okay guys! Get it ready to
THREE YOUNG PEOPLE are walking through the park smoking
marijuana, they were not aware that they were being stalked
by a creature who is drawn to them by the smell of the

One of them see an old lady crossing the park hugging her
                       HOOD #1
Hey you old bitch, what's in the
He tried to take it from her as she struggles to get away.
The other two jumps in front of her and blows smoke in her
face, the old lady starts to cough.


                       HOOD #2
      (up in her face)
I bet you liked that didn't you?
She tries to make the old lady smoke the blunt, when she
wouldn't they pushed her down and punched her repeatedly,
takes her purse and dumps it's contents onto the ground.
                       HOOD #3
Where's the money old bitch?
We know you got some, we saw you
cash your check.
Where is it?
As he drew back to hit her again tentacles came from the old
lady and plunged themselves into his body.
He cried out in pain as he slowly begun to wrinkle up from
being sucked dry.
                       HOOD #2
Oh shit! Oh shit! God what is that
He tried to run but fell to the ground.
                       HOOD #1
      (horrified and
I don't know man, let's get the
hell out of here!
They tried to run but was absorbed by the creature.
The only thing let was their dried up shells and eyeballs.
Afterwards, the creature transformed back to Dr. Bellows and
walked away.

Hidden in the bushes from the terror was a homeless man
known only as Pops. Pops who was nearly frightened to death
by what he had seen was shaking and confused.
      (frightened and
Don't let it get me God!
Please don't let it get me!
Shaking and scared he ran from the bushes to his cardboard
home under the bridge, there he balled himself up in a fetal
position and didn't move.


Needles finally returns to the bridge and finds Pops very
frightened and still shaking from fear.
      (kneeling beside
       his friend)
Pops man! What happened to you?
Did you get a hold of some bad
Talk to me Pops! It's me Needles!
It ate them! It ate them all up!
The long arms ate them!
Don't let it get me!
Pops starts to scream to the top of his voice as he was out
of his mind.

Needles who was very confused saw a crowd of people in the
park and goes over to see what had happened.

When he got there and saw the dried shells of the once
humans he began to vomit.

He rushed back to Pops but Pops was gone, he too now was
afraid and left in a hurry.
Pops rushes through the doors of the police precinct, still
frightened from what he had seen in the park.
Please! Please, someone listen to
There's a monster out there.
I saw it, it was an old lady first
then it changed to uh--uh thing
and ate some people, please!
Some of the officers began to laugh at him.
                       DESK OFFICER
What's wrong Pops, got a hold of
some bad booze or was it drugs?
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (walks into the
Leave him alone!
Pops where did you see this


                       CHIEF JACKS (cont'd)
It--it--it was in the park!
It ate those kids!
It just sucked them up like water.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (addressing an
Put Pops in a cell so he can rest.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (addressing Pops)
You're safe now Pops, everything
is going to be alright the
officers will take care of you.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
A call came in that bodies were
found in Boulder Park, Pops lives
under the bridge nearby.
I'm going to check it out.
He and his partner leaves:
The phone RINGS:
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (answering the
Jacks!....I have men on the way.
What!!! I'll be there in a few.
He too leaves:
Police are trying to keep the people back as other police
are taping off the scene; the coroner's car and an ambulance
pulls into the park, they began taking out their equipment.

Needles, Pops friend is standing in the crowd; detective
Beck and his partner arrives and makes their way through the
crowd over to the corpses.

As detective Beck gets closer to the corpses he covers his
nose with a handkerchief because of the smell coming from


                       DETECTIVE BECK
      (loudly to the
Did anyone see what happened here?
Needles comes through the crowd and goes over to detective
      (frown on his
       face from the
I think my friend may have seen
When I got back to the bridge he
was out of his mind with fear.
Kept saying he saw something eat
                       DETECTIVE BECK
Where's your friend now?
I--I don't know he just
He was so scared officer!
                       DETECTIVE BECK
      (taking a small
       pad and pen from
       his coat)
What's your friend's name?
We all call him Pops, we live
under the bridge over there.
Detective Beck stares at Needles for a while then his
attention is caught by Chief Jacks arriving.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
Excuse me I'll be right back.
Detective Beck walks over to Chief Jack's car, they talk for
a while then comes back over to where Needles is.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Mr. Needles!
No sir officer, just Needles.


                       CHIEF JACKS
Okay Needles, I understand you
know Pops.
Yes sir, he's my friend we live
over there under the bridge.
Something scared him some awful
and he ran away.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (pats Needles on
       the shoulder)
Don't worry, Pops is okay, he's at
the precinct.
Chief Jacks looks at Needles again, goes into his pocket and
gives him some money.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Here, go get yourself something to
Needles hesitates to take the money, then he accepts it and
walks off slowly.

Chief Jacks covers his nose as he looks at the shells of the
victims on the ground with a puzzled stare.
                       DR. BENJUS
       detective Beck)
I hate to go sci-fi on you, but
whatever is doing this can't be
human nor animal.
It seems to hate drug users that's
for sure!
In this case it did not take the
skin and eyeballs, as to where at
the club the skeleton was left.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
So you're saying we need to get
all drug users to a safe place.
You know that's impossible!
We're going to have to find this
thing and kill it, these and the
other murders was only the
Chief Jacks walks over and addresses detective Beck.


                       CHIEF JACKS
Y'all wrap this up, I'm going back
to the office.
He walks off:
Chief Jacks enters the precinct and goes straight to his
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (on phone)
Bring Pops down to my office.
An officer brings Pops into the office and sits him down in
front of Chief Jack's desk and leaves.
You want to know about them dead
folks don't you?
                       CHIEF JACKS
Take your time and tell me what
you saw.
Would you like a cup of coffee or
Can I have a soda?
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (picks up his
Bring Pops a soda in here.
I don't know, grape I guess!
An officer brings Pops his soda; he opens it and takes a sip
then sets it on the desk.
His hands shaking:
      (his head down)
I--I saw an old lady or so I
She was walking hugging her purse
like she was scared.
These three kids tried to take the
purse it--it--it happened so fast!


Pops started to shake even more as he tried to explain what
he saw.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Okay Pops, just calm down there's
no need to rush yourself.
When one of them hit her, these
tentacles came from her and just
went into them.
You could see it sucking them dry,
they just withered up like balled
up paper!
He takes another sip of his soda, his hand still shaking.
As he sucked them dry, it sounded
squishy-like; afterwards, it
turned into a man and walked off
towards the street.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (puzzled look on
It turned into a man?
Yeah! It looked like a human
octopus with tentacles that had a
bunch of teeth on them, and red
The ugliest thing I've ever seen
in my life.
But what really frightened me the
most was it turned to a black man,
there's not too many black
monsters you know.
I know you don't believe me, but
that's what I saw!
It was the same man whose picture
is in the paper, that missing
Chief Jacks was stunned by Pops last answer.


                       CHIEF JACKS
      (in a state of
Thank you Pops, you may go now.
Pops gets up from his chair and leaves out the office as
Chief Jacks makes a phone call.
Dr. Benjus is at his desk working on reports of some of the
bodies he has finished autopsies on.
His phone RINGS:
                       DR. BENJUS
      (answers phone)
Benjus here!...Ah just the man I
need to talk to!
No...I'm coming to your
office...yeah...in about 30
Dr. Benjus closes the file as he gets up from the desk, puts
on his jacket takes the file and walks out of the door.
Lt. Jacks is sitting and starring out of his window in

Dr. Benjus quietly comes through the office door.
                       DR. BENJUS
You okay?
Lt. Jacks quickly turns around in his swivel chair.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Yeah-yeah, things have been a
little hectic lately that's all.
What you got for me?
Dr. Benjus takes the papers out of the file and places them
in front of Lt. Jacks; he looks at them one by one, the last
page he reads then looks at Dr. Benjus.


                       CHIEF JACKS
      (addressing Dr.
According to this you're saying a
human is killing all these people?
                       DR. BENJUS
No! Something that use to be
I extracted DNA from the saliva
off the skeleton at the club, it's
human with traces of unknown
subtancies in it.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Why does it eat different parts of
the bodies of each victim?
It's almost like it's choosy about
it's kill.
                       DR. BENJUS
I don't know.
The skeleton at the club was that
of Gina Metzler, ID came from
dental records, she was an exotic
                       CHIEF JACKS
At least now we know who we're
looking for.
                       DR. BENJUS
I wouldn't be too quick to say
that lieutenant.
Dr. Bellows could have been a
victim himself of this intity.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (taking a deep
Yeah I suppose you're right.
But you can't say that I have
nothing else to go on!
                       DR. BENJUS
      (rubbing his hair
No I can't, it's a beginning.
Dr. Benjus gets up from his seat.


                       DR. BENJUS
I have another appointment, but I
wanted to get these finding over
to you, if I find anything else
I'll let you know.
Dr. Benjus leaves the office:

Lt. Jacks sits at his desk for a while, then he too leaves.
Chief Jacks pulling up in front of Dr. Bellows home.

He gets out of the car, walks up to the door and knocks on
it since there was a car in the driveway.
Lisa Starks Dr. Bellows fiance opens the door.
Can I help you?
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (showing his badge)
Chief Jacks MPD,I'm investigating
the disappearance of Dr. Bellows,
may I come in?
Oh sure, I'm sorry!
Just haven't been myself these
past weeks.
Please have a seat Chief.
Can I get you anything to drink?
Chief Jacks sits in the chair next to the window.
                       CHIEF JACKS
No thank you, I'm cool.
      (a little nervous)
Please say you've found Rick?
                       CHIEF JACKS
Sorry, but we have no leads as of


Lisa begins to pace around the room as she talks about Dr.
Most of Rick's time was spent
outside in his make-shift lab.
Sometimes he would be out there
all night.
Said he was working on something
that would help mankind, but he
didn't say what.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Was you here when the garage blew
      (sits down on the
No, I was out to my mother's house
helping her cook for the church
When I arrived, the fireman told
me that they found no body.
So we all just assumed he was
still alive.
He's such a passionate man, he
loved life and couldn't understand
why people took drugs that would
shorten it.
                       CHIEF JACKS
I hate to tell you this, but there
was a witness that saw Rick at the
last three murders.
That can't be true!
Rick would never murder anyone!
You saw that lab, nothing could
have survived that explosion!
Lisa goes over to the front door and opens it crying and
upset at Chief Jacks.


      (opens the front
I'm sorry, but I have to ask you
to please leave.
Chief Jacks walks to the door:
                       CHIEF JACKS
Sorry I upset you, but until he's
found he's our main suspect.
He walks out of the door; Lisa shuts it.
As Winston sat at his desk working he was suddenly disturbed
by terrifying screams coming from the stairway.
He left his office to see what was happening, and was
horrified by what he saw.

Three residents of the drug free house was being chased down
the stairs by a horrible humanoid creature with six long
tentacles protruding from it's body.

From it came a cricket-like sound with the hissing of a
It's flesh seemed to have been boiling and bubbling, like
that of lava, and the smell was unbearable.
Oh my God, it's here!
The girls run towards the front door but is caught by the
tentacles, one was completely absorbed the other partially
from waist down.

Her body lay twitching on the floor as a little smoke comes
from it.
      (cries out in
Nooo you son-of-a-bitch!!!
He finally realizes that he has his gun and starts to fire
at the creature, the bullets was absorbed and the creature
became more aggressive and angrier spitting an acid-like
saliva at Winston.

Two counselors rushes in and is immediately knocked to the


floor by the tentacles; Winston runs to the window and tries
to escape by breaking the glass but gets hung on the jagged
edges of the glass.

One of the counselors gets to his feet and throws a chair at
the creature to distract it, it didn't work the creature
covered him with the flesh eating saliva, he dies.

A male occupant of the house helps the other counselor to
safety, and runs over to help Winston get free from the
jagged glass.

The creature comes closer to them as the man frees Winston
and pushes him on through the window.
He himself screams in horror as the creature wraps a
tentacle around him and bites his head off; blood splatters
everywhere as his body falls limply to the floor.
The creature watches Winston from the broken window as he
lay bleeding profusely on the ground, he changes back into
Dr. Bellows and walks away from the window.
In shock and weak from the loss of blood Winston manages to
get to his feet and stumbles around the house to the
sidewalk where he collapses.
      (very weak)
Somebody please help me! Please!
No one stopped to help him, some people would look at him
and run away frightened.
Finally a man drove by but stopped and came to his aide, it
was Dr. Mason.
                       DR. MASON
Lord Jesus man! Who did this to
He runs to his car and gets his cellphone as people began to
gather around to see what was happening.
Dr. Mason pushes his way back through the crowd and comforts
Winston as he calls for help.
                       DR. MASON
      (on cellphone)
I have a man down at the corner of
Merchant and 6th...he's in severe
shock and has lost a lot of
blood...seems as if he's been cut


                       DR. MASON (cont'd)
up by something..please hurry!
      (very weak voice)
I..saw it, killed every....
                       DR. MASON
      (kneeling beside
Don't talk save your strength,
help is on the way.
Police and an ambulance pulls up.

Paramedics hurries over to Winston as Dr. Mason stands to
the side.
As the paramedics work on Winston's wounds he looks into the
crowd and sees Dr. Bellows starring at him with those cold
black eyes. (NO WHITE IN THEM)

He becomes hysterical as the paramedics tries to hold him
      (screaming and
       pointing into the
Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!
No!!!! No!!!!!!
Dr. Mason looks in the direction Winston is pointing and
sees his friend Rick Bellows just starring coldly at

Dr. Mason quickly moves through the crowd to get to him, but
loses him.
As Dr. Mason stands looking confused, detective Beck comes
up from behind him.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
Dr. Mason what are you doing here?
                       DR. MASON
      (starring at
       Outreach House)
I saw a young man that needed help
and I helped him, wouldn't you do
the same?


                       DETECTIVE BECK
I saw you chasing someone through
the crowd, it was your friend
wasn't it?
                       DR. MASON
      (still looking at
       the house)
I can't say that it was, didn't
really get a good look at him.
Will the young man be alright?
                       DETECTIVE BECK
I don't know, they're fixing to
transport him to the hospital now.
Did he tell you what happened to
                       DR. MASON
      (still looking at
       the house)
No, but whatever happened it was
in there.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
Why you say that?
                       DR. MASON
      (looking at
Because there's a blood trail
leading from the house, and he
kept pointing in that direction.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
Look Mason! If you know something
you need to tell me!
Now who was that you were chasing?
                       DR. MASON
It's not who I was chasing, it's
what I was chasing.
This thing looked like Rick, but
it was not him.
From the looks of it, it was not
human and it's in there.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
It looked human enough to me.
Chief Jacks comes over to where Dr. Mason and Det. Beck is


                       CHIEF JACKS
      (addressing Dr.
Fancy seeing you here!
                       DETECTIVE BECK
He's the one who helped the
injured man.
Did he say anything?
                       CHIEF JACKS
There are dead people in that
house, the young man told me
before they took him away.
He said a monster did it.
Detective Beck and Dr. Mason looks at each other, then at
Outreach House.
Chief Jacks, Dr. Benjus and other officers are walking
around checking the house and the carnage in it.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (hanky over nose)
Smells like a slaughterhouse in
                       DR. BENJUS
It must be in the secretion that
the creature leaves as the victims
is absorbed.
Mixed with the blood it has this
cold evil ordor.
Dr. Benjus kneels down next to a torso, opens his case and
takes some fluid from it, he then mixes another substance
with it and shows it to Chief Jacks.
                       CHIEF JACKS
What is that?
                       DR. BENJUS
Now we know what drew the creature
here, this woman had crack in her
He evidently followed her here, it
seems as if it can smell the drugs
in your system.


                       CHIEF JACKS
You mean if I smoked some weed, it
would smell it even if I smoked it
say hours ago?
                       DR. BENJUS
                       CHIEF JACKS
I wonder how many people have died
that we don't know about?
Dr. Benjus walks over to the man whose head was torn off and
ran the test on him, then he tested the dead counselor.
                       DR. BENJUS
      (addressing Chief
We may have another problem on our
                       CHIEF JACKS
Why! What did you find?
                       DR. BENJUS
I don't know if you noticed, but
the man at the window and the
counselors was not absorbed.
But they were still murdered, he's
becoming more aggressive.
This means not only is drug users
a target, but anyone who gets in
it's way.
                       CHIEF JACKS
I need to talk to Dr. Mason, call
me with your other findings.
Chief Jacks leaves the house:
Chief Jacks and Dr, Mason is having lunch and talking about
Dr. Bellows.
                       DR. MASON
As I chased it yesterday, it
stopped and stared at me.
Those eyes was so cold and
inhuman, there was no whites in
They were just black and cold, but


                       DR. MASON (cont'd)
sad looking.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (takes a bite of
The injured man is Winston
Osborne, Director of Outreach
I stopped by to see him on the way
here, it's not good he's in a
catatonic state.
                       DR. MASON
      (takes a deep
I thought things like this happens
only in movies.
What was Rick thinking about!
Trying to create something
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (taking a sip of
Do you know what chemicals he was
                       DR. MASON
No, the human body is a universe
within itself.
Too much of anything can change
it, we see it everyday.
Whatever he was using changed his
                       CHIEF JACKS
So what are you saying?
                       DR. MASON
I'm saying Rick is dead, this
thing is a product of Rick.
It must be destroyed and soon, if
not no one will be safe.
Chief Jacks wipes his mouth and gets up from the table.
                       CHIEF JACKS
If I need too, can I depend on you
for help?


                       DR. MASON
Rick was my friend, and this thing
killed him.
You bet I'll help!
Chief Jacks is on the phone:
                       CHIEF JACKS
Keep televising Dr. Bellow's
photo..If anyone sees him, do not
try to apprehend..just call the
police...yeah! This is very
important...thank you..bye.
Pops enters Chief Jack's office all clean and fixed up.
      (clutching his hat
       in his hand)
Chief you got a few minutes?
                       CHIEF JACKS
Sure Pops have a seat!
Hey! You're looking great.
I almost didn't recognize you, is
that a new outfit?
Yeah! I got a job at the grocery
store downtown.
I came by to say thank you for
helping me.
Pops lays a five dollar bill on Chief Jack's desk as he gets
up from his seat.
That's what I owe you, Pops don't
take handouts no more.
Pops walks over to the door and turns around.
Have you found that doctor yet?
                       CHIEF JACKS
No we're still looking for him.


On my way home after work last
night I saw a man breaking into
the old Hollowell House in the
                       CHIEF JACKS
Thanks Pops, we'll check it out.
And watch yourself, it's dangerous
out there.
Pops smiles at Chief Jacks and leaves out the door.
Chief Jacks leaves his office with his coat thrown over his
As he heads toward the door he motions for some officers to
come with him.
                       CHIEF JACKS
You four into your cruisers!
Detective Beck, you ride with me.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
Where are we going?
                       CHIEF JACKS
The old Hollowell House, a man was
seen entering it last night.
Could be our suspect Dr. Bellows.
They leaves the building:
Chief Jacks and detective Beck is driving up the road
through the cemetery on their way to the old Hollowell House
as the other officers follows them.
They pulls up in front of the house and gets out of the car.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
      (looking around)
How could they have lived in a
Makes me feel eerie just standing
                       CHIEF JACKS
Why don't you go over there and
ask them.
They're all buried in that plot by


                       CHIEF JACKS (cont'd)
the tree.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (addressing the
       other officers)
You two check out the grounds,
y'all come with us.
Chief Jacks, detective Beck and the other two officers goes
into the house.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Peeew!!! Smells like a thousand
years of funk in this place!
The two officers goes upstairs as detective Beck and Chief
Jacks checks out the rooms downstairs.
Detective Beck opens a closet door in one of the rooms and a
couple of rats run out; he jumps back and watches them run
out of the room.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
I hate rats.
Suddenly Chief Jacks called out to him:
                       CHIEF JACKS
Hey Beck get over here, I'm across
the hall.
Beck enters the room; Chief Jacks holds up a wallet he
                       DETECTIVE BECK
I suppose that belongs to Dr.
                       CHIEF JACKS
You're right! Drivers license,
credit cards, and $400.,still in
Let's get out of here.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
Didn't two officers go upstairs?


                       CHIEF JACKS
                       DETECTIVE BECK
Why is it they haven't come down?
The two officers looks at each other and goes up the stairs
cautiously with weapons drawn.
Chief Jacks walks over to the officers standing next to
their car.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Did y'all see the two officers
that went in with us come out?
The two officers shakes their heads saying no.
                       DETECTIVE BECK
That means he was in the house all
the time!
                       CHIEF JACKS
Let's go! I'm not going to risk
the lives of any more of my
Everyone gets into their cars and leaves.
The street is full of people celebrating Mardi Gras. Some
are in costume and some are not. They're laughing, drinking,
dancing and having fun not knowing that walking among them
are a sinister monster in the shape of a large dog with a
strange appetite.
Walking along calmly as dogs do, he is drawn to a woman
hiding in the alley shooting heroin into her arm.

He could not resist the smell of blood and drugs, he
immediately runs into the alley and attacks the woman. She
be screams out in pain as he bites her arm off and begin
devouring it.
A couple standing nearby rushed to her aide and witnessed
the horrible sight, one of them calls out to a policeman
that was passing by.


                       PARTIER #1
We were standing across the street
when we heard a woman scream.
We ran over here and saw this huge
dog eating her arm, we ran him
      (shining his light
       in the alley)
Which way did he go after you ran
him off?
                       BIKE OFFICER #2
It happened so fast that we didn't
see which way it went.
The officer calls for help as he makes his way through a
crowd of people that had gathered at the scene.
A few minutes later two bicycle officers arrive at the
They gets off their bikes and goes into the alley to see the
                       BIKE OFFICER #1
      (looking at the
That's Lottie! She's been down
here for years!
You say a dog did this?
Yeah, these two witnesses ran it
                       BIKE OFFICER #2
      (addressing the
Do you know what kind of dog it
                       PARTIER #2
It was a brown mutt-looking dog,
and it was huge!
BIKE OFFICER #1 kneels next to the partially eaten arm on
the ground.
                       BIKE OFFICER #1
There's heroin still in the
It got her while she was in the


                       BIKE OFFICER #1 (cont'd)
process shooting up.
Chief Jacks walks out from the crowd.
                       CHIEF JACKS
What we got here fellows?
                       BIKE OFFICER #2
Female Caucasian, about 40 years
old, arm eaten off by a large dog.
She was a heroin user sir.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (rubs his chin as
       he looks at the
You say a dog did this?
                       BIKE OFFICER #2
Yes sir, the witnesses are over
Chief Jacks walks over to the couple.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (clearing his
Hi, Chief Jacks MPD, I understand
you saw what happened to that poor
                       PARTIER #1
Yes! This huge dog just ripped her
arm right off with one bite.
I've never seen a dog do that
before, it was terrifying.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (Columbo style)
All you saw was just a dog?
                       PARTIER #2
Yep, just a dog!
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (rubbing his head)
Okay you can go.
Tired and discussed Chief Jacks yells at the officers.


                       CHIEF JACKS
Find that dam dog, he can't be far
Clear up this mess!
Get these people away from here,
the show is over!
He walks back to his car and leaves:
MARY and MATT is having a conversation with their son's
Doc, this is not going to leave
him traumatized is it?
I mean he's not going to just sit
and stare out into space like this
for the rest of his life?
      (taking her
       husband's arm)
Matt he's going to be alright, the
doctor have done all he can for
                       PSYCHIATRIC DOCTOR
Mr. Osborne, your son has had an
horrific adventure, this is the
way the body begins to heal
He may come out of it in a day, or
it might take a year.
All we can do now is watch him and
give him treatment.
I'm sorry Doc, I didn't mean to
lose my temper with you.
It just hurts me to see him like
                       PSYCHIATRIC DOCTOR
Your son is a strong man, I
believe he'll pull through.
Just give him some time, and
continue talking to him, sometimes
that helps.


SHELIA Winston's girlfriend enters the room.
                       PSYCHIATRIC DOCTOR
Well I have to make my other
rounds, nice meeting y'all.
The doctor leaves the room:
Shelia I thought you had to work
      (kneeling in front
       of Winston and
       taking his hands)
I took off so I could be here with
Hi honey, how are you feeling?
I bought you some Chinese food!
Winston says nothing,just stares out of the window.
Shelia rubs his forehead and kisses him.
Winston slowly looks up at his parents, then at Shelia but
does nothing else.
Matt! He knows we're here!
He looked at us!
That's the first response we've
had since he been in here.
That's it Winston, fight it!
I love you and I want you back!
We want the old Winston back!
This time he put his hand on Shelia's cheek and tried to
talk to her.
      (going towards the
I'm going to get the doctor.


Dr. Mason is in his car on his cellphone with Chief Jacks.
                       DR. MASON
I'm on my way there...I have
something you should see.
It's a letter from Rick, the
postman just delivered it.....I
don't know..see ya in a few.
Doctor Mason opens Chief Jacks door:
                       DR. MASON
May I come in?
                       CHIEF JACKS
Sure! Sit down, let's have a look
at that letter.
Maybe it can clear up a few
Dr. Mason passes him the letter:
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (puts on his
       glasses and
       begins to read)
I've been testing a blood serum
that I created on myself.
But something have gone wrong, I'm
developing a taste for humans that
have taken drugs.
I can smell it through their
pores, and bloodstream.
There seems to be some type of
transformation occurring too, I
don't know what to do.
                       DR. MASON
I know a way we can capture him!
                       CHIEF JACKS
Capture him! Are you nuts?
This thing is a killer, it's not
Bellows anymore!


                       DR. MASON
I suppose you're right, but what
if we find he could have been
                       CHIEF JACKS
Look, I know he was your friend.
He's suffering, he's no longer
If you want to no longer help us,
I understand.
                       DR. MASON
I knew Rick well, he would have
wanted me to not let him suffer.
We must lure him out into the
opening, that way you can get some
clear shots at him.
                       CHIEF JACKS
That should be easy, we have
plenty of drugs in the evidence
                       DR. MASON
But they have to be in some body's
                       CHIEF JACKS
No! I won't take that kind of
                       DR. MASON
      (looking at Chief
You have no choice Chief.
                       CHIEF JACKS
I do have a choice! I'll use a
dummy or something.
                       DR. MASON
They do not have a body
temperature, no pores, nor
                       CHIEF JACKS
Are you implying that I use a
junkie for bait?
                       DR. MASON
No, I'll do it!


                       CHIEF JACKS
No I can't let you do that, I'm
not risking anymore lives here!
We have to think of another way to
get rid of him.
DOCTOR BELLOWS is at his home walking around looking at some
of his belongings as he thinks about the past.

He picks up a picture of his fiance Lisa Starks and smiles
at it as a tear rolls down his face.
He takes the picture and sits on the sofa:
                       CREATURE/DR. BELLOWS
I broke the laws of chemistry, now
I must pay the price.
I've become a monster of no means,
I do not wish to live like this.
It's worser that hell itself.
He becomes very angry and begins to destroy his belongings.
Knocking mirrors off the walls, throwing lamps, glasses, and
even throws the television to the floor.

He grabs his head as he yells out in pain, his body starts
to switch shapes as if he couldn't control himself.
Finally he dissolves into an oil like substance and slithers
under the front door.
As Lisa entered the home she found it a total wreck.
She looked around carefully, stepping on glass and other
She slowly picked up the picture of she and Rick and placed
it back on the mantle where she saw his ring that he left

Tears rolled down her face, she knew he had been there she
goes to the phone and calls Dr. Mason.
Steve, Rick has been to the house.
I found his ring on the mantle and
the livingroom is all torn up.


                       DR. MASON
Lisa get out of there!
Get out of there now!
She slammed the phone down and ran for the front door.
When she opened it Rick was standing there.
He immediately changes into a vampire-like creature and
starts to chase her through the house.
Lisa escapes out of the back door and runs over to a
neighbor's house.
      (beating on the
Help me! Please somebody help me!
He's trying to kill me!
Please, please help me!
A man opens the door and is quickly wrapped up by the
tentacles and devoured.
Lisa runs across the street screaming as she stumbles and
Just as the creature was about to attach it's tentacles to
her body, Dr. Mason drives up.
The creature sees him, turns to a huge brown dog and
Dr. Mason puts Lisa into his car and drives off as he calls
Chief Jacks.
                       DR. MASON
      (very concerned)
Chief! Rick tried to kill Lisa,
when I pulled up he changed and
ran away.
He might be heading your way!
Chief Jacks hears a strange sound outside of his window and
goes over to see what it is.
He looked out and saw nothing, as he turns to walk away a
huge brown dog leaps through the window and knocks the Chief
to the floor.

He then transform back into Dr. Bellows:
                       CREATURE/DR. BELLOWS
      (standing over
       Chief Jacks)
You wish to kill me, but I am


                       CREATURE/DR. BELLOWS (cont'd)
Your doctor Bellows saw to that
when he changed his DNA, he was a
Soon there will be more of us, and
your kind will cease to exist.
He melts down into the oil-like substance and disappeared
through the floor.

Chief Jacks is so frightened that he could not get up from
the floor.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (talking to
That was a close one, why didn't
he kill me?
Maybe there's some of doctor
Bellows still in there, I better
get out of here and call Steve.
He grabs his jacket and walks out of the front door.
As Chief Jacks enters through the doors of the precinct he
gets the shock of his life.
Everyone there had been slaughtered by the creature,
skeletons, body-parts, blood and flesh were all over the
The whole precinct smelt like an animal slaughterhouse, as
he walked through the carnage looking at his dead colleagues
he came across the body of detective Beck his oldest and
closest friend.
He knelt down next to his body and begun to weep.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (tears running
       down his face)
This is my fault, I shouldn't have
asked you to work tonight.
Forgive me old friend, rest in
peace, I promise you I kill that
Chief Jacks screams out loudly in anger:
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (very angry)
I'm going to kill you, you
Do you hear me?


                       CHIEF JACKS (cont'd)
Your ass is mine!
Dr. Mason quickly enters the door to the precinct and gets a
big shock.
                       DR. MASON
What the hell happened here?
                       CHIEF JACKS
That son-of-a-bitch killed all of
my officers, now I know what he
meant by my kind would be
He didn't mean humans in general,
he meant all cops.
I need to warn the other
He tries to use the phones but all of them was dead, and his
cellphone was at home.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (addressing Dr.
Give me your cellphone, I need to
make some calls.
Doctor Mason give him his cellphone:

Dr. Mason walks through the mangled, mashed-up mess on the
floor and goes into the next room as Chief Jacks is on the
Chief Jacks enters the room where Dr. Mason is staring out
of a window.
                       CHIEF JACKS
This thing is traveling fast, I
got no answers at 3 of the other
My God I hope they're alright!
                       DR. MASON
      (still looking out
       of the window)
I might be able to make a bomb
that would kill it.
The problem is to find the right


                       DR. MASON (cont'd)
chemicals to disrupt the DNA.
                       CHIEF JACKS
A bomb Mason?
                       DR. MASON
Every single cell in our bodies
contains DNA.
99.9 percent of human DNA is the
same in everyone, meaning that
only 0.1 percent of our DNA is
                       CHIEF JACKS
Speak in English Mason, I'm not a
                       DR. MASON
DNA is made up of four bases
Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine and
Guanine which are linked in a
All I need to do is disrupt this
pairing and cause major damage to
the structure.
                       CHIEF JACKS
I still want to know how you're
going to drop a bomb on him?
                       DR. MASON
Not that kind of bomb, a drug bomb
that will be shot into him.
Like the speed balls that drug
users shoot into themselves.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Yeah, that might work.
But we'll need to put it in a
dart, and have a sharp shooter to
do it.
                       DR. MASON
No problem, it's a long shot but
it might work.
I have to go to the lab and get
some things.
Oh! I'm going to need a place to
make the bomb!


                       CHIEF JACKS
Don't worry about a place, I'll
get that.
                       DR. MASON
Okay, I'm out of here.
Doctor Mason leaves the room:
Doctor Mason in his lab going through chemicals as he reads

He takes some of them and puts them in his black shoulder
bag and starts towards the door, as he turns out the lights
and opens the door a huge dog blocks his way out.

Frightened but cool doctor Mason slams the door then leaves
through another one, but as he enters the hall the dog sees
him and transforms into the soul-eating creature.
Doctor Mason watches as this transformation takes place.
                       CREATURE/DR. BELLOWS
      (creature voice)
Your soul will be the tastiest one
of all.
It's going to be a pleasure
devouring it, tasting the fear
that comes from you.
Doctor Mason takes off running down the hall, making his way
to the back door of the building with the creature following
him, causing destruction to everything in it's path with his
Dr. Mason makes it to the back door and runs out of it.
Doctor Mason gets into his car and speeds off burning rubber
down the street.
Doctor Mason enters the office where clean-up is going one
to remove all of the dead bodies.


                       DR. MASON
Where is Chief Jacks?
One of the people dressed in all white protective clothes
pointed down the hall.

Doctor Mason rushes down the hall looking in some of the
rooms, he finds him in the Captain's office staring out of
the window.
                       DR. MASON
      (addressing Chief
Chief we need to get out of here,
and get those people out too.
That creature tried to kill me at
the lab, it may have followed me.
There's not much time, I need a
place to mix the chemicals!
                       CHIEF JACKS
Come on, the Coroners office is
across the park in the plaza!
As they are walking down the hall of the precinct they stops
to warn the workers.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (addressing the
As of right now all of you needs
to get out of here!
This place is not safe, leave now!
The workers hurry to leave the building with Chief Jacks and
Dr. Mason following them.
Just as everyone clears the building, an oily substance
seeps up through the hall floor and the soul-eater takes
He looks around and lets out an horrible roar as if he was
Chief Jacks and Dr. Mason is running down the hall.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Come on this way, there's a lab at
the end of this hall.


The two men enters the lab; Dr. Mason looks around and puts
his bag on a table.
He fires up a couple of Bunsen burners and places some tubes
in holders; then takes the chemicals from his bag and begun
to mix them.
                       CHIEF JACKS
I hope you have everything in here
you need, this is one of the old
lab rooms, that's not used
                       DR. MASON
As long as I have the equipment,
it will have to do.
Pass me that large jar from my bag
and droppers.
Chief Jacks trying to read the label as he passes it to Dr.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Tri-chloro..oh forget it I can't
pronounce that stuff.
What is this stuff for?
                       DR. MASON
      (smiling at Chief
Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid,
commonly used as weed killer.
                       CHIEF JACKS
No wonder some of you guys go mad,
a weed killer?
What is that going to do, dry him
up and turn it brown?
                       DR. MASON
Something like that, when used
with these other chemicals it
should rearrange his DNA and cause
it to break down.
                       DR. MASON
It has gotten stronger and more
aggressive but not bigger.
So I'm going to hit it with a mega


Dr. Mason fills the largest tube he has full of a green
substance, then adds white powder to it.
It begins to bubble as he cooks it over the flame; he then
adds the weed killer and shakes it around.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Hey it was green, now it's red!
Wooo, just the smell of that stuff
will kill ya!
Dr. Mason sets the tube to the side and adds three drops of
another chemical, it starts to smoke then turns clear like
                       DR. MASON
There, it's ready.
There's enough here for three
loads, one to the neck, heart and
I hope this works.
Dr. Benjus enters the lab room with a large dart gun.
                       DR. BENJUS
A friend of mine loan this to me,
is it big enough?
                       DR. MASON
That's perfect, come on let's go.
As they are making their way to the entrance of the building
Chief Jacks gets a phone call.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Yeah talk to me! What!
We'll be there in a minute...no
we're just around the corner...get
eveybody out and to saftey!
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (on phone again)
Yeah this is Jacks!
Send me a sharp shooter at the
church on Harbert Street ASAP.
I'm on my way there now.
All three cars speeds away:


People are gathering all around, SWAT is arriving and police
are trying to keep the crowd back; there are also ambulances

One man tries to run from the church but is snatched back by
a tentacle; his screams are short.
People starts to run everywhere screaming.
A woman runs over to Chief Jacks very hysterical.
                       HYSTERICAL WOMAN
Somebody please help me!
My mother and son is in the
Please!Please don't let them die!
She falls on her knees beating the ground and crying.

A body comes flying out of a window; you can hear the growls
and roars of the creature as people are screaming inside the
Suddenly everything gets quiet and Dr. Bellows slowly exits
the church carrying a child with a woman walking next to

The hysterical woman gets to her feet and run over to them
hugging them as they cried; the child looked back at Bellows
and waved with a smile on his face.
Dr. Mason with a surprised look on his face walks slowly
towards Bellows who is standing on the steps motionless.
                       DR. MASON
Rick!I knew you'd fight it!
                       CREATURE/DR. BELLOWS
      (addressing Dr.
Kill me, kill me now or it'll be
too late.
Suddenly Dr. Bellows is gone and the creature is back.
He tried to get Dr. Mason with his tentacles but instead
got a paramedic that was standing next to Dr. Mason.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Mason get out of there!
Where's my shooter!
Get SWAT over here, now!


SWAT officers makes a line and fire at the creature; their
shots was wasted, they had no effect on it.
One SWAT officer is devoured by a tentacle, two others came
forth with flame-throwers and tried to burn the creature,
that too failed.
The creature's roars got louder and deeper as he began to
His tentacles was larger and had spike-like nodules
protruding from them.
                       DR. MASON
Where's that shooter?
We got to work fast, he's grown to
about 12 feet!
I'm not even sure if those doses
of chemicals will harm him now.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Hawk Eye get over here!
Think you can hit that thing in
the jugular?
                       HAWK EYE
      (aiming his weapon)
Yes sir, just tell me when!
                       CHIEF JACKS
Your weapon is not going to do any
Here, use this!
                       HAWK EYE
A dart gun sir?
This is not an animal, this is a
                       CHIEF JACKS
Dr. Mason, give him the darts.
I need you to plant one in the
neck, heart and forehead.
And make them count.
All of a sudden the soul-eater charged, coming towards Hawk
Eye, Chief Jacks and Dr. Mason.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (addressing Hawk
Shoot the dam thing man!
What are you waiting for, shoot!


Hawk Eye lets it get closer and planted the three darts into
the monster.
Its cries were loud and haunting, sounding almost human at
Finally it began to shrink in size and its tentacles begin
to draw up back into it's body.
The three men watched as it started to morph continuously
from one person and thing to another.
The last change it made was to Dr. Rick Bellows who seemed
to smile as he laid there.
Then his body turned to a white powder and bone; Chief Jacks
looks down upon the remains.
                       CHIEF JACKS
Now who's indestructible, you
Hawk Eye and Chief Jacks walks away as Dr. Mason stands
there looking down at what's left of the body.
                       DR. MASON
I'm sorry old friend that it
happened this way.
Now you can rest in peace.
He walks away and catches up with Hawk Eye and Chief Jacks.
                       CHIEF JACKS
      (addressing Dr.
You alright?
                       DR. MASON
Yeah, I'm glad it's over.
                       CHIEF JACKS
We all are, I could use a drink
how about you guys?
They walks off with Chief Jacks patting both of them on the

An officer goes over to the pile of powder, and it's covered
with some type of little bugs. One of them turns and lets
out a small roar.
Credits Roll:


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From David Chase Date 12/3/2008 **
I'll give you a 2 on this, becasue it seems like you might have a pretty good premise here. Part of the problem, though, is that because of the grammatical errors, it's a really difficult read. If you want to pursue screenwriting, you first need to brush up on the basics of writing in general, and that includes proper spelling and grammar. Regarding screenwriting in particular, some things really jumped out right from the beginning. First of all, screenplays are written in present tense, but much of this is in past tense, which is fine for a novel, but not a script. One of the main things to remember about films are that they are visual. You must show, not tell. For instance, in your opening scene you write that the doctor is trying to create some new drug. There has to be description and dialogue to SHOW that to the audience. They won't read the script, so unless there is action to show it, they won't have any idea what the doctor is doing. Another thing that I noticed is that this script is 52 pages. The standard rule is that a page of script = 1 minute of screen time; therefore, a feature length script is generally between 90-120 pages. What I'd recommend is to do a lot of reading on the subject of writing, and screenwriting in particular. And read lots of scripts, you'll see what I mean. Keep working on it.

From Kevin Isaacson Date 12/3/2008 *1/2
Be careful to describe things that we can see. For example, right away in the beginning, things like what the drug will do and how long he has worked can't be seen by the audience. You have to give some visual or audible clues as to those things if that's what you want to stress. You left out a Scene Heading going from the 1st scene into the two weeks later. It is a change in place and time. Don't put actions in the speaking parts. Those areas are meant for how the line is delivered. The dialogue is stiff. Get it to flow more naturally. Read it out loud. The concept doesn't sound like anything new. Proof read. There are some words that are not spelled correctly. A little short for a feature. Keep at it and don't give up.

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