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The Snake's Tail
by Dale Martyn Turner (dalemartynturner@live.co.uk)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ****
A troubled teenager growing up in the 80's, a baby abandoned at birth and an inner city tramp all lead seemingly unconnected lives in their own time and place, but their stories couldn't be more similar. It takes a special circle of events to bring them together in a twist of fate and psychology that could never be predicted. This is based on an original short story.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The rain pours down heavily as the camera follows a CAPED
FIGURE walking along a COBBLED STREET. The words 'LONDON -
1970' appear on the screen. A MALE passes the figure
walking towards him and briefly glances as he passes. The
faint cry of a BABY can be heard. The caped figure reaches
an old Victorian Terrace House with steep steps approaching
the door. The figure places a small BABY wrapped up in
clothing on the ground under the porch before tucking it in.
The figure looks around before swiftly negotiating the
steps and making off into the night
DC TURNER pulls up in his car, and parellel parks on the
road outside an old London house. He get's out the car and
walks up to the door and walks in. As he closes the door
behind him, KIM his wife approaches
Hi babe... did you have a good
TURNER throws his keys onto the shelf beside the door and
walks through into the KITCHEN. A small child sits in a
high chair. KIM follows him through
                       KIM (Cont)
You not talking to me tonight?
As TURNER takes a wipe and begins to clean his child's face,
a big grin begins to appear on his face
                       DC TURNER
Yeah not so bad thanks.. the usual
Well it can't be that bad, you've
been in the door two minutes and
you haven't cracked open a beer
                       DC TURNER
Umm.. I suppose...


KIM walks up behind TURNER and throws her arms around his
neck, kissing his ear
I love you my gorgeous husband
                       DC TURNER
I've had a promotion
Oh my God! Graeme! That's
amazing news.. tell me more!
                       DC TURNER
Well, you know I did that
operation with CID a while ago?
Uh huh!
                       DC TURNER
Well, they want me to join them
But.. but you've only been in two
                       DC TURNER
I know... I've done good babe
So when do you start?
                       DC TURNER
Tomorrow? But that's not enough
time to get your suit pressed
                       DC TURNER
I know.. but I'm gonna have to! I
start tomorrow.. going to be
working with a DS called
MICHAELS.. apparently they've got
an awesome case to kick me off
In that case.. I'm cooking you
your favourite.. or.. whatever you


TURNER embraces KIM and whispers into her ear
                       DC TURNER
You know, I only fancy you
TURNER unleashes his grasp of KIM
                       DC TURNER
Right, if you're putting dinner
on, I'm going to head up for a
Okay sweetheart. There's plenty
of hot water
                                         CUT TO
TURNER walks into the bedroom, slowly stripping his clothing
as he goes. He walks into the bathroom and turns the shower
on. He walks back into the bedroom to finish removing his
clothing. A noise can be heard from outside the window. He
goes to the window and looks out. The camera shows a group
of TRAMPS including THE TRAMP arguing over a can of beer.
The camera switches back to show TURNER as the 1995 TURNER.
He is now in a much more modern bedroom. He walks over to
the phone and dials a number
      (Down Phone)
Hello, this is DS Turner from
Scotland Yard. Can you send a
unit down Salvation Road? There
are a load of homeless people
arguing and casing a nuisance
That's great... Thankyou
                                         CUT TO
TURNER walks back into the modern bedroom, wet and wrapped
in a towel. He can still hear noise coming from outside so
looks out the window. He see's a PANDA car turn up and a
pair of Police Officers get out and ask the group to move
on. The crowd disperse
                                         FADE TO
A bus pulls up outside the BAR and the doors open. The
TRAMP staggers out and someone throws his bag from inside


the bus landing next to him. The TRAMP picks up his bag and
looks up to see GEORGE's BAR. He walks towards the front
                                         FADE TO
The song 'Country House' by Blur plays as a group of drunk,
rowdy youths sing along. A young BARMAN is struggling to
keep the peace in the pub.
Folks, please... I've called
time... please drink up and leave
The group ignore the BARMAN and continue singing and
                       BARMAN (Cont)
      (To Himself)
Fuck, where did this bus load come
The BARMAN walks reluctantly to the office door beside the
bar. He opens the door and walks in
                                         CUT TO
GEORGE is seen counting money and filling in a money
counting sheet. The door opens and in strolls the BARMAN.
      (Out Of Breath)
Any chance you can give me a hand
out here? It's a nightmare
      (Without looking
Have you not closed up yet?
Nah... I'm trying. Just can't get
the last bunch of kids to leave


George sighs and reluctantly gets up off his chair stubbing
his cigarette out. He walks through the door and into the
bar followed by a rather nervous looking bar man
                                         CUT TO
GEORGE walks out into the bar. The group of young men and
women continue singing and drinking pints of beer. George
marches straight over to the jukebox and bends down to
unplug it
Right you lot. Clear off. We're
The group begin to moan but gradually begin to file out of
the bar. GEORGE sneers at the BARMAN and starts to walk
back towards his office. He comes face to face with a
dirty, unshaven, unkempt TRAMP.
                       GEORGE (cont)
      (To the Tramp)
...and that includes you.. TRAMP!
I.. I'm sorry sir. Just needed to
use your toilet
Well next time.. buy a drink. This
is not a public bog.
                       GEORGE (cont)
      (Turning to the
Get this place ship shaped, I want
to get out of here
GEORGE marches back through the office door, slamming it
shut behind him
                       BARMAN (To himself)
Yes Master!
                                         CUT TO


The room is darkly lit with a dirty single bed in one
corner, a wardrobe and a desk. The decor is typically 1980's
themed. A fifteen year old female with greasy hair and
spotty complexion lays kissing a male. This female is
GEORGINA and the male is FREDDIE. The couple are kissing
and getting more and more passionate. Freddie reaches down
in between Georgina's legs. Georgina swiftly removes his
hand and runs it back up to her breasts. Freddie once again
attempts to touch her but she once again removes his hand.
Why not?
Cause I said no
..But I thought this is what you
It is. But now isn't the right
Oh come on... you'll enjoy it. I
know you will. I know you want me
to fuck you
NO! Not here...and not now
      (Reaching down
I heard you were easy. I heard
you couldn't get enough
GEORGINA throws FREDDIE aside and stands up in the middle of
the room, clothing tangled and loose
Don't you fucking dare. Don't you
fucking dare tell me what I'm like
or how I want it. You don't know
Well... it's obviously true then


What's true?
Georgina goes to the mirror on the wall and begins
straightening her hair with her fingers. Freddie can be seen
as a reflection still lying on the bed, obviously
That your a flirt and a tease but
underneath it, a frigid little cow
What you gonna do? Rape me?
If I have to...
      (Turning to
And I'll scream this place down so
fucking loud you won't ever be
able to hear again
Why do you keep leading me on?
GEORGINA doesn't reply and just continues doing her hair in
the mirror
                       FREDDIE (Cont)
Don't ignore me...don't you dare
ignore me
I'll do exactly as I please.. I am
my own person. Always have been,
always will be
All I want to know it why you
won't sleep with me
Because, like I have said.. I am
my own person and I will make my
own decisions... you are not going
to tell me when and where and who
I do it with.. it is my life.. my


I think you should go now
Why? I have no where to go!
That's not my problem.. you can't
stay here... I would be in so much
shit, and I'd lose my room.. I
can't lose my room
Freddie gets up and pulls up his trousers. He takes a small
package of cannabis off the side
Fuck you. Bitch!
Freddie walks out the door, slamming it behind him. As the
door shuts, Georgina slides down to the floor and bursts
into tears. She picks up a pint glass full of water next to
her and throws it at the door. It smashes spraying water
all over her bed. She continues to cry hysterically. She
gets up and goes to her draw and pulls out a large packet of
white pills. She begins emptying them out into her hand,
before flinging them across the room
TURNER rushes down the stairs wearing a suit. The distant
clinking of breakfast can be heard from the kitchen aswell
as a bad quality radio playing a famous song from the time
      (From Kitchen)
You all ready then sweety?
                       DC TURNER
Yeah I think so...Carl will be
here in a minute...
Well, I don't mean to be rude..
but please don't invite him in.. I
don't really want to be seen in my


                       DC TURNER
Babe.. I can't not offer him a cup
of tea
I appreciate that, but I'm in my
nighty and gown... I can't meet a
new friend of yours like this...
                       DC TURNER
Well, go and put some clothes on
Meanwhile, KIM walks through to the hall where TURNER is
adjusting his tie in the mirror
Look, the place is a mess.. oh you
look so smart darling!
                       DC TURNER
Trust you to change the subject..
Look, I know this job is important
to you, but I want to make sure I
make a good first impression... I
don't want him thinking I'm some
                       DC TURNER
I know... I know. And that's one
of the reasons I love you
                                         FADE TO
The camera fixates on an old black and white TV with a very
bad picture. A 1970's NEWSREADER reads a news report
      (To the camera)
Police are appealing for witnesses
following the discovery of a new
born baby outside City orphanage
in the early hours of this
morning. They would also like to
hear from the mother whose welfare
may be compromised at this time


The camera zooms out and pans to show a dimly lit, floral
wall-papered COMMON ROOM. NURSE 1 sits on one of many old
and worn chairs tending to a small baby. NURSE 2 walks into
the room
                       NURSE 1
      (Without looking
You just missed it
                       NURSE 2
Oh! Did they say anything?
                       NURSE 1
Only that they were appealing for
witnesses.. so nothing new
                       NURSE 2
      (Tickling the baby)
How could anyone have abandoned
you little girl? How could they?
Nurse 2 sits down
                       NURSE 1
Do you think we should name her?
                       NURSE 2
What if the mother comes forward?
                       NURSE 1
Well... we can't just keep calling
it... IT!
                       NURSE 2
I hope that she does come forward
                       NURSE 1
                       NURSE 2
I think Hope is a perfect name
A loud eccentric doorbell rings. Both Nurses look up
                       NURSE 2 (cont)
      (Standing up)
You look after Hope. I'll get it
                                         CUT TO


The inside of the door is opened to and two DETECTIVES named
TURNER and MICHAELS are stood outside. Michaels sucks
harshly on a Marlboro cigarette
                       DC TURNER
Hello. I'm DC Turner and this is
DS Michaels from the Metropolitan
Police... do you mind if we come
in for a minute?
The camera switches to a longshot showing the group walking
through the hallway
                       NURSE 2
Of course.. You'll have to excuse
the mess I'm afraid. As you can
imagine it's been a bit crazy here
                       DS MICHAELS
      (Looking around)
That's okay love. We've seen
worse. I take it your kettle
still works though?
                       NURSE 2
My..erm.. Oh! How would you like
                       DS MICHAELS
Milk and two for me. Milk and
none for my colleague here...
                       DC TURNER
...I'm sweet enough!
MICHAELS looks disapprovingly at TURNER
                       DS MICHAELS
We'll be in the common room
MICHAELS and TURNER walk through and join NURSE 1 and the
BABY. NURSE 2 peels off into the adjoining kitchen
                       NURSE 1
She now has a name...
                       DS MICHAELS
We're not here for small talk,


                       NURSE 1
Okay... have there been any
                       DS MICHAELS
Not a lot. Nothing really we can
tell you. We just need to clarify
a few things
                       NURSE 1
Go ahead
                       DC TURNER
Okay.. so you were the one who
found the child is that right?
                       NURSE 1
No.. it was the night staff who
found her. Went to put the milk
bottles out in the early hours,
and they found this little cherub
                       DS MICHAELS
You see, the problem we've got is
that all babies that have been
born in hospitals in London, are
accounted for. Matched up with
their mothers. This one, there is
no evidence that there is a
mother. There are no records in
any hospital in London
                       NURSE 1
Well, could it not be that she was
born at a home.. or somwhere else?
NURSE 2 walks into the room with a tray of tea and biscuits.
She places it on the table in front of TURNER and MICHAELS
before sitting down
                       DC TURNER
We already covered that one. We
had her checked when she was found
by our own force doctor who
confirmed that she was born in a
hospital, sometime within the last
twenty four hours. Apparently he
can confirm that by the way the
cord is cut and how the babie's
been cleaned up. Apparently.


                       DS MICHAELS
      (Coughing on his
Please spare us the details!
                       DS MICHAELS
We are of the opinion that she was
born here and you've cleaned her
up. I mean, basic midwifery isn't
that all part of your training?
                       NURSE 2
Why on earth would we want to do
that? What would we gain out of
staging something like this?
                       DC TURNER
      (Looking at
       Michaels for
                       NURSE 2
                       DS MICHAELS
You only have to read the rags to
realise that all these orphanages
are struggling to cope financially
these days? We just thought...
                       NURSE 1
You thought we would use this poor
little girl to blag money to keep
the place up and running?
                       DS MICHAELS
Well you tell me!
                       NURSE 1
That is completely absurd and
totally inappropriate
                       DS MICHAELS
Who is the mother?
                       NURSE 2
We don't know! If we knew, don't
you think you'd be the first to


                       DS MICHAELS
      (Becoming Irate)
I'll ask you again.. WHO IS THE
                       NURSE 1
Like we both said. We do not know
who the mother is, we are not
doing this for publicity and I
think the whole idea is completely
                       DS MICHAELS
You know there will come a time
when we have to make arrests?
                       NURSE 1
And what, exactly, is that
supposed to mean?
MICHAELS and TURNER look at eachother before standing up and
heading towards the front door. NURSE 2 follows them
                       DS MICHAELS
      (Threatening Nurse
Just think hard and carefully
about what you've told me today,
cause I don't much fancy nicking a
nurse. Too vain
                       NURSE 2
Don't you dare threaten me!
                       DC TURNER
We'll be in touch
The pair walk out of the front door. Nurse 2 slams the door
The door slams and TURNER and MICHAELS are left on the steps
                       DS MICHAELS
This whole damn thing stinks
                       DC TURNER
In what way? Not sure I agree
with you on that one...


                       DS MICHAELS
Surely you can see how none of
this adds up?
                       DC TURNER
Yeah, but whatever the case we're
simply paid to get the facts and
present them... our opinion counts
for nothing.. I've learned that
                       DS MICHAELS
You're in CID now boy. You're
paid to have an opinion. The more
opiniated you are, the more
feathers you ruffle. The more
feathers you ruffle, the further
and higher you get
TURNER looks around as MICHAELS talks. He sees a book of
matches on the ground. He picks them up sticking them into
his pocket
                       DS MICHAELS
What's that?
                       DC TURNER
Oh, just a book of matches. Bit of
a fascination I've had since a
kid... you know I've got over a
thousand of these damn things? And
the irony is, if I need a light, I
won't go near them
                       DS MICHAELS
Sounds bloody barmy to me
                       DC TURNER
Oh come on. Everyone collects
something even if it's just
                       DS MICHAELS
Arrests. That's what we should be
bloody collecting. Not fucking
books of matches or missing
mothers... come on. Pub lunch
                                         CUT TO


GEORGE sits alone in his messy office. He chews on a pen
rocking back and forth on his chair. There is a knock at
the door
Come in
The DOOR opens and in walks the BARMAN
Boss... it's my dad
What's you dad?
He's been rushed into hospital. I
have to go
Can it not wait? I've got a shite
load to do and you want to swan
off to play happy families
But... it's my dad!
At least you've got a fucking dad
I may not have after today. Which
is why I need to go
You're nothing but trouble you.
Why the fuck did I employ you? Go
on. Get back here as soon as you
Thanks boss. I appreciate it
The BARMAN walks out of the door


GEORGE reluctantly get's up and walks out into the bar. He
comes face to face with the TRAMP who's walking out of the
I thought I told you.. Tramp, that
this is not a vagrants pit stop.
This is a family pub
      (Sitting down)
Yes I know. And if you look on
the bar that you apparently own,
you'll see a pint of mild which I
apparently bought
Don't you get smart with me fella.
Or you'll be drinking that
outside with all the other waifs
and strays
The TRAMP downs the pint and get's up to head to the door
I will. I need some decent
You know I was once like you. A
down and out with no hope of a
future. Do you know what I did?
Surprise me
I woke up one day, realised that
my life was shit. So I picked
myself up. Now look at me
I look at you and I see an
arrogant, obteuse git....anyway,
if you heard my story you would
realise that I can not even begin
to rebuild my life. I am the
walking dead..a zombie


If I was an arrogant obteuse git
as you so elloquantly put it, then
I would have told you to fuck off
by now
You need my custom
I need nothing that you have or
can give to me
I look around and what do I see?
An empty pub on a sunny september
I don't really think you're in a
position to question my business.
I earn my keep take home a wage,
go to my warm bed and sleep on a
soft mattress. Where do you end
Believe me, I have my comforts. My
comforts are just different to
your own. It's just how I choose
to live my life
You have nothing. Look at you!
And it's all your own doing
Yes you're right. It is all my
own doing. But what you don't
hear me doing, is complaining
You know what? I've heard enough
of this crap. Get out, and I
don't much care to see you again
The TRAMP walks out of the door, leaving GEORGE to watch him
walk out. He carries on watching him as he begins to clear
tables, until he disappears out of view
                                         CUT TO


JENNY and GEORGINA are outside the barriers of the music
festival and are walking along beside it looking for an easy
way in. As they walk, they are both looking down at the
bottom of the barrier. With them, they have bags and a
This is never going to work. There
are security everywhere
Of course it will... we've come
all this way... so it's got to
All I'm saying is I really don't
want to be taken back to the home
by the pigs
That won't happen. We're not
going to get arrested for trying
to break into a festival
..and anyway, even if it does, it
means a free lift and no more
ticket dodging on the train!
Yeah, and a proper beating and
probably a life time of chores
when we do make it back
This isn't the first time I've
done this kind of thing. Let's
just get in there, and get off our
faces... if we do fail, we've lost
fuck all
Look over there.. someone's got
the same idea
JENNY points to further down the barrier where a scruffy
twenty year old is also trying to get through the barrier.
This male is FINCHY.


Let's go and see if we can get
through there too
Oh for fuck's sake... why does
everything have to be so
complicated with you! Why
couldn't we have just saved up
some money and bought a ticket
like everyone else
GEORGINA starts heading towards FINCHY taking JENNY by the
hand. JENNY follows on reluctantly.
                       JENNY (Cont)
Plus, honey, when we do actually
get in, everyone has those black
stamps on their hands...how do we
get around that one eh?
GEORGINA looks around and then looks down a line of parked
motorbikes. She deviates towards one.
Easily sorted Jen.. watch this!
GEORGINA bends down and extends her arm towards the
motorbike's chain. She smears a little black oil onto the
top of her hand and smudges it with her fingers
Oh! And you've never done this
before have you!
Come on, your turn.. then we can
get shitfaced and no one will ever
bat an eye lid!
JENNY bends down and smears oil onto her hand. GEORGINA
heads over to where FINCHY is still struggling to get under
the barrier
Do you need a hand there?
Uh? Oh, Hi... yeah, please.. er..
can you hold it up for me?
What's it worth?


Tell you what, you scratch my back
and I'll scratch yours...
No I'm alright thanks..
Jenny! Hurry the hell up
How about you help me get through
and I'll help you too...
What do you reckon Jen?
I think we're perfectly fine to
get through on our own..
      (Whispers to Jen)
Are you mad? Have you seen the
amount of booze he's got?
      (Whispers Back)
I know that! But we can't look too
I'm through! Are you girls coming
or not? I'll even offer you a
What if we don't drink beer?
Well it's your choice... I can see
two security guards coming along
so you'd better make your minds up
FINCHY climbs to his feet and begins to walk off through the
campsite. The two girls look at eachother and head towards
the barrier
Come on, let's do this dance...


Wait up dude! We're coming!
A group of teenagers sit in a circle in a field at a popular
music festival. One of these teenagers is GEORGINA. The
group sit around and can be seen to be drinking and smoking
drugs. Other people are also sat nearby drinking, some
dancing and others doing drugs. The sun shines brightly and
popular live music form the era can be heard
Pass me the joint.. I want to get
so high I touch space
Haven't you had enough?
I've never had enough.. Finchy!
Just pass her the joint Finch
ummm.. and pass me the disco juice
This stuff will fuck with your
I know... that is why I love it so
FINCHY passes GEORGINA a large bottle of green liquid. As
he does he takes GEORGINA's hand and looks into her eyes
Kiss Me
GEORGINA stares intoxicated into FINCHY's eyes before
kissing him passionately. The rest of the group are
Nineteen eighty five. The summer
of love and I'm loving every
minute of it


You know someday we're going to
have to stop all this... grow up
you know.. become adults and be
responsible and stuff
I'm never growing up. My head's
so fucked up.. I'm staying a kid
all my life
Can I join you?
Why not? You know I've always
been fond of you?
You've only known me for one day
Yes I know that... and I've been
fond of you for that whole time
You don't know me darling. I'm a
mess.. I'm a fruit and nutcase. I
have no fear and don't feel
pain... nor emotion
I love that
It's not funny it's true... you
open a whole can of worms with
with this crazy bitch. I'm beyond
your worse nightmares and your
darkest fears
You're just crazy. I love it
And you... young man... have
absolutely no idea what you're
saying... nor what you're getting


                       GEORGINA (cont'd)
yourself into
                                         CUT TO
Montage of the group drinking, smoking and eating magic
mushrooms. The group are by now far more intoxicated than
before and have evidently been drinking and doing drugs all
day. GEORGINA get's up from the group and walks off
                                         CUT TO
GEORGINA begins to stagger up the stairs of a poorly
maintained toilet block. Other festival goers walk in and
out and the partying of other music fans can be heard from
the campsite. GEORGINA is met by tramp who is wearing zombie
facepaints and a silly festival hat. Unrecognisable to the
viewer he is coming down the steps. As she walks into him,
she vomits down his shirt before stumbling back. The TRAMP
obviously very intoxicated, grabs her arm to save her from
Is it too late to tell you that
this is the gents'?
I'm sorry... I'm sooooo fucked out
of my head
Ummmm... nice festival get up!
Well it was a mixture of acid,
alcohol and a bunch of students
Getting into the festival spirit
eh? I like it! I like it a lot
You don't look like you're doing
too badly yourself
I could still do more.. I'm a
heavyweight me... may look like a
little girl, but I could sure out


                       GEORGINA (cont'd)
do you with anything to do with
drinking, smoking, injecting...
How old are you?
Are you flirting with me?
I might be...
Go on... how old are you?
You could always buy me a beer?
Don't you think you've had enough?
Anyway, you're the one who chucked
up on me.. I think it's gotta be
your round
How old are you? And how old am
Was that not my question in the
first place?
      (Whispering to him)
Buy me a beer and I'll tell you.
I'll tell you everything
MONTAGE - The TRAMP and GEORGINA stand amongst other
revellers in a crowded beer tent. They are both struggling
to stand as they continue drinking
You know... hot summer evenings,
alcohol and drugs... could it get
any better?


You know, I haven't been this
fucked since I was a kid
The MONTAGE continues of the pair gradually getting more and
more drunk. The song 'Sweet Honesty' by JOHN & BEVERLEY
MARTYN plays as they are seen to get gradually more and more
GEORGINA and THE TRAMP stagger along giggling to one
another. A couple can be seen coming out of a tent, and
making off. GEORGINA sees this and picks up the pace
towards it
      (Taking the
       Tramp's hand)
Perfect. Come on
                                         FADE TO
The camera is the POV of GEORGE as he awakes from sleep. He
focuses on the roof of the tent, the sun beaming through the
cracks in the canvas. He looks to the left and then looks
to the right and see's the back of GEORGINA sleeping next to
him. He jumps up with a start and leaves. The camera
switches to GEORGINA's POV as she wakes to see the back of
The TRAMP leaving. She looks disorientated as she realises
what happened the night before. She begins to cry
                                         CUT TO
The group of teenagers are asleep in a huddle between the
circle of tents one by one they are beginning to stir.
FINCHY and JENNY are already awake, talking to one another
sharing a joint
So, what your saying....
...is that, is that somewhere out
there, in the vast, nothingness of


                       JENNY (cont'd)
..There is another me and you,
having this same conversation?
Something along those... er,
man, I can't believe we've been up
all night....
That's what this place is for...
getting fucked...
Fuck it, i'm having another beer..
you want one?
GEORGINA comes running into the teenagers campsite,
hysterical. It's not noticed at first by the chatting pair.
She runs towards her tent
                       JENNY (cont)
And who have you been with all
night then young lady... I guess
it's a bloke?
GEORGINA makes no reaction to JENNY, and simply goes
straight to her tent. JENNY pulls a face at FINCHY and
without saying anything, get's up to follow her
Where are you going?
I'm gonna check on her..be back in
a bit...look after my... haha,
I'm sure she's fine Jen... come
and sit down...
She's my best mate... I've never
seen her this high... I won't be
                                         CUT TO


GEORGINA zips the tent closed and with butter fingers opens
her handbag pulling out a her purse. She hurridly opens it
and shakes out a pair of razor blades. Picking one up, she
begins cutting her arm between scars that are starting to
heal. She watches the blood drip onto her sleeping bag
getting louder and faster as she continues to bury the razor
into her skinny arm. The tent opens and GEORGINA looks up.
JENNY stumbles in
What the fuck... what the fuck are
you doing?
      (Rocking back and
I can't take it, I can't take it,
I can't take it!
What can't you take? What the
hell has happened?
You wouldn't understand... you
CAN'T understand
Just tell me... just tell me
what's happened and I may be able
to help
I can't... you would never ever
understand my world
Why don't you just let me help
Because you can't. Nobody can
Just tell me what happened last
night... and where you've been?
Oh now so you're pretending you
missed me are you?


Of course I missed you. We all
missed you. One minute you
went..well stumbled to the toilet,
and now you're running back as
though the world has ended
I'm so fucked up. It has to end..
it has to end now
No it doesn't. Whatever it is
you're going through, you'll get
over it. It's all going to be ok
GEORGINA takes the razor in her hand and takes it away from
her arm. JENNY squats down beside her and begins to hug her
No it's not. It will never be ok.
At least stop cutting yourself
It takes my pain away. It's all I
know. All I can do
TURNER sits at his study desk staring aimlessly at his
joining picture on the wall, flicking the book of matches
through his fingers. As KIM walks in, he opens the drawer
and throws in the book of matches. She wraps her arms around
What's eating you?
                       DC TURNER
Nothing...nothing I can put my
finger on
You know you can talk to me? You
can tell me anything
                       DC TURNER
I know.. I do know that... it's
just this case they've put me on


I know.. it's been on the news all
day. Big business hey?
                       DC TURNER
No amount of thinking about it,
researching or chewing it over
seems to make any more sense to me
Well don't then
                       DC TURNER
Don't what?
Don't think about it, don't
research it, and don't chew it
over. Sleep on it and see what
happens tomorrow
                       DC TURNER
ummm.. I suppose
Don't think you're expected to
move mountains, cause your only
human and can only do your best.
Things always work out and this
will make sense soon. Just try
not to force the issue
                       DC TURNER
Since when have you been a copper?
Never. I'm just always right
Come on.. it's late and you're
back in first thing
The pair are startled by a loud bang outside the outside the
What the hell was that?
                                         CUT TO


A MALE FIGURE is seen outside the house, picking himself up
off the ground after falling off a wheelie bin sat close to
the house. This male is GEORGE although we don't see him.
The back light goes on as TURNER steps tentatively outside
                       DC TURNER
What are you doing in my garden?
      (Appearing to be
I'm sorry sir.. I.. I live down
the road, and have the wrong
house... I'm a bit drunk you
see...I'm sorry
                       DC TURNER
Give me a reason why I shouldn't
call the Police?
Because you are the Police!
                       DC TURNER
...You'd better get off my
property before I do something I
may regret
You know... you know your wife's
having an affair? And that baby,
that little poor old baby you
found... well, I know about it...
I know everything...
TURNER rushes over to GEORGE and grabs him by the throat,
pinning him down on the ground
                       DC TURNER
You know nothing about me, you
know nothing about my family and
nothing about this baby...
Can you... er can you let go your
choking me...


                       DC TURNER
Oh dear, that is a shame... now
get off my property before there's
a murder enquiry with your name on
TURNER releases his grasp, and GEORGE makes his way out of
the garden
TURNER sits in a busy urban CID office surrounded by
paperwork and numerous empty tea mugs and old pens that no
longer work. A young FEMALE WPC sits on the table, showing
off her legs and flirting with TURNER. MICHEALS walks up to
the desk
                       DS MICHAELS
Pull your tongue up off the
floor.. the guv'nor wants us
TURNER begins nervously rifling through paperwork on his
                       DC TURNER
                       DS MICHAELS
Next week.. or whenever you can
fit it into your busy, and I must
say, BUSY schedule...
                       DC TURNER
                       DS MICHAELS
Don't be a knob.. he wants to see
us now.. so pull your boxers up...
                       DS MICHAELS (cont)
      (Turning to the
And you.. put the kettle on
                                         CUT TO
desk. The room is impeccably tidy and clinical with a large


portrait of Queen Elizabeth behind the bosses chair. The
calender on the desk is clearly marked September 1st 1970
and a large bottle of whiskey sits next to it. DC Turner
helps himself to a glass. BERNSTEIN flicks aimlessly
through paperwork as he talks
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
So it would appear.. the pair of
you have done sweet F A
                       DS MICHAELS
Well with all the cases I've got,
it's hardly surprising we're not
busting our bollocks over some
miraculous conception
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
This is not fucking Jesus of
Nazereth and you are not the
virgin Mary. I gave you this case
to to get it wrapped up quick.
You've done nothing!
                       DC TURNER
                       DS MICHAELS
...Sir.. we've checked all the
hospital records in London, we've
done press releases on a daily
basis and nothing.. anyway, why
are you so concerned about this
one anyway...?
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Because we've got a kid with no
mother who's just appeared
randomly, we've got no witnesses,
no clues nothing. And you two
layabouts think that swanning
around shagging anything that
moves is going to solve a case. I
want this case solved by the end
of the day, or the pair of you are
back in uniform
                       DS MICHAELS
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
...But nothing. I want all the
hospitals checked in the country


                       DCI BERNSTEIN (cont'd)
for a mother without a baby, I
want the doors of every house this
side of the thames knocked on, I
want every T crossed and every I
And Turner
                       DC TURNER
Yes Boss...
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
You haven't been in this
department long enough to think
you can help yourself to my
birthday whisky
                       DC TURNER
Yes sir.. sorry sir..
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Now fuck off and get your arses in
gear. I'm late for a golf lesson
TURNER and MICHAELS get up and open the door to leave the
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Oh.. and Michaels?
                       DS MICHAELS
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Send the heavies in to see the
nurses. They know more than
they're letting on. I want them
to cough and I want it done today
MICHAELS shuts the door behind them. TURNER pulls a
cigarette from his pocket, MICHAELS takes it from him
                       DS MICHAELS
Cheers. You got a light?
TURNER pulls a lighter from his pocket. MICHAELS sparks his
cigarette and walks off. TURNER takes his cigarette packet
from his pocket. It's empty. He sighs and follows MICHAELS
                                         CUT TO


NURSE 1 sits on the steps smoking a roll up cigarette as
TURNER and MICHAELS turn up in a rusty Ford Cortina. It
pulls up at the steps
                       NURSE 1
      (Stubbing out
MICHAELS and TURNER get out of the car. MICHAELS sees the
nurse straight away
                       DS MICHAELS
Look at this.. shouldn't you be
setting a good example for these
poor little kiddies?
                       NURSE 1
I'm on a break
                       DS MICHAELS
Well that's handy as larry.. cause
we need to talk
                       NURSE 1
I know nothing more than me and
Polly told you yesterday
MICHAELS comes within an inch of her face
                       DS MICHAELS
Well that's funny.. I think you're
lying to me. I don't like liers!
                       NURSE 1
Takes one to know one
                       DS MICHAELS
Don't you get shirty with me
missy... wow.. that's a nice bit
of skirt... don't you think
                       DC TURNER
Umm... I guess
MICHAELS grabs NURSE 1 by the throat and pins her against
the door


                       DS MICHAELS
Time to talk Miss Nightingale. I
want to know where that little
cherub came from.. why it's here
and who you're hiding it from
                       NURSE 1
      (Begining to cry)
I know nothing... I've told you
                       DS MICHAELS
Turner... get her in the car..
let's step this up a gear or two.
And for god's sakes, cuff her
TURNER takes a pair of handcuffs from his pocket and places
them on her
                       NURSE 1
You can't bloody do this, you
thug. What's wrong with nicking
the real criminals
TURNER and MICHAELS start walking her to the car
                       DS MICHAELS
We've got a job to do, so I hope
you're not telling us how to do
it. We've asked you nicely, we've
asked you with a cherry on top. So
now is the time to start playing
on our side of the pitch
                       NURSE 1
For fuck's sake... you're a
MICHAELS takes the cuffs and starts to twist them to edge
her into the car
                       NURSE 1 (Cont)
Ouch! That hurt!
                       DC TURNER
                       DS MICHAELS
You can pipe down to kiddo
                                         CUT TO


The BARMAN serves the TRAMP at the bar whilst GEORGE is
chatting to a regular sat at the end. Music plays as the
BARMAN continues serving other customers, cleaning glasses
and doing general bar chores. After a short time, George
sees the Tramp and walks over to where the Barman is serving
      (To the Barman)
And what is he doing here?
The down and out your taking money
off've. What's he doing here?
As far as I'm concerned he's just
another paying customer
Well I barred him yesterday
What for?
Is that any of your business? I
pay you to serve customers not to
question my decisions
Okay.. sorry.. so.. do you want me
to serve him or not?
Well it looks like you already
have.. doesn't it? If he so much
as looks at me funny though...
he's out. You understand me?
Clear as a bell
GEORGE pours himself a triple short before walking off
towards the office. The BARMAN leans towards the TRAMP


You look familiar... have I seen
you before?
I've been in here a few times
You remind me of someone. Can't
put my finger on it
I take it that He doesn't like me
The landlord doesn't seem to like
anyone at the minute.. he's a
moody cunt at the best of times
Behind the tramp a female, THE HYPNOTIST, walks in through
the door. She is a middle aged attractive woman wearing
henna eye make up and a subtle flowing dress. Everyone in
the pub turns to look at her
      (To The Hypnotist)
Hello there! How are you this
fine autumn eve?
                       THE HYPNOTIST
      (Approaching the
Oh I'm always alright thankyou..
my usual please
On your tab?
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Stick it on the landlords.. it's
his round
The BARMAN begins pouring a double brandy with orange
On the landlord's? Are you sure?
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Of course.. oh, you wouldn't dare
do it would you? Oh bless you
sweetie.. you've just got to know
how to handle him. He's a grumpy


                       THE HYPNOTIST (cont'd)
old sod, but you need to know
which buttons to press
The BARMAN hands THE HYPNOTIST the drink
                       THE HYPNOTIST (cont)
Is he ready if I go straight
Yeah of course.. help yourself
THE HYPNOTIST takes her drink and walks towards the office
door. The TRAMP takes a handful of nuts off of the bar and
waits for her to shut the door behind her
That's The Hypnotist
That's what they call them these
days is it?
No she's not at all.. I can't tell
you how I know.. I just know.
Don't ask any questions
The BARMAN turns around and opens a hatch to the cellar
behind him. The TRAMP looks towards the OFFICE DOOR and
notices it's slightly ajar. As the BARMAN disappears down
the hatch, the TRAMP swiftly runs over to the office door to
see what's going on. He sees GEORGE sat sleeping on his
chair with THE HYNOTIST standing beside him. All the lights
are off.
                       THE HYPNOTIST
..and what year is it?
The year is nineteen ninety five


                       THE HYPNOTIST
And what year do you want it to
be? Where would you like to wake
Nineteen eighty five.. July,
nineteen eighty five
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Well you must sleep soundly dear
child... for when you awake it
will be where and when you want to
awake... you will dream, you will
make the choices. You will have
the power to change your past.. to
create you future
The BARMAN grabs the TRAMP by his shoulder cusing him to
jump out of his skin
My only advice, my friend. Don't
get involved
And what exactly should I not get
involved in?
Oh nothing...it's nothing really.
Forget I said anything
Oh come on.. a Hynotist? Don't
get involved? What the hell is
going on in this place
The BARMAN begins clearing tables in an effort to stop the
TRAMP asking questions
Really, you're wasting your time.
Look it's closing time.. get
yourself out of here...
I'll be back tomorrow
                                         FADE TO


GEORGINA stands at the reception desk in a clean, clinical
stereotypical waiting room. Patients sit patiently reading
magazines and tending to young children. They begin to look
up as an irate GEORGINA begins to raise her voice to the
middle aged female RECEPTIONIST
I said I wanted a female
doctor..how can that be so fucking
Please don't swear love.. there
was a bit of a mix up. You know,
Dr Clark is very experienced
I don't give a damn if he's good
enough to have brought Elvis back
from the dead. He's a male doctor
and I want a female
Well.. I'm afraid all of our
female doctors are busy right
now.. You can take a seat and see
if one becomes available, or you
can make an appointment for
another day
I've been waiting three months to
see a doctor.. so I'm not leaving
til I've done exactly that!
Well.. in that case you need to
calm down and wait patiently and
quietly... because if you continue
then I'll have you removed
You can't do that!
Would you like to chance it?
GEOGINA reluctantly takes a seat and begins biting her nails
and remains fixated on the ticking clock on the wall. The
other patients look at her as though she is an alien


                                         CUT TO
GEORGINA sits legs crossed on a small chair next to DOCTOR
KENT's desk. The room is sparse with the exception of a
pale green conertina screen and a green bed covered with a
long tissue cover. GEORGINA looks at a pad of prescription
notes on the desk and is obviously tempted to steal it. The
camera pans up to show DOCTOR KENT sitting with a pile of
notes on her lap
                       DOCTOR KENT
So... have you discussed the
options with the father?
                       DOCTOR KENT
But the father is aware?
I'm a girl. I'm a fifteen year
old girl... with... well, with
this secret.. For fifteen years no
one has helped me. I'm a druggie,
I'm permanently pissed and live in
an orphanage, do you think the
father wants to know me?
                       DOCTOR KENT
There are people that can help
you, but right now there is
nothing that we can do due to how
far you are into your pregnancy
So you can't do anything? I have
to live with this every single day
of my life. The first time
someone was drunk enough to have
sex with me I fall pregnant..what
do I have to do to sort this mess
                       DOCTOR KENT
Well.. well firstly, we need to
concentrate on your baby. I need
to refer you to a midwife who will
be in contact with your parents as
soon as possible...


They don't have to know...
                       DOCTOR KENT
They have to am afraid due to you
being only fifteen years old
Well if you can find them.. good
luck to you. I've spent fifteen
years trying to locate them. They
didn't want me so I have to
pretend like I don't give a shit.
Maybe they're looking for me.. and
maybe that's a flying pig hovering
round the window
                       DOCTOR KENT
ahh.. I'm sorry. I see in your
notes now that your legal
guardians are staff of City
Orphanage.. is that still correct?
                       DOCTOR KENT
There is just one more thing to
consider and be prepared for
Go on..
                       DOCTOR KENT
Because of your condition, it may
be, and this is worst case
scenario, that you may not be able
to mother any more children
Is that a bad thing? So once this
one's out the way then it's none
stop promiscuous sex.. no need for
                       DOCTOR KENT
...It could go further than that
I don't understand it


                       DOCTOR KENT
Okay, well I am going to be making
several referrals over the next
few weeks, and it is important
that you attend. In the meantime,
here are a few leaflets and
information sheets about your
condition and the possibilities
following childbirth
Why the fuck can you not help me..
all I need is some help
                       DOCTOR KENT
I understand that, I completely
do. But there is only so much
help that I am allowed and trained
to give. Unfortunetely, you need
to speak to someone else
GEORGINA getting angry and stands up abruptly
You know what? You can stick your
help, you can shove your referrals
where the sun doesn't shine. I've
been left to fend for myself all
my life. Why should that change
                       DOCTOR KENT
Please just sit down so we can
talk about this...
GEORGINA stomps out of the door and slams it behind her
                                         CUT TO
GEORGINA runs out of the main entrance of the surgery and
seemingly runs striaght into the busy road. A car screaches
to a halt just in front of her. The driver of the vehicle
is an older looking MICHAELS who immeadietely jumps out of
the car and rushes to GEORGINA's aid who is now standing
shocked on the side of the road
                       DS MICHAELS
Love.. LOVE.. are you okay?


I'm fine... no thanks to you!
                       DS MICHAELS
You're the one who ran out into
the road love! But as long as
you're okay.. that's the main
thing.. can I take you anywhere?
Can you take me home?
                       DS MICHAELS
Did your mum never teach you to
not get into a car with a
Of course.. get in
Believe it or not, I can handle
myself better than you can ever
MICHAELS and GEORGINA arrive at the City Orphanage
                       DS MICHAELS
You know.. the last time I was
here was about fifteen years ago I
was a copper working on a case
here. Place hasn't changed at all
Thanks for the lift. I'm sorry to
scare you.. even if you did used
to be a pig
                       DS MICHAELS
Never did get any respect off of
the kids from this place when I
was in job.. guess it hasn't
Well I've been looking for
something all of my life and
you've never found it for me. I'm
sorry, but I have no respect for


                       DS MICHAELS
Mind how you go.. and watch out
for that traffic!
                                         FADE TO
The BARMAN is busy polishing wine glasses when the TRAMP
swings open the door
Pint of mild, if you would kind
      (Pouring beer)
And you'll be pleased to know that
the boss isn't here today, so am
more than happy to serve you and
keep my job
THE TRAMP passes the BARMAN a note
And one for yourself good sir
Why thankyou... but I never drink
while on duty
Even when your boss ain't here?
I suppose you've got a point!
Believe me, I always have a point!
So what's new around here then?
Not a great deal if I'm honest...
same shit, different day
And the boss?


That old codger? Some union
meeting or something, I tend not
to ask to many questions on what
he gets up to. All I know is, I'm
treated like shit, but it's the
only job I can find right now
But you know enough about him
What is that supposed to mean?
Well, the other night.. you were
quick enough to let me know that I
shouldn't get involved in
something or other, or whatever it
Oh that...
No you're right... it's not worth
getting involved in nor asking any
questions for that matter
Oh I see.. some kind of circle of
trust is it?
The BARMAN leans forward to make eye contact with The TRAMP.
Where did that come from?
No where. Absolutely no where..
.. Look, I know I may come across
as a nosey bugger, but really I am
only here to make conversation...
you know I'm new around here...
I get it. But why all the cloak
and dagger stuff? Why the
creeping around by the office
door? Why the jump when I tapped
you on the shoulder?


Oh come on! We're both blokes!
Yeah..but what's that got to do
with anything?
Oh come on! A good looking woman
walks in here, disappears into
your bosses office for an hour and
you're not at all curious as to
what goes on?
No. I am not. Because I know
that everything that goes on it
that room is one hundred per cent
above board...
Well, if it's so innocent, then
why don't you tell me?
Because there is nothing to
tell... and anyway, you're new
around here... you're not quite
part of the furniture yet!
The BARMAN continues to polish glasses, while the TRAMP sups
at his beer
The TRAMP is seen to break a window in the office of
GEORGE's bar and climb in
                                         CUT TO
The TRAMP has climbed in and is presented with a messy
OFFICE with papers scattered all over the desk. The TRAMP
holding a torch begins rifling through the papers. He sees
various aged photographs of different people, notes with
addresses, times and dates written on them. He continues to
look through a pile of papers and finds an aged Picture of
GEORGINA. The TRAMP stares adoringly into the eyes of the
girl in the picture for a few seconds before putting it to
one side and continuing to look through the papers. He


finds an unopened letter addressed to 'THE OCCUPIER'
followed by an address. He then finds a picture of the
young DC TURNER which the camera also fixates on
                                         FADE TO
DC TURNER sits pouring over documents on his desk BERNSTEIN
comes out from his office and takes up a seat next to
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Well, I must say that I admire
your commitment to this one, but
really, it's nearly nine p m
                       DC TURNER
I'm desperately trying to piece
this one together boss... I think
I'm nearly there. Got a couple
more leads during the day
A UNIFORMED INSPECTOR walks in the door to the office
                       UNIFORMED INSPECTOR
Boss, can I have a word?
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
If you can keep it quick yes, but
I've been trying to get out of the
door for the last two hours...
The INSPECTOR gestures towards the office door
                       UNIFORMED INSPECTOR
In private if you wouldn't mind
                                         CUT TO
                       UNIFORMED INSPECTOR
It's about Turner...
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Oh.. what's he done now Eric?
                       UNIFORMED INSPECTOR
It's not anything that he's done.
It's his wife


                       DCI BERNSTEIN
And a very nice looking woman she
is too.. you should've seen her at
the Christmas...
Kent uniform found a car
registered to her on the Sussex
border.. abandoned
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
                       UNIFORMED INSPECTOR
That would be the first thought
yes, but we've attended the home
address and found, well, nothing.
A few clothes gone etc, but no
note or anything...
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Eric, for god's sake put this in
layman's terms for me
                       UNIFORMED INSPECTOR
We're dealing with it as a misper
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Who's on it?
                       UNIFORMED INSPECTOR
My uniform lot at the moment, but
as it's a bit close to home, I
figured it was best to let you
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Okay, as from now, it's out of
your hands. It's a CID matter now.
Get me every bit of paperwork
you've got, I want every officer
you've got on lates to stay on
until I say otherwise, that is an
      (Heading to the
Yes boss..


                       DCI BERNSTEIN
And Eric... do not say a single
word about this to Turner, or
anyone. Leave it to me.
The TRAMP waits by the wall of a large country house and
pulls a slip of paper out of his pocket. The camera zooms
in and the words 'Redfern House, Deep Spinney' can clearly
be seen. The TRAMP slips it back into his pocket before
looking at a watch on his right wrist. The time is 0006. The
TRAMP is disturbed by a vehicle arriving. GEORGE is seen to
park the car beside a garage before getting out of the
vehicle. The TRAMP runs over to GEORGE and pins him against
the car
What the...
Right, you start talking and start
talking fast
What in God's name are you doing?
I want to know what's going on. I
want to know what the circle is
The Circle? What the hell are you
going on about? I don't know no
In the bar, the other night. The
hypnotist what was she doing?
Giving me a sense of exceptional
well being
Don't talk to me in riddles..
don't you dare.. tell me now and
tell me straight what you're
involved in and why my name's
plastered all around your office


Who let you in?
Let's just say, I thought there
was something going on in that
place, so I took it upon myself to
have a nosey and put my mind at
rest for myself.. remember that
break in last week?
I wondered how long it would be
How long what would be?
I wondered how long it would be
until another member of the circle
found me. I knew you were coming
but couldn't remember when. Let go
of me and I'll tell you everything
How can I trust you? If I let you
go, how do I not know that you're
just going to disappear into the
Because you know where I work..
you know where I live. And I'm
sure if you're prepared to go to
these lengths to find out about
the circle, then I'm sure that you
will go ten times further
The TRAMP pauses for a few seconds before releasing his
grasp on GEORGE. The middle aged GEORGE struggles to catch
his breath
                                         CUT TO
The TRAMP and GEORGE sit in a modern kitchen. On the walls
and on every surface are newspaper cuttings from thousands
of different eras and ages. There are souvenirs from
everywhere and every time that GEORGE has visited. GEORGE
places a large bottle of whiskey on the table with two


First, you tell me your story. You
tell me your life, you tell me why
you chose my bar to frequent and
you tell me about your friends
your family and every element of
your life
There is nothing more to me than
you can see. I am no more than a
tramp. A stereotypical down and
I can see this is going to be a
long night.. let's start off with
an easy one. Why George's bar?...
why are you so adament that you
would drink at my place?
Because it's my local.. you know,
despite what you may think.. I am
a simple man. With simple
pleasures and simple ideas. You
are trying to make me more
complicated than I already am
Well tell me your story then. Tell
me how you came to be
This is not about me. This is
about you. This is about me
wanting to know about the circle
and how the hynotist fits into it
And we can go over and over the
same old ground.. but you will
know nothing about the circle
until I have heard your story
                                         FADE TO
Some hours later the TRAMP and GEORGE have nearly cosumed a
whole bottle of whiskey, although both appear reasonably
sober. GEORGE is red eyed and appears to have been crying
and pair are now slumped towards eachother in order to


listen more attentively. An analogue clock on the wall shows
the time to be 0430
...and so a week ago.. I walked
into George's bar on that mild
September evening. I used the
toilet, considered ordeing a beer
but instead became engaged in an
argument with your good self.. the
rest as they say, is history
GEORGE stares at The TRAMP for several seconds before
getting up off of his stool and going to a phone fixed to
the wall. He dials a number and talks to THE HYPNOTIST
Yes, it's me.. I think it's time
Yes.. a hundred per cent sure
No.. he knows nothing
Okay.. the same as before?
GEORGE hangs up the phone and returns to the table
So I guess that it's your turn now
No. I'm not telling you anything
But we had a deal..
I'm not going to tell you
anything. You are going to see
the circle for yourself, first
hand. I have called for the
Hypnotist. She is the one who
completes the circle, she is the
one who guides you into it and
will keep you there. Are you
Will I ever be?


Come on. We must go and make
ourselves ready. You must go and
clean and shave. I shall show you
to the bathroom
                                         CUT TO
The TRAMP now cleanly shaven looks up from the sink into the
mirror and pats his cheeks dry. His long hair is now tied
back. GEORGE appears in the mirror behind him. GEORGE
doesn't say a word but simply beckons the TRAMP with a sharp
movement of his head
                                         CUT TO
The TRAMP and GEORGE are laying asleep side by side on two
adjacent sofas. THE HYPNOTIST is stood between them
                       THE HYPNOTIST
And now you will sleep my
children.. you will sleep a deep
and vivid sleep...and you will
dream... such deep dreams that you
will make them real
      (Places a hand on
       The Tramps head)
Go and undo all that's wrong with
your life my child... I will be
here when you return
                                         FADE TO
GEORGE and THE TRAMP awake in the midst of the music
festival in full flow wearing the same clothing as in the
'present' day. All around them is partiers getting high and
drinking as the pair come around a random passer by
                       PASSER BY
Hey boys! Don't be so lazy.. here
have a pill...
The PASSER BY places a small yellow pill in The TRAMPS hand
Don't be so stupid


Without consequence or ill
effect.. isn't that what the
hypnotist said?
Yeah, but only with matters that
she can deal with or that we can
deal with. Not with some random
The TRAMP slyly places the pill in his pocket before a crowd
of people separate the pair
noo.. No... fuck no!
The TRAMP begins to look around aimlessly for GEORGE. He
begins walking looking at every person that he passes.
Intoxicated people with weird masks and costumes look at him
as they pass, almost as if he doesn't fit into the crowd.
Eventually he stumbles upon a beer tent and walks in
      (To Himself)
Well he's a raging alcoholic. What
better place to start
The TRAMP walks up to the bar and finds his way to the front
of the crowd
      (To the Barmaid)
Two pints of your stongest lager
No problem sir....
And a double whiskey if you will
The TRAMP hands over a five pound note and before the
BARMAID has turned with his changed, he's downed the
whiskey. He begins to slurp at his first pint, still
looking around for GEORGE. He reaches into his pocket and
pulls out the yellow pill
      (To Himself)
What the fuck... if he ain't here,
he ain't here to stop me


The TRAMP knocks back the pill and drinks it down with a big
slurp of lager. He is seen to carry on drinking for a few
moments before staggering back as if to faint. As he falls
back into a crowd of people. A group of MEN behind him
catch him and as they push him back to his feet. A big
cheesy grin spreads on his face
                                         CUT TO
GEORGE is seen walking through the market area of the
festival, looking at every stall for THE TRAMP. He turns in
a similar fashion to The TRAMP checking to see if every
person walking past is him. He doesn't see him
      (To Himself)
Fuck fuck fuck. The hypnotist
needs to get us out.. must get us
out of here
PASSER BY 2 hears GEORGE talking to himself and thinks it's
his reaction to drug use
                       PASSER BY 2
Woh! This man is stoned! Going
on about the Hypnotist... woh!
      (Barging the
       passer by)
Get out of it! I need to find the
                                         CUT TO
The TRAMP is now with the group of lads who saved him from
falling in the beer tent. He leans against a tree with the
group surrounding him. By now, he is very very intoxicated
And I tell you what! Records do
not exist where I am from... they
have been replaced with CDs
                       LAD 1
What the fuck man! You are out of
it! CDs! Some kind of sweet?


                       LAD 2
Maybe he's an alien from another
world.. maybe his intentions are
to suck the life out of us and
leave us for dead!
You can mock me! But I tell you,
in ten years time you will
remember this conversation and you
will realise that I am right
                       LAD 3
Jerry won't remember what happened
today, tomorrow...let alone in ten
years fucking time! Man.. so
you're really a time traveller
The group of lads begin to laugh uncontrollably
The hypnotrissh brought me here...
you know, I have to change my life
before it ends
                       LAD 1
Woooah... before the world ends?
Before the apocalypse!
                       LAD 2
This is freaky shit man.. what the
fuck have you taken?
I have no fucking idea.. all I
know is that I've lost the
landlord... and I need your help
in finding him
                       LAD 3
I tell you
I tell you, I can't take this
anymore... I don't know whether
it's what you're telling me, or
what's in those joints man... I'm
yeah... of your fucking head dude!
      (Toking on his


                       TRAMP (cont'd)
I'm off for a piss... don't
disappear lads.. I have so many
more stories to tell you
                                         CUT TO
The HYPNOTIST is now at the telephone on a call to the
BARMAN. In the background GEORGE and the TRAMP are still
sleeping on the sofas
                       THE HYPNOTIST
      (On Phone)
Yes... it's me.. the hypnotist.
You need to get your arse over
here straightaway...
No No No, you don't understand,
this is important.. I think it's
going all wrong...
No, I'll explain when you get
here.. Just get here now!
GEORGE is by now pulling his hair out looking for the TRAMP.
He comes to a toilet block (the same as GEORGINA's
encounter) and uses it's facilities. As he walks out of the
door on one side, The TRAMP staggers in through the door on
the opposite side. The miss eachother.
                                         CUT TO
The TRAMP is stood at the urinal, swaying and struggling to
pee in a straight line. He is huddled between many other
festival goers. After a short time, he zips his fly, nearly
loses balance but aims to go down the steps. GEORGINA comes
face to face with him
                                         FADE TO


The camera fixes on the outside of the RANDOM TENT as it
opens and out stumbles The TRAMP evidently in a hurry to
leave. He trips and as he gets up to his feet, he comes
face to face with GEORGE
Where the hell have you been?
I should be asking you the same
thing... I've been looking for you
all night!
      (Grabbing TRAMP by
       the throat)
Right, listen here and listen up
good.. this is not a game. I need
to know who you've interacted
with, spoken to, what you've told
them and what they've told
you...this could have serious
serious repurcussions
What's your point?
You don't get it. You don't get
it do you!
      (Looks around to
       make sure no one
       is listening)
...everything we do or say could
change the whole course of history
At this point, a worried looking GEORGINA gets out of the
tent and with her head bowed down, walks off picking up the
pace as she goes
                       GEORGE (Cont)
Oh please tell me... please tell
me I haven't just seen what I
think i've seen!
And what's that?


That girl.. that damn young girl..
tell me you didn't sleep with her
Well in all honesty, I don't
remember a lot after about 9 pm..
so well, anything's possible I
suppose! Anyway, what's the harm
in an easy shag every now and
Do you not recall any of the
conversation we had at my house?
If you don't remember, then I
suggest you start remembering, and
                                         FADE TO
TURNER sits at the bar hunched over smoking a cigarette and
downing a pint of lager very quickly. Rain can be hard
hitting the window behind him. Punters come in through the
door shaking their umbrellas off as they enter
                       BARMAN 2
Not very nice out there is it
TURNER lays a five pound note on the bar
                       DC TURNER
Same again
                       BARMAN 2
Look, I'm not being funny bu...
                       DC TURNER
TURNER continues to finish the pint he already has meanwhile
the barman pours another and places it in front of TURNER
with a double whiskey
                       BARMAN 2
You know, if a guy sits at the bar
he wants company. He wants to get
talking to the barman, or other
punters.. if he sits in the corner


                       BARMAN 2 (cont'd)
and opens out a newspaper, he's
there for a quiet drink and
doesn't want disturbing
                       DC TURNER
I'm not here for the small talk.
I'm sitting here because it's
easier than getting up every five
                       BARMAN 2
Why don't you just tell me what's
eating you?
                       DC TURNER
GEORGE walks in through the door and sits next to TURNER. He
places a ten pound note on the bar
Brandy and orange if you would.
And whatever my good friend here
                       DC TURNER
Do I know you?
                       DC TURNER
So why the drink? And why the
good friend treatment?
GEORGE pulls out a cigarette from his breast pocket
                       DC TURNER
Just answer the question, tramp
Put it this way.. you don't know
me but when you find out what I
know, you'll be my best friend for
                       DC TURNER
Oh! Another one from the looney
bin eh? Well why don't you go and


                       DC TURNER (cont'd)
sit in the corner, read your
newspaper and leave me in peace
GEORGE gets up and heads towards a vacant table in the
corner of the pub
Fair enough. Your loss Turner
                       BARMAN 2
Well he knows your name mate...
TURNER turns and fixates on GEORGE for several minutes still
supping at his beer
the kitchen, discussing the prior nights events
                       THE HYPNOTIST
      (To The Tramp)
What you have to remember, is that
every action has a reaction. What
you did in there could have
serious...no, grave repurcussions
You just didn't think did you? You
took it as being a jolly boys
outing... nothing more....
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Sssshhh.. we're never going to
sort this out unless we all calm
down and think about it rationally
You need to put me back under.. I
need to sort this mess out before
it muliplies ten fold
I'm going in with you
Oh right okay, just so you can do
even more damage to a situation
that has got completely out of
hand? Who knows where we are with
it 10 years later.. you really


                       GEORGE (cont'd)
have no idea do you?
If I made the mess, then it's me
who needs to sort it out. Just
get me under, and this will be the
last time
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Right, this is what we need to do.
I need time to think. I need
information. I need you to dig up
everything you can, every last bit
of information you can find, and I
need it today... we can't change
what's already been done...
...We can...
You know exactly what I mean. Just
relax, because if we make another
false move it could be the end.
Just do what I ask now, we'll re
group at the pub this time
tomorrow and go from there. I can
sort this. I just need
                                         CUT TO
GEORGE walks out of the front door of the pub, and is
heading towards his car. Following him is a rather drunk
                       DC TURNER
How do you know my name?
I thought you weren't interested
in what I had to say?
                       DC TURNER
I've changed my mind
I'm late for an appointment, i've
got to go


                       DC TURNER
You're him aren't you? You're
that tramp that was sniffing about
at my house the other night. I
recognise you now
Well done, well done you. I think
your deserve that detective's job
                       DC TURNER
So what were you doing there? Why
tell me you'd got the wrong house?
I know everyone on my street, and
I knew you were a stranger
I could tell you, but you'd never
ever believe me in a million
years. But put it this way, this
baby you're dealing with, I know
everything about it
                       DC TURNER
That kid is the least of my
worries right now
Oh, so you are more concerned
about your wife and kid then?
                       DC TURNER
How do you know about my wife? The
baby I could understand, it's been
all over the news, but my wife?
I will tell you everything, but
right now you wouldn't believe me.
Meet me back here in 25 years
                       DC TURNER
hahah.. you're mad. You're sick in
the head, you've just been
released haven't you? Been in
some nut house and escaped.. well,
believe me, I'm not that gullable
Your wife will be found safe and
well in Spain in 3 years time. If
that's the case, then come and see


                       GEORGE (cont'd)
me. If I've got it wrong, then
don't bother
                       DC TURNER
You've lost it, you really have.
My wife would never have left me,
never in a million years... why
would I believe some loon?
This is all connected to that case
that you're dealing with. If you
don't believe me, you one day
will. When that day comes, you
will also find me, and I will tell
you everything
                       DC TURNER
hmmm.., likely story. You're
dillusional... now fuck off out of
my life
GEORGE gets into his car and drives off, leaving TURNER
A very pregnant GEORGINA is in the bathroom of the orphanage
doing her hair and remembering the incident with FREDDIE
many months before. As she looks in the mirror her face
suddenly changes as she realises her waters have broken
Oh my god.. oh my god it's
After a long pause NURSE 1 arrives at the other side of the
                       NURSE 1
      (Through Door)
Georgie.. what is it? What's
I don't know.. I don't know, but I
think my baby's coming


                       NURSE 1
Well open the door please.. and I
can help you
GEORGINA reluctantly opens the door and in walks an older
looking NURSE 1
                       NURSE 1
It's okay pet.. it's okay. We
just need to get you to the
I'm scared.. I'm so fucking scared
                       NURSE 1
I know you are.. I know you are
hun. But I'm going to be with you
every step of the way. I promise
                                         CUT TO
GEORGINA paces frustrated around the maternity room, arching
her back and sighing as she goes. She fixates on the
ticking clock on the wall. Nurse 1 sits on the bed, flicking
aimlessley through a magazine
Why can't these things be quicker?
I mean, shouldn't it be out by
                       NURSE 1
Sometimes they can take hours,
sometimes even days
Days? Well I can't wait days! God
if I ever find the person who did
this to me, I swear to god I'll
kill 'em!
                       NURSE 1
Just be patient. Just try and
The door flies open and in marches DOCTOR NISBET. He paces
right up to the NURSE 1 without making eye contact with


                       DOCTOR NISBET
Hello, I'm Doctor Nisbet and I'm
the one who's leading this birth
                       NURSE 1
Why what an absolute pleasure to
meet you
                       DOCTOR NISBET
Okay, the situation is this.
Because of your daughter's
condition, we have made the
decision to carry out a Ceasarean
Section.. it will help prevent any
further problems or distresses
                       NURSE 1
Firstly, she is not my daughter...
and secondly did you not want to
talk to her about it? She is the
one who's giving birth
                       DOCTOR NISBET
Well, in that case...
      (Turns to Georgina)
Do you understamd what we're going
to do?
Totally.. totally crystal clear
                       DOCTOR NISBET
In that case, and if you are happy
then my colleagues will be here
shortly to start the process. Good
DOCTOR NISBET walks out of the door as quickly as he
strolled in and slams the door behind him
What the hell is going on?
                       NURSE 1
I didn't think you understood..
they're going to give you a C
section.. it means that it's all
over a lot quicker


I just want this... thing! Out of
me.. I want this to be over
                       NURSE 1
It's going to be a beautiful baby
and you will change and become a
brilliant mother
The TRAMP and GEORGE are at the bar drinking. GEORGE is
slumped over and talking quietly into the TRAMP's ear
The situation has got a lot worse
my dear friend. Much much worse
In what way?
It's very very complicated, but I
think you're going to have to sit
down to hear it
What about the Hypnotist? Surely
she can sort it out?
She'll be here any minute and we
all need to talk then and decide
on what to do with this. I'm
saying no more until she arrives.
Do you think I need one?
Oh yes... you know, if you'd been
completely honest with me the
other night.. this could've been
What do you mean?


You never told me you were a.. a..
come on, do I have to spell it
In walks the HYPNOTIST
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Right.. you pair. In the office
                                         CUT TO
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Okay.. what have we got?
Okay, this is what I've got. I'm
sure when you've read through it,
you'll understand the seriousness
of what's going on
GEORGE throws a pile of newspapers, medical files and a
birth certificate on the table
What is all this? You know guys,
I've been kept in the dark a lot
the last couple of days.. now's
the time to tell me what I've got
myself mixed up in
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Can you just leave me and George
for a couple of minutes? There's
something I need to run past him
                                         CUT TO
The TRAMP reluctantly walks out of the office leaving the
HYPNOTIST and GEORGE. A much much older DC TURNER is sat in
The TRAMPS seat
Excuse me.. but I was sitting
                       DC TURNER
Oh I am sorry.. I didn't realise..


DC TURNER gets up and moves his pint to one side. After a
few brief silent minutes, he turns to THE TRAMP
                       DC TURNER
Do you mind me asking? Are you a
regular here?
I guess you could say that, yes
                       DC TURNER
And in that case, do you know the
The grumpy old sod? Yes, I do.
                       DC TURNER
...and is he here today?
Yeah he is... just sorting out
some personal crap. Helping me out
of a small pickle
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Okay.. before we commit to doing
anything, I we dead sure it is
what you say it is?
One hundred per cent.
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Ok. You're one per cent clear on
what you need to do?
Totally. Just get me back under,
and let's sort this out once and
for all...
The BARMAN strolls in unanounced
Boss.. there's someone here to see


Some ex copper called Turner? Said
you met him about twenty five
years ago and told him to contact
you here
Well, you'll have to tell him to
wait.. I've got stuff to do right
But nothing.. he's been waiting
twenty five years, he can wait
another half an hour..
                                         FADE TO
GEORGE appears walking down the corridor of a busy hospital.
Nurses, doctors and patients bustle past. GEORGE appears
confident although nervous. He walks past a flower stall
and without looking, takes a bunch of flowers and continues
                       FLOWER SELLER
OI! Oi you! Come back here with
The FLOWER seller hesitates as she begins to go after
GEORGE. As she realises her stall is now unattended, she
quickly strides back to where the til is situated
                                         CUT TO
GEORGE approaches a nearby nurses station and puts the
flowers in full view
                       NURSE 3
Hello there... can I help?
Hello.. my niece is here with you.
I believe she's just given birth


                       NURSE 3
Okay.. if you bare with me...
If I can take her name please?
Her? Oh of course.. it's Jane
                       NURSE 3
      (Tapping on
errmm... okay.. we don't seem to
have anyone with that name on my
records.. can you just wait there
a minute?
Yes of course... thankyou
The nurse gets up and walks off. GEORGE has a sly look at
the records the nurse has left. As the nurse disappears
through a doorway, GEORGE grabs the notes and makes his way
swiftly out of the hospital ward. As he does, he knocks
into DR NISBET heading in the opposite direction
I'm sorry...
                       DOCTOR NISBET
That's okay... why so fast?
DR NISBET looks at the notes in GEORGE's hand, looks up at
GEORGE. GEORGE begins to run down the corridor NISBET in
quick pursuit
                                         CUT TO
GEORGE runs out of the front entrance of the hospital, still
with NISBET in pursuit. GEORGE negotiates an ambulance that
nearly knocks him over and makes off across the road. NISBET
realises that the chase is up and leans down to catch his
breath, before turning and walking back into the hospital
                                         FADE TO


GEORGINA's POV as she comes around from her operation. She
sees DR NISBET standing over her, wiping his brow. NURSE 1
is still sat next to her bedside
                       NURSE 1
Good evening sweetheart...
Baby... where's my baby?
                       NURSE 1
The doctor's here.. he has a few
things that he needs to explain to
GEORGINA turns her head to see NISBET once again standing
over her
                       DOCTOR NISBET
      (Out of Breath)
Hello.. I'm Doctor Nisbet
I know who you are... what have
you got to tell me?
NISBET and NURSE 1 look at eachother
                       DOCTOR NISBET
Okay.. obviously due to your...er,
condition.. I mean I think you
were fully aware of the potential
Cut to the chase.. what's
                       DOCTOR NISBET
Well, obviously we had to perform
and C Section because of your...
                       DOCTOR NISBET
..yes, er okay.. well, there were
further complications as well


What's wrong with my baby? What's
                       DOCTOR NISBET
No everything's fine with your
daughter.. it's just...we had to
perform an emergency operation on
you, and it means that you won't
ever be able to have children
again.. it was a choice of that..
or you dying
And what... what the fuck?
NURSE 1 takes GEORGINA by the hand
                       NURSE 1
It's okay sweetheart..
everything's going to be okay
Just go away... just go away and
leave me alone..
GEORGINA begins to cry uncontrollably, NURSE 1 attempts to
take her hand once more but she throws it aside.
                       GEORGINA (Cont)
Please... I need to be alone
                                         FADE TO
GEORGE paces up and down the bar pouring short after short
into his glass. The HYNOTIST and THE TRAMP are the only
people in the bar
                       THE HYPNOTIST
So what the hell happened back
I blew it. I fucking blew it. My
life MY LIFE depends on this and I
fucking blew it


                       THE HYPNOTIST
Well... we just need to think
about how to rectify it. All is
not lost
Right.. so when I go back..
there's going to be...err.. this
is all too much for me to take
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Would you just calm down. We need
to think about this logically
GEORGE takes another large shot from the whiskey bottle. He
downs it immeadietely
                       THE HYPNOTIST (Cont)
And stop bloody drinking... if you
can't do this with a clear head,
you certainly can't when your
GEORGE glares at the HYPNOTIST
      (Turning to the
You know.. some people are just
too damn stubborn
GEORGE swings round throwing his glass across the bar. He
pulls The TRAMP by his neck scarf towards him
Don't you fucking start. You're
the one who got us in this mess in
the first place.. and it's me
who's got to sort it out!
I said that I would help
It's no good.. you can't be
And don't, whatever you do.. talk
to anyone.. in fact I'm locking
you in here
GEORGE paces over to the front door flips the open sign to
closed and locks the door. He then turns to the HYPNOTIST


So.. what are your bright ideas
Miss Witch?
                       THE HYPNOTIST
I have an idea.. in the office
The HYPNOTIST and GEORGE begin to walk towards the door of
the office and THE TRAMP gets up off've his stool
You... can stay right here
The TRAMP sits down without saying a word and continues to
drink his pint. The HYPNOTIST and GEORGE disappear into the
office and the door is shut behind them
                                         FADE TO
The rain begins to fall as a caped figure waits around the
corner of the hospital. He looks familiar as possibly the
caped figure in the first scene. This character is GEORGE
although he is not revealed to GEORGINA or the audience. He
watches several happy couples walk out with their new born
babies, and visitors walking in with flowers. He is looking
for GEORGINA to appear. GEORGINA walks out of the front
door with NURSE 1 and GEORGE makes his way over to them. He
pulls out a knife from his pocket and walks up to behind
GEORGINA's neck. He buries the knife into her
DON'T TURN AROUND!... Don't turn
around or I'll kill all three of
What the?
Don't say anything, don't do
anything.. just hand the child
I'm not giving you anything...get
off me


I'm telling you now.. the baby
will not be hurt, neither will you
if you just hand her over..
No way.. there's no fucking way
I'm letting you kidnap my daughter
GEORGE buries the knife deeper into GEORGINA's neck
Listen to me, I'm not pratting
around. You hand over that child
now.. you know I can give it a
better life than you can!
GEORGINA reluctantly releases her grip on the baby. GEORGE
takes his chance and swipes it from her arms. He runs off
across the road and into the night. GEORGINA runs into the
road and collapses in floods of tears.. LONGSHOT Nurse 1
runs to her aid and tries to comfort her
                                         FADE TO
TURNER lies on the sofa asleep with the TV crackling in
front of him. An old fashioned telephone rings and rings
until TURNER wakes. He takes a swig from a glass of water
next to him. He fumbles and eventually picks it up. He
begins talking to Detective Superintendent BERNSTEIN
                       DC TURNER
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Turner, it's me. The super.. get
your arse here now.. I've got a
job for you
                       DC TURNER
What is it?
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
A baby snatch.. 6 hours ago. I
need you on it
                       DC TURNER
Surely child protection team
should deal with this one?


                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Turner, you're the best i've got.
You've worked for me for fifteen
years and I trust you.. just get
your arse here within ten minutes
                                         CUT TO
BERNSTEIN sits at his desk and it is axactly the same as it
was from fifteen years prior with the exception of his name
There is a knock at the door
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Come In!
The door opens and in walks TURNER
                       DC TURNER
Evening boss...I hope this is
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
Right, sit down and listen up. I
have no time to waste.. another
retirment do to go to. Damn, i'm
saying goodbye to everyone...
can't wait til this time next week
and I'll be taking the good ol'
golden handshake... anyway...
BERNSTEIN flings a pile of papers at TURNER
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
I ain't gonna waste your time as I
know you can read. Young girl,
leaves hospital with her newborn,
attacked at knifepoint blah blah
and boo hoo... get it sorted
BERNSTEIN stand up, takes an evening jacket out of his
                       DC TURNER
Leave it with me for a few days
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
No I want it done tonight. No
mucking about with this one. The
boys in blue are down the hospital


                       DCI BERNSTEIN (cont'd)
now.. get down there and take over
before they fuck it up
                       DC TURNER
No probs...
TURNER gets up and opens the door
                       DCI BERNSTEIN
And Turner... if you need anything
from me, tough
TURNER shuts the door behind him and pulls a cigarette from
his breast pocket. He looks around the room and sees the no
smoking sign on the wall. He sighs and puts the cigarette
back in his pocket
                                         CUT TO
GEORGE is sleeping on the chair in the office. The HYNOTIST
is standing over him as he begins to stir. As his movements
become more intense, she cradles his head
                       THE HYPNOTIST
It's okay my stubborn little
sweet.. you're coming back to
ninety five... take it slow.. just
take it slow...
GEORGE opens his eyes and looks up at the hypnotist
                       THE HYPNOTIST (cont)
You succeeded didn't you?
GEORGE nods his head slowly
                       THE HYPNOTIST
ssssh... then we now have nothing
to worry about. Evertything is
sorted and we can put an end to
this circle and break it for good
      (Standing up)
There is just one more thing I
need to do, to finish this off
completely. I have to finish off
the Tramp


GEORGE takes a large bunch of keys off've the desk and walks
out to the bar. The TRAMP is still sat with a pint. GEORGE
walks over to him and places the keys in front of him before
walking out of the front door. The HYPNOTIST hurridly
follows him out
                                         CUT TO
                       THE HYPNOTIST
What the hell is going on? What
an earth are you doing?
GEORGE takes The Hynotist by the hand
Don't you see..don't you see that
the whole thing is centred on that
guy? The guy who's never even
told me his name?
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Well, we've known that all along..
does he?
The TRAMP walks out of the front door of the pub to where
the HYNOTIST and GEORGE are stood
You left your keys
I know I did.. I left the damn
keys. That's because they are
yours now.. everything is yours
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Sweetie.. are you losing it? Do
you even know what you are doing?
You can't just walk off and give
this bloke everything...have you
gone insane?
Look, just take the keys. Take
everything. It will all make sense
very soon
But why.. why me


Because, my friend.. my friend the
tramp.. the circle revolves around
you. You don't know it yet, but
suddenly everything will become
clear. I tried to stop it, but it
just spiralled and we are all now
in this mess...
                       THE HYPNOTIST
Oh.. so you didn't succeeed then?
Oh I succeeded alright.. succeeded
in securing my own furure. How
fucking selfish eh? But what I
also did was created an immense
tangled web. A circle with THREE
Well surely.. you should tell us
exactly what we've got involved in
You wouldn't believe me if I told
you so you will have to wait and
find out for yourself. I promise
you that you will find out. It
may not be today or tomorrow.. but
you will find out
The TRAMP walks over to GEORGE and stares at him dead in the
I want to know exactly what you've
got me mixed up in. I can't just
let you walk away, leaving me with
everything you own without giving
me an explanation
But that's just it.. there is
nothing more to tell you. I can't
tell you anything.. you just have
to see the circle for yourself...
I can't tell you about all those
GEORGE walks off into the night leaving THE TRAMP and the
HYPNOTIST standing in the car park


And that's how he leaves it?
                       THE HYPNOTIST
That's how he leaves it
                                         CUT TO
A rather aged TURNER sits behind the wheel of his car
smoking. The door opens and in gets GEORGE
You see, I promised if you came
back I would tell you everything
Scene showing TURNER opening the letter that he is about to
talk about
                       DC TURNER (VO)
Well, three years to the day I met
you in the pub, I got a letter
from Kim, telling me that she had
been forced to leave the country.
She told me that someone had held
a knife to her throat, handed her
a wad of cash and told her to
There you go.. I know you wouldn't
have believed me if I had told you
all those years ago
                       DC TURNER
What I want to know, is how do you
know about all of this. What part
do you play in all this?
And that, I will tell you.. but I
have to start from the very
                       DC TURNER
I've waited twenty five years for
this, I'm not about to stop you


Okay, well it all started about
two weeks ago when I met the
person I call The Tramp
Scene showing THE TRAMP standing at the urinal in GEORGE'S
BAR. George walks in and recognises him to be himself. The
scene continues to show conversations between George and The
                       GEORGE (VO)
To start with, I thought he was
another one of the waifs or strays
we get around here, but I realised
he was more than that. I realised
he was somehow connected to me.
Once he knew what I was about to
get myself into, he came to my
house and we spoke all night. He
told me that he had been born a
hermaphrodite but more so a woman.
But when she fell pregnant,
complications arose and she came
out of her pregnancy and had to
rebuild her life as a man
The scene continues to show GEORGE and THE TRAMP sitting at
the kitchen table, talking and drinking. The TRAMP crying.
                       GEORGE (VO)
He went on to tell me that the
person he blamed for the ruining
of his life, was the man who made
him pregnant. He wanted revenge,
he wanted to get this bloke out of
his life, so with my contacts, I
told him that I could take him
back and change all the wrong
doing on his life
Scene showing THE TRAMP meeting, seducing and sleeping with
GEORGINA at the festival
                       GEORGE (VO)
He told me that because he was so
out of it at the time, he had no
idea who had made him pregnant.
But he deemed Glastonbury 1985 to
be the best starting point, so
that was our first port of call.
But I quickly lost him, little did
I know, he lost the plot. Didn't
have his eye on the game, and
after many beers ended up sleeping


                       GEORGE (cont'd)
with that young schoolgirl. That
was the start of all the problems
                       DC TURNER
You mean to tell me...?
Please, hear me out
Scene showing GEORGINA giving birth, the subsequent
operation and GEORGE waiting outside the hospital for
GEORGINA to appear. This time, the abduction of 'Hope' is
shown that GEORGE is the perpatrator. GEORGE is also seen
to be the person to place HOPE on the steps of the orphanage
                       GEORGE (VO)
Realising the enormity of the
situation I had created, I went
forward to when her baby was born,
and I snatched it. I had to
eliminate it from the circle, but
I didn't know how. I could not
kill her.. but I had to get rid of
her though so I headed back to
1970, took to where I knew she
would be safe and placed her on
the steps of the city orphanage.
But I was seen....
                       DC TURNER
Who saw you?
A young woman walking towards me
as I walked towards the orphanage.
I couldn't risk being caught. I
know that no one would have
believed my story, so I had to get
her out of the picture to
Scene showing KIM being threatened by GEORGE and being
handed a wad of money. GEORGE telling her to disappear and
never return, followed by the scene of George meeting TURNER
in the bar
                       GEORGE (VO)
So I tracked her down, it wasn't
easy believe me. But I did. I
gave her as much money as I could


                       GEORGE (cont'd)
afford and told her to do one.
Told her to disappear and to never
ever return, and she did. She
took my advice until about three
years later when she obviously
couldn't hide any longer, and she
made contact with you
                       DC TURNER
So that's how you knew.. that's
how you knew everything about me,
my wife, everything...
TURNER begins to pick up the pace in the car and turns off
down a dirt track
Where the hell are you taking me?
                       DC TURNER
Somewhere where no one will find
us...you know for nearly 25 years,
I've wanted my family back.. have
you any idea how that feels?
No I don't, because unlike you,
I've had nothing all my
life...there's still more I need
to tell you
                       DC TURNER
No there's not. There is nothing
more that I need to hear from
you... you seriously are telling
me that you've time travelled,
kidnapped a baby in the 80's and
took her back to the 70's... using
that as an excuse for ruining my
life, exiling my wife and kid...
you have no idea what I want to do
to you right now... absolutely no
idea, you've got a screw loose you
have, you need to start telling me
the truth right now
You have to believe me, I planned
none of this... this paradox was a
major major accident... this
person has grown up thinking her
parents didn't care...


                       DC TURNER
Open the glove box...
You what?
                       DC TURNER
GEORGE opens the glove box, to find a package in a brown
paper bag inside. He pulls it out
                       DC TURNER
Now... pass it to me
GEORGE passes TURNER the package. He opens it while driving
to reveal a handgun. He loads it and hold it to GEORGE's
What the?
                       DC TURNER
Congratulations. You've now
stepped this whole thing up a gear
                                         CUT TO
The inside of the door opens to reveal the tramp walking in.
He places the bunch of keys on the table runs a glass of
water. He looks at himself in the mirror, and runs his
hands through his hair. He has a flashback to when he was
in the dorm room with FREDDIE as a young girl. He looks in
the mirror and sees FREDDIE behind him, he turns around and
he's gone. As he looks back, he becomes the 1985 GEORGINA
again, looking in the mirror in her dorm room
                                         MERGE TO
GEORGINA is scene looking in the mirror when there is a
knock at the door and one of the NURSE 3 walks in
Do you never think to wait for me
to invite you in?


                       NURSE 3
I just wanted to see if there was
any news at all. Also do you want
some dinner? It's on the table
I can't eat, I can't sleep I can't
do anything. I want to know where
my daughter is
                       NURSE 3
Look Hope...
It's not Hope.. It's George.
Always has been, and always will
                       NURSE 3
Okay, I'm sorry... The Police are
doing all that they can to find
her, but I think, that maybe it's
time that you prepare yourself for
the worst
You know, I've never had anything
at all in my life. And When I
finally find something that will
love me no matter what, it's taken
                       NURSE 3
I cannot begin to understand how
you must be feeling right now, but
we are all here to help and
support you. You must eat though
I'm not hungry. Just leave me
The Nurse walks out of the door shutting it behind her.
Georgina breaks down in tears
                                         CUT TO
GEORGE is knelt in the mud. TURNER continues to walk around
and around him pointing the gun to his head


You know, it doesn't have to end
like this... you know, we can work
everything out
                       DC TURNER
You know.. I could never ever love
another woman. Everytime I began
to get close to someone, I had to
push them away, in the hope that
Kim would come walking back into
my life one day
And that could still happen...
just stop, there's still a lot
more that I need to tell you,
things that would change
                       DC TURNER
I've told you, I've heard
enough... I don't need anymore of
your lies anymore... it ends here
and it ends now
Just stop, slow down and let's
work out a solution to all this
                       DC TURNER
Oh I know what the solution is..
you are the cause of all this..
you have ruined my life and took
my wife and child away from me,
you don't deserve to live
TURNER loads the gun and hold presses it firmly into GEORGES
mouth. His muffled moans can be heard. TURNER closes his
eyes, and pulls the trigger. GEORGE's body crumbles to the
ground. TURNER then steps back in fright as he realises
what he has done and edges gradually backwards towards the
car. He get's into the car, and notices a slip of paper on
the passenger seat. He picks it up, and soon realises that
it is a book of matches with the words 'GEORGE'S BAR' on one
side. The 'O' is the snake, Ouroboros. Now suddenly
surprised, he revs the car and speeds off into the night
                                         CUT TO


THE TRAMP now cleanly shaven finds the drinks cabinet and
pours himself a large whisky and orange before settling back
in the recliner chair. He pulls a wad of paperwork out of
his pocket, and the first one can be seen with his name
George Thompsett on the top. He begins flicking through
various television channels while rubbing his stomach in the
area where there would be a Ceasarian scar gently sipping at
his drink
                                         CUT TO
TURNER grinds to a halt outside his house. It is early
hours of the morning and the sky is becoming light and the
birds are starting to sing. He rushes out of the car and
into the front door of his house. He enters the study and
pulls out the drawer of match books he has collected. He
empties the drawer on the floor of the study and begins
hurridly mixing through them trying to find the book he had
found all those years before on the doorstep of the
orphanage. He find it, and pulls out the book he found in
the car from his pocket. He compares the two. The are
identical with the exception of the one from the drawer
being considerably older. The camera zooms in on them. On
them both it says 'GEORGE'S BAR' the 'O' in the title being
the Snake, ouroboros. TURNER is visabally shocked and
realises that everything that GEORGE had told him is true
                                         FADE TO
THE TRAMP is sat snoring his head off in the armchair with
his drink beside him. A news report is heard on the TV that
is still on in fron of him
                       NEWSREADER 2 (TV)
Police in Essex have begun a
murder enquiry, following the
discovery of a middle aged man's
body, believed to be wealthy
London publican George Thompsett.
Mr Thompsett's body was found off
the A127 earlier tonight, it is
believed that he died from a
single gunshot wound to the head


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From Kevin Isaacson Date 12/5/2008 ****
I love this story so far. There are already so many twists. Some stories are easy to read a little and then leave and come back to. Yours made me want to finish reading before I left. I'm looking forward to where you take this concept. Dialogue flowed nicely and was realistic. Good job and keep it up!

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