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Good Times Gone (SHORT)
by Devin Warne (dw_koolster@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We open up on GREG STEVENS and MITCH ALLEN walking down the
side walk. They currently are in a heated debate about
That's the stupidest thing you've
said in the long sad history of
stupid things you've said.
You know I'm right Mitch. Argue
all you want but when it comes
down to it, they were better and
Yeah, at being a bunch of namby
pamby fuckwads who couldn't fight
their way out of a paper bag.
You never see the big picture. You
never see ANY picture.
I think you always have to have it
the way you want it Greg.
It's not always about what I want.
Something dawns on Mitch and he stops, looking at Greg.
Are we actually having an argument
on who was better? Backstreet
Boys or Nsync?
There's a pause between them.
You are such a homo.
Mitch walks away leaving Greg to think for a moment, then:


      (going after him)
Hey, you started it!
Mitch is stopped again when Greg catches up. Mitch starts
tapping Greg on the arm while he stares forward.
                       GREG (CONT'D)
      (pushing his hand
Would you stop that?
Greg, check it out. Clair Belmont
12 o'clock.
Greg looks forward to see CLAIR BELMONT walking their way.
She's drinking an ice cap of some sort and the way Mitch is
staring, the angels must be singing.
      (shaking his head)
You've been in love with Clair
since what, grade 8?
Grade 9, ever since the seniors
threw me into the girls locker
room and I caught her changing.
God how I would love to be that
Why don't you ask her out?
      (still looking at
Yeah right! Dating gives up our
one human right.
And what's that?
      (looking at Greg)
To fuck as much as possible.
      (shaking his head)
You're a real piece of work Mitch.


Mitch starts tapping Greg on the arm again and Greg swats it
Alright, here she comes. Be my
wing man.
They both stand still as Clair makes her way towards them.
Seeing them, she stops smiling.
Hey guys, hows it going?
Mitch is about to say something when:
Can I smell your boobs?
Mitch's jaw drops and Clair stares at him shocked then
disgusted as she storms off. Mitch slowly turns to Greg
wide eyed. Greg looks embarrassed.
Can I smell your boobs? What kind
of sick shit are you into you
Me? You're then one who walked
into my parents having sex and
wanted to stay and watch!
Hey I can't help it if your mom's
      (looks Greg up and
I bet you were adopted.
Greg makes a angry huff and walks away. Mitch is smiling
watching him go.
Can I smell your boobs. What a
                                         CUT TO:
Greg and Mitch sit down at a booth.


So you get Friday off?
Jessica Daniels party! Do you
know how many drunk chicks are
going to be there? We'll be
rolling in the pussy man!
That's your answer for everything
isn't it.
      (mocking Mitch)
Pussy man!
And besides you know I'm dating
At this moment the WAITRESS walks up to the booth.
Can I get you guys anything to
Rye Coke.
Cranberry juice for me please.
      (to Greg)
What is it, your period?
She walks away and leaves Greg with a shocked look. He
looks at Mitch who's trying to hold in laughter.
I like her.
      (back to origanl
Fine, bring Queen Bitch if you
want but you still have to come.
I'd wish you'd stop calling her


                       WHITNEY (O.C.)
Stop calling who what?
At his comment WHITNEY walks up and sits next to Greg. They
Nothing, don't worry about it.
Whitney, would you please convince
Greg to come to Jess's party.
The Waitress returns with the drinks and sets them down.
      (to Whitney)
Anything for you?
Vodka Seven.
The waitress leaves and Whitney looks down at Greg's drink.
What is that?
Cranberry juice.
What is it, your period?
Greg throws his hands up in defeat and turns around in his
Excuse me! Can I get a beer?!
He turns back around and Mitch is laughing.
I hate that fucking movie.
Really? I thought it was really
well made.
Give me a break.
      (mocking Team
Matt Damon!


The only good part in that movie
was when DiCaprio's head got blown
all over the elevator wall.
      (back to origanl
Okay so back to things that
matter. Party. Starts with P,
rhymes with me!
      (looks at Mitch
       then to Greg)
You haven't told him yet?
Tell me what?
      (taking a deep
I got a promotion yesterday.
That's awesome dude! This calls
for a round of shooters!
      (a lower voice)
I wonder if the waitress will let
me do mine off her chest?
The Waitress comes back with Whitney's drink and sets it
down. Mitch is about to say something to her then:
      (leans in close to
If you want to take a shooter off
of someone's chest, I'd suggest
going to the strip club down the
She leaves and Mitch looks at Greg and Whitney.
She has ears like a bat.
Mitch, the job is in Toronto.
                                         CUT TO:


Mitch comes through the front door mad, with Greg right
behind him.
Mitch, hang on a sec!
      (stops and turns
You took a job in Toronto? That's
across the fucking country.
I was going to tell you. I was
just waiting for the right time.
The right time? How about this
morning? Or 20 minutes ago when
you made an ass of your self in
front of Clair? You tit.
Above them, someone on the patio leans over and yells:
                       PATIO DUDE
Would you two keep it down over
      (to Patio Dude)
Go fuck a porch swing!
I should have told you sooner and
I'm sorry. But you could of
handled things better in there
instead of just storming out.
Did you just call me a tit?
      (calming down)
You're right, I over reacted. So
when do you leave? I have to
throw you a proper going away
bash, with lot's of beer and
Once again with the pussy thing.


I'm sorry but when I'm scared or
upset it cheers me up.
      (shakes his head)
So again, when do you leave?
Mitch's eyes go wide and then:
That's in two fucking days! Jesus
Christ Greg!
Mitch turns around and starts walking away.
      (turns around but
       keeps walking)
You know what? When you get to
Toronto, don't ever come back. As
far as I'm concerned, we never
met. Enjoy your new life.
With that Mitch turns back around and disappears around the
                                         CUT TO:
Sitting back in the booth, only this time across from
Whitney, Greg grabs his beer and begins chugging it back.
Whitney puts one of her hands on top of his.
Didn't go well huh?
He hates me Whitney. I don't know
what to do now.
Maybe it's for the best you know
make it easier for you to leave.


Easy for you maybe. You never
liked Mitch in the first place and
besides you're coming with me.
Greg takes another sip of his beer and Whitney moves in next
to him.
Only because having Mitch around
holds you back from great things.
You're always putting your life on
hold for him.
He's my best friend Whit. And
it's not me I'm worried about.
Mitch doesn't have a lot of
You need to move on.
I don't know if he can.
                                         FADE TO:
Greg is sitting at his kitchen table holding a phone. After
a moment he dials a number and puts the phone to his ear.
                                         CUT TO:
Mitch is lying on his bed when the phone begins to ring. He
picks up the phone then hangs it up, picking it back up
again only this time leaving it off the hook.
                                         CUT TO:
Greg pulls the phone away and stares at it for a moment
before putting it on the table with a sigh.
                                         FADE TO:


Greg is sitting in a booth by himself drinking. He's about
to take another drink when:
                       MITCH (O.C.)
I thought drinking beer before two
gave you the runs?
Greg looks up to see Mitch standing there. He sits down
across from him.
Mitch. How did you know I was
Whitney told me.
Greg goes to say something but Mitch puts up his hands to
stop him.
Listen, I have this whole speech
planned out and if you interrupt
me I'll lose my spot.
Greg nods and leans back in his chair.
I've been thinking about this
whole thing and I realized that
you should take that job in
Toronto. Our friendship means to
much to me to be thrown away by
something as stupid as this.
You're my best friend man and I
love you.
In the most manly way possible.
So I won't get in th-
I didn't take the job.
What?! Why the hell not?
I knew that if I took the job I'd
end up being miserable. And I
suck at making new friends, you
know that.


                       GREG (cont'd)
I love you too man.
Greg chuckles and takes another drink.
So what did your boss say when you
didn't take the job?
He offered me a better one here.
You got to be shitting me?
I shit you not. Want a drink?
Oh God yes.
                                         CUT TO:
Once again Mitch and Greg are walking down the street.
So you're in for Jess's party
Wouldn't miss it for the world.
Sweet. Dude we are going to get
drunk and get laid.
Greg laughs and they continue walking but the camera stays
and watches them go.
N'Sync was better.
Oh don't start that again.


Mitch laughs and gives Greg a shove to the side. Greg looks
at him laughing himself but stops when he runs into a pole.
                                         BLACK OUT:
                       GREG (V.O.)
Son of a bitch!


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From Sven Date 12/11/2008 ***
I would not say that it was a hilarious comedy, though I like some of the humour you added. Story is pretty good for a short film. I would suggest that if you want to make a four-star worthy comedy, watch films like 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' or 'Meet the Parents' or 'Death at a Funeral' etc if you have not already. Decent script and I wish you luck. P.S. when they were talking about team america, I believe it was actually "The Departed" film.

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