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Until Dawn (Work in Progress)
by Jeff Hammond (jeff.hammond@rogers.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A friendly long weekend at a remote cottage turns ugly when WW3 dessimates Toronto and everything the guests knew. They are forced to live out their lives and provide for themselves. Force 9 people to stay together with limited supplies and conflicting ideas of what they should be doing and see where that takes you.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



It is a sunny Thursday afternoon and all players are in
their respective cars heading up north to the marina where
Jim is waiting to bring them to the cottage. The cottage is
all new with 5 bedrooms, completely pine interior, all the
latest electronics and almost completely self-sustaining. It
is set on a river and you cannot easily get to the cottage
by land. The land behind the cottage spans for acres and
acres of heavy brush and trees. If you wanted to hike out,
it would take the better part of a day to make it back to
the marina or small town. One must park at the local marina
and boat to the cottage. There are very few cottages along
the river, mostly summer seasonal. A lot of the owners are
older people who mostly come up during the week when there
is less traffic on the roads and the river.
Well I don't think we'll get much
privacy. There are 3 or 4 other
couples going up too. You remember
Melanie? Her and Mike will be
there. Jeff & Denise. Jim and
his g/f. A friend of Jeff's from
work too.
Whatever. As long as I get to
spend time with you and have some
privacy too.
Just so you know. Jim doesn't
allow smoking inside the cottage.
I can't wait to see this place. I
hear it's gorgeous.
Sounds good. Should be a blast if
they all drink.


                       DENISE (to)
So how do you like working in the
car business?
It's okay. Anything that has me
chatting up the guys works for me.
Don't kid yourself. She'd be a
great salesperson if she wanted to
sell cars. So what happened to
      (Rather pissed)
He would rather spend the weekend
with his buddies for his friend's
birthday (somewhat disgusted) than
with me....hummph.
His loss. The weatherman is
calling for a great long
weekend...weather wise.
Can't wait. Brought my bikini,
some suntan lotion and some
drinks...I'm good.
Drinks? Did someone mention
drinks? I brought all the stuff
to experiment with the Martinis.
      (Rather anxiously)
Can we please hurry up? Remember
last time we went there? We were
3 hours late?
Don't blame me for that. That was
Luke's fault. Can't wait to try
out the seadoos and do some


Just remember, he is Jeff's friend
and we're his guests.
You say that like I'm going to
embarass you? Is that what you
think of me?
No honey...now just drive.
Jeff starts introducing everyone. Nice to meet you's are
exchanged while people unload their cars and carry stuff to
the boat. One wagon is full of booze.
                       MELANIE (to)
      (Joce - arms out
       to hug)
Hey baby! Long time no see! Can't
wait for the party to start! I
see drinking and skinny dipping in
our future!
                       JIM (to)
Hi everyone. Just one rule
please. No smoking in the
cottage. And no puking either!
                       JOCE (to)
Ya baby. Let's get Denise and
their friend drunk too. We'll
turn this into a girls rule
weekend! Ha Ha!
Everyone is chatting and getting to know each other.
Discussion about the economic state and the new direction
that US President McCain is taking rules the guys
conversation. The girls talk about what martinis to mix and
how drunk they intend to get.


Wow....I mean Wow. This is
                       MELANIE (to)
So where can we bunk?
                       JIM (to)
       Joce & Phil)
You guys follow me and I'll show
you were you can sleep. Jeff, why
don't you and Denise and your
friend take the room beside mine?
                       JEFF (to)
      (Denise & maritza)
You okay with sharing a room?
Separate beds of course.
No prob.
Hey..it's not like we'll sleep
much. We may pass out and then
it's everyone for herself. Right
Maybe we'll make Jeff sleep on
that cot and you and I can have
the comfy bed...(laughs)
                       LIZ (to)
I'm going to get some drinks
going...who's in?
Everyone answers...yes!
The girls are relaxing in the sun drinking their cocktails.
The guys have decided to go out fishing for a bit and pick
up the jetskiis on the way back.They promise fish for
dinner. The radio is playing music in the background.


Ahhh this is the life! Relaxing in
the sun having drinks with
friends. I could get used to
Me too.
Who needs a refill?
All answer, "YES"
Denise goes into the cottage and comes back out in a few
minutes with a pitcher of drinks.
So Melanie, Jeff said you are a
teacher? What grade?
High School...grades 10-12.
That must be interesting teaching
kids that must think you are not
much older than they are?
Thanks for the compliment. I have
one student who has the biggest
crush on me. He brings me coffee
and chocolate bars every day! And
he's kinda cute too.
                       DENISE (to)
I see a Desparate Housewives
moment coming on...hmmm.
How cute? How old?
Okay you guys are bad. I'm never
telling you anything anymore.
I need a swim. Anyone joining me?
Maritza jumps in the water and taunts the others to join
her. Jocelyn follows. Melanie and Denise stay on the dock


and consume more beverages. Jim and Mike and approaching in
the boat and Jeff and Phil are on the jetskiis. Jeff comes
in sharply, turns and sprays all on the dock!
      (abruptly jumps up)
Thanks a lot! I didn't want to
get wet! AND get water in my drink
Ya. Me neither!
Cool. Lets go for a boot.
Jocelyn jumps on the back with Phil. Denise declines a ride
with Jeff but Melanie jumps on. As soon as she gets on, she
asks Jeff to stand up for a moment while she adjusts the
seat then proceeds to push him off into the water. Then
Maritza jumps on and the two girls take off.
Anyone seen Liz?
Yes. She's up on the internet
doing some work I think.
Jim heads up to the cottage to see what Liz is up to.
Hey Jeff...how's the water?
Wet! But quite warm...should be
nice to swim later tonight.
The 2 jetskiis are flying around in front of the cottage
spraying each other and jumping the waves. Maritza falls
off during one of the stints. When she comes up, she is
minus her bikini top. Everyone hoots and whistles from the
dock. She is embarrased but recovers her top and gets it
back on. The jetskiis then come back to the dock and
everyone disembarks.
Anyone interested in eating lunch?
All reply, "YES". They all proceed up to the cottage where
Jim and Liz are talking quietly in the main room. They look


                       MELANIE (to)
Is everything okay?
Maybe yes maybe no. The US just
got attacked. They are saying
terrorists crashed a van with
explosives into the New York Stock
I have friends there and I am
trying to find out what is going
Wow. I hope they are alright.
There's something that can put a
damper on the weekend.
Just then, Liz's phone rings. It's her friends from the
NYSE. They tell her they were out on lunch at the time and
that it's not as bad as the press says it is so not to
                       LIZ (to)
Good news...they are alright.
Whew. Dodged a bullet on that one!
Okay, I need a serious drink now!
One serious drink coming up!
Alright, let's get those burgers
Everyone helps to get stuff ready for lunch while Jeff and
Mike man the BBQ. All the while, everyone is drinking and
cavorting around. Maritza, as the only single person there,
stands outside with Jeff & Mike and chats them up. Melanie
and Denise watch and joke about being "young again". Jim and
Liz enjoy a few moments of a hug and kiss. Lunch ends and
partying begins. It is now mid-afternoon and most people go
back to the dock and sit down in the sun. Jeff & Mike go
out fishing. Jim and Liz go for a walk in the woods behind
the cottage and also to check on his parents' cottage.


                       JEFF (to)
Get the net...get the net
(yelling)...I gotta big one on!
Mike and the girls on the dock look on as Jeff lands a big
Given the line I have on, I'm
amazed I got it in to the boat!
Wow Look at the size of this
fish! It must be 20 lbs!
Jeff & Mike continue to fish. Jim & Liz get back from their
trek through the woods. They change into swimwear and
proceed down to the dock where the hook up they tow ropes on
the jetskii for tubing.
Who's up for a tube ride?
I'm game!
Jocelyn straps on the lifevest and jumps on the tube.
                       JIM (to)
Ready? (He yells)
Go for it!
Jim & Liz proceed to drag Jocelyn around on the tube while
speeding up and jumping the waves they are making. Jocelyn
is laughing and yelling up a storm.
                       MARITZA (to)
That looks like fun. I've never
done that before. Is it easy?
Oh yeah..it's a blast. How about
we go on together?
The jetskii comes back and drops Jocelyn at the dock and is
waiting to take Melanie and Maritza out. They lay on the
tube and Jim "floors" it. After a few laps and circles,


Melanie takes a flying sommersault off the tube. She is
okay and smiling while the tube comes around to pick her up.
                       MARITZA (to)
You okay? That was quite a
I'm good. That was fun!
The afternoon progresses with everyone taking turns on the
tube rides. Jeff & Mike have come in from fishing and are
enjoying a cold beer.
                       MIKE (to)
So what's the story with Martiza?
                       JOCE (to)
She reminds me of Melanie. I met
her at work and we became good
friends. She's quite a kidder with
the practical jokes. Hope she
doesn't plan any for this weekend.
Last one she did at work...let's
just say, the boss will never jsut
sit down on his chair without
checking it first!!!
That sounds like a story I'd like
to hear. Perhaps another time?
                       MELANIE (to)
Hey honey. I think we need some
more drinks. We're not as drunk
yet as we should be.
Mike goes up to the cottage and makes another pitcher of
margaritas. Maritza is in the washroom and comes out to see
Mike in the kitchen.
Ahhh...just the place a man should
be! Ha Ha.
Well aren't we the female
chauvanist pig..hardee har har.


Hey as far as I'm concerned, any
man standing in a kitchen with
those muscles, mixing drinks is
okay in my books!
Wow.. Were you just flirting with
Hey wait a minute. You can't drop
a line like that and then walk
away...come back here.
Maritza walks out of the cottage and down towards the dock.
Mike is right behind her with the pither of drinks. Everyone
is getting very drunk and laughter abounds. It's now about
6pm and the lake goes very calm. It's time for dinner so
everyone heads back up to the cottage and helps out. Dinner
consists of steak and potatoes and veggies. It's now about
7:30 and everyone is back on the dock. Some are fishing
from the dock while others are consuming drinks and
                       MELANIE (to)
(Quietly) That Maritza seems like
quite the "charmer". Better keep
your eye on Phil.
Don't you worry about Phil. I
keep him "reeled in"...besides,
given her "friendship" with Jeff,
I think she goes for older guys.
Maybe even married ones...LOL
                       MELANIE (to)
But I understand she has a B/F, so
like you, she probably likes to
flirt with all the guys.
What do ya mean....like me? only
flirt with the guys that flirt
with me first. And then, mostly
for free drinks and stuff.


Sure Sure. I'm just teasing you.
Besides, it's not like I'm a saint
Time is passing as people are chatting. Chatting leads to a
game of truth or dare amongst everyone on the dock. The
rules are simple. Someone asks a question then the party
decides whether T or D.
                       JOCE (to)
Well Truth or Dare?
Have you ever "cheated" on a b/f?
Yes and No. He was cheating on me
and I got drunk one night and met
this guy at a bar. One night
stand. The next day, my b/f and I
had a huge fight and broke up. So

OKay my turn.

So Jocelyn. Truth or Dare?
What really happened on the last
day in Vegas with that guy at the
roulette wheel?
Well...you know what they say.
What happens in Vegas, stays in
Vegas...so I guess I have a Dare
Alrightie then. I dare you to
give Phil a lap dance right here.
And make it good. We want to
"see" results...LOL


Jocelyn proceeds to give Phil a lap dance to which Phil gets
a hard on that shows through his swim shorts. he is
slightly embarrased but makes the best of it while others
look on and laugh.
                       JIM (to)
Okay my turn..my cottage. Melanie.
Truth or Dare.
Oh I think Dare! I'm taking a
walk on the wild side this
Okay. You love the jetskiis so
much, you must take one out the
the middle of the channel
here...stand up on the seat and
strip...then ride it around the
lake once naked!
Hey that's my wife you're asking
to strip!?! (Seemingly pissed off
then retorts) I'd pay money for
that one! (Laughs) Melanie Melanie
(Starts chanting)
Good one. I never back down from
a dare! You're on...but wait to
see what I have planned for you
Melanie follows the directions to a "t". It's almost dusk
so the visual makes it hard to see anything anyways. Melanie
pulls back up to the dock laughing hysterically.
What's so funny?
I think I gave an old guy on his
dock across the way a heart
attack! I rode by naked as a
jaybird and only after I heard a
whistle did I see him staring.
Was it the dock with the red


I'll let Dan know that you think
he's an old fart...ha ha ha.
I'm getting you back for that one.
So truth or dare Jim?
In the spirit of goodwill, I'll
choose dare.
I see someone doing a male strip
revue! Right here on this dock
for the girls! And not your
typical club one...I'm talking
about the Full Monty!
Oh lord. I'll need another drink
for that one.
Jim proceeds to down another drink and starts stripping for
the girls. They are all whooping it up and throwing leaves
at him as though it was money. Everyone is laughing. Jim
completes his task with a few choice compliments from the
girls, especially Liz.
                       MARITZA (to)
Well...well. I see why you are
dating him....rich, handsome and,
well, (pauses) endowed....hmmm.
That and he makes a mean lasagna
My turn yet?
Truth or dare, Maritza?
Oh dare for sure!


I dare you to let Mike strip your
clothes off using only one hand
and his teeth! And only down to
your underwear.
(Laughing hysterically)
Ahhh...that might be a problem.
Why? You too chicken?
Nope....it's just that I'm not
wearing any underwear...going
Oh this should be really
interesting then!
Mike starts by stripping off Maritza's top while blushing
the whole time. With hands covering her boobs, she turns
towards Mike as to let him proceed. Mike starts to do the
pants but then stops as he cannot go further. He chickens
Well I guess that means Mike does
the next dare? Cause he couldn't
do this one?
Whatever? Who gets to issue it?
Well I guess I should. (While
putting her top back on)
Well...let's see Mike. How about
you and Denise. I think you have
to give her a breast rumble.
What the hell is a breast rumble?
It's where you raspberry her
cleavage / bare breasts while
making the "farting" sounds.
Oh god...must I endure this?


Denise and Mike set up for the prank. Denise flashes the
chest as Mike raspberries her. After everyone pranks
everyone, the gang decide to move the the fire pit and get
out the marshmallows and jello shots. They proceed to
"drink themselves drunk" while talk turns a little more
suggestive amongst the couples. Conversation is about their
sex lives or lack there of. Slowly, some retire to their
respective beds. Jim and Liz are first. they go inside and
check the internet/tv for any news then go to bed in the
master bedroom. Mike states he is tired but Melanie
isn't...so he goes up to bed while she stays up. Phil also
retires early, leaving only the girls and Jeff behind. After
a couple more shooters, Jocelyn announces her desire to go
skinny dipping. All join in. They all go back to the dock
and strip by the moonlight. Jeff gets a good eyeful! Denise
shoots him a glance but then laughs it off. After a few
minutes in the water, Jeff dives underwater and proceeds to
"goose" Jocelyn and Denise from underneath. They scream and
Everyone climbs out of the water and scurries up to the
cottage, clothes in hand. At the door to the cottage, they
are greeted by Phil who seems a little pissed off at Jocelyn
running around naked even though all others are also
clutching their clothes in front of them.
                       JOCE (to)
Hi baby.
Don't baby me. Why don't you have
your clothes on? And why was Jeff
there? And why was I not invited?
Don't get your balls in a knot. We
just went for a swim.
Besides...it should be me that's
mad at them for stripping in front
of MY husband. But he got his
thrill for the day...so what.
Jocelyn cozies up to Phil as we all get just inside the
door. Jeff is coming up the rear closing the door while
staring at a "Sea" of bare asses. As he walks in to the
main room, he is clutching at his clothes to hide his
arrousal from everyone present. It is now 3 am and everyone
is ready to turn in. People go to their respective beds.
Denise grabs Maritza'a hand and leads her to the bathroom.
They leave the room giggling like little school girls.


                       JEFF (to)
Oh man...she's up to something.
And I "see" that you are up to
something too...(giggling and
pointing at Jeff clutching his
tshirt in front of him)
Oh I'm embarrased. Nice butt by
the way.
(Puts on her jean shorts and then
tugs at Jeff's clothes to leave
him naked in the middle of the
room) - they playfully fight for
clothes - laughing but also making
the shhh sound so as not to wake
others). Denise calls to Jeff to
come to bed. He says goodnite to
Melanie and walks into the bedroom
to find Maritza and Denise in the
bed and the cot all made up.
What's the deal? I'm supposed to
sleep on the cot?
Unless you want to join M and I
here..(pats the bed)
Alright! That's what I'm talking
about (as he struts towards the
bed to hop in with the girls)
(laughs with Maritza) HA HA HA fat
chance buster!!!
Jeff gets comfortable in the cot. Suddenly he here's a
buzzing sound in the dark. Is it a mosquito? What the hell
is it? The girls are giggling as Maritza breaks into
laughter then tosses the vibrator over onto Jeff's cot.


HA HA HA you guys are a riot...
                                         END FIRST DAY.
During the night everyone is awakened by a "vibration" or
shaking of the cottage. Some get up to see if others felt
it. Converstaion, although brief, leads everyone to believe
that it may have been thunder or perhaps a small earthquake.
They all go back to bed. The next morning, everyone
struggles to the kitchen where Jocelyn is trying to make
coffee as Jim comes in.
Morning .. he he ... Is there a
trick to getting your coffee maker
Nope...plug it in and flip the
Oh yeah. Let me try the circuit
breakers...maybe we tripped one?
Jim heads down to the basement through the trap door while
trying to turn on the light. No light. He grabs the
flashlight and works his way over to the hydro box.
Upstairs, others are slowly getting up and Melanie tries the
tv. Nothing. Jim comes back up the stairs with news.
Bad news guys...we seem to have
lost power. The backup generator
will keep the fridge and stuff
going but try not to use anything
else for now.
Any idea what's up?
Maybe we had a lightning storm or
something? I don't know. I'll
get the radio from my room.


Jim walks away to his bedroom while Jeff goes out on the
deck to see if anyone else's cottage has lights on. He sees
no one does. He turns and lights the bbq figuring on using
it to cook breakfast and perk coffee. Jocelyn brings the
coffee pot out to put on the bbq. Jim comes back to the main
room with the radio on and lots of static. As he tunes the
dial, the radio suddenly blurts out the Emergency Broadcast
Signal and then the message "This is the EBS, please stand
by for further instructions"
What the hell is going on?
I wonder if this has anything to
do with that bombing yesterday at
the NYSE?
                       PHIL (to)
Well...let's keep that radio going
and eat something. Maybe
afterwards, if we don't hear
anything, we should wrap it up and
go home?
Not a bad idea.
Just then, Jeff comes in.
                       JEFF (to)
I just went down to the dock and
the boat won't start.
Maybe it's flooded?
No...I turned the ignition and
there's nothing...not even a
cranking sound. It's like the
battery is dead. Then I tried the
jet skiis...nothing.
Great...so what now?!?


I'll get the canoe and paddle over
to Dan's cottage and see if he
knows anything or if I can borrow
one of his boats.
I'll come with you. The rest of
you enjoy breakfast. We'll be back
in 20 minutes.
Jeff & Jim uncover the canoe and grab a couple of paddles.
They proceed over to Dan's cottage. Once they get there, Jim
goes up to the door and knocks. No answer. Jim concludes
that they must be out for the day cause the dog is gone too.
He notices one of Dan's boats is still at the dock so he
looks for the keys in Dan's usual hiding place. He tries
the boat and gets the same response...nothing. They get back
in the canoe and paddle back. Once back at the cottage,
they find everyone sitting in the main room with tears in
their eyes.
(Liz comes rushing over) What's
up? What's happened?
They have bombed the
cities....(crying)..New York,
Washington, not sure where else.
What? WTF? Who? Where did you
hear this?
Just then, Mike comes forward with the radio and the report
playing from the EBS. Stay in your homes, no unnecessary
travel is permitted...stay tuned for more information.
It's fucking WW3 man! The end of
the world as we know it!
Shut up Phil! It's probably just
the States again. Bush pissed
everyone off and now with McCain
there, they are showing him what
they would have shown Bush.


I still don't understand why my
fucking boat and jetskiis won't
start. Something isn't right.
Well how can we get out of here
We can hike to the marina where
the cars are...it would take the
better part of the day but there
is lots of poison ivy and crazy
terrain to pass through.
I didn't bring any clothing worthy
of hiking through the woods.
Ya...me neither.
What should we do?
I think a couple of us should trek
over the the marina and the rest
of us wait here. Once there, they
can call for help or perhaps
borrow a boat and pick us up.
I volunteer to wait here.
Me too. I'm with Joce.
Let's make this easy. Jeff and I
know the area and terrain better
and can make it to the marina in 5
or 6 hours. I have gear that we
can wear. There is plenty of food
and suplies here and enough
propane to cook for a week or two.
No need to panic.


Ya I'm okay with that. We should
be able to get your other boat at
the marina and come back to pick
everyone up.
Jim and Jeff get their things together and ready themselves
for the hike. Denise tells Jeff to be careful. Jim comes
up from the basement with a couple of rifles, flashlights
and a backpack.
                       DENISE (to)
Where did those come from?
                       JEFF (to)
Before you get mad. I had asked
Dad some time ago to give me all
the guns he had. I've been
storing them here along with some
other stuff just in case.
Just in case what? Just in case
you wanted to shoot something?
Ya. Just in case of this
scenario. I've been telling you
for some time now that we are all
in for an unpredictable future but
you wouldn't listen and here it
I'm sorry. But you know I don't
like guns. And as far as the
future, we don't know what's
wrong. It could just be a power
Ya but that doesn't explain why
the boats won't start or why
Teresa and Dan aren't there
either. They would have called
Jim if they could've.
                       JIM (to)
Here Denise...take this 2 way
radio and turn it on once every 30
minutes and we'll update you. they


                       JIM (cont'd)
should work all the way back to
the marina.
Jim hands Denise the walkie-talkie and is ready to go. He
thought about taking the "ATV" but re-considered because
there may not be enough gas to get back. Plus, it could
only go 1/3 of the way before it would get stopped by
terrain. Jim and Jeff set out on their hike. It is now
almost 11am.
Be careful you guys.
Yes. Be careful.
Denise and Liz give Jeff and Jim a kiss and send them on
their way. After they leave, everyone decides to make the
best of it so Mike and Phil decide to fish off the dock
while the girls clean up the cottage a bit.
So what do you think?
I think it may be exactly what you
and I have been planning for but I
didn't want to alarm the rest of
the group.
You really think the idiots
started a war?
I think it's some form of that and
that we may not be able to leave
the cottage for quite a while.
Hey...do you see that glow over
the trees?
Ya...I was thinking it was just
me? It's coming from the south.
Do you think there is a fire or
something? Maybe a tree got hit
by lightning last night?


No. I think it's worse than that.
Jim and Jeff continue to hike towards the train tracks. As
they follow the hydro lines further, they start to smell a
strange odour.
What the hell is that odour?
I don't know but it's coming from
the same direction as the glow!
Just then, Jeff & Jim approach a clearing near the top of
the cliff. What they see is very disturbing.
What the fuck?
It looks like the whole of Toronto
is on fire?
Better turn on the 2 way and check
with the girls.
Back at the cottage...the day, although starting seriously,
has turned into a bit of fun. Jocelyn, Maritza and Melanie
are on the front deck catching some sporatic sun that is
coming through the clouds. Denise and Liz are chatting
about the news on the radio from earlier all the while
trying to tune in more. Phil and Mike are down at the dock
fishing. Conversations range from what's happening in each
other's personal life to what they will have for dinner.
                       MELANIE (to)
So what's up with you and Phil?
What do you mean?
You guys don't seem as "tight" as
before? Are things wearing out a
little? Is the engagement still


Phil is just being a little
annoying right now. Well, not
really him, his Mom. She runs or
should I say ruins, our life. She
insists to him that I am trash
even with me in the room! What a
bitch! If Phil doesn't smarten up
and stand up to her soon, he'll
end up single forever, or worse,
married to some fat Portugese
slob! It would serve him right.
And would that be a bad thing? I
mean realy..do you want to be
married to someone who's Mom runs
the show? What a fag.
Hey...he's my fag...for now. And
besides, Mike seems like he
doesn't lift a finger unless you
tell him to? We all know who
crack the whip in your house...or
who wears the pants...(laughs)
Wow...now I really don't care
about my boyfriend's whereabouts.
I definitely don't want to marry.
I think I'll just fool around and
have fun for now.
Don't get us wrong Maritza, we
love our hubbies, they just annoy
the crap out of us. Take Denise
and Jeff for instance. When I met
Jeff, I thought he was a bit of a
player. Constantly flirting with
me, etc. then I find out he's
common-law married and has been
for quite a while. Maybe I just
read more into his flirting than I
Oh he's a flirt alright. Sounds
like he socialized with you at
work like he socializes with me.


Yeah but that's all it is. Just
harmless flirting. Hey Joce,
wanna go for a swim?
Sure. Hey, let's go down to the
dock, strip naked in front of the
guys and jump in. You in for the
tease, Maritza?
Sure, why not. Could be their
thrill for the day.
Jocelyn, Melanie and Maritza proceed to walk down to the
dock. Suddenly a scream and a loud crash comes out of the
What was that?
Something in the cottage...let's
go check first.
I'm going to go down to the dock
and wait for you two. Maybe try
my luck at fishing.
Jocelyn and Melanie walk up the stairs into the cottage to
discover Denise sweeping up a broken glass. Liz is sitting
on the couch sobbing.
                       JOCE (to)
What's going on? Is everything
No. It will never be okay...not
ever again!?! (starting to cry)
What's going on?
Just then, the radio message replays....This is the
Emergency Broadcast System...please stand by. (beeps a few
times) This is CBC news anchor, Mark Bartello reporting
from my home in Barrie. Several Canadian cities have been
hit by nuclear bombs. Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver
and many more have been attacked by nuclear explosions and


have been obliterated. WW3 has been declared by the
Canadian and US governments on China, Russia and the United
Provinces of the Middle east. President McCain has been
moved to a secure location and will be transmitting a
presidential address shortly. News is sketchy at this time,
but a large number of US and Canadian cities have been
bombed with ICBMs from China and Russia. Please stand
Holly shit! It's WW3! My
family!?! Our friends in Toronto?
What the....(breaks down to
I know...I know...what if..???
They're all dea...dea...dead!?!?
What about us? What'll we do now?
Should we be reporting in
Let's not jump to any conclusions.
Some of them may have survived.
They may have been evacuating
already if there was warning. They
could be okay...
Just then...the two-way radio crackles. it's Jim on the
other end.
Scouting party to base...come in
Jim? Jim? Are you okay? (Frantic)
Yes...we're fine.. Is everything
okay there?
Yes...we are all okay but there's
something you should know. The
radio report is coming through.
They've bombed everywhere! They've
(voice breaks) bombed Toronto!
Who's bombed what? Repeat please.


US and Canada declared war on
China and Russia! They bombed
us..it's fucking WW3!
That would explain the glow that
Jeff and I are seeing and the
smell in the air.
Is Denise there...can I talk to
Yes...(crying)...I'm here. we
need to get out of here and see
what to do.
I know you want to but I don't
know if we can? I think Toronto
is burning and even if Jim and I
can get back to the marina, I'm
not sure what we can do next.
You got to try.
Don't worry...we will. Just stay
put, try not to worry and stay
You can be assured we're in no
mood to drink. Check in every 20
minutes okay?
Okay. Jim and I are getting close
to the tressle where we should be
able to cross to the mainland.
We'll check back with you shortly.
I love you and Jim says to tell
Liz that too.
Maritza jas joined Phil and Mike on the dock. While waiting
for Melanie and Jocelyn to join her, she flirts with the
boys. Maritza has had a couple of drinks while sunbathing.


Hey boys! How's the fishing?
Catching anything?
Catching a few rays and a cold
beer or two but no fish yet. Where
is everyone?
They're all up at the cottage. Mel
and Joce were coming down but
turned around cause they heard
someone in the cottage scream.
Yeah...(snickering)...that was
probably Denise seeing a spider or
something. Oh wait, that's my Mel
that screams when she sees
So you boys up for a swim?
Sure...we'll just have to go get
our suits.
Suits shmoots...How bout if I
don't wear one..you guys don't
wear one?
Yeah yeah...you're too chicken to
do that. But I'll call your bluff.
Maritza, stands up from the deck chair and proceeds to strip
for the guys, slowly. She turns her back on the guys and
throws her bikini top to them then covers her boobs and
turns around and quickly dives into the water. The boys
are quick to strip and join her.
Wow..if I told you that you had a
nice body, would you hold it
against me?
Corniest line I've heard in a long


That's hilarious.
I used to love skinny dipping as a
teenager. I feel 18 again. (She
then dives underwater)
                       PHIL (to)
I hope the girls don't come down.
Just then. Melanie and Jocelyn come walking down the path.
      (Looking teary
       eyed and shocked)
Hey baby...I got some terrible
news. We're at war!
(Struggling to tread water and not
bring attention to Maritza) Holy
cow! War? Listen, you and Joce
go back to the cottage and we'll
be right up!
Sure. Oh yeah, have you guys seen
Maritza? She was on her way down
Just then, Marizta surfaces with her back to Mel and Joce.
Looking at the guys' faces, she immediately turns around and
notices the girls. Embarrassed and not sure what to say...
Ahhhh....hi. I was just diving
after a fish ... I mean turtle.
(It now dawns on Mel and Joce that
the guys' shorts are on the dock
beside Maritza's bikini)

A turtle eh? Yeah...sure. (In a
mad and disgusted tone)
Mel and Joce walk back up to the cottage.
                       MIKE (to)
Fuck....are we in trouble!


Fuck guys...they're going to be
furious at me. I...(pause)..I
don't know what to say to
All three climb out of the water and get dressed. They
proceed to climb the path to the cottage.
So what do you think Jim?
I think we gotta make it to the
marina and see if another boat
works or if a tv is on and we can
see what's happening.
So if we get back and can't find a
boat or a tv that works..do we
jsut hike all the way back to the
Naw...we should be able to use one
of the paddle boats there. So
what's the story with Maritza?
What do you mean...story?
Are you having an affair?
God no! She's a nice girl and all
but no...no way.
I don't know..she's pretty hot!
Ya...and I brought her to the
cottage to what...expose myself to
Denise? I don't think so. I
think that smell is getting to
you. Speaking of that smell...I'm
picking up the odour of burning
wood or something.


Just then, Jim & Jeff come into the clearing at the train
tracks where the bridge crosses the river. What they see is
frightening! The tressle is on fire and almost completely
fallen down into the river.
Ah.....fuck me! Now what?
Well..we climb down to the river's
edge and see if we can make it
across somehow.
Jim and Jeff work their way down to the river's edge. There,
they can see the cement bases of the tressle at both sides
of the river. They are about 25 feet apart.
Hey...I got an idea.
Jeff pulls out a rope from the backpack he is carrying and
fashions a loop in one end to throw towards the mostly burnt
out remaining tressle support. He throws it a couple of
times and finally catches an end of the wood sticking up. He
pulls on it to make sure it's sturdy enough.
That's your idea? We play Tarzan
and swing across hoping to land on
the other side?
You got a better idea?
Nope...me first!
Jim packs his gun tightly into his backpack and grabs the
rope to swing across. He takes a bit of a run and manages
to just make it to the platform on the other side...skimming
the water on the way over. he then ties a rock to the end
and sends it back to Jeff. Jeff does the same and jsut
barely makes it with a little help on the platform from Jim.
Whew! That was close. I don't
want to try that again going back
so I hope we find help or at least
a boat!
That's for sure. Well the marina
should only be 10 minutes walk
from here. Let's get moving. It's


                       JIM (cont'd)
4:30 now and we need to step it up
a bit.
Right behind you!
Jim and Jeff hike for a little while longer and start to
approach the marina. As they get closer, they can hear
familiar voices. It's Dan and Teresa!
                       JIM (to)
Oh my god am I glad to see you
Hi Jim, Jeff. Where are you
coming from?
We hiked out from the cottage. The
motors won't start and the phones,
even my cell phone isn't working!
Ya...I think the blast caused an
EMP and knocked out everything
electronic. Teresa and I went
into town last night and slept
here at the lodge cause we were in
no condition to drive a boat. Now
we can't get any of them started
either to get back! Not even the
car will start. I did manage to
get one of the ATV's going at the
barn. We should take that back on
the boat somehow.
Oh crap. We were hoping something
was working here so we can go back
and pick up all our guests and
bring em back. What about the
cars? Are they starting?


Nope...Nothing! We were just about
to start rowing in that (points to
a small row boat) but I don't know
if I can row all that way.
Have you checked the store for
No ones around. They must have
gone down to the city yesterday on
their usual supply run.
Well...desperate times call for
desperate measures.
Jeff proceeds to use the butt of the rifle to break the
door's lock. Jim, Dan and Teresa don't look too happy about
it but understand the necessity of supplies.
Might as well take everything we
can. It's possible that they
won't be coming back and this food
can't go to waste. I'll go tie up
the raft to the boat so we can tow
it behind.
Teresa? Can you give me a hand
carrying this stuff?
They load up the boat and raft with everything they can
including some gerry cans full of gas to help power the
generators back at the cottage. Dan pulls Jim aside and
talk quietly.
Do you think they finally did it
Jim? Do you think that's it? We're
on our own now?
I stopped thinking a long time ago
once they elected that bastard
McCain. It's very possible that
we're completely on our own.
Nothing but what we stored to


Ya but for how long? I think
there may be a few others up here
too. Mrs. Mgginley's cottage down
the river from mine has someone in
it. Might be her and her husband.
Perhaps we should check on them?
I think we should just stick to
worrying about ourselves. Maybe
you and Teresa should come stay at
my cottage?
No..but thanks. I have everything
we need at our place. But we
should get the 2 way radios out of
storage and at least be able to
communicate with each other.
That's a good idea. Let's do that
when we get back.
Dan, Jim and Jeff struggle to get the ATV into the boat as
Teresa finishes loading the other stuff. They start out for
the cottages. It should take them about an hour to paddle
to Dan's first and drop some stuff off. At Dan's place,
Teresa hands Jim the walkie talkie and some spare batteries.
Dan and Jim agree to check in with each other once a day
around noon hour.
Everyone is in the cottage talking about what happens next.
Denise and Liz are searching the basement to see what they
can find.
So what now? What about our
friends and relatives in Toronto?
How do we find out about them?
      (Holding a ham
Maybe this will work?


Hey that's an old ham radio. But
we need power and an antenna to
make that work.
Jim still has the old satellite
antenna out the back and we can
use the generator for power in
short spurts.
Phil, give me a hand. Let's get
this wired up. Was there any wire
down there?
Mike comes up a moment later with a spool of wire, wire
cutters and electrical tape.
Yeah I think so. Take the
flashlight and look along the
pegboard wall.
Phil, grab the radio and bring t
over here to the kitchen window
cause it's closest to the antenna.
I'll go outside and wire it to
the receiver and toss it up to
this window.
You got it man. Silly question.
Instead of doing this, why don't
we just plug in one of the
computers or turn a tv on?
Jim and I tried that this morning.
We must have had a voltage spike
and fried them. Hey wait a
minute. Jim had a small laptop
around here somewhere. let me
look for it while you guys see if
you can get that going.
Liz searches the office and comes across the laptop and
plugs it into the generator wall socket. Then she plugs it
into the internet lan cable. Turns it on and it lights up.


Hey everyone! Come here! I got
it going.
Everyone gathers in the office as Liz turns it on then
clicks on the internet explorer icon. After a few tense
moments, searching for google, an official government seal
of the US homeland security comes on the screen. Under it is
a scrolling marque of instructions. They read as follows:

By order of the Department of Homeland Security...All
commercial flights and trains have been cancelled. Civilian
travel is prohibited until further notice. Stay in your
homes and tune your radio to your local radio station for
further instructions.

As everyone reads this, they realize that the message is a
repeating automated message and that no one is there. They
desperately try other internet sites but they all come up
with Not Found Error 404.

It is now that everyone's reality gets a rude awakening.
Life as they knew it has changed and they are on their own.
Well this is hopeless! Might as
well be listening to an answering
C'mon Mike, let's get back to the
ham radio.
Mike and Phil get everything wired up and try it out. They
search the frequency dial for any chatter. After a few
moments, they here a faint signal and once tuned, realize it
is in Chinese. They move on to the rest of the channels but
do not hear anything.
Let's shut it down and try again
What's going to happen to us now?
What are we going to do? How can
we get out of here?


      (Bursting in the
Truth is..none of us are getting
out of here!
Liz and Denise rush over to the boys and hug them tightly.
Others help them carry the stuff they have brought along.
What does he mean we're not
getting out of here?!?
Jeff's right. Sit down and we'll
fill you in. Jeff and I made it to
the marina and met up with Dan and
Teresa. Nothing is working there
either. None of the cars would
start or the boat engines. They're
cooked. we had to row back here.
We brought anything that wasn't
nailed down from the marina. We
may be here a while!
How long is a while? I have work
on Tuesday.
Suffice it to say..I don't think
any of us are going to work for a
long time. From what we can
surmise, Toronto has been nuked!
It was all on fire. The CN Tower
wasn't even standing. It's all
gone (somewhat breaking down into
tears)...it's all gone. The
bastards did it...WW3! Nukes and
Everyone's eyes well up with tears. Couples comfort each
So what's the plan? Are we rowing
back to the marina and walking
what part of "It's all gone"
didn't you get...there is no HOME
anymore (yelling) our friends,
family, they're all dead! And if


                       JEFF (cont'd)
they're not dead, the fallout will
kill them soon. We cannot go
back...now...next week...next
month...maybe never!
Let's all calm down. We're alive
and that means something!
Jim, we tried to get your old ham
radio working but couldnt' find a
decent signal..any suggestions?
Yes. I suggest we all take a deep
breath. The radio will have to
wait until tomorrow's light. We
need to build a bonfire and eat
something. Jeff and I have been
out since this morning and we're
starving. BUT...we also have to
ration food now. There was only
enough for 4 people for one year.
What do you mean enough for 4
people for a year?
Jim and I have been stockpiling
stuff up here since the summer. we
started talking about this when
the stock market started crashing
down and they elected McCain. We
decided that if anything drastic
ever happened we would bring our
loved ones up here and live out
the rough times.
But there isn't a lot of anything
in the cupboards?
      (big flashlight in
Everyone follow me.
Jim and Jeff lead everyone to the basement and over to a
secret wall that looks like the foundation. Jim presses a
brick open and pulls back on the "door" to expose a secret


room. The room is shelved with canned foods to the brim, a
deep freezer imbedded in the rock and guns and ammunition.
Everyone in the party seems shocked!
Like I said, we stocked up with
provisions for at least a year
excluding what we hunt for.
Let's all grab some canned food
and bring it upstairs to the
pantry. Leave a fair amount down
here cause it's colder. The
fridges and freezers upstairs are
already stocked so everything else
stays down here. Mike, grab that
cmopund bow and arrow and one of
the 22 rifles and ammo.
Which ones the 22?
That one (pointing to it on the
Everyone grabs some stuff and heads up the stairs to the
pantry. Once there, Denise, Liz and Jocelyn decide that
they should make burgers for dinner with potato chips
brought back from the marina.
      (sitting in a
So what now?
Well. We're alive and able to stay
here...indefinitely if need be. We
can hunt and fish for food. We'll
set up the wind turbines I had
bought to supply basic power.
There are other cottages around
that we can salvage things from
once we have daylight tomorrow.
We'll be fine.
Everyone helps put food together while Jim BBQ's the burgers
on the grill using as little propane as possible. Jeff walks
out the door and Denise follows him. They walk down to the
dock where Jeff looks at her and starts to cry.


My family, Michelle...they're all
      (all sobbing)
Patty, Glenn, Julie...mine too. I
wonder if my Mom are okay? I
doubt they nuked New Brunswick.
Well we're here now. Alive. With
friends. We'll make the best of
      (walking down the
Burgers are ready you two.
Let's go eat.
Jeff and Denise regain their composure and trek up to the
cottage where everyone is sitting around the main table.
I feel like we should say a prayer
or something.
God. Thank you for this food we
are about to eat. Bless this
group and our future together. Our
prayers go out to all our friends
and relatives that were in the
city. Amen.
There is a very somber mood around the table as everyone
eats. There is no conversation whatsoever. Once done,
everyone takes there dishes to the sink. Liz fills the sink
with luke warm water and starts washing dishes. Melanie and
Mike dry them and put them away. Still no conversation.
Once done, everyone takes a seat in the main room around the
fireplace to discuss their next steps.
Okay everyone. I have made a list
of everything that must be done on
a daily basis. I'd like to get
everyone's input as to who will do
what? Let's start with food


                       JIM (cont'd)
I'll handle that. Perhaps Melanie
will help me?
Sure sure. I think we can all
live on just a couple of meals a
Okay..for hunting and fishing?
Yeah. That's me. It seems like
I'm the only one that's every
hunted before? And fishing.well
Mike can join me for that.
Okay check. Now I need some help
to put up the wind turbines. Phil?
Aren't you in construction or
Ya you bet.
That leaves laundry and general
clean up.
How are we supposed to do laundry
without power?
Once the turbines are up, we
should be able to supply and store
enough power to run everything in
the cottage. It is winter that I'm
worried about. Which brings me to
wood for the fireplace.
Well I think we can all agree that
we need that so we should all take
turns cutting some wood up. Well
all the guys anyways.


All the guys eh? Do you think the
women can't cut wood?
did I say cut? I meant chop as in
swing a heavy axe. And no, I
think women can do that but not
very well and not for long.
Gee Jocelyn, you never told us
Phil was a chauvanist pig!
Fuck you.
Hey don't swear at her. You are
being an asshole!
Fuck you too.
Phil grabs a beer and leaves the room and goes outside.
Okay. I think we're all a little
stressed out. This isn't going to
be easy so we'll all have to try
hard to get along. Look around the
room. These people will be your
extended family for a long time.
Exactly how long do you think? How
long will we need to stay up here?
Well. We can't go back to Toronto
if it's been nuked. It will be
radioactive for a long time.
Things around the city will be
contaminated too. We make have to
think about hiking into Coldwater
or maybe even Barrie at some point
for supplies. I don't know. Maybe
Great! we're living in the little
house on the fucking prarie! No
hydro, hunting for food, no men,
sorry...no single men, no


                       MARITZA (cont'd)
heat...Fuck..no heat. What about
the winter time? I didn't bring
any other clothes!
It's okay. There's lots of
clothes up here and there are
other cottages around that will
have clothes. We'll need to do
what is necessary. Which reminds
me, who wants to row over tomorrow
and go through the cottage across
the lake?
I'll do that. Maybe Joce can come
with me?
For sure. I'm there. Breaking and
entering has always been a passion
of mine.
I think we should all go to bed
now and try to get a good night's
sleep. We have a big day
Everyone retires to their respective bedrooms. Denise,
Maritza and Jeff head to their room.
If it's okay with you Maritza, I
think I want to sleep in the bed
with Denise tonight.
      (slightly teary)
I think we can all sleep in one
bed tonight...if that's okay with
Given the circumstances..I guess
it's alright.
Jeff, Denise and Maritza close the door to the bedroom and
get undressed for bed. Denise warns Jeff about peeking but
Jeff still does. He sees Maritza in the mirror changing.
They all climb into bed with Denise and Maritza on eah side
of Jeff.


Well this is cozy (as she hugs up
to Jeff). Thanks Denise. I
didn't want to sleep alone
tonight. I guess I have no one
now. Everyone I knew lived in the
city. That makes you my family
You know...come winter, I think we
will be doing this all the time.
Sleeping together that is...so
might as well get used to it now
(smirking at Denise)
Ya ya. Just watch your hands buddy
or you're liable to lose one!
We move to Melanie and Mike in their bedroom talking.
So what do you think of our new
I think that Phil is a trouble
maker and that Maritza could be
trouble too.
Why? Because she's the "odd man
out" or are you just saying that
because you were hoping I'd forget
about the dock earlier today?
Oh yeah..I almost forgot about
that. Nothing happened honey. She
just got us to go for a swim with
her...nothing else.
Nothing else eh? No clothes
either I seem to recall!
Hey...buddy...you're sleeping on
the floor tonight!!
We see Mike take a blanket and pillor and throw it on the
floor in frustration. Next we go to Joce and Phil's room.
They are in bed fooling around and giggling.


So she has a nice body eh?
Who. Who has a nice body?
Don't be an ass! Maritza...I saw
you guys swimming naked today. I'm
not totally oblivious! But I
forgive you..she's hot. I'd do
her if I were a man.
Phil is turned on by Joce's talking and coerces her head
below the sheets to give him a BJ. She responds with
furver. This turns in to sex and some load groaning and
Oh man. They're at it again!
Is that Jocelyn and Phil?
      (Covering ears
       with pillow)
Yeah..she's a regular porn
actress. (She rolls over and turns
her back to Jeff and Maritza)
Maritza proceeds to "dry hump" Jeff's leg which turns him
on. She then slides her hand down under the covers and
fondles his privates while whispering in his ear.
      (whispering in
       Jeff's ear)
All that moaning has me turned on.
You think Denise would agree to a
      (Whispering back)
NO..now stop that (as he pushes
her hand away)
Oh c'mon Jeffy it's just like at
the office.


If you two don't stop moving, I'm
going to sleep on the cot!
Jeff turns away from Maritza and spoons Denise. Just then,
Maritza does the same to Jeff. Denise, not liking the
feeling of a hard on in her back gets up, grabs her pillow
and moves to the cot angry. Jeff volunteers to take her
place but she clams up and tells him to fuck off and go to
sleep. Maritza sees this as a big turn on and gently opens
her pyjama top to rub her breasts against Jeff. Jeff
reciprocates, not being able to take the "torture" anymore
and they quietly fool around petting each other like school
kids. Denise falls asleep. Jeff and Maritza continue until
neither can take it any longer and must quit.
Everyone starts gathering in the main room. Coffee is
brewing. The sun is up and the day is clear. Most grab a
coffee and have a bite to eat. Jeff and Mike try out the
ham radio and get no reception so they turn it off. Phil has
gone down to the dock with fishing rod in hand. He starts to
fish off the dock.
Hey Mike, let's go chop some wood.
Grab the axes from the basement.
Hey Maritza, let's grab the row
boat and go over to that other
cottage. We'll need a hammer or
something to break into it.
I grab a hammer and screwdriver
and some bags.
Denise and Liz clean the dishes, Joce and Maritza head off
to the dock and into the row boat, Jeff and Mike start
chopping wood. Jim comforts Liz on the front deck of the
cottage as they stare out onto the lake.
I wonder what they were thinking?
What who was thinking?


The fuckers who pushed the
I think that was the problem. No
one pushes the buttons anymore,
it's all computerized based on one
command from the President. I
guess we were right. They never
should have elected McCain.
So what now Adam?
As in Adam and Eve? You know, if
we are going to make this work
again, we'll need to consider
re-populating this area and
starting something new we can be
proud of.
I think that might be a little
premature thinking. But we can
always practice...(laughs)
We turn to Mike and Jeff chopping wood.
So what happened last night?
What do you mean?
I heard giggling from your room
and I know Maritza was in there
with you and Denise. So do tell.
Nothing happened. We all slept.
In one bed. (chuckles) Well sort
of slept and sort of in one bed.
But I'm not saying anything else.
So you having an affair with


No (pauses) no we're just good
With benefits I'm sure!
We cut to Joce and Maritza rowing up to the cottage. We see
the curtains closed but one seems to move slightly as they
get closer. The background music is a little ominous. They
dock the boat and get out. They walk up to the front door
ready to jam it open but find that it already is. They walk
in cautiously.
Hello? Anyone home?
Do you think that someone already
broke it to steal stuff?
Just then, they hear a noise from the next room. It causes
them to let out a yelp. They proceed to call out if anyone
is there. Just then, a figure appears as a shadow against
the doorway into what appears to be a bedroom.
Oh my god...sorry. We didn't know
anyone was here. We didn't mean
any harm...we were just scavenging
for anything useful.
      (Coming out of the
Well hello there ladies. No
worries. So where are you two
lovelies from?
We just rowed across (gets cut off
abruptly from Joce)
We are just around the bend at the
red cottage. Is this your place?


No (pauses) it's my uncle's place.
I managed to get here yesterday
How'd you get here? I didn't see
a boat or anything?
I hiked in from the (pauses)
locks. I used to do that when I
was a kid. What's your story?
We came up here Thursday with our
husbands before all the shit went
down. So are you here alone?
Ahh (looks around) yeah. I didn't
know where else to go.
Where are our manners? I'm
Maritza and this is Jocelyn.
Nice to meet you. My name is
(pauses momentarily) Mark.
Perhaps we should invite Mark back
with us?
Well...that's not our decision is
it (kicks Martiza from behind). We
don't own the cottage. But now
that we know someone else is up
here, perhaps we can come back
over after we check with the
others. Okay, so we'll just be
going now and check back with you
But you just got here ladies (as
he walks over to put his arm
around them rather scarily) maybe
we can share a brew or something?


Ah that sounds refreshing.
Yes it would...but we must be
getting back...they're expecting
Well then maybe I can row back for
No. No that's okay. We need the
exercise. We'll come back after
we talk to our friends.
C'mon Joce...he's offered to row
for us!?!?!
Yeah thanks again...sorry for
breaking in on you.
Joce scurries Maritza out of the cottage as they bicker on
their way to the dock.
What was that all about? He seems
really nice!?!
We can't be too careful. Remember,
he broke in there before us. He's
probably not who he said he was.
Could be an escaped lunatic or
something. Besides, Jim would be
pissed if we invited someone else
to his place. It's got to be his
Who died and made him the chief?
The girls row back across the lake trying to "cover" their
tracks by rowing around the bend to the other side of Jim's
place. All the while, Mark is watching from the deck of the
cottage with binoculars. They disappear from his sight. As
they get to the dock they tell their story to Phil. The 2


then make their way up the pathway to the cottage. They
enter the main room where Jim, Liz, Denise and Mike are
sitting around the ham radio. It is on and they are
communicating with someone.
                       JIM (to)
      (voice on the
Sorry can you repeat that? Where
are you? (radio interference
A voice comes back - "London,
England or what's left of it."

What's hapening over there? We're
here in Ontario Canada.

The voice - "It's WW3 and London
is gone! The fuckin iraqis bombed

The Iraqis? I heard the Chinese?

The voice as signal cracks up -
It's everyone for themselves....
Well that says it all. It's every
man and woman for themselves. No
one left to help. I guess we're
it then.
Well there is this cute guy across
the lake we ran into when we were
going to steal stuff.
Yeah...ignore her. I didn't get a
good feeling about this guy. The
door was broken in and he said the
owner was his uncle.
I can tell you that's not true
because that cottage is owned by a
relative of my dad's and they
didn't have any kids. So what
else did he say?
He was quite charming and did I
mention cute?


Yeah you mentioned cute. Granted
he was...but these was something
not right about him. He gave me
the creepies and that's not an
easy thing to do. So let's just
avoid him okay?
But we said we'd go back?
Maybe it would be worth me and
Jeff taking a trip over there and
meeting him.
Sure...let's go...but grab a rifle
first, Jim.
Jim and Jeff start to row over to the cottage. When they
get there they go up the path from the dock and knock on the
door. There is no answer so they let themselves in. After
looking around they see no one is home. The bed has been
slept in and the cupboards gone through but no one around.
Do you think whoever it was they
got scared and made tracks?
Yeah...(pauses)..but that scares
me too. Who was this guy and
where did he comes from? Better
yet, where is he heading?
Well..hopefully away from here.
But if not, can he get to your
cottage from here?
Yeah...but it would be a really
long hike or swim and we didn't
pass anyone in the water. We
should go warn Dan and Teresa.
Jim and Jeff grab what they can and start rowing the boat
over to Dan's cottage. It is on the same side of the lake
as this one. Jim is worried that this sttranger may have
gone there. As they get closer they don't see any signs of
Dan or Teresa. They dock the boat and grab the rifle as
they make their way up to the cottage. They get to the door


and knock. All is quiet. Jeff skirts around the back of
the cottage and calls Jim frantically. Jim appears from the
side and sees Jeff standing at the tool shed door looking
in. When they open it, they see Dan on the ground...dead.
Blood everywhere!
Is that thing loaded and ready?
(pointing to the rifle)
Yeah ready to go. Do you think
that the stranger that Joce was
talking about did this?
I don't know...but I do know we
have to be extra careful and not
trust anyone we don't know!
Jim and Jeff make their way back to the back door of the
cottage and see that it has been forced open. They make
their way in quietly as Jim picks up the axe at the door.
They search room to room and soon discover Teresa's naked
dead body tied to the bed..she looks like she was tortured
or raped!
Oh my god..no. (turns away)
Fuck...fuck! They must not have
seen him coming! that's it, we
need to get back now and warn the
others. Grab what you can from
the pantry and let's go!
Ahhh Jim...did Dan have a gun>
(pointing at the empty gun rack)
Shit yes and now he's got it.
Let's go.
Jim and Jeff head back to the dock and load the boat with
everything they are bringing from Dan's. No time for
remorse right now...they must get back and warn the others.
They row as fast as they can back to Jim's cottage. When
they get there they are greeted by Melanie and Jocelyn on
the dock fishing and suntanning.


Hi guys. So did you meet that guy
at the other cottage?
No...he wasn't there. But we have
some important news so help us
grab some of this stuff and meet
us in the main room.
Everyone grabs some stuff and heads up to the cottage.
Okay everyone listen up! Jeff and
I went over to meet this guy that
Maritza and Jocelyn were talking
about. He wasn't there and the
place was ransacked well. We went
from there over to my friends'
place to check up on them and
(pauses)well...(choking up a bit)
they've been murdered!
What? Murdered? Do you think it
was that guy?
We're not sure but we think that
we all have to be very carefull
about who we meet and talk to.
Ya so on that note. No one leaves
the cottage area without a buddy
and a gun.
Really? You think that's
I think that whoever killed my
friends can eventually get to this
side of the lake and we have to be
really carefull now.
This is insane!


And what do you propose we do if
someone's approaching? Shoot em?
Ask questions first then
shoot...ha ha.
This isn't funny guys! Jim's
friends probably welcomed this guy
into their home and they're ...
dead now ... so let's take this
seriously! We don't know what
desperate people will do for food
and shelter...among other things.
What other things...
Like we found Teresa's body in the
bedroom tied up and we think she
was raped before her throat was
cut! .
Guys listen...we have to be
carefull from now on. No one
ventures away from the cottage out
of sight of anyone else without a
buddy and a gun or something.
Especially the women. I don't
want to sound chauvanistic or
anything but you girls need to be
carefull. There's enough horny
guys in this cottage so you don't
need to go searching out there.
      (Mad and disgusted
       at Jeff's comment)
Enough horny guys eh? Married
horny guys asshole!
Hey...if we're going to be here a
long time, we have to have an open


Oh and I'm sure you're thinking
about it! (storms away)
What's her problem. I'm open to
Ya ... me too!
Okay you perverts...let not lose
sight of the big picture.
And what's that?
If we are going to be here a long
time we will enevitably have to
think about kids and stuff. I'm
sure none of you brought enough
birth control for a year!
Shit...he's right! Mine run out
in 2 weeks!
Mine too.
Okay enough of the sex talk. We
can always go on an outing to
Barrie or somewhere to raid some
pharmacy or something.
I doubt it. Given the hard time
Jeff and Jim had just trying to
get to the marina?
When the fall comes, we'll check
back at Dan's to see if the
snowmobiles will start. If they
will then we'll chain them up
until the lake freezes over and
try then maybe.


Winter!?! Fuck! What are we going
to do in the winter? Without
central heat we'll all freeze!
Well, we may have to set up the
all the air beds in here and burn
wood for warmth. I got enough 40
below sleeping bags for 8 and we
can check out Dan's as well. He
may have other clothes we can use.
(starts thinking about Dan and
becomes teary eyed). Poor Dan and
Teresa. Jeff...we need to think
about going back over there and
giving them a proper burial.
Let's do that tomorrow. You, me
and Phil will go over to Dan's.
Mike, you stay here. I assume you
know how to use a gun?
Well...no not really. I never
fired a real gun or anything. Does
Xbox count?
                       DENISE (to)
I know how to fire a
gun..remember? I was the slutty
air cadet as you so casually put
Okay problem solved. We should
all take a lesson on how to load
and shoot the guns and maybe even
the compound bow too. Tomorrow
afternoon, we'll all meet out back
for a lesson.
I think we should all stay in and
have a glass of wine or something
and eat something then go to bed
Everyone gets up and proceeds to the kitchen where Liz pours
the wine. Jocelyn and Denise start to put together a salad.
Jim and Jeff go out back and set up some "warning" devices


around the perimeter. They string pop cans together with
fishing line so if somebody trips the line they will hear
the pop cans clash.
Denise is still pissed at Jeff and tells him to sleep on the
couch tonight. Maritza lays down in the cot. Phil and Joce
retire to their bedroom as do the others. Jim takes a rifle
to the bedroom. Jeff has one beside him on the floor near
the couch. The night fades away as crickets chirp and owls
hoot. On the brink of sleep, Jeff is awakened by a hand.
It's Maritza.
What's up? You scared me.
I thought I heard something out
back of the house.
An animal?
No..something else. I heard the
pop cans clang a little. You need
to take a look...I brought the
Jeff gets up with boxer shorts and a t-shirt on. Maritza
has a t-shirt on as well. They make their way to the
laundry room that has windows to the back of the cottage
area. They shine the light out and see nothing. Suddenly
they see bushes moving and in a moment, a figure emerges.
Shit what's that?
(Shines the light over to the
bushes) ..Fuck..it's just a
racoon! (whew) You can let go of
my arm now...you big scaredy cat!
Who you calling a scaredy cat? (as
she hits Jeff in the arm)


Oh you think so..(as he taps
Maritza back)
The friendly hitting turns to tugging at clothes as Jeff
pulls at Maritza's t-shirt revealing that that is all she
has on. Maritza turns the tides and does the same to Jeff.
The playful poking turns to playful wrestling which halts
We (puffing) can't do this! I
(gasping while kissing) love
You're right...I'm sorry. I guess
it's just all the shit that's
going on right now..
Just then, the laundry room door opens and it's Melanie
standing there. (Melanie is wearing a tshirt and track
What are you guys doing? I heard
some commotion.
Ahh...nothing. Maritza thought
she heard something out back and
we came in here to see if there
was anything out there.
Yeah...I'll believe that one.
No really. It ended up being a
Well...we're up now. Want to go
sit out in the tv room for a bit
and grab a drink?
Sure why not...everyone else is
still asleep.
Jeff, Melanie and Maritza quietly walk to the kitchen where
they mix themselves a drink and then to the tv room where


Jeff lights a couple of candles. They sit there whispering
for a bit. Melanie rotates her neck as though she has a
Kink in your neck?
Ya. Not used to the lack of
pillow support.
Here (motions to the spot in front
of her on the floor). Come sit
here and I'll fix it for you.
Melanie moves over and sits in front of Maritza who starts
to massage Melanie's neck over her tshirt. The movement of
Melanie's shirt has caused a reaction that Jeff notices.
Oh that feels good. Did you ever
do massage for a living?
Oh...someone got a little sun on
her shoulders.
Jeff gets up and leaves. Maritza keeps rubbing Melanie's
This would be easier if you took
off your tshirt.
(taking off her shirt and then
turning it right side out) Ahh
yeah....that feels great!
Just as Melanie goes to put her tshirt in front of her, Jeff
walks back in the room and gets an eyeful!
Whoah! Am I interrupting
something? (laughs giddily)
Well aren't you the sarcastic
pervert. What's up?


I just came back to say goodnight
and to be sure to blow out the
Okay then..you can leave us girls
alone now.
Jeff leaves the room as the girls continue their massage.
Ahh this feels good. Wait here a
moment while I go grab some lotion
I have in my room.
Melanie scurries away clutching her tshirt to her chest. She
quietly enters her room and grabs her aloe vera lotion and
returns. She hands it to Maritza. Maritza spreads some on
her hands and continues to rub Mel's shoulders and her upper
arms. She then massages the front of her neck and upper
chest where Melanie got too much sun.
(with eyes closed and relaxing in
the moment lets go of her tshirt)
mmm...that's nice.
Maritza softly massages Melanie's neck and shoulders all the
while sliding her hands closer and closer to Melanie's
breasts. She "accidently" slips her hands over Mel's
breasts and does not receive any resistance. She sees this
as a sign to continue. She massages her breasts as she
softly breathes at Melanie's neck. The two girls are
"involved" in the moment. The girls continue to massage as
Melanie turns to Maritza and starts to remove her top saying
it is only fair that she gets a massage too. The 2 have a
little "moment" while enjoying the caress of each other's
hands. Just then, there is a noise outside which brings a
sudden halt and realization to the girls and they get
dressed quickly.
What was that?
Probably just that racoon again.
Well...ahh..we should get to
bed...(stumbling for words)...I'm
sure Jim and Jeff will have us
chopping wood or something
tomorrow. Thanks for the


                       MELANIE (cont'd)
rub...ummm...massage....good nite.
nite...(smirking)...see you in the
Jim and Liz are the first ones up and in the kitchen. Jim
has fired up the bbq to fry some eggs, bacon and toast. Liz
has made a pot of coffee using the generator power. Slowly,
everyone joins them in the kitchen.
Morning Liz....mmm..is that coffee
I smell?
Yep. I made 2 pots. Help
Me too please.
Ditto...with cream and sugar too.
Okay assholes. I'm not your
waitress...get your own sugar and
Denise, Jeff and Maritza now walk in and grab a coffee too.
Jim brings in the eggs, bacon and toast as everyone sits
around the table and begins eating.
                       MELANIE (to)
So what's the plan for today?
Well...Jeff and I are going over
to Dan's to give them a proper
burial and lock up anything left
there. Then we're coming back and
Phil is chopping wood with me.


After we get back, I'm going to go
fishing...anyone want to join me?
I'm in.
Me too.
Count me in too. Do you have
enough fishing rods?
Yes there's plenty. Since there
is more than 2 of us, I guess we
can row the pontoon boat out there
and fish.
Sounds like a plan.
What's the deal with liquor and
drinks? Are we allowed to drink?
I don't see why not. I have
alcohol for accidents in the first
aid cabinet so there is no need to
save whatever booze is left.
Unless of course we want to save
some for New Year's Eve?
Fuck!?! New year's eve? I'm just
starting to realize that we're
going to be here a long time!
Might as well get used to the
Hey Denise. Let's grab our books
and sit on the front deck with a
drink. I could use the
Ya. I'll meet you out there.


Denise and Jocelyn set up their deck chairs. Jim and Jeff
row over to Dan's and complete the task of burying the
bodies. After they are done, they decide to lock up the
snowmobiles and make their way back to Jim's. Once back,
Jeff, Mike, Maritza and Melanie meet at the dock with their
fishing stuff. Jim and Phil go around back to the shed for
the axes and chain saws in order to cut wood. Liz joins
Denise and Jocelyn.
      (in the shed)
Hey Phil...grab that axe and the
full gas can.
Check. So what do you think of
this whole thing?
I think it sucks! But we have to
make the best of it. Everythings
changed now. No job, no future,
no Toronto...just us to rely on
I was talking to Jocelyn last
night about the future. We were
talking about how long could we
live up here before we went stir
crazy. Before, we have to make a
trek back to the city and see for
Well if Toronto was nuked...it
should be about 250 years before
you can go back there...unless of
course you have a radioactive suit
or something. I think this is our
reality now and what we have to
think about is if we decide to
start a community...how do we go
about it. We can only have so
many kids before the "gene pool"
wouldn't be viable anymore so
here's the $50,000 dollar
question. Which of our women will
want to have babies by which of


Wow...I've never really thought
about that. You mean we'd have to
share our girlfriends? Have
orgies or something?
Not orgies you douchbag..but sex.
Each of us would have to have a
baby with each one of the girls to
create a viable blood line that
wasn't "inbred"...(laughs)
I could handle that. That Maritza
is quite the little hottie...not
to mention Liz...wow...I can't
believe she's your age. What is
your age anyways?
I just turned 42. And Liz, don't
tell her I told you, is 40!
Hmmmm...sex with someone older
than me..hmmm...(laughs) I like
Jim and Phil continue to cut trees down and chop wood. We
now join the fishing troop. The 4 are fishing off the four
corner of the pontoon boat. They've been fishing for about
30 minutes and no luck.
Hey Jeff...we should paddle over
to the channel over there were you
got that Pike.
Wait...wait...(Jeff suddenly jerks
his rod up) I got one! It's a
Jeff pulls at his rod as the others reel theirs in. Mike
gets the net. Jeff keeps pulling. A shodow of a huge
Pickerel appears.
Mike...get the net...get the net.
Mike grabs the net and scoops up the fish. It's a lunker
Pickerel...one of the biggest Jeff's seen in a while! It's


close to 8 lbs. The girls now throw their lines back in as
Jeff and Mike unhook the fish from the net and put it on the
fish leader. Just as they finish, Melanie starts yelling.
Hey...I got something too!
reel it in sweetheart...reel it
Melanie reels her line in near to the boat while the fish
fights to pull away. It's a Pikerel too. It breaks water
and fights a good battle as everyone gets excited. Melanie
manages to bring it close enough for Mike to net it. It
too, is a big fish!
Looks like we hit a school or
something. Keep fishing!
Over the next couple of hours, the troop manages to bring in
8 Pickerels and 2 Pike. They then row back to the dock
acting all proud of themselves. At the dock they are
greeted by Jim and Phil who are just splashing water on
their faces to cool off.
So you guys have any luck?
Only if you consider this (holds
up the fishing leader) ... luck?!?
WOW! I haven't seen that many
fish caught up here for a
while...great job! Who's cutting
them up?
Given my experience...I guess
that's me. Hey (calls up to the
front deck) Denise!?!
Denise and Jocelyn stand up and see Jeff holding up the fish
at the dock.
Looks like fish for dinner eh


Mmmmm..fresh fish....
It's now about 2pm in the afternoon and although people are
hungry, they decide to wait until dinner to eat the fish.
Instead, they all decide to go for a swim on this really
nice warm day. Everyone comes down to the dock and a "king
of the castle" match starts at the dock where Jim throws
Phil in and then picks Liz up and jumps in holding her in
his arms. Everyone else jumps in too.
(All laughing) hey Jim...do you
have a volleyball or something to
toss around?
Jim climbs up on the dock and opens the dock box and throws
out a couple of beach balls. Everyone is laughing and
having a good time ... forgetting about the current
situation they are in for just a moment. While swimming, an
intruder pokes around the back of the cottage without their
      (Treading water)
Toss it over here!
A game of monkey in the middle starts. After a few minutes
of kidding around, Denise, Melanie and Mike swim back to the
dock and climb out of the water. Jeff follows.
This is crazy!
What is?
Here we all are, kidding around
and having a good time while
everyone we knew in Toronto is
gone! Dead! Your Dad, sisters,
my family...they're all dead!
Yes but we must be positive. We're
here, we're alive and we have
provisions to last us a while. We
must mourn the loss of friends and
family but realize that maybe we
survived for a reason.


And what reason would that be! All
our family is gone, we should have
been there too.
Now....(pauses)...we're stuck
I could think of a lot worse
places to be stuck. Look, Jeff's
right. We're here, we're alive
and we have good friends around
us. We are it.
Everyone catches the conversation and climbs out of the
water onto the dock. As they start to dry off, Jim stands
up on the rock next to the dock.
Jeff and Mike are right. We have
all lost friends and family but
for some reason, God have saved us
from what must be a horrible death
and we have to ban together and
build our own future.
Talk about a "Lord of the Flies"
      (Hits Phil)
Jim's right. We have to give some
serious thought to what we want to
do now.
Everyone....welcome to
I think we need to have a fish fry
over a fire and drink ourselves
into oblivion tonight just one
more time!
Sign me up!


Me too! I need a drink.
I get the fish ready. How about
someone make a salad or something.
I think we may even have some
corn on the cobs. Might as well
use the stuff that will go bad if
it's not used up.
Everyone gets up and works their way up to the cottage. They
go their separate ways to get dryed off and changed. As they
approach the cottage door, they are suddenly stopped in
their tracks by a sound.
What was that?
That sounded like a 12 guage
      (looking a Jeff)
Where do you think it came from?
Denise...grab me the binoculars
please. They're in the mud room
on the shelf. I'll meet you on
the front deck.
Jeff, Jim and the party go around the front of the cottage
and wait for Denise to bring out the 10x50 binoculars. Jeff
puts them up to his face and combs the passageway down the
river.Another shot is heard and Jeff spots some movement on
a cottage deck about a 1/2 km from where they are on the
other side of the river. The camera pans through the
looking glass and spots what Jeff sees. A man standing on
the deck holding a smoking shotgun over a body with blood
all over. From the man's position, he cannot see Jeff and
the gang as they are shrouded by the cedars and pines in
front of the cottage.
What do you see?
I see a man with a shotgun and a
dead body on the deck in front of


Fuck...Can I see those binoculars?
Jeff hands the binoculars to Jocelyn.
      (Looking thru the
Shit! Shit! That's the guy from
the cottage that Maritza and I
were at on the other side of the
Okay everyone inside quick!
Everyone hurries inside the cottage to the main room.
Quiet down. Okay, we now know
that there is someone on the other
side of the lake that is not
afraid to kill people. We must be
on our guard at all times. He
could eventually find a boat of
something and make his way over
here. Again, let me stress, no
one goes out alone and we must try
not to attract attention to our
What if we just go over there and
kill him instead of waiting for
him to make it here?
Last time I checked, none of us
were cold blooded killers asshole!
I think Phil might be right. Why
wait for that bastard to come over
here and surprise us in our sleep.
He obviously killed that person
for who knows what reason and I
for one, don't want him to find
his way over here.
And is one of you dumb asses
prepared to pull the trigger and
shoot another human being? Perhaps
he's just like us and trying to


                       DENISE (cont'd)
Or maybe he's the one who killed
Dan and Teresa?!?
I think Denise has a point. Is
anyone really ready to kill
another person? We can't become
judge, jury and executioner all in
one or we become just like them!
I think we should all just take a
deep breath and leave well enough
alone. You said this guy is on
the other side of the river in a
cottage that is farther away from
here and Dan's...right? So maybe
he's working his way away from us
and by confronting him, we put
something into motion we can't
stop. Let's just go about our
business and keep our guard up.
Wow Joce. that's really profound!
I'm impressed. Let's start that
fish fry..I'm hungry.
Yeah...I think you guys are right.
Let's just all be careful. And
always have a gun nearby no matter
where you are outside of the
Everyone chips in and helps prepare a meal. The group is
starting to shows signs of a being a "community". A few
days go by without event. No signs of the stranger or anyone
else. The group have had sporatic reports through the ham
radio and what they are hearing is that everyone is
basically taking care of their own. The government has said
and done nothing and many cities around the globe have been
destroyed. Everyone has given up on the hope that they will
ever leave and that anyone survived. Their reality is the
cottage and things are starting to come together. Everyone
does their daily chores after which people relax a bit and
some fish and hunt daily.
                                         TURNING TO FALL


It has been about a month now since the group got to the
cottage. Fall is fast approaching and some are talking
about doing a hike to the local town of Coldwater to see if
there are any provisions available. Jeff has managed to get
the boat motor and the 2 ATVs running with parts from other
motors. Windmills are up and powering the main appliances
and the pump for the well water. The guys have re-worked
the plumbing to heat the well water enough to take showers
from time to time using the geothermal units powered by
solar. Everyone has made trips to surrounding cottages
scavenging anything not locked down. They have lots of
blankets, clothes and even extra ammunition. Jim, Jeff, Liz
and Denise are talking in the main room.
Well...if we're going to hike to
Coldwater, we should get up early
tomorrow morning and leave. I
think we should fill any bottles
we can find with the spare gas and
collect some water in the
Why do YOU have to go?
Because Jim and I are the best
suited for doing this. We know
how to ride the atvs and we know
the area better. Besides, I doubt
the other ones can read a
I'm not thrilled with the idea but
there are a few things we
definitely need to find if we can.
I'm going to grab Phil and go over
to Dan's and see if we can siphon
any more gas from his big boat and
the jet skiis he has in the back.
Jim and Phil use the small motor boat and head over to
Dan's. everyone else prepares what Jim and Jeff will need
for their hike. During one of their scavenging treks, Mike
had found a couple of 2 way radios that were army
surplus...the kind that can send a signal over 50 miles. He


has managed to rig a battery setup for them so Jim and Jeff
can check in.
                       JOCE (to)
      (Liz and Denise)
What can we do (pointing to
Maritza and Melanie)
Grab a knapsack and pack some dry
food supplies maybe a couple cans
of beans and stuff as well as some
first aid stuff. Also pack the
shells for the 22 rifle and the
cross bow too.
Consider it done.
The day passes while everyone prepares things for the "hike"
tomorrow. It is decided that only Jim and Jeff will go and
the others will stay back to watch over everyone. Phil
makes a stink about not being able to go but soon realizes
that he is not thinking straight as he is not one for the
outdoor survival. Night falls and all reture to bed. Mike
stays up to keep watch with Melanie.
Jeff and Jim are all packed and ready to go. Goodbyes are
said to their respective spouses and others as they power up
the atvs and ride off into the bush. They are expected to
check in twice a day at noon and 6pm. They expect the round
trip to take about 3 - 4 days. Coldwater is only about 35
kms away by main road from the marina, but going through the
bush it is about 50-60kms. Jim and Jeff talk as they manage
the terrain.
So what do you think we'll find?
Well I HOPE we find some people
alive and well and able to share
some provisions. I think we're
liable to find nothing there and
we'll have used this gas for


So the girls made this list ...
did you look at it? (Hands it to
      (Laughing as he
       reviews it)
Yeah...that's going to happen!
What's that?
      (driving along
       railway tracks)
Well Maritza wants a single cute
guy and a chocolate
cake...LOL...Melanie and Jocelyn
asked us to look for beauty
products like shampoo and stuff.
Should be able to find that I
Guess you haven't gotten to Liz's
      (as he scans
       down..he stops
Holy shit...holy shit..do you
think this means...(pausing)
That would be my guess. Should I
congratulate you now?
Wow...I don't know. I mean we
have been fooling around but I was
using the last of my condoms until
about a week ago. Holy cow...I
gotta call her.
I know it's going to be hard, but
you'll have to wait until the
preset time otherwise no one will
be on the other end.


      (starting up again)
Well let's get a move on then. I
want to try to make the locks near
Coldwater before dark.
Jim and Jeff keep motoring along without problem. They
manage to follow the old snowmobile trail that should take
them directly into Coldwater. Meanwhile, back at the
cottage, Phil is being a real jerk. He ends up having a
fight with Jocelyn and storms out of the cottage and down to
the dock and the motor boat. He jumps in and takes it down
the river about 2 kms to fish by himself. The girls are all
talking in the cottage when Mike walks back in from taking a
leak out back.
What's up...why is Jocelyn crying?
She had a fight with Phil and he
struck her.
So where's Phil now?
He took off in the boat down the
Mike grbs the binoculars and walks out to the front deck to
see if he can spot Phil. He does not. He comes back in
disgusted and mad.
That fucker better not be wasting
gas! Did he at least take the
fishing gear?
Yeah. I hope he falls overboard
and drowns.
I know you don't really mean that.
Ya I do! we're through.
I hope you don't mean that either
cause then we won't have a boat.
(laughs to cheer up Jocelyn)


Not to mention the fishing gear!
Okay...now that everyone has had a
good laugh...we really need to get
some chores done.
Ah c'mon house mom...can't we skip
chores for one day!?!?!?
Yeah...let's slack off for one
day...no one will know.
Okay fine but it means we have
more to do tomorrow. Anyone up for
a game of cards?
I say we all get drunk and play
strip poker.
Oh yeah that's going to happen.
Sure why not? Let's give Mike
some spank bank
"Spank bank"?
Yeah it's visual material for
whacking off...silly girl.
If it's okay with you girls, I'm
going to go fish off the dock. You
can make this a girls day.
Denise breaks out a couple of bottles of wine and pours each
of the girls a glass. Mike has gone down to the dock to
fish. the girls start drinking and playing cards. The games
start with Eucher but eventually after a few drinks Jocelyn
convinces them to start strip poker. The fire is going, the
room is warm and Maritza has put batteries in the stereo and


a britney cd on with the track Womanizer. Melanie stands up
and starts dancing around.
Okay girls...the game is strip
poker and the deal is the winner
decides what article the losers
take off...(laughs)
The girls all get dealt their cards and go through the
motions of the first hand. Both Melanie and Denise end up
with a full house but Melanie's is higher.
Hah! Okay....so I want to see
your bras first!
While all laughing, the girls remove their bras from their
sleeves. They continue to the next hand which is won by
Jocelyn. She insists that the must remove their shirts next
leaving them all topless. they keep playing and drinking and
losing clothes along the way. Once everyone is down to
their underwear, a last hand is played and Melanie wins.
Yeah for me....I have decided to
make this last part a dare instead
of losing your underwear. The 4
of you must go out on the deck and
moon Mike on the dock.
That's hilarious....but what if he
comes running up?
I'm right behind you.
As Liz, Denise, Jocelyn and Maritza make their way to the
door, Martiza opens it while looking back at the girls and
they suddenly cover themselves across their breasts. Martiza
turns around and is staring right at Mike. A moment of
embarrassment turns to laughter and smiles from Mike.
Well well ... this is a nice


      (now covering her
Well hello stranger...what brings
you up here?
I came up to grab the binoculars
cause I thought I saw our boat.
Mike walks in and goes to grab the binoculars as he looks
upon the girls sitting on the chairs practically naked.
Although he is really wanting to stay, he takes the
binoculars and goes out on the front deck. Maritza (without
shame) walks behind him. Melanie seems a little "pissed"
but with the wine in her, she laughs it off.
      (Looking thru the
Yeah that's our boat alright. But
I don't see Phil.
      (grabs the
       binoculars from
Yeah that's our boat. I see a
fishing rod but no signs of Phil.
The whole time Maritza is talking, Mike is ogling her chest.
They turn around and go back inside with the news.
      (Dressing herself)
Well can we take the canoe and row
out and get the boat?
Good idea..I'll get the paddles
from the basement.
The mood turns as the girls get dressed. Jocelyn realizes
she is worried about Phil. Mike and Liz make their way down
to the dock and put the canoe in the water. They paddle
down the river towards the aluminum boat. As they get
nearer, they see blood splattered down the side.
Is that blood?
Oh no....Oh no...I think it is.


They paddle up alongside the boat and see that there is no
one in the boat but all the fishing stuff is there and there
is blood splattered around. It obvious that Phil has been
shot and probably gone overboard. Mike jumps into the boat
and prepares to start the motor to bring it back to the
dock. Liz starts paddling the canoe back as well. As they
reach the dock, Jocelyn's eyes tear up as she realizes
something bad has happened.
      (Stepping out of
       the canoe)
I'm sorry Joce, there was no sign
of Phil.
      (As Mike pulls up
       to the dock)
Where is all that blood from?
I think Phil has been shot and
went overboard. There was no sign
of him anywhere nearby. I'm so
      (tears up for a
       moment then
       clears her tears)
Serves the bastard right! He
never listens! He got what he
I don't think you mean that...I
think you are just upset...let's
go back up to the cottage and talk
about it.
I don't need to talk about
anything...he's gone and that's
that! Let's go have another drink.
Everyone treks back up to the cottage as Mike locks up the
boat and motor and pulls the canoe out of the water. The
girls get into the cottage and pour themselves another
drink. As they "hound" Jocelyn to let it out, she tells
everyone to fuck off and leave it be. Some are surprised by
her demeanour. She gets up and walks into the other room.
Melanie follows her to talk.


      (Hugging Jocelyn)
It's okay to be upset you know.
Yeah I know hun...but it was over
with Phil and I and this just
makes it even more real. I am
upset and I do mourn him but we
are here to work together as a
unit and he certainly did not try
to do that.
Just then, the silence on the room is broken by a 2 way
radio signal from Jeff and Jim.
Goldilocks to base...come in
      (picks up the
Base here...goldilocks? Is
everything okay? Over.
Everything is moving along. I
think someone here wants to talk
to you Liz.
      (taking the phone
       from Jeff)
Liz..I read your list...is there
something you want to tell me?
Well I....hey...you didn't say
over. Over.
Quit joking around. Am I reading
this right? Over!
Yes...but don't get your hopes
up..I'm not sure yet...over.
What are you two talking about


I think I might be pregnant.
Oh my God! Congratulations!
Hey...wayward soles here...hello?
Sorry hun. Denise was just
congratulating us. But I told her
I dodn't know yet. How far away
from town are you guys? Over.
I think we're about 1/2 day still
if no problems slow us down. Over.
Jim? I think Phil is dead. Over.
What? What happened? Over.
He got in a mood and a fight with
Jocelyn and took off in the little
boat. We were playing cards and
heard what sounded like a shot.
Mike came storming in and got the
binoculars. We spotted the boat
drifting and paddled over to it.
There was splattered blood and no
sign of Phil. I think someone
shot him and he went overboard.
Crap! Is everyone else okay?
How's Jocelyn takinf it? Over.
Everyone is okay. Jocelyn is a
trooper...she'll be fine. Over.
OKay...no one else goes anywhere
without company and a gun! Don't
take any chances! Gotta go now to
preserve battery life. Love


                       JIM (cont'd)
Love you too...be careful...over
and out.
The radio conversation ends and everyone takes a breather.
The girls are happy for Liz and Mel and Joce have re-joined
the room. Talk is about security and safety and who will
take watch while others sleep. Jim and Jeff keep treking on
to town. It is now about 6pm.
Jim and Jeff have set up the tent and are inside eating some
beans from a can. They are ready to retire for the night.
Did you ever think we'd get here
so fast?
Well..yeah..I know the right
trails to take.
No sorry...I mean in this
predicament. WW3? Or whatever has
happened. I thought this would be
in another lifetime!
Yeah. I'm very surprised it came
to a head so fast, but I thought
it might happen within a couple of
years. I'm glad you and I started
stocking up the cottage last year.
Yeah..Denise thought I was always
coming up here just to fish. She
was really surprised by all that
we had accomplished since she was
here last. She actually admitted
to me that I was right for a
change. (chuckles)
Wow...CHeers to that revelation!
Let's get some shut eye. We
should be able to get into town
early. Hopefully we have a good


                       JIM (cont'd)
The guys turns in for the night. Guns are right beside them
in their sleeping bags and their atv's are locked to a tree
Jim and Jeff get up and pack up the atvs. They set out and
the final leg of their ride into Coldwater. Within a couple
of hours they near the town. They stop the machines and get
off. They take their guns and their backpacks and head out
on foot.
Let's move in quietly and see if
we spot anyone.
      (Looking thru
There doesn't look like there is
anyone around? Not even animals.
Follow me. We'll go in behind the
grocery store.
Wait. I see something. Here look
(passes binoculars to Jim) near
the pharmacy.
I see them.
Jeff spots a set of legs sticking out from beside the store.
As they approach slowly, They realize that it is a dead
body. It looks like it has been there for awhile. Jim and
Jeff are releaved yet also disturbed. They cannot
understand why there is no one around. After exploring a
bit, they notice that the grocery store has been looted
well. They make their way into the pharmacy and see that
the back storage area has not been broken into although it
looks like someone tried. They shoot open the lock and
proceed inside. They find medicines and pharmaceuical
supplies that they put in their backpacks. Just then, they
here a noise outside.
What was that?


Sounded like garbage cans being
knocked over. Let's go see.
They make their way outside and see a guy walking up the
street. He looks worn and tired and sort of familiar. As he
gets closer, Jeff realizes it's Ray, his friend!
Oh my God! Ray?!?!
Holy Crap...Jeff..and Jim! I
thought I'd never make it up here!
Where did you come from?
I was in Barrie working when all
this went down. After which, none
of the cars would start. I thought
about staying put, then I
remembered talking with you guys
in the summer when you told me
what you were doing up here. So I
thought, where better to go?
Good to see you buddy! Do you
know anything else? Any news on
the tv? radio?
Not really. China and Russia
started bombing the US when McCain
told them to go to hell and
somehow I think us Canadians are
caught in the middle! It's WW
fucking 3 out there! Everyone is
out for themselves. I managed to
hike out of Barrie on foot and
followed the train tracks to here.
I realized where I was about 10
minutes ago. How did you guys get
Jeff and I rode in on atvs to see
if we could get any supplies from
the town.


Is it just the 2 of you? Denise
and Liz?
They're back at the cottage. And
a few others too. See a bunch of
us came up for the weekend and
ended up being stuck here. That
was...ah what day is it?
It was about a month and a half
ago. Well, let's see if we can
find anything useful here and
start back. Here Ray, make
yourself useful and fill these
containers with gas. Here's a
siphon hose.
Sure thing. I'm so glad to finally
meet a friendly face.
Have you not seen anyone else?
Unfortunately yes. Barrie's
prison was overtaken and all the
convicts are out. I ran into a
guy about 3 weeks ago, real
Yeah. We have some idiot up near
the cottage. Dan and Teresa are
dead and so is one from our party.
Maybe he's one of those escapees.
Well if it weren't for the fact I
managed to elude these guys, I'd
probably be dead now too.
Let's get our shit and get out of
here before we "raise the dead".
JIm, Jeff and Ray get to work siphoning gas, stocking up on
anything left over and making their way back to the atvs. On
their way, they spot a dirt bike laying over behind a
garage. They go over to investigate and discover it still


works. The guys determine Ray can ride it back. They pack
up everything and make a call to the cottage.
Goldilocks to base...over.
Base here...over.
Hey Mike, we managed to find some
supplies and are heading back with
a surprise as well...is everything
okay? over.
Everyone is a little hungover here
but it's all good. See you soon.
We should be able to make it back
by nightfall. Over and Out.
All 3 guys jump on their rides and make their way back to
the cottage trails following Jim. They managed to stock up
on gas, some food, medical supplies and some other stuff.
They didn't see any signs of life. Not even dogs.
Meanwhile, back at the cottage, Mike is telling the girls
that Jim and Jeff are on their way back with a surprise.
What do you think they found?
I don't know...they didn't say.
Let's prepare a late dinner for
them. They said they could make
it back for tonight cause now they
know the trail and they found a
spotlight to use too.
I'm going to go out and fish..who
wants to join me?
I'm with you.
Me too. Help keep my mind busy and
see the wonderful colours of fall


You guys be careful. I'd suggest
that maybe you go into the bay
around the point here...there's no
cottages around there.
Okay. I'll keep my eyes open.
Mike, Melanie and Jocelyn grab the boat and fishing rods and
a gun and head out to the bay. They start fishing and
catching right away. First a pickerel, then a bass. Within
a couple of hours they manage a dozen fish and return to the
cottage. There they find the girls cleaning up a bit and
stoking the fireplace. It is cooler now (around 10C). Liz
has turned the ham radio on and listening through the bands.
Suddenly, she picks up a conversation.
CQ CQ DX...the voice comes across. Anyone there?
CQ DX...Canada is on the air.
Australia here doll. Well aren't you a sight for lonely
How's everything down under? Did
you escape the bombings?
Bombings? I think that was just between the US and China?
Well somehow we got trapped in the
middle. We think everything here
has been bombed. We have no
power, no nothing. Haven't seen a
tv broadcast in almost 2 months.
Well according to our news, the US started it with China by
shutting them out of the stock market then someone bombed
the New York Exchange and your president declared war on
terrorist acts. Said it was China that did it. Next thing
you know, missles are flying.
That's the most news we've heard
since this began. Thank you. Have
you heard anything else? Are the
governments talking?
From what I see, there are no more government people to
talk. Your capitol was wiped out as well as quite a few big


cities. The US is in ruins and anyone left is out for
themselves...according to reports. China says they won a
victory and the US hasn't been on the air at all so everyone
thinks that this is true. The US is finished. China will
be occupying it soon.
Holy crap! Unfortunately, I gotta
sign off now cause we have limited
generator power here. Can we try
this again tomorrow? Same time?
Sure lassy and good luck to you...over and out.
Did you guys all hear that?
Yes...we did. That's insane! So
if there's no more US then Canada
is pretty much theirs too?
That would be a good assumption
cause out military certainly
couldn't hold back the chinese.
Hell, half of them are here
I guess we're really on our own
Time passes and after cleaning up, some play a game of ping
pong while others just read books. They are "awakened" from
the silence by the sound of motors...atvs to be precise. Liz
gets up and runs to the door with the big floodlight.
They're back. I see them...wait.
There is another shadow..quick
Mike, get the gun.
Everyone runs to the windows and looks out with binoculars.
I see them...oh my god...oh my
god...it's Ray!!!!!
Ray? Jeff's friend Ray? The


Yes ... yes... it's him!
Denise runs outside with the others close behind. The guys
get off their atvs and Ray off the dirt bike. Denise hugs
Jeff then quickly goes to Ray and hugs him too. She seems
more excited to see Ray than to have Jeff back.
Oh my god...Ray! How the hell????
      (happy to the
       point of tearful)
I hiked up from Barrie and ran
into the guys in Coldwater. I was
working my way here but I wasn't
sure how to get here. So good to
see you...and
all here!
Hi honey...I'm home....or should I
say hi mommy?
      (kissing Jim)
Why?? I'm not your mommy!
c'mon guys...help us get this
stuff into the cottage and
eat...we're starving!
Everyone carries something inside and Jim and Jeff put the
atvs and dirt bike away under the cottage. Inside, Ray is
being introduced to Maritza as he knows everyone else.
I've heard all about you.
Don't believe a word of it..unless
it's all good stuff?!?!
It's all good.
Ray makes his way around hugging and kissing all the girls.
He is so happy to be amongst friends.


Hey Denise, is there somewhere I
can clean up a little?
      (leading Ray to
       the bedroom)
You can actually take a
shower...we have running warm
water..it just has to be a short
                       JOCE (to)
what's up with them?
What do you mean?
Denise seems over-friendly to Ray.
Is there something you're not
telling me?
No silly girl. I think she's just
happy to see a familiar face
besides all of us.
I don't know...I've seen the way
she talks to Ray. Always poking
him on facebook. Hanging out when
you were out on the road
training...I'm just saying..
Complete nonsense....Ray is just a
good friend. And they are both
from New Brunswick..and that's it.
Jeff's facial expression turns to that of a quizzical look.
Jocelyn has made him think that maybe there was something
between Ray and Denise. Just then, Liz calls to everyone to
come and eat. Everyone joins them at the table except Ray
and Denise. Jeff goes to see where they are. He quietly
walks up to the bedroom door where he sees them through the
crack hugging. Ray is wearing just a towel which means he
has stripped down and taken a shower while Denise was there
the whole time. He is a little pissed.


      (opening the
       bedroom door)
What the hell is going on here?
      (breaking the hug)
Nothing! Ray was just so happy to
see us...he thought he was going
to die alone on the road...I was
just hugging him to make him feel
better..besides..who are you to
talk. You're always spending time
with Maritza and Jocelyn! So fuck
      (dismissing the
Okay okay...don't get hostile.
Food is ready....Ray...get dressed
man and let's eat. There are some
extra clothes in that dresser from
Dan's place...should fit.
Ray, Denise and Jeff make their way to the table. With
everyone sitting at the table..Liz makes a small speech.
I'm not one for making
speeches..but I think maybe saying
grace would be in order.
Allow me hon. God thank you for
keeping us safe and for bringing
us our friend Ray. We mourn the
loss of our friend Phil in hopes
that you keep him well until we
see him again one day. Thank you
for this food and please Lord, no
more surprises.
Everyone starts eating. Conversation centers on Ray and
what he went through to get here. Everyone informs him of
their daily chores and how he will fit in, stressing that
Jim runs the house and delegates chores accordingly. They
fill him in on everything that has transpired to date with
that strange guy across the river, Dan and Teresa's murder
and Phil too. Ray is shocked to learn of Dan and Teresa's
fate as he had met them before.


So Ray....weren't you dating
Yes. I have...er...had a
girlfriend in Georgetown. She is
on a vacation in Cuba right now
but I don't know...maybe Cuba was
spared any bombings.
Unfortunately, we may never be
able to find out. We had hooked
up an old ham radio and spoken to
a guy from England and he said
that most of the US has been
bombed and there is no government
anymore. He also said China was
going occupy the US.
Wow..that's nuts. This is all
crazy! What are we supposed to do
Well...we can't go back to the
city for a long time so we've
decided to live up here and build
our own community.
I don't think "we've" ever really
decided anything. I think we
don't have much choice in this
Yeah...we're just trying to make
the best of it. It will be nice
to have another man around though.
Sorry Jocelyn, but Phil certainly
didn't do much around here.
However true...I still miss him.
So Ray, Jeff tells me you're a
magician? Can you entertain us?


Sure, after a few drinks, I'm sure
I can make your clothes
disappear...(laughing at his
humourous remark)
That's funny...no really..what can
you do?
Everyone finishes eating and moves to the living room where
Ray has found a deck of cards and starts doing a few tricks
for Maritza.
Wow...that's really good. I'll
bet you're really good with your
Very good....(pausing)...with my
hands...so what do you guys do for
Hasn't been a lot of fun around
here lately. Oh yeah, Jim and Liz
have some news.
Ahhh...no we don't. I haven't
taken the test yet.
Let's go do that now....I can't
wait any longer to find out.
And what if I am....who is going
to deliver this baby and how are
we going to raise him...or her?
We'll manage...somehow. I did
find something in town...(Jim
reaches into one of the bags and
pulls out diapers)
I guess you are hoping I am then?


Yes. I think it would be a good
start to a new life here. And
everyone here would be aunts and
And what about baby clothes?
Oh I think Melanie's would
Aren't you a riot!
Everyone laughs and that lightens the mood. Ray decides to
start a game of cards with Denise, Melanie, Jocelyn and
Mike. Jeff and Maritza start dishes. Jim and Liz go to the
other room. After about 30 minutes of cleaning up, Jim and
Liz walk back into the room smiling.
Can I have everyone's attention?
Liz and I have something to tell
all of you. We're pregnant!
Everyone crowds around and congratulates them.
This is cause for celebration.
I'll get some champagne.
We don't have any champagne.
We do now (as he empties another
bag they brought back with some
champagne and other booze in it)
Finally! A good reason to party!
And here's some batteries for the
stereo...hey Mike, put them in and
let's crank up some tunes!
Mike takes the batteries and gets the stereo started. He
grabs some music disks from Jocelyn. Everyone is in a good
mood as the night comes quickly, Denise and Melanie light
the oil lanterns and Jim gets a fire going. Little do they


know that danger is lurking outside. We see a point of view
from the trees out front looking in on the group dancing
around and drinking.


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