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Final Run
by Derek Marshman (dsm18@students.uwf.edu)

Rated: G   Genre: Sports   User Review: **1/2

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A locker room so quiet someone could hear a pin drop. Sad
faces. People hanging their head. It looks like the end of
the world on the players faces.
COACH ROBBY BAKER, 78, stands with his hands on his hips.
He's average height, a little heavy set and looks like a
good southern boy. The bags under his eyes make it seem as
if he has not had a good night of sleep in months, maybe
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Pacing back and
Gentlemen, we gave it all we had.
We just played a very good team,
and you can not argue with that.
They came in more prepared
physically, mentally and
emotionally, and it showed on the
field and the scoreboard. In all
my time here at Peninsula State, I
can not remember a game where we
surrendered 63 points. We have no
one to blame but ourselves. I know
it hurts to lose to Central
University. We have had a rough
season. No one imagined I would be
standing here right now saying our
last regular season game is the
last of the season. We came in
with high hopes this season, and
we were not able to capitalize on
the opportunities we had. Men, I
do not want you to remember the
season for the wins or the losses.
I do not want you to remember the
season with the feeling of defeat.
I want you to look back on this
season as a lesson. Whether it be
tomorrow or fifty years from now,
I want you to know this season was
about building friendships that
will last forever, learning to
trust and not always worrying
about what others think. No one
can take that away from you. They
can throw stones at the eight
losses forever, but the real
lessons of the season is something


                       COACH ROBBY BAKER (cont'd)
that only the men in this room
will fully understand. I just want
every one of you to know that I
love you, and I appreciate
everything that you have
sacrificed this season. Lets break
it down one more time.
                       FOOTBALL TEAM IN UNISON
      (Huddled together.)
Indians on three. One. Two. Three.
An office made for a king. A mini-kitchen sits in the
corner. A 50" LCD TV is mounted on the wall. Stacks upon
stacks of papers are piled on the desk, and beside the TV,
there sits about 40 DVDs of opponents.
RICK STILLMAN, 54, the Athletic Director at Peninsula State
walks into the office of Coach Baker to see how the coach is
doing. He is in great shape for his age and always seems to
have an extra bounce in his step, almost as if he brings new
life, but at the same time, he acts as if he has a great
burden to deal with.
                       RICK STILLMAN
Hey Coach.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Sitting at desk.)
Hey Rick.
                       RICK STILLMAN
Well, it was a tough one out there
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Yeah, we hurt ourselves too many
times. When you play someone like
Central, you can not do that. They
are too good to make mistakes
                       RICK STILLMAN
How is our quarterback doing? He
took a pretty big shot out there.


                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
He has a minor concussion. But he
will be fine come spring practice.
I am not sure he would be ready
for a bowl game, though.
                       RICK STILLMAN
Already thinking about spring
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Yeah, I have to, Rick. I ain't
going to a bowl game for the first
time in twenty-seven years. I have
to have something to look forward
                       RICK STILLMAN
Yeah. You know, Coach, some people
aren't so happy with this season.
There are people calling for your
retirement, or worse. You going to
be alright to take some of the
heat and criticism they are
throwing at you?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Rick, I have been at this for over
sixty years. Do you not think I
have not heard it all?
                       RICK STILLMAN
Coach, how is spring going to be?
You know, a lot of fans want to
see an open quarterback
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Well, Drake Williams has been our
guy for the past three years and
is going into his final year of
eligibility. He should have the
open hand, but I always say, let
the best man win the job.
                       RICK STILLMAN
I just want to know we are going
to have a better season next year
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I will do my best.


                       RICK STILLMAN
I know you will. Alright, Coach. I
am going to let you enjoy the rest
of your night. Are we still on for
the booster meeting on Wednesday?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
You know it Rick. I will see you
later. You have a great night.
                       RICK STILLMAN
      (Leaving office.)
Bye, Coach.
The room is packed full of people. Anxious people. Angry
faces. Lots of talking. The biggest boosters for Peninsula
State sit around, waiting for their coach to come speak to
JIM WIGGINS, 41, is the loudest in the room. He feels he has
a right to be, after all, he pays more money to the school
than any other booster. He is in great shape, and a former
football player himself.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Standing at
As always, I am glad to see all of
you tonight. Thanks for coming
out. I am sure ya'll are wanting
to get some questions my way, so
let's get started.
                       JIM WIGGINS
      (Stands up in
Coach, it's obvious why we are all
here. Come on, we all have the
same questions. Why did we lose to
Central again? Why did we lose
eight games? When are things going
to turn around? And how much
longer are you going to be here?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Wow, Jim. Well, ya know, I don't
have all the answers. We lost to
Central because they had a better
game plan. I put that loss on my
shoulders. We lost eight games
because we have a young football


                       COACH ROBBY BAKER (cont'd)
team. Jim, I know you can
understand that. I can't tell ya
when things are going to turn
around either, Jim. And as far as
me, that is something between my
family, the administration and
                       JIM WIGGINS
Can you not see that you are
hurting this program? Recruits do
not want to come here anymore,
because they see us slipping. We
had one of our worst recruiting
classes ever last season. I think
it is the right of all of the
people that are here tonight to
know, Coach. We give our money to
see you succeed, and you are not
getting it done.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Jim, I understand where you are
coming from, butů
                       RICK STILLMAN
      (Gets up and
That is enough. This is a matter
that is not going to be discussed
at this meeting. We are focusing
on getting things rolling for next
year, and that is it.
                       JIM WIGGINS
We are tired of hearing that,
Rick. I am speaking for everyone
here when I say we are tired of
losing, we are tired of excuses.
We want to win.
                       RICK STILLMAN
Do you not think I am tired of
losing? Do you not think Coach
Baker wants to win? He works hours
upon hours to try to get this
thing back to where it was. And do
not forget, he is the reason why
this program has high
expectations. This football
program was second-tier, and he
made it into one of the top


                       RICK STILLMAN (cont'd)
programs in the nation. Of all
people, you should know Jim.
                       JIM WIGGINS
Yeah, I know. I played here. I
helped build it too. But we are
ready to be back. As we, I mean
all of the boosters here. We have
a resolution for you, too. Either
things change, or the money
                       RICK STILLMAN
Jim, I am sorry you feel that way.
Coach Baker will no longer be
taking questions tonight.
Everyone, enjoy the rest of your
Rick Stillman takes Coach Baker away from the room and back
into his office.
Coach Baker sits in his chair, slouched over like it is the
end of the world, looking more worried than usual. Rick
Stillman paces the floor; thousands of thoughts are running
through his head. There is a long, awkward silence.
                       RICK STILLMAN
      (Walks into
Coach, are you okay?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Sitting, slumping
       at desk.)
I suppose so.
                       RICK STILLMAN
      (Standing at desk.)
I'm sorry you had to go through
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
In all my years of coaching, I
ain't ever faced anything like
that. I mean, I coached Jim. Now I
feel like he is turning on me.


                       RICK STILLMAN
You know how it is. The world has
become a "what have you done for
me lately" world.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Yeah, but it wasn't too long ago
that I was winning around here.
                       RICK STILLMAN
I understand that. I just don't
think the fans do. They want
miracles worked.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
We have a good football team. We
are on the verge, I just know it
                       RICK STILLMAN
I need to head home. You probably
need to do the same. It has not
been a good night for either of
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Leaving office.)
Yeah, I need to get home. I
haven't seen Anna in a while. I
will talk to you later Rick.
                       RICK STILLMAN
      (Leaving office.)
We do need to talk soon. Be safe.
A beautiful kitchen. Everything is delicate. It has a real,
home-like feel to it. The tile is off white, the island and
counter tops are spotless, it has a huge window with the
sunlight shining through.
ANNA BAKER, 70, stands in the kitchen cooking up a
breakfast. She is a Southern Belle, born and raised in the
South. She has the Southern Hospitality that everyone loves.
She has a deep, affectionate care for her husband, and only
wants the best for him, not matter what she has to
                       ANNA BAKER
      (Awating Robby to
       come to breakfast
       while reading the


                       ANNA BAKER (cont'd)
Robby, honey, breakfast is ready.
Come on and get some while it is
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Yelling into the
       kitchen from
       another room.)
I am on my way down, just let me
finish watching this quarter.
                       ANNA BAKER
Well, it is on the table, so if
you don't hurry up, it will be too
cold to eat.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Walking into
Alright, alright. You talked me
into it. What we got here.
                       ANNA BAKER
Your favorite. Grits, bacon, eggs,
toast and some pancakes.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Sitting at
       kitchen table.)
Looks amazing.
                       ANNA BAKER
      (Sitting at
       kitchen table.)
Robby, you have bags under your
eyes. You haven't been getting
enough sleep lately at all. You
know it is not football season
anymore, you can take a break.
What time did you go to sleep
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
It was late, Anna. I just have
been studying film, getting ready
for next year as soon as I can.
You know how it is. This is my
job, and I got to do it.


                       ANNA BAKER
But you have a family, too. You
have a wife, children, and
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
You don't think I know this? You
know I love you and the family
with everything I have. I would do
anything for them.
                       ANNA BAKER
I know that. They know that, but
you have to show it as well.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I have a job, too.
                       ANNA BAKER
I understand. But it is not just
your family. A lot of fans and
such say your time is up, that it
is time for the team to go in a
separate way.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Anna, I don't need it from you
                       ANNA BAKER
Well, I just think it is time for
you to start thinking about life
after football. Not suggesting it,
just putting it out there.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I've thought about it. Not ready.
                       ANNA BAKER
Robby, it is your decision and I
will be behind you no matter what
it is.
The room is packed. Reporters are everywhere. Flashes from
cameras are going off. There is a feeling that something big
is about to happen, that history is about to happen.
Peninsula State Athletic Director Rick Stillman is sitting
in a chair on stage, looking very concerned and confused.


                       RICK STILLMAN
      (Walking to the
I would like to welcome all of you
to this press conference.
                       REPORTER 1
Is it true?
                       REPORTER 2
Is Coach Baker retiring?
                       REPORTER 3
Did you fire Coach Baker?
                       RICK STILLMAN
I wish I could answer all of your
questions, guys, but I can't. Why
you ask? Because I am here just as
uninformed as you are. Coach Baker
asked me to call this press
conference, and did not give me
any more details.
                       REPORTER 1
When will Coach Baker be here?
                       RICK STILLMAN
He is here now. He will be up here
as soon as I am done, but let me
get something out of the way. This
will be a very orderly conference.
No talking out of turn, no
inappropriate questions and it
will be run by Coach Baker, no one
else. Everyone understand? Well,
without further ado, Coach Baker.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Coming to the
       microphone from
       the back.)
Well, I would like to thank all of
you for coming out. I know it was
without much warning, and very
unexpected, but I felt like this
had to be done now.
                       REPORTER 2
Are you retiring Coach? Why now?
What happened?


                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Sorry, buddy, but I am not going
to be answering any questions
today. I am here not to announce
my retirement, but to announce my
dedication. I know there is a lot
of speculation and rumors going
around right now, but I am here to
get this program back to the top.
I built it up once, and I can do
it again. I just want to let
everyone know that. To get there,
we will be doing things a little
different. There will be an open
quarterback battle, as well as all
other positions. I don't care if
they have started; they are an
All-American or what. We will go
back to the basics. We will work
on teamwork and fundamentals. We
will do all of the things that are
necessary in order to win.
Peninsula State will be a national
power once again before I leave.
Not to mention, every time a coach
my age decides to call it quits,
that only leaves one big event in
life to happen. I am not ready for
that to happen, either. Well, I
just felt like I needed to get
that off my chest. Thank ya'll for
coming out and have a great day. I
will see you all soon I'm sure.
After a long winter, Coach Baker and the Indians are back to
work in spring football. There is a buzz around the team
that has not been there for many years. Coach Baker seems to
have an extra bounce in his step. The Indians are practicing
harder, everything is more intense. They are preparing for
their annual Red vs. Yellow game, where the team scrimmages
against each other in front of fans.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Standing in front
       of team.)
Gentlemen, we have had a great
spring. We have worked hard. We
have gotten better. We have
improved at every position, every
player. I guarantee that it will
show come Saturdays. You all have


                       COACH ROBBY BAKER (cont'd)
that look in your eyes, that fire
that all great teams have. I am
expecting you all to go out there
today and play like you have
practiced all season. They are not
expecting too much, especially
after last season. They are
thinking we are going to be
average again. We are going to be
proving our fans wrong today, we
are going to begin proving other
fans wrong, analysts, other teams,
coaches and most importantly, we
are going to begin proving
ourselves wrong. How you ask? We
are going to give one-hundred and
ten percent every second of every
game, we are going to push our
bodies to limits that we did not
think they could go, and we are
going to be better than we could
have ever imagined. But enough
talking. You all know what is on
the line. I told you all that no
position is safe. This is your
final audition for your jobs. Go
out there and show this coaching
staff that you deserve to be the
go-to guy. Let's go!
After a challenging, hard-fought Red vs. Yellow game, Coach
Baker stands in front of his team with a big announcement to
make. The entire team, though tired, it at full alertness,
eagerly awaiting the announcement.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Standing in front
       of team.)
Gentlemen, I am proud of your
efforts tonight. You impressed me,
this coaching staff and the fans.
You all played with heart, fire
and emotion. You were disciplined
and smart. But it is time I let
you all know about a decision I
made. It was not an easy decision,
but I made it for the better of
the team. Our starting quarterback
is going to be Chris Wonder. I
want the team to rally behind him


                       COACH ROBBY BAKER (cont'd)
and we are going win through him.
No questions, no second-guessing.
I know we have had Dave Cloud the
past three years, and he is going
to be a senior, but I have sat
down with him and discussed it,
and he understands and wants what
is best with the team. I have to
go do an interview, and I want you
all to stay in shape and be safe
over the summer. Great game
The Peninsula State Indians are nearing the end of their
first game of the season. It is just minutes away from being
over and the stadium, slammed full with fans, is ringing
with unexpectedness. The Indians are playing better, but
still trail one of their two rivals, the South Tornadoes,
31-26. The fans want to believe that Coach Baker and the
Indians will pull it out, but they have been disappointed
too many times in the past few seasons. The Indians have the
ball and the looks on their faces know this is the last
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Talking to Chris
       Wonder in huddle.)
This is it. We are going to win
this game and shock the world. We
have three minutes left and we are
going to do this. This is the play
I want. I want three receivers to
the left, two to the right.
Wonder, I want you in shotgun. I
want all of you to run crossing
routes, besides the farthest
receiver to the left. I want you
to run a fly route. The safeties
are going to bite on the crossing
routes. Wonder, hit 'em deep and
lets win this game.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
      (From pressbox.)
Well, here it the final chance for
the Indians and Coach Baker. This
would be a devastating loss to a
team that is set on redemption.
Chris Wonder stays in at
quarterback, even though he has


                       TV ANNOUNCER (cont'd)
struggled all night. It is a
surprise that we have not seen the
three-year starter Dave Cloud at
all tonight. The Indians come out
in a five-receiver set, with three
to the left and two to the right.
Wonder takes the snap in shotgun,
rolls to his left. He pump fakes
across the middle and looks deep.
He has a receiver. The throw is
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Talking to Chris
I told you! I told you! Way to go
                       CHRIS WONDER
      (Running off the
We did it Coach! Can you believe
it? We actually did it.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
The Peninsula State Indians have
held off the South Tornados with a
thrilling finish. They win the
game 32-31 and make a big
statement here in the first game
of the season.
The stadium is erupting with joy. They know the Indians are
back. The noise is nearly unbearable. The fans are going
crazy. The students are on the field celebrating with the
                       TV REPORTER
      (Running with
       Coach Baker off
       of the field
       towards the
       locker room.)
Coach Baker, congratulations on
the win. Can you take us through
those last few minutes of the


                       TV REPORTER (cont'd)
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Thank ya first off. But wow, what
a game. I would like to
congratulate the Tornados as well.
They played a great game and had
no quit in them. But those were
some hectic last few minutes, huh?
The touchdown that gave us the
lead was all our quarterback. He
needed that for his confidence. He
threw a perfect ball, and our
receiver came down with it. The
safety came up to far and wasn't
able to recover in time. Then the
defense held them from scoring and
we were able to run out the clock.
This is one of those games where
you hate to see anyone lose, but I
am sure glad it was them instead
of us.
                       TV REPORTER
What about the play of Chris
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Well, he struggled like anybody
would making their first start.
But he kept his head up and kept
pushing, which is something we
preached all offseason. I think he
is something special in the
                       TV REPORTER
What about the team? Does this
type of victory make the statement
that Peninsula State is back to
the elite?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I wish it was that easy, but we
still have a ways to go, but this
is definitely a great first step.
I am proud of the young men and
the way they played, from top to
bottom, I felt they gave it their
all. And we definitely needed it.
But I am gonna have to run now and
celebrate with the rest of the


                       COACH ROBBY BAKER (cont'd)
guys in the locker room. Thanks.
The locker room is in euphoria. The team looks like they
have lost all burdens. They are fresh, vibrant and ecstatic.
They eagerly await their coach and what he has to say to
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Standing in fron
       to team.)
First of all, let's hear it for
the win over South!
                       FOOTBALL TEAM IN UNISON
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Ya'll deserve this. You worked
your tails off all spring and
summer. Nobody gave us a fighting
chance to win this game. Most
people thought it would not even
be close. But we proved them all
wrong. Not only did we keep it
close, but we won the game!
                       FOOTBALL TEAM IN UNISON
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I want to give the game ball to
Mr. Wonder. I know a lot of you
deserve this, but this young man
came through. He didn't have the
greatest game, but he did what it
took. Come get this ball.
                       CHRIS WONDER
      (Stands up and
       walks to Coach
I appreciate this Coach, I really
do. It is such an honor. But I
couldn't have done it without the
line, the receivers, the backs,
the defense, special teams, the
entire team. I want this ball to
be a team ball. We worked hard to


                       CHRIS WONDER (cont'd)
get here, not just me. We worked
hard to win tonight, not just me.
The game ball tonight goes to the
entire team!
                       FOOTBALL TEAM IN UNISON
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
That is very honorable. The man is
getting his wish. The team ball
goes to the entire team tonight.
                       FOOTBALL TEAM IN UNISON
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I want to congratulate you on this
big win one more time. And that is
it. We cannot get hung up on this
game. We still have eleven, maybe
more, games to play. Celebrate
tonight, but come back Monday
ready to work. We got Central
Carolina next week, and they do
not care that you won this game;
they just want to beat you. So
have fun tonight, be safe and
let's break it down. Indians on
three. One. Two. Three.
                       FOOTBALL TEAM IN UNISON
After the big victory against the South Tornadoes, the
Peninsula State Indians went on a tear. Highlights flash
across the screen with the Indians scoring touchdowns,
making big hits and winning big games.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
Peninsula State does it again,
they win in impressive fashion.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
Ooooh my, what a play by Chris


                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
Add another victory to the list
for the Peninsula State Indians.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
The Indians look unstoppable.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
That does it. The Indians have
moved up to number three in the
polls. They have won their first
eleven games and have set up a
historic game against their
arch-rivals, the undefeated and
top-ranked Central Crocodiles.
There is no second-guessing or
wondering, the Indians are back.
The team is huddled up, just moments before their big game
with Central. They are tense, yet focused and ready to play.
There is complete silence in the locker room, so quiet you
could hear a mouth breathe.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Pacing back and
       forth, talking to
Gentelmen, we knew we could do it
and look how far we have come. No
body, and I mean no body, thought
we would be here besides us. But
that doesn't matter. You all know
what is at stake. They are the
number one team in the nation.
They are the best team. They are
the team that we are measured up
against. It used to not be like
that. We used to be the measuring
stick. Well, it is time things got
back to normal. I want you to go
out there and leave everything on
the field, just as we have done
all season. I know without
question that we can, and will win
the football game. You know what
is at stake. We win, and we go to
the championship game. We lose,
and well...


                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (After a brief
       moment of
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Well, that is not going to happen
tonight. Come on men, let's get
them. It's gametime. Beat Central
on three. One. Two. Three.
                       FOOTBALL TEAM IN UNISON
Beat Central!
The stadium has a buzz around it. Nervous, yet hopeful. This
is the day that it is offical, that Coach Baker and
Peninsula State are back on top of the college football
world. That is the feeling of the Indian fans.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
      (TV ANNOUNCER at
       game in pressbox.
       Not seen on
This is the game we have all been
waiting for, and it is finally
here. The Crocodiles. The Indians.
Number one. Number three.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
The first quarter is in the books
and the Indians have been
impressive. They lead the
Crocodiles fourteen to zero.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
Who saw this coming. The Indians
have been dominant through the
first half of play. Chris Wonder
and his team have done everything
right. They lead the number one
team in the nation twenty-four to
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
Just one more quarter to go and it
continues to be all Peninsula
State. They now have a commanding
thirty-eight to three lead.


                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
The Indians are heading to the
championship and in oh-so
impressive fashion. They have made
another statement, blowing out the
Central Crocodiles fifty-two to
three. My-oh-my, Coach Baker has
done it again. He has proven all
of his haters wrong. He is back at
the top of college football. We
will see you in a month from the
championship game between
Peninsula State and South Los
                       TV REPORTER
      (Running with
       Coach Baker to
       the locker room.)
Coach Baker. How does this feel?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
It is amazing. This has been a
long time coming. But all the
credit belongs to the young men in
the locker room. They worked their
tails off for this. Starting in
spring all the way until now. No
one believed, and look what
happened. Never count out a
sleeping giant.
                       TV REPORTER
Is Peninsula State still sleeping?
Are the Indians back?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I am not sure. That is for you
guys to decide. I was never sure
we were out. We were always so
close. But we are still not at the
top. We have a meeting with South
Los Angeles left. That will
determine if we are.
                       TV REPORTER
What are you plainning to tell
your team?


                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Just how proud I am. They are a
great football team, but they are
more than that. They are great
students, great athletes and most
importantly, great young men.
                       TV REPORTER
Congratulations once again Coach
Baker. We will see you soon.
After a month of hard work and preperation, the championship
game is here. The Peninsula State Indians and the South Los
Angeles Vikings. The stadium is at an all-time high
attendence. Fans and the press have packed it full. They all
want to see if Peninsula State can play with South Los
Angeles, a team that has won three championships in five
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
      (Broadcasting over
Welcome to beautiful Miami,
Florida. Both teams are on the
field and ready for an intense
matchup. We will find out tonight
who is the best team in the
country. We will find out if
Peninsula State and Coach Baker
can do the unimaginable. This is a
true story of rags to riches. Can
they complete it or will the
Vikings stand in their way?
Kickoff time is here.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
Here is the first play of the
game. Indian ball. First and ten
from their own twenty-yard line.
Chris Wonder is the quarterback.
He drops back to throw, he is
under pressure. He lets go of the
ball toward the right sideline. IT
IS INTERCEPTED! Michael Way has
the interception for the Vikings
and he is gone. TOUCHDOWN SOUTH
LOS ANGELES! Just like that the
Vikings have found the end zone
and sent a stern message to the


                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
Chris Wonder and the Indians have
settled down after that first play
of the game, but have not been
able to get much going here in the
first quarter. After one, the
Vikings lead the Indians seven to
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
What a big quarter for the
Vikings. They are going to take a
twenty-one to zero lead into the
locker room thanks to three Indian
turnovers in the second quarter,
two by Wonder. The Indians look
dazed, confused and our of their
league. We will see you after this
short commercial break.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
No excuses. None. We are getting
outplayed, outclassed and
outgutted. This is not what I
thought I would get out of you.
And it is not just you either. I
take the blame, too. But all I do
is call the plays. It is up to
each of you to determine if they
work or not. What is the problem
out there. Yeah, they are good.
But they are not this good. You
are beating yourselves. What is
the problem?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (After a long,
       awkward silence.)
Anyone going to step up? Do we not
have any leaders on this team? I
guess we just need to pack it up
and head back home. Heck, we got
here. That is good enough, right?
I mean, we beat South and Central,
that is all that matters, right?
Who actually thought we would beat
South Los Angeles anyway? Is that
how ya'll feel?


                       CHRIS WONDER
      (Standing up.)
It was my fault Coach.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
No. It was not just your fault.
There is eleven men out there at a
                       CHRIS WONDER
No, Coach. I could have played
better. They are scoring because
of me. The defense is playing
good. If I would not have turned
it over, we might have a shot. My
head is not in the game like it
should be.
                       CHRIS WONDER (cont'd)
      (Looking around at
       his teammates.)
I am sorry. But can you forgive
me. I promise I am going to go
back out there and give it my all.
I want to know I did everything
                       FOOTBALL PLAYER 1
      (Stands up.)
Nah, man. It is not your fault. It
is all of our fault, like Coach
said. Maybe if I would have made a
better block, that wouldn't have
happend. I am behind you.
                       FOOTBALL PLAYER 2
      (Stands up.)
I ain't behind you man, I am with
you. This is a team. We win
together, we lose together. That
is three of us, who else is with
                       FOOTBALL TEAM IN UNISON
I am.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Well, you want it. Now go and get
it. We only have thirty minutes to
prove our worth. Team on three.
One. Two. Three.


                       FOOTBALL TEAM IN UNISON
Half of the stadium is quiet. Half is ready to celebrate
their fourth championship in six years. The half that is
quiet is in shock.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
      (Broadcasting over
Both teams are back from the
locker room. Let's see if there is
any fight left in the Indians.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
After a three-and-out by the
Vikings, the Indians set up shop
in great field position at their
own forty-three yard line. Wonder
is still the quarterback for the
Indians. He has played great all
season, but he just does not seem
to have it tonight. He drops back,
he looks deep for Johnson. Johnson
has it at the twenty. He makes the
last man miss. TOUCHDOWN INDIANS!
Just like that Peninsula State is
back in this game.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
What a quarter by the Indians.
They trim the Viking lead to just
seven points, one possesion. They
outscore South Los Angeles
seventeen to three and only trail
twenty-four to seventeen with one
quarter left to play.
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
Just ten minutes remaing in the
game. Score stands at twenty-four
to seventeen Vikings. Viking ball
at their own nine-yard line.
Morris gets the handoff up the
middle. FUMBLE ON THE PLAY! Turner
recovers and and dives for the end
an extra-point away from tying the
game up. Here comes the kicking
team now. They line up. The snap
and hold is good, the kick is up


                       TV ANNOUNCER (cont'd)
South Los Angeles will hold on to
a twenty-four to twenty three
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
What a drive by the Vikings. They
now lead thirty-one to
twenty-three with just seven
minutes left in the ball game.
They seem to have taken the best
punch from the Indians and are
starting to feel good about their
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
The field goal is up and good. The
Indians trim the Viking lead to
just five on a thirty-nine yard
field goal. South Los Angeles
thirty-one. Peninsula State
                       TV ANNOUNCER (VO)
This could be the last chance for
the Indians. Just over one minute
remaining in the game. They trail
by five points. Three recievers to
the left, two to the right. Wonder
in the shotgun formation. He drops
back. He has his inside receivers
crossing. Johnson is on a fly
route to the left side and has his
man beat. The throw is good.
Johnson makes the catch. TOUCHDOWN
INDIANS. With just thirty-seven
seconds reamining, they take the
lead! Oh-my! What a coincidence;
that is the exact same play they
ran during the first game of the
season to beat South. And it was
the exact same score. It is almost
like the season has come into a
full circle. For the first time
tonight, the Indians have the
lead, thirty-three to thirty-one.
                       TV ANNOUNCER
It all comes down to this. Four
seconds reamin on the clock. The
Vikings are out of field goal
range. They trail by just two
points. They need a miracle here,


                       TV ANNOUNCER (cont'd)
or Coach Baker and the Indians are
the champions. Walters drops back.
This is it. A final hail mary
attempt for South Los Angeles. He
heaves it towards the end zone. It
is tipped in the air. CLARK COMES
have never seen anything like
this. The Indians are in shock.
Coach Baker stands on the
sideline. He looks like he has
seen a ghost. The Vikings charge
the field. They are your college
football champions. They win the
title for the fourth time in just
six years. They are the kings of
college football. But let's not
forget about these Indians. They
fought, fought and fought. The
never gave up and proved they
could play with anyone. They are
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Finding Anna in
       the stadium. She
       is sitting in the
       stands in the
       first row.)
                       ANNA BAKER
      (Leans over side
       of stands.)
Robby, I am so sorry.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I can't belive this.
                       ANNA BAKER
I am so sorry.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Anna, I am coming home.
                       ANNA BAKER
What do you mean?


                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I did it. This team is back. I am
done. I have accomplished it.
                       ANNA BAKER
But you didn't win. You know I am
behind you if you want to stay.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
No, honey. I have found out that
there is more than championships.
This team is a winner, and I have
put them in a position to win more
championships. I am ready to move
on. Remember, I have a family,
                       ANNA BAKER
I love you.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I love you, too. Let me go talk to
my team one more time.
The team is in shock. They look as if they have lost
everything in the world. Tears are everywhere. Players and
throwing their helments down. No one is talking.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Talking to team.)
Stop this! Stop it now! We have
worked too hard and done too much
to react like this. Act like you
are champions, because that is
what you are.
                       FOOTBALL PLAYER 1
But we lost, Coach.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Yes, on the scoreboard, we lost.
But I gurantee that we left
everything on the field. Wasn't
that what we wanted to do? I
guarantee you that they do not
want to play us for one more
second. I guarantee that.


                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Beginning to cry.)
You are champions in my book. I
love you all like you are my son.
I would do anything for you. I am
sorry I failed you. But I know you
will look back on this and realize
just how much of a winner you all
are. You have no quit in you. When
the real world comes around, I
know you will be able to stand up
to it. You are all men.
                       FOOTBALL PLAYER 2
Coach, we are going to get them
next year.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Yes you are. Yes you are. Guys, I
can not say anything else to make
this pain go away. So I am just
going to get to my point. I have
accomplished everything I can
here. I have won championships, I
have lost them. I have had great
teams and I have had teams that
were not so great. But I am done
now. I am going to spend the rest
of my life, however long it is,
with my family and freinds. But I
will not forget you or any of my
players. You all made me.
                       CHRIS WONDER
Coach, you can't leave us now. We
are finally back, just like you
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I know, Chris. Just like I wanted,
Peninsula State is back. But it is
up to all of you to put us back on
the top, and I know you will next
season. We need to get out of here
and back to the hotel. So get a
shower and I will see you later. I
am going into the office. I am so
proud of you all and I love you
all. Let's break it down one more
time. Champions on three. One.


                       CHRIS WONDER
      (On a knee.)
Wait, Coach. I think we want to
break it down on something else.
Is that okay?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Yeah. What is it?
                       CHRIS WONDER
Come on guys. Coach Baker on
three. One. Two. Three.
                       FOOTBALL TEAM IN UNISON
Coach Baker!
Coach Baker sits in a chair. It is not his office, but he
looks as if he is imagining that it was. He fumbles through
his playbook, he looks like a man with a thousand emotions
running through him.
                       RICK STILLMAN
      (Peeking around
       corner of office.)
Coach, can I come in?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
      (Fumbling through
       papers, sitting
       at desk.)
Yeah, Rick. Come on in.
                       RICK STILLMAN
      (Standing in
Is it true?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Well, it depends on what you are
talking about.
                       RICK STILLMAN
So it is true. You are leaving?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Yeah, I think it is my time.


                       RICK STILLMAN
But Coach, you have the city, the
campus, and the boosters behind
you. You have built this place
back up. You are so close to
winning a championship. Wouldn't
you like to go out on top?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I am pretty sure I am going out on
top. I would not have it any other
                       RICK STILLMAN
So there is no changing your mind?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Don't think so. Everyone else has
tried, though, so you can give it
your best shot.
                       RICK STILLMAN
No. No. I am not going to second
guess you. It was your choice. And
I am behind that.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I appreciate that, Rick.
                       RICK STILLMAN
Well, I don't even know what to do
now. How do I begin looking for a
new coach?
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
I am sure you will figure it out.
                       RICK STILLMAN
Will you help me? I am sure it
would go over well with Jim and
all of the other boosters if you
had a say in the choice.
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
You are talking about the same
guys who wanted my head last year
at this time, right?
                       RICK STILLMAN
Like I said, it is a what have you
done for me lately world. And you
have done for them quite well.


                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Well, all I am going to say is
that I am not going to change my
phone number. I don't want any
final say or any vote, but you can
always give me a call.
                       RICK STILLMAN
Sounds good. But what do I need to
do now? When do I need to set you
up a press conference to announce
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
You don't think this will get out
before we leave this stadium. It
will be all over the place.
                       RICK STILLMAN
I know, but we still have to have
a formal conference. You know
                       COACH ROBBY BAKER
Well, I think I am going to just
let you handle that. I am going to
see my family and enjoy this whole
retirement thing.


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From Kevin Isaacson Date 12/30/2008 **1/2
What you have is good but it seems like a partial story...and not from just the length of the script. The football parts are great and your dialogue is natural, but there is not much of a conflict which makes it interesting or any hooks or twists to make it unique. You have the basis for a good plot but you need to build on it. Have conflicts throughout the season that they have to work through. Have the coach struggle with himself throughout the season on what decision he should make about his future. Have a booster club member that makes the season difficult for him...win or lose. Just some ideas. Keep working on it. You have a base point...now just build.

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