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Class Trip
by Grant (fgump2006-scriptbuddy@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

John Carson, a 14 year old high school kid, accidentally stumbles upon a neighborhood dedicated to buying and selling drugs on the day of a class trip. Now he must get out of the neighborhood with his life, along with two kidnappees, his verbally abusive teacher, and his homeless bus driver. Note: This is an action/comedy.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Cuts to an average sized house, nice looking with two
stories and a two garage door. Zooms up on a window on the
second floor, and an alarm goes off in the room, giving the
background music for this scene. The kid in bed in the room
gets up, stretching his legs. It's John Carson, male
caucasian, 5'9", looks to be about 14 years old. Good
looking, with brown eyes. Brown hair. The clock reads 6:45
AM. He's wearing an undershirt and boxers. He's got a room
about the size of a normal hotel room, and he then goes to a
bathroom at the end of his room. He opens the door and goes
in the bathroom, and shows a montage of him getting ready
for the day, brushing his teeth, getting some jeans and a
shirt on, and he goes down the stairs to the kitchen. His
mom, Lisa, is in the kitchen. Lisa, 5'5" tall. Female
caucasian, brown eyes, pretty, early forties. Brunette.
Hey, mom. What's for breakfast?
      (walking around,
       grabbing papers)
I don't know. You'll have to make
it yourself. I have a very
important meeting today that is a
few hours from here, so I've got
to get going.
      (sitting down at
       kitchen table)
And I've got to go to yet another
boring (emphasis) day at school.
      (getting more
Yeah, yeah. In case you've
forgotten, your birthday, your
birthday is next week. What do you
want, 'cause you haven't told me.
I already told you! I want a gun.
A shotgun.


      (shaking head)
No,no. Too dangerous. You're gonna
blow somebody's head off with one
of those.
      (standing up)
No way! I shoot 'em at Kid Scouts
all the time, and I have not blown
even one head off.
Hey! We're not going to discuss
it! I said NO!
      (walks over and
       kisses John's
Have a good day. Don't miss your
John grabs his backpack and leaves to go wait by the side of
the road. The bus pulls up and Jon walks on. He takes an
empty seat, and James walks over next to where he's sitting.
James, fourteen years old. Black hair. 5'8" and wears a
green polo shirt and jeans.
      (pointing to seat)
Is this seat taken?
      (looking next to
       him at empty
      (pushing John over
       to the window)
No it's not! Scoot!
Why you gotta be such a jerk all
the time?
Because I don't like you.
Well, at least I have friends.


      (leaning head into
Look, could you be quiet? Please?
I'm having one of those days.
Don't you have on of those days
every day?
Shut up. High school just sucks.
Yeah it does. There I agree with
      (looks over at
Why are you still talking?
No wonder you don't have any
friends. You can't even carry out
a conversation. This is a
conversation, John. It's where
kids like you and me try to relate
to each other. But you don't know
how to do that, do you?
      (John gives James
       a blank, mean,
       slightly comical
Ugh. I'm wasting my time with you.
      (looks out window)
You finally realized.
Cuts to buses pulling into the school parking lot. It is a
big high school, and looks new with bricks as walls and many
windows, and a big parking lot out front. The bus pulls up
on the curve and stops. Cuts to a classroom, the bell
ringing in the background of kids talking. Anderson, the
teacher, is standing by the chalk board in the class.
Anderson, male caucasian. Height is 5'10" tall with black
hair and glasses.


      (standing next to
       desk at front of
Class, take your seats!
Kids rush to seats.
Class, quiet, quiet now...
Talking continues.
      (Furrowing brow)
Quiet! Quiet!
Talking continues.
Talking stops.
Thank you. Now, as you all
probably know, today is the day of
our field trip to "Jameson
Industries." Is that what you kids
were talking about?
Jacob Jacobs raises his hand. He has blonde hair. He is
about 5'8" tall, 14 years old, and wearing jeans and a black
t-shirt. He's not bad looking, but not good looking. He has
gray-colored eyes.
      (Raising hand)
No. We were talking about normal
high school stuff.
      (Raising eyebrow)
Like what?
Sex and other people's business.
Oh. Okay.
      (Pacing back and
       forth in front of


                       ANDERSON (cont'd)
Well, as I was saying, there is a
field trip today, so I will need
your permission slips. Just pass
them to the person in the front.
Focuses on John, who is sitting in the back row.
      (eyes wide)
Uh oh.
Jacob turns around to John, who is sitting behind him.
Let me guess... you forgot your
permission slip.
No. I have the slip. I just forgot
to get it signed.
You always forget every trip!
Yep. And I always forge my parents
signatures every trip. Hold on a
John takes out a pencil from his backpack which is resting
on the ground next to his desk. He also pulls out the
permission slip. He scribbles for a moment on it and gives
it to Jacob.
Pass it forward.
      (reading slip)
What is this?
      (holds out slip to
Camera focuses on slip. The signatures are a bunch of
squiggly lines.


      (looks exasperated)
You can't expect me to believe
these are your parent's
      (smart-alec smile
       on his face)
I don't expect you to.
      (points at
I expect him to.
Jacob sighs and passes John's slip forward. ANDERSON
collects them and looks through them. He flips through them
quickly. He stops at one and looks up at John.
      (pointing at slip)
John, what the hell is this?
My permission slip.
      (looks serious)
Were your parents drunk when they
signed this?
Maybe they were.
Whatever. To tell you the truth I
don't give a shit if you forged
your parents writing.
      (stands up)
Alright class, line up.
Every student in the room stands up and gets in a line.
Anderson goes to the front.
Alright. Who can tell me the rules
about when I take you out of the
                       STUDENT 2
      (raising hand)
Pretend like we're a good class.


Excellent. And what's the second
      (Raising hand)
Pretend like we like you.
Great work! We're ready! Alright,
class. Follow me!
Shows class with Anderson leading them walking out the front
door towards buses that are parked in front of the school.
Anderson walks to the door of one of the buses and stops.
The buses next to them have classes walking on their buses.
      (looking plain)
Now, class. Here's what will
happen. We will get on the bus.
Our homeless bus driver will drive
us to the building, and we will
take a tour. In the middle we will
go to their food court and buy
lunch, then finish the tour and go
      (to Jacob)
Oh no. I forgot my lunch money.
It's in my locker.
      (Raising one eye
Why should I care? This should
teach you not be an irresponsible
dumb-ass like you are.
      (looking stressed)
Oh shut up. Look, just stall them
until I get back with my money.
I don't want to stall them. Mr.
Anderson scares me. If I try to
stall him he'll just cuss me out
or give me detention. Just go get


                       JACOB (cont'd)
your money quick! Or, better yet,
don't eat lunch today!
No way! I'll go get it. Some help
you were.
      (pointing at John)
Hey, don't talk smack! I'm top of
the class!
John runs off, taking cover to hide behind other class's
lines. He runs through the front door.
      (looking serious)
Now class. I hope this field trip
will help us grow more as a class,
and as friends.
Cuts to John running through the halls of lockers in the
school. He stops at one and starts doing the combination.
      (Furrowing brow)
Now get your asses on the damn bus
or I'll leave you at this piece of
shit school!
Shows John grab money out of locker. He slams his locker and
begins to sprint down the halls.
Cuts back to bus and shows the last kid get on the bus.
Anderson follows. Bus doors shut. Cut to on board the bus.
      (looking at bus
Alright, hobo, get us out of here!
      (Frowning with sad
       look on face)
My name's Horace.
Horace is a scruffy looking bus driver with a big beard.
Male Caucasian. Brown hair. 6'4" tall with brown eyes. Has
sleeveless shirt and many tattoos on his arms. Wears
tattered jeans.


Duh! But you're a hobo!
      (Frowning, turns
       away to look at
Cuts to John running towards the front door. Cuts back into
the bus.
      (waving hands)
What are you waiting for Horace?
Horace turns wheel and hits gas. Bus pulls away from school
as John runs out of the front door of the school.
Wait! No! Wait! Aw, man!
      (bends over and
       grabs knees)
Well, good thing I have a bike.
Camera shows a bike rack. John walks over to it and grabs
his bike. It is blue and has 21-gear shifting.
Cuts to John pedaling down the road after his bus. He starts
to get close to it but then he hits a red light right after
the bus goes through the green light.
       handlebars in
Dang it!
John looks around. He sees the building the class is going
to off in the distance. The camera scans down and we see a
neighborhood in between "Jameson Industries" and where John


John pulls to the left riding in front of the cars waiting
at the red light. Horns honk while he pulls onto a straight
and downhill road toward the neighborhood. Cuts to him
pulling past the neighborhood's sign. It reads "Beaver
Springs" and has a picture of a small waterfall and a beaver
next to it. John is pedaling really fast and moving at about
25 miles per hour. He is not looking down on the road and
does not see a pot hole. His wheel hits it and flips John
over the handlebars. He hits the pavement. He looks up, and
gets on his feet, moaning. He looks at his bike and sees
that the front wheel is bent.
      (hitting pavement)
Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
      (looks up at the
Sorry, Lord.
He looks up and around. Camera shows that all the houses in
the neighborhood are exactly the same. They are tope
colored, two-story houses, each with a two-car garage door.
      (looking around)
What the?
John walks over to a house next to where he fell off of his
bike. He goes up to the porch and rings the doorbell. After
a few seconds a lady answers the door. She is about 5'6'
tall. About forty years old. She has a white shirt with
baggy purple pants and a black robe around her. She has
brown hair and brown eyes. Caucasian.
      (smiling feebly)
Well, hello there. What can I do
for you?
Sorry to disturb you, but I'm in
trouble. My bike broke so I'm
stuck here, and I kind of need to
get to a class field trip. May I
call my mom with your phone?
Of course. Follow me.
Lady walks right over to kitchen. A corded phone is on the
counter next to the stove in the room. To the left is a
living room with plain furniture and a fireplace. Next to


the living room are stairs leading up to the second floor.
In the kitchen is a dishwasher to the right of the stove,
and under the stove is an oven. Above the stove is a
microwave, and to the right of the dishwasher is a
refrigerator. John walks to the phone and picks up the
receiver. He dials a number and we hear ringing over the
phone. Camera cuts to a car with John's mom Lisa in it, her
phone ringing. She is 5'5" tall. Female Caucasian, brown
eyes, pretty, early forties. Brunette. She answers.
      (looking at road)
                                         CUTS TO JOHN
      (serious look)
Mom. It's John. I got stuck in a
neighborhood called Beaver
Springs. Can you come pick me up?
                                         CUTS TO LISA
      (furrowed brow)
Shouldn't you be in school?
                                         CUTS TO JOHN
      (exasperated look)
No, I should be on a field trip,
but I missed the bus, so I took my
bike, but I hit a pothole. So my
bike got all bent up. Can you pick
me up?
                                         CUTS TO LISA
      (look of disbelief)
What? No! I'm on my way to the
most important meeting of the year
for me. Call your father.
                                         CUTS TO JOHN
No. mom. Dad is 45 minutes away
from here! Why do you have to have
a meeting on a day I have trouble?


                                         CUTS TO LISA
      (annoyed look)
You always have trouble! John,
call your father! Bye.
                                         CUTS TO JOHN
      (walks quickly to
       the right)
John accidentally bumps into a small Virgin Mary statue. It
falls and breaks open after hitting the floor. John looks
down and sees 4 little bags of drugs come out.
      (hanging up
Maybe I should go now.
Lady pulls out an Uzi from under her robe and points it at
      (cocking gun)
No, I think you'd better stay.
John raises his hands in the air.
Wh-why do you need that gun? You
gonna shoot me?
      (sickly smiling)
Not if you behave. Now walk over
to the stairs.
John quickly grabs phone base and hurls it hard at the
lady's head. The cord comes out of the wall and the base
smacks her head. Lady stumbles a few feet back, aiming the
gun in the air and firing wildly. John runs across the house
to the living room and jumps behind a wall facing the
kitchen. Lady regains balance and starts firing wildly at
the wall John is hiding behind. Wall paper is flying
everywhere. John is laying face down on the floor as bullet
holes pierce the wall right above him. The bullets stop and
the camera shows the lady start to reload. John looks around
and finally he stops looking and the camera focuses on what
he is looking at. He is looking at the double-barreled


shotgun mounted above the fireplace about 10 feet behind him
and to the right in the middle of the side wall of the
house. He runs and jumps behind a sofa in the middle of the
room. The fireplace is now directly 10 feet behind him. The
Lady starts firing wildly again, this time at the sofa. Fuzz
from the sofa is flying in all directions as bullets rip
through it. The firing stops again after about 20 seconds
and John runs to the fireplace and jumps in the air and
grabs the shotgun. He then jumps back behind the sofa and
the Lady begins to fire again. John checks to see that the
gun is loaded, and it is, both barrels. He closes the gun
and pulls back the hammer. The firing stops again. John
jumps on the sofa and jumps over the back and runs at the
Lady. He stops 10 feet in front of her and points the gun at
      (pointing gun)
Eat this, bitch.
John fires and the lady flies backwards and smashes into the
closed oven door behind her. Blood spews after she gets
I shot someone.
There is a creaking noise coming from the stairs behind
John. He turns and sees a shadow on the wall, heading down
the stairs. He runs into the kitchen and hides behind a
counter. He hears the person reach the first floor and begin
to walk toward the Lady's body. John has his back pressed to
the counter. When the shadow gets close to John, he swings
his shotgun straight out into the Old Man's legs. Old Man
stumbles backward yelping. Old Man is about 5'5" tall and is
carrying a pistol. He is about 70 years old. He is bald and
wears glasses. A little heavy-set. He has a striped shirt
and baggy striped pants. John hits the pistol out of the Old
Man's hand. We see it hit the ground. Old Man quickly pulls
out a walkie-talkie.
                       OLD MAN
      (talking into
Code red! I repeat, code-
John smashes Old Man's head in before he can finish his
sentence. Old Man falls to the ground, dead.
      (looking at dead
I'm guessing the old man was her


                       JOHN (cont'd)
father. What a terrible influence.
John picks up Old Man's pistol, Lady's Uzi and her ammo (out
of her robe), and runs out the back door. The house and all
the other houses have 10'x15' patios that go around the
houses on little paths about 3' wide to the drive way. John
runs to the back yard of another house and watches the front
of the house he ran from from the back. After a few seconds
armored vehicles with chain guns mounted on the back pull
up. A squad of 4 men with M16s run through the front door.
After a few seconds they return to the cars. We hear a voice
through a megaphone say "Code Red!", but we cannot see who
is saying it.
Who are these people?
We hear footsteps coming from the front of the house around
to the patio where John is . He runs to the side of the
house and puts his back to the wall of the house. We hear
two goons talking behind the house. John looks next to him.
He sees a cooking grill with a propane tank attached to the
bottom of it. He smiles. The grill is movable and is on
wheels. He grabs it and rolls it behind the house where the
goons are. He jumps out behind the house where the bad guys
can see him and aims his pistol at the propane tank on the
bottom. The goons start to pull their guns up. The grill is
only 2 feet from goons and 10 feet from John. John fires.
The propane tank blows the two goons off their feet and 5
feet back through the air. John stumbles. He regains his
balance and begins running straight behind the houses.
Cuts to school bus driving on the highway. Bus is full of
students who are all being quiet. Anderson its standing up
by Horace at the front of the bus. Camera focuses on two
kids sitting in the middle part of the bus on the right
side. The other, sitting closest to the window, is Grant
Miles, fourteen years old. Blonde hair. Green eyes. Wears a
green t-shirt and blue jeans. 5'11" tall.
Grant. Where's John? Wasn't he in
How should I know?


Hey! No talking, kids! Children's
voices give me headaches! Now you
have to announce to everyone what
you were talking about!
I'll gladly share. I just noticed
that John Carson isn't here.
Isn't here? Ha. John? Speak up,
John. John?
See? Not here.
      (pointing at James)
Alright you little smart ass. One
more word out of you and I'll fail
you. I swear to God. I have that
power. That's the power of the
teacher, you little shit!
Okay. You can do that. I'll just
let the principle hear the
recording of you cussing us out in
      (looks surprised)
You recorded me cussing?
      (furrowed brow)
You're lying.
Are you willing to take that
Uh. You bastard. Fine. I won't
fail you. So where the hell is


                       ANDERSON (cont'd)
I don't know. I thought I saw him
in line when we were walking out
to the buses.
      (stands up)
He left the line to go back inside
the school to get some money.
      (walking over to
Okay. And why the hell are you
just telling me now?
You said if we didn't get on the
bus you'd leave us at the school.
Great! Now I have to spend my day
out of school looking for John! If
John is not at the school, you get
100 detentions!
Anderson storms back to the front of the bus and picks up
his cell phone and starts dialing.
Cuts to about 20 minutes after scene 4. School buses are
pulled up on curb of "Jameson Industries," where we see
Horace and Anderson on their class's bus. The bus is empty
except for them. Anderson is talking on the phone.
      (nodding while on
Okay. You haven't found him? It's
all right, you did your best. Just
sit back in your chair and enjoy
your coffee while
      (raising voice
       really loud)
      (hangs up phone)


Wow. A student missing. Not
exactly your day is it?
Shut the hell up! This is all
John's fault for being a dumb-ass
and not getting on the bus when he
should've. This isn't my fault.
Of course it isn't.
It's not!
Did you take roll call when your
class got on the bus?
Well, no.
Then it's your fault.
      (banging fists on
       bus seat)
Oh, shit, you're right. Hey,
      (fake smiling)
Can you do your old pal Mr.
Anderson a favor?
We're not old pals!
      (waving hands)
Come on, I'm not THAT mean to you.


      (waving hand)
Every time you see me you call me
a hobo! When we met you wouldn't
shake my hand because you said you
didn't have any hand sanitizer
with you!
I'll shake your hand now.
That's not the point! Why would I
help you when all you do is cuss
at me and call me names.
You're right. Horace, I'm sorry.
All I need you to do is drive me
to wherever John is when I find
Alright. If by some luck you find
out where John is, I'll drive you.
But you won't find out, so I'm not
too worried.
Thank you. I'm going to start
making some calls.
John is crouching behind a house. Every few seconds he
checks the street, then runs to the next house. At the third
house the back door opens right as he gets to the back of
the house. A goon comes out and sees John.
      (grabbing gun)
Hey! Who the hell are you?
John pulls pistol on goon and the goon jumps back inside the
house and runs behind a wall in the living room. John jumps
inside through the air and fires 5 shots in the air at the
wall the goon is hiding behind. John hits the ground in the
house. He is next to the kitchen table. He grabs table and


turns it over on its side for cover. Bullets from the goon's
M16 pierce the table. Every few seconds John peeks up from
the table and fires a few shots. His gun empties. He takes
cover as more bullets hit the table and he grabs his Uzi.
After the goon's firing stops he pokes up from behind the
table and fires wildly at the wall. He runs to the wall and
runs around it so he sees the goon. He fires many rounds
into the goon and he drops dead. After a few seconds John
hears a banging noise coming from up the stairs. John
reloads his Uzi and cocks it, then runs up the stairs. The
upstairs is a 3 foot wide hallway that is about 20 feet
long. There is a door straight ahead down the hallway that
leads into the master bedroom. There are 3 doors on the left
side of the hallway. One leads to a bedroom, the other is a
closet, and the third is another bedroom. The closet door is
banging. John goes to the other side of the closet and opens
it, pointing the gun at the tied up body that falls out. It
is Burt Green. He is 5'11", thin, male Caucasian, dirty,
wearing raggedy clothing. Ragged plain white shirt and torn
blue jeans. He is 15 years old. There is a piece of cloth
around his mouth and this hands are tied. John pulls off the
      (pointing gun)
Who are you?
      (breathing heavily)
My name is Burt Green.
      (pointing gun)
So you're not with them?
      (shaking head)
No way, man! I've been here as a
hostage for like, 3 months!
They've been making me work, like
      (puts gun down)
Who's Elena?
She's their only other hostage.
They're holding her at the house
at the end of this street.
John undoes Burt's ropes around his hands.


      (standing up)
We've gotta hurry, man! They had
to have heard that little gun show
down there. Where's your squad?
      (raising one eye
What squad?
You did come here with help,
right? You're an officer's kid or
something, right?
      (waving gun)
No! I just stumbled upon this
place. I discovered some drugs and
they start poppin' caps!
What? Ugh. All right. Can you hook
me up with a gun?
My pistol's empty. I need the Uzi.
The guy I shot down stairs dropped
a gun.
      (running towards
All right, let's go!
They run down the stairs and toward the gun. Right as Burt
grabs it goons bust in through the back door.
      (cocking guns)
Let's go, shitheads!
John and Burt run toward knocked over table, firing their
guns, killing 3 goons. The other two take cover outside the
You're crazy, Burt!


      (diving behind
Yeah, well I'm sick of these guys
pushing me around.
Goons shoot out window in the top of the back door. A
grenade flies in through the window and rolls toward John.
      (reaching for
Burt quickly grabs the grenade and throws it towards the
back door. It blows up after a second and the door explodes
into splinters. The goons run in quickly firing rounds all
around. After guns run out the goons run into the living
room and jump behind the same wall the dead goon's body is.
      (looking at John)
Come on!
John and Burt go above the table simultaneous and fire into
the wall. One of the two goons drops dead. John and Burt
once again take cover.
Gunfire from other goon starts again.
Oh, don't it feel good to kill
these idiots?
Heck yeah!
Gunfire stops. John and Burt wait a little, then run to the
goon. The goon attacks John and tackles him to the floor as
they pass the wall cover the goon is hiding behind. Burt
pushes the goon off of John and pulls one of the grenade
pins sticking out of the goon's pocket.
      (running away)
Hurry John! This guy's about to be
all over the place!


John gets up and him and Burt run out the back door. The
goon looks down at the grenade in his pocket missing the
      (feeling grenade)
Ah, shit.
Goon explodes. Blood everywhere. Cuts to John and Burt
running outside.
I always wanted my family's living
room to be painted red.
John and Burt run to the house next the house they just came
from. Burt shoots the door open.
      (waving John into
Come on! We'll hide here and make
a plan.
John and Burt run up to the second floor of the house and go
to one of the bedrooms.
Shows John sitting on a bed and Burt sitting across from him
in chair. There's a single window across from the door on
the far wall. John's back is facing the window. There is a
closet behind Burt.
So where did you learn to shoot?
JR. ROTC program. They didn't
really teach me how to work guns
like these, though, I just watched
the men around here tweak them.
Never thought those gun skills
would ever come in handy.
      (messing with M16)
So, exactly what was your plan for
getting out of this place alive?


      (leaning on legs)
I have no idea.
      (messing with M16)
Well, we can stick together and
get out of here. If you want my
help, though, you have to help me
get Elena.
      (looks up)
Is Elena your girlfriend or
      (looks at John)
No. We just talked a lot. I
promised her if I ever escaped I'd
help her get out, too.
      (looking at Burt)
Oh. Hey, how did you get here in
the first place?
      (cleaning gun with
Well, let's see. I was running
around town for exercise, and I
ran through here. There was a
major drug shipment operation
going on that day, and I witnessed
it. They saw me and captured me.
They made do work packaging some
of the drugs. About a month later
they captured Elena.
So why can't we just call the
      (looking at John)
They've disconnected the phone
lines. Plus, they pay a lot of the
police off with drug money. If
anybody calls needing help here,
they'll just ignore the call. This
entire subdivision was built for
one purpose: manufacturing and


                       BURT (cont'd)
selling drugs.
You don't actually expect us to
get out of this alive, do you?
Sure I do. You look like a good
fighter. Not nearly badass enough
yet, though.
      (raising an
What do you mean not badass
      (setting gun down)
Look. Haven't you ever seen the
action movies?
      (waving hands)
Yeah. Who hasn't?
      (pointing at John)
You need to act like the stars.
They are fearless. You need to be
They're actors. They aren't really
fearless. How can you be fearless
when there's gunfire and
explosions all over the place?
      (picking up gun)
Fine. Be the actors' character in
the movie. You can be fearless.
You will be. You just need to
unleash your inner badassness.
      (eye brow raised)
Unleash my inner badassness? What
is that?


It should be pretty
self-explanatory. You can be a
badass if you want to. You just
have to release it.
      (rolling eyes)
      (standing up)
Hey! I tell you what. I'll teach
you the steps to becoming a
So you're a certified badass
Shut up. Are you gonna listen to
me or what?
      (resting head on
Sure. Whatever.
      (claps hands once)
Okay. Here we go. Step 1: You have
to look like you enjoy killing bad
What does that mean?
      (looking at John)
It means when you are firing
bullets into guys, you laugh
maniacally. But you have to have
an angry expression on your face.
      (looks interested)
Okay. You mean look like I'm
enjoying myself, but also I'm


      (claps hands once
Okay! Step 2: You have got to
exchange regular words for cuss
      (eyes wide)
I mean, instead of saying "What
the heck?", say "What the hell?"
If you don't cuss, you ain't a
badass. See what I did there? I
said ain't, not aren't.
Since when has that been a rule?
Since the 80's action movies.
I guess you're right.
      (gets in John's
Here's the deal: Dangs become
damns, and shoots become shits.
Got it.
      (stands up
The final thing is, you have to be
pumped to go out and kill some bad
guys. Now are you ready?
I don't know, we're just kids.
So? Whoever said kids can't be
badass? We're not just kids.


John looks up at Burt.
We're kids with big guns. Now are
you ready to go out and pop some
caps in some drug-selling
      (standing up)
Heck, I mean hell, yeah!
There you go!
      (cocks gun)
Let's go kill some drugees.
Camera goes to bus parked outside "Jameson Industries" with
Horace and Anderson on it. Anderson is talking on a cell
Hello? Mrs. Carson?
                                         CUTS TO LISA IN HER
Hello? Who is this?
                                         CUTS TO ANDERSON
This is John's teacher, Mr.
                                         CUTS TO LISA
Oh. Did he ever get to the field
                                         CUTS TO ANDERSON
Sorry, Ms. He actually missed the
bus to the trip and he's not at


                       ANDERSON (cont'd)
                                         CUTS TO LISA
Yeah, well he did call me.
                                         CUTS TO ANDERSON
I was wondering if you knew where
he was, because if you do we can
pick him up wherever he is.
                                         CUTS TO LISA
He said he tried to take his bike
to the trip, he said he missed the
bus. He said something about being
stuck in a neighborhood called
Woodchuck Creek or something.
                                         CUTS TO ANDERSON
      (raising an
Woodchuck Creek? Never heard of
                                         CUTS TO LISA
      (snapping fingers)
No wait! It was called Beaver
                                         CUTS TO ANDERSON
Beaver Springs? Thank you! Talk to
you later, bye!
Anderson turns to Horace, who is sleeping. Anderson slaps
him. Horace wakes up, looking angry.


Wake up, Horace! Get us to Beaver
Springs! We've got a dumb ass to
pick up!
      (starting bus)
I shouldn't have agreed to drive
Camera shows bus pulling away from curb and getting on the
Shows house from outside that John and Burt were in. Shows
them peek their heads around the corner of the house from
the back. Camera focuses on cars with chain guns parked out
front of a house right across the street.
      (turns to John)
Alright. We gotta get one of those
cars. The chain gun on the back of
one of those will get us to the
house where Elena is. She's down
the street, at the house at the
corner of this street. Can you
Uh... well, actually, no.
      (eyes wide)
What? You can't drive?
No! I told you I'm fourteen!
      (grabbing John on
       the shoulders)
Look. I have to be the shooter,
because, well, I'm more
experienced. You know how to put a
car in drive?
      (waves hand)
Yes, of course.


Then just hit the gas in drive and
turn the wheel. Don't worry about
reverse. You can destroy stuff
here. It's fun to piss off bad
Alright. I already know the rest
of the plan. Let's go.
      (turning to run)
Cool, man. Let's go.
John takes Burt's M16 and they start running across the
street in a crouched position. A goon four houses down the
street sees them.
      (pointing at kids)
There they are!
Men all down the street get in their cars. John and Burt
reach the car across the street. John stands up and shoots
all the men guarding them, who weren't quick enough to
react. John gets keys from one of the bodies. Burt gets on
the back where the chain gun is. John gets in the driver's
seat and starts the car. He puts it in drive, foot on brake.
      (looking at Burt
       through window in
You ready?
      (grabbing chain
I was born ready.
John hits the gas and the car peels out onto the road left.
John slams the gas. Goon cars are following close behind.
Burt starts firing at the cars. Bullets go through the front
hood and hit the engine. Car right behind Burt explodes and
flies in the air. Car from behind smashes through the
remains, a chain gun operator on the back firing at Burt.
Burt ducks behind chain gun, but still firing. Burt's
bullets eventually hit the driver of the car behind him and
car swerves and flips on its side rolling.


Yeah fools! That's what I'm
talking about. John, you a rockin'
driver! We're gonna make it!
      (staring straight
I don't think it's gonna be that
      (turning to look)
A helicopter with rocket launchers attached to its sides
flies down in front of John, about 300 feet, hovering about
30 feet above the ground.
John! Swerve left and right!
John starts to swerve left and right and rockets flies in
and hit pavement of street next to the car. Pavement flies
everywhere. John and Burt pass beneath the copter and Burt
begins firing. Sparks begin as bullets hit the helicopter's
metal. The helicopter is not falling. It turns around and
begins to chase John and Burt. Burt fires at the window of
the helicopter where the driver is sitting, but the window
is bullet proof. Rockets from copter begin to fly by John
and Burt. Burt fires at the blades of the helicopter, and
after a few seconds, one of the blades flies of and chops a
nearby goon watching in half. The copter begins to spiral
out of control and crashes into a nearby house. A huge
explosion occurs, with wood flying everywhere.
Yeah Burt! That'll teach 'em!
Right after John says his line, a tank crashes through a
house behind them. It rolls onto the street and aims it's
big gun at John and Burt's car. Burt's eyes grow wide.
John! Get out of the car! Jump out
into the grass! There's a tank!
Burt jumps off of the back of car into a lawn. John looks
behind him and sees the tank. He opens the car door and
jumps out into a lawn a couple house farther up the street
from where Burt jumped out. Right as John jumps, the tank


fires, destroying the car. John and Burt get next to each
other and pull out guns. John has the M16, and Burt has the
uzi. Goons are running at them from other lawns.
      (cocks gun)
Let's give 'em hell.
John and Burt unload rounds into the goons running toward
them. 5 drop dead. John and Burt jumps behind a house as the
other 5 or so goons begin to fire.
We've gotta destroy that tank.
The other five goons round the corner of the house and John
and Burt fire at them. They all die. This group of goons
were carrying shotguns. John smiles. He throws his uzi on
the ground and picks up a shotgun and extra rounds.
Why'd you do that?
      (loading shotgun)
I'm better with a shotgun. You'll
be our long range guy. I'll be
short range.
John cocks the shotgun. John and Burt run behind the houses
until they get behind the tank. They run out in the street
and get on top of the tank. Burt reaches for the hatch and
opens it. A guard inside looks up. John points shotgun at
him. John blows his head off. John and Burt jump down into
the tank. Burt closes hatch. John points shotgun at driver.
      (pointing gun)
No funny business. Drive us to the
corner of this street.
Driver grabs shotgun to try to take it from him. John fires,
blowing the driver into the controls. His body hits the
speed control and the tank goes full speed, careening in
different directions.
Burt! Do you know how to drive a


Why would I know how to drive a
tank? They didn't teach me THAT
much at ROTC class! You shouldn't
have killed the driver!
He attacked me!
The tank smashes through a house. There is a lady inside.
She screams right as the tank runs her over.
Was that Elena?
Hell no! Elena is our age, not 40!
Good. We still ran over a lady,
though. We probably should get out
of this tank.
Tank crashes through another house and turns left. Burt
opens hatch and they jump out and land in a backyard. The
tank continues driving and crashes into another house, which
      (sitting on ground)
Okay, why did THAT house explode?
      (standing up)
It was probably one of their
explosives houses. They store
their explosives in certain houses
in this neighborhood. Don't
question why certain things
John and Burt run to the house on the corner, where Elena is
being held captive. They run to the back door and shoot it
      (pointing to
She's probably in the closet
upstairs like I was! I'll stand
guard down here!


John nods and runs to the stairs. The wall by the stairs
explodes as he runs by. He falls down. He looks through the
hole in the wall. There is a goon aiming a rocket launcher
at the house. John turns around to Burt.
      (pointing out hole
       in wall)
Burt! Rocket launcher across the
They're messing with the wrong
kids! I'll take care of 'em!
John runs up the stairs to the closet and opens it. A girl
falls out. Hands bound. Cloth around her mouth. She is about
5'8" tall. She is blonde, with blue eyes. Wearing pink shirt
and jeans. She is very good looking. She has a few freckles
around her nose. It is Elena Rose. John takes cloth off of
her mouth.
      (looks surprised)
Not exactly cops, are you?
      (untying Elena's
No time for chat right now.
There's a rocket launcher outside
aimed at this house. And if I'm
right, there's flammable shit in
this house. We've gotta get out of
      (standing up)
Wait! I have to get a gun in the
master bedroom.
Elena runs down the hall into the master bedroom. A few
seconds later she runs out towards John with a scoped sniper
      (looks surprised)
A sniper?
Yeah! I can shoot! I'll snipe the


Elena goes to the railing at the top of the stairs and
points the gun through through the rails. She aims through
the hole in the wall and fires at the rocket launcher
shooter. It hits his head and his head explodes. His finger
pulls the trigger of the rocket launcher and the rocket
fires at the house and goes through the hole and hits a
closet on the first floor. A huge explosion happens, and the
floor drops out from underneath Elena and John and they hit
the ground below. John and Elena get up and run towards
      (grabbing Burt)
Reunions later! We have to get out
The three of them run out the back door and the house
explodes in a fireball behind them.
      (laying on ground)
Wow. This class trip sucks.
Camera cuts to Horace and Anderson driving up to Beaver
Springs in bus.
      (hitting Horace on
Hey! Did you see that fireball?
Somebody's celebratin' the fourth
of July early! Maybe we should
turn around!
      (waves hand at
Wow. That's a pretty big word for
a hobo.
They pull up to the entrance to the subdivision. There is a
guard blocking the entrance. Horace pulls the bus up next to
the guard and rolls down the window. Guard is 6'4" tall.
Military uniform on. Black hair. Male caucasian. Regular


face. Nothing good looking or bad looking about him. He has
an M16.
      (yelling up to
Sorry sir! This neighborhood is
blocked off to the public.
What you got going on here? A war?
That's none of your business, sir.
I'm going to have to ask you to
head back where you came from.
We were hoping you could make an
exception. You see, there a kid
from our school in here and he
needs a ride.
What kid?
About 5'9", 14 years old, black
      (pointing gun at
You know him?
Horace reaches down under his seat and grabs a shotgun. He
quickly pulls it out and aims it at the guard.
      (aiming gun out of
       bus window)
Yeah, I've seen him around. What's
wrong with that?
      (pointing gun)
That little shit has been causing
us a lot of trouble.


      (pointing shotgun)
You're not really in the army are
      (pointing gun)
Horace fires and ducks. Guard flies off of his feet and
fires a few shots from his gun.
      (eyes wide)
What the hell was that? You shot a
In self-defense! The guy wasn't
really in the army.
And how would you know?
Because I was in the army. Special
forces, Vietnam. Black-ops. Top
secret stuff. Classified.
Is that why you carry a shotgun?
You're paranoid?
No, I carry a shotgun because I
was afraid of kids. They could get
out of hand.
You're sick! We've got to get out
of here, man!
      (driving bus into
       crashing through
I'm not leaving without the kid.
It sounds like he's in trouble.
You're insane!


John, Elena, and Burt are sitting in an empty house. They
hear gunfire in the distance.
      (standing up)
What are they shooting at?
Maybe good cops came.
      (walking to window
       by front door)
I'll check. Hold on.
Camera shows view out of window. It shows the school bus
running into cars on the street.
What the hell?
      (standing up)
      (looking at Elena)
It's my bus driver!
Bus is driving down street. A goon on the side gets a rocket
launcher and shoots the side of the bus. The bus flips on
its side and slides down street for about 30 feet. Horace
and Anderson peek their heads out of a window on the side
facing up.
      (grabbing shotgun
       off of ground)
And my asshole of a teacher. We've
still got to help them.
      (standing up)
Are you insane?
Yeah! I mean, we got away! We need
to stay hidden.


Come on! I helped you guys! You'd
still be in captivity if it wasn't
for me!
There is about a ten second pause.
      (grabs M16)
He's right. We need to return the
favor. Elena? You in too?
      (grabs sniper)
Uh. Alright. I'll cover you guys.
      (cocks gun)
Let's go shoot some people.
Cuts to Anderson and Horace climbing out of bus window. They
get onto the street. Horace drops shotgun. They both put
their hands up.
      (looking at Horace)
Got a plan, Horace? I said just
turn around and leave, but no! You
had to-
      (cuts him off)
Shut the hell up! You never stop
What? Man, I didn't think you had
it in you to stand up to me like
Yeah, you probably also didn't
think I had the guts to shoot a
guy and drive into a neighborhood
full of bloodthirsty criminals,
A semi-circle of goons has formed around Horace and
Anderson. A goon from the middle steps in.


We have orders to bring you to the
boss. Don't resist, or we will
kill you.
Horace's eyes grow wide. He's looking behind the goon at
John and Burt creeping towards the circle.
Who's your boss?
You'll see. Please don't resist
capture. You'll just be making
things worse for yourselves.
Cuts to Elena on the rooftop of the house John, Burt, and
her were hiding in. Se has the sniper pressed up against her
shoulder. Sniper scope view reveals she is aiming at the
goon's(the one talking to Horace)head. She pulls the
trigger. Cuts back to Horace. Blood splatters out of the
goon's head and onto Horace. Horace quickly picks up his
shotgun and shoots a guy. Gunfire starts. Horace pulls
Anderson around the bus for cover. John jumps out and shoots
a guy, cocks the gun, shoots, cocks, shoots, and cocks. He
hits all 3 guys he shoots at. Burt takes care of the rest
with his M16.
      (turns to John)
Now where did you learn to shoot a
shotgun like that?
      (reloading gun)
Kid Scouts. Got a merit badge to
prove it, bitch.
      (reloading gun)
Kid Scouts? Wow.
John and Burt walk around the bus to Horace and Anderson.
      (patting John and
       Burt on the back)
Nice work, kids! Now we gotta get
out of here!


Not without Elena. She's another
kid. We have to take her with us!
      (pointing at John)
Listen here, you little shit!
We're leaving! And you get an F in
my class! You put me through a lot
John punches Anderson in the face. Anderson falls on the
      (reaching out hand
       to Anderson)
Now get up and stop being such a
Anderson grabs John's hand and pulls himself up. John tosses
Anderson the uzi.
      (points gun at sky)
Let's go!
John, Burt, Anderson, and Horace run as a group towards the
house where Elena is waiting on the roof. When goons pop out
from behind houses, the group shoots them. Anderson fires
his uzi at a guy that jumps out from the side of a house.
John shoots a propane tank on a grill when a guy jumps next
to it. Horace fires at a guy that pops out from behind a
stray car. And Burt shoots a guy with a rocket launcher in a
window in a house on the second floor. The rocket fires past
the group's heads, and blows up on the pavement. After a
couple of minutes they make it to the house. They look in
through the front door. A team of men are running up the
stairs to get to the roof. The group tries to follow, but a
goon with a machine gun is firing from the top of the
stairs. The group backs out and looks up at the roof.
Elena, jump! You can do it!
      (looking down)
I can't!
Okay. Then be shot to death.


Elena grunts, then jumps off of the roof and rolls on the
      (talking to Burt)
Hey! You! What's your name?
      (to Horace)
Burt! Fire rounds in there! Maybe
you'll hit something explosive!
Burt nods and then aims the M16 in through the front door of
the house and fires about 50 rounds before something lights.
A huge explosion occurs. The goons are getting on the roof
at the same time. The roof falls in and the goons fall into
the fire. Burt yells and fires rounds into the air.
Are we gonna get out of here or
John waves his arm not carrying a shotgun toward a house a
few houses down the street.
      (waving arm)
This way!
The group runs towards the house and goes inside and to the
upstairs master bedroom.
Camera cuts to inside Jameson Industries. A tour guide is
leading a large amount of students through hallways on the
first floor. Camera zooms in on James and Grant in the back
of the crowd. Tour guide is talking in background.
Hey, Grant.


Where's Mr. Anderson?
I don't know, and frankly, I don't
care! Mr. Anderson sucks.
Yeah, maybe he left.
What? He left?
Maybe. I looked out at the buses
earlier and noticed our bus was
gone. Maybe our smelly bus driver
took him somewhere.
Hey! Kids in the back, quiet!
You're distracting the kids from
the important information that I'm
telling you!
What makes your information
Why don't you listen and find out?
Sorry, dude. I just noticed that
the bus that my class came on is
gone, along with my teacher and
bus driver.
They probably left to smoke some
pot. They'll be back.
Why the would they smoke pot?


I would if I had to deal with you
damn kids.
You know you're going to get fired
for this, right?
      (waving arms
Well, duh! I hate this shitty job!
I talk to kids about the same
thing 10 times a day, who don't
give a shit about this stupid
information. We build stuff!
Are you gonna be okay?
Yeah! Fine and dandy! Whoo! Whoo!
      (flapping arms and
       running in
Whoo! Whoooooo!
      (staring in
I think this guy is a guy missing
from the asylum down the road.
Hello? Crazy tour guide?
Can you stop? You're really
annoying me, and I'm pretty sure
you're freaking us all out. So
just quit your job and go drink
something, knock yourself out,
become an alcoholic, then die of
liver poisoning.


Tour guide walks away.
      (watching kids
That was weird. I'm pretty sure
this field trip's gone to shit.
Too bad we don't have a bus.
                                         SCREEN SAYS TWO
Mr. Anderson's class is standing outside of Jameson
Industries. All the buses are gone.
      (from crowd)
Well, this sucks!
Don't worry. The extra bus will be
here in an hour.
      (10 second pause)
This does suck, though.
Camera fades into a house that looks the same as the others,
but on the living room sofa, a man is sitting, smoking a
cigar. There is a chair pulled up in front of him with
another man facing him. The man smoking the cigar is Jason
Andrew Hole. He is 6'5" tall. He is very muscular, wearing a
clean-cut suit and a buzz. Male caucasian, black hair, and
brown eyes. The man across from him is Mr. Walsh. He is 6'7"
tall, extremely muscular, wearing a tight blue t-shirt and
slacks. He is male African-American, with brown eyes.
      (blowing out smoke)
Can you explain yourself? Who are
these kids that are destroying my


      (clenching fists)
You're the one who should be
apologizing to me. I just came for
the drugs, that's it.
So you're saying these kids and
two adults who are blowing up my
houses and men have nothing to do
with you?
That's what I'm saying. And I hope
the transfer will go according to
plan. I like getting paid. And if
something goes wrong, I won't get
my green. And I like my money, so
make sure this transaction will go
without fault.
      (blowing out smoke)
Of course. First thing tomorrow.
But I'm not sending any more of my
men out to die. You take care of
the kids. I've already lost enough
      (waving hand)
Don't worry. I'll take care of
them. I brought plenty of men.
      (standing up)
You want to hear a story?
      (looking at Jason)
What kind of a story?
      (walking in slow
A story about me. I had a dream. A
dream about creating one of the
biggest drug facilities and
transfer hubs the world has ever
seen. And the thing about it was,
the world wouldn't see it. I used
all my money to build this
neighborhood, and hire employees.
An entire drug manufacturing and


                       JASON (cont'd)
trading world, right under the
law's nose. I bought many weapons
over the years with my drug money,
and this place has worked
flawlessly. But now, we are on the
verge of being discovered. Sure,
we bought out the police, but if
we don't do something soon, the
law will find its way here. Mr.
Walsh, I want you to make sure it
Of course. Where would I get
transfer drugs from if you were
      (stops walking)
I just hope that the intruders
don't get their hands on my
      (standing up)
You don't have to worry about a
thing. All I need are the drugs,
and the transportation to the
pickup site, where my boss will be
waiting for his drugs. Then we
will be out of your hair.
Camera cuts to another house in Beaver Springs where John,
Elena, Burt, Horace, and Anderson are hiding. They are all
in the master bedroom. John and Burt are sitting on the bed,
Horace and Anderson are sitting on the ground across the
room, and Elena is sleeping in the corner of the room. John
is watching Elena.
      (looking at John)
You like her, don't you?
      (turns to Burt)


      (pointing at Elena)
Her. You like her.
      (looking away)
What are you talking about?
      (tapping John on
       the shoulder)
Oh, c'mon, man! I see it in your
      (turning back to
Shut up. I don't even know her.
Yeah. but you like her style.
I think she's cool.
Yeah. Whenever you're forced to
battle a drug town and put your
life on the line for someone else,
feelings develop.
      (sarcastic tone)
Yep. Cause that happens all the
time to a lot of people.
      (pointing at Elena)
I think you should talk to her.
Get to know her.
      (looking away)
Later. I'll talk to her later.
      (looking away)
Whatever, man.
So where are you from, anyway?


Summit Peak.
We're from the same town?
I guess. I would've been a
sophomore at Summit Peak High
School, but not anymore. I got
stuck here over the summer.
Wow! I'm a freshman at Summit Peak
High School! We would've been
going to the same school!
Yeah, but I probably would've
bullied you.
I used to be a jerk. I was full of
myself. But being kidnapped and
all changed me.
      (looking down)
Hey. I had Mr. Anderson last year.
      (looking at
      (looking at
Yeah. I used to be like him.
Oh. Well, I'm glad you've changed.


Yeah. Me too. He hasn't recognized
me yet.
Don't worry about it. Sometimes he
doesn't even recognize his wife.
Yeah. He's a little out there.
Okay. So what's our plan of
I don't know. Maybe we should just
make a run for it tonight.
No way.
      (looking towards
       John and Burt)
Hey! Kids! Come over here.
John and Burt walk over to where Horace and Anderson are
sitting and sit down next to them.
      (looking at John)
We are gonna escape tomorrow!
      (clenching fists)
Yeah! We're gonna go right out the
But we've got a problem.
We don't have enough firepower.
Burt, how did you get here?


I got kidnapped here about three
months ago.
So you know about this place? Are
there any places you can tell us
about where there are big weapons?
      (resting chin on
Well, I think there's another
tank. John and I destroyed the
first one, but I think there's
another one.
A tank? Where the hell do you get
a tank? You just don't exactly go
to the store and buy a tank.
      (waving hand)
No, no. The guy that runs this
place gets his toys on the black
Wait. You know who runs this
Yep. Met him face to face when I
was first kidnapped. He was
reported dead about 5 years ago.
Faked it. It's Jason Andrew Hole.
Jason A. Hole? Sounds like an
Grow up!
      (rubbing eye)
Sorry, I couldn't resist. It's too
damn funny!


Yeah, yeah. I made a joke about it
to him when I first met him.
      (looking seriously)
What'd he do to you?
He shot me in the foot.
Yeah. It hurt.
      (putting hand up)
So what's this talk about a tank?
Oh. There's one down the block
behind a house in a shed. You
can't miss the shed. It's only one
of two in this entire
neighborhood. But none of us know
how to drive a tank.
I do.
      (waving hand)
Okay, how do you know how to drive
a tank? That's not exactly common
I'm an ex special forces Vietnam
war veteran. I learned how to
drive a tank. I'll teach Anderson
how to shoot, and I'll drive us.
We should search this house for
better guns, though.
      (standing up)
Yeah. I'll go look downstairs.


      (looking at Elena)
Hey, Elena!
Elena opens her eyes.
      (looking around)
What? Were we discovered?
      (smiling at John)
Nah. John just needs your help
looking for weapons downstairs. We
use the buddy system!
      (standing up)
Alright, whatever.
John and Elena walk out of the room and down the hall to the
stairs. They walk down the stairs and start looking around.
They start in the kitchen. Elena and John start looking
through cabinets around the stove and fridge.
      (looking through
So where are you from?
      (looking through
Peak City. You?
Summit Peak. Apparently if Burt
wasn't kidnapped we would be going
to the same school.
Yeah. I would be a freshman this
year at Peak City High if I didn't
get kidnapped. I've forgotten
about the world outside. If I get
out of here, I'm going to tell
good police about Jason Hole, and
he'll be done.


      (closing cabinet)
I'm hoping I can meet this Jason
so I can give him a piece of my
Yeah. Why didn't just you and Burt
come down here. I wanted to sleep.
      (opening another
Oh, Burt's just playing
      (looking up from
What's so funny?
      (closing cabinet)
I'm already in some God-forsaken
drug town, trying to hang onto my
life. I like you as a friend, but
we need to start talking after we
get out of here alive. Burt's just
being weird.
      (closing cabinet)
Has he given you the badassness
speech yet?
      (turning around)
Never mind. I don't think there's
anything here. Let's look in the
closet over by the living room.
John and Elena walk to the closet. John opens the door.
Their mouths drop open. The closet is about 6 feet wide and
10 feet long. It has weapons hanging on the wall, and the
closet is crammed with C4 piled up to the ceiling 5 feet
into the closet, so the weapons are hanging on both sides


for 5 feet, then it's just C4 for the next 5 feet. The
closet is 7 feet high. The weapons on the wall include a
flamethrower, a rocket launcher, a grenade launcher, and an
AK-47. Ammo for the weapons is lying on the ground next to
the weapons.
      (standing still in
I think we found our ticket out of
Cuts back to the master bedroom. John walks in with Elena
behind him. John is carrying the flamethrower on his back
and is holding the AK-47. Elena is carrying the rocket
launcher and the grenade launcher. Anderson, Horace, and
Burt stare in awe. John and Elena lay the weapons on the
      (staring at
Holy shit.
This is only the half of it.
There's enough explosives down
there to put a dent in the Earth's
      (pointing at John)
Show me the explosives. I might be
able to do something with them.
John and Horace leave the room. Burt and Anderson stare at
each other.
      (raising an eye
You really don't recognize me, do
      (shaking head)
No, not really. Have we met
Yes! I was in your class last
year. You don't remember me? Burt
Green? Ring a bell?


      (eyes wide)
Oh yeah! You were a jackass!
Almost as bad as me!
I'm glad I wasn't as bad as you.
Damn straight.
      (pause, then
       Anderson becomes
I'm not brave. I'm a wimp! I
became a teacher because I like
picking on people weaker than me.
I can't go out there tomorrow.
You know what I think you need to
Unleash your inner badassness!
What the hell does that mean?
I'll tell you.
Do I want to know?
Cuts to John and Horace looking into the closet.
      (patting John on
       the back)
You're right. There's enough C4
here to make an earthquake here.
This could be good for us. We arm
this, then get across this
neighborhood and set it off. The


                       HORACE (cont'd)
explosion would make other people
besides the paid police see this
Man, for being a homeless bus
driver, you're pretty bad ass!
Yeah. I'll take these bad guys to
      (turning to C4)
I'll stay here and arm this, you
go fill in the others on the plan.
We'll blow these bitches off the
Cuts to master bedroom. John walks in.
      (walking in)
How's it going?
      (looking at John)
Good. Burt here is just giving me
a lesson on how to unleash my
inner badassness. I think I've got
the cussing part down.
      (sitting on bed)
You had the cussing thing down
long ago.
Okay, here's the plan. Horace is
arming that C4 downstairs. We're
going to get away from this house,
then blow it. The explosion should
rat out this little drug
operation. We should start getting
our weapons ready.
      (standing up)
I call AK-47!
      (moving towards
I call grenade launcher!


      (moving towards
I want the rocket launcher!
I guess I get the flamethrower. I
think we're trying to get to the
tank tomorrow. Now let's teach
these kidnapping, druggee bastards
a lesson!
Cuts to the entrance of Beaver Springs in the morning. There
is a semi-truck being loaded with drugs by men. Someone
shuts the truck after a minute. Jason and Walsh are watching
nearby. There are 7 vans behind the truck.
      (looking at truck)
That all the drugs?
Yes. You can have your men take
these vans to guard the truck, in
case you need cover. How are you
going to handle the intruders?
I'm leaving some men behind until
the transfer is a success.
Very good.
Cuts to house that John, Burt, Elena, Horace, and Anderson
were hiding in. The peek from behind the house. They look
behind the houses on their side of the street. The shed is 4
houses down in the backyard. There are two guards in front
with M16s. John has a flamethrower on his back and is
carrying the shotgun. Horace has his shotgun. Burt has the
grenade launcher on his back and is carrying his M16.
Anderson has an AK-47, Elena has her sniper on her back and
is carrying the rocket launcher.
This should be pretty easy. We
can't risk sniping them. It would
be too loud, and we wouldn't get


                       HORACE (cont'd)
there in time before a bunch of
more goons would arrive. John will
get to the house after we kill the
guards and hide at the back and
burn anyone that walks to the
backyard. Burt and Elena will be
extra cover while Anderson and I
hijack the tank.
Yeah. Let's go.
John gives his shotgun to Horace, who now has a shotgun in
each hand. They all move as a group. When they get about two
houses away one on the guards turns and sees them. Burt and
Anderson take them out before they get their guns pointed at
      (pointing to shed)
Go! Go!
They arrive at the shed. John goes up to the house in front
of the shed and points the nozzle at the side, hiding in the
back. Burt covers the other side. Elena points the rocket
towards the road from next to John. A car comes down the
road towards the house. Elena fires a rocket. The force
blows her off of her feet. The rocket flies and hits the
car. It explodes. She loads another rocket.
      (looking at Elena)
Effing A!
Some men come up from the other side of the street so Elena
can't get them. Burt fires M16 shots, but the car isn't
affected. Men get out of the car. We can hear them coming
down John's side of the house. John watches for a shadow.
When a shadow gets close, he holds up the nozzle.
Eat flame!
John fires as the goons pass in front of him. Flames shoot
20 feet and engulf the men. Screams from the men are heard.
There are 4 men in the flame. John stops firing.


That was awesome.
Smells awful, though.
A man jumps from around the corner of the house and grabs
Burt. Burt fires a few shots, but the gun was pushed in the
air. The goon makes Burt drop the gun and points a pistol at
Burt's head.
Drop your guns, children.
Burt head butts the goon with the back of his head and kicks
him in the groin. Burt grabs his grenade launcher and spins
around and fires a grenade into the goon's stomach. After a
second the goon explodes. Burt turns around, reloading the
grenade launcher.
Yeah. That's how I roll.
A goon jumps behind Burt, about five feet behind. John
raises his flamethrower nozzle.
      (to Burt)
Burt drops face down. John fires. The flame goes over Burt's
head and engulfs the goon. John stops firing after a few
That's how I roll!
      (looking at shed)
Are they going to get that tank
anytime soon?
After she finishes talking, the shed blows open and the tank
rolls out. It stops in front of John, Burt, and Elena.
Anderson opens the hatch.
      (holding hatch)
Get in the tank!


Burt, John, and Elena climb up on the tank. Elena and Burt
jump in the hole. 5 goons are running behind John, firing at
him. He jumps in the hole and closes the hatch quickly. He
locks it.
      (yelling at
Shoot at them!
      (waving hand)
Alright, calm down!
Anderson aims the tank gun in the goons' general direction.
He fires. Two of the 5 goons are blown through the air.
The other three are too close!
I've got an idea! Unlock the
      (pointing at house)
Just do it!
Anderson unlocks hatch. John walks to the foot of the ladder
and points nozzle of flamethrower up at hatch. The goons get
on top of the tank. The hatch opens. John fires immediately.
Flame goes up through the hatch and burns a goon's head. The
goons falls off of the tank. The other two close the hatch
quickly. John turns around.
Horace! Let's roll!
Horace nods and goes full speed ahead onto the street. The
other two goons fall off. Horace keeps the the tank going
straight, right through houses, the houses crumbling on top
of the tank. After a few streets pass by, Horace drives the
tank straight onto the street. Cuts to Jason and Walsh.
      (looking at tank
       off in distance)
Shit! They got my other tank!


Cuts to tank. John is pointing his nozzle of the
flamethrower out through a hole in the side of the tank. He
is constantly firing flames out, hitting goons on the road.
After a while the flames stop.
I'm all out! Get my shotgun!
Elena tosses John his shotgun, that was resting next to
Horace's leg.
John points his shotgun out the side of the tank. Burt, on
the other side of the tank, is pointing his M16 out the side
of the tank.
Anderson! Are you going to shoot
that gun anytime soon?
Yes! Once some bigger targets come
After he says that, two cars come out in front of the tank.
Anderson aims the big gun at one and fires. One of the cars
blows up.
Anderson aims the gun at the other car. He fires. It
explodes, flipping a couple of times on its side.
      (looks up from gun)
I'm not grading myself, but if I
were, I'd get an "A" in kickass!
Elena rolls her eyes.
      (looking at Horace)
Are we far enough away yet?
Yeah, but I thought you kids
wanted to get out of here first!
Yeah, but it looks like
something's going down at the
entrance! Drive towards the


Horace turns the tank towards the entrance, crashing through
houses until he gets on the road. Camera cuts 300 yards down
the road to Jason.
      (snapping fingers)
Get me my rocket launcher.
A goon brings Jason a rocket launcher. He aims it at the
tank. He fires towards where the driver is on the inside.
Cuts back to the tank. An explosion penetrates the tank a
little and the explosion hits Horace's face. He yells. He
stops the tank.
Are you all right?
Yeah. I think so.
      (stands up)
I've got the detonator. It may
create a big enough distraction
for us to escape. I don't think
the tank will make it with the
weapons they've got at the front.
Horace takes the detonator out of his pocket. It is a handle
with a button on it. Horace is watching out the front of the
tank as men from the front of the neighborhood get closer.
When the men get about 50 feet away, Horace sits down.
      (pointing to hatch)
Anderson! Get by the hatch and go
out immediately after I press the
Anderson nods and climbs the ladder to the hatch and unlocks
it. He holds the handle to open it.
      (holding detonator)
Alright, Beaver Springs. Time to
make a little room on the map!
Horace presses the button on the detonator. The camera cuts
to the house where the C4 is. The explosion is humongous and
engulfs 2 houses in flame on each side of it. The flames
travel a hundred feet high in a giant fireball. Cuts to a
faraway shot at a highway. The fireball is able to be seen.
Anderson pops out of the hatch and fires at the goons who


are distracted by the fireball. Anderson kills all ten of
them. He starts to laugh when Mr. Walsh comes from behind
the tank and pulls Anderson out. The hatch slams shut. Mr.
Walsh pulls Anderson down the road to the entrance of the
neighborhood. John, Horace, Burt, and Elena are watching
through the front of the tank. Jason takes out a megaphone.
      (yelling through
You people have caused me a lot of
trouble, but I have a bargaining
chip now! You kids surrender, I'll
let you live as my employees!
We'll pay you in heroin! If you
don't turn yourselves in, I'll
kill this guy!
      (points to
You have ten minutes to decide!
Cuts to on board the tank. Horace, John, Burt, and Elena are
sitting on the floor in a circle.
So what are we going to do?
Let's leave him.
How can you say that?
Let's face it. He's a jackass.
Yeah, but he helped us. We need to
help him. We only have about five
minutes to make a plan, now.
      (raising hand)
I have an idea.
Cuts to on board the back of the open semi-truck. Jason and
Anderson are sitting in the back. Anderson's hands are tied.


I don't think your friends are
coming for you.
Don't worry, A. Hole, they'll come
and kick your ass.
What did you call me?
I just called you by your name.
Even if you kill me at least I
didn't have a name like yours.
      (furrowing brow)
Laugh it up.
Thanks. I will, asshole!
Jason punches Anderson in the face.
What kind of parents name their
kid that? You must've smelled like
one when you were born.
      (grabs Anderson)
Alright, I'm gonna kill you
Jason grabs Anderson by the shirt and pulls him onto the
street, so the tank can see him. He gives Anderson to Walsh
to hold, then Jason takes the megaphone out again.
      (talking through
Alright, time's up! I'm gonna
count from ten to zero! Ten!
Cuts back to John, Horace, Elena, and Burt on the tank. In
the background every 5 seconds we hear Jason count one more
number down.


Horace, do it!
Horace grabs the rocket launcher and gets it ready. He
points it out the front of the tank. He aims it at a van
about ten feet next to Jason and Anderson. He pulls the
trigger. The rocket fires and hits the van. There is an
explosion which knocks Anderson and Jason over. Anderson
grabs Jason's gun and shoots Jason. Anderson jumps into one
of the vans, and starts it. The keys were in the ignition.
Gunfire is flying past his head and hitting the van.
Anderson guns the car full speed towards the tank. He
arrives very quickly. Anderson gets in the tank.
      (patting Anderson
       on the back)
You made it!
Yeah, thanks for saving my ass,
      (pointing out
       front of tank)
But they are not coming after us.
They're getting in the vans and it
looks like they are going to
Well, good!
No, not good. I think they are
delivering drugs and weapons. On
the semi-truck there were a bunch
of drugs and weapons. We have to
stop them.
No way! We wanted the chance to
get out, now we can!
I agree with Anderson. If they get
away with this shipment then we
haven't stopped them. And who
will? The police? No, they're
bound by the law. We aren't.
      (puts hand out)
Who's up for stopping a drug
organization? I'm in.


      (puts hand in)
Me too.
      (puts hand in)
I don't really have a choice. If I
don't go with Horace, I'll die.
      (puts hand in)
Let's go kill 'em.
The group turns to Elena. She reluctantly puts her hand in
slowly. The group grabs their weapons. Horace with a
shotgun, John with a shotgun, Elena with the rocket launcher
and sniper, Anderson with the AK-47, and Burt with the M16
and the grenade launcher. The all hop out of the tank and
get in the van quickly. Horace is driving, with Anderson in
the passenger's seat. John, Elena, and Burt are in the van.
They speed the van after the trucks and vans, which are just
pulling out of the neighborhood. Horace drives the van after
them out of the neighborhood.
The semi-truck pulls onto the highway with 5 bad guy vans
following. The highway is not very crowded, but there are
cars on it. Each car has about 30 feet of space between the
other. The van with John, Horace, Elena, Burt, and Anderson
pulls out behind the bad guys, about 200 feet. Their van is
speeding faster than the others, and they pull up to the
first bad guy van, which is the farthest back from the semi.
Here we go! Anderson! You know
what to do!
They pull up directly next to the first van. The bad guy van
is on the left, and the good guy van is on the right. The
goons see them and start to scramble for a weapon. Horace
leans his head back and rolls down his window. Anderson
fires the rocket launcher by his head and the rocket goes
through the window and hits the van next to them. It blows
up. The explosion puts the good van on two wheels sideways.
      (leaning left)
Kids! Lean left!
John, Elena, and Burt climb to the left side of the van to
weigh it down. The van drops back on four wheels.


      (looking at
Reload the rocket launcher!
      (looking around)
There's no more ammo for that!
I've got an idea! Pull up next to
another van!
Anderson grabs his AK-47. Horace pulls up to the next van.
The goons on this one are ready and start firing. They have
a machine gun and are firing out windows on the front.
Bullet holes pierce the back of the van. Burt grabs the
grenade launcher. He pushes the gun barrel out the side of
the van where there were bullet holes. The metal on the side
of the van gives way and the barrel goes out. The barrel is
pointed at the side of the van next to them. The vans are
now on a bridge over water.
      (pointing grenade
       launcher out the
       side of the van)
Eat this!
Burt fires and the grenade goes into the side of the metal
of the van next to them. It makes a dent in the side of the
van. Horace pulls the van away quickly and the grenade
explodes, flipping the van over on its side. It rolls a lot
and bounces over the railing of the bridge, and hits the
water some 50 feet below.
      (looking out the
       hole in the side
       of the van)
They're LITERALLY sleepin' with
the fishes!
Horace! You've got to get me on
that semi-truck!
      (looking back)
I can destroy it!


As Horace is looking back, the three remaining vans take an
exit off of the bridge onto another part of the highway.
      (pointing back)
Horace! They took that exit! Go
Horace breaks and spins the car around. He floors the gas
and goes against traffic. Cars zoom by and swerve as he's
coming back. Horace maneuvers around them avoids crashes
that other cars are getting into. When he passes the exit,
he spins the car around and drives onto the exit after the
truck and vans. The truck and vans are now really far up the
      (patting Horace on
       the back)
You're doing great! Now get us up
What I don't understand is why
nobody's called the cops on us
Camera cuts to police station. A chief is sitting in his
office. There is a desk and a phone. A pile of papers and a
computer moniter with keyboard are on his desk. He is
sitting at his desk. His name is Chief Willis. He is 6'3"
tall, with black hair, but a receding hairline. He is
caucasian. He is mid-fifties, with a badge on his front
pocket. He has a blue uniform. His phone rings. He answers.
      (holding phone)
What?... Are you serious?... Come
in here!
Willis hangs up phone. A few seconds later a policeman opens
the door to Willis's office.
What's going on?
      (breathing heavily)
We keep getting calls about
explosions on the highway and


Which highway?
Highway 150.
Alright. Send all units.
Policeman nods and leaves the office, shutting the door.
Willis picks up his phone and hits numbers. Camera cuts to
the passenger seat of the semi-truck. Mr. Walsh is sitting
up front. His phone rings. He answers.
                                         CUTS TO WILLIS
What the hell is going on? Who are
                                         CUTS TO WALSH
I work for Jason. We are in the
middle of a drug operation.
                                         CUTS TO WILLIS
In case you don't know, I'm the
police chief Jason's paying off,
but even I can't stop the law from
coming on that highway!
                                         CUTS TO WALSH
I guess you knew about this
operation today. Why else would
you call Jason's phone? But
anyway, just send your policemen
and send them after the van
farthest behind the semi-truck.
      (looks out window
       at the
       approaching van)
The license plate it 056782.
Walsh hangs up phone.


                                         CUTS TO WILLIS
Willis hangs up his phone and then picks it up again and
presses 3 buttons.
      (talking into
Send all units after a van on
Highway 150. License plate number
is 056782.
Camera cuts back to van with Horace, Anderson, Elena, John,
and Burt. They look calm. The noise of the sirens starts.
Anderson looks out the window.
      (turns to Elena)
Uh, Elena? About the police you
were wondering about...
The police are here? What are we
supposed to do? Pull over? Go to
No, man! The police are corrupt.
We fight. But we don't kill them.
We don't want to get accused of
killing cops! Thugs we could get
away with. Not cops. Anderson!
Lean out the window and aim for
their tires.
Anderson nods and rolls down his window. He sticks the AK-47
out and leans out of the window. The police are getting
closer. Anderson starts firing at their tires. Most bullets
miss, but he lands some shots and hits the front two tires
of the first car. It spins out of control and the police car
behind it smashes into its side and they both go careening
off the side of the road into a ditch.
      (leaning out
Two down, 15 to go.
The sounds of shotguns from the police cars come, and a few
bullet holes are made on the car. Anderson is almost
impossible to hit, and he takes out about ten cars. The
chase is then taken to another bridge, but this one passes


over another highway. More police cars come from an exit.
Anderson leans back in.
      (breathing hard)
This will never end. We have to
cause an accident. Give me the
grenade launcher.
We can't kill them!
      (reaching out hand)
Don't worry. I won't kill them.
John hands the grenade launcher to Anderson and Anderson
leans out the window again. He points the barrel directly
down at the road from where he is. He fires. The grenade
bounces and then rolls on the ground and blows up about 10
feet in front of the front police car. The front police car
swerves and hits another car, and the police car behind the
front one runs into it and causes a chain reaction, which
makes all the police cars crash in a huge line, blocking the
      (leaning back in
       the van)
That ought to keep them busy for a
After Anderson says that, a police helicopter flies above
them, but behind them about 30 feet.
      (leaning back out
       the window)
Ah, shit.
Anderson aims the grenade launcher at the helicopter.
      (aiming gun)
Screw it. I'm gonna kill 'em.
He fires the grenade and it goes through the front window of
the helicopter. After a couple of seconds, the helicopter
explodes. The burning remains hit the highway.
      (holding hands out)
What the hell was that?


      (leaning back in)
Don't get huffy. How was I
supposed to stall them? Horace!
Are we almost to the semi-truck?
      (looking at the
Getting close.
The truck is only about 50 feet from the good van. The three
remaining vans are behind the semi-truck in a line. The vans
are only a few feet from the semi-truck.
      (getting up)
I've got an idea. Anderson, move.
I'm going out the window.
Elena reaches up and grabs John and pulls him back.
      (holding John's
What are you doing?
Getting on the semi-truck.
      (letting go of
Don't die.
      (gives a thumbs up
       to Elena)
Good advice.
Anderson and John switch places.
      (looking at Horace)
Here's what going to happen. I'll
get on top of this van. You will
put this van bumper to bumper with
the van in front of us. I'll take
out the driver, then jump onto the
semi-truck. You guys have to cover
me, though.


We've got your back!
John leans out the window. He pulls himself out and onto the
top of the van. Horace hits the gas and the van slams into
the back of the van in front of them. The force throws John
onto the top of the bad guy van. Anderson grabs a shotgun
and climbs back into the passenger's seat. He throws John
the shotgun. John catches it. He cocks it and jumps down on
the hood of the van and shoots the driver and the other
goons quickly, cocking the gun very fast. The driver's foot
slams on the gas pedal and the van drives forward and slams
into the semi-truck. John steps on the back of the truck and
shoots the lock off of the door. Just then, bullets rip past
his head from the other two vans on either side of the van
that's against the semi-truck. Anderson starts firing out of
his window at the van next to him. It pulls away. Horace
grabs his shotgun, and with one hand, holds it out the
window. He fires at the passenger in the other van firing at
John. His head explodes. John throws open the back of the
semi-truck and goes inside. The two bad vans regain control
and begin shooting at the back of the semi, but John is too
far inside to get shot. The car with the dead bodies swerves
away after a minute. The back of the semi is about 30 feet
long, and 10 feet high. Half of it is filled with drugs, and
the other half has various weapons and cylindrical propane
tanks that are about 3 feet tall. John smiles and grabs a
pistol from a shelf in the back of the semi. The driver
hasn't noticed John is back there because the door to the
back is closed. John picks up a propane tank and walks to
the back of the truck. He looks at one of the bad vans that
pulls behind the truck. He throws the tank out and it
bounces down the road. The driver of the van screams and the
tank smashes into it. John then shoots 5 shots, 4 missing
the tank. One hits and the tank explodes, destroying the
van. Cuts to the front seat of the truck where Walsh and the
driver are.
      (looking behind
Is there somebody in the back
Driver shrugs.
      (getting up)
I'm gonna check it out.
Walsh opens a peephole to the back of the truck, but can't
see anything because drugs are piled up in front of it. He


grunts and kicks out the windshield. He gets on the hood and
climbs up on top of the semi-truck's hold. He crawls to the
back and looks down. He can see that the door is open. He
sees another propane tank fly out and hit the other van. He
sees a gun shooting, and it hits, blowing up the other van.
He grabs the edge of the top and swings down and into the
hold, kicking John in the stomach. John grunts and falls
down backwards. Walsh smiles and hits John on the head,
knocking him out. Walsh then closes the back of the truck.
Cuts to Horace, Anderson, Elena, and Burt, who are watching.
      (grabbing Horace
       by the shoulders)
They got him!
We'll just have to get on the semi
and save him.
      (shaking head)
No. Too dangerous. We'll just
follow them to wherever they are
Funny. If I were him, I'd try to
kill us so we couldn't follow
After Anderson says his line, the back of the truck opens
back up. Mr. Walsh is holding a mini-gun, pointed at their
      (swerving car)
Oh, shit! That'll tear through us
like paper! Get down!
Bullets from the mini-gun tear through the car. Horace and
Anderson are ducking down. Burt and Elena are on the ground.
Horace is swerving the car back and forth. Horace eventually
slams on the brakes. The car spins sideways and flips,
flipping about four and a half times, then sliding on the
road upside down. After a while it stops. Cuts back to Mr.
Walsh. He smiles, then closes the back of the hold. After a
minute, Horace climbs out of where the windshield would be
and stumbles around. Anderson climbs out, too. Anderson
pulls out Elena, then Burt. They are all alive. Horace leans
over Burt and Elena, who are laying on the ground.


Get up! The cops will get here
Horace and Anderson help the kids to their feet. They run in
front of a lane of traffic, and there's a car that's about
300 feet away. It brakes. Horace takes out his shotgun and
points it at the driver. He stops. The driver gets out,
holding his hands up.
      (pointing gun at
Kids! Get the guns. We still have
a chance to save John.
Cuts and the car is driving down the road, the semi-truck
far in the distance.
      (looking at the
Kids, we can find them.
The small car they are in is about the size of a regular, 5
seater car. Anderson is in the passenger's seat. Horace is
driving, and the kids are in the back seat. As they keep
driving on the road, they pass Jameson Industries, off in
the distance to the right. The parking lot is big, and the
semi-truck is at the front of the entrance. Elena sees it
and her eyes grow wide.
      (tapping Horace on
We have to go back and go to
Jameson Industries.
      (looking behind at
Because I just saw the semi-truck
at Jameson Industries! Now go
Cuts to a room in Jameson Industries. Jameson Industries is
a tall tower, about 30 stories tall. It is mostly made up of


offices on every floor, with thin hallways in between the
offices and that lead to the elevator and stairs. John is on
about the fifteenth floor of the building, in an office with
3 walls, and a window that looks out over the city as a
fourth. Outside the building is a construction site across
the street with bulldozers and a wrecking ball that is being
used to topple an old building. John is tied to a chair and
is still unconscious. There is a desk in the room at the
left wall with a computer and a desk lamp. Mr. Walsh is
sitting in a chair across from John, waiting for him to wake
up. John wakes up and lifts his head. He looks around, and
sees Mr. Walsh.
Nice of you to wake up.
Just kill me and get it over with.
      (standing up)
Why would I want to kill you
without you meeting my boss first?
      (looking up)
Your boss?
      (pointing to
You think I wanted those drugs?
No! I get paid for delivering
things that are illegal. I was
hired by the owner of this
      (looking around)
What building are we in?
      (walking through
My building.
Harold Jameson walks in. He is 6'2" tall, with brown hair,
brown eyes, male caucasian. Wears an expensive suit and tie,
slacks, and black shoes. Mid-forties.


      (turning head)
Harold Jameson? You own this
company, don't you? I've seen you
on T.V.
That's right.
So you're behind all of this? The
whole drug transfer?
There's something I'd like to tell
      (raising one eye
      (opening eyes)
Two words. Screw. You.
Amusing. But you can't do
anything. I heard about how much
trouble you've caused.
I'm glad. But why do you need
What can I say? I'm a distributer.
How do you think I keep getting
richer? I buy from the source,
then I sell for twice as much to
      (rolling eyes)
Of course. 2 billion dollars just
isn't enough. That's nothing! You
have to have more! Blah blah blah!


And I'm just a hired transfer guy.
I make sure the transaction goes
smoothly. I wasn't a longtime pal
with Asshole or anything like
that. Strictly business.
      (walking in front
       of John)
You know we're going to kill you,
Duh! Why do you think I'm making
fun of you?
First I'm going to cause you a
little pain.
Cuts to Horace, Elena, Burt, and Anderson sitting in the car
outside of Jameson Industries. They are parked in 20 feet
behind the front door, about 20 feet behind the semi. There
are 5 men unloading it, and taking the supplies inside.
      (looking at kids)
It's your job to find out where
John is before they hurt him. It's
apparent that Jameson is behind
this, also probably part of his
staff. Go ask the person at the
front desk.
Are you drunk? You want us to go
in and ask where he is? They'll
arrest us!
      (waving hand)
Just go ask what floor he works
on. That's all I need to know.
Think of something to make her
tell you.
      (tapping Burt)
You stay here. I have an idea.
Elena gets out of the car and walks toward the front door.


      (watching Elena)
What is she doing?
I don't know. I think she'll think
of something good. She likes John.
Elena walks in the building through the revolving door. The
lobby looks like a nice hotel lobby, with nice couches and
chairs and chandeliers in the foyer. The men are walking on
the very nice yellow rug to a hallway at the end of the
room, that leads right to an elevator. Elena walks up to the
front desk on the right. There is a computer with a lady
typing at it behind the desk, sipping coffee. Elena arrives
at the desk, looking dirty and hurt with cuts on her from
all the fighting. The lady nearly spits out her coffee, but
swallows it, and sets the mug down. The lady is Violet
Smith. She is about 5'9" and is good looking. She has her
brown hair tied back, with red lipstick on and makeup. She
has brown eyes and is wearing a suit and tie. She is
      (looking at Elena
       with wide eyes)
What happened to you?
      (looking over self)
Oh, uh, my mother is abusive.
      (reaching towards
You want me to call child
      (shaking head)
No, my mother kicked me out today.
I'm looking for my father. He
should be here.
      (typing on
What's his name?


Oh, he's the man who owns this
      (stops typing)
You're not Mr. Jameson's daughter.
Mr. Jameson has one daughter, and
she visits here at least once a
      (leaning in)
No. I'm his uh, other daughter. I
wasn't supposed to tell anybody.
Keep it a secret. Can you tell me
what floor he is on?
Oh. I see. 15th floor. Halfway up
the building. It's the big office.
      (walks away)
Okay. Thank you.
Elena walks towards the front door.
      (standing up)
Where are you going? Aren't you
going to see Mr. Jameson?
      (turns around)
Yeah. I just need to get my
suitcase. I will be staying here a
      (sitting down)
Oh. Of course.
Elena walks out the front door. She walks back to the car
with Horace, Burt, and Anderson and gets in.
15th floor. He's got a big office
up there.


      (patting Elena)
Great job!
      (leaning towards
How are we going to save him?
I've got a good idea.
He looks over and the construction site and the camera
follows. The camera focuses on the wrecking ball. Camera
cuts back to John in the office, tied to the chair. Harold
punches him.
You abuse children? You're sick!
      (imitating crying)
Well, boo hoo! I don't give a shit
about any kids except my own!
Especially you! Now I offered you
a deal. I'll let you live if you
turn in your friends. Now where
can I find them?
      (leaning back in
Go to hell.
Camera cuts back to the parking lot. Horace is driving the
whole machine of the wrecking ball through the parking lot,
bumping into various cars. He stops 20 feet from the side of
the building. The men unloading the semi don't see him
because he drove to the side of the building, not the front.
Horace looks at the controls. The controls are a bunch of
levers and buttons. Horace grabs a lever and pushes up. The
crane lifts the ball up and up and up. Horace counts how
many floors, and stops the ball at the fifteenth. Camera
cuts back to the office. The ball is right outside the
      (turning to Mr.
Mr. Walsh. I believe you can beat
some sense into this boy.


Mr. Walsh nods and stands up, popping his knuckles. Cuts
back to Horace, who presses another lever forward. The ball
starts to swing towards the building. Camera cuts back to
Mr. Walsh standing in front of John. Harold is standing
closer to the window. The ball gets ten feet away from
Harold, and he sees it right before it hits. The ball
smashes through the window, and smashes into Harold. It
smashes him down with force and his body slams through the
floor as the wrecking ball destroys it. He is dead. Mr.
Walsh runs away to the office door and goes through it. The
ball stops and swings back. Half of the office floor is
destroyed. John starts to try to untie his hands. He grunts
and pulls at the rope. He finally gets it loose and gets out
of the chair. He runs toward the office door. When he gets
close, Mr. Walsh steps in front of the doorway. He grabs
John and slams him against the wall next to the door. He
throws him into the computer on the desk at the wall. John
crawls to the wall. There is a safety axe that was smashed
by the wrecking ball and thrown onto the ground next to the
desk. John reaches and grabs it, amongst broken glass and
splinters and wood. He spins around and swings at Mr. Walsh
as he comes by the desk. The axe slams into his side. He
yelps and stumbles backward. John gets up. Mr. Walsh
stumbles out in the open, about 5 feet from the edge of the
building, now the wrecking ball destroyed most of the floor.
John looks around and sees a fire hose on the wall. He grabs
it and points it at Mr. Walsh.
      (holding hose
Time to take a bath.
John pulls the lever on the hose nozzle. The water jets out
and knocks Mr. Walsh 10 feet backwards, over the floor below
and out over the parking lot. His body slowly falls and
slams against the parking lot. John is struggling to hold
onto the hose, whipping him around. He gains control over it
after a few seconds. A goon comes in and points a pistol at
him. John is pointing the hose towards where the window used
to be, not at the goon.
      (pointing pistol)
Drop the...hose!
John drops it. It bounces around and slams into the guard.
It knocks him against the wall, hitting him with such force
it kills him. John ducks and waits for the hose to bounce
away from the door, then runs for the door, grabbing the
goon's pistol on the way out. He makes it as the hose
whizzes by his head. He runs down the straight hallway
towards the stairs, and gunfire starts coming from the


stairs. John jumps into one of the offices in the hallway.
He hides in the office. The goon walks slowly up the
hallway. John is hiding on the inside of the room. The goon
walks by the room, and when he gets in front of the door,
John leans out in the doorway and fires two shots into the
goon's head. Blood splatters on the wall. His body falls.
John leans out into the hallway, and looks down the hallway.
The goon's shadow can be seen coming from down the hall to
the left, coming towards the middle, where John can see it.
The goon comes in the middle and sees John. John fires
quicker and the goon falls after 5 shots, firing some shots
into the ceiling. The body falls forward. John waits and
another goon comes around the corner. John fires 3 shots
into him and he falls, dead. John grabs the goon's ammo from
his body next to him and reloads his pistol. There is one
goon left. John runs to the stairs door, and goes to the
stairwell. John looks down the hole in the middle of the
stairs. A goon can be seen running up the stairs. John fires
5 shots down at the goon, but misses. The goon leans over
the railing and fires a few shots at John. John ducks and
pretends to be dead. The goon runs up the stairs, and hovers
over John. He holds the gun over John, pointing at him. John
throws his foot up and kicks the gun out of his hand. The
gun falls down the stairwell. John pulls his gun up and
fires the last five shots into the goon. The goon moans and
falls backwards down some steps.
      (holding gun)
Yeah, fool.
John runs down the stairs and to the bottom. He opens the
stairs door and is met by 4 policemen pointing guns at him.
      (pointing gun)
Put your hands on your head! Get
John puts his hands behind his head and kneels. Two
policemen come and cuff him. The pull him outside and throw
him into a police car. John looks out the back window and
sees that Horace, Burt, Elena, and Anderson are driving away
in their car. He turns around and sits in his seat.
Two police officers bring John into Chief Willis's office,
handcuffed, and set him down in a chair across from his


      (pointing at
Leave us alone.
The two policemen nod and leave the office, shutting the
door behind them.
      (leaning forward
       on desk)
Hello there.
      (leaning back in
Hi. You must be the corrupt police
chief I hear about.
      (leaning back)
Too bad you had to get brought in
to me.
And too bad I get to go before a
court and reveal evidence of your
silly crimes.
      (waving finger)
That's not going to happen. You'll
have an accident. You try to
escape and I shoot you. You die.
Oh well. You're not getting paid
anymore anyways, so I'm happy.
Jason Asshole? Dead. Mr. Walsh?
Dead. Jameson? Dead.
The only name I know is Jason A.
Hole? Are the other's his helpers?


      (leaning forward
       on desk)
Look here. What's your name?
Oh. It's You Eat Shit.
Well, look. The only reason you're
still alive is that you need to
turn in your little helpers. I
know you have some. Give me names,
and I'll wipe your slate clean, if
you promise not to start an
      (making face)
You expect me to believe that
I guess not. Oh well. Well, here's
how your "death" will happen. I'm
going to take you in a police car,
out to a dirt road and shoot you.
I'm the chief, so I won't get in
trouble for murdering you.
Strictly self-defense. Now let's
Willis pulls John out of his chair and pulls him out of the
office. Camera cuts to outside the police building. Willis
pulls John into a police car, and closes the door. Then
Willis gets in the front seat. He starts the car and pulls
out of the station parking lot onto a road. Camera cuts back
to the parking lot to reveal that Horace, Burt, Elena, and
Anderson are in the car and saw Willis put John in the
police car. Horace starts the engine and pulls after the
police vehicle.
It looks like the officer is
alone. Let's get John and kill


Where is he going to take John?
      (turning around)
Probably going some place to kill
So how are we going to do this?
I'm going to pull up next to his
window, and Anderson, blow his
head off with the shotgun.
      (grabbing shotgun
       and cocking it)
With pleasure.
Cars are driving on a highway. It's very flat, with almost
no cars on it at the moment. Horace goes faster and
gradually gets to the police car. John turns around and sees
them. He quickly turns back around, acting like nothing is
going on. Horace pulls up next to the window of the police
vehicle, on the driver's side. Anderson rolls down his
window and quickly pulls the shotgun out. Willis screams and
ducks right as Anderson fires. The bullets miss Willis and
shatter the driver's window and the passenger's window.
Willis swerves the car away, off the side of the road, into
a field. There are no buildings by this part of the road. It
is mostly farms. Horace follows. The cars are both on a farm
field, the cars bouncing on the rough terrain. The cars get
next to each other again. They are about 20 feet apart.
      (holding out hand)
Give me the AK-47! I'll unload
rounds on the car! John will duck.
      (waving hands)
No! Shoot the tires!
Anderson nods and leans out the window. He fires a bunch of
rounds aimed at the tires. John ducks in the back seat, when
stray bullets begin to hit the back window. Anderson hits a
tire. The spins around and swerves out of control into
Horace's path, sideways. Horace is five feet away from the
car. The drivers seat is next to the front of Horace's car.
Horace's car slams into where Willis is sitting, and spins
the car out of the way. It spins a couple of times and


stops. Horace turns the car around and drives back to the
police car and stops. Elena and Burt get out and run to the
car. The back door is damaged and they pull it open. John is
lying on the backseat, unconscious. Burt shakes him, but he
doesn't wake up. Burt gets out of the car. Elena gets in and
leans over John. It looks like she will kiss him. She stays
leaned over him. Romantic music plays.
John's eyes open and he gets up.
      (rubbing head)
That was a nice wake-up.
Elena shrugs.
      (looking at Willis)
Is the police chief dead?
      (looking at Willis)
Who, him? Yeah, he's a goner.
Burt and Elena help John back to the car, and they all get
Now let's all go home.
Cuts to Horace driving the car on the highway back to the
Thanks for rescuing me, guys. I
really appreciate it.
Hey, what else would I do? I'm a
freakin' homeless bus driver.
      (patting John on
       the back)
Hey, you're my friend.


      (hugging John)
It wouldn't feel right leaving you
to them. You helped me and Burt.
      (looking forward)
I just didn't want to lose my job.
      (looking at
Bullshit! You like John!
      (waving hand)
Meh. He's okay. I'm still giving
you detention for causing me so
much trouble.
      (looking at Horace)
Is there anyway that the police
will find out that is was us who
caused all this destruction?
Doubt it. Plus there will be an
investigation and they'll probably
figure out we were the good guys.
I'll take care of the guns.
      (looking at John
       and Burt)
I want to go to your school after
this! I want to have friends who
can relate to me!
                                         SCREEN SAYS 3 MONTHS
Shot shows Summit Peak High School. Cuts to Mr. Anderson's
class. He is writing something on the board. Camera shows
that Elena and John are in the same class now. They exchange
smiles. Mr. Anderson stops writing in the middle of a


      (turning around)
You know class? I don't want to
teach this English shit. I'd
rather teach about survival.
      (staring at
Yeah! Like if you ever get in a
hostage situation! How to survive!
How could you teach us that?
You've never been in a hostage
What if I have been?
Don't make us laugh! You're a
      (turning to Grant)
Shut the hell up, Grant. What
shit-head told you that you could
talk to me like that?
I don't know. Maybe because you
talk to us like that.
Right. Hey! You kids want to talk
about that story that's still
talked about on the news about the
unknown vigilantes? The ones who
brought down that whole undercover
drug operation and Harold Jameson?
Plus they brought light to the
corrupt police!
      (rolling eyes)
Come on! We talk about that all
the time! Yeah, it sounds cool the
first time, but man! Why do you


                       JAMES (cont'd)
like to talk about that so much?
Because they sound like bad-ass
people! Don't you wish you had the
balls to do what they did? Oh,
well. Even if you wished for them,
you wouldn't get them, cause
you're a stupid wimp who can't
keep his grades up. Dumb ass!
Maybe you just grade them wrong.
      (Under breath)
Ohoho no you didn't! Principal's
What are you gonna tell them I
I don't know. Suckin' drugs out of
your backpack or something. Bring
me your backpack up here so I can
put some chalk dust in it.
Camera cuts to later. The bell rings and school lets out.
John and Elena are walking out to the buses. Burt runs up to
them from a crowd of kids walking to the buses.
      (patting John on
       the back)
What's up, guys?
Yeah. I just want to go home.
John, Elena, and Burt get on Horace's bus. The sit down at
the front close to Horace.


      (patting Horace on
       the back)
What's up, Horace? How's your day
      (turning around)
Great! I got a job! I'm a police
officer now! I start next week. I
won't be driving you guys anymore.
No way!
Way! They saw my record as a
special forces officer, and they
offered me a job! I won't be
homeless anymore! Goodbye
dumpster, hello apartment! They
already tased me and everything!
Then they wanted to see if I could
resist pain, so I stabbed myself
and didn't wince!
      (from back of bus)
Hey driver! Go! The other buses
pulled out!
Hold on! I'm talking!
      (standing up and
       looking at John)
Why do you talk to our smelly bus
driver every day now? I want to
get home! H-O-M-E!
      (pointing at
We're glad you can spell, but shut
the hell up and give us a minute!
No! You sit down so we can get out
of here!


      (standing up)
Shut the hell up! I'll kick your
ass, you asshole!
OOOOHH. I'm scared. Really. Hold
me. Seriously, hold me. You're
Elena walks up to James and punches him in the face. He
falls back into his seat and is unconscious. Everyone stares
at her as she walks back to her seat.
Wow. Nice hit.
      (sitting down)
Yeah. If that didn't work, I was
going to tell him about Horace's
shotgun under his seat.
Bus starts to pull away.
      (tapping Horace on
Hey, Horace. What about the bus
you drove into the neighborhood?
Police investigated the
neighborhood. How come they didn't
connect the bus to you?
They did. The police came to
question me, and I acted drunk and
said the bad guys beat me up and
stole the bus. Those idiots
believed me.
      (looking at Burt
       and John)
Hey, guys.


      (looking very
Does it ever bother you how we
killed those people? Even though
they were bad and it was in
Actually, now that you mention
Nope! Not at all!
      (sitting back)
Yeah! Those bastards had it
Yeah! I was worried I was sick
because I didn't feel bad at all.
I'm happy I'm not the only one!
      (looking at Horace)
Hey, Horace. Where did you hide
those guns?
      (driving bus)
I buried them in a field. It
seemed like a good thing to do.
Camera cuts to a field. A little boy is holding a metal
detector, walking around in a field. The little boy is about
3'11", with black hair, blue eyes, and little jeans on. He
has a little green t-shirt on. After a few seconds the
detector starts to beep very quickly and the boy stops and
                       LITTLE BOY
      (holding metal
Daddy! I found something!
Cuts to credits.


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