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John Hatchet
by Warren Wilson (johnhatchet23@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: *1/2
Scary? You haven't seen that yet! The plot of this horror picture revolves around a couple of freinds who decide to throw a graduation party. The night was supposed to be harmless fun drinking, and making love untill the night turns into a race for survival when someone starts killing them all one by one, with a shocking ending!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The words "JOHN HATCHET" appear on the screen in red
lettering. They fade away right into the scene.
On adolecesents walking down a back alley. They look no more
than seventeen years old. They are KYLE SANDERS and JAKE
Dude I really cant believe we're
graduating already.
I know it's crazy. Are you
throwing a party tonight?
      (turning down
       another street)
No but Crystal is.
      (also turning)
Oh cool, but is Erika going to be


      (still giggling)
Dude, really? You seriously dont
know that everyone knows you still
love her.
As they are talking they turn down a street that says Main
      (still angry)
Like fuck i do!
You mean you would like to fuck
No shes a slut.
The slut you love.
Silence. Jakes looks at Kyle and has an angry face.
      (really mad)
No i really dont!
Ok calm down Ms. Red Dot!
I know wasn't it?
Yes it was asshole


Kyle looks at Jake and gives him the stink eye.
Nice comeback.
      (changing the
Yeah anyway, what time is this
We hear a cell phone ringng in the backround with the sound
of cars and motorcycles racing down the street Kyle and Jake
are on.
      (answering his
       cell phone)
Hold on its my mother (to Jake).
(To his cell phone) Hi mom.
In the backround we see a blue truck pass behind Jake and
Kyle. The driver is staring at them out of his passenger
window. Jake looks at the driver.
      (talking to Kyle
       on his cell phone)
Hi Kyle when were you going to
call me?
I was just about to.
I'm sure you were. Are you comming
home now or are you going
No, i'm comming home. I'm like 2
minutes away so bye.
Ok hun bye.


Kyle hangs up his cell phone and Jake starts talking to him
So what time is this party?
Well I have to go to the store and
pick up some shit so... Ill be
there around seven why, you wanna
Yeah I'll go.
Kyle has reached his street so he stops at the corner.
Okay, I will be at your house by
six to pick you up so be ready.
Okay cocheese peace.
Kyle and Jake turn down opposite streets. The camera follows
Kyle though. Kyle walks all the way down to the end of the
street until he reaches 114 Wilson Street. He walks up on
the the front porch of the house, and opens the front door
to go inside.
We start off the scene in Kyles house. We see CAROL SANDERS,
a middle agged woman, she is Kyle's mother. She begins to
talk to him.
Hey sweetie how was ur last day of
high school?


Good, so what's going on tonight?
Umm... I think im gunna go to
Jakes, maybe we'll catch a movie i
don't yet.
Ok well i'm not going to be here
all weekend.
I'm going up to Atlantic City with
Sounds fun. So where's Jen.
We cut to seeing two teenage girls sitting on a bed. The two
girls are JEN SANDERS and CRYSTAL LARSON. Crystal is dialing
a phone.
      (talking on the
Hey babe whats up?
Nothing, just calling to see if
your comming to my little Feiesta?
Oh damn, i dont know if i can.


Why? Erika's on her way over.
She can't come?
      (to jen)
She doesn't know if she can or
      (to Amanda)
Why don't you know?
Because my mom wants me to babysit
my little cousin.
Oh that sucks.
Why doesn't she know?
      (to Jen)
Because her mom wants her to
babysit her cousin.
Gimmie the phone!
      (handing the phone
       over to Jen.)
Hold on here's Jen.


      (on the phone)
      (joking around)
Your little ass better be over
here tonight!
I'll try my hardest, okay?
I gotta go so bye.
Okay, Bye.
As Jen hangs up the phone we hear a knock at Crystals front
I got it.
Jen gets up off of the bed and runs down Crystals stairs and
to her front door. She opens it.
      (opening the door)
Hey Eri....
No one is at the front door. As Jen looks confused.
                       JEN (cont'd)


She shrugs and shuts the door. She turns around and 17 year
old ERIKA RODNER surprises her.
Got ya!
You bitch.
The two lauph and go upstairs.
We open the scene to be in the POV of the killer. We see
Kyle inside off his house. Kyle is dialing his phone.
      (to Jake on the
Hey Jake im comming right now.
Okay? Bye.
Kye hangs up the phone and grabs his keys off of the table
and walks out the garage door to his car. As soon as Kyle
puls away, the killer smashes a square of glass on the door
and enters Kyles House.
We are now out of the killers POV. We see the dark figure
moving around the house looking at pictures on the walls and
tables. He is walking toward the stairs when we hear a car
roll into Kyle's driveway. The killer looks out side, to see
Carol getting out of her car. The killer slowly walks away
but we stay at the door untill Carol walks into the house.


      (opening the front
Kyle? Are you still home? I need
help with something.
Carol walks around the empty house. She see's a note from
Kyle on the refridgerator. She picks it up and reads it.
      (putting the note
       on the table)
Carol walks into the living room and see's the broken glass
      (looking as if she
       knows who did
We see Carol put her purse on the table and dig through it.
She pulls out a piece of papper that says "Agent R. Wallman/
555-7886". We cut back to the POV of the killer in which we
see him looking around in a dark area. He see's a hatchet
lying next to a sledge hammer whereever he is. He picks it
      (dialing the phone)
Come on.
As Carol is dialing the phone, the dark figure barges out of
the garage door.
The figure swings the hatchet at Carol but she ducks, and
throws the phone reciever at his head.


Carol runs to the glass door and gets it open.
      (screaming outside)
Help me! Please!
As soon as she yells the killer shuts the door, grabs her
hair and pushes her through the remainder glass door.
      (pain noises)
The killer lifts her up by her hair. He lifts the hatchet
with his other hand and swings it into her back. She die's
instantly. The killer lifts her up and puts her in his arms
like a baby.
We see Kyle driving on the road. In the mirror we see the
blue truck. (Kyle does not see it). He stops at a big modern
tan house. We see the blue truck pass Kyle. Jake is in the
window of his house walking towards the front door. He walks
outside and gets into Kyles car.
      (closing the car
Hey, we need to go to the store
and then we'll go to the party.
      (closing the door)
Fine with me.
We see Kyles car pull out of Jakes driveway. They begin to
talk about the party.
So you never did tell me who's
gunna be there.


All i know is Jen, Dale, Erika
(winks), and Crystal.
Dont wink!
We see Kyle's car pull into the grocery store parking lot.
The blue ruck is already there.
So what do we gotta get?
Shit like chips and soda.
Yeah, you could put alcohol in
Kyle parks the car and shuts it off. Jake and Kyle exit the
car. They begin to walk to the store.
The three girls are sitting at Crystals copmuter.
We should rent some movies.
I dont care, what movie were you


Dale walks out of Crystals room and into the computer room.
      (raising his
How about some porn.
Well if your good you might get to
be in one tonight.
Crystal gets up and walks over to Dale, they begin to make
      (her and Erika are
       jokingly throwing
Ew. Fucking gross. Get a room!
Oh please, it was just a kiss.
      (cracking up)
That wasn't a kiss, it was an all
you can eat buffet.
Lets go in your room and get some
      (sexy smile)
They walk into Crystals bedroom.
She'll be pregnant by the end of
the night.


Speaking of sex, did you and Jake
get it on yet?
He wanted to, but I just wasn't
ready. How about you?
No, im gunna have to be with
someone really long, but i dont
think im ready yet.
Well we were dating for like 5
months but i dont know, sex is so
confusing and i haven't even had
it yet!
Amen! Wait, were dating? Did you
guys break up?
Yeah like a week ago.
      (looks bummed)
I just dont want to talk about it.
We cut to Crystal and Dale in Crystals bedroom. They are
laying on her bed kissing.
Do you have a condom?
Well then we're going to have to


Come on i promise i wont...
No, i dont trust you. I dont wanna
be all fat and pregnant.
      (rolling his eyes)
Fine then we'll wait.
Thanks, Asshole.
Shut up and kiss me.
Kyle and Jake are walking around the grocery store. Kyle is
pushing a cart.
Ok so we got chicken wings, chips,
we have to get condoms, we have
mints for fresh breath. What else?
Why soda?
You can put booze in soda.


Erika and Jen are down stairs with Crystal in the kitchen.
So who's all coming tonight?
Well Amanda's coming, Kyle. Its
just a small party. I don't wanna
get busted.
You forgot someone...
Not cool.
Why? Did you guy's break up?
Story of the year apparently.
Why didn't you tell me?
The POV then turns to the killer. He is outside of the
window in the kitchen.
I don't know, it just wasn't a
great thing.
Why did you two break up?
Don't ask her, she'll at you


I will not!
The killer (whos POV we are still in) then looks over to the
front of the house. He sees a car pulling in the driveway.
The Killer runs to the back of the house as we switch out of
his POV and back to the girls.
      (a knock on the
I'll get it.
Crystal walks out of the kitchen and into the dinning room.
She reaches the front door and opens it. AMANDA CLICHE and
SEAN SMITH are on the other side of the door.
I made it!
Now we can party!
      (seeing Sean)
Why the fuck did you bring him?
Oh hey bitch. Hows the herpes?
      (pulling Amanda
       into the kitchen)
Great prick. Wanna see?
Why is he here?
Don't worry i already fare- warned


Well that did a good job. Why are
you still with him?
Im with him because i love him so
      (whispering ew.)
Ill go talk to him, and put sex on
the line.
Amanda walks back into the party and goes over to Sean. They
begin to talk. Dale walks into the kitchen.
Hey what's wrong?
Ugh nothing, lets go dance.
Okay I'm gunna grab a beer first.
Kyle and Jake are in the car pulling into Crystals drive
Let the party begin!
Hell yea!


They get out of the car and lift the trunk top to get the
stuff out. When they close it we see the blue truck drive
behind them (the viewer might not notice it.) Jen comes out
to greet them.
Hey you got the stuff?
Yeah... you got the money?
Funny, Oh Hey Jake... You know
Erika's in there right.
What the fuck does that mean?
      (walking away,
       pissed off)
and by the way... I'm over her!
Jake walks inside.
He's not over her.
I guessed that.
      (walking inside
       with Jen)
So what did i miss?
Homemade porn.
From who?
Dale and Crystal
Happy I came late.


Jen and Kyle go inside.
Sean and Amanda are sitting on Crystal's bed talking and
holding hands.
So are we finally gunna do it
I don't know we haven't been
dating that long, I'm not just a
whore who has sex with anyone.
I din't say you were, I love you.
I love you too, just go get some
condom's and we'll talk, okay?
Sean is seen going down the stairs. He gets down to the
dining room where the condoms are, and takes the box off of
the table. Instead of following Sean upstairs, we go into
the living rom with the party. Kyle, Jen, and Dale are
sitting in the living room, Jen, Crystal, and Eika are
standing in the dining room talking.
Why the fuck is Jake here?
You two need to get over each


I'm over that cheating asshole.
Wait he cheated on you?
Yep, thats what Jade told me.
      (laughing with
What's so funny about it?
Nothing, it's just that Jade had
had a crush on Jake ever since the
5th grade...
Yeah, she's a slut, i punched her
in the face once because she
kissed my boyfriend.
So she lied to me? That bitch!
You should go talk to Jake.
Erika begins to walk over to Jake who is tuned around
talking to Kyle.


You should turn around now....
What? Why?
Just do it.
Jake turns around to see Erika standing behind him. He looks
Hi Jake.
      (remembering that
       Kyle is behind
What the fuck do you want?
Im so sorry!
Erika begins to kiss Jake passionately.
      (pushing her off)
No, dont do this. You broke up
with me!
No, thats because Jade lied to me
and told me that you were cheating
on me with Mandy and..
Wait .. Jade?


      (begins to kiss
       Erika after
       hearing that Jade
       told her.)
Kyle, Jen, and Dale are all sitting on the couch while
Crystal is sitting next to the TV asking what movie the
other three want to watch.
      (pulling out
Okay we have The one Halloween
with the little girl... The
Leprechaun... House of Wax..
Friday the 13th... Child's Play...
and Scream... Which one?
Which one has a sex scene?
You're a fucking pig!
No.. No.. No! He's right. Everyone
know's that a movie is stupid if
it doesn't have atleast one sex
Amanda and Sean are on Crystal's bed underneath her covers.
Sean is on top of Amanda moving up and down. They are
moaning. Amanda starts to kiss Sean. They moan some more.
Oh. Oh. I love you!


Oh, I love you too!
Sean is still moving up and down on top of Amanda. A shadow
of a person moves across the bed as they are making love.
Oh.. shit!
What What?
      (he gets up)
I gotta go to the bathroom.
How romantic!
Well I feel it comming on, I don't
wanna get it in you....
And for that I'm gratefull...
Hurry up.
Sean walks out of the room, and all the way down the hallway
to the bathroom. Sean walks into the bathroom, he shuts the
door and locks it. Sean pulls down his boxers.
      (looking in the
       magazine rack.)
No Playboy?
Sean is done and pulls up his boxers.
Much better.


Sean goes over to the sink and begins to run the water. He
washes his hands. Sean opens the door and The Man in Black
is there!
      (As the man slices
       Seans arm with
       the hatchet he
       killed Caroll
What the fuck? You mother fucker
Sean gets up and punches the guy in the face. The killer
grabs Sean by the neck and begins chocking him. He sticks
Seans head in the sink full of water as Sean starts to
squirm around. The man picks him back up out of the sink.
Im gunna fuckin kill you.
The man sticks Seans head back in the sink for a couple of
seconds. The killer takes it out and Sean falls to the
      (coughing on water)
Who are you?
Just as Sean finishes saying that the killer swings the
hatchet into Seans chest. He does it again, and again.
Sean, hurry up. Where the fuck is
he? Screw this.
Amanda gets up as we see her fully naked body. She walks
over to the edge of the bed. Amanda picks up her underwear
and puts it on, next her skirt. The killr walks in and is
dragging dead Sean. Amanda looks it horror.
      (screams mildly.)


The killer approches Amanda. She jumps on the bed and runs
to the door but the killer slices her leg. She falls off of
the bed. Amanda squels in pain. The killer walks over and
lifts up the hatchet. He swings the hatchet at her but she
moves out of the way. He hits the door (Hallway veiw of the
hatchet stuck in the door).

Amanda tries to run but she can't. She limps to the window
and opens it up.
      (outside of the
Help me! Please.
Amanda is screaming out the window but Crystal's house is in
the country, and they can't hear her down stairs because of
the blasting music and movie. Amanda crawls out of the
window. One leg is inside and one is out. Amanda is still
screaming "Help
". The killer get the hatchet unstuck and approaches
No! Stay away from me you asshole!
The killer shuts the window which has a nail sticking out of
the bottom onto Amanda's leg as she screams in pain.The
killer lifts the window off of her leg, and the bloody nail
goes with it. He grabs her hair as she trips on the siding
of the house. Amanda screams again in fear.
      (the killer has
       her hair.)
Please, let me go, please.
The killer keeps onto her hair though. He lifts her up and
down by her hair. Her scalp bgins to bleed from him ripping
it. The killer leans out of the window, he lifts up the
hatchet and chops it right into her neck, decapitating her.


The rest of the party is sitting in the living room watching
"House of Wax". Amanda's dead body is visable falling
through the window.
      (watching the TV
       without blinking)
Oh yea! Go Paris!
She's so fucking hot!
      (Jen, Crystal, and
       Erika are looking
       at them like they
       are pigs.)
Hell yeah!
You guy's are pigs.
Yeah, your like horny old men.
What are you jealous of her?
Umm. fuck no.
No No. I think you are.. all of
Shut up, you're drunk.
      (Dale starts to
       fall asleep right
       as he is talking
       to Crystal)
So am not...


You ass.
Hey say what you want about him
but.... he's not the one sweating
over a joke.
How about you make your self
usefull and get us all a beer...
No, ill get them I 'm going to go
have a smoke anyway.
Okay.. but you can give me a
little something before you go.
Oh really?
Erika and Jake start making out. They stop.
Hey how about we go upstairs
instead of getting them beers?
      (Getting up off of
       the couch.)
I'll take a rain check.
Your paying up later.
Okay... How about when I get back?
How about you go get me a beer


Fine. Jerk.
Erika gets up and walks into the kitchen. When she is in the
kitchen she walks over to the patio door and opens it up.
She walks outside and shuts the door. Erika pulls out a pack
of cigarettes and a lighter. She opens the box and pulls out
a filtered cigerette. She puts it up to her mouth and lights
the cigarette. She begins to smoke it. Erika starts to
squint far ahead. She is looking at a beat blue truck that
we saw earlier passing behind Jake and Kyle.
      (talking to
Must be her dads.
Erika begins to look closer at the car to see something
shocking. She drops the cigarette and steps on it. Erika
begins to walk over to the truck.
Oh my god.
The camera turns to a blood leak comming out of the bottom
of the truck. Erika begins to open the door of the truck
slowly. She gets the door open to reveal Carol Sanders' dead
body laying inside of the truck.
What the fuck?
Just as she begins to run, the man in black jumps out of the
truck and grabs Erika by the hair.
      (screams again)
Erika swings her elbow and connects the killer in the face.
She begins to run to the patio but the killer is right on
her. Erika is screaming and runing the the patio door. The
killer catches her and bashes her into the stone house. One


of the pieces of stone comes undone after he hits her off of
the wall again, and again. She is crying and screaming as
her nose leaks with blood, and her face has multiple cuts on
it. She starts reaching for the door but the killer lifts up
the hatchet and slams it down into her arm. Erika wines and
Please.. Please just stop. Please
just leave me alone. You mother
He lifts the hatchet and imaples it into her stomach,
killing her.
The remainder of the people at the party are sitting on the
couch. Dale and Crystal are making out as Jen is sitting by
Crystals TV and looking at her movies.
      (Dale is putting
       his hand in her
Whoa, calm down tiger.
      (stuttering and
       obviously drunk)
Come on, I wanna have sex tonight.
Umm, maybe if you weren't drunk.
I'm definetly not drunk!
Im not the one who passed out


Oh come on, don't get mad. Let's
just watch another movie.
Im down what movie?
Oh, what about that one with the
guy and the girl where they fall
in love, and then they break up
and the meet up like later. Do you
have that one?
Oh, yeah The Notebook. It's at my
house though. Damn.
Oh shucks.
But I was going to go get my cell
anyway becuase I forgot it.
The killer is seen watching them through the window. We're
now in his POV.
No i hate that fucking movie. Go
get the Halloween remake or Prom
Night just not that shit.
Were are now out of his POV.
You know what I'll surprise you!


The killer is seen in his truck pulling up behind a tree.
Jen is walking outside. She shuts the dor, walks over to her
car. Jen opens the car door and sits down inside of the car.
She starts the car and pulls away. The killer in the blue
truck is right behind her.
Where is Erika at?
I don't know, but she was supposed
to bring me more beer.
Yeah, you do need another beer.
Shut up
Maybe she went with Jen.
Im gunna go check anyway.
Jake gets up off of the couch. He walks into the kitchen and
doesn't see Erika. He look's around, but she's not there. He
opens the closet, she's not there. Jake walks back into the
living room.
I guess she did then.
You forgot my beer.
Get it your self lazy ass.


Fuck you Jake.
Sorry I don't float that boat.
Dale rolls his eyes and gets up, but Crystal pulls him back
Dale come on, maybe if you don't
drink anymore we'll do alittle
something later.
Yeah, and maybe we'll....
      (turning on the TV)
Im going to cut off there.
Honestly, im worried about Erika.
Wouldn't she have told us if she
went with Jen?
Dude chill, im like 99.5% sure she
went with Jen.
And hey, If she dissapeared maybe
you could find someone hotter.
Shut up.
So what do you people want to do
while Jen's getting some movies?


Oh, let's play kemps! It's the
perfect party game.
The front door of Jens house opens. Jen walks into her
house. The broken glass on the back door is hidden by a
curtain in front of it. Jen walks up the stairs. When Jen is
in the hallway at the top of the stairs, she turns to the
left and goes down the hallway. Jen's back door is heard
being open and shut but it is not seen who has entered her
The rest of the party -Dale, Kyle, Jake, and Crystal- are
sitting arround the coffee table in Crystal's living room
playing the card game "Kemps". Dale and Crystal are on a
team against Jake and Kyle. Dale is sniffling his nose as a
sign of Kemps.
      (looking at Dale
       making his sign
       of Kemps)
Oh, I told you I'd win!
Oh shit!
      (looking at Jake
       and laughing)
We suck!
      (laughing also.)
No shit.


So, winner... want to go get your
      (smiling from ear
       to ear.)
Hell yeah, but I get to engrave
Crystal pulls Dale off of the chair by his arm and the two
run upstairs.
Wait... Amanda and Sean are in one
of these rooms.
So we'll do it right next to them.
No thanks.
Crystal goes over to her bedroom door and it is locked.
I think we found which one they're
      (lunges at Crystal
       and picks her up
       as if they just
       got married. They
       both share a
Okay, let's do the Amanda, and
Okay so we have a couple of
options if we stay here.
What are, our options?


Well we can A) Listen to Crystal
and Dale fuck. B) Drink a shit
load of beer. or C) Watch so more
movies. Which one?
Thats a hard decision but let's go
with B.
I thought so.
Jen is in her bedroom rapidly digging through her box of
movies. She pulls out five DVD cases, and throws four back
in. She looks at the cover and it is "HALLOWEEN 4"
Hallowen 4 it is then.
Jen gets up from her bed and pushes the box back in her
closet, she hears a noise. She turns around and looks out in
the hallway. Jen turns back around and closes the closet
door. Jen approaches the hallway and the lights in her house
go out!
Holy shit!
Jen immediately starts feeling the walls to see where she
is. She finds the end of the hall way and touches the
banister for the stairs. She satrts going down them when
someone grabs her by the hair and pulls her into the door
behind her as she screams. The door shuts as we stay in the
hall way. We are now in the dark room!


Hello? Who the hell is there...
      (still scared)
Who the fuck is there?
Seriously let me out.
Jen backs up into the wall behind her and looks very scared.
The dark figure approaches Jen. She catches the flash of the
bloody hatchet in his hand and bolts to the door. Jen tries
to oppen it but something is stopping it. She looks down and
tries to move it, it is a dead body. She falls because she
can't. She screams as the killer approaches her. The killer
swings the hatchet but she dodges the attack and he hits the
body. She goes over to the window but it's jammed. She looks
arround for something to smash it but she can't see anything
in the pitch black room. Jen runs over to the closet for
sanctuary. She runs in and locks the door. Jen looks around
the closet and finds a field hockey stick. The killer is
trying to bust down the door. Jen sits, cries, and waits for
him to get in. The killer finally does so. He looks around
for a second, Jen swings the stick and hits him right in the
temple, he falls. Jen opens the door and runs to the exit of
the dark room. She successfully opens it this time as the
body is out of the way. Jen goes out of the room crying
hystarically. Jen atempts to go down the stairs and gets a
quarter of a way down as the killer appears in the darkness
behing her.He joggs with his arms out and pushes her down
the stairs, she falls and hits her face off of the banister
knocking her out cold. Jen lies at the end of the stairway
as the killer makes his way down the stairs. He picks Jen up
in his arms, and carry's her out of the backdoor. The killer
is outside, he goes over to his blue truck, and opens the
back. The killer puts Jen in the back where there are about
20 dead bodies, ranging from 17 years ago. The killer gets
into the frontseat of the truck. He pulls out of the
driveway, and goes onto the street.


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From Dave Neil Date 1/1/2009 *1/2
Spell check and proof read before you let anyone have ago at it. Keep working and it will come.

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