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The Token
by Ian Collins (ponomc@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
A bitter Korean-War Veteran ends a forty-year search for closure to his own internal Cold-War and comes to terms with the ghosts of his past.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The reel starts, old, scratchy and flickering. Newsreel
music and The 1950's reporter brings you the news about
Marines at the Chosin Reservoir. News about P.O.W.s and
their treatment
Newsreel stops abruptly on the face of a desperate P.O.W
                                         FADE TO
Various shots of Carl's belongings and snap-shot tour of
Carl's Apartment:
-An Insurance Co. Calendar on the wall (1989)
-Carl's Boot-Camp photo (circa 1951)
-Boyhood baseball and school photos of Carl's son (circa
-A folded American flag encased, dusty on a shelf
                                         CUT TO
Apartment is old with 70's furniture and very dark inside.
Carl (60ish) is sitting in a recliner with duct-tape
patches, watching T.V. He looks depressed as he blankly
stares at the screen. The only light is from the T.V. and a
lamp next to his chair. Phone-rings, and goes to answering
machine. Carl's son, Junior leaves a message.
      (aswering machine)
Hey, It's Junior. .... .pick up
the phone Carl, I know you never
go anywhere.... Anyway I got
your mail in my box again....I
wish you would get this taken care
of....... I don't plan on being
over your way anytime soon, so if


                       JUNIOR (cont'd)
you want your mail your gonna need
to come by my job-site. I'm
working over by the.......
(trailing off)
Carl finishes a beer and reaches for the gun sitting on the
side table and puts it in his mouth. Breathing heavily, eyes
shut, tears streaming from his face. This lasts for a few
seconds, Calms down and removes the gun from his mouth, his
hand still shaking, lowers it to the table.
Not today.
Carl sits and composes himself and dries his eyes. Canned
laughter on the T.V.
An aerial view of traffic singles out a worn, older model
Cadillac and follows through traffic. A distinguished
soothing older voice of a disc jockey is on the radio.
                       D.J. (V.O.)
      (on radio)
That was Hugo Winterhalter, and
his band, bringing you another
beautiful Canadian Sunset. As
always on a sunny afternoon here
in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, this
is Eddie Sands, and I'll be with
you all morning until the noon
hour right here on KSUN "Sunny
910" on your AM Dial
Carl is smoking a cigarette. He reaches down for a bottle of
                       D.J. (V.O.)
      (on radio)
Up next, we're going to here from
the beautiful Patti Page. So sit
back in that old chair, or better
yet, out on the front porch swing
on this beautiful day in downtown
Eugene, and let's go back to 1951.
Maybe you can remember dancing
with that special someone to the
"Beautiful Tennessee Waltz".


Carl opens the bottle with one hand, takes a drink and puts
it back. He is missing the pinky and ring finger of his
right hand. The song starts and Carl turns up the radio with
approval. He drives past a rundown apartment building and
turns into the driveway, and parks.
"Tennessee Waltz" is still playing on the radio. Carl puts
his head back to relax until the song ends. A commercial
starts and jolts him out of his relaxation. Carl gets out
of the car, wincing and favoring his right leg. He walks
around to the trunk to grab his groceries. Otis comes down a
flight of stairs to the parking area wearing a bathrobe and
carrying a cup of coffee.
Morn'in Mr. Carl. How we doin
Hell, I can't complain Otis, and
if I did no one would give a damn
I forgot to tell you....the
Manager told me , to tell you, not
to play that Patti Page shit in
the parking lot no more. It
bothers the other tenants...I
heard it all the way up the
stairs. She's gonna evict your ass
you keep this up.
Where the hell are you goin'...
wearin' your bathrobe and carrying
your coffee?
I'm goin' to the Dairi-Mart for a
box of milk... wanna come with me?
No, I just got out of the car
Otis, and I'm not in the mood for
the Chi-Lites today.


Kiss my ass, and I hope your leg
hurts like hell today....I'11 see
you tonight.
Why are you going to see me
Poker night....Tuesday, remember?
Oh yeah....tonight's not gonna
We're playin' poker tonight... See
you on the flip side Carl.
Carl heads towards his apartment and Otis heads to his car
singing "Oh Girl"
Carl is struggling with groceries, unlocking door to
apartment. He puts his groceries away and listens to
answering machine while going through mail. There is no
Carl is driving, smoking a cigarette, listening to the
radio. He pulls into a construction site and parks next to
Junior's pick-up. Junior is loading tools in the bed.
I see you got my message?
Yeah, It was late when I checked
the machine and I didn't want to
get that bitchy wife of yours
pissed off at me again. I'm still
hopin' I can see my grandsons
again before I die.
Let's cut the shit, I don't have
time for this. I'll get your
mail....I wish you would get this


                       JUNIOR (cont'd)
squared away with the post
office... I think Carla may have
opened some of them by
How are the boys doin'
anyway?...and your Mom, have you
seen her lately?
Since when do you care?... I gotta
get back to work, Maybe I'll see
you next time I get more of your
Junior picks up an air compressor and walks away. Carl
stands there with his mail.
Carl limps in and slumps into recliner, turns on T.V., an
old western is on. He takes glasses out of his breast pocket
and puts them on, lights a cigarette, pops a beer and goes
through his mail and stops at a bill and opens it, he gets
comfortable and there's a knock on the door.
Goddammit Otis.....every goddamn
Carl gets up, pissed, opening the door.
And a good evening to you too Mr.
I swear to God I think you stand
out there and wait for me to sit
down before you knock.
How could I see you through these
Dracula drapes you got in here?
Whaddaya want?


It's Tuesday...poker...remember?
I don't feel like it.
You say that every Tuesday.....
I'll get the cards.
Otis goes to dining room and gets a deck of cards. Carl
grudgingly grabs his beer and heads to dining room. Phone
      (angry now)
See what happens when you come
Carl heads for phone and Otis shuffles cards. Carl clears
his throat and answers phone.
      (over phone)
Is this Mr. Carl Patterson?
Yes, this is Carl Patterson, Is
this some sort of sales call,
cause if it is?.......
No sir... I don't think you would
remember me, I am the sister of
Wade Chamorro, you were in the
Marines together.....in Korea...
Long pause. Carl closes his eyes then starts to sweat and
shake, starts to hang up and forces himself to listen.
Please don't hang up Mr Patterson.
Wade knew you probably wouldn't
speak to him, so he asked me to
Otis gets up concerned and Carl waves him off. Carl tries
to compose himself.


Please Mr. Patterson, I promised
my brother that I would do this, I
know that may not mean much to you
but it means a great deal to me.
Mr Patterson, I need to give you
some very important information, I
would appreciate it if you would
write this down, if you will do
this for me, I promise that
neither my family, nor myself will
bother you again and you are free
to use this information anyway you
wish when I hang up... do you have
a pen and a piece of paper Mr
Carl mumbles something and puts on his glasses, finds a
pencil and paper.
Mr. Patterson, Wade is dying, he
is in the I.C.U. at the Portland
V.A. He would very much like to
talk to you before he dies. I
offered to write you a letter
conveying his wishes but he would
not have it. He insists on seeing
you in person. I think I know how
you feel about my brother, and I
don't know anything about you now,
but if there is anyway you could
find it in your heart to do this
he...and I... would be very
grateful. Please think about it
Mr. Patterson. My phone number is
area code xxx-xxx-xxxx
Okay, I got it
Thank you Mr. Patterson, I wont
bother you again.
Carl hangs up phone. Composes himself and shuffles to table
visibly shaken.
You alright Carl? Looks like you
was talkin' to a ghost


I was..... a guy I was in the
service with.....A guy I figured
for dead years ago......
Are we gonna play cards or what?
Bad news?
It couldn't be good with this guy.
That was his sister letting me
know he's about to check out....
not a day too soon either.
Carl pops another beer and guzzles it to calm his nerves
You gotta ante up Carl....I take
it you aint too fond of this guy?
Why are they callin' to let you
She says he wants to talk to me
before he goes, wants me to go all
the way to Portland to do
it...I'11 see you and raise you
.75 cents
That's a tall order for someone
you don't like, why don't you like
this guy Carl?
None of your goddamn business
Otis... are we gonna play or what?
Suit yourself, It's your deal
                                         FADE TO
Carl and Otis are sitting in lawn chairs under a bug zapper.
They sit without saying anything for a while. Sipping beer.
Both are tipsy and melancholy.


I think I'm gonna have to go to
Portland and see this guy.
The guy you don't like... whose
When you gonna do this?
Well, I guess I better do it soon,
before ol' Wade calls it quits. I
guess I should leave in the
Tomorrow mornin'?
Yeah,... here you go.
Carl hands Otis another beer.
Thank you kindly, (long pause)
Well, what?
How long it gonna take you to ask
Oh no... you don't want to go on
this one.
How do you know, what... you
takin' one of your many other
I should do this on my own.


Shiiit...you couldn't keep your
ass awake when we drove to the
Coast last month, how you gonna
drive all the way to Portland and
live to tell about it.
I'11 think about it.
Well you better think about it
quick, Its gettin' late, If we
gonna take us a road trip in the
mornin' I best be gettin' to bed,
...should I wear somethin' nice
Carl... you may want to buy me a
steak or somethin' or we might
wanna go to a bar afterwards.
Okay!..Okay! but this aint no
holiday, we go, I get this done,
and we come back, Alright?
Whatever you say Carl, I'm just
along for the ride...I'11 see you
at six sharp, I'll even buy you
breakfast at the diner on the way
out...... Good Night Carl.
Good Night Otis.
                                         FADE TO:
Carl and Otis are sitting in a booth. Carl is smoking. Usual
breakfast crowd, waitresses, etc.
      (still eating)
I don't know what it is about a
road trip that always make me so
hungry....Remember that time we
went to Coos Bay to that
casino...I ate like a horse down


You always get hungry when the
food is free. How come I always
end up paying for you anyway, you
were supposed to buy this time,
and this isn't a road trip it's a
quick trip to Portland to talk to
a guy, the whole thing wont take
more than five hours tops, we'll
be back by before the game is on
Okay, have it your way, I just
thought we'd have us a nice day,
the weather is nice and maybe we
could stop off at....
Would you shut up and finish your
eggs.... Could we get the check
please?(to waitress)
                                         FADE TO
Carl's car is pulling on to the freeway.
You went over to see your boy
How's he doin these days, He
workin' pretty steady?
Hell, I hardly ever see them or my
grand-sons. Their mother's one of
them religious Born-Again
types...Remember a couple of years
ago, I took the boys fishin' up
the McKenzie?
Yeah...I remember.


Well, they got home and told her I
was drinking beer in the boat and
I haven't seen them since.
Well, that's not too hard to
figure, you know how Moms are?
C'mon, two beers and I cant see my
gran-sons ....shit. She lets them
see that bitch ex-wife of mine
anytime she wants em...
Hey, stop at this rest-stop coming
up, I gotta piss
Goddammit, we haven't gone five
miles yet, are you gonna want me
to stop at everyone of these on
the way?...
Fuck you Carl, My prostate is as
big as a grapefruit today, and I
gotta piss, so pull over.
Car pulls off free-way into rest area. Carl and Otis both
get out. Otis almost runs to restroom, followed by Carl
limping quickly.
Both men are sitting in car. Carl is drinking coffee from a
styro-foam cup and smoking. Otis is drinking a soda from the
vending machine
How can you drink that shitty,
free coffee they have here.
Free is all I could afford after
spending all the change I had on
your soda.
The machine takes dollars Carl,
you could have got yourself one.


Didn't you get your check this
month, why am I always payin' for
I told you this morning that I
forgot my wallet on the table and
you told me not to worry about it.
If this is the way your going to
be all day I'll just get out here
and hitch back... I mean if a
couple of eggs and a soda is gonna
break you, maybe I shouldn't have
come along.
You didn't tell me you forgot your
wallet till we got to the
diner...Are you ready to go now,
you don't need anything else from
the vending machine?
No I am just fine......
(Long Pause)
So Carl, where do want to stop for
lunch later?
Carl shoots a mean look at Otis
So Carl, tell me about this guy
were goin to see
You mean the the guy I'm goin to
Yeah, whatever, who is this dude?
We were in the Corps together, in
Korea together.
An old friend of yours?
He used to be.


When's the last time you saw him?
Oh...It must have been
You aint seen this guy in almost
forty years and you just get a
call out of the blue tellin you
he's dyin?
It's a long story...Let's just get
this over with.
Well I'll tell you what...a long
story sounds good about now...alot
better than listenin to that shit
you listen to on the radio.
No one asked you to come along
...you ungrateful son-of-a-bitch.
C'mon Carl, tell me the story...we
got a two hour drive ahead of us,
and I like a good story.
There aint nothin' good about this
C'mon Carl...tell me the story.
Ah....Okay if it'll shut you
up.....I lived up in Marion County
when I was a kid and this guy
lived down the road from me in a
little bunch of shacks. It was
kind of a permanent labor
camp...My old man used to call it
"Little Mexico", anyway... I
never met this fella until the day
I took off for Boot-Camp...
                                         FADE TO:


Three families standing waiting for bus, Wade's family off
away from everyone. Parents saying tearful goodbyes to sons
leaving. Carl's dad Rafe is shaking his hand, both are
choking back tears.
Well now, the bus is going to be
here in a few minutes. Remember
all the stuff I warned you about.
Boy..I'm glad your Mama isn't
alive to see this day, I don't
think she could take it... You
stick close to Chance as long as
you can, you understand me? He'll
look out for you.
Aw..Pa, I don't need no
baby-sitter, I'll be just fine.
Were all gonna be home in a few
months anyway.
We'll I hope so, but you stick
with Chance anyway, now get
goin...its time.
A Trailways bus slowly pulls into the stop, stirring up a
lot of dust.
Mom, I gotta go now... the bus'
                       MRS. BONNER
You be careful now, and you come
home with all your parts, you
understand me?
I will Mom, I gotta go now.
Wade Chamorro is saying a long tearful goodbye with his
family. He quietly hugs his father, mother and two younger
sisters. All three boys get on the bus.
                                         FADE TO:


The boys all sit in the back and are looking outside at the
families waving goodbye. Carl sticks out his hand and
introduces himself to Wade.
The names Carl Patterson...this
here is Chance Bonner....You goin
to San Diego with us?
      (still emotional)
                       BUS DRIVER
Service to Eugene
Bus driver shuts the door. Wade's sister Ines, runs up to
bus as the door is closing, banging on door. The bus driver
is irritated and opens door. Ines runs onto bus and to the
back hugging Wade and crying.
I don't want you to go Wade, I
don't want anything to happen to
you, I want you to stay with us.
Wade looks back at Chance and Carl, embarrassed.
      (crying now)
Oh Ines stop crying, nothings
gonna happen to me and I will see
you soon, you stop crying now.
Wade hugs her again.
I gotta go, you gotta go back now.
You be a good girl, go on now and
I'll write you as soon as I get
there, O.K.?
Ines walks off the bus backwards looking at Wade and gets
off the bus. The bus driver closes the door and takes off.
The boys all turn around and wave to everyone as the bus
drives away.
                                         FADE TO:


EXT. DINER - 1951 - DAY
Bus stops in front of diner. Boys are waking up and
                       BUS DRIVER
You all got 45 minutes to get
somethin' to eat if your late, I
leave without you.
That good-humor man up there needs
to turn the heat down in this
son-of-a-bitch, I cant stay awake
You want to get somethin' to eat?
Hell ya, my stomach thinks my
throats been cut, C'mon,... your
Dad give you any money?, I'm gonna
need to borrow some.
You didn't bring any money with
Should we wake the Mexican up?
Hey buddy, wake up, were all
gettin' somethin' to eat.
My name is Wade, not "buddy"
(stretching and rubbing his eyes)
and thanks anyway, but I have my
own food.
Wade unpacks a lunch bucket.
Suit yourself, were goin inside.
Carl and Chance walk off the bus, past the bus driver.
                       BUS DRIVER
43 minutes now, and I will leave
without you.


INT. DINER - 1951 - DAY
Well the Mexican is kind of an
asshole, hugh?
Aw, he seems alright, I guess he
just likes to stay to himself.
Well if that little wet-back wants
to sit on that hot bus eating
tortillas and beans, so be it.
He probably doesn't have any money
Well you got money, and that's all
I care about.
A curvy waitress appears ready to take their orders.
                       WAITRESS #1
You boys ready to order, what can
I get you two?
Well you can start by telling me
what time you get off work?
                       WAITRESS #1
Very funny fella, what can I get
you guys?
Chili size, fries and a Dr.
                       WAITRESS #1
What about you cutie?
I'll have the same.
                       WAITRESS #1
It'll be right up boys.


Carl watches the waitress walk away, she bends over to pick
up a pencil, showing the top of her stockings under her
Get your eyes back in your head
boy, were going to have plenty of
time for that.
Don't you think she's pretty?
Her ass looks like two pigs
fightin' in a gunny sack... she
seems to like you though.....Hey
did I tell you your Dad came to
see me at the store yesterday?
While you were working?, what for?
He wanted to make sure I looked
out for you.
My God, your only two years older
than me and he acts like your
gonna be my new Dad or somethin'.
Carl, you are lucky to be goin at
all, If your uncle Skeet hadn't
forged them papers for you, you
wouldn't even be here. I can't
believe your Dad didn't try to get
you out of this, Anyway he's just
worried about you. You should feel
lucky, I think my Dad was glad I
got drafted.
Both boys get solemn and stop talking. The waitress returns
with the drinks and straws. The boys strip the straws and
Chance shoots his wrapper at Carl to lighten the mood. Carl
looks out window at Wade sitting in the bus alone and eating
his lunch.
                                         FADE TO:


Carl's car is on the freeway. Otis is using a napkin to wipe
the fog off the inside of the windshield. It starts to rain.
Your defrost don't work too well
there Carl.
What do you need to see for, I'm
driving? ...it was such a nice day
when we left.
So I remember you talkin' about
this Chance fella, but how did you
get to know this guy were goin' to
see today?
Carl lights another cigarette.
Well, we all ended up in the same
Boot Camp Platoon together. And I
guess since we were all from the
same place, we always hung around
together, and by the time we
graduated, we were all pretty good
friends. I had Chance lookin' out
for me and ol' Wade had me lookin'
out for him. Wade was a little
guy, the kind of guy that looks
sickly or somethin'. You know the
kind of guy?, I felt bad for him.
It was like he had no business
being there and he kind of relied
on me to remind him how to do
things and not to forget things.
But I liked him Okay, and I guess
it made me feel good to do it. He
also took alot of shit on account
a bein' Mexican and we stuck up
for him.
But you was friends with this kid,
enough to keep hanging around with
him even after boot camp? I
remember boot camp, you'll make
friends with anybody in there,
just to get through.


No,.... by the time we graduated
we were thick as thieves, We all
went to Tiajuana for the few days
of Liberty we got. We were all
bound and determined to get drunk
and get laid, and if we could get
into a few fights while we were at
it, then that was all the
                                         FADE TO:
Marines, Sailors and some civilians coming through gate.
People are milling around, shouting. Cabs picking up fares.
Kids selling gum and barkers are advertising burlesque
shows. Chance, Carl, Wade come through the gate wearing
their unifoms and looking to blow off some steam. Dexter,
the platoon scribe, tags along with the boys.
      (excited, giddy)
Ok boys were in, I plan on getting
laid, more than once, getting
drunker than a skunk and we are
going to paint this town
red....Now Dex, this is where you
get off.
What do you mean?
This is where you get off,
adios....go find somethin' to do.
Carl and Wade are standing behind Chance awestruck by all
the activity. A kid walks up to them and hands them a
hand-bill for a burlesque show.
Why do you always have to be such
an asshole to everyone.
I'm not an asshole to everyone,
Dex, just you.


Ok, why are you always an asshole
to me?
Because I don't like you Dex, I
think your a little pussy and you
got my pal, Carl here, a shit-load
of pit time last week, runnin'
your fuckin mouth to the D.I. So
find somewhere else to be Dex, We
got you this far... now go. Me and
my friends are gonna have a good
time tonight, and you aint
Fine, asshole, have a great time.
Dexter walks off. Chance puts his arms around Carl and
Wade. Wade is fumbling with his wallet and the brochure.
Alright boys, here we are. Hell,
Chamorro, I cant believe your a
Mexican who aint never been to
Mexico before.
I was born at the Hospital in
Salem and I've never been further
than Eugene, before now.
The boys start down the crowded street into town, passing
outdoor stands and bars. Drunk sailors and Marines are
scuffling in the street. Hookers cat-call the boys as they
walk by.
Well my little friend, I hope you
are ready for one wild night. And
Carl... don't think your getting
out of gettin' laid tonight. I
don't care how old you are, these
dames don't care anyway, your just
another Jar-Head on liberty as far
as they're concerned, so I don't
want any bullshit excuses when we
get there tonight. Lemme make sure
I still have that address.
Chance is looking through the pockets of his uniform looking
for the directions to the whorehouse.


Whose makin' excuses?
I know you Carl, you'll talk big
all night and when the time comes
you'll chicken out again.
I wont chicken out!
Remember the Weaver
sisters?...Last Homecoming Dance?
That was a year ago, and those
girls were both fat as hell...and
the one you stuck me with wouldn't
stop gigglin'... I won't chicken
Hey, I'm gettin' hungry...You mean
Patty and Pearl Weaver?..those
gals are fat... C'mon... lets go
look for some chow....
You know them gals huh?
Yeah...I went to Sunday School
with Pearl at St. Mary's when I
was a kid... I keep smellin' food.
They certainly aint the Sunday
School type now, that Patty worked
me over good.
They weren't too holy then
either...Pearl cornered me once in
the coat closet one Sunday. Course
I was young then, I didn't know
what to do.
Did she play with your pecker?


She tried, I just panicked and ran
out, I was just a kid.
Did you hear that Carl?... Wade
here seen more action than you
You believe what you want Chance,
I'll just have to prove it to
                                         FADE TO:
Wade and Carl are playing a shooting game at an arcade.
There jackets and ties are off now and there sleeves are
rolled up. They are drinking bottles of beer and smoking,
and are starting to get drunk.
That's the third time you beat me.
How you gonna kill any "Commies"
when we get over there shootin'
like that?
Chance shows up from somewhere carrying more beer. He gets
pissed when he sees Carl and Wade at the arcade.
What the fuck are you two doin,
were on leave in Mexico, possibly
the last we will ever get. There
is a whorehouse not two blocks
from here and you two faggots are
playing Randolph Scott at the
penny arcade. Maybe I should have
spent the evening with
Dex.....C'mon now... lets go get
Carl and Wade are ignoring Chance and keep playing.
Hang on a minute, I still got a
pocket full of these arcade


Me too...Jump in here and shoot
for me, I gotta take a piss.
Wade leaves for the bathroom.
Fuck the tokens, fuck the arcade.
Someone help me carry this beer
and lets get going. That big group
of "squids" just headed that way
and I don't want sloppy-seconds
after those faggots have been thru
there...so lets go!
Alright, alright....Soon as Wade's
back we'll go.
                                         FADE TO:
Sailors are drinking beer and playing pool with the pros.
Wade and Carl are sitting on a large over-stuffed sofa,
waiting for Chance. Wade's feet barely touch the floor.
Customers are coming and going. The girls are all wearing
lingerie and are in different states of undress. The two
boys look out of place like two schoolboys waiting for their
Did you do it Carl?
Youbetcha I did, money well spent
too, I should have done that a
long time ago.....What about you?
No....I didn't, but please don't
tell Chance...I'll never hear the
end of it
Why not, you get scared or
No.... I don't know if it was all
the beer...and I swear to God that
woman looks just like my aunt
Carmella...your not gonna tell


                       WADE (cont'd)
Chance are you?
It'll cost you five bucks...What
were you doin all that time?
We were talking and looking at a
photo album she had, family
pictures and shit...Five
bucks?...Why so much, I'd do it
for you..man...you know he's never
gonna stop flicking me shit...Cmon
man , you know I don't have five
bucks left......Ok... how about a
handful of tokens from the
arcade, you could use them
Wade digs in his pocket and hands Carl a handful of arcade
Okay, I'll take um. And I promise
I wont tell Chance, you can count
on it.
Thanks Carl.......Hey Carl, where
we sleepin1 tonight?
I don't remember....Chance knows
where it is.
The cafe is a small trailer made into a kitchen with a
hand-painted sign. There is a palm-thatched roof, patio
cover over two picnic tables. Carl and Wade are eating tacos
at a table overlooking the ocean and the sunset. Chance
shows up carrying more beer.
Here's to our last night in Mexico
for awhile.


Chance sits down and digs into his food. Patti Page is
singing "Tennessee Waltz" on the radio coming from the small
      (to the cook)
Hey buddy, can you turn that radio
The cook looks at Chance, not understanding.
      (to the cook)
Su vez, la radio, por favor?
The cook smiles and turns up the volume. Chance and Wade
give the cook a wave of thanks. Chance sits down with a beer
and puts his feet up to take in the sunset. All the boys
have their shoes and socks off, their sleeves are rolled up,
and no hats or ties.
You know that Boot Camp was the
first time I ever seen the ocean,
It looks much prettier down here.
It just looks prettier because you
don't have a D.I.'s boot stuck up
your ass.
Three more days and we'll be
floatin' out there on our way to
the lovely Korean Peninsula.
These beans taste just like my
Mamas'... Carl are you going to
eat those?
No I'm stuffed, knock yourself
They all sit there drinking and eating in the sunlight. Laid
back and staring out at the ocean.
I'm gonna get some more beer for
the trip back.


Chance digs in his pocket and dumps the contents onto the
table, a bunch of pesos and a polaroid snapshot of the three
of them wearing sombreros and sitting in a cart pulled by a
donkey wearing a sombrero. The caption over the picture said
"Bien-venidos, Tijuana, Mexico." Carl notices the picture.
Hey, is that the picture we took
last night
Yeah, why? you don't remember?
Yeah, kinda, can I have it? I
probably paid for it anyway.
I'm not totally positive that you
did but fuck you, I'm keepin' it,
and you'll lose it anyway.
I'll take better care of it than
you, look... its already creased.
Carl tries to rub the creases out of the photo, dusting it
off with care.
What'11 you give me for it.
I'll give you ten arcade tokens.
Ten tokens, What am I gonna do
with those things...
(pondering)...Give me twenty and
it's yours.
Alright, you got a deal...They
aint worth nothin' anyway.
Carl counts out the tokens and hands them to Chance, then
takes the picture, still trying to rub the crease out and
puts it in his wallet.
                                         FADE TO:


Carl is smoking a cigarette, smiling and staring off into
space while telling the story.
Those goddamn arcade tokens....
      (alert now)
Those tokens became just like
money between us. We kind of just
used them between us to buy things
from each other, we'd play cards
and make bets with them or pay for
favors between us. It started out
as kind of a joke in the beginning
but by the time we were in Korea,
it was pretty serious business.
Carl snuffs out a butt and fires up another one.
I think we musta had about 100 of
those things between us, and they
would change hands among the three
of us pretty regular. I think I
had all but 10 of them at one
time, I had been on quite a roll
This is all very fascinating, but
I think your wanderin' off the
reservation. Get back to this Wade
fella were goin' to see and why
you hate him so much.
I thought you wanted a story?
O.k, O.k, Go ahead.
Alright,..... O.k.....Well, I told
you that I was in Korea during the
war, and you know I was in the
Corps. I joined up when I was
sixteen, and that I was shot in
the leg and lost these two


All of this is correct sir.
Well, I never told you that I was,
well all three of us guys, Chance
and Wade....and me...Spent about a
year and a half in a prison camp
while we were there.
I can't believe you never told me
that ...Wow!
Well to tell you the truth, Otis,
other than my ex-wife, I've never
told anyone about any of this. And
I never told her all of it. I
don't even like thinking about it,
but I don't think a day goes by
where I haven't...... guess I'm
kind of ashamed of the whole
I had no idea....I mean you never
said...What is there to be ashamed
of?...Hell... that makes you some
kind of war hero Carl.
Well, I haven't finished the story
yet Otis. Lets pull over here and
get some lunch.
                                         FADE TO:
Carl is smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee, Otis is
drinking coffee.
You gotta remember, in '53 when I
came home, nobody wanted to hear
about what we did over there,
everyone just wanted to forget
about the whole thing and get on
with life. I guess the other
reason I never talked about it is


                       CARL (cont'd)
that any of us who were captured
over there had this "Communist
Cloud" over them. McCarthy, ol'
J. Edgar and the papers had all
done a pretty good job of
convincing everyone we had all
been brainwashed by the Reds, so I
just kinda got in the habit of not
talking about it.
How'd you get captured in the
first place Carl?
Well all three of us ended up in
the same unit togethere, which was
fortunate for us. We were up
around an area called the Choson
Hell yeah...I remember..."The
Frozen Choson"
Well, our unit got overrun by the
Red Chinese one night...It was
real dark, real cold and things
got real shitty...real fast.
                                         CUT TO:
                       CARL (V.O.)
The three of us tried to stay
together and we ended up getting
separated from our platoon the
night before. We spent the rest of
that night and most of the next
morning... trying to find any
friendly unit we could, and at the
same time, trying to keep from
running into any Chinese. It was a
horrible night, but I had no idea
how much worse it was gonna get.
Carl , Wade and Chance are running down a snow covered road
next to a field of paddies, They take cover next to a snow
bank on the side of a road. There backs to the berm, they


are crouched and hiding from the view of the road. They are
facing a large snow covered rice paddy. They are all winded
and trying to catch their breath.
Son-of-a-bitch, I'm gettin' real
fuckin tired of this, we haven't
seen a soul since that farmer with
the cow-cart. That was before the
sun came up...
      (shivering, teeth
My feet are completely numb, I
can't feel my feet.....
I am so goddamn tired...I'm so
tired, I just need to sit here for
a minute...
Alright, I think we are north of
that battery we passed after we
got scattered, If we cross this
field we might get a better view
and get our bearings.
      (still winded)
We gotta wait a minute, I gotta
sit for a minute.
I'll tell you what, I'm just gonna
run out to the end of this field
and take a look, you guys sit a
minute, I'll be right back.
Chance peeks over the berm to make sure it's clear, he's
psyching himself up to build his courage.
Easy, Peasy, Japaneesy, Here goes
Chance starts across the field quickly but crouching. He's
holding his helmet steady with his right hand, his rifle is
in his left. When Chance gets about 50 yards out a rifle
shot cracks from behind him. (Slow-Motion) The shot hits his


right hand, blowing off his ring finger and pinky and
knocking his helmet off. The impact throws him to the
ground. Troops in the distance are yelling in Chinese and
the voices are getting closer. Chance starts to come around
and sits up holding his right hand. Blood is all over the
snow around him.
                       CHANCE (S.M.)
Mother-fucker!, Mother-fucker!...
Wade and Carl are paralyzed with fear. Carl starts out for
Chance. Chance is shaking his head "no" while staring at the
Chinese troops getting closer. Chance tries to get up and
more shots crack, spraying snow everywhere, Chance trips in
the snow and lands on his face. Wade is almost in the fetal
position crying and hanging on to Carl's leg, screaming.
Carl is yelling for Chance and pulling Wade to his feet. He
manages to pull Wade up and drags him closer to Chance.
Rounds are spraying snow everywhere. Just as Carl reaches
Chance, a round rips through his right leg, his leg buckles
and he collapses right next to Chance. The troops are almost
on them at this point. Carl looks up and sees Chance on his
knees with his hands in the air. Wade is sitting on his
knees, rocking back and forth, screaming with his hands over
his ears, a large urine stain is soaking the snow around
The Chinese squad descends on the boys, they are taken
prisoner, relieved of their weapons, tied up quickly, and
led away, Chance is resisting and yelling. Carl and Wade are
just dazed and being drug along. Carl keeps tripping because
of the leg wound. Wade is just shaking and babbling to
In the snow where they were shot and captured, Next to the
blood and urine stains and discarded gear, five arcade
tokens are lying in the snow.
                                         FADE TO:
Carl and Otis are sitting at a table. They have finished
lunch. Otis is picking at some stray fries and slumps back
with a sigh. Carl is firing up a cigarette and finishing his
Damn, I am topped-off. Thanks for
the lunch Carl. I appreciate it.
And that was some fine food.


No problem Otis.....it was pretty
And how bout that waitress, huh?
Our waitress?...the one whose
younger than your daughter?
Hell ya, that gal is fine as wine.
Must be jelly, cause jam don't
shake like that!
Good Lord, you old fart, listen to
Well... I aint too old to
look..... and looky, looky, she's
comin' back around this way.
Otis reaches over and moves Carl's empty coffee cup to the
edge of the table to get the waitress' attention. She stops
at the table, all smiles.
                       WAITRESS #2
Can I get you some more coffee
Carl nods to thank her as she tops off his cup. She turns to
Otis, who is staring at her with a big smile on his face.
                       WAITRESS #2
And what about you, hun?
Otis slides his cup towards her slowly, never taking his
eyes off her. She tops off his cup trying not to look at
Otis and goes to another table to take an order.
O.k., I want to hear more of the
story, what happened to you guys
after they dragged you off, man...
you musta been scared shit-less.
I was....my leg really didn't hurt
at all right off, probably
adrenaline, I don't know..... but
I mostly remember being worried


                       CARL (cont'd)
about Wade, he was really starting
to fall apart.
Whaddya mean?
He was almost what I guess you'd
call catatonic, not completely,
but he kept crying and mumbling to
himself, "Shell-Shocked" I guess,
but he didn't seem to really know
what was going on....They drug us
down this road for hours, and
finally stopped us somewhere, we
were blindfolded by then and our
hands were still tied. They sat us
down for awhile and we could hear
more and more people, anyway when
they took the blindfolds off of us
we were in a large group of
prisoners. Some Aussies and
Englishmen, a bunch of Army
grunts, fifty or sixty prisoners.
                                         CUT TO:
Groups of prisoners are in a field next to a road. There is
a number of Chinese troops, guarding and abusing the
detainees. Officers are barking commands and troops are
comparing lists and getting a count. Wade Chance and Carl
are sitting next to each other, hands tied behind their
backs. Four nuns are huddled together about ten yards away.
                       CARL (V.O.)
Some Korean civilians, and I
remember these four nuns. Three of
the nuns were older white ladies
and one of them was a young Korean
girl. I remember that. They were
all shivering and freezing. They
were so scared. And most of the
civilians and even some of the
troops weren't dressed for the
snow. I felt so sorry for them
and I couldn't understand why the
civilians were even there...And
these little fucking guards were


Two soldiers grab up the young nun and drag her off. The
nuns are pleading, in Korean and English, not to take the
girl. The girl is screaming and reaching for the other nuns.
The soldiers drag her off, groping her.
                       CARL (V.O.)
One of them was particularly
brutal. I wasn't sure what rank he
was at the time but he was an
officer, I knew that, and he was
the only one who spoke any
English. He was a mean little
Captain Sun Kim appears in front of Wade, Chance and Carl,
walking up the road, hands behind his back, surveying the
situation, He yells in Chinese at the troops groping the
young nun. They drag the nun back over to him. Captain Kim
escorts the soldiers and the girl over to the other three
nuns. Two of the troops stand in back of the young nun. Kim
unholsters his side arm, handing it to the girl. Capt. Kim
shouts in Korean, ordering the girl to shoot the other nuns.
The young girl starts crying and screaming that she can't do
it. Capt. Kim repeats the command and the girl starts crying
uncontrollably and she points the gun at the other nuns.
Crying, she drops the gun. All the nuns are sobbing now, the
older nuns are trying to comfort the girl. The two soldiers
grab the girl by the arms propping her up and Capt. Kim
slowly reaches down for the pistol. He picks it up and takes
out a handkerchief to wipe it down. He turns and shoots all
three nuns through the head. The young nun drops to her
knees screaming and making the sign of the cross. Capt. Kim
calmly faces her and shoots her in the head.
Capt. Kim turns to Chance, Wade and Carl. He orders the
soldiers to cut their hands free in Chinese, and to help
them up.
                       CAPT. KIM
You three, you move these animals
off to side of road. Throw them in
ditch over there... Do it now!
Chance and Carl stumble over to the bodies dragging Wade,
who is semi-coherent, and pull the bodies off the road. Wade
starts to cry.
                       CAPT. KIM
They are too weak to make the
march to the camp, I would
have had to shoot them anyway.


                       CARL (V.O.)
He meant it too. It took us three
weeks to hump it out to the first
camp we were in, with no food or
water and no medical attention. By
the time we got there Capt. Kim
had shot all the civilians and two
of the Army grunts who tried to
escape. Three or four other guys
were wounded pretty bad and just
couldn't make it.
                                         CUT TO:
What happened to them?
They just sat down or collapsed on
the side of the road, and we had
to just leave them there. I can't
imagine they lived very long. But
when there was bodies to move,
Capt. Kim always called on us
three. We were like his personal
work party. The only good thing
about it was that we didn't have
our hands tied the whole time. We
could pick up handfuls of snow
along the way to stay hydrated, We
fed snow to everyone we could.
The waitress comes back to table, breaking the somber mood.
                       WAITRESS #2
And how was everything today?
Everything is beautiful.
                       WAITRESS #2
Can I get you a piece of pie? We
have some fresh Blackberry back
No Honey, I'm good, but you could
tell me when they let you out of
this joint tonight, cause I'm


                       OTIS (cont'd)
gonna swing by and pick you up and
I'm gonna take you out for some
umbrella drinks and a spin around
the dance floor. Whaddya say?
                       WAITRESS #2
Well that's tempting, but
tonight's not good for me. Maybe
if I wasn't married.
Carl is looking at Otis and shaking his head.
Well, we just won't tell him then.
The waitress laughs off Otis and finishes off the ticket.
                       WAITRESS #2
Thanks for comin' in today guys,
You two have a great day and drive
Thank you, we will.
I'm gonna leave you a nice big tip
and you get yourself somethin'
nice, somethin' to remember me by.
                       WAITRESS #2
Well, thank you, and I promise, I
won't tell my husband.
Carl and Wade creak to their feet and stretch. Carl is
searching through his billfold for the tip. He drops a five
on the table.
Carl, leave her a couple more
bucks, I just told her I was
leavin' her a nice tip.
Carl gives Otis a dirty look and reluctantly goes back in
his wallet for two more dollars.
There's another five right
there.... leave her that.


Carl drops the two dollars on the table, still staring at
Let's get goin.
Otis looks for the waitress and makes eye contact. He gives
her a big smile and a flirtatious finger-wave goodbye.
                                         CUT TO:
Inside Carl's car.
We still got about half an hour
left till we get to the V.A.
Do you have to meet his sister,
the gal that called you?
No, I mean, I didn't tell her if I
was coming or not. It don't
matter, I'll figure out what room
he's in. It shouldn't be hard to
find , He's in the I.C.U.
Are you gettin' nervous?
No, I'm not getting nervous, I'm
just gonna go in, hear what he has
to say, and were goin home. I
guess I owe him that.
Maybe this will be a good thing
It'll be a good thing if we make
it back for the game tonight.
                                         CUT TO:


Carl and Otis walk up to the I.C.U. nurses station and wait
for the attending nurse to get off the phone
                       NURSE #1
....Okay Dr. Reed, I will make
sure that is noted on both of the
charts.....Sure thing....I will
do.....Thank you Dr. Reed.....You
too........Good Bye.
(hangs up phone) How can I help
you gentlemen?
I'm looking for the room of Wade
                       NURSE #1
Okay....that is room 206. Straight
down this hall to the right, If
you make it to the restroom, you
went too far...Are you family?
No, just an old...friend.
                       NURSE #1
Oh, hold on, The nurses are
changing his bedding right now, it
may be awhile. You can have a seat
over there and I'll let you know
when you can go see him.
      (looking at his
O.k, thank you.
                                         CUT TO:
Carl and Otis sit down, Otis shuffles through the old
magazines piled on the table. He can't find one he likes so
he turns to Carl.
Well it looks like we got awhile,
and you still aint told me what
you got against this guy?


Carl just sits for a second, He has started to get angry at
the idea of confronting Wade and is trying to compose
Well, I guess it boils down to...
well there just isn't any nice way
to put it..... He fucked me over.
Carl realizes he's talking very loud, he looks around the
waiting room and lowers his voice.
He fucked me over.
It must've been pretty bad for you
to hold such a grudge.
Carl is getting more agitated just thinking about it.
It was as bad as it can be, and he
fucked Chance over too. I'll tell
you what!....I'm gonna go in there
as soon as they let us in and I'm
gonna tell him what a piece of
shit I think he is and.......
Wait a minute, what do you mean
let us in.... I aint goin in there
with nobody, and don't you think
you oughta calm down a bit before
you go in there. This man is
gettin' ready to leave the earth,
He might have family in
there...you don't know.
      (louder now)
Oh, I'm sure they all know what he
did too. Why do you think his
sister calls me, when he's on his
death bed. Why didn't he call,
like a man, 35 or 40 years ago.
Maybe it didn't get to buggin' him
till now?


      (even louder)
Probably not, little pussy, he
just wants to clear his
conscience... before he checks
Maybe, there's more to it than
just that.
      (even louder)
What the fuck do you know about it
Otis? I was there... remember? I
know what he did.
Hey, don't get all pissed at me, I
don't know what he did. You never
told me. All I know is that you go
in there actin' like an asshole,
all riled up... you aint gonna
help anyone and your gonna get
asked to leave........... Calm
down now, and get on with the rest
of the story so I know what the
hell is goin' on here.
I don't give a shit about the
story Otis. I lived the story, I
live it everyday.
Both of them sit there silent for a minute trying to deflect
the attention from the others in the waiting room. Otis
meekly waves to an old lady sitting nearby with a look of
                                         CUT TO:
Carl opens the door to Wade's room. It's dark, there is
another patient in the room, and old man hooked up to
machines and monitors, the man is sleeping. Carl's not sure
if the old man is Wade but decides to look behind the next
curtain. Wade is in bed and also hooked up to machines and
monitors. He appears to be in a coma. Carl stands for a
minute trying to get his composure to approach. The only
noise is the beeping monitors and muted sounds from the T.V.
He steps over to the bedside and looks down at Wade and up


at the name "Chamorro" written on a dry-erase board above
his bed with medication notes scribbled under it. Carl grabs
a chair and pulls it over to the bed and closes the curtain.
Carl slowly hangs his wind-breaker over the chair and stands
next to the bed, staring at Wade for awhile.
Well Wade...It has been a mighty
long time since I saw you last.
How ya been... I gotta tell
you...you aint lookin' so good
right now
Carl stares at Wade for awhile, calms down and creaks into
the chair holding his bad leg. He sits down and looks up at
the T.V. Judge Wapner is on but the sound is inaudible. He
watches for a while.
I gotta tell you somethin' funny,
this whole trip up here, I thought
I was gonna walk in this room and
see a nineteen year old kid layin'
here....I mean I know
better...just in my head I guess
that's what you looked like the
last time I saw you.
Carl watches Judge Wapner for a minute.
I'm kind of surprised to see you
here, I figured you and your
family would have packed up and
moved to Russia by now..... I
don't know if you can hear me?...I
hope you can...I want you to know
I only came up here because your
sister asked me to.
Carl stands up getting agitated.
I got nothin' to say to you, Hell
you don't even know I'm
here.....This is crazy..... I
can't say I forgive you and I
think I can speak for Chance on
that score as well. I hope the Man
Upstairs ain't too hard on you for


                       CARL (cont'd)
what you did, So long Wade
Carl grabs his jacket and starts to leave when the curtain
opens and Ines Chamorro is standing there with a vase of
flowers. She is very pretty and looks very young for her
Are you Carl Patterson?
Yes I am, You must be Wade's
sister... Ines,right?
Yes, that's me (awkward) I didn't
know if you would come...Thank
We'll... you are welcome. I did
what I came here to do and I will
get out of your hair....I am sorry
for your loss.
I'm sorry Mr. Patterson, but I
couldn't help but overhear you
talking a minute ago, I think you
have it all wrong.
I'm sorry, I have what wrong?
The grudge you have held against
my brother for the last 40 years.
With all due respect ma'am. Let's
not forget, I was there, you
weren't, and if I recall you were
about two years old when all this
happened. I don't know what your
brother told you, but...Anyway,
you don't need me hangin' around
here during your time of grief.
This is between me and Wade, it
was along time ago, and it doesn't
matter anymore.


First of all Mr. Patterson, I may
know more than you think, and just
to clear the record, I was the
older of the sisters, You probably
don't remember but I was the one
who ran up on the bus to say
goodbye to Wade, the day you three
left for Boot-Camp, do you
remember that?
I do remember that.
Ines walks over to the wall locker next to Wade's bed and
takes out an old cigar box, turns around and walks over to
If I could have reached you three
or four months earlier, Wade could
have given you this himself, but
he got so bad after that, he just
kept drifting in and out,
sometimes for days at a time. You
are a hard man to find Mr.
Patterson, I wasn't sure if you
were still alive.
I like it like that.
I would like to ask you one more
favor Mr. Patterson... Please go
to the chapel down the hall and
take a look at what is in this
box. It is quiet in there and you
can look at in private.
Ines tries to hand Carl the box.
I don't know what is in there, and
I have no interest in it. I'm
sorry to say this to you now, but
I gotta tell you, your Brother
passin' on, kind of puts all this
to bed for me. I know it may sound
callous but I just want to get
home and watch the game.


Ines places the box on the foot of Wade's bed and starts to
fuss with Wade's blankets and pillow. She wipes his hair out
of his face.
      (not looking at
Wade wanted me to give that to
you, It belongs to you Mr.
Patterson, please take it with
you. If I don't see you again,
enjoy your game.
Carl leaves slowly without saying anything and without the
cigar box.
                                         CUT TO:
Carl is sitting in the bright cafeteria, sipping coffee from
a styro-foam cup. Carl almost looks dazed and like he'd been
crying. Otis turns the corner and sees Carl sitting there
and sits down.
Where the hell have you been Carl?
I been looking for you for an
hour. You just left me sittin' in
there and walk off to get coffee?
I needed a minute.
Did you see him?
Did you say everything you needed
to? You okay?
I don't think so.
They sit for a minute and sip coffee.
                                         CUT TO:


Carl's car is sitting in front of the office,running. Otis
is in the front seat. Carl comes out of the office and gets
into the car and pulls into a parking space in front
of a room.
                                         CUT TO:
Carl enters room and puts a grocery bag and a carton of
cigarettes on the table. Otis follows him adding a case of
That was a hell of a meal, thanks
again Carl.
Don't mention it, It's the least I
could do. I appreciate you hanging
Shit Carl, that might be the
nicest thing you ever said to me.
And what else do I have to do. Did
you remember to get some playing
I did, there in the sack on the
table. I should put this beer in
the icebox.
Carl puts the beer in the little fridge. Otis is sitting in
a chair messing with the T.V.
I think the game is about over.
That's okay. I think I'm gonna
rest my eyes for a minute.
Carl lays on one of the beds and turns towards the wall.
Otis sits and watches the end of the game.
                                         CUT TO:


Room is filled with recruits standing at attention in front
of tables. An instructor walks up to a podium in front of
room. There are Communist flags and propaganda hanging on
the wall behind the instructor. There is a map of Korea and
an easel with flip charts outlining the instruction. The
room is dark except for the light illuminating the front of
the classroom.
Take your seats recruits.
All of the recruits sit down in unison.
I am LtCol. John Markham, I am
your Company Commander. Can I hear
a Ooo-Rah?
Today's instruction will deal with
the evils of Communism, This
so-called philosophy and how this
evil is attempting to spread
around the world and in turn, how
the United States Marine Corps,
along with some help from the
other armed services will bring
the Communist North Korean forces
to their knees, (fades out)
Carl Wade and Chance are sitting together. Carl looks over
at Wade who is falling asleep. Carl nudges him, trying not
to draw attention from the D.I.s.
Wake up goddammit, your gonna get
us all in trouble....this is
important...wake up.
Wade jerks awake and Carl sits back, listening to the class.
The Communist philosophy is a
dangerous and immediate threat to
our American way of life. The
Communist lie that is being
perpetuated around the globe, is
presented in a way that is very


                       MARKHAM (cont'd)
appealing to the poor agricultural
class of North Korea. A Utopian
Workers Paradise..... (fades out)
Wade nods off again. Carl notices him again.
Wake up goddammit, were gonna need
to know this shit...
Carl wakes and is looking up at Otis. Otis is sitting on the
other bed staring over at him
Wake up Carl, we got cards to play
and you been asleep for hours.
                                         CUT TO:
Carl and Otis are sitting next to pool in plastic patio
chairs. There is no one else around. There is a case of beer
on the table and a lot of empties. Both of them are pretty
You gettin' tired?
No ...not really.
Well good... why don't you tell me
the rest of that story, about you
and Wade.
Yeah, O.k, Where did I leave off?
They were makin' you march to the
Oh yeah...Well the march itself
was pretty brutal....
                                         CUT TO:


A desolate mountain road winding through the hills. It is
snowing very hard and the prisoners are exhausted. The line
of marching detainees has gotten smaller and more spread out
as some of the prisoners succumb to the cold or injuries.
Capt. Kim looks refreshed and well pressed despite the
grueling conditions, and is urging the line to keep moving.
He stops and checks his pocket watch. Chance and Carl appear
in the line. Carl is dragging a still shell-shocked Wade
behind him. Capt. Kim stops the boys as they pass.
                       CAPT. KIM
I see that your training from the
Marine Corps have left you
gentlemen in remarkable shape,
despite the inclement
weather....and despite the
injuries you recieved trying to
resist our protection.
I could do without your fuckin'
protection you son-of-a-bitch.
Carl is trying to zip up Wade's field jacket, which had
started to fall off from being pulled on.
                       CAPT. KIM
      (to chance)
What is your name young soldier?
Corporal Bonner, and were Marines
like you said, not soldiers...We
were trying to fight back when
your goons caught us, not waving a
white flag.
                       CAPT. KIM
It does not matter to me...
Corporal Bonner is it?... My only
task is to insure your protection
from the American Bombers. We
must make it to the train as
quickly as possible, so that we
can keep you safe. Carry on
gentlemen, we are running late.


Capt. Kim waves the boys off and continues to try and speed
up the line.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Carl is walking alone, exhausted, barely able to walk. The
make-shift dressing on his leg is soaked with blood. He is
almost in a daze, just trying to keep moving. He is on a
steep turn in the road and from what he can see, no one can
be seen in front of him or in back of him. It is still
snowing very hard but it is later now and the light is very
gray and foggy. It is eerily quiet. A gunshot, behind him
and muffled by the falling snow, jerks Carl out of his
trance. He realizes no one is around. Not Chance or Wade.
Another muffled shot rings out behind him, this time a
little further away. He is fully alert now, panicking and
looking for Wade. He starts back down the road, limping
through the snow as fast as he can. He passes a body on the
side of the road. A man with his face blown off, laying is
a steaming pool of blood. He realizes that they are shooting
the stragglers. He is crying now, limping even faster. He
starts to yell for Wade.
                                         DISSOLE TO:
Wade is kneeling in the middle of the snow covered road all
by himself. He too is exhausted. His field jacket is
almost off and he is feebly trying to put it back on,
mumbling to himself. His almost frost-bit hands don't seem
to work and he is almost covered in falling snow. Through
the mist ahead of him crunching footsteps are heard, getting
closer and closer. Wade looks hard but can't see who it is
through the foggy mist.
Carl....Chance...is that you.
(starting to smile) Thank
God...Where...Where have you....
A Chinese soldier appears through the mist carrying a rifle.
He yells something at Wade in Chinese.
Hey buddy (not recognizing the
soldier, talking as if he is
drunk) Give me a hand, would'ya?
The soldier yells again and lifts his rifle to his shoulder,
aiming at Wade. Suddenly the soldier is distracted by Carl
yelling Wade's name and limping quickly down the road. Carl
sees the soldier and starts waving his arms and yelling.


Don't shoot him, Please don't
shoot him!
The soldier is momentarily distracted but strengthens his
resolve and aims back at Wade, who is still sitting in the
snow,smiling and mumbling to the soldier. Wade quikly limps
over to Wade and tries to pull him to his feet, putting
himself between Wade and the soldier.
There you are buddy, I've been
looking all over for you...you
need to get up now Wade so....
The soldier interupts, yelling the command again,
persistently pointing the rifle at the both of them. Carl
drops to his knees next to Wade and raises his hands in the
air, frantically pleading with the soldier.
No, No, No, He's fine, He's just
takin' a little break, He's gonna
be just fine... ain't ya Wade?
The soldier barks out the Chinese command again still
pointing the rifle and getting angrier now.
      (still frantic,
       faking a smile)
O.k, O.k, Wait a
Carl digs in his pocket and pulls out two tokens, holding
them out for the soldier.
Here these are for you... You can
have them!
The soldier looks confused and starts to lower the rifle
then looks around sheepishly to see if anyone is watching
him. When he realizes that he is alone, he reaches out and
grabs the tokens and starts to examine them, biting on one.
He looks around again and grunts something to the boys,
waving then on, The soldier starts down the road, still
examining the tokens. Carl pulls Wade to his feet. Wade is
quietly mumbling as Carl zips up his jacket.


I don't know what the fuck is
wrong with you but you have to
stay with me....You understand?
Carl starts dragging Wade down the road again and they
dissapear into the fog.
                                         CUT TO:
An old delapidated steam train with a long line of boxcars
sits on a track. Snow is still falling. The Chinese guards
are herding the prisoners into the boxcars. Capt. Kim is
overseeing the loading, shouting commands and repeatedly
checking his pocket watch. The guards are brutally shoving
the prisoners into the cars. Another shot rings out in the
                                         CUT TO:
The box-car is moving. There is very little light and snow
occasionally drifts into the bar covered windows. Chance,
Carl and Wade are huddled together on the straw covered
floor. The rest of the boxcar is full of military prisoners,
mostly U.S. regular Army troops. Most are asleep. There is
low moaning from some and others cough violently. Carl
notices that Chance and Wade are asleep. He just sits there
in the dark, shivering. Out of the darkness a young Army
soldier crawls over some sleeping bodies to Carl.
      (excited and
Hey Gyrene, name's Jimmy...Jimmy
Boggs...Dallas Texas. How ya
I'm O.k.
Where you from?
Oregon....near Salem


Holy Shit, a Gyrene from Oregon,
aint seen any Gyrenes for awhile.
Carl looks down at Jimmy's leg and sees that he has a bone
sticking out of a makeshift bandage on his left shin.
What happened to you?
Bout three days ago...I
think...Fuckin' Battery Commander
just up and surrenders to these
little Mother Fuckers...Just gave
up the whole Battery...just like
that...Well no one asked me if I
wanted to surrender, so soon as I
could.. I take off runnin' and
about three of those little
bastards take off after me. Well
I'm runnin along like a scalded
dog and fall into a ditch and bust
my leg.....Hell it don't even
hurt...How 'bout you?
We got overrun and scattered about
two days ago and ran into some
Chinese....I got shot but I think
it went clean through, so I think
I'll be O.k....Do you know where
they're takin us?
      (looking around)
Up North somewhere....But hey
Gyrene....I think I can get us
outta here....Come'ere...I want to
show you somethin'
Jimmy starts to crawl away, over the sleeping prisoners,
into the darkness of the boxcar. He looks back at Carl.
      (whispering loudly)
C'mon Gyrene...I want to show you
Carl reluctantly follows Jimmy, wincing as he crawls around
the sleeping troops. Jimmy finally stops at the end of the
boxcar, under a window with no bars in it.


O.k. Gyrene ...now here's the
deal, I pulled the bars outa that
there window awhile ago...rusted
to shit and came right out,
anyhow, I say we climb out that
window and up on the top of this
car... and when they slow down on
one-a-them hairpin turns... we
jump the fuck off this sum-bitch.
Only thing is... I need a boost up
to that window on account of my
leg...I want to take a look-see
outside....Think you can handle
that Gyrene?
Carl boosts Jimmy up and through the bars on the window
between the cars. Jimmy reaches over to a small metal
ladder extending to the roof. He starts climbing up to the
roof of the car. The train is moving very fast now. Carl
sticks his head out the window to watch. The driving snow
is stinging both their faces, making it hard to see. Jimmy's
head clears the top of the roof just as the train passes
under a metal girding, barely higher than the box-car. Jimmy
sees it just in time and ducks to miss it. Carl's heart
leaps into his throat as Jimmy looks down at him, laughing.
      (laughing, big
Sum-bitch...did you see that
Gyrene...that sum-bitch almost
took my head off...C'mon...C'mon
up here...It's O.k. now...
Jimmy quickly starts back up the ladder just as the train
passes under another girder. The girder de-capitates Jimmy
in a split second, driving his headless body against the
next car. Carl watches as Jimmy's body falls down between
the cars and dissapears under the wheels into the darkness.
Carl pulls his head out of the window and slumps down onto
the floor of the car. He puts his face in his hands and
starts quietly sobbing.
                                         FADE OUT:


A long line of worn out prisoners approach the camp. Many
are wounded and being helped by others. The camp is lit up
in the distance as the sun is going down. A few Chinese
soldiers are tunneling the prisoners down the road.
                       CARL (V.O.)
The place we ended up was called
Camp 1, I guess it was like what
you would call an old company
town, a bunch of shacks built
around an old munitions factory.
It looked like it had been
abandoned for some time. When we
first got there, it was just
getting dark, I remember I was
just glad we were going to stop
walking for awhile. The three of
us made it okay and we figured we
might get to see a doctor about
our wounds.
Wade, Chance and Carl are walking up the camp street flanked
by small hooches filled with prisoners. Some are groaning,
some are huddled around small fires and turn to look at the
boys with haggard and empty looks on their faces. Ahead of
them in the road two prisoners are dragging another into the
road and leave him there, returning to their hooch. When
they pass by, the emaciated man is laying in a puddle of
feces and convulsing. The man reaches for Wade groaning
something in another language.
                       CARL (V.O.)
There were already a lot of
Prisoners at Camp one when we got
there. What a group... there were
Aussies and Brits, and I remember
there was even Turkish troops in
one of the buildings. All these
U.N. troops from all over the
world crammed together in this
little shit-hole in the middle of
As the boys and the rest of the prisoners walk through the
camp. They start to get noticed and many of the prisoners
come out to welcome the new prisoners. The Aussies seem to
be the most unaffected by the conditions and are very
friendly. One of them comes out to welcome Chance, Wade and


G'day Mates, it's a cold one aint
The Aussie puts his arm around Chance's shoulder and walk
down the street with them.
Yeah, where's the sick-bay around
this joint?
There aint one mate, hasn't been
one for a few months. There's a
Brit Corpsman in the hooch down
the road, we can get him to take a
look at you and your mates, but
you'lL have to wait a bit.....You
guys look pretty good for Yanks.
The last bunch of Yanks they
brought in here were all shot up
pretty good.
Where are they now?
Dead mate, every last one of them.
They are all lying in that ditch
over there, frozen solid.....You
fellas gotta watch out...These
little bastards are hardest on the
Capt. Kim appears out of nowhere and knocks the Aussie to
his knees. He pulls his sidearm, pointing it at him.
                       CAPT. KIM
Stay away from these men, all of
you. These Americans are off
limits. If I see any of you
speaking to these men I will deal
with you personally, and I think
you all know what that means.
The prisoners disperse and head back into the hooches. The
Aussie gets up wiping the blood from his mouth and walks
away cussing under his breath. Capt. Kim turns to the boys.
                       CAPT. KIM
Did you men not see the corpse in
the road behind you? Drag it to
that ditch over there immediately.


The boys straggle over to the body, followed by Capt. Kim.
Carl is dragging Wade behind him. Chance kneels next to the
This man isn't dead.
The man's groans have weakened and his convulsing was more
like shivering now.
                       CAPT. KIM
He will be soon enough, It is just
a matter of time and I don't want
him laying here in the middle of
the road.
      (to Capt. Kim)
Well I aint draggin' this man over
to that ditch so he can freeze to
death. Why don't you get this man
some medical attention?
                       CAPT. KIM
You will do as you are told, the
sooner you learn that, the more
pleasant your stay here will be.
Fuck you, I'm not gonna kill this
man, Your....
Capt. Kirn kicks Chance in the face knocking him backwards
into the snow, his face is covered with blood. Capt. Kim
calls a guard over and orders him to bayonet the dying man.
The guard lunges the long blade into the man with
enthusiasm. The man gurgles and gasps, then dies. All three
boys are kneeling in front of the man, staring in disbelief.
                       CAPT. KIM
I will tolerate no more of this
insolence. Now move this corpse
out of my road.
                                         FADE TO:
Overhead of road and hooches. Dead bodies are lying outside
the doors, frozen on the street. The three boys walk up Carl
is limping, they all grab a dead man in the road and drag
him to the ditch.


                       CARL (V.O.)
Capt. Kim, that was the name of
that son-of-a-bitch. That guy was
pure evil. I don't know what
could make a human being so evil,
what could happen to someone that
was so twisted to make someone
like that.. For some reason I
remember this one day....He had us
moving bodies all morning and
gathering firewood the rest of the
day. These poor bastards would die
during the night and the other
guys in the hooches would pull the
dead guy outside as soon as they
noticed, or the lice would jump
off the dead guy and on to
everybody else. The body-lice was
terrible. It was like being eaten
alive....well these dead guys
would freeze right there in the
road outside the hooch, and every
morning Capt. Kim would have us
move all the bodies to a ditch
outside the camp. The frozen
bodies stacked up like cord-wood
in this ditch, but there was no
way to bury any of them with the
ground as hard as it was.
Slow motion from bottom of the ditch. A body is thrown on to
the pile.
                                         CUT TO:
The three boys are huddled around a very small fire
attempting to boil water in a small broken pot. They are
dropping three balls of sorghum into the pot to cook. Carl
and Wade are talking. Wade is just sitting on his haunches,
totally unconnected and rocking back and forth.
                       CARL (V.O.)
When we were done we went back to
our hooch to eat our meal for the
day, they would give us these
purple balls of sorghum grain, we
only got one a day for awhile
there. It was about the size of a
tennis ball, and that's all we had
to eat, that or this watery rice
soup. You had to boil the sorghum


                       CARL (cont'd)
in water so you could eat them and
it helped you with the cold a
                                         FADE TO:
The three boys are sitting around tiny fire playing cards
with an old worn out deck and betting with their tokens.
                       CARL (V.O.)
We had been there a month or two I
think. We didn't have it quite as
bad as some of the guys, probably
because we were usually healthier
than most and We were always
working for Capt. Kim. handing out
food to everyone, stacking bodies
or out on firewood detail. We had
our own hooch most of the time, it
wasn't big enough for all three of
us to lie down in at one time but
we didn't have guys dying every
night or shitting or puking all
over the place. Neither Chance or
I had seen a doctor though... or
had any medical attention. My leg
wasn't healing real well and it
was always getting infected,
Chance started to get gangrene in
his hand and Wade still had these
spells where he would just blank
out for hours at a time.
Carl helps Wade hold his cards and make bets. Wade's
movements are slow and he is very disconnected, staring, not
able to understand what is going on.
      (looking at Carl,
Quit fuckin' around and pay
attention Wade, it's your bet.
Capt. Kim darkens the doorway. The three boys stop, staring
in fear as if they just got caught doing something wrong.
                       CAPT. KIM
Good Morning gentlemen. How are my
three favorite Imperialist Pigs
doing today?... That is quite
funny, The Three Imperialist Pigs,
just like your American Children's


                       CAPT. KIM (cont'd)
Capt Kim laughed at his own joke, the boys just stared at
him, trying to clean up the cards and tokens.
                       CAPT. KIM
It is Sunday today. The Lord's
Day, isn't that correct Corporal
I don't really know what day it
                       CAPT. KIM
Well it is Sunday and according to
your Red Cross information Mr.
Chammorro, you are a Catholic, and
you other two are Protestants...
Catholics and Protestants from the
state of Oregon, U.S.A.....isn't
that correct gentlemen?
That's right.
                       CAPT. KIM
Well if memory serves, it is both
immoral as well as an affront to
God for any of you to be gambling
on the Lord's Day, isn't that
correct gentlemen?
None of the boys speak as if not knowing the right answer.
                       CAPT. KIM
What are you wagering with... Hand
me one of those right now.
Capt. Kim snaps his fingers at Carl to hand him a token.
Carl looks at Chance, who gives him the Okay with a nod. He
gingerly hands Capt. Kim the token. Kim studies the token
and tries to bite it.
                       CAPT. KIM
Worthless token, what is the value
of wagering for such a worthless
item, especially when gambling
with your souls at the same time?
Kim places the token in his breast pocket.


                       CAPT. KIM
This will serve as your penance
gentlemen. I will absolve you of
all your sin today for the price
of this token.... Enough of this
nonsense...There is another filthy
corpse in my road, the gentlemen
in hooch four just dragged him
outside and I had to step around
it on my way here, I want it moved
to the ditch now.
Chance and Carl quickly shuffle outside, dragging Wade
behind them.
                                         FADE TO:
Overhead shot of boys walking up road to corpse in road, Two
prisoners are looting the body when Chance yells at the
looters, chasing them off.
                                         FADE OUT:
A beautiful sunny morning. There are only small patches of
snow left on the ground. Most of the prisoners in the camp
are filtering outside to stand in the sunlight. All the
prisoners are emaciated and filthy. Some of them are using
scrap metal poles as crutches. Some of the men are carrying
the men who can't walk and laying them on the ground in the
warm sun. Even the guards are enjoying the weather.

Chance, Carl and Wade step out of the hooch and into the
sunlight, they walk out among the other men in the camp and
are just enjoying the day. They take their shirts off and
sit in the sun. Chance pulls out a mangled cigarette from
behind his ear and puts it in his mouth.
      (cigarette in
You get a light and I'll share
this with you?
Where did you get that?


I traded a token for ita couple a
days ago...from on of them
Auusies...I was savin' it for a
special occassion.
      (upset now)
We gotta hold on to those
things...I need as many as I can
You gotta quit worry'in about
him...Hell, if sumthin was gonna
happen to him..it'a happened by
They both look back at Wade who is standing next to the
hooch flaking off the blistering paint with his finger,
looking like a shy school kid not wanting to join the group.
Now go find a match in the hooch
so we can smoke this
thing....Go!... I'll watch him.
Carl dissapears into the hooch and Chance leans back
enjoying the sun. He closes his eyes and smiles.
Carl appears after a minute or so with a match.
I could only find one....Hey
where's Wade?
      (eyes still
       closed, lost in
       his own comfort)
He's right back there.
      (starting to get
He's not back there.
Who cares, let the koo-koo walk
around awhile, you got him tied to
you all day.


      (starting to panic)
No....No...We gotta find him.
      (taking the match)
Fuck him, I'm sittin' right here
and enjoying the sun.
Carl is getting worried, frantically looking around the area
for Wade. He sees him go around a corner way down the road
and runs after him, favoring his bad leg. As he turns the
corner of a hooch, he looks down another small walkway and
sees two looters beating Wade to the ground and pulling
anything they could out of his pockets. Carl yells at them,
and they run away.
      (running towards
Get away from him....Get the hell
away from him!
Carl reaches Wade. Wade is in the fetal position screaming.
His face is cut up and he is bleeding. His shirt is almost
torn off, and his exposed chest and shoulder is badly
It's O.k Wade....Wade it's me
Carl...It's gonna be O.k.
Wade is flailing at Carl, trying to fight him off.
      (high pitched cry)
I wanna go home.... I wanna go
Carl keeps trying to calm him down. He is sitting on the
ground with Wade's head in his lap. He is petting Wade's
head and trying to soothe him.
      (starting to cry
Your gonna go home
soon...shhh...shhh...I'm so
sorry...It's gonna be O.k.
You're gonna go home real
soon...and when you get
there.....Your Dad's gonna be
there....and your Mom's gonna be
there...,.your whole family is


                       CARL (cont'd)
gonna be there.....and they are
gonna be so happy to see you.
Wade is calming and crying softer now. He is closing his
eyes very tight as if trying to imagine the scene. Tears are
streaming down his face. After a minute of Carl's
comforting, Wade comes to and tries to jerk himself up as if
he had just seen a ghost.
Carl....They stole my
tokens....they got all my
tokens.(patting at all his
It'll be O.k.....I got more.
C'mon...Lets get you
cleaned up....
Carl helps Wade to his feet, dusting him off. Wade is still
frantically trying to locate any tokens. He gets back down
on his knees looking through the dirt.
      (comforting Wade)
Hey?...Hey, Hey Wade...Look over
here...look what I got.
      (reaching in his
       pocket and
I got your lucky token...the one
with the bite mark in it....Is
that what you're lookin' for?
Wade reaches up and grabs the token pulling into his chest.
He starts mumbling and rocking bath and forth.
      (calm now)
You had my lucky one...Thank You
Carl..Thank You for holding my
lucky one Carl....Thank You
Carl is patting Wade on the back and picking debris out of
his hair.
      (comforting Wade)
It's okay Buddy...It's okay.
                                         FADE OUT:


Chance, Wade and Carl shuffle into the hooch after a day of
work. The boys are unshaven, wet and dirty. Carl starts to
make a fire, Chance is trying to keep the door to the small
hooch insulated by stuffing rags in the cracks. Wade is just
sitting in the middle of the floor next to Carl, slowly
rocking back and forth rubbing his lucky token.
I am gonna keep every gust of wind
outta here tonight....
(looking back at Wade)
What the hell is he doin'?
      (not looking back)
Rubbin' his lucky coin I
bet...That's all he ever does.
How come that's your lucky coin
      (not looking at
       anyone, shouts)
It's mine!
What the...Fine Wade, it's yours.
      (looking back now)
Calm it down Wade.
      (to Chance)
Right after we got here, Wade
tried to trade one of those Turks
down the block, one of his tokens
for a cigarette.
Goofy bastard don't even smoke.
Anyway...the Turk looked at the
token and then he bit into it real
hard, got all pissed off and threw
it back at Wade.


That don't explain why it's lucky.
Tell him why it's lucky Wade.
      (stops rocking and
       looks up at
I know I don't smoke Chance.
      (finishes the
       story for Wade)
It's lucky because...Wade thinks
the Turk's down the block are
lucky... because... we haven't
thrown anybody in the ditch from
their hooch since we got here.
      (shaking his head)
I still don't get it.
He thinks the Turks are lucky, so
since one of the Turks bit the
token it makes the token
lucky....He bit it hard too, left
a big mark in it.....Show em Wade.
The boys are huddled around the small fire and Wade gingerly
hands the token to Chance. Chance looks for the bite mark by
the light of the fire.
Hell...I get it now Wade...this is
a lucky coin...I can see that ol'
Turks bite mark right there.
Wade grabs the token back, pulling it to his chest.
I know it is.
Well pony up boys...were gonna
play some cards.
Chance pulls a deck of cards from a small stack of
belongings from the corner. Carl and Chance dig into their


pockets and put their token in a pile in front of them.
Chance starts to shuffle the cards and then looks at Wade
who is still not paying attention and slowly rocking.
Pony up Wade.
That' all he's got left after
      (feeling bad)
That's okay Wade... you hold onto
it then.
Wade slowly hand the token to Chance.
No...it's all right...you can use
it...just make sure I get it back
Well lets see how lucky Chamorro's
token is...Ill flip it to see who
deals...Wade your heads.
Chance flips the token and catches it, slamming it down on
the back of his hand to reveal it.
Heads...son-of-a-bitch Wade, this
is your lucky coin.
Wade meekly smiles, fumbling with the deck of cards.
Hell boys...we almost don't have
enough of these left to play a
proper game.
Chance starts dividing the small pile of coins into three
piles, one for each.
Ask it if I'm gonna win the game.
Ask what?


My lucky coin....Ask my lucky coin
if I'm gonna win the
It don't work like that
Chamorro...It's a coin toss not a
fortune teller.
Okay...heads I'm gonna win, tails
I won't.
      (flips coin)
There...are you happy...your gonna
win the game...tonight...can we
just play now.
Now Carl seems interested.
Hey...ask it if Kim's gonna give
me shitter detail tomorrow.
For Chrissake...can we just play
some cards?
C'mon...just do it...heads, I
don't get it.
Chance resigns and flips the coin.
Looky there...you aint gotta pull
shitter detail tomorrow.
All the boys laugh. Carl has a beaming smile.
Hell...I'm gonna do one...tails I
don't have to see Kim's little
slope, commie face tomorrow.
Chance flips the coin, it lands with all three anxious for
the outcome. Chance uncovers the coin and they all three
cheer. Chance flips the token again, catching it and
slapping it onto the back of his hand.


      (excited now)
Heads and...Carl here will get a
blow-job from Pearl Pratley when
we get home.
Chance uncovers the coin and they cheer again. Carl is
blushing and even Wade is meekly taking part in the
celebration. The laughing dies off after they realize how
cold it is and they stoke and huddle closer to the fire.
      (depressed again)
Ask it if were gonna make it home
Chance and Carl both look at Wade for a moment.
Heads we all make it home
alive...flip it Chance.
Chance looks at Wade for a moment and then just flips the
token wanting to know the answer himself. The token rises
through the air (s.m.) and comes down, Chance misses it and
it falls down between two floorboards. All three of the
boys huddle around the hole, trying to look through the
                                         CUT TO:
Looking up at boys through the floorboards.
Hey that was my lucky coin.
Sorry Chamorro...We'll get it
outta there tomorrow...Let's call
it a night.
                                         FADE TO :
All three boys are huddled close, Chance and Carl are trying
to sleep. It is very cold and there is no fire. Wade starts
snoring as he dozes off.


Chance... are you asleep?
No....I can't sleep, I'm too
fuckin' cold. And Wade won't quit
How's your hand?
Fine...I can't feel it...I'm about
ready to go rootin' around over by
the factory and try to scare up
some wood for a little fire.
It's been picked clean over there,
you'd freeze your ass off for
Chance quickly "shushes" Carl by putting his finger to his
lips. Commotion and muted Chinese are heard outside.
Door flies open, three guards come into the hooch, pulling
out all three boys onto the road. Capt Kim is waiting on the
street under the light. Chance is the only one putting up
much resistance.
God-damn Capt. Kim, what the hell
is this all about, Me and the boys
were just in the middle of our
beauty sleep.
                       CAPT. KIM
Silence,.... such insolence
Corporal Bonner. You three men
have repeatedly resisted my
good-will. Your thinking has not
been right. Therefore you have
have been chosen for...shall we
say, "additional education" Your
class will begin this evening. You
will be escorted to the classroom.
I'm gonna have to call Bull-shit
on this one Kim, I have been
humping bodies to the ditch and
digging sticks out of the snow all


                       CHANCE (cont'd)
day. I am plumb tuckered out, I'm
goin back to sleep, C'mon boys,
lets hit the rack... (turning to
walk back to the hooch)
Capt. Kim orders something in Chinese and a guard hits
Chance in the back with a rifle butt. The guards start
dragging the boys down the street and load them into the
back of a truck. Capt. Kim climbs up into the passenger seat
and the truck drives away.
                                         FADE TO:
A door opens to dark room with one light hanging from the
ceiling. There are three old office chairs against the wall.
Chance and Carl starts to fight when they see the room, but
are quickly overcome by the guards and forced into the room
and the door is locked behind them. The boys are standing in
the middle of the room, looking around. Carl helps up Wade
who was thrown to the ground when they were pushed into the
room. The armed guard who opened the door is silently
standing next to the door, trying not to look at the three
      (to the guard)
What the fuck do you want us to do
now honcho?
The guard grunts and motions for them to sit in the three
chairs. The boys sit down and Wade is almost in the fetal
position, sitting in the chair, rocking back and forth and
mumbling to himself.
      (whispering to
Son-of-a-bitch, I didn't realize
it for a minute but it's nice and
warm in here, My God does that
feel nice (putting his head back
against the wall, relieved)
What the hell is Wade doin over
there, crazy bastard, is he O.k.?
      (looking at Wade)
He's O.k.


Chance starts to fidget with the filthy makeshift bandages
on his hand. They sit for awhile until there is a knock at
the door and the guard hops to attention and opens the door,
There is whispering in Korean and the guard lets a small,
bald, Chinese man into the room. He looks very old and
feeble and is wearing a white doctors jacket and has a
stethoscope around his neck. He is wearing small round dark
glasses an one of the lenses is broken. He is carrying what
looks like three folded laundry bundles tied with string.
The guard comes back in, wheeling a small hospital cart. On
the cart are medical supplies. The boys are watching, their
adrenaline starts to pump, thinking maybe they are about to
be tortured by the "Doctor".
Preese wash at sink, shave arso.
Razor in sink, (motioning at his
face) When finish, change crose.
(patting the laundry bundles as he
lays them on the table)
The doctor scuffles out of the room saying something to the
guard. The guard grunts back a reply.
Well shit... you aint gotta ask me
twice, I haven't felt real hot
water in four months... C'mon
The boys head to the sink, turn the water on and steam
starts billowing from the hot water. The boys strip off
their filthy rags and start to wash and shave. Chance takes
the bandages off of his hand and cleans his wounds. Carl
does the same and helps Wade with washing and getting into
his fresh clothes.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The doctor is sitting at a table, under the light, cigarette
in his mouth, attending to Chance's wounds, wrapping gauze
around his hand. The doctor does not look at Chance. Carl
and Wade are sitting in the other two chairs next to the
wall watching. Carl has already been attended to and the leg
of his pajamas are cut off and a fresh bandage is wrapped
around his bad leg Carl is staring back and forth from the
doctor to the guard at the door, wondering what is going on.
Wade is still rocking and mumbling to himself, wrapping a
thread from his old clothes around his finger. Carl reaches
down to his old filthy pants under the chair and retrieves a
handful of tokens from his pocket and shoves them into
Wade's pocket, looking up at the guard the whole time who is


not paying attention to him. Wade does't notice the
transaction. The doctor finishes with Chance.
Sit (motioning to the wall)
The doctor cleans up his supplies and washes his hands in
the sink. He then walks over to the boys taking a pack of
cigarettes out of his shirt pocket offering each of them
one, saying nothing. Chance looks up at him suspiciously and
carefully takes one. Carl refuses and Wade reaches out to
grab one and pulls it back into his fetal position and
starts playing with the cigarette excitedly, mumbling to
himself a little louder and smiling. The doctor hands
Chance a book of matches and Chance lights the smoke and
inhales, making him cough wildly. The doctor kind of smiles
taking back the matches and lights one himself. He doesn't
offer Wade a light and just walks out mumbling something to
the guard.
You want this Carl, I can't handle
these Korean smokes, (coughing)
Yeah, I'll try it (taking the
cigarette and deeply inhaling, he
Carl looks over at Wade and Wade is eating the cigarette.
Carl takes it away and tears off the chewed up end and puts
it in his pocket. Wade keeps mumbling.
What are they gonna do to us Carl?
I don't know Wade.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
All three are sitting in the same chairs and have fallen
asleep when the door opens jarring all three awake. Capt.
Kim walks in followed by another guard.
                       CAPT. KIM
You gentlemen certainly smell
better, I trust Mr. Sing has
attended to your wounds. I assume
you are feeling better. This way
                                         FADE TO:


The boys are shuffled out of the room by the two guards,
followed by Capt. Kim. They are led down a long hallway
that looks like the administration section of the old
building. There are doors on each side of the hall, all
closed. The only light is the lights hanging from the
ceiling about eight feet apart, but only every other one is
lit. They pass by one of the office doors that is open. Two
caucasian men are sitting in the office wearing the same
gray pajamas. They are clean shaven and have short haircuts.
One of them is filing papers into a cabinet and the other is
sitting at a typewriter pecking away at the keys. As the
boys and guards pass the door the two men stop, staring at
the group walking by. One of them smiles at the boys, but
neither say a word. As they reach the end of the hallway
they can hear muffled music coming from behind the door. As
they get closer, you can hear "Goodnight Irene" by Pete
Seeger. Wade seems a little more attentive at this point.
                                         CUT TO:
The door opens up to a very large squad-bay like room. It is
set up with military racks and footlockers. The room is
filled with about forty men, all clean and shaven, all
wearing the same pajamas. Most all of the men look
relatively healthy and well fed. Some are lounging and
quietly talking around the record player playing the music.
Some are sitting up in their racks, quietly rocking back and
forth like Wade. The room is warm and dimly lit, with the
music softly playing. Most of the men are sleeping in their
racks. As the group walks down the middle of the squad-bay,
most of the men who were awake stop to watch the group walk
through. Some wake up and just turn over in bed, facing
away. No one greets them or pays any attention. Some turn
away almost as if ashamed to be there. There are Communist
flags and propaganda posters on the wall.
What the hell is going on here,
who are these guys.
A bunch of Commie traitors, that's
who they are.


The group continues to walk through the squad-bay to a
single door at the end of the room. They exit the door and
are led outside to a small single building.
                                         CUT TO:
Lights are turned on by one of the guards as the group enter
the small room. There is a table with three chairs on one
side of it. at the front of the room is a podium with a flip
chart. The boys are motioned to sit down at the table.
There is a card and a pencil neatly placed at each of the
three seats. The boys sit down. Wade seems to be pretty
coherent at this point. Capt. Kim walks slowly to the podium
and dismisses the guards. He pulls out a pack of smokes and
lights one.
                       CAPT. KIM
Would any of you gentlemen like a
Fuck you Kim.....you
sons-a-bitches can keep your
pajamas, and your shitty
cigarettes for all I care. Don't
think your gonna.....
                       CAPT. KIM
Silence Mr. Bonner.......
      (calming now)
your rude and inappropriate
language will not serve you well
here. Are you not happy with your
clean clothes and shave? Are you
not warm enough? I do not
understand what you could not be
happy with at this point. We have
gone through considerable effort
to make you as comfortable as
                       CAPT. KIM
Suit yourselves gentlemen.... In
front of you is a form provided to
you by the American Red Cross.
Please fill it out as completely
as possible. This will enable them
to contact your families as to
your whereabouts and let them know


                       CAPT. KIM (cont'd)
that you are still alive. Your
government has told many of your
families that you were killed or
missing in action. It is our wish
that your families are told the
truth and that your mothers and
fathers know that you are safe and
being cared for. I will return in
fifteen minutes to collect them.
Capt. Kim leaves the room followed by all the guards.
What the hell is this guy cookin'
up now.
Do you think we should fill these
out, there from the Red
Cross.....I sure would like my Dad
to know I'm not dead.
I'm not filling out anything these
bastards give me. For all we know
they just want our addresses so
they can get to our
families....who knows....1 say no.
None of us are filling these out
and that's an order. We can't go
along with this, you know that.
Carl looks disappointed and scared. Wade is starting to get
nervous again, mumbling and staring off.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
                       CAPT. KIM
Okay gentlemen hand me your
completed Red Cross cards.
      (no one responds)
Oh I see you did not feel it
necessary to fill them out. Very
well gentlemen. You must harbour
the same disdain for your families
as your government does. Moving
Capt. Kim pulls out a chair, sitting in front of the boys.
Still smoking a ciggarette, he leans back folding one leg


over the other. He sits looking at the three boys for a
moment before he speaks. The boys just sit, Chance
continues to stare down Capt. Kim while Carl and Wade stare
down at the table.
                       CAPT. KIM
You are all probably wondering
what you are doing here. It is
time that you men understand the
error of your ways. It is my
desire that you understand fully
the crimes that you have committed
against the peace-loving people of
North Korea. It is also my desire
that you can develop "proper
thought" needed to...
      (shaking his head,
Here we go again...more of this
"proper thought" bull-shit, your
wasting your time Kim...we aint
buyin. This crap might work with
that room full of traitors back
there but it aint gonna work with
us...aint that right boys?
Carl and Wade nervously stare at Capt.Kim, saying nothing.
Capt. Kim motions to the guard standing behind Chance. The
guard slams a rifle butt between Chance's shoulder blades,
knocking him off his chair.
                       CAPT. KIM
Please return to your seat Mr.
Bonner...And I would appreciate no
further interruptions.
Chance is grimacing from the pain and crawls back up on the
chair. Carl and Wade are breathing heavily, scared now and
still silent.
                       CAPT. KIM
      (still calm)
As I was saying...
Capt Kim gathers up the cards and places another piece of
paper in front of the three.
                       CAPT. KIM
This form contains a statement to
the peace loving government and
people of North Korea. I will
place this microphone in front of


                       CAPT. KIM (cont'd)
each of you, and you will each
will be given one opportunity to
purge your souls by reading the
statement. Your statements will be
recorded and kept as a testament
to your good-will and sincere
regret for the war-crimes you have
committed in the name of your
country. Completing this taped
statement will absolve you of all
of your responsibility in these
matters. And you will be free to
serve out the remainder of your
time here in relative comfort. You
will be fed well and receive
regular medical attention. If you
fail to complete the recording,
you will be punished severely for
your crimes. Mr Bonner....you will
record your message first.
Capt. Kim calls a guard in who stands behind Chance holding
a rifle. Kim moves the big silver microphone attached to a
long cable, leading to a reel-to-reel recorder. Kim presses
the record button and folds his arms looking down at Chance.
Chance looks beaten and docile. He glances back at the guard
behind him and meekly puts his mouth to the microphone,
clears his throat and starts to read.
It's Corporal Bonner for your
information, (looking up at Capt.
      (clears his throat)
My name is Corporal Chance Robert.
Bonner, United States Marine
Corps........Serial number
554498765. I am making this
statement of my own free will. I
have committed (looking up at
Capt. Kim, swallowing hard)
I have committed......bla, bla
,bla Mother Fucker, Douche-bag,
(yelling now) Asshole,
Capt. Kim motions to the guard, who slams his rifle gutt
into the back of Chance's head, knocking him out. Another
guard comes in and they drag Chance away.


Where are you taking him?....Where
are you taking him?......
                       CAPT. KIM
I would start worrying about
yourself Mr. Patterson... it is
your turn to read the statement,
take responsibility for your
crimes and be forgiven.
Fuck you Kim...I'm not readin'
The guard hits Carl in the back of the head.
                                         FADE TO BLACK:
Carl is standing at the front door of a house in Oregon. He
is wearing his Dress Greens. He has a sea bag with him. It
is a beautiful sunny day. Carl is healthy and filled out. He
goes to push the door-bell and there is a little plaque over
it that says "Bonner". A he is waiting at the door he looks
in the front window and there is a red, white and blue
banner hanging in the window with a gold star on it. Mrs.
Bonner answers the door dabbing her nose with a
handkerchief. She is wearing a blackdress. When she notices
that it is Carl at the door, she bursts into tears and hugs
Carl very tight. She holds him for along time. Carl doesn't
know what's going on. Mrs Bonner composes herself and and
takes another long look at Carl, holding him at arms length.
                       MRS. BONNER
C'mon in Carl and have a seat.
She walks him to the couch holding his hand. Mr Bonner is
sitting in the living room in a arm chair listening to the
radio, wearing a black suit. On the radio is a newscast and
a reporter is talking to a Marine Commander on the ground in
Korea. But the voice of the Marine is the voice of Capt, Kim
Carl sits on the couch, confused. Mr. Bonner doesn't see him
come in and is glued to the radio.
We are on the ground here in the
Republic of South Korea speaking
with the Company Commander LtCol.
John Markham of the United States
Marine Corps...LtCol. Markham, we


                       REPORTER (cont'd)
have received reports from many
credible sources that a number of
U.S. and U.N personnel are being
held as prisoners of war in North
Korea and that the number of
personnel is not known at this
time what can you tell us about
these brave men.
      (voice of Capt.
It is true that we do not know the
exact number of either U.S. or
United Nations troops being held
in North Korea at this time, but I
can assure you that the United
States Military is doing
everything it can to locate our
brave men and insure their humane
                       MRS. BONNER
Look whose here Bob.....its
Carl....You remember Carl.
Mr. Bonner turns off the radio and gets up to shake Carl's
                       MR. BONNER
Why hello Carl, you look
rested..... sit down, sit
down......How are you doin' son?
I'm doin just fine...mighty glad
to be home, I can tell you
that......Where is Chance? I was
supposed to meet him here today.
Mrs. Bonner starts to cry in the kitchen and Mr. Bonner's
face goes white.
                       MR. BONNER
      (holding back
You didn't hear, son?


      (looking at
       Chance's Mom in
       the kitchen)
Hear what?
                       MR. BONNER
Chance was reported Missing in
Action...We just got the telegram
yesterday and then a Marine
Officer and a Chaplain came by
today to talk to us for awhile.
No...that's not true... I mean I
just saw him, that's
impossible.....It's impossible.
                                         CUT TO:
Carl wakes and sits up in bed. He rubs his head and looks
over at Otis sleeping quietly in the other bed. The T.V. is
still on, a test pattern showing on the screen. Carl looks
at the clock. It is 4:00 a.m.. He puts his shoes and jacket
on and quietly exits the room.
                                         CUT TO:
It is still very early in the morning when Carl walks into
Wade's dimly lit room. The only sounds are the medical
equipment softly beeping and respirators pumping. Carl
softly walks over to Wade's bedside, closing the curtain
around him. He stands, looking at Wade for a minute and
then pulls a chair over and sits down, favoring his right
leg. He takes his glasses out, puts them on, and turns on.
the T.V. He quickly fumbles with the volume, turning it way
down. He looks over at Wade who doesn't move. Carl quietly
sits, watching the morning weather report.
                                         CUT TO:
Carl has dozed off and is jolted awake by the opening
curtain. Ines is standing in front of him and is startled
to find Carl there. Carl tries to quicly get to his feet,
fumbling with the chair, embarrassed to be caught dozing.


Oh my goodness...Mr.
Patterson...you scared the devil
ot of me.
I am sorry ma'am...I must have
just dozed off....I..uh...just
came by to see how he was doing.
Well I have to say...I am pleased
to see you here this morning...I
thought you had left yesterday.
I planned on it...I don't really
even know why I'm here.
The nurses will be here in a
minute to attend to him, so why
don't you and I go get us a cup of
coffee...the cafeteria should be
open about now (looking at her
      (looks at his
That sounds good.
                                         CUT TO:
The cafeteria is empty other than an orderly sipping coffee
a few tables away, reading a book Two workers wearing
scrubs and hair-nets are loading hot covered trays into a
steam table preparing for the breakfast rush. Ines and Carl
are sitting at a table sipping on coffee,
I was hoping you would come back
Mr. Patterson...I know it would
mean a great deal to Wade.
To tell the truth...I really don't
know why I'm still here.


Maybe you need to make peace with
the past.
Maybe...yesterday when you
overheard me talking to your
brother...you said I had it all
wrong...what did you mean?
Well Mr. Patterson....
Please...call me Carl.
Well Carl...When Wade got home
from Korea....He spent a number of
months right here in the
psychiatric ward of this very
hospital. They sent him home
after awhile, but my Parent's were
unable to care for him so they had
him commited to the hospital in
Salem for a number of years. Wade
never really recovered from what
happened over there. After my
Parents died they let him out
again and I cared for him up until
now. About three years ago he got
the cancer and he has been in and
out of here since then. About a
month ago he really took a turn
for the worse and that is when I
really started looking for you.
Did he tell you about me?
Oh yes...Carl...He told me all
about you...and about Chance...and
what you did for him.
So he's pretty much been out of it
all this time?


More bad days than good over the
last forty years or so...the
doctor's call it Chronic
P.T.S.D.....We used to call it
"Shell-Shock". Wade's brain just
couldn't deal with what you boys
went through over there, so it
just kind of shut down to avoid
      (sips her coffee)
I think the time in the Camps are
what really pushed him over the
Your brother went soft in the head
the minute things got rough over
there... and both Chance and I
sacrificed alot to keep him alive.
I know what you did for him and
Wade knows what you did for
him...I think that is whay he
wanted so much to see you before
he died...so he could thank you.
Well I can appreciate that ma'am,
but in return for all our
sacrifices...your brother betrayed
me, Chance and his country to make
himself a little more
comfortable...Chance died
resisting those bastards...he died
rather than betray his country.
I respect your point of view Carl
and I see why you might feel that
way...but I think that's where you
are wrong... if my brother
betrayed his country, it was to
try and save your lives...to
return the favor.
      (crying now)
Wade's loyalty to you was stronger
than his love for his
country....Do you remember the
night you last saw Wade?
                                         CUT TO:


A small filthy concrete cell about three by four feet with
high walls. There is a small metal door and a small
honey-bucket in the corner. Carl is huddled in the fetal
position in the corner. He slowly wakes. Blood is still
flowing, sticky from the strike to his head and is covering
the collar and shirt of his otherwise clean gray pajamas. He
is shivering and groggy. As he becomes more alert he slowly
stands to survey his surroundings. He starts to pound on
the small metal door yelling for Chance.
Chance!...can you hear me?
There is no answer. A guard yells something in Korean
outside. Carl starts to panic and starts pounding again.
      (softer now)
Chance....are you there?
Carl waits for a second and can hear someone stirring on the
other side of the wall. Groaning. Carl notices a small hole
in the bottom of the wall to an adjoining cell and gets on
all fours to whisper through it.
Chance...is that you?
No...It's me ....Wade.
Are you okay?
      (clearer now)
Yeah...I think so....
What happened to Chance....Did you
see Chance?
      (starting to cry)
I didn't.....What
happened?....Where are we?....Oh
shit..I'm bleeding....I'm bleeding


Shhh...Shhh Wade...Calm
down...It's gonna be okay..but you
gotta get ahold of yourself....We
gotta figure out where we
are....Wade? (no answer now) Wade?
(no answer)
Carl sits up and brings his knees to his chest, still
shivering he puts his head back and passes out.
                                         FADE TO:
Carl is jolted awake by the sound of Wade's cell door
opening. His eyes darting back and forth he can hear Wade
shrieking for him as he is drug out of the cell by what
sounds like two guards cussing in Korean. He then hears
Capt. Kim's voice.
                       CAPT. KIM
Mr. Chamorro...Perhaps you have
had time to re-consider you
attitude...Perhaps your thinking
has become clearer?
      (to Carl through
       the door)
Mr. Patterson...do not get too
comfortable, I will be returning
for you in awhile....I would take
this time to re-evaluate your
      (frantic, banging
       on the cell door)
Wade!...Wade!...Don't give the
sons-a-bitches the satisfaction!
Carl slumps back down to the floor of his cell and starts to
cry as he hears the panicking Wade being drug away by the
                                         FADE TO:
Carl wakes again to the sound of Wade's cell door closing
and the guards footsteps walking away. It is morning now
and the dawn light is gray and dismal. He waits till the
footsteps dissapear and gets down on all fours to talk to
Wade through the small hole in the wall.


Wade?...Wade? are you okay?...what
Carl can hear Wade sobbing.
Wade?...if you can... get your
head down near this hole so you
can hear me.
Wade hears nothing for a second, then he hears Wade
shuffling around. He can hear Wade sobbing and breathing
heavily through the hole.
Wade?...Is that you?
I want to go home Carl....I want
to go home....
I know buddy...I know....Did you
see Chance?
      (still crying)
What happened?...What did they do
to you?
      (angrily crying
those mother fuckers cut my pinky
finger off cause I wouldn't read
the statement....They cut my
fucking finger off Carl.
Carl starts crying and banging his head against the cell
wall in frustration.
I had to give Kim four tokens to
save the rest of my fingers....He
told me they were comin' to get
you in awhile.


                       WADE (cont'd)
      (stops crying)
Carl, you got any tokens left?...I
think your gonna need em.
No...I put em all in your pocket
when we got here...when we changed
I'm gonna pass what I got left
through this hole...can you reach
Carl struggles to fit his fingers into the hole. There is
only enough room for one of his fingers and he has to really
work to reach the tokens that Wade is passing through. Wade
starts to cry again as he pushes the remaining tokens
through the hole.
All I have is four left Carl...I'm
sorry...I only have four.
Carl forces himself to stop crying and tries to comfort
It's okay Wade...it's
okay...Hell... worst case, me you
and Chance will all have matching
war wounds when we get home.
As Carl grabs the last token from the hole his cell door
slams opens, startling him. He quickly shoves the tokens
into his pocket as the two guards rush in to take him away.
Wade starts shrieking for Carl again.
                                         CUT TO:
The two guards slam the resisting Carl into a chair. Capt.
Kim is standing in front of the table, pacing back and forth
with his hands behind his back. Carl is breathing heavily
and notices a large amount of blood along with Wade's pinky
finger still laying on the table. Carl's adrenaline
overcomes him and he vomits on the floor. The two guards
take thier positions behind Carl. Capt. Kim takes out
another cigarette and lights it. He calmly walks over to
Carl and offers him one.


                       CAPT. KIM
Can I interest you in a cigarette
Mr. Patterson?
Carl just looks up at Kim, saying nothing and wiping the
vomit from his chin with his sleeve.
                       CAPT. KIM
I have left this gruesome and most
unfortunate souvenir on the table
for your benefit Mr. Patterson. I
hope that you have more sense than
your comrade. I hope that you have
had enough time to get your
thinking straight.
      (breathing heavily)
Where the fuck is Chance?...What
did you do to him?
                       CAPT. KIM
Once again Mr. Patterson, at this
point I would be more concerned
with your fate than that of your
friend...Now I will ask you once
again (placing the microphone in
front of Carl) Will you record
your statement taking
responsibility for your crimes?
      (staring through
       Capt. Kim in a
       loud monotone
Patterson...Carl, J...Private
First Class....Serial Number
Capt. Kim lowers his head, shaking it back and forth with
dissapointment and motions to the guards. The guards descend
on Carl. One holding Carl around the throat and the other
pulling Carl's right hand out into the puddle of blood
already on the table. Carl almost passes out, his chest
                       CAPT. KIM
      (smiling now)
I warned you that your punishment
would be severe Mr. Patterson, We
will start removing your
fingers... starting with the
smallest and working forward, but


                       CAPT. KIM (cont'd)
before I do so I will give you the
same opportunity that I gave Mr.
Chamorro. I will allow you to
embrace the failed Capitalist
system that brought you here and
allow you to pay for the fingers
you would like to keep. If you are
still in posession of the wothless
gambling tokens you are so fond
of...The price will be one token
for each finger you would like to
purchase back from me...
Capt. Kim seems to be enjoying this and produces an already
bloody pair of garden shears. He places the blades around
Carl's pinky and waits for a response. Carls chest is
heaving, his teeth are clenched together trying to keep his
                       CAPT. KIM
      (still smiling)
These bargains won't last Mr.
Patterson...How many will it be?
Carl shoves his left hand into his pocket and pulls out the
four tokens and slams them on the table. He is still
breathing heavily and can barely speak with the guards arm
tightly wrapped around his throat. He nevously starts to
laugh, spit shooting from his clenched teeth.
I'll take four...
Carl notices one of the tokens on the table is Wade's lucky
Token, grabs it back and puts it in his pocket.
      (smiling now)
Make that three....I'm gonna need
that one.
                       CAPT. KIM
Well' I am sorry to hear that... I
thought surely, at these prices, I
could have interested you in more.
You are no smarter than your
      (gearing up)
Start cuttin' mother fucker...


Before the words had left Carl's mouth, Capt. Kim had
already snipped off the pinky, quickly crunching through the
bone with the garden shears. Carl screamed so hard he was
almost unconscious before Kim had snipped through the ring
finger, blood spraying everywhere. Carl's eyes roll back as
he passes out.
                                         CUT TO:
Carl wakes in the cell. It is later in the day now and much
warmer, but the light is still gray and ominous. He winces,
doubling up as the pain from his hand hits him. He looks
down at his blood soaked bandaged hand, grabbing his wrist
and rocking back and forth in pain. Flies are buzzing aroud
now feeding on Carl's blood soaked gray pajamas. He hears
Wade's voice coming from the hole in the wall.
Carl...are you awake?
Carl scoots down to get his face close to the hole.
      (trying not to cry)
Yeah...I'm awake...how are you
doin?...Are you hangin' in there?
      (crying now)
Not so good Carl...I don't think
I'm gonna make it.
Carl tries to mask his dipair to lift Wade's spirits.
      (smiling, trying
       not to cry)
You stop talkin like that....This
is all gonna be over before you
know it...There gonna get tired of
this little game thier playin' and
send us back to the Camp...You'll
see....Any sign of Chance?
No...I think Chance is gone Carl.


Carl is overcome but tries to force back his crying so Wade
can't hear him. The pain is getting worse now and Carl is
getting pale and weak from the loss of blood.
I'm gonna try and get some more
sleep before they come back. I
held back one token in
there...It's your lucky token
Wade...I'm gonna push it through
the hole now...I wanted to make
sure you got it back.
Wade, knowing that means Carl had to give up an extra
finger, starts to cry again.
I'm sorry Carl....I'm so
sorry...you keep it...I'm sorry.
You knock that shit off
Devil-Dog...I'm gonna be just
fine...Now reach through here and
grab this and put it in your
Carl shoves the token through the hole as he looks through.
He and Wade are eye to eye now. Wade is still crying as he
reaches for it with his finger pulling it into his cell.
      (looking through
       the hole at Wade.)
Now they are probably gonna come
for you next...You do the right
thing with this...It might save
your life... or at least another
Okay Carl.
Where did you find this...I didn't
know I...It fell between the
I dug it out last night before I
went to sleep...I put in your
pocket...You hold on to that thing
Wade and your gonna get outta


                       CARL (cont'd)
here...no problem, You hear?
I will Carl.
And maybe later....you can loan it
to me for awhile...I might need a
little of that good luck.
I;m sorry I got you into this
Carl....I didn't mean to be so
much trouble to you guys.
You didn't get me into nothin' I
didn't sign up for...and when you
go in there, don't give these
bastards an inch, okay?
Okay Carl.
Now get some rest...you're gonna
need it.
Okay Carl.
Carl sits up, holding his bandaged hand next to his chest
and puts his head back against the wall and passes out
                                         FADE TO:
The sound of an engine starting wakes up Carl. He is pale
and groggy from the loss of blood. As he comes to, he
realizes that he is lying in the bed of a covered truck. the
truck is now moving. He realizes that his his feet and
hands are bound. It is still cloudy outside and starting to
get dark. He notices that he is lying in a pool of sticky
blood and there is blood all over him. He tries to free his
hands and get himself upright but manages only to turn over.
He sees someone lying next to him in the bed of the truck.
He tries to focus and notices that the blood is coming from
the body laying next to him. As he scoots closer to the body


he realizes that the body is Chance. He starts screaming
frantically, uncontrollably. Chance's eyes are open,
grotesque and glazed over, obviously dead, a large bullet
hole in the side of his head. Carl starts frantically
pushing himself away from Chance and he manages to scoot
himself enough to prop up against the tailgate of the moving
truck. He is sitting against the tailgate now, looking at
the outside of the re-education building as the truck slowly
drives away. He can see some of the detainees still in their
gray pajamas lining up behind the fence to watch the truck
leave. He notices Wade emerge from the back of the crowd,
making his way to the fence. Wade calmly stands watching,
his left hand holding the chain-link and slowly waving to
Carl with his bandaged right as the truck drives further
away. Carl can't do anything but sob.
                                         FADE TO:
Carl and Ines are sitting at the table finished with thier
coffee now, still talking.
      (angry now)
You see...I gave Wade the last
thing I had to give and while I
was passed out from loss of blood
and Chance was lying in the back
of a truck with a bullet in his
head...Wade went back into that
room and fucked both of us over to
make his life a little bit
easier...Excuse my french maam,
But there has not been a day that
has gone by ever since... that I
have not cursed him for doing it.
Carl realizes that he has been talking too loud and recoils
with embarrasment He tries to calm himself and looks around
self-consciously and notices the orderly staring at him as
he picks up his book and coffee and leaves his table. He
reaches for Ines' hand apologetically. Ines is crying now .
I'm so sorry...I don't mean to
burden you with this...especially
now....I should just go...I'm
Carl starts to get up.


      (composing herself)
No Carl...Please stay...
As Ines is holding Carl's hand, an I.C.U. Nurse appears at
the table.
                       NURSE #2
Ines...I'm sorry to
interrupt...I'm so glad I found
you...I was just in Wade's room
and He is awake right now....He
asked for you...I'm so glad I
found you.
Oh Gloria...thank you so
much...I'll be right
there...Please excuse me for just
a moment.
The nurse scurries off and Ines turns to Carl who almost
looks scared.
Oh Carl what a miracle this is
...He hasn't been awake in weeks
and this may very well be the last
time....Please come in with me
Carl...It would mean so much.
      (fidgiting and
oh...well...I don't know...I just
wouldn't know what to....
Oh Carl...you have already come so
far ...Please? This may be the
last chance you get to put this
behind you.
Carl looks almost shocked and bewildered.
                                         CUT TO:


Ines and Carl are standing outside the curtain surrounding
Wade's bed. Ines is holding Carl's hand. Carl looks scared
as if his biggest fear is bcoming a reality. Gloria, the
nurse, emerges from behind the curtain quietly closing it
behind her.
                       NURSE #2
Now just to prepare you...Iv'e got
him all propped up. He can talk
but he is very weak so you will
have to get very close to hear
him...This will probably be the
last chance you get to say your
Gloria takes Ine's hand in hers and gives her a loving pat
of support. She pats Carl on the shoulder as she leaves.
                       NURSE #2
I'll leave you alone now and God
Thank you so much...for everything
Gloria gives Ines and Carl a supportive smile and walks
away. Ines takes Carl's hand and steps inside the curtain
pulling it closed around them. She whispers to Carl.
      (still whispering)
I want to talk to him for a
minute...please wait right
      (swallowing hard)
Ines dries her eyes and sits on the edge of Wade's bed. She
lovingly brushes the hair from Wade's eyes and leans in
close whispering to him for a few moments. At one point she
looks back at Carl, smiling with gratitude.. Tears start to
stream from Wade's's face and he says something else to
Ines. Ines slowly gets up and opens a drawer next to the
bed retrieving the old cigar box that she had offered Carl
the previous day. She hands the box to Wade who is still
crying. A lump develops in Carl's throat. Ines motions Carl


to come closer and she gets up from the bed allowing Carl to
get closer. She whispers in Carl's ear.
It's Okay Carl...You'll need to
lean in close so you can hear him.
Carl nervously sits where Ines had sat, he is shaking. Wade
tries to speak but cannot stop crying. He lifts his right
hand to show Carl. It is shaking, old and gnarled, full of
I.V.s, tubes wrapped around his arm. He is weakly smiling
and lifts it up to show Carl that he is missing three
fingers from his right hand. Carl starts sobbing
uncontrollably. Wade is still overcome by emotion and only
has the strength to weakly pat Carl on the arm, as if to let
him know that it is okay.. Wade silently opens the cigar box
with his left hand. His shaking hand goes into the box,
fishing for something. He pulls out an old tattered and
yellowed photograph and ,trembling, hands it to Carl. It is
the photograph of the three boys on leave in Tijuana,
sitting on the donkey cart. Carl looks at the photo and
brings his trembling hand to his mouth to subdue his crying.
Ines is crying now, still standing behind Carl, dabbing her
eyes with a tissue.. Wade reaches into the box again,
motioning Carl closer he speaks.
      (whispering weakly)
I knew you'd make it
out....(wheezing, breathing
heavily and pausing to catch his
breath) Iv'e been wanting to give
you this for a long time....You
can use it more than I can now
Carl....I would have never made it
this far without you....Thank you
for everything.
      (closing his eyes
       and laying his
       head back in
Wade is unconscience again and Carl looks down at Wade's
hand in his. He slowly pulls his hand away, trembling to
reveal Wades lucky token, the last remaining token that he
had given Wade all those years ago. Carl grips the token
tightly with his right hand, the one missing the two fingers
and lowers his head, quietly sobbing as he strokes Wade's
head with his other hand.
                                         FADE OUT:


Carl and Otis silently sit in the car, driving south,
towards home. Otis seems to know not to talk and Carl looks
content, his eyes still red from so much crying. a faint
smile on his face as if the weight of the world has been
lifted off his shoulders.
                                         CUT TO:
An exterior view of Carl's Caddillac cruising down the
freeway past a sign that says "Salem - Next 5 Exits"
                                         CUT TO:
Interior of Carl's car.
Carl, Could I bother you to get me
a pop or somethin' at the next
stop here?...I hate to ask but I'm
thirsty as hell...I gotta piss
      (content and calm)
There's an AM/PM off the next
exit...I'll get off there.
                                         CUT TO:
An exterior shot of Carl's car leaving the freeway.
                                         CUT TO:
Carl fishes out a five dollar bill and gives it to Otis.
You want anything Carl?
Yeah...get me a Dr. Pepper...one
of them small bottles.


You got it...I'll be right
back...and I'll square up wit you
when we get back Carl.
Don't give it another
thought...It's my treat.
Well thank you Carl...I'll be
right back.
      (starts to open
       door and stops,
       looking back at
You good Carl?
      (still softly
I'm good Otis....I'm real good.
Carl gets out of the car closing the door and walks into the
store. Carl sits for a minute looking reflective and reaches
into his breast pocket pulling out the token and rubbing it
in his hand. He looks a million miles away for a moment and
starts to get misty eyed again. He comes to and puts the
token back in his pocket softly smiling again and wiping his
eyes. He reaches down and turns on the radio as if to
change the subject in his own mind. A commercial for a
mattress store is just finishing their jingle and the D.J.
takes over.
                       D.J. (V.O.)
      (on radio)
This is your D.J. Eddie Sands here
on Sunny 106 A.M. and we'll be
back with Nat King Cole right
after these messages (another
Otis comes back to the car with a bag of soda and settles
into the passenger seat. He puts the bag down and hands the
change back to Carl.
      (handing the bills
       to Carl)
Here's two dollars...and I got
some change here too....
      (counting out to
       give to Carl)


                       CARL (cont'd)
Here's two quarters...Oh wait a
minute...Look Carl...that kid gave
me some kind of arcade token
instead of a quarter....I'll go
get you your quarter.
Otis starts back out the door and Carl stops him.
That's okay ...you can keep
that...I'm not worried about it.
You sure?...It's no trouble.
Yeah...you hold on to it.
What do I want with it...It's a
worthless arcade coin.
You never know Otis...it may be
worth sumthin someday.
Carl puts the car in gear and pulls out of the parking lot,
turning up the radio.
                       D.J. (V.O.)
      (on radio)
Welcome back to another hour of
"The Songs of Your Life" here on
Sunny 106 on your A.M. dial. As
always, this is Eddie Sands and
coming up next we have the
incomparable Nat King Cole and his
wonderful "Too Young" originally
released in 1951. I hope you enjoy
it as much as I do....(song
                                         CUT TO:
Exterior view of Carl's car entering the freeway on an
on-ramp and going down the freeway out of view, shot closes
in on setting sun while song plays.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


Sunset, overlooking ocean, behind Carl, Chance and Wade
sitting at the picnic table, drinking beer, talking to one
another. The last time the three boys were happy and
together. The golden light of the sunset surrounds them.
"Too Young" is now playing from the radio in the kitchen and
the faint sounds of clinking beer bottles,the boys laughing
and joking with each other and the soft waves coming ashore
can be heard.


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From Ty Date 2/25/2009 ****
I love it... One of the most effective screenplays ive ever read. This is going to make a great film. Cant wait to see it. The story is incredible

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