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Midnight Predator
by courtney (littlebabyangel14@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A man walks towards a girl about eighteen and sits in the
chair next to her. he is wearing casual jeans and sneakers
with a nice sweater. The girl seems to have been crying for
quite some time, she is wearing a collard purple shirt with
nice jeans. The man leans towards her and smiles
                       TURQUOISE'S FATHER
Some people use things; they
destroy. Your a creator a builder.
Two women are fighting one is distracted only for a moment
but just long enough for her opponent to slice through the
inside of her arm. The two seem to be tired and becoming
clumsier by the minute. They both have a few cuts and many
bruises from long hours of attacking each other. the clock
dings five times telling them that it is five"o" clock i the
                       TURQUOISE (V.O.)
Crimson. it was the most elite of
the three Bruja guilds.
cold-blooded as snakes and as
vicious as hyenas, members of the
Bruja were the best predators in
existence. To be recognized as the
guild leader would fufill the
promise I'd made long ago. I'd
sworn to myself that no one would
ever mistake me for prey again. If
that meant abandoning a few of the
social mores of the daylight
world, as Bruja members so
frequently did, so be it. The
leader of the Cimson was second
only to Sarta, the leader of all
three Bruja guilds, I had trained
and fought and competed for the
position. And i know i am the best
crimson has.


A light switch is turned on and the room is immersed in
bright light. the two women blink groggily but never take
their eyes of of each other. A woman looking very
professional and powerful steps on to the balcony above,In a
Grey business suit and black dress shoes.
Ravyn. Turquoise. Sheath your
weapons, I have a feeling that
this competition could go on for
days if i let it, but Bruja law
does call for a limit.
Ravyn, a well muscled but slim woman with burgundy hair and
deep sea green eyes looks at Sarta with contemplation and
      (with suppressed
Well, Sarta if you are going to
call a halt to our fun, do you
also plan to name a winner?
Turquoise wipes her blade on her well ruined jeans and has a
look of disgust on her face awaiting Sarta's decision. They
have been sparring for well over four hours. when they begun
it had been almost noon.
Rematch.Onyx and Frost still need
to compete today. You two are
obviously evenly matched with
daggers, but a Bruja member needs
to be able to use any weapon at
his or her command.
She pauses for a dramatic effect.
A tie is decided in a private
duel, one month after challenge
witnessed only by the other Bruja
The weapon is decided by the Bruja
member who has been in the guild
the longest-in this case Ravyn-
and the bout goes to third blood.


In one month, and i get to choose
the weapon...in that case..
Ravyn walks slowly around the room examining the walls, that
are immensely decorated with weapons of all sizes shapes and
designs. She pauses and runs her fingers across the blade of
a broadsword but shakes her head and moves on.She glances as
the crossbows but decides against it. She grins maniacally
as she pulls down two leather whips and cracks one expertly.
I choose these.
Ravyn throws a whip to Turquoise with a grin. Turquoise
sighs with a grimace catching the whip just before it falls
to the ground.
Turquoise do you accept the
I accept.
      (with confidence)
Then get out of here. Come back
the day of the next full moon. the
match will begin at sunrise.
Turquoise is looking at the posts on the bulletin reading a
few of them with not very much interest. Ravyn comes
stalking gracefully out the door into the narrow
corridor.Turquoise glances behind her with a look of disgust
showing on her tired face. She begins reading the posts

" Reward of $10,000 for the assassination of a Mr.Kevin
Michael. He is a con-artist and goes by many names. Call
this number for more information 982-5692."

Turquoise shakes her head in disarray continuing to read the
posts. Finally she strolls out of the building.


Turquoise walks out of the building blinking in the
afternoon light.She sees a young woman no more than
twenty-five with her light brown hair pulled up into a tight
business like bun. She has a cream business suit on over a
chocolate colored blouse. The woman holds up her hands
showing that she is unarmed.
      (with an english
Turquoise Draka?
Turquoise nods cautiously.The woman walks slowly towards
turquoise stopping a few feet away from her.
Ah and here comes Ravyn Aniketos,
Ravyn draws a dagger instantly upon hearing her name. Ravyn
looks at Turquoise and they shrug at each other.
Something I can help you with?
Yes. My name is Jillian Red.
Jillian extends her hand and does not seem surprised when no
one returns the friendly gesture. She gently drops it back
to her side.
I have been following both of your
careers for about a year now. You
both hold quite impressive ranks
and have shown certain rancor
toward a breed I am not too fond
of myself.
Ravyn seems bored already and begins to walk away. Turquoise
seems to be uninterested as well.
you both show a certain promise in
your history namely some
unpleasant experiences with the
Ravyn turns sharply tension pulsing through her body she
looks at Jillian with a glare on her face.


And what, do you know of our
You, Ravyn first came to vampiric
attention when you were fifteen,
and were brought into the trade by
a low power mercenary named Jared.
You were lucky enough...
Ravyn shakes her head angrily.
This is unnecessary!
Unlucky enough, to be in the midst
of vampires who respected Jared's
claim of ownership and because of
it would not come to your aid no
matter how much they disapproved
of his treatment of you. Shortly
after he acquired you, Jared was
found dead. And about a week after
that, you entered Crimson.
whats the job?
shall we find someplace to sit and
discuss the particulars?
Even if you choose not to accept
my offer, which i doubt, you will
be well paid for your time.
Lead the way..
Jillian is sitting on a couch in her hotel room opening her
briefcase. She takes out pictures and hands them to the two
women sitting across from her.


      (pointing to the
       picture in
       Turquoise's hands)
This is a copy of a painting made
back in 1690, I don't suppose
either of you recognizes it?
The camera focuses on a building, the outside walls are
painted black with an abstract design in red. The grounds
have a pattern of burgundy leafed ground that has been
carefully planted around black stone . A path of white slate
winds up to the door which is flanked by lushly growing
roses.The blooms which have been perfectly depicted are
Neither turquoise or Ravyn seems to recognize it but look
intensely at the painting as if trying to place the picture.
In the early sixteen hundreds two
vampire sisters founded an empire
they called midnight. This
building was the heart, the symbol
so to speak of their power. they
were less than five hundred years
old, young compared to most of
their kind, but they were both
ruthless and more organized than
any if their elders. Their
determination allowed them to take
control swiftly.
Jeschikah, the younger of the two
sisters sisters, was the absolute
leader of midnight. For a few
hundred years, she controlled
nearly all the vampires, shape
shifters and the witches. as for
the humans they were no more than
cattle.if a human were sold into
Midnight that was the end.
      (thinking aloud)
you keep saying Midnight was...
What is it now?
I'll get there.
In the early eighteen hundreds,
Midnight was destroyed by a group
of older stronger vampires. The
building was leveled and every
living creature inside was


                       JILLIAN (cont'd)
destroyed.Of course the vampires
survived but with their property
and slaves lost, the empire its
heart, and the rival power was
able to take control. The new
leaders banned the slave trade--
they did not approve of caged
meat-- but as you two have
witnessed, the laws have slackened
over the years.The original
vampires of Midnight were able to
pick up the trade again. That
might have been enough but..
Jillian reaches over and pulls out a lamented eight by ten
photograph of a new more advanced Midnight.
This was sent to me a few days
ago. The trade has been pulled
together by a new master, one of
the trainers from the original
midnight. My employer, who wishes
to remain anonymous, was
unconcerned about Midnight's
revival until recently, when the
original founder returned. With
the groundwork already in place,
Jeshickah is expressing an
interest in taking charge again.
My employer would like that threat
eliminated... The offer is for
Jeshickah's death is a half a
million to each of you, with that
much again split as you wish if
the job is done within the next
week. I am only the agent, and
have only been contacted via
writing, so i can offer little
more information than i have given
you. Are you interested?
Why hire two Bruja to go after one
leech? It's a waste of money.
My employer has a whish to have
this job done quickly. Hiring two
of you is insurance. If one of you
does not succeed the other might.


      (Scraping away a
       speck of blood on
       her long red
Sounds fun! With luck we wont have
to worry about the rematch either.
Ravyn looks to Turquoise smiling. Turquoise shrugs smugly.
You say get inside, How?
That's one of the reasons the job
isn't cheap, You're on your own to
get into Midnight. You'll have to
use any means necessary, Turquoise
Jillian looks at turquoise as if she knows the way she'll
get in.
I need to make a call....
It is about an hour later. Turquoise knocks on a hotel door.
A man in his mid-twenties answers the door. He is
dark-skinned and handsome, he is wearing a dark business
suit looking very official. He is obviously Vampiric.
Milady Turquoise.
Nathaniel greets turquoise with a bow. He then proceeds to
let her into the room.
Nathaniel always nice to see you,
I dont supose this is a social
call. You on a job?
Turquoise nods seemingly contemplating over something.
I need to get myself and another
woman into Midnight.


Nathaniel's eyes widen slightly in surprise.
And I need to do it without
getting tied up, or beaten bloody.
Nathaniel leans back against the wall frowning
      (with heavy
you don't ask for much do you
Turquoise? Are you trying to get
yourself killed?
Well... will you get us in?
I could sell you in. You would
fetch a high number, I'm sure.
attractive, healthy,strong,
intelligent..or i thought you
were. Are you really that anxious
to sell yourself back into
Nathaniel shakes his head evaluating her,obviously
calculating her price in the market.
The scars on your arms will lessen
your value by a couple hundred.
Unless you would like me to offer
you to Daryl? He would pay dearly
to see his little pet again..
Turquoise glares at Nathaniel at the suggestion ten tries to
shake off the feeling of remorse.
      (With rage)
If he is involved in Midnight,
then I'm definitely going in. He's
deserved a knife in him for a long
You weren't always so
I've seen you pull stunts that
left me wondering if you had a


                       NATHANIEL (cont'd)
death wish. you push yourself hard
enough to kill a weaker human and
accept jobs that should be suicide
missions just to prove you can
handle them.
Turquoise shrugs wincing slightly then rolling her shoulders
to stretch them out.
I've never lost, and I've never
known you to argue with me before.
Nathaniel shrugs and sighs looking at Turquoise with a
serious look on his face.
Alright, Well, it's your life. You
know the slave trade better than
most free blood humans will ever
imagine it.
Nathaniel contemplates for a moment and then turns to
Forty thousand in advance. And
I'll take whatever I can get for
selling the two of you. I haven't
dealt in flesh since the old
Midnight was destroyed, but I've
had enough pressure to return to
it that my selling a couple of
humans for a profit won't surprise
anyone. Deal, Milady?
Turquoise nods in agreement
Shall we find your companion?
They walk out of the room and go into the hallway towards
Jillian red's hotel room.
Why does Midnight scare you so


Because I was part of it once, I
know Midnight and the woman who
once ran it better than you could
ever imagine; I understand what
went on inside. And while I'm not
nearly so mad as the people I
surround myself with, I seem to
have a rather unprofessional
desire not to see you kill
Ravyn, Turquoise and Nathaniel are sitting at a small
secluded table near the back of a very nice Chinese
restaurant. They are immersed in conversation Ravyn is
looking amused as Nathaniel explains the particulars of the
masquerade they will be playing.
Nathaniel is speaking between polite bites and sips of tea.
If you don't want to be bound and
thrown into a cell. you're going
to need to pass for a tamed slave.
No trainer will believe you are
broken, but if you're careful, he
might be satisfied that you're
smart enough to be obedient.I've
heard that Midnight isn't as
brutal to its slaves as it once
was, so a bit of servility should
buy you enough time to do your
Ravyn has a look of annoyance on her face as he speaks about
being obedient.
Your master is more than your
owner, he is your life, the only
thing that matters. Nothing comes
before his wishes.What he says you
do, without hesitation. Until your
sold, that owner is me. When we
get to Midnight, keep your eyes on
me. If someone tells you to do
something, look to me. If someone
asks you a question, look to me.
Once you're sold, the same applies
to who ever your new owner is. A


                       NATHANIEL (cont'd)
slave isn't supposed to think; she
just obeys.
Ravyn begins to look very bored seeming just ready to start
the mission.
      (Glaring at ravyn)
Never address the vampires by name
unless given permission to do so.
I know very few who would hesitate
to give a slave a beating if she
forgot a title. In general,
address any of my kind as 'Milady'
or 'Milord' until told otherwise."
Nathaniel pauses seeming to be thinking of anything he may
have forgotten.
The present master of Midnight is
names Jaguar he was a trainer in
the original Midnight, one of the
best. Avoid him as best you can,
because he'll see through your act
Tell us about this Midnight.
I have avoided this new Midnight
so far, but i knew the old one too
well; I've seen humans bred like
cattle, beaten bloody for
meaningless trifles. Worse I've
seen freeborn humans as strong
willed as you two reduced to the
servility of well-trained pets.
Nathaniel looks seriously at Turquoise then to Ravyn,
judging their expressions.
Ive been told that Jaguar is
changing some of the rules. Poeple
have been objecting that he's too
gentle with humans now. but no one
with the power to overthrow him
has bothered to do so. Don't let
his seemingly kindness fool you.
After Jeshickah, Jaguar was the
most vicious trainer in


                       NATHANIEL (cont'd)
Midnight.Even if he has somehow
gained a set of morals, old habits
die hard.
Once I sell you in you're on your
own none of Midnight's followers
will go against a claim of
ownership so even if you want to
pay a mercenary for help escaping,
he wont be able to take you out.
Nahtaniel walks around the room a few steps as he is
speaking looking from Turquoise to Ravyn, concerned.
      (with suppressed
It won't be a problem.

Tell us more about this Jeshicah
you mentioned.
Nathaniel shakes his head seeming to not want to speak about
She gatherd her trainers and
taught them their trade. She
picked the slaves who would be
bred and the slaves who would be
culled. After her Midnight was
destroyed, she withdrew from
vampire society. So far, she
doesnt seem to be involved with
Jaguar's project. Jaguar was
Jeshicah's favorite, brutal and
perfectly obidient to her. It
isn't surprising thet he would
attempt to re-create the
environmentt in which he had
Nathanie still paseing across the room looks as though he is
thinking a lot about what he is saying and trying not to
speak about Jeshicah.
Don't trust Jaguar and don't
irritate him unless you are
willing to take a beating for it.
It takes a lot to get his temper
riled, but once it is, you're in
trouble. In general, dont give him


                       NATHANIEL (cont'd)
him any reason to touch you,
especially in anger, but don't
fight him if he does. NEVER raise
a hand against a trainer, not
unless you know you can kill him.
Is he usually armed?
Jaguar rarely carries a knife, he
favors a nine-foot leather whip,
which he is an expert with. i've
seen him slice open the arm of
another vampire,then pull a bird
unharmed from the air with the
back snap
Turquoise rolls her eyes in aggitation at the mention of
whips and ravyn shakes her head while sipping her water in
You look a bit pale.
Just annoyed
Turquoise seem to be lost in thought as she looks around the
A young looking handsom man, wearing Charcoal grey pants and
a silk white button down shirt which shows a gernerous
amount of his sculpted chest walks around the room where a
younger Turquoise is sitting in the floor at his feet
whimpering.He is holding a long leather whip with a grin on
his face.
                       LORD DARYL
It's practical, a knife is more
likely to scar, or do greater
damage than intended. It is easier
to establish discipline with a
more versitile weapon.
Lord Daryl snaps the whip leaving Turquoise in darkness


Turquoise meets Nathaniel's gaze and he loos as though he
knows what she is thinking and swiftly looks away. Their
waitress returns and Nathaniel looks at her flirting as she
refills their water glasses and then walks away blushing.
      (continueing his
       speech from
Turquoise, you might want to go
back to using your birth name, it
will make it easier to convince
anyone you see that you have been
bounced around inside the trade
the last few years. Either way
don't use Turquoise Draka, it's
too easy to trace. RAvyn, how
likely are you to be recognized?
All the vampires i've ever known
are dead
Nathaniel looks at her noding as if understanding the
implied threat and continues
I normally don't make a point of
arguing the plans of someone who
is paying me,but you both know
this is insanity, don't you?
Insanity makes the rivers flow.
Any more advice you're willing to
Turquoise bites back a yawn the sleepiness showing on her
faceand looks at the clock sighing it is only noon.
Nothing that's going to mean much
to you. With luck, you won't have
any trouble dealing with Jaguar.
He's probably stronger than the
vampires you've faced before, but
he's weak compared to Jeshickah.
If Jeshickah or Gabriel are there,


                       NATHANIEL (cont'd)
pray you don't run into either of
Ravyn's gaze snaps up when she hears Gabriel's name. She
looks up from a sleepy-look of contemplation to automatic
Something wrong?
Ravyn shakes her head attempting to stifle a yawn.The
waitress returns with their check. Nathaniel takes out the
correct number of bills and Turquoise seems to be having
trouble keeping awake as they walk to the door of the
Nathaniel opens the two side doors for both of the girls
before walking to the drivers seat. Turquoise is almost
unconcious as she looks at nathaniel from the passenger seat
her eyelids drooping heavily. Ravyn is already unconcious in
the back seat.
Sleep Turquoise, It's a long drive
to Midnight, and theres no reason
for you to know the way.
A younger Turquoise is tanding in front of a young boy. She
has bandages in her hands and the boy is looking at them
deciding which he wants he points to a sesame street band
aid and Turquoise rubs the band- aid on the young boy's
scraped up knee.
They're all patched up. You take
care of Bert for me
The young boy grinns nodding at his sister as he kisses her
on the cheek before hopping off the counter and running back


                       TURQUOISE'S FATHER
That boy gets into more trouble in
one afternoon...
An elderly man maybe in his mid-forties walks down the
stairs laughing to himself.
                       TURQUOISE'S FATHER
he is very lucky to have a sister
like you. Most fifteen year old
girls have better things to do
than take care of their brothers
Young Turquoise shrugs sighing.
                       TURQUOISE'S FATHER
honestly, some people only care
about themselves. They use things;
they destroy. You're...you're a
creator, a builder. A healer, not
a user.
Turquoise shakes the words off shaking her head and
smileing. Her father seems to realize that he's begun
lecturing again and grins. He gives his daughter a big hug.
                       TURQUOISE'S FATHER
Don't ever let anyone change you,
Turquoise wakes slowly shaking off her dream. her eyes
looking dazed she sits up and see's Nathaniel buys
somethings in the store and flirting with the girl at the
counter. The girl leans over the counter, her hand touching
his as she hands him his change. Nathaniel takes the girl
gently in an embrace and he gently sets her down the girl
slumps to the ground groggily. Nathaniel leaves with and
walks to the door looking refreshed.
What the HELL!? that-
Turquoise looks back at her comrad with a smirk.
We didn't pay him to tell us where
Midnight was, and most likely
someone is paying him not to give
Midnight's location away.


What's all the drama about this
job? I've killed older
bloodsuckers than this Jeshickah.
She might have a bad rap, but that
will all change once she's got a
knife in her.
Turquoise doesn't respond except to shake her head
admonishingly. Turquoise sits back trying to relax. Ravyn
continues to grumble quietly as Nathaniel opens the door and
tosses a box of donuts and a soda at Turquoise and then
offers one to ravyn.
It's Sealed.
no thank you.
Suit yourself.
Nathaniel drops the drink into the cup holder in the
backseat and cranks the car back up.
We are about ten minutes away from
Midnight. If you want anything to
Nathaniel chuckles lightly seeming to be in a good mood.
Turquoise digs into the box of donuts as nathaniel grinning
puts the car in gear and leaves the gas station, driving
down the road.
A minute later they are driving and thee is an obvious
switch as they come into midnight territory. Turquoise sits
up looking more aware.


Midnight has always had witches on
it's payroll, They keep unwanted
pests from stumbling in.
Turquoise looks out the window and the scene has changed
from town houses and farm lands to forests of oak and pine
trees. It's just starting to get dark outside, the moon is
hidden behind a thick wall of trees.
We're here.
Turquoise looks out the wind again seeing menacing buildings
of Midnight, A path of white marble led from the gates of an
imposing iron fence guarded by two iron raven statues to the
carved doorway. around the entire building there are black
roses growing thoush the red ground is slightly less
over-grown, the building is obviously designed in imitation
of the antique painting that Jillian Red has showed them the
day before.
      (under his breath)
Nathaniel swerves off the road to avoid an oncoming car. A
sleek black car that looks extremley exspensive pulls up
infront of them. Ravyn whistles leaning forward in her seat
looking at the car.
who's got the Lamborghini?
Shut up.
Nathaniel pushes his door open every move tense.
Stay here.
Turquoise catches nathaniel's gaze but he avoids her. he
gets out of the car and approaches the woman who has just
stepped out of the Lamborghini. Her long legs are covered by
tall black boots that lace from ankle to mid thigh over top
of her black suede pants. the archaic boots contrast greatly
with the modern styling of her burgundy shirt.The woman
stands by her car and smiles as Nathaniel comes to her.


I heard you had decided not to
involve yourself with jaguar's
project here
That was my plan, but Jaguar's
games here have recently ceased to
amuse me
How so?
Jeshickah laughs amused.
This place is a mockery.
Jeshickah has a look of disgust on her face, then her gaze
turns to Ravyn and Turquoise who are waiting in the car.
That one looks familiar....
Jareds pet wasnt she?
Jeshickah points towards Ravyn.
Perhaos, but i don't remember
anyone quite like her.
She's not broken.
Not quite. I thought Jaguar might
enjoy that. I was going to present
the girls directly to him.
      (with a smirk)
There was a time when you would
have enjoyed them yourself.
Nathaniel tries to mask his annoyance but Jeshickah can see
that she has struck a nerve and smiles entertained.


Jaguar is much more qualified than
i ever was
Jeshickah growls rolling her eyes.
The little cat had talent but I'm
afraid time has liquified his
brain. I think I'll come with you
and see what he makes of this fine
pair. Jaguar will certainly deal
with their pride. Or he won't,and
I'll tear out the bleeding heat
he's developed and make him eat
Jeshickah says the last words with a smile as she walks
towards the doors of Midnight not checking to see if
Nathaniel had obeyed her command.
      (to the girls.)
You two follow.
The tone of his voice is surprisingly similar to the one
Jeshickah had used with him. Ravyn and Turquoise follow
behind Nathaniel and Jeshickah to the door Jeshickah's
heeled boots make a loud click everytime she steps forward.
They get to the door and she bangs on the door three
distinct times. The dor opens to reveal a young boy. he
starts to walk outside and freezes when he sees Jeshickah.
his aborted step turns into a stumble and the boy falls hard
on his knee, kneeling before her. He moves as if to stand
but rethinks that and stays kneeling.
Can i help you. Milady?
the boy keeps his eyes on the ground not daring to look up.
Jeshickah regards the boy as if he were a dog
Stand up and get out of the way.
The boy slowly rises to his feet and slides adise, still
never raising his eyes. he waits for all of them to pass
before slinking after them.
      (growling under
       her breath)
Mangly curr


She ignores the boy and speaks to Nathaniel again as they
begin to walk down the room and towards Jaguar's bedroom.
His name is Eric, Jaguar ytreats
him like a son, gives him free
reign of the building and grounds,
even lets him into town when he
wants to go. The creatuer is
obidient, but spoilet.
Jeshickah continues to lead the way to Midnight's interior,
which seems slightly less intimidating but no less elegant.
An oaken panel runs halfway up the wall where it breaks into
a rich jade green. A carpet of Oriental design covers the
floor.Near the end of the hall, Jeshickah puses open a door
and lets them into a dimly lit room. Jaguar is sprawled on
his back across a black leather couch, one hand behind his
head with his eyes closed. He is a golden tan and has medium
length straight black hair which is pulled back into a low
pony tail. He is wearing black silk pants and no shirt.
Jaguar long leather whip is cruler under his other hand on
his chest.They pause near the doorway of his room, the
vampire's eyes fluter open. He has onxy colored eyes. He
looks automatically at Jeshicah with an unfriendly stare.
Jeshickah walks towards him grinning.
Have a nice nap, pet?
Jaguar takes obvious effort to shake off the annoyance he
has towards Jeshickah.
These the girls you called me
The tension and annoyance that was in nathaniel the second
he has seen Jeshickah's car was vanished and he seems to be
completely in his element, slave trade.
They aren't perfectly broken, but
they're smart enough not to cause
you any trouble. Besides that,
they're both healthy and fairly
attractive. There's some scarring
on that one..


Nathaniel Gestures towards Turquoise's arms
Mostly on her arms but nothing
Let me see.
Turquoise pulls off the long sleved white cotton shirt she
was wearing revealing a black tank top. She looks nervous as
she stands in the middle of the room with the three vampires
inspecting the nasty scars on her upper and lower arms.
There is a distinctive scar all the way around her left
Jaguar frowns looking at her wrist where a smooth pearl
braclet is wraped around beside her scar.
Her first trainer wasnt as careful
as most..
How much for the pair of them?
Allow me kitten, You need a few
more toys around here
Jaguar's glare met Jeshickah when she used a nickname, but
Jeshickah had already turned away from him.
Nathaniel, shall we hagglein
private while Jaguar gets to know
his new acquisitions?
Jeshickah puts an arm around Nathaniel's waist and they walk
out of the room in what seems to be a firendly manner. When
they leave Jaguar lets out a sigh and walks around the two
girl silently inspecting them.


If you have questions, ask them
Are there any rules we should
know, sir?
Eric will find you something to
do. So long as you get your work
done, you may go almost anywhere
in the building. I suggest you
avoid the west wing unless you
plan on a little bloodletting.
Beyond that, if a door is locked,
you aren't welcome.
Jaguar pauses, looking as if he's thinking of something.
I don't mind intelligent
conversation, so feel free to
speak as you with to me. If you
bother me, I will tell you to shut
up, I don't feel the need to hit
people for talking. Around others
of my kind, hold your tongue. Most
aren't as lenient as I am.
Jaguar looks towards the door where Jeshickah has just left,
hinting that she is one of those to avoid.
Ravyn echo's turquoise's answewr through her teeth. Jaguar
gives them a stern look.
You will need to work on that for
Jashickah, but I'm not fond of
titles. Jaguar will do just fine.
The two women nod in understanding Ravyn has a small smile
on her face.


You'll find I give few orders,
especially once you get an idea as
to how this place is run. If you
choose to do everything I say,


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