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My Name is Fred Marsh (Short Film)
by Abdallah Saleh (doombringer20@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Please read the entire thing before judging, and please note that I take visual notes because I hope to direct this someday.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


BEEP. A camera blurs into focus. It stays still and is
covered by a body. The body backs away. We realize the body
is the one who turned on the camera. He is crying and edgy.
Rain and thunder can be heard.

The camera stays still; it is obvious that he is talking
into his own camera. (so it won't move)
My name is Fred Marsh. Several
months ago, I met a very
interesting man named Kyle Walker.
He showed me what he called the
meaning of life. His meaning of
life wasn't only the soon to be
conventional idea of breaking free
of society and its rules. His
idea, this so-called meaning of
life, was all about new
experiences and seeing beyond what
was put in front of me. At first,
these experiences were
exhilarating. Later on, things
changed. I'm not sure if it all
began feeling wrong because I was
still lingering in society's
shadow, or because that's just how
sane people are.
                                         FADE OUT/IN:
Fred Marsh is sitting alone at a bar drinking very sullenly.
He looks depressed, as if this was the best part of his day.
The waitress comes up to him.
You okay, honey?
Yeah, i'm fine.


Can I get you a refill?
No, I think I'm gonna call it a
Out of nowhere, Kyle comes into the conversation. Fred is
surprised to see him sitting right next to him.
I think he can handle one
more...on me.
Do I know you.
Probably not, but I know you.
How so?
Let me rephrase that, I know
people like you.
      (shows a little
People like me?!
No no. I don't want you to get the
wrong idea. I just mean I've seen
that same face before.
      (not angry anymore)
I'm not mad, it's just...(sigh)
It's been a long day.
Well, if you accept the drink I'm
buying, I'd love to hear all about
The waitress is still there. Fred nods to the waitress,
accepting the drink.

Time passes, the music playing in the background is
soothing, no actual words are heard. (this scene is very


transitional-maybe we hear faint laughing)

Fred and Kyle are having fun... knocking shots together,
giving the feeling of 'Cheers to our everyday lives.' They
seem to enjoy each other's company.
We come back in to them hysterically laughing.
      (Still laughing)
Oh man, there's no way your wife
said that to you.
Wish I was kidding, but that's
what happens within the thirty
minutes I step outside those
doors. (points at the door)
      (still mildly
I know some people who'd die if I
told them what you told me.
A moment or two passes as they finally have time to recover.

Fred seems to think for a second or two.
      (inquiringly and
People like me. (looks at Kyle)You
know you never really explained
what you meant earlier.
Ah, you remembered. Actually I was
hoping you'd forget about that
after your fifth shot.
What'd you mean? Honestly.
Kyle returns eye contact and realizes Fred is serious about
finding out what he meant.

He looks down and starts fiddling his hands, acting as if he
is not sure if he should say what he is about to.
I don't come here often, you know.


Yeah, trust me, I'd know if you
Yeah, that's not my point though.
      (he takes breaks
       between sentences)
What I'm trying to say is this
isn't an everyday thing for me.
      (he leans in
Don't you ever think there's more
to this life than going to work,
getting drunk, and going home to
an ungrateful bitchy wife five
days a week.
Ha, tell me about it.
      (seeming to get
       more intellectual
       even though he's
I'm serious. When I see, you know,
'your face,' I mean no offense by
it. What I'm trying to say is, (he
backs away for a moment and
thinks) I always feel
uncontrollable pity when I see
someone like you.
Fred turns away from him and finishes the shot in front of
      (barely angry)
Don't waste your time. Trust me,
I'm not worth it.
Fred scoots back in his chair, seeming bummed by the last
part of their conversation, and throws some money on the


C'mon man, don't be like that.
Besides, I said it was on me.
Kyle slides Fred's money back in Fred's direction.
Don't worry about it... Look, I
had fun, more than I usually do at
least, and that's because of you,
so thanks... I'd better get going.
Kyle gently grabs his arm.
Look man, I understand what you're
going through. To you death must
seem like it'll feel almost the
same as you do now. Y-you
constantly get the feeling that if
you died, no one would care. Some
may even feel grateful for the
fact that you'd be gone.
What else do you want to say, huh?
You wanna say that I'm white
trash? That I disgust you? That I
don't deserve the life I was
      (with humility)
Obviously I don't need to.
      (he is calm and
       takes a loud deep
I knew I shouldn't have answered
you, but if it means anything, I
was just trying to help.
Fred starts to get emotional.
Help me with what?
Escaping this delusion of a life
you're living, maybe just for a
day or so.


Kyle can see that Fred is upset but not angry. He writes his
number on a piece of paper and slides it over to Fred. Kyle
puts his hand on Fred's shoulder.
Look, if you ever feel like you're
about to snap or just can't take
it anymore, call me. There're some
things I think I can show you
that'll change the way you feel
about a lot of things. Enjoy the
rest of your evening.
Kyle gets up and leaves. A moment or two later, Fred looks
at the paper with Kyle's number on it, puts it in his
pocket, and disgustedly looks at the door as if he knows
what's going to happen when he leaves.
                                         CUT TO:
Almost pitch black. A door cracks open and a streak of light
enters the room. It portrays a bed and a woman is laying
down in it facing the wall. The shadow quietly comes in
closing the door behind him. He can be heard taking off his
shoes and slipping into bed next to the woman. A few quiet
seconds pass by. (we notice this is all one shot so far
because a clock is the only visible thing in the dark and it
doesn't move. The time is 1:30 AM)
                       FRED'S WIFE
Do you have any idea what time it
Yeah, I got a little distracted at
the bar.
                       FRED'S WIFE
How much did you drink?
                       FRED'S WIFE
I'm not joking. You have to go to
work in four hours, you know.


Don't worry, I haven't forgotten.
She loudly sits up in bed.
                       FRED'S WIFE
Excuse me?
                       FRED'S WIFE
That better be the alcohol
It is... Now go back to sleep.
                       FRED'S WIFE
I don't believe this.
Don't believe what?
She arrogantly laughs through her teeth, jumps out of bed,
and turns on the light.
                       FRED'S WIFE
You've got some nerve... coming in
here and talking to me like that.
Give it a fucking break. Just
once, can you give it a fucking
                       FRED'S WIFE
How dare you...
Are you gonna turn the lights off
or should I go to a motel and get
a room for the night?
She is shocked. She doesn't move at all, yet her jaw is wide
open trying to find the right words.
Damn it!


He jumps out of bed looking angry. Fred exits the room with
a determined look on his face, as if he just liberated
himself. The look is new to his wife, that is one of the
main reasons she is shocked.
Fred slips his shoes back on and then stops in his tracks.
Seeming like he is thinking, he looks at the couch next to
him. Almost as if every trace of his determination
disappeared, he sits down on the couch and takes off his
shoes. Fred sits for a moment, and then lays down as if he
is about to sleep. He turns on his back staring at the
ceiling. A few long seconds pass by.
Screw this.
He sits back up and pulls his cell phone and the paper with
Kyle's number on it out of his pocket. He dials the number
and puts the phone to his ear.

The audio from this scene disappears as Fred leans back and
starts talking and laughing.
                       FRED (V.O.)
Now, you'd probably think that I'd
start telling you about what we
did and the kind of things he got
me into. I'm not quite sure I have
time for that. Besides, that's not
important for what I'm trying to
say. Basically, I quit my job that
morning and started to work for
Kyle. To protect as many people as
I can, I won't tell you any
details. All I can say is that it
was a considerable pay raise. My
debts were getting payed off
rapidly, unlike many people I
actually owned my own home, I got
a much nicer car, I even quit
drinking for periods of time.
                                         FADE OUT/IN:
We come back to Fred talking into his own camera.


From what I've told you about my
wife, most people would jump to
the conclusion that all of these
things would start to make her
very happy. If that's what you're
thinking, you're wrong. She bacame
frightened. At first, I thought it
might have been because of the
sudden appearance of wealth I was
bringing in, and I tried extremely
hard to take away the fear she had
of that. Believe me, I was more
than surprised to find out I was
Now I'd be lying if I said we
weren't giving our marriage a
chance now that we didn't have so
many things to worry about, but
when she's uneasy about something,
she goes further than she should.
She asked about Kyle and work; she
asked about everything. One of the
biggest mistakes I made was giving
in to one of her curiosities.
                                         FADE OUT/IN:
Fred is in a very clean and white room wearing work clothes
and a tie. There is a couch, coffee table, and a table full
of refreshments. A man is sitting on the couch eating a
muffin and drinking coffee. Fred is talking to another man
as they are gathering food before they sit down and eat.

No dialogue or noise is heard from the scene. Kyle walks
into the room, says something, (we can't hear what he says)
and everyone starts laughing. Kyle then goes to the
refreshment table.
                       FRED (V.O.)
She had asked me to invite Kyle
over for dinner. She even promised
to make dinner, light some
candles, I knew it would have been
nice, but that's not what bothered
me. I normally wouldn't have done
it because she asks questions that
make most people uneasy. I did it
because I got the feeling a nice
dinner with Kyle would make her


                       FRED (cont'd)
stop asking questions.
Fred walks over to Kyle who is putting butter on a bagel and
stirring his coffee.
How's it going, Fred?
Uh, fine, everything's fine.
Kyle notices he is still standing there and looks at him for
a second.
Is something wrong?
Not exactly, I just feel bad
asking you for a favor.
C'mon, you know me better than
that. Just tell me what you need.
It's Elane. She's been asking a
lot about you. She wants to have
you over for dinner tonight.
Kyle freezes. One of his hands start shaking when he was
closing the tub of butter. Fred notices this and gets
If it's a problem, I can just call
it off.
Kyle gathers hiself and finished putting the lid back on. It
is obvious he if fighting the tears swelling in his eyes.
No, no... I'd love to come over.
What time?
Around 7:30, you don't have to be
on time or anything I just...


Kyle's entire attitude has changed. He has a blank stare and
acts like he is extremely fixated on something, yet he
That's fine, I'll be there.
He leaves his food behind and blankly walks out of the room.
Fred stares at him as he leaves. Last thing we see in this
scene is Fred's surprised face as we...
                                         CROSS DISSOLVE TO:
It is a very dark night. Gloomy, feels as if it might rain.
Fred and his wife are setting the table and decorating the
minor dishes around it. Fred goes to the oven and is about
to open it. The clock above the oven portrays 7:30. DING
      (to his Wife who
       is at the dining
He didn't waste any time.
She smiles at Fred. It is one of the most beautiful smiles
he has ever seen her give in his entire life. They hold each
other's gaze for a moment and then... DING DONG.

Fred walks to the front door and opens it. Kyle is standing
outside the door with his coat folded over his arm. He still
has a blank look on his face.
Hey man, come in before it starts
raining. How was your drive?
Kyle steps into the house.
It was fine, thanks.
Fred puts his arm around Kyle and leads him to the dining
C'mon, let me introduce you to my


Where can I put my coat?
Here, I'll take if for you.
Fred puts his hand on Kyle's coat but he doesn't give it to
I'd rather do it, just tell me
where I can put it.
Fred can see Kyle is acting strange.
You can put it in my study. I'd
like to talk to you about the deal
we're closing tomorrow after
dinner, if it's okay with you.
Yeah, we can talk about business
after dinner.
He puts his coat down in the study and returned to the
dining room.
Kyle this is my wife Elane...
Elane this is Kyle.
Elane steps forward and shakes hands with Kyle.
                       FRED'S WIFE
So does Kyle have a last name?
Fred is quiet. He wants to motion to his wife that it is
none of her business.
Walker. My name is Walker.
Elane seems nervous when she sees the expression on Kyle's
face won't change.
                       FRED'S WIFE
Hey Fred, can you get the turkey
out of the oven?


Sure. Why don't you guys get
settled down and I'll be right
Fred goes to the oven, takes out the turkey, and walks back
the the dining room. When he returns, he sees Kyle staring
at Elane who is looking down to avoid making it anymore
Boy that smells good.
Elane seems a little nervous.
                       FRED'S WIFE
Honey, would you mind serving us?
Yeah, sure.
Would you mind if I do that? I
always carve the turkey, even if
I'm in someone else's home.
Be my guest.
The table is a perfect square. Elane is sitting across from
Kyle. Kyle goes to the empty seat area where there is no
chair and slowly sharpens the knife while looking at Elane.
Fred notices there is a strange hatred in Kyle's eyes.
Can I get you guys some rice?
                       FRED'S WIFE
Yeah, I'll have some.
Me too.
Kyle slowly puts the knife down and thinks for a moment.
I need to go to my coat. Excuse
Kyle leaves and goes back to the study.


                       FRED'S WIFE
He's making me really
uncomfortable. What's wrong with
I don't know. He's never acted
like this before.
                       FRED'S WIFE
I'll be back in a minute. I need
to check something.
Fred can see that she goes to the computer they have set up
in the living room.

He sits down for a minute or so, everything is very quiet.
He gets up and heads for the study.
Fred enters the study and sees Kyle sitting at his desk
facing the wall. His jacket is still folded on the desk in
front of him. Fred stares at Kyle for a few seconds. Thunder
is audible occasionally.
Kyle, what's wrong?
Kyle is silent for a few seconds. He is leaning forward on
the desk with his head resting on his hand; his arm on the
Have you ever heard the quote, "In
the end, all that matters is what
you've done?"
It starts to rain very hard.
No, why?
I would always think about it and
wonder what legacy I'd leave
behind if I died at the moment I
was thinking about it. How would I
be remembered by those who
remembered me? Would the memory of
me die with them, or would they
tell their kids about me? I used
to think I understood people who


                       KYLE (cont'd)
tried so hard to be remembered in
history. I used to think they were
smart in doing so. But then I
realized, why the fuck would it
matter for people to remember you
if you're dead. (laughing)
Seriously, do they really expect
to float around as little ghosts
watching people look at them in a
history museum. Would that give
them eternal satisfaction?
Fred is as quiet as possible. He hears Elane calling for
                       FRED'S WIFE
      (obvious she is
       crying and scared)
Fred, can you please come over
      (she tries to act
Tell her to come in here?
      (eyes swell with
       tears-has a
       quivering voice)
Kyle unfolds his coat. A handgun is underneath it. He picks
it up and spins around in the chair, pointing it at Fred.
Call for her.
Fred's mouth is trembling, tears streaking down his face.
Honey, can you come in here for a
Heavy footsteps are heard, nearing closer. Elane comes
running in, screams when she sees Kyle holding a gun, and
runs into Fred's arms.
                       FRED'S WIFE
      (whispers into
       Fred's ear)
He's a convicted felon. They say
he follows people and obsesses


                       FRED'S WIFE (cont'd)
over their lives. He got violent
with a married couple and spent
some time in jail.
      (in his wife's ear)
Don't worry, everything's gonna be
Kyle is starting to cry. A tear slips out of one of his eyes
yet his face is almost expressionless.
Let go of him.
Elane is too frightened to let go. Kyle fires a bullet into
the ceiling.
She screams and slowly moves away from Fred. Kyle points the
gun at Fred.
I'm doing this for you.
Within the blink of an eye, Kyle jolts the gun over to Elane
and shoots her in the chest.
Fred drops to his knees next to Elane and holds her in his
arms hysterically crying. She amounts enough strength to
lift her arm and touch his face... Then the life drains from
her eyes and she dies.
      (crying with a
       straight face)
I'm trying to help you.
How is this supposed to help me?


I'm freeing you from being trapped
for the rest of your life.
I loved her. How could you take
her away from me like this?
It didn't sound like you loved her
when we first met.
Things changed. (looks at Elane)
We changed.
And how long would that last, huh?
In a few months, wouldn't you be
feeling the same misery you did
months ago?
That doesn't matter.
YES IT DOES!...(falls to his knees
and puts the gun down) Yes it
does. All I ever wanted to do was
help you.
Nothing happens for a few long moments. The only noise is
coming from Fred who is crying, and the rain. Fred looks up,
seeming more angry than sad.
Fuck you.
Fred gets up and kicks Kyle throwing him on his back. He
picks up the gun and points it at his head. Kyle is crying
and shaking.
You'll live to thank m...
Fred shoots him in the head, and stares at his body for a
while. He looks at the gun in his right hand, and then looks
at the closet.

The sound fades away and we feel a huge emtiness as we see
Fred going into his closet and unpack a camera. He sets up
the stand and puts the camera on top of it. Fred pulls the
chair in front of the camera and sits in it, laying the gun


on the floor next to him.

As he is setting all of this up we hear...
                       FRED (V.O.)
I actually have heard that quote
before, "In the end, all that
matters is what you've done." I
just wasn't sure what he wanted
and didn't know what he'd do if I
told him I had. Kyle was right
about one thing, being remembered
doesn't matter, unless you really
want the attention. That attention
only lasts when you're popular,
and it comes at such a high price.
something dear was taken from me,
and I didn't start to realize what
I had until just before it was
gone. Now that I recall all of the
time I spent with her, I wish I
realized what she meant to me
years ago. Then I could have
endeared so many years of possible
happiness that I wasted away while
getting drunk and thinking that I
don't have it all, when in fact, I
                                         FADE OUT/IN:
Fred is crying with his hand over his mouth. He looks down
where the gun is, picks it up, and turns off the camera. The
camera fades to black.

The title "My Name is Fred Marsh" clips in for no more than
two seconds, and we...

Roll Credits.


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