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Logan's Bay
by Misty Campbell (misstsea1@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Spring 1992

Under clear skies, fishing boats and luxurious yachts make
their presence known in the waters of the Cape Fear River.
Boats are lined up and being serviced, loaded, un-loaded or
boarded underneath a sign that designates this as RILEY
POINT HARBOR. The harbor is pretty busy this time of day.
Most fish from the day's catch are being cleaned and
2 teenagers are jogging to a stroll among the boats while
the beautiful sunset lights up the sky behind them.

One is LOGAN CAMPBELL, a handsome 15 year old boy with
shaggy-prep sandy blonde hair and tanned skin, dressed in a
simple t-shirt and athletic shorts.

The tomboyish young pony-tailed brunette with him is CHELSIE
SLOAN, who is also dressed in an athletic shirt and shorts.

They appear to be friends just finishing up a run. Their
body language is saying that they are a bit uncomfortable
with each other. They exchange embarrassed smiles as if they
are searching for what to say.
I know things are really confusing
between us right now, Chels. I
keep going back in my mind to that
moment I kissed you.
Chelsie has an embarrassed smile on her face.
Honestly, I can't tell you what it
meant. The only thing I can tell
you right now with total certainty
is that...I don't regret it.
Logan, for so long you've been an
important part of my life. You
were there when I fell off the
monkey bars and had to get three
stitches in my knee.
Logan grins as he remembers.
You were there when my mother went
into rehab, and you were there
when my sister announced she was
getting sex-reassignment surgery.
Chelsie stops and grabs Logan's hand to stop him.


So, you see Logan, we can psycho
analyze that kiss as much as we
want but in the end it makes
perfect sense that you were there
for my first kiss. I have no
regrets, no regrets at all.
Logan and Chelsie spend a moment smiling and gazing at each
other with happy uncertainty as the scene fades out and the
end credits roll.
The words "Produced By Krystal Mayfield and Alex Sloan"
appear in the middle of the screen.
VALLIE WILLIAMSON and SARA REID are typical 14 year old
girls watching their favorite nighttime teen soap, Logan's
Bay. They are in their pajamas and surrounded by popcorn,
chips, and sodas.

Vallie's hair is pulled up in a neat ponytail, and her
sparkling eyes light up through her trendy glasses.

Sara Reid is less reserved. She is obviously boy crazy,
which is evident by all the teen heart-throb pinups on her
walls which include New Kids on the Block and the cast of
Logan's Bay.
      (watching the TV
Chelsie is so lucky. Logan really
loves her.
      (watching the TV,
       but distracted)
And he is so hot. But, I think
Hunter is way hotter.
Sara rolls over on to her back and jumps up to her feet. She
moves quickly across her room to a huge life size cardboard
stand up of Hunter Price, a character from Logan's Bay,
If that girl was smart, she would
stop wasting her time with dull
dud Logan and go after his best
friend, hot hunky Hunter!
Sara reaches up and wraps her arms around the cutout neck of
Hunter Price.
How could you not love a piece of
man like this?


      (still staring at
       the TV screen)
I'm going to have a love like that
one day.
                       SARA (OS)
I think Hunter and Logan are
supposed to take their shirts off
in the next episode.
Sara leans in close to Vallie.
And Vallie, you know what Logan
and Hunter have, don't you?
Vallie finally comes out of her daze and her reluctant smile
quickly turns to excitement.
Sara hits play on her CD player. The beginning of The Right
Stuff by the New Kids on the Block begins playing. She is
excited and dancing. She grabs Vallie's hand and pulls her
up and they are standing face to face.
                       SARA AND VALLIE ALL TOGETHER
The Right Stuff!
Sara and Vallie begin singing and doing a well choreographed
New Kids dance that they have obviously learned after
repeated viewings of The Right Stuff video.
                       ADULT VALLIE (VO)
That's me and my best friend Sara.
We met when we were both sentenced
to 12 years of mandatory
scholastic labor at Peachtree
Academy. Her crime: Having an
Atlanta Brave as a father.
On Sara's nightstand is a picture of Sara and her father in
his Atlanta Braves uniform.
                       ADULT VALLIE (VO)
That's Sara and her dad, WAYNE
REID, who some people say is the
greatest 1st baseman to ever play
the game.
                       ADULT VALLIE (VO)
My crime was similar in nature, as
I was the only daughter of Spencer
Williamson. Yes, THAT Spencer
Williamson, the publishing God as
he was referred to by many in the
publishing world. I just knew him
as Dad.
The girls are still doing their choreographed dance and
singing, without missing a beat.
                       ADULT VALLIE (VO)
You are witnessing our ritualistic
Tuesday night Logan's Bay viewing.
It was a tradition that continued


                       ADULT VALLIE (cont'd)
every week until its departure 6
years later.
Spring 1998

A college aged Vallie and Sara are wearing matching sorority
sweatshirts and sitting side by side on a sofa intently
staring ahead and they appear to be alone.
                       ADULT VALLIE (VO)
However, by the time the show came
to an end, we had made our way to
Princeton and found a few friends
who had the same Tuesday night
Vallie and Sara are not alone, but are in the middle of
their 15 sorority sisters who are packed together on
multiple sofas, and some are sitting on the floor.

They are in front of the house TV watching the series finale
of Logan's Bay through teary eyes. They are all holding
boxes of Kleenex and in a trance-like state.

A homemade banner flies above them that reads GOODBYE
An aged Logan, with longer hair and the shadow of a goatee,
is kneeling in the sand with blue water and a beautiful
sunset as the backdrop. He is appropriately dressed in an
untucked casual white button up shirt and loose khakis.

A mature Chelsea is wearing a teal sundress that shows off
her new curves, and tearfully staring at him as her long
hair blows in the breeze.

She is standing at the end of a path way that he created for
her made out of lighted tiki torches.
      (reaching out for
       Chelsea's hand)
We've been through so much.No
matter where I am. No matter how
far apart we are, it always comes
back to this. It always comes back
to you and I.
Chelsea adoringly smiles down at Logan.
You are my best friend. You are my
first love Chels, you are home to
me. I want to live the rest of my
life with you. Chelsea Sloan, will


                       LOGAN (cont'd)
you marry me?
All of the sorority girls gasp after the proposal (OS)
      (tearfully looking
       at Logan)
Logan, you've gone from being the
boy next door to being the man of
my dreams and I wouldn't want to
imagine living my life without you
by my side.
Chelsea reaches down and caresses Logan's face with her
      (tearfully looking
       at Logan)
You are my best friend.You are my
security. You are the love of my
life. And yes,Logan Campbell, I
will marry you.
Logan and Chelsea embrace and Logan picks her up and spins
her around as they both laugh like little kids.

He stops and sets her down slowly and they have a slow,
passionate kiss that says what words could never express.

They walk down the beach into the sunset, hand in hand as
the scene fades out.
Vallie, Sara and their sorority sisters all erupt into
applause and tears.
                       SORORITY GIRL 1
      (wiping away tears)
That was the best show ever. I
can't believe it's over. I'm going
to miss them. They were like
                       SORORITY GIRL 2
      (trying to regain
       her composure)
It's like the end of an error
The other girls look a little confused by their sister's
statement and her use of the word "error" instead of "era",
but no one corrects her.
      (totally composed)
I can't believe they ended the
show without Logan and Chelsie
ever hittin' the sheets. That's so
unrealistic. I would have jumped
his bones years ago.


      (offended by
       Sara's statement)
It wasn't about sex Sara. It was
about a pure love between two
people. That kind of love
transcends physical expression.
Oh, ok val! So, Logan and Chelsie
walked off into the sunset, right?
Where do you think they were
walking to? I'll tell ya. They are
walking to the closest seaside
motel where they are going to
release all of that stored up
sexual tension that has been
building for 7 years now.
Sara, still sitting, makes a circular motion with her hips.
like she's having sex that she continues to repeat. She's
making facial expressions and making noises like she's
having sex.
Oh Logan...don't stop...right
there...give it to me big boy!
Vallie just shakes her head and rolls her eyes at her
                       ADULT VALLIE (VO)
That's Sara for ya...the eternal

A 34 year old VALLIE sits on her black leather couch,
sipping a glass of red wine and reading a manuscript.

She still has her hair pulled up, but her eyes are wiser now
and being partially hidden by her small,trendy reading
glasses. She's still in her work clothes: a dark skirt and
white blouse, both Chanel.

A two year old black male Labrador retriever lies on the rug
in front of her.
                       VALLIE (VO)
And that's me, Vallie Williamson.
I'm doing what I'm always
doing...reading the manuscripts of
those poor souls who feel that
their work is 1. The story that
must be told. 2. The story that
has never been told. And 3. The
next great work of literature.
Then after reading this
potentially life changing novel,
I'm the one who gets to crush
their dreams by telling them that


                       VALLIE (cont'd)
they are wrong on all 3. Yes, the
dream crusher..it should be on my
business card. Instead, my
official title is senior editor
for Williamson House Publishing
here in Atlanta, GA.
The dog rises to a sitting position directly in front of her
with tongue wagging. Vallie senses he is staring at her.
      (looking at dog
       and then wrist
Is it that time already boy?
You're like an alarm clock.
Vallie places the manuscript on the couch beside her and
rises from the couch with her wine in hand. The dog rises
from the floor to follow her. Vallie rubs his head and
smiles at him as she passes him.
                       VALLIE (VO)
And that handsome man is SCOUT. He
was an anniversary present for my
fiance. But just between you and
I, Scout loves me more.
Vallie moves across the room to the balcony double doors
that are open and begins to close them, but stops.
                       VALLIE (VO)
His name comes from a tradition
passed down from my family. See,
my parents named their children
and pets after literary characters
or novels. My favorite book is TO
name was predestined. Luckily, he
looks like a Scout, so it fit
Vallie pauses and then walks out on to the balcony and into
the nice fall breeze to take in the Atlanta night-scape
while she sips the last bit of wine from her glass.
                       VALLIE (VO)
As for me, I was named after one
of my parent's favorite books, THE
bit surprising
because...well...because I've met
my parents. Apparently they were
hippies back in the day, but you
would never know it now.
Vallie turns to see Scout staring at her from the open door.


      (smiling at Scout)
Ok, ok...I'm coming.
Vallie re-enters the open and spacious contemporary condo
and Scout helps to escort her through the condo to the
                       VALLIE (VO)
My life at this point is going as
expected, according to the plan. I
graduated from Princeton with a
degree in business and a minor in
The walls are decorated with silver Tiffany frames filled
with black and white photos of famous European landscapes
and portraits such as a Frenchman laughing and enjoying his
cigarette as he sits at a sidewalk cafe, and an 8 year old
Greek girl riding her bicycle through the market in Athens.
                       VALLIE (VO)
After college, I spent a year
traveling in Europe. This was not
part of the plan. My mother was
not happy about that. You see,
since I was young, it was very
clear that there was no deviating
from the plan. Private school,
Princeton, Williamson Publishing,
marriage, kids, death...in that
In the middle of the wall there is one photo that stands out
from all the others. The portrait is of a woman sitting on a
bench beside what looks like the Rhine. The woman has her
knees pulled up close to her and her head is in her hands as
if she is in despair. She is completely unrecognizable, but
the picture is very powerful.
                       VALLIE (VO)
So, when I returned from Europe it
was back to reality and I went to
work for my father.
Vallie walks into the kitchen and places her wine glass in
the sink. She grabs a cylinder container from the cabinet.

As she moves out of the kitchen she passes the latest issue
of ATLANTA MAGAZINE lying on the counter. The cover shows
Vallie standing behind a very regal looking older gentleman
in an expensive suit with her hand on his shoulder. The
caption beside the picture reads, "DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL".
                       VALLIE (VO)
The newspapers and magazines call
me a publishing heiress.


Vallie bends down and pours some dog food from the container
into a food bowl aptly displaying the words,"MAN OF THE
HOUSE" in the bottom of the bowl.

Vallie pats Scout on the head as he starts eating and then
walks back towards the kitchen.
                       VALLIE (VO)
But I've never liked the title. I
don't feel much like publishing
Vallie stops at the counter and picks up the magazine and
smiles, but the smile quickly fades into an expression of
Vallie is finding her spot on the couch again. She picks up
the manuscript she was reading earlier. She reaches for her
pen that is on the side-table and pauses as she looks at a
picture of her and her fiance BRYCE that is displayed in a
frame on the same side-table.
BRYCE EDWARDS is the definition of tall, dark and handsome.
He is often called a metro-sexual. His eyes are now looking
at the only woman for him, Vallie Williamson.

The couple are seated in the middle of a a dining room full
of nicely dressed men and women enjoying their dining
experience over food and wine.

Their table is decorated with a variety of roses and a
bottle of champagne sits chilling in a bucket.

Bryce is holding Vallie's hands in his own. They are both
smiling at each other lovingly as if they are the only
people in the room.
                       VALLIE (VO)
That is Bryce, my fiance. We met
while we were in college through
our parents. We've been together
for 8 years.
While still holding one of Vallie's hands, Bryce reaches
under a napkin on the table and brings out a 10 caret
emerald cut diamond engagement ring and holds it in front of
her, with one question in his eyes. Vallie is clearly
surprised, but appears happy as she begins shaking her head,
as to say,"Yes!"
                       VALLIE (VO)
He is a good man. He has became
one of my best friends. He is
thoughtful, successful and my
friends say he is the perfect
boyfriend. We also have a lot in
common because like me, his family
name has determined his future. He
is the heir to the Edwards
condiment empire. He will be a


                       VALLIE (cont'd)
great husband and a wonderful
father one day. We're having a
Summer wedding.
Vallie is sitting on the couch, still reading the

The doorbell rings.

Scout moves to the door and just stands there waiting for
Vallie. Vallie walks toward the door.
      (to Scout)
It's OK boy, it's your girlfriend.
Scout sits and smiles as if he knows who it is.
Vallie opens the door and Sara Reid busts through the door
as if she lives there.

Sara Reid hasn't changed much since we last saw her watching
Logan's Bay with her sorority sisters. The only proof of age
is a shorter haircut and a few extra pounds in just the
right places.
I know I'm late. My massage went a
little long.
      (rolls her eyes)
Vallie closes the door.
Sara runs to Scout, who is still sitting and waiting. She
hugs him around his neck.
      (to Scout)
Hey boyfriend. How is the only man
in my life?
      (to Scout)
Don't believe her. She'll break
your heart.
Sara spots the issue of ATLANTA MAGAZINE on the counter and
picks it up.
Look at you, Ms. Atlanta magazine.
You look hot in this picture.
Maybe a little constipated, but
hot none the less.


Vallie snatches the magazine from her.
      (looking at the
I don't look constipated. No. Do
Sara has already moved on and is headed toward the bedroom.
She does not answer Vallie. She acts like she doesn't even
hear her.
Vallie puts down the magazine and follows Sara, still
waiting for an answer.
Hey, you're just kidding, right?
                       SARA (OS)
Where is that little black Prada?
Vallie's luxuriously organized bedroom closet is the
destination of Sara who is already pillaging through
Vallie's dresses.
      (looking through
       dresses one by
no...heaven help me no....what
were you thinking no....did you go
blind no....ahhh finally!
Sara finds the little black Prada dress that she is looking
Vallie is sitting on the bed with Scout as she watches Sara
moving toward her jewelry drawers on her bureau.
      (nodding towards
       dress in Sara's
So you found it?
Yeah, but it was not without pain
and suffering. We have got to
clean out your closet. Some of
those dresses actually asked me to
get rid of them.
Sara starts looking through Vallie's jewelry drawers.
So, what is this guy's name?


      (still looking
       through jewelry)
You will be happy to know that
there is not a guy involved. The
radio station is throwing a breast
cancer benefit concert tonight.
Melissa Etheridge is headlining. I
got a few extra tickets if you and
Bryce want to come.
      (looking confused)
Oh, OK. Yeah, that sounds good.
But, you said on the phone you
needed something sexy.
Sara has found some earrings and a necklace. She closes the
drawers and goes to sit down by Vallie and Scout on the bed.
Well, they're going to be taking
pics at the event and posting them
on the station's website. That is
a lot of potential cute listeners
looking at me. OK, hate to pillage
and run but ---
Sara gets up and dashes out of the bedroom.
Vallie and Scout are following Sara.
      (grabbing her bag)
So you think you and Bryce will
come to the concert? Where is the
Ketchup King anyway?
You know he hates it when you call
him that.
Oh, he loves me.
He's been working really long
hours lately. I guess I could go.
You know I'm a sucker for a good
Sara abruptly stops collecting her things and turns to
Vallie. She motions toward the couch.
Working late, huh? You know what
that is code for. Sit down. We
need to talk.
Sara puts her hand on Vallie's back and pushes her toward
the couch.


Vallie reluctantly agrees and sits down on the couch.

Sara sits down on the ottoman for the chair that sits beside
the couch.
Sara, come on. This is Bryce we
are talking about. I've never even
seen him look at another woman.
He's just real busy right now
because he has to get everything
settled here with the business
before we move to NY.
Alright, I'm hearing you. And you
know I like Bryce. But, even you
have said things aren't exactly
fire hot in the...ya
Well, we've been together for 8
years. The honeymoon period ended
a long time ago for us. I'm sure
things will improve in the...ya
know...department after we're
married and settled in New York.
Sara leans in and hugs Vallie like she is truly concerned.
Vallie hugs back to appease her friend.
Sara gets up to gather her things once more. Vallie follows
Alright girl, but if you need any
kind of advice just ask. Because
if the....ya know... department
was cabinet level, the President
would have made me secretary of it
a long time ago, you know what I'm
Vallie puts her arm around Sara and they walk towards the
Yeah, I think I do. I love ya.
See you tonight? Concert starts at
I'll be there.
Sara opens the door and pokes her head back in before
shutting it.
Bye Val, Bye boyfriend.


The condo door closes.
The doorknob is turning and Vallie enters the dark condo.
She is home from the concert and is greeted at the door by
      (to Scout)
Hey boy. Where is your daddy?
Vallie turns on the light in the kitchen and puts her purse
and wrap on the counter as she looks around for Bryce.


She finally sees a light coming from underneath the master
bedroom door. As she gets closer she is confused by the
voices coming from the bedroom. It sounds like sex noises.
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE VOICE (OS)
Oh yeah...come on fuck me...fuck
me now...now...NOW!
Vallie angrily busts through the bedroom door.


Vallie quickly calms down when she sees Bryce lying on the
bed asleep in nothing but his pajama pants, with his laptop
and work papers beside him.


The movie Basic Instinct is blaring from the plasma
television hanging on the wall.


Vallie smiles and walks over to Bryce and lightly runs her
fingers through the his hair. He wakes up and is happy to
see her.
      (waking up)
Hey you. I must have fallen
asleep. How was the concert?
It was great. But it looks like
you were having fun here all by
yourself, half naked on the bed
and watching soft porn.
Vallie nods toward the TV and Bryce looks confused.


Whaaaat are you talking about?
Bryce looks down at himself and then at the television.
Sharon Stone is riding Micheal Douglas on the television.
Ha, very funny. I was doing some
work and I had the Sopranos on in
the background and I guess I fell
asleep. I passed out long before
Sharon started riding Micheal.
Vallie smiles at him and gets on top of him, straddling him
on the bed.
Well, this ride is going to be
hard to miss.
Vallie grabs Bryce's face and kisses him passionately. Bryce
puts his arms around her and kisses her back. Scout is lying
on the floor beside them and covers his face with his paw.
The Atlanta skyline reaches up towards a blue sky. The
traffic on I-85 is backed up as far as the eye can see and
the side streets are just as busy with traffic and
pedestrians. A high-rise concrete building is the
destination for some of them. Behind the large fountain is a
logo that identifies the building as the headquarters for
Williamson Publishing.
                       VALLIE (OS)
I don't care what Random House
said. The publishing rights are
Vallie stands behind a large mahogany desk looking out of
her floor to ground windows and talking on the phone through
her blue tooth earpiece.
I have the contract right here in
front of me. I'm going to have
Beth fax it over to you. Let those
damn Random House attorneys try to
dissect it and make it invalid...I
welcome it.


Vallie abruptly ends the call by hitting the button on her
earpiece and hits a button on her desk phone.
                       BETH (OS)
      (on phone speaker)
Yes Ms. Williamson.
Beth fax over the latest Graham
Lockley contract to Jennifer in
legal and get me the ole drunk
bastard on the phone.
                       BETH (OS)
      (on phone speaker)
Right away....um...which ole drunk
bastard would that be ma'am.
Graham Lockley... that ole drunk
bastard. And Beth, forward it to
my cell when you get him.
She walks over to the mahogany bookshelf wall unit and
pushes a button. The middle section breaks away and a row of
bottled water rises from the bottom.

Vallie grabs a water and takes a drink.

She walks directly towards one of the many posters on her
wall - a movie poster for a movie called NO REDEMPTION. It
is based on a novel by Graham Lockley and it is signed by
the author.
                       BETH (OS)
      (on phone speaker)
Ms. Williamson, I have Mr. Lockley
on line 2. I am forwarding him to
your cell now.
Vallie is still staring at the poster. The phone rings and
she hits the accept button on her earpiece.
      (eerily friendly)
Hello Graham. Do you know what I
am doing right now? I'm staring at
the poster for your last movie.
And when I say last...I mean the
Vallie's friendly tone quickly turns to frustration.
That is if you don't stop fucking
around with us. No novels equal no
movies. No movies equal no big
paycheck or premiers or pretty
posters. If our legal department
keeps having to clean up your
messes you greedy son of a bitch,
you'll be lucky to write
instructional manuals. Now, tell
Random House to fuck off and quit


                       VALLIE (cont'd)
trying to negotiate. You are
contractually obligated to
Vallie calms down and smiles.
Now, go write something so we can
all make loads of money and I can
hang some more posters on my wall.
Do we understand each other? Good.
Take care Graham.
Vallie hits her earpiece to disconnect the call and sits
down at her desk. She runs her hands through her hair and
exhales a huge breath.

She then looks at a picture on her desk of her and Bryce.
      (to herself,
       looking at her
Damn...I almost forgot.
BETH FREEDMAN, Vallie's secretary, knocks and then walks in
Vallie's office.
Ms. Williamson, I cleared your
calendar for the rest of the day
as you requested.
Beth closes the door and breaks her secretary composure as
she walks towards Vallie.
So Val, what's the big surprise
you have planned for Bryce?
Beth sits down in one of the big, plush brown leather chairs
in front of Vallie's desk. Vallie is moving around her desk
collecting her things.
Today is our 8 year anniversary.
He thinks I'm still going on that
business trip to D.C. Little does
he know that his woman is going to
be at home cooking an anniversary
dinner for him.
Beth looks surprised.
I'm sorry...what? You are cooking.
Did I hear that right?


Shut up. I'm a cook. I'm just not
Beth laughs. Vallie packs up her last items into her
briefcase and heads toward the door. Beth rises and walks
with her.
I want all of the details
tomorrow. Oh, and the New York
office called and wanted to know
which color scheme you had picked
out for your new office up there.
Beth opens the office door and regains her secretary
composure. She stands back and holds the door for her boss.
You just pick out something. I
trust your taste.
      (winking at Vallie)
Will do. Have a nice night Ms.
Vallie is finishing up the surprise anniversary meal. The
menu consists of prime rib, risotto, and steamed asparagus.

Scout is watching her. This is something he has never seen
before. What is his mother doing?
      (to Scout)
Your daddy is going to be so
surprised. Hell, who am I kidding.
Even I'm surprised. Who knew I
could actually cook a meal.
Vallie tears a tiny piece of prime rib and gives it to Scout
in her hand.
      (to Scout)
So...is it edible?
Scout sits and smiles.
      (to Scout)
I'll take that as a yes.
Vallie starts getting the nice china from the cabinets. She
reaches to get the wine glasses and then stops.


      (to herself)
No...no...no...damn! I forgot the
Vallie frantically starts to put everything back in the
cabinets. She takes the food and puts it all in the stove
and cleans up all evidence that she has been there. She
grabs her purse, coat and keys.
      (to Scout)
Ok boy, I'm going out to get
daddy's favorite wine. Don't tell
him I was here, ok?
Scout makes a sound like he agrees.
Vallie is driving and dialing a number on her cell phone.
      (to herself)
Please be home, please be home.
Come on...answer.
      (on phone)
Sara, please tell me you have a
bottle of that Riesling Bryce
likes. I have been to four stores
and nobody has it. (beat) You're a
lifesaver, I'll be there in ten.
Vallie disconnects the call by pushing the button on her
Sara answers the door in nothing but a bathrobe. Her hair is
up and her skin is glistening like she just stepped out of
the shower.
      (walking by Sara
       into the house)
You really saved me girlie. I had
the whole evening planned out and
I can't believe I forgot the wine.
Vallie rushes toward the kitchen. Sara closes the door and
No problem Val. Aren't you glad I
like that cheap stuff as much as
Bryce? It's there on the wine


Vallie grabs a bottle from the rack and quickly turns to
leave but is shocked by what she sees in the other room.


A tan, muscular, naked man lying stomach down on a massage
table in the living room. He is looking up at Vallie with a
huge grin on his face.
Oh...my...oh god!
Vallie almost drops the wine, but catches it just in time.
She tries to cover her eyes, but peeks through as if she is
a bit curious, but then turns away completely with hands
still on eyes.

Sara appears in front of Vallie to block her view.
      (in a whispered
His name is Raul.
      (in a whispered
Of course it is.
      (normal voice)
Vallie this is Raul. Raul this is
Vallie, my best friend.
Sara moves to the side so Vallie and Raul can see each

Vallie's eyes are still half closed, but her hands are down
      (still smiling)


Hello.Hola.Nice to meet you.
Vallie bolts for the front door.
      (to Raul)
I'll be right back...don't move.
Raul just smiles and winks at Sara. Sara smiles, and jumps
up all giddy, then forms a claw with her hand and makes a
meowing noise at him.
So, what do you think? Hot, huh?
Well, yeah...from what I could
see, which was most of him! How
did you meet him?
Well,earlier today I was browsing
around on the Internet and I came
across an ad for a Latin masseuse
that makes house calls. I couldn't
resist, so I placed my order and
20 minutes later Raul showed up.
Let me get this straight. First of
all you trusted a site that allows
you to order a massage online.
Then you invited a strange man,
whom you've never met before and
know nothing about, into your home
to give you said massage.
I know...cool...huh?
No, it's not cool. I'm not even
going to address the safety issues
Sara looks like a scolded child.


And forgive me if I'm wrong, it
has been a while since I have
gotten a massage, let alone an
Internet massage, but aren't you
supposed to be the only one who is
Well, the massage was over and
things just kinda went from there.
He's got really great hands!
      (looking at her
We have got to have a long talk,
but I've got to go. I'm sure Bryce
is home by now. Sorry I
Vallie strolls down the steps toward her parked car.Vallie
stops and turns around.
Wait a minute. I called you and
told you that I was on my way
over, and you just kept on...you
know...getting massaged?
      (shaking her head)
Never mind. I'll talk to ya later.
Tell Raul I said adios.
Vallie waves her hand and quickly strides to her car.

Sara waves. She is giddy as she opens the door to return to
Yo quero Raul!
The door knob turns and Vallie walks into a dark apartment
and Scout greets her.

She is being very quiet just in case Bryce is home.
      (to Scout)
Shh boy...is daddy home? You kept
our secret didn't you?
Vallie sees Bryce's briefcase on the living room chair. She
knows he is home.


She hears faint music coming from the master bedroom and can
see a light coming from underneath the bedroom door.
Vallie prepares the table for the surprise meal, with the
much sought after wine chilling as the centerpiece.
She lights several candles in the living room.

She begins to light a couple of candles on the table closest
to the master bedroom, but stops when she hears male moaning
sounds coming from the bedroom.

Vallie is bewildered at first, but them smiles to herself.
      (to herself)
Aw, he must have fallen asleep
Vallie lights the two candles on the table.
      (to Scout)
You wanna go surprise daddy with
Vallie quietly walks toward the bedroom and opens the door
      (opening the door)
So, who is Sharon riding tonight?
The door opens and the first thing she sees is a costume in
the shape of an Edward's mustard jar on the floor in front
of the door.
Then she sees Bryce naked, standing beside the bed with his
head leaning back and his eyes closed.

In front of Bryce, on his knees, is another naked man.
Vallie's entrance startles Bryce and his male friend.

Bryce lowers his head and opens his eyes. His face turns
from pleased to shocked when he sees Vallie standing in the
Oh my god...no...no!
Bryce is scrambling to put on his pants.

The young man is now sitting on the bed anxiously trying to
cover himself.


Vallie is standing at the door in disbelief
      (tearing up and in
I...I ...was going to surprise
you. I ma...ma...made...dinner.
Vallie has not moved an inch and is in a trance.
Val, I can explain.
      (no emotion)
Bryce walks up to Vallie wearing only his pants and puts his
hands on her upper arms to try and console her.
This is something I've tried to
fight for a long time. I can fight
it Val...for you. I love you.
Please believe that.
Vallie starts coming around. She looks at Bryce through her
teary eyes and then at the naked man on her bed. Lastly she
glances down at the costume on the floor.
      (shouting angrily)
Mustard! You cheated on me with
mustard. Man mustard.
Bryce appears a little befuddled at her reaction.
Vallie breaks free of Bryce's grip and walks out, with Bryce
running after her.

Scout remains in the bedroom and growls at the naked man on
the bed, keeping him confined to the bed.
Vallie is moving fast. Bryce is following her.
      (still pleading)
Baby...Val...don't do this. Talk
to me. I want to tell you
everything. I don't want you to
leave like this. Please Val.
Oh, I'm not leaving yet Bryce.
Val grabs the Riesling out of the bucket that is on the


Want some wine. It's your
favorite. Your cheap ass, precious
Vallie throws it at Bryce. Bryce ducks and the bottle hits
the wall and busts
      (shocked and a
       little scared)
Ok...I probably deserved that.
How about some prime rib?
Vallie picks up all of the pieces of prime rib and throws
them at him.

Bryce moves and sidesteps to try and avoid it, but a few
pieces pounce off his chest, and one piece hits him square
in the face.
Here's some risotto!
Vallie throws the entire bowl of risotto at him.

Bryce isn't quick enough and the bowl hits him square in the
chest and covers his entire upper torso with risotto.
And you need a well balanced meal
my love, so you can't forget the
Vallie picks up asparagus and starts firing at him one after
the other.

Bryce steps back and tries to retreat, but still can't
escape the flying asparagus.
OK Val...are you done? Can we talk
about this now.
Vallie grabs the wine bucket and walks toward Bryce, who is
standing and waiting.
Vallie looks at Bryce eye to eye as she pours the ice and
water on his head.

She then backs up and Bryce breathes a sigh of relief
because it's finally over.

Vallie looks almost jovial as she hits him in the balls with
the heavy bucket as hard as she can.

Bryce falls to his knees and doubles over on the ground.


      (calm but crazy)
I know I interrupted. Maybe that
will help with the blue balls,
Vallie drops the bucket and just stares at Bryce on the
ground with almost sympathetic eyes as he groans and screams
in pain.
Scout walks up and is now licking risotto off of Bryce as he
lies suffering in the floor.
The MUSTARD GUY nervously enters the living room, half
dressed and with his Edward's mustard costume in his hand.
                       MUSTARD GUY
I'm just going to go. I'm sorry.
Vallie puts her hand up to stop him and starts gathering her
No. You stay mustard boy. I'm
leaving. Come on Scout.
As Vallie and Scout walk out the door, she says one last
Happy Anniversary Babe.
Mustard guy is just left staring in disbelief. Bryce is
still moaning on the ground in the fetal position.
Vallie is driving while in tears. Scout is riding shotgun on
the passenger seat.
      (crying and
How could I not know he was gay. I
mean am I stupid? Has the last 8
years been a complete lie? They
have been. I have wasted the last
8 years of my life on a man who
would rather get head from a jar
of mustard than me.
She breaks down with the last statement.
Scout climbs over and tries to put his head on her shoulder
and lick her face.
      (to Scout)
Oh, thank you boy. You are the
only man I need in my life. You're
not gay are you?


Scout sits back down and shakes his head no.
Vallie continues to talk incoherently to Scout as if he is
her confident.
      (to Scout)
I mean, I'm okay with the gay
thing. I love gay people. But,
just tell me for god's sake. Don't
get engaged to me and act like
you're in love with me if you
really want dick. You know what I
Scout barks to agree.
Vallie's Range Rover pulls up to an iron gate with a large W
in the center and rolls down her window. She pushes a button
on a panel and a voice answers.
                       SIMON (V.O.)
      (from the speaker
Yes, may I help you.
      (to speaker box)
Hey Simon, it's Vallie,
                       SIMON (V.O.)
      (from the speaker
Oh, hello Ms. Vallie. Welcome
The gates slowly open and Vallie's black range rover
disappears through the gates.
Vallie is asleep and seems quite content.

She begins to stir and her eyes slowly open. She reaches
over, but is confused to find no one there, just pillows.

Through fuzzy eyes she starts getting glimpses of different
things around the room like her collection of Nancy Drew
books, all of her childhood trophies, and directly in front
of her bed is a poster of the cast of "Logan's Bay".

Vallie looks quite gloomy.
Aw, Fuck.
Vallie falls back into the bed and covers her head with the


Vallie feels the bed move and uncovers her head slowly.

Through blurry eyes she sees what looks like a woman staring
at her.
                       VALLIE (V.O.)
Who is that? It kinda looks like
my mom. God, I hope it isn't.
Vallie, it's time to get up honey.
You've been in this bed long
                       VALLIE (V.O.)
Damn. It is.
SOPHIA WILLIAMSON, Vallie's mother, gets up and goes to open
the drapes. She blinds her daughter.

Sophia is dressed and put together like she never went to
bed the night before.
                       VALLIE (V.O.)
Whatever you do Mom, please don't
start ---
The American folklorist Zora Neale
Hurston said,"Love makes your soul
crawl out from its hiding place."
                       VALLIE (V.O.)
--- spouting inspirational quotes.
Vallie is still trying to regain her eyesight.
Sophia is now hovering at her daughter's bedroom door.
      (walking out of
       the room)
Breakfast is in the sun room in 15
minutes. Your father and I expect
to see you downstairs.
Sophia stops and turns toward her daughter.
Remember what Bill Clinton said
sweetheart, "No nation hiding
behind closed doors is free, for
it is imprisoned by its own fear."
I think it can apply to people
too, don't you?
Vallie watches her mother leave.
                       VALLIE (V.O.)
      (staring in
Did my Mom really just quote Bill
Clinton to me? My fiance cheated


                       VALLIE (cont'd)
on me and she's quoting Bill
Clinton. Unbelievable!
Vallie starts getting herself out of bed and sluggishly
heads toward the bathroom while speaking to herself.
      (sarcastically to
Good morning to you too Mom. Oh,
I'm fine. It was so nice of you to
convey how sorry you are that I
caught my fiance getting serviced
by another man last night on our
anniversary. Love you too.
Vallie disappears into the bathroom and the door closes.
Vallie, still in her pajamas and quite disheveled, enters
the sun-room and finds her father and mother already sitting
and drinking coffee.

Her mother keeps on drinking and doesn't acknowledge Vallie,
while her father, SPENCER WILLIAMSON, rises from his seat
and takes his daughter in his arms.
Everything is going to be fine
Junebug. We're here for you.
Anything you need.
                       VALLIE (V.O.)
Wow, Dad is pulling out the
junebug and I'm thirty four years
old. My life must really be fucked
Vallie and her father sit down and join Vallie's mother at
the table.
SIMON, the Williamson butler, brings in fruit plates and hot
cereal for everyone at the table.
Vallie doesn't touch the food and just drinks orange juice.
      (to Simon)
Thank you Simon.
      (smiling at Vallie)
My pleasure little miss.
Vallie can't help but smile for a split second.
Vallie's mother is reading the wall street journal, but
notices that Vallie is not eating.


Sweetheart, you need to eat.
You're going to need your energy
to go and talk to Bryce later.
Vallie and her father both look at her mother in shock.
Why would you think I am going to
talk to Bryce today?
      (still reading the
Because you are. He is your
fiance. He deserves to be heard,
don't you think?
No, I don't, Mother, I know it was
late last night. Maybe you missed
the part of my story where I
caught my fiance, as you just
called him, having sex with
another man on our anniversary, in
our bedroom.
      (still reading the
No. I heard that part. But, I also
remember the part about you
storming out after throwing food
and injuring his manhood. You
didn't give him much chance to
apologize or explain, did you now?
Vallie is speechless. She can't believe what she is hearing.
      (looking at Vallie
       over her paper)
The American scholar William
Arthur Ward said, "Forgiveness is
the key that unlocks the door of
resentment and the handcuffs of
hate. It is a power that breaks
the chains of bitterness and the
shackles of selfishness".
Vallie is visibly stunned.
                       VALLIE (V.O.)
What the hell has my mother been
Vallie is about to tear into her mother.
      (diffusing the
Vallie, you can stay here as long
as you like.


Vallie calms and retracts.
We are not going to pressure you,
or try to tell you what to do.
Vallie is visibly thankful.
If you would like some advice from
an old man though, you should
probably think about talking to
Bryce. You two need to discuss
some things I'm sure. But, you do
what is right for you. Neither
your mother nor I are going to
tell you what to do. It is your
life. He is your fiance. We
support you in any decision you
Vallie is looking down and playing with her glass of juice.
Isn't that right, Sophie?
Spencer looks to Sophia for her agreement, but she just
continues reading her paper.
      (still reading the
Oh, of course dear.
Vallie is frustrated with her mother's lack of sincerity.
Vallie gets up and leaves the sun-room.
Spencer starts to go after his daughter but stops.He looks
at his wife with a stern, accusatory face.

Sophia continues reading and finally looks up at him.
What? Don't look at me that way.
We took on these roles long ago. I
write for bad cop, and you write
for good cop.
Sophia goes back to reading her paper.
      (irritated and
       getting up)
Sophie, she's not some damn novel,
she's our daughter. Can't you just
this once be there for her as her
mother, and not the unrelenting
author of her life?


Spencer leaves Sophia alone in the sun-room with her paper
and fruit.

Sophia looks around and sees that she is the only one left
at the table. For a fleeting moment, a look of regret washes
over her.
Sophia continues reading the paper.
      (to herself)
I think George Washington said it
best, "It is far better to be
alone, than to be in bad company."
The door bell is ringing and Simon is making his way down
the large entry made of Italian marble and accented with
fresh flowers and hanging paintings.
Simon opens the door and standing on the other side is
Vallie's best friend, Sara Reid.
Ms. Sara. Please come in.
Sara walks in and Simon closes the door.
May I take your coat and purse
Sara smiles and gives Simon her purse and coat.
Why yes you may, my dear Simon.
Simon ignores Sara's flirtatious comment.
Simon takes Sara's coat and purse before motioning her
forward whith his outstretched arm.
This way madam.
Sara follows closely, very closely.
      (still flirting)
Can you guess who plays the role
of the butler in all my
butler/maid role play fantasies?
Simon gives a half-grin and sharply cuts his eyes toward her
for a split second, but keeps moving
Sara is smiling and keeping in step with Simon.
Simon stops at the large staircase.


Ms. Vallie is in her bedroom. I
don't think she is expecting you,
but just between you and I Ms.
Sara, I think she could use a
friend right now.
Sara nods in agreement and starts walking up the stairs as
Simon walks away.
      (looking at Simon
       walk away)
Thanks Simon. Cute butt!
Simon stops for a split second after hearing the comment,
then continues walking away.
Sara smiles and dashes up the stairs.
Sara enters Vallie's bedroom and it looks empty except for
Scout lying motionless on the bed.

Before she leaves she notices a slight movement under the
bed covers.
OK Val, if you're doing something
under there that requires you
being alone, just let me know and
I'll step outside.
Vallie's bed covers fly in the air as Vallie and Scout bolt
from the bed.
Scout gets to Sara first.
      (to Scout)
Hey boyfriend.
Vallie practically tackles Sara with a hug.
      (sadly excited)
Oh god, I am so glad that you are
Which leads me to my first of many
questions girlfriend...why are you
here? This is the type of thing
best friends' houses are made for.
Well, I knew that Raul was there
and I didn't want to interrupt
your massage a second time.
Vallie violently pulls Sara into her room and quickly closes
the door.


Vallie falls back on the door.
      (eyes get big)
Sara, I'm going to kill my mother.
Vallie moves toward the bed where Sara is already making
herself comfortable.
OK, Vallie. Right now I think
Sophia the wonder bitch is the
least of your problems. You are
still in your pajamas and it is 3
o'clock. And I'm not even going to
address what is going on with your
Vallie makes an attempt to pat down her crazy hair.
      (sitting on the
       bed next to Sara)
No Sara, you don't understand.
She's telling me I need to go see
Bryce, like it's my duty or
something. Sara, the woman quoted
Bill Clinton.
What's the wonder bitch been
I know! Thank you.
The two girls share a laugh.

Vallie sinks back down in the bed as she comes back to
OK, so I wasn't really able to
make out much from the message you
left on my voice mail. What I got
was: Bryce, mustard, job.
Sorry. I left the message last
night on the way over here. I was
a bit frantic. Be happy, poor
Scout over there got the worst of
Scout is on the floor. He picks his head up for a second
when he hears his name then he drops it hard on the floor as
if he is exhausted
So, I've been thinking about the
cryptic message quite a bit.
Bryce, mustard and job all seem to
fit. Mustard is part of Bryce's


                       SARA (cont'd)
job as the condiment czar.
Vallie looks at her out of the corner of her eye. She starts
to explain but Sara stops her.
You were obviously upset though.
So I thought maybe Bryce lost his
job selling mustard.
Vallie shakes her head.
But, then I thought that wasn't
possible, I mean the captain of
condiments is an heir after all.
So, then, you know me, my mind
went into the gutter and that
produced Bryce getting a hand job
while selling mustard, or maybe
with mustard.
Sara starts laughing.
Vallie slowly turns her head to look at her friend, letting
her know that she is actually not far off.
      (taken aback)
What? No way. Hey, that was my
funny, could never happen guess.
Well, that is not exactly what
happened. Take the hand out and
insert blow. Put a male jar of
mustard in front of him on his
knees and you've got the picture
of the worst night of my life.
      (shoving Vallie's
Shut the fuck up!
There is a short period of silence. Sara is still shocked.
So, Bryce is gay?
Ya think?
I can't believe it. He completely
escaped my gaydar.
      (reaching for
Come here Val. It's gonna be ok.


Sara puts her arm around her best friend and they just lie
together on the bed.
Vallie rests her head on Sara's chest.
Vallie is sitting on the end of her bed with her knees
tucked up under her chin.

Sara is walking around Vallie's room picking up and playing
with items off of Vallie's desk and bookshelves.
      (leaning against a
So, you really gave him a food
bath with the entire meal?
Vallie nods yes with her head.
      (leaning against a
And the bucket into the crotch
play is a classic. I'm so proud of
you, Val.
Sara reaches out and touches Val on the leg and walks away.
      (looking around)
I haven't been in here in years.
Everything is exactly the way I
remember it.
Sara stands in front of the Logan's Bay poster hanging on
Vallie's wall.
Remember our Logan's Bay parties
every Tuesday night? Chase
Reynolds was so delicious. Hell,
he still is. Did you see his last
      (half listening)
      (pointing to the
Chase Reynolds, the actor who
played Hunter on Logan's Bay.
      (looks up at the
Oh. Wasn't his last movie like
three years ago?


Yes, but he was practically naked
during the entire film...H-O-T
That's because the movie was about
an Olympic swimmer...you make it
sound like he was in a porn.
      (staring at Chase)
Whatever...all I know is there is
a scene in the movie where if you
pause it just right as he's coming
out of the shower, you can see the
side of one of his co-captains.
I'm pretty positive, but just to
make sure. You are referring to
his balls, right?
Sara turns around in disbelief.
Well, duh! Plus, it's not like
your precious Logan has done
anything recently. What was his
name....Ethan something?
Sara struts across the room and falls into a poppy-son chair
in the corner of the room.
I love this chair. I made out with
a boy for the first time in this
chair. Remember when we sneaked
Danny and Chris in here while your
parents were having some big
literary party downstairs.
Vallie half grins, but does not respond.
Vallie is now staring at the Logan's Bay poster from her
spot on the bed.
      (very serious)
You remember how excited we would
get on Tuesday nights because we
knew we were going to watch
Logan's Bay?
Sara is half listening and spinning around in the chair.
Sure, it was a great show.
      (very serious)
We would enter their world and it
was like nothing in our world
could touch us for that hour that


                       VALLIE (cont'd)
we were in Riley's Point.
Vallie drops her knees and drapes her legs over the end of
her bed as she continues staring at the poster in front of
      (very serious)
I think it's time for me to go
Sara looks at her, a little confused.
Go back where, Val?
Vallie turns to Sara.
To Riley's Point.
Sara and Scout are moving around the condo assessing the
damage that Vallie unleashed the night before.

Scout is searching for any food that may still be on the
So, this was the sight of the
massacre. Looks like he cleaned
Sara sits down on the leather chair in the living room and
puts her feet up on the ottoman.
      (shouting towards
       the bedroom)
So, how did you know Bryce
wouldn't be here?
                       VALLIE (OS)
      (from the bedroom)
Well, he's been calling endlessly,
wanting to get together and talk.
So, I told him I would meet him to
Vallie walks into the living room with several pieces of
So, when are you supposed to meet


      (looks at her
Um, about 5 minutes ago.
Sara and Vallie both start laughing.
I'm impressed girlfriend.
Vallie puts down the luggage near the door and starts taking
her black and white European pictures off the wall.
Val, you can stay with me as long
as you want. We'll have so much
Thanks for the offer Sara, but I
was serious earlier. I'm going.
Sara joins Vallie to help her pack her pictures.
Val, I know you are this big
literary genius and all, so I
don't think I have to remind you
that Riley's Point is not a real
place, honey.
I know Riley's Point is not real,
but the town where it was filmed
is. Don't you remember when we
watched that E!True Hollywood
Story on Logan's Bay last year and
they said the show was filmed in a
little seaside town in North
Vallie, I know Bryce broke your
heart, but---
Sara, that's just it. He didn't
break my heart. Yes, I'm mad and
upset because the man that I have
shared my life with has been lying
to me and himself for eight years.
But, to be honest I'm actually
kinda relieved.
Sara is visibly surprised by Vallie's revelation.
I just want to escape for a while,
like we did back then.


Vallie is packing her last picture.

INSERT: The picture of a the distressed girl on a bench by
the Rhine with her head hanging down and her knees pulled up
under her chin.
      (concentrating on
I just have a lot to figure out
right now. There are so many
things going on in my life right
now that I'm not sure about. Bryce
is just one of them. I'm 34 years
old and I have no idea what I'm
doing. I'm just going through the
motions at this point with no
direction that is even half way
appealing. I just want to find
myself again.
OK, but you're not going alone .
Don't worry I won't stifle your
findng yourself time.
Really, you don't have to.
Don't be crazy. The station owes
me some time off. Plus, you can't
possibly think I would let you go
off to the old stomping grounds of
Chase Reynolds, aka Hunter Price,
without me
Vallie is all packed and ready to go. She looks around one
last time.
Sara bends down and picks up Scout's bowl.
Scout would never forgive you if
you forgot this.
Sara hands Scout's Man of the House bowl to Vallie.
      (to Scout)
Can't forget this can we boy. It's
truer now, more than ever.
Scout is sitting and smiling.
Sara grabs a couple of bags and walks towards the door.
And so begins your liberation.
Vallie grabs the rest of the bags and starts walking towards
the door.


She stops when she sees the copy of ATLANTA MAGAZINE on the
counter with her and her father on the cover.
      (staring at the
       magazine cover)
Sara, I need to make one stop
before we leave. You go home and
pack. I'll be over in a little
Sara sees Vallie looking at the magazine.
No problem. I'll take Scout with
me. See you in a bit.
      (to Scout)
Come on boyfriend, you're going
home with me.
Scout goes running after his girlfriend.
Vallie is still standing in the condo staring at the
Vallie exits an elevator. The wall in front of her displays
a lighted W.

It is mostly dark on the 13th floor of Williamson
Publishing. Vallie approaches the desk that sits outside the
dark office that has her name on the door.

Vallie takes an envelope out of her jacket pocket and sits
it in front of the computer.

INSERT: An envelope with the name Beth written on the
Spencer Williamson is standing and looking out of his
massive windows at the night lights of Atlanta and enjoying
a glass of scotch.

There is a knock on his office door and it opens.

Spencer turns around to see his daughter walking in, closing
the door behind her.
Junebug, what are you doing here?
I told you that you could take all
the time you needed.
Spencer puts down his scotch and walks toward Vallie to take
her in his arms.


He pulls back and motions toward a large leather couch in
the corner of his office suite
Come on over here and sit down.
Tell me what's going on. I can
tell you've got something on your
Vallie and her father sit down beside each other on the
      (nervously looking
Dad, I've done a lot of thinking
today. This whole thing with Bryce
has opened my eyes. I don't think
I can continue to blindly follow
this plan that has been laid out
for me.
Vallie finally looks up at her father.
I just don't want to disappoint
Spencer takes his daughters hands in his own.
I want you to see something.
Spencer helps his daughter get up from the couch and they
both walk over to his desk.

He walks her around to his chair.
      (motioning to the
Now, sit down Vallie.
Spencer stands behind his chair while Vallie takes her place
in it.
What is in that picture there?
Vallie looks and sees that her dad is pointing to a picture
of her that is framed and sitting on his desk.
It's a picture of me right before
I left for Europe.
I remember that day. Your mother
was not happy. She was against you
going. She didn't talk to me for
weeks. And, I know this may be too
much information for you, but
there was not a lot of lovin'
going on at the Williamson estate


                       SPENCER (cont'd)
that year.
Vallie makes an awful face.
Dad, that would definitely fall
under the too much information
Sorry, we're both adults here.
Anyway, do you know why I agreed
to let you go?
Because I begged you.
I let you go because it wasn't
part of the plan.
Vallie is listening intently to what her father is saying to
Vallie, you were born to a name
that comes with a lot of
I know Dad, but---
But, that responsibility has
nothing to do with publishing or
planned marriages to gay fiances.
The responsbility is to yourself.
Spencer moves around the desk and sits in one of the black
plush chairs in front of his desk.
As you know, I did not come from a
wealthy family. I worked my ass
off to get to Princeton. After I
graduated I roamed around and
backpacked through Europe with
some college buddies. We visited
the homes and graves off all of
our favorite authors. We learned
everything we could about them,
but most importantly, we learned
what inspired them, and in turn we
were inspired. You see, I fell in
love with literature while I was
there. So when I came back to the
states, I knew exactly what I
wanted to do, and after some hard
work and good deals, I got exactly
what I wanted. And I love it
Vallie. That is why I sit in that


Vallie looks down at the chair she's sitting in.
Junebug, you have a responsibility
to yourself to be happy. I let you
go to Europe because I thought you
might find something that you
loved, something that inspired
you. When you came back and jumped
into the business, I thought you
had found the same love I did. But
darling, if you don't want to sit
in that chair, you don't have to.
You should sit there because you
love it, not because of some plan.
Not being true to yourself, honey
that would disappoint me more than
anything else.
Vallie has tears in her eyes. She gets up and goes to the
chair that her father is sitting in and puts her arms around
her father's neck.
      (happily crying)
Thank you daddy.
Spencer pats his daughters arms as they encircle his neck
I'll let you know when I get
Vallie walks toward her father's office door.

She stops as she opens the door and turns to her father.
You know dad. Mom is not going to
be very happy about this latest
Spencer has already risen from the plush chair and is in the
process of sitting down in his chair behind the desk.

He reaches for his drink that has been waiting on him.
      (drink in hand)
Vallie, my dear, that is an
As outgoing Senior Editor of
Williamson Publishing, I have one
last idea to pitch to you.
I am intrigued.


How about we keep this between us
for a couple of days. You know,
give you a chance to get some
lovin' before the drought begins.
Former Madam editor, that is a
fine proposal.
I love ya dad.
Vallie turns to walk out.
I love you too Junebug.
Spencer grins and takes a drink of his scotch.
Vallie's black Range Rover ramps on to the Interstate and
merges with traffic. The car passes underneath an overpass
with a sign that designates it as I-75 South.
                       SARA (V.O.)
So, I did some research. Our
destination is a town called
Southport. Now, I know it's way
out of the way, but I think it
would be fun to drive up the coast
from Savannah. Whatcha think?
The Atlanta night-scape is getting smaller and smaller as
the Range Rover leaves it behind.
                       VALLIE (V.O.)
I think it's a complete deviation
from the original plan. I love it!
The sun is rising over the Savannah River.

Vallie's Range Rover is making it's way into downtown

Sara is slowly waking up in the passenger seat. Vallie is
yawning and rubbing her eyes. Their tired demeanor quickly
changes to one of excitement when they see the first signs
of the stunning beauty that is Savannah.
Meticulously preserved antebellum mansions line the city's
cobblestone streets. The mansions are a mixture of Federal,
Italiante, Georgian, and Victorian architecture.

Sara leans out of the Range Rover's passenger door to stare
in awe at the canopy of live oak trees as the pass



A statue of James Oglethorpe, the city's founder, stands in
the middle of one of the 22 city squares.

The streets are not very full at this early hour, but the
horse drawn carriages and their drivers are already making
their way out on to the streets for the day. The carriage
drivers wave at the people and cars that pass. Vallie and
Sara wave back.

Sara is driving the Range Rover now and Vallie is leaning
out of the passenger door and taking pictures.

Scout is sticking his head out of the back passenger side
window also, with his mouth open and tongue wagging.

Restored cotton warehouses, shops, and restaurants line the
river front.

The Range Rover crosses the Talmadge Memorial Bridge as
barges and boats bass underneath.

The Range Rover passes a sign welcoming it and its
passengers to South Carolina.
Vallie is now behind the wheel again. The two girls are
dancing and laughing in their seats as the Range Rover
passes a sign that reads CHARLESTON: HISTORY LIVES HERE.


Sara is playfully manning the deck guns on the USS Yorktown
as Vallie takes several pictures of her and the surrounding

Vallie and Sara are having fun making faces at the gigantic
sea turtle behind the glass at the crowded Charleston

Vallie is watching the crowds and taking pictures of excited
children as they approach and watch the animals at the

Vallie and Sara are chasing Scout in the park. They are
playfully taking pics of themselves on the crowded pier in
Charleston Waterfront park as people pass by.

Vallie takes a picture of Sara kissing Scout on the pier.

Vallie acts like she is keeping watch for Union ships at
Fort Sumter.

Vallie is taking pictures at Fort Sumter and through her
lens she sees Sara in the distance. Sara is flirting with a
man dressed up in a Confederate uniform at Fort Sumter.

Vallie grabs Sara and drags her away. Sara smiles and waves
at the soldier as she's being pulled away. He waves back.


Sara is now at the helm of the SUV and driving slowly on a
two lane road and looking around as if she is lost

Vallie is sleeping in the passenger seat. .

As the Range Rover rounds the corner, she sees the most
beautiful sunset she has ever seen in her life and a
weathered sign welcoming them to Southport, NC. She nudges
Vallie to wake her up.
      (nudging Vallie)
Hey Val, wake up. I think we're
here. You're gonna want to wake up
for this trust me.
Vallie shifts around and slowly opens her eyes. Her eyes
quickly open wider and wider.
      (in awe)
Is that real? It looks like a
The Range Rover comes to a stop because there is no more
road. The car sits in a small parking lot with only ocean
ahead of them. Ocean and a sky with beautiful streaks of
blue, pink, orange and red.

Both girls are staring through the windshield of the car in
complete silence.

Vallie leans out of the passenger side window with her
camera and tries to get some shots of the calming sunset.
      (putting the car
       in reverse)
OK, enough of the pretty sunset.
Let's go find the house. I'm
Sara reverses the car and Vallie almost falls out of the

The Range Rover is now headed down a road that is adjacent
to the ocean.
58, 60, 62, 64 Pelican Drive, this
is it.
Sara pulls the Range Rover off the road and up to the front
of a gate with the address, 64 PELICAN LANE, displayed on
one of the two large columns holding it.


Vallie pushes a button on a key chain she pulls from the
cupholder of the Range Rover. The gates begin to open.
Open sesame.
Sara steers the Range Rover towards the house at the end of
the short driveway. The house ahead is quite impressive. It
is a three level cottage style beach home with double
garages on either side of the main entry. On the driveway,
in front of the main staircase are three palm trees centered
perfectly with the house.
Wow, Val. When you escape, you
really escape. This place is a
palace. How did you find this on
such short notice.
You know Graham Lockley?
The ole drunk basterd?
That's the one. Well, I called him
on my way to my Dad's office and
told him I was resigning. I knew
that he had a house here. He was
so happy he wouldn't have to deal
with me anymore, he agreed to let
me have his beach house for as
long as I want. So, I went by his
place and picked up the keys on my
way to pick you up.
Sara stops the Range Rover in front of the house.
Vallie, Sara and Scout exit the house through the glass
paneled double doors and walk out on to the large wrap
around deck to take in the view.

In front of them the blue Atlantic Ocean stretches

Scout runs down the long plank walkway and starts jumping
over dunes of sand to get to the water.
      (running after
Hey...I'm with him. Wait up
Vallie watches her best friend run after Scout and grabs her
camera off the deck chair and starts snapping some shots of
them. She pulls the camera away from her eyes and runs to
join them.


      (running down the
Hey guys...wait for me!
Vallie, Sara and Scout play in the sand and surf while the
sun finishes setting in the horizon.
The day is coming to an end, which is evident by the antique
street lights that are already coming alive along the

Tourists and locals hurry along the scenic brick and wooden
river walk on the eastern bank of the Cape Fear River,
visiting the cafes and shops as they go.
LIZZY'S ON THE CAPE restaurant sits at the end of the
riverwalk and is very crowded tonight.
Lizzy's on the Cape is a casual American seafood grill and
oyster bar. The waiters and waitresses, dressed in all
black, are quickly transporting food and drinks to the
tables from the kitchen and bar.

Vallie and Sara are seated on the full patio enjoying their
food, drinks, and breathtaking view of the river with all of
the other patrons. A single lantern candle lights each
A waitress is clearing Sara and Vallie's plates.
      (picking up plates)
Did you ladies save room for some
      (grabbing stomach)
I don't think I have any room.
I may have something.
The waitress turns around, grabs a dessert menu off of the
bar behind her,and places the menu in front of Vallie.
Here is a menu. I'll be right
back. I'll bring some more wine
Vallie is sipping her wine and looking out over the water.
It is so beautiful here. Now I
know why the service station
attendant was so adamant about us
coming here for dinner.


I have to admit Val, I thought you
were losing your mind when you
said you were coming here, which
is one reason I decided to come
along. But, if I knew we could be
here just like this, I would have
paid a jar of mustard to go down
on Bryce a long time ago.
Sara sees the way Vallie is looking at her.
Too soon?
Vallie looks sad for a second, then breaks into a grin.
No..it is pretty funny I guess
when you think about it. It's OK.
Hell, I deserve dessert after
walking in on that.
Girlfriend, you deserve the whole
damn cart.
Vallie opens the menu and peruses the dessert selection.

Sara is gazing out at the beautiful view.

Sara reaches for her wine glass and glances toward the main
bar just outside the restaurant. Her gaze returns to the
water as she takes a sip of her wine.

Sara looks confused.

Sara quickly turns her head back towards the bar where she
sees a man standing at the bar looking through some papers
and having a beer. He has short wavy sun touched hair that
needs to be cut and shaped. He looks to be in his thirties
and his skin is tan. He is very casually dressed in tattered
khaki shorts and a faded long-sleeved polo shirt and
Look at that guy over there?
      (not looking up)
Yes Sara he is really hot and I'm
sure he wants you.
No, I'm serious. Look. Doesn't
that guy at the bar look like a
scraggly, homeless version of
Logan Campbell.
Vallie gives in and glances towards the bar.


I guess. A little bit. I can't
really see him that well from
Vallie goes back to looking at the menu.
Ok, so what do you think? Will it
be key lime pie or chocolate
mousse cake?
Sara stops staring at the guy at the bar and picks up her
wine glass to take a drink. She takes a drink and looks
straight ahead at the menu Vallie is holding. She stops
drinking and almost chokes on the wine she has in her mouth
as it goes downs. She grabs the menu out of Vallie's hands.
      (looking at menu)
Holy shit!
Sara is studying the back of the menu.
      (confused and
What is wrong?
Look at this picture.
Sara is pointing to a picture and passage on the back of the
menu. Vallie looks at the picture.
That is the guy at the bar.
Vallie looks at the picture and nods her head in agreement.
OK, so the guy at the bar owns the
restaurant. I guess that is why he
is here. What's the big deal?
      (reading the back
       of the menu)
It says here that the restaurant
is owned by a local family. This
guy opened it a few years ago
after moving back to his hometown
from L.A.
Vallie is now slightly more interested.
      (to Vallie)
Hold on to your panties, Val?
Wanna guess what his name is?
Vallie grabs the menu from Sara.


No way...it can't be.
Vallie is reading the back of the menu now and studying the
picture. She looks at the bar and the man there, now sitting
on a stool drinking his beer and talking to the bartender.
I can't believe that is really
Ethan Parker. He looks different
than I remember.
Yes, Logan Campbell has grown into
a man. A very hot man.
Vallie stares at her friend in disbelief.
You just said he looked scraggly
and homeless.
Sara is staring at Ethan, who is still sitting at the bar.
Hey, scraggly and homeless can be
hot if you are a rich celebrity.
Glad you cleared that up for me.
You should totally go talk to him.
Vallie chokes on her wine and starts coughing.
What? Are you crazy?
Look, how is he ever going to fall
in love with you and introduce me
to Chase Reynolds if you don't go
talk to him.
Ok, how many glasses of wine have
you had?
Come on Val, think about it. When
will you ever have this chance
again. Logan Campbell is standing
20 feet from you. This was your
dream when you were fourteen.
Don't you think you owe it to that
fourteen year old love struck girl
to at least go say, "Hello, I want
to have your children"?
Vallie looks back at Ethan and for a split second she sees
Logan Campbell standing there in a white button up shirt and


khakis. He looks just like he did when he proposed to
Chelsie on the beach, but his time he's smiling at her, not
Vallie brings herself back into reality.
Ok, so what's the plan? I just go
up and talk to him. Tell him how
much I loved his show when I was a
teenager. That I found out my
finace is gay, and after breaking
down and staring at an old poster
in my childhood bedroom, I decided
to run away to the fictional town
that was the setting for his show.
How could he possibly not want me?
You're right. You don't want to
seem too needy. Men like a good
chase. We need for him to notice
you, but he can't know that we
know who he is.
And why is that?
He's a celebrity...or at least he
used to be. You don't want to seem
like some star-struck groupie.
Ok, so what's the plan oh wise
Sara is thinking and then grins.
No plan. Remember, that's what you
are running from, right? We're
going to be spontaneous. Isn't
that what you told your father you
needed in that pretty speech you
replayed for me on the way here.
Well, it's time.
Sara gets up and grabs Vallie's arm, practically lifting her
out of her seat. They walk straight to Ethan Parker, who is
still sitting at the bar, talking to the bartender.
The girls are standing a few feet away from Ethan. Sara
pushes Vallie and Vallie almost falls into Ethan's lap.
Excuse me, are you Mr. Ethan


Ethan Parker turns around to see Vallie almost falling. He
reaches out to catch her, but she re-gains her balance.
      (reaching out)
Yes, I am. Are you ok?
My name is Vallie.
      (slightly amused)
Well, hello Vallie.
Vallie goes silent. She is just staring at him, nodding her
head and smiling nervously.
Sara walks up and puts her arm around Vallie.
      (fake frustration)
So, you're the owner, right?
Yes, I am. Is everything ok?
      (fake frustration)
No, it is not. I think you are
serving bad shellfish. My friend
here has been in the bathroom half
of the night. Trust me, you do not
want to go into the ladies room
anytime soon. It is not pretty.
Vallie looks mortified.
Well, I certainly am sorry. I will
be sure and cancel any shellfish
orders for the rest of the night.
Both of your meals are on me...and
I'll give you a voucher for a free
meal next time. Trust me, this is
not a usual occurrence and once
again, I'm sorry for any
inconvenience...Vallie, is it?
Ethan reaches around under the bar and grabs 2 free meal
vouchers and gives them to Sara.

Yes, it's Vallie. Thank you. I'm
sure I'll be fine.


      (to Sara)
Please let me know if it gets
worse or if she needs any medical
care. We'll cover anything.
Sara starts to walk out of the restaurant with her arm still
around Vallie.
      (fake frustration)
Oh, trust me, we will. That's the
least you could do for giving my
friend here the trots.
Vallie is beyond mortified at this point.
The girls walk out of the restaurant as an intrigued Ethan
watches them leave.
Vallie and Sara are walking away from the restaurant on the
crowded river walk. Vallie pushes Sara's arm off of her.
What the hell was that?
Your spontaneous plan for getting
him to notice me is to tell him I
have diarreha?
Hey, I saved you back there.
Are you insane? How could you
possibly think that was saving me?
Val, you practically fell into his
lap and then just stood there
staring at him like some mute. If
I hadn't came up with that Oscar
winning performance, which I think
was brilliant by the way, then he
would have thought that you were
just some crazy fan who fell to
pieces in his presence. You didn't
want that did you?


Well, let's see. Crazy star-struck
fan or stinking up his bathroom?
I'm gonna go with crazy fan.
Trust me Val, it will be ok. We
were successful in our overall
That...back there...that is what
you call success?
He noticed you. And we have these
vouchers, which means we will see
him again. How much do you want to
bet he will remember you when we
go back?
Vallie just throws her arms up like she's giving up and
walks off.
I don't think I've ever been this
Really? How about---
Vallie puts her hand up in the air as soon as Sara starts
talking but keeps walking.
Don't even think about bringing up
the mustard.
Ok...trust me Val, I know what I'm
Sara is still trying to catch up with Vallie.
The sun is rising over the water and providing a soul
stirring event for all of those witness to it. Vallie
Williamson is one of those. She is sitting on a wooden two
person swing along the path of Waterfront Park. Camera in
hand, she is taking photos of the amazing sunrise as the
water hits the rocks below.
Southport is one of the few cities with a true downtown.
Banks, antique, collectible and speciality shops, outside
pubs, restaurants and professional offices line a 5 block


Vallie is exploring the downtown commercial district and
taking photos of buildings, and people as they move along
the streets and between shops. She could probably be
mistaken for a local, in her tank top and khaki capris, but
the Atlanta Braves baseball cap and camera around her neck
probably gives her away.

Vallie stops in front of a building. The sign says it's THE
Vallie enters the gallery.
The gallery is not very big, but the owner has obviously
paid attention to detail and the gallery is quite
impressive. Vallie is visibly impressed by some of the
paintings and sculptures on display.
                       MALE VOICE (OS)
All of the artists are locals.
Vallie turns to see a tall, middle-aged man walking towards
her. He looks to be dressed from head to toe in casual Hugo
Boss attire. His graying hair is tucked away in a very neat
      (admiring the art)
They are really great.
There is a lot of talent here in
Southport. Are you interested in
purchasing anything or just
Vallie continues admiring the art as ANDRE approaches her.
Just admiring for now.
I see you are an artist youself.
Andre points to the camera around Vallie's neck.
Oh, this is just a hobby.
That is what most artists say in
the beginning.
Vallie just grins and looks away.
So, I would have remembered seeing
your pretty face around town
before. You going to be staying
with us for a while or just
passing through?


As of right now, I'm here
I'm sorry, my name is Andre. I own
the gallery.
My name is Vallie.
Andre extends his hand to Vallie. She takes his hand and
Andre brings her hand to his lips and kisses the back of her
Vallie is impressed and blushes a little bit.
It is always a pleasure to meet
fellow artists...Vallie.
Andre takes a brochure off of a small display and
information table and hands it to Vallie.
Every year we have an open house
showcase for local painters,
sculptors and photographers. The
winners of each category get their
own show. Now, I know a show in
Southport isn't that big of a
deal, but several galleries in New
York send representatives as a
personal favor to me. If you are
Vallie is looking at the brochure.
It sounds great. Me and my friend
Sara would love to come.
Andre shakes his head.
I'm not just inviting you to come
Vallie, I'm inviting you to enter
your work. I mean, I would have to
look at your photos first, but
that is just a formality. I'm sure
they are great.
Vallie is very confused.
I'm not a photographer. Like I
said, it's just a hobby. My
pictures wouldn't even begin to
compete with professionals.
Why don't you let me be the judge
of that.


Vallie is walking towards the door of the gallery.
Thanks, but I don't think so. It
was nice to meet you Andre and
thank you again.
Andre is watching Vallie leave.
The pleasure was all mine. The
invitation is open-ended. Let me
know if you change your mind.
Vallie smiles, looks back and waves before walking out of
the gallery.
Vallie is looking in the window of an antique store. She
sees the reflection of a truck pulling into a parking space
near where she is standing and she realizes the driver is
Ethan Parker when he steps out of the truck. Vallie pulls
down her baseball cap and quickly starts walking in the
opposite direction.

Ethan Parker sees a woman that looks vaguely familiar
walking up the street away from him.
Vallie spends the day taking photos around Southport.
Vallie takes photos along the riverwalk.

Vallie takes photos of majestic Victorian century homes.

Vallie is lying in the middle of the street in a residential
area. She is staring up at the canopy supplied by the 200
year old live oak trees. She sits up and at the end of the
street is the water and horizon. She takes a photo.

Vallie is taking photos on the Southport Docks. She is
looking through her lens and sees a man in a red bandanna
and sleeveless shirt at the end stacking crates of crab. She
zooms in and sees that it is Ethan Parker.

Vallie quickly hides behind the first post she finds. She
peeks around the corner and takes a photo of Ethan. She
watches him and continues to capture his actions with her
camera as he loads the crates into his waiting pick-up truck
in the nearby parking lot.
Vallie is sitting on the beach with her knees tucked up into
her chest and staring out over the water. She looks down at
her hand and the 10 caret engagement ring on her finger. She
stands up and takes the engagement ring off her finger and
throws it into the ocean. She smiles and turns to walk down
the beach


Vallie is passed out asleep on a lounge chair. She has an
open Graham Lockley book on her chest. The book's title is

Vallie starts to stir and slowly wakes up to the sound of
Scout barking. At the end of the walkway to the beach Sara
and Scout are playing. She sits up more when she notices
that they are not alone. There is a man talking to Sara and
playing with Scout.

Vallie grabs her camera from the chair beside her and looks
through the lens. She sits fully upright when she sees the
red bandanna around the man's head. The man is Ethan Parker.

Vallie jumps up and hides behind the banister. She is being
hidden from sight by a beach towel that is hanging over the
banister. She pulls up the towel and peeks through. Ethan is
still there. Vallie is on all fours and crawling to the door
so she will not be seen. She gets the door open and crawls
Vallie is still on all fours. She doesn't stand up until she
has crawled clear of all windows. She peeks out the window
she is standing beside.
      (to herself)
What is he doing here? It's
OK...he didn't see me. Oh God, I
hope he didn't see me. What is
Sara doing?
Vallie grabs a bottle of water out of the refrigerator and
walks back into the living room.
She is drinking her water when Sara and Scout walk in the
patio door
      (looking for
Hey Val.
Sara, what were you doing talking
to ---
Guess who came by to see how you


Ethan walks through the open patio door. Vallie immediately
falls to the ground and ducks behind the couch.

Sara nervously laughs and walks over behind the couch where
Vallie is lying on the floor and kneels down beside her.
Val, what are you doing?
Did he see me? Do you think he saw
No. I'm sure you were completely
invisible for those 3 seconds he
saw you.
Sara grabs Vallie's water bottle cap out of her hands and
pulls Vallie up to her feet . Both girls smile at Ethan. He
smiles back, not sure what just happened.
Is everything OK?
Yeah, Vallie just dropped her
bottle cap. She's a
germaphobe...really paranoid about
germs getting into her open drinks
when she's not drinking them.
Sara holds up Vallie's bottle cap.

Vallie just smiles in agreement as Sara puts the cap back on
Vallie's water.
Hey listen, I don't blame you, I'm
a bit of a germaphobe myself. I
mean, I even keep hand sanitizer
on my key chain. How many men do
you know that do that?
Vallie is still smiling without saying a word as Sara hits
her on the back.
      (nervously smiling)
You would be the only one.
Sara moves away from Vallie and toward the stairs.
Listen, I'm all grimy from the
sand and water. I'm gonna go
shower and leave you crazy kids to
Vallie's eyes get big. She looks at Sara, pleading her not
to leave. Sara smiles and bolts up the stairs.


Listen, I didn't mean to invade
your space here. I saw Sara
outside and I just wanted to make
sure you were OK...you know, after
last night.
Vallie is now gulping her water nervously.
Oh, yeah...last night. Um...I am
feeling much better. Thank you.
Scout is jumping up on Ethan and Ethan is petting him.
      (playing with
Scout and I bonded instantly. He's
a great dog. My first dog was a
yellow lab. My dad named him
Yeller. I had no idea why. Then I
saw Old Yeller. It upset me so
much that the next day I went into
my dad's closet, took out his gun
and threw it in the ocean. He was
not too happy. We changed Yeller's
name to Cosmo after that.
Vallie half-laughs and nervously finishes the bottle of
I guess I was thirsty.
Ethan moves towards her and the only thing separating them
now is the couch.
It's normal, I'm sure. You're
probably dehydrated from last
Vallie is mortified.
Are you sure you're ok.
Oh, yeah. You know, I don't really
know that it was the shellfish.
And I wasn't really as sick as
Sara made it sound. She was a bit
over dramatic.
No, she was just concerned. She
seems like a really good friend.
Yeah, she is. We've been best
friends since we were little.


Vallie is more comfortable now and acting almost sane.
Ethan is attempting to flirt.
Well, I threw out all of the
shellfish last night and got a
fresh batch today. So, don't be
scared to come down to the
restaurant again. I will inspect
your food myself.
That is not necessary. And of
course we'll come back to the
restaurant. The food was great.
She stops and realizes what she just said.
Well, I mean it tasted good. You
know, before the...before I didn't
feel well.
Oh, well thanks. I'm glad you
enjoyed it...you know...before.
Vallie and Ethan are shaking their heads, neither wanting to
talk about the specifics of Vallie's sickness.
Ethan looks at his watch.
Well, I guess I'll go and let you
girls enjoy the rest of your day.
Ethan starts walking toward the door. He stops and turns
Hey, this may be a crazy idea. I
mean I'm sure you guys have better
things to do. But, I always take
my boat out for a run to sunshine
cove on Saturdays. You guys are
welcome to come if you're
                       SARA (OS)
Hell yeah, we're interested.
Sara comes bounding down the stairs in a terrycloth robe.
Well, obviously we're interested.
It sounds like fun.
OK, well meet me at the Southport
Marina around nine. Do you guys
know where it is?


Yeah, we know where it is. We'll
see you then.
Ethan opens the patio door, waves and walks out.
Sara runs up to Vallie all excited and screaming. She starts
hugging Vallie and jumping up and down. Scout joins in,
jumping up on both of them and barking. Vallie finally gives
in and starts jumping too.
Vallie and Sara are sitting on bar stools in their pajamas
and facing each other over the kitchen counter enjoying take
out pizza and wine.
So, what did you do all day? I
woke up and no Vallie.
I just explored Southport and took
some photos. It's really a
beautiful town. I can see why a TV
show would pick this as a
Sara points, with a piece of pizza, to a brochure that is
lying at the end of the kitchen counter by Vallie's camera.
So, I guess I should be glad I
brought that little black Prada I
borrowed from you.
Vallie sees that Sara is pointing at the showcase brochure
that Vallie got from Andre at the gallery.
Oh, that's nothing. I stumbled
into this little gallery today.
The guy that ran it thought I was
a photographer for some reason and
wanted me to let him see some of
my photos so he could use them in
the showcase.
Val, that's great. I've always
told you that your photos should
be hanging in galleries, not on
your walls.
Oh, I'm not doing it. I told him I
wasn't a professional. He would
look at my photos for 2 seconds
and laugh in my face.


Val, this is a great opportunity
for you. Just let the guy look at
your pictures.
No Sara. I'm not doing it. Subject
Sara looks disappointed for a second, but quickly becomes
You are going on a love cruise
with Ethan Parker, aka Logan
Campbell tomorrow. I told you my
plan would work.
Yeah...but I feel kinda bad. He
really thinks I was sick. We're
lying to him. I think we should
tell him the truth.
Sara calms down and quickly gets serious.
You don't think he's gay do you?
Vallie stops eating mid-bite.
God, I hope not!
Both girls laugh and continue to eat.
The docks are busy as Vallie, Sara and Scout make their way
through the crowd. They are looking for Ethan. Scout barks
and bolts from them.
Scout, wait!
Vallie and Sara follow Scout and finally see a shirtless
Ethan standing on the deck of his small Ferretti yacht and
smiling at them. Vallie and Sara stop in their tracks.
      (staring in awe)
Oh my god. It's gorgeous.
Yeah...and the boat ain't bad
Vallie smiles in agreement.



Ethan is at the wheel of his Ferretti yacht as it is
speeding amongst all of the other boats that are on the

Ethan and the girls are enjoying themselves and Vallie is
taking photos of people boating, skiing, knee boarding,
wakeboarding, and swimming.
Sara and Scout are on the stern of the boat playing catch.
The attached dog ramp makes it easy for Scout to jump in the
water and then run back up on the boat.
      (throwing ball)
Go get it boy!
Vallie and Ethan are sitting on the bow of the boat.
Ethan, the boat is beautiful. It
was so nice of you to invite us
out today. We're really having a
great time.
Thanks. It's the one extravagant
purchase I made after the TV show
ended. I bought a house too, but I
mainly bought that for my dad. I
actually spend most nights here on
the boat. I only stay at my house
a couple of nights to help out and
keep him company.
So, you're from Southport?
Yep, born and bred. My father
raised me for the most part. My
mom died in a car accident when I
was 5. I was actually in the car
with her and didn't have a scratch
on me. Kinda funny how that
happens sometimes.
Vallie reaches out and puts her hand on his.
Oh, I'm so sorry Ethan.
It's ok. It happened a long time
ago and I was really young. Isn't
it crazy how much you can miss
someone that you really don't even


Ethan pulls himself together.
But, yeah I grew up here. My life
was pretty simple till a casting
agent approached me when I was
life guarding up at Carolina
Beach. They wanted me to audition
for a part in a TV series they
were going to be filming in town.
I went in to audition just for the
fun of it and they called me 2
days later to tell me that I got
the part. Then my whole life
changed. Paparazzi, fans, agents,
ratings. It was all so
Most people dream of getting a
break like that.
Oh, don't get me wrong. I really
enjoyed making the show. It was an
experience I wouldn't trade for
anything. I really fell in love
with acting. I just hate all of
the show biz that goes along with
being an actor.
So, are you still acting?
I moved out to LA after the show
ended. I made a few movies and
then three years ago I just walked
away from it all and moved back
here and opened up the restaurant.
Do you ever miss it?
I do miss it sometimes, but I also
love the quiet life I've created
here. With the exception of the
occasional tourist who wants to
take a picture with me or get an
autograph, I'm just a normal guy
around here. The paparazzi lost
interest about 2 years ago so I
don't see them around much
anymore. I just wish I could find
a balance between my life here and
acting without having to sacrifice
one for the other.
Ethan, I have to be honest with
you. I knew who you were in the
restaurant. I actually had a bit
of a crush on your character on
Logan's Bay when I was younger.


                       VALLIE (cont'd)
Sara came up with this crazy plan
of meeting you, which unbeknownst
to me included the whole food
poisoning story. I'm so sorry for
going along with it.
Ethan is surprised at first, but then smiles knowingly.
Well, I wasn't completely buying
the food poisoning story. It was
pretty obvious that you had no
idea what was going on. But Sara
would be a great actress, she was
pretty convincing. Plus, I was
kinda flattered. I don't think
anyone has ever used diarrhea as a
vehicle to meet me.
Vallie appears relieved but still embarrassed.
I don't think I have ever been
more embarrassed. Let's make a
deal. From this moment on, no more
lies and no more embarrassing
Sounds like a plan to me.
Vallie and Ethan shake hands to seal the deal. They find
themselves smiling at each other. Ethan reaches down and
puts his other hand on Vallie's.
The moment is interrupted by a flying ball.
                       SARA (OS)
Ethan reaches down to pick up Scout's ball. He smiles at
Vallie and turns to throw it back to the stern. His eyes get
big. Scout is barreling straight for him.
Oh no.
Scout jumps up on Ethan and they both fall over the bow of
the boat into the water below.
Vallie is standing on the bow with her hand over her mouth.
She rushes to see if they are ok.
Oh my god. Are you OK? I'm so
Ethan has surfaced. He is laughing. Scout swims over to him
and begins licking his face.


Yeah, it looks like we're both
Sara runs to the bow. She joins Vallie and starts laughing
when she sees Ethan and Scout in the water.
Sorry guys, ball got away from me.
What can we do to help?
Turn that silver lever on the
front there and that will lower
the ladder.
Vallie begins turning the lever as Ethan starts swimming
toward the ladder.

Scout has already retrieved the ball and is headed back up
the ramp at the stern of the boat.
      (looking out at
       the water)
Where is Scout?
Ethan is climbing up the ladder and Vallie is bent over to
try and help him.

Scout runs toward the bow of the boat. Sara sees him running
toward Vallie and tries to stop him but she is not fast
Scout runs into Vallie, who stumbles and gets her foot
caught in the rails on the bow as she flies over the side of
the boat into the water. Ethan sees her falling and tries to
reach out for her from the ladder, but can't reach her in
Vallie surfaces. She looks up to see Ethan,Sara and Scout
staring at her from the bow rail of the boat. Sara and Ethan
are laughing.
You ok Val?
I'm fine.
Vallie swims toward the boat. She climbs up the ladder. She
steps on to the bow and starts ringing out her hair. Ethan
and Sara both gasp.


      (turning away)
Oh, hello!
Ethan tries to look away from her. Sara runs toward Vallie
with a towel. Scout makes an "uh-oh" sound and tilts his

Vallie doesn't understand why they are acting so weird.
What is wrong with all of you?
Sara is standing in front of Vallie holding up a towel. Sara
moves her eyes downward toward Vallie's chest. Vallie looks
Vallie realizes that she is standing there topless. She
grabs the towel and wraps it around her.

Vallie's bathing suit top floats by the boat on top of the

Vallie is so embarrassed. She buries her head into Sara's
This can't be happening.
Sara, Vallie and Scout are getting off of Ethan's boat.
Ethan is still standing on the deck.
So, are you beautiful ladies up
for dinner? I did promise you a
free meal at the restaurant.
      (putting her arm
       around Vallie)
Well, I'm a little tired, but you
and flying tits here should go.
Vallie is humiliated.
Sara is giving Vallie the "go for it" look.
Sounds great. I'll pick you up
around 8?
Vallie is unsure, but finally agrees to go on her own terms.
Dinner sounds good. I'll meet you
there though.


Ethan smiles at Vallie.
Ok, see you there, flying tits.
Vallie covers her face embarrassingly and then smiles back
at Ethan, who is laughing.
Vallie, Sara and Scout start walking away from the boat.
Ethan is watching them walk away with a huge grin on his
Vallie slows walking and turns around to see him looking at
her. She smiles back at him and then continues walking.
Ethan watches her till she is out of sight.
A black limousine is speeding down the road.
An attractively stern woman in business attire is sitting in
the back of the limo staring out of her tinted window
through over sized Prada sunglasses.

Sitting beside her is CHASE REYNOLDS, Ethan's co-star from
Logan's Bay.
Are you sure this is the only way
Anna? I feel like we're ambushing
Maybe an ambush is what he needs.
This is a great opportunity for
the both of you. We just have to
open his eyes and make him see
that. The studio made it very
clear... no Ethan Parker, no
Logan's Bay movie. You remember
that when you start feeling
Chase still looks unsure.
Vallie enters the busy restaurant. She is visibly nervous
and fidgeting with her hair and dress. The hostess
approaches her.
Ms. Williamson?


Mr. Parker is speaking with some
customers right now. He told me to
take you back and get your drink
order. This way.
The hostess leads Vallie into a large banquet room in the
back of the restaurant.

The room is amazing. One wall is almost entirely a floor to
ground window view of the Cape Fear River. The room is lit
by hanging rope lights that are draped around the room and
the one candle centerpiece on the only table in the room.
The room is full of freshly cut flowers.
Can I bring you a glass of the
house wine?
Yes, please. Thank you.
The hostess leaves Vallie. Vallie looks around the room and
begins to feel more comfortable. She walks to the window and
is looking at the great view.
                       ETHAN (OS)
It's a breath-taking view.
Ethan is standing at the room entrance. Vallie turns to see
him and smiles. She turns back to the view.
It is an amazing view of the
Ethan walks up behind Vallie and speaks in her ear.
I wasn't talking about the river.
Vallie appears flustered but flattered by the comment.
Vallie and Ethan are enjoying their dinner and wine. A
waiter is filling their glasses.
      (to waiter)
Bring us a side of spicy mustard
Vallie hears the request and gives a slight uneasy glance.
So, you got to hear the cliffs
note version of my life story
today, now it's your turn.


Well, I was born in NY, but my dad
moved the business headquarters to
Atlanta when I was in elementary
What kind of business is your dad
Publishing. My dad is Spencer
Ethan is visibly impressed.
Of Williamson Publishing? Wow,
that's impressive. Are you in
publishing too?
Yes...well, I used to be. I kind
of quit before I came on this
The waiter arrives with the spicy mustard and places it on
the table.
You quit the family business. That
has to take nerve. How did your
dad take it?
He was actually great. My mom, on
the other hand has probably
disowned me. She had certain plans
for my life, and I haven't exactly
been the most willing participant
I think all Moms are like that. My
dad says that my mom always
dreamed of us owning and running a
family restaurant. Luckily for me,
I was able to fulfill her dream.
I've been meaning to ask you where
you got the name Lizzy's.
Elizabeth was my Mom's name. My
dad used to call her Lizzy. It
just seemed appropriate.
I'm sure she would have loved it
Ethan. It's beautiful. You've
really created something special


Thanks, that really means a lot.
Ethan changes the subject.
So, is the beach house yours or
your parents?
Neither actually. It belongs to
one of our authors, Graham
Lockley, you may have heard of
You're kidding. I love him. I've
read all of his books. I actually
auditioned for a part in a movie
adaptation of one of his books
right before I left LA. I had no
idea that he had a house here.
Well, to be honest, I don't think
he does either. His assistant
hooked me up with the house. He
said Graham bought it years ago,
holed up in it for a few months to
write a book, and has never used
it since.
Ethan finally asks the question he's been wanting to ask all
Any boyfriends back in Atlanta?
Ah, the question.
Yes, the question. I was trying to
be eloquent and
non-chalant...guess it didn't
I was engaged, but not anymore.
Ethan tries not to show how happy he really is.
Oh, I'm sorry. What happened?
Let's just say we were too much
alike. How about you? Handsome
movie star. You must have a hard
time with the ladies.


Oh definitely. I'm your typical
movie star. I'm all about bagging
and tagging em.
Oh really?
No, not at all. I was seeing
someone out in LA for a couple of
years. We had talked about getting
married. Her name was Anna. It
basically came down to the fact
that I wanted to leave LA and she
didn't. That's pretty much the end
of the story. It was all for the
Ethan sees that Vallie has not touched the spicy mustard.
Is that the wrong kind of mustard?
Well, I called earlier to see if
you had left and Sara gave me some
tips for tonight. She told me that
you love Edwards Spicy Mustard.
She said you eat in on everything.
Vallie rolls her eyes.
I will have to thank Sara when I
get home. Thank you, it's perfect.
Ethan is happily relieved by her answer. He picks up his
wine glass and makes a toast.
Well, it seems that you and I are
both searching for something. So,
here's to both of us. May we both
find what it is we've been looking
for and never lose sight of the
path that got us there.
Vallie and Ethan touch glasses.
Vallie and Ethan walk out the door of the restaurant. Ethan
takes Vallie's hands in his own.
Vallie, I really had a great time
today and tonight.


Me too Ethan.
You want to go for a walk along
the river.
I'd love to.
Ethan puts his arm around Vallie and starts walking toward
the river.

A black limousine pulls up right beside Ethan and Vallie and
the car horn blares.

Ethan and Vallie turn to see the car.

The passenger door opens. ANNA DAVENPORT steps out of the
car and seductively walks toward Ethan. Ethan's arm is no
longer around Vallie.
Well, well. Ethan Parker. So, are
you just going to stand there or
are you going to come over here
and give me a hug?
Ethan takes a few steps toward Anna, but Anna has already
made her way to him. She greets Ethan with a hug. She smiles
at Vallie over his shoulder. Vallie appears to be uncertain,
but not worried, and she smiles back. Ethan finally breaks
the embrace, but Anna still has her hands around his neck.
I have a surprise for you Ethan.
She motions toward the limo. Chase Reynolds climbs out of
the open passenger door. Chase walks toward Ethan with a
huge smile on his face. Ethan is instantly happy and turns
from Anna to run toward Chase. Ethan and Chase engage in a
manly embrace.
It's been a long time my brother.
Too long, too long.
Ethan and Chase break their embrace.
What are you doing here man?
Well, we...uh --
Ethan interrupts him.
Oh, it doesn't matter. How have
you been?


Good. Um...did we interrupt
Chase nods toward Vallie who is standing all alone where
Ethan left her. Ethan turns and realizes he's being rude.
Chase and Ethan walk towards Vallie.
Oh, I'm so sorry. Chase, this is
Vallie Williamson. Vallie, this is
Chase Reynolds.
Chase kisses Vallie's hand.
It's very nice to meet you,
Vallie. I apologize for my
friend's bad manners. We haven't
seen each other in a while and I'm
his hero.
Vallie laughs. Ethan playfully grabs Chase and pushes him
away from Vallie.
Don't listen to him, he's
Anna walks up to Ethan and Vallie.
Aren't you going to introduce me
to...Vallie, is it?
Vallie and Ethan detect the sarcasm in her voice.
Vallie, this is Anna.
Vallie tries to hide her reaction, but her face gives her
I can tell by the look on your
face that you've heard of me.
Vallie tries her best to smile at her and Ethan. She isn't
going to be intimidated.
Well, I haven't heard much, but
what I did here is being
represented very well by you at
this very moment.
Anna awkwardly smiles. Ethan and Chase are impressed and try
not to laugh.
I think I'm going to head home now
and leave you to your friends.


Well, at least let me walk you to
your car.
No, I'm fine. Have a good night.
Vallie starts walking away and then turns back to Anna and
It was nice meeting you both. Good
Vallie waves and she is gone. Ethan just watches her walk
away until Anna grabs him by the arm and drags him back
toward the restaurant.
The restaurant is empty except for Ethan, Anna and Chase.
Ethan is standing behind the bar serving up drinks to Anna
and Chase.
So, which one of you is going to
tell me what you are really doing
here? I know you didn't come here
just to discuss old times.
Chase is starting to look very uncomfortable. Ethan sees him
shying away from the question.
      (to Anna)
I have a good idea why you are
      (to Chase)
But, how did she convince you to
be a part of this?
Aw, come on man. Don't you miss it
just a little?
Ethan doesn't answer right away.
There are a few things I miss. But
there are a whole hell of a lot
more that I don't. The stories of
Logan Campbell and Hunter Price
ended years ago. There is no
reason to re-visit them. Well
except Anna's reason, right?
Ethan looks at Anna. Anna just rolls her eyes and looks


Oh, get over yourself Ethan.
Everyone needs money.
Anna looks around the restaurant and then looks at him and
his clothes.
And it looks like you could use
some yourself Ethan. You don't
have any right to make me or Chase
feel guilty about wanting to be
Ethan seems agitated and pours them all another drink.
So, how long you guys in town?
      (slurring his
       words a bit)
Look man, let's just forget about
the movie for now. I came here to
hang out with my old friend and
have a good time.
Chase rises up from the stool and reaches across the bar to
grab Ethan on the shoulder.
Now, where is your restroom?
Ethan is less agitated.
It's over there around the corner.
Chase drunkenly walks in the direction Ethan is pointing.
Anna walks around the bar and approaches Ethan.
Listen, I'm sorry about what I
said before. You actually look
really good.
Anna starts kissing Ethan's neck. He is just laughing. He's
trying to ignore her and push her away.
What are you doing?
Ethan finally pushes her away. She grabs his face forcibly
and begins passionately kissing him. He tries to resist at
first, but ends up kissing her back. After several seconds
of kissing, her hand finds its way to his belt and she
starts unbuckling it. He grabs her hand and pushes her away.
She starts kissing him again.
                       CHASE (OS)
I think I may have pissed a little
on the floor in their man...sorry.


Chase walks around the bar. Ethan and Anna have separated.
Ok, I think we've had enough for
the night. You guys can stay at my
Anna smiles and looks at Ethan longingly.
      (to Anna)
I have plenty of guest rooms for
Anna stomps off toward the door. Ethan puts his arm around
Chase and they walk toward the door.
Man, I've really missed you.
Yeah, I've missed you too Chase.
A just awake Vallie walks down the stairs. She notices there
is a foot draped over the back of the couch. The tv is still
on with a blue screen showing. Vallie moves to the couch and
sees Sara laid out on the couch in her pajamas.

Sara is quite disheveled. Her hair is all over her head and
her arms and legs are going in different directions. Her
mouth is wide open and she is snoring. One of her hands is
in an upside down bowl that is lying beside her. There is
popcorn all over the couch and on her. Scout is lying on the
floor beneath her and the popcorn is on his back also.

Scout hears Vallie and jumps up and barks. Sara jumps out of
her skin and falls off the couch on to the floor. Sara lifts
herself up off of the floor. She is confused at first and
looks around. She sees all of the popcorn everywhere. She
picks up a piece and looks at it, then puts it in her mouth.
She gets up and starts stretching and yawning. Through
half-awake eyes she sees Vallie and Scout staring at her in
Hey guys. What's up?
Sara walks past Vallie and walks into the kitchen.
So, how was your night?
Vallie follows her into the kitchen and sits down in a bar

Sara is preparing some cereal and milk.


Well, Scout and I popped a little
popcorn and had a Tom Cruise
filmathon. We made it through
three movies, but passed out just
before Renee Zelwegger completed
him. How was your night?
Sara is eating cereal and standing directly across from
Vallie at the bar.
Well, let's see. We had a very
romantic dinner. He had a steak. I
had the lobster. I told him my
entire life story. Around dessert,
I realized that I was falling
pretty hard for him.
Sara is eating her cereal and listening intently.
That's great Val.
Oh, and then his sexy, gorgeous ex
girlfriend showed up and
practically groped him in front of
Sara is in the middle of a bite and the spoon is stuck there
in her mouth as she stares in disbelief at Vallie.
Then I think she made fun of my
name. I'm pretty sure I insulted
her a little bit, and then I left
Ethan with her.
Vallie puts her head on the bar counter in despair.
Wait. Why was Ethan's ex there?
I don't know. Her and Chase
Reynolds just mysteriously showed
up in a limo.
Sara's eyes get big.
Did you say Chase Reynolds? The
Chase Reynolds?
Sara, try to focus.


Vallie gets up and walks out of the kitchen.
Right, right. Sorry.
Sara follows Vallie.
Vallie and Sara are sitting in lounge chairs on the deck.
You know, I've been thinking that
maybe it's a good thing that she
came back. I mean, I didn't come
here for this. The whole thing has
shown me that I have lost my
focus. I have got to come back to
reality and stop trying to live
out some adolescent high school
Vallie becomes very animated in her attempt to convince Sara
and herself.
Yep. Focused. Eye on the ball.
I've got to stay focused. Can't
lose my focus.
Sara doesn't really know what to say. She starts to speak
and she is interupted by the doorbell.
OK. Well, you keep trying to work
out that whole focus ball thing
and I'm going to go grab that.
Sara and Scout go running for the front door.
Sara opens the front door. Ethan is standing in the doorway
holding bags of muffins and cappuccinos. Sara has a nervous
smile on her face.
      (to Sara and Scout)
Hey guys. I got breakfast.
Sara walks out on to the deck.
Who was at the door?


Oh, that wasn't the doorbell. That
was the first period tardy bell.
High school is back in session
Ethan walks out on to the deck holding the muffins and
Anyone hungry?
Vallie looks up and sees him. She can't help but smile even
though she tries to fight it.
Vallie and Ethan are strolling on the beach at the water's
I love this time of the morning.
It's so calm and relaxing.
Speaking of calm, you are kind of
eerily calm. I have to be honest,
it's a little scary.
What are you talking about?
Well, I had prepared myself to
have the muffins and coffee thrown
back in my face this morning. I
was a bit of a jerk last night. I
can only imagine what you must be
Vallie is a little quiet. She's just staring out at the
My dad always says that excuses
are like assholes, everyone's got
them but no one wants to hear
Vallie can't help but laugh. She turns her head so Ethan
can't see her laughing.
Your dad sounds like a very wise
Ethan stops walking and grabs Vallie's hand. Vallie looks
down and sees his hand holding hers.


The truth is I didn't know they
were coming and I was very
surprised, but that in no way
excuses my actions last night.
So, that was the Anna you told me
about, right? The one you were
seeing in L.A.
Yes. But she's here for purely
business reasons, trust me. She
works for a production company and
wants me to sign on to do a movie
version of Logan's Bay.
Oh wow Ethan. Tha sounds great.
I really want to start acting
again, but I can't help but feel
that doing this would be a step
backwards, not forward.
What about the rest of the cast?
What about Chase? Are they signing
on for it?
Well, that's the thing Vallie. I
think that everyone is sitting
back and waiting to see what I do.
It's a lot of money, and people
haven't been exactly beating down
our doors with movie offers in a
And Anna is trying to use Chase to
guilt you into doing the movie?
You catch on quick. But enough
about this stuff. I came her to
apologize for my behavior last
night and persuade you to let me
make make it up to you today.
Vallie is unsure at first.
Ethan, you don't owe me anything.
I think I do. Plus, it will be
fun. Now, go get your camera.
Vallie is reluctant at first. But, she quickly agrees and
gets a little giddy.


Ethan's boat is speeding through the water with only him and
Vallie on board. The boat is heading for an island in the
Vallie stands on the deck taking pictures as Ethan navigates
the boat into the harbor. She captures several pictures of
the Bald Head Lighthouse and the picturesque harbor,
including the sign welcoming them to Bald Head Island.
Vallie and Ethan are off the boat and exploring the island.
Vallie is capturing shots of the shingled cottages with
picket fences and diminutive courtyard gardens that wrap
around the protected 10 acre marina.
Vallie and Ethan are entering the Kent Mitchell Nature
Trail, where they take a scenic walk through the maritime
forest and along the salt marsh and tidal creek where they
see and snap pictures of various plant species.
Ethan and Vallie are having a great time canoeing in Bald
Head Creek amongst the salt marshes and electric blue water.
Vallie is able to take pictures of crabs and various
waterbirds. Vallie all of a sudden stops canoeing because
they are passing a bird that she wants to take a picture of.
She moves pretty quickly to point to the bird she wants to
go back and take a pic of and accidentally hits Ethan in the
head and knocks him into the water. Vallie is suspended in
disbelief at first. She moves to the back of the canoe.
Ethan emerges from the water holding his head. He is ok and
smiling even though he is flinching a bit from the pain in
his head. Vallie smiles at him apologetically.
Vallie and Ethan are walking through the Bald Head Woods and
enjoying the view of live oaks, dogwoods, cedars, and sabal
Ethan and Vallie are on the South beach where they are
shelling and swimming. They are very playful with each
other. Vallie takes every opportunity to take pictures of
Vallie is taking a picture of the Bald Head Lighthouse that
is directly in front of her.
The people around here call her
Old Baldy. She's the oldest
lighthouse in North Carolina. The


                       ETHAN (cont'd)
first signal was lit here in 1817.
There were originally 3 here on
the island. Old Baldy is the only
one left.
Is she still in commission.
Nope. Not since 1930. But captains
still use her as a day marker when
navigating along the Cape Fear
River channel. Come on. I know
where you can get a great pic.
Ethan and Vallie emerge from the door at the top the
lighthouse. Vallie sees the view and is amazed. The sun is
starting to set over the vast blue water of the cape and the
sky is full of colors that Vallie has never seen. Vallie's
eyes begin to tear up. Ethan joins her and they stand side
by side watching the beautiful scene unfold in front of

Ethan looks at Vallie. He really wants to kiss her. He turns
to face her. She sees him out of the corner of her and turns
her head to look at him. Ethan leans forward and kisses her
slowly and carefully on the lips. They part lips and stare
into each other's eyes. Vallie's eyes are still teary, and
she reaches up to wipe the tears away as she smiles at
Give me your camera.
Ethan takes the camera from around Vallie's neck. He puts
his arm around Vallie and holds the camera out in front of
Say cheese.
Ethan takes a picture of him and Vallie, cheek to cheek,
with the sunset as the backdrop. They are both smiling from
ear to ear.
Ethan puts his arm around Vallie and they play around like
high school kids in love as they walk into the living room.

They stop as soon as they hear moaning coming from the
couch. Slowly, they approach the couch to investigate.

Sara is lying on top of a guy and they are making out.

Vallie coughs to interrupt them.

Sara jumps up and they see Chase lying on the couch staring
up at them.


Ethan and Vallie look at Sara and Chase in shock. Chase and
Sara have mischevious smiles on their face.
Hey man. Where you been?
They just stopped by looking for
We went out to Bald Head Island
for the day.
He gives Ethan a knowing head nod.
Ethan and Vallie both smile and roll their eyes. Then Vallie
suddenly stops smiling and realizes what Sara said.
      (to Sara)
Wait. What do you mean "they"
stopped by?
Sara doesn't answer, but has a very guilty look on her face.
She smiles nervously and looks at Chase who is still sitting
on the couch. Chase looks away uncomfortably. Vallie sees
the exchange between the two of them.
Anna is standing against the railing and talking on her cell
Listen, I'm going to get our boy.
Logan Campbell is going to be
resurrected. It will be a god damn
miracle, trust me.
Anna looks through the closed french doors into the living
room of the house and sees Vallie standing beside Ethan.
      (looking at Vallie)
I've just got to get rid of a few
Anna closes her cell phone and heads toward the closed
french doors.


The french doors from the deck open and Anna walks into the
living room.
Well, it looks like everybody is
here now.
Anna zeroes in on Ethan with her eyes. Vallie sees the way
Anna is looking at Ethan and looks uneasy. The mood in the
room completely changes when Anna walks in. Everyone looks
around like they don't know what to say.
Sara breaks up the tension.
Alright, everyone want a beer?
She moves toward Vallie and grabs her arm.
Come on Val, let's go get some
Chase raises his hand, oblivious of what is going on.
I'll take one.
Sara turns around to look at Chase.
Sara drags Vallie into the kitchen with her. Ethan sits down
beside Chase. Vallie looks back over her shoulder and sees
Anna sitting down beside Ethan on the couch.
Sara is standing in front of the open refrigerator and is
handing Vallie beers. Vallie is slamming the beers down on
the counter. Sara is trying to ignore it.
How could you invite that woman
into the house?
Well, it was like a package deal.
No Anna, No Chase.
Sara hands Vallie a beer and grabs Vallie's shoulders.
And Val, I really wanted Chase.
Vallie just shakes her head in disbelief and walks away from
Sara. Sara closes the refrigerator and they both sit down on


bar stools. Vallie runs her hands through her hair and is
visibly shaken up.
I'm sorry, you know how weak I am.
Listen, you had a great time
today, right? I could tell by the
look on your face when you guys
walked in. Well, I mean, after you
guys found us making out.
Vallie begins to grin.
Oh Sara, we did. It was wonderful.
Well, don't let miss hot pants out
there ruin that. We'll hang out on
the deck, drink some beers, and
imagine what Chase looks like in
his underwear.
Vallie cuts her eyes toward Sara and laughs. Sara and Vallie
get up and grab the beers.
Vallie, Sara, Ethan, and Chase are sitting on the deck,
talking, laughing and drinking. Anna is not saying much.
So, it's time for my close up. I'm
supposed to be at my dad's
funeral. I'm pinching my leg and I
finally get tears in my eyes and
this guy decides that it would be
funny to moon me right when they
start rolling the camera.
Vallie, Sara, Ethan and Chase are all laughing. Anna is
grinning, but does not seem to be as amused as everyone
      (to Chase)
You know you liked it.
Vallie looks at Ethan over the beer bottle she is drinking.
She raises her eyebrows at Ethan.
Ethan gives Vallie a knowing grin and takes a drink from his
Anna sees the exchange between Ethan and Vallie and is not
You know, I think I remember that
Oh, did you watch the show?


We didn't miss it. Ethan, did
Vallie tell you about the Logan's
Bay parties we used to have?
No, she didn't, but do tell.
Vallie is reaching for Sara, trying to stop her.
They don't want to hear about
I think Ethan does.
Ethan smiles big and leans forward to hear the story.
We were like, what, 15 years old?
We would gather at one of our
houses and vegge out in front of
the television. Val over here was
the eternal romantic, always
rooting for Logan and Chelsie.
Hey, they were truly the Luke and
Laura or our generation.
Well, I just watched to appease
her. I never really got into the
What? You're such a liar. Your
walls were wallpapered with his
Vallie points at Chase.
Oh, and what about that life size
cut out that you had of him? You
remember, the one that you used to
kiss and hug.
Upon hearing that Chase sits straight up and gets a cocky
grin on his face.

Sara sees Chase and grabs a handful of popcorn and throws it
at him.
      (to Chase)
Don't get all cocky, that was a
long time ago, back when you were
cute. And I'm still trying to
decide which of you was the better


Chase's cocky demeanor disappears a bit, but he's still
smiling ear to ear.
Val, you remember the necklace?
Vallie's eyes get big.
Sara, no.
After she saw the episode where
Logan gives his necklace to
Chelsie, she wouldn't even
consider going out with a guy
unless he wore a necklace.
It's true. That show severely
warped my view of what true love
was. Back then it was no necklace,
no lovin'. Unfortunately, I would
become less selective as I got
      (pointing to his
       hemp and shell
I guess I'm covered than.
Everyone laughs, but Anna. Ethan and Vallie make eye
contact. It is broken up by Anna.
      (to Vallie)
So, you're just a groupie.
Vallie's smile fades away as she looks at Anna who has a
triumphant smirk on her face.

Everyone else at the table is uncomfortable after the
      (to Anna)
Hey, that's unnecessary.
What, isn't that the right word?
No, Ethan it's ok.
Vallie looks directly at Anna with no fear and grins at her.
I think I'm going to clear some of
this stuff off and take it inside.
It's getting pretty late.


Vallie starts collecting beer bottles and grabs the bowl of
popcorn off the table.
Val, we can clean up.
Vallie walks toward the french doors. Ethan jumps up to
      (to Ethan)
No, it's ok. You don't have to.
Ethan remains on the deck while Vallie walks inside.
Chase is rising from his chair on the deck.
Well, I think it's time for us to
go. It is pretty late.
Anna starts to rise from her chair as well.
OK, well I just need to use the
restroom first.
Anna walks away toward the french doors and disappears
through them.

Sara watches her leave and makes a motion like she is
hitting her which makes Chase and Ethan laugh.
Vallie is throwing the bottles away and taking up the trash.

Anna struts into the kitchen.
He still loves me you know.
Vallie hears Anna's voice and shakes her head. She continues
attending to the trash.
Anna starts slowly circling the kitchen like she is circling
I know who you are. I know you're
some hot shot. What did the
magazine call you? Oh yes,
publishing heiress. I also know
you are not dumb. You have to see
the way he still looks at me. Did
he tell you that we were going to
get married?


Vallie is trying to ignore Anna's words. Vallie stops taking
up the trash and just stands still with her back to Anna.

Anna sees Vallie's reaction to what she has just said.
Oh, he did. Well, did he also tell
you that I am offering him the
chance of a lifetime. If he does
this movie, it will be a huge
comeback opportunity for him. He
can start doing the only two
things he has ever loved again...
Anna is standing directly behind Vallie. Vallie still hasn't
turned around. Anna leans forward toward Vallie's ear.
Acting...and me.
Vallie whips around to face Anna. Vallie is furious.
                       CHASE (OS)
Hey Anna, where are you? Let's go.
Anna is still grinning. She turns and walks out of the
kitchen. Vallie tries to compose herself.
Anna walks into the living room from the kitchen. Sara sees
her coming from the kitchen and looks concerned.
I'm ready my men, let's go shall
Anna puts her hands through Ethan and Chase's arms and
starts walking toward the door. Ethan quickly breaks away
from her.
Ethan, what are you doing?
I'm going to stay a little longer,
but here is the key to the house.
Ethan starts digging in his pocket for the key.
Anna is clearly not happy with his decision.
Vallie appears from the kitchen and hears what Ethan says.
      (to Ethan)
I'm sorry, but I'm really tired. I
think I'm just gonna go straight
to bed. You should go on with your
Ethan suspects there is something wrong.


Are you sure Val? I can stay.
No, I'm sure.
Ethan reluctantly turns to leave. He turns around to look at
her one last time.
Goodnight Val.
Goodnight Ethan.
Ethan walks away and out the door. Vallie just stares after

Sara approaches Vallie. She puts her arm around her.
Hey Val. You OK? What did Anna say
to you in there?
Vallie walks away from Sara and starts walking up the
I'm fine Sara. I'm going to bed.
See you in the morning.
Sara helplessly watches her friend walk up the stairs and
out of sight.
Vallie is asleep in her bed. Scout is asleep at the foot of
the bed. The doorbell rings. Scout's head raises up. Vallie
stirs and turns over on her other side. A few seconds pass
and the doorbell rings a second time. This time Scout stands
up and makes a whining sound. Vallie is up also.
Vallie and Scout are at the front door. Vallie looks out the
side window to see who it is. She opens the door and Ethan
is standing outside her doorway. She is surprised, but very
happy to see him.