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by Stephen (sford08@gmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The way is lit with the soft almost orange glow of sixty
watt bulbs to make up for the lack of light the night time
sky provides.
BOY enters from the top of the staircase and races down them
at hurried pace. Camera TRACKS his feet.
      (OFF CAMERA)
Where are you heading off to?
BOY stops on the final step. The camera remains FIXED upon
his feet.
I'm going out... like we talked
      (OFF CAMERA)
Alright. Have fun on you date.
It's not a date mom!
Camera PANS up to the Boy's face in a close up. BOY slowly
scrunches his features as the truth begins to bubble to the
surface of his mind until his face reaches a look of horror
and realization.
Holly hell, this is a date.
Camera TRACKS a car BOY is driving as it pulls up to the
house. GIRL is waiting out side the door, ready to be off
but showing no hint of an nervousness.
      (Towards the house)
Alright dad I'm heading out now.
GIRL heads towards the car at a gate somewhere between a
skip and a walk, not waiting for any reply that might come
from behind the door she just yelled through, a large smile
beaming from her face. She get near the passenger door and
the BOY inside the car seems to come out of a trance. With
an effort he forces his sweaty palm to ungrip the steering
wheel and looks out the window to see GIRL nearing the
passenger side door.
AAHHH. Here let me get that for


The BOY fumbles out of the car and nearly throws himself on
the pavement in his hurry. He dashes to the other side of
his vehicle (GIRL wears a look on her face that seems to say
'I would have already been in by now' but is determined to
remain pleasent) and attempts to open the door. BOY tugs the
handle but gets only a stubborn clunking sound for his
effort. BOY repeats this step a few more times with the same
Huh, must be stuck.
CLOSE UP: Passenger lock in the 'down' position. A high
pitched single note that belong is a horror movie play
CLOSE UP: Car keys still inside the ignition switch under
the steering wheel. The same note plays again.
MID SHO: BOY's face. His eyes are as big as dish plates. He
swallows and the sound s almost audible.
Ummm... looks, well I left the
keys in...
      (Interrupting but
       not rude)
Why don't you just let me in from
that side?
BOY crosses over car once more looking somewhat defeated.
BOY gets behind the wheel and reaches over to let GIRL in.
GIRL is no longer smiling.
The car drives along along an empty road curving road in the
boondock going at a fast speed. Except for the streetlights
and the road its self, there is nothing to be seen but an
unbroken line of trees. The only sound is that of the car
and the unseen crickets.
So.. are you ready for this.
You bet. I still can't believe you
got tickets.
Yeah, you of those lucky things I
An awkward silence follows and we can hear the rev of the
cars engine increase slowly overtaking the sound of BOY's
beating heart.
Aren't we going a little fast?


BOY smiles at this. He see his chance to show off, to be
impresive. BOY resets himself so he sits higher and taller
in his chair.
Nah! I drive this road all the
time and everyone goes this fast
on it. Besides, we want to get
there early. I mean what's the
worst that could...
A loud yelping noise and a series of alternating red and
blue lights come from behind boy's car. BOY's eyes go wide.
GIRL visibly frowns.
Boy's car pulls into a large parking lot an stops in a spot
far, far from the venue. Rock music faintly carries on the
air giving proof that the concert has already begun now. BOY
and GIRL exit the vehicle.
      (Trying to run)
Hurry up, it's already started.
GIRL follows as quickly as possible but her click-clacking
high heals prevent her from moving at a fast pace.
The click clacking occurs at a slightly faster rate but,
GIRL is already running as fast as she can in her shoes.
This is not as fast as BOY can go how ever and he must stop
and wait for her to catch up often, each time slumping and
sighing a bit more (and louder) as the distant music plays
      (On the run)
Hurry up.
I told you you were going to fast.
We'd be on time if you'd just gone
at a sane pace and not gotten
pulled over.
BOY stops once more to allow GIRL to make make up a few
paces then starts running again, once more pulling ahead of
Yeah, well...
      (Interrupting -
       Rudely this time)
Lets just get in there. Do you
know where our seats are?
Yes I know... they're...


BOY halts again and begins to go through his pockets for the
tickets. He goes through each pocket one time making a
grunting sound as he does, the grunt getting louder with
each pocket. After the first sweep Boy goes back into his
pockets, faster this time,; the grunting becomes a nervous
hum. Soon his search becomes more frantic and desperate.
Camera shows close ups of BOY's fingers as they dart in and
out, searching. BOY stops in his tracks.
Holly hell...
CLOSE UP: Boy's dresser. All sound stops. Set amid a sea of
junk sits two pristine tickets for that night's event.
Camera starts TWO SHOOT. BOY and GIRL both face towards the
camera being framed at the bottom on their hips.
Don't tell me.
GIRL crosses her arm and lets out a slow loud sigh directed
at BOY. Camera ZOOMS in on BOY's face. BOY hangs his head
down in shame. Camera PANS DOWN folowing the movement of
BOY's head at first and comes to rest at BOY's feat.


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From Dave Neil Date 2/3/2009 ***
A great little story as short films are hard to make understandable in such a short time. Good dialogue. Perhaps a bit to much camera direction, and I would rather read the boy and girls name as it would allow me to personalize them. This boy may be a good character to make a bit of a longer film as it appears he can find trouble?

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