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LoseTheGame.com Commercial
by Taylor Gonzalez (taylor.gonzalez@att.net)

Rated: G   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

A man learns a valuable lesson.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We see BEN sitting at his cubicle. An UNSEEN NARRATOR is
                       NARRATOR (V.O.)
You're sitting at your cubicle,
waiting. Waiting for the clock to
strike 5:00, so you can go home
and eat cold cereal.
Mmmmmm...sounds good.
The phone on Ben's desk rings. Ben, being awoken from his
day dream, frantically answers. The unseen narrator
                       NARRATOR (V.O.)
The phone rings. It's your boss.
He needs you in his office and
fast. Your job is at stake.
Ben hangs up the phone and leaps from his desk. He starts to
run, passing hundreds of cubicles like his.
                       NARRATOR (V.O.)
You run.
Up ahead of Ben we see JANET. She's sitting at her cubicle,
playing a scratch-off lottery ticket.
                       NARRATOR (V.O.)
You're in such a hurry that you
don't see Janet up ahead. She's
just won the lottery.
We see Janet jump out of her seat in celebration, knocking
over a passing-bye TED. Ted then collides with bystanding
LARRY, who spills his coffee on DAVE, who reels back into
TOM THE ELECTRICION'S ladder, thus causing Tom to fall in
the path of Ben.
                       NARRATOR (V.O.)
And if you don't see Janet, then
you probably didn't see her knock
over Ted, who collided with Larry,
who spilt his coffee on Dave, who
reeled into Tom the Electricion's
Ben trips over Tom and faceplants.


                       NARRATOR (V.O.)
You trip.
Ben lifts his head from the ground. We see him squint; he's
looking at something in the distance. Then we see a look of
frustration come across his face.
                       NARRATOR (V.O.)
You look up and you see something.
Something that reminds you of "The
Game". You just lost.
Title that reads YOU JUST LOST overlays a frustrated Ben. We
then cut to another title that reads: LoseTheGame.com.


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